May 30th, 2012

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Update your calendars: Lionsgate renames 'Catching Fire'

Today in Hunger Games news: The blockbuster film’s upcoming sequel now has a slightly tweaked title. Lionsgate will officially name the second movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire rather than just Catching Fire, the title of Suzanne Collins’ second dystopian YA novel.

The studio’s strategy echoes the one Summit Entertainment has used for its Twilight films; while the first was simply called Twilight, subsequent titles are all prefaced with The Twilight Saga and a colon. This tweaked title should also set straight moviegoers who have been anticipating a Lionsgate adaptation of Kay Nolte Smith’s 1982 mystery novel.


PS: Finnick should be played by Jesse Williams, Jamie Alexander as Johanna, and Shohreh Aghdashoo as Coin.
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Stallone blames fictional characters for the end of his career

Even at 65, Sylvester Stallone is still out there fighting the action-movie fight for moviegoers everywhere, but he seems to be losing a little bit of his faith these days. Sure, he's got plenty of action on the way with The Expendables 2 and The Tomb both headed for theaters, but he sees a new threat rising that might kill the genre that made his name forever, and it's a threat clad in tights and a cape.

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Top 24 American Idols of All Time

When a singer wins "American Idol," it's undoubtedly his or her biggest music moment to-date. But as we've seen time and time again, winning "Idol" does not necessarily mean that one's career will follow the trajectories of Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. We examine which contestants have had the greatest post-"Idol" success out in the wider waters of the music industry.

This "Idol" Top 24 list is based on chart performance on the Billboard 200 and Hot 100 charts (through the Jan 21 issue date), using a weighted formula equally blending album sales (according to Nielsen SoundScan) with points generated by the radio airplay, track download sales and streaming plays that make up the Hot 100.

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source 1
source 2
(and good old Wikipedia)

I liked that they used several different criteria to determine who made the list, but I'm still surprised that some of these people sold as many albums as they did.

Tim Daly not returning to Private Practice

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ABC's Private Practice will return for a sixth season but it will be without one of its original cast members.

Co-star Tim Daly will not be returning to the Shonda Rhimes medical drama, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Daly played Pete Wilder on all five seasons of the series, which was considered a bubble show heading into May's upfronts but skirted cancelation with an eleventh-hour renewal.

While the series was renewed, likely for a condensed episode count, sources noted it was unclear whether or not Daly could return to wrap up Pete's story line. In the Season 5 finale, Pete was sent to jail after mercifully killing one of his patients and later freed on bail.

Source 1
Source 2
Noooooooo. I don't like Pete all that much, but I love Tim. Why couldn't Shonda get rid of Sam?

John Travolta In Settlement Talks With One Accuser

John Travolta's attorney is currently in settlement talks with one of the men who has accused the actor of sexually groping him, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, a total of seven men have come forward accusing the married star of various unwanted sexual advances. Two of those men filed lawsuits against Travolta, which were subsequently dismissed when they fired their former attorney, Okorie Okorocha, and hired famed civil rights attorney Gloria Allred.

"John Travolta's lawyer is currently in settlement talks with one of the accusers. The goal is to have a settlement reached very quietly and quickly because John just wants this scandal to go away," a source close to the situation tells "No money has been paid yet, but it's almost a done deal. It will be an out of court settlement and John Travolta's name won't even be in the agreement to ensure complete confidentiality, along with a clause that states if the man ever goes public with his story, he will be sued for at least twice the amount of the settlement."

Travolta's team has vehemently denied all of the allegations to date.

Three of the seven men accusing the Pulp Fiction star of sexual misconduct are masseurs. The accuser who’s currently in talks with Travolta's lawyer alleges that the actor groped him in the last two years, which is within the statue of limitations to file a civil lawsuit.

"If the accuser who is in talks with John's lawyer right now is unable to reach a settlement, he is absolutely prepared to file a lawsuit against him," the source says. "The man isn't intimidated by John's celebrity status and just wants the actor to be held accountable for his actions."

michael glasses remove

Why You Should See The Host, Even If You Hate Stephenie Meyer

I know you’re upset—here you thought that you’d be done with Stephenie Meyer once The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 comes out in November, only to find out that her non-Twilight novel The Host is being made into a movie. And while diehard sci-fi fans might have a problem with Meyer dipping her toe into that genre, it should be made clear that The Host is not the same as Twilight. Just because one book series was laughably awful and perpetuated a terrifyingly sexist and controlling message, doesn’t mean that the next adaptation should be boycotted.

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My bb Jake Abel standing in a corner awkwardly thanks you for your time
crustine pickle

9/11 conspiracy theorist at peace with being dropped from label

X Factor winner Matt Cardle: 'I'm glad I was dropped by my record label'

X Factor winner Matt Cardle has claimed he's glad he's been dropped by his record label after releasing just one album. Ah, that old cliche...

Speaking to The Sun, the singer said he would now have the freedom to do his own thing. "I think we were going in different ways," he said. "I feel super-excited to be finally in control, and fully in control of what I am doing musically and the direction I am going in." He added:

"I don't think you can expect anything in this industry. You have just got to do your best and I feel what I have done has worked well and it wasn’t right for the position we were both in."

Cardle beat off competition from teen-popsters One Direction to take the reality show's crown in 2010. He left Columbia Records this month after the release of his debut album 'Letters'.

The album missed out on the Number One spot to Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' self-titled debut, but still shifted over 250,000 copies. However, this pales in comparison to million-selling other winners Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke. Steve Brookstein won the first ever show in 2004 and was dropped just eight months later. And the 2005 winner Shayne Ward was dropped last year, at the same time as 2009 winner Joe McElderry. (AND BOTH INSTANCES WERE SIMON'S FAULT BYE)

credible musicians get dropped. credible musicians DON'T get signed to major labels in the US.
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Katie Price Strips Sexily to Launch Sexy Lingerie Line

Katie & her fiancé bare their bodies in a sensual photocall for her luxurious new line.

So when it came to roping in some male talent for a photocall to launch her new lingerie range, Katie Price looked no further than her Argentinian model fiancé Leandro Penna.

