November 4th, 2011


"sticks + stones" reviews

From the moment she stepped onto the X Factor stage, we knew that Cher Lloyd wasn't your average reality show contestant.

The Malvern teenager just oozed star quality, leaving the judges and viewing public spellbound by her swaggerific performance.

She continued to impress during the live shows and it quickly became clear that, regardless of whether she won the competition or not, she would land herself a record contract.

Sure enough, Cher promptly signed to Simon Cowell's label Syco and was immediately hooked up with some of the world's hottest producers - and the results are jaw-droppingly good.

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It's hard to know how to react to the advance publicity for Cher Lloyd's Sticks + Stones emanating from her management company and record label, Syco. "I have never worked an album which polarised public opinion to such an extent", offered Syco's managing director, Sonny Takhar. That's a remark that could give you pause for thought. It appears to suggest that the X Factor finalist's debut might not be the equal of Syco's back catalogue, a matchless pantheon of unimpeachable classics, famed for attracting blanket acclaim, for uniting all who heard them in delight and awe: Joe McElderry's Wide Awake, Il Divo singing The Winner Takes It All in Spanish and Helping Haiti's Everybody Hurts, on which the REM classic was pitilessly brutalised for six harrowing minutes by Jon Bon Jovi, James Blunt, Mika and Michael Bublé. You read it and think: bloody hell, are you actually trying to gently deflate expectations by implying that this is a record less appealing than, say, Westlife's last album? How unappealing can a record be?

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the album is sooooo good! pop perfectiom, tbh.

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Sek-c Den A Mutha

You can finally hold 12 inches of Liam; Your life is now complete (+ more)


We're pretty sure Harry Styles will have had a grab of 12 inches of Louis Tomlinson - and now you can too! The official One Direction dolls have now launched meaning we can take hold of eeny weeny plastic versions of the boys, which is totally cool and not at all creepy.

Why, what did you think we meant?

Each doll will set you back £16.99, and is available from all the usual big name shops.

Will you be getting any?

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Is Clint Eastwood due for a Razzie?

We’ve all seen it happen in awards show after awards show. Some grizzled veteran or much-nominated actress finally wins an Oscar, a Grammy, a Tony, after years of disappointment — for work that’s maybe just a leeeeeetle bit subpar. It’s why Kate Winslet won an Oscar for The Reader, not Eternal Sunshine. It’s why Mary Louise Wilson won a Tony for Grey Gardens, not Cabaret. It’s why Susan Lucci won an Emmy for the 29th season of All My Children, not the previous 28.

Most notably, it’s why Martin Scorsese won his Oscar for the merely good The Departed — and not a masterpiece like, say, Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, or The Age of Innocence. And it’s Scorsese’s example that just might prove crucial in this year’s Razzie ceremonies. Could a certain beloved director of bad movies finally get the Razzie he so richly deserves?

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There's some more stuff at the source that isn't really important
I find it funny that Clint consistently makes movies that range from boring to terrible and yet he still always gets awards buzz.
King K

beautiful 43 year old billy crudup dating so-so 25 year old Streep offpsring

Billy Crudup (43) has struck up a romance with Meryl Streep’s actress daughter Grace Gummer (25), according to a U.S. report.

The Watchmen star appeared alongside Gummer in a production of Tom Stoppard's play Arcadia on Broadway earlier this year, and they are now said to be dating.

Crudup and Gummer have been spotted together on numerous occasions and even attended a movie screening in New York together on Tuesday, according to New York Post gossip column PageSix.

Crudup has previously dated Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker, the mother of his son William, and actress Claire Danes.


billy crudup is my favorite actor <3 I judge his choices in women, though

Anna Friel in the December 2011 issue of Tatler Magazine

Anna Friel - 'I'm very much in love with Rhys Ifans'

When Rhys Ifans, the notorious hellraiser, was photographed walking out of the Los Angeles home of Anna Friel, the actress, it seemed an unlikely affair.

But almost a year later, Friel has told she is "very much in love" with the actor, defying cynics who suggested that a relationship with a man best known for his drink-fuelled partying.

The pair met while filming Neverland, a film about Peter Pan's companions the Lost Boys, and a paparazzi photograph in February of this year made their romance public.

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Zachary Quinto


One of my favorite directors out there is the criminally underrated Brad Anderson. Actually I suppose he's not entirely underrated... Moviegoers out there who appreciate a good flick tend to enjoy Anderson's stuff. The guy puts out quality. Team him with an actor like Christian Bale and you get yourself something amazing like THE MACHINIST.
 Well it seems the duo are at it once again!

Fresh out of the American Film Market it seems Anderson and Bale are set to team once again for a survival thriller called CONCRETE ISLAND. Coming from Filmax International, the flick will be based on the best-selling novel by J.G. Ballard. Scott Kosar is adapting the script. Want the rundown for this one? Of course you do! Check it:

Robert Maitland, a wealthy architect, finds himself stranded in a manmade 'island' (a section of fenced-off wasteland in the middle of a motorway intersection) between the Westway and M4 Motorway in West London, forced to survive on only what is in his crashed Jaguar and what he is able to find.

Described as a twisted adaptation of ROBINSON CRUSOE, the flick seems pretty simple on the outside but with a team like Anderson and Bale behind this one I have a feeling the end product is going to be pretty awesome. What says you guys? You getting the same feeling?

