March 9th, 2012

Emma Stone: "I Haven't Worked Out for a Month and I'm Proud of It!"

Like most women, Emma Stone isn't 100 percent happy with her body.

"I do have that thing of, 'Oh my God, I'm disgusting! I ate a huge Wagamama lunch, the whole yaki soba, and I feel so fat,'" the 23-year-old tells England's S Magazine. "But I'm still gonna eat that stuff, and you know what? You can get nice, loose clothes that cover it all up."

The actress, who's currently dating her Amazing Spider-Man costar Andrew Garfield, adds: "I'm not gonna go parading around in a bikini. OK, I did that in a photo shoot once, but it's about what you're comfortable with at the time you're comfortable with it. That was a good day, but you won't hear me saying I have no body issues because I wouldn't be human if I didn't."

While shooting the Oscar-nominated film The Help in 2010, Stone put on a few extra pounds after indulging in Mississippi's famous comfort foods.

"Suddenly nothing fitted me, but then they have such delicious food in the South and I don't believe in depriving yourself," Stone tells S Magazine. "Yes, you should be healthy and take care of yourself, but growing up I've seen people who have horrible issues with food."
Laughs Stone: "I haven't worked out for a month and I'm proud of it!"

"Running is bad for your knees and I like to do things I actually enjoy, like going for a swim. I had a trainer during Spider-Man and I discovered I have deep-seated rage when I'm holding heavy weights over my head. Whatever dormant anger I have in me, that’s where it comes out. That's not the kind of working out I want to do," the actress explains.

"I would much rather sleep at night than want to throw a weight across a room at someone. I'm usually a pretty peaceful person, but for some reason when I get in the gym something bubbles up in me."

smoking goals

elle fanning in contention to play perfect princess aurora in maleficent with queen angie

While Dakota Fanning's most recent big screen effort looks like this (lol), her sister Elle Fanning has been the one with the lucky horseshoe lately. Counting David Fincher, Cameron Crowe, Sofia Coppola, J.J. Abrams and Francis Ford Coppola among the directors she's recently worked with, the actress is now looking to bank time with Angelina Jolie on the set of her next film.

Twitch reveal that Elle is in talks to star opposite Jolie in the brewing "Maleficent." More or less confirmed last month by Jolie as her next big screen role, the film is a reboot of the classic fairy tale (of course) that would see Mrs. Brad Pitt as the evil witch and Fanning as Princess Aurora, who gets lulled into a long slumber. We haven't seen the Broadway production, but we presume she won't be sleeping for the whole movie. The Jolie/Fanning pairing seems pretty unstoppable, and as much as another fairy tale movie makes us want to tear our hair out, it's hard to argue with those leads.

Newbie Robert Stromberg (production designer on “Alice In Wonderland,” “Avatar” and “Oz: The Great and Powerful”) is being tasked with making his directorial debut on the movie, proving Disney has learned little from taking that approach on "John Carter." No release date yet but seeing as this seems to be gearing up, 2013 is looking like a possibility.


omg b o w
{magnolia} but it did happen

Another one of those perfect woman composites...

Natalie Portman's nose and Scarlett Johansson's lips: The face of the 'ideal woman' according to plastic surgeons' most popular requests

Australia's Marie Claire magazine has come up with their image of the ideal woman, plucking the best features of some of the world's most famous celebrities and composing them into one, strangely recognisable, ensemble.

Using data from leading surgeons around the world, the team have pulled together the most requested celebrity looks as received by plastic surgery experts in the past 12 months.

King K

KLG doesn't want you to freeze-dry your pet!!!

There's a company in Pennsylvania that lets you freeze-dry your best friends after they pass on, and Kathie Lee and Hoda debated the merits of turning loved ones into furniture. Thankfully, the service is only for pets.

Hoda admitted to being seriously "creeped out" by some brochure photos of dogs who had basically gone through the same process as astronaut ice cream. Kathie Lee admitted to keeping the cremated remains of her dogs in her library.

"That's different than on the couch," Hoda replied.

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Destinee & Paris Dedicate a Song to Kony 2012

Pop sister duo Destinee & Paris Monroe have dedicated an acoustic song, "Scream", to the Kony 2012 campaign.

We recorded this song "Scream" and want to dedicate it to the children who have been captured by the LRA to be a voice for them, because the children being taken, abused, and forced into doing terrible things that children shouldn't even know about are screaming for help and the LOUDEST SCREAMS DON'T EVEN MAKE A SOUND.

No, they're not Prussian Blue, the ex-Nazi twins.

Source, Source

Jamie Foxx Comes Out.....of his clothes

Jamie Foxx does an AMAZING Michael Jackson impression ... in his underwear ... and TMZ has unearthed the unbelievable footage to prove it.

The video was shot at an after-party at Jamie's mansion in L.A. ... roughly ten years ago ... right around the time he was blowin' up for his role in "Ali."

Foxx -- sporting nothing but a pair of red briefs, white sneakers and a baseball hat -- gets downright funky in front of a group of friends while Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover" plays in the background.

We're told everyone had a blast that night ... and Foxx continued to dance his ass off even after the camera shut down.

Just one question -- Briefs? Really?

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Just ONE question?? Also, never forget this jaw dropping pic...


Kathy Griffin On Her New Bravo Talk Show 'Kathy', Rush Limbaugh, Kirk Cameron and More

Move over, Cher and get ready to share the spotlight, Madonna. There's a new mononymous diva in Hollywood: Kathy. "We don't need the Griffin anymore, honey," Kathy said. "It's 2012 -- they know it's me."

Yep, Kathy Griffin is moving on up since "My Life on the D-List," the Bravo reality show that earned her two Emmys and a couple of notches on the Hollywood totem pole. After six seasons of "D-List" and 13 Bravo stand-up specials to date (with two more on the way this year, she said, "like a damn fool"), now she's got a new pop culture talk show to solidify her spot on the B+/A- list.

"Kathy" (premieres Thurs., April 19, 10 p.m. EST) is a one-hour weekly talk show that lets Griffin rant about anything and everything, whatever's on her mind, from celebrity to politics. She might sometimes be accompanied by her wine-loving mom, Maggie, and she might also do the show without clothes on. But if any Bravo bigwigs are reading this, she swears she's going to be on her best behavior. (She's not.)

HuffPost TV was the first to chat with her about it, and between rants about Rush Limbaugh, Kirk Cameron, Scientology and her favorite target, the Kardashians, Griffin's exclusive scoop about the show got us pretty excited to hang out with her every week.

