August 2nd, 2011


Prepare for a burning sensation in your eyes and genitalia

Jeremy Jackson guest strips at one of the Chippendales shows

I don't get paid for this, so here's some commentary from D-Listed:
During Jeremy Jackson's dark meth days, it seemed like his future was filled with taking loads to the nalgas on a third-rate amateur gay porn website and look at him now! Hobie from Baywatch proved that he has come a long way by baring his Tang-glazed torso for a crowd of horny screaming old ladies who got so excited that they jizzed through their p-holes and pissed through their birth holes.

Jeremy was a guest stripper during one of the Chippendales shows at the Rio in Las Vegas over the weekend. Jeff from 98 Degrees is currently headlining the show and the thought of him giving Jeremy an oily "break a leg" hug backstage is nearly making me jizz through my p-hole and piss through my jizz hole. Yes, I know that dudes technically piss and jizz through the same hole, but a freak accident involving a tiny urethra dildo took that convenience away from me. It's a sore subject.

Here's more of Jeremy posing with his fellow man strippers over the weekend. Yes, I too am looking at Jeremy's serious cheekbones and thinking to myself that they would make the perfect place to rest your feet while you ride on top. Footrest cheekbones! Great minds, etc...
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{magnolia} but it did happen

Ryan Kwanten nude is fake...probably

Rep: Ryan Kwanten Full-Frontal Nude Photo "Is Fake"

Calm down, True Blood fans.

A "nude photo" leaked online Monday of Ryan Kwanten is fake, his rep tells Us Weekly. The low-resolution shot shows the 34-year-old actor with his pants pulled down -- leaving nothing to the imagination -- but there's nothing real about the photo.

Although this scandalous shot isn't the real deal, fans of Kwanten see plenty of his flawless physique in True Blood's numerous shirtless scenes.

The former Home and Away star isn't the first celeb to fall victim to R-rated photo doctoring. In May, nude photos appearing to be Blake Lively were a complete hoax, her rep told Us.


LOL Blake.

(Original post with the link to the peen pic is here.)
David G. "smiling"

Imogen Poots for Chloé Ad Campaign Released

Imogen Poots' debut Chloé print ad campaign is out on the web, and let's just say the blonde sultress certainly knows how to use an oversized bottle of fragrance to her advantage. With tousled hair, pale pink lips and a touch of mascara on her lashes, Poots looks every bit as innocent, sexy and seductive as a Chloé girl should.

You'll notice that her ad is in color, and the previous ads (with Anja Rubik, Clémence Poésy and Chloë Sevigny) were all in black and white. Whereas we've always loved the natural feel of the black and white ads, it still comes across in the new color campaign, shot by Inez van de Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin.

There's also a behind the scenes teaser video showing both girls (Imogen and Camille Rowe Pourcheresse, who is also featured in the ad spots) talking about being chosen as the face of the fragrance, and what they think of the Chloé style.

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Matt Damon Remains Attractive, Defends Teachers

At the Save Our Schools Rally, Reason TV asked Damon about teaching and job security (implying that he worked hard as an actor for "job security"), Damon fired back about Ed Policy and called the interviewer/cameraman out on un-sourced numbers.

Vid Source: Youtube (someone put it on fbook)
More-On-The-Story Source

As a Teach For America alumni and former teacher, this makes my heart melt with joy. Though I still think tenure is unnecessary (at least for K-12 teachers. I don't know the ins and outs of it in Higher Ed).

Edit: Bbs, seeing your love for educators makes my heart warm. If you're a teacher, you've probably seen this, but an outstanding spoken word by Taylor Mali on the importance of teachers:

Masculin féminin

Watch MTV's Full-Length 'Supervideo,' Featuring Best Coast's 'Our Deal'

We don't throw the word "super" around all the time, but when your video is directed by Drew Barrymore and features Miranda Cosgrove, Chloe Moretz, Donald Glover, Shailene Woodley, Alia Shawkat and "Teen Wolf"'s Tyler Posey, we think it's deserved. Check out the exclusive premiere of MTV's new "Supervideo," set to Best Coast's "Our Deal" below.

"Two Gangs. One ruled the streets by day. The other by night." So begins the mini-movie channeling the rival gangs of Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" video and West Side Story's Tony and Maria. Here's the CliffsNotes version: Moretz plays Veronica, member of the Night Creepers, who falls for Lucky (Posey), a member of the Night Creepers' arch nemesis, Day Trotters. As their respective gangs continually feud, the two fall in love and Veronica asks Lucky to run away with her. He declines. Or does he? The video climaxes with one tragic punch that would win the VMA for "Best Irony in a Music Video" (new category alert, execs). You're going to need pictures of unicorns and puppies to counteract your emotions at the end of this one. You're welcome.

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MTV Buzzworthy Blog
Ke$ha torch!

Ke$ha has a book full of vaginas... and more

Ke$ha on peeing glitter, Will Smith and Vulva 101

A conversation with Ke$ha, even briefly, requires at least fleeting mention of a few vital topics. Blue lipstick, a bottle of whiskey and glitter.

“It doesn’t go anywhere. I’ve tried to get it off, but then I just reapply, so it seems relatively pointless,” she says of the sparkly accessory. “After about the third show I ever played, I was like, '%@*# it.' You might as well just learn to love it.

“I’ve found glitter anywhere a person could find glitter. I’ve choked on glitter. I found it behind the backs of my eyelids. Even in my food, in my beer. It clogs my shower after every show. There’s glitter in my piss. It’s so gross.”

But Ke$ha is also — wait for it — sort of sweet. Sure, the raucous party-girl attitude has made her a multiplatinum pop star. (I fully expected her to eat me alive, or at least unleash some serious sarcasm). But she’s surprisingly earnest about her music and sincere about her fan base, which includes large helpings of teen girls in Ke$ha-inspired war paint and headbands at every show.

