May 1st, 2012

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The New Yorker reviews Game of Thrones

The Aristocrats
The graphic arts of “Game of Thrones.”
by Emily Nussbaum

For critics, sorting through television pilots is an act of triage. Last year, when “Game of Thrones” landed on my desk, I skimmed two episodes and made a quick call: we’d have to let this one go. The HBO series, based on the best-selling fantasy books by George R. R. Martin, looked as if it were another guts-and-corsets melodrama, like “The Borgias,” or that other one. In the première, a ten-year-old boy was shoved out of a tower window. The episode climaxed with what might be described as an Orientalist gang rape / wedding dance. I figured I might catch up later, if the buzz was good.

It was the right decision, even if I made it for the wrong reason. “Game of Thrones” is an ideal show to binge-watch on DVD: with its cliffhangers and Grand Guignol dazzle, it rewards a bloody, committed immersion in its foreign world—and by this I mean not only the medieval-ish landscape of Westeros (the show’s mythical realm) but the genre from which it derives. Fantasy—like television itself, really—has long been burdened with audience condescension: the assumption that it’s trash, or juvenile, something intrinsically icky and low. Several reviews of “Game of Thrones” have taken this stance, including two notable writeups in the Times: Ginia Bellafante sniffed that the show was “boy fiction” and Neil Genzlinger called it “vileness for voyeurism’s sake,” directed at “Dungeons & Dragons types.”

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Best Friends Forever Cancelled? :-(

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Forever is awfully short on NBC. The network has yanked the final two episodes of its new comedy "Best Friends Forever" from the schedule, replacing the episodes with "Betty White's Off Their Rockers," a hidden-camera show in which senior citizens play pranks on young people.

"Best Friends Forever" was never expected to last long, since it was plugged in as a mid-season burn off, but we had hopes that we'd at least get to see the first season. This makes "Bent's" run look successful!

The show premiered to an audience of 3.9 million viewers on April 4, but by this week, it had lost over a million viewers to score just 2.6 million viewers and a 0.8 rating/2 share in households.


:-( I loved this show for Jessica St. Clair. Hopefully she'll get another show/something

Garbage Frontwoman Shirley Manson Drags Haters for Madonna

Almost two decades and over 12 million albums sold, Shirley Manson returns to the spotlight armed with a new set of killer songs.
A few weeks ago, she gave an interview to Bullett Media and gave her point of view on how the press is trashing Madonna.

"The tabloids complain about Madonna looking old, and people laugh at her for that.
Then Madonna goes and fixes her face, and they laugh at her for that.
Even thought they begrudgingly say she looks amazing, they’ll still laugh at her for trying to look young.
Then she steps out, looking amazing, and the tabloids go and blow up a picture of her aging hand.
Nobody’s doing that to George Clooney, blowing up pictures of his hands!
I look at these magazines, and I want to say to them, What’s your point? That she’s aged? Does that surprise you? Or is your ‘point’ an attempt to undercut what she’s achieved?
I think it is, even if it’s on a subconscious level.
And you probably wouldn’t turn down those hands if they were grabbing you under the table, you fucking idiots!"

Ms. Michonne

'True Blood's' Alexander Skarsgard: 'I was born to play' 'Fifty Shades' role'

Alexander Skarsgard is tall, blond and handsome and the latest name fans are rallying behind in the hopes he’ll play the title character when “Fifty Shades of Grey” makes the leap from novel to big screen feature.

The “Battleship” star had not heard of the book when he sat down to talk about his new action sci-fi film at the junket in Hawaii over the weekend, but after Access Hollywood’s Shaun Robinson informed him about the erotic role, Alexander laughed.

“Where do I sign?” the “True Blood” hunk smiled.

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ONTD Poll: I know how the general consensus is that this book sucks and, therefore, the movie will, too...but would you watch it for Eric Northman?
(Edited to include some eye candy)

2012 TONY NOMINATIONS! Andrew Garfield nommed and Hunter Parrish snubbed!

Announced at 8:30 a.m. EST this morning by Jim Parsons and Kristin Chenoweth...

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* * *

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Sources: 1, 2

But seriously, what the hell are some of these noms and snubs? Newsies is obviously going to clean up and I don't know a damn thing about Once. Upset that Alan Rickman was snubbed for his flawless performance in Seminar TBH.
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Olympics post: Duran Duran and more to headline Hyde Park Opening Concert

Duran Duran are to play a concert in London's Hyde Park to mark the start of the Olympic Games.

The gig will feature headline acts from all four nations of the UK, with Duran Duran representing England and Snow Patrol appearing for Northern Ireland.

Stereophonics will represent Wales and Paolo Nutini will play for Scotland.

The concert on 27 July will coincide with the Olympics opening ceremony, which will be broadcast on big screens in the park between performances.

"Performing to so many people on the most exciting day in sport for Great Britain will be one of the highlights of the last decade for us," said Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon.