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Johnny Depp will not be playing Tom Hanson

Where in the world is Johnny Depp?

By now you’ve probably heard that the superstar appears in the upcoming 21 Jump Street flick, Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s reboot of the television series that launched Depp’s career.

We’re not spilling on who he plays (don’t want to ruin the surprise!), but we can tell you…

He did not reprise his original role of Officer Tom Hanson for the movie (in theaters March 16).

In fact, Depp goes completely unrecognizable—until the big reveal, that is.

I’m told he spent about three hours in makeup for the transformation for the one-day shoot.

“Even the crew on set didn’t recognize him,” a source reports. “They were telling him what to do and giving him all sorts of direction like he was one of the extras.”

The part was apparently written specifically for Mr. Depp.

New Girl star Jake Johnson, who plays the high school principal in 21 Jump Street, told us back in October that Depp’s appearance was “more than just a moment.”

It certainly is.


Ugh, he takes every opportune moment to not look like himself.

The Voice Contestant, Jamar Rogers, Gets Candid about HIV Positive Status

On Feb. 6, Jamar Rogers shared his HIV-positive status with millions as a prospective contestant on NBC's performance competition show The Voice. The soulful, exuberant Bronx resident and God's Love We Deliver volunteer amazed audiences with the ease of his disclosure, and the comfort with which he discussed his troubled past. Celebrities on the show, like Carson Daly and Cee Lo, took it all in stride -- chipping away at the stigma that so many in the viewing public likely hold when it comes to HIV.

On Feb. 12, Jamar joined blogger Robert Breining and his co-host Jeromy Dunn on POZ I AM Radio. In this inspiring interview, Jamar opens up about everything from his HIV diagnosis to family and relationships to being part of the cast of The Voice. There's even a special appearance by his ever-supportive mom, Danielle.

On the Aftermath of His Audition on The Voice

Jeromy Dunn: Jamar, listening to that opening song; listening to your audition from The Voice; just listening to you and your energy: It's amazing. I mean, you must be on the moon right now.

Jamar Rogers: I really am, man. And you know, the very next day after -- Tuesday, right after the audition aired -- I was just walking around running some errands here on the block and a guy stopped me on the street. I would have never thought that this guy would ever stop to talk to me. And he hugged me and said that he, too, was in recovery, and he, too, was HIV positive. And he wanted to thank me for what I was doing.

Yeah, meeting Cee Lo has honestly been one of the highlights of my life, and it is really rad to be on national television. But I tell you what, Jeromy: What warms my heart are all the inbox messages I'm getting and the emails I'm getting from people have never told anyone they were HIV positive. They've never disclosed their status to anyone before. And I feel so honored to be the first person that they've decided to come clean with. That puts me over the moon.

Jeromy Dunn: I bet it does. And what an inspiration! I mean, you inspire me to go get voice lessons again. But I look at your picture and I look at you, and then this voice comes out of you. And it's like where is this coming from?

We'll get into your story soon, but I want to know about your process. When you get up onstage and you're in front of those cameras, what do you do to get yourself psyched up?

Jamar Rogers: Well, I get up really early the day that I usually have to perform. And this is just performances around New York, as well. I get up really early and I kind of just spend some alone time, talking to God.

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GLEE doing full-episode tribute to Whitney Houston

Glee is currently shooting a tribute episode to Whitney Houston that will include eight songs from the late great musical icon, sources confirm to us exclusively.

Unlike the previous tribute last month (Amber Riley performed "I Will Always Love You" and producers added in a dedication card), this Whitney episode was planned after Houston's death, and according to a reliable show source, will "not be a typical tribute"...

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Kanye is too loud for the Royal family

WHEN Kanye West moved to London it was a dead certainty that he would annoy a few people with his Zoolander antics. Now he has not only upset the fashion world but also members of the Royal Family.

The rapper has been living at the Lanesborough Hotel - just a stone's throw from Buckingham Palace - for the past few months. He took over the top floor and set up music studios and fashion workshops in multiple rooms.

He also brought over members of his entourage and rappers including Common, Pusha T and Big Sean, whose name must have been inspired by P Diddy.

And their disturbances at the hotel - where a suite costs £2,700 ($4,000) a night - did not go down too well with royals and other well-heeled guests.

Kanye's protege Big Sean said, "We went to London and we were right next to the Buckingham Palace and the Royal family. There were members of the Royal family staying below us. Kanye had rented out the top floor and we was banging that b*tch out."

"Every room was a studio. The Royal family below were complaining like, 'We got all this loud-ass rap music above us and weed smoke'. They paid all this money and you don't expect to get these kind of complaints," he added.

On Tuesday night Kanye debuted his new fashion collection in Paris, where he was snapped with P Diddy, after months spent working on it. Early reviews of his clothes have not been too positive so far.


they're just pressed that yesus would've married kate and ashley

Nicki Minaj Calling Upon The Holy Spearit For Roman Reloaded?

Word on the street is that Nicki Minaj is hooking up with her pal, professional Femme Fatale Britney Spears, for her April release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded. According to Brit Brit fansite, BreatheHeavy, the fiercest Barb in the land has tapped her one-time tourmate for the track, “Masquerade.” Neither girl has commented on the rumor, but it’s not that crazy in terms of collaborations.

It wouldn’t be the first time the two ladies worked together. Minaj dropped a verse on Spears’ “Till The World Ends” last year before she hit the road with the pop princess for her Femme Fatale trek. But the move, if it turns out to be true, shows that Minaj is always trying to move in between a pop and urban audience.

While on tour with Spears last year, she explained her stance. “I'm always surprised," she said of Spears’ fans knowing the words to her songs. "I don't really expect them to know all the records, but I guess it just kind of transcends all genres of music at this point."

While this all remains a rumor, Minaj did drop the deluxe artwork for the album, out April 3. It is basically the same as the standard album’s art, but with a lot more of Nicki showing. Still painted up, the camera has panned down a lot more to expose a lot more of Minaj’s body and curves.

Source: MTV
brit piggy by fivestar_x

john mayer cancels his tour because a granuloma grew in his throat again

"I have no idea how to introduce this post, so I’m skipping the first paragraph.

During rehearsal on Tuesday, it came to mind that I should see my throat doctor because something didn’t feel/sound right. I went in for a visit on Wednesday and a scope of my vocal cords revealed that the granuloma has grown back where it had mostly healed. This is bad news. Because of this, I have no choice but to take an indefinite break from live performing. Though there will be a day when all of this will be behind me, it will sideline me for a longer period of time than I care to have you count down.

