July 5th, 2012


TomKatastrophe update: Katie NOT seeking emergency hearing + more

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Katie Holmes's lawyer is denying reports that the actress wants an emergency hearing on custody and child support in the Tom Cruise divorce.

"Other than her action for divorce, the only pending application filed by Ms. Holmes remains her request for an anonymous caption," her lawyer Jonathan Wolfe says. An anonymous caption means that the papers in the case are filed anonymously.

The statement is response in to online reports that Holmes, 33, on Tuesday filed what is called an emergent application that could have resulted in a public hearing in a New York court.

A source close to the case tells PEOPLE Cruise prefers to file in Los Angeles, which he considers his home base. Also, despite having a New York apartment, the family primarily spent time in the Big Apple for work or outings like Broadway plays, says the source.

"They don't live in New York City," says the source. "It's ridiculous."

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A Blind Item reveal that just might give you diabetes.

CDAN -- This actor is A list. He is all movies all the time. This one is so easy, I probably should not have said he is A list. How many A list actors are there anyway? More than you think if you decide that headlining a movie makes you A list. Does that mean that the guy who headlined Van Wilder 3 is A list? Yikes. Anyway, our A list actor does some very quiet, very substantial charity work. How substantial? Millions of dollars a year substantial. If you are poor and cannot afford rehab, this actor has given away so much money to prominent rehab clinics so that people can afford to go to the same places he went to. They pass out "scholarships," or "grants." It is basically our actor paying for it. Complete a rehab program and stay sober for a few months? Don't be surprised if you get an offer for a job at some company that is paying you from money this actor gave to that company for that purpose. Someone to pay to watch your kids while you are in rehab and can't work? "Financial Assistance Program." Need your rent paid? That too. Anything he can do or thought of which he needed during his recovery he does for others who can't afford it. He says that he was helped by so many and given so many breaks and that is what allowed him to stay clean and he wants to do the same for as many others as he possibly can. Does he talk about it? Nope. This is his personal way that he gives back and doesn't feel that it is something that needs to be shared with the world and for him to get credit for. It is one recovering person helping another recovering person.


It's Robert Downey Jr.

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cat - RIP your career

As Zayn purchases a motor, Harry Styles hunts for pricey properties in North London

Not to be outdone by Zayn Malik’s latest acquisition, Harry Styles has decided to go one step further by purchasing a whole bleedin’ house.

The 18-year-old One Direction star was spotted being shown around properties in one of North London’s most exclusive areas, you know the sort littered with massive mansions, overpriced organic cafes and yoga centres as far as the eye can see – and presumably a few MILFs as well, which is right up Harry’s street (quite literally in this case).

Harry was initially contemplating buying Ashley Cole’s old bachelor pad however has obviously decided to branch out and get something entirely different. We can only imagine what his moving in party is going to be like. Husbands, lock up your wives.

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little lord

GoT Q&A with Jason Momoa, Josef Altin, and Finn Jones

Last month we headed to Milton Keynes for Collectormania 18 and were lucky enough to attend a highly entertaining talk featuring three of the stars of Game of Thrones; the enormous in every way Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo), brother of the Night’s Watch Pyp (Josef Altin) and the dashing Knight of Flowers, Ser Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones).

It took a little coaxing from a laughing Jason Momoa to get the shy crowd to summon up the courage to ask questions; maybe they were just terrified of him - he is HUGE - but eventually they hit their stride.

Jason: So, a lot of Game of Thrones fans in the house? So I'm gonna let them [Finn and Josef] talk because I'm dead. So Season 2? How did that go?

Finn: Yeah, pretty nice, it's been ok. It was good. [laughs]
Jason: Season finale's coming up - everyone excited?

[Big YES! from the crowd]

Jason: A lot of good stuff coming up. I wish you guys had seen it already, would make things a lot easier! But hey what else? This works really well when you guys ask US questions. My favourite colour is blue. Anyone? Please ask away!

[To Jason]: Hello! You were in Stargate - sci-fi with spaceships, aliens, guns and technology. Then Game of Thrones - fantasy with horse riding, sword fighting and magic. Which of those worlds do you feel more comfortable with and was it very different shooting wise?

Jason: Yeah I mean I think Game of Thrones is probably the easiest because Stargate you were fighting imaginary things, and then in space getting pretend shot at which was always annoying. So Game of Thrones was easy - I got to have sex a lot, kill people, and you don't have to pretend as much. So I'd say Game of Thrones is probably the best, and he's the best character because he's so far from myself - I'm a nice guy, I sit and cross my legs like this, and I wear good shoes. Drogo wouldn't be caught dead in this.

Jason: Come on guys, you have to ask more fucking questions or this will be the longest half hour ever!

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jas tookes

One Direction and Adele have the best selling album of 2012 (so far)

The news that we’re about to tell you will probably come as no surprise, but One Direction’s album Up All Night and Adele’s second album 21 are among the biggest selling albums of 2012.

Adele’s 21, although it was released in January 2011 in the UK (and February 2011 in the US), came top on the list, shifting 3.67 million copies.

