January 12th, 2012

NY Health Dept. dismisses complaints against Lennox Hill hospital

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The NY State Health Department is investigating complaints from new parents who claim they were mistreated by the staff at Lenox Hill Hospital while Beyonce was giving birth in the VIP room.

TMZ broke the story ... several parents are considering filing a lawsuit against LHH -- claiming they were neglected by staff and prevented from visiting their newborns ... due to the drama surrounding the superstar.

Now, a rep for the Health Dept. tells the NY Daily News, "Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it. It’s not necessarily an investigation. It could be a review. Most likely in this case, it would be an investigation.”

It's unclear how many parents complained -- but as we previously reported, a whole bunch of people were griping about the situation during a breastfeeding class a few days ago.


5:49 PM PST -- The NY Health Dept. has announced it has reviewed and DISMISSED the complaints filed against the hospital.

However, a spokesperson for Lenox says the hospital will conduct its own internal investigation into allegations about the mistreatment of maternity patients.


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So the complaints were about the staff not Jay and Beyonce's security team? Well, well, well.
Hope it all gets cleared up soon for all the parents and families involved, not just Beyonce.

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King K

I Cloned my Pet <3

Saying goodbye to a beloved furry friend isn't easy, but some former dog owners hope to ease the pain by saying hello to their friend again -- sort of.

In a new, one-hour special called "I Cloned My Pet," TLC takes a closer look at those willing to take a pricy plunge for a second chance with their long-lost pal, or more accurately, a first chance with a dog that looks and acts like their late pal.

A sneak peek from the show gives viewers an early look at Danielle, who's love of her dearly departed dog, Trouble, has led her to look into cloning.

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did anyone watch?? did it WORK?
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SNL Books Zooey Deschanel and Channing Tatum

Saturday Night Live is welcoming two first-timers — including a New Girl — to Studio 8H this February.

Channing Tatum will Step Up for his hosting debut on Feb. 4 , accompanied by recent Grammy nominee Bon Iver (“Holocene”) as musical guest.

New Girl‘s Zooey Deschanel will then take the reins on Feb. 11, and although she may sing during a few skits, the “swag pop” music duo Karmin (“Crash Your Party”) will serve as the musical guest.


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Why, Yes, That IS Ned Stark In A Dress.


Ladies and gentlemen: Sean Bean in a dress.

The Lord Of The Rings and Game Of Thrones star will soon be seen on British television screens with Boardwalk Empire and This Is England's Stephen Graham in two episodes of BBC1 drama Accused.

Bean will be playing a cross dressing English teacher named either Simon or Tracie depending on the state of dress and, yes, I posted this purely for the novelty of seeing what Sean Bean would look like as a woman.


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Helen Mirren Loves ONTD Lurker Kevin McHale on 'Glee': "Great Voice" & "Really Good Actor"

Get ready to see Helen Mirren guest star on an upcoming episode and of Glee! Helen dished to OK! on the red carpet last night of the National Board of Review Awards Gala in NYC about her love of the show and favorite member of the Glee cast.

Helen revealed to reporters that she's already taped her appearance on the show.

"I’ve done it. It was really fun," she said. "I love that show. "

Helen didn't want to play favorites with the cast, but she ended up doing it anyways!

"Oh, I don’t have a favorite. They’re all great. I love the guy in the wheelchair, actually," Helen admitted. "They did an episode where he gets up and dances. Did you ever see that?"

Oh yes we did!

So what does Helen love so much about Kevin McHale (aka "the guy in the wheelchair")?

"He’s got a great voice," Helen told OK!. "He’s a really good actor and that episode where he suddenly got up and danced, it was so moving. It made me cry."

"And he’s a great dancer! You know, there’s this great dancer who has to spend his life in the wheel chair..." she explained of his moving character.

We agree with Helen, Kevin is one our favorites!

OK Magazine
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All 22 James Bond Films to Be Released in One Blu-ray Box Set This Fall

In celebration of James Bond’s monumental golden anniversary, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment today unveiled BOND 50, a collectible box-set featuring all 22 James Bond films on Blu-ray Disc for the first time in one complete offering. The longest running film franchise of all time, the Bond 50 collection marks the debut of nine James Bond films previously unavailable in high definition Blu-ray. Fans around the world can pre-order now with participating online retailers.

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Tracy Morgan, Tina Fey Turn Homophobic Rant Into '30 Rock' Comedy

Tracy Morgan was hit with some major backlash after he made derogatory, homophobic statements during a standup routine in Nashville last summer. Later, like most celebrities who speak before thinking, Morgan issued an apology and the controversy blew over. So when exactly does a homophobic rant become funny again? According to Morgan, Tina Fey, and the rest of the "30 Rock gang," it's about time.

"Well, you know how a lot of their episodes mirror their lives ... They've incorporated [Morgan's rant] into the Tracy Jordan storyline," MSNBC's Thomas Roberts, who makes a cameo appearance on the show, said of a forthcoming episode. "Liz Lemon writes Tracy's apology on the show and says he's not a homophobe, he's an idiot. That offends idiots, so while NBC is being picketed by the LBGT community, now it's also being picketed by idiots led by Denise Richards. She's the leader of the idiots."

Roberts, an openly gay anchor himself, said Martin Bashir was originally supposed to be part of the show but dropped out due to an assignment conflict. That's when Roberts stepped in to be part of the episode that addresses an issue so important to him.

"I know for me, when I went through this [coming out] in 2006, I couldn't be happier," Thomas explained. "Now, here it is 5 years later, almost 6 years later. I'm so glad that I did it then. I see emails from kids that say 'Thank you.' I'm a reluctant role model, because I know that I'm going to mess up. Whether it's today or in the future, you know, it happens. I like to be an example of somebody who is out there, who is chasing after their dreams, and can talk about it openly and honestly, and can blend the personal and professional in an open and honest way."

huff post

only reason i'm excited for this season tbh

Holy Eyebrows & Tanning Lotion! These People Still Exist & Would Like To Announce They Are Fucking.

Acclaimed circus performer The Bearded Lady and her new ventriloquism dummy
American Idol alums Ace Young & Diana DeGarmo

Nearly two years after falling in love, American Idol alumni Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo are opening up about their relationship mostly because this is the first time in two years anyone has bothered to talk to them.

Season 5 heartthrob Young, 31, and season 3's runner-up DeGarmo, 24, met in the spring of 2010 when both signed on to costar in the Broadway revival of the musical Hair.

"We became best friends through Hair, ironically not through Idol," says DeGarmo, who now plays as a New Jersey Mob boss's daughter on the CBS soap The Young and the Restless. "It just blossomed into a beautiful relationship."

The attraction was immediate for Young, who, along with DeGarmo, had to get naked onstage for each performance of Hair. "She said, 'You're not looking, right?' " Young says of the first time they disrobed in rehearsals. "And I was like, 'Oh no, not at all.' But I was looking, and I was like – sold!" WHAT...a romantic story.

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Jokes aside, they are a cute couple. Congrats on getting it in, kiddos.

