April 15th, 2012

Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

"To Rome With Love" premieres in Italy, 4/13/12


Penelope Cruz is stunning in a black Emilio Pucci dress at the To Rome With Love photo call held at the Hotel Parco dei Principi on Friday (April 13) in Rome, Italy.

The 37-year-old actress was joined at the event by her co-stars Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Roberto Benigni, and writer/director Woody Allen.

To Rome With Love will be kicking off this year’s Los Angeles Film Festival, according to THR!

“I can’t think of a better way to kick off this year’s festival than with the original independent filmmaker himself, Woody Allen,” festival director Stephanie Allain said. “It’s a true honor for Los Angeles to host the North American premiere of To Rome With Love.”

FYI: Penelope is wearing Casadei heels.

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Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Isla Fisher, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, & Jesse Eisenberg filming in Vegas 4/9/12


Isla Fisher and Woody Harrelson get to work on the set of their new movie, Now You See Me, on Monday (April 9) in Las Vegas.

The Aussie actress, 36, and Woody, 50, were joined by their co-stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, and Mark Ruffalo.

Isla and her Now You See Me co-stars have been filming most of their scenes in New York and have now made their way to Sin City to continue work on the Louis Leterrier-directed thriller.

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Woody Harrelson and "friends" had heads turning at Aria on Tuesday during a series of on-location shoots for the film "Now You See Me."

Joining Harrelson in the casino and Sky Villa scenes were Jesse Eisenberg, Aussie beauty Isla Fisher and Dave Franco, a younger brother of James Franco.

Some scenes were shot at Aria's valet area during the morning shoot.

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ET Online has a video of footage from Now You See Me (plus interviews with the actors) as well. It's awesome!: http://www.etonline.com/movies/120826_On_the_Set_Jesse_Eisenberg_s_Magic_Thriller/index.html?

Source 1
Source 2
Source 3

I feel like I'm posting this at a bad time, oh well. This movie looks amazing, hope it lives up to what I've seen so far! Isla and Jesse are adorable together - they remind me of a goth version of Ariel and Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid :P Word is that Paris, France may be their last filming location, but I don't know when they're going to go there. (BTW, I have more Jesse news to post, but I think it's enough for now, plus, I'm not sure how many other people are really going to care anyway.)
King K

Rob Fusari, Gaga's "creator" goes IN on Lady Gaga

The super-producer who claimed he created Lady Gaga has gone on a week-long ATTACK against the singer.

Last week, Fusari tweeted that he would be leaking several unreleased Gaga songs from 2006 and 2007. But, as Mr. Fusari continued to talk about these tracks, his motives became clear. Last night, Mr. Fusari decided to go on a Twitter rant, where he accused Gaga of being “fake” and implying that she needs auto-tune. As the hours passed, the bigger picture started to come together. Mr. Fusari is not releasing these songs because he wants to, he’s releasing these songs because he wants to hurt Gaga. A Twitter fan asked him if Gaga knew about him releasing the songs and if she would be angry and he replied with, “She already is.”

NOW Fusari made mention of Lina Morgana, the woman who collaborated with Gaga before killing herself. Her mother claimed Gaga stole Lina's act. Gaga later claimed that her death haunts her. Fusari stated "Lina was about to be the best thing that ever happened to music".

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BTVS trio

Which White Rapper is the Heir to Eminem's Throne

Eminem has been the Great White Rapper for quite some time now. That was a title that was up for grabs since “Rapper’s Delight” dropped. It has changed hands many times; from the Beastie Boys to...um...uhh...Eminem. Alright, so maybe there haven’t been that many great white rappers. So Eminem’s current status as the greatest white rapper ever (and perhaps the greatest rapper ever) has some serious significance.

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dubstep cat, sodoesrachael

There is a God and He is good- RHOBH Post

Taylor Armstrong Distraught About Being Phased Out Of RHOBH; Learned Of Bravo’s Plan By Reading Tabloids! Plus Adrienne To Relocate Her NBA Team!

Following yesterday’s report that Taylor Armstrong will be “phased out” of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reality trainwreck star is freaking out. Even worse, Taylor allegedly found out about Bravo’s plan to gradually remove her from the cast from reading the tabloids! Oops—that’s gotta sting!

Upon hearing the gossip, Taylor immediately got on the phone to Bravo producers for reassurance, only to be told that the rumor was kinda true! “Taylor called because she was certain that there was no way that she was going to be phased out,” a source close to the reality star reveals to RadarOnline. “However, when she spoke with the higher ups they didn’t deny that she would be featured on the show in a much more limited capacity with a much smaller role.