One Direction came third on the list, with just under a million copies of Up All Night being sold.

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MTV.com: Bieber UK Tour Ticket Demand 'Five Times Greater' Than 1Ds

Bieber UK Tour Ticket Demand 'Five Times Greater' Than 1Ds
JB warns his haters that they are only making him richer...

Tickets for Justin Bieber's forthcoming UK tour are more in demand than One Direction, according to website viagogo.

Since confirming the six dates - with the first being in Manchester on 19th February 2013 - JB has seen an 216% increase in ticket searches online, making the demand for tickets five time greater than 1D's recent tour.

Edward Parkinson, spokesperson for viagogo, is quoted by Digital Spy as saying: "One Direction will soon be returning home after charming America, but our data shows that Bieber is currently more popular than the whole band put together.

"They'll have to pull out all the stops to compete with Bieber Fever which looks set to reach boiling point in the UK!"

Tickets for the UK leg of Bieber's Believe tour go on sale tomorrow (6th July) at 9am.

In other related news, the 18-year old has thanked his "haters" for making him richer, ranting to Q magazine that they earn him more cash by leaving negative comments on his YouTube videos.

Justin stated: "I would say to my haters, I love you. Thank you for supporting me by hating me. When they write messages on my YouTube page, I get money for that. So they're just giving me money to hate on me."

The Boyfriend singer, who officially graduated from high school earlier this week, went on to address his own musical tastes, telling the publication: "I like Guns N' Roses and Metallica. The Beatles.

"I like Metallica's Fade to Black and One. It's edgy and emotional with those instruments and electric guitars and stuff."

source: MTV.com

MTV tossing that stan bait i see, and just when the fandom wars on twitter had calmed.
PS this article is obviously weighted heavily since they don't cite research methods and seeeeeem to be comparing searches for biebs right now (after his tour announcement) to searches for 1d right now (months after their tour announcement/sales) - so all this really proves is that biebs isn't fading, and that both acts can be successful in the same locales during the same time period.
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The Modern Comic Book Movie

EVILDOERS, beware! You cannot hide from the modern-day superhero! And neither can anyone else heading to the movies this summer. “Marvel’s The Avengers” which opened on May 4, reached $300 million in domestic ticket revenue faster than any other movie in history and tied the record for fastest $1 billion worldwide gross. On Tuesday, Sony will unleash the newest version of another venerable Marvel property, “The Amazing Spider-Man,” followed later in the month by “The Dark Knight Rises,” a Warner Brothers release and the third (and possibly the last) of Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. The summer of 2012 is hardly unusual. The current superhero boom dates to the dawn of the century — Bryan Singer’s “X-Men” came out in 2000, Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” in 2002 — and shows no sign of abating. The New York Times’s chief movie critics, A. O. Scott and Manohla Dargis, ponder the meaning of an apparently invincible genre.

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interesting read imo. sexism, classism, racism, etc. all touched on. and of course @ the hunger games publicity strategy of infiltrating fan blogs (tumblr was insufferable). anyway. love these kinds of opinion pieces.

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The World's Most Expensive Divorce Settlements

When a marriage goes sour, the process of divorce becomes increasingly more complicated when the couple's net worth is in the stratosphere. The absence of an official prenuptial agreement, differences in international law and the circumstances surrounding of the breakup can result in large sums being paid out in the divorce settlement.

In 2012, perhaps the most high-profile divorce announcement was between celebrity couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Although Cruise has stated publicly that he is “deeply saddened” by the divorce filing, there may be a silver lining for the “Mission Impossible” star. With some estimates place Cruise’s net worth at upwards of $250 million, he may only stand to lose a small portion of his wealth in the divorce, thanks to a prenuptial agreement.

According to publicly available details in the agreement, Holmes is only eligible to get $3 million for every year she was married to Cruise, which would be between $15-$18 million. On top of this, Holmes is likely to get the couple’s Beverly Hills mansion, worth approximately $35 million, along with potential child support and a share of the income generated from projects the couple worked on together during their marriage. Without the prenup, Cruise may have been on the hook for half of his wealth, depending on the state in which the divorce proceedings occur.

Some high net worth individuals, however, aren’t so lucky: although the divorce of Cruise and Holmes will be quite expensive, some of the world’s most wealthy people have seen their net worth cut in half by a divorce settlement, with some passing the billion-dollar mark.

Although most settlements don't get finalized until well after the divorce takes place, there is always speculation when a high net worth divorce is on the horizon, as was the case when Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren went through their highly-public divorce. In the case of Woods, there was originally speculation that the settlement could reach $750 million, although in the end, the actual figure was considerably less.

So, what are the biggest divorce settlements and who has paid the most? There have been several in the past 12 months that have cracked the top list, although they all leave the Cruise-Holmes divorce in their dust, as far as divorce settlements go.

