June 21st, 2012


Fights, union investigations, and more Lindsay drama on the set of Liz and Dick

Lindsay Lohan’s Movie Triggers SAG-AFTRA & IATSE Inquiries: What Is Really Going On?

The good news for Lifetime and the producers of their tabloid headline-making movie Liz & Dick is that it has only about a week of filming left. The bad news is that, as the first two and a half weeks of shooting proved, with Lindsay Lohan as the star, a lot could happen in a week that could impact production.

In the last two weeks, filming on the movie was pushed after Lohan crashed her car on her way to the set and when she passed out in her room toward the end of a nightlong shoot. In a tweet, Lohan cited exhaustion “after working 85 hours in 4 days.” When two crew members in the hair department left the production a day later, also claiming exhaustion, Liz & Dick began to attract union attentions. Despite an awkwardly worded statement by SAG-AFTRA today stressing that “we have thoroughly investigated this matter” and “all applicable penalties will be paid,” there have been no violations cited by the actors union yet, and a SAG-AFTRA rep admitted that “we do not have complete information on this yet.” Liz & Dick producer Larry Thompson, a TV movie veteran who knows union requirements inside and out, acknowledged in a statement that “an AFTRA rep visited us on the set late yesterday afternoon and was TOTALLY fine with everything,” adding that per the union rep, it wasn’t any complaints from AFTRA members but “tweets and comments in the media” that prompted “their curiosity and desire to inquire.

IATSE, the union that represents stagehands, film technicians and other crafts people, also officially weighed in on the matter tonight. “We have had union representatives on the set since last Friday [June 15] and will continue to monitor the hours and working conditions there,” IATSE said in a statement, though crew members working on Liz & Dick indicated earlier today that they hadn’t been contacted by their union yet to discuss the issue.

Crew members we spoke with disputed the filming hours account in Lohan’s tweet. “Lilo did not work 85 hours in 4 days and we are not averaging 20 hours a day,” one crew member said. “We worked about 70-75 hours in 5 days last week, which isn’t that abnormal for a TV movie. And we’re on set before Lilo and usually wrap long after she’s gone. We could’ve shaved off about 7 or 8 hours that we sat around waiting for Lilo.” There are multiple accounts of Lohan showing up late for work, once refusing to come out of her trailer for 2.5 hours and screaming at the movie’s producers within earshot of the entire crew. Meanwhile, a source close to Lohan said that the troubled actress, who had not worked on a major production in years, “is having a lot harder time than she thought she would,” adding that “the producers aren’t being very supportive and it’s a lot more work than she’s done in a while.”

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Source is Deadline, but I had to cheat the link since their stuff never wants to post here
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Metric Concert at El Rey in Los Angeles - June 20, 2012

Tonight I experienced the BEST concert I have ever been to in my life.  Metric played at El Rey in Los Angeles.  I was FIRST in line and waited 2+ hours to get in, then another 1.5+ hours for them to hit the stage.  But my front row prize was worth it (see pictures!!!).  Most of the line up was from their new album, but there were some old goodies too.  Also Robert Pattinson was apparently there but I did not see him (someone tweeted about him being there).  I had a better view than him anyways hehe.


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Usher Finds Fourth No. 1 Album on Billboard 200

June 20, 2012

Usher secures his fourth No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart as "Looking 4 Myself" debuts atop the list with 128,000 sold according to Nielsen SoundScan.

The pop/R&B star's last full-length studio album, 2010's "Raymond v Raymond," also launched at No. 1, but with bigger sales. It started with 329,000. "Looking" also registers Usher's smallest first-week sales for a regular studio album since 1997's "My Way" bowed with 67,000.

At No. 2 on the Billboard 200, rock band Rush clocks its best sales week in 10 years as "Clockwork Angels" debuts with 103,000. The group last sold more when 2002's "Vapor Trails" bowed at No. 6 with 110,000. "Clockwork Angels" is Rush's second album to hit No. 2 following 1993's "Counterparts." A No. 1 album continues to elude the act.