The news is devastating to Taylor, who is under contract for another year and will not be eligible to secure any other TV deals until released! “Taylor now knows that her days on the show are numbered. She is extremely upset because she just signed a contract extension for season three, but she wasn’t made aware of Bravo’s plans for her. She absolutely freaked out because she counts on the show as her primary source of income and uses it as a platform to secure other endorsement deals.” Uh-oh!

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dubstep cat, sodoesrachael

Someone *really* loves Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow's charity auction features $100K bid to hang with QB

An unidentified bidder spent $100,000 on Friday in a charity auction for the right to spend a day with New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebowaccording to the St. Augustine Record.

Tebow was participating in the Tim Tebow Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic at TPC Sawgrass in Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. this weekend. The event included a gala Friday night, at which the donation was made. The money will go to support the Tim Tebow Foundation.

"It was incredible," Tebow told the newspaper. "It's humbling. You don't feel worthy, but when people care about your cause and know that you're trying to do something for other people it's amazing to see what can happen."

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Looks like fight4thislove just won the lottery. 
[quorra] don't hate the program

Erin Martin Slams 'The Voice' After Elimination: 'I'm Over It'

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. -- Erin Martin proved to be a polarizing figure on NBC’s “The Voice,” and following her elimination on Tuesday’s show, the aspiring singer fueled the fire with less-than-kind words for the reality competition and her coach.

“Oh my God, I’m so glad to be over this competition. Yes, I’m over it,” Erin told AccessHollywood.com’s Laura Saltman after Tuesday’s “The Voice” in Los Angeles, when asked if it was difficult to hear she’d been booted from the hit show. “[For] the blind audition I gave a fabulous performance, and for my last song I gave a fabulous performance, and for both of those songs I chose my song and the chips — not the chips, but like, the control was in my hands of the song and like, you know, how I sang it.

“When I gave that creative control over, it kind of just didn’t really go so well,” she added.

The former model also blamed her “Voice” coach, Cee Lo Green (and his song choices), for her early exit.

“I think it was a good lesson for Cee Lo in this particular instance that, you know, when you come across a voice like mine, you have to really nurture it and he wasn’t the right person to do that,” she said. “No offense to him, it just, he wasn’t… I’m the right person to nurture my voice.”

While Erin believes her song choice (Elton John’s beloved ballad, “Your Song”) was an excellent pick for her last chance performance, Cee Lo disagreed.

“Those were some big shoes to fill on that particular song and, you know, it wasn’t the best performance,” he told Laura of Erin’s final performance. “But it doesn’t make her a terrible artist or a terrible singer.”

“The Voice” returns Monday at 8/7c on NBC.


If you're the only person who can nurture your voice, why go on a show that's all about being coached by someone else? Take your overdone warble and have a seat, girl.

Mitchfest announces lineup

There is no way to really be prepared for the experience of being in such a large gathering of womyn in a totally womyn-created environment ). It is exhilarating, exciting, liberating and overwhelming at times. For many of us it is a relaxing, organic environment where we feel most whole and most truly ourselves
Sample workshops for everywomon:
Breast Casting for Womyn of Color ~ Cassandra Buchanan
The Good Butch ~ Lauri 'Gunner' Wollner
Healing Ways: The Elements ~ Kim Smith and Emmagene Borden
When I Doubt Myself and Other Womyn: Confronting Internalized Misogyny/Internalized Male Supremacy ~ jona olsson
Woman Shaman: Dreamers, Healers, Prophets ~ Max Dashu
Womyn of Color Tent: Future Directions ~ Reseda Jackson and Cassandra Buchanan
and many more...

source: http://www.michfest.com/festival/index.htm
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Watch Azealia Banks' Entire Coachella Set

Covering Prodigy
By Evan Minsker on April 15, 2012 at 10:46 a.m.

Photo by Chris Tuite

Yesterday, Azealia Banks hit Coachella, and in addition to performing "212", "Fuck Up the Fun",  and "Bambi", she covered the Prodigy's "Firestarter". The set included backup dancers and Banks screaming the words "WHO'S FUCKIN' TONIGHT?" Check out the full performance below, and follow all of our Coachella coverage here.


Her performance was amazing. It sucks her DJ messed up and played 212 early. She ended her set 25 minutes early. She didn't have to end with 212 she should have kept going. lol

Why you should go see Cabin In the Woods ASAP

Positive reviews and word-of-mouth may power Lionsgate's "The Cabin in the Woods" at the box office this weekend, although it's unlikely to knock "The Hunger Games" out of the top perch.

