July 11th, 2011

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Adele hints at doing 'something big'-- could it be The Voice?

Adele could line up alongside Cee Lo Green on the UK version of the show in what would be a dream panel.

The £25 million show – which judges contestants on their voice and not their image – has been huge in the States and a source said: “Adele’s success is all down to her incredible voice and, in this way, embodies all that The Voice represents. She is honest, funny and loved by millions of people of all ages. She really has ‘The Voice’ that can sell albums around the world so she knows what to look for.

Adele hinted at the job offer yesterday in a Radio 1 interview, telling Chris Moyles: “There’s a possibility I’m doing something quite big next year – I’ve got a meeting about it on Friday.”

Auditions for the reality show, which sees judges choose contestants in a “blind” process, start early next year.

Introducing ... Camilla Luddington

Me in My Place Photoshoot - Esquire

She's not a Kate Middleton, but she plays one on TV. Which is, of course, intriguing — because we haven't watched Lifetime since they played Shop Till You Drop during Monday Night Football halftimes in the 90s, and so wouldn't have had a chance to get to know the 23-year-old star of Will and Kate had she not invited over our photographer friend to take some pictures. Intriguing also, we suppose, because a certain segment of people who pay attention to that Pippa character are excited that the royal couple is taking a trip to California right about now. But, hey, California's nice this time of year, and will be even more so at the end of the year when Camilla Luddington appears in eight episodes of Californication as a rather sultry babysitter. In either case, she's got one of the nicest places the man behind MeInMyPlace.com has visited on our — and so your — behalf. Take a trip inside.... —The Editors

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esquire + more content
george lopez interview
official twitter account

so the movie was pretty bad but she's adorable :)
Gemma red lipstick

Deadliest Warrior Season 3 Details

Deadliest Warrior Season 3 will return to Spike TV Wednesday July 20 at 10pm eastern.

Season 3 Line-Up:

3.1 Episode 23: George Washington (BAMF) vs. Napoleon Bonaparte
3.2 Episode 24: Joan of Arc vs. William the Conqueror
3.3 Episode 25: U.S. Army Rangers vs. North Korean Special Operation Force
3.4 Episode 26: Genghis Khan vs. Hannibal
3.5 Episode 27: Saddam Hussein vs. Pol Pot
3.6 Episode 28: Lawrence of Arabia vs. Theodore Roosevelt
3.7 Episode 29: Ivan the Terrible vs. Hernán Cortés
3.8 Episode 30: Crazy Horse vs. Pancho Villa
3.9 Episode 31: French Foreign Legion vs. Gurkha
3.10 Episode 32: Vampire vs. Zombie 

Preseason Aftermath videos can be found here.


Where is Max?! I hope he's still on the show :-(
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The Internet Can't Spoil What Has Already Aired.

Traditionally, "spoiler" referred to key plot points revealed about a film, novel or television show before it went public — something critics know not to do when reviewing a new work.
When the makers of "The Crying Game" asked audiences and the media to keep the climactic twist to themselves after the film was released, the request was so unusual that it made news.

But now a spoiler means having the temerity to discuss things that some people haven't gotten around to watching or reading.

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Gerard Butler Set To Receive ACTOR OF THE YEAR AWARD; Refutes Basic Status

Joining in on the kickoff celebration, Gerard Butler got all dressed up for day one of the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival in Ischia, Italy on Sunday (July 10).

The "Law Abiding Citizen" stud looked suave in a grey suit as he attended a gala dinner while mingling with fellow attendees including Paul Haggis and Eli Roth.

As previously reported by GossipCenter, Gerard is all set to be honored with the lofty title of "Actor of the Year" during the course of the Ischia festivities.

Having arrived in the island locale on Saturday, Butler has been making the most of his overseas visit - as he's been spotted out cruising the waters over the past two days with pals including Mr Roth and rocker Sting.

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거기거기 mister~

Kerr felt she was 'going to die' during childbirth

Miranda Kerr went through so much pain during her marathon child birth she feared she would die.

The 28-year-old Victoria's Secret model endured a 27-hour labour, without painkillers, to give birth to son Flynn six months ago.

She told the Sunday Telegraph she had never been through so much pain.
"I actually thought I was going to die at one point and left my body," she was quoted as saying.
"I felt as if I was looking down on myself — the pain was so intense."
Kerr said she used meditation and controlled breathing throughout the labour and insisted that husband and Hollywood heartthrob Orlando Bloom stay with her the whole time, even making him urinate in a bottle so he wouldn't leave the room. “I kept thinking, how do women do this? But if other women have done this, I can do it, too. I was determined.”
“Orlando was by my side the whole time,” she adds. “I couldn’t have done it without him. Just to have his support was a really wonderful experience.”
But the supermodel from Gunnedah, in NSW's north-east, said the payoff was well worth the pain.
"Then [Flynn] came out and we met, and it was the best thing," she said.

Her son weighed in at 4.5kg (~9.9lbs) at birth.


Megan Fox was in tears over Shia's hook-up confession

Shia LaBeouf apparently couldn’t help himself when asked by Details if he hooked up with former Transformers co-star Megan Fox.

"Look, you’re on the set for six months, with someone who’s rooting to be attracted to you, and you’re rooting to be attracted to them. I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen," he said.

And when asked if she was with her now-husband, Brian Austin Green, when they hooked up, he may have realized the seriousness of his confession as he stumbled over his words, saying, "I don’t know, man," 12 times.

As it turns out, Fox and Green were on a break when she hooked up with Shia (they married June 2010) but his confession has reportedly caused some conflict in their marriage.

"Megan's been in tears, and is apologizing to Brian -- even though technically she didn't do anything wrong since they were on a break... They are so angry at Shia," a source tells OK Magazine.

No word if Shia has apologized directly to Fox, however, he told Access Hollywood he is learning to keep his mouth shut. "I just turned 25," Shia said. "And I’m learning how to edit myself and say 'no comment' now."


Disney's Winne the Pooh pokes fun at its competition Harry Potter in New TV ads

A lot of people are talking about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 but there's another beloved star of literature and film starring in a new movie this week: Winnie the Pooh.

The animals of the Hundred Acre Wood have some big box-office competition, and to prepare for the movie ticket battle, Winnie himself has thrown a few light barbs at the bespectacled wizard in new advertisements for the movie. Check out the videos below:

UPDATED: Below is the full trailer for the movie, in case anyone who hasn't seen it wants to.


They're cute, but they probably should've chosen a better weekend for it's opening. I can't wait to see the final HP film this week! But it's sad the Harry Potter franchise is concluding :(

Rihanna enjoying 'quiet' romance

Rihanna and Drake are keeping their romance “quiet” as they both want different things, says a source.

The pair collaborated on last year’s hit What's My Name? and were famously linked for the first time back in 2009 when the songstress split from musician Chris Brown.

Last month Rihanna and Drake were spied getting intimate at the Buonanotte Supperclub in Montreal, Canada, and although the pair hasn’t confirmed a romance, it is believed things have been heating up. However, 23-year-old Rihanna is eager to focus on her music career, while Drake, 24, is said to be looking for a laidback relationship.

"They are definitely attracted to each other," a source told New York Post. "But she's all about her career, and he wants to date around.”

The stunning singer went out partying with her brother and cousins at exclusive New York venue Greenhouse last week.
According to onlookers, she was in no mood for romance, and instead spent the time enjoying the company of her relatives.