Spit some bullets below and let us know how you're feeling about CONCRETE ISLAND as we wait for more updates from this one to come our way.



Time for a Sexy List

Five Characters Who Are Sexier Than The Actors Who Play Them

We tend to praise the sexy stars who make themselves totally unfuckable on film — as if they're courageously facing off, David-like, against the overwhelming force of their own attractiveness. (See Charlize Theron in et al.) But what about the actors who somehow deliver sexy performances, when in real life we wouldn't let them near our beds no matter how many drinks we've had? Here are five movie characters who are.

1. Jerry (Colin Farrell), Fright Night

Colin Farrell was widely considered to be a pretty sexy guy, until his messy personal life started getting headlines. His trip to rehab was obviously a good choice for his own life, but it's not a turn-on. Then there was the sex tape he made with Playboy model Nicole Narain, which was more uncomfortable than arousing. But his role as vampire-next-door Jerry in the 2011 remake of Fright Night was great proof of the sexiness of evil. Jerry was dangerous and seductive, and unlike Farrell, he seemed to take showers. Farrell seems to be moving past his status as a tabloid mainstay, though, so maybe soon he'll start seeming more doable than a bloodthirsty vampire with amazing eyebrows.

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Twilight actors comment on cream cheese, imprinting, and feral cats

If Guinness World Records recognized fictional successive rites of passage, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn — Part 1 would be the clear victor. As weddings go, yes, there most definitely is one — possibly two, if you believe Robert Pattinson. Kristen Stewart’s Bella finally gets her way during the honeymoon. Then there’s the emotion-soaked pregnancy that puts Bella in peril once more, and all the dominoes that are set off for the pair and for Taylor Lautner’s Jacob as a result. Pattinson, Stewart and Lautner talked up the first installment of the Twilight finale Thursday ahead of its debut Nov. 18, with a surprise news conference appearance by series author Stephenie Meyer, who shared some tidbits from her stint as producer.

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"X-Men: The Last Stand" Scribe Hired to Write "First Class" Sequel

"X-Men: The Last Stand" was regrettably dopey and artless, so it came as a great relief this summer when they managed to salvage the franchise with "X-Men: First Class." So it seems odd to bring back the guy who penned "X3" to write the next X-men film. And yet..

Simon Kinberg has been hired to write the sequel to "X-Men: First Class," reported Super Hero Hype. It's assumed, but unconfirmed at this point, that Matthew Vaughn, who directed "First Class" will helm the sequel.

Kinberg has previously written "XXX: State of the Union," " Mr. & Mars. Smith," and "Sherlock Holmes," so he's shown an ability to entertain the masses. But "X3" left a bad taste in almost everyone's mouth, so why bring back the guy who's already shown that he can't successfully work with these characters? Blame Brett Ratner all you want for what went wrong with "X3," but surely Kinberg is partly to blame, no?

We'll take solace in the fact that the script for "First Class" was a collaborative effort, with Ashley Miller, Zack Stentz, Jane Goldman, Vaughn, Sheldon Turner and Bryan Vaughn all pitching in. Maybe they'll end up crowdsourcing this one, too--though that's rarely a good idea.


Conan O’Brien Officiates A Same-Sex Wedding

Conan O’Brien is back in New York City for a spell, affording him the opportunity to officiate a wedding between his longtime costume designer, Scott Cronick, and Cronick’s boyfriend David Gorshein at the lovely Beacon Theatre.

Scott was walked down the aisle by Bravo host Andy Cohen, to a song I couldn’t quite hear over his jacket.

The couple, joined by their friends and family, recited their own vows under a very autumnal orange and gold floral chuppah that perfectly complimented Conan’s hair.

Some are suggesting that this is the first same-sex wedding performed on television. But I — keeping track of all things TV, gay, and wedding industrial complex-related — can think of at least another, performed in Brazil back in 2008.

Either way: Congratulations to the happy couple! And to Conan, for becoming a part of late-night TV history.

Check it out, via TBS:

i teared up because im a sap.
so beautiful!
grace oscar dress

Naomi Watts is hot

Naomi Watts attended the premiere of her latest flick, J. Edgar, in LA on November 3, where the star turned up in a stunning Stella McCartney gown. The silver sequin dress featured a plunging neckline and a thigh-high slit that showed off her amazing body.

Naomi’s porcelain skin looked great against the silvery dress, and her bright red lipstick and side-swept ‘do gave her a classic Hollywood look. A long necklace and strappy heels completed the look — what a screen siren!

Naomi’s stunning dress paired with her classic beauty made for a sexy chic look. Her killer confidence really shined through in this classic ensemble.

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I regret to inform you that we do not have a tag for this talented and fabulous woman.

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Courtney Stodden is the new Anna Nicole

Courtney Stodden’s Momager Proudly Declares Her Daughter The Next Anna Nicole Smith

Throughout the bizarre story of the Child Bride and her much-older husband, many of us have cried, "But what about her mother?" Well, now that Courtney Stodden's mom/publicist Krista Keller has opened up to The Daily Beast, you don't have to wonder anymore. She very much likes her daughter's current relationship.