Adele's "21," which hit a 24th week at No. 1 last week, falls to No. 3 with 63,000 (down 16%).

Country star Josh Turner debuts at No. 4 with "Punching Bag," selling 45,000 copies in its first week. It's his fourth top 10 set on the Billboard 200 and the 11th country album to bow in the top 10 this year. A year ago at this point, only six country sets had started in the top 10.

British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran takes a bow at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 with his first full-length album, "+." The set starts with 42,000 and also debuts at No. 1 on the Folk Albums chart. Seventy-nine percent of its first-week sales were digital downloads. That's not too surprising, as the act got a lot of love from the iTunes Store last week. The retailer offered the song "The A Team" as its Free Single of the Week and promoted it on the Store's front page.

No. 6 One Direction - Up All Night (39,000; down 1%)
No. 7 Neil Young and Crazy Horse - Americana (37,000; down 15%)
No. 8 Alan Jackson - Thirty Miles West (just under 37,000; down 50%)
No. 9 Rock of Ages soundtrack (36,000; up 101%)
No. 10 Waka Flocka Flame - Triple F Life (33,000; debut)


M.I.A. is going to release the Bad Girls Remixes on USB Necklace!

This USB Necklace includes remixes by Danja, Switch and Leo Justi with features by Missy Elliott, Rye Rye and Azealia Banks and special bonus content.

The Bad Girls USB Necklace is for pre-order only.
Your credit card will be charged at the time of checkout and your order will ship on or around July 6, 2012. Any other items included in your order will also ship on this date.

Oh, you fancy, huh?


Italy midfielder Claudio Marchisio agrees with same-sex marriage

The Juventus man believes that gay people should be not be discriminated against and lamented the fact that one's sexual orientation is still such a taboo topic within football.

Claudio Marchisio has revealed that he is in favor of same-sex marriage, less than a week after Italy teammate Antonio Cassano admitted that he hopes there are no homosexuals in the Azzurri squad.

The AC Milan striker was asked about the issue following claims from Italian journalist Alessandro Cecchi Paone that there were two gay players in the current panel and that he knew this because he had a relationship with one, who told him about the other.

Cassano was heavily criticized over his outburst and Marchisio has now lamented the fact that there is still so much intolerance within the game when it comes to the issue of homosexuality.

“Personally, I agree with marriage between persons of the same sex,” the Juventus midfielder told Vogue.

“But in our particular environment, in fact, the topic is a bit rigid. If someone comes out at their workplace, fortunately it is no longer a sensation."

“Doing so at a football training camp, however, one cannot imagine the same scene. It is not fair.

Marchisio then attacked the media's unfair portrayal of Italy striker Mario Balotelli as something of an enfant terrible, even if he is aware that the Manchester City man is sometimes his own worst enemy.

"Sometimes he does naive things," the Turin native acknowledged. "And one almost has the impression that he does not really want to become an adult.

"But no one ever writes that, above all else, he is truly a good person. But we know it."

Marchisio is expected to start for Italy in Monday's must-win Euro 2012 Group C clash with Ireland in Poznan.

SOURCE - http://www.goal.com/en-us/news/3396/euro-2012/2012/06/18/3183460/marchisio-agrees-with-same-sex-marriage

Jurassic Park 4 has writers!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's been a while since movie lovers last heard about "Jurassic Park IV", and now Deadline has broken news on the progress of the long-gestating project. It has been reported that Universal Pictures has moved forward with the development of the film by tapping two screenwriters to provide its script.

According to the site, "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" scribes Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver have signed on to tackle the screenwriting duty. The studio is still looking for a director since Steven Spielberg won't helm the fourth "Jurassic Park" film. He will still be on board as the producer along with Kathleen Kennedy.

nicole kidman

the best performances from australia's greatest actress

Few actresses seem to make as diverse an array of choices as Nicole Kidman. The actress has spent the last decade or two as one of the few actresses who can truly call themselves A-list, but swings between incredibly bold, interesting choices with world-class filmmakers, and nearly irredeemable crap (Bewitched, The Stepford Wives, The Invasion, Trespass). She rarely gives a turn that's anything less than totally committed, but one always feels a little nervous settling in for a new Kidman flick.

