March 5th, 2012

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More advertisers pull out of a porkish bald fuck's radio show of overpriced hatred

Published: March 4, 2012

Emboldened by Rush Limbaugh’s public apology over the weekend to a law school student whom he had called a “slut” and a “prostitute,” critics of the radio talk show host are intensifying their online campaign against his advertisers.

The apology, they said, was a signal that the campaign was working. On Sunday, a seventh company, ProFlowers, said that it was suspending all of its advertising on “The Rush Limbaugh Show” despite his apologetic statement a day earlier.

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mods: mr. limbaugh is technically a radio celebrity.
kitty gwen

Blind Items + 3 Reveals!

It was YOU the whole time!

1. This strait-laced former sitcom actor was at a restaurant/bar with his wife. A fan walked up to him and asked for his autograph. He held up his hand to shush the fan and said, “Shh, we’re listening to this song.” The actor and his wife then held hands and swayed back and forth with their eyes half-closed and sang along with tears spilling down his cheeks. The fan had to awkwardly stand there and wait until the end of the song. The whole situation was so bizarre that it was all the fan and the onlookers could do to keep from laughing during the emotionally cloying performance. The song they were singing was “The Rose” by Bette Midler. The actor in question has started focusing his life in another way away from acting. And no, he won’t be singing for a living. Especially songs by a gay icon like Bette Midler. Because, to him, being gay is a sin, and as long as he keeps denying his own sexuality, he is being righteous. Blind Gossip
REVEAL: Kirk Cameron

2. There is an area in Griffith Park where you can take the kiddies for a train ride. A certain actor used to enjoy taking men for another kind of ride in the same area. He would cruise the park, pick up a guy, and then hook up with them in his car. The really ironic thing here is that the actor is so religious that when he was a teen heartthrob (a couple of decades ago) he used to insist that any dialogue that was even the slightest bit sexual or profane be removed from his lines because they violated his sense of decency. He’s all grown up now, but we’re sure his wife really appreciates what a moral man she married. Blind Gossip
REVEAL: 2 FOR 2! Kirk Cameron, who's favorite color is scrotum

3. This foreign born A list movie actor who has not done much with his A list status so is probably slipping to B has run through many women during his time in Hollywood. The problem is they all know of his umm shortcomings in the bedroom. Not only his tiny endowment, but also the fact that he has some premature problems if you know what I mean. He tried dating women from other countries, but they also caught on so now our actor has dated two people in the past two months. Both of them are high school seniors. Legal, but are so excited about dating him they don't care that he is awful in bed and his ego has never been bigger. CDAN
REVEAL: Gerard Butler. Gross.

4. One of my favorite all time divas has herself quite the mouth. She also has certain beliefs about what songs should be played and what songs should not. Our diva used to be A list back in the day and is probably still and will always be a B list. She is also a nominee/winner of the big one. Anyway she was at a club and this disco version of a classic song comes on. Our diva goes over to the DJ and starts screaming at him. Oh, this is after she has hurled a cocktail glass at him and the glasses of all her companions. ‘Don’t you ever play that fucking song again. If you do, I will have you fired. She is turning over in her grave.’ She then went back to the table and did a line of coke. CDAN
My Guess: Omg please be my favorite fierce bitch diva Cher

5. You wouldn’t normally put these two stars together, but they are set to share the silver screen. The older star earned his way into the acting ring and felt his much younger costar deserves a chance to broaden his fame into film. However, things aren’t going too well at the moment. The youth is extremely bratty and his sense of entitlement might cost him the role. The Hollywood veteran is already considering casting someone else. Hollywood Dame
My Guess: Mark Wahlberg is not a fan of Justin Bieber being a hot-headed baby-haired bitch

Nicole Richie for Flare April 2012

Nicole Richie is for cover girl the April 2012 issue for Canadian fashion magazine Flare.

She dazzles wearing a Roberto Cavalli Spring 2012 ensemble which features a gold jacket, a matching skirt and a white top which she accessorizes with a ring from her House of Harlow 1960 line.

Inside she looks white hot wearing a Cushnie et Ochs jersey leotard and cotton skirt with an Alexis Bittar bangle.

She talks to the magazine exclusive about Hollywood role models, balancing work with family, and how her four-year-old daughter feels about her namesake line.

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I don't even...

I Hope She Miscarries

Snooki's ex-boyfriend Emilio Masella doesn't think the world is ready for Snooki spawn ... including Snooki herself -- telling TMZ, I hope for her sake ... not to be rude or anything ... but I hope she has a miscarriage."