“I love it. I live for it. I feel like we’re a cult of rabid misfits. We’re all crazy animals, and we just want to all live our life and celebrate it,” she says.

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Crazy ass Beastie Boys cover. I'd love to have a "Get $leazy" tag. And I love that there are all those Ke$ha articles lately since her tour came back to the US. There's gonna be some BIG, music-related news within the next few weeks, btw. You might already have heard of it on Twitter from Doctor Luke and Benny Blanco... get pumped.
alice red

Sandra and Ryan spark romance reports with cosy red carpet appearance

With Jennifer Aniston officially off the market, fans are hoping Sandra Bullock will be the next Hollywood sweetheart to find love.

And perhaps her 'good friend' Ryan Reynolds is the man for the job.

The couple have reignited reports of a romance with a very cosy appearance at the premiere of Ryan's latest film, The Change-Up.

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Still Probably the Least Gay Thing Glee Has Ever Done...

A photo of the boys from "Glee" has popped up online depicting them as members of the classic disco band The Village People.

"The Glee bros and I wanted to keep up our chops over the hiatus so we formed a tribute band," Mark Salling joked on Twitter. It appeared that the new pic -- which also features cast members Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Darren Criss and Harry Shum Jr. -- was just photoshopped for fun.

But could Salling's enthusiasm for the photo mean The Village People might be featured on a future episode of the hit FOX show?

The Village People -- formed in the 70's -- was famous for its outlandish theme costumes and hits including "Macho Man" and "Y.M.C.A."


Mary Poppins is not amused, Mr. Salling.

MTV Hive: The Bangles, “I Will Never Be Through With You” — Song Premiere

It’s one of music’s cruel ironies that the Bangles‘ only number one hits were, in retrospect, a novelty song and a romantic ballad that’s now shorthand for “final song at a 1980s prom.” But while “Walk Like an Egyptian” and “Eternal Flame” were the band’s biggest numbers, they were only two dots in a career that has spanned, albeit sporadically, nearly 30 years. After a long detour through commercial pop, the group comes home with Sweetheart of the Sun, their first album in eight years, and a return to the band’s folk-rock roots.

In the mid-1980s, with the riot grrrl movement still a few years away, mainstream all-girl groups were few and far between. There were, of course, the Go-Gos, whose sugary pop dominated the charts. Meanwhile, the Bangles’1984 debut, All Over the Place, earned the notice of Prince, who wrote the band’s first major hit, “Manic Monday.”

1986′s Different Light and 1988′s Everything produced five Top 20 hits – six if you count the band’s woozy, Rick Rubin-produced cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Hazy Shade of Winter” for the Less Than Zero soundtrack – before the band broke up. While all four members shared writing and singing duties, it was Susanna Hoffs that got the attention from Columbia Records. Other band members got upset. Words were exchanged. It’s an old story.

Hoffs, sisters Vicki and Debbi Peterson, and Michael Steele would all continue to record, though the whole was always greater than the sum of its parts. After reuniting in 1999, to record a track for the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack, the group released their fourth album, Doll Revolution, in 2003, and reconvened at Matthew Sweet‘s home studio last year for Sweetheart (though without Steele, who left the band in 2005).

While Sweetheart finds the group covering two Nuggets-era garage rock tracks, lead single “I Will Never Be Through With You” recalls the delicate melodies of the Byrds and Big Star. They may always be known to some as “that Egyptian band,” but Sweetheart is a sound attempt at breaking out of that fossilized shell of their former selves.

Listen to “I Will Never Be Through With You” below. The Bangles’ fifth album, Sweetheart of the Sun, is out September 13 on Model Music Group.

Player isn't embeddable from site --- to listen click here or click on the pic above.

Source: MTV Hive

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Christina Aguilera Hits 100 Million Records Worldwide!


Genie In A Bottle - 7.508.000
What a Girl Wants - 4.267.000
Come On Over (All I Wants Is You) - 3.171.000
I Turn To You - 1.490.000
Lady Marmalade - 5.428.000
Nobody Wants To Be Lonely - 3.857.000
Beautiful - 4.626.000
Fighter - 2.640.000
Can't Hold Us Down - 2.523.000
Dirrty - 2.375.000
The Voice Within - 1.300.000
Car Wash - 1.167
Ain't No Other Man - 4.242.000
Hurt - 3.484.000
Slow Down Baby - 120.000
Candyman - 1.623.000
Keeps Gettin' Better - 1.803.000
Not Myself Tonight - 834.000
WooHoo - 130.000
You Lost Me - 250.000


Christina Aguilera - 17.200.000
Mi Reflejo - 5.000.000
My Kind Of Christmas - 6.000.020 *
Stripped - 13.300.201
Back To Basics - 5.000.003
Keeps Gettin' Better - 1.003.000
Bionic - 1.000.000 *
Burlesque - 775.000 *

* Shipments

Album Sales: 50 Million
Single Sales: 52 Million
Record Sales: 102 Million


King K

star trainer Tracy Anderson wanted to have an eating disorder

The personal trainer to stars including Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow has sparked fury with a recent remark.

Pint-sized Tracy said she wanted to suffer from anorexia or bulimia when she was a teenager so she could shift puppy fat and be a dancer.

The Hollywood health freak, 35, revealed: “After my parents divorced when I was 17 my mom worked three jobs so I could come to New York and train to be a ballet dancer. But I didn’t make it – I got too fat and couldn’t shift the weight. I tried everything short of an eating disorder – which I really wanted to have, actually.

A spokesman for anorexia charity Beat blasted: “It’s a disgrace that people who are role models make comments like that."


it's sad she felt like that--but these touchy people need to stop. She wasn't promoting eating disorders, she was just saying that's how desperate she was to lose weight.

