November 2nd, 2011


Empire 100 Greatest British Films

It's time to start singing Land Of Hope And Glory, down pints of warm beer and possibly have a nice cup of tea and a crumpet, because we have assembled the finest 100 British films ever made. It's been difficult to narrow down the selection and still represent the many facets of British cinema - from kitchen sink dramas to Cockney gangsters to boy wizards and costume dramas - but we think we've managed a pretty comprehensive selection. Step this way, and revel in some of the cinema world's best ever films. If you're wondering how we define a British film, step this way.

100 - 91
100. Darling (1965)
99. The Ipcress File (1965)
98. Oh! What a Lovely War (1969)
97. 24 Hour Party People (2002)
96. Nil By Mouth (1997)
95. Gregory's Girl (1981)
94. Tinker Tailor Soilder Spy (2011)
93. Brazil (1985)
92. Four Lions (2010)
91. The Remains of the Day (1993)

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Magdalena Frakowiak Rocking Victoria's Secret's PINK Light-Up Bra

Oct 31, 2011 - Here’s a sneak peek at the crazy cool PINK light-up bra that will be making it debut on the runway at this year’s VS Fashion Show! Currently the only one of its kind in the world, two very lucky ladies will be taking home custom made versions thanks to PINK and Polyvore.

The winners of our Club PINK Fashion Show Challenge, launching on on November 18, will score this sweet prize plus a $400 gift card. Want to be in the running? Show us a fashion show set that you think would rock the Club PINK runway. Remember, this year’s Club PINK theme is all about bling, so your set should reflect that over-the-top, party vibe. Entries will be judged by one of our very own fashion savvy supermodels.

Official rules will be posted on starting November 18. Good luck


Does Donald Glover's Rap Career Have a Woman Problem?

My friend Gene Demby, the managing editor of Huffington Post’s Black Voices channel, tweeted yesterday, “Is it just me, or does the misogyny in Childish Gambino’s music seem especially pronounced?” I’d stayed away from the music by Donald Glover mostly because my friends who had seen him live hadn’t loved him. And I’d be curious to know whether Glover really believes the things he says about women as Childish Gambino, a persona he seems to use to displace the rage inspired by his treatment by other men onto women, who show up in his songs as hipster groupies, gold diggers, and almost nothing else in between.

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Sek-c Den A Mutha

This is a Payneinthebutt post! (with Harrangel "Curly-Hair Prince" Stylish and some other lessers)

It might be the show that brought the wonderful fivesome into our lives but according to Liam Payne, One Direction can't watch X Factor now without feeling the need to vom.

Liam told the Daily Star's playlist: “We can’t watch the show in the same way now. The music makes me really nervous, as soon as I hear that theme tune I feel sick. It takes me backstage again and waiting to perform live.”

We never had 1D down as the nervous kind, they're always so confident and amazing!
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one direction GIF Pictures, Images and Photos
Flawless duo invites you in...
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

More details about Hugh Grant's love child!

Hugh Grant becomes a father for the first time after a fleeting affair with Chinese actress Tinglan Hong
Hugh Grant has become a father for the first time after a former girlfriend gave birth following a ‘fleeting affair’.

The actor, 51, has had a daughter with Tinglan Hong, who is 19 years his junior.

Grant is not believed to have been present at the birth but he is said to have spent around half an hour with her the following day before heading to Scotland to play in a golf tournament.

Hugh Grant with Tinglang Hong in April this year

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Selena Gomez Megapost (Movie News, Candids, & at the The Fulfillment Fund's 2011 Stars Gala)

James Franco is going to a decidedly darker place once he wraps the lead in Disney's "Oz: The Great and Powerful" as he's attached to star in "Spring Breakers," a new project from Harmony Korine.

Emma Roberts, Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez are in talks to star in the story of four college-aged girls who rob a restaurant to afford spring break in Florida, only to get arrested upon arrival.

Should Hudgens' and Gomez's deals close, the risque, avant garde material for which Korine is known would be a change of pace from the safe Disney Channel fare that launched them to stardom.

Korine, whose last film was "Trash Humpers," is best known for scripting Larry Clark's "Kids," as well as both writing and directing "Gummo" and "Mister Lonely." He'll both write and direct "Spring Breakers."

Roberts would play a Southern brunette who feeds off danger, while Gomez would play a religious girl who isn't a thrill-seeker like the rest of the group, which includes Hudgens. Franco will co-star as Alien, a rapping drug and arms dealer who bails them out of jail and entices them to kill his arch-rival.

MJZ prexy David Zander will produce with Chris Hanley of MUSE Prods., as well as Charles-Marie Anthonioz ("Trash Humpers") and Jordan Gertner. Production will take place during spring break in Florida.

Franco, who most recently toplined "Rise of the Planet of the Apes," will soon be seen in a trio of indies -- "Maladies" with Catherine Keener, "The Stare" with Winona Ryder and "Cherry" with Heather Graham. Franco, who's currently prepping several passion projects as a multi-hyphenate, is also expected to co-star in Seth Rogen's directorial debut "The Apocalypse."

Roberts, who's coming off a starring turn in "Scream 4," recently wrapped a supporting role in Lee Toland Krieger's indie dramedy "Celeste and Jesse Forever."

Hudgens, who recently starred in "Sucker Punch" and "Beastly," is currently filming the serial killer thriller "Frozen Ground" with John Cusack and Nicolas Cage. Thesp next stars in New Line's "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" and Ron Krauss' indie "Gimme Shelter."

Coming off "Monte Carlo," Gomez is attached to star in "Hot Mess" and will soon be seen in Disney's "The Muppets."

CAA packaged the project, as the agency reps Korine, Franco, Roberts, Hudgens and Gomez. Franco, Roberts and Hudgens are respectively managed by Miles Levy of James/Levy Management, David Sweeney of Sweeney Entertainment and Evan Hainey of Untitled Entertainment. Hudgens and Gomez are also repped by attorney Stephen Espinoza.
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Josh Holly AKA ONTDer is let off with probation!


Josh Holly, the self-confessed Miley Cyrus hacker, has avoided jail for unrelated computer crimes, receiving three years' probation at a sentencing hearing on Monday.

Holly, 22, from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, pleaded guilty last April to possessing about 200 stolen credit card numbers as well as running a celebrity MySpace pages spam scam that earned him an estimated $100,000. Collapse )

He's too hot for miley Y/Y?

