July 3rd, 2011

Scarlett and some others getting Hollywood Walk of Fame stars

Over 20 artists were selected for next year to get a star on the Walk of Fame, including these three known actresses.
It will be posthumously awarded in 2012 to actor Richard Burton and singer Barry White.

“The commission has made ​​an extraordinary selection of stars that will add shine in the next year to the legendary Walk of Fame”, said the head of the committee that picks the stars included in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The award ceremonies dates were not decided yet.

The full list of those honored with a star on Walk of Fame includes: Jennifer Aniston, Kate Winslet, Vin Diesel, Scarlett Johansson, John Lasseter, Malcolm McDowell, Sumner Redstone, and Richard Burton – for film.
Valerie Bertinelli, Matt Groening, Mariska Hargitay, Patricia Heaton, Marg Helgenberger, Walter Koenig and Adam West – for their career in television.

Jennifer Lopez, Pepe Aguilar, America, Boyz II Men, Hal David, David Foster, Vince Gill, Ann and Nancy Wilson (Heart) and Barry White – for their contribution in music.


bow down and deal with it
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The Late Shift Shifts to Jon Stewart in Key Demographic.

Since 2000, NBC's Tonight Show and host Jay Leno have consistently topped the ratings every quarter. (That's 40 quarters in a row — just saying.)

And while still beating out the competition in overall viewership, focusing on the all-important 18 to 49 age demographic shows The Daily Show With Jon Stewart narrowly pushing into the lead.

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Britney REFUSES to hug fan after he spent $1,000 on her!

Clay, a big Britney fan and BreatheHeavy reader, asked Britney for a hug during his Meet & Greet before her show in Vancouver Friday night. She said no. Here’s his story:

I was the first in, so they didn’t tell me we weren’t allowed to ask. I asked her and she froze up, she seemed scared.

She said “Um… erm,,, uhhh,” and then looked at Larry. He shook his head no.

BUT I DONT CARE. IT WAS AMAZING ANYWAYS. I told her I loved her, and she said “Awwwwee, thank you!” and said “This tour book is for you! Enjoy the show!”

It was surreal. I still cannot believe it. In shock.

Some fans say they feel for him, others are outraged, some say paying Britney and asking for a hug is prostitution.

What do YOU think?


Patti Smith Unveils Career-Spanning Compilation

Perfect entry point for fans of her autobiographical memoir, Just Kids, winner of the National Book Award and a New York Times bestseller; CD includes personal recollections of each song written by Patti Smith

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Patti Smith raises the curtain on Outside Society, a new collection of her signature songs on the Arista and Columbia labels. The landmark 18-song release marks the first single-CD collection to span Patti's entire body of recorded work. The chronologically arranged tracks move from 1975 (her debut album, Horses, with "Gloria" and "Free Money") through 2007 (Twelve, with her cover of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit"). Also released on vinyl as a double-LP set, Outside Society will be available everywhere August 23rd through Columbia/Arista/Legacy, a division of Sony Music Entertainment..

The music on Outside Society is newly remastered by award-winning engineer Greg Calbi and Patti Smith band member Tony Shanahan. The CD booklet will feature brief recollections of each song written by Patti, who personally supervised the choices.

Of "Because The Night," for example, Patti writes: "Bruce Springsteen gave me a great gift in allowing me to lend verses to his beautifully constructed anthem. My contribution was written for my future husband, Fred 'Sonic' Smith. Though we have performed it hundreds of times, the strong response it draws always makes it fresh and exciting to sing."

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Sources: 1, 2.

Jonas Covers Gaga's Edge of Glory

Gaga tweeted just a bit ago that she was "swooning" over Nick Jonas' cover of Edge of Glory. With that being one of my favorite songs by her, I listened to it and was pleasantly surprised. I think it's a song that can be easily covered, and hopefully by some awesome people!

So what do you think? Good cover? Bad Cover? Should her songs be covered at all? Discuss!

P.S. Been on this site forever and this is my first attempt at a post. Cheers and thank you mods for the help! =)

Sources: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2zYQkDOggg and http://twitter.com/#!/ladygaga for those who wanted it.
Ke$ha torch!

Ke$ha at Wireless Festival, wouldn't mind to practice making babies with Calvin Harris

Until  her Get Sleazy tour returns to North America on 27th of July kicking  off in Delaware along with LMFAO and Spank Rock, Ke$ha continues making  her rounds in Europe and, more specifically as of now, the UK. Ready to  take the stage during the annual music celebration, she was on-hand for  the second day of the Wireless Festival in London, England on Saturday  (July 2).

