February 29th, 2012


Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, Taylor Kitsch in talks to star in Peter Berg's "Lone Survivor"

With his nautical Transformers knockoff Battleship in the can and ready to hit theaters in May, director Peter Berg is busy lining up the pieces for his next project, Lone Survivor. Based on the memoir from Marcus Luttrell, Lone Survivor chronicles the harrowing true tale of a team of Navy SEALs who were ambushed by Taliban fighters while on a covert mission in Afghanistan's Hindu Kush in 2005.

Deadline.com reports that the project is ready to move forward with funding from Emmett/Furla Films, and that Berg is eyeing some pretty big names to star. Mark Wahlberg, Ben Foster, and Battleship star Taylor Kitsch are said to be in negotiations to play three of the film's four main characters, with Wahlberg up for the lead role of Luttrell.

Recent box-office results suggest audience interest in Lone Survivor could be significant. Relativity Media's action-thriller Act of Valor, featuring real-life Navy SEALs playing themselves, earned $24.5 million last weekend, according to Hollywood.com box-office guru Paul Dergarabedian, beating out all other new releases by a wide margin.

prod wot

Sophia Bush: Gay Marriage Is 'Absolutely A Civil Rights Issue'

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Sophia Bush heads back to her car after picking up groceries at Whole Foods on Tuesday (February 28) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress recently was asked if she agreed with George Clooney that gay rights are the “last leg of the civil rights movement.”

“Absolutely, I agree with that. 100 percent,” Sophia told E! Online.

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I'm just really bored and want an OT post tbh.

My bf invites you in


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pecan pies

R&B Youthquaker: Phlo Finister

"It would be so cliche for me to look how I sound," says Phlo "Elijah" Finister, the self-dubbed "Youthquaker"-inspired artist fast gaining traction for her compelling hybrid of Voguette mod and noir urban aesthetics. Growing up on the rougher side of L.A., Finister sought solace and hope in music, falling in love with particularly visual strands of Sixties music at an early age. She found Bob Dylan, then Edie Sedwick, then lost herself in the Swinging London-era fantasy of "Youthquakers," a sharply stylish and modern collective of young women emblematic of all the things she loved and aspired to be. Models Jean Shrimpton and Twiggy, as well as Diana Vreeland – the powerful Vogue editrix who christened those intrepid ingenues as definers of their generation – became her heroines, and provided both a departure from her bleak circumstance and a creative compass for her own future. "When I found mod, I found myself," she says. "I wasn't rebelling, I just suddenly knew I was destined for the stage."

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How “The Good Wife” became the first great series about technology

Net Gain: How “The Good Wife” became the first great series about technology
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When “The Good Wife” premièred, on CBS in 2009, it appeared to have a simple premise: it was a meditation on the political wife who stood by her man. The main character, Alicia Florrick, was clearly inspired by Silda Spitzer, but she had many sisters in that year’s cruel perp walk of betrayed wives, including Elizabeth Edwards, Elin Nordegren, Jenny Sanford, and Dina Matos McGreevey. (Soon, Anne Sinclair and Maria Shriver joined the parade.) Only the November before, the country had elected a President whose campaign was fuelled—and likely saved—by the woman who danced with him to Etta James, and who stood in quiet contrast to his opponent for the nomination, the former First Lady. Here was a show that could take on these fraught notions of female power, addressing a primal question within the culture: What is she thinking?

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by Emily Nussbaum, via The New Yorker

“Linsanity” & Our Squicky Relationship With Asian-American Male Sexuality

Jeremy Lin is not just the basketball player who has launched a thousand bad “Lin” puns — and prompted a refresher course on why the word “chink” is unacceptable for an ESPN headline.

His sudden emergence in pop culture has also underscored how strangely acceptable it is in America to make make racial comments about Asians, whether they are considered complimentary (like “all Asians are good at math” or “all Asian women are hot”) or insulting (like “Asian men are not sexy.”)

The thing is, if you’ve never seen an attractive, sexy Asian man, you probably ought to check either your eyes or your prejudices — like all hot men, they’ve been all around us all along.

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ok, I admit this caught my Google alerts attention just because of a certain throwaway actor reference, but that doesn't change its FEROCIOUS VERACITY. also feel free to spam hot asian guys in the comments, ty.

Here's this gif again fyt.

MDNA I'm a Sinner Plus More Tour News

Madonnarama gives you an exciting and exclusive preview on what to expect from Madonna’s new album, MDNA…

Madonna teams up with William Orbit for “I’m a Sinner.” For sure, the track has William Orbit written all over it!

The song’s a catchy happy sexy delightfully psychedelic 60′s-inspired pop song in the continuity of William Orbit’s previous creations with Madonna.

Oddly it opens up the same way “Die Another Day” did, but takes a very different and familiar direction… Think “Beautiful Stranger” meets “Ray of Light”, and believe it or not, the sound remains very fresh and new!

The lyrics are fun and serious at the same time, with Madonna taking responsability for being a sinner, even saying she likes it.

She cites saints (Jesus, Mary, St Christopher, …) and talks about the bible.

Madonna 2012 World Tour: Day No. 1 of costume tour prep

Arianne Phillips is so excited for Madonna's 2012 World Tour. She talked about it lately at the Oscars, and now here is what she tweeted:

"Day#1 of costume tour prep 4 Madonna's 2012 world tour. Words cannot describe our excitement nor contain our excitement 4 what is in store."

Also, Madonna's tickets for her Florence, Italy, stadium show are SOLD OUT!

Tickets for Milan are also about to be sold out. Italy definitely loves Madonna!

xx xx xx

Tatum O’Neal Is Back In Rehab

Tatum O'Neal has voluntarily checked back into rehab after having a full-fledged cocaine relapse last month, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned.

The Academy Award winning actress, 48, has battled an addiction to drugs for most of her adult life. Her younger brother, Redmond, is also currently in rehab, in Southern California for an addiction to heroin. The siblings are not in the same facility.

"Tatum made the decision to voluntarily check into rehab after having a relapse about a month ago when she began using cocaine again." an insider close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com.

However, Tatum is at a rehab facility that doesn't follow the 12 step AA model, which doesn't bode well for her success, according to the source.

"Tatum is doing really, really bad at the facility she is at. Tatum isn't at a 12 step based treatment program, and that is a huge problem because someone with Tatum's addiction needs to be at a rehab facility like Betty Ford or Cirque Lodge which adhere to the 12 step model,” the source says. “Tatum is essentially in denial about how bad her addiction is. Tatum is refusing to embrace the 12 step AA model to get sober.”

