December 30th, 2011


Are Chris Brown and Rihanna Sending Each Other (Not So) Secretive Love Tweets?

It's been a long road between these two. And we mean long. Also, bumpy.

After the highly publicized 2009 assault, which we all wish we could forget but will always remember, Rihanna and Chris Brown's tumultuous relationship seems to have struck up again after the former couple each posted tweets about love that appeared to be directed toward the other.
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wfe press junket

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge Cuddle in Paris

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge got caught up in the romance of the City of Lights yesterday. The couple saw the sights, stopping at the Petit Palais art museum, and did a little shopping near the Eiffel Tower. Tom even had Sienna pose for some photos in the picturesque city where they strolled arm in arm.

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TV show on Muslims takes on Sept. 11 attacks

A television show about members of a Muslim community in Michigan is focusing what may be its second-to-last episode almost entirely on the conflicted feelings that its featured participants have about marking anniversaries of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The episode of TLC's "All-American Muslim" airs Sunday (10 p.m. EST). The series attracted attention earlier this month when a conservative Christian group called on advertisers to boycott the series, calling it "propaganda that riskily hides the Islamic agenda's clear and present danger to American liberties and traditional values."

Two companies, the Lowe's home improvement chain and travel planning website, announced they were pulling ads. TLC hasn't said how many companies responded to the Florida Family Association's call to stop sponsoring the show. The controversy prompted a backlash of people protesting against Lowe's. Some new advertisers have signed on since then, TLC General Manager Amy Winter said Thursday.

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Ashley Greene Nasty To Pan Am Costars

ASHLEY Greene is earning herself a reputation — a bad one.

The Twilight star has apparently been clashing with the cast and crew on the set of struggling new TV show Pan Am.

“Ashley came rolling on to the set acting like a queen bee,” an insider said.

“She was stuck-up with the crew and acted like appearing on TV amounted to slumming. She referred to herself as a ‘real movie star,’ and said she was sure her guest stint would boost ratings.

“Ashley didn’t want to socialize with Christina Ricci or Kelli Garner, the stars of the show.

“They had organized a welcome lunch for Ashley, but she blew them off. That was extremely off-putting to everyone.”


New Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman Movie Poster!! (Yes, seriously)

Check out the new poster for Zefron and Nicole Kidman's new movie!

The retro art also shows a glimpse of co-stars Matthew McConaughey and John Cusack

The poster for The Paperboy, the upcoming film from Precious director Lee Daniels, features Zac Efron, Nicole KidmanMatthew McConaughey andJohn Cusack along with a retro-throwback vibe.

The Paperboy focuses on a reporter (McConaughey) and his brother (Efron) who investigate the events surrounding a murder in order to free a man on death row, portrayed by Cusack. Kidman plays woman with a dark side who writes letters to men in prison, and brings the case of Cusack's inmate to the attention of the brothers.

Kidman recently replaced Sofia Vergarain the role after the Modern Family actress was forced to back out because of a filming conflict with the ABC comedy. Tobey Maguire also dropped out last June, causing production to be delayed while Daniels looked for actors to replace both him and Vergara.

The drama, slated for release in 2012, is being produced by Daniels, Millenium Entertainment, Benaroya Pictures and Nu Image Films.

Efron, now starring in Garry Marshall's romantic ensemble comedy New Year's Eve, will also be seen next year in The Lucky One in addition to the collegiate drama Liberal Arts, co-starring Elizabeth Olsen. Meanwhile, Kidman stars in the upcoming HBO Films romance Hemingway and Gellhorn, playing war correspondent Martha Gellhorn to Clive Owen’s Ernest Hemingway.

As far McConaughey, the newly engaged actor will go shirtless in 2012 -- this time, as retired stripper in Magic Mike, slated for release in June. Cusack's upcoming projects include The RavenThe Numbers Station and The Frozen Ground.



omg my girl Nicole Kidman looking fresh, fierce, and delicious as total trash. LOVE IT. Zefron's meaty arms are enough to get me in the theater while John Cusack's eyeliner is enough to keep me away. And none for McConaughey. 


Bridesmaids Actor Chris O'Dowd Is Engaged

He played the sweet policeman who wooed Kristin Wiig in Bridesmaids, and now Chris O'Dowd is planning to tie the knot with his real-life girlfriend, British TV personality Dawn Porter.

The Irish actor, 32, proposed the day after Christmas, while the couple were on vacation in Guernsey, an island in the English Channel.

