July 3rd, 2012


Mysterious vehicles were spotted outside Katie Holmes' apartment. The Church of Scientology denied they were following or conducting surveillance on Katie, but photos may prove otherwise.

Sources close to Katie Holmes say she believes members of Scientology have been following her ever since they found out about her strained relationship with Tom Cruise. Photographers tell TMZ that they’ve seen “mysterious” men and cars around her apartment following her when she’s out. Specifically, a white Cadillac Escalade and black Mercedes SUV.

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Sources: 1 & 2
Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone ‘Amazing’ together


Michael J. Fox almost came between Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

That is, he did it in the form of Scott Howard, the lupine character he played in 1985′s Teen Wolf. And he tangentially came up when Stone and Garfield bantered about their most beloved big-screen offerings the first time they met.

Looking back, says Stone to Garfield: “It was a good day. You asked me what my favorite movie was, and I said City Lights, and you thought I was being pretentious. I asked you what yours was, and you said Teen Wolf. Are you (expletive) kidding me? That’s even more pretentious! Please!”

Retorts Garfield, with no shame: “It’s my comfort movie. It kind of is my favorite movie. We had a giggle. It was a really nice day. I dropped you off at your hotel. We didn’t see each other for months until we started shooting.”

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Yeah, I think I've had enough of this couple, lol. They're still cute, though. I guess you can use this as a TASM discussion post if you want!

TomKatastrophe news: Katie gets nothing from pre-nup + more

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Katie Holmes will be getting virtually nothing from Tom Cruise by way of $$$$ because their prenup cuts her out of his fortune ... and sources connected with Katie tell us it's just fine with her.

We've learned the prenup Katie signed is long, tight and stacked in Tom's favor. We're told reports that she'll walk away with $15-20 million are absurd. Our sources say Katie will walk away with what she brought into the marriage ... and hardly anything else.

Our Katie sources tell us, "She's not about the money. She's not that girl. She loves to work."

We're told there's one thing Katie is insistent on -- she wants child support from Tom, and that could turn into a big ticket item.

As for whether Katie will challenge the prenup ... it's pretty common when a divorcing couple is in conflict, and our Katie sources are not ruling that out. But they insist, "Money is not that important to her. She makes plenty on her own."

One final point ... a well-placed source connected with the couple tells us, the prenup that basically gives Katie bupkis is proof the marriage is not a sham -- she didn't tie the knot for the loot.

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Facebook Introduces Marriage Status Icons Depicting Same-Sex Couples

Following in Apple's iconic footsteps, Facebook over the weekend unveiled two new "cake topper" figures for same-sex couples declaring their marriage status on the social network.

Previously, changing one's partnership status to "married" would produce an timeline icon depicting a heterosexual couple.

One of the first to use the new icon was Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, who married his partner Sean Eldridge on Saturday.

GLAAD notes that this is not Facebook's first gesture of LGBT inclusion: In February of last year, the company made it possible for users to select "In a Civil Union" and "In a Domestic Partnership" from a list of possible relationships.

It remains to be seen how One Million Moms — an anti-gay offshoot of the American Family Association which relies on Facebook to propagate its message — will respond to this progressive feature.

Selena lol.

Selena and friends go to AshTiz party...Beliebers aren't happy.

Out celebrating gal pal Ashley Tisdale's 27th birthday, Selena Gomez imbibed in a little fun in the sun on the beach in Malibu, California on Monday afternoon (July 2).The "Monte Carlo" cutie looked to be having a marvelous time as she splashed about in the Pacific Ocean waters and romped along the sandy shoreline with a few of boyfriend Justin Bieber's buddies(Quincy Combs and Alfredo.(They are both Selena's friend obviously. Alfredo is one of Justin's bestfriends/roommate ).

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The cover for JK Rowling's "Casual Vacancy" revealed!

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The cover artwork for J.K. Rowling‘s highly anticipated new novel “The Casual Vacancy” has been revealed!

Here’s the book’s official synopsis: When Barry Fairbrother dies in his early forties, the town of Pagford is left in shock. Pagford is, seemingly, an English idyll, with a cobbled market square and an ancient abbey, but what lies behind the pretty façade is a town at war. Rich at war with poor, teenagers at war with their parents, wives at war with their husbands, teachers at war with their pupils…Pagford is not what it first seems. And the empty seat left by Barry on the parish council soon becomes the catalyst for the biggest war the town has yet seen. Who will triumph in an election fraught with passion, duplicity, and unexpected revelations? A big novel about a small town, “The Casual Vacancy” is J. K. Rowling’s first novel for adults. It is the work of a storyteller like no other.

“The Casual Vacancy” has been confirmed to be 512 pages long and will be released on September 27.


Source: New Christina Aguilera Single Expected for August Release

It's been two years and two seasons of "The Voice" since Christina Aguilera's last studio album, but new music from the veteran pop star may be arriving before summer's end.

A source tells Billboard that Aguilera is working hard on the follow-up to 2010's "Bionic," and that a new single is expected to be released in early August. The club banger was produced by Swedish pop hit-maker Max Martin, and its chorus is built around the line, "All I want to do is what you wanted."

Martin -- best known for producing hits by Britney Spears, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry, among others -- has yet to helm a single for Aguilera.

Meanwhile, duets with Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green, Aguilera's fellow coaches on NBC's "The Voice," are apparently in the works for the singer's forthcoming album as well. Last April, Green revealed that he and Aguilera were indeed working on a follow-up to their first collaboration, "Nasty," which surfaced online last year after failing to make the final track list of Aguilera's "Burlesque" soundtrack in 2010. Aguilera's last collaboration with a "Voice" co-star, as a featured vocalist alongside Adam Levine on Maroon 5's 2011 single "Moves Like Jagger," netted the pop star her fifth chart-topper on the Hot 100, and her first No. 1 in 10 years.

