May 22nd, 2012

Early ‘Django Unchained’ Footage Descriptions & Reactions

Quentin Tarantino still has more than two months left of shooting on Django Unchained - and yet already, a trailer for the western revenge tale (which is actually set in the pre-Civil War South) premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival.

Some 7-8 minutes of footage from Django Unchained was screened for the media in attendance at this year's Cannes - along with material from such titles as P.T. Anderson's The Master and David O. Russell's Silver Linings Playbook. To top off that also saw The Master teaser trailer pop up online, we've rounded up a handful of descriptions and reactions to the scenes shown from Tarantino's latest (and they're SPOILER-FREE to boot).

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So excited for this! Between this and the Master, I am getting really pumped up for awards season, ngl.


A photo posted to an Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) member's Facebook page
shows an FPI member holding a ticket to Lady Gaga's upcoming concert in Jakarta.

Hard-line group the Islamic Defenders Front has purchased 150 tickets to upcoming Lady Gaga concert, which it will use to enter the venue and stop the show, a spokesman for the group said on Monday.

“The tickets are original, the price around Rp 400,000 [each],” FPI’s Bekasi chapter chairman Murhali said on Monday as quoted by

Murhali had posted on his Facebook account a picture of an FPI member, wearing a turban and sunglasses to conceal his face, holding a ticket.

The photo’s caption said, “We have gotten Lady Gaga tickets, not to watch [the concert] but for us to enter. Whatever will be will be, we’re ready for the risk.”

Murhali told that FPI was ready to stop the concert, but he stressed that FPI would not attack the audience. The only target was Lady Gaga and her crew, he said.

“Hopefully, the concert is canceled,” Murhali said. “We have sent a letter to Lady Gaga through our friends in Canada.

“We hope [the promoter] will return the money if the concert canceled.”

FPI has previously threatened to intercept Lady Gaga on her way from the airport if she dares set foot in Jakarta.


Daily Fail lets "writer" Samantha Brick near a computer again

see you next tuesdayIndependence? A career? Who needs them! A husband who prizes your looks, not your mind is the key to a happy marriage

My husband sets me a £250 allowance each month for my wardrobe, I ask his permission before booking a hair appointment and discuss with him what I will have done.

He even has an opinion — which I adhere to — on how I dress and what I weigh. He prefers I wear classic ladylike attire and, at 5ft 11in, he insists I tip the scale at no more than 10½ stone. In fact, he’s there when I weigh myself.

At this point, many of you will be thinking I’m little more than a trophy wife for my husband, Pascal, and you’re right. I am a trophy wife — and what’s more, I’m proud of it.

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preach tamra

TL;DR: Marriages are all doomed to fail unless women shake off all that equality nonsense and get back in the kitchen, wearing only Louboutins and Dior Addict Lip Glow! Her flair for generalizations is unparalleled.

flop sauce

Lindsay Lohan in denial that she's filming a Lifetime movie

SuniLindsay Lohan is extremely unhappy with the casting choices of the male actors who have auditioned for the role of Richard Burton in the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime biopic, and filming is scheduled to begin in just a few weeks, is exclusively reporting.

As we previously reported, the decision to cast Lohan as the screen icon has drawn criticism from Rosie O'Donnell who recently said, "I feel very sorry for her. I think she needs a lot of time away. ... She's had a lot of trouble doing every single movie, including SNL. She was out and not in rehearsal. I think she's not in a place to work."

Choices to play the role of Richard Burton have come down to Gossip Girl star Matthew Settle, Sean Maguire, and CSI hunk Craig Robert Young, but after watching the audition tapes last weekend, "Lindsay declared that none of the actors were the right fit and that she wanted to go to London to look for a possible Burton actor there," a production insider tells "Lindsay is being an absolute nightmare about who should play Burton. She believes Matthew Settle is too old to play the role, and she wants a major A-list star to be her co-star. However, her salary for the role took up a major portion of the budget, and the Burton gig will likely only pay $200k, max. The producers don't need to get Lindsay's approval of who will play Richard Burton, but they want to keep her happy."
Making matters worse, is that filming is slated to begin in just a few short weeks, and they are no closer to signing an actor to play Burton.

"They are already in pre-production and it's very hard to conduct any rehearsals without the pivotal role of Richard Burton," the source says. "There is also cause for concern because Lindsay partied all night last week with Paris Hilton, Barron Hilton and Brandon Davis. All three, including Lindsay, have been arrested for DUI and/or drug charges previously. Lindsay shouldn't be out partying all night long, no good can come of that."

So will Lohan get her wish to jet across the pond to find her ideal Richard Burton? "Hell no!" The source says. "There just isn't any money in the budget, or time, to do so. The producers will try to land someone that Lindsay likes, but, if push comes to shove, they will just cast the role without her approval."

Where did those come from?

Glee's Lea Michele is famous for two things: 1. Her singing ability, and 2. Her flat chest. So you can imagine my surprise in seeing these pictures of her outside The Ed Sullivan Theater in New York last night. She either got implants within the past few weeks or that is the world's most amazing push-up bra.

+20 pics at the source

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The Queen is Back!!!!

