March 13th, 2012

"Psych" Star James Roday On "Monday Night Raw"

"Psych" actor James Roday guest starred on Monday's edition of USA Network's flagship Wrasslin' program "Monday Night Raw" where he appeared as a "Special guest" of WWE Superstar "The Miz". The Miz will guest star on Roday's USA network hit "Psych" this Wednesday night.

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Stevie J

Pic Of Fantasia's New Son + Wendy Drags Her

Since Fantasia’s son Dallas was born in December, she has managed to hide him from the media glare as people remained focus on the status of her relationship with the married Antwuan Cook. Now, the first image of the baby boy has surfaced and he has a striking resemblance to his father.

There is no word regarding the status of Fantasia’s future musical projects. Her last album, ‘Back to Me’, has yet to be certified gold by the RIAA in the US but the record’s lead single, ‘Bittersweet’, won a Grammy Award for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance in 2011.

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Soily Awards Nominees

As you likely know, the Golden Raspberry Awards are quickly approaching with all the promise of recognizing the worst of the last year in cinema. As you also likely know, the reaction to the Razzies among film critics and commentators has yielded many of the same complaints we hear every year: The nominations tend to omit movies that take themselves more seriously and/or aspire to something a little more sophisticated than Adam Sandler jump-roping with his shrill twin sister. The editors at Movieline concur with this perspective and hope to change it with the help of both esteemed peers and loyal readers. Thus the inaugural Soily Awards, our attempt to reconcile the year's highest-profile Hollywood misfires with their truly uninspired brethren.

To be awarded on March 23, the Soilies will showcase the new spectrum of awful that confronts today's filmgoers, with the ultimate goal of redefining Bad Movies for the 21st century. Or at least not letting high-achieving 2011 crapmakers like Clint Eastwood or Natalie Portman off the hook. Winners in the six categories below — whose nominees were chosen by Movieline's distinguished Brown-Ribbon panel of experts — will receive one of the lovely Soilies statuettes seen above.

The nominees:

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linda granger

Police Officer Claims Girlfriend Attacked Him With Justin Bieber Doll

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Michael Nuanes, a 37-year-old Denver Police Officer, was arrested January 27 for allegedly beating his girlfriend after an argument spiraled out of control. Nuanes says his girlfriend assaulted him with a Justin Bieber doll and injured his foot.

According to an Adams County Sheriff's Office affidavit via the Smoking Gun, "Nuanes stated that [his girlfriend] had thrown a 'Barbie Doll' at him, which bruised his foot and [said] that it hurt ... Nuanes pointed out a 'Justin Bieber' doll, which was the item used to injure him." He also said she "bit his finger and that it also hurt."

The girlfriend has accused Nuanes of punching her in the ribs and pulling her hair out. A report on KMGH further states Nuanes kicked in the door to the bathroom where she was hiding, and proceeded to assault her with the broken door.

The woman told interviewers later that the argument started when Nuanes grew angry she hadn't updated her Facebook page to reflect their relationship.

Westword notes that Nuanes has been reassigned to desk duty while the case proceeds.

Nuanes is out on a $1,500 bond. No charges have been filed against the woman, according to the Associated Press.

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TV Ratings Sunday: GCB, OUAT, Housewives, Apprentice, Race & others

ABC's Once Upon A Time ratings may have been whacked by Daylight Saving Time, its 2.8 adults 18-49 rating was a series low, down 18% vs. a 3.4 rating last week. Desperate Housewives was even with last week's 2.5 adults 18-49 rating. ABC's GCB rose to a 2.3 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 2.2 rating for its series premiere last week. ABC topped the nights adults 18-49 ratings.

Last night, on average, 36.7% of US adults 18-49 were watching TV during primetime vs. 38.7% last Sunday. Was it Daylight Saving Time? (8pm hour only: 33.9% on 3/4, and 30.1% on 3/11)

CBS's Amazing Race was even with last week's 2.8 adults 18-49 rating. The Good Wife's 1.7 adults 18-49 rating was a series low down 11% vs. a 1.9 rating last week. CSI: Miami was even with last week's 2.1 adults 18-49 rating.

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Seth MacFarlane: 'The new Flintstones will be like Simpsons mid-90s'

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The remake of the classic cartoon is due to air in 2013

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has said that his remake of The Flintstones will be similar in tone to The Simpsons of the mid-1990s.

Speaking at the South by Southwest event A Conversation With Seth MacFarlane, he said the cartoon will be kept "more or less the same", but that the cultural references will be updated. The AV Club reports that MacFarlane said: We're kind of shooting for the level of edge in mid-'90s Simpsons—you're not going to see abortion jokes.

He added: "We're trying to, essentially, stay true to what that show is. There's something cool to me about, in 2013, turning on your TV and seeing The Flintstones and having it look like The Flintstones... We kinda want to keep it, more or less, the same. The stories that we tell will be a little more current."

The pilot for the new show is still being written. MacFarlane later spoke to the Huffington Post about the new series of the show, saying: "It's like being handed the keys to a very old expensive car. You want to be careful not to be Ferris Bueller with it."

Yabba dabba doo
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Morphinominal: Power Rangers Coming To DVD (and perhaps Bluray)!!!

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Shout! Factory has signed a multiyear agreement to distribute several Saban Brands properties, including episodes from the “Power Rangers” franchise.

The deal gives Shout! Factory exclusive DVD, Blu-ray and select digital rights to more than 700 episodes of the various “Power Rangers” shows that ran between 1993 and 2009, as well as 92 episodes of “VR Troopers” (1994-96), 26 episodes of “Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation” (1997-98) and 88 episodes of “Beetleborgs” (1996-98). The agreement does not extend to the 'Power Rangers' theatrical movies.

“We look forward to bringing these highly entertaining series with great packaging and extras to fans and on family home entertainment shelves,” Shout! Factory founding partners Richard Foos, Bob Emmer and Garson Foos said in a joint statement.

Initial rollout plans for the Saban are slated to begin in summer 2012, according to Shout! Factory, with single-season sets to start and potentially complete-series sets in the future.

“Shout! Factory will provide unequaled access to archived content from Saban Brands,” said Elie Dekel, president of Saban Brands. “Fans can enjoy past episodes they haven’t seen, relive some of the exciting entertainment in these episodes, or even share them with a new generation of fans.”

Tommy and Kimberly 4ever

Gossip return with new album & debuts ‘Perfect World’

Ever-evolving and perpetually defying convention, Gossip is back with their fifth studio album, A Joyful Noise, set to be released on May 22. A Joyful Noise was produced by pop genius Brian Higgins (Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys, Girls Aloud). The album's first single, Perfect World, will be released as a digital single today, March 13th.

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Frock horror: Ke$ha hits the beach in see-through lace dress

All eyes have been on Ke$ha's fluctuating weight of late - and yesterday the star did nothing to complement her fuller figure.

The Tik Tok singer stepped out in the Venice Beach area looking slightly plumper than usual and her choice of ensemble was largely to blame.

The 25-year-old donned an unflattering white lace mini dress as she took a stroll along the famous boardwalk, the outfit barely covering her modesty.

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the dress is so unflattering and gross. burn it bb.