The much-buzzed-about horror film, about five friends vacationing together in a remote location, features a screenplay co-written by Joss Whedon that puts an unexpected twist on the horror-film genre.

Here's what some of the reviewers are saying:

A.O. Scott of The New York Times: "Dismissing the recent vogue for technically crude, fake-real shockers in the "Paranormal Activity" manner - and sidestepping the gory sadism of the torture subgenre of the "Saw" and "Hostel" pictures - this movie evokes the playful pseudosophistication of the "Scream" franchise.

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Seriously guys, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. It is fantastic and like nothing you would ever expect! Totally a film you should experience in the theatre.

Source 1
Source 2

olivia dunham - Fringe

Sarah Silverman supports pro-choice debate, tweets 'before-and-after abortion' photos

Sarah Silverman has made a comedic career out of being as controversial and outrageous as humanly conceivable, often using subject matter such as rape, the Holocaust, and child molestation as the punchlines for her jokes. But her latest shock-shock joke on Twitter has a lot of folks thinking she may have crossed the line – even for Sarah Silverman.

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Coming Soon: New Zealand's version of Jersey Shore

More details have emerged about a new local reality series that delves into the lives of young Maori living their dream on the Gold Coast.

The GC - similar to Jersey Shore only not so trashy - follows the nine 20-somethings as they work and party hard with the goal of retiring sometime in their 30s.

No on-screen date has been set but the NZ On Air-funded show starts on TV3 sometime soon.

Though the Mozzies - aka Maori Aussies - play hard in Australia's "ultimate party town" they are focused on business ventures and building their own personal empires.

They have not forgotten their roots and wear their tattoos proudly, acknowledge their iwi affiliations, and use te reo as well as GC slang.

Cast members include single rugby player Tame Noema, musician DJ Tuini, former X Factor contestants Jade Louise and Nuz, personal trainer Alby Waititi and singer Nate.

Their favourite phrases include "mumsies" (meaning girlfriends), "neff" (friend), "creep on" (scoring girls), "publics" (pubic hair) and "what doing?" (what's up?).

The official website for The GC says Tame is the only single member of the cast, "which causes much angst for Jade and Zane's girlfriends as he's always trying to drag them out on his chick-chasing escapades".

The show's producers promise "hot hook-ups, a shock revelation from one of the group about their sexuality, all-over tans, and advice on how to score in a club, of course."

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Source & Official website


Flawless Brits at the Olivier Awards

The British equivalent of the the Tony Awards for West-End theatre are airing right now at http://www.olivierawards.com/ !
The musical stage adaptation of 'Matilda', produced by the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, leads the nominations.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller shared a win for Best Actor in their turns as Frankenstein and The Monster, in 'Frankenstein'.

Look at that wind in the hair! Tyra would be proud....
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[hozier] smile

New The Amazing Spider-Man poster + Japanese trailer with new footage

In case the latest action-packed international trailer trailer for "The Amazing Spider-Man" wasn't enough web-covered goodness for one day, a new poster for director Marc Webb's Columbia Pictures franchise reboot has surfaced on AddictoMovie that puts the high-swinging wall-crawler, and his web-shooters, front and center.

Edit: so this is apparently fan made, oops. The source got it wrong and I fell for it, my bad.

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Unnecessary reboot, the trailers are not exciting, Tobey + Kirsten were better, it will flop... What else? <----- sarcasm, btw.

Cosby: It’s as if he’s had the surplus since he moved into office’

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Bill Cosby sits down with David Gregory in a PRESS Pass interview and defends President Obama’s actions during his time in office, saying Obama’s battling people who seem to want him to fail. Cosby added that the president has displayed an enviable level of patience in explaining the tough positions he’s had to take to help America rebound from the financial meltdown.

source: MSNBC
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Dannii Minogue and Simon Cowell had brief love affair back in 2008

'I had a crush on her. It was her hair, the sexy clothes...she was foxy': Simon Cowell reveals his 'love' for Dannii Minogue

Simon Cowell has revealed that he felt 'genuine love' for Dannii Minogue as it emerges that he had a love affair with the singer.
The music mogul, 52, has admitted he felt 'like a schoolboy' around the Australian star during her time as a judge on the X Factor.

Details of the affair have been revealed in a book entitled The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, written by former BBC journalist Tom Bower, but Cowell clearly isn't worried about the publication.

