August 22nd, 2011

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The 15 Smilingest Female Villains in Movie History

In "The Help" Southern society girl Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard) is as polished and polite as possible, but that pretty smile hides a mean, racist streak as wide as the Mississippi. It just proves, as Hamlet once said, "One may smile and smile and be a villain."

Here's our collection of female characters who tried to put a pleasant face on evil as they schemed, bullied and even committed murder to get what they wanted.

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yes another kardashian post but with a video

Kim Kardashian tied the knot last night to Kris Humphries, and already there’s footage from the wedding!

The video shows a number of highlights from Kardashian’s nuptials, including her stepdad Bruce Jenner walking her down the aisle; her sisters’ and mom’s gowns; Humphries at the altar decked out in his wedding finest; and her nephew Mason Disick stealing the show as the ring bearer.

In October, E! will air a two-part special titled, ”Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.”

Check out the video footage below, and tell us what you think of this sneak peek.

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Ryan Gosling Q&A: George Clooney is 'Michael Jackson, Basically.'

For perhaps the first time in his career, Ryan Gosling is showing signs of actually wanting to be a movie star.

This summer’s Crazy, Stupid, Love was just the start of his return to more mainstream hunk-appropriate roles. Next, he stars as a stunt-driver turned getaway driver in Drive, from Nicolas Winding Refn (who won the Best Director award at Cannes), followed by The Ides of March, which was adapted from the play Farragut North (written by a former Howard Dean aide) and directed by and co-starring George Clooney. He spoke with Jada Yuan.

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PETA Launching Animal Friendly Porn Site

Great news, weirdos! PETA is launching a porn site! Finally, they can skip the "we love animals!" charade and get right down to bringing us the tits they've been all about showcasing this entire time.

According to the International Herald Tribune, this latest venture isn't designed to just help random internet perverts spank their monkeys; it's also going to bring awareness to the plight of animals,

The aim of launching the Web site is to raise awareness of veganism by offering pornographic material alongside graphic footage of animal mistreatment.

Pornography alongside graphic footage of animal mistreatment? Is this a non-profit that supports the welfare of animals or a college sophomore's performance art project?

But don't worry. The pictures of suffering animals won't be all over the site! They'll just appear after you've been watching porn for awhile.

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Ke$ha torch!
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A dose of Ke$ha for you

This interview, prior to her "Get Sleazy" concert in Toronto a few days ago, somehow slipped my radar until recently, and although it's the usual standard fare before tour concerts anywhere and just an interview for a local canadian radio station, I thought it's funny and definitely worth posting. Just click and enjoy.

linda granger

Madonna Lookin Like A Wet Cat

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This is a woman who works out 24/7, will take off nearly all of her clothes on stage during one of her tours, (even though the public begs her not to), but when the time actually calls for her to disrobe, she chooses modesty.

"Madonna is still on holiday in the Biarritz region in France and was spotted together with her boyfriend Brahim Zaibat and her daughters Lourdes and Mercy at the beach in Anglet."

This isn't the first time Madonna took a swim in her hobo gear. She did this with her last child boyfriend, Jesus Luz. Does Madonna really think she looks hot? I'm shocked she allows her 14 year old daughter to show off her tatas, while she's there wearing biking gear. Isn't she hot? She was just wearing a fur blazer/jacket thing two days ago in the blazing hot sun. I guess when you have zero body fat, a gal can get cold!

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G4TV's 'American Ninja Warrior' Heads To NBC Monday Night

On Monday (9 p.m. ET/PT), the network airs the third-season finale of American Ninja Warrior, the extreme-obstacle-course athletic event carried by its tiny cable sibling G4 that could prove a test of the show's viability on a major network.

Already it's G4's highest-rated series. Now NBC viewers will see 10 finalists who weathered tryouts and a training "boot camp" trek to Japan to compete in the four-stage course for the chance to win a $500,000 endorsement contract.

Unlike ABC's Wipeout, played for broad laughs, Ninja Warrior is serious business, a variation on a niche sport known as parkour. It's an Americanized version of Sasuke (SAS-kay), a 14-year-old Japanese series that airs twice-yearly tournaments that send 100 contestants through a timed gantlet of a spinning bridge, a 110-pound wall lift and the ultimate cliffhanger, a narrow shelf navigated by fingertips in a punishing test of upper-body strength...only three people [out of 2,600] have achieved "total victory."

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"This is definitely the toughest challenge out there," says finalist Brent Steffensen...

Aside from Steffensen, this year's field includes Ryan Stratis, a National Guardsman who qualified for his first trip after five years of attempts, and veteran Paul Kasemir, whose girlfriend and her father died in a hiking accident two weeks before the tournament...

Full Article At The Source

Wanna see the most controversial music video in Japan rn? IT'S A QUEEN KUMI POST!!!!

Koda Kumi has revealed the PV to her song “KO-SO-KO-SO”, off her 50th single “4 TIMES”. The track is currently being used as the theme song for the drama, “Piece Vote”.

This PV is super sexy and we can see why it has potential of being banned from the broadcasting stations. Koda Kumi can be seeing messing around in bed with another woman, while showing off her sultry charm.

Check out the PV below!

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O. M. G. she looks so hot but rly thats it? That's not even bannable tbh. JUICY was 20x more bannable tbh. Maybe that's why she's never performed it live. I guess that just shows the diff between Japan and the west. This music video is like typical for American acts.
[oc] beach cast

NDP Leader Jack Layton Dies at 61

NDP Leader Jack Layton has died at age 61 after a long battle with cancer, CBC News has learned.

Layton died at his home in Toronto early Monday, surrounded by family, according to a statement from his wife, Olivia Chow, and his children, Sarah and Michael Layton.

The leader of the Official Opposition announced on July 25 he was stepping away from the job, a role he coveted and had won only two months earlier, to concentrate on his cancer treatment so he could come back to Parliament in the fall, ready to fight for Canadian families.

Fighting with hope and optimism was a recurring theme in Layton's life. Long before his battles with cancer, Layton had developed a reputation as a fighter — a determined, goal-oriented, passionate one who would take on a cause and not let go.

In his teens in the 1960s, he led a fruitless bid to have a youth centre built in his hometown of Hudson, Que. Later, as a community organizer and activist in Toronto, and then in his political work, Layton showed a passion for such issues as the environment, AIDS, poverty, violence against women, public transportation and homelessness. Layton also fought for aboriginal issues, and was given credit by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in 2008 for his role in shaping the federal government's apology for the residential school system.

As longtime New Democrat and union leader Al Cerilli told CBC News in an interview several years ago, "Good or bad, he's on the front page, he's in your face," he said. "Jack is not shy, he is of that nature, of bringing the things out and putting them on the front page."