That being said, one only has to skim her resume to remember that she is, after all, one of our most gifted and interesting movie stars, and has given more great performances than most of her contemporaries.
Today is Kidman's 45th birthday, and as such, we thought we'd mark the occasion by picking out five of our favorite performances from the actress.

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Awesome Books to Replace Your Favorite Cancelled TV Shows

The love of television is always tragic. We're doomed to fall in love with television shows and then lose them, again and again. And often, our love burns the brightest for shows that live the shortest amount of time. We'll never get our favorite cancelled TV shows back again — but the good news is, for every TV show you miss, there are books (or book series) that can help fill the void.

Here are 12 cancelled TV shows, and the books that could help replace them in your life.


This ambitious genre mashup combined Wild West outlaws with spaceships, and spawned a huge fanbase. But despite getting a movie sequel, Joss Whedon's beloved show is probably never coming back in any form other than comics and the occasional unofficial novel.

The book substitute: Consider Phlebas by Iain M. Banks. We recommend this book, the first novel in the Culture series, a lot — but it really fits here. Like Firefly, Consider Phlebas is about someone who's on the losing side of a huge space war, in this case the war between the super-advanced Culture and the Idiran Empire. Our hero, Horza, opposes the Culture because he has philosophical disagreements with their utopian aims. And he winds up joining forces with a band of pirates and mercenaries on the good ship Clean Air Turbulence. This is the best methedone for Firefly withdrawal.

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Kris Humphries Claims Kris Jenner Staged Kim's Sex Tape

Kris Humphries trashed Kim Kardashian and her family in conversations and text messages to his former girlfriend, Myla Sinanaj ... telling her Kris Jenner not only directed Kim to shoot her sex tape, but to re-shoot because Kris J didn't think the first one was pretty enough.

As TMZ first reported, Kim has subpoenaed Myla in Kim's divorce case, and we've learned Myla has a lot to say about what Kris told her about his relationship with his famous estranged wife.

In addition to the sex tape, sources tell us Myla has numerous text messages in which Kris says she is the love of his life and he wants to get the divorce over with quickly so they can spend the rest of their time on earth together. In several of the messages, we're told Kris says specifically that he's "moved on" from Kim.

The information is extremely damaging to Kris, because he's alleging in his divorce that Kim has destroyed him emotionally by allegedly defrauding him into believing it was a real marriage. Turns out, Kris has been banging Myla since mid-January, so his devastation argument may be hard to swallow.

Sources close to the Kardashians tell TMZ ... Kris is lying about the sex tape. They say Kim made it clear at the beginning of their relationship she would not discuss the tape because she didn't want to be judged by it. Our sources say the sex tape never came up in any subsequent discussions between Kim and Kris and it just shows he's delusional.

Myla's deposition should be interesting.


Justin Bieber concussion caught on tape.

FF to 8:50.

We heard Justin perform a stripped down, acoustic version of “Be Alright.” But just as the special moment was over, drama erupted! Apparently, while he was performing “Boyfriend,” Justin hit his head into a glass wall – hard. As Justin was walking down a flight of stairs after his show, he fell and passed out. Scooter says he was unconscious for “4 or 5 minutes” – and the JB special ended on a total cliffhanger….to be continued tomorrow night, June 21, at 8pm EST to NBC!

Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

'He's even bought her a horse!' Things are 'heating up' for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard following Pa

Rumours about the nature of their relationship have been swirling for some time, but it's being reported that things 'seem to be heating up' between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The Rum Diary co-stars are said to be so close that Heard, 26, has been a 'regular visitor' to the New Mexico set of The Lone Ranger where 49-year-old Depp is currently filming.