In contrast, her brother Redmond is in a very strict facility that offers intensive treatment based on the 12 step AA model.

cudder drinking

The Eagles are pressed as fuck trying to sue Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has seemingly earned the wrath of Don Henley, if a recent Tumblr posting is anything to go by.

Odd Future can start an argument in an empty room. The rap collective are one of the most controversial groups on the planet, managing to annoy everyone from Tegan & Sara to Steve Albini.

Now Don Henley can be added to that list. Frank Ocean released a free download album named 'Nostalgia. Ultra.' last year, which featured the track 'American Wedding'.

Essentially the instrumental backing from 'Hotel California' with some distorted R&B elements, the song quickly became one of Frank Ocean's calling cards. Plus, if it's distributed for free then The Eagles can't sue, right?

Wrong. A new Tumblr posting (via Dummy) from Frank Ocean reads: "DON HENLEY IS APPARENTLY INTIMIDATED BY MY RENDITION OF HOTEL CALIFORNIA.."

"He threatened to sue if I perform it again. I think that’s fuckin awesome."

So while The Eagles have no grounds for legal action over the release, it seems that they do believe they have a case against Frank Ocean's live performances.

As FACT have already pointed out, 'American Wedding' was previously removed from YouTube after a claim from Warner Music Group.

Meanwhile, life continues to get busier for Frank Ocean. Odd Future are counting down to the release of their second mixtape, while a project with Kanye West is beginning to come to fruition.

do they think that he owes them for his success ? like 'they made him'?  bitch frank ocean doesn't need to sample you to make flawless music. lol @ them trying to sue an artist who doesn't even have an album out yet

(Queen) Maria Sharapova and Chelsea Handler get bitchy on 'Lately'

It’s no secret that Maria Sharapova is a bit of a tennis diva. Despite her #2 ranking, you’re just as likely to find her at an Oscars party as the practice courts. In the last few years, Sharapova has done an impressive job making herself into a brand. A brand that now includes her own fashion line of tennis outfits.

The multiple media obligations and off-court soirees doesn’t make Maria Sharapova very popular in the locker room. In her own words, Maria believes she can be quite a bitch. Watch this exchange with Chelsea Handler.

For non-Yanks, 2, YT

Queen Masha thanks you for watching.

Snooks is Pregs.

Though earlier this month she denied pregnancy rumors, reports say Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is, in fact, expecting her first child, sources tell the New York Post.

The Jersey Shore star is roughly three months pregnant, and the baby's father is her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, according to the paper, which also notes that as recently as Feb. 2, the diminutive reality star went on ABC's Good Morning America and shot down stories about her being in a family way.

"I definitely do want kids, but I'm not pregnant," Snooki, 25, told Lara Spencer. "Being pregnant should be a real thing and a happy thing, and I'm not."

While the Post's source suggests Snooki is trying to parlay the pregnancy into lucrative marketing deals, it remains unclear how or if her condition will factor into Jersey Shore or a recently announced spinoff show starring Snooki and Jenni "JWoww" Farley.

A rep for MTV tells PEOPLE: ""Nicole and Jenni began filming last week and moved into their new digs with animal print furniture in tow. Things are going great thus far," while Polizzi's rep, asked about the New York Post story, told PEOPLE, "No comment."


Don't worry, seeing how small, orange and cheap her and Jionni are she'll probably just give birth to a Cheeto...a bb Cheeto guido, if you will.

New Music: Rita Ora f/ Tinie Tempah – ‘R.I.P.’

Rita Ora conquered the British charts with her DJ Fresh collaboration “Hot Right Now,” but she’s only getting started. The Roc Nation singer says “R.I.P.” to the girl she used to be on her debut U.K. single.

Written by Drake (Rita co-starred in his “Over” video) and produced by Chase & Status, the seductive dub-inspired beat kicks off with a verse from fellow Brit Tinie Tempah before the blonde bombshell unleashes her freaky side.

“R.I.P. to the girl you used to see, her days are over/ I decided to give you all of me, baby come closer,” she teases.

Do you prefer “R.I.P.” or Rita’s U.S. single “Party & Bullshit”? Sound off below.

rap up

Taylor Swift Sets Billboard 200 Record

Taylor Swift's "Speak Now" topped the 4 million mark in U.S. sales last week. This week it advances to 4,015,000. All three of Swift's regular studio albums have now reached this plateau-- "Taylor Swift" has sold 5,170,000 copies and "Fearless" has sold 6,507,000. Swift is the first female solo artist to top the 4 million mark with three studio albums in a row in a decade. Britney Spears did it with her first three albums, which were released from 1999 to 2001. Shania Twain did it with three albums in a row released between 1995 and 2002.


'A Winter's Tale' Starting Screen Tests With Tom Hiddleston and Lily Collins

Akiva Goldsman’s passion project may be finally coming together. Goldsman has been trying to mount an adaptation of AWinter’s Tale, a supernatural period thriller novel by Mark Helprin, since at least the mid-2000s when the project got set up at Warner Bros.

Goldsman, who wrote the script and will be making his directorial debut, came close last year when he got to the casting stage but that was derailed by budgetary issues. Goldsman was able to bring the budget down by at least $20 million and has recruited some A-list friends with whom he previously worked  - Russell Crowe and Will Smith - to bring some wattage to a project that focuses on young leads. Warners liked the new presentation and has given Goldsman the go-ahead to begin casting.

The studio is in the midst of making test deals for Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter) and Tom Hiddleston (Loki in Thor and The Avengers), who are among the male actors to test next week in New York. 

Mirror Mirror star Lily Collins, Australian actress Bella Heathcote (In Time) and Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey) are also lining up for tests the week of March 12 for the female lead, according to insiders.

A sweeping drama about reincarnation, the story is set in the early 20th century and focuses on a thief on the run who, when breaking into a wealthy man’s home, strikes up a relationship with the man’s terminally ill daughter.  A flying horse and a time-shift 100 years also figures into the equation.

Crowe has agreed to play a ruthless mobster while Smith may cameo as a judge. Marc Platt and Goldsman are producing.


crustine pickle

the original Lunesta Del Taco has neue musik coming out!!!