Jay-Z and Kanye West's Joint Tour Rescheduled (Some dates Cancelled)

The joint tour of Jay-Z and Kanye West is going through major rescheduling. "The Throne" tour was due to start in Detroit on September 22 but now the first date is October 29 in Atlanta, GA. Some of the dates, nearly 20 of them, have been crossed out but no replacements have been announced.
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Pissed they cancelled the Denver show. I bought my flights yesterday when Southwest was having that sale. >:(

Gap making big push to lure young adults


Gap Inc. (GPS) is tailoring its fall marketing campaign to attract millennials as the largest U.S. apparel chain magnifies its focus on the twentysomething crowd.
Ads feature real residents of young, hip enclaves like Austin, Texas, and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, modeling Gap’s 1969 denim line. In stores, customers will be able to use smartphones to see videos explaining how their garment was designed and manufactured, and taco trucks will give free food to anyone wearing a Gap label.
The campaign is part of San Francisco-based Gap’s shift to target young consumers after previously seeking to lure a wide audience with neutral workplace basics, classic denim and bright scarves. The clothes didn’t connect with consumers in recent years and the retailer has shaken up the Gap North America brand and replaced its president and head designer.



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Nicola Formichetti to start his own fashion line

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There's no stopping Nicola Formichetti. Having been catapulted into the style spotlight thanks to his role as Lady Gaga's 'fashion director', the next project for the 34-year-old is to launch his own fashion line.

In an interview with , Formichetti revealed how there will be a "sneak preview" of his new label in the pop-up store, Nicola's, that he is planning to open in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week .
The half-Japanese, half-Italian multi-tasker already has several job titles to his name: he is the fashion director of Vogue Hommes Japan and fashion retailer Uniqlo, in addition to his creative director role at French fashion house Mugler, which he recently relaunched with a little help from his friend Lady Gaga, who modelled womenswear on the catwalk.


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New Chanel biography claims Coco was a bisexual drug-taker

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

For fashion biographers, Coco Chanel is the gift that keeps on giving. After 'Coco mania' swept the world in 2009 - thanks to the biopic Coco Before Chanel , in which French actress Audrey Tautou took on the role of the legendary designer - prepare for another, more controversial wave.
Biographer Lisa Chaney, whose book, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life, is due out later this year, claims to have uncovered evidence that Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel "used drugs, embraced bisexuality and had an affair with Salvador Dali while he was married," report WWD.

Chaney's publicist also confirmed that the author had access to documents in the Swiss Federal Archives to prove that one of Chanel's lovers, German Günther von Dincklage, was a spy for the Nazis during World War II.
Having never married and dated some of the most powerful men of her time, including the Duke of Westminster - and creating a fashion empire that today continues to excel and inspire - Chaney's book should make for a compelling read.


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Theon haters - Rhymes

Fantasy's Spell on Pop Culture: When Will It Wear Off?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, fantasy series are big hits. But are we in a bubble?

A little over a decade ago, I picked up a book at a used bookstore. On the cover, a lone rider crossed a snow-swept field on a black horse. A raven flew above the man's shoulder and a snow-covered castle loomed off in the background. By all accounts it was as generic an illustration as any other fantasy book at the time. I had never heard of it before, but it had a catchy title: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin.

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New music from Britney's opener Sabi: Wild Heart

Sabi - Wild Heart by officialsabi

We're stoked to get to premier the new single "Wild Heart" from upcoming superstar Sabi 's debut full length album. Produced by Dr.Luke, will Wild Heart be the track to official break dubstep into the mainstream? Keep your eyes and ears on all of Sabi's social networks below and catch her opening up for Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj on select dates of their Femme Fatale tour.

Snoopy [clown]

Clark Gable's grandson charged with shining laser at police chopper

Clark Gable III is in custody right now ... after being arrested last night for allegedly pointing a laser at an LAPD helicopter ... TMZ has learned.

We're told Gable -- an aspiring actor -- was driving around in Hollywood with friends last night, driving in the direction of the Hollywood sign. Gable's family tells TMZ ... he was trying to point the laser at the famous sign, but apparently his aim ain't so good.

A short time later, cops swarmed and accused Gable of pointing the device at the chopper -- a huge no-no.

Gable has had his share of problems. In 2009, he was stabbed in the rib cage by a fellow party-goer.

Gable was booked on a felony. His bail is set at $60,000. The family says he's looking for a good lawyer.


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Olivia Wilde Dishes About the "Sexy Campfire Scene" in Cowboys and Aliens

If the prospect of seeing Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) and James Bond (Daniel Craig) dressed up as cowboys and fighting aliens isn't enough to entice you to go see director Jon Favreau's follow-up to Iron Man 2, Cowboys and Aliens, here's a little something extra to sweeten the pot: Olivia Wilde has a nude scene. (Okay, it is a PG-13 movie, so she's not going to be totally nude, but still.) In a recent interview with MTV in support of the movie, Wilde talked about how "crazy" it was to bare all on set, and also called "BS" on one aspect of Favreau's recreation of the Old West.

Wilde said that, while it was uncomfortable, it was "an honor" to film the "sexy campfire scene" because it is a "cool, climactic moment" in the movie.

"It was really exciting because we knew we were creating something kind of spectacular in that scene. It was a really cool effect happening, as people will see. It was kind of strange because I was half-naked in front about a hundred people, including the crew, a bunch of Apache warriors, a bunch of cowboys, and Daniel Craig, who I had to stand in front of basically naked. And he had to take a moment to sort of look me up and down before covering me in a blanket. And I was like, this is crazy."

Wilde also said that some of the dirt on the actors was not applied by makeup artists, but was a natural result of shooting in the desert, and pointed out that, for true authenticity, the actors shouldn't have all had nice teeth.

"We were literally dirty because we were riding all day long out in the desert, and you get very dirty. But the dirtier everybody looked, the hotter they looked. It was a really good look, I think. ... The people in the Old West were very dirty. The thing that's unrealistic about our movie is all our teeth: We have good teeth; they didn't have good teeth. So, logic police will call BS on that."