But how can that possibly be, you ask? From the very beginning, she thought Doug's "beautiful, loving, non-sexual" perusal of 16-year-old Courtney was "very admirable" because it started out platonically. But when Doug decided he wanted to make this child his bride, he called Keller and was upfront about his intentions:

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Stevie J

Queen Janet Post

As jurors deliberate the fate of the man accused of killing her brother Michael, Janet Jackson returned to Australia this week to resume her sold-out ‘Number Ones’ tour.

Greeted by a horde of her ever-loyal fans, the superstar engaged with them before heading back her hotel ahead of her next show in the country.

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An Old Hollywood post featuring stellar actress Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood: 25 Unpublished Photos

Fifty years ago, on October 18, 1961, Natalie Wood debuted in one of her most iconic roles: Maria, the 20th-century twist on Shakespeare's tragically lovelorn Juliet, in the big-screen version of West Side Story. That Wood could nail the tricky mix of effervescence and anguish the role required was no surprise -- after all, at just 23 years old, she was already a Hollywood veteran, an Oscar-nominated star whose astonishing talent had been honed since the age of 4. And at nearly every stage of her career -- her early days as a cute contract moppet; her teenage Method experiments inspired by Rebel Without a Cause; her emergence as a powerful leading lady wooing Warren Beatty and Steve McQueen -- LIFE magazine's photographers were there, capturing Wood's talent and beauty as they blossomed over the years. Not all those many rolls of film could make it to print -- but now, in celebration of West Side Story's golden anniversary, presents the best never-before-published photos of its radiant star. Pictured: An unseen frame from 1963 by LIFE's John Dominis, who was on assignment to shadow actor Steve McQueen but, in this moment, was apparently distracted by his lovely co-star.
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steve jones
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'Road Rules' Dave Talks 'Grimm,' Throws Shade at MTV

Think of "Grimm" as a fairytale gone horribly wrong. There isn't a princess or Prince Charming in sight -- only a world full of big, bad wolves in disguise. Or are they called blutbads? Welcome to the world of "Grimm," NBC's new dark cop drama.

It all starts when homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) learned he was descended from the brothers Grimm, which means he can see demons -- and that it's his job to destroy them. And in this twisted fairytale, Little Red Riding Hood never makes it to her grandmother's house.

Giuntoli chatted with HuffPost about his character's identity struggles, his blutbad buddy and his former MTV days as a contestant on "Road Rules: South Pacific" in 2003.

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black sails

Somone needs to loan me about 5,000 Euros

French fashion designer André launched a new collection of high-end footwear inspired by DC Comics' very own Catwoman and Wonder Woman. While DC Comics has done previous fashion collaborations with various brands and designers such as Converse, the André x DC Comics collaboration features upscale interpretations of both Wonder Woman and Catwoman's classic digs, in the same vein as Colette's high fashion collection commemorating DC Comics' 75th Anniversary last year. Available only in Europe and apparently not online, with prices ranging from 119€-159€ Euros (approximately $164-$220 US dollars), the collection includes chic oxfords decked in Wonder Woman's color scheme with gold laces, the purr-fect pair of kitten heels (complete with cat whiskers on the heels!), a suede incarnation of Diana Prince's signature boots, and more!
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The first flats are called Diana and coust 119 Euros

More performers added for the AMA's

Chris Brown, LMFAO, and Marc Anthony join American Music Awards lineup.
The performer roster for the upcoming 2011 American Music Awards continues to grow. The show, which airs on November 20 on ABC at 8 p.m. ET/PT, will feature performances from party starters LMFAO, Chris Brown and Marc Anthony. The three stars will join a previously announced group of performers that includes Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Mary J. Blige, Christina Aguilera, Pitbull and Maroon 5. The host-free event will be broadcast live from the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live and be preceded by a one-hour red carpet ABC special at 7 p.m. The action will start even earlier with an online pre-show beginning at 5 p.m. EST hosted by former 'NSYNC member Lance Bass, with help from Michael Buckley, Estelle, Sarah Hyland, Audrina Patridge, Josh Sussman and Xzibit. Aguilera and Maroon 5 will hook up to play their current smash hit "Moves Like Jagger."

Last month, in a nomination special hosted by Pitbull and Nicki Minaj, it was revealed that Perry would head into the show as one of the night's most-nominated acts (along with fellow females Adele, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift), up for Artist of the Year, Pop or Rock Music: Favorite Female Artist and Adult Contemporary Music: Favorite Artist. It's somewhat fitting, given not only the rather huge year she's had, but that she also delivered a full-throttle version of her hit "Firework" at last year's AMAs.

For the fifth year, American Music Award winners will be determined by online voting. Fans can support their favorites in all categories by heading over to Marc Anthony?
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Gurus Talk 2012 Oscar Nominations

Movie City News' Award Watch has their Gurus o' Gold make their Nov 1 predictions under the cut.
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I know these are the experts but I have a feeling these charts are going to shuffle A TON before nominations come out. They seem so random....

What performances have you seen this year you think are w o r t h y ????
FC Team Charles

The Tragic Romance of Charles Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr Pt 2; X-Men: First Class Sequel Info

SuperHeroHype has learned that Simon Kinberg is writing the sequel to 20th Century Fox's X-Men: First Class, which has earned over $350 million since opening in theaters this June.