Emilio tells us he does believe Snooki will eventually be a good mother -- but insists ... there's no way in fist-pumping hell she's ready for it now.

According to Emilio, Snooki has always been flippant about having kids ... and never really grasped the gravity of being pregnant -- "When I was with her, she said she wanted twins. She would always say 'Let’s have twins.'"

Emilio says, "I would def recommend her to get pregnancy test to see who the father is because I’m sure there are other subjects" -- adding, "Vinny could easily be the father."

As for how Snooki and BF Jionni's relationship will pan out on her new spin-off show -- Emilio thinks the two will get married ... but Snook will "pull a Kim Kardashian."

Emilio says, Snooks is "going to have the baby and break up with him right after."


Kellan Lutz continues to bless us with insight: "My education is in the fashion world"

The American actor, who starred alongside R-Pattz in the vampire franchise, says he feels fortunate not to have the pressure that he, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart have.

He exclusively told omg!: "Rob, Kristen and Taylor are top tier and all eyes are on them. Now everyone's looking to see what they'll do afterwards.

"For the rest of us we kind of did all the press but had none of the pressure."

Kellan says he doesn't feel typecast like Robert Pattinson.

Rob recently revealed he felt he'd be nothing without Twilight. But Kellan, who played the role of Emmett Cullen in Twilight, told us: "I don't feel typecast at all. I feel very fortunate."

Kellan, who started his career as a model, is currently spending lots of his time on his fashion range.

He told us: "I'm really focused on my clothing line. I was in New York for Fashion Week just hanging out with my peers in the fashion world and looking at them for inspiration.

"I love fashion, I started out modelling. My education is in the fashion world."

And the 26-year-old made his movie mark away from Twilight in last year's big movie Immortals.

We couldn't help noticing he spends most of the film (in which he plays Poseidon) with his shirt off. So did he ever get nervous?

"Nah I've had to do shoots in my underwear. I'm very thankful for my modelling years because I had to do a topless basketball shot where I was just wearing basketball shorts aged 14 and it really prepares you.

"I'm a guy I don't really care. I can run around naked. I felt very at ease."

(How are we supposed to get the rest of the interview done with a mental image like that).

Somehow we managed to continue and ask Kellan how he got in shape for those, err, naked scenes.

"They [the Immortals crew] care about wanting you to look the best you can. So they hire professional trainers, we had nutritionists and special food, small portions every hour. We would all work out together."

And with the final Twilight film set for release this summer, is Kellan excited for the last part to hit our screens?

"I loved Breaking Dawn Part 1. It really got me as it had more adult humour. So I'm really looking forward to Breaking Dawn Part 2. There's a lot more action than the first part."


Who's The New RoboCop?

A reboot of the 1987 Paul Verhoeven film, RoboCop will again tell the story of a police officer who, after nearly being killed in the line of duty, is rebuilt as a crime-fighting cyborg. The original film spawned two sequels and multiple television series spinoffs.

"I have my take on it," Padilha told late last year, "And I can tell you this: In the first 'RoboCop' when Alex Murphy is shot, gunned down, then you see some hospitals and stuff and then you cut to him as RoboCop. My movie is between those two cuts. How do you make RoboCop? How do you slowly bring a guy to be a robot? How do you actually take humanity out of someone and how do you program a brain, so to speak, and how does that affect an individual?"

Recently, Gran Torino scribe Nick Schenk was brought about the project to rewrite. Production is still targeted for this summer.

So who's the lucky guy who scored the leading role?

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Guess who is preggers?

Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa, are expecting a baby!

The 38-year-old entertainer announced the exciting news of Vanessa‘s pregnancy on Monday (March 5) while co-hosting Live with Kelly. Vanessa is due in late summer or early fall.

“I’ve had a chance to do a lot of great things in my career and my life but this is the one thing that, more than any other, I look forward to,” Nick said on the show. “The fact that it’s actually here, it’s overwhelming.”

Nick and Vanessa tied the knot last July in a small ceremony.


An Oompa Loompa Wedding Before Oompa Loompa Baby - Snooki & Jionni Reportedly Engaged!

Not only is Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi expecting her first child with Jionni LaValle, but PEOPLE has learned that the happy couple is also engaged!

The Jersey Shore star, 24, and her now husband-to-be will welcome a baby later this year, a source confirms.

"I know he's the one so I know the ring's gonna come soon," Polizzi told PEOPLE on Jan. 12 – though at the time, she had no idea a proposal was coming.