"There were no hook-ups," explained a spy. "Rihanna kept to her family."

Zachary Quinto

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D to Feature a Scream Queen?

We admit it. We actually kind of miss the yearly Saw sequel. If only because of the absurdity of its violence. There is, however, a group of people who definitely miss it more than we do...

The contestants of VH1's "Scream Queens" competition. As you know, each winner got a chance to appear in a Saw sequel. But for now at least that ship has sailed. However...
File this under rumor for now, but a source close to the production has let us know that not only is "Scream Queens" coming back for another season, but the show's winner may have to face a saw of another kind...one that feels more like family!

Providing final talks go as planned, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D will star Percy Jackson & the Olympians' Alexandra Daddario as the female lead, Leatherface's cousin Heather. She will join the previously announced Bill Moseley.

John Luessenhop (Takers) is directing the pic, which is a reimagining that picks up after Tobe Hooper's original 1974 horror classic. Adam Marcus and Debra Sullivan co-wrote the script, which was polished by Kirsten Elms and Luessenhop.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is scheduled for an October 5th, 2012 release. More soon.

Scream Queens season 1 winner, Tanedra Howard:

You're Not the One

Joe Jonas, Karlie Kloss Are a Romantic Match at Prince William's Polo Game

Prince William wasn't the only one scoring at Saturday's polo game. 

Joe Jonas was also in high spirits at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club as he celebrated the prince's win with a special lady by his side: model Karlie Kloss. 

Prior to the game, Jonas, 21, and Kloss, 18, goofed around in a photo booth sponsored by Jacks Wills, the British fashion house that designed the jerseys for the match. 

In the cute black-and-white photos, the two strike three poses, going from serious to silly – Kloss makes a kissy face! – to romantic. In the last image of their uncensored shoot, they gaze into each other's eyes. 

Jonas and Kloss kept close company at the match, which benefitted the American Friends of the Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry. 

After attending the luncheon with the Jacks Wills team and flirting in the photo booth, the two were spotted chatting it up in the stands as they cheered on Team Royal Salute alongside Duchess Catherine and Alex Pettyfer.

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iHeartRadio Music Festival - Las Vegas - Sept 23rd & 24th


FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2011 Featuring:
Alicia Keys
The Black Eyed Peas
John Mayer
Carrie Underwood
Bruno Mars
Jane's Addiction

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 2011 Featuring:
Lady Gaga
Jennifer Lopez
Steven Tyler
Kenny Chesney
Nicki Minaj
Rascal Flatts
Kelly Clarkson
David Guetta
Sublime with Rome
Special guest performances by Sting and Usher

And more performers and guests to be announced all summer

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Placido Domingo Jr: 'I'm Being Attacked By Scientology'

"Imagine if they did that to Tom Cruise or John Travolta?" That's Placido Domingo Jr.'s reaction to the "attacks" he says he's under after leaving Scientology.The composer son of famed tenor Placido Domingo calls Scientology "scary and pathetic" in the ways it has been treating him since his decision to leave the controversial religion.

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David Gandy: Pucker

Neil Burger charts course for 'Uncharted'



'Limitless' helmer to write, direct Sony adaptation of videogame

With a third installment of the PlayStation franchise "Uncharted" hitting consoles this fall, Sony is eager to get a version of the videogame onto the bigscreen, tapping "Limitless" helmer Neil Burger to write and direct the first adventure, "Drake's Fortune."

Burger replaces David O. Russell, who recently left the project due to creative differences.

Sony is high on "Uncharted," eyeing a film adaptation of the Naughty Dog-produced property as the potential launch of its own "Indiana Jones"-like franchise after the first two games turned into a standout hit exclusive to the PlayStation division.

First game, "Drake's Fortune," bowed in 2007, and introduced Nathan Drake, a descendant of explorer Sir Francis Drake, on a quest for goes on a quest to seek the lost treasure of El Dorado with the help of his friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan and a journalist. The sequel, "Among Thieves," was released in 2009, while "Drake's Deception" hits store shelves Nov. 11.

Overall, the games have sold nearly 6 million copies.

Title would be the first of the PlayStation-exclusive franchises -- which include the "God of War," "Resistence," "inFamous," "Ratchet & Clank," "Little Big Planet" and "Killzone" -- to be turned into a film at a time when Hollywood is eager to adapt videogames, toys and other pop culture properties.

Burger landed the offer after the studio and producers Avi Arad, Ari Arad, Charles Roven and Alex Gartner sparked to his new take on the pic -- one that's more closely tied to the game.

He will rework the project after Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer penned the first draft.

Mark Wahlberg had been interested in starring, but his status is unclear now that Russell (who worked with him on "The Fighter") is no longer directing.

Burger's "Limitless," which starred Bradley Cooper and was produced for $27 million, has scored $153 million worldwide since its March release for Relativity and Virgin Produced.

Helmer, who is repped by CAA, also directed magician tale "The Illusionist," roadtrip comedy "The Lucky Ones" and faux docu "Interview With the Assassin." He had once been in talks to resurrect Universal's "Bride of Frankenstein."


David Gandy: Pucker

Michael Sucsy to direct 'Rosaline'


Fox 2000 has tapped “Grey Gardens” helmer Michael Sucsy to direct a big-screen adaptation of Rebecca Serle’s debut novel “Rosaline,” Variety's Rachel Abrams reports exclusively. Shawn Levy will produce under his 21 Laps Entertainment banner. Pic is a retelling of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet," told from the persepective of Romeo’s jilted ex-girlfriend Rosaline.

David Gandy: Pucker

Harry Lennix forges 'Man of Steel'


Veteran character actor Harry Lennix is the latest to enlist in Zack Snyder’s Superman pic “Man of Steel,” Variety's Jeff Sneider exclusively reports. Lennix has closed a deal to play a high-ranking military officer named General Swanwick in Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures’ tentpole, set for December 2012. He joins a cast that includes Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Russell Crowe, Julia Ormond, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Christopher Meloni and German thesp Antje Traue. Lennix, best known for playing Commander Lock in WB’s “Matrix” sequels and his turn as Ray Charles’ manager Joe Adams in “Ray,” recently appeared as a detective in Universal’s “State of Play.”


RIP: Mia Amber Davis -- the big girl from "Road Trip"

Mia Amber Davis -- the big girl from "Road Trip" -- officially died from a blood clot in her lungs ... so says the actress' death certificate -- but her husband still believes KNEE SURGERY is to blame.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mia's official cause of death had been a mystery ever since the 36-year-old actress passed away on May 10 ... one day after undergoing a routine knee surgery.

Now, an UPDATED death certificate has been filed in L.A. County ... listing Mia's primary cause of death as a "pulmonary thrombo-embolism" ... which is a blockage in the main artery of the lung.

But here's where things get murky -- under the line marked, "significant conditions contributing to death but not resulting in underlying cause" -- the doctor listed "LEFT KNEE, OPERATED."

Mia's husband, Michael Yard, asked the Coroner's Officer if it meant she died as a result of the surgery ... but the office said they could not give a definitive answer.

Yard tells us ... he believes the surgery DID contribute to Mia's death -- claiming she never had any issues with blood clots before she went under the knife.


Rebecca Black to Release New Single

Rebecca Black is releasing a new single, her first since “Friday” became a viral video sensation.