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house of libretto

Rihanna named Woman of the Year by Vogue.it

Beside arousing curiosity among the readers (mostly interested in finding out who ranks last rather than first), charts also have the unarguably aseptic quality of numbers and figures. Everything and everybody is quantified, categorized and eventually measured up against a scale of values. At Vogue.it, we have decided to leave this sterile pastime to the guys at Forbes and went straight to the core of the matter by voting her woman of the year. Who is the lucky one? There is no point in beating about the bush: it’s her, Rihanna, once a rising star of the r’n’b scene, she is currently the undisputed best contender to the role of queen of pop. You might wonder - wasn’t that supposed to be Lady Gaga’s title? Not quite.

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I D T S.
judging you: april

Chris Rock draws fire for July 4 tweet about 'white peoples independence day'

While Americans were watching fireworks displays and enjoying barbecues, Chris Rock was stirring up some fireworks of his own with a controversial July 4 tweet.

"Happy white peoples independence day the slaves weren't free but I'm sure they enjoyed fireworks," Rock tweeted.

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Chris Rock doesn't have a tag?!

Hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July!

[penguindrum] god bless

The Amazing Spider-Man will be the first of three films

The Amazing Spider-Man is performing well at the box office and scoring widespread critical acclaim, so much so that Sony have announced it will be the first instalment in a new trilogy of Spidey films.

Despite predictions that the wall-crawler would struggle in a summer dominated by The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man netted $35m on its opening day in the States, giving it the biggest Tuesday opening of all time.

With experts estimating that the film will hit the $150m mark by the end of the weekend, it should come as no surprise that Sony have decided to bite the bullet and give the okay to a further two films in the franchise.

"The Amazing Spider-Man is the first instalment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero's journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents," says a new post on the film's official Facebook page.

Director Marc Webb has revealed he's already been turning over ideas for a potential second film, although he hasn't been confirmed to return as yet. However, with the first film continuing to put bums on seats, we'd be surprised if he didn't get a telephone call sooner rather than later.



Big Brother fans, here’s your chance to size up the fresh meat new houseguests.

The CBS reality series has unveiled 12 of its cast members for the upcoming 14th cycle. Among the standouts, if for no other reason than their appearance and/or profession and/or reality-TV lineage: Fabio-lookalike Wil, mobile spray-tan entrepreneur Ashley, house-flipper Shane, engineering student Ian, 2006 Playboy Playmate of the Year Kara, and Willie — younger brother of frequent Survivor villain Russell Hantz. The oldest contestant is 42; the youngest, a barely legal 21.

The remaining four yet-to-be-named houseguests will be familiar faces who’ve had previous success in the house. Those crafty co-habitators will be revealed in the season premiere (airing Thursday, July 12 at 9/8c) and operate on hidden agendas. Until then, take a look at the 12 new roommates, and then hit the comments to lodge your guess at which former faces you’d like to see join them!

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What got cut from the final version of The Amazing Spider-Man?

When you're making a would-be blockbuster, there are certain scenes and even subplots that may have to fall by the wayside before you arrive at a final cut, especially when you're trimming down The Amazing Spider-Man to a just-right two hours and sixteen minutes. The unusual thing about Sony's web-crawling reboot, though, is that the studio actually showed off several eventually deleted scenes in the yearlong run-up to release, while other truncated plotlines from the film were teased in news reports. What went missing in The Amazing Spider-Man? Here are just a couple of the glimpsed-and-gone bits. (Spoilers follow, naturally.)
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Awww yeah, deleted scenes, come to mama. I'm actually kind of glad they cut out the stuff with Martha and Billy Connors, seeing them on screen would have been uncomfortable knowing what happens to them later on.
anthony mackie

Anthony Mackie talks about women, bartending, Vampire Hunter and Gangster Squad

Anthony Mackie is quickly turning into the guy who's doing everything. After his debut screen appearance in 8 Mile, he went on to Million Dollar Baby, Half Nelson, and The Hurt Locker. Now he's starring in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (out this week) and the upcoming Gangster Squad. It's more impressive given that he bartends just about every night at the bar he opened last year in Brooklyn: NoBar. We headed down there on a recent afternoon and talked to the actor about starting business in a new industry, cruel women, gangsters, and Macaulay Culkin. And shared a drink, of course.

I got a job as soon as I graduated from school. I always wanted to bartend because I love listening to people and how awful their lives are.

The best one I heard was this dude who walked in and said, "I need a drink." "All right, what's going on?" "I just got home and there's an eviction notice on my door." "That's crazy. You didn't pay your rent?" And he said, "No, my rent was paid. My building was condemned. Because it's deemed unlivable." This isn't no Bill Cosby brownstone.

I was like, "There's no place to have beer, watch a football game, and just meet people and talk shit."

The worst part of owning a business is your friends. Because they'll come in, and they only drink top-shelf. It's never "Oh, give me the little cheap vodka." It's " I want the purified, XO vodka from the top, double-distilled..." When you give 'em a tab, it's "Why would you... Talking about you're going to give me a tab!"

David's Brisket House. If you like brisket, it's the best in New York.

I would say every man should know how to make a really good piña colada.

Because every girl likes a piña colada. Right?

My girlfriend's drink, funny enough, is Crown and Coke. We grew up together in New Orleans.