Katie and Leandro both wore the minimum amount of clothing possible as they posed up for photographers in a fake boudoir scene.

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Last week, BBC Radio 4 broadcast an episode of Pete Paphides' excellent Follow Up Albums series that told the story of Fleetwood Mac's Tusk, the legendarily fraught follow-up to their massive album Rumours, which spent 31 weeks at No. 1 in the US album chart. Particularly interesting is the closing section, where Buckingham suggests that he would be keen to record again with Nicks.

When asked by Paphides if he would ever record with her again, he said: "I would love to record with Stevie again. It would be such a circular thing to come back to where you started, and I think it would be magical, because that subplot is so built into the history of Fleetwood Mac. So if you talk to her, put in a good word for me [laughs]. But you already talked to her I guess."

"I did," answers Paphides on the programme.

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also happy belated b-day Stevie <3
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Kim K says luggage thieves stole some priceless sunglasses

Kim Kardashian says the British Airways employees who ransacked her luggage have stolen something that money cannot replace -- sunglasses that have a profound meaning.

When Kim arrived home from France Friday night, she noticed her luggage was significantly lighter than when she left. A search inside the suitcase quickly revealed the thieves made off with a pair of vintage sunglasses her dad, Robert Kardashian, gave her just before he died -- sunglasses she only wore on very special occasions.

And there's even more thievery. Kim is telling friends the baggage bandits made off with several extremely expensive purses and Tumi luggage.

Kim tweeted after the incident, writing, ""Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage & taking some special items of mine! Some things are sentimental & not replaceable."

We're told Kim has already filed a report with the airline, demanding they produce surveillance catching the culprits in the act.

If the airline doesn't fork over the footage, we're told Kim's going to the cops.


Emmy Rossum, Julianna Margulies, Claire Danes & more cover The Hollywood Reporter

Emmy Rossum, Julianna Margulies, January Jones, Kyra Sedgwick, Claire Danes, and Mireille Enos grace the cover of The Hollywood Reporter‘s latest issue, which kicks off the mag’s Emmy season.

Here’s what the drama actresses had to share:
Mireille, on her most nervous moment: “Is it wrong to admit that having to kiss Brad Pitt was very, very terrifying? It was [in] World War Z, which I shot last summer and it was the second day of shooting.”
January, on playing ‘Fat Betty’: “I started this season of Mad Men eight months pregnant, and I finished it with a 5-month-old [son Xander]. It was bizarre. And I was in seven hours of prosthetics every morning, trying to rip off a fake chest piece so I could breastfeed. I loved [the fat suit].”
Claire, on nudity: “I don’t love stripping down, but I also don’t love the idea of being kind of coy or prudish for the sake of it.”
Kyra, on husband Kevin Bacon: “He was the one who supported my doing The Closer. It was a huge commitment and life-changing thing for both of us. We always read each other’s scripts; he often follows my advice, and sometimes I’m wrong, but he’s not. And I’m so grateful we have that, I really am.”
Emmy, on her Shameless nude scenes: “When I got on set – I’d never done nudity before – I was like, ‘Oh, everyone here is human.’ Some days you feel like, ‘Oh, God. I wish we were shooting this last week, I felt so skinny.’”
Julianna, on a tough filming schedule: “In what we do with episodic work, it’s a nonstop train. I mean, there are days when, I was saying this to Kyra before, I had worked until midnight and then I had to go and shoot something else at five in the morning. I looked at my husband and I was like, ‘This is why Judy Garland was on pills. I can’t keep this up. I need a pill!’”


this is what you get when you mess w/us

Letterman on Piers Morgan

Letterman on post-9/11 show: 'I remember not wanting to go back'

When Regis Philbin asked David Letterman about the difficult decision to return to the air less than a week after 9/11, the "Late Show" host said, "I remember not wanting to go back, not feeling ready to go back, but knowing we had to go back. And you know -- my concerns were minimal compared to people who really suffered."

Philbin, sitting in for Piers Morgan, in his return to hosting after leaving "Regis and Kelly" gets Letterman to open up about fatherhood, politics, his career, his friendship with the late Johnny Carson and more.

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Regis is a vast improvement over Morgan tbh. But wow @ that last quote
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Christian Musician on how to Conquer Porn, Lust & Fat

Christian recording artist Jimmy Needham gives tips on how to claim victory over porn, lust, and being fat.

From the age of 9 until about 7 years ago, I was deep in the trenches of porn addiction. Yep, for the better part of 10 years of my life my identity was wrapped up in my lustful habits. At the worst point I was looking at pornographic material every day, often never leaving my room except to go to school.

God gave me a number of decisive victories over lust that year, and eventually 1 week of freedom turned into 2, turned into 3, and then one day I just never returned to internet porn.

In the text, he shares his own story and experience with his weight, his struggle with porn - and how these sins are connected. He says, "If the victory you experience over one is a real, Jesus-given victory, the others will have a much harder time sticking around."

I went from a 42 waist to a 34. I even dropped a shoe size! It occurred to me recently that these two victories happening simultaneously might not have been mere coincidence. ...Perhaps spiritual fruit isn’t the only thing that is concatenated. Perhaps our sins can be too.

At the end of the text, Needham commented, "The reason I am writing these things is to provide one more round of ammunition in your arsenal against sin."

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Source S2
relevant to all you sinners tbh
Lady with Glasses

New iamamiwhoami album teaser; "kin" delayed?

This was not posted to their iamamiwhoami youtube channel but to a new channel, 20120611.

Some people who have preordered physical copies of "kin" from iMusic have received emails saying its release has been delayed until September. This may not be worldwide. iambountyfan has compiled a list of international release dates, ranging from June 9 to September 4.

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Taxpayers Want Diddy's Son to Fork Over His $54,000 UCLA Scholarship

Less than a year after Diddy's son, Justin Combs, committed to play football at UCLA, state taxpayers are calling on the well-heeled freshman to turn over his $54,000 scholarship to students who need it more.

In an interview with CNN, education contributor Dr. Steve Perry defended Combs' merit-based scholarship, saying he earned it fair and square. At the Upstate New York prep school where Combs recently graduated, he maintained a 3.75 GPA while playing cornerback for the football team.

