April 17th, 2012

Adventures at C2E2

The weekend of April 13 - 15 marked the 2012 edition of Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2. This event, organized by the same individuals that put on New York Comic Con and PAX, is a convention spanning the latest and greatest from the worlds of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and video games.

I was lucky enough to go to the event on a press pass and after getting some much needed sleep I've put this post together for you guys to enjoy. :)

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Source: Me and my camera
omar rodriguez lopez

Watch At the Drive In's Full Reunion Set

Cedric Bixler-Zavala: "Urban Outfitters is the Costco of the youth culture."

By Laura Snapes on April 16, 2012 at 09:07 a.m.

Photo by Chris Tuite

Following last week's first reunion show in Austin, At the Drive-In played a comeback set at Coachella last night. Cedric Bixler-Zavala criticized the crowd's attire, commenting, "Urban Outfitters is the Costco of the youth culture." They also stayed true to their promise that there will be no new At the Drive-In material. Watch the full set below:

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Omar's mom died a few weeks ago and he's been really timid during the reunion shows. I feel bad for him and have a lot respect for him for performing even though he's grieving.

Rihanna's Topless Fun Time Hawaii Bikini Adventure

From Celebslam: "I don't know why, but Rihanna facebooked a bunch of bikini pics yesterday from the Hawaiian vacation she was on three months ago (the one where she was high 24/7). Including the one above sans bikini top. Classy, I know. In one of her past lives, I bet she used to be the fairest maiden in all the land. Either that or a dildo."

+55 more bikini pics at the source

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RM - over the shoulder

Rachel McAdams Tracks “A Most Wanted Man”

Coming off the sleeper-hit “The Vow,” Rachel McAdams is now circling to star opposite Philip Seymour Hoffman in the thriller A MOST WANTED MAN for director Anton Corbijn (The American). Producers are also looking at Carey Mulligan, Amy Adams and Jessica Chastain for the role, with McAdams currently the frontrunner. 

Penned for the screen by Andrew Bovell and based on the novel by John le Carre, when a young Muslim immigrant is taken in by a Turkish family, a British banker (Hoffman) must protect him from U.S., British and German secret service agents. McAdams would play the role of Annabel Richter, a fearless and intelligent lawyer who is tasked with tracking down the Turkish man.

Gail Egan to produce alongside Stephen Mark Cornwell, Oliver Butcher, Malte Grunert, Andrea Calderwood and Simon Cornwell. Tessa Ross will executive produce.

McAdams was last seen earlier this year in the romancer “The Vow” for director Michael Sucsy, which grossed over $124 million domestically. She is currently in production on “Passion,” the mystery-thriller opposite Noomi Rapace and Dominic Cooper.


Did Maria and Derek "Sell-Out"?

Latin Night turned into Something to Prove Night on Monday's "Dancing With the Stars" as several of the resident celebs hoped to wipe away last week's dance-floor disasters with one memorable performance.

But there was one head-scratcher in the night's unofficial theme: Just what was it that actress and TV presenter Maria Menounos and pro partner Derek Hough had to prove?

There must have been something, because despite frequent high scores and a steady stream of praise from the panel, the pair put on by far the most desperate dance of the night.

Sure, it's not unusual for an act to pull out all the stops to get a few more viewer votes -- it's just common sense. But rather than simply rely on a shirt-free look from him and some extra sex appeal from her (which they certainly employed), Maria and Derek took it to the point of distraction. Subtlety went out the ballroom window as the duo even went so far as to share a no-doubt-about-it, way-too-long smooch that literally caused them to momentarily cease the salsa action.

Thankfully the lip lock didn't aggravate the accident-prone star's latest injury -- a smashed chin -- but it did earn her some criticism. Judge Carrie Ann Inaba played the part of the self-processed "fuddy-dud" and warned the pair that "dance is about the illusion of passion" before dubbing the big kiss a "sell-out" move.

Sell-out or not, the judges didn't deduct for it. Maria earned a set of 9s. Whether or not she earned approval from voting viewers remains to be seen.


From the routine to the kiss, their dance was painful, and awkward.
guti WEAH

Example Being An Example

Example: I Won't Use Twitter To Make Money

Rapper says he won't do a Kim Kardashian

Example has said that he refuses to use his Twitter account to make money, even though he is regularly offered the chance to promote products to his many followers.

'Changed The Way You Kiss Me' star Example has a big reputation on Twitter as being opinionated, funny and honest - a reputation that has seen him amass over one million followers.

Naturally, advertisers are keen to tap into this audience and have offered to pay him to pretend he is using their products, however Example has other ideas.

“I’m making money from touring so I don’t feel I have to sell my soul to the devil," he told the Daily Star.

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You go Elliot! Keep telling it like it is
haters will say its photoshop

Lady Gaga Is Under A Bad Star

LADY Gaga is consulting a team of astrologers to prepare for her world tour — fearing the stars are aligned in the wrong direction.

The wacky Poker Face singer, 26, is concerned that the planet Mercury is going retrograde, which star-gazers believe causes bad luck.