She decided to quit the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after just two seasons, citing the ‘humiliation’ that was the first year as her reason for leaving.
But it seems Camille Grammer just couldn’t stay away.
The ex-wife of Frasier star Kelsey Grammer has now confirmed she will be appearing in the upcoming third season of the show.

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New Sleigh Bells Video "Demons" , Diplo Remix

By Evan Minsker on May 22, 2012 at 08:33 a.m.

The video for Sleigh Bells' Reign of Terror cut "Demons", directed by the band's Derek Miller along with Gregory Kohn, features slow motion headbanging and crowd-surfing, filmed at Sleigh Bells shows in Omaha, Oklahoma City, Dallas, and Houston. It was inspired by classic Pantera videos.

For more "Demons" goodness, check out a remix of the track by Sleigh Bells' recent tourmate, Diplo, streaming above.

Subscribe to on YouTube here.

Sleigh Bells perform Saturday, July 14 at the Pitchfork Music Festival (single day tickets are on sale here). It's part of their summer tour.


A$AP advises Azealia to “Chill out with the beefin”

During her very short-lived stint in the hip hop spotlight, ’212′ mouthpiece and Twit-spat enthusiast Azealia Banks has carved a reputation for herself as something of an enfant terrible where conflicts with other MCs are concerned. Seeming disagreements have so far arisen with TI, Iggy Azalea and most recently Lil Kim, who Banks accused of never writing her own rhymes (and therefore of being petty for refusing to record some lines she had written for the veteran rapper).

Noting Azealia’s propensity for choice beefing, rising rapper A$AP Rocky has warned Ms Banks to respect her “older generation” genre peers and “stay out of trouble” before it’s all too late.

Speaking to Fuse magazine, A$AP – real name Rakim Myers – said: “I like her for what she’s worth. [But] I do think she gotta chill out with the beefin, and all that other stuff, and disrespecting the OGs. She’s the homegirl, so it ain’t nothin but a little talk to her. I think if she stays out of trouble, she’ll have longevity”.

Wise words there from A$AP, who – being three years Banks’ senior at the wise old age of 23 – must surely know what he’s talking about.


Josh Hutcherson's new $2.5 Million Hollywood Hills Mansion

Josh Hutcherson might be healing from surgery to fix a broken nose, but it looks like he is on the move — literally!

According to Real Estalker, the 19-year-old Hunger Games actor has snapped up a spacious new home nestled in the Hollywood Hills — and Celebuzz has a peek inside his new modern digs.

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An Amy Poehler post! Other people featured too

At the Peabody Awards with the cast of Parks and Recreation

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On stage with the Foo Fighters at Kristen Wiig's final SNL after party

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Trailer for IFC's Comedy Bang! Bang!, premiering on June 8th

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Trailer for Freak Dance, a UCB movie directed by Matt Besser and Neil Mahoney

Just Jared
Us Weekly

Tahar Rahim and Marion Cotillard to star in A Separation Director's Next Feature

Merely days after "A Separation" helmer Asghar Farhadi cast fellow Oscar winner Marion Cotillard in his mysterious French-language feature, the Iranian has added another prestigious Gallic talent to the project in actor Tahar Rahim.

Details of the story remain under wraps but the pic will see Rahim unite with fellow Jacques Audiard collaborator Cotillard for what Farhadi has described as an "emotional social thriller" in the vein of 'A Separation,' with multiple twists aimed at keeping the audience in suspense from the first frame to the last. It'll also mark the first time Farhadi has shot a film outside his native Iran with lensing to begin this fall on an €11 million budget.

After breaking out at Cannes three years ago with his award-winning role in Audiard's "A Prophet," Rahim has pretty much avoided the allure Hollywood and the bigger pay checks (aside from a part in Kevin MacDonald's "The Eagle"), instead deciding to stay in Europe working with name likes Lou Ye, Joachim Lafosse, Jean-Jacques Annaud and Ismaël Ferroukhi. Things look to be kicking up a gear in 2012 with this collaboration with Farhadi and Cotillard, as well as the planned finale to Faith Akin's Love, Death & The Devil Trilogy with "The Cut" -- both of which will surely see the actor return to major film festival red carpets early next year.


Gloria Estefan on playing Santana's mom

It was last fall when EW originally broke the news that pop superstar Gloria Estefan would be appearing on Glee as Santana’s mother, Maribel Lopez. Now, Estefan is finally making her first appearance in the season finale! Sadly, Gleeks, the singer won’t be carrying a tune in the episode, fittingly titled “Goodbye,” which finds McKinley’s seniors graduating. “I don’t sing on the show but I kinda think that’s better because I think that would throw fans,” says Estefan. “Hopefully, we can come back and do the singing. But I love to be on there and establishing a character.” EW talked to Estefan about her character’s relationship with Santana as well as her favorite Glee number of all time—the answer may surprise you!

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I do like her quite a lot. I love the way the actors' headcanon for their characters is always more complex & interesting than the writers'. I'm finally breaking up with this show after tonight, bbs--prayer circle for me plz.

Snooki is 'evicting' herself from the shore house.

Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" just dropped another major bomb, TMZ has learned ... Snooki will NOT be shacking up with her fellow castmates this summer -- instead getting her own private nest nearby.

Sources tell us ... the mama-to-be is taking her pregnancy very seriously, choosing to live NEAR the "Shore" house rather than IN it because it's not worth it to be surrounded by boozy, loud roommates while pregnant.