One Direction Storm America As Album Hits No.1 On US iTunes

The combination of five young, good looking chaps, catchy pop tunes and the backing of a certain Mr Cowell was always a recipe for massive success, but One Direction must be pinching themselves at how well they've done in the States.

Full-on 1D mania is taking place at the moment with the lads zooming straight to the top of the US iTunes albums chart following a performance on the prestigious Today Show.

Over 15,000 thousand fans turned out to see Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall perform outside New York's Rockefeller Centre yesterday.

They were greeted like true superstars as they arrived on the top of a double-decker bus before busting out a bit of What Makes You Beautiful on the US breakfast show to hoardes of screaming girls.

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Topher Grace Edited The ‘Star Wars’ Prequels Into One 85-Minute Movie and We Saw It

Last month I received a cryptic e-mail inviting me to a private screening of a new Star Wars film edited by Topher Grace — which is funny because I had no idea there was a new Star Wars film in the works, with or without Grace’s involvement. I was told the screening was a secret private event arranged only for friends only and was asked not to talk about it beforehand. The event was held somewhere in the Hollywood area in a a screening room filled with filmmakers, editors, actors, actresses and only a few press friends. I was told I could blog about it afterwards if I wanted, so here goes…

For those of you who don’t know, Topher Grace is a film geek. He loves the Star Wars films, the Back to the Future movies and all the same signature titles of any film geek who grew up in the 1980s. He recently became interested in the editing process and wanted to learn more about the art form. Instead of cutting a short film, he wanted to use something he was more familiar with.

His idea was to edit the Star Wars prequels into one movie, as they would provide him a lot of footage to work with. He used footage from all three prequels, a couple cuts from the original trilogy, some music from The Clone Wars television series, and even a dialogue bit from Anthony Daniels’ (C-3PO) audio book recordings. He even created a new opening text crawl to set up his version of the story.

The result is an 85-minute movie titled Star Wars: Episode III.5: The Editor Strikes Back. It should be noted that the Star Wars prequel trilogy is almost 7 hours in total length, and the shortest film (Episode 1) is more than 51 minutes longer than Grace’s fan cut. What this means is a lot of footage ended up on the editing room floor, and a lot of creative choices were made in the editing process. And the result? Topher Grace’s Star Wars film is probably the best possible edit of the Star Wars prequels given the footage released and available.

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Ngl... this sounds... actually watchable.

May the Source Be With You

An ONTD Favorite: New Eddie Furlong Interview.

We haven't seen Edward Furlong in a while -- not since the glory days of "Terminator 2," "American History X," and, to a lesser extent, "Detroit Rock City." Then, after that, he had bit parts here and there for several years, and then it seemed like he fell completely off the map -- except for several stories about an alleged drug overdose and a few volatile romantic relationships.

Now, set to appear at Toronto's Comicon on Saturday (for the "Terminator 2" panel, natch), Furlong is jovial, relaxed and - well, happy to be alive. He doesn't explicitly state it, but you can tell by his raspy voice that he's been through a lot, and he seems appreciative to still be in the acting game.

He chatted with Moviefone about "Terminator 2," what it was like when he first met Arnold Schwarzenegger and if he can even watch himself in his first role.

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Source: Moviefone Canada
My lovely horse

In 'unsurprising but finally' news...

Sky News is reporting that Rebekah Brooks and her racehorse trainer husband Charlie were among the six people arrested this morning by officers from Operation Weeting on suspicion of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. The pair were arrested at their home in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire and are being interviewed at separate police stations.

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There is also a fun interactive graphic HERE


X-Factor Issue "Not About Money", Britney Wants An Out Clause

Britney Spears is close to signing a '$12-15 million deal' to join the US 'X Factor'.
The 'Hold It Against Me' hitmaker is wanted by show boss Simon Cowell to replace Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul on the panel of the musical TV series, but negotiations are currently sticking about how many seasons she would have to work on.

A source told 'Money is not an issue for the show. As of now, they are looking to pay her $12-15 million for the first season, with a drastic price hike for a second year based on ratings performance.

'Simon Cowell wants at least a two-year commitment and Britney wants an out clause if she doesn't want to continue after one year of service.'

Both Simon and fellow judge L.A. Reid are staying in their judging seats for the show, which experienced lower than expected ratings after it was unveiled for the first time in the US last year.

In addition to Britney, Simon is also keen to have British singer Adele join the panel.
A source said: 'Simon is always looking for new directions and ideas.

'He thinks Adele's success and achievements are incredible. True musicianship and a serious approach can bring a lot of credibility and an extra dimension to his show.'

Hang in there, Brit! Hearing about her insisting on an out clause is SUCH a huge relief to me, because I don't want her to be on the show for more than one season. She's going to be releasing her album in 2013, so if she does Season 3 of X-Factor, it's going to clash with her plans for the new album/tour. I just want her to do one season so that she can see new talent to get her creative juices flowing, interact with human beings once again, gain some exposure to the viewing public who have not seen her in years, and then get back to the music scene. Don't say yes till they contract you for one year only, gurl!

cillian murphy

Why Won't Matt Weiner Reveal Any Mad Men Season 5 Footage?

There’s a new Mad Men trailer today, but don’t bother dropping everything to watch it. Like every other preview that’s been released for the past seven months, it’s a cheeky compilation of footage from previous seasons. Less than two weeks before the first new episodes in a year and a half, Matthew Weiner still won’t give us a glimpse of what the characters are doing in Season 5.

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Do you guys wish Matt Weiner would release new footage? I'm torn. On one hand, I'm kind of glad he doesn't because then I'm surprised/watch the ep with no expectations. But on the other, it's been over a year, give us something jfc...

Theon haters - Rhymes

A Song of Ice and Fire Has Become Game of Thrones, and Thank God For That

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Somewhere along the line, it happened. The name changed. George R.R. Martin's celebrated fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire more-or-less officially became known as Game of Thrones.

We can probably blame HBO; their hugely successful TV series Game of Thrones is what launched Martin's books into the public consciousness. Since the show's debut, A Song of Ice and Fire has been relegated to status as a footnote during a credits sequence, or a small note on the box.

Now we have board games, card games, video games of every stripe, and all manner of memes, merchandise and miscellany, all under the Game of Thrones banner. But how did this happen, and why?

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No More Seeing Beat Grylls Drinking His Piss

Bear Grylls FIRED By Discovery Channel

For the first time in his career, "Man vs. Wild" star Bear Grylls has failed to survive ... at the Discovery Channel -- because the network just fired him.

A rep for Discovery tells The Hollywood Reporter, "Due to a continuing contractual dispute with Bear Grylls, Discovery has terminated all current productions with him."

Sources tell THR, the relationship came to a screeching halt after 37-year-old Grylls refused to participate in two mystery projects he was contracted for.

Grylls originally partnered with Discovery in 2006 when "Man vs. Wild" premiered on the network. So far, no word on Grylls' next move ... though it will probably somehow involve him drinking his own urine.

well this sucks. I enjoyed his show tons. I still love you Bear.
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Faith Hill spotted without makeup

Faith Hill was letting her skin just breathe in Los Angeles.