"I guess he liked it, coz he put a ring on it. #engaged," Porter, also 32, Tweeted Thursday.

"I'm so bored of all this happiness and sex. I'm getting married," O'Dowd quipped via Twitter the same day, later describing himself as a "very happy & lucky boy."

The fun-loving couple also Tweeted a picture of themselves as "Fred and Rose" in matching snowman-emblazoned sweaters on Christmas.


softening and sexualizing lisbeth salander

The casting for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’s Lisbeth Salander was a long and arduous fight for Rooney Mara. She didn’t have the same clout as the big-name actresses circling the role. David Fincher himself wasn’t sure that she was right. Telling off Mark Zuckerberg in The Social Network wasn’t enough; the actress had to battle through a series of auditions and prove to the filmmaker that she was right for the role – that she was prepared for the challenging scenes she would have to partake in.

Now Mara’s Americanized Salander is hitting theaters and grabbing rave reviews from American critics enamored with the character’s evolution into a more relatable and tough heroine. But is it really a better, or equally powerful performance? Or, more precisely – since the new Lisbeth Salander is not just a creation of Mara’s, but of director Fincher and screenwriter Steven Zaillian – does the American characterization of Salander really invoke the spirit of Larsson’s creation, or does it fall prey to the pitfalls that plague Hollywood’s artistic output?
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Top 10 parenting fails of 2011

Mom Uses Hot Sauce as Punishment

In one of the most stomach-churning pieces of video we've ever seen, Alaska mom Jessica Beagley was shown forcing hot sauce down her adopted son's throat before forcing him into a cold shower as punishment for lying. She had her 10-year-old daughter tape her as part of an "Angry Moms" segment for Dr. Phil, after the producers egged her on, saying they needed to see her punishing her son -- not just yelling at him, as she had in a previous video submission. After the segment aired, child abuse charges were brought against her, and she was ultimately convicted of child abuse.

I have no idea how to embed videos, so follow the link to the Dr. Phil Segment. Probably trigger warning, fuck the world warning, etc :(

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kitty gwen

Blind Items

Happy almost new years, ONTD! Please accept this virtual hug as a token of my love

1. This is kind of a mix of old and new Hollywood. New in the sense that not everyone is dead. In fact, one is very much alive and kicking and working and is known by people of all ages. She is a performer. She is also a B list actress both in movies and in television, but has had her most recent fame come because of television acting. Our actress has had a number of marriages. One of them was extremely interesting. Her husband had an affair. I know, I know. Shocking that someone would cheat. It is with whom he cheated that is so so interesting. He cheated on our actress with her mother’s husband. The mother was quite famous in her own right. Maybe even more so than the daughter. CDAN
My Guess: Liza Minnelli and one of her 4 husbands

2. So, this actor is A list. Barely. He had a franchise but really nothing else. A couple of times he has headlined a movie since the franchise, but the results have not been good so I think he lost his tentative hold on A list and is back at B where he belongs. The franchise was a fluke anyway. It made some other people stars who have no business being in movies. I am reserving judgment on this guy. Anyway, he has a celebrity girlfriend which is kept super quiet. Not that it is private, just they go to great lengths for two not very huge stars to keep things private. More on his part, I think then hers. She could use some publicity. The thing is, our actor seems kind of shy about the whole relationship because there have been rumors, especially now, that he has quite the thing for the mother of the celebrity girlfriend. The mother happens to have had her own tentative A/B list hold on her movie career throughout the years. CDAN
My Guess: Zac Efron and Rumer Willis? So random I can't even...

3. This former almost A list female singer who does not do too badly for herself in her other endeavors now, gave her boyfriend a certain amount of money she wanted him to spend on her for Christmas. She even told him what she wanted and when she was planning on displaying it on public. Not only did the boyfriend not get what she wanted him to get, he apparently pocketed about 85% of the funds she gave him for the present and says he should get it as a bonus for his efforts this year. CDAN
My Guess: Jessica Simpson, gurl, get a prenup because you're nothing but a piggy bank for that gold digging unemployed future baby daddy of yours

4. Which Oscar winner keeps a stash of porn flicks in his trailer when he’s filming and invites his co-stars to watch them with him during shooting breaks? The legendary tough guy is almost 70 and married – but that hasn’t slowed this fella’s libido one bit! National Enquirer
My Guess: I'd watch porn with De Niro ngl
guti WEAH

Piquira At the Heat Game W/ Possibly Drunk Pique

Piquira Together Again

Shakira and boyfriend Gerard Pique attended the Miami Heat game in Miami this week along with Gerard's parents and brother. Apparently Gerard was singing to Shakira and she kissed him to shut him up. Both were very affectionate during the game.

whatever whatever I'm moving on to Thiago and Andreu Fontas

Stevie Nicks heartbroken over mother's death

Stevie Nicks’ 84-year-old beloved mother, Barbara Nicks, passed away in a Scottsdale, AZ area hospital on December 29, after a battle with pneumonia.

