August 11th, 2011

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flawless human being returns to broadway

Weeds Star Hunter Parrish Will Return to Broadway as Jesus in Godspell

Hunter Parrish has landed the role of Jesus in the upcoming revival of Stephen Schwartz's Godspell. Performances for the Daniel Goldstein-directed production begin October 13 at the Circle in the Square Theatre, with opening night set for November 7. Further casting will be announced soon.

Parrish is best known for playing Silas Botwin on TV's Weeds. He made his Broadway debut in 2008 as a replacement Melchior in Spring Awakening. His film and TV credits include It's Complicated, 17 Again, RV, Sleepover, Law and Order: Special Victim's Unit, Campus Ladies, CSI and Freedom Writers.

Conceived and originally directed by John-Michael Tebelak with music and new lyrics by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Pippin), Godspell will feature choreography by Christopher Gattelli.

The revival will mark the first Broadway production of the musical since its original run transferred from off-Broadway to Broadway over 30 years ago, closing at the Ambassador Theatre on September 4, 1977 after 527 performances. A 1973 feature film version starred Victor Garber as Jesus, who headlined the legendary Toronto production alongside Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Gilda Radner, Dave Thomas and Martin Short. The show's signature song "Day By Day" reached #13 on the Billboard Top 100 list.

Godspell will feature scenic design by David Korins, costume design by Miranda Hoffman, lighting design by David Weiner, sound design by Andrew Keister, orchestrations by Michael Holland and musical direction by Charlie Alterman..

The Broadway revival is produced by Ken Davenport, Edgar Lansbury and The People of Godspell.


Steve Albini 'wanted to strangle' Odd Future on bus ride


Nirvana and Pixies producer lashes out at rappers after recent encounter on airport shuttle in Barcelona
Odd Future's ostensibly punk-rock antics have attracted a punk-rock critic, with Steve Albini calling them "assholes making music about being assholes". The celebrated producer, who shared an airport shuttle with the rappers, said he hasn't "wanted to strangle anybody that much in a real long time".

Albini is no stranger to ugly and violent music: besides working with Nirvana, the Jesus Lizard and Killdozer, he played with Big Black and Rapeman. As a member of Shellac, he wrote the song Prayer to God, asking the Almighty to "just fucking kill" a cheating partner and her new lover. But for all his flirting with the darker side of life, Albini said he had enough on a bus departing Barcelona's Primavera festival. "They didn't strike me as stupid," he explained. "They struck me as little self-satisfied asshole scrubs."

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Source: Guardian
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When Celebrities Ring the Stock Exchange Bell, Do They Jinx the Dow?

Who to blame for the economy's troubles?
Back in the halcyon days of last week, when the stock market was deflating but not cratering, Twitter funny man and advertising director Tim Siedell had one suggestion: "The Dow has lost nearly 1,000 points since the Smurfs rang the opening bell, in case we're looking to pin this on someone," he tweeted.

Measure from the close Tuesday's market, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average lost more points than any day since the Dec. 1, 2008—the height of the credit crisis—and we find that the index has actually shed 1,429.51 since some costumed blue people, promoting new film The Smurfs, rang the New York Stock Exchange's opening bell on July 29.

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King K

Chris Croker in new documentary

Me at the Zoo is an intimate look at a controversial young video blogger, regarded by millions as the Internet's first rebel folk hero. Chris Crocker was bullied out of school in the 8th grade and was, by his account, raised on the Internet. Crocker's online videos have been viewed over 270 million times to date. He is arguably the first internet celebrity to cross over into mainstream media and is part of the first wave of young people coming into adulthood under constant self-surveillance.

Chris Crocker is now one of thousands selected into the YouTube partnership program. Youtube Partnership allows individuals to make an income through Adsense and Revenue Sharing programs. Everyday more users are signing on to monetize the content of their digital lives.

Over 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Our film takes its title from the first ever Youtube video uploaded by the young founders of the site. Me at the Zoo explores how video sharing and social platforms have shaped the way we tell our stories and mediate our lives. When we "Like" and '"Share" a video we are creating a market for that specific type of content.

This unconventional documentary excavates a personal story that is written on the Internet. It follows a line through Chris Crocker's public videos, response videos and the echo chamber of fans, friends and haters.

LOVE YOU, CHRIS!! Don't read this post & leave me rude comments the way you always do. <3
jt [stop him]
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Justin Timberlake and Emma Stone tipped for Dirty Dancing remake

Justin Timberlake and Emma Stone have been named as favourites to appear in the upcoming Dirty Dancing remake.

Bookmaker Paddy Power has put together a list of potential stars to take on the roles originally played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey.

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This thirsty bitch must be eliminated

Zachary Quinto

Keanu Reeves Moving Ahead With MAN OF TAI CHI

If all goes according to plan Keanu Reeves will soon be adding 'writer' and 'director' to his resume.

The star of The Matrix has long talked about his desire to direct a martial arts film of his own. Titled Man Of Tai Chi, the picture was written by Reeves as a starring vehicle for Tiger Chen, a key member of the Matrix stunt team, with Reeves himself playing the villain role. But so far the talk has been just that. Not any more.

The Wrap is reporting that Reeves is currently in negotiations with Village Roadshow and The China Film Group to nail down financing for the picture. Both make perfect sense as Village Roadshow were backers of The Matrix films and with the film being partially in Mandarin it is exactly the sort of high profile, star driven, but still China-friendly project that the mainland Chinese industry is lusting to get in to on a co-production basis.

As for the action quotient in the film, Reeves is on record telling MTV that the script includes 18 fight sequences that should have a run time of forty minutes of actual fighting.


'Dirty Dancing' Remake Director Knows You Hate Him

Let’s set the record straight: there’s no script, thoughts on casting or ideas about which iconic moments will be recreated, but the one thing director Kenny Ortega’s planned Dirty Dancing remake has is a lot of haters.

“We have a big challenge and a long road ahead of us,” Oretga told after judging last night’s penultimate So You Think You Can Dance of season eight. “All I can say is that I hope we can bring something unique and original to help change the naysayers minds about the film.”

Interestingly, Ortega himself originally doubted the remake as well. “Saying yes to this project was a really tough decision for me, and one that I wrestled with for a long time,” he says. “I had to be won over too.”

“But I know one thing for sure, [when it comes to casting] I’m not looking for someone to fill Patrick Swayze’s shoes, or Jennifer Grey’s shoes. They’re one of a kind and they deserve to be called that.”

Turns out Ortega didn’t have to look too far to find a potential cast member, as he told SYTYCD finalist Melanie Moore, live on the air, that she’s got a role waiting if she wants it! “She’s such a gifted woman. Melanie is an actress who can dance and those are my favorite kind of dancers to work with.”

Fans of the 1987 classic can also hold out hope that the original Baby might be returning to the Catskills as well! “Everyone saw what Jennifer’s still capable of on Dancing with the Stars, wouldn’t it be fun to bring her back too? I want to put that out there and see what she says!”

Looks like it’s your move, Jennifer!


linda granger

The Queen of Comedy Returns!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This has been a pretty big year for Roseanne. She released a book, has been going on every television talk show known to man, is saving the world with her nuts, filmed a highly successful reality show, signed on for Chelsea Handler's new sitcom, gets her blog and her sometimes malicious tweets picked up by the media, is writing editorials, and is now running for President of the United States. Still, one thing the public has been wanting her to do that she hasn't done since 1997 is create and star in a new sitcom. Well, Roseanne has decided to do just that!!