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marina † primadonna

Arrested Development’s fourth season will not be available to Canadian Netflix customers

As previously reported, Netflix is set to revive the cult Fox television series Arrested Development, giving it a streaming-only deal of 10 episodes for 2013. But what of Canada? Do we get the exploits of Michael Bluth and company?

Steve Swasey, vice-president of Corporate Communications at Netflix, said Wednesday that “the return of Arrested Development exclusively on Netflix will be in the U.S. only.”

Cue George Michael’s sad Charlie Brown walk. But for those averse to illegal downloading and lucky enough to reside south of the border, the series is set to debut next year in one big gulp, with the 10 new episodes becoming available on the same day.

Series creator Mitch Hurwitz also confirmed earlier this month that production will begin this summer, with all the original stars, including Jeffrey Tambor, David Cross and Michael Cera, returning.

National Post

In "Shit That Shoulda Been Done Happened" news...Jessica Simpson rushed to hospital!

It's been 87 months in the works (the shade of it all.) ... but IT'S FINALLY HAPPENING ... Jessica Simpson and several members of her family have arrived to an L.A. hospital ... where she is expected to finally give birth!!!

Jessica, her mother Tina and her sister Ashlee just arrived to the hospital ... along with Eric Johnson's parents.

About damn time, girl. That baby's gonna come out with a Master's in Architectural Science from Harvard.


The Jessica Simpson baby countdown is finally over -- because she just gave birth to a bouncing baby girl ... who weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces and measured in at 21.75 inches!!!

The kid's name is Maxwell Drew Johnson -- which is pretty normal by celebrity baby naming standards.

Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson decided to use the name Drew because it's Jessica's mother's maiden name.

Jess just released a statement on her website ... saying, "Eric and I are elated to announce the birth of our baby girl Maxwell Drew Johnson."

"We are so grateful for all of the love, support and prayers we have received. This has been the greatest experience of our lives."



Netflix considering reviving Jericho!

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TV Guide Magazine confirms that Netflix has approached CBS about reviving cult fave Jericho — and the network, through its CBS TV Studios production arm, is considering it.

Repeats of Jericho remain popular on Netflix's on-demand service, even four years after the show's cancellation. Insiders say Netflix execs would love to emulate the revival of Fox's Arrested Development, which is expected to return on Netflix with new episodes in 2013, seven years after the show ended its run. Jericho's are a passionate bunch: CBS renewed the post-apocalyptic show for a second season in 2007 after viewers bombarded the network with cases of peanuts.

Talks are still in preliminary stages, and insiders warn that it's too soon to celebrate, as there are still many hurdles to overcome before a deal is struck. Making it financially viable for both Netflix and CBS may be the biggest challenge of them all. Netflix has seen its share price drop more than 25 percent in the past month.

Before a third season of Jericho can happen, rounding up the stars and exec producers, many of whom are working on other projects, will take time. Past attempts at a Jericho return haven't panned out, such as stalled talks with Comcast to continue Jericho in a fashion similar to Friday Night Lights. Executive producer Jon Turteltaub said in 2009 that he was developing a movie, but that also didn't go anywhere. So far, only Jericho comic books have made it to production (a new edition hits stands this summer).

In the case of Jericho, even CBS boss Leslie Moonves has hinted that it's a possibility. In February, Moonves revealed at an investor conference that CBS was in discussions with Netflix about potentially doing a show together — and yes, it's believed he was referring to Jericho. CBS declined comment.

Please, please, please, please, please, please happen! I love and miss this show so much. But I'd need the original cast back!
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Kris Allen fights the power, accidentally performs illegal acts

On Sunday, Kris Allen invited fans to join him at Santa Monica Pier and shocked the tens of people who showed with a free busking ~concert that lasted about an hour before harbor security shut him down for lack of permit. Kris attempted to introduce himself to the security guard, but was abruptly interrupted and turned away in a "rude" fashion. This incensed his fans and resulted in the worldwide trending topic of #FreeKrisAllen on Twitter, which landed him in the entertainment blog media spotlight over the past couple of days, including a brief interview with E! Online in which he insists that he was just trying to play some tunes for fans and never meant to break the law.


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I leave you with the best moment of the entire show in which Kris is approached by his doom...

kelly rowland

Grab a pen and paper and take notes, Sheree Whitfield!

Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Raymond have gotten an ultimatum in their custody war -- they're at the Atlanta courthouse trying to settle it, and if they can't the judge is going to lay down the law.

The singer and his ex-wife showed up to Fulton County Court this morning -- where a judge ordered the couple to try and hash out a temporary custody agreement in private mediation.

They've had all morning to work something out -- but if they don't come to terms soon ... they'll face the judge again this afternoon ... when he'll impose a temporary order, deciding how Usher and Tameka will split their time with their kids.

The order will also address child support.

As reported, Usher and Tameka have been fighting over their kids for years -- Tameka wants full custody, claiming he secretly uses drugs. Usher has denied the allegations, asking for an increase in daddy time. The couple currently shares custody.


the greatest news ever ⋆

Camille Grammer
to Return Next Season on RHOBH

(living legend, u can look but don't touch)

Guess Camille Grammer couldn't say farewell to the drama forever!