Born in Montreal on July 18, 1950, Layton had politics in his blood. His great-grand uncle William Steeves was a Father of Confederation. His great-grandfather Philip Layton came to Canada from Britain as a blind teenager and helped pressure the federal government to bring in a $25-a-month pension for the blind. His grandfather Gilbert Layton was a Quebec cabinet minister under Maurice Duplessis and his father Robert Layton was a Tory cabinet minister in Brian Mulroney's Conservative government.

That family tradition lives on. Layton's son Michael followed in his father's footsteps as a Toronto city councillor.

In addition to learning about politics first-hand from his family, Layton studied political science and economics at McGill University, graduating in 1970. He went on to earn a master's degree and his PhD in political science at York University in 1983. He wasted no time putting his knowledge from the classroom into practice and ran for Toronto city council in 1982 before he had even finished his doctorate.

Layton didn't leave the classroom after winning his seat on city council. While making waves at city hall, he taught politics at the University of Toronto, York University and Ryerson.

Layton ran unsuccessfully for mayor in Toronto in 1991, and twice failed to win a seat in the House of Commons that decade. But he kept fighting.

Layton's profile on the national scene was boosted by his election as president of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in 2000, and three years later he made a run for the leadership of the New Democratic Party. He defeated several sitting NDP MPs in the heated race and in his victory speech, Layton talked about hope.

"Hope ... is what drives New Democrats," he said, adding that his party "will always be the party of hope."

He led the party for a year before he tried for a seat in the House of Commons, in the 2004 federal election, when he was finally victorious in the Toronto-Danforth riding. And in 2006, Layton's wife, Chow,
joined him as the MP for the nearby Toronto riding of Trinity-Spadina.


Sir Peter Jackson helps celebrates release of West Memphis Three

Sir Peter Jackson is being hailed a hero in the United States, credited with paying legal bills to free three men wrongly convicted for murder.

Known as the West Memphis Three, the trio spent 18 years behind bars for the murder of three young boys until their release from an Arkansas jail last week.

Recent DNA tests found no link between the men, and the crime scene.

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Americans is he really being hailed a hero in the United States?

Benicio Del Toro, Kimberly Stewart Welcome First Child


Kimberly Stewart has given birth to her and Benicio Del Toro's first child.

A rep for Del Toro confirmed that the actor welcomed a baby daughter on Sunday
, reports Us Weekly.

The baby has not yet been named, but Del Toro's spokesperson said the girl weighs 8lbs 9oz.

Kimberly's parents, singer Rod and his ex-wife Alana, were reportedly present at the LA hospital for the birth.

Del Toro's rep first confirmed that he was expecting a child with Kimberly in April, but stressed that the two are not "a couple".

'Maggie May' singer Rod later declared he was excited for the arrival of his first granddaughter, insisting in May: "It's going to be good."


Sean Penn was not a fan of "The Tree of Life"

In an interview that appeared yesterday in Le Figaro, Sean Penn spoke harshly of Terrence Malick’s film “The Tree of Life,” in which the actor makes a relatively brief but memorable appearance:

I didn’t at all find on the screen the emotion of the script, which is the most magnificent one that I’ve ever read. A clearer and more conventional narrative would have helped the film without, in my opinion, lessening its beauty and its impact. Frankly, I’m still trying to figure out what I’m doing there and what I was supposed to add in that context! What’s more, Terry himself never managed to explain it to me clearly.

To quote Fritz Lang’s famous response in “Contempt”: “In the script it is written, and on the screen it’s pictures.” “The Tree of Life” is a marvel, Penn is very good in it—but Malick wasn’t shooting it for the pleasure or the benefit of the actors. What Penn conveys in his performance (as the adult protagonist whose memories, in flashback, provide most of the film’s action) is his very stardom, his charisma, his emotional intensity. Malick’s methods don’t let the actor employ much of his accustomed technique, but this doesn’t at all lessen the beauty and the impact of his performance.

I once read about a director who referred to an actor as the equivalent of a color on a painter’s palette. Penn brings an acid yellow to the glass-and-metal grays of his scenes, and it adds something important to the film; but he doesn’t get to do the kind of showy and theatrical performance for which Oscars are won. The star system, the flatteries of celebrity—and, for that matter, the temperament that makes a person become an actor in the first place—contribute much to an actor’s sense that a movie is, or should be, all about him. There are some movies—and some great ones—in which this is so. But in “The Tree of Life,” Penn’s unhappy and unexpected less really is more.

he's just mad that he was barely in it, tbh.


Nicola Roberts Unveils "Cinderella's Eyes" Album Cover & Tracklisting

Nicola Roberts has revealed the tracklisting for her solo debut 'Cinderella's Eyes' which has been given a release date of September 26.

'Cinderella's Eyes' will feature 12 tracks, including her hit single 'Beat Of My Drum', which kicks off the album. The LP is confirmed to feature collaborations with Metronomy's Joe Mount, Dragonette and Diplo.

Roberts, who has also revealed the album's artwork, which you can see by scrolling up to the top of the page, has yet to announce any live dates in support of the album.

'Cinderella's Eyes' will be preceded by a second single 'Lucky Day', which is released on September 18, around one week before the album drops.

The tracklisting for 'Cinderella's Eyes' is as follows:

1. Beat Of My Drum
2. Lucky Day
3. Yo-Yo
4. Cinderella’s Eyes
5. Porcelain Heart
6. i
7. Everybody’s Got To Learn Sometime
8. Say It Out Loud
9. Gladiator
10. Fish Out Of Water
11. Take A Bite
12. sticks + stones


world's best boss

Jimmy Fallon to Host SNL

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There are only 126 shopping days until Christmas, and eight fewer until Jimmy Fallon returns to his old stomping grounds to host the Dec. 17 episode of Saturday Night Live.

“I’ve never forgotten where I came from,” Fallon said in a release. “That’s why I’m so incredibly honored to be hosting the Saturday Night Times program December 17th on HGTV.

Fallon, who spent six years as an SNL cast member, now serves as host of NBC’s Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, which received three 2011 Emmy nominations, including its first in the best variety, music or comedy series category. Michael Buble will be SNL‘s musical guest on the night of Fallon’s return.

SNL previously announced its first two guest hosts for its upcoming 37th Season: Alec Baldwin (with musical guest Radiohead) on Sept. 24 and Melissa McCarthy (joined by Lady Antebellum) on Oct. 1.


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling on set

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling are spotted on the set of their new film The Place Beyond the Pines in

Schenectady, New York last Thursday (August 18). Gosling plays a motorcycle stuntman turned bank robber in the film after he has a kid with Eva’s character Romina.

Ryan was spotted on set earlier this month as well – check out the pics here.

The Albany Times Union reports that, to prepare for a waitressing scene, Eva secretly got a job at a local diner:

She served unsuspecting patrons and picked up pointers from the staff during a four-hour shift. “Only a few customers recognized her,” said manager Colleen Noble. “She was a very nice person and very polite.”