After bringing one 1990s ABC sitcom star, Home Improvement's Tim Allen, back to primetime with a new comedy series, 20th Century Fox TV is looking to do the same for another, Roseanne Barr. The studio has signed a script deal with the former Roseanne star for a half-hour comedy she will co-write with her boyfriend Johnny Argent. The project, titled Downwardly Mobile, will explore the same territory as Roseanne, revolving around an optimistic blue-collar family living in hard times. Search is underway for a showrunner to board the project before it's taken out to the networks. Barr and Argent are executive producing with Steven Greener who also executive produces Barr's Lifetime reality series Roseanne's Nuts.

There's no doubt she won't be hiring Chuck Lorre (creator of "Two And A Half Men") for this new show, a guy whose career she started, and now trashes ever since the Charlie Sheen fiasco. I hope she pulls a "Lucy Show" and gets Laurie Metcalf (Jackie in "Roseanne") to return, as well as Sandra Bernhard! Lucille Ball brought back Vivian Vance (Ethel Mertz in "I Love Lucy") in her second sitcom, "The Lucy Show". Why can't Roseanne do this? Does anyone remember that Joseph Gordon-Levitt used to be on "Roseanne" back in the day, and the time Edina and Patsy showed up at a party?

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Lindsay Lohan had a little wardrobe malfunction

From "It's kinda hard to call it a wardrobe malfunction when you do it on purpose, but Lindsay Lohan suffered a "wardrobe malfunction" yesterday as she was dashing into Mr. Chow in West Hollywood. Mr. Chow? I hear that place is expensive. Especially for the unemployed. It's cool that they're letting people wash dishes now to pay for their meals."

+10 NSFW pics at the source, per policy

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Jason Sudeikis and Tyler Labine Play 'Kiss Chicken'

Jason Sudeikis and Tyler Labine get steamed up for each other in a clip from the forthcoming (September 2) flick, A Good Old Fashioned Orgy.
As Dennis Ayers notes: "The really good news is, even though the scene is played for laughs (and who knows what follows after the clip), it really doesn't seem to be going for the clichéd gay panic punchline."


Suddenly see Sudeikis in a whole new delicious way TBH

Sienna Miller dyes hair pink?, goes to Ibiza with mom and TomStu

Sienna Miller and Tom Sturridge indulged in a PDA this morning (Aug 10) when they arrived at the airport in Ibiza. The duo are off on a getaway with her mom, Jo, after spending time together in London. Tom was still rocking his long beard and unkempt hair, but Sienna tried something new with her locks. Sienna's the latest starlet, following in the footsteps of Kate Bosworth and Lauren Conrad, to add colorful highlights. Her hue of choice was bright pink. Ibiza is a favorite destination for Sienna and the men in her life. In 2009, she visited with then-love interest George Barker aka DJ Slinky Wizard. She also spent time there last year with Jude Law.

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Anti-Muslim, Anti-Michael Jackson Congressman Worried Osama Movie Will Endanger National Security.

Rep. Peter King begs to differ with White House press secretary Jay Carney’s jab that it’s “ridiculous” for the congressman to suggest the Obama administration could be endangering national security by cooperating with filmmakers ('The Hurt Locker' director Kathryn Bigelow and screen writer Mark Boal) working on a movie about Osama bin Laden.

Obviously, I hit a sensitive nerve,” the House Homeland Security Committee chairman told POLITICO on Thursday morning. “What he said was nonsense — there has been so much classified information released over the last 90 days” since bin Laden was killed in a raid on his Pakistan compound.

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sunmi why so lonely

New "We Need to Talk about Kevin" Poster!

Changing gears completely, here is a relatively new one-sheet for Lynne Ramsay‘s “We Need To Talk About Kevin.” This writer actually saw this poster at Cannes in a few print versions of trade magazines, but hadn’t seen a proper high-res version since, so thanks to the reader to gave us the heads up. If the poster doesn’t convey it clearly enough for you, this flick is grim look at a mother (Tilda Swinton in yet another powerful performance) who tries to deal with her grief after her son (Ezra Miller) goes on a high-school killing spree. While “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” is taking the mantle of The Feel Bad Movie Of Christmas, we think this one might be a bit more devastating. “We Need To Talk About Kevin” opens on December 2nd.


sunmi why so lonely

Does Emma Stone Need Our Help to Become an A-Lister?


When Emma Stone made her film debut in 2007's Superbad, she felt like an unusual breath of fresh air — a brand-new teen actress who could already boast a fully formed personality. If it took her a few years to find her groove, well, she's certainly found it now. Stone, who landed one high-profile comedy every year since Superbad -- 2008's The House Bunny, 2009's Zombieland, and then irrevocably broke out with 2010's Easy A, has been everywhere this summer, charming all the while. She's brought her particular brand of husky-voiced good humor to three roles, a cameo in Friends with Benefits, a romance with Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and today's conscientious drama The Help. At only 22, Stone already seems like a full-blown movie star: Can The Help do anything but help her cause? To get a sense of her esteem in Hollywood, we polled industry insiders and asked them one simple question: If Emma Stone were a stock, would you buy, sell, or hold?

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IA that she's definitely ahead of Olivia Wilde/Blake Lively/Rooney Mara (btw can people stop trying to make her happen before anyone's even seen the movie?), and I think she's probably pulled ahead of Rachel McAdams by now, but IDK if she's running in the same pack as Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightley.
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George Lopez Still Grateful Despite Cancellation of His Talk Show

Sandra Bullock Is My Fairy Godmother, Says George Lopez

George Lopez may be in transition again – his TBS talk show
was canceled this week – but he knows he can always count on one close friend in particular: Sandra Bullock.

"If it wasn't for her involvement in me, or her belief in me, I would have had a very different last 10 years," Lopez, 50, told PEOPLE Wednesday at Dodger Stadium, where he threw out the first pitch to promote MasterCard's support of Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Lopez didn't speak about TBS's decision – Lopez Tonight will end its almost two-year run on Thursday – but he made it clear that without Bullock, he may never have made it to late night TV at all.

"She invested in me, and she wouldn't take no for an answer. And with that, and just who she is, she has my undying love, and my undying loyalty," he said. "Every day I thank her for believing in me."

Of course, Lopez is not the only lucky one in the Oscar winner's life. She now has baby Louis to dote on. "I can only say that I did not have a mother, and I would have very much liked that one to be mine!" Lopez says with a laugh. "She's already my fairy godmother, but any child that gets to be in Sandra Bullock's arms is going to be a great person."

Though his talk show is now over, it certainly sounds like Lopez has a good outlook on life in general. "I live every day like an 11th grader," he says. "Not a senior, because then you have to worry about college, but when you're in 11th grade, you know you're coming back to the same school with the same friends. So, I try to enjoy myself and live life every day."

David Gandy: Pucker

Bruce Willis in Talks to Play Original Joe; First Promo Image of Tom Cruise for M:I 4

Bruce Willis in talks to join the cast of Paramount’s G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation, with the veteran action actor marked to play the original Joe. Willis, if a deal comes together, would play General Joe Colton, the man who in 1980s comic books starts the G.I. Joe strike team, called the ultimate freedom fighting force, and got the handle G.I. Joe.

Jon M. Chu is directing the Lorenzo di Bonaventura-produced action movie, which is bringing a mostly new cast to the franchise. Dwayne Johnson, Adrianne Palicki, Ray Stevenson and RZA are among the recruits for the second film.

The movie begins shooting later this month in New Orleans. Paramount has staked out a June 29, 2012 release date.