“My Moment” will debut on Black’s Youtube channel starting at 8:00 p.m. on July 18 as well as the singer’s official website, RebeccaBlackOnline.com. The following day, the song will be available for purchase on iTunes and other online retailers.

Written by Brandon "Blue" Hamilton, whose credits included a track on Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never: The Remixes, and Quinton Tolbert and produced by Charlton Pettus (Tears for Fears, Hilary Duff), its accompanying video features footage of Black receiving an award at her junior high school and attending red carpet premieres to “tell the story of her sudden rise to fame,” according to a statement. “It’s a fairytale story, but it happened in real life.”

Black is also putting the finishing touches on a five-track EP, which she will self-release in August, foregoing the traditional route of signing with a label.

It caps off a tremendous year for the 14-year-old, who most recently scored a co-starring role in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” music video. Black’s video for “Friday” surpassed Bieber’s “Baby” to become the most played Youtube clip of all time, with 167 million views and counting.


Mila Kunis To Attend Ball With Marine

Mila Kunis will be serving her country this November, but instead of camouflage fatigues, she'll be dressed up in a ball gown.

Sgt. Scott Moore, of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, posted a video to YouTube last week asking the "Friends with Benefits" star to accompany him to the Marine Corps. Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. It may have seemed a longshot at first, but thanks to the power of the internet, he now has a very famous date.

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Emmy Rossum on the set of "Shameless"

Emmy Rossum is seen on the set of Shameless in Los Angeles late last week (July 8). Emmy plays Fiona Gallagher on the show, the oldest child of the Gallagher clan.

The Showtime drama debuted earlier this year in January and was renewed for a second season in February.

Last week, Emmy was one of the numerous stars outraged at the not guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trail. She tweeted: “Watched most of the trial over the last six weeks on live stream online. Shocked with today’s verdict. Innocent on EVERY important count?! … Casey Anthony admitted that her daughter died on HER watch. Isn’t that the very definition of abuse/neglect? #JusticeForCaylee”

+21 pics@Caught on Set

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Daily Fail Writes Blasphemous Article on Godeth Paltrow & It Reads Like Copy/Pasted ONTD Comments

Gwyneth Paltrow has graciously left the epicentre of her life (no, not her husband and kids but ‘the stove’) to bring us her life’s work. Last week she spoke to Jonathan Ross live on a London stage about her cookbook. It is called My Father’s Daughter: Delicious Easy Recipes Celebrating Family And Togetherness.

A mouthful maybe, but she was reticent on stage. She wouldn’t talk about her rock-star husband but did reveal that she would rather do crack than squirt canned cheese into her mouth. Each to their own! Where do you score canned cheese?

Yes, I am being snarky about Gwyneth, but people are. Her greatest gift is not cooking or acting but annoying the hell out of people. If her magnificently dippy website Goop doesn’t get you, then her Facebook page will. Yes she is beautiful and talented, but her penchant for doling out lifestyle advice to us proles is maddening.

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Oblig TD;LR OP Comment:
Darlings, jealousy is so very, very ugly. Don't you think that with your drugstore skincare products and discount store wardrobe adding another layer of ugly is likely not in your best interest...especially since you let your Weight Watchers plan expire?

I confess that although Gwyneth and I have long been the victims of such systematic bullying from lesser beings it never stops hurting our Swarovski-encrusted souls. I remember when Gwynnie and I were planning a silent retreat atop Mt. Kailash, so callously mocked by this so-called "reporter," for our dearest friends, including six-time Wimbledon champ; Roger Federer, DJ, activist and heterosexual paramour; Moby and the godmother to my little hunchback freak of a daughter, onetime lady wrestler and current fetish pornography starlet; Chyna.

Just as we were boarding our private jet to Nepal we were rudely informed that we were unable to take flight due to the massive amount of non-prescribed pharmaceuticals in my carry-on. I'm sorry but the last time I checked this was a free country and my husband pays his weight (which is well over 450 pounds) in taxes. It is obvious that these men where jealous of our hard-earned, lavish lifestyle and were trying to tear me down in a fit of impoverished, misogynistic rage. They thought they could embarrass moi? I think not darlings. Little do they know that my husband's favorite role playing game is one in which he plays a TSA agent while I portray a sexy terrorist suspect. Cavity searches and water-boarding are just a regular Tuesday night around the drtywata household! You see, your jealousy, while justified, will never bring me, or Gwyneth, down!
smile at you

Two of Us: Top 10 Legendary Rock Couples

Oftentimes it seems rock and roll couples fall into one of two categories. On the one hand, there’s the tempestuous relationship that produces music reflective of that turbulence. On the other, there’s the subdued partnership that yields batches of sublime music and love songs, while offering up little fodder for the press. Both sides of that spectrum are represented among the 10 couples below. 
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source source source source source source source source

'Harry Potter' Co-Star Defends Daniel Radcliffe's Good Guy Rep

In the final weeks before the release of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2," an interview with its 21-year-old star Daniel Radcliffe circulated that suggested the actor had quit drinking after relying too heavily on alcohol.

In an exclusive chat with NextMovie, Radcliffe's co-star Matthew Lewis insists the story was "not a misquote exactly, but so blown out of proportion and taken so out of context."

"I think Dan was just doing what any young person does -- not a young person that happens to be in film -- just any young person growing up," says Lewis, who plays lovable buffoon Neville Longbottom in all eight movies of the series. "I've been out with Dan. Obviously, I've known him for over 10 years. I've never seen any indication of excess or anything like that."

"It's a shame that [the story happened] around this time," Lewis says, referring to the impending release of the long-awaited series finale. "It detracts from what hard work he's done for so long. The way I saw it, it was the British media particularly -- one newspaper in particular -- just trying to find something to detract from what good work he does. For 10, 11 years, we've all got on very well. I think people want to find something. Dan doesn't deserve that."

Radcliffe made the controversial comments in an interview with GQ magazine, admitting, "I became so reliant on alcohol to enjoy stuff. There were a few years when I was just so enamoured with the idea of living some sort of famous person's lifestyle that really isn't suited to me."

"I'm actually enjoying the fact that I can have a relationship with my girlfriend where I'm really pleasant and not f**ked up totally all the time," Radcliffe said.

The Guardian first reported the quotes, which were widely published online.

Lewis points out that Radcliffe's ability to maintain a respectable public image is all the proof necessary to keep this in perspective. "People would have been aware of it," he says. "It's not like Dan can go to a nightclub and no one knows he's there."

"If he's falling all about the place, people are going to notice."

Source: NextMovie
zach not amused

SMH at you Karlie

Joe Jonas and Karlie Kloss Assumed to Be Dating After Going Into a Photo Booth at the Royal Polo Match

Top model Karlie Kloss, 18, and top tween heartthrob Joe Jonas (or ex-top tween heartthrob? Do tweens care about him anymore?), 21, watched Prince William play a charity polo match at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club over the weekend. According to People, they were acting couple-y the whole time, doing things like taking photos in a sponsor's photo booth together, where they "gaze[d] into each other's eyes," and later "chatt[ed] it up in the stands." The magazine labels them "a romantic match." Whether or not they are actually an item, kudos to them for getting so much attention at an event in America where Prince William was playing polo and Kate Middleton was standing on the sidelines, wearing clothes and watching him. It's hard to compete when Kate's around wearing a dress and shoes.


Pawn Star Big Hoss Corey lost 115 lbs!