Details From Matthew Morrison’s Star Studded Halloween Birthday Bash

Some of the guests included:
Chace Crawford
JC Chasez
Colton Haynes
Shawn Pyfrom – Desperate Housewives
Joe Mazzello
Lauren Conrad
Adam Brody
Chris Colfer – GLEE
Dianna Agron – GLEE
Darren Criss – GLEE
Ashley Fink – GLEE
Sterling Knight – So Random
Avan Jogia – Victorious
Bryan Singer (Director/Producer) – X-Men, Usual Suspects, Valkyrie, TV series House
Dustin Lance Black – Academy Award Winner for MILK, wrote J Edgar premiering Thursday
Emily VanCamp – REVENGE
Josh Schwartz – Creator of The OC, Gossip Girl, Chuck
Mark Ballas
Lucas Gabreel – Switched At Birth
Tyler Hoechlin – Teen Wolf
Mike Medavoy – Producer of Black Swan, What To Expect

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grace oscar dress

Grace Kelly Exhibit Opens in Toronto on Friday

Torontonians will be able to glimpse the glamour of Grace Kelly when an exhibit on the Oscar-winning actress and princess comes to the city this Friday.

Despite a film career that lasted only five years and a life cut short in a tragic car accident, Grace Kelly left her mark on fashion, popular culture and the times she lived in.

Based on similar shows in Monaco and London, Grace Kelly: From Movie Star to Princess will feature the very public and very personal life of the Oscar-winning actress - a vast collection of artifacts, including jewels, gowns, letters and a collection of her home movies shot on Super 8 film. The exhibit is based on similar shows: a combination of Grace Kelly Style Icon at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London last year, and The Grace Kelly Years, which was on display in Monaco several years ago.

"Although she was among the most photographed women of the 20th century she still remains something of a mystery," says Noah Cowan, artistic director of TIFF Bell Lightbox.

"In all phases of her life she became iconic - as a movie star, as a bride, as a princess - and yet it's hard to actually know who the real Grace Kelly is. I think this show actually takes you inside (her world). You see her personal correspondence, what she loved to wear and what she loved to do."

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Short video tour at this source.

Do any ONTDers plan to go?

Victoria Beckham To Start Children’s Clothing Line?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

According to a source, Victoria Beckman can’t wait to launch a line of clothes for babies, boys and girls. She hopes it will become a successful arm to her VB fashion empire.

“Now Victoria has a family of boys and girls she wants to reflect that in her fashion work and produce a line of clothes for children too,” says an insider.

“In some of her down time with Harper Victoria has been jotting down drawings and coming up with ideas for kids clothes that are practical but fun too. David is really excited about the line too and Victoria can’t wait to get going on the project.”


george jetson

Penn Badgley & Zoe Kravitz Take a Romantic Stroll On His Birthday

INF Daily’s photogs caught cute new couple Penn Badgley and Zoe Kravitz taking a romantic stroll together on a chilly Manhattan afternoon yesterday. Penn was on a break from filming Gossip Girl and spent his time wandering around the city with Lenny Kravitz’ daughter.

The pair have been dating since July and have attended a few premieres together but have been otherwise low-key about their relationship. Yesterday just happens to have been Penn’s 25th birthday, and he’s got a new lady love in his life. Not a bad way to spend his day.
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Kardashian News: Kris on "The Today Show"/Kim Says Kris' Parents Hate Her

The Kardashian family is screaming it from the mountain tops -- trying to convince the world they DID NOT PROFIT from Kim's ill-fated wedding ... but there seems to be a problem with their logic.

Kris Jenner appeared on "Today" this morning ... and said, "It saddens me to think that one of the rumors is that we’ve sold the television rights for millions of dollars, not true. We profited or she profited – absolutely false."

Jenner's statement follows a stern blog post from Kim -- in which she also stated, "There are also reports that I made millions of dollars off of the wedding. These reports are simply not true and it makes me so sad to have to even clarify this."

This morning, Kim appeared on the "Kyle and Jackie O" show in Australia, and once again insisted she didn't marry for cash ... saying, "I would never marry for a TV show, for money, for anything like that, and I think that's really ridiculous that I have to even, you know, kind of defend that but, you know."

Still, Kris admits K&K, "made some money for the pictures that were sold and things like that" ...but says the fam didn't profit, because all of that money went back towards paying for the wedding.

But here's the problem -- most people can't afford a $10 million wedding, and if Kim chose to pump her MASSIVE paychecks back into her wedding, that's her call ... and it STILL COUNTS AS PROFIT. Kim could have had a $6 mil wedding ... and banked $4.
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Picture Of Bieber's Baby Mama, Mariah Yeater

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The November 7th, 2011 issue of Star Magazine claims they have all the details on Mariah Yeater the 20 year old women who claims Justin Bieber fathered her three month old child.  Furthermore, they have a picture of Mariah and baby Bieber on the cover.

Justin Bieber's legal team has reacted to that allegations calling them “malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false.”

His team adds: “While we haven’t yet seen the lawsuit, it’s sad that someone would fabricate malicious, defamatory, and demonstrably false claims. We will vigorously pursue all available legal remedies to defend and protect Justin against these allegations.”

Where's Maury when you need him?


Lindsay Lohan - In Court And Mostly Likely Headed To Jail Or Not Who Knows With This Bitch

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lindsay Lohan will not fight for her freedom in court this morning ... she'll fight for as little jail time as possible.

We've already told you ... Lindsay will concede she violated her probation, but she's hoping she'll only get 2 weeks in the pokey. Here's the thing ... she's dreaming.

We're told the L.A. City Attorney will ask for significantly more time than 2 weeks, and given she'll only serve 20% of the sentence, it's likely the sentence will be measured in months, not weeks.

The hearing starts at 10 AM PT, but we're told everyone is showing up closer to 9 AM.

Source + Live stream

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thirteen movie poster trends that are here to stay and what they say about their movies


1. Tiny People On the Beach, Giant Heads in the Clouds

These movies are always sappy dramas. Do not allow you to be mislead by the trailer or calibre of the people involved into thinking otherwise. The protagonist/his little brother/father and/or love interest is very likely to end up dead. You probably should keep your tissues handy because you'll cry tears of sorrow, tears of joy, tears because you just wasted 13 dollars on this movie. This sort of poster is inevitably used for anything that involves Nicholas Sparks.

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Xtina: QT Glasses

Lindsay will be out of jail in Minutes

Lindsay Lohan will almost certainly get out of jail in a matter of minutes ... this according to officials from the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Two Sheriff's Dept. officials tell us ... if someone receives a misdemeanor sentence of 90 days or less, they are routinely processed in and then released. As one of the officials put it, "She'll be out without even having to change her clothes."

