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Jamie Lynn partaying :)

While the cat's away....

Lynne Spears is currently in Los Angeles dealing with the Brit Brit debacle leaving Jamie Lynn by herself in Kentwood, LA. What does a knocked up teen do while her parents are away? She parties! Jamie Lynn threw a Super Bowl party at her mother's mansion, Serenity, and invited Casey Aldridge and a bunch of her friends reports Star Magazine.

A source said, “They were all laughing. They looked really happy and excited to be at the house, like they hadn't seen Jamie Lynn in a while."

Earlier in the day Casey and Jamie Lynn drove to a Wal-Mart Supercenter 35-miles from Kentwood. One source said they might have been buying booze, because the store near her house doesn't sell that shit on Sundays. Ugh, I hate dry Sundays!

Don't jump too conclusions! I'm sure Jamie Lynn was keeping it classy and safe by only drinking Sunny-D spritzers all day and snacking on nachos made with Doritos. Speaking of Doritos nachos. When I went to London a couple of months ago, someone told me they make their nachos with fucking cheese Doritos instead of regular tortilla chips. I didn't believe them, but they do! It's strangely delicious, but then you realize what you're eating and that's when your butt starts rumbling.


ps can someone tell me how to upload pics on ontd? i made a imageshack account. thx.

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