Family insiders revealed that a heartbroken Stevie, 63, sat at Barbara’s bedside for days before she passed.

“Stevie was extremely close to her mother and barely left her side over the past few days—it was almost like a hospice situation as they knew she could pass at any minute,” stated the insider.

“Close friends and family also took around-the-clock shifts to make sure Stevie and Barbara were taken care of.

“They also held frequent vigils for Barbara—they wanted to make sure she passed in the most comfortable and respected way possible.”

The insider added that this is a big loss for many in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area as Barbara was a local celebrity in her own right, and had many friends and fans.


Rest in peace, Mrs. Nicks. Stevie already lost her father... I wish her peace and comfort and I'm so sorry for the family's loss, especially around the holidays. I can't fathom losing my parents. :(
[actress] Grace Kelly

Top 10 Films of 2011

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Best movie of 2011

shameless us » ian + mickey

Top 10 Best Selling Female Fragrances of 2011

Looking for the Best selling women's perfume of 2011? If you buy one of the top selling perfumes for women in 2011, you can't go wrong. You know you will be buying a fragrance that smells great and has passed the scent test of so many husbands and boyfriends! So dive right in, this is the up to the hour report on the top 10 women perfumes in 2011.

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Source / What perfumes have you bought/used in 2011 and which have you preferred, ONTD?

Random Hair Expert Slams Angelina Jolie For Daughter’s ‘Do

Little Zahara Jolie-Pitt recently debuted a new look, showing off a full head of long hair extensions.

However, at just six years old, she is far too young to be wearing braided hair extensions, a leading hairstylist has warned.

Celebrity groomer DaRico Jackson tells that Angelina Jolie’s daughter should not be putting such a strain on her tender locks.

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Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart welcome their second daughter

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Rebecca Gayheart and her husband Eric Dane have welcomed their second child, a girl they've named Georgia Geraldine, the actress's rep tells PEOPLE.

Gayheart, 40, and Grey's Anatomy star Dane, 39, are already parents to daughter Billie Beatrice, who was born in March 2010.

"Rebecca Gayheart and husband Eric Dane welcomed Georgia Geraldine Dane on Dec. 28, just in time for the New Year!" the rep says. "Both mom and baby girl are happy and healthy, Billie is thrilled to be a big sister, and dad is getting ready to live in a house full of ladies!"

grrm sux

Chris Evans: Children's Hospital Visit!

Chris Evans visits patients at Children’s Hospital Boston on Thursday (December 29) in Boston, Mass.

The 30-year-old star of Captain America: The First Avenger and Boston native took part in an activity with patients and later visited kids who weren’t able to come down to the hospital’s playroom.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Chris Evans

Chris‘ mom also came by for the visit and shared some sweet stories from her son’s childhood.

Chris wasn’t the only celebrity to give back over the holidays - Colin Farrell also dropped by a children’s hospital in Ireland around Christmas.

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Professor Chaos

Midseason TV: Preview Of All The New TV Shows

Brace yourselves, there is a lot of TV coming your way this winter. And not just any TV, we're talking about top-notch, must-see new shows. From NBC's "Smash" to Fox's "Alcatraz," there will be plenty to get engrossed in this midseason.

Musicals, soaps, comedies, dramas -- midseason is filled to the brim with exciting new prospects. Of course, there are new reality shows and returning favorites, but there is quite a bit of scripted goodness to get excited about, too.

We've broken down the new shows of 2012 by premiere date. Whether it's celebrities swapping spouses or Ashley Judd's return to series TV, we've got you covered.

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crossing my fingers that my html is not borked


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Has the Messiah arrived?

The internet rumour mill has gone into overdrive today with reports that Her Royal Creole Highness Beyoncé Giselle Scrumptious Incubator of the Heavenly Ca(ra)mel Fetus of Light Knowles-Carter has given birth to a baby girl.