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The Rocky Horror Show’s Richard O’Brien

More than thirty-eight years after its June 1973 premiere, The Rocky Horror Show remains a stage and screen phenomenon. Since playing Riff Raff in the 1975 film version, the show’s creator, Richard O’Brien, has starred in a host of film, stage and television projects, including hosting Channel 4’s The Crystal Maze. Laurence Watts caught up with him to talk sexuality, success and turning seventy.

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grace jamaica

Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Attend 29th Annual Princess Grace Awards Gala in NYC

Prince Albert & Princess Charlene Award Andrews and Hang with Hathaway at Princess Grace Awards

Other celebs in attendance included Rufus Wainwright, Natalie Cole, Selita Ebanks, Petra Nemcova, Olivia Palermo, Ice-T and Coco (lol).

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'Jersey Shore' sets season 5 premiere date -- VIDEO

The Jersey Shore gang’s return to Seaside now has a premiere date.

The MTV hit will return to its roots on Jan. 5. in its usual Thursdays at 10 p.m. time slot. Last season in Italy averaged an incredible 9.4 million viewers, including DVR. The audience declined for the first time, however, for the season finale. Will a return to Jersey resume the show’s amazing ratings Karma?

Here’s a video preview of season five where Paulie has a tanning accident (hey, it’s that kind of show):


Lindsay Lohan - Out Of Court And Headed To Jail, But Not For Long

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lindsay Lohan will serve 30 days in jail, and the judge is holding her on a tight leash to make sure she completes her probation.

Lindsay admitted she violated her probation by not attending therapy sessions as required by the court and by getting kicked out of the Downtown Women's Center.

The judge now says ALL of Lindsay's community service must now be served at the L.A. County Morgue. And the judge gave Lindsay a tight structure on how she must complete the rest of her probation, and if she doesn't the judge will put a warrant out for her arrest and sentence her to an addition 270 days in jail.

As for the 30 days Lindsay is getting now -- the judge made it clear ... NO HOUSE ARREST.

The Sheriff's Dept. tells us Lindsay will serve 20% of the 30 days -- 6 days in jail.

Judge Stephanie Sautner gave Lindsay a strict schedule on completing the rest of her probation -- by December 14, she must have completed 12 days at the morge and 4 psychotherapy sessions. By January 17, another 12 days at morgue and 4 psychotherapy sessions. And so on.

The judge clearly thinks Lindsay needs a rigid structure to complete her sentence, and as the judge put it, Lindsay is holding the keys to the jail cell.

george jetson

In Other News: Raz-B To Star In ‘No Homo: The Movie'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Who needs a publicist to put together a press release in the New Age of Twitter? Ex-B2K member De’Mario Monte Thornton, commonly referred to by his Adam4Adam username Raz-B, has an announcement to make.

That Raz-B reign just won’t let up. Following his multiple fails to drag Omarion and Chris Stokes out the closet, the ex-B2k singer is starring in ‘No Homo: The Movie.’

“I refuse to be bullied and I refuse to stop supporting the gay community,” Raz B said on twitter. “Im starring in No Homo: The Movie. We are all GOD’s children!”

According to the movie’s Facebook page the movie is a coming of age story of a boy in love and his struggle for acceptance within his environment.


I Am Fandom: Why Britney Isn't Done Changing The World

Earlier this month, Britney Spears debuted the video for her latest single, Criminal. She’s come a long way since that now-infamous schoolgirl skirt, pink pigtails, and brow-raising tummy exposé. Her tumultuous history and painfully public fall from grace are only chapters gone-by in what now seems like the comeback of a century. Brit’s rollercoaster life finally seems to be coasting comfortably. Love her, hate her, say what you want about her, but Britney Spears isn’t done changing the world.

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ALSO, check out the new Kaiser Chef's video featuring Britney, Gaga and Beyonce below!

FOX Renews ‘The X Factor’ For Season 2

On Wednesday, the network announced that Simon Cowell’s newest import reality competition was renewed for a second season.

“I am absolutely thrilled with the news,” Simon said in a statement. “I have loved making the show and I want to thank FOX, our sponsors and most importantly, the fans for supporting ‘The X Factor.’”

Mike Darnell, FOX’s President of Alternative Entertainment, said he was pleased with the ratings of the show, so far.

”‘The X Factor’ is a monumental success,” his statement read. “It’s won every night it’s been on the air, the talent is phenomenal, the live shows are spectacular and picking it up is a complete no-brainer. Simon and his team have done an incredible job with the show, and I’m absolutely thrilled to bring back ‘The X Factor’ for another fantastic season.”

On Wednesday, “The X Factor” enters its first live show for the public vote at 8/7 C on FOX.

access hollywood


Bieber Brings the Mistletoe, But Wale’s the Big Surprise as Susan Boyle, Miranda Lambert Also Sport Six-Figure Debuts

As of today, Justin Bieber’s Island Def Jam holiday album, Under the Mistletoe, appears to top this week’s new releases in the battle for #1 on next Tuesday’s HITS sales chart, with a total of between 200-225k.

Apparently there’s no question as to the paternity of his new disc, though the iisue remains, does this album trend like a Christmas release or a teenpop effort?

If it trends like the latter, he could get some serious competition from a surprise contender in Warner Bros. rapper Wale, who will make a shockingly good debut on next week's tally. We'll have a clearer picture tomorrow, but here's how things look after one full day of sales.

Wale, the D.C.-based hip-hop artist who was dropped from Interscope after his 2009 debut, Attention Deficit, and signed to rapper Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group imprint at WB, turns out to be the real surprise. First-week estimates from those retailers around the country who haven’t shut down and reopened as Herman Cain campaign headquarters, peg his sophomore album Ambition, to sell between 170-190k, which puts him in the hunt for a red-hot November debut.

The Granny that perennially steals Christmas, Syco/Columbia Great Scot Susan Boyle’s third album, Someone to Watch Over Me, is set for a sales debut in the 145-160k range, sure to grow as 2011 moves to its conclusion.

RCA Nashville country comer Miranda Lambert’s critically lauded fifth studio album, Four the Record, is set for her biggest debut ever, with an estimated 125-140k. Her previous album, 2009’s Revolution, entered the chart with 66k in sales and went on to move 1.4 million in the U.S.

Universal Republic’s very promising Florence & the Machine return with their sophomore album, Ceremonials, on target for an opening week of 85-95k. Welch and company’s 2009 debut, Lungs, has sold 738k in the U.S.