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Is this a credible rumour type thing now? Where's her gf? What about the publicist? etc etc

Ask Justin Bieber a Question

Biebs is going to be filming a special with Fuse and the questions are coming via Twitter from fans. They picked the audience from his fan club members, but for those of us who weren't so lucky we can still participate. woohoo!

"That’s right: Follow Fuse (@fusetv) on Twitter, then Tweet your questions with the hashtag #JustinOnFuse. We’ll then pick the best questions to ask the Biebs. Watch the Justin Bieber Takeover on Fuse TV on July 14 & 15 to see if your questions were answered by the Biebs himself. I’m preparing my queries now, starting with this nugget: “Dude, where do you get your hair cut?”"

Is anyone going to try to ask him something?


Yoko Ono forced herself to smile after husband John Lennon's death


Yoko Ono had to force herself to smile after the death of her husband John Lennon.

The Japanese artist was inconsolable with grief after the iconic musician was shot dead in 1980 by deranged fan Mark Chapman outside the Dakota building in New York at the age of just 40.

Yoko was in so much pain she couldn't hide it from people so she made a deliberate effort to present a happy exterior to the world which helped her come to terms with her loss.

She revealed: "When John, my husband, passed away, I was feeling down, so down, that it showed on my face when I looked at myself in the mirror. 'This is bad,' I thought. I could make myself ill, or if not, make myself a very irritable person, which would be not nice, especially for Sean, my son. I have to get out of this.

"So I systematically smiled into the mirror every morning.

My smile was forced and looked terrible. But as I kept smiling for some time, my smile became a natural smile. It not only became a smile with my mouth and my eyes, but my shoulders, my tummy, and finally, with my whole body!

"I thought "OK, I've won the battle!' "

In the wake of John's passing Yoko realised the power of smiling and good feelings.

After first coming up with the idea of creating an artwork made from photos of grinning people in 1967, the 79-year-old activist has now launched her #smilesfilm project which invites people from across the world to upload images of their smiles to twitter and Instagram which are then collated to the #smilesfilm website and app to be viewed. 

Writing on The Huffington Post about the project, Yoko said: "I realised how important it is for all of us to smile - not for anybody else, but for ourselves and our health.

"Now the computer age has come in full swing. And I know that we can use this situation to make the whole world smile!

"Please smile for your health and joy. If all of us do this, our planet will be a heaven, created by us."


Yves Saint Laurent renamed to Saint Laurent Paris

  HEDI SLIMANE is changing the name of Yves Saint Laurent to Saint Laurent Paris as part of his makeover for the label.

Slimane took over from Stefano Pilati as the fashion house's new creative director in March this year.
The new name is expected to be introduced in the coming months and should be implemented by the time Slimane's debut spring/summer 2013 collection lands in stores, WWD reports. The designer will use the same font and nomenclature that the label's eponymous founder first used when he launched his ready-to-wear line in 1966, then called Saint Laurent River Gauche.
A spokesperson for the label told WWD that Slimane will use the house's "original branding" in order to restore "the house to its truth, purity and essence - and taking it into a new era", while "respecting the original principles and ideals". The brand's logo will also remain the same.
Slimane's debut pre spring/summer 2013 collection will be shown to a small group of buyers imminently, while his first catwalk show will be unveiled during Paris Fashion Week - which starts on September 25 and finishes October 3.


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Parks and Rec Shirt Contest!


People from Parks and Rec contacted us to let us know about this contest they're having. It is a t-shirt design contest and the WINNER will have their shirt featured in the NBC store!! The rules are simple and I know we have some genius creative people here who could come up with something to blow all the other people out of the water.


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Stevie J

M.I.A. - Bad Girls Switch Remix Feat. Missy Elliott and Rye Rye

Live fast, die young. Missy Elliott and Rye Rye do it well on the Switch-produced remix to M.I.A.’s single “Bad Girls.” If you’re wondering what happened to Azealia Banks, she will appear on the Danja-produced N.A.R.S. remix featuring Missy. You can find the Switch, Danja, and Leo Justi versions on Bad Girls – The Remixes, available July 3.