Women are just... awful. Awful, awful, awful creatures. Because most of the time, when you're on a first date, it's because a dude asked you on a date. Most of the time, the pressure is on the dude to make you feel comfortable, to make you laugh, to take you to a place that you would like. It's a lot of pressure on the dude. And if you didn't have a good time on your first date, then you're not saying that you didn't like the restaurant or that you didn't like the cab ride or you didn't like the movie. You're saying, I don't like you. (Oh... really, Anthony.)

At Juilliard, I couldn't afford to have fun. I went to school and stayed home. Once I got out of school and did 8 Mile, it was a completely different world. It was hardcore.

So I feel like a drink or two really gets you to who you are. That's why, when you go to the Independent Spirit Awards, at the beginning of the carpet, they're handing out Jameson. They're like, "Here. Drink. Go down the carpet." Now, the publicists might hate it. The managers definitely hate it. But the actors are like, "Yes!"

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New faces ahead at Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences invited 176 new members on Friday, including actors Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain and Kerry Washington; directors Terrence Malick and Asghar Farhadi; producers Grant Heslov and Letty Aronson; and writers Stephen King and Annie Mumolo.

Among the new invitees are some high-profile minorities, including actors Demián Bichir, Octavia Spencer and Michelle Yeoh, "Think Like a Man" producer Will Packer and Chinese director Wong Kar Wai. Overall the list includes about 14% nonwhites, academy leaders say, with 30% of the invitees female.

A Los Angeles Times study published earlier this year found that the nearly 5,800 Oscar voters are markedly less diverse than the moviegoing public and even more monolithic than many in the film industry had suspected. Oscar voters are nearly 94% Caucasian and 77% male, The Times found. Blacks are about 2% of the academy, and Latinos are less than 2%. Oscar voters have a median age of 62, the study showed. People younger than 50 constitute just 14% of the membership.

In 2011, the invitees were 30% female and 10% nonwhite.

"I think the study was shocking to just about everyone, including the academy, about how gentrified membership is," said Aaron Ryder, who is a 2012 invitee in the producers branch. Ryder went on to say that he believed that the academy was "making certain efforts to make membership more diverse while also sticking to the criteria they've laid out."

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SNL's Seth Meyers the Frontrunner to Co-Host 'Live' With Kelly Ripa

Since Regis Philbin retired from ‘Live!’ back in November of 2011, the show has had rotating co-hosts while producers scrambled to figure out how to replace the venerable Reeg. According to reports, it looks like they may have finally made their decision…

Showbiz 411 reveals that ‘Live!’ producers have narrowed down the candidates to three: ‘SNL‘ Head Writer and Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers, former NFL star Michael Strahan and singer Josh Groban with Meyers listed as the “probable winner.”

Starting on Monday, July 9th, Meyers starts a week-long stint as guest host, the longest since Neil Patrick Harris hosted right after Regis left. This is reportedly a “final audition” for Meyers, who is expected to formally be offered the job once the week is over.

Meyers, if he accepts the position, would keep his job as the Weekend Update anchor but would step back as the ‘SNL’ head writer.

Strahan is considered the backup choice should Meyers eventually pass on the position.

What do you think of the choice? Would Seth Meyers make a good talk show host?


Sources for Tom claim the divorce is not over Scientology

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Katie Holmes may say her decision to divorce Tom Cruise is over Scientology, but it's NOT ... so say sources directly connected to Tom.

Our sources tell us ... they believe Katie and her team are leaking false stories to the media by maintaining she was trying to save Suri from the grips of Scientology, and that's why she left Tom.

As one well-connected Tom source put it, "She [Katie] was totally committed to Scientology. She had enthusiasm for it and would voluntarily and gladly participate in it when Tom was off shooting movies."

The source adds, "This is not a fight over religion. It's being used as a way to hurt Tom."

And on the subject of hurting Tom, as we first reported, sources connected with the actor tell us Katie's people have made it difficult for him to speak with Suri by phone, but he's talked to her every day. He has no immediate plans to see his daughter because he's leaving today or tomorrow to shoot his new movie in the Rockies.

Tom's lawyers have not filed any docs in court -- yet -- to establish his custodial rights. If that happens, we're told they will file in New York, although it's pretty clear they will ask to have the case sent to California.

And, as for what Tom's people say the divorce is really about ... they won't say yet, but tell us it's coming.

LOL. Whatever you say, "sources". I'm interested to see what the "real reason" is.

Rihanna Sues Former Accountants for Millions

Rihanna has sued her former accountants in New York, blaming them for tens of millions of dollars in losses from the singer's tours.

The lawsuit was filed Thursday in federal court in Manhattan.

It seeks unspecified damages against New York-based Berdon LLP and two accountants. A Berdon spokeswoman says the company has no immediate comment.

The singer sued under her real name, Robyn Fenty.

She says she hired the accountants in 2005 when she was a 16-year-old from Barbados launching her career.

The lawsuit says the company was supposed to provide accounting and financial management services. Rihanna alleges the company engaged in misconduct and malfeasance, culminating in overall losses in her 2009 "Last Girl on Earth" tour despite large revenues.