New Paloma Faith album and single set for May 2012

Following her platinum-selling 2009 album Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful? Paloma Faith will return to music with new single and album releases in May 2012.

Brand new single, "Picking Up The Pieces" is set to be released on May 20, prior to her sophomore album Fall To Grace on May 28 which is produced by Nellee Hooper, famed for his work with Massive Attack, Soul II Soul and Bjork amongst others.

Paloma said: “The new album has taken on a very cinematic mood. Picking Up The Pieces is no exception. It deals with the issues of being in a relationship with someone who is still recovering from a previous relationship with another person. It is a song about self doubt and insecurity.”

She added: “I am very excited to introduce my new sound into the world. Working with Nellee Hooper has been really inspirational.”

Nellee Hooper said: “I’d never really heard of Paloma Faith… Sony/RCA called me and suggested I meet her when I was next in London. At lunch she sat and talked in such detail, as if every song was a short film, referencing everything from Chinese romantic cinema to Hip Hop.

“[Meeting with Paloma] reminded me of my first meeting with Bjork… We just threw ourselves into the unknown… No idea or fear, just pure heart and adventure! I’m just so glad she asked to hold my hand and jump together!”

grace jamaica

Celebs check out Montblanc's Collection Princesse Grace at Hotel Bel-Air

Need proof that Grace Kelly still captivates the crowd? (no, tbh) Even jewelry inspired by the late movie star and royal commands the full attention of Hollywood.

Amber Heard, "Glee" beauty Dianna Agron, Raquel Welch, Jackie and Joan Collins, Brian Grazer and Cheryl Tiegs were among the fans at a celebration for Montblanc's Collection Princesse Grace de Monaco.

In support of its weeklong Campaign Hollywood, Vanity Fair on Tuesday hosted the cocktail fete for the collection of fine jewels and timepieces inspired by the icon at L.A.'s swanky Hotel Bel-Air.

The event supported the Princess Grace Foundation-USA which is dedicated to supporting new talent in theater, dance, and film.

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"Several times I was introduced to Grace on the set (of High Society). Enchanted by her, as was every man who came into her ken...In the 80s, I visited the Cathedral in Monaco and bowed my head at the crypt where Grace is buried. Lovely memories of a rare, gracious and spiritual woman." - Jay Weston (author of Source #2)

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Violet Affleck's Brother Finally Has a Name...Samuel Garner Affleck.

Violet Anne, Seraphina Rose Elizabeth and ... Samuel.

Ben Affleck announced the name of his and wife Jennifer Garner's newest addition, a son Wednesday morning on his Facebook timeline.

"We are happy to announce on February 27, Jennifer gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Samuel Garner Affleck," the actor, 39, posts.

The new addition, born Monday, joins his elder sisters, ages 6 and 3 respectively.

"Our girls are working on names. At first they were definitely Disney. It was like, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse Affleck,” the actress, 39, told Jay Leno recently. "And then they've moved on. Then it was Peter Pan, Captain Hook, Smee."

The couple, married since June 2005, announced the pregnancy in August.


Violet remains unimpressed by the arrival of yet another inferior sibling but invites you to please go ahead and use this announcement as an excuse to post your favorite baby names, since, lbr, that is what you are going to do anyway.
Ed - brows

Monkees Singer Davy Jones Dead at 66 From Heart Attack

 Davy Jones -- lead singer of The Monkees -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

An official from the medical examiner's office for Martin County, Florida confirmed with TMZ they received a call from Martin Memorial Hospital informing them that Jones had passed away.

Jones is survived by his wife Jessica and 4 daughters from previous marriages. He was 66-years-old.

Jones joined The Monkees in 1965 ... along with Micky Dolenz, Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork ... and together they churned out a bunch of hits including, "Daydream Believer," "Last Train to Clarksville" and "I'm a Believer."

9:55 AM PST -- A rep for Davy tells TMZ the singer died from a heart attack this morning.

Update -- We're told Davy suffered the heart attack at a ranch where was visiting his horses.  Davy began experiencing distress while he was sitting in his car, and that's where a ranch hand found him.

The ranch hand told Sheriff's detectives ... the singer began to complain that he was not feeling well and was having trouble breathing.  Paramedics were called and Jones was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.  Authorities say there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his death.

Lesser girl group stans fall back. It's a 2ne1 post.

Black Eyed Peas leader and producer ill.i.am came to Korea to accelerate 2NE1’s U.S. debut album.

He arrived in Korea on February 27 whose plan is to work on promoting Intel’s Ultrabook Project promotion and 2Ne1’s U.S. album. Currently as Intel’s ‘director of creative innovation’ he will visit many cities to collaborate with local artists to create a song inspired by each city he travels to. This visit to Korea also is part of the global project.

will.i.am will be meeting 2NE1 separately apart from Intel’s promotion to concentrate on their album. Meanwhile it’s been noted that 2NE1 and will.i.am has completed over 10 songs and plans to conduct additional work through this visit.

2NE1 representative shared with Star News on February 27, “will.i.am plans to spend a lot of time together with 2NE1 to discuss about producing. He has shown great enthusiasm as to even set up a music studio in his temporary place of residence in Korea. We believe a clearer picture of 2NE1’s plan to enter the US market will come out through this visit.”

Will.i.am and 2NE1’s joint stage last year at the MAMA has already made headlines. 2NE1 began to receive the world’s spotlight by the joint stage of CL and will.i.am was noted to be selected as MTV’s best performance.


werq dat shit minzy
Papi & Nap

'Idol' rules Tuesday, but 'NCIS' nabs more viewers

In case there was any doubt that Fox’s American Idol wasn’t still enough of a powerhouse to give rivals a headache, let me introduce you to last night’s ratings.

Idol (15.8 million viewers, 5.0 adults 18-49 rating) won the night and gave Fox the highest-rated Tuesday performance of any network this season. The top 12 guys singing was about on par with last Wednesday’s edition of the show.

Nearly everybody else went down. For second place CBS, this wasn’t a huge deal with NCIS(18 million, 3.4) and NCIS: LA (15.7 million, 3.4). But Unforgettable (9.9 million, 1.9) was pretty borderline. All three were season lows in the adult demo, and yet: For the first time ever, NCIS delivered more viewers than a Tuesday edition of Idol.

NBC’s Biggest Loser (5.7 million, 2.0) hit a season low. The modest Parenthood (5.1 million, 1.9) finale rose 12 percent — too little too late?

