December 13th, 2011

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Hairspray movie star Nikki Blonsky cleans a salon after struggling to land more Hollywood roles

Times are tough and with a career in Hollywood now looking unlikely, Nikki Blonsky has decided to go back to her roots. (lol, A+ pun there, guys...)

Blonsky, who starred alongside John Travolta in Hairspray and also appeared in the short-lived TV series Huge, has just begun working at Superstar Hairstylists in her home town of Great Neck.

The actress has gained a cosmetology license and is working at a salon in Long Island, where she does everything from applying make-up to sweeping the floor, according to Radar Online.

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Annnnnd she tweeted (here and here) to confirm the story -

Ke$ha torch!
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It's here: Ke$ha - Get Sleazy Remix 2.0 - Get Sleazier


Get Sleazy Remix 2.0 is available on iTunes starting from 13/12/2011 0:00.

Embedding the Hulkshare player from the source apparently does not work! Everyone please go to the -->source to listen to it. Also, you can listen to it -->here on

I will include a Youtube or any other properly embeddable upload as soon as I can find one.


Here's a currently non-blocked YT upload!

sunmi why so lonely

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lars von Trier reunite for 'The Nymphomaniac'

With that whole ugly (and blown out of proportion) Nazi comment controversy now behind him, Lars Von Trier can start focusing on his next film "The Nymphomaniac," and it looks like a regular player is coming back into the fold.

Variety reports that "Antichrist" and "Melancholia" star Charlotte Gainsbourg has taken the lead role in the picture. While the director has a usual roster of actors to pull from, on the actress side of things, a reputation for being difficult has made it more difficult to get female leads to make more than one film with him. Bjork swore off acting altogether after a contentious shoot for "Dancer In the Dark," while Nicole Kidman never bothered to return after "Dogville," in what was supposed to the be first part of a loose trilogy (Bryce Dallas Howard took over for "Manderlay," while "Washington" remains unmade). But it will likely help Von Trier to have someone familiar with his methods for what could be his most button pushing movie yet.

While story details are slim (likely because the movie is still at script stage), "The Nymphomaniac" will track the erotic life of woman through the age of fifty. The picture will be divided into eight chapters, and filmed in two versions: hardcore and softcore. If Vivid Video ever wanted to get into the arthouse distribution game, now's the time.

Over the summer, both Stellan Skarsgård and Willem Dafoe (both of whom have worked with Gainsbourg before, in "Melancholia" and "Antichrist" respectively) said they were approached for roles, but no word yet if they're on board. We have to admit, we figured given the requirements of a hardcore sex shoot, Von Trier would have wound up casting an unknown, but it's brave move from Gainsbourg, who is already known for making ballsy choices.

Filming is slated to begin next summer or fall.


'The Next Iron Chef: Superchefs' Show Recap #NextIronChef

Chairman's Challenge: "Hamptons Beach Cookout" (Secret Ingredient: Seafood)
The four remaining chefs cater a beach cookout for 20 guests plus the judges at the Montauk Yacht Club. The chefs were given $500 and two hours to source their own ingredients. Once completed, each chef was given two hours to prepare a three course seafood tasting menu that demonstrates their passion for food. The least successful chef was eliminated, and the two remaining chefs went to the Secret Ingredient Showdown in Kitchen Stadium.

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LITTLE Mix star Perrie Edwards last night revealed she has dumped One Direction boyfriend Zayn Malik.

Perrie, 18, said she has "not got the time" for a relationship with the boyband hunk, also 18, after her group won The X Factor final on Sunday night. She added: "There are no boys for us. We're going to be like nuns."

The news will be a blow for Zayn, who is said to be besotted with the feisty Geordie. The pair have dated for around two months after meeting on the shoot for The X Factor charity single. Her relationship with Zayn — and One Direction's support for Little Mix — helped them see off fellow finalist Marcus Collins, 23.

Perrie admitted: "They were so nice and gave us loads of advice. But right now I haven't got the time for romance. It's all about the music, the tour and then the album."

Jade Thirlwall, 18 — the only other bandmate in a relationship — hinted it could be curtains for electrician boyfriend Ben. She said: "This is my main priority."

Jesy Nelson, 20 — who ditched fella Shane before the show — said success was NOT about how many lads they could snare. She said: "We're in it for the music."

And Leigh-Anne Pinnock, 19, added: "I've been single for quite a while. I want this too badly to let any man get in the way."

well i guess zayn can go back to liam now + little mix tag please!!!

Jennifer Garner Would Do ANYTHING For Ben Affleck... Soooo, Anal & Partner Swapping With The Damons?

With Hollywood breakups running rampant, what's the secret to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's successful seven-year relationship?

"We both know we couldn't do what we do without each other," the actress says in the January issue of InStyle, on sale Friday. "Ben always says, 'If you love it, we can make it happen.' "

Of course, jewelry helps, too! Affleck, 39, enjoys showering his wife with diamonds. He gave her a pair of pink and white diamond Harry Winston bands, one for each of their two daughters, Violet, 6, and Seraphina, who turns 3 next month.

"He knows when to swoop in with the gesture. He's sweet that way," Garner says. "Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it's not taken for granted."

Also not taken for granted is their growing family. The actress, who is expecting her third child, calls pregnancy at age 39 "a game changer."

Garner admitted to having a difficult first trimester, complete with nausea, exhaustion and junk-food cravings.

"My kids had never seen Doritos before. They would say, 'Mom, where did you get that orange chip? I really want that,' " she says. "I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies. But I just gain weight."


Never forget...

my otp. <3

Queen Mariah's Ex Says Bieber Paternity Suit is Fake, Will Answer to BB Jesus for Such Blasphemy!

If you though you had heard the last about Mariah Yeater -- the woman who claimed Justin Bieber is the father of her child -- think again. Yeater's ex-boyfriend is now speaking out about the ordeal, and says the whole paternity suit was based on a lie.

"She lied," Robert Powell told RumorFix about Yeater, claiming she made a whopping $50,000 from selling her story to a tabloid. "She just picked [Justin Bieber], because she thought he was famous and all and thought she could get a lot of money by telling the magazine Justin was the father. She just saw him as an opportunity to make a lot of money."

In November, Yeater caused quite a media frenzy when she came forward and alleged that she and Bieber has sex in a bathroom after one of his concerts last year, and he is the father of her son. Bieber denied the claims from the start, but agreed to take a paternity test to settle the issue once and for all -- and plans sue Yeater and her lawyers for creating the story in the first place.

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The Black Keys Discuss Their Decision Not To Allow 'El Camino' On Spotify

The Black Keys just released their new record, El Camino, and are currently in the midst of a huge promotional push to get the word out about it. Still riding the crest of viral popularity of their video for first single “Lonely Boy,” the band has showcased their new songs on SNL and an MTV Hive livestream, but are currently causing waves with fans (including our own Kat George) by not allowing El Camino to appear on popular streaming sites like Spotify, Rdio and MOG.

Well, we were lucky enough to grab some time with The Black Keys singer/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney over the weekend and were able to ask them about this controversial decision. Carney told us that, “[Streaming services] are becoming more popular, but it still isn’t at a point where you’re able to replace royalties from record sales with the royalties from streams…For a band that makes a living selling music, it’s not at a point where it’s feasible for us.” He went on to explain that he endorses services like Pandora, where fans are able to sample and discover new music on a song-by-song basis, but commented that the Spotifys of the world are “set up to be a little more fair for the labels than for the artists.”

What say you guys, the music fans, about this hot button issue in the today’s music industry? Are you on the side of the Black Keys, and think that fans should support their favorite artists by buying their albums and singles through retail outlets? Or does the Black Keys’ decision not to allow El Camino to appear on streaming services like Spotify make you less likely to listen to their music?