I want to explain this a bit more in depth than I have in the past, because I know there’s some confusion as to what this condition is; a granuloma forms and continues to snowball because it’s in a spot where the vocal cords hit together and there’s no way to really give it a chance to heal without a good stretch of time and some pretty intensive treatment. In short, it’s one giant pain in the ass.

Okay, so here’s the plan… Born and Raised will be released as scheduled, but because I don’t make a very good anything-other-than-a-musician, I’m going to begin writing the next album very soon. I feel really vibrant as a writer at the moment and there’s no reason not to begin the next album project in the time I would have been touring. Somewhere in all of this is another surgery and a very long chemically-imposed period of silence, so I hope you’ll understand that I have to really pick that date carefully.

I’m pretty emotionally burnt out at the moment, but please know how hard I tried to resolve this and how disappointed I am that I can’t perform this record yet. I’m completely bummed, especially for all of you who started making plans to see a show. Nothing feels worse than having to break the stage down before the performance, and I mean nothing. I love this band you were going to hear, I love the guys and girls I work with, and the only thing that stops me from devolving into a puddle of tears is knowing that it’s a long life, and the greatest gift in the world is being able to create music no matter what the circumstances. So these are the new circumstances, and I’ll find a way to make it mean something. That’s all you can ever do.


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brit lollipop  by jmonkey3152

Britney offered $10 million for her FIRST season of X Factor

Watch out, Christina Aguilera!

According to sources for The Hollywood Reporter, Grammy-winning superstar Britney Spears is in final negotiations to fill one of the open seats on The X Factor‘s judges’ panel. Sources reveal that Britney’s fiance, Jason Trawick, is currently negotiating a contract that could be signed as early as next week.

So, just what will Britney’s contract look like? Well, according to Deadline, the Baby One More Time singer is reportedly being offered a whopping $10 million to join the show’s sophomore season. Wow!

No official word from FOX has been released.

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Chris Brown and girlfriend still going strong despite Rihanna beef.

Controversy doesn't seem to stop this celebrity couple from having a good time. Just days after reports of war of words between Chris Brown's girlfriend Karreuche Tran and his former flame Rihanna and the couple put on an affectionate show as they left a Hollywood nightclub.

The R&B star and Vietnamese model were seen leaving the Tru Nightclub in Hollywood. The two were all smiles as they sat behind the wheel in Brown's car, with the Grammy winner sporting a white hoodie and his girlfriend wearing black.

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This adds to the flurry of controversy surrounding the celebrity couple. Earlier this week Karrueche and R&B star Rihanna engaged in a social media feud via Twitter and Facebook, with the two making jabs at each other.

On March 6th the "We Found Love" singer also tweeted: "I'm a leader, yall on some following sh-t...comin in dis game on some modeling sh-t!" The model reference could be interpreted as another stab at Brown's current girlfriend.

Rumors also speculate that Rihanna and Brown are not only back together, but engaged to be married. Star magazine reported that friends close to Rihanna said the two are planning to tie the knot, but nothing has been officially confirmed.

'Sherlock Gnomes'

A 'Gnomeo & Juliet' sequel 'Sherlock Gnomes' is in the making, with all new songs by Elton John

Elton John’s Rocket Pictures has begun plotting a sequel to 2011 Disney hit film, Gnomeo & Juliet, it has been announced this week, as they set up the 3D animated Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes.

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Loved Gnomeo & Juliet! This will probably be amazing... :)


Joe Jonas' new girlfriend is ridiculously pretty

Joe Jonas has a new girlfriend. Sunshine State sources say the Jo-Bro was spotted with model Nina Agdal in Miami last weekend. The singer, 22, and the Sports Illustrated pin-up, 19, were first spotted looking cozy with Adgal's leggy friends at Miami hot spots Mansion and LIV nightclub. The pair was also photographed together.

+58 more pics at the source

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Kit Harington thinks Jon Snow is 'quite stupid,' shares other thoughts and opinions

Sitting down for a roundtable interview with Kit Harington is more akin to having a chat with a friend over a pint than a Q&A session. Wonderfully candid and open, the man behind Jon Snow tells us what he thinks about the bastard son of Ned Stark and how his hair helps him get into character, while we resist the urge to say, “you know nothing Jon Snow!”

He is currently filming another fantasy epic, the feature film Seventh Son with The Dude himself, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore and Ben Barnes and will next be seen in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Had you heard of the books when you got the part?
I had never heard of the books when I got the pilot through. I read the pilot and didn't touch the books until I got the part and then once I got the part I went out and bought all four of them and read them but I'd never heard of them up until then.

So having read them all does that influence how you play Jon?
I love having source material so having something there that is giving you as much about your character as you can, I love to know as much as I can. I got too far ahead of myself and had to reel it all back in, "wait a minute this is a long process we're going on, I need to make sure I don't endgame and end up somewhere where I've got nowhere to leave myself to go." So I reeled it back in and realised that at the start he's different from how he is when he gets further along the line. But I think it was important to read them because I could get a real grip of who he was.

What have you learned about Jon?
Something I learned about him recently, I was trying to work him out and I was thinking, "actually is he quite stupid?" Because I made a few decisions about him and it led to this person who in the books he makes a lot of mistakes, he acts first and doesn't think about things and so I realised recently he's a very instinctual person. He's a good person, he'll do the right things for people but he won't think ahead of time.

I had another part that I had to think about that was similar to Jon but for a different project and I was trying to think how to differ them and actually the other guy thinks about things and then acts. So he's [Jon} an instinctual person that's what I realised about him and I think that makes him who he is. He's not exactly intelligent as we think of people being intelligent, he knows how to use a sword and he's a good person and he's a natural leader but he doesn't think ahead too much.

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Kerry Washington Covers March 2012 Essence Issue

Kerry Washington is bringing it. As the star of ABC’s greatly anticipated show Scandal (which debuts next month) Kerry will become the only Black actress to lead a drama based on a real-life black woman -- high-profile crisis management adviser Judy Smith -- in a prime-time TV series created by another powerful Black woman in Hollywood: producer Shonda Rhimes. In “Power Players,” a few of Black Hollywood’s leading ladies talk uncensored to ESSENCE about men, money, power and respect in Tinseltown.

