November 5th, 2011

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An Angel + a Newcomer Get Fitted for Victoria's Secret

Chanel was looking better than ever this morning for her multi-look fitting. Despite the early hour, she was dancing around, gushing over her outfits for the show. “I love each piece for its own original character. I’m just so blessed to be able to rock out with VS and be a part of this whole thing!” Chanel said.

Her first look is a romantic, yet sexy, pink tutu with gorgeous feather detailing and a sculptured silk bodice. Her second look is about as rockstar as it gets with a light up bra and wings with oodles of bracelets and other bits and baubles. While she said she loved all her looks equally, the entire room fell in love with the second look; after all, who doesn’t love a pair of neon lit wings!? Although we didn’t get a chance to see her in her third look, we caught a glimpse of the drawing and were totally blown away! If only the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show was before Halloween; then we’d have some seriously fantastic costumes to wear trick-or-treating.

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We were ThisClose to have Rybrey (or Aubryan)

Some people only know Ryan Gosling as "the guy from the movie," and some don't know him at all. Parks and Recreation actress Aubrey Plaza is in the latter camp, she tells Rolling Stone. "I was at this juice bar, and he came in. I didn't recognize him," Plaza admits. "He said, 'I'm a big fan of the show,' and I said, 'Thank you. Are you an actor?' He kind of smirked and said, 'Yeahhh ... ' I asked his name, and he said, 'Ryan,' but it didn't click. I was like, 'We worked together, didn't we? You look so familiar.' He kept smirking, like I was messing with him." Alas, she was not. "I got my juice and left. I missed my shot." It's a meet-cute! Go search for him at Disneyland, Aubrey! SOURCE

Jennifer Lopez ruining lives once again!

In the upcoming issue of Glamour magazine, Jennifer Lopez confesses that she once fired a manager who told her that she should lose weight. The “American Idol” judge believes in the beauty of her curves and says she definitely couldn’t be more in shape.

Jennifer Lopez is 42 years old and has a body that every woman in America wishes they had. The mother of twins Max and Emme takes good care of the way she looks. And taking into account what a skilled dancer she is, it is no wonder that she maintains a toned figure all the time. The new issue of Glamour magazine comes with some spicy information about that. In an interview for the magazine, Jennifer Lopez says that once she had a manager who thought she should lose some extra pounds. Really? 

“I was just so infuriated that somebody said you couldn't have a little extra meat on you -- because I was by no means fat”, the music star says. She thought that the manager’s opinion was “mean” and “closed-minded”. She tried to explain that that was the shape of her body and there is nothing she can do about it.” I was like: 'No, this is who I am and this is the type of woman that I grew up with and it was beautiful and there's no reason to be anybody but myself”. So obviously, the manager was fired. 

These days, people are used to Jen’s style and hourglass body shape and nobody is giving her a hard time for it. But when asked whether in the future she would consider plastic surgery, the singer admits that she, too, is immortal. “I'd like to think I'll feel great about myself and age gracefully, but then I think: 'Well, what if I do want a little bit of something?”

Is she still the old humble Jenny from the block? IDTS!

David Gandy: Pucker

Hans Zimmer Wants Your Voice for the 'Dark Knight Rises' Soundtrack At the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con, the director of Tron Legacy created a unique opportunity for those in attendance of their panel. Thanks to a series of scattered microphones throughout the room, the SDCC audience was recorded chanting a series of phrases that were then placed into the finished film's "Game Grid" sequence. How do you make a screaming stadium sound real? Record a room full of eager movie buffs ready to do as you say!

Crowdsourcing audio was a way of getting fans excited to be part of a cinematic event while simultaneously catering to the movie's needs. A rather brilliant move—and one composer Hans Zimmer plans to replicate for the upcoming comic book movie, The Dark Knight Rises. How is Zimmer planning on getting that many people into one space? Simple. He doesn't. You can record the audio from the comfort of your own home!