Voltron/EMI R&B star Tyrese’s comeback, Open Invitation, his first album since 2006’s Alter Ego, and his EMI debut, is slated for a surprisingly robust 60-65k

Roadrunner rockers Megadeth’s Thirteen looks to be off to a 40-45k opening, while Lou Reed and Metallica’s controversial WB album, Lulu, perhaps the most critically reviled in Reed’s career since Metal Machine Music, is slated to sell between 12-15k its first week out for those brave souls undeterred by some of the worst word-of-mouth in recent memory.

hits daily double

5 lulziest quotes from future Maury star Mariah Yeater's lawsuit against Justin Bieber

(a follow-up to this post)

5. "Immediately, it was obvious that we were mutually attracted to one another, and we began to kiss."

4. "At the time I asked him to put a condom on for protection, but he insisted that he did not want to. In his own words, he said that because it was his first time he wanted to feel everything."

3. "Based upon the timing as well as the fact there were no other possible men that I had sex with that could be the father of this baby, I believe that Justin Bieber is in fact the father of my baby."

2. "He was on top of me with my legs around him. At the time I was on top of some type of shelf. The sexual intercourse itself was brief, lasting only approximately 30 seconds."

1. "He began touching me and repeatedly said he wanted to fuck the shit out of me."



Vampire Diaries - Episode Stills from 3x09 "Homecoming"

The CW has released stills from the midseason finale of The Vampire Diaries, "Homecoming." The stills feature Caroline (Candice Accola), Elena (Nina Dobrev), Matt (Zach Roerig), and a couple party crashers looking fancy for the school dance.

The episode airs Nov 10 at 8/7c on the CW! And don't forget, 3x08 "Ordinary People" also airs tomorrow night!

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Royal Roundup!

+ Duke & Duchess of Cambridge visit HRH Prince Frederik & HRH Princess Mary in Denmark
+ HSH Prince Albert & HSH Princess Charlene of Monaco give exclusive Today Show interview
+ HRH Prince Daniel & HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden attend Gala Dinner in NYC
+ Charlotte Casiraghi featured in Karl Lagerfeld's new book

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Sharlto Copley has an official website. And did I mention that it is brilliant and amazing?

Got a movie idea? Check out my new site where you can send me ideas for films and tv shows. You don't have to be in the industry to submit so spread the word.

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This news really made my day a whole lot better, just the fact that my ideas has the potential to become a feature length film and my favorite actor is associated with it makes it all the more exciting. I'm hoping to submit an idea by the end of this week, wish me luck :0

Source 1 & 2
these two

Daniel Radcliffe + 'How to Succeed' cast to perform in Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade

Broadway will feature heavily in the 85th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, scheduled to begin at 9 AM on November 24. Daniel Radcliffe and the cast of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and the casts of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Sister Act and Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark will perform, as well as kids from Camp Broadway and Stagedoor Manor and the annual performance by The Radio City Rockettes.

Also performing will be the cast and Muppets of Sesame Street, Broadway vet Michael Feinstein, pop stars Ingrid Michaelson, Cee Lo Green, Neil Diamond, Mary J. Blige, Rodney Atkins, Avril Lavigne and more.

The parade route, which was revised in 2009, begins at Central Park West and 77th Street, turns on east Central Park South and then south on Seventh Avenue, turns east on 42nd Street and then marches down Sixth Avenue to Macy’s at Herald Square. The live telecast on NBC will be hosted by Matt Lauer, Ann Curry and Al Roker.

Please perform Grand Old Ivy or Brotherhood of Man!
smoking goals
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My Week With Marilyn to screen at Buckingham Palace *

*unconfirmed, but this is TWC, they won't deny it because it's not bad press.

What happened when Queen Elizabeth met Marilyn Monroe?

Even the Queen herself is interested in seeing that moment played out on the big screen: She plans to host a showing at the palace of the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams, a source tells PEOPLE.

In the film, Williams channels the sultry star, portraying Monroe as she was during a brief period in the summer of 1956, when the actress was in the U.K. filming The Prince and the Showgirl. It was during that time that Monroe met the Queen.

The Weinstein Company, which produced the film but would not confirm the Queen's screening, received rare permission to film inside Windsor Castle – not surprising considering the Queen reacted favorably to another of their movies, the Oscar-winning The King's Speech.

One big question remains, however: Whether the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William will attend the showing. (ugh)


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In My Week With Marilyn, Michelle Williams gives a stunning performance as Hollywood’s greatest icon. She spent months preparing for the role, and kept a 150-page double-sided yellow notebook on Marilyn’s life. “From what I read, her face, her physique, could fall apart between glances,” Williams says in an interview with Newsweek. “Marilyn Monroe was a character she was playing too.” Here, in her own words, Williams talks about her transformation and how she pulled it off.
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guti WEAH


L.A. rejoices as Frank McCourt agrees to sell Dodgers

Los Angeles leaders and Dodgers fans reacted with relief and joy to the news that Frank McCourt planned to sell the team.

McCourt had become a divisive figure in Los Angeles over his stewardship of the Dodgers, and there had been a growing push around the city for a change of ownership.

Supervisor Mike Antonovich called the expected sale "a big step forward in restoring a family-friendly baseball franchise for Los Angeles County."

"Frank McCourt's pathetic legacy from shirking responsibility in the Bryan Stow beating case was further soiled by the inference that Bryan had culpability in his own severe beating," he said.

"As a Dodger fan and an Angeleno, it has been a very, very tough season," said Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. "I can't describe the anguish we felt with the beating of Bryan Stow."
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Christmas came early for Dodgertown this year! So glad this bitch is finally gone and we can all go back to supporting the team
I hope there is a party at the Ravine to celebrate this glorious day!

MODS I know this is sports stuff but it IS the Dodgers and not some basic MLB team and this is MAJOR news

Chloe does Terry

You remember Candy. It’s the “first transversal style magazine” that put a vampy James Franco in drag on the cover of their first issue. For their third issue Candy has put their first woman on the cover. It’s Chloe Sevingy as Terry Richardson, and it’s kind of brilliant. She’s got the pose, the clothes, everything is just right and a little creepy. As it should be.

perfect, two icons fusing together<3

hey babe,
talk a walk on the wild side

Pregnant Beyonce Wears 5-Inch, $1,180 Shoes!

Five-months pregnant Beyonce may not be able to turn a triple axel, but that doesn't mean she can't channel her inner figure skater!

The 30-year-old singer turned heads in NYC on Tuesday when she stepped out in Alain Quilici's Payson Skate Lace-Up Booties. The unique-looking shoes have a 5-inch heel and retail for $1,180.