“I think it’s a really special time to be a woman of color in this business. The landscape of who has the power is changing. We are in more influential positions and are able to have a say in the stories that are told. I feel very lucky to be in the business now…”—Kerry Washington

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Blind Item about Amanda Bynes?

SarcasticYay Pictures, Images and Photos

Ever wonder what happens when you put a former B+ female tweener who gets her own first show and you mix her with a former B list television actress from a long running hit ensemble show who also thinks she is the star? You get several years of pleasantness on the outside and the worst conditions ever on a show on the inside. The former tweener had a huge ego. Coming off some movies and a very popular tween show she thought she was going to be the biggest star on the planet. She also had a very goody goody image on the outside, but on multiple occasions had more than one guy at once. She is also a huge collector of her own homemade porn.

The actress coming into the show who had been on the hit ensemble show also was a goody goody on the inside and out but it did not stop her from being a diva. She also could be the biggest b**ch on the planet if you crossed her. As she told the tweener once after they got into a hair pulling fight, "I learned from the meanest actress who ever walked onto a television set. You will lose."
How about the times that our tweener would walk around naked when the actresses husband would stop by the set. "Oops. I did not know you were here." Not that she would ever normally have sex with him. She likes big, big big guys if you know what I mean. However, to get back at the actress she would have slept with the husband who is also a B list movie actor.
For years the two never spoke to each other unless they had to. Knowing how prudish the actress was, our tweener would have wild sex as loudly and as close to the actress as possible even when her kids were visiting. She would even have sex in the actresses' trailer and have her companions leave their used condoms. It was a wild wild set and the two still hate each other.

OP NOTE: My immediate guess: Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth on What I Like About You


from the source (ONTD Detectives researched) of the most disturbing blind item ever he writes that he does know this one, after a few guesses, he confirms it (see comments at source).
Josh Mustache

A Canadian royalty post: Carly Rae Jepsen to collaborate with Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber does everything he can to promote his artists — including collaborating with them hands on! His newest Canadian import, Carly Rae Jepsen, announced that she’d be working with the Biebs directly during an interview with Ryan Seacrest.

“I do have a plan to do a little bit of a collaboration with Justin, I hope you get to hear it soon,” Jepsen told Ryan Seacrest. That was all the ‘Canadian Idol’ runner up would reveal!

Jepsen has already collaborated with Bieber — and Selena Gomez and more — but not quite so directly. Biebs, his lady love and some famous pals teamed up to make a video set to Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe.’

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Source: [Pop Crush]
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Henry VS Nardwuar, Q&A, and Occupants slide show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
WHO HE IS: Actor, comedian, activist, punk frontman, writer, radio host and provocateur with a thirty-plus-year resume.

WHY YOU’VE HEARD OF HIM: Rollins was the longest-lasting and most-recorded lead singer of iconic punk band Black Flag; after it disbanded, he went on to front the Rollins Band and tour solo as a spoken word artist.

WHAT HE’S UP TO: Rollins is an outspoken activist, prolific writer, columnist for the LA Weekly and long-running radio host on Los Angeles’ KCRW station.
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VS Q&AC-Span
Stevie J

Robin Thicke Tributes Whitney On Ellen

Robin Thicke honored the late Whitney Houston with an emotional performance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The R&B crooner took a seat at the piano and sang his stripped-down cover of Houston’s 1995 hit “Exhale (Shoop Shoop)” as images of the late legend flashed across TV monitors.

He was on the brink of tears as he finished to a standing ovation. “I’m sorry, I got a little choked up everybody,” he told the audience. “I was actually thinking about her the whole time.”

Following his touching tribute, he performed his single “Pretty Lil’ Heart” during the non-televised portion.

source 1 2 3

Just 'cause...
Maria Nod

My littlestan heart weeps, review of Mansons' latest show plus interviews and drugs

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It was a wet and miserable leap day in 2012. While this may have been a damper on most people’s days, it actually set the tone for me as I headed to the Enmore Theatre for my one-and-only Sidewave show this year. Walking into a sea of black, I was wildly surprised at the diversity of the crowd, particularly in age. Some of Marilyn Manson’s original Australian fans appeared to be in the audience.
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A new Sim City to be released in 2013

If you’re a fan of crafting your own dream city, then you’ll be happy to know that SimCity will be making a comeback next year. During the EA Game Changers event at GDC 2012, EA & Maxis made it official that SimCity will be releasing in 2013.

A rumor surfaced within the last few weeks that mentioned a new SimCity title, so it’s great to hear that EA has made the announcement official. Thanks to the official website for the new SimCity title, we’ve been able to list a few details in regards to the title below:

Work together with friends to build a region for the first time! The cities in your friends’ region will directly interact with each other. Want to be a good neighbor? Send fire trucks to help your friend in an emergency. Want to be a bad neighbor? Produce mass pollution and watch your friends’ Sims become sick. Team up to share resources and accomplish great feats like launching shuttles into space. Participate in global challenges like lowering the total pollution output in the SimCity world to unlock a trophy to place in your city. Check regional and global leaderboards to compare your city with your friends. Every decision in your city and those in your friends’ cities will impact the greater SimCity world.

  • Immersive 3D worlds and tactile interactions give you the power to shape the city you envision. Customize buildings to unlock additional functionality and offer additional gameplay benefits. Experiment and place buildings in different locations and watch how it affects your city. Play with new enhanced design tools like curvy roads and zoning to create the city you always wanted. Complete missions to unlock better buildings and create the most impressive city in your region.
  • SimCity introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once.
  • The Sims in your city speak to you directly and it’s up to you to respond by completing pledges. Unlock rewards and earn achievements by meeting your Sims basic demands, like providing water and electricity, but soon they will ask for better schools and bigger parks. How you manage your city and the Sims living in it is entirely up to you. Build hospitals for the sick and provide entertainment for leisure and your Sim population will grow and be happy.

Maxis hasn’t released any additional details at this point, but it’s great to hear that a new SimCity title is in development. Along with the announcement, a trailer was released showcasing the vision for the title which we’ve included above.

MPAA Grants 'Perks of Being a Wallflower' PG-13 Rating

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is now rated PG-13, rather than R, the Classification and Rating Appeals Board of the MPAA ruled Thursday.

Erik Feig, president of production at Lionsgate Motion Picture Group and Stephen Chbosky, the director, screenwriter and author of the novel on which the movie was based, appeared before the board to make their case for the lower rating.