Kinberg produced the first film and was a writer on X-Men: The Last Stand. (SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?! You're bringing back a writer from the movie which almost single-handedly destroyed the X-Men franchise!?!?!?)  His other writing credits include Mr. & Mrs Smith, Jumper, Sherlock Holmes, and the upcoming This Means War and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  He is a producer on the latter two as well and is a producer on Neill Blomkamp's next, Elysium. 

While there is no confirmation, we assume Matthew Vaughn will be returning to the director's chair and the principal cast will reprise their roles, including James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Rose Byrne, January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence.

Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Jane Goldman and Vaughn are the credited screenwriters of the first movie.


(I'm not a usual ONTD poster, but I'm sure you guys can all jazz this up in no time)
mane bae

Some lady isn't ready for nude men on our screen

Once upon a not-so-long-ago time, big-screen male nudity—Will Ferrell's butt, anyone?—was played for laughs. This is no longer true. Don't believe us—try watching True Blood without seeing naked-vampire man parts. It seems that sexual objectification has gone testicular. One woman explains why it's just not working for her

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stay unaroused lady, I want more male nudity tyvm coz

so share your favorite on-screen nude moments. or hot sex scenes. per ontd rules ofc.......
these two

Fall 2011′s Top 5 Female Sitcom Characters

Even though two of TV’s funniest ladies, Liz Lemon and Jules Cobb, are on a break, the fall season has still been dominated by funny gals. It doesn’t matter if the sitcom is female-centric or an ensemble piece, the women are stealing the limelight from their male cohorts.

So much so in fact, I had trouble narrowing my list down to five characters. (For the record: Max and Caroline, the titular 2 Broke Girls, were only excluded because they work best as a team. See? It’s an embarrassment of comedic lady riches.)

Here are five ladies who are earning the biggest laughs so far this season:

Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope has been a standout character since season two thanks to killer writing and Amy Poehler’s impeccable comic timing and zaniness, but now that she’s running for office, Leslie is even more hilarious than usual. Whether she’s challenging the Tammys in Ron’s life to a drink off or wailing in horror over the realization she was born in Eagleton and not in her beloved Pawnee, Leslie always leaves me giggling. But what really sets Leslie apart is her realism and sincerity; she’s such a genuinely wonderful person we always feel like we’re laughing with her instead of at her.

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  • klauses

Patrick Wolf Releases Music Video for "The Falcons"

Six months after the release of his critically acclaimed record Lupercalia, electro pop master Patrick Wolf has released this music video for "The Falcons."

This Noriko Okaku directed video is filled with (you guessed it) falcons! With the help of these high-flying birds, Wolf’s rush of orchestral flourishes and heavy pop presence bring out the best in Okaku’s animation. The result is a gorgeous, highly complimentary visual treatment for Wolf's triumphant track.

Oh! Did I mention triangles? Yes, a lot of triangles as well. So sit back and let this warm your heart:

Xtina: QT Glasses

Pregnant womyn mega-post

Starring: Una of the Saturdays, Lilly Allen, Beyonce, Susan Downey and Hilary Duff

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Who's your favorite 1st time expecting mother to be?


Don't Worry, Darren Criss Will Be "Delicate" When He Sticks it in Chris Colfer on Next Week's Glee.

Ratings have dropped on the once unstoppable Glee, but next Tuesday sees the Fox show push boundaries that could bring many viewers back.

In an episode that has been previewed positively, Gleeks will get to see not one, but two, of their favourite couples take their relationship to the next level and have sex.
In keeping with the progressive nature of the show, a gay couple's teenage love is depicted alongside that of straight lovers.

The episode, entitled appropriately enough, The First Time, sees Finn and Rachel then Kurt and Blaine consummate their love affairs.

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linda granger

Kris Kris Jenner Slammed By Native American Group For 'Indian Giver' Comment

How did ONTD miss this? She's a piece of work. Native Americans responded: "We hate a Kardashian"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As soon as we heard Kris Jenner say that she "hates an Indian giver" during her interview Thursday on "Good Morning America," we knew there was going to backlash.

Jenner told the show that since her daughter Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement ring was a gift from Kris Humphries, she should keep it regardless of the fact the two had only been married for 72 days before Kim filed for divorce.

"I hate an Indian giver. It's a gift ... keep your gift," she said.

For the master of a publicity machine that is the Kardashian family, Jenner certainly stuck her foot in her mouth this time. RadarOnline is reporting that National Congress of American Indians are furious over the comment, calling it "wrong and hurtful."

The group's Executive Director, Jacqueline Johnson Pat, told the website:

"Once again American Indians and Alaska Natives have been misrepresented by a single misinformed statement ... The phrase "Indian giving" is wrong and hurtful. The cultural values of Native Americans are based on giving unconditionally and empowering those around them. Instead this cultural value is forgotten when negative stereotypes of Native people occurs."

It's timely that November is actually Native American Heritage Month and Johnson Pat in her statement, invited the Jenner and Kardashian family to learn more about Native American Heritage.

So far Jenner has not responded to the group's issues with her comment.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
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Closing Arguments in Trial of Michael Jackson's Doctor

The involuntary manslaughter case against Dr. Conrad Murray goes to the jury, who begin deliberations on Friday (November 4).