Source: Vh1

Rihanna vs. Beyonce: Who Reigns Supreme?

As Rihanna burns up radio, Beyoncé moves in a more artistic direction. We break down the ultimate battle of the divas

Beyoncé and Rihanna have both been recording relentlessly since they were teenagers – and have both become major worldwide pop stars on the strength of a steady flow of hits rooted in R&B and funk. Based simply on their seeming omnipresence, it would seem that both singers have had a very good 2011, but upon closer inspection, it’s clear that the two stars are at very different places in their career: While relative newcomer Rihanna, 23, is still in the process of establishing herself as a superstar with an onslaught of singles in a bid for total radio domination, record industry veteran Beyoncé, 30, is using the clout she has accumulated over the past decade to pursue a more personal vision with her most recent material.

The result? Rihanna has appeared on eight hit singles in 2011 alone, and her most recent smash, "We Found Love," has been at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 for six consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, Beyoncé's 4 has been considered a commerical flop despite having sold just shy of one million copies in the United States since late June.

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another literary post, please?

Five Things Most Sherlock Holmes Movies Get Wrong (That Guy Ritchie Gets Right)

Why Guy Ritchie’s Holmes films are more accurate than you would have guessed.

When Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes first hit theaters in 2009, critics slammed it as too modernized, too stylized, too bastardized. Guy Ritchie might have gotten a little overzealous with the action, but too bastardized? Please. Cinematic adaptations have been screwing Holmes over he was first brought off the page. And truth be told, for all his bombast, Ritchie gets a lot closer to the mark than several of his predecessors. For the release of the Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, here are five things most Sherlock Holmes movies get wrong that Mr. Ritchie's get right.

1. Watson is not a portly idiot.

Cinema did Watson a disservice by casting him in the role of bumbling comic foil. In the books, Watson may not have shared Holmes' brilliance, but he was an asset nonetheless. His military training made him an expert marksman, a skill that saved Holmes more than once, and his medical background made him a handy consultant on causes of death and other CSI-type stuff. So Jude Law, though The Holiday toyed dangerously with my gag reflex, I’ll begrudgingly salute you.

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So, God Hates Fags But Loves the Gayest Show in TV History? Kudos WBC, You OutDumbed Yourselves!

Member Of The Westboro Baptist Church Cluelessly Protesting With A Glee Shirt On

According to the person who took this picture, “She (the girl wearing the shirt) told us she didn't know anything about the shirt, but that her sister gave it to her when they headed out this morning.” Haha, moron.

Taylor: unicorn earrings

Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: ''A'''s Identity Will Be Revealed in Season 2 Finale!

The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here! Well, almost.

After two years of wondering who “A” is, Pretty Little Liarsproducer, Marlene King, will satiate our hunger for the truth and reveal “A”’s identity during the Season 2 finale! This epic moment will go down on March 19th, and promises to live up to everyone’s expectations.

“We’re running on adrenaline to the finish line,” Marlene King tells Entertainment Weekly. “This finale is virgin territory in the sense that we are answering some ultra huge questions. We’re giving the audience a lot to digest and talk about between seasons two and three. For the entire cast and crew, lips are sealed and excitement is at an all time high. To steal a line from the finale script, ‘This feels big.’”

Marlene remains hush-hush about how the big-reveal goes down, but “A”’s identity isn’t the only game-changer in the PLL season finale. We’ll also see someone get arrested for Alison DiLaurentis’ (Sasha Pieterse) murder, and a much-loved character will end up six feet under.

Sigh, is “A” pushing randoms off bell towers again?

Don’t miss the winter premiere of Season 2 on Monday, January 2 at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC Family.

titanic - mmm beer

Andrej Pejic models push up bra

Dutch retail chain Hema has started a campaign for its newest ‘mega push-up bra’. And in a somewhat unusual move, the chain has signed male top model Andrej Pejic (20) for the job.

Hema’s statement reads, ‘It's not just women who will gain two cup sizes with this push-up bra - even a man can get some cleavage using this support system.’

It’s not the first time that Pejic is being used in a female-oriented campaign. He stands out because of his androgynous looks and has been modeling men’s as well as women’s fashion. He has, for instance, already done runway shows for Jean Paul Gaultier (in a wedding dress) and Marc Jacobs. Certainly not the least significant of names in the fashion industry.

Pejic is a rising star and is adored by the fashion world. He is the main figurehead of the new generation of androgynous models who can pass for both genders. In January 2011, Pejic was listed at the 16th place in a list of top 50 male models by; in March of that year he had risen to 11th place.

Hema is the first Dutch company to collaborate with the top model.

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Taylor: unicorn earrings

First Look: Torrey DeVitto on The Vampire Diaries

Torrey DeVitto loves her role as Melissa on Pretty Little Liars, and she's thrilled with her guest arc on The CW's The Vampire Diaries, which begins January 5. Why? Her husband, Paul Wesley, stars as Stefan!

DeVitto plays Dr. Fell, who is "intrigued by Alaric [Matt Davis] because he recuperated miraculously from what seemed like a fatal injury, and that sparks an attraction between them." Can we expect liplocks? "Quite possibly," she says.

So how did she prepare her hubby? "I said, 'Just go to the set like it's a normal day at the office!'"


a BIG duo!!

The 'Since You've Been Gone' singer set to release the track after the pair recently performed together on stage.

Kelly Clarkson has revealed that has recorded a new track with American musician Demi Levato.

The 'My Life Would Suck Without You' singer joined Demi at a gig in America recently and has described the pair's track as "killer."

Speaking to she explained: "It's a song a friend of mine wrote. It's killer and I've been wanting to sing it for a while.

"It's very like urban, pop/rock, and we both like that," adding: "It's my normal anthem, shove it in your face."

The former American Idol winner recently released a cover of the Christmas classic 'I'll Be Home For Chirstmas' and her fifth studio album 'Stronger' is out now.

rude of kelly and dementria not inviting Adele to complete the trinity tbh!

What does Derek Jeter gift his ladies after a one night stand?

Ever since Derek Jeter broke up with Minka Kelly this summer, he's apparently had a rather active love life.  According to "Page Six", he's "bedding a bevy of beauties in his Trump World Tower bachelor
pad," whom he sneaks in through the back door.
But lest you think Jeter's being ungentlemanly, he gives each of the women with whom he spends a special evening a special gift in the morning. He doesn't, like, personally hand it to them or anything.  

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"Sex with Ashton Kutcher ruined my life"

Sara Leal, the woman who allegedly had an affair with Ashton Kutcher, said that her life became a living hell after her fling with the actor. The 22-year-old girl said that the fallout from being the “other woman” led to her losing her job and her family refusing to speak to her.

Leal insists that she is not a “slut party girl” and bitterly regrets having sex with Kutcher.

The 22-year-old added that most girls her age would have jumped at the chance to bed such a famous star.f

She and the Two and Half Men star spent the night together at a hotel in San Diego on the night of the actor’s six wedding anniversary.

Leal later sold her story to a celebrity magazine while Kutcher, 33, desperately tried to save his six year marriage to Demi Moore after failing to deny the infidelity.

“It was insane. I had no idea what I was getting myself into,” the Daily Mail quoted Leal as telling Fox News.

“It might have seemed like I was asking for it, but I wasn’t. My dad wouldn’t even talk to me, and I got a lot of disturbing phone calls, even from my friends’ parents."

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* L O L at the title tbh

riri out in milan looking fresh-faced and flawless

Rihanna steps out of the Armani store after attending a party on Monday (December 12) in Milan, Italy.

The 23-year-old entertainer is in town as she continues with the European leg of her Loud tour.

Rihanna has recently been named the most popular musician of the year on Facebook. With over 47,700,000 likes on her official page, it has been declared as the ‘Fastest Growing Page in Music’ on the social networking site.