Angela Lansbury Revisits Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast'

Disney fans who grew up dreaming of dancing cutlery, cascading rose petals and a certain leading lady's enviable golden gown are in for a treat this weekend when "Beauty and the Beast" returns to theaters.

After the surprise success of last year's theatrical 3-D release of "The Lion King," Disney has dusted off another animated classic and given it the 3-D treatment with hopes that the story -- a tale as old as time, if you will -- still resonates with today's audience.

The legendary Angela Lansbury, who voiced the loveable Mrs. Potts and sang the "Beauty and the Beast" theme song, spoke to The Huffington Post about playing a teapot, the film's success, and her large fan base.

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Source, Source 2

J.Lo's kids have been calling boy toy Daddy

J.Lo is really wildin’ right now… SMH!

While staying with their famous father recently, Marc and Jennifer’s 3-year-old twins, Emme and Max, referred to J.Lo’s 24- year-old backup dancer beau, Casper Smart, as “Daddy Casper,” say sources.

An enraged Marc immediately called Jennifer and blasted her, telling her that if she didn’t fix the situation pronto, he was going to let the kids call HIS new girlfriend, 24-year-old Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima, “Mommy Shannon”!

“Marc couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Emme and Max utter the words ‘Daddy Casper’ during a recent visit,” revealed an insider.

“He thinks Casper is nothing more than a young fling to make Jennifer feel better about herself after the divorce.

“Marc mockingly told Jennifer that if Casper wants to be called ‘Daddy,’ he needs to start acting like it and pay some of their children’s expenses instead of just sponging off of her!

“Jennifer freaked out and told Marc he was childish, but she promised to correct the situation.”


Watch: 25 Celebs Who Have Appeared on ‘Doctor Who’

Carey Mulligan in "Blink"

With the Star Trek movie beaming up Noel Clarke (a.k.a. Mickey Smith), we look at some of the biggest celebs who’ve traveled through the Whoniverse. While the list is far from complete — we’ve left off the obvious recent Doctor Who regulars like Alex Kingston, John Simm, Bernard Cribbins, and Gavin & Stacey‘s James Corden — it provides an overview of the star-studded talent who’ve dazzled us over the series’ nearly 50 years. Also: check out our list of the five best Doctor Who guest stars from the modern era, in our humble opinion.

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Harry Lloyd and Shirley Henderson are the creepiest people, I don't even care

p.s. I found the "bark bark bark" tag to go with the "meow meow meow" tag

Gabby and Dwayne: Love & Basketball

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"We're a couple who undeniably come from two Black parents each...We're undeniably Black. But seriously, when it kept coming up on Twitter, we started thinking, Wow, this is a little bigger than us and maybe we have more of a responsibility than just enjoying each other. Maybe it's okay to share a little of ourselves"

Carey Mulligan - Carey Mulligan Wants To Adapt A Book Into Film

Actress Carey Mulligan is searching for books to adapt for the big screen because she's struggling to find intriguing scripts in Hollywood.

Filmmaker Steve MCQueen has urged the actress, who he directed in Shame, to find a novel she loves and secure the rights to make it into a film.

The Brit admits she's interested in the idea because she hasn't been "struck" by any female roles she's been offered recently.

She tells Little White Lies magazine, "For women you probably do have to take responsibility and create your own opportunities... Steve I saw in L.A. last week and he said, 'Go away and read stuff, find your own things and option books and whatever.' And that is something that I probably should do... But yeah, I can't write. Anything. So I'm kind of stuck there but I could get someone else to write something...

"There's no leading or even large supporting roles that, sort of, have struck me. And some are brilliant but they're things that I feel I don't want to repeat."


What books would you love/hate to see be adapted?

New Trailer for James Franco's 'Broken Tower'

James Franco is already flexing his acting chops in the new year as the mutli-hyphenated star brings to us a teaser trailer for his latest film, The Broken Tower.

Franco wrote, directed and stars in the movie based on Paul L. Mariani's biography of American poet Hart Crane, which also features Michael Shannon and Dave Franco. The film received mixed reviews when it premiered at the Los Angeles Film Festival but it looks to be a compelling tale of the late author's life with some top notch talent attached with Franco and Shannon.

Check out the teaser trailer above. The Broken Tower is currently available for digital download and On Demand, with the DVD release on March 27th.


I looked this movie up on imdb cause I had never heard about it, and his mom is also in it. I just felt like adding that tidbit because I thought it was cute.

Lil Wayne to Publish Prison Memoir

Lil Wayne has signed a deal to publish a prison memoir called Gone Till November. The book will be drawn from notes the rapper made while serving an eight-month sentence at Rikers Island on a weapons possession charge.

The book, to be published by Grand Central Publishing, is repped by Matthew Guma, who also served as Jay-Z's literary agent for the rapper's best-selling book Decoded. According to a press release, Lil Wayne's prison journals will detail "his thoughts and feelings, strange people he met, his plans, his family, his children, his past, present and future."

Lil Wayne has written about his sports interests for ESPN the Magazine, and he recently announced the launch of a new skateboarding clothing line. The rapper's most recent album, Tha Carter IV, debuted last year at Number One on the Billboard album chart with just under one million copies sold in its first week of release.


has anyone ever been arrested? what for?

Kris Jenner: Kholé Is a Kardashian

On Wednesday, Kholé Kardashian called reports that she was not the biological daughter of the late Robert Kardashian "really low" and "disgusting." On Thursday, Kholé's mom and Robert's ex-wife, Kris Jenner, also spoke out about the claims.

"I was there, I gave birth," Jenner, 56, told ABC News, following allegations made by Robert's other ex-wives, Ellen Kardashian and Jan Ashley. "I know who the dad was, everything's good. We're all good. Don't worry about it. Get a life."

In one episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kholé, 27, kidded that she could be adopted, but Jenner calls it "the family joke because Kholé was blonde and not dark-haired," like the rest of her brood.

Additionally, court documents point out that when Robert filed to annul his marriage from Ashley in 1999, his declaration to the judge addressed that they did not agree when it came to expanding the family. As he explained: "Since I already had four biological children [Kholé, Kim, Kourtney and Robert], I did not wish to have any more." Kholé Kardashian


Avatar 2 release pushed back to 2016, film producer Jon Landau reveals

Speaking at a screening for the Titanic remake, Landau suggested that Avatar 2 is due to be released in 2016, seven years after the original. In October 2010, director James Cameron revealed he had earmarked the eagerly anticipated sequel for cinemas in December 2014, and Avatar 3 in December 2015. 

He said at the time: 'I am in the process of writing the next two Avatar films now. We are planning to shoot them together and post them together, and we will probably release them not quite back to back, but about a year apart. Christmas '14 and '15 is the current plan.'

Although no explanation has been given as to why fans will have to wait another two long years, it is thought Cameron may need more time to push the boundaries of 3D technology. According to reports, he wants to make Avatar 2 more realistic by shooting it at 60 frames per second, as opposed to the industry standard of 24 frames per second.   