Harley DC

Jimmy Carr apologises for 'terrible error of judgment' over tax scheme

Comedian says he is no longer involved in K2 tax avoidance scheme after prime minister called situation 'morally wrong'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The comedian Jimmy Carr has issued an apology for his "terrible error of judgment" in using a tax avoidance scheme.

Carr confirmed that he had changed his tax affairs after the scheme was revealed this week. On Wednesday the prime minister had labelled the situation "morally wrong".

In a series of Tweets the comedian said: "I appreciate as a comedian, people will expect me to 'make light' of this situation, but I'm not going to in this statement as this is obviously a serious matter.

"I met with a financial advisor and he said to me: "Do you want to pay less tax? It's totally legal." I said: "Yes."

"I now realise I've made a terrible error of judgment.

"Although I've been advised the K2 tax scheme is entirely legal, and has been fully disclosed to HMRC [Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs], I'm no longer involved in it and will in future conduct my financial affairs much more responsibly. Apologies to everyone. Jimmy Carr."

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marina † primadonna

Glee: American Idol's Jessica Sanchez in Talks for Multi-Episode Season 4 Arc

And we are telling you, she is not going to leave Fox’s primetime schedule. Indeed, Jessica Sanchez, whose monster pipes and near-perfect pitch carried her all the way to a second-place finish on Season 11 of American Idol, is nearing a deal to join Glee‘s fourth season in a multi-episode arc, TVLine has learned exclusively.

There are no details yet available on what role Glee executive producer Ryan Murphy might have in store for the 16-year-old California native, but the plan would be to have her join the cast midway through the first half of Season 4, after she completes her duties on the Idols Live summer tour. Presumably, though, Sanchez’s character would in some capacity — either as part of McKinley High’s New Directions show choir or at the New York Academy for the Dramatic Arts where Rachel Berry is headed in the fall — compete for solos with the show’s existing and impressive stable of vocalists. In other words, if you love a diva-off (and who doesn’t?), Season 4 of Glee is about to get intense.

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TV Line

Lady Gaga a '200lb Toddler,' Says Manager

Troy Carter: Gaga Hasn't 'Made It' Yet ... Talks Asia Controversy ... Says 'Born This Way Ball' to Continue Until Next Spring

In a keynote address at the recent Music Matters conference in Singapore, Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter compared the protest of the artist's Indonesian show to crucifixion and called the icon "a 200-lb toddler" who has yet to "make it" in the traditional sense.

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Lady Gaga Slammed For 'Piling On Pounds' On Born This Way Ball Tour

Just a few weeks ago sources claimed that Lady Gaga's friends and family were worried about her because she 'wasn't eating', but it looks as though the star is back to full health as she performed on stage in Sydney earlier this week, showing that she had gained a little bit of weight.

But the pictures, some of which were taken at an unflattering angle seem to exaggerate Lady Gaga's size.

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Dead at the pics of her being fat.
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Michelle Pfeiffer: 'My best performance is still in me'

Next film: playing a bad-ass mob wife in Luc Besson "Malavita" opposite Robert De Niro.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Michelle Pfeiffer returned to Hollywood in the past year with three major films — “Dark Shadows,” “New Year’s Eve” and the upcoming family drama, “People Like Us.” Yet despite her impressive history of starring roles on the big screen, the actress believes something greater awaits, and she worries for colleagues that might not have the same idea.

“I’m always feeling that my best performance is still in me,”
the 54-year-old tells Zap2It on June 15. “And I think all artists feel that whether you’re a painter, actor, a musician — I hope so. I think it’s what keeps me going.”

“I’ve noticed a lot of people who win the Academy Award — Best Actor, Best Actress — they go through a long period where they don’t work for a while and I worry about them,”
she says. “There’s sort of that wanting to achieve that, which keeps you going, and then when you achieve it, it’s like, ‘Well, what now?’ I don’t ever want to lose that fire that I have for it.”