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Puffy is too busy blowing $2mil at the strip club to pay photographers or for college, lbr. In all seriousness, while it would be nice for the kid to let his dad to pay for college since they can afford it if he earned it then he deserves to keep it.


David Beckham is ELLE UK's First male solo Cover star. (Scans)

The LA Galaxy star, who has 4 children with Victoria Beckham, 38, displays his heavily tattooed body in nothing but leather trousers as he climbs out of a rock pool.

Becks is no stranger to removing his clothes for the camera - earlier this year he posed in his underwear to promote his new line for H&M. But the 37-year-old still doesn't consider himself to be a confident person. 

'How would I sum myself up? I don't know, I prefer other people to do that,' David tells ELLE UK.

'Erm, a little bit shy. I don't know what to say, I hate describing myself.'

The full feature with David Beckham appears in the July issue of ELLE UK, on sale Wednesday 30 May.

Scans under the cut.

Text source: Now Magazine
Scans: lookatthe_sky

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Gillian Anderson joins "I'll Follow You Down" with Victor Garber and Haley Joel Osment

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Gillian Anderson has joined the cast of I'll Follow You Down.

The actress will appear alongside Haley Joel Osment, Victor Garber and Rufus Sewell in the indie sci-fi movie, reports Deadline.

Writer director Richie Mehta's film centres around scientist Gabriel (Sewell) who disappears mysteriously during a business trip.

Left behind for years, his wife Marika (Anderson), son Erol (Osment) and father (Garber) slowly discover the shocking truth about their missing family member's whereabouts.

don draper

Mad Men's Christina Hendricks on Joan's Epic Moral Moment

On Sunday night, Mad Men's Joan Harris did something unthinkable, and the phrase "indecent proposal" returned to the popular lexicon for the first time since 1993. Prior to the episode's debut, the title ("The Other Woman") had fans fervently speculating that Joan and Don Draper might consummate their Christmastime flirtation. Instead, a much darker transgression took place. "What price would we pay, what behavior would we forgive, if they weren't pretty, if they weren't temperamental, if they weren't beyond our reach and a little out of our control?" Don purred at the Jaguar meeting, as Joan relinquished control—the thing she has always prided herself on maintaining—to the least deserving man on the planet, for a once-in-a-lifetime payoff. The emotionally wrenching episode was the best so far this season, and a tour de force for actress Christina Hendricks (whose hourglass beauty gets more press than her considerable acting chops). In an exclusive conversation with GQ, Hendricks walks us through Joan's fateful decision, reveals why Joan hasn't hooked up with Don, and explains why kicking that no-good Greg to the curb was so satisfying.

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Benedict Cumberbatch doesn't think he's sexy

Benedict Cumberbatch insists he's "barely the sexiest man in [his] flat", let alone the world.

The British actor was voted the world's hottest man in a newspaper poll recently, ahead of soccer hunk David Beckham and teen idols One Direction.

Despite the coveted title, Benedict remains coy about his newfound status.

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tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Modders Transform Crusader Kings 2 into A Game of Thrones

Over the weekend, the first playable release of Crusader Kings II: A Game of Thrones was made available for public download. And it is already pretty much the perfect Game of Thrones video game.

I mentioned in my review of Crusader Kings II earlier in the year that the systems put in place by developers Paradox seemed ideally suited to George R R Martin's fantasy universe. While there are larger things going on like Kingdoms falling and wars being fought, CKII places just as much importance on the more personal side of feudal rule: marriage, politics, alliances and back-stabbing. Which just so happens to be the same blending of the big and small picture that that makes GoT that much more appealing to a wider audience than your standard fantasy tale.

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if anyone is interested in this, CK2 is on sale via direct download for $10 on amazon. i am playing this with the mod right now actually and it is SO much fun

Big Brother Canada Is Coming!

TORONTO, May 30, 2012 – Shaw Media has sealed a deal with Endemol to produce the first ever Canadian instalment of the wildly popular international sensation Big Brother and has teamed up with Canadian production heavyweight Insight Productions on the production of the series. The inaugural season of Big Brother Canada will air during the 2012/13 broadcast season exclusively on Slice™.

The hugely successful Big Brother franchise aired 25 formats in 87 countries in 2011 and continues to roll out in new territories. Big Brother U.S. has consistently been a top ranked staple on Global’s schedule for 13 seasons.

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He doesn't just score gold medals you know.

Shaun White raises the Bar

Bar Refaeli had complained she “doesn’t get hit on by guys,” but Olympic gold medalist Shaun White gave it a shot over Memorial Day weekend.

The snowboarding champ was spotted with Maxim’s newly crowned “hottest woman in the world” at SoHo lounge Sway “dancing, hugging and kissing” into the wee hours of Monday morning.

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In before all your "lolz he looks like Carrot Top" jokes.

Game of Thrones season finale extended by 10 minutes

It seems like only yesterday we were awaiting the first ever footage of Game of Thrones season 2. The months have flown by thanks in part to the amazing work done on HBO’s hit fantasy series. Blackwater was the climax of the season while next week’s episode will try to wrap some things up ahead of the long winter waiting for season 3 to drop next April. Lucky, the final episode, which is titled “Valar Morghulis” and will actually run an extra ten minutes longer than usual clocking in at 64 minutes! (episodes are normally 54-55 minutes in length) Check out the official HBO schedule to confirm for yourself.

Some of you may have noticed the 10:10 PM scheduling of the next episode of Veep and the 10:40 slot for Girls on June 3rd. The reason is that Game of Thrones episode 20 simply cannot be contained by a mere 54 minutes! Most DVRs will pick this up and record with the extra time but for your own sanity please do not forget to either watch live or record ten extra minutes on Sunday night!

HBO Watch

I feel like they need more than ten extra minutes to wrap everything up...I also don't expect for the finale to live up to the perfection that is Blackwater
Ed - brows

Blind Gossip praises Demi Lovato for a change

[BlindGossip] We have some good news about this talented girl for a change! After more than a year of lying and covering up and downplaying her add*ction issues, she is actually seriously working the steps toward getting better!