In comparison, Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 48 frames per second.


Amber Rose Breaks Down As She Recalls Being Bullied By Fans Of Kanye West

On Wednesday, Rose made her return to the red couch, where she first appeared with Wiz in March of last year. It wasn't planned, but after some prompting by host Sway Calloway, Amber walked on set and fielded a few questions about her and Khalifa's relationship. Fans can look for the model to dish details on her music, many business endeavors and her portrayal in the media.

“No one what I've been through and knows the things I had I had to deal with when Kanye made his album and he talked reckless[ly] about me on his album — and then I have people throwing things at me in the street because they're fans of Kanye's.”

Get More: Music News

"I'm a nice girl. I don't bother anybody."


President Obama "Performs" Lady Gaga's Born This Way and It Is Beautiful.

Keep the Tea Party; President Obama is going after the Little Monsters.

Well, with a little help from the internet, anyway.

YouTube user barackdubs uploaded an expertly made mashup that takes dance tracks and clips of various Obama speeches to create a sing-song delivery of Lady Gaga's hit "Born This Way." Starting with an address the President made to the Human Rights Campaign, the video features autotunes and slices its way to a quick verse of auditory delight.

Sure, Obama didn't actually sing the song, but he has met the Mother Monster before; she attended a fundraiser for the President in September and she spoke at the White House about bullying. Perhaps they worked on their vocals together, too?

In any case, one Obama really is rubbing elbows with Hollywood; First Lady Michelle Obama stars in a special episode of "iCarly" this Saturday.


Pussy popping on Pennsylvania Avenue, tbh.
[TH] Freddie

Richard Armitage's Journey To 'The Hobbit' Best 'By Far'

The U.K. actor is Middle-earth's most badass dwarf and One to Watch in 2012.

This winter, director Peter Jackson will deliver the long-awaited return to Middle-earth. "The Hobbit," which will unfold across two films, begins with "An Unexpected Journey," as Bilbo Baggins leaves to win back gold stolen from his companions. But these are not just any friends. Bilbo is accompanied by 13 dwarves, each with a larger-than-life personality.

The leader of these adventurers, Thorin, will be played by Richard Armitage, who made a brief appearance in "Captain America: The First Avenger," but will get his biggest Stateside break in "The Hobbit." The British actor played a key role in last month's trailer and will soon join the illustrious ranks of Tolkien alumni, alongside Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean and Orlando Bloom.

We spoke with Armitage about traveling to Middle-earth, the difficulty of working under pounds of makeup and leading a band of treasure-seeking dwarves.

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I guess he didn't get a tag. =(

Chiddy Bang Talks Upcoming Debut Album, Dream Collabos, and More

Chidera “Chiddy” Anamege and Noah “Xaphoon Jones” Beresin are the innovative members of the Philadelphia based hip-hop group, Chiddy Bang. Chidera and Noah met while attending Drexel University in their freshman year, while Noah was DJing and Chiddy was a known freestylist. After generating buzz from doing shows at Drexel in 2009, they got a nod from music blog “Pretty Much Amazing” which posted five songs as a testament to their popularity. Since then, the pair has released The Swelly Express, (featuring their breakthrough singles “Opposite of Adults” and “All Things Go”) and a second mixtape Air Swell. The group will release their debut album, Breakfast, on Feb. 28.

“Ray Charles” is their first official single off the album. The track has has a stellar piano riff, coupled with Chiddy Bang’s flair, which make it a stand out track. In VIBE's interview with the duo, Chiddy Bang explain why listeners should expect something they’ve never heard before in hip-hop from their debut album. So far, we’re more than certain that they will deliver on their promise. --Brittny PierreCollapse )


Lincoln Center "American Songbook" Series Opens with Mash-Up of Jay-Z, Billy Joel, and more

Tony-winning composer and original star of In The Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda, kicked off the 14th season of Lincoln Center’s American Songbook series on Jan. 11 with his rendition of Jay-Z’s love letter to New York “Empire State of Mind,” sprinkled with some “Another Hundred People,” from Stephen Sondheim’s Company. Miranda was joined onstage by former Heights co-star Mandy Gonzalez.

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Sources: 1, 2, and 3

My notes:
Basically, everything about this concert was amazing. Someone wrote a blog post here that nicely summed up the concert. It was pretty amazing. Lin-Manuel et al opened up with Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind" mashed up with Kander and Ebb's "New York, New York," some Billy Joel song I can't remember and Sondheim's "Another Hundred People" from Company. Everyone went WILD. Then they paid respects to some of the greats that inspired Lin-Manuel with "Pass Me By" (which LMM credits with the song that inspired him to write), a medley of rap verses from various songs that he thinks were amazing selections of lyrics, and with "Get By" by Talib Kweli and Kanye West (which he credits with being the song that helped him get out of bed for about a year). He also (correctly IMO) identified Eminem as the greatest rapper of all time and did his verse "Renegade" from Jay-Z's album "Blueprint" and said it was the best part of the entire album (throwing some shade?).
Then he got to his own works for the (unfinished) "Hamilton Mixtape" - a great mixture of hip hop, congressional rap battles, a folksy tune about Hamiton's and Aaron Burr's firstborn children, and a hilarious appearance by GAVIN CREEL in a Burger King crown as King George singing two pop-Beatles-esque songs about his waning love affair with the rebellious American colonies (HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT, TBH).
This night was perfection and every song was amazing. Everyone was really into it. Lincoln Center was POPPING last night. Apparently John Kander (ChicagoCurtainsScottsboro Boys, etc etc) was right in front and I walked next to Bobby Lopez (Avenue Q, The Book of Mormon) on the way out. I just wonder who else with greatness was there. Amazing concert. I hope this gets picked up into a full-fledged show because it really was that amazing.

Watch: 7 Minutes From The George Lucas Produced WWII Film 'Red Tails

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In the works for decades, the George Lucas-produced WWII film "Red Tails," about the famed Tuskegee Airmen, first started filming way back in 2009. And there is a lot riding on this movie, including no less the fate of financing for movies centered around or featuring black actors in the lead role. According to Lucas, the future of those types of films may inadvertently be in the balance as Hollywood eyes the success (or failure) of "Red Tails."

Speaking recently with USA Today (you can watch the full interview below at the source), Lucas was candid about how his project may change perceptions in Hollywood where it's already difficult to get black movies made. ""I realize that by accident I've now put the black film community at risk [with 'Red Tails,' whose $58 million budget far exceeds typical all-black productions]," Lucas explained. "I'm saying, if this doesn't work, there's a good chance you'll stay where you are for quite a while. It'll be harder for you guys to break out of that (lower-budget) mold. But if I can break through with this movie, then hopefully there will be someone else out there saying let's make a prequel and sequel, and soon you have more Tyler Perrys out there."

And by Tyler Perrys, he means (hopefully) not the lowest common denominator dreck that actor/writer/producer/director trots out every six months or so (albeit to massive financial success), but rather more folks with the power to greenlight stories and get movies made. And we're with him on that.

