May 6th, 2012

lindsay - lady in red

Two Hollywood Legends, Lindsay Lohan & Woody Allen, have dinner in NY

Move over Scarlett Johansson ... Woody Allen has a new buxom, young muse in his life ... and that muse is Lindsay Lohan.

The unlikely duo was spotted out in NYC last night at fancy-schmancy Philippe restaurant -- and we're told this isn't their first spin on the friendship bicycle.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... Allen and Lilo have been friends for years now and he's one of her biggest supporters -- never jumping on the judgment bandwagon.

We're told there are no projects officially on the books right now, BUT sources tell us they've been throwing around the idea of Lindsay being in one of Allen's future films -- which would be huge for Lilo, since his last flick, "Midnight in Paris," won him an Academy Award.

We're also told Lindsay has nothing but respect for the quadruple Oscar-winning director and would LOVE to work with him.


Woody also invited Lindsay to his New Years eve party <3
cillian murphy

The Prince of SNL and Cobie Smulders to Marry in September

After eight years together and a three-year engagement, Cobie Smulders and Taran Killam are finally tying the knot this September.

And no one is more excited to go dress shopping than the couple’s daughter Shaelyn Cado, who turns 3 this month.

“She really wants a dress and she wants white shoes,” The Avengers actress, 30, tells ET Canada.

As the big day draws near, the guest list is being finalized — with Shaelyn taking charge of double checking the invitees.

“If people come over she’ll be like, ‘Mama, are they coming to the wedding?’ Usually it’s a yes,” Smulders shares.

But, most importantly, the toddler has learned a valuable lesson: a big party means a whole lot of delicious desserts.

“She knows about [the wedding]. She knows that there are sweets involved,” the How I Met Your Mother star laughs

adorable, hot, talented duo imo. Their daughter sounds cute Congrats!
Captain Marvel

ugh fail

Olly Murs - Heart Skips a Beat (US Radio Version) ----Featuring Chiddy Bang

Olly opened his official US website today and announced Columbia is releasing the smash hit "Heart Skips a Beat" in the US to coincide with his opening slot on One Directions 2012 summer tour-----except with US duo Chiddy Bang instead of the superior Rizzle Kicks.


Um Rizzle Kicks > these two.

Spock Dog // Star Trek

New series of Merlin to be more 'sophisticated'

OP note: Does 'sophisticated' mean more or less homoerotic? jw. 

 executive producer James Murray has promised that the show will grow more "sophisticated".

"As happens with many of these things – I guess Harry Potter being the most famous example - you do take the younger audience with you and to keep them you need to offer more sophisticated fare," said Murphy.

The Merlin co-creator also revealed further casting details for series five, confirming that Alexander Vlahos will replace Hugo star Asa Butterfield as Morded.

"We're happy to officially say that Alexander Vlahos is playing the older Mordred," he said. "He's in a lot of [the fifth series]."

Murphy added that new episodes of Merlin are again likely to debut in the autumn, following the October 2011 premiere of series four.

"We expect to be pretty much where we were last time, up against The X Factor," he revealed. "They don't tell us for certain until very late in the day, though!"

The BBC recently revealed to Digital Spy that Game of Thrones star Liam Cunningham will appear in the new series of Merlin.


What do you want to see in season 5 ONTD? I want more bb dragons please! 


Outkast's Andre 3000 to begin shooting Jimi Hendrix biopic next month.

OutKast member, Gillette spokesman and person cooler than all of us Andre 3000 has long been rumored to play Jimi Hendrix in a biopic on the late musician's life, but all we've heard so far is hearsay and possibilities. But thanks to Irish Film and Television Network , we've got some definitive news.

Shooting for All Is By My Side will begin in Ireland in June and will "document Hendrix’s period in England over 1966 and 1967," the period before and during recording of his revolutionary debut album Are You Experienced?

The film will focus on Hendrix's early years, from playing in small New York clubs to being discovered by the Animals' Chas Chandler and flown to London to begin work on Experienced. While Hendrix had Irish blood, it's most likely that Ireland will be filling in for another locale more prominent to the guitarist's life.

All Is By My Side is written and directed by John Ridley, best known as the writer of Three Kings.


