August 28th, 2011

Confirmed: Jay & Ye to perform @ VMA's

The MTV Video Music Awards are getting a dose of rap royalty. Jay-Z and Kanye West will bless the stage at Sunday’s show.

E! Online reports that the dynamic duo has been added to the already star-studded lineup. Details surrounding their performance are so secretive that even MTV’s crew doesn’t know exactly when Jay and ‘Ye will appear or what song(s) off their No. 1 album Watch the Throne they will perform. Will Beyoncé join them for “Lift Off” and/or will we see the television debut of “Otis”?

Jay’s other half will be performing her own set in addition to opener Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Adele, Bruno Mars, and Pitbull featuring Ne-Yo. Tony Bennett will lead the tribute to the late Amy Winehouse and surprise artists will salute Britney Spears.

The 2011 VMAs will air live from the Nokia Theatre in downtown Los Angeles tomorrow at 9 p.m.


Omg, so excited. It would be amazing if they closed the show with Niggas in Paris.

Amber Heard: Just Because I Have a Girlfriend Doesn't Mean I'm a Lesbian

You may have heard that Amber Heard is a lesbian. Well, that's not exactly correct, according to a new interview with the Playboy Club star. It's not the "sexual relationships with women" part that bothers her- Amber's all over that, thanks to her three-year relationship with artist Tasya van Ree ( her girlfriend is really hot). It's the "lesbian" label she's not really down with.

"First of all, to say I came out implies that I was once in. Let me be straight about that—no pun intended [laughs]—I never came out from anywhere," Amber says in the new issue of Playboy magazine.

I don't think the producers and directors I've worked with care one way or another...I don't want to be labeled as one thing or another. In the past I've had successful relationships with men, and now I'm in this successful relationship with a woman. When it comes to love I am totally open. I don't want to be put into a category, as in 'I'm this' or 'I'm that.'

She is such an inspiration.

Stock; Starbucks

Chaz Bono in Training


Chaz Bono toned up for his big debut on "Dancing With The Stars" by hitting the gym in West Hollywood Saturday.

TMZ broke the story ... Chaz will be a celebrity contestant on the show and will be paired with a female dancer ... a stroke of genius on the part of the producers.

Partially covered by a tank top and tattoos, Chaz kept it healthy with bottled water to beat the heat.


LeAnn Rimes looks, um, great?


"LeAnn Rimes went to the beach in Malibu yesterday, drank a little (beer), changed bikinis (into a red one), and probably didn't eat (scarier looking pic here). Seriously, how long are we going to keep pretending that she doesn't  nhave an eating disorder? I feel like I should start sending her five  dollars a month so she doesn't die of malnutrition. I know there's  starving children in Africa, but dammit, there's some former celebrities here in America that need our help, too."

+80 pics at the source

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Jurassic Park re-releasing in cinemas in September

Steven Spielberg's ground-breaking dinosaur adventure gets re-released in advance of the Blu Ray release.

Steven Spielberg may be rumoured to be working on a fourth instalment of his massive dinosaur franchise, but until then the original Jurassic Park is coming back to cinemas for a limited run in September.

The film, which at the time proved to me one of the most technically advanced films created, using groundbreaking effects to bring the 65 million year old monsters to life on the screen. The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3 followed in its wake to create one of the best known trilogies in movie history.

Now for a limited time from 23rd September the original film is being released in cinemas, fully remastered and with updated 7.1 surround sound in advance of the Blu Ray release of all three films for the first time on October 24th.

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AJ McLean Gives Bieber Advice

Backstreet Boy A.J. McLean Tells Justin Bieber:
This Is How You Make Your Career Last!

A.J. says to the Biebs: Stay true to yourself and your fans!

A.J. McLean and the Backstreet Boys have had a long, successful career and A.J. tells exclusively how fellow pop star Justin Bieber can have the same longevity!