She is carrying The Big Book everywhere, and is reading it in between work commitments. She is also journaling a lot. She is up to Step 4, and is making a searching and fearless moral inventory of herself. Don’t expect any big announcements from her about her completing this step, though. Her only obligation is to admit to another human being (probably her sponsor) the exact nature of her wrongs.

BTW, Girl, your friends have told us that you are actually thankful for our pushing you in the right direction. That came as a bit of a surprise to us, but we are pleased that you recognize that was our intention. When you are up to Step 9, and are ready to make direct amends for publicly calling us liars, we would welcome your doing so. While a public apology would be great, we know that’s a hard thing to do, so you may do so privately if you like. You know how to reach us.

We wish you continued success and peace.
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News Pokémon To Invade McDonalds Happy Meals Again This June

After last year’s successful promotion, Pokémon are once again invading McDonalds Happy Meals in the U.S. These toys will be available beginning June 16th, 2012. The Pokémon toys that will be available are Dewott, Servine, Pignite, Pikachu, Woobat and Axew. Additionally, like last year, each toy will come with a random Pokémon TCG game card (probably exclusive to this promotion).

Remember that these toys can be purchased separately if you ask the cashier kindly. This tip will make catching them all a bit easier for the hardcore collector and likely healthier.

Expect to see these toys in an upcoming King Nintendo Fanboy’s Collectors Journal video here on RipTen.


Phillip Phillips Makes 'Idol' History as 'Home' Sells 278,000 Downloads

"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips earns the highest debut on the Digital Songs chart this week as his "Home" bows at No. 2 with 278,000 downloads sold according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Even better: It's the second-best digital sales week ever for any "Idol" contestant. Only Kelly Clarkson's 2009 song "My Life Would Suck Without You" had a bigger frame, when it debuted with 280,000 downloads.

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Scary Book French!

When Jenny Colgan moved to France, she was so alarmed by the children's books that she decided to blog the scariest.
"I don't know why so many French children's books are so bafflingly, needlessly frightening. Before moving there, we lived in the Netherlands; they had the same rabbits with ethnically varied chums and dinosaur mummies tucking up dinosaur babies as we do in the UK. I also can't envisage the publishing meeting in which someone says 'Hey! I've got this great kids' book where a girl puts her head in a plastic bag!' ('La Tête dans le Sac') and everyone thinks what a fine idea, but - tant pis. Here are a few examples (more on my blog), all courtesy of the Médiathèque d'Antibes, which is shut on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday mornings, and 12-2pm Wednesday and Saturday, but when open has the most helpful (and rested) librarians to be found anywhere."

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Violent Christina Aguilera is jealous of Britney Spears.

Britney’s making her fellow popstars jealous, one million dollars at a time.

New reports claim The Voice’s Christina Aguilera was “freaking out” when she saw Britney’s appearance at The Upfronts in New York City recently.

“She was throwing things and cursing,” says a source. The supposed insider said Christina thought Britney “acted like a zombie” and was “going to be a disaster” on the show.

It probably didn’t help that The Voice contestant sang Baby One More Time to spite Christina. “Everyone knew Tony singing a song by Christina’s enemy would drive her crazy,” explains another “insider,” confirming, “And it did.”

A supposed friend of Christina’s says the story is ”totally not true,” adding, “She is very happy for Britney.”

shotgun betty

Fiona Apple is reading your livejournal + LDR talk

BlackBook previews their upcoming interview w/ Fiona Apple, which they will publish in full tomorrow.

On writing the songs that make up The Idler Wheel:
I've never been a big re-writer or eraser. I don't tend to write things down until they are what is in my head. With this album, I didn't question that came out of my brain or mouth. I just decided to spit everything out and accept as it was and not go back and change anything. I don't really remember writing the songs. I don't remember them being at an in-between stage. I remember the beginning and I remember them being done.

On keeping up with the blogosphere:
There’s one person’s LiveJournal that I’ve read for the past few years. It’s really two people—they’re a couple and they live in Boston and they foster pit bulls. For some reason I clung onto them five or six years ago. I don’t know how I found them, but I check in on both of them all the time. I sent the guy a book he was saying he wanted. I hoped he'd write on his blog, "A mysterious stranger sent me the book I wanted," but he never did.

On Lana Del Rey and "trollgaze":
How can you live like that though? I don’t know anything about Lana Del Rey except that she’s been slammed a lot, and I feel bad for anyone who has that happen to them. Is she was [sic] sitting in a room and saying, "As long as I make money, you can make me out to be this way?" I can’t see that happening, but if it does I don’t understand it. I mean, yeah, I don’t think it matters much to the people that are making the money behind the artists if they’re liked or remembered or anything as long as it’s their terms as the president of such-and-such record company. They want [their artists] to have a lot of attention. If it’s bad attention, it’s bad attention, but as long as they make money, it’s good attention.

Does anyone know whose lj this is? I have faith in you. We can track them down. Maybe Fiona will get her thank you for that book.


"Duets": The Good, the Bad and the Confusing

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Now that the Duets premiere has come and gone, it's time to reflect on some first impressions. With big competitors like American Idol and The Voice, ABC's new reality singing show needs to distinguish itself by bringing something fresh and exciting to the overcrowded genre. Did the show's series premiere deliver? Let's take a look at some of the premiere's highs and lows.

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Sources: A B C
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A Warrior Princess and her Mom at Loggerheads, in an Adorable New Clip from Pixar's 'BRAVE'

While we're still not completely certain what happens to Pixar's new princess Merida in their latest animated feature, Brave, we do know that her strained relationship with her mother is the meat of the drama. Which is demonstrated in this clip quite well. Take a look at what's really happening inside the giant Scottish castle.

Source -

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Justin Bieber NBC Special June 21st mark your calendars!

NBC today announced “Justin Bieber: All Around the World,” a one-hour special featuring award-winning and record-breaking artist, Justin Bieber, airing Thursday, June 21st from 8-9 pm ET. The superstar’s first-ever network special is a very unique one hour, combining documentary and music performances and follows his tour around the globe as he showcases his new album “Believe,” including #1 single “Boyfriend.”