Film - The Old Guard

Two and a Half Men killing off Charlie Sheen's character?

Oh boy, the first episode of "Two and A Half Men" could be a doozy. After rumors swirled online that creator Chuck Lorre could kill off Charlie Sheen’s character to make way for Ashton Kutcher, Deadline is now reporting that a funeral is, indeed, in the works for the comedy’s ninth season premiere on Sept. 19. The not-so dearly departed? Sheen’s Charlie Harper, of course.

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I sorta figured they might do this, just because of all the major bitterness going on. I'd say it'd be weird to have a main character's death dealt with comically,'s this show. Everything is weird.

"Tonight's The Night - The Very Best of John Barrowman" - NEW CD RELEASE DATE

An official release date for John's new CD "Tonight's The Night - The Very Best of John Barrowman" has been announced and it's 5 September. If you're in the UK you can pre-order the album now on Amazon UK. The Amazon UK listing has the following description of the CD:

John Barrowman, the ubiquitous star of stage and screen on both sides of the Atlantic, releases a selection of his best loved songs that have featured throughout John’s career and helped chart his path to becoming Britain’s biggest all-round entertainer, along with two brand new tracks, including the single "I Owe It All To You".

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Sparks Fly Between Bale and Hardy!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Dark Knight Rises is scheduled to be released next year but it seems like the spotlight has been stolen by the budding romance between Tom Hardy and Christian Bale! The pair were spotted chatting after filming various scenes for the movie, on-lookers were said to be have been watching in awe of the intense chemistry

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Source Source 2

MODS this hasn't been posted they were pics of the fight! Just to let everyone know commentary was by me to spice up the post all in the name of fun! I found it funny anyway

Christina Aguilera working with William Orbit and Brendon O'Brien

In Chicago, B96 listeners voted Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” as the best song of last decade. Unfortunately, Christina’s last album Bionic, which many thought was unfairly trashed because of Lady Gaga, Perez Hilton, and others, barely scored a hit in our Windy City. However, this may soon change.

Christina Aguilera has been recording new songs with Madonna’s “Ray of Light” producer William Orbit and Bruce Springsteen’s producer Brendon O’Brien. “She is going to hit a home run with this one and show everybody that you can’t forget what talent means,” says program director Jared Stelling.

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Christina Aguilera and Cheryl Cole possibly working together?

And look at this:

"Cheryl is said to have been hard at work on her new tracks in the famous Sunset Marquis hotel’s recording studios. Other artists to have worked in this venue previously have included Madonna, Mary J Blige, Chaka Khan and Cyndi Lauper."

Could there be more to this lunch date than what meets the eye? Multiple sources have confirmed that Cheryl is staying and recording her next album at the Marquis-- and a relationship (at least at a professional level) between the two was established late last year when Cheryl asked Christina to sing with her act on The X Factor finale.



The Kills Drop Stunning Marilyn Monroe Cover


When the Kills headed to Australia to perform at the Splendour in the Grass Festival, Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince dropped by triple j radio to tear through their new single "Satellite." The blues-punk duo also offered up a stunning cover of "One Silver Dollar," a tune performed by Marilyn Monroe in the 1954 Western movie River of No Return. Hear it here (via Some Kind of Awesome).

On their latest album Blood Pressures, Mosshart and Hince expand their skuzzy lo-fi sound, but they keep things simple on this faithful rendition of "One Silver Dollar." Mosshart belts out the lyrics with more passion than Monroe's sensual whisper, and while Hince opts for an acoustic guitar, he strums the tune's chords with as much vigor as his plugged-in six-string. Compare the Kills' version to Monroe's original below.
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thanks for your time


Russell Crowe and the Merrry Men take Newfoundland

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Australian superstar Russell Crowe says he leapt at the opportunity to play a guest role on CBC's Republic of Doyle, in part so he could trigger a reunion fitting for Robin Hood.

Crowe is shooting an episode of the comic crime drama in St. John's this week, in part as a nod to creator Allan Hawco and on the suggestion of his friend Alan Doyle, the singer of Great Big Sea.

"I've just been watching his success and his dedication to what he does," Crowe told CBC News, describing how he first met Hawco — the actor-writer who helped create the show and plays its scruffy protagonist, private detective Jake Doyle — in Toronto in 2004.
Republic of Doyle creator Allan Hawco says bringing together the Robin Hood cast took a great deal of planning. Republic of Doyle creator Allan Hawco says bringing together the Robin Hood cast took a great deal of planning. (CBC)
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Russell Crowe was in Newfoundland once before in 2005. He performed at a local bar and the place was packed. Tickets for the shows this year sold out in under 30 minutes.


‘Green Lantern’ Sequel May Ditch Early Story Outlines And Start From Scratch

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Just Like Audiences Worldwide, WB Reportedly Not Happy With Martin Campbell’s Direction

There is nothing about a prospective “Green Lantern 2” that doesn’t reek of flop sweat. DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. are scuffling in their race against Marvel/themselves to develop a new chain of franchises based on comic book characters, and the performance of “GL” this summer has certainly hurt momentum. With “The Dark Knight Rises” pegged for next summer and “The Man Of Steel” after that, they’re going to want to diversify, lest the studio be forced to greenlight a bunch of actual real movies with interesting original characters not made to sell Happy Meals. Ye gods.

When originally developing “Green Lantern,” Warner execs employed an outline from writers Greg Berlanti, Michael Green and Marc Guggenheim that included story designs for a second film. However, a little bird tells the L.A. Times that the outline will now be heavily revised, if not completely re-written from scratch. And it seems clear where this is headed: the WB wants to go, ahem, “darker.”

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Ex-t.A.T.u. Lena Katina - Video Premiere SOON!

Lena Katina released the trailer of her very first highly-anticipated music video Never Forget.