“Don’t listen to the record companies, don’t listen to anything else or whatever the media says, good bad or different, stay true to yourself, stay true to your music and listen to your fans!” A.J. tells us at CARRERA presents He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named's One Night In Los Angeles at the Wiltern Theater on Aug. 27.

That sounds like good advice to us! And since Justin is so great with his fans, we’re sure he’ll listen!

pretty generic stuff but ti's cool.
p.s. AJ look you are great and all but SHUT THE FUCK UP already with your pathetic tweets already.
Kelly: No

Brandy copies Kelly Rowlegend

After signing her record deal with RCA/Chameleon Records, Brandy is getting serious about recording the best R&B album of her career. How serious? The songbird has acquired the songwriting talents of Rico Love for her next project.

The tunesmith’s golden pen has blessed hits for such artists as Diddy-Dirty Money (‘Hello Good Morning’), Nastasha Bedingfield (‘Love Like This’), Usher (‘There Goes My Baby’) and Kelly Rowland (‘Motivation’). Now he’s ready to motivate Brandy into creating hit-making songs for her new album.

“I’m excited about the records I’ve done with her so far. I think we need to make it classic, just the music that people love,” he tells Rap-Up. “There’s no real formula to it. I just believe in a strong melody and a strong concept. You add a great singer, especially a singer that has had the success that Brandy’s had, and a hit song is a no-brainer.”

“That’s what I’m going for, just classic R&B. Great concepts, great vocals,” he says. “I [will] push her to the limit vocally, same way I push [Mary J. Blige], same way I push Usher, same way I push Mario [and] Kelly. I just push people. It’s like a coach who has the best player, you just want to make sure you run him to death in practice so that they can perform to the best of their ability when it’s game time.”


People usually go to Brandy for inspiration but I'm glad we finally get to see Brandy drawing from others, especially someone as talented as Kelendria Trene Rowlegend!!!
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Miami police pull a weapon out on Solange Knowles

I have literally had my last leg with discriminating police! Miami police department will be notified.

A police officer just pulled a weapon on me.... I have done NOTHING illegal, against the law, or anything of the sort.

I am simply tired of police using arrogance, ego and authority as an offense.

I'm only tweeting this to raise awareness. I could have left quietly, but I am sick & tired of this scenario being played over & over again.

I'm ok. I'm safe & sound at my apartment. I'm just beyond frustrated with the system.

It is time to do something about it. I am a mother raising a young black child in America. Im going to die trying!

Been on the phone for the last 20 minutes reporting this incident. Yes, I have the officers name. Yes, I have the location.

by solangeknowles
RT @RapCoalition: @solangeknowles please file a complaint. Miami PD has been a problem for ages and no one complains....<---do it

Scare tactics don't WORK.

Signed Sincerely

Castle and Beckett give some advice to ABC's new President

Oh, this was just a joy to watch this Sunday morning.

This video, featuring our very own Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett, was pointed out to me on Twitter a few minutes ago and it is just hilarious. They give their advice on what a male and female presenter should be like and Beckett takes things into her own hands...

Just watch, it's ridiculously funny. It was so good to see them both together on something for a change, though. All summer long we got nothing featuring just the two of them, not even at Comic-Con because Stana Katic couldn't make it to the Castle panel in July. But this is pure gold, my friends. It will certainly help tide you over the next three weeks. Only three, it's so close (and so far at the same time, I know)!

Let's not forget that Castle returns with an all new season on September 19th on ABC at 10pm.


flawless show wins yet another award!

Sherlock has been named Best Terrestrial Programme at the prestigious MediaGuardian International Television Festival.

The BBC One drama - starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman - scooped the terrestrial programme honours, while ITV1 was awarded Terrestrial Channel of the Year for the first time in the ten-year history of the awards.

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mariah gif

Nick confirms Mariah on X Factor, Sharon Osbourne approves, calls her "world's greatest singer"

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Following the news that Mariah Carey will definitely be making an appearance on the X Factor USA when it premieres next month, the Diva's husband, Nick Cannon has revealed that the star is "excited" about her new job.