Looking glitter gorgeous, the 24-year-old sat down for  an interview with Kiss FM and partook in a photocall at  the Hyde Park  venue before delving into her always-entertaining  performance - with  the event drawing over 60,000 spectators.

Tweeting as she got into costume prior to her concert efforts, Ke$ha wrote, "HYDE PARK gettin glittered."

The "TiK ToK" singer later teased fans about a possible surprise, as she added, "Mom might dress as the dancing wiener if u guys r lucky."

Enjoy a few pictures of Ke$ha at the 2011 Wireless Festival held at Hyde Park right here. Go to the Source to see many more!

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Never-Before-Seen Home Video Of Katt Williams With His Eight Adopted Children

Never-Before-Seen Home Video Of Katt Williams With His Eight Adopted Children | 9 Lives In Stores Today

“It’s good being a father… and I didn’t have to go all the way to Africa to find these.  You’d be surpried.  There are needy children right down the street!” - Katt Williams on adopting 7 of his 8 children

TheUrbanDaily.com has an exclusive clip of Katt Williams at home with his eight children.  In addition to his biological son, Micah, Katt adopted Micah’s half brothers and sisters to keep them out of the system as Micah’s mother suffered from substance abuse.  The clip below truly shows the world’s favorite pimp in a new light.  Katt Williams: 9 Lives is in stores today.

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this is actually an old article, but im posting because im watching his standup right now...
also, i dont think a lot of people know this about him

i love him, but hes had me a little concerned lately :/
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Gemma Arterton "Vexed" by Body Critics


Gemma Arterton has said that she tries not to let herself get upset by comments about her weight in the press.

The former Bond girl revealed that she upholds a strict exercise regime to keep her curvaceous figure in shape, but still gets annoyed by speculation about her body.

"I do get vexed by that," Arterton admitted to The Sun, when asked how she feels about being scrutinized so closely. "I'm not abnormal - just not as skinny as other actresses."

"I'm healthy," she continued. "My granddad is 97 and still does ballroom dancing. I want to live to tell the tale like him, not be 57 with osteoporosis."

The Clash of the Titans star has several projects lined up over the next year, including the vampire thriller Byzantium opposite Saoirse Ronan and Neil LaBute's adaptation of the Agatha Christie novel Crooked House. Arterton will also star as Gretel in the modern fairytale update Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, due out on March 2, 2012.

But perhaps I've said too much [Raptor]

New #1 Novak Djokovic wins Wimbledon

WIMBLEDON, England (AP) -- Novak Djokovic won his first Wimbledon title Sunday, and he beat defending champion Rafael Nadal to do it.

Djokovic, who was already guaranteed to take over the No. 1 ranking from the Spaniard on Monday, extended his mastery over Nadal this season with a fifth straight head-to-head victory, winning 6-4, 6-1, 1-6, 6-3.

Djokovic assured himself of the top ranking just by reaching the final. He opened the season with 41 straight wins, including the Australian Open title, but his 43-match winning streak came to an end against Roger Federer in the French Open semifinals.

The victory over Nadal improved Djokovic's record in 2011 to 48-1, with five of the wins coming against the Spaniard in finals - two on hard courts, two on clay and now one on grass.

Serbian President Boris Tadic was in the Royal Box along with several former champions to watch the match on Centre Court, and when Nadal sent a backhand long on match point, Djokovic turned to face them and dropped to the turf, lying on his back with his arms spread wide.

Djokovic played near-flawless tennis in the first two sets, and his incredible movement and precise shot placement gave him a big lead. His play dipped in the third, but it returned in the fourth to secure him a third Grand Slam title.

Nadal had won 20 straight matches at the All England Club, including the 2008 and '10 titles. He missed the 2009 tournament because of injury but was playing in his fifth Wimbledon final in six years.

Nadal injured his left foot in a fourth-round win, but painkilling injections helped him roll through the next two rounds and into the final.

Source: AP


Gloriana Offers Free Download of “Soldier Song” This Week!

In celebration of Independence Day and all the men and women who serve or have served in the military Gloriana will release “Soldier Song,” from their forthcoming album, as a free download for one week exclusively through Facebook.

Beginning June 30th until Thursday, July 7th fans can download “Soldier Song” by going to http://facebook.com/gloriana. The song, written by Tom and Mike Gossin and multi Grammy Award winning producer Matt Serletic, was inspired by the band’s experience during their trip overseas to perform for the troops stationed in the Middle East and Europe in November.