Lena said in OK! interview that this song and video is a tribute to her former partner in t.A.T.u. Yulia Volkova.

The director of the video is James Cox, who previously shot t.A.T.u.'s "All About Us" and "White Robe" music videos.

Never Forget is the sequel of t.A.T.u. last music video Snowfalls where both Lena and Yulia die in a motocycle crash.

Source and source

Hot Topics With Wendy Williams

Since Wendy is on summer hiatus right now, Wendy is blessing us with a round of hot topics from office until the new season of her show premieres September 12. Don't you love her bee hive? Its so cute. She's probably doing it to honor Amy Winehouse or because of her shout out in the Bad Meets Evil song!

Anyway, Wendy's tour kicks off in 2 DAYS on August 4 in MIAMI! She'll be at the Pembroke Lakes Mall at 3 PM and then she'll throw out the first pitch in the Florida Marlins vs St. Louis Cardinals game at Sun Life Stadium at 7 pm. Click here for more info. 

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Trunks getting in

How Would The Earth's Special Forces Fit Into The Marvel and DC Universe?

The Dragonball Universe is a very fictional universe it's very out there so to speak. Some of these characters have the ability to destroy planets, galaxies and even entire universes. Now we look over at the Marvel and DC universe and they have plenty of characters who can do these very same things and more so how would the Z warriors fit into the Marvl and DC universes?
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I have to be honest I really want Wolverine to go head to head with Vegeta XD!!!
steve jones

Hot Old Navy Commercial Guy to Star in 'Step Up 4'

Ryan Guzman has officially joined the cast of Step Up 4 opposite Kathryn McCormick, Summit Entertainment revealed today.

The project -- which has apparently dropped "4ever" from the title -- will be shot in 3D and should begin principal photography later this summer under director Scott Speer.

Guzman, a professional model, will make his acting debut with the franchise sequel, which is set in Miami this time around. The previously reported McCormick, meanwhile, is best known for her recent appearances on "So You Think You Can Dance".


Cue all the "WHY ARE THEY MAKING THIS???" and "JUST STOP" comments. I don't care, I love these movies. I was so excited to find out that this dude was the hot guy in the Old Navy Tie Shorts commercial too!

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Dair Met Steps Hands

Is Bale Rising In Hathaway's Crotch?


It was instant attraction when they started rehearsals, despite the fact that he’s supposed to be happily married. On set flirtation, some touching in the trailer, soon became after work “prep time”, and heavy petting in the car, and before long it was a full blown affair. May have been a method situation for him, which would surprise no one, but for her, even though she told herself this was a big girl, mature woman thing to do – take a co-star lover – of course she fell in love, although she obediently went back to her boyfriend and tried to shake it off he cut it off after three weeks as soon as his wife came over to stay. He seems to be able to pretend like it never happened. Which, naturally, is confusing her because she thought it was so real. Of course she did. As it happened, there was a break in the schedule and they haven’t had to work together for a while, much to the studio’s relief. These are big names on a big film with big expectation and there was already enough drama last time around. But shooting with everyone resumes again in a few days, and they’ll be sending an executive to stay around through the stretch to keep a close eye. Babysitting is exactly what it is.


Milo Ventimiglia: 'Elle Korea' Feature!

Check out these shots of Milo Ventimiglia from a spread in the July 2011 issue of Elle Korea!

The 34-year-old actor was just announced as one of the voices for the upcoming video game X-Men Destiny!
Milo joins Scott Porter and Jamie Chung as one of the game’s three heroes, according to USA Today.
X-Men Destiny is an “action game that allows players to choose between one and three young mutants as they attempt to build their reputation while working with the mutant superhero team.”

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Jean | FoD Gun

Beautiful Czech Oscar Winner Making Solo Debut

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Swell Season's Marketa Irglova Makes Solo Debut
Singer also talks 'Once' Broadway show: 'It's becoming more real with each passing day'
by Steve Baltin

Marketa Irglova, one-half of Oscar-winning duo the Swell Season, says her solo debut Anar is like a time capsule of her first year in New York, where she moved from Ireland in June 2010. "I think Anar is always gonna take me back to that year, or half a year, of writing the songs and walking around Manhattan and going to Upper West Side, to the apartment where I’d sit in the piano and hanging out in Brooklyn with my friends, where I used to go to this ice place to play the piano," she tells Rolling Stone.

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The Good Wife's hustling hard for them ratings

As its title would suggest, The Good Wife hinges on the moral struggle of Alicia Florick, the titular spouse played by Juliana Margulies, in the wake of her state attorney husband's very public, Spitzer-like affair. For the better part of two seasons, Alicia played the dutiful mother and wife: staying together for the family, supporting her husband through his reelection campaign, and, crucially, not indulging in some very obvious chemistry with her boss (and former flame) Will Gardner. That is, until last season's final episode, when Alicia, armed with some new, hurtful information about her husband, threw her principles out the window long enough to spend a tequila-soaked night in the presidential suite with Will.

Good news for Will fans: A first look at season three, featuring scantily clad Margulies doing her best Victoria's Secret impression, suggests that Alicia has probably not spent her last night in the hotel penthouse. CBS clearly wants to play up the steamier side of the procedural, and new viewers should probably be reminded that this is, in fact, a show about a law firm. But New, Not-As-Good Alicia does look pretty killer in lingerie.

Kate Beckinsale On Underworld Awakening

For Kate Beckinsale, going back to the Underworld franchise was just like visiting a member of the family.

"Underworld is the family business. Even my mother has a scene in this one," Beckinsale said at the press event for Underworld: Awakening at Comic-Con 2011 in San Diego. Her daughter, Lily, was in Underworld: Evolution.

Originally, Beckinsale didn't consider doing another film because it was a planned trilogy.

"When people asked if I was going to do another one, I had said no," Beckinsale said. "Because the plan was always to do a trilogy with a planned prequel, which I knew I wasn't going to be in. So I really didn’t think I was going to be in another one."