The country crooner went completely makeup-less as she hopped a flight from LAX to Sydney, Australia with her husband Tim McGraw, 44, and their three kids, Gracie, 14, Maggie, 13 and Audrey, 10 Monday morning.

The singer, 44, looked practically unrecognizable when compared to her usual glammed-up look.

At her last major red carpet appearance at the 2011 Country Music Awards in November, Hill looked incredibly polished and sexy in a white Chado Ralph Rucci column dress and her hair done in a sky-high voluminous bouffant-inspired style.

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gerard 3d

Another Matt Skiba & The Sekrets track

The track is called 'Voices'. Matt Skiba and the Sekrets is Matt's solo project featuring AFI bassist Hunter Burgan and My Chemical Romance (fill in) drummer Jarrod Alexander. The album 'Babylon' is due out May 8.

You can hear another track, 'All Fall Down' as well as read a brief Q&A with Matt in a previous post here.

[actress] Grace Kelly

Jennifer lopez cover "Vogue" [ April 2012 ] USA

The star looks gorgeous in red on the April issue of the high-fashion mag, marking the second time ever that JLo landed on the cover — and you can get your first look here!

Could you think of anyone better than Jennifer Lopez to cover Vogue‘s ‘Shape’ issue? The 42-year-old star seems to be in the best shape of her life, and always embraces her curves and flaunts her fantastic figure — although I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit disappointed that the April ‘Shape’ issue doesn’t show off more of that fantastic bod.

JLo looks sophisticated and chic, rocking a red lip and a red gown, on the leaked cover — and I can’t wait to see the rest of the shoot! Inside, it looks like the star addresses her divorce, being a mom and how she maintains her figure.

The April 2012 cover marks the second time ever that the singer has appeared on the mag. Her first cover was for the June 2005 issue. It also marks the third month in a row we’ve seen a crooning songstress on the cover, as the mag just featured both Taylor Swift and Adele.

What do you think of JLo’s Vogue cover?
[actress] Grace Kelly

Jessica Biel cover "W" Magazine [ April 2012]

On the first movie she remembers seeing:
"The Goonies. I never identified with girls, and the cast was all boys. Girls were nervous about going into caves; they were scaredy-cats—and I wasn’t into that at all. I loved the idea of being with a crew and having an adventure. I was really interested in pits full of snakes."

On how she got her start in acting:
"When I was 11, I was in a competition sponsored by the International Modeling and Talent Association. You paid a certain amount of money and they taught you to walk a runway, present a comedic monologue, a dramatic monologue, a dance routine, and a song. My runway look was a one-piece bathing suit, a top hat, and a bow tie. The competition was in L.A., and afterward I got a manager and an agent. I tried out for a billion things, and after three years, I was cast on the show 7th Heaven."

On if she was a rebel during her teen years:
"I cut my hair supershort and dyed it blonde. I had to apologize to Aaron Spelling [the producer] for doing that. He wasn’t happy. When I turned 17 or 18, a really obnoxious friend sent a stripper to the set. I had to apologize for that too. The show was all about family values, and they took that position seriously. I was always apologizing."

On her girl-on-girl action in 'Total Recall':
"Fun—so fun! Our fight scene isn’t overtly sexy: just two trained fighters who happen to be women kicking the shit out of each other. It could be two dudes, but we just happened to have long hair and boobs and…other things [laughs]."
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Dakota Cochrane (a.k.a. Sean Cody’s Danny) Booted From Reality Show After Just One Episode

o sad! He had such high hopes. But, poor Dakota Cockring couldn’t make it past his first match:

Perhaps the most curious contestant to ever be considered for inclusion on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) mixed martial arts (MMA) television reality series, Dakota Cochrane, got his big opportunity to show what he’s really made of inside the Octagon….He came up just a bit short. Cochrane, who performed in “gay-for-pay” porn flicks several years ago, took on James Vick in a five-minute fight for the right to compete on TUF 15 season and a “six-figure” UFC contract. [Cochrane] went on to lose the 155-pound bout via split decision, ending what might have been the most interesting TUF house storyline before it ever even began.

I’m sure he’ll bounce back, somehow…

Source: thesword
yay porn post~ he is the dude that talked shit bout the company that he did gay porn with from this post
i have to ask you guys something if this gets posted

kitty gwen

Blind Items

Ignoring beige bitches all day err day

1. This B list film and television actress is always bragging about being a mother to the press, but she might not be so good at it out of the spotlight. She’s forgotten to pick up her child from school on more than one occasion and last week the child called her grandmother saying she was home alone and hungry. The child is under ten. Buzz Foto
My Guess: Debra Messing

2. This actor has shown up for work on his new gig prepared and in good shape. Good news, right? Not so fast. We don’t know how much longer that will last. There has recently been some slippage into some bad habits away from the set. This news has cast and crew worried that this could be a very short gig. His management is aware of the issue and is trying to get the star back on track. They know that he won’t be winning many fans within the industry if he can’t be relied upon for a steady paycheck. Blind Gossip
My Guess: Charlie Sheen

3. On a recent movie set, these two A/B list costars were acting out a pretty intimate sex scene for the cameras. A source tells us that one of the stars got a little too into the scene and began taking it too far.When the other person wanted to stop, it was too late and both ended up upset in their trailers for hours being talked down by staff. Buzz Foto
My Guess: let's recap.... during the filming of a sex scene, an actor gets way too into it and accidentally ejaculated on the actress. LOL thats gross. As far as a guess.... Jeremy Renner and Tom Cruise? I KEED I KEED! Maybe Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ruffalo filming "Thanks For Sharing," a movie about sex addiction. She was probably mad because his jizz wasn't free range organic.
Agron & Nasir
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'Spartacus' casts Julius Caesar and Marcus Crassus for season 3

Spartacus will face some Roman legends in season 3.

Starz and Spartacus producers have just cast actors to play famed leader Julius Caesar and wealthy general Marcus Crassus in the hit show. EW has learned exclusively that Australian TV actor Todd Lasance (Crownies) has been cast as a young Caesar, who will begin his ascent toward ruling the empire. He’ll use his intelligence and deadly skill with a sword to try and crush the slave rebellion.

British TV actor Simon Merrells (The Wolfman, Family Affair) will play Crassus, the richest man in Rome, who craves the power and respect that would come from defeating Spartacus.

Spartacus: Vengeance has averaged 3.1 million viewers this season and included some rather spectacular set pieces. Producers say the drama will get even more bloody and shocking toward the finale.


Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli Split!

It's over.

Sadly, E! News has confirmed that after nearly 11 years of marriage, Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli have called it quits.

What went wrong?

"While we have decided to end our marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children," the duo said in a joint statement. "We remain dedicated to raising our beautiful daughters together. We ask for privacy and respect during this time."

Aside from confirming the sad separation, reps for the couple aren't commenting on details surrounding their break-up, though rumors of trouble in paradise have plagued the couple since last year.

The Twilight star and erstwhile 90210 actress tied the knot in 2001. They have three daughters together, Luca BellaLola Ray and Fiona Eve.