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This place isn't too big on country news but stuff like this deserves to be shared, especially when it comes to band's paying tribute to our troops at home and overseas. Download it. It's actually really great.
Une femme est une femme

Is the conservatorship a sham?

A licensing company that is suing Britney Spears for breach of contract, is demanding that a judge order the pop star to be deposed, RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned. 

Brand Sense is suing the singer, and her father, Jamie Spears, for allegedly stopping payment of royalties from Britney's wildly successful Elizabeth Arden fragrance range.

The deal with Elizabeth Arden was brokered by Brand Sense and they are now suing for breach of contract and are seeking $10 million dollars in damages because the licensing company says they stopped receiving their thirty-five percent commission that was agreed as part of the contract terms. 

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Sam Sparro

Actor Andrew Keegan got Tasered and Cuffed!

Actor Andrew Keegan was tasered and handcuffed last night ... after getting into a scuffle with cops. Multiple witnesses tell TMZ ... Keegan -- who has starred in a bunch of movies and TV shows including "10 Things I Hate about You" and "7th Heaven" -- was throwing a party in Marina Del Ray last night when cops rolled up and asked him to turn down the music. Witnesses say Keegan refused and became "very aggressive."

We're told officers slammed him to the ground and tasered him. One witness said they could hear Keegan screaming to let him go.

Keegan was eventually released and according to cops ... he was never placed under arrest.

A source who spoke to Keegan late last night told us "he was very shaken up" by the ordeal.

That tends to happen when a lot of electricity passes through your body.

house of lies

King Firth to Stop McFassy

Fassbender Out Of Boyle's TRANCE, Boyle Wants Firth And Johansson-

First Michael Fassbender was a go and then both him and James McAvoy were a go. We thought we were getting more McFassy/Fassavoy/McBender/Glorious Men Doing Glorious Things but it looks like all hopes are dashed. Danny Boyle, director of the upcoming movie Trance, may have decided against Michael Fassbender and is instead looking at King Colin Firth to replace him. Thus, breaking up the early McFassy reunion.

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zooey umm

'Bridesmaids' Passes 'Sex and the City' to Become Top R-Rated Female Comedy Ever

Universal’s sleeper hit Bridesmaids has become the top R-rated female comedy of all time, surpassing Sex and the City.

Through Sunday, the movie’s domestic cume was $152.9 million; Sex and the City earned $152.6 million.

Bridesmaids should end Monday -- the July 4th holiday -- with a domestic total of $153.7 million.

Universal touted other milestones, saying Bridesmaids is now the studio’s biggest romantic comedy ever, as well as the seventh best romantic comedy of all time, according to tracking service Cinesys. Bridesmaids isn't a traditional romantic comedy, although the girl gets the boy in the end.

It’s also the top-grossing film ever for producer and director Judd Apatow, beating Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, which cumed $148.2 million, and Knocked Up, which earned $148.8 million domestically.

Apatow directed and produced Knocked Up, while producing Bridesmaids and Talladega Nights.

Bridesmaids stars Kristin Wiig -- who co-wrote the script with Annie Mumolo -- Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Melissa McCarthy, Ellie Kemper and Wendi McLendon-Covey.

The film is a big victory for Universal, which has been on a winning streak at the box office after a long lull.

I don't usually like movies associated with Apatow so I expected to hate this, but it was actually great!

Hayden meets new bf's family

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Hayden and Scotty ... along with Scotty's teammate Mark Sanchez ... rolled down to Newport Beach last weekend to attend a retirement party for Scotty's dad.

One source tells us Hayden was "very sweet the whole night" -- and get this -- we're told she was often seeing carrying Scotty's baby cousin around and raving about how much she loves kids!

After the party, the couple, along with several members of Scotty's family, hung out at a nearby pub and downed a few pints. Someone's getting comfortable!!!


Excuse to ask ONTDers: Do you like your significant other's family? Do you remember when you first met them? How was it? Story time!

Katie Price: Standing Up For Harvey Documentary

IT IS not often you will find Katie Price on the moral high ground, so you cannot blame her for making the most of it.
Last December, ­comedian Frankie Boyle crossed the line with two offensive gags about Katie’s disabled son, Harvey.
Ofcom upheld 500 complaints about Boyle’s Channel 4 sketch show, Tramadol Nights, and Price got on to her lawyers to demand an apology.
In this film she talks about how, just like any other parent with a ­disabled child, she has had to fight to ensure Harvey, who has restricted sight, life ­threatening hormone ­deficiencies, learning ­difficulties and autism, lives as normal a life as possible.