A source said: “Gaga is worried as she wants the stars to be aligned when she hits the road. She follows her horoscopes closely and has been looking ahead for when she’s away.”

Astrologers say Mercury in retrograde — where it seems to be travelling backwards through the sky — happens around three times a year.

It will occur from July 15 to August 8 — in the middle of Gaga’s huge Born This Way Ball world tour, which starts this month in Seoul.

The source said: “She’s a typical Aries — outgoing with a sense of adventure.

“But when she found out Mercury is likely to go retrograde, she wasn’t happy and has been talking it through with her spiritual team.”

This weekend Gaga’s two UK dates — at Twickenham in London on September 8 and Manchester Arena on September 11 — sold out in a MINUTE on Ticketmaster.

Fans are fuming after £80 tickets were hiked to £1,100 on sister site Get Me In!

Gaga was slammed last week for tweeting about her gruelling fitness regime ahead of the shows — despite urging girls not to diet. The source said: “She’s feeling the pressure of wanting to deliver something amazing again.”

Taking this with a grain of salt, it's THE SUN after all..

Blind Girl steals the hearts on the best reality show in Australia atm.

IT was The Voice Australia's Susan Boyle moment - 90 seconds of sensory overload that almost floored vision-impaired singer Rachael Leahcar

With a degenerative disorder robbing her of 90 per cent of her sight, the 18-year-old had the nation in tears after being led on stage and then stealing the show.

The irony of being discovered during the "blind" auditions of the hottest new talent search series in local TV history is not lost on the cheeky teen, who won over the superstar coaches with her voice before they heard her inspiring story.

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*Sorry about the video guys, I will try and find a working link soon :) *

video might work here http://video.heraldsun.com.au/2223661578/Blind-singer-dazzles-judges
source 1 & 2


Beyonce & Jay-Z Have A Ball With Nephew Julez At Nets Game

In a multi-colored silk crepe Thakoon dress and black mesh, studded Louboutin Bourriche booties & fave Linda Farrow/The Row shades, Beyonce helped her hubby cheer on his Nets, despite them losing to the Miami Heat.  But something good did come of it.  Before LeBron James walked off the court, he took off his sweaty sneakers and put them in Julez's lap.  Sweet!

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these two

Jack Gleeson swaps 'Game of Thrones' for seat of learning

HE plays a leading role in the hit series 'Game of Thrones' but yesterday actor Jack Gleeson was made a scholar at Trinity College.

The second-year student -- who's studying philosophy and theology -- was among 103 new scholars awarded the coveted accolade yesterday.

The 19-year-old plays the easy-to-despise boy king, Joffrey Baratheon, in the medieval drama which is causing waves on both sides of the Atlantic. But despite his global fame, Mr Gleeson may abandon acting for a more academic route. He previously said: "After 'Game Of Thrones' I'd be happy to do some amateur plays but I don't think I want to do any more professional acting.

"I'd like to be an academic, a philosophy lecturer if possible. I'd do a Masters in Ancient Hebrew maybe, and a PhD hopefully, if I get in."

The Cork native added: "The thing about that level of acting is that it is very financially rewarding but for me it is a balancing act.

"I'm happy to sacrifice a big pay cheque for my happiness, if that's not too corny a thing to say. It's probably more naive than mature to say that, maybe, but that's how I feel."

Scholars are students who have demonstrated exceptional knowledge and understanding of their subjects. They are elected annually in various subjects as the result of an exam held in the week before the start of the second term. To become a member of the exclusive Trinity Scholars' club, Mr Gleeson undertook the series of gruelling exams covering a varied mix of topics separate to the academic curriculum.

In recognition of his accolade, he and the other scholars are now entitled to a seat around the dinner table in the Dining Hall at Trinity College. He is also entitled to free accommodation on the campus.


Good luck to everyone studying for finals! I have one next Friday D:

Nick Carter: '90210' Guest Star!

Nick Carter is heading to one of TV’s most famous zip codes.

The 32-year-old singer will be making a cameo on 90210 ‘s May 8 episode when Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) hosts a bachelorette party that features an unexpected appearance from the Backstreet Boys member.

He’s “invited to the party because the bride had a crush on him since junior high school,” EW reports.

Nick is the latest musical guest invited on 90210Train, Cobra Starship, Kellie Pickler, and Snoop Dogg previously appeared on the show.

90210 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on the CW!

I'll always love Nick for being my first crush tbh <3

SOURCE - http://www.justjared.com/pl/2012/03/05/nick-carter-90210-guest-star/

How did this woman get published?!?

The only thing more enigmatic that Christian Grey, the domineering dreamboat at the center of Fifty Shades of Grey (the suburb's favorite new dirty secret), is its author, E L James.

The British wife and mother hasn't spoken with the press very much since her hyper-sexualized tome became the hottest book in America but that changed this morning when she sat down for a brief chat with the Today show.

And it quickly became clear that James is just as flummoxed by the book's success as its detractors, of which there are many. "I'm stunned by its popularity," James said, after admitting there is nothing revolutionary about the book, which she also concedes is not that well-written.