Dopest casting ever.
Linda Evangelista

Linda Evangelista Trial: Salma Hayek Told Baby Would Have Down Syndrome

# Linda Evangelista is demanding $46,000 in childcare support from ex-boyfriend for son Augie
# Francois-Henri Pinault revealed he spends $260,000 on gifts on himself a year but cannot remember what he bought his son for his birthday
# Pinault admitted on Thursday he broke up with Evangelista when he found out she was pregnant
# Began dating Salma Hayek months later and they now have daughter, four

Hollywood actress Salma Hayek feared she was carrying a baby with Down's syndrome, her French billionaire husband has revealed as he tackles his former flame, Linda Evangelista, in court.

On the witness stand in Manhattan for the second day, Francois-Henri Pinault explained that his wife, then 41, was having a 'very difficult pregnancy' and almost lost their daughter Valentina, now four.

'We were told the baby had Down syndrome until late May 2007,' Pinault said. 'I asked Linda to delay the legal recognition process [of son Augustin] until after the birth of Valentina.'

Evangelista, who has taken Pinault to court for $46,000 a month in child support for their five-year-old son Augie, agreed and he said he was grateful, the New York Daily News reported.

The revelation comes a day after the French billionaire revealed he broke up with Evangelista after discovering she was pregnant four months into their relationship.

The supermodel's lawyer also claimed on Thursday Pinault had demanded she have an abortion.

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CEvans all day erryday

Ooooo they mad

Angers 'SNL' Producers by Missing Dress Rehearsal

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rihanna was a no-show for her final rehearsal for "Saturday Night Live" last night -- which did not sit well with the show's producers, including head man Lorne Michaels ... TMZ has learned.

According to our sources, RiRi called in sick for the dress rehearsal, which is done live in front of a studio audience right before the actual show. We're told Michaels takes dress rehearsals very seriously and was quite upset when Rihanna bailed at the last minute.

Our sources say that in her place, Rihanna's choreographer danced to her songs.

When Rihanna showed up later looking just fine, we're told the staff was shocked ... and felt she didn't appear sick enough to have missed the dress rehearsal ... though no one from the show called her on it.

According to our sources, once the live show got going, Rihanna was seen eating an apple and walking around in between songs ... which bothered several staffers because she did not seem ill at all.

We're told producers can't even remember the last time someone has skipped the dress rehearsal.

Sources close to Rihanna tell TMZ she went through every rehearsal except the dress rehearsal (which she was in the building for) because she just felt too ill to do it. We're told RiRi had a doctor come to her dressing room before the show and administer a shot of penicillin before she went on.

A rep for the singer tells TMZ, "Rihanna was sick and needed to save her voice for the live show."


Lil Kim is currently making an Azealia Banks diss track

Representatives for Lil Kim have accused Harlem newcomer Azealia Banks of manufacturing a phony beef with the veteran rapper.
Azealia Banks to Twitter, where she tweeted a series of messages, presumably directed at Lil Kim.

Reports suggested that Azealia Banks, who lionized Lil Kim on Twitter weeks earlier, was supposed to collaborate on her upcoming mixtape “Broke With Expensive Taste.”

Apparently that is not the case, according to Lil Kim’s publicist CJ Carter.
“My client and azealia have NEVER spoke to one another or met AT ALL,”
CJ Carter told in a press release.
“Kim was actually very flattered Azealia’s public admiration for her, which is why it’s so hard to understand how someone who claims to be a true Lil Kim fan could flip the script so easily on someone who was supposedly their idol,” Carter noted.
According to CJ Carter, Azealia Banks went right to twitter with her issues, as opposed to reaching out to anyone from Lil Kim’s camp.
Carter said that Lil Kim has no problems with Azealia Banks and will not engage in a petty, manufactured feud with the fledgling rapper.
“We have no idea what they are referencing and have no desire to discuss the matter any further as there is nothing to talk about,” CJ Carter said “It honestly seems that someone from Azealia’s team would rather have her fans buy into manufactured drama instead of buying music.”

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forever providing ONTD's writers reasons to angst and be bitter

Student signs six figure book deal
Samantha Shannon-Jones, a second-year student at St Anne's, has signed a three-book deal with Bloomsbury for her series of urban fantasy novels.

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sipney deal

Marina & the Diamonds + Lana Del Rey top UK Albums chart with "Electra Heart" + "Born to Die".

Marina Diamandis, AKA Marina And The Diamonds has scored her first Official Number 1 album.

The half Welsh / half Greek singer’s second album, Electra Heart, featuring Top 20 single Primadonna, claims first place today ahead of Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die (Number 2) – toppling last week’s chart topper Jack White from the summit of the Official Albums Chart.