Due to the Lap-Band, coupled with a protein-heavy diet and strenuous workouts with a trainer five days a week (a gym was built in his Las Vegas pawn shop), Harrison lost 115 lbs. over the past year, down to about 250 lbs.

I knew dude was big but I didn't know he was nearly 400 pounds. Good for him!!

I live in LV and every time I drive by that place it's totally mobbed and taxis full of tourists are coming & going.

Maybe he was in a protein induced haze when he wailed on that guy in CA over the winter.

Read more at the source
george jetson

How Harper Seven Beckham Got Her Name

David and Victoria Beckham are spending quiet family time together welcoming their new arrival – and first baby girl – Harper Seven Beckham, and relishing their privacy, a rep for the couple tells PEOPLE.

But the question lingers: How did the parents of three boys – Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8½, and Cruz, 6½ – ever arrive at the name Harper, let alone Seven?

It may not be as complicated as you think.

Harper is an old English name that Victoria has always loved, PEOPLE has learned, and seven is considered a very lucky spiritual number.

In addition, Harper Seven was born Sunday morning in L.A.'s Cedars-Sinai Medical Center weighing 7 lbs. (and 10 oz.) in the seventh hour in the seventh month – on the seventh day of the week.

As sports fans can't help but also note, seven was David's jersey number for Manchester United and the English national team.

Speaking of numbers, the Irish bookmaking firm of Paddy Power has offered odds of 100:1 on Harper's following in dad’s footsteps and going out for the England Women’s team. The odds of her becoming a singer in the mode of her former Spice Girl mom are 16:1.

george jetson

Jessica Simpson’s Birthday Surprise: An Hermès Birkin Bag!

No word whether Jessica Simpson‘s 31st birthday celebration on Sunday included cake, but there was something else that made her day pretty sweet: an orange Hermès Birkin bag! The bride-to-be Tweeted Sunday that she was over the moon about the stylish present, which came courtesy of fiancé Eric Johnson. “Eric made my birthday!!! I have never been more surprised in my life! Jackie O who?” she wrote. Accompanying the Tweet was a photo of Simpson (in her favorite green sweater), kissing her chic new bag. But it wasn’t just the Birkin that made her day; hours earlier, she thanked all the important people in her life for their support, too. “Life is such a gift. Thank you to all of my family, friends, and fans for all of your birthday wishes and unconditional love. I’m so HAPPY!” Simpson is hardly the first star to lust after the coveted Birkin bag: recently, Ashley Tisdale scored hers after a two-year wait, and when she finally got her hands on it, she also shared photos of her pretty new purchase.

Tell us: What do you think of Simpson’s new bag?


birkins are so expensive
george jetson

Matthew Bellamy, Kate Hudson Deciding on Name for Newborn

Decisions, decisions.

Kate Hudson and fiancé Matthew Bellamy are still musing over what to name their new baby boy, born Saturday night, a source tells PEOPLE.

Luckily, they have a bit more time to decide – although the actress, 32, and rocker, 33, plan to settle in London while Bellamy's band Muse works on their next album, they'll remain in Los Angeles while Hudson recovers from the birth.

The Something Borrowed star – who delivered her 7 lbs., 12 oz. son naturally despite having undergone a Cesarean section with Ryder Russell, 7½ – is "doing great," says the source, adding that the couple is "beyond thrilled" with their new addition.

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Elle Fanning on Attending Her First Couture Show in Paris

You never forget your first time. Especially if it’s your first visit to Paris, and your first runway show, and that show happens to be the Chanel couture extravaganza at the Grand Palais. “It’s like a dream!” enthused thirteen-year-old actress Elle Fanning when reached by phone the day after the show, which took place at 10:00 p.m. as the summer night sky, visible from the Palais’s dome, finally darkened. “They said it was the latest—or one of the latest—times a show ever started!” she relayed breathlessly. “The theme was 'midnight in Paris,' with shiny stars over the Place Vendôme. They re-created it, but with Coco on top of the column—everyone knew it was her. It was amazing.”

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Jealous of a 13 year old.

Rihanna Signs on as Emporio Armani Underwear and Jeans Spokesmodel

You’ll be seeing a lot more of Rihanna in the coming months. The Barbados beauty will bare her body in new campaigns for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans.

The “S&M” singer follows Hollywood hotties Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham as the global spokesmodel for Emporio Armani’s fall/winter campaigns, according to NYMag.com. Ads are expected to start running in September.

RiRi, who also has endorsement deals with Nivea Skincare and Vita Coco coconut water, recently shot the campaign in New York and was spotted in Milan with Armani’s niece Roberta Armani in May.

Armani is not the first designer to partner with the red-haired fashionista. She previously appeared in Gucci’s UNICEF campaign in 2008.

Zachary Quinto

PROMETHEUS Shooting Moves to Iceland for “the Beginning of Time”

Ridley Scott’s Prometheus remains shrouded in secrecy, but the production is moving to Helka, Iceland for two weeks of shooting.  The country won’t be featured in the film, but Scott tells IceNews that what they shoot “will be 15 minutes in total, if all goes to plan.  We are shooting the beginning of time.”  Lead actors Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, and Noomi Rapace will all be on hand for the shoot.  Part of the filming will be at the “Dettifoss waterfall [pictured above] — Europe’s most powerful by volume of water.”

So what does this mean for the story?  No one knows!  But Scott explains, “There is a lot of innovative and new stuff in the film and it would be a shame to ruin that [surprise] with leaks.”  I’m glad that they’re keeping the mystery alive, but hopefully we’ll get some answers on the film when it has its Comic-Con presentation on Thursday, July 21st.


Jay-Z / FB

Friday Night Lights Reruns Will Air on ESPN.

Friday Night Lights is making yet another move, this time to ESPN.

The critically-acclaimed, ratings-challenged drama will make the leap to the Disney-owned sports networks, ESPN and ESPN Classic, immediately after wrapping its fifth and final season on NBC. The Peabody series ended its run on DirecTV earlier this year.

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Ann Coulter LOL

The Dead Walk Sexily On The Beach With A Stranger Bitch

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley STRANGEREST OF BITCHES and her MY boyfriend, Jason Statham, go for a walk on the beach together on Sunday (July 10) in Malibu, Calif.

The 24-year-old model and actress HOMEWRECKER paired a loose knit sweater with a pair of short shorts for her day at the beach.

Over the weekend, Rosie’s new movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon UTTER SHIT kept its top spot at the box office ( Because some shit just floats on the water ) and had a solid income of an estimated $47 million in ticket sales. ( I want Jason Statham's solid income )

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This post brought to you by my loins.
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Michael Jackson’s Top Ten Protest Songs

By Joe Vogel

Whether protesting environmental destruction, racism, media distortion, materialism, war or injustice, Michael Jackson consistently used music as a means to challenge the status quo and change the world. While critics have been slow to acknowledge his dissident role, he stands alongside musicians like Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Radiohead as one of the most astute and powerful protest artists of the past century. Below are what I feel are ten of his best defiant songs.

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What do you think? What’s your Top Ten? What’s missing?

JOE VOGEL is the author of three books, including the forthcoming "Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson" (Sterling 2011). He writes about popular music and culture for The Huffington Post and PopMatters.


Bar Refaeli & David Fisher: Tel Aviv Twosome!