She also hopes to persuade Boyle to meet her and eight-year-old Harvey, so he can apologise to him in person. Fat chance of that, of course.


Source 2

A really great documentary on what kids like Harvey go through on a day to day basis. I have a great deal of respect for Katie for going out of her norm and doing this to stand up for her son, and other children whom are discriminated against.

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Snoopy [typewriter]

Alain Delon says his son did not fire shot at teen at his swiss home

French actor Alain Delon has confirmed that at least a shot was fired in his Geneva apartment, although he said his son was not the one who pulled the trigger.

'All that I know at this point is that my son did not take the shot,' said Delon in an interview with Le Matin published on Saturday.

'They messed around with, handled a gun, I don't know what and the shot was fired,' he said, while on the way to western Switzerland's Geneva.

'My son breached my love and confidence by organising, without my knowledge, an evening at my place with his friends on the eve of our vacation. As a result, I received a call from the police. I am very sad,' he added.

The actor blamed the invasion of virtual reality for the behaviour of today's younger generation.

'With ultraviolent video games, Facebook, Internet and all the rest, our children are living permanently in the virtual world. It's really bad,' he said.

The wounded girl is reportedly in serious condition.


Vintage Alain thanks you for your time.
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Paisley, Archuleta provide fun American Saturday Night

Provo • The Stadium of Fire was a night dedicated to God and country Saturday at LaVell Edwards Stadium, and, by God, did country dominate.

Country music, that is.

Country singer Brad Paisley proved to be the perfect headliner to cap the well-run America’s Freedom Festival’s signature event, and Utah country group Artie Hemphill and the Iron Horse Band won the first Stadium of Fire Talent Search, determined by the crowd’s vote after the final three competitors (whittled down from more than 400 entries) performed on stage in front of the near-capacity crowd of about 47,000 spectators.

Because the patriotic night focused somewhat around the bullets that have defended America during this country’s wars, here are some bulleted points about the warm evening:


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Source: http://www.sltrib.com/sltrib/news/52121381-75/stadium-band-crowd-fire.html.csp?page=2

So what are your Fourth of July celebrations ONTD?

Sade kicks off her tour in Toronto

The 52-year-old British-Nigerian singer touched down at the Air Canada Centre on Tuesday night as part of her first road trip in ten years, not that any rustiness really showed in her stylish, sophisticated two-hour show.
She dramatically climbed up some back-lit stairs onto her minimalist-looking stage dominated by slick lights and a huge video screen, and sang the opening song, Soldier of Love, the striking title track from her 2010 album of the same name.

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Ann Coulter LOL

Omg Despicable Me 2!!!!


Universal Studios has announced plans for a sequel to the animated feature film Despicable Me. Despicable Me 2 release date is set for July 3rd 2013. I have to be honest as much as this film received a pile of hype it is not one of my favourite animated films. The film was a huge success bringing in over $250million at the box office.

It offered an outstanding team of voice over actors including Steve Carell, Russell Brand and Miranda Cosgrove and top notch animation but for whatever reason it fell a bit flat with me. That said the studio Illumination that made the film is being pegged as the next big thing and a potential threat to the dominance of Pixar. They have an outstanding team of animators and if they can put together the right writing team they can make a real run of things. Especially after the debacle that was Cars 2 featuring extreme violence including murder… seriously Pixar shake your heads.

As well as working on a sequel to Despicable me the film’s writers Cinco Paul and Ken Daurio are working on animated shorts featuring Gru’s minions to be released in advance of the sequel to help promote the film. Where and how they will be released is unknown but I look forward to it since the minions were definitely a highlight of the film.

I hope Pharrell is still doing the soundtrack. I loved his remix of Agnes' Unicorn song.

The Best Movies of 2011...So Far


 The best movies of 2011? Already? How can we possibly know?

This weekend, our friends at Moviefone are looking back at this year's most entertaining films -- so far. After all, we've reached the exact halfway point of 2011. We know plenty of critics predicted 'The Beaver' would be a turkey, so you might be surprised to see it kick off the Top Ten. Did your faves make our countdown?

10. 'The Beaver' Sure, we giggled like children at the title. We also scoffed at the notion that scandal-plagued Mel Gibson was the star (with a brown furry puppet on his hand, no less) of Jodie Foster's latest directorial effort. But we were pleasantly surprised to see this film was unlike anything either Oscar winner had done before. With an intense performance by Gibson and strong supporting acting from Anton Yelchin ('Star Trek'), the movie is both dark and humorous, and left us near tears by the end.