With reports confirming that Mimi will mentor the hopefuls and help Simon Cowell make the decision of who to send through to the live finals, Nick told Extra: "Now it’s official. I still don’t know what she’s doing, but she’s doing something! She’s ready… she’s excited!"

Supporting the decision to have Mariah on the show, former UK X Factor judge Sharon Osbourne said: "She's the world's greatest singer. This is a singing contest... she knows what people want and that's why she sells millions of albums today."


Hating aside, let us remember that Mariah is reason for Xtina, Beyonce, Britney, Lady Gaga, and many other female singers. Regardless to whether she can still belt like the 90s, it doesn't matter because she paved the way for female singers and rnb/pop/hip hop collaborations. For her longeitivity in the music industry, 18 #1 hits, longest running #1 hit in history, song writing talent and many other accolades, Mariah is a legend and very deserving of scouting for the next superstar.

Taylor and Justin to kick off Punkd's new season


Stars beware – “Punk’d” is officially back in business and it’s no longer only Ashton Kutcher to be afraid of!

The MTV celebrity prank series has resumed production, filming its first return episode on Friday in Los Angeles with Taylor Swift as the unsuspecting target, a source has revealed to Access Hollywood.

However, it wasn’t Ashton at the helm.

Instead, the prankster who “Punk’d” Taylor? Her good friend, Justin Bieber.

In the show’s revamped format, series creator Ashton will no longer be the regular host of the show. Instead, a different celebrity will pull hosting duties each episode, as viewers get to watch them set up and execute their practical joke on their unknowing targets.

While he will no longer host, Ashton still serves as executive producer for the hidden camera series, which he first launched back in 2003. The show went on hiatus following its season finale in May 2007.

No further details on Friday’s “Punk’d” prank were immediately available.

the sauce

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Cody Simpson hosts free concert at Somerset Collection!!

Cody Simpson will sing out for anti-bullying with a free concert at The Somerset Collection Grand Court on Sunday (August 28th) in Troy, Mich.

The concert goes towards helping Defeat The Label, an anti-bullying movement.

The event will also include guest appearances from Jessica Jarrell, Cody’s sister, Alli Simpson and Hailey Baldwin, a fashion show by Pastry Shoes, and a “Meet & Greet” before and after the show.

Get involved with Defeat The Label by checking out their Facebook and Twitter pages!

what a flawless, saintly bitch. and what a great turnout for such a qt down-to-earth star! PS mods cody simpson tag plz?<3

Olivia Wilde: Gjelina Lunch With Tao Ruspoli

Olivia Wilde grabs lunch at Gjelina with her ex-husband, Tao Ruspoli, on Thursday (August 25) in Venice, Calif.

Earlier in the week, the 27-year-old Cowboys & Aliens actress and Tao also shared a meal together with a friend.

Olivia hasn’t mentioned anything publicly about reconciling but did tell Marie Claire that there’s no animosity after their split.

“We’re friends. His family is my family,” she told the fashion mag (via People).

Olivia can next be seen in Butter with Jennifer Garner and Hugh Jackman, as well as In Time with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried.

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Michael Jackson's kids meet fans in Gary, Indiana

(Michael Jackson's children, Blanket, far left, Prince and Paris Jackson, far right, take a quick tour of Michael Jackson's old Gary neighborhood Friday with cousin Cayla Jackson.)

As Gary, Indiana, celebrates what would have been Michael Jackson's 53rd birthday, his children got a glimpse of what their father's childhood was like.

The Jackson siblings made a rare public appearance in Gary this weekend with their grandmother Katherine Jackson and other relatives for the city's celebration of their father. Jackson's official birthday is Monday (August 29).

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Josh Duhamel: Praying for Hurricane Irene to Slow Down

Josh Duhamel, was spotted picking up a cup of coffee and a few snacks before heading to a meeting in Beverly Hills.