ABC struggled. Last Man Standing (7.4 million, 2.1) and Cougar Town (4.3 million, 1.5) sunk to series lows. Given its performance since it returned, Cougar Town is looking unlikely to get a renewal with these numbers. Same goes for freshman series The River (4.1 million, 1.5), which fell 15 percent. Body of Proof (6.7 million, 1.3) was down 13 percent.

The CW’s Ringer (1.1 million, 0.4) was low.


This news about Cougar Town is BREAKING. MY. HEART.
dirty, jared padalecki, supernatural

Once Upon a Time Bosses Preview a Very Grumpy Outing and Tackle 6 Big Questions

Once Upon a Time Bosses Preview a Very Grumpy Outing and Tackle 6 Big Questions

ABC’s Once Upon a Time this Sunday will weave a magical tale about love that might leave you… grumpy?

The episode, which features a guest-starring turn byAngel/Dollhouse alumna Amy Acker as a fairy named Nova, reveals the backstory of Snow White’s crankiest dwarf pal. As the object of Grumpy’s affection, “[Nova] is going to help tell the story of how Grumpy became Grumpy,” says executive producerEddie Kitsis, who describes the hour as “in the vein of a Pixar [movie].”

As for Emilie de Ravin’s encore as Belle, “She’s got a nice little scene” with Grumpy, continues the EP. “She’s sitting  there [alive], with the person who loves her [Rumpelstiltskin] not realizing it, and he would be someone I would not want to piss off.”

Alas, there’s likely to be more heartache ahead for the beast’s beauty, who will be back “probably more towards the end of the season,” reveals Kitsis.

Here’s what Kitsis and fellow showrunner Adam Horowitz had to say about Once‘s other big mysteries, during a recent Q&A:

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parks: orin

'Parks and Recreation' replaces 'The Office' at Paley Fest and Aziz Ansari tour dates

We’ve just received word that due to production scheduling issues, The Office, scheduled for March 6, will not be able to take part in PaleyFest this year. The series’ production team has been trying valiantly to rework their shooting schedule to take part in the Festival as planned and regret that they must cancel their appearance. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

We are thrilled to report that one of PaleyFest’s favorite shows will appear at the Festival instead. We are honored to welcome the gifted cast and creative team of Parks and Recreation to PaleyFest on March 6 at 7:00 pm.

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"The Office" should have never been part of the schedule. If I had known about this sooner, I would be able to attend.


Announcing the first batch of dates on my new Buried Alive standup tour.

Presale begins tomorrow began today at 10AM local time: http://azizansari.com/tour

There are only a limited number of presale tickets, so be fast. Regular onsale starts Friday, same link for those tickets. This is all new material that hasn’t been on my last special or my Dangerously Delicious tour (special for that coming soon!!!).

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Papi & Nap

Lifetime orders Bristol Palin docuseries

Lifetime has ordered 10 episodes of Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp, a half-hour docuseries that will “provide an exclusive, rare glimpse into Bristol Palin’s real life as a young, single mother forging her own way in the world while living under the constant spotlight as a member of one of America’s most high-profile families.”

“From the first moment she was thrust into the public eye, Bristol and her son have been the subjects of a huge amount of curiosity and misunderstanding,” said Rob Sharenow, executive vice president, Programming of Lifetime Networks, in a statement. “This show will reveal the real Bristol Palin and her journey as a daughter, a mother and a young woman making her way in the world.

Palin gave birth to Tripp in Dec. 2008, not long after her mother’s national political campaign in 2008. Since then, she’s appeared on Dancing With the Stars and published a best-selling book, Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far. Life’s a Tripp is scheduled to air sometime this year.


Papi & Nap

Singer Nick Jonas learns to succeed in Broadway ‘Business’

Attention, young people milling about outside the Al Hirschfeld Theatre: Nick Jonas will not be popping out to shake your hand after matinees of "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying."

He's been asked to stay inside. Why? He will literally stop traffic.

"I would love to say hello to them, but they've advised me for traffic purposes and other reasons that it's best not to go out," says the youngest of the three heartthrob Jonas Brothers singer-songwriting siblings in his dressing room. "It could get interesting."

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Oh hell naw

Limbaugh Calls Student Denied Spot At Contraception Hearing A ‘Slut’

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke, the Georgetown student whom House Republicans wouldn’t let testify at a contraception hearing last week, a “slut” and a “prostitute” today, because, Limbaugh argued, she’s having “so much sex” she needs other people to pay for it:

"LIMBAUGH: What does it say about the college co-ed Susan Fluke [sic] who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex. What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex. She’s having so much sex she can’t afford the contraception. She wants you and me and the taxpayers to pay her to have sex."

Listen here, via Media Matters:

While it’s probably not even worth engaging with Limbaugh on the facts, Fluke’s testimony was about a friend who is a lesbian and needed birth control for non-sexual medial reasons, so he’s only wrong about three times over, and offensive many more times over than that.

Professor Chaos

Indiana Jones Blu-Ray Collection Coming This Fall

Awaited by fans since the birth of the format, Indiana Jones is coming to Blu-ray this fall! A box set is planned that will include Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Full specifications and cover art are expected to be available soon but, in the meantime, you can check out the official press announcement below:

The man with the hat is back and looking better than ever! The worldÆs favorite globe-trotting archaeologist is, at long last, embarking on his greatest adventure when "The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection" comes to Blu-ray Disc from Lucasfilm Ltd. and Paramount Home Media Distribution. The Complete Indiana Jones Blu-ray Collection will be excavated in the fall of 2012 and will include all four of Indy's thrilling adventures, using the highest possible high definition picture and audio presentation along with a best of collection of documentaries, interviews, featurettes and a few new surprises.


yes, well all know the hate for TKOTCS but let us all take a deep breath and focus our positive energy on the other 75% of this quadrilogy worth buying this (and a prayer circle that Shia Lebeouf is never given the opportunity to either return to a 5th film or reboot this franchise during our lifetimes).

Girls' Generation in 'La Boite A Questions'

 The ladies of Girls’ Generation performed “The Boys” on top French talk show, ‘Le Grand Journal. Earlier today, the girls made another brief appearance on the show.

The girls appeared in the pre-recorded segment, “la boite à question” where they responded to 3 random requests asked by the viewers. The first request was that the girls perform a little bit of “The Boys”. Following that up they answered a question on who the sexiest French celebrity was. Lastly, they were asked to improvise a dialogue between themselves and Jude Law.