Bar Refaeli and her rumored new boyfriend David Fisher leave the Oto Bar together on Sunday (July 10) in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The 26-year-old model returned home to Israel earlier in the week and tweeted something that was bothering her.

“Good morning !! Tel aviv is pretty in the morning.. I just wish people [would] stop honking!” Bar wrote on her Twitter account.

Last month, Bar tweeted that she broke her arm, but it looks like it has healed as she is not wearing a cast on either arm.

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guti WEAH

2011 Taco Bell Legends and Celebrities Softball Game Photos

Celebrities Take To The Field For All-Star Softball Game

Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona had a different line-up last night. A slew of celebrities, from Nick Jonas to Kate Upton, laced up their cleats for the 2011 Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game.

Like, Glee star Chord Overstreet tweeted, they took the game pretty seriously--and we have the action shots to prove it-- but don't worry, they're not quitting their day jobs.

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fyi this airs tonight on ESPN at 5pm pst.
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Sissy Spacek Comments on Possibility of Lindsay Lohan in 'Carrie' Remake

It all started with a comment made by Master of Horror Stephen King in Entertainment Weekly, referring to the upcoming remake of "Carrie," the 1976 Brian DePalma film version of King's first novel.

King wasn't that jazzed about it unless the film could be directed by David Lynch or David Cronenberg. But a new Carrie? That got him thinking. "Lindsay Lohan as Carrie White… hmmm," he remarked. "It would certainly be fun to cast."

So NextMovie asked the original Carrie -- Sissy Spacek -- what she thinks about Lindsay Lohan reprising the role she made famous.

"I read about it and I was very flattered because they ran a picture of me and of Lindsay Lohan," Spacek said at this weekend's press junket for "The Help." "I was like, 'Oh my God, she's really a beautiful girl' and so I was very flattered. I was also flattered that they were casting someone to look like me instead of the real Carrie described in the book. It's gonna be real interesting."

According to TMZ, Lohan is excited (squeals!) at the prospect of playing the tortured teen with telekinetic powers who gets even with the cruel students who soak her with pig's blood on prom night by creating an appropriately raging inferno. Those proverbial "sources close to Lindsay" told TMZ that the beleaguered actress is "stoked" and that working with King would be "epic."

Let's hope LiLo doesn't get her hopes too high. Another recent rumor has young (and more age-appropriate) "True Grit" star Hailee Steinfeld, 15, sitting pretty for the role. And she certainly has that fresh-faced innocent look that Spacek had.

Think it's a step down for the Oscar nominee? Not so fast. The Academy loved "Carrie." In 1977, the horror film received Best Actress nods for Spacek, then 27, and Piper Laurie, then 44, who played her crazy, deeply devout mother.

MGM and Screen Gems are in cahoots about the project; Roberto Aquirre-Sacasa, who brought us the Broadway debacle "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark," is writing the screenplay.

Source: NextMovie

This Can't End Well...HP:DH2 No Longer 100% Fresh (no Armond White review yet)

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Accio Source

Both reviews are from the same website, however, I think the reviewers are extremely indecisive because they praise the film yet bash it.

It's just another excuse to have a Potter Party Post! Besides, I'm just here for the A+ comments and gifs. :)

This is a beautiul people post

Gabrielle Anwar, guest star Charisma Carpenter, and Jeffrey Donovan are spotted on the set of Burn Notice last Friday in Miami (July 8). SO excited to see Charisma. Loved her on Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

Jeffrey was also spotted catching some ZZZ’s on set last week (pics here).

Shortly after tweeting this pic of her hanging on set, Charisma posted a picture of her at a restaurant and said: “I’m so gonna devour this bread basket! -scenes in bikinis are done for the week! Yippee”

Sounds like Charisma is pretty excited to about her role on the show. She told TVLine: “I love White Collar and Burn Notice, and I am also obsessed with Sons of Anarchy, Shameless – I cannot miss an episode — and Californication has been a huge favorite for years. I think Natascha McElhone is probably the most stunning woman that ever walked the Earth. [The cable networks] are just slammin’ it with the great shows.”


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Miss the old Torchwood? Want More Jack/Ianto? This is for you!

UPDATE: Torchwood: Miracle Day ratings are in! 1.51 million viewers which is good for Starz, i think...


Today's Torchwood Radio Play was a pre-Children of Earth play. Yes, that means Ianto is alive and well and still doing naughty things with Jack.

- Jack, you're in for a bumpy ride.
- I love it when you talk dirty to me, Ianto.

And a pic of John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd at the recording.

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"Parks and Recreation" Post

Game of Thrones’ Secret UCB Connection

Sometimes it seems like everyone in Hollywood comes from UCB. Aziz Ansari! Donald Glover! Er, Jason Momoa! Yep, Khal Drogo himself from Game of Thrones was a UCB intern once upon a time. "He used to be in my Level 3 class, and I used to be like, 'Jason, Jason, just relax. Try not to play so high-status,'" Amy Poehler jokes. "And he’d be like, 'But I’m 6’5 and I’m a giant.' And I’d be like, 'I want to see your sweeter side, I guess.'" Between that and improvisers' inclination toward nerdiness, how has there not been an improvised Game of Thrones performance yet?

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One more picture of Chris Pratt playing softball

other post

Rob Lowe looking old

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Jesse Eisenberg And Aziz Ansari Sling More Pizza In Miami

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Stay Awake Contest (Feat. Ben Schwartz)

Won't embed, so watch it here.

Source - 1 2 3 4 5 6

No Adam Scott :/
britta is my gurl 4ever

LA Times Writer Calls Zooey Deschanel a "Snobby Cow," Zooey Responds


LA Times Opinion columnist Patt Morrison has some choice words for Zooey Deschanel:

I can't believe Zooey Deschanel is really the snobby cow she came off sounding like Saturday evening.

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Zooey takes to her insufferably twee website, HelloGiggles.barf, to publish this open letter in response:

Dear Ms. Morrison,

I feel compelled to respond to your recent blog post regarding comments I “allegedly” made outside the BAFTA dinner on Saturday night.Collapse )

source | source

tl;dr - columnist hears from a friend that Zooey hated on L.A./homeless people, does no research, Zooey is all "you are bad at journalism."


Ann Coulter LOL

Future Occupation Opprotunities for Fozzy Bear Flame

Waka Flocka Flame hinting at possibly retiring from rap after this year has cast a dark cloud over the Grove Street block party. Here’s a comprehensive list of career options he should explore.

“I don’t know if he could work with kids or not, but I’m sure he’ll make a good gym teacher. He’ll get the kids hype.” — Jacquelyn

“He could give bus tours of Decatur and Bankhead.” — Tiffany

“2012 Muppet Baby cast member.” — Daley

“Grove Street Block Party Planner?” — Yolonda

“His BA in Geometry, his masters in Shapes n’ Shit, and his PhD in BowBowBowBowBow. No?” — Marianna

“Everest College commercials.” — Justin

“Garbage collector in Compton!” — Kim

“Rock the Vote spokesperson.” — Oronne

“A fluffer for porn?” — Shasta

“He could work as a full-time after school special.” — Kari

“Fozzie the Bear impersonator for Urban and at risk youth.” — Reggie


LMFAO ONTD post your comedic suggestions!

"Teaching deaf kids to read lips." - poop_of_death
george jetson

Portishead Announce First North American Tour in 13 Years

Thought you'd never hear the dimly light collage rock of Portishead on the tour circuit? Think again. This fall, the Bristol, UK-based group will head out on a North American tour for the first time in 13 years.