"Well, not soon-soon. He knows it should be big, cuz if it's small I'm saying no. Like, 'Get another ring!' "

A few weeks later, she also talked about her hopes for a family with her beau of a year and a half.

"I definitely do want kids, but I'm not pregnant," Snooki said on Good Morning America on Feb. 2. She also denied being with child on her Live! with Kelly appearance, demurring: "Everyone thought I was pregnant. I'm like cool, I gained weight again."

To make it a three-peat, she also denied the news to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live.

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smoking goals

zelda williams speaks out about the presumed nepotism in hollywood

Regarding Progeny (A Letter by and about the actor children of actors)

New Gen Celeb Offspring: The Smiths (Jaden & Willow), Rumer Willis, Meryl Streep's Brood (Mamie, Grace & Louisa), Royalty Emma Roberts, Riley Keough, Zoë Kravitz, Max Irons, Lily Collins, Zelda Williams & Kelly Osbourne

FYI: This is an open letter addressing what I’ve often found to be a popular view on the ‘kids of’, an entire generation of the children of actors, singers, producers, directors and entertainment professionals in general.

To whom it may concern,

Having heard the word ‘nepotism’ thrown around my entire life, even before I decided to purse an acting career, it is nothing new to hear similar words discussed now. But I finally feel the need to address some things. Is it a fool’s errand to even give in to such a fruitless discussion? Perhaps. But while I’ve never been one to listen to misinformed naysayers I am protective of my friends and colleagues and I’ve found myself more and more concerned by how negatively people have been treating them as of late. It’s time someone shed some light on the subject, perhaps started a more educated conversation. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

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i think it's time to drop that awful nickname some of you have for emma roberts (espesh when so many of your older favs have famous parents too)!! ♡

Lil Wayne Courts Girlfriend at Lakers Game

Lil Wayne spent his Sunday surrounded by three of his favorite things—sports, music, and women. Mr. Carter was courtside at the L.A. Lakers vs. Miami Heat game at the Staples Center. Sporting a Trukfit sweater, Golf Wang socks, and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones around his neck, Weezy drew the attention of fans as he and his girlfriend Dhea held hands while making their way into the venue. Once inside, the couple cozied up and watched Kobe take on LeBron.

The platinum rapper recently surprised his girl on Valentine’s Day by giving her a massive ring. Guess he knows how to love.

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jesse williams: the chew knife my god sa

On the Verge: Britain's The Wanted hitting a chord + album release date

If you thought handpicked boy bands were just a '90s fad, check out this week's On the Verge artists, British pop act The Wanted.

The who?: Formed during a mass audition in 2009, the group's five British-Irish singers landed their first British chart-topping single in 2010 (All Time Low). Last summer, The Wanted scored another U.K. No. 1 with the infectious dance single Glad You Came, off their second studio album Battleground.

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Celebrity Couples Taking a Pass on Parenthood

Hollywood is in the middle of a baby boom these days, with famous new moms and dads constantly making headlines. But there are some celebrity couples, from Oprah and Stedman to Ellen and Portia, who've decided to go childfree.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Billionaire Oprah Winfrey may not have raised any children of her own, but she’s certainly made a difference in the lives of countless kids thanks to her generous philanthropy. Still, Winfrey (who suffered sexual abuse as a child and, at age 14, gave birth to a baby who died a few days later) has been in a relationship with businessman Stedman Graham since 1986 and did consider adopting children during her multiple visits to Africa over the years. Ultimately, she decided she couldn’t dedicate the time to both caring for children and running a media empire. "I could not... have had this life and lived it with the level of intensity that is required to do this show the way it's done," Winfrey, 58, told Barbara Walters in December 2010. "I'd be one of those people that the kid's coming and saying, 'Mom, you've neglected me.'... So I have no regrets about that. I have none ... not one regret about not having children because I believe that ... it is the way it's supposed to be."
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ONTD, do you want kids?
dancing panda

Is Rihanna Racist???

After Barbadian pop singer Rihanna tweeted a photo of a pack of rice cakes adorned with an earring and sunglasses, many are  asking the question: Was it a racist joke at the expense of Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown's half-Vietnamese girlfriend?

Karrueche Tran and Chris Brown are nominally girlfriend and boyfriend, but rumors have been flying since his musical collaboration with Rihanna that the controversial couple are back together.

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britney piggie close up

demi moore's first post-rehab pics

A healthy-lookin' Demi Moore touched down in L.A. on a private jet last night ... the first time she's been seen in public since her whip-it induced medical emergency back in January ... and TMZ has the pics.