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There is an interview with George Lucas at the source, but I can't get to embed.

Mods, Bits of the article have been posted, but not the 7 minute preview. 

marina † primadonna

Glee's Lea Michele Is a Candie's Girl! Stylish Star Named New Spokeswoman

Talk about a sweet gig.

Glee's resident red carpet diva is about to profit from her increasingly cooed-over sartorial style, as E! News has exclusively learned that Lea Michele has been named the newest spokeswoman for Candie's.

Talk about the perfect fit.

"Lea's fans are the same as Candie's fans," an insider for the fashion brand told E! News.

Lea's rep could not be reached for comment and Candie's has also remained mum on the stylish new appointment, though a source told E! News that Michele will appear in a series of print ads for the company later this year as part of her endorsement deal.

As it is, she's stepping into some well-heeled shoes for the new gig. Vanessa Hudgens is Candie's most recent celebrity spokeswoman, and the job has been filled in the past by Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, Fergie and Jenny McCarthy.

Can't wait to see those spots, Lea!

E! Online
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Here’s the synopsis for Friends with Kids:

Friends With Kids is a daring and poignant ensemble comedy about a close-knit circle of friends at that moment in life when children arrive and everything changes. The last two singles in the group observe the effect that kids have had on their friends’ relationships and wonder if there’s a better way. They decide to have a kid together – and date other people.

There are big laughs and unexpected emotional truths as this unconventional ‘experiment’ leads everyone in the group to question the nature of friendship, family and, finally, true love.


'Idol' singer Stefano Langone signs with Hollywood Records

Stefano Langone has signed with Hollywood Records, making him the seventh finalist from American Idol's 10th season to score a major-label record deal.

"It feels great, man, it feels great," the native of Bellevue, Wash., said Wednesday.

Langone, who finished seventh on the past Idol season, has been in the studio for about a month, working with songwriting and production teams including Rock Mafia and the Jackie Boyz. "Right now, I've got nine or 10 songs that could potentially be a part of the album, but we're always working for the best sound, the best songs," he says. "We've really just started."

Langone says his music will be pop/R&B with an eye toward the Latin market. "We're looking at some songs we maybe can write half-Spanish/half-English. Right now, we don't have any that are in Spanish, but we are looking at that and seeing where we can go with it."

Hollywood is looking to release Langone's first single this spring, with an album following in the summer.

Langone, 22, says he began getting interest from record labels as soon as he was eliminated. "I stayed in L.A. because I was getting looks from producers," he says. "I did a lot of slow jams when I was on the show, but I sang countless songs for a lot of producers, and they knew what I could do."

In a press release announcing the signing, Hollywood Records executive vice president Ken Bunt says, "We are very excited to have Stefano on our roster. He's an incredibly talented vocalist and songwriter. His story is very inspiring and we are looking forward to helping him achieve his goals."

Stefano is the second Idol singer to announce a record deal this week. On Tuesday, Casey Abrams broke the news that he had signed with the Concord Music Group.

usa today
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In a year crowded with some of the most anticipated movies in years (The Hunger Games, The Hobbit, The Avengers, and The Amazing Spider-Man, to name just a few), The Dark Knight Rises might be the most anticipated of them all. The third and final installment in Inception director Christopher Nolan’s trilogy of Bat-flicks — which will once again star Christian Bale as the caped crusader and introduce Thomas Hardy as the brilliant, brutish terrorist Bane and Anne Hathaway as the purrrrfectly mercurial Selina Kyle — will swing into theaters on July 20, four years after The Dark Knight ignited a cultural sensation, grossed $533 million, and earned Heath Ledger a posthumous Oscar. The new issue of Entertainment Weekly – our annual Forecast issue, which previews the pop culture year looming ahead — goes to the Rises set and offers some insight into how Team Nolan hopes to match their previous success. “I can tell you the truth because I’m done with it: I felt immense pressure,” Christian Bale tells EW. “And I think it’s a good pressure, because you owe it to the films — and the people’s expectations — to make great work.” 

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30 Rock FINALLY came back tonight, but this is a Parks and Recreation post

'Parks and Recreation' co-creator Mike Schur on Leslie and Ben, Louis C.K.'s return and Knope 2012

Mike Schur and his fellow "Parks and Recreation" writers knew at the start of this season they were going to take Leslie (Amy Poehler) and Ben (Adam Scott) through some romantic travails.

They weren't as sure, however, about playing it out in such a concentrated way, where the last five episodes of the fall ("End of the World" through "Citizen Knope") focused heavily on their relationship.

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Interview: Nick Offerman on writing a 'Parks and Recreation' script

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NIKE: Aziz Ansari on the #KobeSystem

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'Arrested Development' vet, CollegeHumor team for new pic

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Ben Schwartz on Parks and Rec, House of Lies, and Cute Animals on the Internet

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Parks and Recreation Exclusive: Amy Poehler to Direct May Sweeps Episode About [Spoiler Alert]

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Knope We Can! Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Will Not Give Up on Her Campaign

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People's Choice Awards Appearance
Aziz got a new Youtube channel

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Eddie Redmayne On His Les Miserables 'Love-In' With Amanda Seyfried and Helena Bonham Carter

Tony winner Eddie Redmayne is gearing up to play Marius in the movie adaptation of Les Miserables, and even though the film doesn't begin production until March, Redmayne is already hanging out with his new castmates. The My Life With Marilyn star took a moment at the 2012 Orange British Academy Film Awards to chat about the buzzed about film. Click below to watch Redmayne dish about his role as strapping soldier Marius, his first rendezvous with soon-to-be love interest Amanda Seyfried (Cosette) and his Les Miz-style love fest with Helena Bonham Carter (Madame Thenardier).

Film - Star Wars

Ridiculously flawless Oscar-deserving BAMF gives interview

Gary Oldman watched Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy when it aired as a BBC miniseries in 1979, but he purposely avoided a second viewing before signing up to play George Smiley in a new film adaptation of John le Carre's classic 1974 novel.

"I really thought that I would be contaminated by it," he tells Fresh Air's Dave Davies. "And I didn't want to do an impersonation."

In the original Tinker, Tailor, acclaimed British actor Alec Guinness played Smiley, a mild-mannered, middle-aged spy chief ousted from MI6 after a botched operation in Eastern Europe. But once it becomes clear that there's probably a mole within the intelligence agency, Smiley is brought back on board to catch the double agent.

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OMG True Romance ref. UGH GOD I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. ♥ What happened to his Oscar buzz?!
Audio available at the SOURCE
Sabrina Flowers

I wonder if I'll ever post anything nice about the Kardashians.

When celebs auction their stuff for charity, they often keep most of the profits

Stars give up their personal items in charity-related auctions all the time, and often they make a big deal in the press about their resulting charitable contributions. But how much of what these auctions rake in do the stars actually give to their causes?

“Many times the public assumes that all the proceeds go to charity and not the celebrity,” Glenn Selig, President/CEO of Selig Multimedia, told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “But that is often not the case. The public should never assume that 100 percent goes to charity.”