"We've always thought that we must come back to tour in the States, something we wanted to do with the release of 'Third,' but our schedule just wouldn't allow it," mutli-instrumentalist Adrian Utley said in a press release. "Being that we were asked to curate I'll Be Your Mirror [Festival], this just seemed like a good start to touring the states -- it sets it off in absolutely the right way. We are absolutely delighted to come back."

In support of their recent album 'Third,' Portishead will begin their tour at Asbury Park, N.J. for ATP's I'll Be Your Mirror festival on Oct. 1 with supporting act Thought Forms. All tickets go on sale July 15 and 16. A limited amount of tickets are being sold through the band's website for Portishead's first four US dates.
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Yoko Ono Threatens to Sue Over John Lennon-Themed Bar

Want ice with that court order? Yoko Ono is reported to be suing the owner of a bar that is dedicated to the memory of her late husband John Lennon.

Mike Craig, from Dundee, Scotland, is reported to have been sent a legal letter accusing him of copyright infringement -- after he claims he spent spending thousands of pounds on Beatles memorabilia decorating Lennon's Bar.

According to Jam Showbiz (via NME) the letter from Ono's lawyer has demanded he remove all the memorabilia and rename the bar within 14 days.

"It's ridiculous," he said. "The pub's been called Lennon's for about five years, but the signs will be removed this week."

Three years ago, it was reported Ono's legal team had sued Lennon Murphy over her name. It was later revealed her legal team had objected when she had applied to the US trademark office for exclusive musical performance rights for the name Lennon.


Ladies man Leo takes four to tango as the actor leads a number of beauties around the dancefloor


As one of the his generation's top ten heartthrobs, Leonardo DiCaprio has never been denied a beautiful woman on his arm.

But the star clearly couldn't decide which one it would be as he partied in Italy last week.

The Oscar-nominated actor was snapped dancing at a wedding reception with not one, but five different women, all of which were more than happy to be his partner.

Leading man: Leonardo DiCaprio takes a brunette in a short yellow dress across the dancefloor at the Billionaire nightclub in Porto Cervo, Sardinia

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Melissa and Joey renewed for a second season!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

ABC Family has renewed Melissa & Joey for a second season.

The half-hour comedy starring Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence will return in 2012 with new episodes.

“Melissa and Joey have proven to be a comedic powerhouse, with wonderful chemistry that has resonated with viewers in the tradition of great television pairings,” said ABC Family president Michael Riley. “As our focus on comedy continues to develop, we’re delighted to see it return next year as an integral part of the network’s expanding slate of original series.”

Yes! I love this show.
cristiano / nike bw

Forget the Royals, CHRISTiano Ronaldo has arrived in L.A.

Real Madrid's 2011/12 preseason is underway! The team flew to Los Angeles after having medical examinations at Valdebebas. Find out what Cristiano has been up to with his Real Madrid teammates, and what's to come!
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 Cristiano also took to his twitter to share a photo of himself on set with Castrol Edge.
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can't wait for the new season to start hngggg

Tilda Swinton in WMag Aug 2011

Oh, Tilda. You magical, spectacular, androgynous robot creature. What would the world be without the weird ones, the paradigm-shifters, the men and women who fell to earth, we ask you? This bitch takes the definition of “fierce,” wrestles it to the ground, and says quietly in its ear, “Let’s do this my way.”

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please discuss how amazing this shoot is and the queen of contemporary actresses and the truest talent this side of Mars!!

Godga performs three songs on this week's SMAPxSMAP

Lady GaGa was guesting on tonight's episode of the Japanese idol group's show in both the Bistro segment (in which the members cook for their guest) and the music performance/collaboration segment.

Here is the music segment ("The Edge of Glory", "You and I", and "Born this way")


Ugh, I messed up the first time, please accept this one,mods =="
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Preview some new Evanesnatchwigence.

MTV News gives fans a preview of the band's comeback single.

It's been nearly four years since Evanescence have released a single, and during that time, it appeared very likely they'd never release another. But on Monday (July 11), the wait — and all the drama that surrounded it — finally came to an end, because Evanescence are officially back, with a roaring new single called "What You Want.

More info on the single and their comeback here.

Paz de la Huerta Steps Out with Much Older Boyfriend

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

He looks old enough to be her father, is so badly turned out he could be accused of not owning a mirror, and carries a skateboard to perhaps retain a sense of his youth. But believe it all not this grey-haired man, who appears to be stuck in a timewarp has someone managed to tempt 27-year-old actress Paz de la Huerta.  The Boardwalk Empire didn't seem to care who was watching today as she shared a very public embrace with the mystery man in New York CityCollapse )
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Queen Latifah Plays a Lesbian in Tonight's "SINGLE LADIES" Episode

Single Ladies Gets a Visit from the Queen, the Executive Producer of SINGLE LADIES

Queen Latifah is the Executive Producer of SINGLE LADIES

She may be royalty, but QUEEN LATIFAH doesn't take herself too seriously. When the executive producer of VH1's new dramedy SINGLE LADIES about three women navigating relationships in the ATLdecided to guest star on her own series, she chose to send up her image in the tabloids. Tonight, Latifah plays newscaster Sharon Love, who inadvertently reveals she slept with Val (STACEY DASH) while they were roommates in college.

"One drunken night something happened between them," Latifah says with a laugh. "And not to stir the rumor-mill pot, but I have no problem confronting things like that."

Just don't look for more answers than that. "There's no need to discuss it any further, but, hey, if [the tabloids] can have fun with me, I can have fun with them, right?" she says. Nor should fans look for Latifah to become a full-time Single lady. "I like to support my shows as much as I can... But I didn't want to do any more episodes than this. We want to establish these three ladies."

Single Ladies airs Monday at 9/8c on VH1.

Source: http://www.tvguide.com/News/Single-Ladies-Queen-Latifah-1035146.aspx

Have you been watching SINGLE LADIES? It is craptacular...silly but entertaining. Who is your favorite character? I think that Keisha is the funniest.

George R.R. Martin on Sex, Fantasy, and 'A Dance With Dragons'

The author of the 'Game of Thrones' series talks about his newest novel and the joys and challenges of writing genre fiction
Karolina Webb

Many will be relieved to know that A Dance With Dragons, the long-awaited fifth entry in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series, is infinitely more satisfying than its predecessor, 2005's bleak and plodding A Feast for Crows. The aspects of Martin's work that have endeared him to fans are abundant here—rich world building, narrative twists and turns, and gritty depictions of the human struggle for power. Characters who were sorely missed in Feast—Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, and Jon Snow—make up more than a third of the novel, and Martin is wise enough to give us at least a chapter from (almost) everyone else.

Weaknesses that have plagued Martin's previous books are also present: too much repetition, unexceptional prose, and characters who use the same idioms (and have sex in exactly the same manner) no matter their ethnicity, social class, or continent. But while A Dance with Dragons cries out for better editing, it remains entirely engrossing. Martin has hidden so many clues and red herrings throughout his previous volumes that it is a thrill to see certain pieces fall into place.

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What do you think, ONTD? Too much gratuitous sex, food and heraldry? How do you want the books to end? And how do you think it will all end?