The most unique attribute of the ankle-high boot shoes: the heel and toe are bridged by a one-inch platform, thus creating the look of an ice skate.

Since announcing that she was expecting a baby with her husband Jay-Z in August, the "Love on Top" singer has been making headlines with her maternity wardrobe. Rocking everything from thigh-high mini skirts to towering heels, Beyonce has not lost touch with her signature, sexy style.
French bulldog in a bakery

This big post contains a sexy Welsh

Evans: Transition from stage to screen is ‘Hobbit’ forming

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It sounds like a little boy's dream, getting to play Zeus, a Musketeer and a J.R.R. Tolkien character on the bigscreen. But Welsh actor Luke Evans wanted to be a singer first and then became a staple of West End stages. He didn't get his first film audition until turning 28.
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‘Immortals’ star Luke Evans ‘can’t wait to go back to work’ on ‘The Hobbit’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Luke Evans is having an epic moment: He plays Aramis in 'The Three Musketeers,' Zeus in the upcoming 'Immortals,' and he's also been cast in a strategic role in Peter Jackson's 'Hobbit' films as Bard the Bowman, a heroic human who comes to Bilbo Baggins' aid. Evans talked to Moviefone about 'Immortals' (look for our interview with him about playing the youngest version of the Greek God closer to the movie's release on Nov. 11) and how much he's enjoying shooting the "longest job of his life" in New Zealand. 
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'Hobbit' cast is a 'little family', Luke Evans Says
'Peter [Jackson] and the team create a very warm atmosphere on set and off set', actor tells MTV News.

The last time we caught up with "Hobbit" actor Luke Evans — who is playing dragon slayer Bard the Bowman in Peter Jackson's two-part big-screen adaptation of the J. R. R. Tolkien classic — he had yet to descend on New Zealand and Jackson's Middle-earth, but he was excited to dig into his meaty new role.

Now, almost three months later, Evans has finally begun work on the highly anticipated film, and when MTV News sat down with him as he promoted the upcoming sword-and-sandals flick "Immortals," he revealed he's become much better acquainted with a bow and arrow and that there's a lot of warm-fuzzy bonding happening between the cast and crew.
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kitty gwen

Blind Items

1. Which Jersey Shore star is fond of saying, "It is not gay if someone else is doing the sucking," whenever he is questioned about some of the people he has gone out with.
My Guess: all of them

2. What former A-/B+ list female rocker, recently asked this former A list movie actor and now a solid B if she could borrow $100K from him. The funny thing is even though she asked him for this money she had not said or spoken to the actor in almost five years and only a handful of times since they co-starred in a movie together. They reunite and speak for a little while and in an hour she is asking for $100K. He said he would need to talk to his people. I hope he did not give her his phone number.
My Guess: no idea... but desperate much? If she's A-/B+ list why is she trying to mooch? Rude.

3. Which womanizing former action star helped pick his current leading lady because of her strong resemblance to a much-younger version of his soon-to-be ex-wife? The over-the-hill actor’s return to the big screen is being watched very carefully by Hollywood insiders who think his film career is over.
National Enquirer
My Guess: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jaime Alexander filming The Last Stand

4. This A list actor from several cult-favorite movies is dealing with a rare health condition that is affecting his work. He’s terrified for anyone outside of his camp to know that he is sick because it could affect future roles.
My Guess: idk.... popular guesses are Tim Curry, Johnny Depp, Bill Murray, & Jeff Bridges. Sad all around :(

5. Which Bravo Housewife is known for letting her precious little pooch poop inside swanky Neiman Marcus department stores? The annoyed staff have been given strict orders to bite their tongues because the classy lady drops a pretty penny on designer duds!
National Enquirer
My Guess: Lisa Vanderpump, who's last name sounds like a brand of cheap hooker heels.
this is what you get when you mess w/us

Battles mega post!

Hey, Can Anyone Tell Me the Time Signature?: An Interview with Ian Williams of Battles

For most of the world, when you listen to a song you think, “well I like this, but I wonder how they do it…” But if it’s a song by the band Battles, who Wikipedia defines as a math-rock band, your thought would be more like, “how the hell does anyone do that?” Intricate keyboard and guitar parts merging with almost outrageously complex, syncopated rhythms (courtesy of the former drummer of Helmet) make it worth giving Battles a second, third, and, very probably, a twelfth listen. In spite of the loss of their former vocalist, this trio of musical savants manages to capture and balance each frenetic element of their unique sound into a group of captivatingly catchy songs that comprise their sophomore album, Gloss Drop. In advance of their show at Emo's tomorrow night, we managed to wrangle a few minutes out of guitarist/keyboardist Ian Williams’ busy tour schedule, chatting about Gloss Drop, making noise and mystical triangles. Throw a Bushism in the mix and we’ve got an interview worth reading.

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1 2 3

I was at the Webster Hall show and it was amazing. Definitely check them out if you can
anal del taco


As her fifth album, "Stronger," debuts on the Billboard 200, Kelly Clarkson collects her ninth Hot 100 top 10, as the set's lead single, "Mr. Know It All," blasts 19-10. The track charges 18-9 on Digital Songs (104,000, up 60%) and 22-19 on Radio Songs (47 million, up 5%).

Clarkson has scored two Hot 100 No. 1s - her 2002 "American Idol" victory ballad "A Moment Like This" and 2009's "My Life Would Suck Without You" (two weeks on top each) - and previous top 10s "Miss Independent" (No. 9, 2003); "Breakaway" (No. 6, 2004); "Since You Been Gone" (No. 2, 2005); "Behind These Hazel Eyes" (No. 6, 2005); "Because of You" (No. 7, 2005); and, "Never Again" (No. 8, 2007).

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Cassie on bench

Jennifer Lawrence on The Hunger Games: “It’s Not Twilight”

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Source: Here 

Nothing too new, except for a cast pic earlier today and this should keep Hunger Games fans patient till a next trailer comes out. (or so Lionsgate thinks...) Nevertheless I like that one cast pic. What about you, ONTD?

Edit: I removed the cast pic since they are already in an earlier post. 


Amanda Seyfried to Play Porn Star Linda Lovelace?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Justin Timberlake wraps his arm around co-star Amanda Seyfried at the photo call for their new movie, In Time, held at Hotel Adlon on Wednesday (November 2) in Berlin, Germany.

The 25-year-old actress, who paired her sexy cut-out Lyn Devon dress with YSL platform shoes, is set to play porn star Linda Lovelace, who’s famous for her 1972 adult film Deep Throat.