Willis, whose last starring gig was the hit Summit action movie Red, most recently shot the thrillers Cold Light of Day, the Henry Cavill-starrer that is in post-production, as well as Looper, directed by Rian Johnson. Willis is repped by CAA.

Deadline reports that the studio has now rescheduled Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol for December 16th and set their other Tom Cruise film, One Shot, for February 8, 2013.The film also stars Jeremy Renner, Ving Rhames, Paula Patton, Josh Holloway, Simon Pegg, and Tom Wilkinson.

source: 1 / 2

Cameron deploys John Barrowman to calm riots


David Cameron has confirmed that police forces across the UK will be able to deploy John Barrowman with 24 hour’s notice in their efforts to contain ongoing social unrest, writes Hard Jackson.

Barrowman is seen as a non-lethal weapon of last resort and may be used against violent crowds where rubber bullets and water cannons have failed.

It is believed that Barrowman’s show tunes and ballroom dancing skills could placate rioters across the country and Liverpool police have confirmed that Barrowman soothed crowds with blockbusters such as De-lovely, Hello Dolly and It’s the Hard Knock Life.

However human rights charity Amnesty is believed to have expressed anger that Barrowman was allowed to sing Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. Deployment of the Cats hit, Amnesty claims, was ‘excessive’ and ‘heavy-handed’.

Barrowman also indulged in some ribald chat with the remainder of the crowd, who had earlier overturned several cars and looted several shops, making a number of sexual innuendos about night sticks, water cannons and looting that amused rioters.

Barrowman was last seen in Liverpool departing with his arms around two protestors who were expected to assist the singer and actor in his research into burglaries.

Yes, this is a satire post and yes they have been posted to ONTD before. Hope this gave a couple of folks a laugh about a horrible situation, love to everyone in the UK, stay safe guys.

Source Pic Source (more at the source, pics John has been posting while on holiday)
these two

"Apes" strong opening brings talk of sequel

There haven't been any official conversations. But after the big "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" opening last weekend, the movie's writer/producers not only expect a sequel or two -- they are prepared for them.

They already know the story they want to tell, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver tell TheWrap. Jaffa said that even in early drafts, they "set up things we'd like to play off in the next and even the next."

"We're definitely teed up. We feel very confident that there will be (a sequel), but at this point it's still wait-and-see," he said.

While they did admit they are trying not to think too much about it ("Everyone is kind of superstitious," Silver said), it does seem a good time to put superstition aside.


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David Gandy: Pucker

Morgan Freeman In Talks to Join 'NOW YOU SEE ME'

Over the last several weeks we've brought you exclusive casting news on the upcoming flick "Now You See Me" -- now, Morgan Freeman is in discussions to join Mark Ruffalo, Amanda Seyfried and Jesse Eisenberg in the pic, as Variety's Jeff Sneider exclusively reports.

Louis Leterrier will direct the film that initially had trouble gaining casting ground until Eisenberg jumped on board. Written by Boaz Yakin and Edward Ricourt, story pits a team of FBI agents against the Four Horsemen, a squad of the world’s greatest illusionists who pull off a series of daring bank heists during their performances and shower the profits on their auds.

Freeman is in talks to play Thaddeus, an ex-magician who has made a career out of exposing other magicians’ illusions, making him a despised figure within the magic community. Freeman will next be seen alongside Ashley Judd in WB’s “Dolphin Tale” and is also set to star opposite Virginia Madsen in Rob Reiner’s “Summer at Dog Dave’s.”

Ed - brows

The woman who allegedly broke into Alex Trebek's hotel room is apparently a prostitute...

The woman who allegedly stole a bunch of stuff from Alex Trebek's San Francisco hotel room last month is a prostitute, not a thief ... so says her lawyer.

The "Jeopardy" host claims the female suspect, 56-year-old Lucinda Moyers, broke into his hotel room and jacked $650 in cash, a bracelet and other items on July 26 ... and then he injured himself chasing her down the hallway.

But Moyers' lawyer, Mark Jacobs (not the designer) -- tells the San Francisco Examiner the woman was at the hotel to meet an unidentified john ... and did not break into Trebek's room.

Jacobs has not given specific details on how Trebek and Moyers crossed paths.

Story developing ...
fuck khia

Chris Brown Announces F.A.M.E. Tour

Chris Brown is set to kick off his F.A.M.E. Tour next month.The VMA-nominated singer will begin the jaunt September 12 in Toronto. The tour will run through October 30, when it ends it Hartford, Connecticut, after stops in cities all over the U.S.

So what should fans expect from Brown on the road?
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Source: MTV


So excited for the Detroit show and that Kelly will be there!  Anyone else going and if so what dates!?

Miranda Cosgrove breaks ankle after tour bus accident

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Miranda Cosgrove was injured after her tour bus was involved in a car accident Thursday morning in Illinois.

The singer broke her ankle in the crash, which occurred on I-70 just outside of Vandalia, Ill., her rep tells PEOPLE.

"There were five passengers on the bus, and Miranda suffered a broken ankle," the rep says. "At the time, we are told everyone will be fine."

As a result, however, the singer, 18, has to scrap her tour, which was expected to play Wichita, Kan., on Friday, for the immediate future.

"Her tour is postponed until further notice," her rep says in a statement. "Miranda thanks everyone for their understanding and support."


Nurse Jackie just got a lot more awesome

The hospital on Nurse Jackie is about to get a whole lot sexier: Bobby Cannavale will appear as a special guest star in the fourth season of the Showtime comedy.

The Emmy and Tony award winner will play a hospital administrator sent by a conglomerate that buys the beleaguered All Saint’s Hospital. Cannavale’s character will show up to “improve the hospital’s efficiency and profitability,” and probably speed up a few pulses along the way. He’ll appear in all 10 episodes.

Production on season four begins in September in New York for a 2012 premiere. 

Cannavale’s other TV credits include Six Feet Under, Cupid and Will & Grace.

Zooey tyfyt:

Taylor: unicorn earrings

The Vampire Diaries News

First official picture of season three
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here it is, "Vampire Diaries" fans -- the first official picture from the Season 3 premiere, "The Birthday." Elena (Nina Dobrev) is turning 18, and despite the doom and gloom of the last year, Caroline insists on throwing her a small party.

Of course, knowing Caroline, it's no surprise that the bash at the Salvatore mansion is a little bigger than Elena expected, complete with at least one uninvited guest.

This first photo shows Alaric (Matt Davis), Elena, and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) taking a quiet moment outside the house to talk, complete with the bottle of bourbon that's never far from Alaric's reach.

We'll have to wait until Sept 15 to find out just what these three have to discuss, but if we had to guess, we'd say Stefan, Stefan, and more Stefan. Elena's not the type to kick back and celebrate while her boyfriend is off on a ripper rampage.

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Queen of my life and her cool shoes looking comfy out in L.A.

Well it looks like Parks and Recreations star Amy Poehler has had a memorable summer so far. The mommy-of-two not only served as the commencement speaker at Harvard in May, but scored herself an Emmy nomination!

With so much to do before the big night, as well as the season premiere of her NBC hit just around the bend, Amy found some time for herself to run a few errands in LA on August 9 (Tuesday). Looks to me like Amy was enjoying the California sunshine as well as some alone time.

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There are more at the source
Queen Fan

Amy Winehouse's home has been looted after her death

Amy Winehouse's home has been robbed.

Following the "Rehab" hitmaker's death on July 23, copies of her unreleased tracks, lyric books and letters have gone missing from her property in Camden, north London -- which only 20 people, comprised of family, friends, security and police, have had access to -- and her management have also been unable to account for one of her favourite guitars.