But while she doesn't praise its prose, James did detail just how dedicated she was to scripting this sexual awakening adventure. "I was obsessed. I didn't do anything else for two years," she said. "I was writing all the time."

When talk turned to the book's critics, James said that she believes a dominant/submissive relationship appeals to women because it's very attractive on paper. "I think in real life it's very different. You want someone who does the dishes," she laughed.
"You're in charge of your job, house, you're in charge of your children, you're in charge of getting food on the table – doing all this all of the time, you might want someone to be in charge some of the time."

Or at least E L James did. She calls Fifty Shades of Grey "my midlife crisis," adding that through writing the book she put all her sexual fantasies out into the world. And with more than 250,000 copies sold, it's safe to say she isn't alone.


wtf is happening?! Is this a really good story and I'm just crazy? Or is the world falling into mediocrity? excuse me while I go weep into my manuscript.

Ex-The Voice Contestant GOES IN on Fellow Contestant Jesse Campbell, "That diva's time was up!"

Following the controversial eliminations from #TeamXtina and #TeamBlake on The Voice last night, ex-contestant Nathan Parrett (from #TeamAdam) took to his Twitter this morning to rip into fellow eliminated contestant Jesse Campbell for being a diva on the show. Parrett criticizes Campbell for receiving special treatment, including his having own room, trainers, stylists, and a legal team, and also accuses him of using homelessness to solicit sympathy from viewers. Check out the juicy tweets below:

*EDITED to add this

Apparently Jesse wants an explanation from Christina (and NBC?) for why he was eliminated..


  • oh7

Trey Songz wants to stop Storage Wars' guy's use of the word YUP & he has a new song w/ Iggy Azalea

TMZ reports that Trey Songz has asked a judge to void David Hester's trademark on the term "YUUUP!", because he had it first.

Songz has counter-sued Hester (as of April 2) in their ongoing legal battle over the trademark of the term. They both claim to have the trademark and sell merchandise with the word on it, according to documents filed in New York.

Hester originally sued in 2011, and asked a judge to let him continue selling merchandise even though Songz sent him a cease and desist letter.

Songz claims he has had the trademark since 2009, while Hester filed for his in 2011. He wants a judge to void Hester's trademark and award him damages. Be sure to check out the video in the link above.


In addition to T.I. and her Hustle Gang family, the “Murda Bizness” rapper has collaborated with Trey Songz on “Waste It All,” a cut off her upcoming debut The New Classic. “I did do a song with Trey Songz that’s kind of unexpected,” she told The Boombox. “The beat, and the way he sings, it’s kind of different [from] his regular style. I’m going to put that out, probably before the album.”

More of her talk at the source
all mine

Kim Kardashian Wants to be Mayor of Glendale, California

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If Kim Kardashian has her way, she may be addressed as Mayor Kardashian one day.
In a bonus clip from the "Khloé and Lamar" show Sunday, the two sisters are filmed driving around in Dallas -- and pass by the Ross Perot Museum. This prompts Kim to say, “That guy ran for president.” And that she is going to run for mayor of Glendale in “like, five years.” Kim explains she is looking into the requirements, such as residency: "I have to a buy a house there."
The reality TV star is even thinking strategy with her friend Noelle Keshishian, who will help with her campaign. Why Glendale? “Because it’s like Armenia town.” Kim has done her research: Of the town’s population of about 200,000, one-quarter is Armenian -- the largest population outside of Armenia.
Khloé pipes in that she’s going to be mayor of Dallas, so maybe there’s a new political dynasty coming our way.
Not to be killjoys, but according to the city of Glendale’s website, the government operates on a "council-manager" system: Five council members are selected to serve four-year terms, and each year the council selects one member to serve as mayor.
The good news: the mayor oversees council meetings and ceremonial responsibilities. (Ribbon cuttings! Parades!) That has Kim’s name written all over it.
Mayor Kim -- now there's a reality show we’d watch.

All Angelino's know Glendale is Armeniatown
cillian murphy


Parks and Rec’s Rashida Jones and Mad Men’s John Slattery Team Up to Make Watch What Happens Entertaining For Once

Andy Cohen's three ring circus of a talk show is usually only fun because it's live television and anything can happen. But, tonight his guests were the lovely Rashida Jones, from NBC's Parks and Recreation, and the dashing John Slattery, of AMC's Mad Men and it turned into a pretty fun half hour. Here's a highlight. (source only had one video but I found more clips)

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rah digga: whatever

Azealia Banks' 1991 EP Delayed

"We're gonna vamp this up and make it official."

By Carrie Battan on April 17, 2012 at 08:26 a.m.

Photo by Matt Barnes

1991, the new EP from rapper Azealia Banks, will not arrive today as planned. "For all you asking '1991' is getting delayed.. AGAIN. :( #newartistproblems", she Tweeted last night. Perhaps for the best: "I just switched management.. Literally like three days ago, and have a whole new set of resources to take advantage of," she continued. "We're gonna vamp this up and make it official.. No more ghetto mixes and closet recording.. I have a budget now!" 