If you recall, Snooki announced she was knocked-up in February -- when she was already 3 months along -- which means while filming this summer she'll be in prime popping position ... all the more reason to have a pad of her own.

The guidette's absence is just another in a slew of "Shore" changes this year ... which includes a sober Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino (who just got out of rehab) and the possibility of adding a Snooki-baby to the cast.

It's shaping up to be the most boring BEST season ever!


Lol forever @ tmz's pictures and their horrible shoop skills

ONTD Hot 100 2012

Because lbr, Maxim's Hot 100 kind of flopped.

NOTE: I tried to avoid douchebags, but I didn’t look too much into anyone so oop if I’ve dun goofed.

Also, alphabetized because I couldn’t be bothered to rank them/didn’t want the wank.

Finally: in order to truly objectify the male body, this post is hereby declared a PARTY POST in which you must all post (shirtless) pictures of incredibly hot guys—especially the ones I missed! ONTD, don’t fail me now…

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And none for Benedict Cumberbatch, bye.

Source: My general observations around ONTD (and, admittedly, some personal bias).

Prometheus Featurette (Chalize T. On Vickers)

A new featurette is now online for Sir Ridley Scott's latest sci-fi thriller "Prometheus," which features Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron discussing her character, Meridith Vickers. It turns out she's a shady corporate rep from Weyland Industries who wants to take control of the alien-finding mission. Obviously this creates a great amount of tension within the Prometheus crew. Should the crew listen to her or refuse her orders? Look for the answer when "Prometheus" arrives in theaters on June 8th.

Her character reminds me quite a bit of Ripley from Alien


Paging Lil' Monsters and the Beyhive

Lady Gaga: ‘If I get thrown in jail in Manila, Beyonce will bail me out’

Pop star Lady Gaga, left, arrives at the concert venue before his performance in suburban Pasay, south of Manila, Philippines Monday May 21, 2012. Authorities in the conservative, majority Roman Catholic country approved the concerts, set for May 21, and Tuesday, but said they won't allow nudity or lewd acts. A religious group warned they will sue Lady Gaga and concert organizers if she sings "Judas" during her concert. AP/Aaron Favila
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Shonda Rhimes' 'Scandal' presents blueprint for survival of blacks on network TV

By Kia Miakka Natisse

Shonda Rhimes' ABC show Scandal just reached a significant benchmark - the network decided this week to renew the series for a second season. It's an awesome first for Rhimes and starring actress Kerry Washington, this being the first renewed network TV drama with a black female lead since 1974.

Scandal succeeds because it's a good show with a compelling story. Washington plays Olivia Pope, a political fixer vetting out sandal across the nation's capital. Each episode revolves around Pope dissecting and resolving a complex case of scandal and intrigue, while also tending to a smoldering relationship with the president, with whom she once had an affair.
You can't help but celebrate for Rhimes and Washington, to have a show led by women of color not only making it on air, but succeeding. It's long overdue, and will hopefully make headway for other networks to create roles for black female leads (not just the trusty sassy sidekick).

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"this being the first renewed network TV drama with a black female lead since 1974"
I shouldn't even be surprised anymore at this point.

Kurt Hummel's ugliest outfits

Tonight marks the end of Glee’s third season, and while the formerly ground-breaking musical is now so cartoonish it may belong in Fox’s animation block, at least we'll always have Kurt. Chris Colfer's character gives the show — even at its silliest — a likable beating heart, and the actor earns extra credit for maintaining a relatable emotional core through the trappings of a wardrobe that is arguably Glee’s most farcical, with influences seemingly ranging from the Sound of Music to The Warriors to a Swiffer duster (sometimes all in the same hour). In honor of Kurt’s graduation from McKinley, we’ve picked out some of our favorite outfits from his final season as a high-school student. Whatever his next step is, the sartorial bar will never be higher.

We’re not sure why Kurt’s got a canary-colored feather duster hooked to his pants — a tickle fight seems like weak defense against the slushie-throwing jocks — and the shoes feel hijacked from a Toddlers & Tiaras–themed square dance. In all, it’s like a very strange personal ad: “In his spare time, Kurt enjoys the box-step, collecting Lorax shavings, and delivering telegrams to the impressionable, gazebo-aroused daughters of Austrian naval officers.”

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Gaga Gets Emotional About Religious Extremists In Manila

"I know that everybody, you know, thinks that I stand for, well not everybody, not everybody, I shouldn't say that, but some people think that I stand for like, really inappropriate things that are really bad for... *crowd screams* Listen, I am slightly irresponsible, let's be honest, okay? It's okay. But they're not completely right and the truth is I want the fucking best for you. I want the best for every single one of you. I love you with all of my heart and all my soul, I really do, and all the things that I think about and the way that I am, it's my lifestyle, it's just part of this one big giant performance art statement of liberation. So, I hope that you feel tonight, as free as your hair. And to those of you that don't feel free, take the best opportunity to free yourselves.

I just feel like, you know, so many people have been protesting and it really doesn't bother me truly because I know that there has to be change, but for all those kids all over the world that take their lives when they're so young because they feel bullied or they're afraid because they're gay and they don't want to tell anybody, don't you think that some of us should FUCKING STAND UP AND SAY THE GODDAMN TRUTH? It's true. It's not about the music, it's not about, it's not about anything, it's not about my clothes, it's not about having a hit record, it's the fucking goddamn truth that people in the world need to be free of who they are and be proud and feel valuable no matter where they are."