"We're thrilled to air Justin Bieber's first network special," said Doug Vaughan, SVP of Special Programs and Late Night for NBC. “We'll have unprecedented access to Justin as our cameras film not only his performances, but his every move on this global tour --- giving our viewers an all access pass to his life over a 12-day period, something rarely seen on TV today.

The special goes behind the scenes of the tour and for the first time, shows what life is like through the eyes of Justin Bieber with the “Justin-cam.” It’s a grueling itinerary of seven countries in 12 days, culminating in a special New York City performance.

With worldwide sales in excess of 15 million units, Bieber has dominated pop culture and social media for more than three years. He has over 43 million Facebook fans, more than 22 million Twitter followers, and over 2.9 billion YouTube views. He is far and away the most popular YouTube artist of all time, and received the 2012 Billboard Music Award for Social Artist of the Year.

“Believe” follows Bieber’s #1 Christmas album, “Under the Mistletoe,” which was his third #1 Soundscan debut in just 18 months, making him the first solo artist in Billboard history to chart three #1 albums before his 18th birthday. Prior to “Under the Mistletoe,” “My World 2.0” entered Soundscan at #1 in 2010 (containing “Baby,” ranked the #1 most viewed YouTube video, currently over 738 million views); and “Never Say Never: The Remixes” entered at #1 in 2011, the soundtrack to the highest domestic-grossing concert film in U.S. history.

“Justin Bieber: All Around the World” is produced by Ian Stewart with Done and Dusted Productions.

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Sources: 1 - 2 - 3
ts dress

Introducing Flawless Danish Hip-Hop Group: OUTLANDISH!

   The story of multinational hip-hop trio Outlandish, began in Copenhagen's western suburbs in 1997. Friends Isam Bachiri Azouaoui (Danish born, Moroccan descent) My Amazighi prince <3 <3, Waqas Ali Qadri (Danish born, Pakistani descent), and Lenny Martinez (Honduran born, Cuban descent) banded together to explore their collective musical path, seeking to give voice to "the world we live in." Representing religious diversity (Muslim and Catholic), proficiency in multiple languages (with lyrics in English, Urdu/Punjabi, Danish, Spanish, and Arabic), and worldly musical tastes (drawing from various Latino, Amazigh, and Indian genres), Outlandish's music became known as a "socio-cultural melting pot."

Isam Bachiri                                                  Lenny Martinez                               
ISAM                 lenny       

  Waqqas Ali Qadri

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This group is absolutely amazing. I love that they've stuck together for so long. I thought that they were going in a more pop field with their songs "TriumF" and "Desertwalk", but judging from their new single I guess they're going back to their roots. Flawfree men continue to be flawfree and I still can't get over how good Waqqas looks now that he's chopped off his hair.

ONTD, what''s your favorite Outlandish song?

Princess Zendaya taking over the world.

Bella Thorne And Zendaya Coleman Promote “Shake It Up” In Paris, France

Disney Channel stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman have been busy in Paris, France promoting the Disney Channel Original Series “Shake It Up.” The show is a huge hit on the Disney Channel, and was recently renewed for a second season. 

omg this person sounds like they're dying

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tyfyt! (:

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Marvel, what are you doing...

Salute to the Red, White, and Blue! It’s been confirmed that the other man of steel will be donning the patriotic suit created by Norman Osborne (yes, from Spider-man), though (obviously) neither Osborne nor Spider-man will be making an appearance in the movie.

Kinda makes you wish we lived in an alternate universe where Marvel owned the film rights to ALL of their characters eh?
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r us srs rn marvel
Sailor Moon Crystal

For Greater Glory Trailer

What price would you pay for freedom? In the exhilarating action epic FOR GREATER GLORY an impassioned group of men and women each make the decision to risk it all for family, faith and the very future of their country, as the film's adventure unfolds against the long-hidden, true story of the 1920s Cristero War ­the daring people¹s revolt that rocked 20th Century North America.
Academy Award® nominee Andy Garcia headlines an acclaimed cast as General Gorostieta, the retired military man who at first thinks he has nothing personal at stake as he and his wife (Golden Globe nominee Eva Longoria) watch Mexico fall into a violent civil war. Yet the man who hesitates in joining the cause will soon become the resistance's most inspiring and self-sacrificing leader, as he begins to see the cost of religious persecution on his countrymen . . . and transforms a rag-tag band of rebels into a heroic force to be reckoned with.  The General faces impossible odds against a powerful and ruthless government.  Yet is those he meets on the journey ­ youthful idealists, feisty renegades and, most of all, one remarkable teenager named Jose ­ who reveal to him how courage and belief are forged even when justice seems lost.

The film also stars Peter O'Toole, Oscar Isaac, Ruben Blades, Bruce Greenwood, Nestor Carbonell, Bruce McGill , Santiago Cabrera, Catalina Sandino Moreno  and Eduardo Verástegui.

~More to the synopsis at the source ~

I hadn't seen any post about this but it seems interesting! Apparently Andy Garcia is the best part (probs true).

laura marling: hair blowing

Laura Marling Often Thinks About Death (And German Water Nymphs)

by Alyssa Pereira

Life doesn't come easy for Laura Marling. On 2011's enchanting, unsettling A Creature I Don't Know, the London singer-songwriter cooed, in hushed, pure tones, hard-won stories of love and loss set to crystalline acoustic guitar-led folk-rock. It's captivating stuff, no less so live. (A U.S. tour kicks off at Bonnaroo on June 8.) We caught up with the precocious Marling, 22, via phone while she was at home, taking a break from working on material for a new album — tentatively due at the end of the year — to chat about the very serious sources of her inspiration, from literature to German water nymphs.

Newspapers and Books

I find literature just so mind-boggling. Right at this second I'm reading Franny and Zooey by J.D. Salinger. Recently I also read a collection of Raymond Carver short stories. The words on the page create this vivid imagery and I think I'm slightly envious of that. I like the structure of the sentence — the turn of phrase — and I do take a lot from that. I also love tearing things out of newspapers and underlining things in books and jotting them down. Sometimes I come back to them but sometimes they get lost forever.