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I hate people.
kitty gwen

Blind Items

Find yourself in a tough spot? Let Maru be your guide.

1. After walking her dog last week, this C list, (on her way to B list) actress (film and television) stopped by a park and let her dog run free. When her dog bit a young kid at the park, this actress allegedly gave the parents of the child a nice lecture on how they should control their child. She wouldn’t let them speak about their child’s injuries and threatened to sue the family because their kid harassed her dog. The parents stood bewildered as they held their crying child while the actress grabbed her dog and left.
My Guess: idk but what a cunt move, blame the kid and threaten to sue? because you can't control your damn dog? ho, please. If that were my dog I'd be apologizing profusely and offer to pay for the kid to get it checked out to make sure everything's ok

2. The celebrity feud between this Grammy-winning singer and a former reality show darling (who’s now a TV personality) is getting so ugly that their handlers have told them both to give it a rest. The name calling – usually about each other’s weight – has gotten so vicious that it’s driven one of the ladies to a booze relapse.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Christina Aguilera and Kelly Osbourne

3. This A list always movie actress says that she is crazy about her boyfriend. Loves him thinks he is the greatest. Her accolades are endless. Too bad they are not true. I think he might be surprised to know who she has been seeing other than him. More than one person. So, read all those articles and interviews with a wary eye.
My Guess: Anne Hathaway

4. So, this reality star from one of my favorite reality shows. Anyway, she was at the airport the other day and checking in for her flight. Apparently there was an error so they had her in economy rather than first class. She did a don’t you know who I am thing and the person said no, they didn’t. “But, I am on a reality show.” Still didn’t work. Then she dropped the I used to be married to so and so. The clerk said, oh I loved him. Whatever happened to him. Still did not get our reality star in first class. They offered her business class, but she waited at the airport two hours for the next flight because she could not be seen in business class.
My Guess: excuse you, Camille Grammar is a delicate flower who is far too glamorous and high-brow to sit amonst commoners! The airline should have had her sit on a golden bejeweled throne front row center in the cockpit with the pilot and co-pilot taking turns fanning her with imported palm leaves tbh

Happy Purrsday, ONTD
anna k

GRRM has heard your requests for erect penises on Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin is pretty happy with the television version of Game of Thrones, even if he wishes there were twelve episodes instead of ten so that more character-driven scenes from the books, not just plot-driven ones, could be part of the show. His one worry about that, though, is that it could be more fodder for some critics. "If we insert more character moments, the people who thought that it was slow may think it's even slower," he tells Maureen Ryan at AOL. "There were some critics in the early episodes particularly who felt they were slow and that word was used. Now, I don't agree. I didn't feel that, but some people said that."

Some people also said there was too much sexposition on the show, which is another complaint Martin doesn't agree with. "Perhaps that well was run to too often," he says about the casual female nudity. "But I don't know, it's difficult to tell," he says. Plus, you can't please everyone! "I've got a few letters from gay fans who, while they were pleased by the naked male sexuality, were upset that the penises were not actually erect," he says. Ah, fan mail.

Martin's famously engaged with his readers and fans, so it's not too surprising that he knows how to consider or deflect criticism or unusual praise about content or pacing or characterizations. But being on HBO comes with one additional issue: "What's ... frustrating to me, even from some of my friends, [is the response], 'I'd watch it, but I don't get HBO.' Well, you know, they would give it to you if you just paid them $16 a month," he says. "It's not like you have to wait for a present from the sky. Go get it." Snap.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Alright, which one of you Renly/Loras shippers wrote those letters? ;)

cheez !

Brittana may or may not be off.

Brittany S. Pierce, what did you do over summer vacation? Heather Morris stops to think a moment before serving up a very Britty answer: “She went into the Matrix.” And that seems about right. Having only spied the premiere script, Morris doesn’t have much intel to share about Season 3, other than “Brittany wants Artie back” — which she sees as a good thing, since “everybody really wants them together.” Well, everybody “except Santana,” she points out. “But Brittany is real, so she’ll do what she wants to do.” Does that mean “Brittana” is finito for, like, forever? “Probably,” Morris reckons. “The writers may play with it a little bit more – but maybe not.” Regardless, the bi-curious/lesbian storyline did some good while it lasted. “Before the tour, I met some girls who told me how appreciative they were, because they were going through that themselves,” Morris shares. “It was nice to hear that we did something for them.”

i will go batshit if it doesn't happen tbh. Landslide, Songbird, and that confession for them to throw it off? Ridiculous.


Turns out she was trolling us.

april mood: tired

"Parks and Recreation" Post

UCB-LA | Gravid Water | 08.07.11

In UCB’s monthly show, Gravid Water, an actor and improvisor are paired up. They do not know who they’re paired up with until the night, nor does the improvisor know what play the actor will be reading from.

Here Aubrey Plaza (actor), talks about wanting to make out with a boy. Amy Poehler (improvisor) places the scene in a fast food restaurant, eventually closing it up to practice making out with Aubrey.

(No, I didn’t take pictures of it, you scumbags.)

You can view more pictures here

Aziz Ansari on Conan

Meh... watch it here
When you're ready, I will have your babies, Aziz.

Twitter Stuff

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Adam Scott in BUST Magazine

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More from the "30 Minutes or Less" premiere

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Rashida Jones Talks Future ‘Parks And Recreation’ Romance & ‘Being Mean’ To The Muppets

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Aziz Ansari and Jesse Eisenberg Interviews

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Ask Ausiello

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"Our Idiot Brother" Stuff

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Nick Offerman hosting the Television Critics Association Awards

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Emmys grant producer credit to Amy Poehler, Mark Wahlberg

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WTF Podcast - Episode 199 - Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza deadpans her way into the garage at the Cat Ranch. The “Parks and Recreation” star talks about surviving a stroke, stalking Fred Armisen, hiding from Judd Apatow and Seth Rogen, and living in Astoria, Queens. Plus, Marc comes to terms with getting older while still liking new things. listen

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Watch "30 Minutes or Less" this weekend.

Kate Moss Decided to Wed After Viewing 'Big Fat Gypsy Weddings' Documentary Series.

I have a confession to make. In the beginning, I did not understand the Kate Moss phenomenon.
Call me old-fashioned, but after a decade of Amazonian supermodels pulsing with glamorous, bosomy life, I simply didn’t understand the Piaf-bodied waif with the wan, faraway look in her eyes, nor the Corinne Day and Nigel Shafran photographs that set her adrift in bleak welfare apartments or on gray English beaches.

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cristiano / nike bw

Castrol launches Cristiano Ronaldo film

Castrol has created an advertiser funded film-documentary starring its global ambassador, Cristiano Ronaldo, to launch its new product brand, Castrol Edge, across its key territories.

The unique, hour-long film-documentary was developed by M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and filmed in Madrid, by UK production house, Plum Pictures.

The documentary will give fans an exclusive insight into what makes Ronaldo one of the best footballers of his generation.
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my ontd madridistas are you ready for sunday?!?!
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'McCartney's ex-wife behind phone tapping'

Piers Morgan has hit back at reports that he was instrumental in Sir Paul McCartney's phone tapping, and claimed that the singer's ex-wife Heather Millers was behind the deed.

Sir Paul McCartney spoke out after Millers accused a Mirror Group journalist of tapping her voicemails from him.

However, Morgan, 46, who was the editor of the Daily Mirror at the time, has denied the claims and slammed Mills, 43, claiming that she has just been trying to ward off attention away from her own mischievous activities.