Listen to Banks' Diplo-produced latest, "Fuck up the Fun", for which she's posted full lyrics on her Tumblr:

Azealia Banks: "Fuck Up the Fun" (via SoundCloud)


m.i.a. : dance

Hear M.I.A.’s Theme For Julian Assange’s The World Tomorrow and watch the first episode

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been under house arrest in the UK for a while, but he’s still launching a brand-new talk show called The World Tomorrow, which airs on the government-funded Russian news network RT and which he’s taping at home. And though glamor isn’t exactly a big part of the WikiLeaks aesthetic, Assange still got a big name to contribute The World Tomorrow’s theme music: M.I.A., whose Vicki Leekxmixtape was partly inspired by Assange’s work. M.I.A.’s theme is instrumental, and it’s really just 30 seconds of synthetic thumps and burbles; the big news is that she’s doing it. (She’ll also appear on a forthcoming episode of the show.) Below, hear her music in the intro and outro of the first episode.


King of All Media's Lawsuit Dismissed With Prejudice

A New York judge on Monday dismissed the lawsuit brought by Howard Stern against Sirius XM Radio for allegedly stiffing him on promised stock. The radio host's allegation that the satellite giant had breached his contract was soundly rejected by the judge, who found that the parties clearly and unambiguously never anticipated counting new subscribers via merger to trigger hundreds of millions of dollars in Stern's bonus compensation.

Howard Stern joined Sirius Satellite Radio in 2004. He says he believed that he took a "significant risk" in making the move, but that he did so anyway because he would be more than just an employee.

In the lawsuit filed in March 2011, Stern claimed that Sirius had violated its promises to him by breaching a deal whereby his company, One Twelve, would be paid performance-based compensation based on escalating subscriber targets. Stern potentially could receive up to five separate common stock awards, valued at $75 million each, if certain subscriber thresholds were met.

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That Awkward Moment When... 'Awkward Black Girl' Blows Up

School yard rumbles are like boxing events for kids. Everyone gathers in a circle, eggs on the fighters and then walks away giddy to spread the gossip. In sixth grade, Issa Rae—the creator and star of the 1-year-old Web series The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl—spotted two boys arguing in the hallway of L.A.’s Palms Middle School. She’d never seen a fight before. Alone, and sensing an impending beat down, she did what any obnoxiously awkward kid would—walked up to them and stood there in silence. “They stopped and looked at me, like, ‘What are you doing…?’” Rae recalls. Tina Fey has competition. And she’s clearly just as socially inept.

Record-halting moments like this are the running theme on Awkward Black Girl, which stars Issa Rae as J, a deadpan employee at a weight-loss-pill company who’s somewhere between antisocialist and social assassin. With wide eyes and a mini-’fro, J looks nothing like the leads we see on whitewashed TV, another point of comfort for the show’s average 380,000 YouTube viewers. She’s prone to imagining absurd scenarios and coping with stress by penning ratchet rap lyrics (“I will slice you and dice you”), an exaggeration of 27-year-old Issa’s own quirks. “Even though J is Black, the things she goes through are universal. I can relate to Jerry Seinfeld’s pet peeves or Liz Lemon’s insecurities, but it bothers me that there aren’t people of color in those roles,” says Rae, who grew up in middle-class Windsor Hills, Los Angeles. “The awkward white girl is nothing new. It’s time for a change.”

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these two

10 Ways Self-Hating Fans Make Genre Entertainment Worse

We love science fiction and fantasy with a pure, burning adoration. And our love of these genres helps make them better, because we support our favorite creators, create our own works and trade cool ideas. But sometimes, fandom has a dark side. Sometimes, fans can fall into self-loathing, and this can lead to some destructive behavior patterns that actually corrode the awesomeness of SF and fantasy.

Here are 10 ways that self-hating fans can actually make the stories they love worse. I feel like I've probably been guilty of all of these at one time or another.

10. Leading a backlash against successful creators, and rooting for things to fail
A sure sign of a self-hating fan is that you turn that hatred against creators who actually manage to reach a larger audience. And it never fails — the moment a writer or director or producer starts to gain a serious fanbase and industry buzz, the haters start sharpening the chainsaws. I'm not talking about raising critiques of someone's work, or just recognizing that it's not your particular cup of tea — I'm talking about hating someone's work just because it's become flavor of the month and this particular creator has a lot of enthusiastic online fans. Which brings us to...

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daisy lowe: dance hair

Listen: Beach House: "Lazuli"

New Bloom single to get Record Store Day release

By Carrie Battan on April 13, 2012 at 11:36 a.m.

Dutch Radio Station 3voor12 has posted Beach House's Record Store Day single, "Lazuli", which is also slated to appear on the band's upcoming fifth full-length Bloom. The album is slated for a May 15 release on Sub Pop


Bethesda's Big Reveal: First Dishonored Trailer

Bethesda revealed the big news they were teasing for today. No, they didn't announce Skyrim DLC. Instead, they released the debut CGI trailer for their assassination game Dishonored.