Peter Sarsgaard is also attached to play pornographer Chuck Traynor in the upcoming drama Lovelace, according to Variety.

FYI: Justin is wearing threads from his own fashion line, Williams Rast.
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more photos of amanda here

ha ha ha ...

Another divorce

Weston Cage, son of actor Nicolas Cage, files for divorce from wife Nikki Williams

The couple have only been married for six months

Nicolas Cage's son has filed for divorce from his wife of six months, Nikki Williams Cage.

And by the looks of their respective Facebook accounts, the two are already airing their dirty laundry .

"The single life is perfect," Williams, who has removed "Cage" from her profile name, posted on her Facebook wall.

Cage, 21, isn't wasting any time rubbing Williams' nose in his newfound freedom either.

"WELL ITS OFFICAL . THE DIVORCE IS SETTLED! ..................LADIES, DADDY IS BACK ahahahhahahaahh oh god! its on," he wrote on his wall.

The back and forth feuding is the latest chapter in the estranged couple's war of words.

According to court documents obtained by E! News, Cage listed the date of separation as Oct. 24, their six-month wedding anniversary.

Major cracks first appeared between Cage and 22-year-old Williams on the Fourth of July. Los Angeles police rushed to the newlyweds' residence in response to a 911 call about a fight, and arrested both on suspicion of felony domestic violence.

In a sign of things to come, Cage immediately took to Facebook to get out his side of the story, claiming it was all a "misunderstanding" fueled by alcohol.

He then posted a video rant on his Facebook page. "Traditionally, the person that is abused or attacked or victimized is the one who usually breaks up with the other," said Cage in the clip before holding up divorce papers. "I'm not gonna be the one that gets dumped. Because it just wouldn't make sense. Why would I abuse the person I was trying to save?" he asked. "If I hit somebody, which I haven't done in years ... you want war, fine? Then let's have war. You want peace, I prefer that."

Looks like Cage and Williams have chosen war.

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article source

Weston's facebook
Lana Del Ray

Lady Gaga to launch Born This Way Foundation

Associated Press have reported that Lady GaGa is set to launch a foundation, entitled the “Born This Way Foundation”. Teaming with the MacArthur Foundation, The California Endowment and Harvard University, Lady GaGa is to launch the non-profit organisation to support youth empowerment and issues such as self-confidence, well-being, anti-bullying, mentoring and career development.

The non-profit will be directed by Lady GaGa and Cynthia Germanotta, Lady GaGa’s mother, and will be officially launched in 2012.

For more information on the foundation, and how to spread the word, make sure to visit


<3 Gaga is sf perfect.

Is Zachary Quinto Dating 'Glee' Actor Jonathan Groff?

During 2011, Glee’s Jonathan Groff and Star Trek's Zachary Quinto were frequently spotted palling around Los Angeles and New York, generating industry whispers that the two men are dating. Now that Quinto has joined Groff as an openly gay actor, those whispers have gone from speculation to outright declaration of truth by the National Enquirer

In its November 14th issue, the tabloid claims 34-year-old Quinto and 26-year-old Groff have been dating since last year, but Quinto "felt he couldn’t take their romance public-_until now."

We know that stories in the Enquirer have to be taken with a grain of salt, despite the publication being right about Senator John Edwards’ affair and love child. Still, it’s nice to see the media speculate about gay romances the same way they do with straight ones. The Enquirer piece evens ends on a happy and hopeful note:

"'Zachary and Jonathan are incredibly happy together and very much in love,' said the source. 'Who knows? The next step could be marriage.'"

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Sneak Peek: Real World: San Diego

Here is special sneak peek of tonight's episode of The Real World: San Diego, in this brief clip Sam and the gang reflect on the highlighter party (the one that Zach and Ashley refused to go to) then Sam decides to go write on an unsuspecting Ashley, whilst sleeping, though is stifled by Zach.

On this week's episode airing tonight the group shows up at San Diego Pride '11 to participate in some volunteer work but it seems that Zach still isn't quite comfortable around congregations of gay people, even to the point of being mortified at Frank for kissing another guy in front of him, "Oh God, don't do it! Don't do it! Please don't do it!" He says in disgust we saw, on the show's preview to the episode.

In other LGBT-related news, San Diego Pride will be hosting an exclusive viewing party at the Fiesta Cantina (Hillcrest) gay bar in San Diego, CA.

The Real World: San Diego airs tonight at 10PM!


Ethan Zohn's Cancer Returns

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even as he was enjoying his 20th month of remission from Hodgkin's lymphoma, Ethan Zohn worried about a relapse.

"I don't want fear or cancer to define me, but it's always in the back of your mind," the former Survivor winner tells PEOPLE in a new interview.

His fears were confirmed on Sept. 14, when doctors told him the cancer had returned in his chest.

"It's localized in my lung area," Zohn, 37, says. "But it's good that it's not all over my body."

His girlfriend of eight years, Jenna Morasca, 30, was by his side when Zohn got the news. "She's taking it like the rock star that she is," he says of Morasca, who also won Survivor. "We're both filled with fear and anger and anxiety and gratitude and frustration. But there's so much love there. It's this whole spectrum of emotions."

On Oct. 18, Zohn began a new "smart" form of chemotherapy, SGN-35, that only targets the cancerous cells, which means, he says, "I won't lose my hair again."

After 12 weeks of treatment, Zohn hopes to undergo another stem-cell transplant – this time from one of his brothers, who is a likely match.

"But the doctors won't tell me which one. They didn't want me to start treating one differently than the other," Zohn says. "Of course my whole family is taking bets on who it is."

Although Zohn's life has turned upside down once again, he still plans to run in the New York City Marathon on Nov. 6 to raise money for his Grassroot Soccer organization, which promotes HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

"The doctors think I'm crazy but they gave me the okay," he says. "Cancer isn't going to slow me down. I want people to know that you can still live a fulfilled life and move forward."

Stevie J

Rihanna Unveils ‘Talk That Talk’ Promo Photos

Armed with her 11th No. 1 hit “We Found Love,” Rihanna shows off the promo photos for her sixth album Talk That Talk, coming November 21. The Bajan beauty sports a blazer while slouched in a rusted chair, gripping the brim of her hat in one image. In another, the curly-haired diva straddles the banister of a staircase, while wearing boots and a red, black, and white-striped outfit.

According to Rihanna Daily, the singer has canceled her concert in Stockholm tonight due to exhaustion. “It does not involve any serious illness,” said Live Nation spokesman Kristofer Akesson. “Like last Monday, Rihanna is too exhausted to perform a concert.”