"When Heather Mills poked her head above the parapet, the whole thing got completely ridiculous," the Daily Star quoted Morgan as saying.

"Paul McCartney is apparently claiming someone hacked his phone. I suspect it was Heather because, if you study the divorce papers, Paul accused Heather then of hacking into his phones and passing information to the papers.

"So I suspect what she was doing was hiding herself from the whole thing.

"Heather Mills is not the best person to be throwing any dynamite at anyone on this," he added.

Step Aside Opoor Winfrey..... GODeth Has Blessed Us With Her Favorite Things. Thanks Be to Beyonce!

I'm pooping.

In another of her unyielding and selfless attempts to help you poor, pathetic peasant people incorporate some shred of class and dignity into your miserably impoverished and tasteless lives, Gwyneth Paltrow has given ELLE Decor a glimpse at some of her favorite things. Items curiously missing from the list: outdoor, woodburning pizza oven, a Swarovski-encrusted dildo, fresh peach and rhubarb tartelettes from the local farmer's market, vintage 1960s fetish porn and the Twilight saga.

1. De Gournay Hand-Painted Wallpaper
I indulged with one wall in my London living room covered in a gorgeous pattern.
What I like most about this wall hanging is that it looks like it was purchased as a Today's Special from the Home Shopping Network in 1983 but in reality, it costs $3,700 a square inch. Tres chic!

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So ONTD, what are some of your favorite things? Besides the obvious...making anonymous snarky comments about celebrities on the internet, pretending you're not morbidly obese in fat wank posts and maintaining your virginity well into your 30s.
Stevie J

Lenny Kravitz gets wet for UPTOWN Magazine

For the August/September issue style issue of UPTOWN Magazine, Lenny Kravitz sat for a candid interview with the magazine and donned some kick-butt fashions as well.

He opened up to the mag about his childhood saying, that he was often teased in school and called "zebra" because of his Jewish father and Black mother.

“I was the kid they knew was different. They knew who my parents were
and would call them Mr. Day and Mrs. Night, or they’d call me zebra.”



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No Lenny Kravitz tag? Bull....Shit. 


AMC’s Crazy Idea for Cutting Costs on The Walking Dead: HEAR THE ZOMBIES!!!

AMC thinks that zombies should be heard and not seen. Read a few of the terrible money-saving ideas AMC reportedly threw at showrunner Frank Darabont, before throwing him out the door. A new report claims there was more to Darabont's precipitous departure than anybody realizes. Just days after AMC trotted out Darabont at Comic-Con, who not only revved up thousands Walking Dead fans but also delivered one hell of a season two trailer, the studio allegedly fired the director, producer and writer of the most successful show they've ever had. What the hell happened?

The Hollywood Reporter has an interesting article about the what really happened behind the scenes on AMC's zombie show, and it's not encouraging. Simply put, Darabont was tossed out because he fought for a show he believed in. According to a collection of sources and insiders the aggressive budget cuts demanded by AMC for the second season of Walking Dead were the spark that started this whole mess. And wait until you read about the studio's ideas for making a cheaper series:

AMC's decision to cut the budget dated to the previous fall, when the network instructed Darabont to produce 13 episodes for a second season, up from six for the first season, for less money. Not only would the show get a lower budget, but AMC also decided that Walking Dead would no longer reap the benefit of a 30 percent tax credit per episode that came with filming in Georgia. Now the network was going to hold on to that money.

At the time, a source says, the show's producers decided not to get into a confrontation. "To have a fight over a number when they didn't know what the show was going to do didn't make sense," says this source. But when Walking Dead began to break AMC records, those involved figured that a negotiation would take place and the cuts might be reduced.

But this source says that AMC had its own ideas about how to make the show more cheaply. The show shoots for eight days per episode, and the network suggested that half should be indoors. "Four days inside and four days out? That's not Walking Dead," says this insider. "This is not a show that takes place around the dinner table." That was just one of what this person describes as "silly notes" from AMC. Couldn't the audience hear the zombies sometimes and not see them, to save on makeup? The source says Darabont fought "a constant battle to keep the show big in scope and style."

Oof. Did anyone writing these notes even watch the series? Because clearly, they never read the comic books. Part of Walking Dead's success was directly due to the look and feel of the series. We live in the golden era of TV making, and Darabont was changing the small screen permanently by treating it like a feature film. The audience, and AMC both benefited from this. It's sad to think that Mad Men and Breaking Bad (while both wonderful series) were only averaging 2.3 to 4.3 million viewers, meanwhile WD brought in 6 million viewers on the season finale alone. According to THR, "In the 18-to-49 demo, it chalked up the biggest number ever for any drama on basic cable." Walking Dead was basically paying its own way.

We're not sure what we're more frustrated about, the fact that Darabont (and the fans) were so cruelly lied to at Comic-Con, the lack of budget negotiations AFTER Walking Dead proved to be a financial and critical success, or the notes. We know Darabont isn't a pussycat when it comes to getting his way, but this is all just a damn shame.


Sesame Street: Bert and Ernie are Not Gay

Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.

Even though they are identified as male characters and possess many human traits and characteristics (as most Sesame Street Muppets™ do), they remain puppets, and do not have a sexual orientation.

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River Song ain’t gonna like this post

New Study Says Spoilers Increase Enjoyment: Does That Ring True?

New Study Says Spoilers Increase Enjoyment: Does That Ring True?
Maybe you haven't caught Rise of the Planet of the Apes yet, but you hear all your friends murmuring "Why Cookie Rocket," and you know it means something, but you don't want that prior knowledge to ruin things for you. Then again, according to a new study that Wired dug up, knowing a spoiler or two in advance might help you enjoy the movie even more. In the experiment cited in the Wired article, several dozen participants read short stories, some of which contained a massive spoiler in the preface or in the middle of the text. Their findings? The readers who got spoiled were more engaged with what they read. So let's open up the study to our Vulture readers: Are you the sort of person who seeks out spoilers about your favorite TV shows and movies? Is that because you find that it adds to the experience? Or do you just hate surprises? ...And if you're the kind of person who curses anonymous message-board commenters and Facebook friends who spoiled something important, when you have been spoiled, has it been so bad?

Original article from Wired under the cut…
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I figured this would be a good post since, well, ohnotheydidnt is full of shameless spoiler whores, like myself. Do you read spoilers, guys? Have you ever been spoiled when you didn’t want to be? Have you ever spoiled someone, either maliciously and on purpose, or accidentally? DOES ANYONE HAVE SPOILERS FOR WHITE COLLAR, SHERLOCK, PSYCH OR DOCTOR WHO? Share your thoughts and opinions on spoilers, ONTD.


omg ONTD so there’s this conference in my building today and I don’t know who they are or what they’re about but there is an ~OPEN BAR~ literally, like, in my office. I. Love. My. Job…best Thursday afternoon in the office ever! (Sorry I forgot the source and fucked up the lj-cut the first time, mods…this is clearly the reason why.)

these two

James Cameron gives Hollywood 3D advice: try harder

Since director James Cameron's "Avatar" raked in $2.8 billion at global box offices, Hollywood has flooded theaters with wave after wave of 3D movies, but some industry watchers wonder if theatergoers are now drowning in it.

While a few of this summer's 3D movies crossed the $1 billion global box office mark, there's been a backlash from the media and moviegoers over the poor quality of some 3D films that are converted into the medium instead of filmed in it.