Audiences can expect to see more of Pfeiffer in the coming years. She says her workload closely parallels her childrens’ schedules and with both of them leaving the home for school she’ll soon have more time for work.

I think I’m preparing myself and I’m sort of slowly easing my way back into being in the work force.”

Vivling; shoulders

David Cronenberg to Direct Tim Roth in Surgery Drama Series 'Knifeman'

It didn't take long for Tim Roth to get a new TV series lined up after last year's cancellation of his Fox series "Lie to Me." The Hollywood Reporter has Roth signed on to "Knifeman," a new show executive produced by David Cronenberg, who'll also direct the pilot.

Roth will play "radical, self-educated surgeon" John Tattersall in a series that will provide "a visceral portrait of the extraordinary and unorthodox lengths he will go to uncover the secrets of the human body" (including using special devices for operating on mutant women?). The Hollywood Reporter notes this is an adaptation of Wendy Moore's biography "The Knife Man," about 18th century Scottish surgeon and anatomist John Hunter.

"Knifeman" hasn't yet secured a network. Rolin Jones ("Friday Night Lights") is writing the series, which is based on a story by him and fellow FNL alum Ron Fitzgerald -- Sam Raimi is among the executive producers.

This will be the first major TV venture for Cronenberg, who's only dabbled in the medium before -- he directed a few episodes of the Canadian crime recreation show "Scales of Justice" and the even older anthology series "Peep Show," as well as one of the horror series "Friday the 13th." He's also occasionally appeared in front of the camera on the small screen -- he'll next guest star as a scientist in the pilot for SyFy's upcoming time travel show "Rewind."

david henrie

"Hotel Transylvania" Official Trailer 2, Adam Sandler & Selena Gomez

Hotel Transylvania: Dracula (Adam Sandler), who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy (Andy Samberg) discovers the resort and falls for the count's teen-aged daughter (Selena Gomez).

An upcoming computer-animated 3D comedy film produced by Sony Pictures Animation for Columbia Pictures and set to release on September 28, 2012. It is directed by Genndy Tartakovsky (best known for Dexter's Laboratory, Samurai Jack and The Powerpuff Girls), with the voices of Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg, Steve Buscemi, Kevin James, Molly Shannon, Fran Drescher, and David Spade.


george jetson

First Look At Kristen Stewart Giving A Handjob In “On The Road”

Kristen Stewart is topless and giving two guys a handjob in a moving vehicle! We don’t know how Jack Kerouac would feel about this if he were still alive, but we can’t envision him saying, “What? Take those amazing celebrity breasts out of that movie this instant!” You know Kerouac would be down. Anyway, that’s all beside the point. Here’s our first look at Kristen Stewart’s boobs!

Did you see that old man in the truck lose control and swerve out of his lane? That’s how we felt when we first saw this. We cannot wait to see this in a better quality clip. We dream of Kristen’s cans in 1080p; when will it be a reality?

the love witch

One Direction's Zayn branded a 'pimp for Islam'

ONE Direction singer Zayn Malik has been accused of "enticing jihad" and "pimping Islam to young female fans in an outrageous online attack by a prominent US conservative.

Malik, who has a Pakistani father and an English mother, came under fire from influential right wing blogger Debbie Schlussel as the band tours the US.

In one of her blogs, Schlussel warned parents to "keep their daughters away” from the boyband, claiming Zayn, 19, had posted tweets for fans about Ramadan and Allah.
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side eye: veronica

So it turns out plenty of us are Dumb, Drunk and Racist

It is hard to believe, but a little TV show with the subtle and unassuming title Dumb, Drunk and Racist has upset a lot of people. This is even more remarkable given that it hasn’t actually gone to air yet.

Wonder what made people think we were racist? Picture: Craig Greenhill

The show was intended to pick up on a news article from last year that revealed Indian call centre workers were trained to believe Australians were “dumb, drunk and racist” – a stereotype reinforced by many in the media there.

Our original intent was to go to India, pick up four locals and bring them back to Australia to show them we weren’t so bad after all. Unfortunately we were proven wrong.