A source confirms to E! News that Grammer, who left her role as a series regular on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills earlier this year, is heading back to the reality show.

So in what capacity is she returning?

Our source tells us Grammer is doing cameos for next season, including an appearance at Kyle Richards' birthday party, which she attended this past weekend. Over the coming weeks, Kelsey Grammer's ex-wife is expected to continue to shoot scenes for next season.


Sacha Baron Cohen being the best method actor ever

He's renowned for embracing his on-screen alter egos for press conferences and premieres.
But yesterday Sacha Baron Cohen took things one step further when he arrived in Sydney airport following a long-haul flight from Los Angeles in character as The Dictator's General Aladeen.
The 40-year-old actor stepped off his flight sporting a full beard, sunglasses, and Qantas pyjamas - which he had customised to include gold shoulder pads and a neck pillow made out of the Australian flag.

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Video 1
Video 2
my queen

Selena Gomez getting too racy (LOL)? A look at her sexiest moments.

Selena Gomez is obviously trying to look sexy in her new perfume ad, which features the former Disney star soaking wet in a tank of water. So is the look too racy for Selena?

In the ad she has a seductive look on her face and shows off a lot of leg as the skirt of her strapless dress floats up around her. Maybe Selena got the idea to get drenched from her beau Justin Bieber - he also recently tried to get sexy in his "Boyfriend" music video by getting wet. However, he'll be happy to notice that Selena isn't kissing a Bieber lookalike in her perfume ad and doesn't have a lot of guys' hands grabbing at her. Or maybe Selena was inspired by Britney Spears' look in her perfume ad for Fantasy - Britney's goddess inhabited the woods, while Selena's lives in water.

Whatever the inspiration for it, Selena's ad seems to be raising eyebrows. However, this isn't the first time that she's been spotted sporting a sexy look.

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Put it away Selena!!!!!! You're not almost 20 you and you should still abide by the mole rule tbh!
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Patrick Schwarzenegger attends senior prom with daughter of famous music producer

Over the weekend Patrick Schwarzenegger experienced a typical teen rite of passage—attending his senior prom—but it wasn't your average affair. That's because the 18-year-old son of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver attended the event with another celebrity offspring—legendary music producer Jimmy Iovine's daughter Jade.

Patrick—who, in addition to being a student, is a model, aspiring actor and a designer for the charity-driven clothing line Project 360—shared his prom photo with his more than 50,000 Twitter followers. In the pic, his classmate Jade, wearing a white, strapless dress, pins a boutonnière to his tuxedo. He captioned the photo: "Prom with my best friend @jadeiovine."

While Patrick doesn't go into further detail about their relationship status other than his "best friend" comment," Jade appears to be tight with the entire Schwarzenegger/Shriver family. In January it was announced that she was organizing the Young Woman's Conference at Brentwood School, which she attends with Patrick, and the honorary chair was Maria Shriver. She later wrote about the event for Huffington Post and talked about how she was bullied growing up. Jade is also friends with Patrick's sister Katherine Schwarzenegger and messages her on Twitter.

No word on Jade's college plans for fall, but Patrick was tweeting about his own after he was recently accepted by the University of Southern California. "I'm not going, but still I'm f-cking happy!" he wrote. He also applied to Georgetown, Stanford and University of Pennsylvania.
Ed - brows

His Beard Is Blackmailing Him

[BlindGossip] Celebrities often date and marry beards because it is professionally beneficial for them to be seen as straight. Even in this day and age, it’s more usual for performers to stay in the closet and beard up then it is for them to proudly proclaim their same-sex preference.

But there is a big risk in bringing a beard aboard: you are depending on them to keep your secret forever. If you beard with another celebrity, both of your reputations and livelihoods are at stake. But if you marry a non-celebrity, there is little for them to lose if they decide to blackmail you.

Such is the case of this male celebrity. Pushed by his family (especially his father), he married his non-celebrity beard. Beard Wife knew exactly what she was marrying into. And now she is demanding more to keep his secrets. And she wants a lot.

She wants a television show. It isn’t enough for her to marry a celebrity; she wants to be a celebrity! So does her musician brother. So does her sister. So does her sister’s husband.

The celebrity said “No. I’m not doing that.” The wife said “Oh, yes you will! Because if you don’t, I will tell everyone that you are gay, and your career will be over.

So it’s a done deal. The wife and her sister will be the talent, the sister’s husband will be a producer, and the wife’s brother will hope that his appearances will lead to a big record deal.

The entire project is being sold on the strength of the celebrity’s name, yet out of all the players, he is the one who wants it least. But he’ll go along with what Daddy and Beard Wife and her family wants. Because he still does not have the courage and strength to run his own life. We hope that someday he will. And then, instead of pretending to be happy, he can actually be happy. But for now, he is miserable closeted gay guy with a declining career, a controlling Daddy, and a blackmailing Beard Wife.

Manny Santos (Cassie Steele), latest Degrassi alumna to call the CW home!