"Big meanie Nicki Minaj makes fun of Chris Bosh crying in new song"

One of the best things about this shortened NBA season is that, with all the legitimate on-court drama that surrounds 30 teams trying to get all of their players on the same page in a sprint to the postseason, there hasn't been a ton of time to dwell on the dumb stuff that has passed. Like, can you remember the last time you actually heard someone drop a reference to members of the Miami Heat reportedly crying in their locker room following a tough home loss to the Chicago Bulls last year? Me neither!

I haven't heard anyone railing against Chris Bosh for defending the shedding of tears as simply a sign of how badly a player wants to win and how much he hates losing (see: Bosh after the Heat dropped the NBA Finals to the Dallas Mavericks). Not a peep from opposing teams snickering at Boshand his teammates behind their backs, or analysts flat-out mocking them on national television bypretending to be similarly overcome with emotion. And that's great. It was a dumb thing to make fun of then, and it'd be an even dumber thing to make fun of now. I'm just really glad we put it all behind us.

What's that? Just as she was set to perform at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game, Nicki Minaj dropped a new song with a line about Bosh and wetworks? Awww, raspberries.

Hip hop artist Nicki Minaj took a shot at Chris Bosh in her latest song. Minaj's track "Roman Reloaded" featuring Lil' Wayne has a line that makes fun of Chris Bosh for infamously crying after the Heat lost in the NBA Finals to the Mavericks last year.

You can check out a full, no-DJ, NSFW-lyrics stream of the song at Stereogum, if you're so inclined. The line in question starts at the 1:15 mark of the track. While I'm no Rap Genius, it sounds like Minaj says, "I hear the slick s*** / B****, you wash / All you hoes cryin' / Christopher Bosh." Which just seems like a rude thing to say, if you ask me.

She needs to stop with the hashtag rapping. 

Source: http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/big-meanie-nicki-minaj-makes-fun-chris-bosh-210218288.html

David Gandy: Bed

'Buffy' star Juliet Landau writing Drusilla spin-off comic miniseries


The mad vampire villainess Drusilla appeared in only 17 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer during the show’s seven-season run, but as deliciously performed by Juliet Landau, the character proved to be a major fan favorite. Well, Dru is back, and in a big way: EW can report exclusively that Landau is currently writing a five-issue Drusilla comic-book miniseries, part of Dark Horse Comics and Buffy creator Joss Whedon’s ongoing expansion of the Buffyverse in comic-book form.

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Lady Gaga causes sensation on Harvard campus!

Lady Gaga caused quite a sensation Wednesday on Harvard University's campus.

The singer was at the school to launch her Born This Way Foundation with Oprah Winfrey and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

She told The Associated Press in an interview that the foundation's goal is to empower youth and inspire bravery. The foundation shares a name with her album, and she said its message will be for students to create a more loving environment at their schools and in the world.

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Harry Styles

Mars Volta Answers Fan Questions

The Mars Volta asks fan questions in promo for their new album release. You can still enter questions for them on the Youtube video pages and they might just pick yours!
Their new album Noctourniquet will be released on March 27th.


ONTD, what's your favorite Mars Volta songs/albums?

Papi & Nap

Michael Jackson's last album featured voice impostor, according to his daughter

Since the release of Michael Jackson’s posthumous album Michael, one question persisted: is it really him?

Many have speculated that MJ soundalike Jason Malachi actually performed vocal duties on at least some parts of the record, presented as a compilation of unreleased Jackson tracks. And as it turns out, one of Michael’s own children reportedly has her doubts.

According to TMZ, Jackson’s daughter Paris expressed her misgivings during a recorded video chat she had with her friends in 2010.

“It’s not him … the whole album isn’t even him!” TMZ says Paris Jackson said when asked why the main voice on “Hold My Hand” didn’t sound exactly like the King of Pop. “Go online … go on YouTube and look up Jason Malachi. That’s him [on the song]!"

The site alleges as well that Paris insisted on tape, “I should know if it’s him or not because he would sing to me all the time.”

TMZ claims that the video chat in question “is being shopped to various media outlets,” and that offers are on the table. Until the video itself surfaces, we’ll have to examine this longstanding claim by comparing “Hold My Hand” to one of Malachi’s more well-known songs:

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Papi & Nap

Bill Murray will not do 'Ghostbusters 3,' admits Dan Aykroyd

Bill Murray is dead-set against starring in another Ghostbusters movie, though he did not shred the most recent script and mail pieces back to Dan Aykroyd, the former Blues Brother tells the London Telegraph. “It’s a surety that Bill Murray will not do the movie,” he said. “However there is still interest from the studio.

Aykroyd has been working to resurrect the franchise for more than 10 years — passing the torch to a new set of paranormal investigators, perhaps — with Murray the major stumbling block. He’s gone on television and radio and made it clear to journalists that he finds the idea repugnant. 

At this point it’s in suspended animation,” Aykroyd said. “The studio, the director Ivan Reitman and Harold Ramis feel there must be a way to do it, but Bill Murray will not do the movie. He doesn’t want to be involved. He’s got six kids, houses all over America. He golfs in these tournaments where they pay him to turn up and have a laugh. He’s into this life and living it. I know we’d have a lot of fun [but] I can’t be mad at him. He’s a friend first, a colleague second.”

Stevie J

Rapper Tyga Tweets Homophobic & Transphobic slurs

Guessing he was pressed about this story:

Apparently Rapper Tyge needs to beef up his security. Cause here is what a concert promoter out of Winnepeg Canada is saying to blogs:

"Tyga was hungry after his concert, so we took him to a diner. The waitress came over and asked ‘who’s paying for the food?’ Tyga pointed his finger at me in a feminine way and said 'he is'.

I just paid him 15K and he’s acting like that. I was going pay for everybody’s meal, but this Tyga guy is cheap.

The same time Tyga got up with his doggie bag, some thugs approached us. They pulled out handguns. I thought they were going to stick us up, but instead they asked Tyga to dance.

It was funny to see Tyga dancing with his doggie bag under his arm. While Tyga was dancing he said 'Oh my god, what's going on'."

source 1 via 2
smoking goals

michelle williams out in la with matilda

Michelle Williams was back to mommy duty yesterday (27th) as she picked up her daughter Matilda Ledger from a playdate in the suburbs of LA.