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David Gandy: Pucker

Relativity's Snow White Movie to Be Called 'Mirror Mirror'

Relativity Media announced on Friday that the title for its upcoming reimagining of the classic Snow White fairy tale will be Mirror Mirror.

The film, starring Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Julia Roberts and Nathan Lane, is slated for a March 16, 2012 release. Directed by Tarsem Singh, the feature centers on an exiled princess who enlists the help of seven resourceful rebels to win back her birthright.

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'fake it till you make it'....i see

Demi Lovato pretended to be happy during her stint in rehab last year because she was desperate to be released from the clinic.The star admits she decided to “fake” her willingness to receive the treatment when she arrived in a bid to increase her chances of an early release.

She tells MTV News, “When I first went into treatment, I didn’t want to be there, and I was kind of like, ‘I’ll just fake it until I make it.’

“I stayed in there, and I started believing that I was in there for the right reasons. And even though I didn’t want to be there at the time, some girls might not want to get help, but if they fake it till they make it, hopefully they can get the help that they need, and they can start to believe it, and they can actually see one day that it’s actually the right thing that they’re doing."

"I have days where I’m cranky, but I definitely want to be there for my fans and step outside and shake their hands and be there for them too, because I’m now a role model, and I want to be there for them."

“I would say: Speak up, and don’t be afraid to get help, because it could save their lives.”

And Lovato has credited her rehab stint with changing her outlook on life, adding, “I feel like I’m a totally different person today, and I’ve grown up a lot, and I’ve overcome a lot, so I’m excited about where I am
in my life today.”

source 1 & 2
ava no!

Jason Lee to taint the perfection of Up All Night with his disgusting $cientology proclivities

Here is a special sneak preview clip of next week's Up All Night!!

Ava's instincts are as perfect as Maya Rudolph's comedic timing, don't u think???? Because I think it is important to protect babbies from the danger of Xenu-worshipers, lbr.

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In related news, why is the #Up All Night tag on tumblr filled with unrelated lame boy band bullshit no1curr about. It made finding a good Up All Night gif to use for this post hard so I started going through the Maya Rudolph tag and just decided to post a Donatella gif because this gif actually encapsulates my lifestyle perfectly, it's a miracle. Thank u shitty boy band, b/c i am not sure i would have found this gif it it were not for u flooding the up all night tag on tumblr.

SEGUE: Mods, if Tom Hiddyston gets a tag, can the new hit NBC show Up All Night get a tag too? And Maya Rudolph too. God bleß u.

NEway, u guys should be tuning in to watch Up All Night b/c it is legit good and is what all sitcoms should be if the world was just (but it is not). Let us pray that Jason Lee does not have a recurring role on this show, and I refuse to consult IMDb and learn that he's signed up for 6 episodes or something equally heinous b/c i will ugly cry.

Source: (Look at me linking to the place where I got my gif so they can get reblobs, i am so nice)
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Melancholia Leads European Film Awards

"Lars von Trier's Melancholia led the 24th European Film Award nominations, which were announced this morning," reports indieWIRE's Peter Knegt. "The film took 8 nominations including best film, director, screenplay and a double nominations for best actress with Kirsten Dunst [who, of course, won Best Actress in Cannes] and Charlotte Gainsbourg." Peruse the full list below and note that the list of nominees for European Film 2011 is identical to the one for European Director 2011 — except that Michel Hazanavicius (The Artist) has been switched out for Béla Tarr, whose The Turin Horse also scores nominations for cinematographer Fred Kelemen and composer Mihály Vig.

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Is The Duchess of Cambridge Pregnant?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Duchess of Cambridge was today at the centre of a whirlwind of speculation about a possible pregnancy after she refused to eat peanut paste on her trip to Denmark.

A flurry of reports on U.S. websites suggested that Kate could be expecting and was following health advice not to eat nuts for fear of the giving the baby an allergy when she refused the sample at a UNICEF distribution centre in Copenhagen.

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge refused to comment.