Originally, the Classification and Rating Administration assigned the movie, which stars Emma Watson and Paul Rudd, an R based on “teen drug and alcohol use, and some sexual references.” The appeals board switched that to PG-13 “for mature thematic material, drug and alcohol use, sexual content including references, and a fight – all involving teens.” Lol this sounds worse than the R-rated description tbh

The movie is about 15-year-old high school freshman Charlie, played by Logan Lerman, who is taken under the wings of two seniors while he copes with his first love, played by Watson, the suicide of his best friend and his own mental illness.

The MPAA has been under criticism lately for assigning the Weinstein Co.'s documentary "Bully" an R. The company appealed the rating, but lost.


I'm really happy they managed to get this appealed and I'm glad the MPAA is finally acting like a reasonable bunch. Now, give us a damn trailer!

Music's Top 20 Money Makers 2012!

As the concert business rebounded in 2011, touring remained the biggest source of income for the top earners in the U.S. music business. Billboard's sixth annual Money Makers ranking includes veteran road warriors U2, Kenny Chesney and Bon Jovi, as well as other artists emerging in recent years as A-list arena headliners, from Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga. But not all of the 40 artists on the Money Makers list relied heavily, if at all, on touring income.

Thanks to the breathtaking sales of sophomore album "21," Adele made a top 10 showing despite vocal cord problems limiting her ability to perform publicly before she was forced to cancel 10 sold-out U.S. dates in the fall. Sales of the Beatles' classic catalog-powered by impressive digital album sales at iTunes-enabled the Fab Four to make their Money Makers debut. And who says kids don't buy music these days? Justin Bieber enjoyed such robust album and digital track sales that even his absence from the U.S. touring market didn't keep him from making the cut.

Country artists had another banner year, occupying 11 of the 40 slots on the list, with Swift surpassing all with U.S. earnings of $35.7 million, 17% more than the take-home pay of last year's top-earner, Lady Gaga. Conspicuously absent are dance artists, despite the genre's recent commercial resurgence. That's due, in part, to the fact that even the most prominent dance acts can't match the recorded-music sales of mainstream pop, rock and country artists. Moreover, touring itineraries of most star DJs not named Tiësto include multiple club dates, and venue capacities are simply too small to generate the financial returns of an arena tour.

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See the full TOP 40 list at the source!

Coolio & Son Arrested - Locked Up at Same Jail

Like father, like son ...

TMZ has learned rapper Coolio was arrested in Las Vegas today ... and is currently behind bars at the same jail as his kid.

Law enforcement tells TMZ ... Coolio was a passenger in a Nissan Versa which was pulled over for a routine traffic violation early Friday morning.

We're told the cops ran Coolio's name in the system and noticed he had 2 active bench warrants out for his arrest stemming from multiple traffic violations.

Coolio was arrested and hauled to Clark County Detention Center -- the same place where his son Grtis is rotting away for allegedly robbing some dude at gunpoint a few months ago.

Coolio's bail has been set at $5,850. A court date has not yet been set.

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george jetson

Jon Hamm disses Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton

Mad Men's Jon Hamm has hit out at the cult of celebrity that has made "idiots" like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian into millionaires.

'Whether it's Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian or whoever, stupidity is certainly celebrated,' he told April's Elle UK magazine. 'Being a f***ing idiot is a valuable commodity in this culture because you're rewarded significantly.'

The Golden Globe winning actor says the success of reality TV stars 'doesn't make any sense' to him.

He added that he also didn't understand why blonde, skinny women have become the epitome of beauty by modern society, saying curvy women like his Mad Men co-star Christina Hendricks are more beautiful.

On his own looks, he confesses he doesn't know why he has so many female admirers. 'I don't even consider myself handsome,' he said. 'When I look in the mirror I see my goofy-assed self from when I was a kid.'

The 40-year-old also said he won't get sucked into the Hollywood cult of eternal youth as spending hours having his hair done is 'not my game'.

His comments come as the new series of successful TV show Mad Men, in which he plays womanising advertising exec Don Draper, is due to air.

The fifth series follows on from his character's shock proposal to his secretary Megan at the end of series four.

But Hamm told the magazine he has no intentions of tying the knot in real life.

He has been with girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt for 15 years and says they don't need to get married to prove their commitment to one another.

'Having a piece of paper serves to remind you of your commitment, but we do a pretty good job of reminding each other,'
he said.

Stevie J

Cee Lo Green Is JET's "Beauty Of The Week"

"The Voice" judge and pop star Cee Lo Green covers this week’s JET but it's the inside spread that will have tongues wagging!

In the issue, Cee Lo revealed that he’s always wanted to pose for JET franchise “Beauty of the Week”...and JET gave him that chance. Of course they "enhanced" his physique...but it's the thought that counts!

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Anthony Bourdain Praises Marilyn Hagerty, Olive Garden Reviewer.

The review was so earnest that cynics thought it had to be a joke.

Marilyn Hagerty's rave of the new Olive Garden in Grand Forks, N.D., has gone viral, with the 85-year-old author of The EatBeat column in the Herald attracting a mixture of jaded disbelief and unlikely praise.

"Very much enjoying watching Internet sensation Marilyn Hagerty triumph over the snarkologists (myself included)," Anthony Bourdain told his Twitter followers.

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dancing panda

Kelly Clarkson on Ron Paul in a recent interview: ‘I didn’t even endorse him’

“I voted for Barack, so it’s not even like I’m a hardcore Republican.”

Last December, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson gained a whole new group of fans when she tweeted the following message: “I love Ron Paul. I liked him a lot during the last republican nomination and no one gave him a chance. If he wins the nomination for the Republican party in 2012 he’s got my vote. Too bad he probably won’t.”

Ms. Clarkson’s pro-Paul comments also cost her a chunk of her supporters, as the pop star was lambasted on Twitter for supporting the Texas congressman. In a March 15th issue of Rolling Stone, Ms. Clarkson details the circumstances of the Twitter backlash. “I didn’t even endorse him! All I said was that I liked him,” Ms. Clarkson remarks in the interview, according to POLITICO. “I voted for Barack, so it’s not even like I’m a hardcore Republican,” Ms. Clarkson adds.

Ms. Clarkson makes it clear in the interview that her decision to tweet her thoughts about Mr. Paul was completely spur of the moment. “I’m hanging out with my brother and my little niece, playing Barbies, and Ron Paul comes on TV. He doesn’t BS around anything. I was like, ‘This dude is refreshing,’” Ms. Clarkson explains.