Exhibit A: Kim Kardashian.

Kim, who has an estimated net worth of $35 million, has been auctioning off her personal goodies via eBay Giving Works for several years, even before she was a well-known reality star. Her auctions are promoted with the tagline “Charity Auction Supporting the Dream Foundation.”

"My dad passed away from cancer so the funds go towards granting wishes for terminally ill adults,” Kardashian told Pop Tarts regarding one of her auctions back in 2009.

Last week Kim and her famous family had several items up for grabs – a $960 Herve Leger dress, the robe she wore on “Dancing With the Stars” hovering at around $120, and Christian Louboutin Nude Patent Platform Pumps that had broken the $500 barrier. Some items were even listed as “new with tags,” like a Rock Stella & Jamie Cropped Faux Fur Vest for $120, and a “new with defects” Balenciaga White Leather Peep-toe Platform Heels for around $16.

So how much of the proceeds from these sales will go to Kim’s charity?

Ten percent -- the minimum required by eBay’s “Giving Works” arm. The percentage is stated below each auction item, and Kardashian acknowledged the 10 percent figure while promoting the event on her blog.

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Kind of amused that the SOURCE is Fox News.

Colbert 2012?

Stephen Colbert Pictures, Images and Photos

What will Stephen Colbert do?

The comedian got people buzzing when he said he'll have a "major announcement" tonight on his show regarding the GOP presidential campaign.

It got sparked by Colbert's surprise showing in a Public Policy Polling survey that shows him getting more support in his home state of South Carolina than Jon Huntsman, who came in third in the New Hampshire primary.
(Ouch, tbh)

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m | mcqueen

First Look: The Full Jason Wu for Target Collection, Plus Pricing

The full Jason Wu for Target look book is finally out! In keeping with Wu's signature aesthetic, there's lots of pleating, bows, modest necklines, and nipped-at-the waist shapes. The ten different handbags look well-structured and come in polished-looking cream and black, as well as more girlish prints. Fabric-wise, there's a nice mix of solids, stripes, florals, lace, and a cute black-cat pattern that shows up on a scarf and a tote bag. This collection is a one-off and should sell briskly, so be prepared for its February 5 drop date. You can see pricing specifics (from $19.99 to $59.99) in our slideshow.

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Sources: Ad + Full Collection

Revenge's Gabriel Mann Dishes On Plot Twists & Love Interests

So, "Revenge" fans, did you see this week's big twist coming? That mix of soapy drama and and jaw-dropping turns is why this ABC series has been my favorite new network show this season, and Wednesday night's episode reminded us once again that nothing is off limits in the Hamptons. 
I caught up with "Revenge" scene-stealer Gabriel Mann to find out what's up next for New York's finest schemers and for his character, Nolan Ross, the billionaire playboy who's helping Emily (Emily VanCamp) in her revenge missions. Now that his sexy summer hook-up is over, who will he be romancing next? Could Nolan be eyeing a lady for his next lover? A very powerful lady even?
Mann also cryptically teased the possibility of long-lost characters coming back from the dead and one monster of an episode that will shed light on what's really happening.
Nolan gets the best lines on the show. Period.
I know. ... Maybe it's just because I've taken so much leeway with what they've given me. Can you tell I'm having a good time?

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How I Met Your Mother wants to keep milking the cash cow with post-mother reveal spinoff

Could How I Met Your Mother live on in some form after viewers finally meet the Mother?

TVLine tossed that provocative question out to executive producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas at an intimate lunch the pair hosted for a handful of news outlets on Wednesday. Their response? It’s not out of the realm of possibility.

“That’s come up,” Bays said of a spinoff that would allow them to bring current Mother mystery arc to a satisfying conclusion  — perhaps at the end of Season 8 — and then possibly relaunch the show with a slightly tweaked premise and title (i.e. What Happened After I Met Your Mother).

“We’ve had conversations about rewinding back to 2005 and doing a series called How I Met Your Father,” Thomas revealed with a laugh. “From the perspective of what was happening with the Mother all those years. Occasionally, she’ll stumble through McLaren’s and no one will see her.”

Bays floated another idea that similarly involved turning back the clock. “One way to go is to finish the [mother] story at the end of Season 8, and then Season 9 is, ‘Oh, by the way kids, I left some stuff out…,’” he explained. “And then it’s just 24 little stories that took place over the course of the series here and there. Like, ‘Here’s something funny that happened in 2006.’”

Given the ratings growth Mother has enjoyed in its current seventh season, it’s not difficult to understand why CBS and producer 20th Century Fox TV would want to keep the franchise going — either in its current form or an altered one. Either way, Bays hopes to have some resolution on the matter soon (the series has already been renewed through Season 8.)

“We’ve already started discussions with [20th] about letting them know we need some lead time because we do have a story we want to tell and we see how quickly or slowly we should be telling this story,” he said. “Hopefully we’ll get an answer to that in time.

“It’s a hard thing,” Bays continued. “Obviously, we don’t ever want to keep the show on longer than it needs to, just like we don’t want to end it before it should end. But it’s the best job any of us have ever had.”


I like HIMYM but idk how I feel about this...

Mods: sorry if this was submitted more than once - please ignore the other submissions. my internet is being wonky right now :(

Dair Met Steps Hands
  • ky02121

No Wedding Bells for Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union and her basketball star boyfriend Dwayne Wade are in no rush to wed, because their failed first marriages hit them “hard.”

The beauty wed football star Chris Howard in 2001 but their romance ended in divorce five years later.

Union has been in a relationship with Wade, who has two children with his first wife, since 2009, but the sports star insists they have no plans to exchange vows.

He tells Essence magazine, “We’re not rushing it. Both of us have been married before, and we understand that if we choose to marry again, we want it to be right. We both took failing at marriage hard. The next time it’s gotta be forever.


Stevie Nicks to release a tribute album to her late mother in 2012

Legend Stevie Nicks is reportedly recording a new solo album as a tribute to her late mother.

Barbara Nicks died in Arizona at the age of 84, with her famous daughter by her side, on 28 December (11).

The Fleetwood Mac star, 63, later spoke out about the devastating loss, admitting, "She supported me and all of my dreams. She was the one that made it all possible."

And now the Landslide singer is set to remember her mum by composing a record in her honour, according to the National Enquirer.

A source says, "Stevie always finds something positive in the worst situations, and no one's surprised at her decision to write a tribute album to her mum.

"While sitting at Barbara's bedside, she recalled the tremendous influence her mother had on her life... Stevie has been writing constantly and wants to have the tribute album out by summer."


That's really sweet. I hope Stevie is doing alright. RIP Mrs. Nicks.

If she ends up doing this, that would be the shortest time span between new music releases pretty much ever for Stevie. 
sexy anne

Royal Roundup!

Ever wonder about all the gifts royals get when they go on official visits? Here's some info on all the crap stuff Will & Kate received on their travels last year:

Buying presents for royals might seem a stressful and laborious affair.