Kate, reed-thin in an elegant red coat and high-heeled boots, was on her first humanitarian overseas trip with Prince William on Wednesday when she was offered the paste.

She politely declined and, according to reports appearing on some U.S. website, gave her husband a 'knowing look' as he ate the sample, a staple of UNICEF packages handed out in areas suffering from famine.


Joseph Fiennes: Shakespeare Rapper

As one of Britain's leading stars of stage and screen, Joseph Fiennes is well-known for his ability to decipher Shakespeare's challenging language.

But in a unlikely new collaboration, the thespian teams up with rapper Devlin to find a new way of using his way with words - by rapping Shakespeare.

The 41-year-old actor and rising East Londoner MC, 22, were surprised to find a common ground between Shakespeare's words and urban street rhymes.

In a short film made in September, the pair took to the studio to record their own take on one The Bard most famous Sonnet's - 129.

And in the accompanying video, Fiennes dons a beanie hat as he runs through the verses of Sonnet 129 in rapid speed.


Source Source

America's Hottest Clothing Chains....Where Do You Like To Shop?

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The average American shells out in excess of $1700 a year on their wardrobe. That’s billions of dollars spent on apparel alone in the U.S. With this much up for grabs, it’s no wonder stores are jousting fervently for our business.

And there’s a clear winner amongst the competitors: Kohl’s has seized the top spot as the nation’s favorite fashion retail chain, according to a survey conducted by Market Force Information, a leading customer intelligence solutions firm.

Below is the top ten list:


1. Kohls
2. Nordstrom
3. Macy's
4. Dillard's
5. JC Penney
6. Coldwater Creek
7. Ann Taylor LOFT
8. TJ Maxx
9. Old Navy
10. Marshalls


Behind the Scenes of the Day

Peter Jackson and co. are still making videos about the production of The Hobbit, and have recently posted a new installment. In the latest video, Jackson tells us all about the 3D filming process, including giving us the names he’s bestowed upon each of his cameras. Jackson also apologizes at the end because he realizes that none of the things they talk about can actually be seen on a computer.

Looks like we’re all gonna have to see the movie in theaters. I see what you did there, Peter.



Footballer Loves Twitter, So He Names Son "Trendy"

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A footballer has named his baby son Trendy because of his love of Twitter.

Peterborough defender Gabriel Zakuani, 25, picked the name after the "trending topics" feature on the social networking site.

The Championship star whose Twitter name is Gabs50Zakuani has nearly 7,000 followers on Twitter and has tweeted almost 13,000 times.

He said: "People have asked if his name is because of 'trending topics' on Twitter. Maybe it was in the back of my mind."

Gabriel said the name also refers to the baby's mum Shanice Petrie's job in fashion. He said: "The official reason was she wanted something to reflect that. But it was me who came up with Trendy."

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Lindsay Lohan crashes Leonardo DiCaprio's party, begs for photos and meetings.

Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan crashed the party for Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie “J. Edgar” and made such a scene that she made A-list attendees “uncomfortable."

Lohan, fresh from her Playboy shoot and about to go to jail for probation violations, insisted that she was an invited guest to the party for the Clint Eastwood-directed biopic about legendary FBI director Hoover and talked her way past security at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Thursday night.

“Lindsay was arguing with the security to let her in, dropping every celebrity’s name to get in," a source said. "She could be heard saying, ‘I have to go and see Leo.' Eventually they let her in, but she made everybody uncomfortable. She was aggressive and random, storming around. She tried to get to Leo, but he was surrounded by his security and a posse of his friends."

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R.I.P. Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney, the "60 Minutes" commentator known to generations for his wry, humorous and contentious television essays - a unique genre he is credited with inventing - died Friday night in a hospital in New York City of complications following minor surgery. He was 92, and had homes in New York City, Rensselaerville, N.Y. and Rowayton, Conn. ,/P>

For those interested in reading about Andy and his life (tldr crowd be warned, it's a very long article), follow the link to the source :(


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Mario Balotelli's firework shenanigans grant him the honour of being celebrity guy 2011

Previously in the life of accident prone Man City footballer Mario Balotelli....this happened.