Liked them together :(

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Anne Hathaway: When I'm called "Regular" it's code for "Fat"

Anne Hathaway reveals she has a problem with her body image; she thinks she is fat. Apparently, the actress has fallen victim to media that puts skinny on a pedestal. Has this girl looked in the mirror lately? According to US Weekly, Hathaway said,

When people refer to me as a 'regular''s code word for 'fat' in Hollywood.

While Hathaway may be blinded by visions of invisible cellulite on her thighs, she has come to terms with her weight.

My body has chosen its shape. I'd rather be strong than skinny.

What she fails to notice is how the average person would be envious of the shape her body chose. While Hollywood is uber-critical of appearances, it is doubtful that anyone thinks Hathaway needs the help of Jenny Craig.

Source S2
Jean | FoD Gun

Summaries Released for April Episodes of Game of Thrones

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

HBO has released the synopses for all April episodes for season 2 of Game of Thrones, which is set to premiere on Sunday, April 1 at 9:00 p.m. ET. According to HBO, here is the official description of the season's storyline:

"War is coming to Westeros. As the cold winds rise and five kings vie for power, bonds are forged and broken, identities are challenged and romance blossoms. With the stakes higher than ever before, who will survive the chaos to claim the Iron Throne? The ten-episode second season of Game of Thrones plays out against the backdrop of a fast-approaching winter – the season of the white raven. In King’s Landing, the coveted Iron Throne is occupied by cruel young Joffrey, counseled by his conniving mother Cersei and his uncle Tyrion, who has been appointed Hand of the King.

But the Lannister hold on the Throne is under assault on many fronts. Robb Stark, son of Ned Stark, the slain Lord of Winterfell, seeks autonomy in the North and has taken Cersei’s brother Jaime prisoner in battle. Daenerys Targaryen looks to shore up her depleted power in the East with her three newborn dragons. Stannis Baratheon, brother of the late King Robert, rejects Joffrey’s legitimacy and aligns with a powerful priestess to raise a naval attack. And Renly, Stannis’ charismatic brother, has maintained his own claim since fleeing King’s Landing.

In the meantime, a new leader is rising among the wildlings North of the Wall, adding fresh perils for Jon Snow and the order of the Night’s Watch. With tensions and treaties, animosity and alliances, the second season of Game of Thrones will be a thrilling journey through an unforgettable landscape."

Here are the synopses for the April episodes. Spoilers may follow, so proceed at your own risk!

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♔ Happy Up All Night Release Day! ♔ One Direction to get US TV show?

One Direction are apparently set to have talks about starring in their own television show in the US.

The boy band, put together by Simon Cowell on The X Factor, are touring the States with US boy band Big Time Rush, and have gone down so well they could be landing their own show, the Daily Star reports.

The boys also caused a stir when they performed live in New York on The Today Show and are set to perform at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice awards later this month.

A TV source told the paper: "We'll be having meetings with One Direction when they come back for the awards. A series is definitely being talked about."

Band member Harry Styles added that the fans' reaction in America has been overwhelming.

He said: "We still can't quite believe it all, to be honest. It's sinking in slowly."

♥don't forget to pick up your copy of Up All Night! ♥
shawn corey

Wrestlemania’s 28 Greatest Matches of All-Time

The WWE continues to travel the road to Wrestlemania , which takes place on April 1st 2012. The event has been gaining a lot of mainstream media attention, promoting the appearance of Hollywood action star The Rock. In honor of the 28th annual Wrestlemania event, I thought it would be fun to make a list celebrating the 28 greatest Wrestlemania matches of all time.

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Wrestlemania is right around the corner!!! I look forward to seeing some people from ONTD :3

John Jolie-Pitt Wears a Tuxedo T-Shirt Because it Says I Want to Be Formal But I'm Here to Party.

She often appears in quirky attire, and today was no different for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt.

The five-year-old was spotted wearing a tuxedo-print T-shirt as she arrived at LAX with mother Angelina Jolie and sister Zahara today.

With her cropped hair, masculine khakis and sporty trainers, she was the antithesis of her girly older sister.

Seven-year-old Zahara sported a top imprinted with a leopard, blue jeans and soft knee-high boots.

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Chinese copy Victoria's Secret show

China has ripped off electronics. It's ripped off video games & movie posters. It's ripped off Conan O'Brien. And now, apparently, it's ripped off a Victoria's Secret fashion show.

A fashion show at China's Chengdu University of Technology wasn't just inspired by Victoria's Secret. No, it completely ripped off a Victoria Secret fashion show—something that was pointed out quickly by Chinese internet users.

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King K

makeup post: VERA TAKEOVER

Forget all other makeup brands: VERA will take them OVER

We already love her for her luxuriously feminine confections, so we’re guessing it won’t be too hard to fall for Vera Wang’s first color cosmetics line, which she’ll be debuting exclusively for Kohl’s. In conjunction with the BeautyBank division of the Estée Lauder Cos. Inc., Wang will release a 74 piece collection in April as part of the Simply Vera Vera Wang brand she has with the retailer.

“It completes my Kohl’s universe,” the designer told WWD. “Also, a pop of color is such a gorgeous way to let your natural beauty shine through. It’s the ultimate accessory.Wang promises that each product is a combination of color and treatment, since she believes strongly in the maintenance of one’s skin.

What can we expect from her next? Wang says her daughters are nudging her to do a nail polish line. “It’s an obsession in my home,” she said. We’ll be looking forward to it!

wedding dresses, bedding, PLATES, bouquets, makeup--what CAN'T vera do?

JonBenet Ramsey's Father Regrets Letting Her in Pageants, Says 'Toddlers and Tiaras' Is 'Bizarre'

JonBenet Ramsey would be 21 years old if she were alive today. Instead, she will forever be the 6-year-old beauty queen, frozen in time, hair coiffed and in full make-up.

But that's not the JonBenet her father John Ramsey remembers. He remembers something of a tomboy, who loved to hike and play with her older brother, Burke.

"I see her, you know, in shorts and t-shirt and hair kind of scruffy and just kind of a kid," he said.

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Bruno Mars Makes History as 10th Man to Appear on 'Playboy' Cover

Bruno Mars joins an elite group of men as the 10th male to grace the cover of Playboy.

The Grammy Award-winning musician is featured in the mag’s April Sex and Music issue, out March 16. He appears on the cover alongside Raquel Pomplun, as well as in a fashion pictorial and interview on the inside pages. In his feature, Mars models spring designs by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and more.

“Growing up in the showbiz world, I looked up to those guys: Frank Sinatra and of course Elvis Presley,” he told Playboy of his idols. “My dad was into the 1950s doo-wop era. If you look at those groups, or at James Brown, Jackie Wilson and the Temptations in the 1960s, you’ll see you had to be sharp onstage.”

Mars flaunts his signature style and dresses sharply for his photo spread, which includes the colorful shot below. Mars is pictured below wearing a shirt by Palace Costume Los Angeles, pants by Louis Vuitton, sunglasses by Ray-Ban and loafers by Re-Mix. In the cover shot above, Mars dons his own personal Armani suit.

Surprisingly, the “Grenade” singer chose Jimi Hendrix, not Sinatra or Presley, as the musician he would most like to work with if given the opportunity. “I think he’s the greatest guitar player in the world, and I would want to see him do his thing in person,” Mars said. “He’s the reason I picked up a guitar in the first place.”