"Today, it was all over the news that if I do the concert in Jakarta, I would get shot at or some fucking shit. Well you know what, the truth is that to be worried about getting shot at any country around the world because of who you are in itself is a fucking travesty and it's exactly what we need to be talking about." 

I will remind them that they think they have a fucking big voice, and they might think that by using my name they can spread the hatred, but I can spread way more positivity and love than they could ever do.

And it's not that I don't respect their culture or yours, I respect you, I do. Everything that you believe in, everything that you stand for, even the things that I sing about that you don't agree with. I totally respect that because everybody's allowed to have their own opinions. BUT I CANNOT RESPECT HOMOPHOBIA, I cannot respect hatred to the Gay Community"

- Lady Gaga


Anne Hathaway out and about

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

After taking care of a few errands, Anne Hathaway was spotted arriving at her Beverly Hills home yesterday afternoon (May 21).

The “Princess Diaries” actress rolled up to her crib in her snazzy new silver Audi R8 convertible, flashing a smile to the shutterbugs as she walked inside.

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Rowling has "no firm plans" to publish Potter encyclopedia

J.K. Rowling recently updated her website to let people know that there are currently no plans to release an enccyclopedia in book form, and that for the time being all new Potter information will appear on Pottermore.

Updated May 2012:
I have been enjoying sharing information about Harry's world on Pottermore for free, and don’t have any firm plans to publish it in book form.

This update comes in stark contrast to her previous statement that was released when Rowling announced The Casual Vacancy and relaunched her site back in April:

For a long time I have been promising an encyclopaedia of Harry's world, and I have started work on this now – some of it forms the new content in Pottermore. It is likely to be a time-consuming job, but when finished I shall donate all royalties to charity..

The above statement has since been removed from her site.

Source: Mugglenet & JK

yay, my first post! ONTD: would you have bought the encyclopedia?

A Candid Tom Hardy at Cannes on Beards, Beer, Batman, and Brando

In the Cannes Film Festival entry Lawless, Tom Hardy plays a bootlegging brother of Shia LaBeouf who manages to convey the import of an entire monologue with a single, hesitant "um" or "uh." In real life, though, the talkative Hardy is the exact opposite of his character, and in a free-wheeling conversation with Vulture on the Croisette, the British up-and-comer (best known for his roles in Inception, Bronson, and Warrior) was game to discuss just about anything. Read on for Hardy's thoughts on fame, fuck-ups, and future projects like The Dark Knight Rises — where he plays the masked villain Bane — and George Miller's long-in-the-works remake of Mad Max, which will have him taking over the lead role from Mel Gibson.

You always go to great lengths to modify your look and your body shape for a role. What did you want to do for Lawless?
Well, I wanted to be skinny. Skinny, like I am now — maybe a little skinnier. But Batman came in, and then I needed to be bigger. I had six months to train, but there was a three-month period where Lawless was being filmed at that time, so I had to train during Lawless, so that’s why I was physically the size that I was. Luckily, Shia was physically big as well so it kind of worked, but I would have preferred to be more Billy Bob Thornton–sized.

Does that ever take a toll on you, to go from big to small for each movie?
Shifting your weight fucks up your liver! You've got to be careful. It's the end of that for me.

Speaking of changing your look, have you grown out this beard for a role?
Yeah, that’s for Mad Max; that’s in preparation for that.

So Mad Max is actually going to happen now?
I mean, anything could happen.

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Michael Jackson's 'BAD 25' to include new music and a new concert DVD + live album

(A taste of things to come? Above is a compilation of professionally-shot BAD Tour footage from an Australian TV report, featuring live performances of "Wanna Be Startin' Something," "Rock With You," "Human Nature," etc. The BAD Tour had never been commercially released prior to the MJ estate's announcement, Monday.)

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PLUS: An exclusive new song -- on which MJ plays piano -- to be released June 5 with CD singleCollapse )

Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson dine at Tetou restaurant in Cannes May 22, 2012

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There’s two restaurants on the French Riviera that stars go to without fail when they’re attending Cannes film festival- Tetou in Golfe-Juan and Michelangelos in Antibes. And, last night Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger went along to Tetou which nestles on the beach. It’s a shame that celebs always go along in the evening- it’s much better wolfing back the sea bass and the rosé in the daytime, gazing out at the topless French women on the beach and the speedo lights wearing old men paddling in the azur blue sea. It’s famous for it’s seafood and the most famous dish is bouillabaise (which is usually served with a glass of Brad and Angelina’s wine from Chateau Miraval). I know that celebs don’t tend to worry about the bill, but a bowl of this fish soup sets you back around €100. That’s roughly £80 or $150. Crazy, isn’t it? They don’t serve anything other than seafood, so Diane’s giving boyfriend of six years Joshua a very fishy kiss on the lips here. I think that might explain the distracted look on Joshua’s face as she turns back to their fellow diners conversation. The waiter there tells Bohomoth: ”Diane ordered the food in perfect French and they shared a Nicoise salad to start and then all had the bouillabaise. When they left, Joshua said thank-you in French, but he was laughing and switched to English.” And- he left a €100 tip. – Nice.