Smite Spraff Hazard

Xenu's Mockingjay outsmarts auditor; rebellions underway in Scientology's Capitol

Katie kept cards close to her chest during $cientology audits

Katie Holmes was always "careful" with what she said and never revealed too much during Scientology auditing sessions that she partook in during her time with Tom Cruise, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

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Katie's departure coincides with defection of both L Ron Hubbard's grand-daughter & Miscavige's dad

In the same week that Katie Holmes has begun divorce proceedings against husband Tom Cruise, Scientology's International Base in California has experienced further high-profile defections:Roanne Leake, who is L. Ron Hubbard's granddaughter, has "blown" the base, which was her home for more than 20 years. But just as shocking, at about the same time, the base was also abandoned by David Miscavige's father, Ron Miscavige Sr.

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Yep, another MI:3 post. U mad, bro?

That second section isn't directly related to the divorce per se, but it is a nice (if unsettling) little insight into some of the things going down in Scientology's base camp. Besides, it's all pretty much interconnected now, right? Small shoutouts to _sochiq and rkt for title/source inspirations.

Sources: [1] [2] [3], [4], embeds, other ONTD posts, and a quick jaunt round Wikipedia for the lulz
these two

The American re-make of ‘The IT Crowd’ you never got to see

Thank god for laugh tracks for without them I wouldn’t have been able to tell where the funny bits were in this totally unnecessary attempt at re-making the British comedy series The IT Crowd for the American market.

Despite the involvement of original IT Crowd alumni Richard Ayoade and the talented Joel McHale (Community), one can see why NBC passed on this 2007 pilot. It just ain’t funny and lacks the spark that made the Brit show so smart, so hilarious and so addictive.


The original is obviously the best...ICH BIN EIN NERD

Zayn Malik buys a car despite not knowing how to drive

Perrie will be impressed! One Direction's Zayn Malik splashes out on a £32,000 Bentley Continental GT

Back in May Zayn Malik was pictured whizzing around on a motorised scooter with his girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix.
But following a very successful tour around the globe Zayn was spotted on Tuesday picking up the keys to a new £32,000 car.
The One Direction singer was in Hertfordshire when a black Bentley Continental GT caught his eye and it was only a matter of moments before he was in the driver's seat testing it out.

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Jack White confirms Radiohead recorded new material at his Third Man studio

But 'Blunderbuss' man says he wasn't involved in studio sessions.


Jack White has confirmed that Radiohead have been recording new material at Third Man Records.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, the 'Blunderbuss' singer revealed that the Oxford band had been working in the studio owned by his record label – but also insisted that he hadn't been involved in the recording sessions.

Last month (June 9), Thom Yorke dropped a mysterious hint from the stage during the band's set at the Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival in Tennessee, America suggesting that he and White had some exciting plans in the pipeline.

His comments sparked rumours that Radiohead and White would be working together on a new project, but the former White Stripes man said: "I don’t know how much to tell about it except I didn't play with them or produce."

However, he then added:

But they came in and recorded at Third Man. I don't know what else to be said about that, so that’s all I can probably say.
Radiohead will tour the UK in the autumn, playing their first UK dates in over three years. The band first play a show at Manchester Arena on October 6 before playing two shows at London's O2 Arena on October 8 and 9. They will then undertake a full European tour. Caribou will provide support on all dates.

Last month, they were forced to reschedule seven shows following an incident in which a stage collapsed in Toronto, which killed crew member Scott Johnson and injured three others. The gigs, which were due to take place in Italy, Germany and Switzerland, have all been moved to late September.

Source: http://www.nme.com/news/radiohead/64722

So...this was the big surprise that Thom Yorke was alluding to a little while ago? ARE THEY NOT GOING TO COLLABORATE???

george jetson

Britney Spears Demo Leaked By 'X Factor' Castoff

Britney Spears is busy traveling the U.S. in search of singers who have "The X Factor," but one rejected contestant (and former Spears backup singer) isn't handling his dismissal from the show all that well, releasing a previously unheard Spears demo and hitting out at the singer on Facebook.

Singer Don Philip released the track, originally titled "Pleasure You," on Wednesday on his SoundCloud. The singer — who duetted with Spears on the ballad "I Will Still Love You" off her debut album, ... Baby One More Time — also appears on "Pleasure You." Digital Spy reports that the dance track is believed to be from a 2010 studio session for Spears' most recent album, the well-received Femme Fatale.

Philip recently had an emotional reunion with Spears while auditioning for "X Factor" in San Francisco. The pop star reportedly recognized her former collaborator immediately and became emotional when Philip began crying onstage after what he has himself since admitted was a weak audition. She remained professional, however, and sided with her fellow judges in removing Philip from the competition.