As a Playboy cover star, Mars follows in the footsteps of several Hollywood icons. Peter Sellers was the first Y-chromosome to appear on the cover back in April 1967, followed by Burt Reynolds (October 1979), Steve Martin (January 1980), Donald Trump (March 1990), Dan Aykroyd (August 1993), Jerry Seinfeld (October 1993), Leslie Nielson (February 1996), Gene Simmons (March 1999) and Seth Rogen (April 2009).

the hollywood reporter

Video: Diplo f/ Nicky Da B – ‘Express Yourself’

Diplo shakes things up in the booty-ful video for “Express Yourself,” the New Orleans bounce-inspired single off his upcoming EP, due in May. The super-producer, who has crafted hits for Chris Brown, Beyoncé, M.I.A., and Usher, sits on the sidelines and lets New Orleans bounce rapper Nicky Da B run the show, twerking for the camera all over town. Stop, now make that motherfu**er Hammer time.

so many gif-able moments in this video.

rap up

Zooey Deschanel feels frustrated that female characters are not often given major roles in comedies

Zooey Deschanel gets ”depressed” when she is sent scripts where she is a supporting character. The ‘New Girl’ actress admits she rarely gets sent any projects or characters she can get excited about as a ”comedienne” because she is often only sent parts as the lead actor’s girlfriend.

She said: "I really do feel that for a long time women didn’t have the place in comedy that they should.

"I mean, when you get sent scripts and you see you’re always playing someone’s girlfriend when you want to be the central role, it’s so depressing. As a comedienne, it felt so frustrating to always be setting up someone else’s comedic moment.”

However, the 32-year-old beauty thinks things began to change with the success of female-driven comedy ‘Bridesmaids’ – starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph – because studio bosses understood there was an audience who weren’t being catered to.

She added: "’Bridesmaids’ success meant that a lot of networks realized people were interested in that kind of comedy.We already had our show in production, but it made the networks pay more attention.”
fuck the mcu

Christofuhhh - I mean, 'Sopranos' star Michael Imperioli joins NBC pilot 'County'

Michael Imperioli has joined the cast of NBC pilot County.

The drama, from Friday Night Lights exec Jason Katims, will focus on the medical staff at a troubled LA County hospital.

Imperioli will play Dr Mercer, a veteran doctor tasked with overseeing young interns, according to TVLine.

The actor is best known for playing Christopher Moltisanti on HBO's The Sopranos between 1999 and 2007. He also starred in the short-lived US remake of Life On Mars and ABC cop drama Detroit 1-8-7.

His latest project, Entourage creator Doug Ellin's pilot 40, was recently passed over by HBO.

Jason Ritter (The Event), Michael B Jordan (Friday Night Lights), Aimee Garcia (Dexter), Jess Weixler (Teeth) and Agam Darshi (Sanctuary) will also star in County.

Other drama pilots picked up by NBC include Dick Wolf's Chicago Fire with Jesse Spencer (House) and Taylor Kinney (The Vampire Diaries), futuristic sci-fi Beautiful People and Jekyll and Hyde update Do No Harm.

Professor Chaos

History Channel Orders 1st Scripted Series About Vikings

The network has ordered a full season of the medieval-set drama "Vikings" from "The Tudors" and "Elizabeth" writer Michael Hirst, to debut in summer 2013.

History channel has ordered its first scripted series.

Vikings, about the legendary Norsemen of medieval times, is set to bow in summer 2013. The network has committed to a full season of the series from Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios and creator Michael Hirst, who has adapted numerous historical dramas for TV and film including The Tudors and Elizabeth. The announcement came Tuesday from Nancy Dubuc, president and general manager of History, and Roma Khanna, television group president of MGM Studios.

The project is currently casting and is set to begin filming later this year in Ireland and other locations in Northern Europe.

It is a bold play for the channel, which has become a top-rated ad-supported cable network on the strength of its male-targeted unscripted slate including Pawn Stars and Ice Road Truckers. But the network is slowly branching into scripted territory with it's first scripted miniseries, Hatfields & McCoys, starring Kevin Costner and Bill Paxton, premiering on Memorial Day.

In a statement, Dubuc described the project as a "crossroads" for History.

"People think they know about the Vikings – we see references to them all the time in our popular culture from TV commercials to football teams – but the reality is so much more fascinating and complex, more vivid, visceral and powerful than popular legend," she said. "We will explore the mysteries of the Vikings - the adventures they took and the people who led them. And we will start to understand a past that is very much part of our collective DNA today."

The series will cast the Viking legend as a family drama chronicling the exploits of actual historical figure Ragnar Lothbrok and his band of Viking brothers as Lothbrok rises to become King of the Viking tribes.

Vikings is an international Irish/Canadian co-production from World 2000 and Take 5 Productions. Shaw Media will be the broadcast partner in Canada, airing the show on History Television in Canada. MGM will distribute internationally, outside of Ireland and Canada.

george jetson

Courtney Love: Disney and Kermit the Frog Are RAPING Kurt Cobain

Courtney Love believes Kermit the Frog and his gang of Muppet friends "raped" the memory of her late husband Kurt Cobain -- by bastardizing Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in their 2011 movie ... without her permission.

Courtney says she has the absolute power to approve or nix the use of Kurt's music for commercial purposes, and she never gave the OK for the 2 companies to use the song for the 2011 Muppets movie.

But there's another side to this ... We're told Courtney sold off half of her rights to Kurt's music to a company called Primary Wave Music. And there's more ... Courtney also gave Primary Wave the exclusive right to distribute Nirvana's entire catalog.

As far as "Smells Like Teen Spirit" goes ... not only did Primary Wave approve the use in the Muppet's movie, they got permission from the two surviving Nirvana members -- Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. And Dave is even in the movie.

But it's not all that bad for Courtney. We're told a chunk of the profits from songs in the catalog go to Courtney and her daughter, Frances Bean.
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Tulisa is dating Jack O'Connell from Skins?


After hearing that it definitely isn't TOWIE's Mark Wright, we were left wondering who Tulisa Contostavlos' new mystery man is.

At the speed that these rumours go, we'd considered everyone from Simon Cowell to Father Christmas, but it sounds like we were pretty far off the mark as it's now being reported that it's none other than Skins hottie Jack O'Connell!

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george jetson

Kim Kardashian Works Sexy Lingerie in New Kardashian Kollection Ad

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian are giving Kardashian Kollection for Sears an update that's hot, hot, hot!

On Tuesday, Khloe shared the just-released ad for their brand-new lingerie expansion for the line that already includes women's apparel, denim, shoes and handbags.

"OMG how fab is this new ad for Kardashian Kollection lingerie?!? Nothing makes me feel sexier, plus it’s all so comfy! Killing two birds with one stone! LOL," the 27-year-old wrote.

In the pic, Kim and Kourtney put their famous curves on display while wearing knee-high stockings and different bra and panty sets while Khloe works a more covered-up look complete with sexy stocking suspenders.


dead at them only mentioning kim in the title

Andrew and Emma talking to the paps

 These videoes were taken at the same time as those awkward candids that were posted other day. It's Emma and Andrew walking around looking cute and trying to get the paps to leave them alone.