Cassie Steele, who portrayed Manny Santos for 9 years on Degrassi: The Next Generation, is the latest and one of the growing number of actresses to have graduated from the show to find them-self on The CW network.

Cassie plays Abby Vargas on the new drama, The L.A Complex, as an aspiring actress who moves to L.A in hopes of becoming a big movie star.

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Cassie thanks you for your time!

Official Twitter

Miley Cyrus Being Considered For ‘X Factor’ Judge Job

Miley Cyrus is being eyed as a potential fourth judge on Fox’s X Factor, Celebuzz has exclusively learned.

The ‘Party in the USA’ pop star is on Simon Cowell‘s top-secret shortlist that also includes Fergie, Avril Lavigne and Demi Lovato, a production insider confirmed

“There have been talks with Miley,” the source revealed.

Whilst Britney Spears has not yet inked her deal, it’s believed to be inevitable that she will join Cowell and fellow judge L.A. Reid, the chairman of Epic Records, in a deal worth up to $15 million, the source added.

“Britney’s deal is not done, it’s close, but we are not that far ahead to be making a formal announcement,” a source told Celebuzz.


Natalie Wood's daughter arrested on drug charges

Natalie Wood’s daughter with Robert Wagner, Courtney Wagner, found herself entangled in a mystery of her own after she was arrested last Sunday.

Police officers who responded to a call to Wagner’s Malibu home found the 38-year-old in possession of both heroin and cocaine, TMZ reports.

According to the site, the officers were responding to a 911 call following an explosive argument at Wagner’s home when they found the drugs.

The argument was punctuated with a woman’s scream and a gunshot. Nobody was reportedly hurt.

Wagner was arrested on suspicion of felony drug possession, and the unidentified man, who presumably shot the gun, was also placed under arrest, for negligent discharge of a firearm.

The legendary actress’ daughter later posted the $10,000 bail.

Courtney’s late mother, Wood, died mysteriously in 1981 after drowning off the coast of Catalina Island. The case was recently reopened last November after new information about the case arose, but her death was later ruled an accident. SOURCE

  • _beka

An Excuse for a Haven Post

BREE WILLIAMSON to ‘Shrink’ HAVEN Troubles

Fellow fans of HAVEN... this is going to be such a cool season and if you had a chance to listen to the WHR interview with Lilla and Nora Zuckerman last night you heard some of the reasons why.
The Californian based sisters, who have written together for shows like Fringe and Human Target before joining the HAVEN team last season, talked to WHR about their role as story editors and screenwriters for the Syfy/Showcase hit series . While the two were cautious about revealing too much of what's ahead on season 3... here's some of what they did share (in no particular order)
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Goddess of Love and Light Brandi Glanville ascends to Mt. Olympus and becomes an OFFICIAL HOUSEWIFE!

Brandi Glanville made waves during season 2 when she was added to the cast of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a 'friend of the Housewives.' She was a beautiful blonde who cussed like a sailor, and the Richards sisters were immediately threatened, especially when Glanville spoke out about the elephant in the room—Kim's addiction.

Even after announcing that music mogul David Foster's wife, Yolanda Hadid, would be added as a 'Housewife,' it seems as though producers have left room for one more! Glanville is also being added as an official 'Housewife,' a network source confirms to Gossip Cop. After hearing of Hadid joining the cast, fans were disappointed, fearing that Glanville's time on the show would be limited.

Filming on the series is currently underway. Just two nights ago, all of the ladies gathered at cast mate Lisa Vanderpump's restaurant Villa Blanca where they welcomed Hadid to the cast. Hadid is Vanderpump's friend Mohammed's ex wife—so they are sure to have some drama between the two of them.

With Brandi Glanville now officially on board, fans are sure to be a bit more positive after they received the blow of Camille Grammer not returning(as a regular cast member) Season 3 is set to debut sometime in September of this year.

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Teaser for Trey Songz's new video featuring Kelly Rowland

© 2012 WMG. Tune in to BET's 106 & Park on Friday, May 4th for the world premiere of Trey's "Heart Attack" video! Download "Heart Attack" on iTunes:

"Heart Attack" is off of Trey's new album "Chapter V" - coming soon!
I never knew love, would feel like a heart attack

Willam's new Music Video - Love You Like a Big Schlong.

After Kelly Osbourne made RuPaul's Drag Race disqualifee Willam lip sync for her life against Eden's World star Eden Wood on Logo's 2012 New Now Next Awards to Selena Gomez's Love U Like a Love Song, Willam decided to write a version of the tune that he could really wrap his lips around. Ladies & those more phallically inclined- We present Love You Like a Big Schlong.


Credit: <lj user="parisdiorchanel">

Jessica Simpson gives birth in ~style~

Jessica Simpson's new baby girl arrived in the lap of luxury ... 'cause the hospital she was born in offers the crème de la crème of birthing suites -- if you open your wallet wider than a birthing uterus. (wtf is this comment)

We're told Cedars-Sinai offers several VIP suites for pocket heavy new moms, but it's NOT the $500k mentioned in some reports.