I've been quite fascinated by the relative insignificance of human existence, the shortness of life. We might as well be a letter in a word in a sentence on a page in a book in a library in a city in one country in this enormous universe! And that kind of fear and insignificance has kept me awake at night. I feel like it must be universal. Everybody must know that somewhere.

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David Gandy: Pucker

Lifetime Developing Clarice, Based on Silence of the Lambs Character

Lifetime is in the early stages of developing Clarice, a drama based on the Clarice Starling character that earned The Silence of the Lambs star Jodie Foster an Academy Award for best actress.

Clarice would follow the exploits of a young Clarice Starling soon after she graduates from the FBI academy. The show's development comes as NBC preps the 13-episode series Hannibal, which also takes place in the world of author Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter series of books. But Hannibal, from Bryan Fuller, won't include the Clarice character, and instead focuses on the relationship between Hannibal and FBI criminal profiler Will Graham (played by Hugh Dancy).

MGM is producing Clarice, which Lifetime boss Nancy Dubuc first hinted may be in the works during the network's upfront presentation. Dubuc has been busy making over Lifetime by bringing in more original series with strong female leads at their core, including Jennifer Love Hewitt's The Client List.

As originally envisioned by Harris, Clarice grew up in West Virginia until she was 10, when her father, a police officer, was shot and killed. She moves to her uncle's farm in Montana, but later runs away and winds up in an orphanage. After college, she applies to the FBI academy. The Silence of the Lambs was published in 1988, and the movie adaptation hit theaters in 1991. Ten years later, Foster declined to reprise the role in 2001's Hannibal. Instead, Julianne Moore took over as the character.

Professor Chaos

ET's Original Theatrical Cut To Get Blu-ray release

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial will be released on Blu-ray for the first time on 12 November to mark its 30th anniversary. Rather than re-releasing the 20th anniversary version, though, director Steven Spielberg has opted for the 1982 theatrical cut.

This will please many fans as the 20th anniversary version, released in 2002, was infamous for replacing guns with walkie-talkies during the iconic scene where Elliot and his friends escape police by cycling into the sky.

The Blu-ray cut will be digitally re-mastered for viewing quality, at ‘six times the resolution of DVD’, while at the same time seemingly avoiding the type of adjustments that, for many, marred the DVD and Blu-ray release of films like the original Star Wars trilogy.

It is unlikely that there will be any further CGI enhancements like those favoured by George Lucas. In 2011 Spielberg claimed that the he would not digitally enhance any of his films in the future, and that he would always refer people back to the 1982 cut of E.T. as the definitive version.

The 30th anniversary release includes new special features such as ‘The E.T. Files’; a look at the making of the film and some new behind-the-scenes footage, as well as a cast reunion and a recent interview with Spielberg himself.

The film also returns to its PG rating, having been rated U in its 2002 release, further suggesting that the director wants this to be a genuine re-release of the original film.

The 30th Anniversary Blu-ray edition of E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial will be released on 12 November 2012.


Katy Perry Puts Divorce in Upcoming Documentary Against Russell Brand's Wishes

Katy Perry revealed recently that her upcoming film Katy Perry: Part of Me will include scenes that show her dealing with her divorce from Russell Brand.

Well, it seems Russ isn’t too happy about that – because he asked for any footage featuring his relationship with ex-wife Katy be cut from the film. Gulp.

The Sun reports that Katy and producers considered the request, but decided the movie 'wouldn't flow' without scenes documenting the couple's marriage - so they've been kept in.

Good news for nosey parkers like us, but not so good for old Russ.

A source told The Sun: “When Katy first decided to make the movie in 2010, Russell agreed to be filmed on the condition he got to see the final edit"

“Being a fly-on-the-wall documentary, he knew full well that it was going to be warts and all – and wasn’t best comfortable with that. But Katy persuaded him to do it.

“Now they have broken up, she can keep whatever she wants in the film.”

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I admit I am a Russell stan but I was a Katy fan for a long time and was happy when they got together. However, she really showed what an opportunist she is with this relationship, with every single carefully chosen to chronicle where she was in her with him. It's just gross tbh. Even Courtney Stodden thinks she is desperate for attention at this point.

Hunger Games fans, calm yo' selves. Lionsgate leaning toward unknown for Finnick?

Zap2it says Lionsgate still auditioning lots of actors for role of Finnick for ‘Catching Fire’

Yesterday a report from E! Online stated that Lionsgate had narrowed down the pool of Finnick candidates to three for Catching Fire.

Now, Zap2it is chiming in with a bit more interesting information.

Not only do they hear that the role is still open to people outside of Taylor Kitsch, Armie Hammer and Garrett Hedlund, but we also know what scenes they’re reading for producers exactly:

Actors are still reading for the role, and the studio is strongly considering bringing in an unknown to avoid ego clashes on set. It’s easy to understand the mix-up — someone probably got their hands on the confidential memo going around that reveals the three men are currently on the shortlist of dudes we’d love to marry in a fantasy dream world. (Honestly, any list with those three guys on it is a win-win-win situation.)

The scenes the actors are reportedly reading for the role include the sugar cube scene where Finnick first meets Katniss and the scene where he hears Annie’s scream.

As always, we’ll continue to keep you updated on any developments! Given that the role is still in the reading phase of auditions, we suspect it’ll be at least another couple weeks before an announcement is made.

Source: Zap2It

Jalouse Magazine Apologizes To Megan Fox

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Jalouse Magazine has apologized to actress Megan Fox for misquoting her in their March issue. The French magazine issued the following statement: “In a Jalouse cover story featuring Ms. Megan Fox, we unfortunately misquoted Ms. Fox. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

The magazine had quoted Fox as saying that she "wouldn't trade places with an unattractive girl," which sparked controversy when it hit the internet. Fox had previously commented on the story by posting on her Facebook that "The actual comment, the context and it's intention are grossly distorted and misrepresented here. I gave this interview in English obviously, it was then translated to French and now back into English. I've never made vapid self serving comments and in contradiction am uncontrollably self deprecating."