Released through RCA Records in June 2010, "Bionic" has sold 308,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. The set failed to produce a hit single for the singer -- its highest-charting cut, "Not Myself Tonight," peaked at No. 23 on the Hot 100. By comparison, the soundtrack to "Burlesque," to which Aguilera contributed eight songs, has moved 593,000 copies since its November 2010 release, according to SoundScan.

In March 2011, the singer signed on as a coach for "The Voice," which wrapped its second season on NBC in May. The reality competition will return for its third season this fall.


Best Actress: First Half of the Year

"Don't you love to take stock every six months? At the very least it's a good excuse for list-making. Lists! Wheeee. If all Academy members did this before they sent in their nominee ballots in January, we might end up with a spread of nominees that wasn't so December slanted. I never decide who to vote for this early but I do draw up lists of performances I enjoyed / respected to consider again later in the year when all the advertising rushes in an effort to shape the highly malleable collective subconscious and thus, votes.

If I had to draw up a ballot right now:
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Source: Nathaniel at TheFilmExperience.net

Trailer for Lifetime's remake of Steel Magnolias

Need a good cry? The first trailer for Lifetime’s all-African-American remake of Steel Magnolias has arrived. In addition to Queen Latifah, who executive produces and stars as M’Lynn (the Sally Field character), the remake stars Alfre Woodard as Ouiser, Phylicia Rashad as Clairee, Jill Scott as Truvy, Adepero Oduye as Annelle, and Condola Rashad as Shelby.

Check out the trailer, with updated reference to Beyoncé, below:

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Kathy Griffin: I Would Never Have Dreamed of Outing Anderson Cooper

Kathy Griffin: I Would Never Have Dreamed of Outing Anderson Cooper

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Over the years, as the media fixated on Anderson Cooper’s sexuality, Kathy Griffin talked around the questions. Now that he’s come out, she explains why she thinks her friend needs to be careful.

My friend Anderson Cooper is the scion of one of America’s great shipping and railroad families, the Vanderbilts. He’s covered the military coup and eventual unseating of the democratically elected (albeit bat-shit crazy) Haitian president Jean-Bertrand Aristide. He’s covered the small wars in Africa that use children as slave soldiers. He knows more about the women of The Real Housewives than perhaps even I do. He’s covered the seemingly endless large wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And by “covered,” I mean he’s really gone and covered them—with a security detail and without; embedded with troops and unilaterally—not from the relative safety of the Green Zone in Baghdad or the international zone in Kabul. He’s sat down with despots in countries like Somalia, covered the atrocities in the Balkans and Burma. And he also happens to be gay.

Funny thing, that …

Kicking around for as many years as I have, I’ve done countless interviews pushing Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List, stand-up comedy specials, live comedy dates, the Kathy show, and everything in between. I’ve talked to everyone from a local gay blogger to Time magazine. I’m not really sure at what point it changed, but the press—or at least the press who covered my little carnival—became fixated on Anderson’s orientation. And for years, I talked around it.

Believe it or not, I don’t “out” people. It is neither my business nor my desire. Remember, folks, I am a comedian, not a journalist. These weren’t questions where I could make a joke about Ryan Seacrest getting a mani/pedi. This isn’t a joke I make about whether Oprah and Gayle are gay lovers. I have no idea if Oprah and Gayle are gay lovers. I doubt they are, but as a comedian, I find some comedy in picturing those two girls running the world as a power couple. Anderson is someone who has led a very specific kind of professional life, who never talked and simultaneously exhibited social contradictions. And quite frankly, he never gave me permission to speak about something that represented the one part of his life he was not comfortable having confirmed in the media. But in my dealings with a certain sector of the press, that simply was never good enough.

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Andy Griffith dead at 86

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by NewsChannel 36 Staff

Posted on July 3, 2012 at 10:08 AM

Updated today at 10:17 AM

DARE COUNTY, N.C. -- Andy Griffith has died Tuesday at his home in North Carolina, according to reports.

Emergency medical crews responded to the Griffith's home in Dare County Tuesday morning.

Griffith, 86, was well known for his starring role on the television hit named after him, "The Andy Griffith Show," which first aired in 1960.


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Victoria Jackson: Imbecile Extraordinaire goes full-on anti-LGBT

Victoria Jackson, the very-former Saturday Night Live comedian who disappeared for decades before re-emerging as a Tea Party wingnut, now has yet another new YouTube-based show, and in this recent episode of The Victoria Jackson Show, spews racism, sings anti-lesbian commentary, attacks gay people, and one gay person in particular: Dan Savage.

Jackson, who seems to have been booted from her own Politichicks creation, opens the video with a song somehow lamenting about how suburbanites aren’t considered cool anymore, but lesbians and heroin addicts are. Then, she introduces her guest Sonja Schmidt, an African-American she calls her “coffee colored sidekick.”

Jackson then introduces her other guest, Gary DeMar, who says that gay people use the word gay, rather than homosexual, because “they’re trying to cover up the real issue,” and says that comparisons to race are incorrect because “skin color is benign, there’s no behavior attached to a person’s race… but homosexuality is about not just some sexual thoughts but sexual actions.”

“Most people oppose homosexuality because they understand homosexuality is biologically impossible,” DeMar says, adding, “It’s irrational, immoral, unnatural.”

Jackson and Schmidt, discussing portrayals of gays in the media, always make gays the best friend. ”They never make it Dan Savage,” Jackson falsely claims.