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source and commentary from this brilliant blog.

Pudsey Who? It's All About The Olate Dogs!

Watch out Pudsey! Here come the Olate Dogs

BRITAIN'S Got Talent winners Ashleigh and Pudsey better watch out the Olate Dogs are hot on their tail, er, trail to become the hottest dog act around.

The incredible pooches wowed the US last night when they were shown performing on the American version of the TV talent show.

The hounds left judges Sharon Osbourne, Howard Stern and Howie Mandel astounded as they skipped, leapt over flags and even did BACKFLIPS.

Sharon loved the act so much she got to her feet to scream: "I want those dogs."

Six dogs and their two trainers took to the America's Got Talent stage to perform the barking act, created by Richard Olate, at the New York auditions.
basically Pudsey got OWNED by these dogs.Can Pudsey do the conga line? NOPE. Can Pudsey do backflips? NOPE.
and YESSS at The Wanted's "Lose My Mind" being featured as the background music just like last week "Glad You Came was featured"

Olly Murs to Host US X Factor?

Olly Murs wants X Factor USA gig

Show creator Simon Cowell is still searching for a new presenter after Steve Jones was axed after just one season anchoring the American version of the talent contest.

"I think Simon Cowell should ring me up. I'll be the new host, no problem," Murs told the Daily Star.

"I had a great time when I did it in the UK. I bet they're going to get an American, someone like Ryan Seacrest.

"He'll warm the audience up for me to come over and do it," he added, somewhat tongue-in-cheek. "I'm trying to forge a career in America."

Murs is expected to return as co-host of The Xtra Factor this year on ITV2 but will miss most of the auditions stage of the competition as he tours the US with One Direction.

if this happens me and okay_awesome have it planned where we will be at CBS Studios waiting to meet Olly during tapings of the show

Johnny Depp Adopted Into Comanche Nation

Actor Johnny Depp, who will play Tonto in the upcoming film version of The Lone Ranger, has been adopted by the Comanche Nation.

The character of Tonto, in this latest telling of the story, is said to be Comanche—a bit of information that LaDonna Harris, an esteemed Comanche who is president and founder of Americans for Indian Opportunity (AIO), found very interesting. “Johnny is reprising the historic role of Tonto, and it seemed like a natural fit to officially welcome him into our Comanche family,” Harris said, according to a release. “I reached out, and Johnny was very receptive to the idea. He seemed proud to receive the invitation, and we were honored that he so enthusiastically agreed.”


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Deadmau5 says Pauly D a talentless-poser~~~

Pauly D's a no-talent poser -- at least according to electronic music legend Deadmau5.

The famed mouse-headed DJ was shooting a music video in LA over the weekend -- when we asked if he thought the "Jersey Shore" star had any real DJ talent. Deadmau5 responded, "No, not really."

DM's Pauly D jab comes in the wake of a little Twitter feud last week -- when Mr. Mau5 publicly bashed Pauly's new music video, saying it looked embarrassingly cheap ... "like it cost about $150 to make."

Pauly said he was flattered that DM even deigned to criticize him -- but now, Deadmau5 says the entire embarrassing Internet standoff could have been avoided ... if Pauly did ONE thing differently ... watch the clip.



3 more days!!!!

Oren Peli Defends Chernobyl Diaries

The producer of "Chernobyl Diaries" is firing back at claims that his movie is exploiting the 400,000 victims of the nuclear disaster, telling TMZ another support group actually praised him for his efforts.
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so fucking excited for friday morning to get here.

Remembering The Year of ONTD'S Favorite Album, Born This Way

May 23rd marks the anniversary of Lady Gaga’s third album Born This Way, which has sold over eight million copies worldwide and spawned five hit singles. Enjoy the timeline of the best Born This Way moments below:

Born This Way album artwork

Born This Way singles artwork

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*Round of applause* 4 this epic musical era. Another year of continously gettin dat promo.

'Smash' scoop: Ellis and Dev are leaving the show!

Two infamous characters on NBC’s Smash are expected to leave the show — and we suspect fans are not going to be disappointed.

Philandering fiancé Dev (Raza Jaffrey) and devious assistant Ellis (Jaime Cepero) will not be regulars in the show’s second season, sources say. It’s possible one or both actors could appear in an episode or two to wrap up their storylines, but that’s it. The plan is to have neither character as a recurring presence in the show’s new-and-improved second season.

Dev annoyed fans by cheating on Katharine McPhee’s character, while Ellis infuriated viewers all season with his overeager meddlesome scheming. Fans and critics have been pretty outspoken that the second season would be better off without either character (Ellis in particular) and it seems producers and/or NBC listened.

NBC plans to return Smash in midseason, giving time for new showrunner Josh Safran (Gossip Girl) to creatively polish the series. NBC had no comment.

UPDATE: In addition, series regular Brian d'Arcy James (Julia's Husband) and recurring guest Will Chase (Michael Swift) will also not be featured players in the second season.


SO happy!! Ellis is such a little fuck, glad not to see him anymore. I liked Dev in the beginning, but they ruined him towards the end. Not sorry to see him leave, either. I hope Karen has hot rebound sex with Derek, tbh.