While Ms. Clarkson received a number of angry comments from her Twitter followers, the pop star also received a mention from none other than Mr. Paul himself. During a campaign rally at Valley High School in West Des Moines, POLITICO’s Juana Summers reported that Mr. Paul asked the crowd the following question: “Does anybody here know the name Kelly Clarkson?”

It was initially reported that Ms. Clarkson’s pro-Paul tweet increased her album sales, but that report was later proven false. reported on January 5th that the increase in Ms. Clarkson’s album sales was due to iTunes’ advertising of Stronger and a $7.99 sale price.

guti WEAH

Justin Bieber Is About To Get His Wig Snatched

Watch Your Back, Bieber: The Boy Band Is Making a Comeback
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

“The boys are back!” the Internet cried this week, reinstating the relevance of all-male pop groups. Women have had a strong run dominating the Top 40 pop charts, no doubt, but thanks to some international imports, we may be about to hear a lot more harmonizing than we have in the last few years.

In what looks like the second coming of Westlife and Boyzone, two bands in particular have been leading a boy-band comeback and dominating the discussion: The Wanted and One Direction—each consisting of four Brits and one Irishman. Rolling Stone declared that after months and months of Adele ruling the charts, The Wanted has made significant headway on the Billboard digital-songs chart, jumping to No. 2 with their clubby, Ibiza-appropriate “Glad You Came.”

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Bieber's new record better be flawless or else Scooter will jump ship.
The new British Invasion is happening right now.  I just hope Example joins in cuz he's amazing.


Why 'The Hunger Games' is also the Gender Games

For the producers behind "The Hunger Games," a movie based on a young-adult novel about a teenage girl fighting for survival and struggling with a love triangle, the guys matter.

The movie doesn't open until March 23, but soothsayers are already predicting an opening-weekend gross in excess of $100 million. Barclays Capital estimates that the movie will generate $275 million domestically, on par with the most recent installment of the "Twilight" series. The studio, Lionsgate, is hoping to launch a multibillion-dollar franchise. Expectations have already sent its stock price soaring.

To avoid falling short of such lofty predictions, Lionsgate has been picking its way through a minefield of gender issues: reeling in male moviegoers without alienating core female fans. But male audiences, long the driver of blockbuster openings, have proved increasingly fickle as they divide their attention with videogames and other diversions.

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carrot bunny
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Books AND Celebrities post?!

Scholastic has a website called You Are What You Read where you can create a "bookprint" which is pretty much the books that have made you who you are. A ton of random (and not so random) celebrities and authors have done this, and I though it was something we literary / pop culture driven folks at ONTD would eat up!

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Sources: You Are What You Read / Book Box Daily
linda granger

'Glee' Recurring star cast in Roseanne Barr new sitcom

What does this mean for Cory's character?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With many of the older students on "Glee" moving on past McKinley High School, it looks as though some of the parents may also be stepping away from this show's universe in lieu of other projects.

According to new scoop, Romy Rosemont (who recurs as Finn's mother on the hit Fox show) has been cast for a role on the upcoming NBC show "Downwardly Mobile," which stars Roseanne Barr as the owner of a mobile home park filled with all sorts of unusual residents.

If this pilot gets picked up and Romy is indeed a regular, it's hard to see her making too many future appearances on "Glee" beyond this season; however, her role is likely to be reduced, anyway, thanks to Finn moving out on his own. (Mike O'Malley, who plays Kurt's father, also has a pilot commitment.)


Madonna Starts Cancelling European World Tour shows due to Poor Ticket Sales

This is one piece of news a Madonna fan should never have to read. Promoters Adria Entertaiment and Live Nation confirmed today that the June 11 Madonna World Tour concert at Maksimir Stadium in Zagreb, Croatia, has been cancelled due to "logistical"'reasons.

"We are very sorry that many Madonna fans will be disappointed," Adria Entertainment said in a statement on their website.

Vladimir Ivankovic, CEO of Adria Party, got in more details saying that "unfortunately the world of corporate business decisions are made regarding the primary benefit of the corporation. In this case we could not go under any agreement we have with local partners and take over the logistical commitments that are subsequently placed in front of us, and refer to the manner of use of the stadium. Because of this, we made a joint decision that without it iwould not be logistically possible to organize a concert in a satisfactory manner, which would bring loss to all parties involved in the project. So we had to cancel the concert." . 

"Refund begins 3/19/2012 and will last until the last customer does not come for a refund for your ticket", Ivankovic also said. "We know that this decision of the cancellation may have an impact on the market, but our long-term fairness and the public trust, we are sure, will override this challenge, and this trust will not be affected." 

Refunds for all ticket buyers for the cancelled concert can be obtained from 19 March 2012 at the original retail outlets where tickets were purchased. Fans who have purchased their tickets online will have the amount refunded on their credit cards. Those who have purchased their tickets at the Adria Entertainment box office - regardless of payment method - will be refunded only at the original Adria Entertainmen point of sale.


"logistical" reasons = poor ticket sales.
None of the categories of the tickets were sold out over a month after the tickets going on sale.
I had tix for this show, so sad... :(
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Native Americans on film: 'Well, my friend, looks like we're surrounded'

The New Mexico film industry is having a hard time as it is. With the news that Sony Imageworks is packing up its visual effects office in Albuquerque this summer because of the state’s change of heart regarding the industry’s support, it’s hard to criticize a big budget picture setting up shop in the state.

As it is, Disney’s “Tonto and The Lone Ranger” almost didn’t make it this far. A gargantuan budget was nixed by Disney suits at first, but, after a significant bit of slashing, the greenlight was lit and local film professionals are now doing a happy dance, according to media reports. The production is underway and working toward a May 13, 2013 release date, hopefully employing lots of grateful New Mexicans.

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Native American actor appreciation post imo

The real queen of television is about to retake her throne

The network that canceled Susan Lucci’s long running soap is not quite ready to say goodbye to its biggest star: The All My Children actress will co-star in Marc Cherry’s next drama in the works for ABC called Devious Maids.

The script is about four maids with ambition and dreams of their own while they work for the rich and famous. Lucci will play one of the employers.

Devious Maids also stars Ana Ortiz (Ugly Betty).

There was a chance that Lucci’s old soap would continue online, but the company that bought the rights to AMC and One Life to Live were unable to reach guild deals. Arrangements with the unions were necessary if Prospect Park wanted to also sell the soaps to cable, but it’s economically unfeasible to pay guild wages for an internet show that would generate a fraction of the revenue it once did on ABC.