+52 more pics at the source

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5 6 4 3 yeah right

Ryan Gosling is the future, a God among men, an international hero, etc. etc.

Ryan Gosling breaks up a fight on the streets of NY


I think it's crazy how many people were standing there watching, and Ryan just jumped in like an IRL superhero, but fights get out of hand quickly (I know from experience.) My question is why was Ryan wearing those awful man-pris?
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Very rude bitch calls Katy Perry an 'uncompassionate carnivore'

Katy Perry was blasted as an “uncompassionate carnivore” by a woman who spotted her eating a turkey drumstick.

The American singer is married to Russell Brand, who is a vegetarian. His dietary choices have previously rubbed off on his spouse, who famously revealed she’d be munching on a “tofurky” last Christmas.

During a recent day out in Canada, Katy was seen eating a hunk of smoked meat by a passerby. The teenager commented she thought Katy was vegetarian, prompting her mother to remonstrate with the singer.

“What a hypocrite! You should be ashamed of yourself! You’re a traitor and an uncompassionate carnivore! Wasn’t your husband named Sexiest Vegetarian recently? Does he even know about this?” she is quoted as saying by National Enquirer. Katy blushed, but tried to make light of the situation. “Well, I guess you could say I’m cheating on my husband,” she laughed. [SOURCE]

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Xtina: QT Glasses

Kelly Rowlegend's X Factor debut, wins hearts of 12.6 Million viewers

Kelly Rowland may have looked like she was set to be overshadowed by rival female judge Tulisa in the run-up to the X Factor launch, but as the series began last night it didn't take long for her to steal the hearts of X Factor fans.

Even well-known names were full of praise for Kelly, with Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox tweeting: 'I am LOVING Kelly Rowland. That was the most eloquent way of saying "don't be a massive show-off"' after Kelly had told contestant Kitty Brucknall to 'remember who you are'.

The other new judges provoked a more mixed reaction from fans, with one X Factor devotee claiming he preferred 'Tulisa to Cheryl Cole 100%' while others were less than complimentary about her performance.

The first episode of the new series equalled the record for a first show, with 12.6 MILLION people tuning in!

What did y'all think of Kelendria's first day on X Factor!?

Vogue Italia 'Fixes' Slave Earrings Controversy by Calling Them 'Ethnic Earrings.'

The Italian edition of fashion magazine Vogue has apologised for a feature it published on "slave earrings" which it said were "worn by women of colour ... during the slave trade".

Vogue Italia found itself at the centre of a race row on Monday after the feature, published earlier this month, was shared by outraged readers on Twitter.

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sexy anne

Royal Roundup

Prince Sverre Magnus of Norway starts school

HH Prince Sverre Magnus started his first day of school this week, escorted by his family. On hand were his grandmother HM Queen Sonia, parents TRH Crown Prince Haakon and Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and older sister Princess Ingrid Alexandra. The six-year-old Prince is attending Jansløkka School in Asker, the same school his older sister currently attends and his much older half-brother attended (Marius Borg Høiby is 14). While the presence of Queen Sonia may seem a bit unusual, the King and Queen are known to be active participants in their grandchildren’s lives.

The Prince and his guests attended the traditional welcome ceremony with all the other children where each child’s name is called and they are personally greeted by the principal. The children and their escorts then head inside the school for the rest of the program, out of view of the press.

The Crown Prince and Crown Princess are breaking with royal tradition by sending their children to a public school close to Skaugum. This presents certain challenges, as the couple also prefers to shield their children as much as possible from the media. It has been reported that the principal of the school has asked the other parents to respect the privacy of the young Prince and Princess and give stories to the media or provide them with pictures. I'm assuming this is a typo and this sentence is missing a "not."

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Male-or Swift & Bailey's Irish Dream Are "Honored" to Join Glee Cast

...and none for Douchey McHipsterGlasses.

After 10 episodes tested the Glee-ability of 12 young singers and actors hoping to appear on the hit Fox series, Oxygen's The Glee Project ended Sunday win a winner.

Make that two winners!

Samuel Larsen, 19, from Los Angeles, and Damian McGinty, 18, from Derry City, Northern Ireland, were both chosen by Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy to appear on seven-episode story arcs on the comedy, which heads into its third season this fall.

"I feel great!" Larsen says. "I was so happy Damian got to win as well. At this point we were just brothers. I knew when he won, too, it felt like I won twice. I love the guy, so it's nice to know I don't have to go into this crazy world alone."

Also learning he won a role during the April taping of the finale, "It was like I had just drunk 15 Red Bulls and 10 coffees," says McGinty. "I was bouncing off the walls. I don't think it's going to be a thing that will ever sink in. I feel really honored, I feel flattered. It's an incredible moment."

The talent was so good among the finalists that Alex Newell, 18, from Lynn, Mass., and Lindsay Pearce, 20, from Modesto, Calif., each got two-episode arcs on the show.

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Emily Blunt picks up a few essentials at Rite Aid in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old English actress cracked up as she noticed a guy blatantly checking her out as she left the store.

It was recently announced that Emily’s latest movie, Your Sister’s Sister, will debut at the Toronto International Film Festival next month!

“I don’t know how much I can tell you about the story. We’ve been told to keep that under wraps,” Emily told EW.

“The situation itself is the spoiler,” Emily’s co-star, Rosemarie DeWitt, told the mag.

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mwc: queen peggy

SONS OF ANARCHY Limited Access - Exclusive Videos on Facebook: Tara and Piney

Tara, pregnant with Jax's son, seeks the truth about John Teller's death.
New season of SOA premieres Tuesday September 6 at 10pm only on FX.

sorry for the crappy recording. Original video can be found and played at the source (video won't embed)

Shit is about to get real in season 4. I can't fucking wait any longer. Do you guys think Clay/Gemma were directly involved in John's death or was John just being paranoid when he wrote those letters? I think Clay wanted him out. Not so sure about Gemma's involvement, but I wouldn't be surprised if she knew what was going on. Also, I hope we get more Gemma-related clips before the premiere. Baddest bitch!

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Reese Witherspoon: Hawaiian Vacation Comes to an End

The 35-year-old actress caught some waves with hubby Jim Toth and her 11-year-old daughter Ava and 7-year-old son Deacon.

Later that day, Reese’s vacation came to an end as she took a late night flight back to LAX with her family.

Reese Witherspoon walks along the beach in a wetsuit  top after going surfing for the second day in a row while on vacation on Saturday (August 20) in Kauai, Hawaii.

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Will you still be sending me a valentine

That's Not Funny, That's C.K.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

If you believe more or less every other working comedian, Louis C.K. is the funniest comic alive. If you pay close attention to sitcoms, his show is unlike anything you've ever seen. And if you're divorced, or middle-aged, or afraid to talk to women, or overwhelmed by parenthood, or otherwise quietly desperate...he is laughing with you and at you.