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Sorry mods. Third times a charm...
I know paparazzi is a part of the gig, but I can't help but feel bad for them when you can obviously see it makes them really uncomfortable. And i liked the part where Andrew said they refused to pimp out their personal life when the pap tried to negotiate with him.

Source 1 - Source 2 - Source 3
linda granger

4 New Madonna Promo Pixxx

She looks good in some of them, but why so much Photoshopping?

She doesn't look human. Does she think this looks natural? She looks great on the "Give Me All Your Luvin'" single cover, shot by the same people, and she doesn't look plastic. This is Giovani Bianco's doing. He messed with the "Confessions on a Dance Floor" and "Hard Candy" photos, and made them look cartoonish.

She should have used Mert & Marcus' Fabien Baron, who did Madonna's "Sex" book, and the amazing 2010 Interview magazine shoot. Oh wells..

Am I the only one who thinks she looks a tad like Kylie below?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Radio Host Alex Jones Calls for Angelina Jolie’s Arrest for “War Crimes” (VIDEO)

Alex Jones, the conspiracy-minded talk show host and filmmaker, is calling for the arrest of Angelina Jolie for alleged war crimes.

The startling charge comes in a new video (below) posted by Jones in response to Kony 2012 and the larger movement to raise awareness about brutal Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony.

Jones claims the anti-Kony crusade is just “war propaganda” being used to justify conflict with humanitarian excuses, and he specifically unloads on Jolie.

Calling her an “emaciated vampire woman” and “monster” who’s been “selling genocide,” Jones also labels Jolie a “disgrace and danger to humanity” and demands she be punished.

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Sherlock to Begin Filming Third Series 'Early 2013' Says Producer Beryl Vertue

The third series of Sherlock will start filming in 'early 2013', according to Beryl Vertue - one of its executive producers.

Vertue, who is speaking at the Nations and Regions Media conference in Salford today, told Ariel that it was too early to confirm transmission times for the next series.

But it means fans have a long wait to learn how the detective faked his death at the end of the second series.

The drama, which has been a massive hit with around 10 million viewers, was co-created by Vertue's son-in-law Steven Moffat and is produced by his wife Sue Vertue for Hartswood Films and BBC Wales.

Filmed in Cardiff and London, it has also sold to 200 territories.

Leading actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are currently filming abroad on the next Star Trek movie and The Hobbit respectively.

Well this kinda sucks. Going by the fact that they started filming the second series in May 2011 and it took seven months for it to air on the BBC that means August 2013 at the earliest.

Stolen from ebenetwo~
Gif stolen from ebenetwo~



evelyn lozada + ochocinco get wedding series on VH1

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


Santa Monica, CA – March 12, 2012 – VH1 has signed “Basketball Wife” Evelyn Lozada and her fiancé, NFL superstar Chad Ochocinco for a new series showcasing their upcoming wedding, including all the scheduling, details and drama that lead to their special day. The eight-part series “Ev and Ocho” will premiere September 2012 and consist of eight half-hour episodes concluding with a two-part wedding finale.

VH1 has followed Evelyn’s story through four seasons of “Basketball Wives” ­- beginning with the end of her engagement to NBA player Antoine Walker, to her single life and now her current relationship with Chad Ochocinco. After going through their own set of peaks and valleys in this new relationship together, they are ready to take the next step to “I do” – with cameras in tow. Watch as VH1 presents a behind-the­-scenes look at Chad and Evelyn and their journey to become “Mr. and Mrs.”

Audiences will get a glimpse into all aspects of Evelyn and Chad’s relationship, from the tumultuous times, having to deal with cheating rumors and heartache, to dealing with the often negative and always invasive tabloid press, social media criticism of their partnership and tough family decisions about who’ll walk Evelyn down the aisle. Viewers will watch Evelyn and Chad work through their dream wedding with celebrity wedding planner Diann Valentine and decide on important details including the cake, the designer dress, the exclusive invite list and more. Preparation will not be easy as these stars battle the balance between their hectic daily schedules and planning a celebrity-studded wedding. Planning “happily ever after” is never a smooth course.

Taeyong 7th Sense

Your intermittent Slay Time Rush post


NEW YORK - March 13, 2012 - Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush scored for the network this weekend with the primetime premiere of the brand-new original TV movie, Big Time Movie (Saturday, March 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT), which averaged 4.1 million total viewers and ranks as the week's (3/4/12-3/11/12) number-one telecast with kids 2-11 (6.1/2.2 million), kids 6-11 (8.9/1.9 million) and tweens 9-14 (8.2/1.7 million). Overall, the Big Time Movie reached 13.1 million total viewers over the weekend*.

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Christian Bale

A Leonardo DiCaprio impersonator and the world's best Groupon

Who says Nebraska is boring?

Easily the strangest Groupon ever:

Exclusive Ocean Voyage – North Atlantic
“Titanic” DVD Signed by Leonardo DiCaprio Impersonator and 13-Day Ocean Voyage with Tour of “Titanic” From Deep Ocean Expeditions.

In a Nutshell
$12,500 for a signed Titanic DVD and 13-day ocean voyage with tour of the Titanic (a $59,680 value); departs from St. John’s, Newfoundland, on July 26 and returns August 8.

I would LOVE to meet the guy who decided to put these two things together. That is just such a glorious combination. “For just $14,000, you get an all-inclusive tour of the Egyptian pyramids, a translator, and guided tours of all the Middle Eastern holy sites, and GET THIS! We’ll also throw in a chicken McNugget that looks like Charlton Heston! YOU’D BE A FOOL NOT TO SNAP UP THIS DEAL!”

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5 Actresses Who Should Join ‘American Horror Story’

American Horror Story is getting ready to start production on season two, and it was reported last week that the show was casting for a “a fierce, ferocious, extremely sexual and dangerous wild-child sexpot who harbors a secret.” This twentysomething female would serve as the nemesis to this season’s star, Jessica Lange. So, given our infinite casting wisdom, we have decided to let Ryan Murphy know the five actresses we think would be best in this role.

• Megan Fox — She was just great in her small role in Friends With Kids, and this would be another fantastic way for everyone to forget that whole Transformers debacle. What’s more, the character description seems to fit her to a tee, and we can just see her and Lange having the most delightful face-offs ever.
• Kaya Scodelario — The Skins star is not very well known stateside, but definitely has the attitude, chops and gorgeous looks to pull this character off. Even better, it does not say the character can’t have a British accent. And we all know nothing makes someone seem more sinister than good looks and a British accent.
• Isabelle Fuhrman — She is only 15-years-old and far, far too young for the character on paper but hey, the girl already played 33 in Orphan. What’s more, she will be riding a huge wave following the success of The Hunger Games and she scares the sh*t out of everyone. Give the girl a shot, she can definitely hold her own with Lange.
• Shailene Woodley — There is no question this near Oscar nominee wants to do everything in the world to distance herself from her role on the ABC Family show Secret Life of the American Teen, and what better way than to spend some time sexing it up while no doubt also committing a slew of undoubtedly immoral acts for Mr. Murphy?
• Andrej Pejic — Isn’t Ryan Murphy all about thinking outside the box?