Cameron believes Hollywood needs to make some changes to win back fans. He and partner Vince Pace have been busy working on their "Avatar" sequels and collaborating with filmmakers like Michael Bay ("Transformers") and Kevin Tancharoen ("Glee: The 3D Concert Movie") to help bring better 3D experiences to theaters. Those films have used the Fusion 3D camera system that Cameron and Pace designed for "Avatar."

Cameron talked to Reuters about the current and future 3D landscape, how some theater owners are hurting the 3D business, and why Hollywood may soon be offering movie-goers discounts for 2D movies, in this exclusive interview.


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wfe press junket

Robert Pattinson,Kristen Stewart and Bill Condon interview with EW mag

"Auuuugh! This is sooo weird," cries Kristen Stewart. It's a sunny Thursday afternoon in San Diego, and the 21-year-old actress is tucked into a sofa beside Twilight Saga costar (and never-confirmed-but-obvious boyfriend) Robert Pattinson, 25. The actors, along with Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) -- the director of the final two installments of the franchise, Breaking Dawn--Part 1 and 2 (in theaters Nov. 18, 2011, and November 2012) -- are relaxing with coffee in a quiet hotel suite after a busy Comic-Con morning. Or at least they were till Entertainment Weekly started reading aloud from Stephenie Meyer's Breaking Dawn, 2008 best-seller that's the basis for the two movies. "It's just so strange, I can't get over it," Stewart says of hearing the words she guesses she's read "thousands" of times, now that production on both parts of Breaking Dawn has wrapped.

But if you want to talk strange, just consider what takes place in the upcoming movie: Bella and Edward's long-awaited wedding and (even longer-awaited) passionate honeymoon consummation: Bella's pregnancy with half-vampire baby, who grows at an accelerated rate and puts her life in danger; JAcob mysterious relationship with the unborn baby; and an entirely gruesome and bloody birth that results in Bella's death (sorta). So we asked Condon, Stewart, and Pattinson to listen to the words that began it all, and to share their thoughts and feelings -- no matter how weird they may be.

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kristen and rob trolling their way to the bank!
emma de caunes

Grazia admits digitally slimming Duchess of Cambridge

Press Complaints Commission confirms magazine admitted digital alteration of bride image for 9 May royal wedding edition.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton on the Grazia cover on 9 May (left) and the original image (right).

Grazia has admitted that it inadvertently slimmed down the waist of the Duchess of Cambridge by digitally altering a controversial cover picture of her in her Alexander McQueen wedding dress.

In its 9 May edition the weekly fashion title published a photo of what appeared to be an impossibly thin looking bride standing alone from the day of the royal wedding, which reignited the debate over the presentation of the female form in women's magazines.The Bauer Media-owned magazine has admitted that it did doctor the original image, of William and Kate leaving Westminster Cathedral after their wedding ceremony.

In the process of removing her husband, the Duke of Cambridge, from the original photo and digitally reinstating Kate Middleton's right arm – by using a mirror image of her left arm – to give the impression she was posing on her own, her waist was also reduced in size. lol okay..

After investigating a complaint that the image had been manipulated, the Press Complaints Commission said: "The magazine explained how the image had been altered to remove the arm of Prince William so that the duchess could be featured on the cover alone. "This involved mirroring one of the duchess's arms and an inadvertent result of the change was the slimming of her waist."

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Good. I think it's high time for magazines/advertisements to get called out on their b.s.
Queen Kate thanks you for your time & prays for the haters.

Miranda Cosgrove's mother and the bus driver also injured in bus accident

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Miranda's mom was on the bus with her and got really beaten up by the crash," a source close to the iCarly star tells PEOPLE. "She's expected to fully recover, but it's scary because the driver was hurt, too, and he's in really bad shape because the injury happened close to his heart."

"This was a life-threatening crash," the source continues, adding that the driver is in critical condition after the bus collided with a tractor-trailer. "A piece from the tractor-trailer went straight through the windshield and the driver's arm was sliced all the way through."

According to the source, the people on the bus who were sleeping on the bunks in the back were not physically affected by the crash, but because Cosgrove, 18, was sleeping on a couch in the front, she felt the impact.

The Nickelodeon star was left "really shaken-up," the source says. "The paparazzi craze at the hospital has been additionally overwhelming, but she's handling the whole thing very well."

The source adds that Cosgrove, who had to postpone her tour "until further notice," and her band are tentatively planning to pick up their tour in the fall.

Sounds terrifying!
Captain Marvel


“The Help” earns A+ from early audiences

Tate Taylor’s adaptation of Kathryn Stockett’s “The Help” opened around the country on Wednesday night and scored two major victories.

First, the Civil Rights drama pocketed an estimated $5.5 million in grosses, establishing itself as a box-office contender (which is crucial to the film’s pending Oscar campaign).

Second — and perhaps more important to Taylor, Stockett and their cast — the films is playing like gangbusters with its fan base, many of whom read the book and came to the theater hoping “The Help” lived up to the hype.

THR reports that the drama, which stars Emma Stone as a fledgling journalist penning a novel from the perspective of Mississippi maids, earned an impressive A+ score from audience members through CinemaScore. As the trade points out, only “Soul Surfer” earned as high a grade, though that film was supported by loyal Christian groups who embraced the movie’s empowering message.

“The Help,” meanwhile, is being fuelled by book-club members who likely will continue to flock to theaters all weekend. Disney is guessing “The Help” will open in the $20 million range. I think they are being conservative. The movie’s going to open big … and we’ll be reading about it all during the lengthy Oscar season.


The movie was AMAZING. I never read the book but I thought I knew what I was going into. I was emotionally spent by the credits rolled, I was literally bawling the entire time. Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Allison Janney and Jessica Chastain all gave BEAUTIFUL/PERFECT performances and I expect at least Emma & Viola to get award clout.

Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green Set to Perform at Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Finally! It's been about two weeks since it was first announced that a Michael Jackson tribute concert was in store for the people of Cardiff, Wales, but we hadn't heard who would be performing.

Until now, that is. E! News confirms that The Voice stars Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green will be participating in this sure-to-be memorable event along with a couple of others...

Although it'd be super cute if Blake Shelton and Adam Levine also joined in so we'd have the whole NBC series involved, they're not—at least not yet anyway.

Two other artists that will be taking part in Michael Forever—The Tribute Concert on Oct. 8 are Leona Lewis and the band Alien Ant Farm (might sound odd at first, but remember, they did a cover of "Smooth Criminal").

No other announcements have been made, but what do you think so far? Who else would you want to see or expect to participate?
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Kanye falls during All of the Lights-performance in Norway


On the Kanye West concert in Bergen, Norway (August 9th) he said "I can't move around as much as I normally do, cause it's slippery like a motherfucker out her tonight! If I fall someone will film it and it will be all over youtube and CNN" A couple of songs later, he fell on his ass.

It's not my own video (I was in the front row and I couldn't even take a picture without getting yelled at but w/e) but skip to 4:43.

Source: Youtube

Oh and if anyone cares:

- He was 22 minutes late because he wanted to wait for the sun to go down.

- The rain kind of ruined it for the dj I think cause he kept playing the wrong tracks and Kanye had to stop and walk over and talk to him about which song they were performing.

- They didn't have the big firework show at the end in respect for the killed teenagers.

- There were about 13 000 people there (he put out 14 000 for sale, even though you can have up to 22 000)

-One thing that was weird was that he had 1 concert and he put out 14 000 tickets and didn't sell out, while Rihanna is having two concerts (the 17 and 18th) and she put out 22 000 tickets on both dates, and they're both sold out. I thought Kanye would sell more tbh


USA cancels In Plain Sight

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In Plain Sight will vanish after one more season.