Jessie J announces 'Nice To Meet You' 2013 UK and Ireland arena tour

Jessie J has announced her first ever UK and Ireland arena tour.

The singer will play 14 dates across the country throughout February and March 2013 as part of her 'Nice To Meet You' arena jaunt.

The tour will begin at Nottingham's Capital FM Arena on February 26 and finish at Dublin's O2 Arena on March 18.

Talking about the tour, Jessie tweeted: "Its called 'Nice to meet you tour' and it will be NICE! :) Can't wait to show you this tour I've been working on for months! BOOOOM!"

Tickets for the shows go on sale from 9am on May 25.

Jessie J recently revealed that her second studio album will be "eclectic" as she will focus on the quality of the songs rather than an overall concept.

Jessie J's 'Nice To Meet You' arena tour dates are as follows:

February 26 - Nottingham, Capital FM
February 27 - Brighton, Center
March 1 - Birmingham, LG Arena
March 2 - Manchester, Arena
March 3 - Sheffield, Motorpoint Arena
March 5 - Liverpool, Echo Arena
March 6 - Cardiff, Motorpoint Arena
March 7 - Bournemouth, International
March 9 - London, O2 Arena
March 12 - Newcastle, Arena
March 14 - Glasgow, SECC
March 15 - Aberdeen, AECC
March 17 - Belfast, Odyssey Arena
March 18 - Dublin, O2 Arena

digital spy

Nicole Richie at the 2012 Fifi Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nicole Richie pulled out all the fashion stops at the FiFi Awards in New York City on Monday night, May 21.

The 30-year-old mama of two paired a ’60s bee-hive hair ‘do (think Audrey Hepburn) with a modern day, mullet style Emilio Pucci baby doll dress, complete with a free-flowing train.

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First Look @ "Marvel Heroes"

Gazillion Entertainment, a leading developer, publisher and operator of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, has revealed the first glimpse of the eagerly anticipated free-to-play online game "Marvel Heroes." Taking the MMO category to a completely new level of excitement and engagement, "Marvel Heroes" combines action role-playing games with the MMO genre.

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ONTD, which character would you choose to play in the game?

Watch Andy Milonakis, Riff Raff, and Dirt Nasty in Three Loco's "Neato" Video

Fearing the wrath of Milonakis, Riff Raff, and Dirt Nasty, we knew we had to share their latest collaboration, "Neato." Watch the trio slap asses, drink 40s, and spit bars for their latest Three Loco banger. For a limited time only, you can download the track for free here.


The Wanted and One Direction To Join Forces?

The Wanted and One Direction Collaboration?
The Wanted would collaborate with One Direction on a charity record.

The British boy bands have both experienced huge success over the past 18 months and although they are seen as rivals by many people, The Wanted's Nathan Sykes says they'd be happy to work with each other in the future.

Nathan - who is joined in the band by Max George, Tom Parker, Jay McGuinness and Siva Kaneswaran - told Hollyscoop: ''I think it's very expected from the media always trying to put two bands together and trying to start a rivalry. We have no issue with them whatsoever. They are great lads who've stayed true to their sound so far in their career.

''I think the collaboration between the two bands could generate a lot of cash maybe and we would actually be willing to do it for charity,''

As well as working with One Direction - made up of Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson - The Wanted are also keen to team up with Justin Bieber.

Jay joked: ''I think I would have to rap battle with him and then we'll see how good he's doing... who knows.''

Can you imagine this? It should happen imo. and then seeing Zayn and Siva together? DIOS MIO
and then seeing my Irish price Niall super excited over it? priceless.
Plz Scooter, Martin, Paul, Simon and Jayne if she's still around make this happen

Cillian Murphy and Melanie Laurent to star in "Letter From an Unknown Woman"

It's a very brief blurb, but apparently, Cillian's got a new project lined up!

"Cillian Murphy has recently signed to co-star opposite Mélanie Laurent in Christian Carion’s adapation of Stefan Zweig’s popular short story [Letter From an Unknown Woman]], about a pop star who receives a life-changing letter from an admirer. The film produced by Les Films du 24 is due shoot in the second half of 2012."

It's a remake of a movie of the same name from 1948, with a few changes.


YES, YES, YES!!! Cillian as a pop star, with a hot lady like this as his co-star? Sign me up! :D

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The Kardashians Are Not Going Anywhere: Season Premiere Scores BIG!

  Sunday Night Ratings Round Up! Plus PHOTO: Kardashian Kollection Lingerie!

If you were hoping the Kardashians would fade into obscurity following a year of famewhore antics gone wrong, think again! They’re back and apparently as big as ever. According to the ratings, the Sunday night season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians hauled in an impressive number of viewers.

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Maria Bamfoo Interview

Stand-up Comedy and Mental Illness: A Conversation with Maria Bamford
By David Haglund

Over the last several years Maria Bamford has become one of the most acclaimed and original stand-up comics in the country. Along with Patton Oswalt, Zach Galifianakis, and Brian Posehn, Bamford was part of the Comedians of Comedy tour; she’s also released three solo albums and done two Comedy Central specials. Bamford’s voice (or rather, voices) can be heard regularly on Nickelodeon, Adult Swim, PBS, and elsewhere.