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I realize that this article is extremely tl;dr but I know that all of you comedy geeks will enjoy reading this. It reallys gets to the root of why Louis C.K. is such a fantastic comedian.
Film - The Old Guard

Wachowskis and Tom Tykwer team up for "unfilmable" adaptation

Three years after the release of Andy and Lana Wachowski's Speed Racer, the big return for the brains behind The Matrix comes in the form of an near-impossible epic. THR reports that the Wachowskis will be teaming up with director Tom Tykwer (Run, Lola, Run) to adapt Cloud Atlas for the big screen.

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Still sort of bitter about the last Matrix movie and Speed Racer, but Tom Tykwer also did that segment of Paris je t'aime with Natalie Portman and that seems to be a lot of people's fave, so that's good news. And I'm always down for post-apocalyptic!

Max Adler Not in First Two Episodes of Glee, Ryan Murphy Continues to Break My Barely Existent Heart

After a dramatic transformation last season, fans of Dave Karofsky have been wondering what lies ahead for the gay teen on "Glee." The third season premiere is right around the corner and Max Adler (Karofsky) admirers have been asking one question about the hated and loved character. What lies ahead for the conflicted student? The Glee Examiner has the scoop for you today, straight from
Max Adler himself.

After speculation that his upcoming movie role might impede a return to the "Glee" set, the Glee Examiner checked in with Max to check on his status.

When asked if Karofsky would be in the season premiere on September 20, Max replied, "Nope. Not in first two so far..."

While this might come as a letdown to some fans, rest assured that the talented actor will be back at some point. We saw so much growth by the end of season two, but there is still plenty of room for more development.

Max is currently filming "AWOL." The movie is set for release in 2012. You can also look for him in "Detention of the Dead" and "Sweet Old World."


And to top it off Max confirmed that Karofsky is a senior this year.
BRB drowning my sorrow with Toblerone and the Designing Women box set. This is a
sadness only Swiss Chocolate and sassy Southerners in shoulder pads can fix.

For the love of Josh Groban, why Ryan Murphy, WHY???

Taylor's Charleston Photo Blog

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Here are two things you may already/might not know about me. One is that I make lists. Lists of music I love, lists of life goals (I've done that since I was eight years old), lists of things I need to get done this week, and… Lists of places I've always dreamed of going. Thanks to you all and your wonderful niceness, I've gotten to see most of the places on my list on tour. We've been on the Speak Now Tour since February, and it occurred to me a few weeks ago that it would be so incredible to take a mini-vacation! I found a three day window in August and invited all the girls you see onstage (one fiddle player, one backup singer, two dancers, three aerialists) to go with me to one of the places on my list (this particular place was underlined, with stars drawn next to it, indicating that I reeeeally wanted to go there): Charleston, South Carolina. Which brings me to the second thing you might not know about me: I'm a girl of many phases. Sometimes I work out, sometimes I don't, sometimes I listen to music constantly, sometimes I become obsessed with a piece of advice I'm given, sometimes I want to do nothing but watch Friends marathons, sometimes I write in my journal every night, then I'll skip a month.. And sometimes I take lots of pictures of what's going on in my life. For these three days, that's what I did. And because your niceness is why I get to take vacations, I thought I'd share them with you.


it's nice that she's so close with her band members and dancers and aerialists that she takes them on vacations with her.  

p.s. wtf this new lj cut is weird I hope I did this right. 

Adele: 'I'm going to hand out cupcakes during my tour'


Adele has revealed that she plans to give out cupcakes during her world tour.

The singer, who kicks off her UK tour in Plymouth on September 4, said that she has been teaching herself how to cook and bake in her spare time and has become "quite good".

Adele told VEVO's ASK:REPLY: "When I was on my big American tour bakeries used to send me cupcakes with my face on it. When I'm on tour I'm going to bake lots and give them out. I won't sell them because I don't think they're that good - but they are good!"

Adele also maintained that fame has not changed her following her massive success with her second studio album 21.

The 23-year-old explained that she has surrounded herself with "'no' people instead of 'yes' people", adding: "My mom would disown me if I changed!"

The 'Set Fire to the Rain' songwriter recently claimed that winning Grammy Awards made people more interested in her music.

VEVO's ASK:REPLY services lets fans use social media to put questions to their favorite artist on the music video site.


"Game of Thrones" is Heading To Croatia and Iceland

Westeros is getting bigger. HBO’s Game of Thrones is expanding its production for season 2.
You’ll recall the first season was shot in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Malta. The second season will continue to be based in Belfast, but the cast and crew are also going to Croatia and Iceland.

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Booking my flight as soon as I find out the dates!


Kardashawhat??? Cheers to the REAL American Royal Wedding: Chely Wright & Lauren Blitzer

It was a serendipitous start to what would be a fairy tale ending.

Just two weeks after coming out last year, country singer Chely Wright met her partner, Lauren Blitzer. And on Saturday, they were married.

Wright, 40, wed Blitzer, 30, a GLBT Civil Rights activist, at Blitzer’s aunt’s home in Connecticut. Both brides wore white wedding gowns, but opted out of wearing veils because, Wright told PEOPLE, "We like our hair too much!"

The couple also axed the traditional wedding band and had a deejay spin instead. "Bands at weddings make me nervous," Wright joked.

While agreeing on gowns and music may have been a piece of cake, the big day did come with some compromises. Wright, who doesn't eat meat, said it was "Lauren's idea – not my influence!" – to serve barbecue from New York's Blue Smoke to their 200-plus guests.

And since Wright is Christian and Blitzer is Jewish, both a reverend and a rabbi presided over their ceremony.

Wright recently told PEOPLE: "The freedom of being out and open about who I am allowed me to find and fall in love with Lauren – the most amazing woman I've ever known."


Get them marriage rights, ladies! Oh, and suck it John Rich!!!
HP doujinshi 'Power Play'

Celebrity chef Lidia Bastianich sued by "slave"

Lidia Bastianich made me her slave, a former employee claims in a sizzling, $5 million lawsuit against the beloved celebrity chef.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Bastianich on the set of her PBS cooking show

The grandmotherly restaurateur promised culinary fame and fortune, plaintiff Maria Carmela Farina charges in the new lawsuit -- but delivered nothing except a zero-pay job as a 24-hour-a-day home attendant, for which she had to hoist the chef's 100-year-old, obese neighbor on and off a toilet in College Point, Queens.

"This was Lidia's Roman Empire," lawyer Paul Catsandonis, said of the celebrity's alleged one-inmate labor camp at 4-37 136th Street.
"Il shiavo di lusso," Bastianich and her family would sneer behind Farina's back -- Italian for "the golden slave," the suit contends.