On Sunday, Michelle attended the Academy Awards with her friend Busy Philipps as her date. Michelle had already snagged a Golden Globe this year, and was nominated for best actress for her portrayal of Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn. Michelle didn't take home the Oscar — the win was reserved for The Iron Lady's Meryl Streep — but she nonetheless made a major impact on the red carpet in her Louis Vuitton gown. The actress was one of your picks for best dressed at the Oscars in the bright coral design.

This weekend marked the end of a busy award season for Michelle, who either won or was nominated for more than two-dozen honors for her latest role. Michelle frequently used her acceptance speeches to speak about her love for her 6-year-old daughter, calling out her "bravery" and "exuberance" as her biggest inspirations in both her life and work.

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jason derulo + jordin sparks are sewwwww in love~

Jordin Sparks and Jason DeRulo shocked the world when they announced that they were indeed a couple. Jordin later opened up about their relationship while co-hosting The Today Show stating; But he kinda just came out of left field and swept me off my feet and I’m quite smitten with the guy.” The couple have now taken their relationship the Beyonce & Jay-Z way by collaborating on Jason’s song “It Girl”.

They are really trying to make a statement, aren’t they? If they like it, then I guess I love it. I wonder what Jordin did with her purity ring?

that good hit

king cody post!!

Cody Simpson says that there are "only a certain few (people) I like to work with" in the studio as he continues to put together his debut album. But one of those is Justin Bieber, a match that certainly seems made in pop heaven.

"We have a bunch of ideas floating around at the moment," Simpson, who's currently on the road on his Welcome To Paradise Tour, tells Billboard.com. "He just hit me up one time -- 'OK, come into the studio tonight.' I dropped by and it was artist to artist...and you play some of the stuff you've been working on and Justin played me a lot of the stuff on his upcoming album. It has to be the right song, and whether or not we sing on it together or whether I write a song for his album or he writes a song for mine, I don't know. But we've been working together, and the fans are very excited."

21 Under 21: Music's Hottest Minors

In Simpson's case, most are just as excited by the prospect of finally getting a full-length album after the Australian-born singer's two EPs and hits such as "iYiYi," "All Day" and "On My Mind." And he's feeling much the same way.

"The last two years of hard work, it's all really been leading up to this album, and I am excited to get it out," Simpson acknowledges. "But at the same time I want to take my time and really perfect it before it comes out. I'm a big perfectionist, and I like to make sure everything 120 percent, from the production to the vocal performance to the lyrics, the melody and everything. There's a lot of different things to think about. I just want to take my time and make sure everything's perfect in my eyes before i really put it out and show the world what we have coming for them."

Simpson has been recording in Los Angeles, where he now makes his home, and also working with Ryan Tedder, Dr. Luke and Nasri Tony Atweh, who was also part of last year's "Coast to Coast." Simpson says the set is "coming along amazing," while the sound is "a little more mature than what I've released previously. I'm working a lot with my acoustic guitar, and we're using a lot of real instruments. I'm inspired by Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz-style music as well a lot of Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown music. So we're going to find a great mix there and see where it goes."

Simpson plans to return to the studio in early March, hopefully for one final run before he's ready to call it a wrap. "If you want to ask me for a date for the album, it's a very difficult question for me," he says. "We're still working on it. But my best guess is May or June sometime."

He is, however, giving live audiences a test of the album by performing its planned first single, "Listen," which Simpson hopes to release next month, featuring a guest rap by T-Pain. "It should be a dope track," Simpson reports. It originally started as a guitar idea, and we decided we wanted to produce the whole thing up. It's got a lot of dubstep elements to it. I wanted to do something a lot of people would be surprised with me putting out. I love being unpredictable and unexpected. I'm excited for it to come out...and then the rest of the new (songs), too."

Simpson's tour wraps up on Sunday (Feb. 26) at the Walt Disney World House of Blues in Florida.


Kevin Zegers signs on to star in ‘The Colony’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[]Bill Paxton has joined the previously announced Laurence Fishburne and Kevin Zegers in the $16 million Canadian indie The Colony, which is scheduled to shoot in Toronto through March 30th.

Jeff Renfroe is directing The Colony, based on a script he co-wrote with Patrick Tarr, Pascal Trottier, and Svet Rouskov.

The flick tells the tale of a small group of survivors living in the aftermath of a future ice age who live underground fighting for their lives in a society that disintegrates into cannibalism and violence.

Inside are some stills of Kevin as Mark Muir from the upcoming miniseries Titanic: Blood and Steel!

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Source 1 | Source 2
Maria Nod

Someone who is not Comalies making a metal post.

Marilyn Manson announces his new single and to perfume Revolver Golden Gods Awards with Amy Lee and Slash
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
ugly picture of all 3 of them tbh
The fourth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards are set to invade Los Angeles on April 11, with Marilyn Manson on deck to perform his first show in almost three years at the event. Other performers include Slash, Evanescence, Sixx: A.M. and Black Veil Brides. Further additions to the line up will be announced in the coming weeks.
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</i> IDK how I feel about his next album, about half of the songs on the last 2 were amazing, the rest just kind of were there. I'm still hopeful, but it's going to be no ACSS or MA</i>

What do Justin Bieber, One Direction and JLS all have in common today?

Clue: The answer isn’t that they can sing, they all wear their trousers too low or that they are boys

Yeah, it’s that they’ve all been proposed to around a bazillion times today via Twitter, which has helped 'will you marry me' trend, not surprisingly. Seems the entire teenage girl population of the world has taken the February 29th Leap Year opportunity today to propose to their heartthrobs – nothing ventured, nothing gained after all.

As far as we know, none of them have accepted, yet. But it’s probably going to take them until around 2040 to get through all of their Tweets and then there’s the whole checking out the picture thing too, which takes some time. We know – we get a lot of proposals ourselves.
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george jetson

Lea Michele "Hooking Up" With Glee Costar Cory Monteith!

Undercover lovers no more!

After months of downplaying romance rumors, Glee stars Lea Michele, 25, and Cory Monteith, 29, have finally gone public with their relationship, multiple insiders confirm in the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands Friday).

"They've been hooking up for awhile," an insider says of the actors, whose characters were about to get married when Glee's February 21 episode ended.

On February 25, Monteith took Michele to his Vancouver hometown for a romantic sightseeing weekend. "They stayed in a hotel, toured Grouse Mountain and went for sushi and sake," a source reveals.