The dark-haired star took to his Twitter page late last night to poke fun at the revelations, saying: 'Just seen the TV ad for the unauthorised book on me. Yikes!'

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the TV ad  for this book is one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen. I love this BS Merchant so much for continuing to bring the lols. 

guess who!

Which Hemsworth Brother Will Reign Supreme?

The Hunger Games dominated the box office this weekend — the fourth in a row — but there is serious competition on the horizon. All-star superhero flick The Avengers opens May 4, with a good chance of making big money. Of course, this is America, and we love stories of two brothers facing off against one another. So, hey, let's make this about Liam Hemsworth vs. Chris Hemsworth.

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Rihanna screaming "Thug Life" & showing her middle finger + Battleship slaying

Via Deadline.com: Universal’s Battleship continues to screen strongly overseas with estimates from Day 2 and Day 3 bringing the 72-hour total to $58 million with all 26 international territories now open. Director Peter Berg’s military vs alien actioner opened to #1 in 24 of those new territories. Battleship opens next weekend in 24 more international territories including China (April 18) and Russia (April 19) — but not in the U.S./Canada until May 18th:

The UK opened #1 on Friday with an estimated $1.3M (£770). That’s ahead of Thor but ahead of Wrath Of The Titans and John Carter. The total with previews is $3.7M (£2.3M).
Spain opened #1 with an estimated $900k (€681k), better than Iron Man.
Germany opened #1 on Thursday with $900K, which is the biggest opening for an English language film in Germany this year. It continued #1 on Friday with $1.2M, equal to Iron Man but not as big as Transformers.
Japan opened #1 with an estimated $900k (LC 72M), higher than Thor‘s opening day.
Thailand opened #1 with $470K, which is the biggest opening day of 2012 and Universal’s 2nd biggest opening day ever (behind only Fast Five).
Malaysia opened #1 with $390K, which is Universal’s biggest opening day of all time.
Korea had another strong day and Battleship remains #1 with a three-day total of $4.2M (LC 4.7M) — better than Iron Man and Thor.

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source 2
liam one thing.

Amanda Bynes’ Arrest Was A Culmination Of Bad Behavior

When Amanda Bynes was arrested this past week on charges of driving under the influence (DUI), many fans of the actress were shocked to discover that the woman who typically plays sweet, loving (if not sometimes flawed) characters on TV and in movies was capable of such an act, upon further investigation however we should have seen this coming for at least the last six months.

A source close to the Bynes family recently told RadarOnline:

Amanda has been in a downward spiral for the last six months. Even though her dad publicly said she doesn’t drink, he knows she has a problem. It’s truly sad to witness. Amanda has been told she must go to rehab, but she is refusing. She is not the same girl as she was a year ago. She is just doing whatever she wants to do. Friends are concerned because she is not the Amanda they know.”

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Silver King

Fandom Crossover: Samwise Gamgee crashes Team StarKid panel at C2E2

Team StarKid attended this weekend’s C2E2 convention in Chicago to participate in a panel about their new show, Holy Musical B@man!. The cast appeared in their superhero costumes from the musical, and they had a new friend make a surprise appearance at their panel – fellow C2E2 guest and Lord of the Rings star, Sean Astin.

(Sean Astin is in the center, in the Scarecrow costume)

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Awesome! So awesome! Now Sean Astin is among the ranks of celebrity Starkid fans, with Evanna Lynch and... others I can't think of right now! Awesome. I love conventions. Don't you guys love conventions? Were any of you guys at C2E2? Favorite convention memories? Guys, this crossover is pretty cool, so try not to clog the comments up with your boring, unfounded h8, ty!

kim k judging

'Raising Hope' Season 2 Finale

"I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back" (Part 2)
Repercussions from the investigation land the Chance family in court to keep custody of Hope. Jason Lee, Jaime Pressly and Ethan Suplee make guest appearances in "I Want My Baby Back, Baby Back, Baby Back" the Season Two finale episode of RAISING HOPE airing Tuesday, April 17 (9:31-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

©2012 Fox / Greg Gayne
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Video Promo

source / fox press
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"True Blood" The Complete Fourth Season Coming To DVD & Blu-ray

“Exuberantly entertaining” – Entertainment Weekly

TRUE BLOOD®: The Complete Fourth Season

HBO Home Entertainment® Introduces “Blu-ray™ with HBO Select”
Three Ways to Watch in One Box Set – Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy

The First TV Series Box Set to Feature All Three Formats
Seasons 1-3 of True Blood Also Available on “Blu-ray with HBO Select”

Available May 29, 2012, All Formats Are Loaded with Exclusive Bonus Content

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Lauren Conrad Braves Coachella , manages to avoid Bad Music Festival Outfit Syndrome

Ya, so Lauren went to Coachella for the first time and surprisingly resisted the urge to dress like Pocahantas, Courtney Love circa 1994, or a refugee from the original Lollapalooza imitating a refugee from the original Woodstock.