But more than that, she was hesitant about a certain number associated with the franchise.

"I was a bit nervous about number four," Beckinsale said. "When I was growing up, anything with the number four was straight-to-video. I think that is what most people feel. But I think there a number of films now that actually work. If we were going to do it again we didn’t want to carry on straight from the second one. I guess once all the ideas started coming in and the concept was so different. What would happen if the Underworld was not quite under anymore? It seemed like an interesting thing to do. And it was in 3-D which I have never done before."

One of the lingering questions about Awakening is where Michael is. But Beckinsale, along with the rest of the cast and crew, is mum on the subject as she said it is one of the big deals in the movie.


Are you sure about that, Lorne?

The entire cast of 'SNL' to return next season

For the first time since 2007, no "Saturday Night Live" cast members will depart the show before the next season. According a tweet from TV critic Roger Catlin, executive producer Lorne Michaels made the announcement at the Television Critics Association press tour.

Michaels also added that he would hold auditions for new cast members the end of August. "SNL" featured player Jay Pharoah announced on Twitter that the premiere would be Sept. 24, although the tweet has since been removed. No announcement has been made about the premiere's host or musical guest.

The 2010-11 new featured cast members Pharoah, Vanessa Bayer, Paul Brittain and Taran Killiam all evidently made enough of an impression on audiences (and more importantly, on Michaels) to be invited to return for the next season. In the last few years, "SNL" has let go featured players Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins and Jenny Slate after 1-2 seasons, with longtime cast member Will Forte leaving in 2010 as well.

However, according to a recent GQ profile of Ms. Slate, getting let go from "SNL" can present as many career opportunities as limitations, if not more.
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'Game of Thrones' casts Theon's fierce sister

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With the Game of Thrones season two cast, you also get Theon Greyjoy’s bold sister Asha (except we’re not going to call her that).

Producers have tapped Gemma Whelan (Gulliver’s Travels, The Wolfman) to play Asha Yara Greyjoy, the older sister of the Stark family’s impulsive young ward Theon. Yara defies the Ironborn traditions of her family by commanding her own ship and leading men into battle, as well as having a penchant for axes.

Producers changed the character’s name from Asha to Yara presumably because the former sounds too much like another character in the show, Osha (they did the same with young King Robert in the Eyrie in season one, changing his name to Robin as not to confuse him with King Robert Baratheon). For those who missed the rest of the S2 cast, here’s who will play Stannis and Melisandre; and Davos, here’s who’s cast for Brienne and here’s Margaery Tyrell.


[actress] Grace Kelly

Jennifer Lopez Vanity Fair Magazine Cover September 2011

Jennifer Lopez looks stunning on Vanity Fair Magazine cover for their September issue 2011. This is Jennifer's first interview after announcing her split with Marc Anthony, Lopez tells the magazine:

"Sometimes it doesn't work - and that's sad. But I remain an eternal optimist about love. I believe in love ... It's still my biggest dream. I am positive determined to move forward with my lie, bring up my babies and do the best job I can as a mother, entertainer and person. I now look forward to new challenges. I feel strong."

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Race wank in my Game of Thrones? It's most likely than you think!

Nonso Anozie cast as Xaro Xhoan Daxos

HBO’s opening the floodgates (well, cracking them open a wee bit, in any case!) with casting news. Hot on the heels of EW getting the confirmation on Asha Greyjoy (renamed “Yara” for the show), HBO’s given us wee scoop: the indentity of Qartheen merchant-prince Xaro Xhoan Daxos, who will provide Daenerys shelter and support in the ancient, decadent city of Qarth…

For a price.
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Choice comment from This is what happens when you sell the rights to a series. No doubt someone, somewhere, threw a big hissy that there aren't enough black people in the show. This is a *major* visual change, and it's only going to get worse.

For more race fail, check out and

Oh noes, a character whose race isn't that important was cast as a black person in a fantasy universe of mostly white people! The series is ruined! It's the end of the fucking world! I can't imagine what will happen when the Sand Snakes aren't cast as white people. Seriously, as a person of color, I quit this planet.
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Rose Byrne Uncertain About X-Men: First Class Sequel

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Rose Byrne has revealed that she has no idea if a sequel to summer blockbuster X-Men: First Class will go ahead.

The movie, which was directed by Matthew Vaughn, took the story of Erik and Charles back to the sixties when they were grappling to understand this powers.

Byrne took on the role of Moira MacTaggert in the film alongside Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence.

The film was a critical and commercial hit as it topped the box office in both the U.S. and the UK - but she admits she doesn't know if she will be reprising the character.

Speaking to IGN Movies the actress said: "We all had to sign on for three, I believe. Well, I did anyway. But as of right now I have no idea if they're planning on doing another one."

"But that was the idea depending on how it all went, I suppose. We'll see."

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the project Byrne admits that she would love to return to the franchise.

"I loved working on it and loved working with the cast," Byrne said. "I loved Matthew Vaughn. I also loved the style; the era and the fashion.

"And it was kind of kitsch-y and funny. It was a really fun and sophisticated superhero movie. I'm very proud of the film."



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Flawless, perfect, stunning, etc. I love this lady and I hope they won't cut half of her scenes again if they do make a sequel (and she's in it). Her part in XMFC was kinda useless and disappointing, imo.

Summer Session with Leighton Meester Episode 2 ++ Leggings post!!

The song playing in the background is the gorgeous "Entitled" (you can listen to in its entirety under the cut, if you likey ^_^)

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Check in the Dark, the band Leighton's working with is also doing a show August 9 at the El CID Theater in Hollywood (they're awesome, go check them out), go to their twitter for more info!

Also more gratuitous shots of Leighton's fine booty and her qt dog on set!

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Is laughter the best medicine? Fox’s House may put that axiom to the test with the addition of funny lady Charylne Yi as a series regular.