But her signature work may be The Maria Bamford Show, a brilliant web series from 2009 that was screened last year at the Museum of Art + Design in New York. The premise of the series was that Bamford had had a nervous breakdown on stage and ended up back in Minnesota living with her parents. Bamford played every role in the series: her mother, father, sister, coworkers, and old high school acquaintances.

This week, Bamford was in New York to participate in Arts in Mind, a series of conversations about the arts and mental health. Brow Beat spoke with her at a coffee shop on Wednesday.

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Spotted: Chris "Drama Beats" Pfaff Is Getting Rid of His Mercedes-Benz CL

After hours of fun with his Mercedes-Benz CL, Chris Pfaff, better known as Drama, is letting go of his favorite blacked-out whip. "Bye bye Benz," he Instagrammed. "We had a good run." With his career continuing to blossom in the music and fashion industries, we can only assume that he's gearing up (see what we did there?) to purchase a better, more expensive car. We could see him skatin' around in a Porsche Panamera. What do you think he'll get next?

[via Instagram]

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Pride and Prejudice House to be subject of new TV documentary; owner gives interview

As a new BBC series focuses on Chatsworth House, we talk to its proud but diffident owner

"Nice to meet you,” says Peregrine Cavendish, 12th Duke of Devonshire, custodian of Chatsworth House, shocking me to the core. Then, to confound me even further, he responds to my, “How are you?” with an American, “I’m good.”
This, after all, is the son of Dowager Duchess “Debo”, the last surviving Mitford sister and therefore nephew of Nancy Mitford, who famously informed the world that “Nice/Pleased to meet you” were – along with words like “mirror” and “pardon” – horribly “Non-U”.

Nancy might be turning in her grave, but I doubt “Duke” – as his 500 staff call him (“I don’t like your Grace; it makes me sound like a bishop”) – cares.

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This place is interesting not only because it's massive and has starred in films, but because some really interesting historical figues have been associated with it. The Mitfords would have been all over ONTD if it had existed back then, Paris and Kim wish they could socialite as well


to add to the list of guest stars this show will have, the final guest star to go on icarly will be

Jimmy Fallon!

The cast of iCarly has been spotted in New York City--to film a cross-over episode with Jimmy Fallon.

Jimmy Fallon had teased a big announcement on Twitter and Facebook about Miranda's appearance, writing: "MirandaCosgrove and I have an announcement to make on the show tonight. #LateNight"

Jimmy explained it will be a special two part episode where iCarly meets Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

This will be one of the final episodes of iCarly, which was announced to be ending this year. Miranda and the iCarly cast are reportedly filming a series finale in June, set to air in November.


this show will always be better than Victorious.

Here Are Some of the Songs Channing Tatum Will Strip To

The trailers for Magic Mike have mostly made use of Rihanna's "We Found Love"; a dance-friendly jam, for sure, but not exactly the sultry song that plays in your head when you imagine … Channing Tatum, stripping. Which is really the only thing that anyone imagines when thinking about Magic Mike. So here, finally, some musical accompaniment for your daydreaming: the soundtrack to Steven Soderbergh's male stripper opus, which does not include the rumored "Pony" but does feature the obligatory "It's Raining Men." There is also a song called "Ladies of Tampa," by Matthew McConaughey, so dear God, let's hope the Oscars reinstate the Best Song performances for next year.

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Tacky question of the day: What is your stripper song?

BET Awards 2012 Nominees

Beyonce, Viola Davis, X Factor's Astro among 2012 BET Awards nominees list

With music from her album "4," Beyonce is among those with leading nominations at the 2012 BET Awards. Viola Davis, X Factor star Astro, the films Red Tails and The Help and Serena Williams are also nominees.

Announced Tuesday, the 2012 BET Awards will be hosted by Samuel L. Jackson with performances from Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj and a presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.

While Kanye West leads this year's pack of nominees with seven nominations, including Best Hip Hop Artist, Beyonce and her husband, Jay Z, follow closely behind with six and five nominations respectively.

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JLaw™ Post ft. Rooney Mara, Catherine Zeta-Jones, & Vinessa Shaw

Jude Law gets into character on the set of his upcoming movie, The Bitter Pill, on Saturday (May 19) in New York City.

The 39-year-old English actor was spotted filming an intense scene on set with co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones.

The Bitter Pill is about a woman who turns to prescription medication to cope with her anxiety surrounding her husband’s upcoming release from prison.

The film also stars Channing Tatum, Rooney Mara, and Vinessa Shaw.

Bitter Pill hits theaters on February 8, 2013!

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Check out the poster for Jude Law and Rachel Weisz's upcoming movie 360!

Here’s the film’s official synopsis: From two acclaimed artists: director Fernando Meirelles (City of GodThe Constant Gardener) and writer Peter Morgan (The QueenFrost/Nixon). With a stellar international cast that includes Rachel Weisz, Anthony HopkinsJude Law, Ben FosterJamel Debbouze and Moritz Bleibtreu360 is a moving and exciting dramatic thriller that dazzlingly weaves together the stories of an array of people from disparate social backgrounds through their intersecting relationships.

Jude plays a businessman who’s married to a woman (Weisz) who’s cheating on him with a photographer. Other characters in film, also co-starring Maria Flor, include a Bratislavan novice prostitute, her sister, a Russian mobster, his driver, his unhappy wife, and her Muslim dentist boss.