“We Found Love” has also become the ‘Most Listened Song’ of the year on Facebook.

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Mariah Carey To Be Celebrated At The 2012 BET Honors

After over 21 years since the beginning of her unbelievable recording career, Mariah Carey will finally receive the recognition that she deserves from the African American community when she is presented with a special tribute at the 2012 BET Honors ceremony. In fact, the top-selling diva will be celebrated at the event alongside her idol, Stevie Wonder.

Other public figures who will receive tributes for their lifetime achievement at the 2012 BET Honors event in February include poet Maya Angelou, director Spike Lee, the Tuskegee Airmen and track coach Beverly Kearney. Among the past honorees at the show were Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Tyler Perry and Mary J. Blige.


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I would STAN for JoJo singing My All and Beyonce covering Vision of Love, her favourite Mariah song. But I'm not here for Leona Lewis doing anything, and I'm sure Mariah wouldn't be either.

smoking goals
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BFCA (Critics' Choice) Movie Award Nominations*

* also known as: who will meryl streep tie with this time?

The Broadcast Film Critics Association has announced its nominees for the 17th annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards, and there aren't really any surprises. Across the board, it's the roll call of Oscar contenders the announcement has turned into, more and more.

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Winners will be announced on Thursday, January 12, 2012 at 8PM at the Hollywood Palladium, airing on VH1.


Glenn Close is currently boiling bunnies and skinning dogs whilst praying for SAG and Globes recognition later this week.

smh at no take shelter
Ruth 4

SWV are coming back after 15 years!!!!!

SWV has been making moves over the last couple years.  And they're making it official with their first studio single and album in 15 years.

SWV hasn't had an official single or album in 15 freakin' years--their 1997 Release Some Tension and A Special Christmas albums were the last ones.  
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Source I'm so excited! If you don't know who they are, I can't with you. 

The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: Juliette Lewis

Juliette is so crushable that when we asked you guys what you wanted us to ask her, you demanded to know what the woman smelled like. Answer within.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(her puppy! read more about him under the cut...)

When we found out we were getting to interview Juliette Lewis, it caused a bit of a stir around here. She's just one of those women you can't help but be fascinated by -- quirky, funny, sexy and a little scary. I mean, have you seen "Natural Born Killers"?

In fact, Juliette is so crushable that when we asked you guys what you wanted us to ask her, you demanded to know what the woman smelled like! Well, I didn't get close enough to sniff her, but she did tell me over the phone what scent she prefers, as well as her obsession for making dog videos and what it's like working with the hot guys on her new show "The Firm," which premieres January 8th.

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from xojane

Q&A with TAR's Ernie & Cindy

How close was The Amazing Race 19 finish? Not close at all. Ernie Halvorsen and Cindy Chiang were nearly an hour ahead of Jeremy and Sandy, despite the GPS drama that tried to depict the contrary. "There was a little GPS drama, but we knew that we had some time," Cindy tells "But you never want to get lost." The engaged couple intend to use their $1 million check to start a foundation to bring awareness to childhood obesity and education. Find out more about their plans, how else they prepared, and what they don't remember saying.

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The 20 Sexiest Screen Couples of 2011

As the year draws to an end, we can't help but reflect on all the memorable movies and stand out performances of 2011. But nothing made our hearts skip a collective beat like the actors who scorched up the big screen with their scintillating romances this year.

Whether it was teen newlyweds who brought new meaning to the idea of everlasting love, best friends who finally gave in to their undeniable feelings or superheroes who couldn't resist the magnetic pull of attraction, these couples had it bad for each other, and we for them. Take a look at the 20 sexiest cinematic couples of 2011.

20. Rupert Grint & Emma Watson, 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II'
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
We know "sexy" and "Harry Potter" aren't usually used in the same sentence outside of fan fiction, but in the saga's final film, moviegoers were finally treated to the sight of Ron Weasley (Grint) and Hermione Granger (Watson) resolving years of pent up sexual tension with one magically climactic snog.
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who were your fav movie couples of 2011?
Captain Marvel

tim tebow (my husband) megapost!

Church of Satan: "Tim Tebow's Delusional"

God is not helping Tim Tebow ... this according to a rep for The Church of Satan.

But there is a devilish twist ... the rep tells us Tim's faith COULD actually play a significant role in his success on the field.

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DJ Steve Porter Does a Tim Tebow ESPN Mashup - "All He Does is Win"


I would like to welcome to my first and far from the last Tim Tebow post. I will be representing my future husband on ONTD for many years to come. Haters sit down, Bears fans go back into hibernation, girls or fellow gays who think they have a chance, SIT DOWN because I will gun for you like Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Mods - can we please get a Tim Tebow tag because ONTD is about to see a lot more of my husband and thats for damn sure!
guti WEAH

People Hating on Bill's Daughter WATCH YOUR You Gonna Get Beat

Critics on Chelsea Clinton’s ‘Rock Center’ debut: Boring!

Chelsea Clinton made her first appearance on NBC's "Rock Center With Brian Williams"--and ostensibly her debut as a journalist--on Monday, delivering a short video report on poverty in her home state of Arkansas. And television critics, while polite, were unimpressed.

"Chelsea Clinton didn't electrify broadcast journalism with her debut," the Washington Post's Hank Steuver wrote, "because she has no experience in broadcast journalism."

Clinton "seems like a very nice young woman" who is "obviously very bright," Newsday's Verne Gay wrote. "Otherwise, there was nothing else that necessarily dismissed charges that she got this job because of that name. Her voice--the first time most of us have even heard it--was pleasing and plummy, but monochromatic; in the obligatory crosstalk with Williams following her report, she exhibited the spontaneity of any TV rookie."

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credit goes to this here website
yeah she wasn't great but that was her first time on the job. give her time and she will warm up.
haters need to chill out and have a beer with bill and carlos
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Marlon - Eh
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Tyra Banks & Banker Boyfriend Break Up; Goes on "Spiritual Trip"

Replaced by a leggy Russian model? Tyra goes to Bali.

Tyra Banks has broken up with her boyfriend of more than three years, John Utendahl, and gone on an “Eat, Pray, Love”-style trip to Bali.

A source tells us the “America’s Next Top Model” diva and Brooklyn businessman Utendahl have gone their separate ways, and Banks is in the Far East “on a spiritual trip,” adding, “Tyra has gone away with a female friend and has been island-hopping, visiting Bali and taking a spiritual retreat.”

Friends had predicted that Banks, 38, would settle down with Utendahl.

Utendahl,who runs an investment bank, doesn’t appear to be pining for The Ty-rant. He was spotted on Thursday at Catch with a leggy Russian model.

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Celebs do the '40 Principales Awards' 2011 in Madrid, Spain

Pictures and video of Alexandra Stan, Shakira, Jessie J, and Enrique Inglesias at the '40 Principales Awards' 2011.

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Alexandra Stan - Mr SaxoBeat (LIVE) Premios 40 Principales

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Stella McCartney’s L.I.L.Y perfume

Stella McCartney has announced the launch of her latest fragrance, dedicated to her late mother. Entitled L.I.L.Y, the name stands for ‘Linda I Love You’, which was the nickname given by Stella McCartney’s father, Sir Paul McCartney, to his late wife Linda.

Master perfumer Jacques Cavallier of Firmenich, who worked with McCartney on her floral signature scent, Stella, explained his surprise at the decision to infuse the perfume with a note of truffle.

“The truffle was unusual, but I said OK to Stella,” he is quoted as saying. “We used natural extract of truffle, and I actually told the suppliers we were working with that the extract was for a restaurant! I didn’t want to let people know what we were doing.”

McCartney, who described the arrival of truffles at a dinner table as being “sexy,” also revealed the sentimental meaning behind the fragrance’s name.