According to reports- which neither the singer herself nor husband Jay-Z have confirmed- Beyoncé has named her daughter
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Why Celebrity Beauty Secrets Can't Be Trusted

Supermodels and celebs always seem to have some secret method for looking so good.

Elle Macpherson swears by copious amounts of water and "organic, locally sourced food," while Miranda Kerr had eyebrows raised when she expressed her devotion to coconut oil (four tablespoons a day!) For Gwyneth, it's those kickassTracey Anderson workouts and those famous detoxing cleanses. And the Duchess of Cornwall supposedly swears by a face mask made of bee venom.

But scientists have decided to rain on our Celebrity Beauty Secrets parade. Sense About Science is a non-profit that aim to make sense of scientific and medical claims for the average citizen. In a recent paperspotlighted by Racked, Sense About Science asked several scientists and doctors to take a closer look at celebrities' nonchalant claims.

The conclusion? Lots of celebs have no idea what they're talking about.

For example, Juliette Lewis' claim that "coconut water is pretty much the most hydrating thing you can drink, and much better than man-made sports drinks"? Not true, says sports dietitian Ann Ashworth: "Coconut water has about half the amount of carbohydrate but also a different balance of salts than a typical sports drink, and so could be less hydrating."

As for Pippa Middleton's claim that rinsing her hair in cold water "closes the pores and gives it a lift and shine," beauty and grooming senior scientist Dr. Frauke Neuser said, "Rinsing with water -- whether hot or cold -- doesn’t close or smoothen the cuticles" of one's hair -- moreover, hair doesn't have pores.

And in response to Gisele Bundchen's self-serving explanation of sunscreen ("I cannot put this poison on my skin… I do not use anything synthetic"), pharmaceutical scientist Gary Moss stated, "You might be surprised that you use a wide variety of synthetic materials in many aspects of your life: 'synthetic' does not automatically mean bad, just as 'natural' does not automatically mean safe or beneficial."

Moral of the story? Don't get your health and beauty advice from people whose expertise is acting, singing, socializing, posing for cameras and/or wearing couture. Get it from people whose expertise is, you know, health and beauty.

Read more of Sense About Science's study here -- and see just a few of celebrities' beauty tips and secrets below. 

ONTD, whats your beauty secret?

I'm just naturally beautiful
drunk bey
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Jennifer Saunders 'definitely doing' Absolutely Fabulous movie

The 53-year-old confirmed that she is working on a film based on her BBC sitcom, having discussed a plan for Edina and Patsy's first big-screen adventure last month.

"Yes, I'm definitely going to do it," Saunders told New York magazine. "I'm aiming to shoot this in a beautiful part of the Riviera. I fancy the south of France in the spring."

The announcement comes after the first of three Absolutely Fabulous specials aired in the UK on Christmas Day.

Saunders confessed that her decision to revive the show was sparked by co-star Joanna Lumley's public announcement that Ab Fab would be back.

"It was mainly because she announced it that we did it," Saunders explained. "She said, 'Darling, I told them in New York that you're going to do a few more'. I said, 'Oh, well, got to tell the BBC'."

The second Absolutely Fabulous special will air on New Year's Day, with the final new episode airing later in 2012.

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Kate Beckinsale and her family head to London

After celebrating Christmas in Los Angeles, Kate Beckinsale was spotted flying out of LAX Airport on Wednesday afternoon (December 28).

Joined by hubby Len Wiseman and her daughter Lily, the 38-year-old actress was en route to London where she’ll join friends and family for the new year.

Kate will start 2012 off with a bang as she’s got three films coming out — Underworld Awakening, Contraband with Mark Wahlberg, and the remake of Total Recall.


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a beautiful ginger post


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tbh the more i hear about antiviral, the more i think it could be really good. and i'll prob see contraband when it comes out. doesn't look very good but it could be decent action flick and a decent way to kill two hours. (sorry mods, reuploaded the image to tinypic!)

Kim K. getting $600K for New Year's Eve gig

Detractors may slug New Year's Eve as "amateur night," but for celebs and the pop culture industry, it's a professional night on the clock.

While Jay-Z, Kanye West and Coldplay headlined the opening of the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas a year ago, one of the big draws this year is Kim Kardashian at TAO inside the Venetian.

TAO is paying the reality mogul $600,000 for a series of appearances beginning on New Year's Eve, according to multiple reports.

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