The BEST suite you can snag -- a 3-bdrm, 2-bath private pad within the hospital -- will run $3,784 a day ... more than what Beyonce spent -- $3,200 a night -- on her luxury, 4 bedroom birthing suite.

All that green goes a long way ... Jessica's suite boasts flat screen TV's, chilled juices on ice, muffin baskets, manis & pedis for wiped out new moms and a private dinner for two post-labor.

Simpson just delivered baby girl -- Maxwell Drew Johnson -- this AM, weighing in at 9 pounds, 13 ounces.

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Top 10 R&B Songs From the '90s

Oh, the 90’s. Even if you weren’t old enough to go the club or go on a date during this decade, you definitely had your eyes tuned to MTV Jams and Video Soul. In fact, these songs were so big then, you can still hear them on the radio and in the clubs today. Here are our Top 10 R&B diddies from the decade of Cross Colors jackets, color-blocked shirts, and furry Kangols.

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What r&b songs had you dancing and twerking in the '90s ONTD?
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10 Goodies From John Peel's First 100 Archived Records

May 1 2012, 1:21 PM ET
by Marc Hogan

Digging through the legendary British DJ's massive record collection, which has just been posted to the Web

Virtual crate-digging might not get your fingers dirty, but it's still a labor of love. The first 100 records from the late John Peel's massive record collection are now available for browsing online. As fun as it can be to see the beloved British DJ's handwritten index cards for his trove of more than 65,000 slabs of vinyl, the real thrill is listening to the music, right?

That's easier said than done. The good people behind the Peel online archive have gone about this process the legit route, which means the records that would most greatly benefit from rediscovery — in other words, the ones you can't buy on iTunes or stream on Spotify — are still unavailable to hear. And just as Peel was hardly known for his turntable or mixing techniques, his online record collection suffers from the occasional broken link or out-of-order disc (two records by Jamaican roots-reggae giants the Abyssinians, separated by Southern drum-and-bass, Midwestern death metal, and U.K. Oi! punk!).

Luckily, we at SPIN are here to help. While we can't link to Peel's not-online rarities like AC/DC's Live From the Atlantic Studios, which you can buy for $250 on Discogs, we've scoured through the online shelf to find some of the most notable records you can stream from the Peel vaults so far. Poke around for yourself here, or go here for links to Peel's live sessions, radio shows, blog, and other content. Although it's all too easy to romanticize Peel today, the idea that a DJ would play a song for one simple reason — because he liked it — is as refreshing in an era of search engine optimization and conglomerate-controlled playlists as it was during the taste-making DJ's heyday.

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What are your favorite Peel Sessions? My favorites are PJ Harvey, The Slits and Faust. I haven't heard many though. I'm searching for the Siouxsie and the Banshees session right now.
guti WEAH

The Wanted on Xtina One Last Time

The Wanted Don't Expect Anything From Christina Aguilera

We caught up with the group on their way out of LAX this weekend, and Tom Parker, who used the B-word explained to us what happened. “She was a bit rude … She didn’t look at us or speak to us.” Band mate Jay McGuinnes tells RumorFix exclusively, “Everything was no contact. no smiles. Maybe that’s not typical of her — maybe on that day she forgot her manners.”

Has Christina aplogoized? “No she hasn’t,” says Tom, “I wouldn’t expect her to she’s a superstar. We’re just a new band from England.” The boys agree the other judges were cool– and they pick Cee Lo Greene as the nicest. Tom says, he was a “genuine nice guy.” the rest of the judges were very, very nice.

for the tl;dw crew
Tom: The rest of the judges were nice. Ceelo was the nicest one and awesome and chill.
papz asked him if she apologized Tom said no but he doesn't expect it cuz she's a superstart
Nathan says if you attack a superstar the fandoms will go at it. also says Ceelo is the coolest.
Understands that maybe she was having a bad day
Jay says she didn't smile and didn't make any eye contact. That particular day she was not kind.

Has 3 tattoos -- this paparazzi is whack imo
Tom likes Madonna and MIA

alright this is all cleared now and they spoke about what happened so we can now move on. Tom was the only one who spoke out of his ass and prob got his ass handed to him for it.
ps no they don't hate Britney; they stan her
Christian Bale

Video: Amber Rose Talks New Music, Shades, Yoga & Wiz Khalifa

Amber Rose sat down for with lewd Karmaloop TV host Fat Jew for the debut episode of his Fat Jew Vs... interview series. The two disussed Amber's upcoming music which includes a feature on a record with her man Wiz Khalifa and Rick Ross as well as the Rose's accessory of choice, sunglasses. The interview takes a twisted turn when Fat Jew brings up the topic of fornicating with deceased whales and gives Amber a very intimate painting he made as a gift for her. The KTV host takes specific interest in Amber's feet and also gets into the details of her experiences with yoga. Needless to say this isn't your typical interview, Nardwuar not withstanding.

Source 1, 2

Britney and Gwen together in X-Factor?

Simon Cowell, who is recruiting new judges for the American version of the reality show X-Factor seems to have a new goal, this time a presenter for the show.