Who do you think it should be?

guti WEAH

The Wanted Are Going To Be Movie Stars

Film stars Wanted: Boyband set for roles in Entourage movie

Not only is The Wanted at No 4 on the Billboard chart, but they are in talks to get a walk-on role in the film of hit US TV series Entourage.

Their bid to become America’s most Wanted gathers pace...

Not only is Brit/Irish boyband The Wanted at No 4 on the Billboard chart, but they are in talks to get a walk-on role in the film of hit US TV series Entourage.

And it’s all down to the five Wanted lads – Max George, Siva Kaneswaran, Jay McGuiness, Tom Parker and Nathan Sykes – bumping into show boss Mark Wahlberg in Barbados.

They really hit it off and Mark is keen for the band to appear in the upcoming movie version of the HBO series, which ended last year.

My source tells me: “The boys got on like a house on fire with Mark when they met him at Sandy Lane resort and they’ve kept in touch.

"Mark is a big fan and wants them to star in the film in some capacity.

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OMG SO EXCITED!!!!!! p.s "Gold Forever" is being relesed for the US on 3/20 so yall better buy it!
linda granger

Dark Shadows Trailer to Premiere Thursday March 15th on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

About frigging time!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's a synopsis at the source if you're interested in the official plotline.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wondering when you'll be able to see the trailer for Tim Burton's take on the holy grail of vampire themed TV shows, Dark Shadows? Well, the answer has come... you just have to dance around with Ellen DeGeneres first.

According to the show's website, Ellen has the exclusive trailer for the new Tim Burton film, and it will be aired this Thursday, March 15th.

The ensemble cast includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Eva Green, Jackie Earle Haley, Jonny Lee Miller, Bella Heathcote, Chloe Moretz, Thomas McDonell, and newcomer Gulliver McGrath.

Look for Tim Burton's Dark Shadows in theatres in glorious 2D on May 11, 2012.


You sank my film career!

"Warning red, weapons tight...I want everything loaded," Liam Neeson gravely intones to a bunch of guys stranded in Alaskan wilderness to his crew. Why? Because a bunch of Transformers from space who are gonna create a huge debris field are coming to Earth in the latest trailer for "Battleship."

The most explosion-y of the spots yet, this trailer makes the case that Universal really, really wanted to make "Transfomers 4" instead. Focusing heavily on the baddies, which look like their suits were ripped out of "Halo," these aliens (or whatever) seem hella fierce. In fact, we have no idea how these puny little boats are going to defeat a massive onslaught of high tech weaponry from beyond, but maybe Taylor Kitsch and co. run into Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum on the way. At any rate, this looks pretty terrible, a ludicrous plot coupled with lots of loud noises hoping to distract you from how silly it all seems. And while many have this in the tank for a bomb, sometimes this is all it takes to get audiences to fork over their cash. And unlike "John Carter," at least people know what a "Battleship" is. Plus, RIHANNA, WOO!

"Battleship" will sink or swim on May 18th, but folks in the U.K. get it more than a month early on April 11th.

Trailer Source
anchors aweigh

First poster for "Ted", starring Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane

Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s feature directorial debut Ted opens this summer, and we now have our look at the first poster. The film stars Mark Wahlberg as a grown man whose childhood wish that his teddy bear would come to life suddenly comes true. The bear (played by Macfarlane using motion-capture) turns out to be a swearing, pot-smoking wreck who ruins Wahlberg’s life. The film is apparently pretty insane (Wahlberg previously told Steve that it’s incredibly offensive), with Mila Kunis, Joel McHale, Patrick Warburton, and Giovanni Ribisi rounding out the cast. Macfarlane and Wahlberg premiered the first footage from the pic this past weekend at the SXSW Film Festival and handed out the first poster to festivalgoers. We got our hands on one and it’s now included after the jump for your viewing pleasure. As you’ll see, it very much hints at the irreverent tone that’s sure to be on full-display.

Hit the jump to take a gander. A trailer debut for the film should be on the way soon. Ted opens July 13th.

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Peter Pan: Hear Me Out

Movie Trailer for "Free Samples" starring Jess Weixler, Jesse Eisenberg, Jason Ritter, Tippi Hedren

Synopsis: A Stanford law-school dropout named Jillian escapes to the anonymity of Los Angeles to figure out what she wants to do with her life, and on the day of her college boyfriend's birthday, she finds herself stuck running an ice cream truck fending off locals and oddball friends alike. This one day spent in a truck on the streets of Los Angeles will wake Jillian from her aimless daze and make her see that life doesn't stop just because you want it to.


Honestly only watching this for Jesse since I don't think I GAF about the main character. I'm not even sure why Jesse's character would be into her (side note: I still can't figure out who he's playing - her boyfriend/fiance? A one night stand?) Fun facts: Jess Weixler is actually 31 (she looks about 25 in the trailer to me) and is apparently BFFs with Jessica Chastain, Jason Ritter starred with Jesse in The Education of Charlie Banks, and Halley Feiffer played Jesse's girlfriend in The Squid and the Whale. She's also a playwright.

ETA: Fixed my error in the title :P
  • jamimo

Lana del Rey will preform on American Idol

The controversial chanteuse, Lana del Rey is reportedly either performing on American Idol on Thursday, or pre-taping for a later appearance.

Del Rey’s name is listed on the audience tickets along with Daughtry and Demi Lovato who are scheduled to perform.

For those of you not familiar with Lana–she was a You Tube sensation before she released her latest album. She’s controversial, because she had released work under her real name Lizzie Grant. Critics charge that her “indie” status is manufactured by her people.

She also bombed in an appearance on Saturday Night Live. So, my bet is on pre-tape because the live thing generally doesn’t work out for her so well.

shawn corey

Animation Legend Ralph Bakshi Looks Back at His Cult Classic "Wizards"

In his heyday animator Ralph Bakshi was considered the Anti-Disney. Today, he’s considered an icon.

With Bakshi’s most enduringly popular film, 1977’s sci-fi/fantasy “Wizards,” getting a glorious upgrade to Blu Ray for its 35th anniversary, the director is being lured off the New Mexico “mountaintop” he’s inhabited since he finally abandoned Hollywood a dozen years ago to revisit it – he’ll be making stops at places as disparate – but equally united in their praise of Bakshi’s film – as the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the comic book convention WonderCon.

The film not only signaled Bakshi’s professional shift from animating controversial but celebrated underground cult films like the X-rated “Fritz the Cat” (based on R. Crumb’s creation), “Heavy Traffic” and “Coonskin” into slightly more mainstream, fantasy-based fare, it also joined “Star Wars” that same year in launching science fiction and fantasy as film genres with increasingly broad appeal, as well as adult-themed animation. After laying the template for the types of movies that are commonplace in Hollywood today, Bakshi conjured some considerable perspective on “Wizards” – as well as his career as a whole – for PopcornBiz.

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Animation discussion!!!!