A bonfire society unveiled its annual celebrity guy today as Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli in a dig at the player's house recently catching fire after a firework went off in his bathroom.

The 30ft effigy is the second footballer to be chosen by Edenbridge Bonfire Society in as many years, after Wayne Rooney was burned at the stake at last year's event.

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'The Next Iron Chef: Superchefs' Post #NextIronChef

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One of my new favorite shows is 'The Next Iron Chef: Superchefs' on Food Network. Since I love it so much, I thought I would make a post so you can learn more about these culinary greats! Below is information about the show and under the cut are bios and season information:

About The Show:
The Next Iron Chef, is a limited-run series on the Food Network now in its fourth season. Each season is a stand-alone competition to select a chef to be designated an Iron Chef, who will appear on the Food Network program Iron Chef America.

The judges for season four are current Iron Chef Michael Symon, food writer and broadcaster Simon Majumdar, and Iron Chef Judy Joo from Iron Chef UK.

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Sek-c Den A Mutha

1D: What Makes You Beautiful BTS

While you’re anxiously waiting for the premiere of One Direction’s new “Gotta Be You” music video, you can catch up on all of the never-before-seen fun that happened during their first-ever video shoot! The guys traveled all the way to Malibu, California to shoot the music video for first song, “What Makes You Beautiful.” We love everything about it — the hot 1D boys (shirtless!), the beach and of course the sweet song. Watch the group’s behind-the-scenes video right here:

these two

Don’t Be Surprised If These Nine TV Shows Get Rebooted Next

TV remakes are a tricky business: For every Hawaii Five-O, you've got a swiftly canceled Charlie's Angels, and though 90210 was successfully revived a few seasons ago, next-door neighbor Melrose Place drowned in its own communal pool. Still, as indicated by the recent decision to revive In Living Color, remakes aren't going away anytime soon — and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Here at Vulture, we've trained ourselves to think like TV executives (it's scary, and our lawyers recommend that you not try this at home), and in doing so, we've identified nine other recent shows that we expect will become prime remake material over the next decade. Get your cries of anguish out now, well in advance!

The X-Files

Off the Air Since: 2002
Why It Would Be Remade: Because, while Lost frequently creeped us out and blew our minds, there's been very little on TV since X went away that played to viewers' love of having the shit scared out of them on a regular basis. (Okay, there are the GOP presidential debates, but that's a limited-run series.) After 9/11 and the rise of the tea party, paranoia and conspiracy theories are all the rage, and X would fit right into that Zeitgeist. Plus, while die-hard fans were most obsessed with the overarching Mulder and Scully alien-abduction saga, for many viewers the show was simply a great monster-of-the-week thrill ride, and decent numbers for last week's opening episode of NBC's Grimm shows there's still potential in the idea of a scary procedural. Fox has the biggest brand name in that game, and it would be foolish not to try to make another go at it.
Potential Story Line Involving Original Cast Member: Remember the Cigarette Smoking Man? Turns out he's still pulling the puppet strings in D.C., this time running the campaign of an insurgent presidential campaign. Oh, wait ...
Projected Date of Reboot: 2013

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Sek-c Den A Mutha

Made In Brazil Exclusive: “Shoot The Tiara” With Francisco And Marlon (+ some extra photoshoots)

SHOOT THE TIARA (------)v5 from Stewart Shining on Vimeo.

A short film by Stewart Shining and Vincent Gagliostro which premiered earlier this month at A Shaded View On Fashion Film Festival in Paris, featuring exclusive footage from Stewart Shining’s story for the third issue of Made In Brazil Magazine with Francisco Lachowski and Marlon Teixeira.