Amusingly, Jackson intros her show by claiming it’s about freedom of speech, then in the second half, tries to redefine terms like pro-choice and gay rights. Apparently, it’s about her freedom of speech.

DeMar apparently doesn’t read polls, because he claims blacks are more opposed to homosexuality than whites — which is false. DeMar then unwittingly outs black pastors who are breaking IRS regulations by stating their congregants are not allowed to vote for President Obama.

Jackson closes by asking, “Why are people pushing the homosexual agenda?”


george jetson

R. Kelly -- 'The Notebook' Inspired Me ... to Divorce My Wife

R. Kelly is blaming Ryan Gosling for ruining his marriage ... sorta ... and it's all because of R.G.'s performance in "The Notebook."

Kelly just revealed some incredibly personal secrets in his new memoir, "Soulacoaster" ... including an explanation about why he decided to divorce his former back up dancer Andrea Kelly back in 2009.

Long story short ... Kelly claims after watching the movie, he realized his own 12-year marriage couldn't stand up to the romance featured in the flick.

Here's the explanation in Kelly's own words:

"As the film credits started to roll, I couldn't move. I burst into tears. People walking past me patted me on the back, trying to console me. 'The Notebook' was beautiful, and I was crying because its hero and heroine had died together.

But I was also crying because I remembered a Valentine's Day -- when a helicopter dropped a rainfall of roses -- that had come and gone ... My marriage had died. And there was nothing I could do to bring it back."

Damn you, Gosling.

george jetson

Emma Roberts: ‘I’m the Palest Person on the Planet’

Besties and former Scream 4 castmates Hayden Panettiere and Emma Roberts kicked off their summers by launching the Neutrogena Wave for Change campaign, a philanthropic initiative in its third year that supports U.S. educational charities. This year, its goal is to raise $250,000 for Global Giving, which helps children receive an education.

Education is a topic close to both the stars’ hearts — and one they take very seriously. “It’s the basis of life, it’s the basis of people,” Panettiere tells PEOPLE. “It’s the basis of success, it’s the basis of art, it’s the basis of what makes the world go ’round.”

Something they take less seriously, however? Summer! “I try to find a pool,” reveals Roberts (in a Bec & Bridge dress). “And definitely use sunscreen because I’m the palest person on the planet.”

As far as summer style goes, the duo are opposites. “I’m really into wedges,” says Roberts, while Panettiere prefers the easy, breezy natural look. “I love that you can just throw on a bathing suit and a blousy boho dress and feel comfortable,” she admits.

Both actresses can agree on one thing, though: their beauty must-have, Neutrogena Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock. “It cools you down and it feels so good,” says Panettiere. “It doesn’t leave the streaky ugly white stain. It keeps you moist, fresh and cool.”

To help Neutrogena reach its quarter-million-dollar goal, watch the Wave for Change video or activate your eligible Neutrogena purchase at Neutrogena.com or Neutrogena’s Facebook page. One dollar will be donated for each video watched or product registered.


george jetson

Matt Lauer Was "100 Percent" Behind Ann Curry's Ouster from TODAY Show

There's a reason why Ann Curry didn't bother to hug co-host Matt Lauer during her tearful goodbye last Thursday on TODAY.
After weeks of speculation, Curry, 55, was shown the door after just one year as co-host of NBC's smash morning show, which has been suffering from flagging ratings.

"Matt Lauer is 100 percent behind Ann leaving," a source tells Us Weekly. In the days leading up to her emotional on-air farewell, Curry (who joined the show in 1997 as news reader) and Lauer, 54, "were really icy to each other, and she refused to speak to him all week."

Indeed, the tension was palpable on-air to millions of viewers. "The body language was extremely tense," the insider points out. And her final day, says a second source, "was like a funeral in a way."

First announcing her departure from TODAY -- and a new, seven-year contract with NBC News to cover international stories across the network's various news programs -- to USA Today last Wednesday, Curry dimissed criticism that she and longtime host Lauer (who had successful on-air partnerships with both Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira) lacked chemistry.

"You know, Matt and I have had great on-air chemistry for 14 years, been part of the No. 1 winning team for a history-making number of years," she opined. "That said, I just finished my freshman year as co-host. In every single co-host's first year, there have been kinks to be worked out, and perhaps I deserve as much blame for that as anyone."

Curry's replacement, former White House Correspondent and 9 a.m. hour TODAY host Savannah Guthrie, was announced the following day.

Of Curry's job switch, NBC News president Steve Capus told the Hollywood Reporter: "I think [TODAY] was not where her real passion was, . . . In her heart of hearts, I think she would admit that. I think her real passion is built around reporting on international stories . . . I think we’ve now come up with a role that will play to her strengths."


Gwyneth Paltrow Kicks Off Her GOOP Collection With a $90 White T-Shirt, Obviously.


ONTD, you know better than anyone that there are few things in life I enjoy more than sitting down with a lovely, fat-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free, vegan, fair trade, organic acai berry, ginger root and Dulcolax tea, freshly pressed by my live-in servants, having one of my IT people crack open a fresh iPad and reading through the latest GOOP e-newsletter. So imagine my surprise when this week, GOOP FINALLY released the first item in the anxiously awaited GOOP Collection - a reasonably priced and ever-so-innovative $90 white t-shirt! It's perfect for warm summer nights in the Hamptons or warm summer nights in St. Bart's or warm summer nights in Detroit (just kidding, is Detroit even still considered a place?).