It also didn’t help that Prospect couldn’t convince Lucci to continue her role on the internet. Only Cameron Mathison (Ryan Lavery) and Lindsay Hartley (Dr. Cara Castillo Martin) had agreed to continue on AMC after it finished its network run in September.

More proof that Invisible Children is a hot mess

Kony 2012 Director Says It’s Not About Money While Campaign Makes Millions

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Unfortunately videos don't embed so you'll have to go to the source

Jason Russell, the douchebag with a Messiah complex co-founder of non-profit Invisible Children and director of the now infamous "Kony 2012" viral video campaign, attempted to explain why his campaign is an easy solution to world peace, etc., in a number of interviews last night and this morning. His explanations are as overly simplistic as his mission, and his financial clarifications are contradictory.
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linda granger

Cher is retiring again, next tour will be her "Farewell Tour" for realz!

Class action lawsuits need to be drawn up against both Cher and Tina Turner for false advertisement. They got all the gheys to dish out their money a decade ago by telling them that that was to be the last time they would see them live and in concert. Y U lie!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pop superstar Cher is adamant her new tour will be her last after previously retiring from the road in 2005.

The singer's Living Proof: The Farewell Tour ran between 2002 and 2005 and she subsequently set herself up in Las Vegas for a residency, which ended last year.

She is now planning a comeback with a new album and she recently revealed she will be hitting the road once again for another series of shows.

However, the Believe star insists this tour will definitely will be her last.

In a series of posts in, she writes: "This 1 will b (sic) 'last one'! I want 2 (sic) do it 'well' just 1 more time!... Last one 'Never Can Say Goodbye' Tour! Touring is hard!"

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Jessica Biel Finally Reveals Engagement Ring

We’ve been waiting — and we must say, we’re very impressed.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Bielenjoyed a late lunch at Brentwood eatery Tavern Thursday, with Biel casually sporting a standout accessory: her engagement ring!

The newly engaged pair — joined by another couple and their toddler — was all smiles in the center of the restaurant’s atrium room. Timberlake, 31, looked handsome in a blue-and-white checkered short-sleeved shirt and newsboy cap, and Biel, 30, was gorgeous in an aqua Twelfth St by Cynthia Vincent dress, cream blazer and Roger Vivier flats, little makeup and her hair in a high ponytail.

Biel’s ring — which she’s rarely flashed in public since her and Timberlake’s engagement was announced in January — features a large, slightly rounded square-cut diamond with smaller stones surrounding it, and appears to have a vintage feel.

An onlooker tells PEOPLE that during the meal, Timberlake and Biel sat side by side, noshed on sandwiches and were very sweet with each other, as well as with their friends’ child — and that the actress “could not have looked happier.”

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Source 1 & 2

Very vulgar. I thought they had more class than this tbh
Taylor Smile

What Are America's Favorite Fast Food Chains? Survey Names The Top 10!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In September, Zagat released it's ranking of fast food chains, determining that Five Guys was the most popular in the country. A comprehensive survey from research firm MarketForce, released in August, came up with the same result. Together, they gave Five Guys plenty of reason to be smug.

Industry research firm Sandelman and Assoc. just released the results of a huge new survey on fast food, based on the responses of 100,000 diners, far more than either Zagat or MarketForce. The final rankings are based on the responses of people who actually visited the restaurants in question in the three months before taking the survey. The survey ranked restaurants by the number of diners who said their experience had been "excellent."

Five Guys, though it does well, is not the winner. Neither is In-N-Out, another perennial contender in these types of surveys. (Though it's worth noting that, as a commenter points out, the final results weren't so far off from the Zagat rankings by rating rather than popularity.)

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What are your fast food favorites ONTD?
IMO this list is a mess, In n Out should have been number one lbr
ha ha ha ...

JK Rowling post

J.K. Rowling is no longer a billionaire

by Stephan Lee

The billionaires club has hit J.K. Rowling with a banishing spell. According to the newly updated Forbes Rich List, the Harry Potter author has gone from billionaire to millionaire (several hundred times over, of course). She apparently broke a few rules of how to stay rich by giving away a lot of her fortune — reportedly $160 million of it — to charity and by paying her top-rung British taxes.

There’s no way that the socially minded Rowling, who once lived on welfare, gives two Quaffles about her standing on the list, and no one should shed a tear over a stratospherically rich woman becoming slightly less so. But I always liked knowing that an author of imaginative, timeless, honest-to-goodness books became a billionaire.

Perhaps Rowling’s upcoming book for adults and the April opening of Pottermore will help bring her back above the line. Honestly, I don’t really care as long as she stays richer than Stephenie Meyer.


Jesus Krist Rowling
Ed - brows

Demi calls out the blind items


Blind Gossip responds...

We don’t Twitter, but it has come to our attention that a certain celebrity is blasting us on Twitter right now.

What fun! A celebrity engaging in a Twitter war with a non-celebrity who isn’t even on Twitter!

Girl, please go back to rehab. Your real friends are worried about you. A six-month stay would be ideal. We suggest Promises or Sober Living by the Sea. You’re familiar with both facilities, right?

Love, Ace

PS: Both Blinders and The Girl’s fans and fanatics are welcome to comment on this thread and to provide support and encouragement to The Girl. Yes, she will be reading your comments.


People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

"Ah swear, ah will croak if she asks me for a pair of Nikes instead of Christian Louboutins!"

– Jessica Simpson, on what would happen should her unborn daughter adopt fiancé Eric Johnson's love of sports, to Elle magazine

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Remember to Spring Forward the clocks this weekend! 


Katy Perry: The Shoegazer

Katy Perry has admitted that her next album will be much darker following her split from hubby, Russell Brand.

Speaking to Interview magazine, the 27-year old claims she will have less sugary-sweet pop songs on her new LP and more edgy tracks.

The Firework hitmaker stated: "My music is about to get real fucking dark. I'll be shoe-gazing. You'll never see my face because my hair is in my face."


A/N: For those unfamiliar, shoegaze is a subgenre of alt rock popular in the early 90s in the UK, that used a lot of reverb and effects pedals by their shoes, hence the name, to create a noisey wall of sound. Some examples are My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Chapterhouse.

Shaking and crying, when will your favs ever put Kevin Shields to shame?