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[FS] red lips

degrassi takes on incest

Keep in mind that Nowhere to Run has already aired in Canada (Nov. 18th on Teennick) so the beginning is reference to that, for those of you who haven't seen it.

i hope glen or helen walks in on them if clare and jake are about to have sex. girl that is your brother, idgaf if it's only step. that basic lumberjack bitch looks more like you than darcy (who i have concluded was eaten by lions in africa) ever did.

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A Well Fed James McCartney Post

On November 22nd, British singer-songwriter James McCartney will release The Complete EP Collection, a two-disc set of his two EPs, Available Light and Close at Hand, as well as five previously unreleased original bonus tracks and two covers.

The first track off the collection is the light and cheerful "Angel," which McCartney explains was inspired by "sitting on the top of the stairs in my house in North London trying to write about when I will first meet my true love." The track has strong pop hooks and mandolins, which is one of the many instruments McCartney played on this collection of EPs.

The Complete EP Collection will be in stores on November 22nd, but you can stream "Angel" for free here.


First promo for USA's "Common Law"

The show follows former petty criminal and ladies man Travis Marks (Michael Ealy) and methodical ex-lawyer Wes Mitchell (Warren Kole), two acclaimed LAPD homicide detectives whose longtime partnership, like a bad marriage, is on the rocks. So their captain (Jack McGee) sends them to couples therapist Dr. Ryan (Sonya Walger) to help them work out their issues. Common Law is currently shooting in Louisiana with an aim toward a premiere early next year.

Source 1
Source 2
LOL, I ship the two leads from this trailer alone!

Friday TV Ratings: 'Fringe' rises as 'Chuck' hits new low; 'Blue Bloods' hits season high

Fox’s Fringe jumped back into the fray on Friday night as NBC’s Grimm and Chuck aired their second episodes of the season.

Fringe returned slightly higher than its last original episode on Oct. 14, but the NBC dramas slipped despite not having to face Game 7 of the World Series this week.

Of the geek-friendly trio, Grimm (5.9 million viewers, 1.8 adult demo rating) performed the best, but fell 14 percent from last week’s series premiere. Fringe (3.3 million, 1.3) ranked second, its adult demo number rising a tenth of a point. And Chuck (3.1 million, 0.8) … oh man. Chuck was down 20 percent and was the night’s lowest-rated show on a major broadcast network. Fringe‘s lead-in Kitchen Nightmares (3.7 million, 1.5) was also up a tick.

Meanwhile, CBS was back in the game, with A Gifted Man (8.4 million, 1.2) doing its usual thing, followed by CSI: NY (9.6 million, 1.6) coming down 11 percent from a couple weeks ago — perhaps feeling the added scripted competition in the hour from Grimm. But look at Blue Bloods (12.6 million, 2.1) — the crime drama spiked 24 percent last night.

ABC’s two hours of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (5.1 million, 1.3) climbed slightly.

The CW’s Nikita (1.8 million, 0.6) and Supernatural (1.7 million, 0.7) were unchanged.
Have fun getting replaced by Dateline in two weeks time, Chuck!

Ryan Gosling & Rooney Mara: 'Lawless' Set Pics!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ryan Gosling wraps his arm around co-star Rooney Mara on the set of their new movie Lawless, filming on location at the Fun Fun Fun Festival held at Auditorium Shores on Friday (November 4) in Austin, Texas.

Lawless, which is being helmed by The Tree of Life director Terrence Malick, also stars Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Haley Bennett.

Also pictured is Ryan taking a picture with the undisputed “Queen Diva” of Bounce, Big Freedia, who showed off her fresh Sailor Jerry ink.
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Andrew Garfield: 3rd Street Shopper!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Andrew Garfield takes the afternoon to do a bit of shopping on 3rd Street in Los Angeles on Friday (November 4).

The 28-year-old actor ended up buying one shopping bag’s worth of items before heading to his car.

Earlier in the week, Andrew visited his girlfriend and his The Amazing Spider-Man co-star Emma Stone on the set of her latest film Gangster Squad. Upon seeing him, Emma gave Andrew a big hug!