Anyway, as you can see, Gwyneth has taken fashion to a whole new level with this piece. Just look at that delicious scoop neck! Has such a neckline ever been done before? Tres chic! No longer will you be feeling choked by tyrannically tight collars. Unless of course, your latest sugar daddy is into that sort of thing, in which case, this tee is perfect for letting the press see your dedication to accurately portraying the role of Anastasia in the film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey whilst at Sunday brunch with the girls (who you paid to pretend to be your friends).

Anyway darlings, the last point I want to make is that you need to place your orders soon. Not for fear of a sell-out but to get in before Hanes Her Way sues Gwyneth for copyright infringement. As you are undoubtedly aware, "the man" is always hassling Gwynnie P. and I have no doubt she will once again be subjected to their racist, classist and whateverist agenda. Though I consider myself more spiritual than religious and have recently separated from the Church of Scientology for reasons I'm legally bound not to disclose, I would like us to all join in a prayer that Gwyneth's latest endeavor will be as successful as her not at all strained marriage to Chris Coldplay.
Our GOOP, who art in North Carolina
Shooting thy latest Iron Man;
Thy t-shirt come
For $90, are you dumb,
I can get 3 for $10 at TJ Maxx.
Give us this day your daily rich people problem
and forgive us our poverty,
as we forgive you for tweeting the n word;
and lead us not into a Tracy Anderson workout,
but deliver us another shitty, overpriced t-shirt. Agoop.

And in closing...
george jetson

Real Housewives' Jacqueline Laurita: I'm Done With Teresa Giudice Forever

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is infamous for its knock-down-drag-out brawls -- and this season is no exception. But Jacqueline Laurita tells Life & Style that the on-air feud between her and longtime friend Teresa Giudice, 40, has bubbled over behind-the-scenes. "I realized she is not a friend," Jacqueline shares in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

The 42-year-old claims that Teresa "sabotaged business dealings and said things behind my back that really upset me." And it's all because Jacqueline wouldn't talk trash about Teresa's sister in law and costar, Melissa Gorga. "She wanted us to help make Melissa look bad on camera," she says. "It got ugly. Teresa's hatred is very deep."

Things grew so tense that Jacqueline says she cut Teresa out of her life and hasn't seen her in almost a year. "The friendship was so toxic that I just don't need that in my life anymore," she shares. "I give everyone the benefit of the doubt and when I figure out someone is no good, I ex them out of my life."

But the former friends will have to face-off on this season's reunion, which is set to be taped later this summer. Is Jacqueline scared to face Teresa, who spoke about punching Jacqueline in the face this season? "She doesn't intimidate me at all -- if she wants to come at me, go for it!" says Jacqueline. In fact, "Once the season is over and the reunion is done, her name will not come out of my mouth again."

Ciri 2

Entertainment and media doesn't care about metal. In other news, the sky is blue.

GWAR frontman outraged over lack of media coverage after arrest of Lamb of God frontman on manslaughter charges.

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Get over it, bro. He's not being ignored because he's in a 'nasty metal band', he's being ignored because he's in a 'nasty irrelevant metal band that sucks ass'.


Sexist Joesph Kahn complains about the pirating of his movie 'Detention'

Your pirating does not help me.

Stop kidding yourself. Stop lying. Stop justifying. Just stop.

Five years ago I started writing DETENTION with a Canadian guy named Mark Palermo. If you know anything about Canadians*, that was a huge sacrifice. But I got through it, and three years later our script was complete.

*Eh, buddy?

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Little Dragon Releases MV for new single "Sunshine" with uh...interesting sponsorship


I know some will say that they've sold out, but if LD wants to gain more widespread popularity dunking a ladle in some vodka punch for 5 seconds of their video is worth the money and marketing they'll get. Besides, they still sound the same and Yukimi looks flawless and dat's all I care about.

Canada Passes New Copyright Law, AKA I'm Going To Jail

After several failed attempts, the federal government has finally passed copyright reform legislation, namely Bill C-11, the Copyright Modernization Act. The Bill will come into force on a day to be set by Cabinet.

Canada's Copyright Act has not been materially updated since 1997. Technology has come a long way since then and there is an urgent need for reform. Many activities taking place in Canadian households are technically copyright infringements, including:

- transferring legally-purchased music or movies to a computer hard drive or digital music player;
- recording a television programme to a VCR, DVD recorder or personal video recorder (PVR); and
- creating a backup copy of a movie or video.

Among other things, the Bill's amendments are intended to usher the Copyright Act into the digital era, implement Canada's obligations under international treaties, and make the provisions of the Act technologically neutral.

The following summarizes some of the key amendments to the Copyright Act that will result from Bill C-11.

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TomKat's Matchmaker & Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Wife Has Been Missing Since 2006

Scientology leader David Miscavige is often cited as Tom Cruise's best friend. He was best man at Cruise's ill-fated marriage to Katie Holmes and once threw the star a huge birthday party.

But the numerous references to Miscavige left out one really sketchy detail: his wife, Shelly, hasn't been seen since 2006.

Shelly was another Scientologist who was rumored to have led the church's search for Tom's third wife.

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Sel shrug.

Ashley Tisdale's 27th Birthday Party!

Ashley was spotted earlier wearing a lovely braid bar, L*Space bikini and Wildfox shorts, the smiley blonde was pictured along with boyfriend Scott Speer while sharing a cute kiss and besties Samantha Droke and Kim Hidalgo while goofing with little pup Maui on the shore!

Additional beach party's attendees included: Tisdale's girlfiend Shelley Buckner, buddy Phil Haus, former Hellcats co-star Heather Hemmens, 901 Salon Nikki Lee, Riawna Capri and Tauni Dawson, pal Selena Gomez, Sarah Hyland and boyfriend Matt Kropok and BFF Vanessa Hudgens!