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SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
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The Conrad Murray Trial: DAY 22 Summary


Michael Jackson's personal physician declined to testify in his own defense, Tuesday (November 1). Both sides wrapped up their cases, setting the stage for closing arguments this Thursday.

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Like the summary says: Both sides are now completely finished. The case will finally go to the long-suffering jurors by the week's end!
winning child

This Week's X Factor Drama Is Brought By RACISM

X Factor 2011 race row: Derry speaks out on claims Kitty Brucknell racially abused him

X FACTOR hopeful Derry Mensah has been left shocked, hurt and “ill with stress” after allegedly being racially abused by rival Kitty Brucknell.

The 21-year-old singer with boyband The Risk claims Kitty called him an “evil black b******” – comments she vehemently denies making – after his singing woke her up.

Talking about the allegations for the first time, Derry told the Mirror yesterday: “She went nuts and just lost it. I am still in total shock at what she said. It was very hurtful.”

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X Factor Kitty writes apology note

Kitty Brucknell has sent a letter of apology to her X Factor rival Derry Mensah following their argument - but denied making racist remarks.

Derry, 21, from boyband The Risk, complained to show bosses after the pair got into an argument, saying he thought Kitty, 26, called him an "evil black b******".

A source said: "She apologised for the argument. But she has denied calling him anything. The matter has been investigated and it's been resolved."

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Source 1
really Kitty? Just get the fuck out already you are a fucking mess nobody likes you and now you are being racist?
Damn all this Drama on X factor
if it's aint bitchass Frankie it's' bullying, Jesus, calling people fat and now racism. damn

Jersey Shore is fake? Surely you jest!

Here's the video breakdown of the Snooki and Deena's ice fight encounter. You can skip the first segment and get right to the Jersey Shore action, which starts just after 20 seconds.

Host and comedian Sean Klitzner is a (not so) serious Jersey Shore fan, so he was loath to share the flub he found in Jersey Shore season 4, episode 11, "Situation Problems," which aired Oct. 13.

In the clip that's been broken down (below), Snooki and Deena are already angry after a bunch of Italian guys at the Central Park bar got too close to them on the dance floor. Anger turns to fury when a bartender throws ice cubes at them, and Snooki and Deena proceed to "trash" the place, breaking the bottles lined up on the bar.

Clearly, Florence, Italy was wise to set up parameters for the Jersey Shore visit!

Klitzner cries fowl over this Italian scene, however, claiming the bar brawl is completely fake. The video breaks it down visually, but here are the main components of the argument:

1 – A producer threw the ice, not the bartender: The key to this argument is that the ice comes from the wrong direction, with the camera catching a glimpse of a woman wearing an ear piece. In the slow motion replay, you can even see that woman, presumably a producer, retracting her arm after the ice throw.

2 – The bar was set up for the Snooki attack: Although it's a hopping club, there's no one actually standing at the bar where the showdown happens. In addition, Snooki isn't knocking down expensive bottles of booze. The bar is lined with cheap cocktail mixers.

  • rossfan

Lauren Conrad did not get married and divorced in 72 days

She did wear two adorable Halloween costumes though.

The first costume she wore to Glee star Matt Morrisons’s Halloween party which also doubled as a gathering for every suspected young gay actor in Hollywood . You probably can’t guess who her costume is supposed to be since this pop singer is virtually unknown and rarely gets posted about on ONTD.

The Minnie Mouse costume was worn to Maroon 5’s party on Halloween night. She made it from scratch from fabric she showed fans a few weeks ago on her website.The mouse ears are made from her own hair.


I hope everyone had a very happy (and safe) Halloween! I went to a couple parties over the weekend, so I had two different costumes this year. The first costume I wore is an oldie but goodie: Britney Spears from the “Baby One More Time” music video. It was actually a really fun costume to wear since it was comfortable and very recognizable.

As for last night, I dressed up as Minnie Mouse! (Many of you guessed it when I posted my Halloween Hint.) I made the costume from scratch and am really happy with how it turned out. What do you think?

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Source 1
Source 2
Zachary Quinto

Elijah Wood Toplining 'Maniac' Remake?

Bloody Disgusting is exclusively being told that Nora Arnezeder (Safe House) and Elijah Wood (The Lord of the Rings) have been cast as "Anna" and "Frank" in Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D, Mirrors, High Tension) and producing/writing partner Grégory Levasseur's remake of William Lustig's classic 1980 slasher Maniac.

As previously reported, Aja and Levasseur will be reteaming with P2 helmer Franck Khalfoun. Khalfoun will be directing from a screenplay by Aja and Levasseur.

In the original film, "a schizoid serial killer randomly stalks and kills various young women in New York, which he sees as revenge for the mistreatment he got while being raised by his own abusive mother."


Most obvious blind item ever: "That bitch destroyed my career!"

This diva had a little too much to drink at a recent Halloween party. She was fine until someone brought up the name of another female artist. Our diva began mocking her rival. When someone made the mistake of coming to the rival’s defense, our diva went ballistic, and started screaming at them: “That bitch destroyed my career! Don’t you ever, EVER mention her name in front of me again!” The defender backed off, and everyone else gave the diva a wide berth for the rest of the evening.


Revenge 1x08 "Treachery" Promo

Emily’s plot further unravels and Victoria’s unstable relationship with her family grows increasingly more tense when an unwanted pawn in Emily’s game heads to the Hamptons with questionable intentions. Meanwhile, Lydia’s memory is a growing concern for the Graysons and a recently embittered friend begins to play dirty.


i can't at tyler/nolan sex. i mean i know nolan did it for blackmail and i enjoyed the scene but nolan could do better. although i appreciated shirtless nolan. emily needs to take tyler down already. i also can't at dicklan's bitchfit at dinner and the teenagers in general. good riddance to frank, ty stripper emily although apparently she will now be a threat.

no new episode next week :(
Ke$ha torch!
  • thaye88

Let's Talk About Cancer

Ke$ha, Fran Drescher, Sophia Bush and lotsa
other people front Cancer Chat Campaign

The cancer awareness site "Fuck Cancer" has come out of hiding with a string of videos submitted by celebrities in support of their cancer chat campaign "The Cancer Talk". It's primarily targeted at teenagers, trying to get them to talk to their parents about the disease, and by doing so raise both their and the parents' awareness of and sensibility for it.