Andrew and Emma were spotted out together last weekend, attending a Halloween party. Andrew rocked a Teen Wolf outfit, and Emma painted her face to look like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.
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Ezra Miller and Alden Ehrenreich top contenders for Tetsuo in "Akira"

Tuesday will be Akira's turn at bat. Warners' adaptation of the Japanese classic is looking for the actor to play Tetsuo, a young man with telekinetic abilities who becomes a dangerous weapon. (Garrett Hedlund is in negotiations to play Kaneda, the teen's older brother and leader of a motorcycle gang.) Ezra Miller, the emerging star of indie thriller We Need To Talk About Kevin, and Alden Eherenreich (who starred in Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro) are the names surfacing most often with the reading.

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Family Guy Hits Horrible New Low With Domestic Abuse Episode

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What the fuck, Family Guy. Personally, I'm way beyond being offended by the show — I've long been numbed to shock-value offensiveness — and had stopped watching years ago anyhow. But being a sucker for a Halloween-themed episodes, I tuned in to Fox's "animation domination" comedy block last night. What I saw was seriously awful.

In this episode, we're introduced to Quagmire's little sister, Brenda, and Lois expresses her concern over Brenda's abusive boyfriend, Jeff: "She's still with him? Isn't he the one that beats her?" and Peter replies, "Yeah, but she's gotten a lot better." This is just the first of many, many disgusting non-jokes.

The episode only gets worse from there. Quagmire begs Lois to talk to his sister about the problem, but Peter butts in, "Well, let's hope she's good at talking because we know she doesn't listen so good." When Quagmire asks Joe, a police officer, if there is anything in his power that he can do to stop the violence, he responds, "Sorry — police policy is that we can't step in until it's too late." Instead, Joe suggests an intervention, in which Quagmire reads a letter to his beloved little sister that goes something like this:

The person I see before me right now is just a punching bag. And I call you "person," not "woman," because a woman is a strong, beautiful vibrant creature. Sadly, the fact that you are with Jeff proves to me that you have made a choice to make your life worse.

The intervention ends when Jeff shows up and the couple announces that they're having a baby and getting married — but as Brenda says, "I'd show you the ring, but it's under this splint."

And the "humor" is limited to the aforementioned one-liners; we've got Jeff violently dragging Brenda into another room, offscreen, where we can hear the physical abuse.

This isn't a PSA or an after-school special; this is the fucking Family Guy. But given that this loathsome episode pegged itself to a very serious problem, you'd think maybe at the end they'd flash a hotline number or something. You'd be wrong.

Definitely the scariest Halloween special we've ever seen.

Jezebel sucks, but this ep was too pathetic not to post about

Is he just becoming too big a star for people to handle?

LOS ANGELES -- Whether reports are highly exaggerated or not (or being spread out of jealousy), the big gossip around Hollywood is this: Ryan Gosling is acting "weird."

"The word I'm hearing is eccentric," a young actor on Gosling's current movie, Gangster Squad, told a table of us at a local bar.

This is about the fourth time I've heard Gosling's name strung together in the same sentence with words such as "odd" or "eccentric" in the past month.

Gosling even made the National Enquirer, which called him "doggone crazy" for interrupting a yoga class by bringing along his 11-year-old dog, George, who allegedly peed on the wall.

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O Bitch pls, that nobody actor should really stfu! You are not as famous as him, you are not making as much money as him, you are not as hot as him! SO STOP TRYING TO MAKE URSELF HAPPEN BY BADMOUTHING RYAN GOSLING YOU HOE!!
King K

Jon Stewart racist?? Donald Trump says yes tbh

Donald Trump released a video Wednesday that accuses Jon Stewart of making a "very, very racist rant" about Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Stewart commented on his Monday show about reports that, at that time, two women had accused Cain of inappropriate sexual advances. The "Daily Show" host zeroed in on Cain's response to questions about whether he had paid anyone to resolve harassment claims, the story says. Cain had responded, "Outside of the Restaurant Association, absolutely not."