Moore -- who was reportedly vacationing in Turks and Caicos following a stint in treatment -- was greeted with a big 'ol bear hug by a mystery woman who was waiting on the tarmac.

Moore had been off the radar ever since the January 23 incident ... when she was hospitalized for seizure-like symptoms after inhaling nitrous oxide at her L.A. home.

Demi's rep said the actress was seeking "professional assistance" to treat exhaustion and improve her overall health ... but wouldn't reveal where she got treatment.

source 1

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Ed - brows

Blind Gossip posts about Demi again...

[BlindGossip] Just a few short weeks ago this underage star stood on a table in a club screaming “Shots! Shots! Shots!” and downing alcohol until she could barely stand. The alcohol was purchased for her by her much older boyfriend. Then she went and did line after line of c*caine in the bathroom. The c*caine was provided to her by her friendly neighborhood dr*g dealer (with whom she got matching tattoos).

Despite having completed rehab in early 2011, it was clear that our party monster was once again out of control.

So, in January of 2012, she went to rehab again. It didn’t last long. Less than a week, then she was pulled out to go back to work. Of course, that strategy didn’t work, so in February, she checked into rehab yet again, this time at a different facility. Based on the seriousness of her alcoholism and coke addiction, her doctors recommended a six-month stay.

She was pulled out after two weeks.

It doesn’t take a genius to know that you can’t rid a drunk, cutting, eating-disordered, bi-polar cokehead of her demons in two weeks. This poor girl has had so much emotional trauma in her life that there is no quick fix to her problems. She needs intensive help over a long period of time. She also needs to purge herself of all of the enablers and liars and sycophants who surround her on a daily basis and exacerbate the problem.

Yet, there she is, back at work, smiling and performing for her fans and pretending that everything is great. She is also promoting a television special on – wait for it – how she has stayed strong and sober and sexy for the past year. It’s not about genuine recovery. It’s about PR. There will be no mention during the special about her severe relapse and her health scare and the two more stints in rehab this year. Those were “vacations” and “retreats”. Unfortunately, as long as the lies and the hypocrisy continue, so will her disease.

She needs to take a solid six months off to do nothing but get well. The fact that she is constantly being yanked out of rehab and thrown back into the work force because so many people and shareholders rely on her income is both disgusting and sad. Shame on the mouse. Shame on the moonman.


britney piggie close up

ashton kutcher steps out with new girlfriend!!!

The hue matched his new lady love's hair colour: she appears to have dyed her brunette locks red in recent days.

The two were first spotted touring Italy together over the holidays, immediately after his wife of five years announced their split.

Screenwriter Scafaria is best known for her work on the 2008 film Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

She is also good friends with fellow writers Diablo Cody (Juno) and Dana Fox (What Happens in Vegas), who she collaborates with in their writing group they call the "Fempire".

Scafaria is currently working on her directorial debut for her self-penned script Seeking A Friend for the End of the World a romantic comedy that focuses on one man's quest for a meaningful connection amid the 'end of days'.

Us Weekly reported the two engaged in some public kissing at a charity event on February 25.

An insider tells the magazine: 'They were affectionate.

'When they thought no one was watching, they held hands, and she rubbed his back and his neck.'

source 1

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson caught on the L.A. Kings kiss cam

Most in-arena entertainment diversions are garbage. Like voting on which Nickelback song to hear or watching some newbie struggle to answer a trivia question 99 percent of the crowd answered before it was asked.

Ah, but the Kiss-Cam … the Kiss-Cam is the guiltiest of guilty pleasures, a combination of voyeurism and improv comedy and "she's with HIM?!" moments of astonishment. At the Los Angeles Kings' game against Anaheim on Saturday night, there was another addictive quality added to the Kiss-Cam: Hollywood celebrity gawking. Witness Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson at the 53-second mark.

That was … awesome. Rita Wilson looked like she's waited her entire life to be featured on the Kiss-Cam, and Tom Hanks jumped to the call of duty like he was saving Private Ryan all over again. When you're on the Kiss-Cam, it's that thing you do. What a Ladykiller. OK, that's the punchline.

What a cool moment. It almost makes up for "Larry Crowne" and "Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close." Almost …

Bonus hilarity: The next dude's "OMG it's Tom Hanks OMG it's us *slurp*" moment with his girl, in which he attempts to bring her down to the sticky arena floor in his passionate smooch.

Of course, you'd be forgiven if nothing else on this surreal clip mattered after witnessing this scene early on:

crustine pickle


After much speculation the word is out – Kylie’s announced her first Anti tour shows in Melbourne and Sydney later this month!