(Brit with Gwen's son, Kingston)

After the actor Darren Criss, of the successful series Glee reject the invitation to introduce X-Factor, Cowell started the negotiations with the singer Gwen Stefani to be the new presenter of the program.
As reported by New York Post, Simon Cowell wants Gwen Stefani at any cost. "Cowell is feeling the pressure and he knows time flies. He needs big names to compete with The Voice," a source said to the newspaper.

Now that the contract with Britney Spears is completely finished (the official announcement should happen later this month) to join the panel of judges of the program, Gwen (who is also a personal friend of the Princess of Pop), has a contract to analyze.
The source revealed that the singer showed interest in presenting the program and the initial value for recruitment is about 7 million dollars.

"Simon wants to create a healthy atmosphere in the backstage of the program. And for that, nothing better than calling people who are friends and talented as in the case of Britney and Gwen," the source continued. "He is aware of the pressure he will face next season, but is sarcastic as anyone and know how to show his ability. Basically, Simon always knew how much these artists benefit the program, so he'll pay any price to get them, "the source said.

Sources: 1 (in spanish), 2, 3
mou hey

Alexander Dale Oen dies at 26

STOCKHOLM -- Alexander Dale Oen stood on top of a world championship podium less than a year ago, wiping away tears as the Norwegian national anthem played in triumph, just three days after his country was rocked by a massacre by a right-wing extremist.

The swimmer became a symbol of resilience and resurgence in Norway with that victory, the country's first swimming world title at a time when it was in desperate need of something to cheer for.

On Tuesday, Norway was in mourning after Dale Oen died suddenly from cardiac arrest during a pre-Olympic training camp in Flagstaff, Ariz. He was 26.

Dale Oen, one of Norway's biggest medal hopes for the London Olympics, was found collapsed on his bathroom floor late Monday and was pronounced dead shortly afterward at Flagstaff Medical Center, Norwegian swimming federation president Per Rune Eknes confirmed to The Associated Press. He said it was still unclear what led to the cardiac arrest.


:( Our champion, rip. your city of is thinking of you. Such a nice guy, such a big heart.
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'Dark Knight Rises,' 'Avengers,' and the great superhero showdown of 2012

It isn’t hyperbole to say that this summer will witness the release of the two biggest superhero movies ever made. This Friday, Marvel Studios will finally bring its madcap five-year plan to fruition with the release of The Avengers, a mega-sequel action bonanza. But, as my colleague Adam B. Vary points out, moviegoers who see The Avengers this weekend will be treated to a preview for a very different comic book film: The Dark Knight Rises, the concluding chapter of Christopher Nolan’s bleak epoch-defining Batman trilogy. It’s not just that The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises offer different perspectives on the superhero genre. The two movies are diametrically opposed down to the microscopic level.

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more mark ruffalo for us all

Mark Ruffalo has signed on to portray the Hulk in six films following the impressive debut of blockbuster superhero tale Avengers Assemble.

Ruffalo's turn as Bruce Banner and his angry green alter-ego has been widely praised. Avengers Assemble (titled The Avengers outside the UK) is on course to be one of the year's biggest films and has received strong reviews. Joss Whedon's film opens in the US this weekend after debuting in the UK and elsewhere last month.

"The experience was great," Ruffalo told the Collider site during a video interview in which he revealed his six-film deal. "I really had a good time. It was fun, and I love that group of people." Marvel studios supremo Kevin Feige said last month that a new solo Hulk film was being considered. "When it'll be, who knows," he said. "But the conversation's definitely started." Ruffalo said at the same event in London that he planned to "try and get Joss Whedon in a room and work out what could be a Hulk movie, with Kevin's blessing of course".

There have been two recent Hulk films, both considered underwhelming, though Ang Lee's 2003 film Hulk has its advocates. Australian Eric Bana played Banner in that movie, while Edward Norton took on the role for 2008's The Incredible Hulk, which was directed by Frenchman Louis Leterrier.

Ruffalo had the advantage, for the first time, of playing the Hulk via motion capture in Avengers Assemble. The film also features Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and Captain America (Chris Evans), all of whom first appeared in their own solo movies.


banner was one of the best parts of the film tbh

SamRo Bombs On Live With Kelly

Samantha Ronson dated Lindsay Lohan, her dad was a music executive and her step-father is Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones — so is it in her blood?

The celebrity deejay usually plays the records and now she's making them, giving her first live television performance on Tuesday morning on Live! With Kelly and has the video in case you missed it.

The 34-year-old sang her new single, Summer of Sam. While dating Lindsay, Samantha's song Built This Way from her first album was featured in her hit film Mean Girls and she even opened for JC Chasez on his Schizophrenic tour in 2004.

Do you think Samantha has a career behind the microphone?

  • jamimo

Rihanna is better than The Beatles

Rihanna is a better artist than the the Beatles, Tony Blackburn has claimed.The veteran DJ, who won the first series of I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! in 2002, was speaking to the Radio Times.