But many of the foreign dignitaries who received the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge abroad in 2011 more than met the challenge with an array of light-hearted mementos.

Clarence House has released a list of the 200 plus gifts that Kate and William received when they were on official engagements last year.

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Xtina: QT Glasses

It pays to be JLo’s boy toy

Jennifer Lopez is paying Casper Smart $10,000 a week

Star magazine reports that Lopez is paying her former back-up dancer Casper Smart $10,000 a week so he can pretend like he has the funds to date her high-profile self. It’s like crazy Britney Spears/K-Fed all over again! A source tells the mag, “She hated having to whip out her credit card every time they go to dinner. Jen figured it’s easier to give Casper a weekly stipend, and she thought $10,000 was a nice round number. Jen doesn’t want to go over the top, showering Casper with too much, but she also wants him to up his game. Jen is hoping Casper won’t think twice about buying presents for her kids or whisking her off for a surprise weekend getaway.” Ha. No. $40,000 a month as payment to be your boyfriend isn’t “over the top” at all, Jen! That’s totally normal and sane behavior! source

No wonder she’s shilling so hard for Fiat — she has a boyfriend to support.

ONTD, would you date someone for money?

Yes, I have bills to pay.
No, I am not a hooker.
What's a date?

No more mustache rides for Brooke!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hulk Hogan, one of the beacons of freedom of the Mustached American community, has told TMZ that he is preparing to shave off his iconic lower nose foliage for a film role.

Hogan’s success in film, of course, is matched by only celluloid greats like Paul Newman and Herve Villechaize, with epic roles in vehicles like “Santa With Muscles” and “McCinsey’s Island.”

“I’m getting ready to go on some auditions,” he told TMZ. “I’m getting ready to shave my head and my mustache. So that should be scary …”

When asked for comment, AMI’s Dr. Aaron Perlut was in shock.

“Mr. Hogan is seen as a longtime leading figure in the sexually dynamic Mustached American community,” he said. “Not only would the removal of his lower nose foliage cause angels in heaven to die and fall to earth — as is written in biblical texts — but it would send a poor message to young people of Mustached American descent who wish to embrace the Mustached American experience. We do hope that Mr. Hogan, for whom we have great reverence, reconsiders shaving his upper lip shading device as millions of those he has inspired would be greatly let down, leading to mass chaos and deep bouts of depression in the Mustached American community.”


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Facial hair post, kids! Where are my beard-lovers at?
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Reverse Shot's TWO CENTS on the movies of 2011

The Alfred Molina Award for Overacting: Keira Knightley in A Dangerous Method
We were rooting for her, oddly. But her writhing, gasping, jaw-jutting, hyperventilating entrance as Jung protégé Sabina Spielrein was ultimately more Regan MacNeil than a woman under the influence. Perhaps that’s all okay because we’re dealing with Cronenberg here, and in a Cronenberg joint the body needs to be as twisted as the spirit (ah, how we love preset critical parameters!). But Knightley’s performance, based, she said in an interview, on reading a diary entry in which Spielrein describes herself as a dog and a demon, comes across more like a hydraulic special effect than an expression of a soul in sexually repressed torment. It’s insane, and not necessarily in a good way. Oh, and Spielrein’s totally cured, like, two scenes later. —MK

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a couple more can be found at the source

Brittany Murphy's father sues the LA County Coroner's Office in a wrongful death suit


Brittany Murphy's mother is determined to prove that her daughter didn't die of natural causes, and her father is doing the same.

Angelo Bertolotti is now suing the Los Angeles County Coroner's Office because he disagrees with the official cause of death.

According to RadarOnline, the Clueless actress' dad is trying to gain access to his late daughter's hair samples so he can conduct his own testing.

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King K

Ricky Gervais: celebs who thank god are arrogant

In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, Ricky Gervais shared his view on religion & those that thank God for winning:

"I have no choice [but to be an Atheist]. I can't help what I believe. Probably the most offensive thing I ever said was "Thank God for making me an atheist." It was a swipe at all those people who thank God because they won an award. How arrogant is that? There's war and famine and God's going, "Know what Bullock? Write a speech. I'm not going to say anything, Sandra, but write a speech. That's all I'm saying."

Speaking on comedy: "The most important thing in comedy — apart from empathy, which I think is important even if disguised — is surprise. I like surprising people with the fact that something's even a joke at all. I did a joke yesterday for the first time live. I wrote it and I got excited. I couldn't wait to do this joke about how I had told my four-year-old niece that her mummy had died. I told them I couldn't console her — she just wanted her mummy back. So I told her, "Your mummy's in heaven. She's looking down on you." And I asked the audience, "Is that so bad?" The audience went quiet, then they went, "No." And I said, "It was bad. Her mummy hadn't died. She'd just gone to the shops." I loved the fact that they're with me and I'm nearly crying."


I just want to tell you that some people have WAR in their countries
guti WEAH

The Wanted Prepare For World Domination

The Wanted Take Inspiration From Take That For Upcoming Arena Tour

The 'Lightning' stars want their shows to be as "dramatic" as possible.

The Wanted are drawining inspiration from man band Take That as they hope to make their upcoming live UK arena tour shows as "dramatic" as they possibly can.

The 'Glad You Came' singers believe that Gary Barlow and his group were able to merge varying aspects of their performance together which is something singer Jay McGuiness wants to replicate.

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Im going to see them in LA! WOOOT! exept im going my myself..foreveralone
  • roxiful

Not even jealous

Beyonce's Hospital Room -- Like a 5-Star Hotel

Lenox Hill Hospital constructed a suite for VIPs which looks like a Four Seasons penthouse ... and the room was christened Saturday when Beyonce gave birth.

TMZ has obtained photos of the room where Blue Ivy came into this world, and it's baller. There are 4 flat screen TV's, state of the art electronics, a kitchenette, nice art, mahogany walls and plush furnishings. And take a look at the bed where Jay Z got some shut eye!

Sources connected with the hospital tell TMZ ... the suite was not constructed specifically for Beyonce, but it was always intended that Beyonce would be the first patient to use it.

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Probably bigger than my apartment =\
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Duchess of York charged in Turkey over orphanages documentary

Sarah Ferguson wore disguise to make 2008 ITV programme that Turkish politicians said was smear to derail EU bid

A court in Turkey has brought charges against the Duchess of York over a controversial ITV documentary in which she went undercover to secretly film orphanages in Ankara and Istanbul.

The court accused Sarah Ferguson in her absence of going "against the law in acquiring footage and violating privacy" of five children. The charges carry a maximum jail term of more than 22 years if a conviction results.

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Europe's best new music acts collect the 2012 European Border Breakers Award

The European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA's) honour the best new music acts in Europe. The award ceremony took place this evening at the Eurosonic Noorderslag music festival in Groningen (NL).

British act Anna Calvi performed at the ceremony and on collecting her award said: "I am really honoured to have won this award. My father is Italian, my Mother grew up in Switzerland. I don't just feel English, I feel very European and it's been really important for me that the record has done well in Europe as a whole".