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Jena Malone = Johanna Mason

Jena Malone Reportedly Offered 'Catching Fire' Role

Hey, errbody! It's time, once again, for a rousing edition of "What's My Mason?" the exciting rumor-mongering game in which we tell you that we really, seriously for serious this time, know who's on tap to snag the hottest up-for-grabs lady role in "Catching Fire" ... and where whatever we tell you will, nevertheless, almost certainly turn out to be a bunch of baloney! Because that keeps happening! Over and over! But hey, you love it, right? Yeah, us too. And that sound you hear is definitely not our teeth grinding down to tiny little enameled nubs in frustration at their inability to just cast the damn part, already.

Anyway! Despite earlier reports that Mia Wasikowska Zoe Aggeliki Jena Malone Zoe Aggeliki was literally holding the pen in her hand and preparing to sign her "Catching Fire" contract right this minute, The Hollywood Reporter now tells us that it's Jena Malone who has the offer in the bag and is in final negotiations to play Johanna.

Which would be great news for all the previously mentioned reasons that we love Jena as Johanna (blah blah butt-kicking awesome actress blah blah), but which we will also believe NEVER, not even after we have actually seen the movie, because under the circumstances we don't trust the studio not to come out after the fact and tell us that the Jena Malone-looking individual who appeared to be playing Johanna was actually a life-sized puppet wearing a realistic human skin.

But okay, no, really. Jena Malone. Yay! Probably. Probable yay. Tiny cautious yay that we can snatch back if it turns out not to be true. There's your yay, folks. YAY.

Okay, so... Jena? Yes? Are you cautiously optimistic?


MTV articles try too hard
drunk bey

Why black British drama is going online, not on TV

Faced with British TV's indifference to black shows, young writers and directors are taking their talents to the web to find an audience. Bim Adewunmi talks to some of them

HBO's recent comedy drama Girls, created and co-written by indie wunderkind Lena Dunham, has been the subject of a seemingly endless stream of think pieces. The crux of the matter is the diversity – or lack thereof – that the show displays. A full cast list from Imdb.com showed parts for non-white cast members such as "Jamaican Nanny", "Young Black Guy", "Roosevelt Hotel Bellhop" and "Tibetan Nanny". Of course, Girls is only the latest in a long line of New York-set TV shows that paint a distinctly monochromatic picture. From Seinfeld to Sex and the City to Friends (which recycled the same storyline for two black characters over the series), there is a small-screen tradition of whitewashing the big city.

British TV is not doing much better. The last sitcom with a majority black cast was the Ian Pattison-scripted and almost universally panned The Crouches in 2003. Before that, it was Desmond's, which ended in 1994, but now thankfully lives on on Channel 4oD. The big breakout successes with majority black casts have been in the genre of gritty "urban realism", usually focusing on inner-city London, crime and drug deals. The success of one such programme, Channel 4's Top Boy, has seen it recommissioned for a second series.

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The article was written by Bim Adewunmi who is flawless and you should all follow her @bimadew imo

Holmes Received "Fluff Roles" Bc Hollywood Feared The Rise Of Scientology

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Tom Cruise’s 50th birthday on July 3 has been overshadowed by his pending third divorce. But the breakup between Hollywood’s ‘Top Gun’ and Katie Holmes last week didn’t really catch us off-guard: Indeed, we knew the oddball marriage’s fate was sealed the moment an overzealous Cruise leapt onto Oprah Winfrey’s couch to tell the world how much he loved the much-younger Holmes back in 2005.

It all seemed too premeditated, too valiant an attempt to misdirect us from his previous breakup with ex-wife Nicole Kidman, who also turned her back on Cruise and his controversial religious beliefs.

But the biggest reason it appears Holmes, 33, left Cruise, 49, was because her once thriving acting career had taken a big hit ever since she became connected to Cruise and the controversial Church of Scientology.

A close friend of Holmes claims the ex-Dawson’s Creek star’s promising career had been “blacklisted” in recent years.

The friend pointed out how Holmes’ career had taken a downward spiral because Hollywood is terrified about the rise of Scientology, so much so that it has skewed the results of Oscar voting on more than one occasion. It’s fairly obvious that the Hollywood establishment don’t want to see a Scientologist win an Oscar for fear that it will just help them recruit more celebrities and everyday members. Can you imagine the speech that one of them might make to a billion viewers if they actually won?

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britney qt smile

New Nelly Furtado Single: Spirit Indestructible

Check out the premiere of Nelly Furtado‘s latest single “Spirit Indestructible!” The track serves as the second official single off her fifth studio album, The Spirit Indestructible, due out September 18. After “Big Hoops” flopped and turned out to be the comeback single many weren’t expecting, Nelly has decided to move on. Produced by Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, “Spirit Indestructible” sees the singer stick to the hard drums and thumping jungle beats that were dominant in the production of “Big Hoops.” The track is definitely hot and hits you much faster than its predecessor but I’m not sure if it screams radio hit. What do you guys think?


I know Big Hoops flopped, but I like this one, and I'm still excited for the new album.
Shirt and Tie

Ghostbusters III tries to escape development hell with new writers


Looks like Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg are off of the GHOSTBUSTERS III writing staff. The OFFICE writers have been the longest linked to the project aside from Dan Aykroyd himself.

Aykroyd was recently spotted at a New York liquor store signing autographs and chatting with fans. When asked about GHOSTBUSTERS III, he said "We've got a new writing staff working on it now. It's got to be perfect. That's the whole thing. There's no point in doing it unless it's perfect. So that's what we're up to now."