Adds the first insider: "It's starting to seem a little more serious."

george jetson

Beyonce Breastfeeds Blue Ivy in Public

Count Beyonce Knowles among the millions of mothers worldwide who are proud to breastfeed their children out in the open.

Escorted by husband Jay-Z, the "Girls (Run the World)" singer, 30, took along daughter Blue Ivy, seven weeks, for a casual lunch at Sant Ambroeus in NYC's West Village last Saturday. And Beyonce nursed her little girl at her the table, an observer tells Us Weekly. Two additional sources confirm to Us that the first-time mom has been breastfeeding her daughter.

Beyonce was snapped leaving the eatery holding her newborn in a blue BabyBjorn -- covered fashionably with a black Donni Charm scarf.

Mother and child emerged the very next day; this time, Beyonce held Blue in an exotic leopard-print wrap by Baby Bjorn.

Although the superstar is happily taking some time off to be a mom with Blue at their massive Tribeca loft and Scarsdale, New York mansion she shares with Jay-Z, 43, she's gearing up for two musical projects in 2012 -- and a potential film, One Hit Wonders. The brainchild of Glee creator Ryan Murphy, the musical comedy may star her pal Gwyneth Paltrow plus Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon as faded 90s singers who team up in an effort to reclaim their fame. Beyonce's potential role in the flick is not yet known.



Controversy over Beyoncé 's L'Oréal commercial

There has been quite the uproar surrounding pop star Beyoncé's most recent advert that has been airing incessantly throughout this month, L'Oréal's True Match makeup commercial. Being no stranger to controversy, Knowles has also been accused of lightening/bleaching her skin on multiple occasions, including with past L'Oréal ads. In this particular ad, the star's inference to having an admixture of "Native American and French" in addition to her African American origin has most people claiming that she's doing a disservice to the community by choosing to identify with multiple races almost as a way to delude her own. Ironically, Beyoncé ends with, "There's only one True Match for me..."

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What do you guys think about it?

Source: 1, 2 & 3

Urban Outfitters Offends Irish, Sued by Navajo Nation.

Fashion retailer Urban Outfitters’ decision to mark St. Patrick’s Day by selling goods that promote negative Irish stereotypes has attracted the attention of Congressional leaders this week.

On Monday Congressman Joe Crowley of New York, along with nine members of the Congressional Ad Hoc Committee on Irish Affairs, sent a strongly worded letter to the CEO of Urban Outfitters, calling on the retailer to end the sale of clothing items and accessories depicting negative stereotypes of the Irish and Irish Americans.

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What Really Happened To Lindsay Lohan's Face?

Back in October, Lindsay Lohan created a media frenzy with her less-than-dazzling smile, and now the troubled starlet's appearance is making headlines yet again.

Lohan, 25, stepped out in New York City with extremely plumped-up cheeks and lips. Since she doesn't appear to have gained weight, it's likely that her fuller features are the result of facial fillers like Restylane or Juvederm.

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linda granger

William Orbit: Singles So Far For MDNA Are Horrible Unlike The Album

Calm down everybody! Madonna's got this covered with her acoustic guitar and banjo!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tonight, William Orbit guest edited the BBC World Services arts programme ‘The Strand’ this Wednesday the 29th. From Bush House in The Strand, London.
He was interviewed by Marc Coles and of course talked about Madonna and MDNA.

Here’s the interview..

You’ve been kind of busy lately with Madonna. Was it six tracks on MDNA, the latest album which is about to come out?
WILLIAM ORBIT: It was six the last time I counted, but we keep adding special tracks.

You keep adding or she keeps adding?
WILLIAM ORBIT: She’s driving the train, but I come along happily.

She always says musically you finish one another’s sentences. What does that mean, musically? Give us an idea of what it’s like collaborating with her?
WILLIAM ORBIT: We definitely been working together for a long time, so there’s a certain telepathy. We tend to get into the guitar zone now. We get the accoustics out and do it campfire style.
I’m not a great singer, I sound like a mosquito trapped in a bottle. She’s a fabulous singer, but she’s very forgiving. She just wants it to work as a song. That’s where we start.

You just strum it out and work it out that way?
WILLIAM ORBIT: Yeah, yeah…

You’re in touch [with Madonna], you’ve got to work with her tomorrow?
Probably tonight… What she has decided to do is extra accoustic versions. There’s some pretty hard, rocking tracks. There’s a very different variation of styles. Mostly pretty savage, actually. The singles that have come out aren’t necessarily representative.

She wants to do some sort of more downbeat version?
: Downbeat…kind of the banjo and things like that.

Sounds like "Born This Way" (The Country Road Version) and Disc two of that album.  Just sayin')


Grab your Kohl’s cash! It’s Lauren Conrad’s Spring Lookbook

Once again Lauren delivers another season of very enticing clothes. As she demonstrates, they can be worn while, playing croquet, arranging flowers, pouring tea or standing around in a veranda as the sunlight bathes your flawless skin and golden tresses-- basically stuff you probably do every day.

Hair is not included.

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You're welcome.

Pic Source

See anything you'd like to buy? Do you have any leftover Kohl's cash? If so can I have it? I can't? Well Eff you then!

all she asks for is the right to twinkle✰

Lindsay Lohan

is in full preparation mode for her guest hosting stint of Saturday Night Live this weekend, and she has been impressing everyone with her professionalism and has been warmly embraced by the cast and crew, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting.

As RadarOnline.com previously reported, the 25-year-old is “very excited” to be hosting the Saturday night entertainment stalwart. “Lindsay has been a longtime fan of Saturday Night Live and is incredibly excited to host the show and work with the amazing cast and writers," her rep, Steve Honig told RadarOnline.com.

The actress arrived in New York City on Monday and is currently in her first full day of rehearsals. Lindsay also rehearsed for around 3-4 hours on Tuesday, which is typical for any guest host.

“Lindsay had been a little nervous about how the cast and crew would treat her. Lindsay arrived early for rehearsals on Tuesday, and was embraced warmly by everyone,” an insider tells RadarOnline.com. “Lindsay's comedic timing is absolutely flawless. She is absolutely clear headed, and looks great.”

★ ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆
[actress] Grace Kelly

Funny Pics From the 2012 Oscars

Oh, the Oscars.

It's all about presenting yourself as one of the elite—with dignity, sophistication and charm. All black tie-style. Ha, yeah right.