9. 'Rango' Johnny Depp -- by way of Hunter S. Thompson -- provides the titular voice of an animated chameleon in an identity crisis, who stumbles into a wry Wild West adventure filled with all the gnarly cowboy quirks you'd see in a classic Sergio Leone film.

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Jay-Z / FB

Now, in its First Great Documentary, it's the Nim Chimpsky Show!

TALKING animals are a dime a dozen in animated blockbusters. But what about the real thing? And what, for that matter, would it mean for an animal to talk? What indeed separates an animal from a human?

These are a few of the questions raised in a new documentary about the life of a chimpanzee named Nim Chimpsky, the subject of a radical language experiment in the 1970s. 
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Extended 1 Girl 5 Gays Intervention Spoof for Your Viewing & Mastabatory Pleasure

For many, addiction manifests itself with alcohol or drugs, for others, sex or food (possibly both at the same time if you're into that sort of thing), and for others, posting snarky comments on a livejournal-based entertainment gossip blog. Often times these addictions lead to death, jail or even permanent chair imprints on an already fat, saggy ass.

1 Girl 5 Gays' resident nasally orgy-enthusiast Santos has an addiction himself. It's an addiction that is ruining his life, his job at Starbucks and his ability to give sexually explicit anecdotes on his Canadian basic cable chat show. Will Santos be able to give up his addiction and move on with his life or will the glitz and glamor of Toronto, Canada take ahold of our slutty, glittery young ingenue? Watch the video after the jump to find out.

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Addiction is not something to joke about...

Mufasa hug Simba
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8eight’s Joo Hee covers Rihanna’s “Take a Bow”

8eight fans were blown away by Juhee’s stunning cover of Rihanna’s “Take a Bow“.

Without using any other instrument, Juhee relied on her iPad to complete her cover. Fans already knew that she had explosive vocal capabilities, and paid particular attention to her casual outfit.

Dressed in a simple t-shirt and shorts, Juhee showed off a body as beautiful as her voice. She certainly doesn’t need the glitz and glam of the stage to shine!

Netizens commented, “Her English pronunciation is better than I thought”, “I want to see the full video”, and “Her voice is amazing.”


flopped for our sins
  • noahbb

Cheryl Cole "forced" to return to the US to film more X Factor footage

Axed American X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been asked to return to the US to film more footage for the show, it has been claimed today. According to Sunday tabloid The People, Fox bosses want Cheryl back in the states – but the Girls Aloud star doesn’t want to return!

Cheryl was axed from the show last month but still took part in four audition shows for the first ever US series, which is set to air in September. Simon Cowell previously revealed that the footage of Cheryl would stilll be aired, with the Geordie singer being introduced as a “guest judge” on the programme.

As part of her deal with US network FOX, which paid Cheryl’s full £1.5 million fee for just the four shows, she needs to return to the programme to film scenes to help the transition between her and Nicole Scherzinger as judge.

“She made no secret of the fact that she does not want to go – and agreed only because TV channel Fox bosses gave her no option,” a source said.

Cheryl was photographed last week sporting a new blonder hair cut as she visited the American Embassy to collect her works visa.

An insider explained: “She left it until the last possible day to collect her visa because she didn’t want to be spotted. Her visa has been sponsored by Fox television so there is no doubt that’s why she is going back.

“They need her to film some scenes in order to make her brief appearance on the panel make sense to the viewers”

The source added: “She really isn’t happy about it.”


Sage is angry

It's A Cazwell Post!!


The world’s leading gay rapper branches out from viral videos to TV shows and Snog

It was around the turn of the century when a blue-eyed, 20-something, club-crazed ingénue from Massachusetts came to New York by way of Boston—doing so because he "just wanted to dance." Craving the NYC nightlife with lesbian best-ie in tow, he worked serving cocktails in a drag bar while he and his BFF founded the popular, LGBT electro-clash duo Morplay. Yet circa 2004, when Morplay's girl-gay half moved to Seattle, Luke Caswell dropped a z into his surname, went solo and got signed by Peace Bisquit's [sic] record label. The firm's sample catalogue—combined with his distinctive brand of rhythm and rhyme—soon found Cazwell claiming fame as arguably the world's foremost, leading figure of "gay" rap, setting the tone of his public popularity via exploitative homosexual-cable network restricted tracks like "All of Your Face."

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Speaking of ice cream......