GHOSTBUSTERS III has had one of the most convoluted journeys of any movie I can think of. After the first two were box office successes, you would think a third would have been easy. But, from rumors of Bill Murray refusing to be involved and shredding a copy of the script to stories that everyone from Seth Rogen to Jonah Hill and Kristen Bell being involved with a "next generation" of ghostbusters, it is hard to tell what is real and what is gossip.

At this point I say leave well enough alone and let the franchise live on in video games and fanboy dreams. What say you about the once again possible GHOSTBUSTERS III?

mac n chloe

Live from TomKatastrophe central

I'm outside the home Queen Suri lays her head. There aren't any SUVs and there aren't many photographers and I only see three or so reporters. They are all pretty over it but waiting for a possible shot. A source on location tells me that Scientologists haven't been bothering those waiting for Katie to emerge (he's probably a sea org) and says it's a creative move by papers and websites to get an interesting story (or is it a clever move by Holmes?). He also tells me that Katie has been entering and exiting the building through the garage (duh) which leads one to assume she only walks out the front when she wants to world to see her smiling face.

It's kind of a weak scene today. Yesterday it was much busier and eerie. Perhaps Katie has relocated? Or the Scientologists figured it's better to blend than be seen (there are a lot of random blind people on this block today).

Source: my eyes, my bike

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Porn Star James Deen: I'm Not Having Sex With Lindsay Lohan


Porn star James Deen might be known for his sexual abilities on-screen, but he isn't sharing his talents with his "The Canyons" co-star Lindsay Lohan off-screen -- or so he tells Animal New York.

“I can definitely, honestly say Lindsay Lohan and I are not having sex!," he told the website, adding, "[If I was] I think I would tell everybody."

The inevitable rumors about the two began as soon as they were photographed grabbing a smoke together outside a restaurant. And though Deen beds women for a living, he says things with Lohan are strictly professional.

"I don’t know anything about her except for that she’s a really nice, down-to-earth, normal twenty-five-year-old girl," he told the magazine (for the record, Lohan turned 26 on July 2). "We went to a business dinner and she was very professional. She drank coffee and water. Then she had to call for a car because she couldn’t walk ten feet from the door because of the paparazzi.”

Deen will play Lohan's boyfriend in Bret Easton Ellis' "The Canyons," and though there were reports the film would require graphic sex scenes between the two, Deen is quick to downplay the on-screen action.

"It’s all necessary to the story. This is not an adult film. We are not trying to arouse people. If someone does get aroused, well, it happens. It’s like 'American Psycho,' 'Less Than Zero.'" he told the website, making reference to Ellis' other novels which have been turned into films. "It’s not graphic sex for the sake of graphic sex. In the script you don’t see anything like, ‘You see [Lindsay's character] turn around and flash her boobs!’”

"The Canyons" is scheduled to start filming on July 9, and it will mark Deen's first foray into mainstream fare. Deen is taking the role seriously and told Animal New York he's enrolled in acting classes and will take a break from the adult industry while filming.

"I will definitely take time off to do this. My intention is that from the day we start rehearsing to the day that the movie is wrapped, I will be giving this movie my full attention," he said, adding that he's never not working. “Uh, I don’t. I’ve never really gone without working. My life is pretty much a perpetual vacation, so I never felt the need to take time off. This will be the first time in eight years.”

cheryl scrunched face shaking head no

Eva Longoria and Mark Sanchez reportedly dating

In Touch can exclusively reveal that newly single Eva Longoria has been going incognito on dates with hunky New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.

“It looks like they’re testing the waters,” an insider tells In Touch, after Eva was spotted on June 4 shopping with 25-year-old Mark at a Kings supermarket in Bedminster, N.J. — where the football star has a home.

The next evening, Eva donned a blond wig as she and Mark had dinner and drinks with a group of friends at New York’s Hotel Griffou, where they looked very comfortable with each other, an insider tells In Touch: “They were laughing and having a great time.”

Eva and Mark — who was most recently linked to Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton — kept things hot on an island-hopping adventure in the Caribbean just weeks later.

Eva’s rep recently confirmed her split from Spanish singer Eduardo Cruz, whom she began dating in 2011.


jfc I thought she couldn't do worse than Tony Parker, but GUUUURRRLLLL

This is a post about One Direction and "50 Shades of Grey"

One Direction's Niall Horan has joined millions of women around the world and is reading saucy novel Fifty Shades Of Grey.

The Irish singer didn't get too far into the book, but it seems he might be tempted to give it another go.

'A girl gave it to me the other day!' Niall, 18, tells the Daily Mirror.

'I read the first page and put it down. But it was good.'

Fifty Shades Of Grey tells the story of college graduate Anastasia Steele and manipulative billionaire Christian Grey, who asks her to become his 'submissive' in his 'red room of pain'.

Captain Marvel

this is just too easy

Nicole Scherzinger Celebrates 34th B'DAY in Vegas/Premieres New Single

It’s been a weekend-long early 34th birthday celebration for former Pussycat Dolls lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, and other celebrities joined in her celebration, including Chris Paul of the L.A. Clippers, who sprayed the “X Factor: U.K.” judge with water instead of champagne.

Fresh from a Friday at Tao Beach and dinner at Lavo in the Palazzo with friends and family, including actors Hill Harper and Quinton Aaron and cousin Meleana Brown (“Duets”), Nicole continued her celebration Saturday at Tao Beach in the adjoining Venetian. The “Dancing With the Stars” Season 10 champion with Derek Hough donned an animal print Vix bikini and cover up with gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels. (In “Men in Black 3,” she portrays a dominatrix in black leather and high heels.)