“It comes from my dad’s nickname for my mum: ‘Linda I love you,’” explained the designer, speaking of Sir Paul McCartney’s moniker for his late wife Linda.

L.I.L.Y also features notes of lily of the valley and oak moss. A body lotion and shower gel will also be available. Prices range from $25 – $100.


Kirk and Spock get Rickroll&#39;d

Lionsgate's mission to sell all the things now includes water

The Hunger Games Water

Refreshing Ideas, LLC, producers of the earth-friendly “h2O” natural spring water in an award-winning, renewable, aseptic package, have partnered with The Hunger Games to be the official water of what will undoubtedly be one of the blockbuster movies for 2012.

Fans can pre-order the distinct and exclusively branded h2O Hunger Games product online at Amazon, and h2O also has plans to host special giveaways and offers for The Hunger Games fans on h2O’s Facebook page.

Update on The Hunger Games nail polish, now "Colours from the Capitol"

China Glaze's Hunger Games collection is back on. Lionsgate officially confirmed it in a press release a few days ago.
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h2O's blog
The Hob via All Lacquered Up

How Asian-Americans are Being Portrayed on American Television

Recently, there has been numerous outbursts of news coverage in discriminatory acts against Asian-Americans on University Campuses. A Chick-Fil-A employee entered "Ching" and "Chong" as the names of two different Asian customers near a UCI campus. The worker has since been terminated.

And who can forget the infamous UCLA girl, who uploaded her rant mocking Asians in the library?

Furthermore, last week, a clip was uploaded on Youtube of a student at CSUN of Asian ethnicity dramatically telling people in the library to be quiet. The video clip went viral. Most of the comments on that video was about race, even though race has absolutely nothing to do with the situation.

Sadly, many people still view Asian-Americans as "foreign" no matter if they're were born and raise in America. And why is that the case? I realized that the media is always the first to blame for our problems, but lets just take a look at a few characters on television and see how Asian-Americans are portrayed.
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lily collins - b&amp;w

Rare Picture of Courtney Stodden and Her Sisters

Before Teen Bride Courtney Stodden was kicked out of a pumpkin patch for being “too sexy”, she was a fresh faced young model and has shots of her first photo shoot – and she was with her two gorgeous sisters!

The 17-year-old sexpot signed with a modeling agency “four or five years ago,” her mother Krista exclusively told, and “she loved every minute of it.”

Courtney and her older sisters, Ashley and Brittany, posed for the photographer in their bikinis, and her mom said the girls all had a great time at the shoot.

“Courtney was around twelve or thirteen in these pictures, believe it or not this was her first photo shoot!

“This is the first time anyone is seeing Courtney’s whole family,” her mom said. “All my girls are just beautiful and we’re so proud of them.”

Courtney’s unconventional marriage to 51-year-old actor Doug Hutchison has skyrocketed her to fame, and opened her up to criticism of her sexy wardrobe and heavily made-up face, but her mother defends her daughter to

“If Courtney didn’t wear makeup today she would look exactly like these pictures. She loves wearing makeup and the only thing she does is wear it extravagantly.

“She doesn’t drink, she doesn’t do drugs, if she wants to wear makeup, let her be!”

As for her voluptuous body now, her mom insists she is all natural.

“Courtney hasn’t told any lies, she hasn’t had a boob job, she just grew bigger boobs after she hit puberty!”


I had a nicer version of this post that was rejected. Reason: no celebrities. However, Courtney Stodden has her own tag here on ONTD, love it or not. Plus, people have been dying to see what her sisters look like. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted already, tbh.
don does not approve

First Look at Official Photos From The Great Gatsby

Two official promotional stills from The Great Gatsby have been released by Warner Bros, featuring Carey Mulligan (Daisy), Leonardo DiCaprio (Jay Gatsby) and Tobey Maguire (Nick Carraway) and of course our very own Joel Edgerton as Tom Buchanan. All suited up in their 20′s inspired fashion outfits, this film has everyone excited not only because it’s a Baz Luhrmann adaptation of the iconic F.Scott Fitzgerald novel but because it’s being filmed in Sydney in 3D and it has Gemma Ward in it!

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Lindsay Lohan Blows Off Ellen DeGeneres Show Taping

Alec Baldwin isn't the only one having travel issues these days.

Lindsay Lohan, who was scheduled to return from her hit-and-miss Hawaiian vacation today, missed her flight back to Los Angeles that would have had her back in town in time for a scheduled taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

But more importantly, Lohan's due in court bright and early tomorrow. She doesn't need a passport to get back to the mainland, so what can the problem be—and will it keep her from her date with Judge Stephanie Sautner?!

"Lindsay had a travel-related issue arise that took a few hours to sort out," rep Steve Honig tells E! News. "It has been resolved and she will be back in Los Angeles in time for her court appearance."


A source also tells us that Lohan is already in the air and will be touching down at LAX in a few hours.

The community-servicing actress is due in court Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. for another checkup as to how she's been handling the terms of her probation.

Sautner ordered her to complete at least 12 days of work at the L.A. County morgue by her hearing date—and Lohan's done that, so we're not expecting too much tap-dancing on the part of Playboy's latest cover girl.

More from Gossip Cop:

Lindsay Lohan bailed on her scheduled “Ellen DeGeneres Show” taping on Tuesday.

Gossip Cop has learned the actress did NOT board her flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles.

“Not a call or an apology from Lindsay,” a show insider tells us.

The show, a contractually obligated promotional appearance for her Playboy cover, was scheduled two months ago.

Source: 1, 2

Much Ado About Nothing Released for On Demand Download

A few months ago we reported that Much Ado About Nothing was recorded for a future release on DVD or Video On Demand. Well, it doesn’t look like there will be a DVD – but today you can now watch David Tennant’s and Catherin Tate’s performances in Much Ado About Nothing by downloading it.

From Digital Theatre:

David Tennant and Catherine Tate appear together on stage for the first time in William Shakespeare’s timeless comedy Much Ado About Nothing.

Two young lovers, Claudio and Hero, are to be married imminently but
the devious scheming of a resentful Prince looks set to thwart the
nuptials.  Meanwhile, marriage seems inconceivable for reluctant lovers
Beatrice and Benedick whose endless witty sparring threatens to keep
them apart forever.

Directed by Josie Rourke, Artistic Director of the Donmar Warehouse, Much Ado About Nothing is
one of Shakespeare’s great plays and reminds us all of the failings and
triumphs of the human condition in our never ending search for perfect

You have the option to rent the video for 48 hours or download a standard definition or HD copy.

It costs £5.99 to rent or £8.99 to download (£10.99 for HD)

Click here to download!

Professor Chaos

Raising Hope Takes On 'It's A Wonderful Life' Tonight

More than a few TV shows have done homages to/parodies of "It's a Wonderful Life" for their Christmas episodes. Fewer have done "It's a Wonderful Life" takeoffs while also putting one of their lead actors in a huge fat suit, which is what "Raising Hope" does to Martha Plimpton in its holiday show on Tuesday (Dec. 13).

"It was so heavy and so impossible to get around, they had to give me a motorized cooler to ride to set," Plimpton tells Zap2it, laughing as she recalls the prosthetic burden she carried for the episode. "... It was the only way I could get around. I couldn't bend my legs, I couldn't move my arms -- you'll see."

(The cooler, incidentally, is a prop used in an episode airing later in the season.)

The episode is called "It's a Hopeful Life," and it explores what would have happened had Jimmy (Lucas Neff) never conceived a child with serial killer Lucy (Bijou Phillips, who makes a return appearance).