Already conspiracy theorists are claiming that we planned it that way – the ABC being a known perpetrator of sensationalism and set-ups. In fact the opposite is true. Indeed much of it we didn’t even catch on tape – although even what we did was more than confronting enough.

The truth is virtually every confrontation, every bit of violence or abuse, was caused by people we just happened to accidentally stumble across – or rather who just came across us.

It seemed that just walking around with a group of Indians, be it on city streets or country paths, was considered by some people to be an open invitation to hurl abuse – and in one case hurl rocks.

I didn’t believe this when I set off on that journey and I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own two eyes.

What I’d expected were people who might have issues with various races or cultures but were worried about saying so – the old “I’m not racist but…” line. Then we’d have an interesting little ABC-style chat about what’s racist and what’s not and everyone would be home in time for tea.

What we found instead were a number of people who, far from being worried about being stigmatised as racist, were proud to be so.

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Dumb, Drunk and Racist airs tonight 9.30 on ABC2.

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In top beauty news...

Shu Uemura and Karl Lagerfeld to Collaborate

Two of the most renowned talents from the worlds of fashion and beauty come together to create a special Christmas collection.

Uniting over their untiring quests for innovation and beauty, master of design Karl Lagerfeld and make-up innovators Shu Uemura have announced an exclusive cosmetic collection for Christmas 2012.

This unique moment of creation has roots in more than 20 years of friendship and mutual admiration between the pair. Having long used Shu Uemura's pressed eye shadows to sketch with Lagerfeld has said of the collection, "I design with Shu Uemura make-up because other manufacturers do not offer such beautiful colours."
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Amanda Seyfried hawks $13,000 Limited Cle de Peau Beaute moisturizer

Amanda Seyfried is the face of Shiseido Co's La Creme, a $13,000 limited edition moisturizer.

Those wanting to get Amanda Seyfried’s fresh-faced look may have to dip into their savings accounts.

Shiseido Co., the company that boasts the actress as its spokesperson, will release La Creme, a $13,000 limited edition moisturizer, on Sept. 21 to celebrate the 30th anniversity of its beauty product line Cle de Peau Beaute. The $13,000 price tag for the crystal-encrusted, 50-gram jar is not just expensive — it’s more expensive than gold.

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5 Albums from 2012 More Beautifully Sung than Justin Bieber’s “Believe”

LA Times’ blog called Justin Bieber’s new record “the year’s most beautifully sung recording.” Bieber’s well-trained, sure, but that sentence is still absolutely hilarious. If you can still see this after the geologic cataclysms caused by every dead musician in the world rolling — nay, revolving — in his or her grave, read on to find a list of people who might beg to differ.

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source at some college blog

@mods -- clearly a lol. at the source there's a photo of usher captioned "not justin bieber"
Prince Hamdan
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King of Pop post

Spike Lee documentary coming soon: 

The good news continues to roll in for Michael Jackson fans.

I can exclusively confirm that Spike Lee’s documentary on the 25th anniversary of Jackson’s “Bad” album has been completed and submitted.

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1) Fuck Quincy Jones 
2) Poor Spike had to settle for a documentary since his plan on making a bio movie about the King didn't go through
3) This is my first post y'all

Gwyneth Proves How Unracist She is By Hooking Up a Less Fortunate Black Girl With the Hollywood Jews


Beyonce is such a superstar that you wouldn't think she needed help with anything, but that won't stop close pal Gwyneth Paltrow giving her a shove back in the direction of acting.

The two have become friends due to their husbands', Jay-Z and Chris Martin, close friendship, and now Gwynnie wants to stick her oar in and get her pal a leg up in the film industry.

Beyonce is no stranger to the cameras, starring in movies like 'Austin Powers: Goldmember' and 'Dream Girls', yet Ms Paltrow apparently wants to give her a boost by arranging a meeting with legendary director Steven Spielberg.