"Dishonored casts you as a supernatural assassin driven by revenge," explains Bethesda. "You are the once-trusted bodyguard of the beloved Empress. Framed for her murder, you become an infamous assassin, known only by the disturbing mask that has become your calling card. In a time of uncertainty, when the city is being besieged by plague and ruled by an oppressive government armed with strange technologies, dark forces conspire to bestow upon you abilities beyond those of any common man."

Players are given choices as to how they assassinate their targets. They can use a combination of gadgets, weapons and supernatural powers to eliminate foes. Players can also choose to be either stealthy or aggressive. The non-linear gameplay seems similar to Deus Ex, which is fitting because Dishonored co-designer Harvey Smith served as designer on the first two DX games.

In the trailer, we get to watch the hero take out a target from a first-person perspective. It sets up the gritty world that he inhabits, as well. I suppose you could characterize it as "steampunk."

Dishonored will be released later this year on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. It's in development at Bethesda subsidiary Arkane Studios.

Ahhhhhh. This looks awesome. Sort of like Fallout meets Bioshock meets Assassin's Creed? I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Melissa Joan Hart pregnant with third child

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Melissa Joan Hart's expecting one of the greatest gifts ever right in time for her birthday...she's pregnant with her third child!

Life & Style can exclusively reveal that the actress, who turns 36 on Wednesday, will be adding to her brood.

"She's pregnant, again," a source on the set of Melissa's TV show, Melissa & Joey, tells Life & Style. "It's baby no. 3 for Melissa!"

And the source says she couldn't be happier.

"She's really excited and is starting to show," the source adds. "You can barely tell, but there's a teeny-tiny little bump."

Melissa married musician Mark Wilkerson, 35, in 2003, and they had their first child, Mason, in 2006. They welcomed their second son, Braydon, in 2008.

lust, charliehunnam

Lena Dunham, Shannon Woodward, Miranda July and Sarah Silverman write about their first time


When I was about nine I wrote a vow of celibacy on a piece of paper and ate it. I promised myself, in orange magic marker, that I would remain a virgin until I graduated from high school. This seemed important because I knew my mother had waited until the summer after she graduated and also Angela Chase seemed pretty messed up by her experience at that flophouse where high school kids went to copulate. If my relationship to liver paté was any indication, and I had recently eaten so much that I barfed, then my willpower was very bad, and I needed something stronger than resolve to prevent me from having intercourse too early in life.

Turns out, this was an unnecessary precaution. The opportunity never arose in high school, nor even during the first year of college, save for a near-miss with a stocky kid I knew who was home visiting New York City from the Air Force Academy—that encounter went far enough that I had to fish a mint-colored, never-used condom out from behind my dormitory bunk bed the next day. I transferred to Oberlin my sophomore year, a small liberal arts school in Ohio that was known for having been the first college to admit both women and men, as well as for its polyamorous, bi-curious student body. I was neither, but it did seem like a good environment in which to finally get the ball rolling. I really felt like the oldest virgin in town, save for a busty riot grrrl from Olympia, Washington, who was equally frustrated; she and I would often meet up in our nightgowns to discuss.

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more stories -the ones by people I don't care about- at the source
image source

ONTD, you know how these posts are supposed to go. Don't let me down.

'Magic Mike' Trailer Debuts Tomorrow!

Good news, gays and gals...the trailer for director Steven Soderbergh's male stripper opus Magic Mike is set to debut Wednesday on Entertainment Tonight. To tide you over until then, here's a 16-second teaser that ET aired yesterday.

Magic Mike, which was inspired by leading man Channing Tatum's past as a male stripper, also stars Matthew McConaughey, Alex Pettyfer, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello and opens in theatres on June 29.


Olly Murs announces NEW ALBUM and U.K TOUR in 2013

Former "X Factor" U.K. finalist Olly Murs has announced that in 2013, he is headlining another U.K. arena tour and that his third U.K. album will be released sometime before the tour launches. He made the announcement on April 17, 2012, on his official website, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

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Jelaous of all you Brits. If anyone has tickets to the One Direction concert in GA and is willing to part with one, I will gladly purchase it from you. I really wanna see Olly tbh.

America's Sweetheart Big Ang Gets Her Own Show!

Big Ang is going out on her own. Angela "Big Ang" Raiola, the "Mob Wives" scene-stealer, is getting her own reality show set to launch on VH1 in summer 2012.

"I, along with everyone I know and our viewers, fell in love with Big Ang from the very first moment we saw her on screen in 'Mob Wives,'" Jeff Olde, EVP of original programming and production at VH1, said in a statement. "Ang is the definition of authentic. What you see is what you get, no apologies. She's enjoying life on her own terms -- and having had the pleasure of hanging out with Big Ang, her friends and family at The Drunken Monkey, I guarantee viewers are in for a real treat."

The 10-episode series, titled "Big Ang," will follow the "Mob Wives" star as she hangs out with her friends and family while focusing on her Staten Island bar, The Drunken Monkey. Expect the other "Mob Wives" and her dog sidekick Lil' Louis to appear. The series was developed from a concept by Jennifer Graziano, the creator of "Jersey Shore," in partnership with Electus, The Weinstein Company and Left/Right.

Big Ang's spinoff joins "Mob Wives: Chicago" in the growing VH1 franchise.