"We get that wonderful, 'Raising Hope' version of how different and awful the world would be without Hope having come into it," Neff says. "It's great because you get the opportunity to see all our major principals in really different ways. ... Garret [Dillahunt, who plays Burt] is kind of creepy, which is in line with a lot of his other work, and he's great at it."

Dillahunt, however, describes his alternate-world character as "sad player Burt."

"It's not pretty," he says. "We didn't know when we shot the pilot that we were this close to disaster if Jimmy hadn't knocked up a serial killer."

"It's a Wonderful Hope" airs at 9:30 p.m. ET Tuesday on FOX.

Photo/Video credit: FOX


Ugh, that bb is so damn cut!.
kitty gwen

Blind Items

Oh hey there, ONTD!

1. Well, this certainly has been the most incredible pregnancy ever! Bellies growing and shrinking! Breasts swelling and flattening! Prosthetics flopping and popping! Frankly, all this trickery is exhausting, and hasn’t been nearly as convincing as she hoped it would be. Therefore, Floppy will be keeping a low profile for the next month.

So, she’s not really pregnant, but there will be a baby soon. And Floppy has been very busy behind the scenes shaking that baby money tree! Some money is going out (payments to medical professionals who will swear that they were there for the birth), but much, much more money will be coming in.

She will be making money off of the fake story of the baby’s birth (which will be a C-section for Real Mommy but a "vaginal" delivery for Floppy). And more money off of the baby photos. And the story of how important it is to her that she "breast-feeds" her baby. And the story of how she lost the "baby weight". And the photos of her "new" body (with no stretch marks!) achieved with grueling workouts and healthy eating. And more stories about how amazingly fast she got back into shape and got back to work. What an incredible woman! Hey, there’s serious money to be made off of this baby, and you can be sure that Floppy will "milk" it for all it’s worth.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: lol Bey gurl....GET DEM BENJAMINS

2. This foreign born A list movie actor who has not done much with his A list status so is probably slipping to B has run through many women during his time in Hollywood. The problem is they all know of his umm shortcomings in the bedroom. Not only his tiny endowment, but also the fact that he has some premature problems if you know what I mean. He tried dating women from other countries, but they also caught on so now our actor has dated two people in the past two months. Both of them are high school seniors. Legal, but are so excited about dating him they don’t care that he is awful in bed and his ego has never been bigger.
My Guess: Gerard Butler? idk but that sucks... high school girls tho? Desperate City, population: that guy.

3. Would you still love him if you knew that he stomps around the set, holding up production, when his tea is brought to him at not the right temperature? Would you still love him if you found out he delayed filming, and an entire crew, for several hours, because he had to have his lunch from a place that was off site so they had to drive there to get it and come back, only it was missing an ingredient and he sent it back? Would you still love him if he refused to report to set after visiting wardrobe and found out someone else had been joking around with his hat and he insisted it wasn’t sitting right on his head anymore?
Lainey Gossip
My Guess: RDJ (ruh roh!)

4. Which Oscar-winning actress caught her then-husband in the middle of a steamy gay encounter with his film’s young American co-star? The British couple separated soon after filming ended and divorced two years later. The couple has since remarried, but the young stud has never wed. Who are they?
National Enquirer
My Guess: Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branagh after filming Much Ado About Nothing. Kenneth got freaky with Keanu Reeves who costarred in the movie, they divorced, then remarried, Emma has an Oscar, and Keanu is still fowever awone

5. This star was reported to be carrying a lot of cash lately in public. We know where she got it - lots and lots of staged paparazzi setups. She’s getting paid to get her picture taken wherever she goes.
My Guess: explains why Lindsay left $10,000 cash in her purse while attending a sketch-ass house party in hawaii. I'm sure it was the kind of party where people play checkers, discuss current events, and in no way, shape, or form involved drugs or alcohol.

Fuck MLA format, the interwebs ain't got no syllabus

Spider Man's Reeve Carney Talks About Broadway show, His Band, and Britney Spears In New Interview

Many superheroes have had their stories brought to life from the pages of comic books to the big screen over the years. While some movies are better than others, there’s one superhero who’s story has always been played out well. The one and only, Spider Man! The web slinging superhero made his debut in 1962 in Marvel Comics’ Amazing Fantasy #1. Since then, Spider Man’s adventures have inspired many video games, and topped the box office with two movies. With a third movie in the works, it totally makes sense that the Spider Man franchise would go to the next level, and go into a market that has yet to be tried by any other superhero. That’s the wonderful world of Broadway! Sure, a musical probably isn’t one of the first things that come to mind when thinking of your favorite action packed superheroes, but maybe it should. Think about it. There’s a lot that our favorite superheroes can sing about that have have been featured in some of our favorite musicals. They save the world from crazy villains, live in interesting, colorful worlds, have amazing powers, and also fall in love. That sounds like something to sing about!

Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark started off with a bang right from the start. Not only was the show delayed several times because of the cast members being injured in some of the show’s many action sequences, but its also the most expensive Broadway production in history. Sure, the delays were annoying, but it was definitely worth the wait!

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Paul Wesley is "the most difficult person to buy for on the planet!"

Vampire Diaries star Paul Wesley and his wife Torrey DeVitto may be celebrating their first Christmas together as husband and wife, but they actually considered ditching plans to buy each other presents.

"We were going to sign a pact that we wouldn't give each other gifts and make it about the kids," Wesley recently told me, referring to his sister's children.


It doesn't sound like they'll be signing anything.

"We're probably going to buy each other gifts that we don't need because we do it every year," Wesley said.

DeVitto chimed in, "He's the most difficult person to buy for on the planet!"

"That's so not true," Wesley said. "Just give me an electronic gadget and I'm fine," he said.

When DeVitto reminded him that he had every gizmo there is to have, Wesley laughed, "Get me an upgrade version!"

As for DeVitto, that's pretty simple. "Jewelry!" she said. "It's always a safe bet with jewelry."


Sorry mods, picture is fixed!
Professor Chaos

FX Renews 'The League' For 4th Season

via press release from FX]


Network Orders 13 Episodes for Fourth Season

Production Will Begin Summer of 2012 and Season Four Will Premiere in the Fall

LOS ANGELES, December 13, 2011 - FX has picked up a fourth season of its comedy series The League, ordering 13 episodes, announced Nick Grad, Executive Vice President of Original Programming, FX Networks.

Currently airing its third season, The League is averaging series-high ratings across the board. On a first-run basis, the show is averaging 1.7 million Total Viewers and 1.5 million Adults 18-49, up +25% and +32, respectively, vs. season two. On a multi-run total basis, season two delivered 2.9 million total viewers and 2.5 million adults 18-49.

This season has featured an all-star lineup of comedic guest stars including Seth Rogen, Jeff Goldblum, Sarah Silverman, Ray Liotta, Will Forte and Eliza Dushku.

"The League continues to be one of our most successful comedy series both creatively and from a ratings standpoint," said Grad. "Jackie and Jeff Schaffer, along with our terrific cast, are doing wonderful work each week to make one of the funniest shows on television and we're excited to order another season."

"We are thrilled to do more shows with a cast that makes us laugh hard everyday, on a network that actually lets us put those jokes on air," said the Schaffers. "In the words of Taco: The League on FX on Thursday nights is a law, like water or dinosaurs."

To be a fan of The League, you don't need to know much about fantasy football, or sports at all. You just need to have friends that you hate. FX's ensemble comedy follows a group of old friends in a fantasy football league who care deeply about one another - so deeply that they use every opportunity to make each other's lives miserable. It was created by the husband-and-wife team of Jeff Schaffer (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld) and Jackie Marcus Schaffer (Disturbia, EuroTrip) who serve as executive producers and directors. The ensemble cast features Mark Duplass, Stephen Rannazzisi, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Katie Aselton and Jon Lajoie. The series is produced by FX Productions.