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Yelle Talks 'Safari Disco Club', Katy Perry, and Language Barriers

"It's Really Only About Energy": Yelle Talks About Overcoming Language Barriers
by Jasmine Phull

French electro pop band Yelle talks to Skiddle about overcoming language barriers with music, why there's no 'concept' behind the second album, and tweeting Katy Perry.

Music in a different language is learning made simple. From Eartha Kit’s ‘C’est Si Bon’, LaBelle’s ‘Lady Marmalade’, to Yelle’s ‘A Cause de Garcons’, there are certainly no shortage of lessons being taught in the music industry classroom.

That’s the great thing about music, it transcends all barriers, including language, and allows its listeners to indulge in what’s most important: the great melody or the thumping bass line. French trio Yelle are living proof of this unilingual take over and after receiving such success from their 2007 debut Pop Up the Frenchies are back with sophomore Safari Disco Club. They’ve supported Katy Perry and aren’t looking to convert anyone, but if your ears prick, your feet will do the rest. Front-woman Yelle confesses her love for Dave Gahan while Jasmine Phull listens.

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Zachary Quinto

Chris Hemsworth in Talks to Play Formula 1 Driver James Hunt in Ron Howard’s RUSH

Thor star Chris Hemsworth is in talks to topline the Formula 1 racing biopic Rush, which Ron Howard is eyeing as his next directorial project. The script, by Peter Morgan (The Queen), focuses on the rivalry between three-time F1 champion Niki Lauda British driver James Hunt in the 1970’s. Paul Greengrass was initially interested in directing the flick, before he turned his attention to Sony’s adaptation of A Captain’s Duty.

Deadline reports that Hemsworth would take on the role of Hunt before reprising his role in the Thor sequel currently set for a July 26th, 2012 release date. If the deals for Howard and Hemsworth close, filming on Rush could begin early next year. Howard is still committed to directing the massive adaptation of The Dark Tower, but Rush might push that hoped-for March start date back a bit. Hemsworth is also onboard as the lead in Universal’s Show White and the Huntsman and recently signed on for Sony’s action flick Shadow Runner, so Thor‘s gonna be a bit busy for a little while.
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Interview with Ian MacKaye (Fugazi/ Minor Treat) about his friendship with Henry Rollins

For a while I’ve been interested in the relationship between Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat, Fugazi, Dischord Records) and his long-time friend, Henry Rollins (Black Flag, Rollins Band, everything else). It’s pretty amazing to me that two people who have had such an influence on punk rock culture and music have a friendship that goes back to their youth. I wanted to find out more so I contacted Ian and he graciously agreed to spend some time talking to me about it. I hope to get Henry’s take on things, too, but we’ll see.

What is one of the first things you remember about Henry?

We grew up in a neighborhood in DC called Glover Park. I grew up on Beecher Street and he lived about two blocks away on W Street. Word got out that there was a kid down on W Street who had a BB gun. And we said to ourselves, “Whoa, we’ve got to check this motherfucker out!” because nobody we knew had a BB gun at that time. So we went down and knocked on the door and there was Henry. He was slightly bigger than me. He was 12 and I was 11. He wore horn-rimmed glasses. We said, “Hey, we heard you had a BB gun.” And he said, “Yeah.” Henry was a latchkey kid. His parents were divorced and his mom worked, so he came home to an empty house. We started going down to hang with him in the afternoons. He had a BB gun – a rifle and a pistol – and he had a little shooting range set up in the basement. There was a cigar box with slots cut in the top that held poker chip targets and behind that was big piece of Styrofoam to protect the wall. The Styrofoam was not that effective. Henry actually went down into that basement a few years ago and could see that the BB dings were still in the wall.

We listened to Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Cheech and Chong records. This was 1974. He was a pretty fucking cool guy; maybe a little bit nervous, but I didn’t really know him that well.

Then I went away for a year – my dad had a fellowship at Stanford University. I lived for nine months in California. While I was gone, one of my close friends got into a scrap with Henry. So when I came home I inherited the scrap. I spent the next year terrified of him because he was always trying to beat our asses. He caught up with me one time and threw me against a wall and I realized he could be really fucking scary.
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Justin Bieber Urges Fans To Text Safely


Like any teenager today, you can find Justin Bieber texting, but one place he won't answer his texts (even Selen Gomez's) is in his car!

Today, Justin announced the launch of a campaign dedicated to encouraging responsible texting, through PhoneGuard's acclaimed Drive Safe™ software application, which disables the texting, emailing and keyboard functions of your phone while a vehicle is moving faster than 10 miles per hour. Justin's don't text and drive crusade will also work closely with the Remember Alex Brown Foundation, organized by the family of teenager Alex Brown who tragically lost her life because of texting and driving.

"As a 17-year-old driver, I am aware of the countless distractions that we teenagers face on the road, and texting is one that is preventable," reveals Justin. "There are too many young people, like Alex Brown, whom we've lost because of texting while driving, and it is my hope that, through this partnership with PhoneGuard, we will raise awareness of this issue and create safer conditions for everyone on the road."


People who text while driving make me rage so hard.

Jonah Hill Got All SlimnSexxxy (imho, I think he looked better tubs)

We're used to seeing Jonah Hill's glasses and curls, but the 27-year-old actor showed up at the BAFTA's Brits to Watch event on Saturday sans frames, with a shorter 'do and a trimmer look.

The actor has been hustling on the movie front, taking on "21 Jump Street" with Channing Tatum, in which they play cops who go undercover at a high school.

The movie, which includes an appearance from original "21 Jump Street" cast member Johnny Depp, just wrapped in early July and arrives in theaters next March.

But before then, Hill's also in this year's "The Sitter" and co-starring with Brad Pitt in "Moneyball."

He's also got an action flick in the works - the Los Angeles Times reports that Hill is teaming up with Mark Wahlberg for "Good Time Gang."

The movie, which stars Hill and Wahlberg as a pair of fun-loving mercenaries who find themselves tasked with a more difficult mission involving a terrorist, has been described as a sort of new take on "Lethal Weapon" but with a smidge more emphasis on the action rather than comedy.


Popcorn! Get your popcorn here! Hot and ready for fat wank!
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CREEPY POST: Horror's 'Shock Value' Redefined In The 1960s

The 1968 horror movie Targets starred Tim O'Kelly as a Vietnam vet who killed his wife and mother before he went on a massive shooting rampage across Los Angeles. Roger Corman, the great B-movie director, produced the film under one condition: Writer and director Peter Bogdanovich had to cast Boris Karloff as a supporting cast member in the movie.

"This was a real problem for Bogdanovich," theater critic Jason Zinoman tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross, "because he didn't think Karloff was relevant anymore."

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Cillian Murphy: A perfect level of perfection

The figure ambling towards me down a sunny street in Kilburn, north London, doesn’t look like Cillian Murphy. He is sporting a new beard of Captain Birdseye proportions and wearing sunglasses that hide his most distinctive feature. For it seems the world has fallen in love with Murphy’s eyes – there is even an entire website dedicated to their extraordinary shade of blue.

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The natural community went bananas after reading an interview in ELLE Magazine with Celeb Hair Stylist Andre Walker. In this article Walker refers to kinky hair as “limiting” and goes on the say that kinky hair is the only hair type that he suggests altering chemically.
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Taylor: unicorn earrings

‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev Adds Some Pep to Project Pink

Pink is definitely Nina Dobrev's color! The Vampire Diaries cutie has teamed up with Puma’s non-profit organization, Project Pink, which supports breast cancer charities.