He later took to his Facebook to explain why his audition went so poorly, and he also took a shot at Spears in the process: "Back to real life…all my demons released… i totally crocked when the pressure was on… at least I didnt shave my head…my vocal chords tightened up like a snake around a mouse..lol and the vipers cam out with fangs… a couple tears later..and I am standing tall.. I am free and God is good. I know some people say I havent taken care of my vocals over the past ten years..but its funny my worst is there best..minus autotune..its all good..I AM DON PHILIP TRACK IM FINISHING WITH GOMINATION NEXT WEEK…LIFE IS GETTING BETTER..SAY WHATS ON YOUR MIND BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE..BE PROUD.. I AM NOW."

It is unclear whether Philip's vocal originally appeared on the "Pleasure You" demo or whether it was added later without Spears' knowledge.

The pop star has reportedly settled into her role as judge on "The X Factor" quite nicely. Talking to a paparazzi cameraman in Los Angeles in June, Simon Cowell said of Spears, "She's been amazing. She's really taking time to learn how to do this. She's got her confidence up. Once people give her a chance, I think people are really going to get her. It will be a big surprise. She's a tough judge."

"The X Factor" returns to Fox on September 12.

daniel mysterious
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Newsroom Goodies for Episode 3

HBO's Newsroom Ratings Down For Second Episode
Sunday night was a big night for pay-cable. Not only did Showtime bring Weeds and Episodes back with new seasons, but HBO's The Newsroom premiered its second episode. Series premieres are big, the second episode probably tells us much more about the the direction the series might be taking as far as its ratings go, and unfortunately for The Newsroom, the news isn't great.

According to TV Line (and Vulture), Episode 2 of Aaron Sorkin's cable news-focused drama series The Newsroom took in 1.7 million total viewers on Sunday night. That's a 19% drop from its premiere, and the ratings decreased 30% among adults 18-49. Fortunately for those of us who have decided to stick with the show, HBO has already renewed it for Season 2. And being on HBO, with the advantage of frequent encore airings and HBO Go to help people get caught up, there's always the chance more viewers will board the series as Season 1 progresses.

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Source: Guardian Blog, Cinema Blend, Bethenny on YT, HBO on YT
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I Knew I Wasn't The Only One Who Noticed This

'Spider-Man' & Bing: Microsoft's Product Placement Gets Twitter Talking

When product placement goes wrong: Moviegoers who saw "The Amazing Spider-Man" were quite surprised to see Peter Parker using Bing, and have since taken to Twitter and Reddit to complain.

At the crux of the matter is the fact that Parker is a teenage science nerd. Fans of "Spider-Man" claim it's unlikely someone like Parker would use Bing, and point to other not-so-subtle moments in Microsoft's promotion of the search engine.

Tact (or lack thereof) aside, Bing is becoming a commanding presence in the search engine business. A May study found that it had already snapped up 30 percent of the search market, with queries rising 11 percent year-over-year. Google, which remains the most popular search engine, dropped 11 percent over the same time period.

We've reached out to Sony, the studio behind "The Amazing Spider-Man," for comment.

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If Your Internet Doesn't Work On Monday, Then It Won't Be Bc Of Scilons

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The warnings about the Internet problem have been splashed across Facebook and Google. Internet service providers have sent notices, and the FBI set up a special website.

But tens of thousands of Americans may still lose their Internet service Monday unless they do a quick check of their computers for the DNSChanger malware that could have taken over their machines more than a year ago.

Despite repeated alerts, the number of computers that probably are infected is more than 277,000 worldwide, down from about 360,000 in April. Of those still infected, the FBI believes that about 64,000 are in the United States.

Users whose computers are still infected Monday will lose their ability to go online, and they will have to call their service providers for help deleting the malware and reconnecting to the Internet.

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flopped for our sins
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Real Housewives of Vancouver drama

After the Season 1 Finale of Real Housewives of Vancouver, Reiko made an accusation against Mia Claman via twitter,

Also the MIA line of Jody’s is all bought from Blaque Label in the US. Mia didnt design anything. They just put their tags on it. #RHOV— Reiko Mackenzie (@ReikoMommy) June 21, 2012

Mia fought back against the accusation saying,
@RickoDrama @LiZAmtl @jodyclaman really why don’t u come to the glass house and see are 2 designers and sewing machines! — Mia Claman (@MiaClaman) June 22, 2012

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I just received this anguished e-mail from Karen de la Carriere, formerly a member of the Church of Scientology who studied directly under L. Ron Hubbard and who was at one time married to the current (and disappeared) president of the Church of Scientology International, Heber Jentzsch...

My son is DEAD.

My 27 year old son is dead.
Mike Rinder confirmed it and the Los Angeles Coroner's Office just confirmed it.

His body is lying at the morgue.
They had him disconnect from me 2 years ago and now he is dead never to speak to me again.

Born and Bred in Big Blue

The Church is trying to cover it up.
I will send you death certificate

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I know this isn't necessarily celebrity related, but with all that is going on with Scientology, I figured why not add some fuel to the volcano that gave us Xenu?

BTS - agust d

Katy Perry explains why her divorce features in Part of Me

One of the many likable things about Katy Perry — the artist as well as the person — is that she is very grateful for her fans' support and, as such, wanted to share with them as much of her behind-the-scenes story as possible in "Katy Perry: Part of Me," in theaters now.