Ireland's rising star, James Vincent McMorrow performed two songs at the awards show and accepted his award saying: "This is fantastic. I was here at Eurosonic last year and it was here where it all began. From then on it led to incredible things and this award means a lot to me"

All the winners of the European Border Breakers Awards 2012 are:

  • Elektro Guzzi (Austria)

  • Selah Sue (Belgium)

  • Agnes Obel (Denmark)

  • Ben l'Oncle Soul (France)

  • Boy (Germany)

  • James Vincent McMorrow (Ireland)

  • Afrojack (Netherlands)

  • Alexandra Stan (Romania)

  • Swedish House Mafia (Sweden)

  • Anna Calvi (UK)

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It turns out we might be seeing a lot less of our faves at the Golden Globes

Golden Globes Suffer a Seating Shortage Thanks to All the Ensembles
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This year the Golden Globes is all about strength in numbers – the nominations are awash with films and TV with big ensembles, from Midnight in Paris and Bridesmaids to Modern Family and Boardwalk Empire. This is great for team spirit, but it's proving a headache for seating, with many projects being told that they have to limit who is coming to the party on their big night. “It’s a nightmare every year,” says one studio publicity chief, “But this year is worse than ever, because this year, there are so many ensembles nominated. The Help's ensemble is like, fifteen people. And then there’s TV shows like Glee, Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. Instead of a year where it’s a show like The Good Wife, where it’s just Julianna Margulies, it’s a mess.”
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I remember someone tweeting that the only GoT people attending were the creators, GRRM, and Peter Dinklage due to the shortage of seating, so I'm not at all shocked that it's become such a problem. Sucks for the creatives involved who aren't considered "faces" but who were/are just as involved in the nominated projects.

Madonna's new album title drums up controversy from anti-drug group

It appears pop queen Madonna still knows how to stir up some controversy! Her latest concerns the title she's chosen for her newest album, M.D.N.A., which is one letter away from the club-goer’s drug of choice, MDMA (the stuff in ecstasy that makes you feel so, well, ecstatic). Anti-drug campaigners aren’t exactly thrilled with the album bearing a name so phonetically similar.

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Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist to be a Coach on MTV's Made

Animal rights all-star and peta2's 2011 Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity Alissa White-Gluz from The Agonist is bringing her awesomeness to MTV next week.

On Tuesday, January 17, Alissa will appear on MADE as a coach to Julia, a straight-laced high school junior who's been bullied since middle school. Now Julia wants to gain the confidence to stand up for herself by being made into a hardcore metal screamer, and that's where Alissa comes in—to teach Julia the art of mastering a metal lifestyle.

Source: Peta2

I'm a fan of The Agonist and was pretty shocked to see this. I didn't even know they were still doing new episodes of Made, lol. Alissa seems like a really nice person, so it'll be interesting to see her on this, imo. And yes, Alissa works with Peta2 a lot. Iirc, she said something not too long ago about wanting to work with them even though she doesn't agree with everything Peta does. And to be shallow, I was pretty excited to see she went back to blue. This shade is gorgeous. I can't wait to see The Agonist again next month.


People's Choice Award Winning Artist Demetria Lovato's Different Phases Through the Years

Of course with age, comes many changes. But for one young starlet, she has had the most drastic physical changes within a few years span. Demi Lovato went through many challenges which includes bullying, self harm, being bipolar, and eating disorders. The physical changes are very apparent, as her emotional and mental self changes as well. Here are some of the phases Demi Lovato went through.
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  • 102bb

Chloe covers S Moda, stars in Hit & Miss

¿Habla español? Then you are in for a treat this weekend because Chloë Sevigny will be appearing in a multi-page feature in the December 31 issue of S Moda, the Saturday fashion supplement of the Spanish El País newspaper. Check out the spectacular new photos and cover, as photographed by Gonzalo Machado, in our gallery and the Spanish-language article on ElPais.com.

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Sky Atlantic has finally revealed the first glimpses of Chloë Sevigny in their upcoming first original series Hit and Miss in their 2012 roster preview — and it looks amazing!! Courtesy of Sky Atlantic:

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Stevie J

Kelly Rowland To Pay Homage To Mariah Carey At BET Honors

Mariah Carey has inspired countless artists across the globe with her incredible vocal performances so it was no surprise when she was chosen to be celebrated at the 2012 BET Honors. However, instead of selecting one of the many artists who may have the vocal chops to attempt some of her classic tunes, such as Jordin Sparks, Christina Aguilera or Leona Lewis, BET has opted for someone else – Kelly Rowland.

Shockingly, Rowland has been selected to sing one of Carey’s hits at the BET Honors ceremony, which will be filmed this weekend. The show, which is set to air on February 13th at pm ET, will also feature tributes to Stevie Wonder, Maya Angelou and others. There is no word regarding if another more capable live performer will join Rowland onstage as it it customary for two acts to sing for each honoree.

What in the name of Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige is happening in that BET building?! Yes, Carey herself may have chosen Rowland but couldn’t somebody on her team or at BET warn her that Rowland could barely sing ‘Motivation’ live so handling even the simplest Carey song would obviously be too much?

Let us all hope and pray that Rowland decides to lip-sync this tribute to Carey similar to most of her other performances. If not, then BET and some of Carey’s dedicated fans are going to have a very serious problem. source



the wonder girls (& some school gyrls) fight over the DJ

“The DJ Is Mine” is one of the songs on the soundtrack of the ladies’ upcoming Teen Nick movie ‘THE WONDER GIRLS’. The MV features the quintet in the club, only to find trouble with the School Gyrls, who also co-star in the film.

source: wondergirls @ youtube and allkpop.com

there's also a version without the school gyrls which is (imho) better than this one
;_; 2

Lykke Li Signed By Viva Model Management

Not that we like to brag, but we actually alerted you to the vocal talents and super-stylish Swedish singer-songwriter Lykee Li quite some time ago in Grazia magazine. But unlike the type of speeder-than-light trajectories of, say, Lana Del Rey, Lykee’s a slow burner. Inch by inch, this girl just gets cooler and cooler, and very soon everyone will know about her.

In the music biz, she’s received high praises since debuting in 2008 – scooping up places in the 2011 top album lists of Q, Mojo, The Observer, New York Times, The Huffington Post and Rolling Stone. Not too shabby! But, we’ve spotted this 25 year old Li gracing quite a few underground magazine covers - like The Lab, Notion, Foam, Spin and many many more - too. So we knew it was only a matter of time until her fashion credentials - and let’s face it, that pout and hot bod - get her snapped up today by a savvy modelling agency. Those clever model management folk are all at it at the moment – everyone from Solange Knowles, to Imogen Poots, Jessie J to Lana Del Rey are on the books and voguing just as much as recording. But it’s Viva Model Management who have bagged Lykke - and we can't blame them! Just a quick look at the shoot she did with photographer Craig McDean in Interview Magazine last summer should give everyone high hopes for Lykke’s modelling potential. Watch this space, peeps, watch this space!