USA Network has renewed the Mary McCormack-fronted drama for a fifth and final eight-episode season to air in the spring, a rep for the cabler confirms to TVLine.

“We’ve built a contract with the audience and want to give them a sense of closure,” USA Network co-president Jeff Wachtel told Variety, which first reported the news.

Oh, this is nice. I'm going to lose Desperate Housewives, Chuck, Eureka, and IPS all in the same year. Mary/Marshall better end up together!

'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger Inks Two Year Development Deal at Bravo

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is taking her relationship with Bravo to the next level.

The NBCUniversal-owned network announced Tuesday that it has inked a two-year development deal with the star and executive producer. Stanger will be tasked with finding new talent as well creating, developing and potentially starring in the new series for the female-skewing cable network.
“With Patti’s over-the-top personality and savvy business sense, Bravo could not have found a better development partner to execute our vision and who understands our audience,” said Bravo's VP of Development for Bravo Eli Lehrer.
Added Stanger, “My relationship with Bravo is a match made in heaven. The network’s reputation for delivering high-quality, buzz-worthy programming made it an easy decision to extend our business together and include this creative deal. As I say to my clients, ‘no sex before monogamy.’ Now that Bravo and I are monogamous, I’m ready to hit the sheets.”
The news comes after the fourth season of The Millionaire Matchmaker garnered its highest ratings yet, averaging 1.9 million total viewers and 1.3 million in the coveted 18 to 49 demo. The season finale delivered a record 2.6 million, according to The Nielsen Co. Stanger's relationship series will return for a fifth season on August 15th.


thank god for this show tbh, summer at home guilty pleasure
Professor Chaos

USA's Suits Renewed For 2nd Season

Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

If you are a fan of opposing counsels getting it on, college dropouts making mockeries of mock trials, and law firms whose employees are always ready with a witty comeback, then I have good news. USA Network has renewed new legal drama Suits for second season! And that's not all: Season 2 will run for sixteen episodes, up from Season 1's twelve, so you'll get four more episodes' worth of fine formal duds.

Suits follows a college dropout with a brilliant mind who accidentally lands a job at one of the city's best law firms. Totally plausible! Beyond that it's pretty much your standard, light-hearted legal drama where comical zingers and salacious side sessions outweigh actual law practice.

The most recent episode of Suits drew 4 million viewers and a 1.3 rating among adults, even against the premiere of Jersey Shore's set-in-Italy fourth season.

Suits airs Thursday nights at 10pm on USA.

Missy Elliott

Did Lil' Kim Ink A New Deal With Universal Music?

Brooklyn rap diva Lil’ Kim and her storied career are currently undergoing a new transition in the form a reported freshly inked recording contract with Universal Music Group. Amid rumors that the pint-sized lyricist would sign with Roc Nation, G-Unit and even Cash Money, UMG has allegedly won the bidding war for the services of the Hardcore MC according to VIBE and its sister publication VIBE Vixen.

Last signed to a major in 2008 with Atlantic Records, Lil’ Kim’s last major label album was 2005’s The Naked Truth – the rapper’s fourth. She has been busy in 2011, releasing a mixtape Black Friday to much fanfare and some controversy regarding a feud with Young Money starlet Nicki Minaj. Lil’ Kim has also been reported to have already begun work on her fifth studio album and has a new single “Looks Like Money” in the works.

VIBE has also worked on a detailed oral history piece for the magazine's June/July 2011 issue on the life and career of Lil Kim featuring comments from rap insiders and past collaborators that Kim has worked with. Junior M.A.F.I.A. cohort Lil’ Cease offered some back story on how Kim was discovered by late Brooklyn legend Notorious B.I.G. The piece revealed that although Biggie penned the entire “Player’s Anthem” song for Junior M.A.F.I.A., Kim’s presence impressed a lot of people including DJ Clark Kent and Missy Elliot. The revealing piece also shows how B.I.G. molded Kim into the sexy vixen she became, brushing off her former rough hardcore sound for a more appealing one.

A curious angle to the Queen Bee’s possible singing to UMG is that Nicki Minaj is also an employee of the label under the Young Money/Cash Money banner. As far as side plots go, this could be an interesting time for both artists who both have cooled down their attacks on one another over the past few months. Fans of the fierce female rhyme slingers have long been divided by the line in the sand with loyal supporters on both sides claiming their champion is superior. Could Lil’ Kim coexist with Nicki Minaj and perhaps call a musical truce? Would UMG suggest a working partnership between the two if the deal is official?

A look at Lil Kim’s typically active Twitter page yielded no mention of the alleged singing but with her name a part of UMG’s artists’ roster, it does raise some questions.

What do you think of Lil’ Kim and the reports of her new deal? Do you think she and Nicki Minaj will work together if true?


Missy and Lil Kim? coming back? OH HERE GO HEAVEN COME!!!!

Rosie Perez on the set of "Gods Behaving Badly"

Rosie Perez is spotted on the set of Gods Behaving Badly in New York on Monday (August 8). Rosie plays Persephone in the film, the daughter of the Greek god Zeus (played by Christopher Walken) and goddess Demeter.

Also seen on set was former Cosby Show mom Phylicia Rashad. Check out the pics in the gallery. And don’t miss the Gods Behaving Badly page for more pics from set.

Gods Behaving Badly is the film adaptation of Marie Phillips 2008 novel of the same name. Publishers Weekly called it “fanciful, humorous, charming, and as sweet as nectar.”

+24 pics at the source

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  • lori22

Jennifer Hudson Threatened to BEAT Tweeter who said J-Hud had Liposuction & a Gay Fiance

Check out the fierce twitter fight J-Hud just had with a follower inside...

Jenny Hudson has always been a pretty much open book with her fans and followers, so when she was on a Q/A binge chatting with her followers today, one follower got under her skin with a certain question.

The follower asked, "Did you get surgery to assist in your weight loss? Or is it all weight watchers?"

Jenny's answer: Pls don't ask me no more dumb ass questions . If u try ww u would know u don't need any assistance . U people r so brain wash.

And after more insults/criticisms from the follower, Jen threatened to go Southside Chicago on that ass (read from bottom up):

Oh, and it gets better.  The follower responded calling her a malnutritioned bobble head, went off saying she could only get a gay man as a husband (even though she and David aren't yet married), amongst other things (read from bottom up):

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Chace Crawford & Anna Kendrick's Peachy Day On-Set

Hard at work on their much-talked about romcom, co-stars Chace Crawford and Anna Kendrick were spotted on the Atlanta, Georgia set where they were filming scenes for "What To Expect When You're Expecting" on Wednesday (August 10).

Checking in with the production crew in-between scenes, the casually clad twosome, who play characters Marco and Rosie in the film, took a few moments to catch a well-deserved break.

The Kirk Jones directed flick hosts a bevy of other Hollywood A-listers including Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker Jennifer Lopez and Matthew Morrison.

Scheduled for a May 11, 2012 theatrical debut, the movie centers around "the lives of several couples as they prepare to become parents."

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Heidi Klum writes an article about black hair...

BY Heidi Klum

Having four children, with one having straight hair and three curly, it's a bit of a new world for me. Growing up with straight hair myself, that was all I really knew how to work with. It was pretty straightforward: wash, air dry, done.

Henry, Johan, and Lou -- my three youngest -- have super beautiful locks. Their hair definitely requires a different kind of care than my daughter Leni's hair. I've learned to never brush their curly hair when it's dry because then it'll frizz. I use lots of conditioner and detangler, and only go to hairdressers who really KNOW how to cut and style curly hair.