And while much of the film is a concert movie, bringing fans as up close and personal to her California Dreams world tour as possible, there are several more emotional moments that address Perry's split with Russell Brand.

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I still think generally, perhaps not in the movie, her PR team has been milking this a little. Premiering the song 'Part of Me' right after the divorce which wasn't even originally about Russell, punching the white knight on the horse in Wide Awake, and then including it in the movie, too? Meh. I like KP a lot, and I also like Russell. Sad to see them break up, but it's weird that she seems to be addressing the divorce so much while he's been silent. Course that might just be because he is 100% guilty and did something terrible. Who knows.


YAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!! What have we done to deserve all this beauty?

Kris Humphries may not be the sharpest tool, but he sure is potent, because TMZ has learned his ex-girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj is PREGNANT.

Sources directly connected with Myla tell us Myla confirmed Monday that she's 3 months pregnant and says Kris is definitely the father.

This could be used in Kris' divorce with Kim Kardashian, because Kris has claimed he was devastated by the break-up and suffered emotionally. This development further cements the fact that Kris moved on quickly.

We're told Myla plans to have the baby but wants to raise it alone, because she believes Kris has betrayed her by talking crap about their relationship.

But here's the rub ... We're told for the past 3 weeks, Kris and Myla have been communicating regularly.

Oh yeah, here's the other rub -- she hasn't told Kris yet.

God Bless America for all the joy this week has brought this once-boring summer.  All we need is a death scandal and the trifecta is complete!!!

Cillian Murphy as Christian Grey & Ramsay Bolton?

The erotic e-novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey,” has caused quite a sensation, titillating women readers with its steamy plot of bondage, domination, sadism and masochism (and those are just the first four shades of grey).
The trilogy by E.L. James is a No. 1 bestseller and centers on the relationship between billionaire twenty-something Christian Grey and recent college grad Anastasia Steele. Christian, “the richest, most elusive, most enigmatic bachelor in Washington State,” pounces on Steele, a virgin, and next thing we know she’s signing away her life to sado-sex it up with Christian in his “Red Room of Pain.”
Needless to say, Christian’s a complicated romantic hero.
The film rights were snapped up by Universal Pictures and Focus Features, and now all anyone in the “Fifty Shades” blogosphere can talk about is who will be cast as Christian and Anastasia. For the male lead, fans are naming everyone from Ryan Gosling to Robert Pattinson, but a sizeable number are saying Cillian Murphy.
He’s been known to play both creepy and sexy, but could he pull off playing a 27-year-old entrepreneur with a taste for leather whips on flesh?
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Cillian Murphy as Christian Grey??


Brad Pitt's Mother Pens Anti-Gay, Anti-Obama Letter to Local Newspaper


Jane Pitt calls the president "a liberal who supports the killing of unborn babies and same-sex marriage" just months after her son tells THR "she always gets painted in the tabloids as a she-devil."

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Note to mods: sorry i forgot the sources the first time! This was posted earlier, but then deleted. But the newspapper has verified that the letter was written by Brad Pitt's mother.
Nellie tongue

Bullies Being Bullies

Big Brother 2012: Deana, Becky, Arron and Conor kick off!
JULY 5, 2012 23:55 BY JOSH DARVILL

The four nominated Big Brother 2012 housemates kicked off in the Diary Room last night, after they were invited to answer questions from viewers.  

Deana, Becky, Arron and Conor were called to the Diary Room to answer questions set by Bit On The Side viewers ahead of Friday’s latest eviction.  But the chat got tense from the start, with buddies Arron and Conor forcing the ladies to sit on the floor.  “Hope you’re ready for the truth,” Arron warned at the beginning.
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Ugh some of the people in the house are disgusting.  I can't wait for eviction tomorrow!

aweng and alexis

Cumberbatch talks Cumberbitches, feminism, and having kids

Hollywood's Most Wanted...
Cult TV hero, movie star and accidental pin-up: why Benedict Cumberbatch can do no wrong right now.

Benedict Cumberbatch has just met Bart Simpson: "I was at a meeting yesterday in the same place The Simpsons is recorded and heard there was a part going in an episode," he says in his smooth English baritone. "I said, 'I hate to muscle in here, guys, but could I record it?' Next thing, I'm standing in a room with all those famous voices: Bart, Marge, Homer, Lisa..."

The Simpsons cameo is yet another pinch-me moment for the man who, within two years, has gone from respectable "Isn't he that guy in...?" actor to global superstar. He's about to jet home from LA after four months shooting a role as the villain in JJ Abram's second Star Trek movie and is feeling blue about leaving Hollywood: "I've got post-movie depression. I had my last sunset yesterday, so I strolled down the beach and ate a sarnie on the sand dunes."

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source: InStyle August 2012 issue, 2

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A break from MI3 I bring you a 'Haven' Casting News Post

'Haven's' Emily Rose joined by video-game costars Nolan North and Claudia Black on Syfy series' 3rd season

For "Haven" star Emily Rose, it's all about the game: The actress has lured two costars of her hit video-game franchise "Uncharted" to join her supernatural Syfy show this fall.