While there Lauren hung with friends Lea Michele, Haylie Duff and a Mystery Dude
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Two victims suffering from advanced Bad Music Festival Outfit Syndrome as evidence by their shared distinctive appearance which is commonly referred to in medical terms as “Hot Ass Mess.”

Pic Source

♕ Britney Spears gives $100 tip to waiter + 'Twister' director addresses body double rumours.

Britney Spears gave a waiter $100 after he helped calm down her five-year-old son Jayden. The Hold It Against Me singer was out eating at a restaurant in San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles with Jayden and six-year-old son Sean when her youngest began crying and wouldn't stop.

However, an intrepid employee at the establishment saw the problem and brought over crayons to distract the youngster, impressing Britney who gave him the generous gift after she finished with her meal.

An onlooker told the National Enquirer magazine: "Britney just couldn't calm her tyke down. "But a sympathetic waiter, not one assigned to her table, helped save the day when he came over with a box of crayons and started drawing animation action characters. Jayden's tears dried up instantly as he and his brother got totally absorbed and happy." Britney - who became engaged to long-term boyfriend and manager Jason Trawick in Las Vegas last December - gave the money in addition to the tip for the meal.

The star is currently believed to be in negotiations to become a judge on the US version of X Factor, following the departure of Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul from the panel.

Sourceney | what is the highest amount of money have y'all tipped someone, ontd?

Should Robert Pattinson Be Worried about Josh Hutcherson?

When Josh Hutcherson and Kristen Stewart starred together in Zathura: A Space Adventure many moons ago, neither one of them probably had any idea just how big of stars they would become. However, while they might be in a similar situation now, it's possible that Kristen wouldn't want to be pals with her old co-star since he could be competing with her boyfriend Robert Pattinson for movie roles in the near future.

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jk, I think they are two very different actors that suited for different parts. They shouldn't bump heads that often.
kim k judging

NEW GIRL: "Kids" & "Tomatoes" - Stills & Exclusive Sneak Peeks!

                 1.21 "Kids"

Russell's daughter (guest star Annalise Basso, C) develops a teenage crush on Nick (Jake Johnson) when Jess (Zooey Deschanel) babysits her for the weekend in the "Kids" episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, April 17 (9:00-9:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Photo Credit: Patrick McElhenney/FOX

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1.22 "Tomatoes"

Jess (Zooey Deschanel, C) has dinner with Russell (guest star Dermot Mulroney, L) and his ex-wife Ouli (guest star Jeanne Tripplehorn, R), in the "Tomatoes" episode of NEW GIRL airing Tuesday, April 24 (9:00-9:31 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

Photo Credit: Greg Gayne/FOX

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If you missed the news, 'New Girl' was renewed for a sophomore season by FOX on April 9, 2012!

source 1, 2, 3, 4 + fox press

photos from Hunter Parrish's last performance in Godspell

Hunter Parrish tags on social media have been filled with tears, goodbyes, and essays on how much he means to his fans. (And how he's so kind to them that several of them actually believe they are "friends" with him.) Twitter saw posts from Godspell cast members showing their love for their castmate and fans tweeting #MyFaveHunterMemory.

April 15th he ended his 6 month run in Broadway's first ever Godspell revival. I didn't go to tonight's performance but I went a couple of times the week before and a couple of times back in February. He's so fantastic in this production (check out the official 2011 Broadway Cast recording if you haven't already) and treats everyone like they're special when they meet him after the show. It was an experience not to be missed for Hunter Parrish fans and an experience to do several times over for many of them.

Below are photos from the final scene and curtain call. There are 18 photos in all on facebook.
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Professor Chaos

32 TV Shows On The Bubble - Soon To Be Cancelled/Renewed?

Will Community graduate to a Season 4? Can Fringe find a renewal in this universe? Have we seen the last of Cougar Town's cul-de-sac gang? The networks are about to decide which shows to cut and keep for this fall. Are your favorites in jeopardy, or can you relax? We offer an analysis of what's to come, so you can prepare for the worst — fans of Breaking In, just be glad for the time you had — if things are looking iffy.

Fall TV Scorecard: Which shows are returning? Which aren't?

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TV Guide