The twisty tale of alleged deceit and broken dreams -- about which Bastianich spokespeople declined to comment -- began in 1995.

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  • jkc800

Kris Jenner Originally Wanted Aguilera To Perform @ Kim K.'s Wedding, But...

This weekend brought the highly anticipated wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, in which no expense was spared on the lavish event. But according to insiders, The Keeping Up With The Kardashian star’s mom, Kris Jenner wanted The Voice‘s Christina Aguilera to perform at the reception, but why didn’t Christina perform? Believe it or not, it was a matter of money! Read on for more…

Money? The Kardashians? I know you are thinking that we must be kidding, but we are not! According to an insider close to Kris Jenner, Kris originally wanted a big name performer like Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez to perform at the wedding, but there was one problem – she was not willing to pay! With private concerts by both of the singers costing around $1 million, Kris opted not to go with Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez, as she told friends she refused to compensate that much for their time. Seriously? Did she expect either of those talented women to perform for free?

The whole idea of Kris Jenner refusing to spend that much seems ridiculous. After all, we know Kim Kardashian wore not one, but three custom made wedding gowns, the couple had a $20,000.00 cake, and dinner prepared by Wolfgang Puck, but she couldn’t spare for Christina Aguilera? Instead, the wedding guests were treated to a DJ and Earth, Wind and Fire – don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but being that this was the so called “wedding of the year,” we would have thought she would have gotten a bigger name, more age appropriate act for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humpries’ big day.

Do you think Kris Jenner should have splurged on Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez for her daughter’s big day? Kudos to Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez for not performing at the wedding for free, the family surely has enough money to spare!


Jensen Ackles & Jared Padalecki: 'Supernatural' Night Shoot!

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki take part in a late night shoot for their TV show, Supernatural, on Saturday (August 20) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The guys filmed a scene together where an actress was attacked…then Jared came in and saved the day!

The guys are asking fans to send in rubber ducks with your name and location for their duck pond! Some ducks that Jared and Jensen pick out will be auctioned off for charity - head to to see where to send your ducks. Quack!

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New 'Martha Marcy May Marlene' Trailers

One shouldn't draw strict, taught parallels to the two situations, but it is interesting that Elizabeth Olsen's breakout film is one about escaping a cult and the subjugation of one's own person to finding a personal freedom. Olsen, of course, is the younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, the two lifetime celebrities, forever in their shadow. Her two older siblings are not in any way cruel or menacing, like the film's cult leader, but both story lines, on screen and in real life, share the crucial element of the 22-year old star coming into her own.

Olsen's big vehicle is "Martha Marcy May Marlene," an indie drama in which she plays that girl who is seduced by, and then escapes, the clutches of the cult leader, portrayed by a grizzled John Hawkes (looking much the same as he did in "Winter's Bone"). It stole the show at Sundance, and is part of her big 2011; she'll also star in "Peace, Love & Understanding," with Chace Crawford and play a smaller part in "Red Lights," which stars Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver.

The film hits theaters on October 21st.

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Scarlett Johansson works up a sweat while taking a walk in New York City

The 26-year-old actress has recently teamed up shoe designer Stuart Weitzman as a guest designer for his Young Hollywood Cares Collection benefiting ovarian cancer research.

Scarlett’s red patent, menswear-style cut-out oxford platform heel will retail for $425.

The star-studded collection will be available at and at the designer’s flagship boutiques beginning Monday (August 22).

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veronique 2

Kind of awkward Q&A with Anna Faris

In What’s Your Number?, Anna Faris pushes the year’s R-rated-comedy trend along by playing a crass, desperate woman who decides she can’t sleep with yet another man and must instead revisit all twenty of her exes (played by Joel McHale, Andy Samberg, Zachary Quinto, among others). She spoke with Logan Hill.

Your husband, Chris Pratt, plays an ex who thinks your character is stalking him.
I love working with my husband, although it’s terrifying. Like, if I don’t impress him with my acting skills, he’s going to fall out of love with me.

So it’s all over now?
No, thank God. He’s still with me.

You fell for Chris while making your last movie, Take Me Home Tonight. But you weren’t the only person he dated on that set?
I was proud of myself for being like, “Hey, I’m cool. I’m one of the guys. I can help you get some action!” Our friendship sort of grew, so when the movie came to an end, I really missed him.

.Collapse ).

I always remember that depressing New Yorker article on her when I see promotion for this movie.

(films) ever after; contessa

TV Guide Offers Scoop on Mad Men, CSI, etc

Private Practice

As part of Addison's baby-making plans, Kate Walsh says her character will be back "in the stirrups" in a scene that should leave viewers in "utter shock." Remember, adds Kate, "The last time we saw Addison like that was on Grey's Anatomy when she was living in the woods with Derek, and Bailey found poison oak on her vajayjay."


George Eads (Nick) got married on June 17 with cast mates Marg Helgenberger (Catherine) and Eric Szmanda (Greg) in attendance. "Billy [Petersen] sent an amazing salad bowl and note," says George, who later got the scoop on a gift Billy's
planning for fans. "He told me he's going to come back this season to help us with Marg's exit."

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Ann Coulter LOL


Tom Hardy does a little shopping with a friend at The Grove on Sunday (August 21) in West Hollywood.

After going shopping, the 33-year-old English actor chatted with the bellman at the hotel where he was staying.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Tom Hardy

Earlier in the weekend, Tom and his Warrior co-stars, Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Morrison, attended a party thrown by InStyle for the film!

Warrior will be released in theaters on September 9.

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Sacred Zelda

Stranger Bitch Tells LeAnn Rimes to Eat A Sandwich

LeAnn Rimes' tiny frame is under scrutiny yet again.

Publicly criticized for her pin-thin frame, the 28-year-old singer vented her frustrations on Twitter Saturday after a random diner approached her at dinner in Chicago.

"How dare someone come to me at a table with the boys and tell me I need to eat something. What is wrong with people?" Rimes tweeted. "As I'm stuffing my face....have another drink and maybe take a class in manners! Cheers!"

When one of Rimes' Twitter followers suggested that "lots of folks think you are getting too thin" and that she's beginning to "look 12 years old," the country star fired back: "Once again, I'm done talking to rude people who have no right to have an opinion on my body. Out of line!"

"If it happened to someone who wasn't a 'celebrity' it would be rude, but to a public figure it's socially [acceptable]?" Rimes added.

When one follower congratulated Rimes for not punching the stranger, the singer admitted she "wanted to" fight back but "said nothing" instead.

"Eddie [Cibrian]'s mom was so impressed...his parents wanted to jump across the table!" Rimes added.

As the singer's Twitter followers voiced varying degrees of support and concern, Rimes made her feelings about the run-in clear: "You do not have the right to vomit out an opinion of anyone you do not know in front of family at a restaurant. And that's not an 'opinion' -- that's judgement of someone else."