I've let my boys' hair grow really really long, and just recently they asked me to cut off their beautiful hair! It was funny because it was definitely harder for ME in some ways, as I absolutely love their hair! I'm their Mom -- I've been the one to carefully brush and help them care for it all these years, but I do want them to be who they want to be. I think that's really important, to allow kids to express themselves -- everything from the way they dress to how they want their hair. And now, that meant short.

And of course, it was not just simple short! They wanted mohawks with special designs to them, so I asked Lamar Odom who did his cool star-design buzz, and then contacted his stylist. He gave my kids these buzz cuts with amazing individual designs... great for the summer because they're COOL, in both senses of the word!

Huffington Post

I know I've seen some poor mixed bbs with tragic hair and white mama's that didn't have a clue what to do with it. Good to see she is actually making an effort!
GOT; Beautiful

Robert Pattinson Wanted Edward to Cry After Twilight Sex Scene


Robert Pattinson has shared his take on the sex scene in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1. The 25-year-old confessed that he wanted his character to cry after sleeping with Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) for the first time.

"I wanted to have it as a line so much, 'I bit through all the pillows. Every. Single. One'," Pattinson told Entertainment Weekly. "And then [Edward would] start crying."

Pattinson went on to joke that Edward's tears would not be motivated by Bella, but by the fact that he had destroyed the couple's bed.

"By the way, that's what [Edward] should be ashamed of in the morning," Pattinson said. "All those beautiful pillows! Egyptian cotton! 'I ruined this bed!'"

In May, Stewart insisted that the sex scene in the forthcoming installment of The Twilight Saga "is good", admitting that it feels real and not too "vampire-y". Meanwhile, Pattinson himself has previously called the scene "incredible", crediting director Bill Condon with coming up with some good ideas for shooting it.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is to be released in UK and US cinemas on November 18.


I have never felt the need to cry before, during or after sex.

Ellen Page: Has the ethics of outing changed?

Have the ethics of outing changed?

Ellen Page has been outed. Which isn’t really huge or scandalous news. A lot of people have believed she’s bisexual for a long time. She has never denied or confirmed it, but she has always been unambiguously pro-gay. Since she hasn’t ever confirmed or denied, it’s still, officially, all speculation.

What makes her outing interesting to me is the logic being used by the person responsible for the story.

Christoph Topitschnig’s website V-Generation has published a couple stories about Ellen Page. There are no bylines so I’m going to go ahead and attribute all the writing to Mr Topitschnig himself.

Previously, I would have thought that most people would be in agreement with how Rachel Maddow worded her ethics of outing.

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Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Russell Brand adds his voice to the melee, comments on the UK Riots

I no longer live in London. I've been transplanted to Los Angeles by a combination of love and money; such good fortune and opportunity, in both cases, you might think disqualify me from commenting on matters in my homeland. Even the results of Britain's Got Ice-Factor may lay prettily glistening beyond my remit now that I am self-banished.

To be honest when I lived in England I didn't really care too much for the fabricated theatrics of reality TV. Except when I worked for Big Brother, then it was my job to slosh about in the amplified trivia of the housemates/inmates. Sometimes it was actually quite bloody interesting. Particularly the year that Nadia won. She was the Portuguese transsexual. Remember? No? Best series ever tbqh Well, that's the nature of the medium; as it whizzes past the eyes it seems very relevant but the malady of reality TV stars is that their shelf life expires, like dog years, by the power of seven. To me it seems as if Nadia's triumph took place during the silver jubilee, we had a street party.

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Professor Chaos

SyFy Renews Warehouse 13 for 4th Season

Syfy has renewed Warehouse 13.

The Syfy series, starring Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly, will return for a fourth season with 13 episodes set to air next year, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Created by Jack Kenny, Warehouse 13 has been a solid performer in the ratings so far this season, averaging 2.3 million total viewers. This season of Warehouse 13 saw an addition to the cast with Aaron Ashmore as Steve Jinks.

In May, THR broke the news that Syfy, which recently axed plans for a sixth season of Eureka, was developing a potential spinoff starring Warehouse 13 character H.G. Wells. At Comic-Con last month, Kenny talked about the status of the project, saying that it is in "very early planning stages" but has "gotten Syfy interested in the notion."

Love HG. I'd def watch a spinoff with HG's character! And I have never been in love with Aaron Ashmore more  than I am now. He is way hotter and way better in this than he ever was in Smallville. I love that he & Claudia are bffs now.


Blue for luck? Catherine Zeta-Jones wears navy summer minidress for first day on set of Rock Of Ages

She's a Hollywood movie star who could afford to wear a different dress everyday if she so chose - but Catherine Zeta Jones clearly likes to wear what she feels comfortable in. 

The 41-year-old star was seen arriving on set of her new movie Rock Of Ages in Florida yesterday looked stunning in a navy blue floaty V-necked kaftan-style minidress that she was seen wearing on holiday last month.

She'd worn the dress over a stone coloured miniskirt with her favourite thong sandals with flowers fashioned out of leather across the front.

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lmao @ the commentary
Ke$ha torch!
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Ke$ha and LMFAO: videos from tour + promo pics

Watch 2 videos uploaded by Radio station G105 after Ke$ha's and LMFAO's recent concert in Raleigh, NC:

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Youtube 1
Youtube 2
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Ke$ha got her body back I see! Looking good.

Also, I'm bewildered by the fact that there is no LMFAO tag. I know many on ONTD don't exactly like them and I personally don't care that much about them either, but they should really have one by now.

Dennis Hallman’s Choice in Ring Apparel Helps Institute New Dress Code for UFC Fighters

Dennis Hallman’s interesting choice in ring wear didn’t go unnoticed by most who watched UFC 133 on Saturday night, including president Dana White.

Hallman walked out for his fight with Brian Ebersole wearing what could loosely be described as a speedo, and proceeded to share with the world more Dennis Hallman than most fans probably wanted to see.

White was so disgusted with the apparel that he even awarded Ebersole, who defeated Hallman, a $70,000 bonus just for getting the win over the man sporting the banana hammock.

Following the event, White erupted at UFC employees who check fighters before they fight for even allowing him to walk to the cage wearing the attire.

“I’m seriously pissed off at the guys who work for us that let him walk out with those things on. I’ve never been so embarrassed in the UFC as I was when (Hallman walked out in the shorts),” White commented to following the fights.

While state athletic commissions do have the call to approve or disapprove certain ring attire, they didn’t intervene in the case of Dennis Hallman’s “barely there” shorts.

Because of Hallman’s choice in fight apparel, White says they will now have some sort of code in place to make sure fighters don’t sport that type of fight “short” again.

“We do now,” White answered when asked if the UFC will have a dress code now. “You know what I thought we had? I thought we had some common sense. At least a little bit of common sense. That was a really bad moment, I was horrified by that.”

Hallman suffered a loss to Ebersole at the event, but his choice in ring wear will likely follow him for a lot longer than the defeat.

Video won't embed. - Watch here.(Yes, there's balls/peen)

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Ex-Warrant Singer Jani Lane: Dead at 47

Jani Lane -- former lead singer of the rock band Warrant -- was found dead at a hotel in L.A. Thursday evening ... TMZ has learned.

Lane's body was discovered at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, CA. So far, no official cause of death has been released.

Lane famously penned the band's biggest hit "Cherry Pie" back in 1989 ... before eventually leaving the band to pursue a solo career.

Lane had a history of alcohol-related issues -- he was ordered to serve 120 days in jail after he was arrested for DUI in 2010 ... his second DUI in two years.