The news will certainly cheer up Diamandis who was forced to postpone her upcoming UK tour earlier this week after being advised by doctors to rest her voice or risk permanently damaging her vocal chords. Marina And The Diamonds’ debut album, The Family Jewels, peaked at Number 5 when it was released in 2010.

Jack White’s critically-acclaimed Blunderbuss takes third place, while US singer songwriter Norah Jones is the second highest new entry of the week at Number 4 with new offering Little Broken Hearts. Adele’s mega-selling second album, 21, completes this week’s Official Albums Chart Top 5.

Full list @ Source - fave song from each album?
{magnolia} but it did happen

The Blake and Adam love affair is still going strong

'The Voice': Adam Levine and Blake Shelton share a tender moment

"The Voice" is starting to wind down, but the excitement off camera is just heating up.

Here's the best of what you didn't see at the singing competition on Tuesday (May 1).

Hold on tight - When Adam Levine was introduced, he jumped off stage into the waiting arms of Blake Shelton. Shelton then cradled Levine a like a baby. Yeah, it was a little strange. Collapse )

Also, Tumblr and unofficial blogs are saying Blake with be featured on the new Maroon 5 album on the track "Doin' Dirt" but IDK.

In Praise of Pop Nonsense

Ask any idiot and they’ll tell you that music isn’t as good as it used to be. Of course, music is as brilliant, arousing, puzzling, woeful, tepid, boring and fantastic as it’s ever been. Every decade has been guilty of dreck and wonderment in equal measure.

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What makes a pop song great, ONTD? Is it getting better or worse over time? Is Nicki Minaj secretly a genius? Is Led Zeppelin kinda overrated?

Betsey Johnson Files for Bankruptcy‎

Betsey Johnson, the New York City design veteran whose punk-ballerina party dresses are beloved by teens and spunky pop stars alike (Britney Spears was allegedly considering Johnson to design her wedding gown) is filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As a result, WWD reveals, the majority of her line's freestanding boutiques will close down by July, meaning 350 or more workers will lose their jobs.
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eli snl bumpers

Nelly Furtado unveils tracklisting for The Spirit Indestructible

1. Spirit Indestructible
2. Big Hoops (Bigger the Better)
3. High Life feat. Ace Primo
4. Parking Lot
5. Something feat. Nas
6. Bucket List
7. The Most Beautiful Thing feat. Sara Tavares
8. Waiting For the Night
9. Miracles
10. Circles
11. Enemy
12. Believers |

13. Hold Up
14. End of the World
15. Don’t Leave Me
16. Be OK feat. Dylan Murray
17. Thoughts feat. The Kenyan Boys Choir
18. Thoughts (Tiesto Remix)

Nelly's twitter

Is it June 19 yet?
britney → stages (underworld)

Britney Spears helps cancer patient Ryan Kennedy with Twitter wish

Britney Spears just took to her Twitter account to ask her followers to help grant the wish of Ryan Kennedy, “a sweet boy battling cancer”.

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other celebs joining the movement:

he has trended so far in at least 7 countries! let's make this kid's wish come true :)
[The Avengers] Black Widow

THE AVENGERS Looks Set To Break ANOTHER Record After IMAX Theatres Run Out Of Seats

IMAX grossed more than $21.1M this weekend, bringing the total for Marvel's
The Avengers screenings in that format to approximately $31.2M worldwide.
$6.1M of that was from international locations (an extremely impressive figure
considering the fact that the film is now in its second week of release
overseas) and $1.1M of that was from China alone. However, there was a slight
problem (well, for moviegoers that is) in North America this weekend as IMAX
ended up running out of seats to sell! The superhero ensemble grossed $15M
from 275 domestic screens and this puts it at either the same or perhaps
slightly more than the figure made by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
Part 2 last year. So, there's ANOTHER record for Marvel to brag about! Many
thanks to Deadline for the figures above. In addition, listed below are some
more of the records broken by The Avengers this weekend.

International figures for The Avengers so far in key territories are: UK
$48.1M, Mexico $40.2M, Australia $32.2M, Korea $31.3M, Brazil $31.0M, France
$26.4M, Italy $18.8M, Germany $18.3M, Russia $17.9M, China $17.4M, Spain
$14.4M, Taiwan $14.3M, Philippines $11.5M.

It's never late for party !