Stewart mocked this response, saying it was similar to responding to whether one had ever kidnapped a child and adding in a fake Italian accent, "Well, other than the Lindbergh boy, no." Trump alleged that Stewart's comment was made in an accent to make fun of Cain. “How come Jon Stewart gets away with a very, very racist rant about Herman Cain?” Trump says in his video.

jon stewart video at the source
Sek-c Den A Mutha

One Direction for X Factor charity single (with JLS :/ ) / Could work as XF discussion post, idc :)

One Direction and JLS have both been lined-up to appear on this year's X Factor charity single - a cover of Rose Royce's Wishing On A Star.

In previous years the singles have always been performed by the current crop of hopefuls, but show boss Simon Cowell is reportedly so worried about this year's lackluster contestants that he's calling in the big guns.

A show insider apparently told The Sun: "Simon and the other Syco execs want huge sales this year and weren't sure the contestants would get that on their own.

"Now they'll be using One Direction and JLS's combined fanbase to sell the song. It's a no-brainer and is bound to be a huge seller now."

And the move was confirmed by an official spokesperson, who explained: "As Simon has a personal involvement in this year's charity he has asked two of the country's biggest acts to make this year's X Factor charity single the biggest of the year.

"He asked One Direction and JLS to sing on the track to give the song something extra special - and encourage all their fans to buy the single and raise lots of money for the charity."

The track will be released on November 20, with all proceeds going to ACT & Children's Hospices UK.

JLS will be performing on the show this Sunday, while One Direction will be appearing next weekend.


Mariah Carey & Justin Bieber: 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' Video Preview!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber shoot the music video for their duet “All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive)” at Macy’s Herald Square on Wednesday night (November 2) in New York City.

“One of Mariah’s looks in the [Sanaa Hamri-directed] video was inspired by a vintage animated Christmas card,” her official site writes. “Look out for a special surprise appearance by Mariah’s puppy Jill E. Beans in the video!”

Mariah and Justin’s song “All I Want For Christmas Is You (SuperFestive)” is now available on iTunes!
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smh at justin ruining perfection.
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Bitter Swedish footballer writes tell-all book, throws shade at his former team

"[Barcelona players] are like schoolchildren obeying everything without protest…whereas I told Guardiola to go f*** himself."

True to his word (”I tell it like it is and let it all hang out”), AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic presents his book, "I Am Zlatan" which comes out in a fortnight in Sweden and in Italy. And it is true that he shoots from the hip, because he really does tell it all.

Aftonbladet, Sweden's most important daily newspaper, published the first chapter of the book where Zlatan talks about the year he spent at Barcelona. He gives his impression of what many consider the best team in the world and of its manager Pep Guardiola, and it isn't very complimentary.

The Swede described the sensation when he first signed for them in the summer of 2009 like "walking on clouds." But right from their very first meeting, the relationship with Guardiola didn't gel. The coach told him that at Barcelona everyone had to "keep their feet firmly on the ground," and that the club didn't want players to arrive at training in Porsches or Ferraris, they had to keep a lower profile. Zlatan was able to accept this, but it annoyed him: why does a club have to decide which car you one drive?

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swedish meatballs

and yes this is the same guy who was caught in a scandalous~ photo with gerard pique last year

Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Brothers Macklovitch post

Behind the scenes of Duck Sauce's "Big Bad Wolf" video

Duck Sauce never thought their "Big Bad Wolf" video would be deemed too extreme for YouTube – but it's been restricted to viewers over the age of 18.

"It ended up being a little bit more outrageous and disgusting than we thought," director Keith Schofield tells Rolling Stone. Still, he defends the vulgar, viral masterpiece that he created for A-Trak and Armand Van Helden's group. "It's not [Aphex Twin's] 'Windowlicker' or something," he says. "That was a disturbing video."