Above is Part 1 of the closing arguments. I think watching the whole thing will sum up each side's evidence, theories, etc. quite nicely. (Click the following links to watch: Part 2 and Part 3.) However, below is a summation of the closing arguments, for those who can't/don't want to sit through it all. ;)

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linda granger

Scott Thompson, 'Kids In The Hall' Comedian, Tells Bullied Kids To "Grow A Pair"

Mr. Thompson has obviously never lived in America which is controlled by religious fanatics, and children that shoot you in the head because you look different. I also doubt he grew up with cyber-bulling.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Anyone who hasn't been living under a rock for the past year knows that bullying is a hot topic in America.

Due to a series of highly publicized suicides attributed to anti-gay bullying, celebrities like Lady Gaga and organizations like the It Gets Better campaign, founded by Dan Savage to let LGBT youth know that they are not alone, have spoken out in hopes of ending the terror many kids -- LGBT or not -- face on a daily basis.

Still, some feel that these messages are not, in and of themselves, sufficient for combatting bullying.

In a new interview with, comedian Scott Thompson, perhaps best known for his participation in the sketch comedy show "Kids In The Hall," gave some controversial advice for kids who are dealing with bullying:

"Grow a pair. Here's the thing: The world is not kind to us; it never really will be. The gay male is always going to be at the bottom. I believe the things that happened to me as a child scarred me terribly, and I wish somebody would have helped me with some of the things that happened. But you have to fight back. So much of these bullying campaigns are part of the trend that we were just talking about - the recasting of gay men as eternal victims and it's like, fight back! Fathers should start teaching the boys how to punch. He does that to you, here's what you do: You fucking punch him in the face."

Thompson also claims that "women are bullying now!" adding, "Who's doing the neutering? Women. Straight men don't do it; they don't give a shit. They are jealous of how much sex we have. It's women who are neutering us. They want us to be their shopping companions..."

Earlier this month Thompson had a slightly different take on the issue when he told OutTakeOnline, "What you really need is people like The Rock to say [that bullying is wrong]. Those kids need to hear The Rock and rappers and 50 Cent, they're the ones that those boys need to hear."

Source: Huffington Post, AOL
Jay-Z / FB

The Boy Scouts of America Have a New Ad Campaign.

In their new ad campaign, the Boy Scouts of America seem to be positioning themselves to appeal to a younger demographic--or at least, a more ironic, hipster-minded one.

The spots, produced by the Atlanta office of the global ad firm Ogilvy & Mather, depict fresh-faced scouts sporting facial hair that would look right at home at the indie music festival Coachella. The tagline: Be One With The Wild.

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anal del taco

Kelly Clarkson finally at ease

It may have taken some time, but Kelly Clarkson seems to finally be releasing an album without any drama on the side.

"Everything is good, everything is happy," she said, laughing brightly during a recent interview to promote "Stronger," released last week.

It's a different scenario than her last two albums: She went through public disputes with legendary executive and mogul Clive Davis over her third album and with OneRepublic singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder after her fourth album was released.

They were typical of the bold stances she's taken that proved her to be more than the passive, malleable product of a hit TV competition, establishing her as an artist instead of just a voice.

"I've been a fighter since I started walking," she said, adding casually and genuinely a line that could be lifted from one of her inspirational songs: "We get one life. You want to make sure that you're living it how you want to live it."

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Kelly Rowland Spill The Beans On BeyBaby's Gender!!

We all know Jay and Bey have been keeping the gender of thier baby a secret for a while now.. well thanks to Kelly we finally know the answer.
She told BANG Showbiz:

“I’m so happy for my sister and her husband. They’re so happy in this moment right now, as they should be. They’ve made a little bundle of love, I’m so excited for them.

“I have no idea what I’m going to buy Beyonce at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won’t be spoiled but she will be very well looked-after.

“I’ll be on hand for babysitting duties and I’m actually very good with messy diapers!”

What would Jay and Beyonce think about Kelly spilling the beans?

i hope the royal couple is okay with her telling their business, or else someone won't be getting an invite to the shower...
these two

Lionsgate Shopping 'Harold & Kumar' TV Show

With Harold & Kumar readying for its big screen return today, sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that Lionsgate is shopping an animated TV version.

Film stars John Cho and Kal Penn are on board to voice the characters, Harold and Kumar, respectively, while A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas' scribes Jon Hurwitz and Hayden Schlossberg are attached to pen the script, according to sources.

Lionsgate has received multiple offers from cable networks, but no official deal has been made for the potential series.

The Nov. 4 film release marks the third entry in Mandate Pictures' raunchy stoner film franchise. The first, 2004's Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle grossed $18.3 million domestically; the second, 2008's Harold & Kumar Escape to Guantanamo Bay, garnered $38.1 million.

Penn and Cho are both repped by the Gersh Agency; Hurwitz and Schlossberg are repped by CAA.

  • gaybash

Philipp Plein ready to drop Lindsay Lohan from 2012 campaign.

Isn't it such a pain when jail gets in the way of modeling gigs? Sigh. The life of a fading starlet.

Lindsay Lohan will only have to serve, at most, six days of her 300-day jail sentence if she does everything the judge tells her, but those six days may be enough to lose her a pretty penny. According to Fox411, the terms of her sentence may cost her a half-a-million dollar deal as the face for German designer Philipp Plein's 2012 campaign.