Um, rude. I'm no fan of hers but coming up to people telling them to eat? Say no to body policing tbh!

Marc Jacobs May Be Replacing John Galliano At Dior

Women's Wear Daily is reporting that Bernard Arnault has at last found a replacement for John Galliano at Christian Dior, the €21 billion luxury brand that is one of the biggest and sparkliest jewels in LVMH's crown. According to "sources," Marc Jacobs is in "talks" to leave Louis Vuitton to take over Dior. Phoebe Philo, who currently designs for Céline, might replace Jacobs at Vuitton in addition to her current work. Galliano was fired this spring after making a series of drunken, racist rants to strangers in a Paris bistro; one of the outbursts was caught on camera, and the disgraced designer faced charges under France's strict hate speech laws. LVMH, Dior's parent company, has taken its time in replacing him — it even let a couture season occur while the house was rudderless. If he were appointed, Marc Jacobs would be the first American (and in fact the first non-European of any nationality) to design for Dior. The Dior job search has been the subject of intense speculation; earlier this year, Fashionista wrote that Givenchy creative director Riccardo Tisci was all but set to take the job.

King K

what killed r&b groups? (the answer is NOT beyonce! jk yes it is)

Rhythm-and-blues groups ruled the airwaves in the 1990s, topping music charts and attracting devotees around the world. En Vogue, TLC, Boyz II Men, and others like them defined the music of the times.

But as the decade ended, so did the popularity of R&B groups. Today, they've largely faded from the charts. assistant editor Akoto Ofori-Atta recently wrote about this phenomenon for the news website. She tells Tell Me More guest host Tony Cox that En Vogue's recent concert in Washington, D.C., inspired her to write the article.

"When I was sitting in the audience and I was looking out there, I realized, 'Wow, this doesn't exist anymore.' There are no R&B groups that are currently on the pop charts, and there was something very nostalgic about the moment," Ofori-Atta says. "There was something even a little dated about what I was watching, so I wanted to explore further."

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Natalie Portman's First Post-Baby Sighting

Since giving birth to son Aleph in June, Natalie Portman has been lying low, just as she promised she would.

But on Thursday, the Oscar winner – who appears to have lost much of her baby weight – and her dog Whiz stepped out for the first time together since Aleph's arrival.

The pair kept their heads down as they walked the New York City streets in near darkness. Portman's frame stayed hidden under a loose oxford and sweatpants, but the actress added a touch of star power to her casual ensemble with some oversize sunglasses.

zooey umm

New posters/trailers for Martha Marcy May Marlene

We’ve got your online exclusive first look at two new posters — and, technically, trailers — for Sundance hit Martha Marcy May Marlene. (In theaters Oct. 21.) The drama stars Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley, as Martha (a.k.a. Marcy May, a.k.a. Marlene), a damaged woman who struggles to reassimilate with her family after fleeing a cult. Winter’s Bone Oscar nominee John Hawkes co-stars as the cult leader. The posters feature QR codes, which you scan with your smartphone for access to exclusive trailers. These previews will not be available any other way online — which is something new to online marketing — and are only viewable by scanning the QR codes. The posters will be randomly posted on the streets of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles as well. Scannable standees will also hit movie theaters nationwide.

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1, 2

Evangeline Lilly and Norman Kali: Sunday Stroll with their Son!

Evangeline Lilly and her boyfriend Norman Kali share a laugh as they take a stroll on Sunday (August 21) in Wellington, New Zealand.

The 32-year-old actress and her beau were joined on their walk by their adorable son, who was born this past May!

Evangeline is currently filming The Hobbit in Wellington, which is on a short hiatus until early September. According to a New Zealand newspaper, the film will be shot over the course of 250 days - about eight months!

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The Post You've All Been Waiting For A Hardy One!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Well the premiere to the warrior is soon arriving and with it comes hardy goodness! There are two new amazing interview with the man himself taking about his diet, work out regime and his son. Also new pictures of Tom attending and InStyle party in honour of the movie

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Source Source 2 Source 3

He is actually has the sweetest personality! talent looks and a great personality i guess your faves could never!

Miss Way and her four little dwarves set to return to the studio in the fall

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Titel oder Beschreibung

Band announce their future plans from the stage in Chicago

My Chemical Romance have reportedly said that they will be returning to the studio in the autumn to begin work on their fifth album.

According to Absolute Punk and various online news reports, the New Jersey rockers frontman Gerard Way said from the stage in Chicago on Saturday night (August 20) that the band wouldn't be back for some time as they were heading to the studio as soon as they finish with their touring commitments.

The band are currently on a US tour with Blink-182 and headline Reading And Leeds Festivals next weekend.

They had previously indicated that their double bill of festival shows were likely to be their final UK commitments in promoting their fourth studio album 'Danger Days – The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys' and it appears it will be their final commitment for the whole cycle.


Oh well, gway says a lot of shit on stage.

The Weeknd's Sinful Sounds

So far, 2011 has been a good year for The Weeknd. The previously unknown Canadian R&B singer released a nine-song mixtape House of Balloons through his own website in March, earned public praise from Drake, and was nominated for a 2011 Polaris Music Prize. Last week he followed up with a second mixtape, Thursday.

Now a video for his song "The Birds (Part One)" has appeared on the Internet. The video hasn't been officially announced, but the quality is too good to pass as a fan video.

The Weeknd operates in faded, fuzzy samples and a unique brand of lustful vulgarity that feels so sinful you might want to shower after listening to his music. Are you cheating on your wife? Sleeping with your boyfriend's best friend? Chasing after someone you know you can never have? This is the album to listen to when you lie awake at night, tormented by guilt but ready to do all over again.

British actresses can't be sexy, they're too inhibited says Hollywood producer

They may be some of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. 

But according to one of Tinseltown's most respected producers British starlets like Gemma Arterton, Emma Watson, Keira Knightley and Rebecca Hall can't do sexy because they're just too inhibited.

Paul Breuls, producer of film the Devil's Double - the recent biopic of Saddam Hussein's sadistic eldest son Uday - reckons when it comes to jaw-dropping sex appeal our girls just don't make the grade.

Breuls had considered Brits, as well as some of Hollywood's most celebrated sirens, for the role of Sarrab - Uday's intensely sexual concubine and the film's leading female role. 

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Source: DM

lol the source needs proofreaders so many rookie misspellings. 

Kim Petras signs to Universal Records

19 year old Kim Petras of Germany officially signed to Universal Records this month. Some of you may remember her as the sixteen year old transgendered German girl and the youngest person to ever undergo gender reassignment surgery. A big fan of Lady GaGa, Kim also advocates heavily for the LGBT community.