There are three episodes of The League remaining in its third season. Episode 11, "The Guest Bong," airs this Thursday at 10:30PM E/P. Pete's new girlfriend wants to help him with his line up; Kevin's past at the DA's office has him running scared; Ruxin runs afoul of his company's email policies; and auto-correct gets everybody in trouble.

FX is the flagship general entertainment basic cable network from the Fox Networks Group. Launched in June of 1994, FX is carried in more than 98 million homes. The diverse schedule includes a growing roster of critically acclaimed and award-winning original series; an established film library with box-office hits from 20th Century Fox and other studios; and an impressive roster of acquired hit series. For more information about FX, visit our web site at

Source: The Nielsen Company, Live+7 (000s)

Futon Critic

Pic ok now?
All about underrated comedies today tbh.
bb dani bb8

Attn: TR post!!!!!!!!!

British Model Daisy Lowe on Terry Richardson’s ‘Sexual Energy’

Daisy Lowe spoke with Fashionista about her experiences working with Terry Richardson: “Really, he’s so much fun. He just exudes this sexual energy, so he doesn’t need to ask girls to take off their clothes. Honestly, they just do it! While we were there [on the 2011 Pirelli shoot], he didn’t sleep — he just took pictures of all of us. I swear that camera’s glued to his hand. He was like, ‘Why would I sleep? I’ve got eleven of you here, and you’re all getting into your underwear for me!’”

& moar!!!!
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Worst Baby Names of 2011


The name Cullen was pretty cool before a certain vampire family came into existence. Now, it just reminds us of "Twilight". The name is growing in popularity, and we think it's because superfans all over the globe have taken inspiration from their favorite book series. Even Rachel Zoe thought about naming her son Cullen, but stopped when she realized his reaction to being named after a "Twilight" character might not be the most pleasant.

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IDK why these lists amuse me so much. Now, talk amongst yourselves about all the "La-a"s and "Female"s you've heard about...

charming & intelligent keira knightley interview

In the last year or so, I’ve seen Keira Knightley withering away on a hospital bed as her inorganic organs are removed and farmed out, moodily chain-smoking in an icy Manhattan loft as she contemplates her husband’s infidelity, stridently slamming doors on a West End stage as her life is undone by malicious rumors about her sexuality, and most recently, getting the life spanked out of her by Carl Jung as he attempts to cure her of crippling hysteria.

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George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston Top New Year’s Eve Kiss List


Who would you most want to kiss at midnight on New Year’s Eve? The OMG! celeb site on Yahoo! polled more than 1,000 readers for a Hollywood Holiday Survey – and the results are pretty interesting.

On the question of which male celebrity respondents would most like to smooch on New Year’s Eve, George Clooney tops the list, with 28% of the vote, just beating Johnny Depp (27%).

Ryan Reynolds came in third with 18%, ahead of Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling, who rounded out the Top 5 with 12% and 7%, respectively.

As for the ladies, 22% of the men polled picked Jennifer Aniston as the number one celeb they’d like to ring in the New Year with a kiss. Aniston edged out Halle Berry with 18% and Scarlett Johansson with a close 17%.

Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox took fourth and fifth places with 13% and 12%, respectively.

What do you think of the results? And which celeb would top your New Year’s Eve kiss list?


Who would you kiss at midnight, ONTD?

50 Cent talks about Lindsay's "cooch", compares Playboy models to strippers

Lindsay Lohan's $1 million dollar Playboy spread has piqued the interest of 50 Cent.

The G-Unit boss was attending the 1st annual American Giving Awards in Los Angeles on Friday when Hollywood Scoop caught up with him. The subject of Lindsay's new photo spread came up and fif was more than happy to engage in a conversation about her private parts.

"I haven't seen it. But I always wondered what Lindsay's cooch looked like. Ever thought about it? I'll check it out and see what happens,” 50 said.

When he found out Hugh Hefner coughed up a cool million to get Lindsay to take it all off, Fif wondered if seeing anybody naked was worth that much.

“$1 million to pose nude is the same thing strippers do almost every day for way less," he said. “If they give you a million dollars, does that change the status of what you've done? If I pay a 100 dollars to see a cooch is it the same thing as paying a million dollars when you're a movie star or celebrity? The same transaction? Or is it socially different? Does it register different because of how much?”

Ryo ain&#39;t playin

The 25 Most Underrated Animated TV Shows Of All Time

In recent decades, some of the best television programs on the air have been cartoons. The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park have all proven to television networks that animated shows can be more than just Saturday morning fare designed to sell toys (clearly some Saturday morning cartoons were amazing); in fact, these shows bring in consistent ratings, critical acclaim, and multiple awards on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, the genre still suffers from a lack of respect at times, and a lot of great animated shows have been long forgotten despite being brilliant. A recent example of this is HBO's The Life & Times Of Tim. During its first two seasons, the show, about an awkward 20-something dude in NYC, was critically acclaimed and achieved a cult following. However, due to low ratings, HBO axed the show afterwards. Thankfully, in an act of good faith by the network, HBO “uncanceled” the show before another channel could capitalize on its underground popularity.

HBO might have realized what a great show they were about to get rid of, but that’s not always the case. So to celebrate the debut of the miracle third season of The Life & Times Of Tim, which premieres Friday at 9 p.m., we’re taking a look at The 25 Most Underrated Animated TV Shows Of All Time.

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this flawless series is missing tbh....
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Lady GaGa: 'I'm not responsible for dance music trend'


Lady GaGa has claimed that she didn't start the trend for dance music in the global charts. The singer insisted that she was just one of a few artists pushing forward with the genre and that the real driving force came from the radio stations.

Talking to MTV about the rise of electronic music in the US, she said: "I think that radio has had the biggest influence on the rise of electronic dance music.

"I was just one of a few artists at a certain sort of time in radio where more dance music was being played on Top 40, but I'm not the person to thank for that. The people to thank for that are at KIIS-FM and at the other stations around the country who gave dance music a chance."

However, Lady GaGa said that there is room for the genre to flourish further and she hopes it will receive more recognition in the future.

She added: "I think we have some more work to do, especially with the different academies that honor music. I think that dance music should also be credited as pop music where it's due and vice versa, the way that country and pop is, the way that R&B and pop are. So we still have a ways to go, but it's moving in a wonderfully fast and interesting direction."

Lady GaGa was recently axed from the Grammy Awards' 'Best Dance Recording' category to allow more DJs and hardcore dance acts to be included.

Ciri 2

TIME names A Dance With Dragons the top fiction book of 2011, is obviously smoking crack.

TIME Magazine has released its list of top 10 fiction books of 2011 and somehow George R.R. Martin's bloated piss poor excuse for a novel is on top

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One of the strongest books in the series? No. Not even the most delusional Martin fans (y'all know who I mean) will make that claim. This is what I think of your list, TIME:

King K

Jessica Alba finds it difficult being a mother :(

It's not often that a celebrity is brave enough to admit they struggle like the rest of us, especially when it comes to motherhood. It's refreshing that a creature as ravishing as Jessica Alba can admit that there were times after giving birth to her first-born that she: 'Felt she would crack.'

The 30-year-old Spy Kids star even happily admits to having a nanny, and makes the shock admission that being a mother is a difficult juggling act for a working woman. The actress, who welcomed baby Haven in August, told InStyle Australia as she posed for a beautiful photo shoot: 'It's overwhelming. I don't consider myself a lot of the time. I think a lot of mums do that, try to be everything to everyone all the time. I make mistakes. I do try to do way too much.'

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this is my source. I did not write this article nor did I take the pictures myself <3
Marcus Mumford

Mumford & Sons: Second Album Is 'Black Sabbath Meets Nick Drake'

'It's doom folk,' says bassist Ted Dwane

Mumford & Sons have been nominated for several Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year (both for "The Cave"), and they're currently touring the West Coast as part of the radio station holiday show circuit. But the band tells Rolling Stone they're focusing primarily on finishing the follow-up to 2010 2009's Sigh No More.