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Nicki Minaj and Prince Performing at Versace for H&M Launch

Didn’t think the Versace for H&M collaboration could get any flashier? It just did, with the announcement that characters no less colourful than Prince and Nicki Minaj will perform after the collection’s launch show in New York next week.

‘To have my friend, the great, the amazing, the one and only Prince, and the extraordinary Nicki Minaj both perform at the event, will create the feeling of joy and glamour I want this partnership to express,’
Donatella Versace told WWD.

hbic pam

Occupy Wall Street Boosts 'Margin Call' in Oscar Race

The financial thriller hadn't been on anyone's radar, but now it's riding the anti-Wall Street wave to become an out-of-nowhere awards pick.

The 84th Academy Awards are nearly four months away, but that hasn't stopped industrious handicappers from culling the herd, anointing early front-runners including The Descendants, The Artist and Midnight in Paris while reserving place holders for such big-ticket contenders as War Horse and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close that have not yet screened. Not so fast, though: Turns out there's still room for a surprise or two.

Enter Margin Call. Collapse )

Grammys Confirm Van Halen 'Reunion' With Unsubtle Tweet

Spin Staff on November 4, 2011 4:37 PM

Van Halen reunited with original frontman David Lee Roth in 2007, but according to the Grammys, they'll be the "reuniting band" on November 30 at the Grammy Nominations concert. "Who do u predict the reuniting band will be @ #GRAMMYnoms? Does this hint make u wanna 'Jump' & 'Dance the Night Away'?" reads a tweet sent last night (and noticed by Yahoo!'s Amplifier). Quel mystery! The Pointer Sisters? Cream?

Collapse )

The Grammy Nominations Concert will feature performances by Lady Gaga, Sugarland, Ludacris, and Lupe Fiasco. The actual Grammys go down February 12 in Los Angeles. There's no guarantee Van Halen will take the stage at the post-Thanksgiving event — they'll more likely announce an upcoming tour or album, which would be their first with Diamond Dave since 1984.

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NGL, until I read the clues, I was hoping the reunion would be Kevin going back to BSB

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

John Lennon's son, Julian, miffed over a non-invitation to Paul McCartney's wedding, says the former Beatle is giving him the cold shoulder.

According to Julian's Facebook page, it is not the only slight he has received — the first was on the red carpet at the premiere of Martin Scorsese's new film, George Harrison: Living in the Material World.

"Wow . . . Snubbed at Macca's wedding, snubbed at the anniversary of [Beatles musical] LOVE! in Vegas! Snubbed at Macca's wedding reception in NY, last night," the disgruntled Julian wrote on October 23.

He ended with the following plea:

"Gimme some truth . . . Maybe now it's time to tell the truth . . . I & my mother will not be eradicated from history . . . How dare they."

who owns my heart

Miley books another gig; remains richer than u

Cyrus to voice Adam Sandler's daughter in star-studded animated film 'Hotel Transylvania'

Dracula, meet your daughter, Miley Cyrus. EW can report exclusively that the multi-hyphenate is joining the all-star cast of Sony Picture Animation’s Hotel Transylvania as the über-vamp’s teenage daughter Mavis. Adam Sandler is voicing the famous blood-sucker, who builds the titular resort for all manner of monsters (and their families) as a way of keeping Mavis from venturing out into the real world. Things get tricky after a regular guy (voiced by Andy Samberg) ends up at the hotel.

Cyrus will be in some great comic company, too. Among the actors playing the various horror-story creatures checking into the Hotel: Kevin James (Frank, i.e. Frankenstein), Fran Drescher (Eunice, i.e. Bride of Frankenstein), David Spade (Quasimodo), Cee Lo Green Murray the Mummy), and Steve Buscemi and Molly Shannon as a pair of werewolves with an overwhelmingly large litter.

Genndy Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack, Star Wars: Clone Wars) is directing the film, which will hit theaters Sept. 21, 2012.

UPDATE: Now with a first look at Miley's character Mavis and a full summary:

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2012: Year of Cyrus

cristiano / nike bw

Cristiano Ronaldo receives his second Golden Boot

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo was officially presented with the European Golden Boot award on Friday, November 4 in Madrid, Spain. The Portugal international achieved the prestigious honour by firing home 40 goals (41 by Marca's count) in Spain's La Liga last season, thus scoring more times than any other player in any European leagues. He went on to finish the 2010-11 season with 53 goals in all competitions, making him the highest goal scorer in a season for Real Madrid. 

He is the first player to get this award in two different leagues. His first was in 2008, when he netted 31 goals in the Premier League for Manchester United. The Portuguese player also breaks the record of points in the history of the award (80) and becomes the eighth player to win the trophy twice. On Wednesday, Ronaldo experienced another career-highlight. In a Champions League match against Olympique Lyonnais, he scored two goals in the 2-0 win over the French side. The second goal was his 100th official strike as a Madridista. He has scored 100 goals in 105 matches for Real Madrid in only three seasons.