Footage of her live soundcheck during her press tour last month for her latest EP

Source: Twiiter Youtube

So, They Want Us To Take This Movie Seriously?

Real Steel "Main Event" Featurette Hits
DreamWorks Pictures has provided with a new "Main Event" featurette for director Shawn Levy's action drama Real Steel, starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Dakota Goyo, Anthony Mackie and Kevin Durand.

In the film, hitting conventional and IMAX theaters on October 7, Jackman stars as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

Sources: 1 2

Since I'm a Hugh fan, I want this movie to surprise (in a good way).

Henry Cavill's Fine Ass Suited Up On The "Man Of Steel" Set

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The filming continued on Friday for Man of Steel on the Kent Farm set in Plano, Illinois and ZonCom Productions snapped some photos of Henry Cavill in the Superman costume. While they were taken from far away, you can make out some additional details about the suit in these pics.

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Co-starring Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Michael Shannon, Antje Traue, Russell Crowe, Julia Ormond, Christopher Meloni, Harry Lennix and Laurence Fishburne, the Zack Snyder-directed film is scheduled for a June 14, 2013 release.

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Lauren Conrad wishes you a happy birthday

Actually she attended a BD party for her friend of 20 years- Jillian.

Her shoes are from her Kohl’s line. Unfortunately they are sold out.

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Lauren mostly does her own nails and continues to be a manicure guru. You’ll be copying this in a few months.

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Her new line Paper Crown is now available at several major online retailers including

To the “ I can get it at Forever 21” brigade, I’m sure 10-year old Trang Nguyen is thrilled you only paid $15 bucks for some cheap-ass sweater he spent 16-hours in a windowless room in Taiwan knitting with his tiny hands in between beatings with a wood cane.So yeah. Keep bragging about that.

Source 1

Source 2

Source 3

Gaga to guest star as herself on The Simpsons

Grammy winner Lady Gaga is heading to Springfield for a guest gig on TV's The Simpsons, the show's star Yeardley Smith told Smith (who voices Lisa Simpson and currently appears in off-Broadway's Love, Loss and What I Wore) is returning to Los Angeles on August 22, her day off from the play, to record the episode with the singer.

"This is extraordinary! I'm stunned that she has time in her schedule that she's coming to our studio to record," Smith said. Previewing Gaga's storyline, the actress said, "She's playing herself, and [The Simpsons writers] describe her as the happiest, most optimistic person in the world. She comes to Springfield to try to cheer up Lisa, but she can't."

Lady Gaga's appearance will air during the animated hit's upcoming 23rd season. In a previous episode, an animated version of the "Bad Romance" singer (not voiced by Gaga) appeared on the show as Tony winner Elton John's date to the Golden Globe Awards.

Smith should have plenty of conversational fodder, given Gaga's love of Broadway, Smith's current fashion-centric off-Broadway role and her plans to launch a shoe line. "I can't wait to see what she wears!" the actress exclaimed.


Zoe Saldana: Guest Appearance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Zoe Saldana signs autographs for fans after making an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (August 18) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actress went on the talk show to speak with Jimmy about her latest film, Colombiana, due out in theatres on August 26!

Zoe and Jimmy hit on a variety of topics including driving in LA, parents on Facebook, and training for Colombiana!

Also Zoe stopping at a gas station and grabbing a water.

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Thomas Dekker and Brit Robertson on the set of "The Secret Circle"

Thomas Dekker and Britt Robertson are spotted on the set of their new show The Secret Circle in Richmond, British Columbia last week (August 18).

Set in the fictional California town of Chance Harbor, Washington, The Secret Circle follows Cassie Blake (Robertson), a shy California teenager who learns that she comes from a family of  witches. It’s based on the book series of the same name by L.J. Smith.

At the TCA panel earlier this year, Robertson opened up about her character Cassie:

“In the beginning, in the pilot she comes into this city and she’s  completely shell shocked by her circumstances after her mom passes. She  meets Thomas’s character Adam and all these other people who are  actually part of the coven and then she finds out that she is also part  of this coven. She’s part of this new generation of witches.

+32 pics@Caught on Set

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Stock; Starbucks

Crystal Harris: 'Hugh Hefner's money wasn't important to me'


Crystal Harris has said that Hugh Hefner's fortune was not important to her.

The former Playboy Playmate announced her engagement to Hefner in December 2010 but later called off the marriage in June 2011 just days before the scheduled ceremony, citing a "change of heart".

Talking to Dr Drew Pinsky for Extra, Harris has since slammed accusations that she only became involved with Hefner for his money, insisting that she was not interested in the financial aspect of their relationship.

"If I was what people think I am, I would have stuck it out for another year. I was to get a gift of $800,000 (£486,000) the day after my wedding and $500,000 (£304,000) tax free every year after," the 25-year-old explained.
"I turned it down, walked away. I left because I realized money was not the most important thing in life."

Harris also said that she was "kind of broken" and "looking for a safe haven" upon meeting Hefner, due to abandonment issues stemming from the death of her father and childhood boyfriend, and claimed that Hefner made her feel like she was "somebody special" when he proposed to her.

Hefner has said that he "dodged a bullet" by not marrying Harris. He is currently dating Shera Bechard.

Ann Coulter LOL

20 pairs of shoes and a nude picture of Bea Arthur

The bad blood between 50 Cent and his son’s mother Shaniqua Thompkins still run deeps. Putting the all too important speaker option on his Blackberry to use while making his radio rounds, Curtis blasted his baby mama for her role in irresponsible parenting after asking for 20 pairs of sneakers (a more modest amount compared to the initial 50 pairs in her eyes) for son Marquise’s upcoming school year.

LMAO Sauce
George pray

Attention ONTD's Red Hot Chili Peppers Fans!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The band's complete new album, I'm With You, will be streamed on the band's official website in less than 10 1 minute!

#ImWithYou Listening Party

On August 22nd, take part in the global listening party for the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album, I’m With You. Join us from 6 spots around the world and on as we stream the new album in full.


ETA2: Monarchy of Roses

  • asami

Avatar: The Last Airbender - THE PROMISE


"The wait is over! Ever since the conclusion of Avatar: The Last Airbender, its millions of fans have been hungry for more--and it's finally here!

This series of digests rejoins Aang and friends for exciting new adventures, beginning with a faceoff against the Fire Nation that threatens to throw the world into another war, testing all of Aang's powers and ingenuity!

* The continuation of Airbender and the link to its upcoming sequel, Legend of Korra!

* Written by Gene Yang, author of the National Book Award-nominated American Born Chinese.

Publication Date: January 25, 2012
Format: TP, 6" x 9", FC, 80 pages
Price: $10.99"

Writers include Gene Yang AND series co-creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. Fantastic artwork by Gurihiru.