MC / hidden

Child star Mara Wilson: 'Why I quit film acting'

As a child actress, Mara Wilson captivated audiences in family-friendly films like Matilda, Miracle on 34th Street and Mrs. Doubtfire. After 2000's Thomas & the Magic Railroad, however, Wilson left showbiz behind -- without much explanation.

Wilson, who studied art at New York University and now works as a playwright, finally addressed her early retirement in a March blog post.

"Imagine that when you were a child, you liked to finger-paint. It was a fun pastime, but it came easily to you, so you never took much pride in it. Regardless, you got a reputation for your finger-painting. Now imagine that, 15 to 29 years later, people are coming up to you and telling you that they have your finger-paintings up on their walls and that your finger-paints changed your life. It's flattering, but you haven't finger-painted in years, and it seems like something you did a long, long time ago. You've realized you don't particularly enjoy getting your hands dirty and that there are other outlets for your creative urges. But people are adamant: 'Are you going to finger-paint again? When? Wait, you're not? Why not?' That's what it feels like."

Though Wilson still hears from her fans on Facebook and Twitter "nearly every day," she doesn't missing being in movies. "Film acting is not very fun," she writes. "Doing the same thing over and over again until, in the director's eyes, you 'get it right,' does not allow for very much creative freedom. The best times I had on film sets were the times the director let me express myself, but those were rare."

She adds: "Film can be exciting, but more often, it's tedious. The celebrity aspect is nothing short of ridiculous, and auditioning is brutal and dehumanizing. Every time I see a pretty young girl on the subway reading sides for an audition, my only thought is, 'Man, am I glad I'm not doing that anymore.' I never feel nostalgia, just relief."

Wilson goes on to say that "there are many much more talented, much more conventionally attractive actresses out there who are taking the roles I would have been offered," like Anna Kendrick, 26, Ellen Page, 25, and Jennifer Lawrence, 21.

The former child star then reiterates that she doesn't "have any plans to pursue film acting. It's not my 'thing' anymore, if it ever was. Yes, I do still act [on stage] sometimes. But when I do, it's with people I know and trust, people who respect me as a person and appreciate what I have to offer."

With no desire to ever return to the spotlight, Wilson adds: "And no, you will never see me on Dancing With the Stars. Sorry."

[actor] Tom Hiddleston

The Avengers cast in Moscow

Taking their new flick to Russia, the cast of “The Avengers” was spotted at a press conference and photo call in Moscow today (April 17).

Robert Downey Jr, Tom Hiddleston , Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner
all showed up for the event and looked to be having a wonderful time as they worked their magic for the cameras.

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Kingdom Hearts; Sora; Running

In Living Color post


The legendary (and hilarious) cast of "In Living Color" was honored last night at the 10th Annual TV Land Awards in New York City.

The Wayans clan--Keenen Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Marlon Wayans and Kim Wayans-- were joined by their superstar cast members Jim Carrey, Tommy Davidson, Kelly Coffield Park, T’Keyah Crystal Keymah and David Alan Grier to accept the evening's "The Groundbreaking Award," which was presented to them by funny gal Whoopi Goldberg.

Even former Fly Girls Carrie Ann Inaba from 'Dancing With The Stars,' Laurieann Gibson, Lisa Marie Todd, Deidre Lang and Michelle Whitney-Morrison were honored for their contribution to the show's mega success.

Aretha Franklin was on hand to celebrate by performing a few of her beloved hits, including Respect and Chain Of Fools. And Kelly Ripa hosted the event for the second time--dazzling the audience with 13 outfit changes. But it was her booty shaking routine with the Fly Girls that really brought the house down. (Sadly the flyest and most famous former Fly Girl, Jennifer Lopez, was a no-show)

You'll have to tune into TV Land on Sunday, April 29 at 9pm ET/PT to see the entire show, but in the meantime here's a look at last night's fun-filled event.

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It's a big month for past, present and future fans of FOX's sketch comedy show, In Living Color, as the network plans to celebrate the anniversary of its star-making series and also launch a new edition to hopefully do the same for today's young comedic actors.

Who is FOX and host, executive producer, and original creator/leader Keenen Ivory Wayans entrusting to reboot In Living Color in 2012?

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What do you think of the new cast members?

John Cho reflects on Asian-American heritage

Actor John Cho — famous for his role as Harold Lee in the “Harold and Kumar” films — discussed the intersection of acting and Asian-American identity Saturday evening.

Cho, who has also appeared in “Star Trek” and “American Pie,” said he has always practiced a policy of “not doing stereotypical parts” that typecast Asian-Americans. He told anecdotes from his childhood and talked about his Korean heritage in front of more than 200 students in the Berkeley College dining hall as part of the Asian American Cultural Center’s annual celebration of Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month.

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Bennett Miller and Francis Lawrence being considered for 'Catching Fire' now

Well, the hunt is now on for a director to take the helm of "The Hunger Games" sequel "Catching Fire," and before the end of last week a crop of names on Lionsgate's wishlist appeared that included David Cronenberg, Alfonso Cuaron and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu. Well, you can now add two more directors who are also in the mix for the job, only they're more than just pie-in-the-sky ideas and some conversations with them have already begun.