Ronaldo, who was handed the award by Portugal legend Eusebio and Real Madrid honorary president Alfredo Di Stefano, reflected on his win during an interview. "I'm sitting here next to two football geniuses and it gives me great pleasure. It's obvious I want to be amongst the great players in football history. I'm young and still learning. I'm at a club that gives me the opportunity to grow as a player. I now wish to savour this Golden Boot. I'm very happy. This is a very important moment in my career because I never thought I'd have the numbers I've gotten on this team. I wish to dedicate this to the fans and to my temmates."

Ronaldo was accompanied by members of the Real Madrid staff, his family, and his girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

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breaking records left and right :') 

Kelly Rowland likes touching Louis Walsh's arse

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Speaking to London's Capital Breakfast Show with Johnny Vaughan and Lisa Snowdon, Rowland revealed: "I love Louis, but I squeeze his butt all of the time. I take advantage of his little booty. It's a cute little Irish bum. It's a little on the flatter side, but it's still cute. I grab what I can."

The 30-year-old confirmed that she is also exploring the possibility of launching her own lingerie line, which could include a range for men.

"We should launch men's thongs. I dare you to wear them," she challenged Vaughan.

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sam ღ punching bag

Sam is Superman

Smallville Vet Cast as Sam's Dad!

Glee has tapped Smallville patriarch John Schneider to play the father of Chord Overstreet’s trouty mouthed crooner, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The gig reunites Schneider with Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy for the first time since they worked together on FX’s Nip/Tuck (where the Dukes of Hazard vet played porn impresario Ram Peters).

Schneider — who is booked for one episode at this point — make his Glee debut in this season’s eighth episode, which just so happens to be Overstreet’s first episode back as Sam.


Tom Hiddleston's Memorable Ride

These have been scrapbook seasons for Tom Hiddleston — over the last two years the 30-year-old British actor has worked with directors Steven Spielberg, Woody Allen,Kenneth Branagh, Terence Davies and Joss Whedon — but there is one snapshot memory from it all that he says "will be with me until the day I die." It was during the filming of "War Horse," the Christmas Day release that takes Spielberg back to the epic battlefields of Europe and puts Hiddleston in the saddle as Capt. Nicholls.

"There's a scene in the film where the British cavalry charge to the German front lines — and this is in the first world war, set in 1914 — 120 horses in formation, going full tilt, our swords gleaming in the sun," Hiddleston said, recalling the location shoot at the old Wisley Airfield in Surrey, England, in October 2010.

"It's this triumphant, martial moment, we were chasing the enemy through the German camp and into the wood. But what the British cavalry didn't know was that at the edge of the wood, waiting for them, is the first line of machine guns ever to be used in warfare. And there's a point when my character sees the machine guns and Steven wanted to do a simple close-up of my face at the very moment."

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in related news, have you seen the message on his twitter today? he is so lovely 

Mark Strong Reads Moby-Dick: “Down, dog, and kennel!”

On the occasion of its 160th anniversary, the Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy actor reads from Herman Melville’s masterpiece. Whether he’s terrorizing Victorian London as the menacing Lord Blackwood in Sherlock Holmes or lording over New York’s criminal underworld as an ironfisted Mob boss in Kick-Ass, the classically trained British stage-and-screen actor Mark Strong seems to have mastered the dark arts of cinematic villainy. (To witness his incomparable range, see also: RocknRolla, Robin-Hood, and Green Lantern.) So perhaps it only makes sense that he lend his gravelly voice to literature’s greatest power-hungry tyrant: Captain Ahab of the Pequod, in Herman Melville’s masterpiece Moby-Dick. So here, breathing life into the classic novel’s gruff, timeless characters, Strong—who appears in December’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy—reads from two chapters, “Enter Ahab, To him, Stubb” and “The Pipe.” In both scenes, the mysterious, gray-bearded captain reveals his true nature to the crew of the Pequod.


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Princess Scott tweets and the world listens

Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, super awesome human Scott Disick, is putting the grr in angry tweet! Scotty-Too-Hottie was horrified by the viral video of Texas family law Judge William Adams beating his then-16-year-old daughter Hillary, who has cerebral palsy. Scott had some crazy harsh words for the trigger-happy judge.

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i just wanted to use the biutiful scott disick tag tbh

Benicio Del Toro for Star Trek 2 villain?

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Though most roles are cast in Paramount and Skydance's "Star Trek" sequel, the mysterious villain part was still available -- and now J.J. Abrams has made his choice.
Sources close to the project tell Variety that Benicio Del Toro is expected to be offered the part, possibly before the weekend is out. Insiders say Del Toro has met with Abrams but, in an effort to keep the role a secret, still doesn't know exactly what it is.

Par and Skydance had no comment on the casting process.

Abrams is back to direct with Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Damon Lindelof penning the script. Abrams, Kurtzman, Orci, Lindelof, Bryan Burk, and David Ellison will produce through Bad Robot and Skydance Productions.

Production is expected to start in early 2012.

Del Toro most recently finished production on Universal's "Savages."


People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

"When I get home [from rehearsals], I train horizontally."

– DWTS's Ricki Lake, whose new moves are spicing up her love life with fiancé Christian Evans, to PEOPLE

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French bulldog in a bakery

Luke Evans in LA Magazine

Bolt Action
Bolt Action Assuming the role of legends and gods is all in a day’s work for Welsh-born actor Luke Evans


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In Hollywood, a summit meeting of the gods looks like this: Zeus as a young god and Zeus as an aged one sharing a trailer. In the spring of last year, John Hurt, septuagenarian and living deity among the British acting elite, was chilling on his side of a double-wide when he heard a knock on the partition.