Josh recently shared that he’s thinking of everyone affected by Hurricane Irene so far. “Praying for everyone in Hurricane Irene’s path & for her to slow way down,” he tweeted, adding, “Mother Nature seems to be going on a bender. Maybe we should respect & care for her better!”Collapse )

Shia LaBeouf melts down at Hollywood party, spits water on girlfriend, Marilyn Manson

The party's not over until Shia LaBeouf spits water on Marilyn Manson.

That was the strange scenario that played out at the opening of the L.A. outpost of The Box nightclub on Friday night, an eyewitness tells Life & Style exclusively.

Before the performance even started, the "Transformers" actor, 25, "seemed wasted" as he sat in a designated area with his date, presumably girlfriend Karolyn Pho, and rocker Manson.

"Shia picked up a water bottle and shot a mouthful of water all over his date's legs," says the eyewitness. "Then he put more water in his mouth and started spitting it all over his tablemates, including Marilyn Manson."

Although Manson tried to calm the actor down by offering him a fist bump, LaBeouf only grew more out of control.

"All of a sudden, Shia started shouting at his date and getting visibly angry," adds the eyewitness.

He then decided it was time to leave and "lunged" through the very thick crowd. "They tried to hold him back, but he kept struggling through.

"Shia had to climb over people and tear himself out of the grasp of various strangers who were trying to keep him from going crazy."

Once he broke free and bolted out the door, his panicked date chased after him. The two never returned.

"Marilyn looked shocked and annoyed, but stayed seated," adds the eyewitness.

"It was so insane -- he just had a total meltdown right in front of everyone. It was completely out of control. He was so angry and physical."

Cate Blanchett is all smiles as she takes a leisurely stroll in Washington, D.C .

The 42-year-old actress, who was just chosen as the global brand ambassador for the high-end skin care line SK-II, revealed that the brand is one of her secret skin care aids!

“It was just so hydrating,” Cate said (via StyleBistro). “I never thought about skin being luminous, but this gave it that little je ne sais quoi.”

“There was a brief period when I abused the sun for about two summers when I was 14,” she added. “I would cover myself in baby oil and climb up onto the tin roof and try desperately to get a tan…My mother was always big on sunscreen, so my relationship to the sun after that has always been healthy.”

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brandnewinformation.gif Zoe Saldana says Hollywood is "full of racism"

Zoe Saldana has claimed that she still struggles with racism and discrimination in Hollywood.

The Avatar actress reiterated her belief that "ignorant" Tinseltown casting agents continue to show predjudice against her due to the color of her skin, recalling one incident where she was snubbed for not being a "traditional American".

"I've witnessed racism all my life," she told The Mail On Sunday. "And of course there's racism and discrimination in Hollywood. You go for a part and they say, 'Oh, we really liked her, she's amazing, but we wanted to go with something more traditional'. As if I'm not a traditional American!

"I feel sorry for people like that. They need to educate themselves. Mostly you move on and say, 'Well, I wasn't meant to work with you or be around someone like you'. Other times you might say, 'You're ignorant, you're a racist. That's it. I'm out of here!'"

Saldana also expressed discomfort with the level of 'hatred' directed at the US on the global stage.

"It's trendy to hate Americans right now," she argued. "Deep down, some people are enjoying the fact that the most powerful nation on Earth is
struggling a little - and then they deny that's racist! And that frightens me."

Digital Spy

Daily Mail calls Americans drunks in their recap of Tara Reid's sexy dancing on Big Brother

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She became a global pin up thanks to her wholesome, girl-next-door persona in American Pie.

But Tara Reid has since shed that image and become a grown woman who is far more aware of her allure.

The actress demonstrated her sensual prowess in the Big Brother house last night, after the housemates had worked their way through a healthy serving of beer and cider.