Colin Mochrie

Limbaugh lost 49 sponsors since fluke incident,here's hoping this'll be the final nail in the coffin

Rush Limbaugh Defended Joseph Kony And The LRA In 2011

Headline of the piece: “Obama Invades Uganda, Targets Christians”

Below is a transcript from Rush Limbaugh's radio show on October 14, 2011. An excerpt:

Lord's Resistance Army objectives. I have them here. "To remove dictatorship and stop the oppression of our people." Now, again Lord's Resistance Army is who Obama sent troops to help nations wipe out. The objectives of the Lord's Resistance Army, what they're trying to accomplish with their military action in these countries is the following: "To remove dictatorship and stop the oppression of our people; to fight for the immediate restoration of the competitive multiparty democracy in Uganda; to see an end to gross violation of human rights and dignity of Ugandans; to ensure the restoration of peace and security in Uganda, to ensure unity, sovereignty, and economic prosperity beneficial to all Ugandans, and to bring to an end the repressive policy of deliberate marginalization of groups of people who may not agree with the LRA ideology." Those are the objectives of the group that we are fighting, or who are being fought and we are joining in the effort to remove them from the battlefield.

It's pretty clear that Limbaugh knew very little about Kony during the airing of this show. However even at the end when he apparently gets some information to the contrary, he can't help but continue to hammer on the fact that LRA are Christians:

Is that right? The Lord's Resistance Army is being accused of really bad stuff? Child kidnapping, torture, murder, that kind of stuff? Well, we just found out about this today. We're gonna do, of course, our due diligence research on it. But nevertheless we got a hundred troops being sent over there to fight these guys -- and they claim to be Christians.

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the love witch

Heidi Klum: I'm in the eye of a tornado

  • Klum breaks silence on split with Seal
  • Says experience has been an "emotional tornado"
  • Says it's not necessary for the details to be made public

HER lips have been sealed since her shock marriage split and supermodel Heidi Klum sounds like she thinks everyone else - including her ex - should be keeping quiet too.

Klum has broken her silence in an interview with Elle magazine confessing the fall-out from her shock break-up with Seal has been an emotional "tornado".

"I feel like I'm in the eye of the tornado. It's emotions inside of your body that are a tornado. And then the outside world doing all this craziness - with you wanting it or not wanting it (sic) - is another tornado.
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The Queen of Pop, R&B, Hiphop, Soul, Blues, Jazz, All Music, The World in Paris for Fashion Week

Alicia Keys was spotted at Paris Fashion Week rocking one of this season’s most slimming trends: optical illusion dresses. Alicia worked a black and white getup that showed off her curvacious figure that she complimented with a slicked back ‘do. 
Stella McCartney presented a winter ready-to-wear collection that was young, fun, feminine and light in the spectacular grand ballroom of the Hotel de Ville, Paris' city hall, with its soaring painted ceiling, imposing arches and ornate chandeliers. She described the collection as English countryside meets "urban energy, color and shine."
At the end of the show, Paul McCartney, raised his fist in triumph, while singer Alicia Keys, her first time at Paris Fashion Week. "It's like magic!" - gushed. "It's so beautiful, the colors are so vibrant but still so sophisticated and chic and strong. I just love her whole style so I'm really glad to be here." 
Celebrity guests including Katy Perry, Elisa Sednaoui, Poppy Delevingne, Zhou Xun and Michelle Chen marveled at the glowing crystal-studded set that Karl Lagerfeld dreamt up for his Chanel show at the Grand Palais today. 
“At first I thought it was icicles, but now I realize that it’s really amethysts, and that’s just so much more beautiful and powerful,” said Alicia Keys, who claimed to know a thing or two about crystals. “Every time I discover more of the meaning behind them, you realize how much they can have an impact on you,” said the singer, who was wearing an Indian style pendant over her forehead. “I think the Earth is such a powerful thing and we don’t recognize all the things that come from it and what type of power they hold, and I think he does” added Keys, referring to Lagerfeld.
She attended Kanye West's ready-to-wear fall/winter 2012 show at La Halle Freyssinet. As for other celebs who supported Kanye, well, they included Kim Kardashian, Common, Sean Combs, Rosario Dawson, Mos Def and Swizz Beatz. 
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ready for ontd's moral police to showcase their bitterness
Colin Mochrie

Dick Clark Has An Awesome House

TV legend Dick Clark puts his Flintstones style Malibu retreat on the market at $3.5million

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Dick Clark and his wife Kari recently put their one-bedroom Malibu, California house on the market. It looks like something straight out of animated series, The Flintstones. For a detailed look at this stunning property, check out the virtual tour.

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VH1's "Couples Therapy" Supertrailer

Get More: Couples Therapy

Relationships are hard enough, but imagine the pressure of having your hook ups, "bumps" on the relationship road and breakups as fodder for the tabloids. More and more it seems, couples whose matters of the heart play out in the public eye are calling it quits and throwing in the towel on their relationships. Why is it so tough for these couples to stay together? Looking to shed light on the issue, VH1 will examine the complicated and often misunderstood world of high-profile relationships with "Couples Therapy" (WT). DMX (Rapper) & Tashera Simmons, Linda Hogan ("Hogan Knows Best") & Charlie Hill, Chris Nirschel ("The Next Food Network Star") & Angelina Pivarnick ("Jersey Shore"), Kasey Kahl ("Bachelorette") & Vienna Girardi ("The Bachelor") and Reichen Lehmkuhl & Rodiney Santiago ("The A-List: New York") will all take a seat on Dr Jenn Berman's couch. "Couples Therapy" is set to premiere with 8, one hour episodes on Wednesday, March 21 at 9/8c on VH1.

sunmi why so lonely

Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom to Open the Cannes Film Festival

With the Cannes Film Festival now just two months away, we'll soon be getting a flurry of news about both the film and filmmakers headed to the Croisette. But to get things rolling, one film that we figured would make an apperance, has been confirmed.

Premiere movie magazine in France reports that festival honcho Thierry Fremaux has selected Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom" to open the 65th Cannes Film Festival. Well we can't say we're surprised. All the signs have been pointing to a bow premiere at Cannes from the May 16th release date in France (the same date the fest kicks off), the starry red carpet ready cast and the fact that the beloved director has actually never been to Cannes to a show a film. But, it now seems Anderson can book his ticket and the festival line up is off to a great start.

Anderson's latest stars newcomers Jared Gilman and Kara Hayward, as a young couple who fall in love and run away together, turning their small town upside down in the process. Bruce Willis, Edward Norton, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Harvey Keitel and Bob Balaban round out the cast, and we couldn't be more excited. And if you can't make it to the Croisette not to worry, "Moonrise Kingdom" opens on May 25th. The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 16-27.