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Sexy Jude thanks you for your time.

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A royal post: christening of Princess Estelle of Sweden

STOCKHOLM — Princess Estelle, the future heir to the Swedish throne, was baptized Tuesday amid pomp and pageantry in the chapel of the Royal Palace in Stockholm.
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ONTD is it christening or baptizing? source 1 says christening source 2 baptizing... and in german we just have one word for it so idk

Flawless and Humble Rapper, Khaled M, Talks About Trip to Libya/Future Music Plans

Last week, Khaled M returned to Chicago and paid a visit to Gowhere Hip Hop Headquarters to catch up with us, preview some new projects, and of course, share what he’s been up to for our newest interview for you all to see above! He sits down with Jen DeLeon and shares with us some chilling experiences while he was overseas in Libya, where his father was born, and amongst the many who have been fighting for freedom while even facing certain death. Khaled’s story will be amongst the many shared in a dope new, MTV Diary-esque series called ‘Sing Freedom’ and you can catch him in a powerful preview below.

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Khaled M is most famous for his revolution anthem "Can't Take Our Freedom" featuring UK rapper, Lowkey. The song was released days after the Libyan Revolution started. His bravery and background story is truly inspiring and I can't wait to hear more from him and other artists from the underground Libyan Hip Hop scene. Warning: some violent images in the video.

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (William Orbit Remix)

Looks like the William Orbit/Chris Brown collaborations have officially come to a start with the surfacing of this STUNNING Orbit helmed remix of Chris Brown’s latest single “Don’t Wake Me Up“!! I doubt this particular remix is what William was referring to when he said that his best work for Madonna’sMDNA was scrapped by Madge but picked up for Brown’s album… But if this beautiful remix is any indicator of what we should expect from the forthcoming Brown/Orbit collaborations, then I am excited as ever to hear thenMDNA leftovers!

Chris Brown – Don’t Wake Me Up (William Orbit Remix):


Michael McKean suffers broken leg after being struck by car in NYC

Michael McKean, best known for playing Lenny in the '70s hit TV comedy "Laverne and Shirley" and David St. Hubbins in the mockumentary film "This Is Spinal Tap," was hospitalized on Tuesday after being hit by a car in New York.
The actor, 64, suffered a broken leg and facial lacerations after being struck when a car jumped a curb at the intersection of W. 86 St. and Broadway. He is being treated at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, according to NBC New York.
McKean, who is currently starring in the Broadway production of "The Best Man," is doing "fine," a rep for the actor told However, he will be forced to miss Tuesday night's performance because of his injuries.

In addition to "Spinal Tap," McKean also collaborated with co-star Christopher Guest in 2003's "A Mighty Wind." He also was a cast member on "Saturday Night Live" for one season in 1994.


TA vs. TDKR: Will the fun of The Avengers hurt the grit of Batman?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Now that we’ve all ogled the hell out of The Avengers multiple times and set it on the course of being one of the biggest movies ever, we’ve come to the slow realization that the summer movie season has only just started. But as I sit in wait for both The Amazing Spider-Man and, more importantly in my opinion, The Dark Knight Rises, I can’t help but wonder what the immense success of the laugh-factory that is The Avengers means for the more serious takes on superheroes.

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Are audiences hungry for light-hearted superhero movies? Will the dark nature of Batman compete with the fun of The Avengers? Do you think The Dark Knight Rises will replicate the success of its predecessor?


Short film for Polanski?

Prada debuts Roman Polanski-directed film featuring Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley at Cannes

Prada has unveiled it's latest short film at Cannes.
Written and directed by Oscar winner Roman Polanski, the three-minute long feature stars Helena Bonham Carter and Ben Kingsley garbed in the luxury label.
The Italian fashion house hopes it will build on the success of previous cinematography projects.

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Blind item Revealed?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Blind item from this post.

2. One of the main actors from the latest “Avengers” film is so in to his character right now, he’s been buying up fan art online. He doesn’t display it in house, but keeps it in a room and shows it to close friends. He seems to be proud of his growing collection, and we do mean growing!


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What Happened On The S3 Finale Of "Glee"?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It’s fitting that Glee‘s third-season finale ended with the bittersweet ritual of high-school graduation, and not just because half of the show’s characters happened to be members of the William McKinley High senior class.

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So, love, hate, or indifferent about tonight's finale?

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australia's greatest actress, nicole kidman, covers harper's bazaar and heads to cannes

Arriving in Nice for Cannes (May 22)

The Paperboy premieres on the 24th and Hemingway & Gellhorn the 25th.

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Harper's Bazaar June/July 2012 [via]
The Making of Us
Ph. Will Davidson

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Demi Lovato Shooting New Photoshoots Hi Res Candids (May 21st)

Here are new high quality filming photos of Demi Lovato on the set of her new photoshoot on May 21, 2012. The location and the details of the photoshoots is still unknown. I will update all of you once I've been confirmed with some information.

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The White Tie Affair's Chris Wallace is going solo (underrated rock/pop music post)

This is a preview of three songs from the upcoming album by Chris Wallace. Be sure to "Like" his fan page and follow him at @chriswallace101! The songs featured on this video include Remember When (first single), Keep Me Crazy and Don't Mind If I Do.

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