Nolan North and Claudia Black, along with Rose, lend their voices to a trio of treasure hunters in the award-winning action adventure video-game series.

On "Haven," North will guest as an amnesiac named Anderson who awakes to find everyone else in the mysterious town asleep. Black will appear in the two-part episode "Magic Hour" as Moira, a bitter -- and possibly homicidal -- beauty.

Haven's third season picks up immediately after its sophomore finale, in which FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Rose) was kidnapped while the two guys in her love triangle, Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour), battle each other in a deadly duel.

Season 3 of "Haven" premieres Friday, Sept. 21 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.

Who else can't wait for the new season to start?
Fixed the picture Mods

gong hyo jin shocked

ONTD, time to share your creepy Scientology links/docus/stories.

my paper
Wednesday, Jul 04, 2012

Singapore's only known Scientologist, Dr Alvin Foo, thinks that actor and prominent Scientologist Tom Cruise should have separated his beliefs from his family life.

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Thought this could be an excuse to share all of ONTD's research done on Scientology because I know many others are interested but they're lazy to google and look through comments (basically me lol). Also so, so, so glad that Singapore doesn't have a Scientology centre, and probably never will. i already get creeped out reading fellow ONTD-ers' accounts of how they're approached, can't imagine having one.


5 Celebrity Beauty Secrets Worth Trying

Most women have a beauty secret or two in their arsenal passed down from their family or shared between friends. Celebrities also have a wealth of insider beauty tips, thanks to the professional makeup and hair artists they work with on a regular basis.

We searched for a few from stars like Beyoncé and Tracee Ellis Ross that are worth incorporating into our beauty routines!

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John Travolta and his ‘Savages’ approach

These days, a photo of John Travolta tends to elicit a practically Pavlovian response from those who follow celebrity gossip. Sadly, we see that face — that familiar, aged but still handsome face — and think, “Oh, is there another lawsuit?”

In recent months, that’s what the star of “Saturday Night Fever,” “Grease” and “Pulp Fiction” has become known for: denying allegations raised in lawsuits filed by male masseurs who have accused him of making inappropriate sexual advances toward them.
The initial lawsuit that started this recent wave of Travolta scandal was filed in April by two masseurs, and later dropped; a former Royal Caribbean cruise ship employee made similar charges in a suit filed two weeks ago. Travolta and his camp have denied all allegations raised.

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Harry Belafonte: 'Faced with oppression, I had to act'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When Harry Belafonte speaks, we listen.

With his documentary Sing Your Song in UK theaters currently, the 85-year-old actor/singer/activist talks to Sarfraz Manzoor of The Guardian about his life and work in film, music and fighting for social equality - as chronicled in a new memoir. He also discusses his friendship with Martin Luther King, his relationship with President John F Kennedy, and the humiliation that led him to become more heavily involved in the fight against racial segregation.

The whole thing is worth watching, but for people with short attention span skip to 3:43, 6:59, 9:14 (criticises barack), 10:15. 

I only know him in passing due to his music, but he such an impressive man. The toilet story is so heartbreaking. 
Ed - brows

Jackson Rathbone and girlfriend welcome son

Jackson Rathbone is a dad!

The Twilight actor and girlfriend Sheila Hafsadi welcomed a son on Thursday, his rep confirms to Gossip Cop.

“Jackson Rathbone’s baby boy, Monroe Jackson Rathbone VI, was born today at 9:43 a.m.,” the rep tells us.

The newborn weighed in at 8 pounds and 11 ounces.

Rathbone and Hafsadi confirmed they were expecting in February, saying they were “thrilled and excited” to become parents.

Best known for portraying Jasper Hale in the Twilight films, Rathbone also performs in the band 100 Monkeys.

Congrats to the couple!


Megapost: Beasts of the Southern Wild

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If there is one 2012 movie that seems to have a lock on a best picture nomination, it is "Beasts of the Southern Wild." And if there is a single reason its early viewers have loved it so much, it is an 8-year-old girl named Quvenzhané Wallis, who was six when she filmed it. Here is a case of a great role finding the perfect actress to play it.

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source, 2, 3, 4
Jem girls are besties


Doll manufacturer Integrity Toys, under license from Hasbro, is launching a new retro line of high-end collectible fashion dolls based on the iconic 1980′s animated series Jem and the Holograms.

Debuting at 2012 Comic-Con International in San Diego next month, the doll line will include accessories and limited edition sizes and is also inspired by the animated series’ original companion doll line which was marketed from 1985 to 1987.

Hollywood Jem is the first special edition doll in the collection and features Jem’s “truly outrageous” pink haired, rock and roll look. The doll will be available for purchase at Comic-Con and following the event at www.hasbrotoyshop.com. Integrity Toys will also add future additions to the line after Comic-Con at a dedicated website located here.

The latest deal further plays to the demand for the series, which US-based Hasbro JV channel The Hub brought back to air in 2011 in conjunction with the release of a DVD box set last fall that includes all 65 episodes of the original series.


Only a matter of time before Mattel releases the new Barbie and The Rockers line
:D :D