A Welsh kid named Luke Evans was on the other side. In their new film, the two actors would be playing different versions of the same bolt-throwing Greek immortal. So, Evans had done what any neighborly godhead would do: popped by to borrow a cup of ambrosia.

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Head of Universal Pictures: 'We make a lot of shitty movies'

Of the major Universal Studios flops in recent memory, a handful stand out for their massive, and high profile, box office failings: 2009’s Sid and Marty Krofft adaptation Land of the Lost, 2010’s abysmal Wolfman and geek cult film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and this summer’s megawatt disappointment Cowboys & Aliens. No one, it seems, is more painfully aware of Universal’s missteps than longtime studio head Ron Meyer, who candidly addressed his recent Tower Heist VOD experiment, revisited his rise through the ranks to the top of the Universal chain, and admitted Wednesday in Savannah that some mediocre movies deserve their fate: “We make a lot of shitty movies. Every one of them breaks my heart.”

Appearing at the Savannah Film Festival to speak to students and members of the public at the Savannah College of Art & Design, special guest Meyer — founder of CAA, President/COO of Universal Studios, and the longest-running studio head of his generation — spoke openly about his fortuitous rise through Hollywood’s ranks and the many well-publicized moves Universal has made under his tenure, for better and for worse.

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Professor Chaos

Which Of These 4 Will Become John McClane Jr?

Ever since it was revealed that the fifth installment of the Die Hard franchise, A Good Day to Die Hard, would include one new major character in the form of John McClane’s son, rumors have been circulating about who might be up for the gig. Now a new report has surfaced claiming that the studio and director John Moore are getting closer to casting the role. They’ve apparently narrowed down their options to just four actors: Aaron Paul, James Badge Dale, D.J. Cotrona, and (because no casting search is complete without him, apparently) Liam Hemsworth. More details after the jump.

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Michael Fassbender is more popular than your faves, in consideration for yet another movie

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Warner Bros. is apparently making moves on their spy-centered pic Londongrad. Variety reports that Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt is in talks to direct the film, which centers on the mysterious 2006 death of ex-KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko who was poisoned. In addition, Michael Fassbender is apparently circling the lead. Based on Alan Cowell’s book The Terminal Spy, the script was written by David Scarpa (The Last Castle) and centers on Litvinenko, who went public with accusations that Russian president Vladimir Putin was the one who ordered his death.

Wyatt turned heads when he delivered the thought-provoking and highly entertaining Apes, landing on a number of shortlists for high profile jobs (including WB’s The Twilight Zone, though Matt Reeves eventually landed the gig). The director is expected to return for the Apes sequel that began moving forward yesterday, but Londongrad should be his next pic. Fassbender hasn’t committed to the project just yet. He’s currently set to reteam with Shame director Steve McQueen on 12 Years a Slave. As a big fan of both Wyatt and Fassbender, I have to say I quite like this combination.

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JUSTIN BIEBER'S BABY ACCUSER Not Her First 'You're The Daddy' Allegation

The woman who claims Justin Bieber fathered her child -- originally accused her ex-boyfriend of being the daddy to the very same baby last year ... this according to her ex-BF's grandmother.

TMZ spoke with Frances Lippe ... who tells us Mariah Yeater had been dating her grandson John Terranova in Las Vegas toward the end of high school.

Lippe says Yeater came to their home in December 2010 and told Terranova she was pregnant with his child. He insisted he did not get her pregnant.

The two got into an argument and police were called ... because Yeater allegedly broke a car window out of rage.

Later that day, according to the police report, Yeater returned to the home to work out a payment plan for the window ... and got into another altercation with Terranova ... and allegedly slapped John 3 separate times in the face with her open right hand.

Yeater was arrested and charged for battery. A court date has been set in Vegas.

Lippe tells us they never heard from Yeater again after the December altercation. 10 months later, Mariah surfaced ... now claiming Bieber is the father. JB says it just ain't true.

Mariah gave birth to a baby boy in San Diego on July 6 -- she did not list a father on the birth certificate.

We've made multiple calls to Yeater's attorneys -- so far, no response.


More info on Truth or Dare by Madonna

Coty Prestige, a division of Coty Inc. – the world’s largest fragrance company, will launch Madonna’s first fragrance “Truth or Dare by Madonna”.

The agreement with Coty marks the first time Madonna, the top selling female recording artist of all time, with more than 300 million records sold worldwide, will launch a fragrance.

Madonna stated…

I have always been obsessed by fragrance and for years wanted to create something personal that was an expression of me, but that other people could relate to as well.

Something classical and timeless and yet modern. My oldest memory of my mother is her perfume. I carry it with me everywhere.

She always smelled like gardenias and tuberose, an intoxicating mixture [that was] feminine and mysterious. I wanted to re-create this scent, but with something fresh and new about it as well. Something honest and yet daring – hence the name Truth or Dare.

Madonna will be featured in a global print, television, and online marketing campaign produced in collaboration with Fabien Baron of Baron & Baron who she has worked with on many projects including “Sex,” her renowned 1992 pictorial essay on sexuality. Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot the print ads. TV has not yet been filmed.

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