> > See all support videos at the source: The Cancer Talk

> > More on FCancer: Fuck Cancer

All contributors to The Cancer Talk:

Ke$ha, Fran Drescher (I so love the way this rhymes btw), Sophia Bush, Amber Rose, Chad Rogers, Catt Sadler, Terrell Owens, Deepak Chopra, somebody who runs some gossip site, Wilmer Valderrama, Pauley Perrette, Hosea Chanchez, Dan Levy, Charlie Bewley, The Buried Life, Adrian Grenier.

PS.: Ke$ha's mom Pebe is so cray cray, haha. Not that I hadn't known that before, but I doubt many of you know her. Watch Ke$ha's video for details. Like mother, like daughter.

keira knightley talks skype, booze, art & the most divisive performance of her career

Before speaking with Keira Knightley about her new movie A Dangerous Method, I took another glance over her lengthy list of previous roles. She's really done a little of everything—action (The Pirates Trilogy), comedy (Bend It Like Beckham), romance (Pride and Prejudice), sci-fi (Never Let Me Go) and a few projects that are nearly unclassifiable (The Jacket). Not surprising, considering she's one of the most versatile, in-demand actresses working today. The real shocking part? She's only twenty-six.

With so much of her career ahead of her, it's no wonder why Knightley is branching out, starring in one of the truly daring films of 2011. In Method, the actress co-stars as Sabina Spielrein, a young girl stricken by dementia who finds a cure through her own budding interest in psychoanalytics. Her doctor and mentor is the famed Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender), who helps her overcome her physical and mental issues through correspondence with his own colleague, Sigmund Freud (Viggo Mortensen). Jung and Spielrein's relationship complicates when their work evolves into a lustful romance.

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It's International Sandwich Day!

November 3 marks International Sandwich Day! Yes, we know what you're thinking: it's a big old marketing ploy concocted by the sinister Condiment-Industrial Complex to shift a few jars of pickle. But no. We think of it as a time for celebration and, next to 'Move Like A Ninja Day' and 'Hug A Hippo Day', it's one of our favourite little-known days of the year.

The main criterion for treasuring ISD is that unlike, say, 'Talk Like A Pirate Day', it doesn't involve doing anything you probably wouldn't be doing anyway (ie eating a tasty sandwich) - although admittedly since they merged 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' with 'Talk A Bit Like You're From The West Country Day', that one got pretty straightforward too.

So how to celebrate? Well, as keen Empire webchatters will know, we've all been confusing delighting Hollywood stars with seemingly random enquiries into their favourite bread spreads for some time now. We don't know why it started exactly, except that they're at lunchtime and everyone's hungry. We'd also like to think it's because movies are filled to the basket brim with delicious bun fun. Look at Harry and Sally tucking into a pair of pastrami classics in Katz Deli (and don't forget that he loves the way she takes "an hour and a half to order a sandwich") and Gary Busey's fierce devotion to meatball sandwiches in Point Break. Then there's Polanski's The Ghost - half the film (literally) without the sandwich metaphors - or, more ickily, Tom Cruise's encounter with a six-month old BLT in Minority Report. The 'B' almost certainly standing for 'botulism'.

So here for fans of the humble - and not so humble - sandwich, whether white, wholemeal or seeded, is a menu of Hollywood's orders.

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sunmi why so lonely

Plot Details for Terrence Malick's Ben Affleck/Rachel McAdams film

What in the name of grace and nature has gotten into Terrence Malick recently? With the announcement yesterday of two new projects both starring Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett—“Lawless,” also with Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara, and “Knight of Cups” with Isabel Lucas—it means that the reclusive auteur looks likely to make more films in the space of this decade than he did in the previous 35 put together. Of course, he unveiled “The Tree of Life” this year, and has the IMAX documentary “Voyage of Time” reportedly still in the works, not to mention his rumored involvement with “Green Lantern 2.” Okay, that we just made up.

But there’s one more that shouldn’t be forgotten, considering that Malick already has it in the can—the untitled romantic drama, also referred to as “The Burial.” The film shot at the end of 2010—plus reshoots in Paris this spring—with a cast including Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, Olga Kurylenko, Rachel Weisz, Javier Bardem, Barry Pepper, Charles Baker and Jessica Chastain—but solid plot details have, as is usually the case with Malick’s projects, been thin on the ground. However, 24 Frames have a few updates on the project, including a logline that gels with a gossipy, spoilery report that surfaced on The Wrap late last year.

The LA Times blog says that the film “concerns a philanderer (Affleck) who, feeling at loose ends, travels to Paris, where he enters a hot-and-heavy affair with a European woman (Kurylenko). Said Lothario returns home to Oklahoma, where he marries the European woman (in part for visa reasons). When the relationship founders, he rekindles a romance with a hometown girl (McAdams) with whom he’s had a long history.” As set photos last year confirmed, Bardem plays a priest in the picture that Affleck’s character visits for advice. Supposedly the contemporary set film—the first in Malick’s career—is set to retain the director’s trademark distinctive visuals, while also being perhaps more commercial and upbeat than, say “The Tree of Life.” (I thought this film was supposedly even more experimental?) But then, you never know with Malick, do you.

There’s plenty of mysteries left on this one, however. For example, it emerged this week that Michael Sheen and Amanda Peet both have small roles in the film; how do they figure into the picture? Is it really called “The Burial?” How do Rachel Weisz’s $100 protein bars fit in? (And Jessica Chastain too!) And, perhaps most importantly, when will we end up seeing the thing? Malick wrote in a statement earlier in the year that the film was “rushing towards a mix,” which sounds positive, and StudioCanal (then Optimum) bought the U.K. rights, planning a 2012 release for the film.

But with Malick shooting two films in 2012, if the film isn’t ready before he gets his next one underway, we could end up facing a wait as long as the one for “The Tree of Life,” particularly as the director has supposedly refused to sell the film to a U.S. distributor so far. But then, Malick does seem to have a new fire in his belly, so it’s conceivable that the movie could be close to completion. Is another return to trip to Cannes next spring in the works? Let’s hope so.

Sek-c Den A Mutha

A Liamb Of God post feat. the rest of the 1D members

One Direction's album Up All Night is 19 whole days away from release, which seems like a frickin' AGE. Luckily, we've got their beautiful individual album covers from HMV to swoon over until we have the actual album in our hands.

Unlike the group album cover, they seem to be doing some moody poses outside a wooden wall with some lime green paint peeling off it. It's not all glamour this showbiz life y'know... well, apart from for Niall Horan who seems to have told the photographer to stuff his paint peeling idea and he'll have his picture taken somewhere else thank you very much.

One Direction's individual album covers are available from hmv stores or
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Liam's shekcy moves invite you in...