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It is so very kind of Gwyneth to use her legendary name to help out this up and comer Benadryl with her little "acting career." And to put her in contact with Stevie Speilberg? Director of Amistad and The Color Purple? Why, it's almost as charitable as a donation to that Oprah school for poor people! It reminds me of when my chambermaid Guadalupe secretly enrolled in night classes to become an immigration lawyer. Apparently picking up my soiled La Perla's after one too many laxatini's (two parts vodka to one part Dulcolax, stirred, twist of lemon) wasn't fulfilling enough for her. Turns out, she wanted to help the rest of the family escape the tyrannical government of whatever the hell that third world country she's from is called. Well, when I found out about her plans (after secretly tapping her phone line) I selflessly put her in contact with my lawyers who helped her by letting her know if she ever pulled a stunt like that again, not only would her family never set foot in this country but her ass would be deported faster than you could say "limpiar el baño, puta." Anyway, enough reminiscing. I, for one, would like to be the first one to congratulate Benetton on her new career as an "actor." Hopefully this means cruel people will stop calling my dear Gwynnie a racist. After all, her history with the blacks is as pure and white as her perfectly bleached anus.

Jessica Capshaw welcomes her third child, a girl

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Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan‘s delivery surprise is here — and it’s a girl!

The Grey’s Anatomy star, 35, gave birth to their third child, daughter Poppy James Gavigan, on Wednesday, June 20, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

“Our hearts are bursting with love and gratitude upon the arrival of our baby girl,” the couple tell PEOPLE.

Poppy joins elder siblings Eve Augusta, 20 months, and Luke Hudson, 4½.

JCap's siblings posted pictures that are here and here.
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Ashton Kutcher sucks. Oh, and he's suing the DMV.

Ashton Kutcher's production company claims in a $1.5 million lawsuit that the California Department of Motor Vehicles pulled out of an agreement to make a reality TV show about daily life at the DMV.

Named Katalyst Media, it describes itself as "an award-winning studio on the cutting edge of creating television, film, and internet content." It produced The Butterfly Effect.

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In random news of the day, Giovanni Ribisi and Agyness Deyn eloped

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It was barely publicized that Giovanni Ribisi and model Agyness Deyn were even dating in the first place – but their relationship was obviously quite serious.

The actor, 37, who has a role in the upcoming movie Ted, wed the British model, 29, over the weekend in Los Angeles, Ribisi's rep confirms.

This marriage is a first for Deyn, and a second for Ribisi, who split from former wife Mariah O'Brien in 2001. The exes have a child together, daughter Lucia.

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The ever delightful Michelle Williams looking perf

She’s always up to something fun, and today (June 21) Michelle Williams dropped by “CBS This Morning” to chat about her new film “Take This Waltz.”

The “My Week with Marilyn” actress looked gorgeous as she talked about the over-arching theme of the much-anticipated flick.

Michelle began, “I always thought about it as a sort of coming of age story, a different kind of coming of age, a kind of unsung period of your life, when you’re making the transition from being a girl into being a woman, and this sort of on-the-cusp kind of thing when you’re trying to leave behind childish things and it’s really a last step into an adult life.”

As for her character’s conundrum, “I thought of it as a kind of, as a struggle between her selfish side, her pleasurable side, and her moral side.”

Per the synopsis, “Take This Waltz” is about “a happily married woman who falls for the artist across the street.”
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Michelle, Jessica Chastain, Idris Elba, Chris Rock & co. "circling" roles in Les Intouchables English-Language remake. [via ny post]

“Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig is moving into dramatic territory with an American remake of the French smash “The Intouchables,” and buzz is building over who will take on the role that won Omar Sy the French equivalent of a Best Actor Oscar. We hear stars circling the role in the Weinstein Co. film include Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx and Idris Elba from “The Wire.” The story follows a wealthy, disabled man who hires a commoner caretaker. Sources say “Lawless” star Jessica Chastain and Michelle Williams of “My Week With Marilyn” are in the mix for the female lead. The movie’s original French version, which is now playing in the States, hauled in $349 million internationally.

NYT Outakes [via]
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