A stand-up comedienne whose acting credits include Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up, the semi-autobiographical docu Paper Heart (which she wrote, and costarred then-beau Michael Cera), and NBC’s Love Bites, Yi is joining the medical drama as another new addition to the Princeton-Plainsboro diagnostics team.

Yi and fellow newbie Odette Annable (Brothers & Sisters) effectively fill the void left by Amber Tamblyn (whose med student Martha Masters exited stage left last spring) and Olivia Wilde (who is expected to only make a handful of appearances this season as Thirteen).

House premieres its eighth season on Monday, Oct. 3, now airing at 9/8c. Yi first appears in the new cycle’s second episode.

What do you think of this latest addition to House‘s team? Do you think that the new doc, if she possesses any of Yi’s comic chops, might manage to disarm House?

Vanity Fair replaces Lindsay Lohan with JLo for Fall cover

In the epic battle of the Lo's, J-Lo has bested Li-Lo to snag the cover of the Vanity Fair September issue.

As the site Celebitchy points out, Lindsay Lohan was supposed to grace the magazine's big, glossy fall cover, which is prime real estate for any spotlight-chasing celebrity who wants to be taken seriously. Instead, Vanity Fair picked Jennifer Lopez -- freshly split from Marc Anthony -- to replace the court-going, vodka-swilling starlet. After all, the "American Idol" judge's D-I-V-O-R-C-E is a better sell than Lohan's umpteenth "I'm going to right my wrongs" apology tour.

Breakups always trump Lohans. Always. We're hoping Lopez will say something good about Anthony.

light fantastic

Zac Efron, Nicole Kidman and John Cusack in New Orleans filming 'The Paperboy'

Zac was spotted today working out in-between scenes at a playground near the set.

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And John and a platinum-blond Nicole were seen yesterday on set for the first day of filming.

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Matthew McConaughey, who plays Zac's older brother in the film, is in the area but has not been seen on set yet. The paparazzi need to get pics of Zac and Matt working out together shirtless. Just sayin' that would be stellar.

1, 2

Pirahna 3D director may direct Pet Semetary remake

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Back in March of 2010, it was announced that Matthew Greenberg (1408, Reign of Fire) was brought on to write the script for a remake of Stephen King's "Pet Sematary." A year later (February, 2011), LA Times learned that Greenberg turned in his script to Paramount Pictures and the studio began its search for a high-level director.

TwitchFilm has now learned that producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Paramount are in talks with Alexandre Aja, the director of such films as "The Hills Have Eyes," "Mirrors," and "Piranha 3D."

Missy Elliott

Cam’ron and Dipset Are Working on a New Movie ...YOU MAD?

For the educated veteran of ironically enjoying hip-hop B-movies, there is no greater accomplishment than Cam’ron’s 2006 directorial debut, Killa Season, a dark morality tale inspired by the corrosive nature of inner-city life that features a dude getting peed on in, like, the first scene. And, soon, Killa Season may have the follow-up it deserves. Juelz Santana tells XXL that Cam and the rest of his crew, Dipset, are working on a biopic titled Diplomatic Immunity: “It’s gon’ be [about] the break up and us gettin’ back together leadin’ into the album. The album is gonna be like the soundtrack to the movie. It’s just gonna be everything from [Cam'ron] meeting Biggie to him meeting me and us becoming The Diplomats … we’re just gonna be playin’ ourselves … We’ll do it when we’re younger, but as it gets to us we’ll really play ourselves, cut the hair off our face so we look younger and shit like that. (DEAD)

Also: “Cam might have to gain some weight from when he was big.” Feel free to soundtrack your own personal celebration of this news with, how about, “I’m Ready.”


Ann Coulter LOL

Single White Female Remake Starring Nick Cannon and Arsenio Hall

You would be better off not judging my recent fascination with all things Arsenio Hall, thanks.

Arsenio Hall seems to figure that a 17-year rest is long enough. Having quit his iconic late-night talk show in 1994, Hall was asked this afternoon during a PBS panel at TCA about an Ed Sullivan Comedy Special premiering Aug. 6 whether he’d consider making a comeback.

“I’d have to change my name to Nick Cannon and live with Mariah (Carey),” he joked. “But I think it’s a perfect time for that personally. Give me a microphone. My son’s 11 and he can drive himself to school. I’m ready to host!”

When a critic pressed if he was serious, Hall acknowledged, “It’s pretty crowded out there. I’m not sure if it’s too crowded
for a 55-year-old guy to re-emerge, but if they give me a little daylight I’m gonna slide into it.”




With the Pottermore bug going this week, I decided to open a spreadsheet/form for all our future ONTD Pottermore users! Pottermore is suppose to be some sort of social networking site so this spreadsheet is to help locate our fellow ONTD people once the site is active!!

Also are we prepared for NIGHT 4 of this madness??? Any news on a time yet??

REMEMBER: Tonight's clue will be from the Goblet of Fire!!

To the n00bs who missed last 3 nights the clues were:

"How many owls are on the Eeylops Owl Emporium sign? Multiply by 49"
Answer was 245

"What is the number of the chapter in which Professor McGonagall cancels the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff? Multiply this number by 42."
Answer was 588

In the Gryffindor versus Slytherin Quidditch match, in Harry’s third year, how many points is Gryffindor leading by before Harry catches the Golden Snitch? Multiply this number by 35.
Answer was 2100

If you have more than one username (you sneaky Slytherins!!) ONLY post with the username that YOU will be using!!

UPDATE: thanks to cruel_april for actually reading the Pottermore Insider...we have an idea for the time for today:

So far, all the clues have appeared in the early hours of the morning in my time zone. Will this continue for the remainder of The Magical Quill challenge?
We know that Harry Potter fans around the world are taking part in the challenge, so we will be varying the times that the clues are revealed. We can tell you that tomorrow's clue (Day 4) will be released between 2.00pm and 6.00pm BST.