Sources close to the project tell The Playlist that "Moneyball" helmer Bennet Miller and "I Am Legend" director Francis Lawrence are also in contention for the gig. Miller is coming off the very strong baseball drama (another project he picked up in flux when Steven Soderbergh's version was axed at the last minute) which journeyed all the way to the Oscars with six nominations including Best Picture. There's no doubt he's got a handle on drama and emotional tone, and full-on action fare would be a new dynamic, but the filmmaker has proven himself extremely adaptable given his documentary beginnings. There is also the question of "Foxcatcher," the true crime tale he's been trying to make ever since he finished "Capote." Mark Ruffalo recently joined the film that is eyeing a fall shoot, but would Miller be willing to put it on the backburner again? Could there be other factors at play pushing it back? These questions will need answering if Miller were to move forward here.

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JFC this is a fucking mess... They better figure this shit out soon.
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At London Olympics, NBC Says, ‘If Cameras Are on It, We’ll Stream It’

All 32 sports at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will be streamed live at nbcolympics.com.

“The hot topic is always, ‘Why don’t you show all your sports live?’” said Rick Cordella, vice president and general manager of NBC Sports Digital Media. “We wanted to take care of that.”

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In a few months we will all be here to participate in country wank (which is all in good fun btw)
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Paul Wesley

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Paul Wesley is all smiles at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Saturday (April 14) in Toronto, Canada.

The 29-year-old Vampire Diaries star had quite the scare on Friday the 13 when his plane got struck by lightning!

“[My wife and I] were flying to Toronto for a quick 24-hour trip, and we had a really amazing thing happen: Our plane got struck by lightning,” Paul said on Monday’s episode of Live! With Kelly. “There was a huge burst of light and this loud [noise].”

Paul went on to say that he looked to his fellow passengers for comfort, “Who do I see? Joan Rivers!” he revealed. “She’s just sitting there staring at me. I thought, ‘This is it. I’m going down with Joan Rivers.’”

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Professor Chaos

The View Discusses "Pejazzeling" & Manscaping

The NYT recently addressed the trend of men getting Brazilian bikini waxes, and "pejazzling", in which rhinestones in the shape of "stars and dolphins are affixed" to areas on and around the male member.

The ladies of The View took up the topic today.

Boys: Do you manscape? Where/How much?
Ladies/'Mos: Do you like your men polished to a bright shine or prefer the jungle adventure?

Towelroad & Youtube

Azealia Signs With Troy Carter

Azealia Signs With Gaga's Manager!!!

Troy Carter adds the much-hyped newcomer rapper to his client roster; "Broke With Expensive Taste," her debut album for Interscope, is due out in September.

Newcomer Azealia Banks, who signed to Universal Music in January, is being represented by Lady Gaga's manager Troy Carter.

The rapper's debut album for Interscope, Broke With Expensive Taste, is slated for release in September. The 20-year-old Harlem native was previously signed to XL Recordings, home to Adele, and famously parted ways with the label citing conflicting creative visions.

After the split, Banks self-released the highly hyped track "212" in December and momentum has only built since then.

♡ maybe her EP will come out now 

Hammond's Crash Course Hits the Mark

'Crash Course' Hits the Mark

If you watch BBC America, you'll know Richard Hammond. He's the short one from Top Gear, who hangs around with the loud one and the one that gets lost. And he's the one who has his own new TV show, Richard Hammond's Crash Course.

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This post brought to you by a sweaty hamster:

[actress] Grace Kelly

THE AVENGERS Bests THE DARK KNIGHT RISES As Most Anticipated Summer Movie

The Hollywood Reporter point out a survey over at Fandango which puts Marvel's The Avengers at the top of the list for most anticipated movie of the summer. As you can see from the results below, Joss Whedon's superhero ensemble has a mighty 31% of votes from men and an admirable 16% from women. This puts it ahead of both The Dark Knight Rises in both categories, although Snow White and the Huntsman came out as the most anticipated for women (The Amazing Spider-Man oddly appears in neither list). Fandango Editor-in Chief Chuck Walton had this to say. "It’s clear from the Fandango survey that there’s something for both men and women at the movies this summer. After an incredible first quarter, Hollywood is delivering even more spectacular choices for moviegoers in what’s shaping up to be one of the biggest summers in years."

Men’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:

1. The Avengers - 31%
2. The Dark Knight Rises - 23%
3. The Bourne Legacy - 14%
4. Men in Black 3 - 8%
5. Prometheus - 7%

Women’s Picks for Most Anticipated Summer Movie:

1. Snow White and the Huntsman - 22%
2. The Avengers - 16%
3. Men in Black 3 - 13%
4. The Dark Knight Rises - 10%
5. Dark Shadows - 8%


Ringer: To Renew, Or Not To Renew?

Tonight marks the last episode of Ringer’s first season — and likely of the TV series as well. Despite being The CW’s most anticipated new TV show of 2011-12, the series hasn’t been able to hold onto its audience.