Sunday 18th March 2012 The Palace, 20-30 Bourke St., Melbourne
Tuesday 20th March 2012 The Big Top, Luna Park, Sydney

Small, intimate, unexpected. A unique experience, for super fans only. Kylie and her band performing those songs you thought you’d never hear live! The flipside to a huge “Kylie production”, a once in a lifetime chance and a night to remember.

Tickets on sale NOON Wednesday 7 March (Sydney time) via and Numbers are strictly limited. These shows will sell out.


Charlie Sheen steps out with his REAL teeth! Yikes!

For years we've heard how bad Charlie Sheen's teeth really are, and now we're finally getting a close-up look!

In the past, women who have slept with Charlie have reported that he has very bad, rotting teeth. Typically he never steps out without his fake teeth - so I'm wondering what's up with these new pictures!? NASTY!

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards put on a show of solidarity as the two attended Sam's soccer game over the weekend in Los Angeles. They seemed to be one happy family with Lola and Eloise by their sides as their cheered on Sam in her game. Charlie and Denise even hugged a couple times before heading their separate ways.


Obese Man’s Emotional Plea for Help Goes Viral - Dr. Phil

A 23-year-old obese man's video plea for help is going viral. Robert Gibbs of Livermore, California, recorded a video of himself asking the world to help him lose weight. In the video, Gibbs says he weighs between 600 to 700 or more pounds. He has tried everything on his own to lose weight, from going on diets to being hospitalized, but has been unsuccessful at keeping off the weight.

Gibbs says he's "making this video, because he doesn't know what else to do." He asks viewers to "please post and share this video as much as possible," because he is hoping that it will go viral and he will get the help he needs from a nutritionist, a personal trainer, or maybe even Dr. Phil McGraw or "The Biggest Loser."

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Xtina: QT Glasses

Paris Hilton is the new Frida Kahlo

Paris Hilton is a painter? Hilton wants an art gallery to headline her career in 2013, she tells news today. Paris Hilton admits she is a painter and loves to do sculptures. But now with a new album in development, Hilton also tells news that she has another artistic goal on the horizon: an art gallery showing.

Paris Hilton attended the Maybach and MOCA celebration of Art Basel this month. In a news interview, Hilton said she has hopes for her art to debut next year. While attending the gala with Pharrell Williams, Hilton said “I get inspired by the art here. I paint, I sculpt, I do collages. I haven’t released anything yet, but maybe I’ll have a gallery show at Basel next year”.

So what is next on Hilton’s horizon? The sky is the limit, says Hilton. “As I grew up, I realized that if you work hard, you can do what[ever] you wish.” source

What a smart and talented business womyn!!!
Will you purchase a painting by Paris?!

brian littrell reports theft!

Backstreet Boy reports $120,000 jewelry theft

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (AP) — A member of the Backstreet Boys pop music group tells police that $120,000 in jewelry was stolen from a Stone Mountain hotel where he and his wife were staying.

Brian Littrell tells WSB-TV they were leaving Stone Mountain Park outside Atlanta when they realized the jewelry had been left on a nightstand in their hotel room. He said that when they returned to the hotel to retrieve the items, they were gone.

Leighanne Littrell says the $120,000 in jewelry included her engagement ring valued at $110,000.

WSB reports that police were at the hotel Sunday night. It wasn't immediately clear when the reported theft occurred.


don't they live in atlanta?  why would they be staying at a hotel outside of atlanta then?  idk.  but damn, hide your jewerly yo when you're in a hotel.  hotel safe. 

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source2 - video hereee (thanks to misha_bsb for the link!)
high proof brandy

Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman joins Sex and the City prequel

Former Doctor Who star Freema Agyeman has been cast in the upcoming Sex and the City prequel, The Carrie Diaries.

She will play Larissa in the new TV show, a character described as a "hip, cutting-edge editor/party girl" who works at Interview Magazine, reports Deadline.

Larissa will act as something of a mentor for the young Carrie Bradshaw, who will be played by AnnaSophia Robb in the pilot episode for US network CW.

Agyeman was Tenth Doctor David Tennant's companion Martha Jones in Doctor Who from 2006 to 2010, and also appeared as the character in Torchwood in 2008.

She has since become a regular face on ITV1's Law & Order: UK, playing solicitor Alesha Phillips.

The Carrie Diaries is being developed by Gossip Girl producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, and is an adaptation of author Candace Bushnell's 2010 novel, which pre-dates the events of Sex and the City.