"We’re trying to stay as not stress-y and hectic as we can to write the best record we can," keyboardist Ben Lovett says.

The record is nearly done, according to bassist Ted Dwane. "[It's] certainly more mature, I’d say," he says. "The second record is just a reflection of our mindsets, where we’re all at. It’s doom folk, kind of like Black Sabbath meets Nick Drake."

Lovett adds, "It’s not like we are just listening to one style from one era. It’s finding the songs that really speak to us and then we discuss them, we share those songs around."

Among the artists that have spoke to them lately is fellow Brit and Grammy nominee Adele. "There’s a reason why it’s done what it’s done that goes beyond what any marketing campaign can ever do," Lovett says. "It’s not money – there’s brilliance there in writing a simple song. And it’s great to have that kind of appeal to people again. It’s not so much about the bells and whistles, it’s about the lyric and the melody."

Dwane points out that the band have always taken a more emotional, as opposed to cerebral, approach to songwriting. "It should come from emotions in your heart, not so much your head," he says.

The quartet have spent a lot of time this year crafting the next record, which is still unnamed and does not yet have a release date. "We spent a week in Nashville just writing, the four of us, kind of getting together any individual song ideas we had and playing them out. And then we did the same a few weeks ago down in the west country in the U.K.," Lovett says. "Even though we’re right in the heart of it, even in the studio sometimes doesn’t feel as free as it is just playing together. It’s brilliant."

The band's critical and commercial success has certainly influenced the second album, however. "It’s been really affirming because we started out with very humble aspirations. We never thought we’d be commercially viable and we were proved wrong," Dwane says. "It’s been a really great couple of years for the band and I suppose it has instilled us with confidence."

smoking goals
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Jessica Chastain graces you with her holy presence

If you've been to the movies in the last six months, chances are you've seen Jessica Chastain. And though the actress's feast of projects--a staggering five released since last May--simply seem to hint at a calculated, industry-driven blitz to create Hollywood's next Oscar-buzzy girl to watch, her story is actually the result of a string of cruel, borderline farcical twists of fate. Since 2006, Chastain has made 11 films (plus a TV movie for the BBC), but due to various delays in production and distribution, only two of them saw the light of day before 2011.

The most high-profile snag came with Terrence Malick's Palme d'Or-winning 1950s epic The Tree of Life, in which she starred opposite Brad Pitt. Chastain shot the film more than three years ago, but due to a change in distributors (its original studio, Apparition Films, dissolved), it was only released this past spring by Fox Searchlight. Nevertheless, the Northern California native has even referred to the "Chastain curse," joking how she'd promised other directors and her family upcoming roles with marquee names only to see her work linger in cinematic purgatory. "It's insane," she told Interview in September 2010. "I did some of these movies four years ago. My poor mother! I tell her I'm doing a movie with Al Pacino and another with Brad Pitt. She tells all her friends, and years go by . . . "

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Professor Chaos

Grimm Casts 'Spy Kids' Star & Some Other Girl To Play Hansel & Gretel

First, Spy Kids star Daryl Sabara is going to guest star on an upcoming episode of the Friday night series.

Second, the show is going to tackle the popular fairy tale of “Hansel and Gretel,” which ought to make for an intriguing hour. Hannah Marks, from USA’s Necessary Roughness, will also guest star, playing Sabara’s sister.

The pitch: “Hanson (Sabara) and Gracie (Marks) are homeless teens trying to survive in the streets of Portland, when they unexpectedly get caught up in the creature world’s deadly black market of human organ dealing.”

The episode’s title: “Organ Grinder.” Yikes! Still, losing body parts arguably still better than a witch trying to roast you alive in her oven like in the original story. What will Hanson and Gracie use instead of the trail of breadcrumbs, you think?

Entertainment Weekly
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TVGuide: Interview with Evan Peters on the AHS season finale

We thought American Horror Story's Tate Langdon was just a creepy therapy patient obsessed with his shrink's daughter. But Evan Peters' twisted teen turned out to be the ghost of a high school serial killer and the mysterious Rubber Man, who just might be the Antichrist's baby daddy! As Season 1 ends tonight, the former One Tree Hill star talks about his trip to the dark side.

Cut for size and, maybe, spoilers.
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Ok, "evil guy trying to do good" might explain why everyone is so torn on this guy.

*OTIS SCREAM* New Mýa Single, y'all!

As part of the promotion of the U.S. and Canada release of K.I.S.S. ("New Single", 2011, p. 1) Mýa released her second single today, "Somebody Come Get This Bitch(featuring Stacie & Lacie)", via iTunes
SCGTB reminds me of Whatever, Bitch[3] tbh... YouTube video and single cover behind the cut

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My sources in APA format~
  1. New Single: Somebody Come Get This Bitch. (2011). Retrieved from
  2. My ears. My body. (1991). My parents.
  3. Harrison, Mýa Marie. (2003). Whatever Bitch. Moodring. [Audio CD] USA: Studio City, CA. Retrieved from I bought that shit in '03.
  4. Mya / Somebody Come Get This Bitch / K.I.S.S. (U.S. Version). (2011). Retrieved from
SORRY! Posted earlier without a title.
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'Married' Tara Reid Cheating on Husband


Tara Reid has been spotted on an apparent date with a man other than her 'husband' Zack Kehayov.

The American Pie actress was photographed leaving West Hollywood restaurant Madeo with an unknown individual, despite having supposedly married Kehayov in Greece back in August.

Reid's night out has fuelled further confusion over her relationship status, following the 36-year-old's previous claim that her union with Kehayov was not legal.

When asked by a reporter if the couple would win on The Newlywed Game, she replied: "No, we would lose! We were never really married."

Reid's wedding to Kehayov was also shrouded in mystery, as the Celebrity Big Brother star was believed to be dating Danish businessman Michael Lilleund at the time. She was previously engaged to talk show host Carson Daly and German entrepreneur Michael Axtmann, but broke off both engagements.

Reid will star in the upcoming American Pie sequel American Reunion, which opens in cinemas in April 2012.


Sorry, mods! I'm an idiot and was editing and accidentally deleted this!

ONTD, have you ever cheated? Have you ever been cheated on? Would you cheat? Cheaters post!

Comedian @LouisCK on ABC's @Nightline (12-Dec-2011)

Last night, comedian Louis C.K. appeared on ABC's 'Nightline'. “Nightline” anchor Bill Weir sat down to talk with the comedian to discuss topics such as his family, his upcoming stand-up special himself, and his sex life. Below are some highlights:

- Louis C.K. is described as a man who "specializes in a brand of comedy that sets out to shock, sometimes embarrass...while ultimately, he would say, searching for a grain of truth".
- For his current show on FX called 'Louie', the network gives him money and he goes off and makes a executive producer, no writer, no editor...just Louis C.K..
- Talks about 'Louis C.K.: Live At The Beacon Theater' available now at Louis C.K. net for $5
- We see a younger Louis C.K. doing standup: Collapse )
- Louis C.K. talks about his "non-sex life"
- The 'Tracy Morgan’s Homophobic Comment' thing was not on Nightline (at least not in the video up on


Taylor Swift’s Precociousness Problem

Today is Taylor Swift's birthday. She turns 22. Twenty-one was a particularly good year for Swift: Not only could she finally drink legally, her third record, Speak Now, sold over 5.5 million copies, she went on a wildly successful tour, she dated Jake Gyllenhaal, made peace with Kanye, took big strides in arm dancing, won many, many more awards, and did it all without a breakdown, meltdown, or any of the otherwise alarming episodes that have beset so many of her peers. It will be a hard year to top, but it is possible. Maybe 22 is the year Taylor Swift will finally stop seeming so precocious and start seeming like an adult.