Throughout the afternoon, Nicole sported dangling mustache glasses, posed for photographs with fans and later jumped on the mic once again to perform a medley of her hits, including “Don’t Cha.” She danced to the sounds of DJ Lema, who dropped the world premiere of her newest single “One More Shot.”


Girl......Must you make it so easy
tony leung: chungking express

Eighth Grader Gets Seventeen To Stop Photoshopping The Girls In Its Magazine

Eighth grader Julia Bluhm was tired of hearing her friends in ballet class complain about being fat, and knew that they were basing their self-conscious opinions on altered magazine images of themselves. So she started a petition asking Seventeen magazine to stop photoshopping the women in their pages. Julia asked for one unaltered image of a “regular girl” in every issue.

“For the sake of all the struggling girls all over America, who read Seventeen and think these fake images are what they should be, I’m stepping up,” Julia wrote. “I know how hurtful these photoshopped images can be. I’m a teenage girl, and I don’t like what I see. None of us do.”

Today, with the petition at more than 81,000 signatures, Seventeen responded — and went even further than what Julia had requested. The magazine committed to Julia and organizers at SPARK a Movement to represent a range of women of all shapes and sizes in its magazine — every month, every model — without any photoshopping of their bodies (they will still be using photoshop to take wrinkles out of clothes and hide flyaway hairs):

Win! After over 84,000 people signed Julia’s petition and she and her fellow SPARK Summit activists hand-delivered the petitions to the executive editor of Seventeen, the magazine has made a commitment to not alter the body size or face shape of the girls and models in the magazine and to feature a diverse range of beauty in its pages.

Julia’s message to all her supporters: “Seventeen listened! They’re saying they won’t use photoshop to digitally alter their models! This is a huge victory, and I’m so unbelievably happy. Another petition is being started by SPARK activists Emma and Carina, targeting Teen Vogue and I will sign it. If we can be heard by one magazine, we can do it with another. We are sparking a change!”

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Anne Hathaway Talks Catwoman

(Click for bigger image)

Tell us about your first meeting with Christopher Nolan about playing Selina Kyle.

It was in October 2010 and I had been hearing for a few months that there was going to be a new female character in the new instalment of the Batman franchise. Chris wanted to meet with me amongst, you know, scores of other girls - or women, however you wish to refer to us [laughs]. I was very nervous going into it, and there was some conversation about what the character was and everyone, literally everyone, I talked to said, "Well they're not confirming anything but I personally think it's Catwoman."

I just thought, "No, no, Chris isn't going to go for Catwoman! [laughs]". Because I'm the all-seeing oracle, apparently. I went in with one character in mind and after about an hour of talking he says, "Okay, so the part is Catwoman," and I had to try to, all of a sudden, completely switch from the one character that I was subtly trying to subconsciously make him think of to Selina. Who, thank goodness I'm a huge fan of. Chris and I talked for about another hour and then about three-and-a-half months later we did another screen test and the week after that I found out I had the part.

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Inside Scientology's Sea Org

'Beatings', sniper nests and a punishment block called ‘The Hole’: Inside Scientology’s strict Sea Org which Suri Cruise faced joining – and which drove her parents apart

Scientology headquarters set in isolated, arid foothills 90 miles from LA
Members 'banned from having children and paid $50 a week'
Sea Org investigated by FBI looking into human trafficking

It is Scientology's higher order where members pledge their allegiance for one billion years - and may have cost Tom Cruise his marriage.
The prospect of sending six-year-old Suri to the Sea Organisation, or Sea Org as it is known, is what is said to have been the final straw for Katie Holmes before she filed for divorce.
The clergy like group is run like a military clique from the Scientology Gold Base in California which has a sniper-style nest bunker on the site.
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The CW's Upcoming "Brand Refresh": 5 Past Mistakes the Network Should Learn From

The Hollywood Reporter recently reported that The CW is working on a slight brand refresh for the upcoming fall season. Apparently the network is looking to "reassess" and "recalibrate" its strategy in network president Mark Pedowitz's first real fall at the helm of The CW's ship (Pedowitz took over in April 2011, but development for the 2011–2012 season was already well underway, meaning he didn't have much control over what sort of pilots the CW had to choose from for the 2011–2012 season). Although The CW does not plan on shifting its focus away from a young, mostly female audience, this announcement, along with the scheduling of the new, sure-to-skew-male show Arrow on Wednesdays, suggests that Pedowitz and his team realize The CW needs some kind of change.

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What do you think are some of The CW's biggest mistakes? What cancellations still make you angry? And if you were in charge of rebranding the network, what new slogan would you give it ("Pretty White People?" "The CW, Brought to You by Bing")?

BTS - agust d

Kate Beckinsale won't be chopping up her face anytime soon

With her long brunette locks and stunning good looks, Kate Beckinsale is the English rose of Hollywood. But as she approaches her 39th birthday this month, The Aviator (Uh, excuse you, Underworld star) star insists she won't be turning to surgery to reverse the ageing process any time soon. As she poses for a new magazine shoot, the mother-of-one admits she hopes to age gracefully like her mother Judy Loe, 65.

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So, what about it, ONTD? You gonna age ~gracefully or get some surgery? Honestly, I'm totally willing to throw down for a breast lift if I can afford it and they're sagging in my middle age. No shame.

Horrific dancing

July 4 Movies: 21 Reasons 'The Sandlot' Has The Best Independence Day Scene Ever

In the 19 years since its release, "The Sandlot" has become the yardstick that all childhood summers are measured against.

The David M. Evans's classic follows a gaggle of baseball-obsessed boys during the summer of 1962. But the 1993 film is more than a nostalgic look back on childhood, friendship and baseball. It also offers one of the best Fourth of July sequences ever set to film.