Project Pink proves that the fight against breast cancer is more than just an October initiative — while October is national breast cancer awareness month, the battle continues on the daily.  

There’s even a way to make a donation by using the power of Twitter.

Tweet #projectpink between July 6 and October 31, and, counting one tweet per user per day, PUMA will donate an additional $1, up to $25,000, to the ultimate beneficiary.

“I’m truly excited for the opportunity to work on this season’s Project Pink initiative,” Nina says. “I love that it truly empowers young women to get involved and make a difference. Plus, I’ve always been an athlete, so I jumped on the chance to stand alongside and in support of some of these amazing female soccer players.” 

Visit the website www.puma.com/projectpink for more.

Source: www.celebuzz.com/2011-07-11/vampire-diaries-star-nina-dobrev-adds-some-pep-to-project-pink-video/

Ed - brows

Bieber & Gomez Duet -- Kissy-Face Karaoke

This video should be rated "R" for Rats!!! ... which is what 13-year-old girls will say when they watch Justin Bieber kiss Selena Gomez after a romantic karaoke duet last night in L.A.

Justin and Selena hit up Lucky Strike, Downtown -- where they performed their own rendition of butchered the  Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow duet, "Picture."

But their curfew must have been pretty strict -- because J&S didn't linger ... hitting the road before midnight.

Oh, to be young ... and rich.  Screw young.  Rich.

Video won't imbed. You can watch it HERE.
Zachary Quinto

'The Thing' Teaser Poster Isn't Quite Human, Or Is It?

It's here and it's not human...yet.

Inside you'll find the teaser poster for Universal Pictures' The Thing prequel starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Dennis Storhøi.

"Directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., paranoia spreads like an epidemic among a group of researchers as they’re infected, one by one, by a mystery from another planet. Paleontologist Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has traveled to the desolate region for the expedition of her lifetime. Joining a Norwegian scientific team that has stumbled across an extraterrestrial ship buried in the ice, she discovers an organism that seems to have died in the crash eons ago. But it is about to wake up. When a simple experiment frees the alien from its frozen prison, Kate must join the crew’s pilot, Carter (Joel Edgerton), to keep it from killing them off one at a time. And in this vast, intense land, a parasite that can mimic anything it touches will pit human against human as it tries to survive and flourish."

The prequel to John Carpenter's remake hits theaters October 14, 2011.

Legend of Korra: Avatar

How J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter Saved Reading

Step into my time-travel machine for a short journey back to the early summer of 1997. Bill Clinton is six months into his second term, Tony Blair has just become prime minister in Britain. Princess Diana is eyeing up an unsuitable lover. Apple is dying without Steve Jobs as CEO. Broadband is something people wear around their heads while playing tennis. All so long ago, a time before time.

On June 30 that year, a book was published that blew apart one of the iron rules of publishing. Children's books, a literary agent assured me around this time, when I submitted a proposal, did not sell. Kids had ceased reading, full stop. Only a television tie-in could make chain stores stock a children's book, and even that was unlikely.

Twelve London publishers turned down "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" before an independent, Bloomsbury, offered J.K. Rowling's agent, Christopher Little, a paltry advance of £2,500. The original edition appeared on June 30, 1997, in a run of 500 copies, most of which went to public libraries. That's how few children were expected to read.

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I just got back from seeing the film and it was, without a doubt, astounding, beautiful, heartbreaking, and wonderfully done. There were some things they changed of course, but I loved it. I truly did. I can talk more about it in the comments if people would like.
Ann Coulter LOL

Gay Rights GOD WARRIIIOOOORRR Ben Cohen In High & Mighty Magazine

We are really excited to tell you that Ben is now working with High and Mighty - stylish ranges of clothes for the taller and larger man.

Ben carried out the photoshoot in snowy December in Preston. You may remember him talking about it on his Facebook and Twitter. The clothes are really great and there is a huge range of designer names that are made in larger sizes.

Ben says ' I have real issues with buying trousers because I have long legs, chunky thighs and a big backside. Problem now solved!'

There will be more to tell you about Ben's work with the guys at H and M so we will keep you posted.

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Parks and Recreation Scoop: Ron's Facial Hair, Tammy 1, Leslie's Big Decision and More!

Will Leslie choose her career or love? Has Tom left City Hall for good? Will Ron's eyebrows ever grow back? Last season's finale of Parks and Recreation was packed with more cliff-hangers than a whole season of The Killing!

Executive producer Mike Schur says the good news is that for the past month, he and the show's writing staff have been coming up with answers — and he was only too willing to share! The bad news is that the current plan comes with a bit of a caveat, which is "all of this stuff is subject to change once the scripts come in and we realize we totally screwed up."

Until then, Schur tells us about the dawn of Tammy 1, the future of Jean Ralphio and the potential dilemma for Chris in the upcoming season of Parks and Recreation (one of TVGuide.com's Emmy picks for best comedy series):


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The Season 4 premiere of Parks and Recreation airs on Thursday, Sept. 22 at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.


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fake celeb couple becomes real celeb couple? idek

Just last week I had the chance to meet up with Sparah aka Sarah Carroll and Spencer Falls, the world’s first manufactured celebrity couple by the good people over at Virgin Mobile with their hilarious tongue-in-cheek ad campaign. The couple want to dispel the rampant rumors that they’re a fake celebrity couple, but in fact the two are actually dating now (and didn’t know each other at all before auditioning for this opportunity), the chemistry between these two hotties (she’s gorgeous and he’s adorable with his New Zealand accent) in the room was super tangible, you could have easily cut it with a knife. Although things did get a bit heated when I asked what’s going on with the Jake Pavelka and Stephanie Pratt rumors, but Sarah totally sang like a bird when I brought up Lindsay Lohan, watch the interview below for yourself. Many thanks go out to Sparah for taking time out of their busy schedules to sit down for this fun chat!


disgusting that they brought stephanie pratt into this
whistling lab

Hipsters Attack Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas is booed, has balls pelted at his face, during 'See No More' performance in Williamsburg!!!!

We bet Joe Jonas wants to "See No More" of Williamsburg.

The middle Jonas brother got a rough reception in Brooklyn's hipster capital on Wednesday night when audience members at the Paper magazine party pelted him with mini-basketballs and greeted his performance with a mixture of derision and stony silence.

The 21-year-old Jo-Bro — who's attempting to cultivate a more grownup, Timberlake-ian image with his first solo album, "Fast Life," was definitely not living the dream when he opened for Swizz Beatz at the House of Vans in Billyburg.

Unless it was a nightmare.

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too bad, so sad
Ke$ha torch!

New Ke$ha demo! Also, she licked Slash

A new Ke$ha demo has leaked: "Revenge"

The mp3 player of the site it's been posted either...

... can't be embedded in LJ;
... can be embedded in LJ but doesn't show in previews of the post besides a suspiciously large blank space (fact), which makes me confused and rather choose to post the link;
... can be embedded properly but I'm just too stupid to manage to do so.

Sooo long story short, here's the link to the source for you to listen:

In other news, Ke$ha recently attacked Slash at Oxegen Festival, Ireland.

Watch the video on repeat while listening to the demo to make her continue to seal it with a lick and get away with this:


I'm jealous of Ke$ha for licking Slash, and jealous of Slash for getting licked by Ke$ha. I'd let her lick me any time anywhere.