Ringer revolves around a former exotic dancer named Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar) who, after being the sole witness to a professional hit, reunites with her wealthy estranged twin, Siobhan. When Siobhan disappears, Bridget assumes her identity and discovers that her sister’s complicated life rivals her own. The show also features the talents of Nestor Carbonell, Mike Colter, Ioan Gruffudd, Zoey Deutch, Tara Summers, and Kristoffer Polaha).

The series debuted to strong numbers (by CW standards anyway) with a 1.2 rating in the 18-49 demographic and 2.84 million total viewers. That was pretty close to being on par with the smallest network’s most popular show, The Vampire Diaries.

Unfortunately, the second episode of Ringer lost 25% in the demo and by the fourth installment, the series lost another 33%. Not good. It didn’t help that the network put the struggling series on hiatus for two months.

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New Still From WHYB Video, Talks Adele And Cracking Under The Pressure

Rihanna has unveiled a second teaser image for her highly anticipated music video to new single 'Where Have You Been'.

The 'We Found Love' singer showed off the single's cover artwork last week, and treated fans to a black-and-white still from the video late last night (16th April).

"And the countdown to "Where Have You Been" continues...," Rihanna posted on Facebook this evening (17th April). "Are you guys ready?"

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Logan Lerman + Douglas Smith on the "Percy Jackson" set

Logan Lerman and Douglas Smith hang out on the banks of a river in Vancouver, Canada on Monday (April 16). The two actors play half-brothers, Percy and Tyson, in the new movie, set to debut in theaters in 2013.

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LOLing already @ douglas but lbr i'm excited to see how they pull off making him a cyclops
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Kittie Livestream in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Tonight

Female Metal band Kittie is currently on a long tour through North America. Tonight they are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they are playing at The Rave. As per Rave tradition, some concerts are broadcast live on their website. Tonight, Kittie and three of their opening bands (fourth band The Agonist is unable to make the tour until Winnipeg) are live on The Rave's website.

Watch Here

Currently, Montreal metal band Blackguard is setting up to hit the stage (around 10:30et). Kittie is planned to hit the stage around 11:45pm et.

Under the cut, check out the tour dates for Candy Machine Guns, Bonded By Blood, The Agonist, Blackguard, and Kittie.

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Hip-hop news round-up!

New Music: Nas – ‘Another Black Girl Lost’ + Thoughts on Travyon Martin murder

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Mystikal Violates Probation, Returning To Prison For Three Months On May 14

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Cam’ron ft. Sen City – Titty Attack & Tears

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Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller Announce Joint Influence of Music Tour
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Fabolous: Got That Work (Music Video)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Simon Cowell confirms X Factor wants Britney, announcement next week

I Want Britney on 'X Factor' ... BAD!
Simon Cowell has finally admitted ... he's GUNNING HARD to get Britney Spears as a judge on the next season of "X Factor."

Cowell just called in to "TMZ Live" ... and told us, "I would love to have her on the show ... I think she would be a fascinating person to sit next to."

Simon said he couldn't reveal too much about the negotiations ... but did seem optimistic and hinted that he would have an answer from Britney's camp within the week.

Stay tuned ... [TMZ]
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Pokemon Conquest - English Trailer

>From the looks of things, Pokémon has taken another shift in its gameplay. Nintendo’s upcoming 3DS title, Pokémon Conquest, is looking much like a Final Fantasy Tactics rather than the normal Turn-based RPG we have grown rather accustomed to.

Three-on-three battles in Black and White have really taken Pokémon battling to another level. But what if I told you that in Pokémon Conquest, you’ll be battling with your entire team all at once instead? That’s right! What’s more is that the setting has all but changed from the fantasy lands of Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, and Hoenn, to a whole new one altogether. This time around, the game will feature an interesting (and never before seen) crossover between Nintendo’s Pokémon franchise and Tecmo Koei’s series of Nobunaga’s Ambition strategy titles, bringing Pokéballs into the hands of a “feudal Japan”.

Pokémon fans are always interested in playing in new environments and experiencing new adventures,” said Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing, Scott Moffitt, “Pokémon Conquest gives them an entirely new way to enjoy this beloved series…

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Again, since we won’t be having a Pokémon title come out this April (has been a common release month for the Pokémon series), we’ll just have to wait until Pokémon Conquest will be hitting the shelves come June 18th.

Source: http://www.co-optimus.com/article/8007/in-pokemon-conquest-samurai-wield-pokeballs-instead-of-katanas.html

Someone said they didn't know about this, and I noticed the video hadn't been posted yet - so here it is~

I'm gonna buy it release day, probably.
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Miley Cyrus Rushed to Emergency Room After Knife Slip

Miley Cyrus
was rushed to an emergency room Monday night, after she cut herself with a kitchen knife.

We're told Miley was cooking in her kitchen in Toluca Lake -- in the San Fernando Valley -- when she was preparing dinner and made a bloody slip.

Miley's mom, grandmother and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth took her to the E.R., where doctors stitched her finger up.

In the photo, shot by Star Feine, showing Miley leaving the emergency room, you can see blood seeping through the bandage.

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