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Barbie Gets An Afro For The Holidays


When I picture Barbie, it’s with her signature straight blonde hair, unrealistically perky (and hard) boobs, and undeniably Caucasian skin tone and features. Sure, there’s darker-skinned Teresa and, uh, gingery Midge who sported a fetus in her hollowed belly, but they all have distinctly European features and hair.

An African-American natural hair group is reclaiming the most famous doll ever with their own take on the traditional Barbie. The group will distribute Barbies to young girls at Booker T. Washington apartments in Columbus, GA in the spirit of the holidays, but not before they’ve reconfigured the dolls’ hair into natural Afro styles using pipe cleaners, end papers, and boiling water. I think this is an awesome idea — what a great message to send to young, impressionable girls in response to Barbie’s usual look, which condones peroxide, flat-irons, breast implants, and anorexia.


Kaya Scodelario Has 'Fishes' To Fry

"Skins" star Kaya Scodelario is set to replace Rooney Mara as the lead in Francesca Gregorini's indie "Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes."

Gregorini wrote the script, which follows Emanuel, a troubled 17-year-old girl who babysits her new neighbor's "baby," which is actually a very life-like doll. She goes along with the delusion while befriending the neighbor, who happens to be the spitting image of Emanuel's late mother.

Matthew Brady is producing via his MRB Prods. banner along with Gregorini, while Paul Schiff, Kevin Iwashina and Jonathan Gray will exec produce.

Along with Tatiana von Furstenberg, Gregorini previously wrote, directed and produced the 2009 indie drama "Tanner Hall," which Mara toplined prior to her breakout role as Lisbeth Salander in David Fincher's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo."

Best known for her role as Effy Stonem on the controversial hit Brit series "Skins," Scodelario next stars as the lead in Andrea Arnold's adaptation of "Wuthering Heights." Thesp, who also appeared in "Clash of the Titans" and "Moon," recently wrapped Ol Parker's indie drama "Now Is Good," which stars Dakota Fanning and Jeremy Irvine.

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Blaring Commercials No More: FCC Passes Rules to End Loud Commercials

Pretty soon there'll be no need to reach for the volume-control button on the remote the next time a commercial interrupts a favorite TV show.

Today the Federal Communications Commission unanimously approved new rules that require cable and broadcast stations to play commercials at the same volume as the TV shows they break into.

The new FCC order is a step in carrying out the Commercial Advertisement Loudness Mitigation, or CALM Act...the act requires television stations to maintain the same average volume for both programming and ads, so consumers don't have to adjust the levels at each commercial break.

Come December 2012, when the CALM Act takes effect, those commercials that blare at a much louder volume than the shows will be history.

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Tom Hiddleston on 'War Horse,' 'The Avengers' and Chosing Between Steven Spielberg, Kenneth Branagh

The subject at hand on the day that I spoke to Tom Hiddleston was the new Steven Spielberg epic, 'War Horse.' Unfortunately, that didn't stop the seemingly opportunistic writer before me from asking Hiddleston to sign a Loki-themed 'Avengers' poster -- a writer that quickly skedaddled into the ether, leaving me behind to clean up the now slightly awkward mess. Of course, Hiddleston signed the poster. From what I gathered, Hiddleston will always sign the poster because he's been on the other side, when nobody had any interest in him or his poster. 

It has been quite the year for Mr. Hiddleston, starring in back-to-back-to-back movies directed by Kenneth Branagh ('Thor'), Woody Allen ('Midnight in Paris') and now the Spielberg-directed Oscar contender, 'War Horse.' In 'War Horse,' Hiddleston plays the very earnest Captain Nicholls, a British officer who purchases a horse named Joey to serve as his personal steed during the early days of World War I. Hiddleston spoke about his fairly brief role in 'War Horse,' shared tales of debauchery on the set of 'The Avengers,' and -- when put on the spot -- quite surprisingly, chose between Branagh, Allen or Spielberg as the one director he'd like to work with again.
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Angelina Jolie's 'Blood and Honey' Wins Producers Guild Award

The Producers Guild of America announced Tuesday it will honor Angelina Jolie's Bosnian war film In the Land of Blood and Honey with the 2012 Stanley Kramer Award at the guild's annual awards ceremony on Jan. 21,

The award was established in 2002 following the death of legendary director and producer Stanley Kramer--whose films included The Caine Mutiny, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Judgment at Nuremberg, High Noon and The Defiant Ones--and recognizes a motion picture, producer or other individual whose "achievement or contribution illuminates provocative social issues in an accessible and elevating fashion."

Films previously receiving the Kramer award include The Great Debaters, An Iconventient Truth, Hotel Rwanda and Antwone Fisher. Last year, Sean Penn became the first individual to receive the award.

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YA BOOK POST: Movie Deals, Book Deals, and other stuff to make you feel bitter and thin

Self-Published Young Adult Book gets Movie Deal

And it's about TIGERSSSS

When Colleen Houck had trouble getting an agent for her young adult novel Tiger's Curse, she decided to self-publish it. Now it's a bestseller that's being made into a film.
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Will SCI FI and Thrillers Become the NEXT BIG THING in Young Adult LIT????

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Mortal Instruments Author “Crossing Fingers” For New Script, 2013 Movie

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don draper

Sony, Universal, Fox, Google employees caught pirating TV, movies, music

Ernesto, the piratical kingpin of TorrentFreak, has discovered that US movie and TV studios, including Sony Pictures, Fox Entertainment, and NBC Universal, are eager pirates as well. Sony employees were caught downloading dubstep music and a rip of Conan the Barbarian. Someone at the NBC Universal office in Fort Lauderdale downloaded the entirety of Game of Thrones season one. A Fox worker — presumably one with impeccable taste — downloaded a 4GB Blu-ray rip of Super 8.

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4 dead, scores injured in Belgium grenade, gun attack

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Liege, Belgium (CNN) -- A grenade and gun attack in this eastern Belgian city left four people dead, including the attacker, and 119 wounded Tuesday, Liege police said.

Those killed in the attack near a Christmas market in a city center square included two teenage boys, aged 15 and 17, and a 75-year-old woman, Liege public prosecutor Danielle Reynders told reporters in Liege

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There is also a video at the source. At the moment there are at least 120 people injured. They say that 6 people died but it is not confirmed.


Sahara Davenport and Manila Luzon cover "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Former RuPaul's Drag Race contestants - and real life couple - Sahara Davenport and Manila Luzon recently recorded their own version of "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and shot a music video for it.

I just saw this and thought that some people here might enjoy it. Although before you click just know that Sahara's singing is... interesting.

Also less than 48 days until season four of Drag Race!
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Writer Janet Mock tells her aborable story about coming out as a transwoman to her boyfriend

It Happened to Me: I Told My Boyfriend I Was Born a Boy

This essay originally appeared on

When I was a kid I had a series of dreams that involved Immature. You know, that baby boy band starring Roger from Sister, Sister?

Anyway, my dreams usually involved group member LDB (Little Drummer Boy) singing "Never Lie" to me in the tree that stood in front of my window.

Since then, I've sat across from many men on dates and wondered what their fantasies were. By then mine always involved them really liking me and me playing the distant, mysterious girl they couldn't quite figure out.

Really, it was more about me not getting too close. Because if I got too close, you see, I'd have to tell him my "T."

Oh, I keep forgetting you may not be the T, so you may not know my T or what T is at all.

My T is basically my story, my story being that I'm a young woman who happens to be transgender. Still not getting it?

I was born a girl but in a boy's body, as media headlines tend to scream when telling stories like mine.

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