Haters, Deal With It


Pottermore tag plz <3 ...loooooooooove you ::insert cheesey grin of hopefulness::

Deftones' Chino Moreno debuts new project Crosses with free EP

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno has launched his new project Crosses by giving away a free five track EP.

You can download the free offering from Crosses' official Facebook page

†††‎ (Crosses) sees Moreno collaborating with Far guitarist Shaun Lopez and is more sonically ambient than the Deftones, with electronic beats heavily featuring in the mix. It is not dissimilar from the gentler tone of Moreno's 2005 side project Team Sleep.

According to reports, a full length album will follow this release, with up to 16 tracks already recorded. Giant Drag's Annie Hardy is expected to feature on the album.

Deftones return to the UK in August to play Reading And Leeds Festivals and a one-off show at London's O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire on August 24.

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Iman Fell for Bowie's Mild-Manners

Supermodel Iman fell for music legend David Bowie after realising he had impeccable manners, and insists the colourful rocker is just a normal husband.

The pair has been married for 20 years, and the beauty reveals Bowie is plain old David Jones at home, despite his outlandish on-stage persona.

And she'll never forget the time Bowie proved he was different from his rock peers - by bending down and tying her shoelaces in the middle of a busy street.

She says, "I am married to David Jones. David Bowie and David Jones are two totally different people.

"I did not want to get involved with a rock star. No way. It is not a sane thing to do but David changed my mind. He wooed me.

"I remember once the laces on my trainers came undone and David was down on his knees in the middle of the street tying them for me. I thought to myself, 'This one's a keeper.' He's not an enigma at home!"

Cappa8 (Laying down)

The Sheepdogs Win Rolling Stone Cover Contest

Rolling Stone Magazine has picked a winner of their "Choose the Cover" contest that has been going on all summer.

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I'm from Saskatoon and saw these guys so many times playing the local bars. SO excited for them, they have been working so hard for year. They played tonight on Jimmy Fallon. So proud of them!
dugera: Besties

‘Jackass’ Director Reveals Details On Ryan Dunn Tribute

Jackass director Jeff Tremaine hung out at the MTV cocktail party, even though the network did not present any new Jackass material at their Television Critics Association panels. Over a couple of Mai Tais, Tremaine told me that the tragedy of Ryan Dunn’s death will inspire a new collection of Jackass hilarity.

“We’re gearing up to do a tribute to Ryan,” Tremaine said. “That’s our next project. It hurt pretty bad. It’s hurt everybody but we want to celebrate his life and show everybody. We have just such an amazing bank of footage of him. We’re going to dig it all up so we’ll discover it too.”

The special will include never before scene outtakes from the Jackass movies and TV-show. Tremaine remembers one that would be the ultimate find.

“There’s always been the Van Surfing, him and Chris re-enacting a scene from Teen Wolf that didn’t go well. We’ll see if they’ll let us air it but it’s pretty funny. Ryan was riding on the roof of the van and the van was speeding towards a body of water, stopped a little bit short. He made it to the water but the water was only like five inches deep, slammed pretty bad.”

MTV’s new Teen Wolf series didn’t even do the van surfing. Actually, the Jackass team self-censored that one, and Tremaine is still on the fence. “We decided not to air that because we thought that kids might imitate it too easily.”

The Jackass crew will shoot new interviews for the special, which Tremaine hopes will air in the fall.


Also, for those that haven't seen...Bam recently got a tribute tattoo for Ryan on his right shoulder.

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The Dark Knight Rises trailer (as depicted by insane Taiwanese animation)

Oh, NMA News. Just when I fear you're becoming too comprehensible, you deliver your own version of The Dark Knight Rises teaser, complete with a vomiting lovestruck Batman and Bane purchasing groceries. Never change, Next Media Animation.

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Inside Will Smiths Mega House


I'm a Will Smith hater but the mans mansion is one of the craziest on Bings Bird View.  So I've always wanted to see inside it. Now they're showing it in Architectural Digest. 

"Will, 42, gushes to Architectural Digest magazine that the layout of the 25,000sq ft house has been designed with no 'dead ends… to create an infinite cycle that represented what Jada and I hoped for our love'."   -
source has little more info

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David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Steven Soderbergh, Robert Redford, and Tom Cruise Are All Trying to Cast Brit Marling

Everybody wants Brit Marling, but so far, no one’s got her. The ingenue crashed onto the Hollywood scene by starring in and writing the Sundance darling Another Earth, and now we hear she's being offered many coveted roles. Marling just passed, for example, on Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh’s film about Channing Tatum’s early years as a male stripper. Even though the part only called for two weeks' worth of work, we’re told Marling passed because it would conflict with a still-tentative October 11 start to The East, a thriller about an FBI agent who infiltrates an ecoterrorist group that Marling co-wrote with Zal Batmanglij, who’d recently directed her in Sound of My Voice. Our spies say Fox Searchlight intends to make it, but only provided the studio can land a huge star to anchor it.

Two other rapidly coalescing pictures with enormous names are inquiring after Marling, too: We hear that Robert Redford has asked about her availability for The Company You Keep, an adaptation of Neil Gordon’s eponymous novel about a former Weather Underground militant (Redford) turned fugitive after being unmasked by an enterprising newspaper reporter (Shia LaBeouf). That picture starts shooting September 14.

We also hear Marling is circling Paramount’s One Shot, the recently green-lit “Jack Reacher” thriller starring Tom Cruise as Lee Childs’s infamous drifter. We hear Marling is being considered for the part of Helen Rodin, the defense attorney who squares off against her father, the district attorney of Indianapolis, to defend a sniper from multiple murder charges. It’s competing with Company, because it's scheduled to start shooting on September 27. There is no clarity yet as to which, if any, outside projects will get a commitment from Marling: For now, she's got choices.