Fox thanked the magazine for apologizing on her Facebook by writing "Thank you Jalouse Magazine for printing the ... retraction."

Here's the full 'quote' Jalouse originally printed:

'I live well with my image. I cannot complain. I would not trade my place with an unattractive girl.'

'I hate taking pictures. I never look at them, otherwise I would have to change everything. I prefer not to see any and trust the photographer, who knows his job.. I was never the pretty girl.'

sad queen

Royal Post: Queen Elizabeth Hosts a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

The British Royal Family attend the Buckingham Palace garden party on May 29, 2012 in London, England, ahead of the main weekend of celebrations to mark the Diamond Jubilee of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

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Ruth Negga3

Ruth Negga and Andre 3000 on the Set of the Jimi Hendrix Biopic

Andre 3000 was seen with Irish actress Ruth Negga, who is not currently listed as a member of the biopic's cast.

At the moment she is best known for starring on TV shows such as Love/Hate and Channel 4 show Misfits, so this could be a big break for the 29-year-old.

The film will focus on the icon's exploits as he worked on his classic debut, Are You Experienced?

While Andre bears a resemblance to the legendary musician, his guitar skills are not thought to be a close match, as he admitted his biggest hit, Hey Ya! was based on the only four chords he knew how to play in 2002.

Filming may be underway, but it is not known if the company making it has secured the rights to use any of Jimi's songs, as his estate has previously blocked all requests to do so.

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Florence Foster Jenkins

Melody Thornton and Bobby Newberry cover "Bulletproof"

From the video description:

"Melody Thornton and Bobby Newberry collaborate for a unique cover of La Roux's Bulletproof, directed by Don Tyler. Be sure to download her new mixtape, #POYBL and get more information at For more information on Bobby Newberry go to

Twitter: @MelodyThornton
Twitter: @BobbyNewberry "


14 Senor Revelations From "Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman"

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A new picture of Christian Bale emerges in a just-released biography by his former publicist and assistant, Harrison Cheung. Christian Bale: The Inside Story of the Darkest Batman, published May 29 on BenBella, reveals an actor who fought desperately to emerge from the world of independent British cinema into a complex, often incorrigible but above-all, ambitious global superstar.

HuffPost Entertainment read the book and found the following 14 details to be of particular interest. Some of these tidbits were previously covered in the media, but others -- like which of his characters he most identifies with -- appear to be new information. Before reading, consider one important note: Cheung once worked for the "Dark Knight Rises" star and no longer does. The following items are all taken from a book that is written from the former publicist's point of view. Cheung writes in the book that he was never actually paid for his years of service, so their relationship was certainly not uncomplicated.

We've reached out to Bale's representative for comment and will update the post as soon as we receive word.

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Diva Worship and Gay Men

With the passing of Whitney Houston and now Donna Summer, I've been thinking about why divas are so important to the gay community.

      Adding a Bey pic coz I can't believe she was left out of that lineup      

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flopped for our sins
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Facebook founder Zuckerberg’s worth drops by $5 billion

At least the wedding went off without a hitch.

Since Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg offered a piece of his social networking company to the public and tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan two weeks ago, his personal fortune and that of his company have taken sizable hits.

Facebook’s stock has plunged since the public began buying shares May 18, and the drop has shaved about $25 billion from the $104 billion valuation placed on the company.

The stock, which was priced at $38 for the initial public offering, is down about 24 percent since the IPO , closing Tuesday below $29. That means the value of Zuckerberg’s holdings is also down, by about $5 billion in just two weeks, according to Bloomberg’s daily ranking of the world’s richest people.

As a result, Bloomberg has knocked Zuckerberg off its list of top 40 billionaires worldwide. The 28-year-old is no longer in the company of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Waltons of Walmart.

On May 18, Zuckerberg’s Facebook holdings were valued at $19.4 billion, instantly making him the 26th richest man on Earth. By Tuesday, the value of his shares had dropped to $14.7 billion. Of course, it’s only a loss on paper, and the loss is only realized If the shares are sold.

Some investors have been so disappointed in the loss of value after purchasing the stock that they are suing the company, the IPO’s underwriters and Nasdaq, which trades Facebook’s stock under the symbol FB, claiming Facebook wasn’t fully upfront about its growth prospects.

Zuckerberg was replaced on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index by Luis Carlos Sarmiento, Colombia’s richest man, worth $15.5 billion. Bloomberg estimates Zuckerberg will have to add about $800 million in value to get back into the top 40 league.

Facebook shares Wednesday were trading higher, but still below $30. Bloomberg reports Facebook’s stock price would have to drop another 20 percent, to around $23, to be in line with the valuations of other Internet companies. It’s currently trading at 29.5 times the company’s projected 2014 profit of $2.69 billion.

Zuckerberg was honeymooning with Chan in Europe this week.


oh no i hope he finds another job, poor him!!!
Kyary Pyamu

How Simon Pegg became a big fish

He works with his heroes, lives out his childhood fantasies, and has real Hollywood clout. And the ‘nerd’ from Gloucester’s stock is still rising

In the darkened interior of Shepperton Studios in Surrey, Simon Pegg wraps a robe around his fatigued body, stretches back on his personal recliner, and lets his entourage minister to his every need. Right now, this means a make-up artist tending to his tired eyes and a PR scuttling over with a message to the effect that, “we’ve had a note from Bruce’s people that he is supportive of the project”. Nearby lingers a former rock star and scion of an acting dynasty, hanging on his every word. But he’ll have to wait — Pegg is having his nails done. Next: a hairdo.

The actor/writer scrolls through his ever-present iPhone. What’s this? Another A-lister has been in touch? Yes indeed — Rastamouse is free for a meeting.

“Yup,” the actor nods coolly, “that’s the kind of company I keep these days.” It seems the Caribbean-accented rodent star of CBeebies is one of Pegg’s circle — probably because of Pegg’s infant daughter. “We met Mr Tumble the other week, too, at Legoland. He was ever so nice. He said someone who used to be Laurel and Hardy’s dresser got in touch and said he was a big fan of his slapstick.” Outside, it is August 2011, and wet. Inside it is day 23 on the 29-day shoot of A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, a small-scale British film in which Pegg plays lead character Jack, a children’s author-turned-paranoid slovenly wreck.