Dressed casually in a white vest and jeans with a large thick, hippie-style rainbow cardigan Tara, 35, got up off the sofas and proceeded to show housemates her 'sexy dance'.

As TOWIE start Amy Childs looked on, with fellow housemates, the actress switched on her fierce side and showed off some rather adult moves.

Prior to the dance show Tara indulged in a few cans of cider with the rest of the housemates.

And, in true American style, she appeared to get drunk rather quickly.

conan white teeth
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MTV VMAs: Lady Gaga's Joe Calderone is theatrics gone wrong

Lady Gaga opened the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards with a Broadway-inspired bit that wasn't the surprise producers tipped, as Gaga's career is littered with theatrics. More often than not, she's skirted the line between entertainment and controversy, but her cross-dressing bit as "Joe Calderone" was as tired and worn-out as the gratuitous guitar solos that clutter "You and I."

The only line Gaga crossed with her VMA opening was the one that separated excess from eye-rolling. Her Calderone character came off as little more than an extra from "The Outsiders," or maybe she was just referencing MTV's "Jersey Shore," strutting around the stage with cigarette in hand and a tension-less monologue that was about nothing more than Gaga herself. "What's with the hair? At first it was sexy and now I'm just confused," Gaga as Calderone said to forced laughter, likely echoing many-a-viewer's thoughts.

It got worse, though, as Gaga launched into "You and I," a bloated rock ballad that began with her at the piano and ended with her tripping around the stage as Queen's Brian May poured on out-of-date, second-rate solos. But hey, it went over well with some, as Dave Grohl, who knows a little something about arena-rock posing, stood and cheered at May's appearance.


Facebook Makes Teens Drink & Do Drugs, Generally Ruins Everything

Facebook is already annoying young an old alike by allowing friends to upload unflattering photos and provide updates on their virtual farming endeavors, but now the site has finally gone too far. It seems that thanks to the social networking sites, America's youth have discovered alcohol and drugs.

Researchers from Columbia University's National Center on Addiction and Substance abuse found that teens who use Facebook or other social networking sites every day are three times as likely to drink, twice as likely to use marijuana, and five times more likely to smoke. Seventy percent of 12 to 17-year-old use these sites every day, and it's pretty obvious that Facebook itself is the root of the problem. Study author Joseph A Califano, Jr. explains:

"The findings in this year's survey should strike Facebook fear into the hearts of parents of young children and drive home the need for parents to give their children the will and skill to keep their heads above the water of the corrupting cultural currents their children must navigate."

Califano claims that kids are engaging in more risky behavior because they see photos of kids getting drunk and using drugs on the site. He adds, "Continuing to provide the electronic vehicle for transmitting such images constitutes electronic child abuse."

Facebook isn't the only thing corrupting the children. The study found that one third of teens watch shows like Jersey Shore, Teen Mom, and Gossip Girl, and that group is twice as likely to drink and do drugs. It makes sense that seeing other people participate in dangerous behavior is making kids think that it's acceptable, but we seem to recall kids getting trashed before Snooki came into our lives. Facebook and sleazy TV shows probably aren't the main factors inspiring kids to drink and do drugs, even if they aren't helping. Our theory: If your parents are strict enough to limit your Facebook use and Gossip Girl viewing, they've also given you a curfew and talked to you about substance abuse.

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Alan Rickman returns to Broadway with the play Seminar


Alan Rickman sheds his “Harry Potter” duties and returns to Broadway in a new comedy by Pulitzer Prize nominee Theresa Rebeck, directed by Sam Gold. Rickman appears as a world-renowned professor sharing his wisdom with four aspiring novelists, two of whom will be played by Lily Rabe (a Tony nominee for “The Merchant of Venice”) and Hamish Linklater, who makes his Broadway debut after much acclaim in productions such as Shakespeare in the Park’s “Twelfth Night.”

Begins previews Oct. 27, opens Nov. 20 at the Golden Theatre, 252 W. 45th St.