Actors Austin Butler, Katie Findlay, Stefania Owen and Ellen Wong have also been cast in the new show.


Mass Effect 3 Release Tonight & Invasion trailer

Depending on where you live, you've either got a few hours, or a few days to wait until the arrival of Mass Effect 3, and as you can clearly see from the deluge of trailers, Bioware isn't showing any signs of slowing the hype machine down.

This is the big one. The last episode of the initial trilogy, and, as you can see from this latest video, there's going to be more than fireworks at the end of this finale. Shepard's battle against the Reapers comes to a head in a galactic-sized way, and we'll soon get to see how our blue-green marble fares in the war. Bring it on!



50 Cent's Former G-Unit Bandmate, Young Buck, Dodges 11 Bullets

50 Cent's former G-Unit bandmate, real name David Brown, was driving in Nashville, Tennessee when an unidentified gunman passed by in a white Chevrolet and opened fire on Buck's SUV, hitting it 11 times. Young Buck and a second passenger both escaped unharmed, according to local police, who have launched an investigation into the shooting. The troubled rapper had spent the night before filming a new video and hosting a cookout for fans.

The former G-Unit rapper was driving an SUV in Nashville when a white Chevy Tahoe pulled alongside and opened fire, reports WSMV-TV Nashville. Eleven shots hit Young Buck’s ride but he was unharmed. However, a woman riding in the passenger side was shot in the shoulder.

A bullet grazed the shoulder of Kenyetta Rainey early Sunday morning while she was riding in a Cadillac Escalade driven by her boyfriend. The shooting occurred at 3:30am this morning. The woman who was shot was taken to Vanderbilt Hospital and has already been released.

Young Buck has not commented.

shawn corey

Long Hair Dudes ?

Remember how much fun we had last time?

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Do you like men with long hair?
It Depends


Do you guys agree? do you guise like long hair ?
I dedicate this post to the lovely fashi0nbaby for obvious reasons ;)
I added a poll guys I can't get the poll option to work -__- I dunno waut is going on
Marlon - Eh
  • kydeon

Celebrity Apprentice: Who's Fired?

Contestants & their charities:

Former American Idol Clay Aiken, The National Inclusion Project
Retired race car driver Michael Andretti, Racing for Cancer
Talk show host Adam Carolla, Catholic Big Brothers Big Sisters
Actor/bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, Muscular Dystrophy Association
Actor/TV personality Arsenio Hall, Magic Johnson Foundation
Magician/TV personality Penn Jillette, Opportunity Village
Former Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider, March of Dimes/Bikers for Babies
Star Trek’s George Takei, Japanese American National Museum
American Chopper’s Paul Teutul Sr., Make-A-Wish Foundation

Actress Tia Carrere, After-School All-Stars
Singer Debbie Gibson, Children International
Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice, The NephCure Foundation
Growing Up Gotti’s Victoria Gotti, Association to Benefit Children
Comedian Lisa Lampanelli, Gay Men’s Health Crisis
Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza, Latino Commission on AIDS
Singer/actress/model Aubrey O’Day, Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network
Model/actress Cheryl Tiegs, The Farrah Fawcett Foundation
Model/actress Patricia Velasquez, Wayuu Taya Foundation

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Professor Chaos

Keanu Reeves Says "Bill & Ted 3" Script Is Ready

Whoa, dude! It was threatened a while back, and now it seems the script for another sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is ready to bring the series back to the big screen.

Speaking with The Independent recently, Keanu Reeves touched on the long-in-development Bill & Ted 3 and said the second sequel to the 1989 cult classic is about to get off the ground.

"Yeah, we have a script," he said. "We're trying to put it together. It's a good script too."

The story will reportedly focus on the righteous duo as they try to write the infamous song that will save the world, and both Reeves and Alex Winter are slated to reprise their roles.

"Script done? Check. -We love it? Check. -Green light? Working on it!," Winter posted on his Twitter account.

The original Bill & Ted was followed up with the slightly-less-awesome Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey in 1991, and apart from some short-lived animated series (and a very short-lived live action show), the franchise has remained dormant the past few decades.

What do you think? Is the world ready for Wyld Stallyns to finally become a reality?

Maria Nod

What is the one thing that Miley Cyrus, The Clash, and Marilyn Manson have in common?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
What Links Miley Cyrus, Bez and Marilyn Manson?
By Ailbhe Malone

Erykah Badu may have been banned from performing in Malaysia due to an album cover, which depicts the word ‘allah’ written on her skin, but she’s in good company. She’s not the only artist to have been denied access to a country due to indiscretions. Here are 10 more.