[actress] Grace Kelly

First set pics from "Iron Man" 3 [ Ben Kingsley to Play The Mandarin ]

In April, we reported that Ben Kinglsey was in talks to play the villain in Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3, and the character would be involved in the spreading of a nanobot virus. However, it looked like the villain would not be Iron Man’s (Robert Downey Jr.) vaunted arch-nemesis from the comics, The Mandarin. However, today it’s being reported that The Mandarin will indeed be Tony Stark’s foe in the upcoming sequel, but possibly not in the capacity that fans imagined.

Hit the jump for more, including the first photos from the set. The film also stars Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Rebecca Hall, James Badge Dale, Ashley Hamilton, and Guy Pearce. Iron Man 3 opens May 3, 2013.

According to Latino Review, Ben Kingsley will play the Mandarin, but “he’s more a veiled threat as a silent partner to Guy Pearce’s [scientist] Aldrich Killian. Killian is the man inventing Extremis and putting it into his ‘Extremis army’ of multiple super-powered individuals.” Those super-powered individuals could very well be Coldblood (Dale) and Firepower (Hamilton), who get their powers out of the Extremis project.

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PRomise video


C-Squad, get ready. Ciara is marching back to the front lines with her fifth album One Woman Army.

The R&B singer revealed the title during a live chat with MTV to promote the comedy That’s My Boy. “Sweat” will serve as the first single off the follow-up to 2010’s Basic Instinct.

Last year, Ciara parted with Jive and reunited with longtime mentor L.A. Reid at Epic Records. She also stars alongside Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy, in theaters June 15.

Source 2

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The Daughter of the Death Eaters is Dating a Sarkozy

UsWeekly says that Danny Tanner's daughter turned serious businesstrollMary-Kate Olsen is humping on a fancy French dude who is 17 years old than her. As you're reading this right now, MKO is doing a line of crushed bones off the inner thigh of 42-year-old Olivier Sarkozy who's Nicolas Sarkozy's younger brother. A source type says that MKO and Olivier have been bumping b-holes under the pale moonlight for about a month now.

"It's true, they're dating, and she's definitely interested in him. MK is constantly complaining about boys not being mature enough for her. She got the kids out of her system. Now being a businesswoman dominates her time, and she is rarely impressed with guys. They are good for each other.

These two don't make sense at all. MKO's idea of a good time is licking tombstones in a Parisian cemetery at 3am and I doubt Olivier's idea of a good time is watching a troll lick tombstones in a Parisian cemetery at 3am. This is so random that it's probably planned. Just look at that sinister look in MKO's eyes. If you replaced that cup in her hand with a poisoned apple, that picture would make more sense. I don't trust that Olsen and I know what kind of dark-sidedness she's up to. MKO is going to go from Olivier Sarkozy to the former President of France to the current President of the France to becoming the President of France to becoming the President of Europe to becoming the President of the World! That's totally her plan. Quick, somebody tell Harry Potter to stop that bitch before it's too late.



Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend tattoos her name on his penis.

What says “I love you” more than having your girlfriend’s name tattooed on your nether region? Nothing, if you’re Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend, Casper Smart.

According to a friend, Casper surprised J.Lo with this token of his affection – and she was thrilled with the latest addition to his already inked-up body!

“Jennifer thinks Casper’s tattoos are sexy, but this one is her favorite, for obvious reasons,” her friend says. “She loves it, and she loves him.”

It’s a lovefest all around, according to another source, who says Casper’s friends and family have become “obsessed” with his high-profile relationship. One wrote on his Facebook wall: “All of you mom and dad’s friends are living vicariously through you” after Casper posted a photo of him with J.Lo. And his mom has even renamed herself Shawna Lopaz!

In Touch Magazine via here
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ONTD's favorite artist raises over 1 million dollars on Kickstarter

Hear Amanda Palmer's Kickstarter Assisted "Want It Back"

by Alyssa Noel

Plus a Q&A about the art-punk provocateur's forthcoming full-length, 'Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra'

On Tuesday morning, Amanda Palmer sent out a celebratory tweet of a photo with the words "One Fucking Million" painted on her bare chest and a blissful smile plastered on her face. With two days to spare, the art-punk provocateur raised over $1 million from nearly 22,000 fans on Kickstarter for Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra, her first album in four years, as well as an accompanying book that features commissioned paintings.

"The moral at the end of the day is it pretty much all gets spent," she told SPIN hours after receiving the good news. "No hookers and blow for Amanda — not until next year."

Illicit vices aside, Palmer talked about fan funding, the role of record labels, and her new album, set for an independent September release. She also shared "Want It Back," a pulsing pop cut from the forthcoming record, streaming exclusively here.

The song is exclusively streaming on Click above or the source below to listen to the song. 

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A Dude's Take on Girls

James Franco shares his view on HBO's Girls on The Huffington Post

I don't watch much TV, but strangely I have watched most episodes of HBO's new series Girls. Of course, the show is produced by Judd Apatow, the man who gave me my first good acting job, playing a freak on the television show Freaks and Geeks, and my first great comedy role, Saul Silver in Pineapple Express, but that's not why I've been watching. I got pulled in at the beginning simply because it seemed to portray my world -- the one inhabited by struggling creative types in New York. I'm not saying I have to struggle to pay the rent like Lena Dunham's character, Hannah, but there was a point, right before Judd cast me in Freaks and Geeks, when my parents cut me off because I wanted to go to acting school instead of UCLA. I worked at McDonalds, and my first suggestion to Hannah would be this: get a fucking job. If you really want to have experiences to write about, go to work; and if you really want to be an artist, take responsibility for yourself and wait some tables. You might mature a little in the process.

That leads me to my other connection with these young women just out of college: I've spent the last five or six years in classes with people like them. I'm not making any judgments about my ex-classmates -- I'm sure many of them have plenty to say about an actor invading their M.F.A. bubbles -- but I will say that many of the movies and stories they produced in those programs featured storylines that would have fit right in on Girls.

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