The video, which was released on Rolling Stone on October 24th, follows two men as they go to a club, pick-up and hook-up — with the DJs' heads between their legs. "My mom was like, 'It's funny, but it makes me uncomfortable. I can't show it to your father,'" A-Trak says.

Meanwhile, Kanye West praised it for pushing the envelope. "You took a risk as an artist to piss out of your mouth," he told A-Trak over e-mail.

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Chromeo were amazing last night, wish I was going again tonight!
Ciri 2

Flawless gods of comedy hoping to turn 'Book of Mormon' into film.

South Park writers on a mission to make The Book of Mormon a movie

Trey Parker and Matt Stone have confirmed plans to turn their award-winning Broadway musical into a film

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After that post on that abortion of a show Family Guy, I thought we could use a post celebrating two geniuses who know how to do risque comedy without being total dickwads about it.

Also, why do we not have a South Park/Matt and Trey tag? We get enough posts about them imo.


Rihanna IS our generation's Queen of Pop! DEAL W IT HATERS!

We all saw this coming, but now it’s official: Rihanna‘s “We Found Love” has topped the Hot 100, making it her 11th No.1 in under six years.

The Bajan badass, who first burst onto the scene as a cute-but-forgettable island gyal riding the Sean Paul wave of Dancehall-pop, now has more chart-toppers than the legendary Janet Jackson and Stevie Wonder, is equal with Whitney Houston, and is one song away from matching The Supremes.

While I still have trouble accepting the shady “S&M” remix as a legit No. 1, it’s astonishing just how natural the rise of “We Found Love” has been. The song didn’t peak from hype sales in its first week, initially debuting at No. 16 on the Hot 100 and then climbing gradually over six weeks – and it’s not even album release week for Rihanna, which is a time that always boosts the sales of a song. Additionally, Princess RiRi has yet to even break a sweat promoting the record — “We Found Love” hasn’t been performed once, with most promo consisting of tweeting, a critically-acclaimed music video, and a completely unrelated Esquire magazine cover naming the songstress as the Sexiest Woman Alive.

The success of “We Found Love” is a testament to the superhuman popularity of Rihanna, providing more ammunition for her arsenal as she races neck-and-neck with Lady GaGa for the crown of the biggest female pop star on the planet.

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you gotta give it to her! shes srsly one of the most hardworking pop icon in the industry right now! SHE DESERVES IT!!
conan white teeth
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Saturday Night Live: Charlie Day


Gisele for Vivara Christmas Campaign

The end of the year is almost here, and the new Vivara Christmas campaign – a brand for which Gisele is the spokesmodel – is already out. The clicks were taken by the photographer Paulo Vainer, in Sao Paulo, and the make-up artist was Daniel Hernandez.The jewelry of the new Christmas campaign refer to the good wishes for the coming year: love, health, happiness in the shape of rings, earrings, and bracelets.

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2011 LACMA Art + Film Gala: A Star-Studded Affair

Paying tribute to two worthy individuals while also raising much-needed funds, the 2011 LACMA Art + Film Gala was held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on Saturday night (November 5).

With this year's honorees being Clint Eastwood and artist John Baldessari, the swanky affair was co-chaired by Leonardo DiCaprio and Eva Chow while collecting cash for "the museum’s recently reenergized film program, which now includes exhibitions, acquisitions, educational programming, screenings, and a series called Live Read created by Jason Reitman."

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Emma Watson's romance with Johnny Simmons is on the rocks.

Emma Watson’s romance with actor Johnny Simmons is on the rocks after he refused to follow her to England.

The 21-year-old Harry Potter starlet has been dating Johnny since they met on the set of forthcoming film The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in June.

The pair enjoyed a romantic break in New York together in September, and in the same month I revealed Emma had begged LA-based Johnny, 24, to come to England, where she has just enrolled at Oxford University.

But their future is now less certain after he refused to move.

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dailymail, but who didn't see this coming anyway.