CREEPY POST: Haunted Homes of the Stars

The mansions of Adele, American Idol, Joan Rivers and more are inhabited by celebs and spirits alike

No stage fright here! Adam Levine and his band mates recorded their 2007 album, It Won't Be Soon Before Long, in Harry Houdini's allegedly haunted Los Angeles home. Guitarist James Valentine even claims he saw a ghost on the stairs. "It must have been benevolent – I never felt any bad vibes," he told PEOPLE.

Long before welcoming daughter Satyana, the How I Met Your Mother Star and husband Alexis Denisof had someone else in their humble L.A. abode. "I have a ghost in my house ... I don't know why he's there. But he's very friendly," the actress said. "I saw this silhouette of a man standing in the bathroom doorway. I was like, 'Sweetie, what are you doing?' I thought it was Alexis. But then I looked and Alexis was asleep next to me."

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trollney x5

David Beckham: 'I'm picking up an American accent'

David Beckham has revealed that he has started to lose his British accent. The LA Galaxy footballer, who moved to Los Angeles with wife Victoria five years ago, said that he finds himself using American terminology all the time.

Beckham told The Sun: "I catch myself calling my kids 'dude' every once in a while, so there are a few words creeping in. And using American words like elevator instead of lift."

He also revealed that sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz have become more expressive with their sense of fashion since living in the US, saying: "They're at the age when they want to wear their own things.

"You've got the oldest, Brooklyn, and he'll wear his soccer shirts and a T-shirt. Romeo is the fashion one, so he'll go in and pick up skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and a funny hat.

"Cruz loves Justin Bieber, so anything he's got Cruz wants, like the big high-tops with skinny jeans. They all have their own style."

Two years after relocating, the Beckhams reportedly started taking elocution lessons in a bid to boost their US career prospects. Around the same time, David admitted that the children were all developing "really American" accents.

Source | ever picked up an accent? what's your accent, ontd?
Mulder/Scully and William

Gillian Anderson talks about having relationships with women

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anderson, who has a 17-year-old daughter from her first marriage and two young sons with her current partner, has spent a lifetime feeling like the wildcard in the room. As an actor, she is used to projecting herself into other lives, but questions of identity color her life, too. She recalls moving from England to Michigan, when she was 11, and discovering that she was no longer part of the tribe. “Going from London to a small Republican town like Grand Rapids was quite a shock,” she says. “I thought it would be a place of sunshine and happiness and candy bars.” In high school, she was voted “Most Bizarre” and “Most Likely to Be Arrested.” Both descriptions, says Anderson, contained a kernel of truth, “based on how I chose to look, dress, behave, you know—the relationships I was in at the time were freaking people out.” Invited to elaborate, she begins to list them: “I was in a relationship with a girl for a long time when I was in high school, and then I was in a relationship with a punk rock drug addict who...”

Wait, a lesbian relationship? “Yeah, yeah, well it’s... You know, I’m old enough that I can talk about that,” she says, before resuming her list: “And then I was in a relationship with somebody who was way, way older than me. Everything that that kind of anarchistic attitude brings—the inappropriate behavior it leads to—was how I chose to be in the world at that time, which was, you know, not what people did.”

Much of this has been written before -- how she dyed her hair purple, how she glued the school gates shut on graduation night, the drugs and alcohol -- but her lesbian romance is something new. Understandably, she is wary of making a big deal of it, precisely because it is a big deal for so many people. “If I had thought I was 100% gay, would it have been a different experience for me?” she wonders. “Would it have been a bigger deal if shame had been attached to it and all those things that become huge life-altering issues for youngsters in that situation? It’s possible that my attitude around it came, on some level, from knowing that I still liked boys.”

Anderson says she has had relation-ships with other women, but they have been the exception, not the rule. She is, of course, aware of the lesbian fan base -- in a 2007 episode of The Graham Norton Show, a popular U.K. talk show, the mischievous host invited her to read aloud from a lesbian foreign phrase book, to which she gamely responded, “Lick my clit,” only to realize that Norton intended her to deliver the phrase in German.

Read more at the source

Get into Blue Ivy's shoe Game

Mighty Mother Creole Superior Sweet Knowles was once again spotted in NYC with her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter: Warrior Princess. Beyoncé and her two-month old baby stomped the Manhattan pavement today with a bodyguard close by.

Feel free to clutch on to your polished pearls as Blue Ivy annihilates your lives with her slipper magic. As if you aren’t already jealous that she’s strapped to the bosom of The Queen, she also shines her regal light over all eyes in these new fashions.

I just…more photos below, girl.
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Audrey Tautou Talks DELICACY (La Délicatesse) and Michel Gondry’s THE FOAM OF THE DAYS

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In the French film La Délicatesse (or Delicacy), directed by David and Stéphane Foenkinos, Nathalie (Audrey Tautou) is a beautiful, happy and successful business executive who finds herself suddenly widowed after a three-year marriage to her soulmate. To cope with the loss, she buries herself and her emotions in her work, until an office co-worker named Markus (French comic star Francois Damiens) catches her attention and an unexpected relationship develops.

Source 2

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Gemma red lipstick

Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead Cutting-Room Floor Coming in April

Ever wonder what crazed storylines Robert Kirkman came up with for his The Walking Dead comic book series that ended up getting the axe? Well, wonder no more as Image Comics is about to release The Walking Dead Cutting-Room Floor, containing never-before-seen Walking Dead plots!
For the first time ever: an unprecedented, behind-the-scenes look at Robert Kirkman's original, hand-written plot lines for the early issues of the Eisner-award winning series The Walking Dead! See what stories were left on the cutting-room floor, and get an in-depth look at how the series came together.
This collection includes commentaries on Kirkman's original plots with never-before-seen material. It is The Walking Dead collector's item of the year!
Check out the book's cover art below, and then be sure to pre-order your copy from the EvilShop in advance of its April 24th release date



Madonna Plays Social-Media Game Just Right To Promote MDNA

Even staying off Twitter, Madge is causing fan frenzy ahead of album's release.

Madonna may not be on Twitter, but she's got her social-media game face on in the lead-up to the release of her 12th studio album, MDNA — and we think she's doing a savvier job of promoting her album than most stars better known for their social-media presence.

While Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Rihanna have adopted Twitter as their forum of choice when communicating with fans, Her Madgesty has been ramping up her Facebook presence as MDNA's March 26 release nears. She's been socializing minute-long snippets of several MDNA album tracks — including "I'm Addicted" and "Gang Bang" — posting behind-the-scenes pictures of tour rehearsals and polling her fans about which back-catalog songs they'd like to hear when she hits the road.

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Olivia Wilde: 'Very Sexually Mature' In Her Youth

Olivia Wilde steps out in a leather jacket in Los Feliz, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress, in a TheEternal leather jacket, grabbed lunch with a pal on her free afternoon!

The day before, Olivia went for a hike in Griffith Park with some pals and her pup Paco.

Olivia recently spoke with British GQ about her sexual past.

“I was very sexually mature at a very young age. I was very comfortable with it and talking about it,” Olivia said to the magazine (via the New York Post). “I pulled out of the Linda Lovelace biopic. I decided that it should go to someone who is not already sexualized by the public. Amanda [Seyfried] will do an amazing job.”

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Why on earth would she turn down a movie which could have given her a chance to show case her talent (if she has any). Or was she even given a chance to pull out...