A Role That Was Good and True and Stole the Scene


Corey Stoll was just a little-known actor who happened to be appearing opposite Scarlett Johansson in “A View From the Bridge” on Broadway when Woody Allen – who cast Ms. Johansson in his film “Match Point” — came to see the show. Not long after, Mr. Stoll, best known from his role as the bald detective on the short-lived “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” was called in to see Mr. Allen about a part in “Midnight in Paris.” He was duly petrified but wound up with the role of Hemingway. He donned a wig and a mustache, and on screen he was one of the most memorable stars in a cast that included Owen Wilson and Marion Cotillard.

To prepare for the part, Mr. Stoll read much of Hemingway again, and read about him, and even studied boxing. But the humor in the part, he revealed to the Bagger in a special “Scene Stealers” video, comes not in playing the actual Hemingway, but playing to audiences’ idea of the writer. He is ur-Hemingway, with a beyond self-assured delivery and a macho, unblinking stare.

Source: The Carpetbagger - The Awards Season Blog of The New York Times

;_; 2

David Kahne talks Lizzy Grant (aka Lana Del Rey)

Longtime fans of Lana Del Rey will recall the self-titled album she released under 5 Points Records way back in January 2010. Originally titled Nevada and recorded under her actual name, Lizzy Grant, back in 2008, Lana Del Rey spawned such fan favorites as the infectious “Kill Kill”, the endearingly beautiful “Yayo” and the surprisingly uptempo “Brite Lites”. The album was produced by and co-written entirely with legendary producer, David Kahne (Regina Spektor, Paul McCartney), whom we had the chance to speak to regarding Lana’s earlier musical venture.

LanaDaily.com: Could you please list all of the songs you’ve done with Lizzy/Lana?
David Kahne: Yayo

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Lana Del Rey Visits MTV, Talks Britney Spears and Bruce Springsteen(Photo). It's only a new photo btw. Gotta have to wait for the interview. 

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Source 1
Source 2

Michael Weatherly and wife expecting first child together

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's a new year and a new baby for Michael Weatherly!

The NCIS star tells Life & Style exclusively that he's expecting his first daughter with his wife, Bojana Jankovic.

"My wife is pregnant and she's due in the spring," Michael reveals to Life & Style.

"We are very excited about welcoming a new member of the family, a daughter!" He tells Life & Style. "I have a 16-year-old son and I am very excited to do it all over again."

He's even preparing for all nighters!

"I am looking forward to not getting much sleep!" He adds. "[My wife] already wakes me up because she wants lasagna in the middle of the night!"

Michael married Bojana, a doctor, in September 2009 after a two-year long-distance relationship.

Before his relationship with Bojana, the 43-year-old TV star was married to actress Amelia Heinle from 1995 to 1997. The two met when they co-starred on the soap opera Loving and have one son, August, who was born in 1996.

Misha black and white

Supernatural Wins At The People's Choice Awards, But Is There Evidence Of A Genre Conspiracy?

Genre shows have always been the red-headed stepchildren of network TV. That's why "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" never won -- heck, was never nominated -- in a lead Emmy category. It's why "Firefly" and "Jericho" were unceremoniously cancelled by trigger-happy execs years before their time. And it's also why envelope-pushing, groundbreaking series such as "Fringe" never seem to receive the accolades they so richly deserve, regardless of how awesome John Noble is.

Sure, "True Blood" and "The Walking Dead" are occasionally allowed to defy the genre curse because they're cable shows -- though they're also somewhat less consistent in quality -- but generally, us Whovians, Trekkies, Browncoats, Nerd Herders and the like have become accustomed to having our tastes ignored or disparaged by mainstream awards ceremonies like the Golden Globes and Emmys.

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jesse williams: the chew knife my god sa

Leah from Teen Mom 2 expecting twins - AGAIN

Pregnant Leah Messer may have two new playmates for her twin girls, Alianna and Aleeah.

The Teen Mom 2 star is reportedly pregnant with twins, according to In Touch Weekly. The father is Messer's new guy and fiance Jeremy Calvert.

"She just found out last week," a source tells the magazine. Messer, 19, is "absolutely thrilled."

The source also claims that Messer sees her incoming twins as a way to earn more money. "She thinks the babies will help her get her own spin-off show," says the insider.""And that means a much bigger salary... She wants her own series and her own brand, just like Kate [Gosselin]." (smh)

Messer had her first set of twins with ex-husband Corey Simms. The two filed for divorce in April after being married for six months.

jackson glasses

Katy Perry is feelin' a little too blue

So, the reason Katy Perry wasn’t at the PCAs is because she was recording a commercial for Adidas. My best friend’s uncle is one of the filmers for the commercial, and told me. I wanted to get it out to the Katy Cats before the media does. She died her hair blue and wore a wig to her divorce hearing to hide it from fans so she can surprise us!


i think it looks so good tbh

Elizabeth Olsen ready to 'Kill Your Darlings'

Elizabeth Olsen, Dane Dehaan and Jack Huston are joining Daniel Radcliffe in "Kill Your Darlings," the Killer Films and Benaroya Pictures thriller that tells the story of how a murder at Columbia University in 1944 brought together the young writers who would spark the Beat Revolution.

Olsen, whose profile rose dramatically this year following her turn in "Martha Marcy May Marlene," will play Edie Parker, the wealthy art-student girlfriend of Jack Kerouac (Huston). Radcliffe will play Allen Ginsberg; Dehaan plays Lucien Carr, a classmate of Ginsberg's for whom he develops feelings.

Killer Films' Christine Vachon, Michael Benaroya of Benaroya Pictures and Rose Ganguzza of Rose Pictures are producing from a script by John Krokidas, who will also make his feature directorial debut. Lensing is set to begin March 12 in New York at Columbia University.

Olsen, whose resume was spare before bursting onto the scene at last year's Sundance Film Fest with "Martha Marcy May Marlene," will return to Park City this year with the paranormal drama "Red Lights." She also has "Silent House," "Liberal Arts" and "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding" with Jane Fonda and Catherine Keener on the way.

DeHaan, who stars in the HBO series "In Treatment," will soon be seen in Fox's supernatural thriller "Chronicle" next month. Huston's credits include "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse," and he was most recently seen on HBO's "Boardwalk Empire."


linda granger

Madame Madonna Talks Dating Younger Men, And The Boy She's Dating Now

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Excepts from Madonna's interview on Nightline tonight:

“I didn’t choose to, you know, I didn’t, like, write down on a piece of paper I’m now going to have a relationship with a younger man,” Madonna told McFadden. “That’s just what happened. You see, that’s the romantic in me. I just met someone that I cared for, and this happened to be his age.”

As for her current relationship with Zaibat, Madonna claimed she is actually the low-maintenance “easy” one between the two of them.

“I go home and I wash my face and I put on my sweatpants and I lay down on the bed and I say, ‘oh, please rub my feet,’ and you know, he says, ‘no, you rub my feet,’” Madonna said. “So, you know, behind the curtain, I’m just like everybody else.”

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