TV GOURMET: 64 slices of American Cheese, and four other Simpsons inspired meals

Back in February, when the first TV Gourmet appeared on this very website, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I got around to this very post: making food and drink exclusively from “The Simpsons.” With much thanks to SNPP, possibly the single greatest hub of information in the entire world, I—along with photographer Nadia, dairy-consumer Will, and was-just-kind-of-there Joe (Adam from last time couldn’t join us because he was watching preseason football, preseason Rams football; neither could Matt, who’s too busy wearing Rastafarian hats and getting called a narc)—chose five recipes that have been made, featured, and gorged upon in Springfield, including the granddaddy of them all. It’s the post I was born to write, baby.

And please feel free to do some gratuitous quoting in the comments section. I’ll get things started: “The only danger is if they send us to that terrible Planet of the Apes. Wait a minute…Statute of Liberty…that was ourplanet! You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!”

Collapse )

mmmm, source

 sooo would you guys try any of these things? that corn nog looks especially nasty but i don't think i'd be brave enough to try any (besides maybe the toast?)
smoking goals
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Mommie Dearest 2

Conservatives are pressed about new film on Margaret Thatcher, "The Iron Lady"

Friends of Margaret Thatcher last night expressed their revulsion at a new film that shows her having nightmares about the miners’ strike and the Falklands War, while her late husband Denis appears as a ghost in a pink turban raging at her -‘insufferable’ selfishness.

Viewers invited to an early screening of the film, The Iron Lady, starring Queen Meryl Streep as the former Prime Minister and Jim Broadbent as Sir Denis, were aghast at the way that it mocks her frail condition in recent years.

One called it ‘insulting’. Another said: ‘I didn’t come here to see a film about granny going mad.’

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hehehe this entire article was too hilarious not to post tbh. ttfn!

Former Guns ‘N Roses Bassist’s Wealth Management Firm Will Launch In October

Remember when Duff McKagan said he was going to start managing money? To recap, back 1994, while recovering from a ruptured pancreas, the Guns ‘N Roses bassist was puttering around his basement when he happened upon GnR’s financials from the previous six years. Flipping through the reports he had a bit of a panic attack when he realized, “I couldn’t make sense of it. I didn’t know how much we had made or lost on the tour,” and got himself into even more of a tizzy when he though about admitting to someone, “I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing.” Collapse )

Celebrity Big Brother Contestant Shows off Fake Abs

Aussie paparazzo admits to having contouring surgery that gives him a look the rest of his muscles can't match

It seems Amy Childs and Tara Reid aren't the only surgically-enhanced celebrities in the CBB house.

Australian paparazzo Darryn Lyons has revealed that he had an appointment with a surgeon to create a set of abs.

Instead of sweating it out at the gym, the 46-year-old underwent the surgical procedure known as 'contouring', which gives the illusion of a washboard

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He looks like that horrible Captain America drawing
these two

Is 'The Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter' Asking for Trouble?

There's a movie remake entitled The Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter in the works, but it has nothing to do with the boy wizard. So will author J.K. Rowling sue the movie for using the name of the boy wizard in the title?

Long before Daniel Radcliffe's boy wizard did battle with a giant mountain troll in the girls' bathroom at Hogwarts, the 1986 movie Troll explored a world that is also inhabited by the creepy creatures. The movie also features witches, elves, goblins, and other magical beings. But these characters that make appearances in so many fairy tales aren't the biggest similarity to J.K. Rowling' s stories and the movies based on them -- a boy hero named Harry Potter is.

Well, actually his name is Harry Potter, Jr., and he doesn't have time to spend years learning witchcraft and wizardry like Rowling's character. However, he does have to save the world from an evil wizard capable of possessing people's bodies.

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Ann Coulter LOL

Ashford of Ashford and Simpson Has Died

NEW YORK (AP) – Nick Ashford, one-half of the legendary Motown songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson, has died at age 70.

Nick Ashford, who wrote many Motown classics with his wife Valerie Simpson, died Monday. He was 70.

His longtime friend and former publicist Liz Rosenberg told the Associated Press that Ashford — who along with wife Valerie Simpson wrote some of Motown's biggest hits — died Monday in a New York City hospital. He had been suffering from throat cancer and had undergone radiation treatment.

Among the songs Ashford & Simpson penned are Ain't No Mountain High Enough, You're All I Need To Get By and Reach Out And Touch Somebody's Hand.

He is survived by his wife and two daughters.


This is so sad. Me and a close friend use to joke about his hair and wardrobe choices. Now I feel bad. His family has my condolences.

Jen Garner and Ben Affleck expecting third child!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actress Jennifer Garner is pregnant, the couple confirm to the Associated Press.

This will the be the third child for the Arthur actress, 39, and her husband of five years, Ben Affleck, 39.

(The couple welcomed daughter Violet in December 2005; Seraphina was born in January 2009.)

"She's always wanted three kids," a source tells Us Weekly. "This was her plan all along."

Uggie 2

Bobby Draper Warns Against Betty Draper

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Jared Gilmore, the actor who played January Jones and Jon Hamm's son Bobby Draper on Mad Men, is not sad to leave his TV mom.

The 11-year-old actor exited the AMC drama in order to take a series regular role on ABC's Once Upon a Time. He tells TV Guide that the actor who takes his place should be aware that the X-Men: First Class actress is not about warm fuzzies, "Be careful around January [Jones]. She's not as approachable as the others. She's really serious about what she does."

How did Jones compare to the rest of the cast? Gilmore said, "Everyone else is so nice."

THR's Fall TV Preview Coverage

Gilmore was offered seven episodes on Mad Men next season but declined to continue in the role for a complete season of Once Upon a Time, notes TV Guide.

Once Upon a Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas as fairy tale characters trapped in time. The drama is from Lost writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz.

The fifth season of Mad Men will air in early 2012.


Martin Scorsese’s ‘George Harrison: Living in the Material World’ Trailer

It’s so weird when you anticipate a movie for years and years, and then you suddenly have a great, full trailer to marvel at. Such is the case with George Harrison: Living in the Material World, Martin Scorsese‘s documentary on the life and career of the Beatles guitarist, which has just received a preview at Yahoo!. And, after waiting for so long, I’m happy to report that the result looks terrific.

Much like No Direction Home: Bob Dylan, there’s a massive amount of great material that Scorsese has at his disposal. From songs to videos to photographs — so much of his life was documented for the nearly forty years that he was in the public spotlight, and it looks like we’re getting a full picture of his great work. The big Beatles fan in me is happy enough that one of my favorite directors has made a film about my favorite member, but delving into his solo career is also pretty wonderful. This didn’t need to be proven before, but adding some engrossing side elements — like his association with Monty Python — assures me that we’re in good hands. I don’t know if this has shot to the top of my list for most anticipated… well, anything of 2011, but it’s pretty damn close.

Collapse )

OMG I can't wait