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george jetson

Former child star Jake 'Anakin Skywalker' Lloyd: 'Star Wars fame turned my life into a living hell'

He played an iconic role in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

Jake Lloyd had the world at his feet and should have been the envy of every child in the world after playing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace when he was eight years old.

Instead, the Star Wars actor quit the film industry after his childhood was turned into a 'living hell'.

The 22-year-old became so haunted by the movie he vowed never to act again and he has stayed true to his word.

He said: 'Other children were really mean to me.

'They would make the sound of the light saber every time they saw me. It was totally mad.'

Jake recalls how busy his young life became and at one point he was doing around 60 interviews a day.

'My entire school life was really a living hell — and I had to do up to 60 interviews a day.'

Lloyd felt so much anger towards the George Lucas directed film that he destroyed all of his Star Wars memorabilia, and only reprised his role as Anakin for five video games.

The youngster decided to take early retirement from acting as he was no longer able to fit in at school.

He said to a magazine: 'I've learned to hate it when the cameras are pointed at me.'

Jake, whose mother is an entertainment agent, admitted in an interview that he doesn't like watching the film anymore and he blames George for that.

He said: 'When you have something like that there's a lot of expectations for it to meet the standards of the public and I don't think George did that.

'For me to go back and watch it now would be kind of creepy.'

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Michael Jackson's entire back catalogue has been stolen by Internet hackers!!!

Oh yes they did!

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Sony music suffered its second major security breach in a year, with thieves targeting songs and unreleased material by the superstar singer. It's alleged they downloaded more than 50,000 music files worth $253 million in the biggest ever cyberattack on a music company.

The news comes just a year after Sony paid $395 million for the seven-year rights to the songs following Jacko's death.

A source close to the company said: "Everything Sony purchased from the Michael Jackson estate was compromised."

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Dany haters

Simpsons Does Game of Thrones Couch Gag

Tonight's episode of The Simpsons opens with a couch gag that warms our fantasy-loving hearts. Watch as Springfield is transformed into Westeros, with King Burns overlooking his nuclear-powered domain — and eying the Iron Couch. It's not the real thing, but it will have to hold us until April. Hat tip to Ross for the heads up!


Most awesome thing I've seen all day. Being spoofed on The Simpsons means the show has officially MADE IT, as if we didn't know that already. Mr Burns is the Springfield equivalent of Walder Frey, y/y?

Da Ferk?

The Escapist Debates Japanese vs Western Animation

Alright, it's time to throw down. In a show that's based around settling debates, one question rises again and again; Why does Dan hate Anime? For that matter, why would anyone hate Anime? Oh if only we had a forum where Dan could defend his stance against a bearded, charismatic character and then the best argument could win ... you see where I'm going with this. East vs. West, people, and let the best animation style win!

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Bleh both forms of animation are great and the difference is not really that big .

The Wanted Clear Up Rumors on Twitter

Following a tabloid article containing several fabricated rumors about UK broband The Wanted's opinions on fellow band One Direction, the boys have taken to their official twitter pages to dispel the rumors and fight their own battles like the classy men they are.
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Sexy OTP Jiva thanks you for your time <3 Mods, I think it's time for a The Wanted ONTD tag!!!

Sleepy Cat

Pop Life--I'm in a girl group!

Documentary exploring girl groups from the inside out. Chart legends including members of Bananarama, The Supremes, The Ronettes, The Bangles, The Pussycat Dolls, The Saturdays, Mis-Teeq, Atomic Kitten, Spice Girls, Sugababes and Girls Aloud discuss life in a girl group. Originally aired on BBC2. SOURCE
Dula Peep
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Impressionist Steve Bridges Dies

LOS ANGELES—Impressionist Steve Bridges, who used prosthetics and wigs to turn into presidents and laughs to make a living, was found dead at his home, his manager said Monday. He was 48.

Bridges returned from China on Feb. 23 and complained to friends of "super jet lag," manager Randy Nolen said.

Bridges' maid found the comic dead about 9:30 a.m. Saturday in his Los Angeles home, Nolen said.

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Nicki Minaj's New Single "Starships" Could Break Records In UK

Them Brits fell for her faux-English accent.  Roman delivered! 

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Young Money's leading lady taps into her English fanbase.

2012 has already been quite the year for Nicki Minaj. Still riding high of the success of her David Guetta assisted #1 single “Turn Me On”, she’s gearing up to top the charts yet again, and potentially even breaking some records this go round.