Regardless of the event, some stars—Sacha Baron Cohen, Tina Fey and George Clooney, to name a few—take a breather and break out a little crazy. And that's why we love 'em!

So take a look at some of the kookiest photos of Hollywood's finest, from the 2012 Oscars.

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Any fav. moments ONTD ?


Whitney Houston Sets New Billboard Record

This week, the late Whitney Houston becomes the first woman to place three albums in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart at the same time.

"Whitney: the Greatest Hits" holds at No. 2 with 174,000 (down less than 1% according to Nielsen SoundScan), "The Bodyguard" soundtrack jumps 38-6 (47,000; up 176%) and "Whitney Houston" motors 37-9 (30,000; up 72%).

Source: http://www.billboard.com/news/whitney-houston-first-woman-with-three-albums-1006321352.story
[misfits] Simon/Alisha kiss

Three New Characters Being Added for Series Four of Misfits

Late last year, Misfits regulars Anthonia Thomas & Iwan Rheon announced that they would not be returning for the shows fourth series. As many may have expected, a casting call has recently gone out for three new actors to don the iconic orange jumpsuit – and the new characters seem to be quite different to Simon & Alisha!

The semi-open casting call on Angel Stages contains the following information:

Collapse )

What do you think of the new characters, from these scraps of information? Are you excited for some fresh blood, or will you miss Nathan, Simon and Alisha too much?


I hope this works out. Being Human's major cast changes worked out wonderfully, so I'm hoping for the same with Misfits.

LIVE STREAM: The Born This Way Foundation Launch Event (hosted by Oprah Winfrey)

Lady Gaga and her mother Cynthia will be joined on stage by Oprah Winfrey, author and speaker Deepak Chopra, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, and esteemed Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree to discuss the vision of the organization, and how you can get involved.

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Assassin's Creed set in the American Revolution after all?

I know that we've been speculating where Assassins Creed III is going to be set for its final chapter, but here's something more definitive from an ~inside job~

"Well, this is interesting. A Best Buy worker just emailed us two images snapped from their employee news section. One shows that Ubisoft will be unveiling Assassin's Creed III on March 5, and that there'll be pre-order bonuses to be had. Whatever.

The other is a shot of what they say is the game's promotional art. Featuring what may well be Assassin's Creed III's star.
If this is legitimate, and remember, this is completely unconfirmed, it appears that the chatter placing the third game in the series in the American Revolution is spot-on. In the background is the original Continental flag, the Assassin is wearing an 18th-century military jacket and from his weaponry, jewellery and resemblance to actor Wes Studi he appears to be Native American. Or, since you'd expect he's still part of hero Desmond's bloodline, half-Native American."

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This is all hearsay, and could be from a creative fan, but I'll take what I can get.

From Kotaku

Nicki Minaj Stans Go after Jill Scott After She Tweets About Exorcism Grammy Performance!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

t’s one thing to be a fan but cotDAMN…SMH

While most of us have already seen, passed judgement on, and moved pass, Nicki Minaj’s head-scratching Grammy performance, Philadelphia chanteuse Jill Scott just got a chance to see it for herself. Upon watching the clip, Jill took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the Catholic-themed show.

Like most of us, Jilly from Philly wasn’t really diggin’ it, and the Nicki Barbz came out of their dollhouses in droves to e-ssassinate her over Twitter. Although they were totally out of pocket in the way they addressed the three-time winner, she handled the misguided Minaj minions with class and dignity.

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source, Who is Jill scott?, 2
[iasip] like napalm in a wigwam

Celebrity Sleepovers with Mark Malkoff

What do Justine Bateman, Ed Begley, Jr. and Kato Kaelin all have in common? For starters, they all let comedian Mark Malkoff sleep at their house for no good reason.

Malkoff is known for his comedic stunts and viral videos, including taking a goat into the Apple Store and asking the Dutch to chip in on U.S. debt. His latest scheme is traveling to LA and avoiding the high cost of accommodations by convincing celebrities to let him crash at their pads. And it worked... sort of.

On a related note, want to know what Rob Corddry and Larry King have in common? They did NOT let Mark Malkoff sleep over. Can't win 'em all, Mark.

Source 1 / Source 2 (with full episodes)
tay-symon (me)

K-POP or KKK-POP? Covert Anti-Black Music Scene Sweeping America

2011 saw an expansion of the music industry into once completely unknown generes. K-Pop, as its been labelled by its stans, has literally exploded all over the scene. Supposively catchy tunes, dazzling stage costumes and precise choreography invaded our eardrums and brains at a rapid pace. But after seeing these Korean names on theatre marquees or even the Billboard charts, do we really know what they're here for? What is the message Korea is trying to convay to us? What do they stand for??

It takes just a quick Google search to uncover some shocking racially offensive incidents these companies work so hard to mask from the public. Sordid histories full of black face, racial slurs and other forms of negative anti-Black stereotypes have plagued the Korean music industry. Yet with the current Asian invasion, the severity of these moments has been smoothed over by the puppet-masters behind these acts and their rabid fans alike, in order to provide a safe passage from East to West. And right into our wallets. Before you purchase a K-Pop album, you might as well save your time (and your ears) and just make a direct deposit into the bank account of the KKK.

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Written entirely by ME, Tay Symone (ifuaskedmeto).
Video source: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4


anal del taco

the queen returns to #1

The Wanted's "Glad You Came" blasts into the Billboard Hot 100's top 10, vaulting 23-5 with top Digital Gainer honors after the "Glee" cast covered the song on last week's (Feb. 21) episode of the Fox series. Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)," meanwhile, returns to the chart's top spot after a one-week dip to No. 4.

At the Hot 100's apex, Clarkson's "Stronger" returns to No. 1 (4-1) for a third week on top. The song earns top Airplay Gainer accolades for a fourth consecutive week, pushing 4-3 on Radio Songs (110 million, up 21%). On Digital Songs, "Stronger" advances 5-2, although with a 4% decline to 241,000 downloads sold.
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Adriana Lima & Doutzen Kroes by Mario Testino for V Magazine #76

Adriana vs. Doutzen – Adriana Lima and Doutzen Kroes get into a girl fight for the “Sports” issue of V Magazine. In front of Mario Testino’s lens, the Victoria’s Secret Angels wear sexy lingerie inspired ensembles that are a cross between super heroine chic and boxing gear in the provocative selects of stylist Nicola Formichetti.

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