When it was suggested to him that the 1960s were a golden age of music, he said: "I actually think today's artists are better than those of yesteryear. The Beatles and the Stones just stood there with guitars and sang."

"These days, people like Rihanna can sing and dance and do everything."

Sir Paul McCartney spoke in March about One Direction being compared to the Beatles, commenting: "It's a pressure, because suddenly you've got to live up to all the things that we did, and it was a different time. So let's just call them 'the next terrific band'."


literally never heard of the bettles but ia w/ this article <3

Professor Chaos

Promo For Grimm Ep 1x20 "Happily Ever Aftermath" + Possible Early Season 2 Premiere Date

Our favorite fairy tale mash-up, NBC's "Grimm", has just three episodes remaining in its freshman season, and to get you ready for the upcoming "Happily Ever Aftermath", the network brought out the big guns (i.e., fan fave Silas Weir Mitchell) to introduce a clip from the ep.

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David Gandy: Pucker

'Private Practice' to return for sixth and final season?

ABC is in talks to pick up Private Practice for a sixth and final season.

The medical drama's concluding run would be comprised of just 13 episodes, according to Deadline.

The show's chances are thought to have been helped by a recent ratings bump, with the most recent episode attracting a season high of 8.35m viewers in a new Tuesday night slot.

Though an 18-episode or 22-episode pick-up is still possible, Private Practice star Kate Walsh's new contract is only for 13 instalments.

ABC is expected to make a final decision on the fate of Private Practice - as well as GCB and Body of Proof - once it has screened all of its pilots.

Pilots in development at the network this year include action drama Last Resort, Marc Cherry's Devious Maids and period drama Gilded Lilys from Private Practice creator Shonda Rhimes.

Private Practice star KaDee Strickland recently dismissed rumours that the show is due to be axed.

"Because of the way the show ends this season, it feels to me that a renewal would best serve us," said Strickland, who plays Charlotte King.

The fifth season of Private Practice concludes on May 15 on ABC.

bb cp3

5 reasons to become obsessed with watching clips of The Voice: Australia

The Voice has become a ratings hit Down Under, where its inaugural Aussie incarnation, currently in the battle rounds, features coaches Keith Urban, Seal, Joel Madden, and Delta Goodrem. We all know the blind auditions and battle rounds are the most fun part of the show, which is why I’m currently obsessed with The Voice Australia’s YouTube page, which is loaded with clips (that, sadly, are not all playable in the U.S. — boo!). Here are five reasons you should follow suit:

1. Urban makes the best faces, ever. Behold the blind audition for Karise Eden, who got all four coaches to turn around before she even finished the first line of “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World,” below. She eventually chose Seal. Maybe because she didn’t know that look on Urban’s face, pictured, was actually a good one? 

Urban’s this is beautiful look of longing is easier to read at the end of Brittany Cairns’ blind audition of “Gravity.” She chose him.

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Guy Fieri's Stolen $200,000 Lamborghini Found After One Year

Follow-up to this story (

In an unexpected twist, a stolen Lamborghini convertible reportedly owned by celebrity chef and TV host Guy Fieri has been recovered from a San Rafael teen arrested Saturday in connection with a Mill Valley shooting.

The yellow, 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder -- valued at more than $200,000 when new -- was recovered from a storage container in Point Richmond, where a 17-year-old shooting suspect was arrested Saturday evening.

The vehicle was stolen in the early morning hours of March 8, 2011 from an auto dealership on San Francisco's Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco police spokesman Albie Esparza said.

The vehicle was recovered Saturday by detectives from the Marin County Sheriff's Office and the Marin County Major Crimes Task Force...The juvenile is suspected of firing a handgun from a motorcycle at two people who were parked in a pickup truck on Evergreen Avenue in Mill Valley at about 11:30 a.m. April 13. The victims, one male and one female, suffered minor injuries from broken window glass but no gunshot wounds.

The suspect was booked Saturday at Marin County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of attempted murder, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of stolen property, possession of a loaded firearm and resisting arrest. The suspect was being held without bail.

Full Story

Tony Lucca feels like Xtina is trying to get him out of "The Voice"

Tony Lucca is voicing his mind on Christina Aguilera's constant criticism at him on "The Voice". After the "Keeps Gettin' Better" songstress made it clear that she's rooting for Katrina Parker on semifinals night, the Team Adam contestant confessed that he feels like she just wants to take him out of the competition.

Speaking to PEOPLE after the show on Monday, April 30, the 36-year-old first admitted, "I was just scratching my head like: 'Really, you have to keep going on with this?' " He went on to say, "All of the other coaches have been pretty respectful about each other's choices. But now it seems like she's just flat-out trying to get me out of here."

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What do you guys think? Is Christina right or should she back off a bit? It does seem like she is breathing down his neck and really wants him out of there.



Beyoncé: How I Prepared for Blue's Birth

When she arrived at the hospital last January, Beyoncé came with the best of intentions for her daughter's delivery.

"I did have a fresh eyebrow wax," PEOPLE's 2012 Most Beautiful Woman says with a laugh.