Her latest single “Starships” has been an instant hit in the United Kingdom where it’s currently sitting at number 5 on the charts, the first top 5 from a female rapper since Missy Elliott’s “4 My People." This is big news for the rapper who can go in and out of her English accent for fun.

If the record continues to rise in the coming weeks, it will set a new record as the highest charting single by a female rapper on the UK charts--a feat she’s more than likely to achieve considering there is still no video for the song, and she’s yet to perform it anywhere.

In addition to breaking these records, she’s already set the record this year for the most viewed video on VEVO thanks to the visuals for her promo single “Stupid Hoe," and it's only March. Congrats to Nicki.

Her sophomore album, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded is now set to be released on April 3rd.

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Ringer First Look: See Sarah Michelle Gellar as a Stripper!

Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to finally meet stripper Bridget (Sarah Michelle Gellar).

While Bridget's less-than-ideal past as an exotic dancer is often talked about on Ringer, we've never actually seen "the good twin" in action at her former day job...until now! Yes, we got our hands on an exclusive clip from tomorrow night's episode of the CW drama, which shows Bridget in all her stripper glory...propositioning, wait for it, Agent Machado (Nestor Carbonell)!

So how does Machado respond to Bridget's very, um, direct advances? And how awkward can one mere 40-second clip make you feel? Let's find out!

Flashback time! Wearing a pretty classy little number for a stripper, we see old-school Bridget, with purple streaks in her hair (!!!), workin' it at her day job when she runs into Agent Machado and offers up a classically cheesy line: "You want me to rock your world?" She also compliments him on those stunning eyes!

Unfortunately, Machado isn't interested in picking up what Bridget's putting down and politely refuses her offer. What a guy! Ain't no thang to Bridget though, who says, "Whatever," before sauntering off to find her next client. Girl's gotta make her paper!

In the episode, titled "You're Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail," viewers will finally get to learn more about the ever-so-mysterious Machado and his past with stripper-informant Shaylene (Nikki DeLoach) will be revealed! So yeah, we're guessing his visit to the strip club wasn't for pleasure or a way to get rid of all the singles in his wallet, but for work.

Ringer airs tomorrow night at 9 p.m. on the CW.

Are you excited to see more of Bridget pretwin hijinks tomorrow night? Sound off in the comments!

the show is already dead so im just gunna enjoy the rest of the season :/ anyways, the clip, she's a little to covered up for a stripper.

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Queen Latifah at the beach

Queen Latifah loves a good vacay.  And loves bringing a beach babe along too.  Pics (of Queen) parlaying in Barbados with a friend inside (slighty NSFW with slight swimsuit mishap)...

The actress/singer/rapper is celebrating her 42nd birthday a little early.  Her big day isn't until March 18, but she and a mystery woman flew to Barbados this weekend for some fun in the sun:

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The 25 Best Sitcom/Cartoon Couples

 Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonaise – “Doug” 
Doug and Patty’s love clearly doesn’t extend towards their future children, who, one way or the other, are screwed in the last-name department.

(My favorite moment on Parks. Ever. They belong in the Top5, imo...)

 Ben Wyatt and Leslie Knope – “Parks and Recreation” 

It’s not every day a guy who isn’t Bill Clinton can survive a political blow like sleeping with someone you shouldn’t. Ben’s love for Leslie prevented a scandal, and also his goals for the future, minus the one about being in love. So it’s all fine.

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(Lawd, this was time consuming....)

Professor Chaos

Fox Cancels Terra Nova, Will Shop S2 To Other Networks

Well, "Terra Nova" fans, it seems the inevitable has happened... FOX has axed the time-travel drama from its schedule. FOX has confirmed TV Guide's tweet that the producers of "Terra Nova" have been notified that the network has no plans to pick up Season 2 of the show.

Don't despair too much, though. If you loved the first season, you may still have a chance to see more of the Shannon family and their prehistoric comrades. Word is that Twentieth Century Fox, the studio that produces the series, intends to seek out another network -- possibly on cable -- on which to continue the series.

The method has worked for shows like "SouthLAnd," which was axed by NBC but later found great success on TNT. "Terra Nova," however, is one of the more expensive shows on television right now, so it may be a difficult sell. Fans... time to start those letter-writing campaigns!


'In Our Nature' Trailer

Starring: Zach Gilford, Jena Malone, John Slattery and Gabrielle Union

Two young lovers head out for a romantic getaway, but their retreat morphs into an uncomfortable confrontation when the young man’s estranged father shows up with his own girlfriend. Collisions ensue and the weekend transforms into a major turning point for each of them.