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Source http://news.moviefone.com/2012/06/25/july-4-sandlot-fireworks-scene_n_1625392.html?utm_hp_ref=moviefone

So what are your 4th of Joolai plans?

Calvin Klein's Ex-Boyfriend -- Out of Rehab & Kissing a Chick!

Since getting arrested for cocaine possession and checking into rehab earlier this year, fashion mogul Calvin Klein's ex- boyfriend Nick Gruber has really changed his ways .... he's now sucking face with chicks.The 22-year-old former gay porn star was spotted holding hands and kissing Chelsea Heath -- who is female -- on the beach in Marina del Rey this weekend.Just like CK One, Nick is for men and women.

SOURCE -- http://www.tmz.com/2012/07/03/calvin-klein-boyfriend-kissing-woman/
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'The Amazing Spider-Man sucked' said no one

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Tallies $50.2 Million Internationally, Sets New Record In India

Sony reports that The Amazing Spider-Man is off to a great start with $50.2 million internationally from 13 markets.

Market reports from Sony:

KOREA earned $13.4M on 1,213 screens, capturing a 71% market share. The KW15.8B total for Thursday to Sunday is the 3rd biggest of all time for a Hollywood film, behind only the 2nd and 3rd TRANSFORMERS films. This is 24% bigger than SPIDER-MAN 3 and 10% more than AVENGERS.

JAPAN opened with $11.4M on 1,092 screens, pulling in an estimated 84% of the country's Saturday-Sunday weekend box office.

INDIA grossed $6.0M on 1,236 screens, the biggest opening ever for a Hollywood film, 74% bigger than SPIDER-MAN 3, 73% more than AVENGERS, and more than double the lifetime box office of DARK KNIGHT.

The PHILIPPINES bowed with $3.2M on 529 screens, capturing the entire market in its opening weekend. This is the 4thbiggest Friday-Sunday opening ever (behind AVENGERS, TRANSFORMERS 3, and TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN.)

TAIWAN did $2.9M on 268 screens while taking in 73% of the market's weekend total. It is the 2nd biggest Fri-Sun weekend of the year (behind AVENGERS.)
HONG KONG earned $2.7M on 158 screens, pulling in 84% of the total market. This is the 4th biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time (behind just TRANSFORMERS 3, AVENGERS, and HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART II.)

SINGAPORE grossed $2.5M on 128 screens, the 3rd biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time (behind TRANSFORMERS 3 and AVENGERS.)

THAILAND opened to $1.9M on 320 screens, capturing 81% of the market. 10th biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time.

VIETNAM grossed $425K on 41 screens, the 6th biggest Friday-Sunday opening of all time (and the 5th biggest Hollywood film.) It has surpassed the lifetime box office total of SPIDER-MAN 3.

In Europe, GERMANY grossed an estimated $4.2M on 755 screens (50% market share), HOLLAND earned $850K on 113,AUSTRIA opened to $480K on 85, and SWITZERLAND did $290K on 130.

'The Amazing Spider-Man' Grabs $7.5 Million From Midnight Shows

Sony reports that The Amazing Spider-Man is off to a decent start with $7.5 million from midnight shows at a total of 3,150 locations, $1.2 million of which came from 300 IMAX locations. Comparable midnight openings include Iron Man 2 ($7.5 million) and Paranormal Activity 3 ($8 million).

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As election approaches, celebs choose sides

Editor's Note: Nicole Lapin is the editor of Recessionista.com.

Celebrity political endorsements and financial contributions peaked during the 2008 campaign and have gained steam early this election cycle.

Last go around, Obama raised millions from the entertainment industry. He is already posed to to top that this year. Earlier this month, he attended fundraising dinners at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, in New York, and George Clooney in Los Angeles, the latter which raised around $15 million for the Obama campaign.

Romney, who’s camp has criticized Obama for being more interested in spending time with the stars than running the country, has the backing of rock star and guns-rights advocate Ted Nugent, and Hollywood tough guy Chuck Norris. Kid Rock made an appearance at a recent Romney rally, and WWE legend Vince McMahon is also a devoted donor.

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'Is Your Love Big Enough' For Lianne La Havas?

Lianne has released the official video for the album's title track, an uptempo slice of soulful pop/folk with one of the most anthemic choruses I've heard in a while. The video itself features clips of Lianne on tour and performing, as well as footage of her and her band's backstage antics, which gives us glimpse of her fun and charismatic personality.

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Summer Jam!
The album is out July 9th in the UK! August 7th in the US and I can't wait!
Queen Fan

Vancouver Real Housewife Mary Zilba is 'one proud mother'

(Cole Zilba is white boy number 1, on left.)

While a lot of parents are busy figuring out their kids’ summer vacation, The Real Housewives of Vancouver star Mary Zilba knows her oldest son Cole is going to have one heck of a summer job.

Eighteen-year-old Cole Anderson (his dad is local venture capitalist Frank Anderson) has recently been accepted into the William J. Clinton (yes that Clinton) Foundation’s summer internship program.

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lol isn't this the kid who flunked grade 12 math?
also ONTD: have you graduated? how are your summer internships/job searches/jobs/etc going so far?

The Twilight Zone ☮ Logo

‘Twilight Zone’: Dark magic and alien charms, revisited

“This is the fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area we call the Twilight Zone.”

With those lines, delivered by Rod Serling with his distinctive diction and deep voice, the television audience of America took its first step into an eerie, one-of-a-kind corner of television storytelling. The CBS anthology series was revolutionary so it’s fitting that Syfy will air an Independence Day “Twilight Zone” marathon that begins Wednesday at 8 a.m. and wraps up 5 a.m. Thursday.
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