"I got my nails done, I got my feet done, had my hair done, and I had my little lip gloss."

But, in the end, Blue Ivy's birth trumped all the new mom's primping and prepping to meet her baby girl.
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m | mcqueen

Supermodel Linda Evangelista Asking for a Record-Breaking $46,000 a Month in Child Support

from François-Henri Pinault (Salma Hayek's babydaddy) and PPR CEO

The child support fight between supermodel Linda Evangelista and her baby daddy, PPR’s chief executive (and Mr. Salma Hayek), François-Henri Pinault, is shaping up to be really ugly. The New York Daily News has a lot of the details about Evangelista’s over-the-top lifestyle and her child support demands, which, if she wins, could be record-breaking.

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how Samuel L. Jackson became his own genre

Before “The Mountaintop” opened on Broadway last fall, there were rumors that this fictional account of Martin Luther King Jr.’s last night before his assassination would present him as a flawed man, one who drinks and flirts with a motel maid. Kenny Leon, the director, told me recently, however, that he never would have had anything to do with something “that destroyed the iconic nature of Dr. King.” In fact, he said, when he first read the play, he realized that its innocently childlike King could be played only by “a sensitive actor bigger than life” — his friend Sam Jackson.

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source super long read but there's a lot of really interesting stuff in there, especially about black celebrities in hollywood and his life experiences. i love his brutal honesty. SLJ tag please??

John Mayer Sighted in Minneapolis

ohn Mayer was hanging out in Dinkytown (right next to the University of Minnesota) in Minneapolis tonight - reportedly playing shows for Target and Best Buy employees at a private event. My roommate and I just happened to snag him as he got out of his tinted SUV and asked for a picture. He was super nice, and one of the staff gladly snapped the picture for us! 

At the event it is said he debuted his CD for the guests, and discussed his feelings about the new album set to drop later this month. He was there for about two hours and dipped out shortly after a m&g with the guests.

We look like scrubs, whatever - totally worth it. 
eddie izzard made by icons_by_li

Your faves could never be this funny

Eddie Izzard Force Majeure World Tour

Force majeure (French, “superior force", "chance occurrence, unavoidable accident")
In 2011 EDDIE IZZARD, the man who turned talking ‘Bollocks’ into an art form performed and sold–out Madison Square Garden in New York. He spent a three-month residency at the Théâtre de Dix Heures in Paris performing STRIPPED: ‘Tout en Francais’ (in French!) and then became the first stand-up to play a solo show at Los Angeles’ legendary Hollywood Bowl. It was an extraordinary year from an extraordinary man. Never one to rest on his laurels IZZARD now plans to take on the world with a brand-new comedy tour, FORCE MAJEURE.
FORCE MAJEURE will be the most extensive comedy tour ever. It begins its mammoth journey around the globe during spring 2013. From Cardiff to Kathmandu, Moscow to Mumbai, EDDIE will visit 25 countries throughout Europe, USA, Africa, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, India, Nepal and The Far East.

Could not be anymore excited for 2013 now tbh, I like my women like I like my a plastic cup. There has to be some eddie stans in ONTD surely? 


Nutella To Pay Up After Lawsuit Questions Nutritional Value, You May Be Entitled To Money Too

Any consumer who purchased Nutella in the last few years is entitled to their cut of a $3.5 million class action settlement, ABC News reports.

The two women behind the lawsuit are mothers who were appalled by Nutella’s advertisements.

The makers claimed the product was a healthy spread made with "simple, quality ingredients like hazelnuts, skim milk and a hint of coco,” according to its commercial.

But in fact, mother of three Laura Rude-Barbato found that the product was no healthier than a candy bar.

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To learn more about the settlement, click here: .

Read ABC News' report here:


Tulisa Crowned FHM's Sexiest Woman In The World ‎

Tulisa Contostavlos has been named the sexiest woman in the world by readers of FHM magazine. The N-Dubz star, who is currently at number one on the Vodafone Big Top 40 with her debut solo single 'Young', beat the likes of Cheryl Cole and former winner, model Rosie Huntington Whitley to take the honour.

Speaking about the award, Tulisa said: "Thank you so much for voting for me. It's a true honour and definitely a lovely confidence boost. I'm proud of me and I am who I am. I know that I'm marmite and I wouldn't wanna be anything less or anything more, I'm just myself.

She added: "I believe in embracing being sexy but I'm not one to agree with stripping off for the cameras, I like to be more subtle than that as these shots show. This is an award that will stay on the mantelpiece probably for the rest of my life."

Preview of the cover

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Check out the full list here:

1. Tulisa Contostavlos (RE-ENTRY; 15th place in 2010)
2. Cheryl Cole (12)
3. Rihanna (3)
4. Rosie Jones (re-entry; 77th place in 2010)
5. Georgia Salpa HIGHEST NEW ENTRY
6. Katy Perry (2)
7. Megan Fox (4)
8. Keeley Hazell (RE-ENTRY; 2nd in 2006 and 2007, and 5th in 2009, 2010)
9. Mila Kunis (16)
10. Emily Atack (18)
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