LOL I will never be over "Ice Cream Truck" that is one of the funniest videos and most awesome songs I have ever heard so please don't disappoint me with gifs from the video :D

Summer reading: 9 books for entertainment junkies

Put down the BlackBerry and slowly back away. Summer is that time of year when the onslaught of tweets and emails diminishes, allowing our battered attention spans to stretch across pages and pages of good writing.

To help you choose your summer reads, we've compiled a handy list of highly recommended books this season -- all of which you can even read on an electronic device, if you insist. And for those executive types who can't justify spending the dog days dog-earring pages, we've included some books about high-powered people just like you -- as well as a few titles you might want to option.

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9. "A Dance With Dragons" -- By George R.R. Martin

Fans of the epic fantasy series that gave us HBO's "Game of Thrones," have waited six years for the latest book in the series. Even at 1,040 pages, can it possibly satisfy them?

There's no way to describe the plot without revealing spoilers for anyone who hasn't merrily slogged through the four tomes that preceded it. (And Martin has lots of new fans who just discovered him, thanks to HBO.)

Suffice it say that lots of really, really cool stuff happens, and that some of it involves dragons. And that fans will eat it up with glee emanating from their faces.


ASOIAF is taking up all my time so I can't read anything else. I'm still reading A Storm of Swords and I don't know how I'm gonna finish in time to read ADWD without being spoiled. Once I'm done with those, I'm going right into this book about Genghis Khan and then Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

And the bad news keeps rolling: New Monegasque Princess tried to "escape three times"


 Princess Charlene of Monaco tried to flee home to South Africa three times before her marriage to Prince Albert II, according to report on Sunday in French newspapers.


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Really last post on this nonsense ONTD, but there is so much fail in here I can't. She tried to run three times? They took her passport?


-What deal would make you stay in her position?
[bc] hell yeah

For the scifi fans: Ben Browder, Jennifer Sky, Juliet Landau, Chase Masterson star in web series

NAUGHT FOR HIRE is also now in development with Paramount Digitial as a webisode series set to go into production by early 2012, starring Ben Browder, with screenplay by Stith and Jeffrey Berman, who is also the producer. Jonathan Kesselman is to direct. Browder is also Executive Producer of the series.

More details at the Naught for Hire Facebook group.

NAUGHT FOR HIRE features Nick Naught, a private detective in a dysfunctional near future populated by a multitude of appliances featuring cheaply made AIs with speech recognition and speech synthesis, often mimicking the voices of well-known personalities. The devices are generally designed for the maximum profit potential, meaning they do their jobs ok some of the time and are amazingly frustrating at other times.

John E. Stith is the author of ALL FOR NAUGHT, which collects "Naught for Hire," and "All for Naught" both first appearing in ANALOG. If you hear about "Naught for Hire" verbally, you might think the title is "Not for Hire" but it's not.


Maria Shriver Offered Biggest Book Deal Ever — More Than $15 Million For Tell-All Memoir!

Now that Maria has filed for divorce from her cheating husband Arnold Schwarzenegger, will she write a tell-all memoir that could net her a huge advance?

Maria Shriver stands to make over $15 million if she writes a tell-all about growing up a Kennedy — focusing on her life with cheating Arnold Schwarzenegger and the child he fathered with their maid!

According to a top publishing executive, Maria — who filed for divorce from Arnold on July 1 — could net more than the current advance record: $15 million to Bill Clinton for his memoir, My Life, RadarOnline.com reports.

Maria is already the author of six best-selling books, including And One More Thing Before You Go… and What’s Happening to Grandpa?

No word yet on whether Maria has any interest in divulging her life story, but that’s not stopping publishers from approaching her with offers!

Tell us, ONTDers — would you read Maria’s tell-all?


Kim Kardashian Is Back To Her Super Long Locks! Which Way Do YOU Like Her Hair Best?


Well that was super short lived! Kim K was so excited to debut her shorter hair, but she’s already back to her super long locks. What gives?

It wasn’t too long ago that Kim Kardashian had us siting on the edge of our seats when she tweeted that she cut her hair, but now it seems that the reality TV queen has had a change of heart yet again!

Though Kim’s shorter hair wasn’t that big of a shock it was still a big move considering all of the Kardashians are known for their gorgeous long hair. So we were a little surprised to see Kim already back to her signature long do.

What do you think of Kim's hair? Do you like it longer or shorter?


Victoria Beckham Will Give Birth On July 4

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

David Beckham revealed that Victoria Beckham will give birth via caesarean section on July 4.  According, to David the date is very special to them.

“Obviously we got married on July 4, 12 years ago, Monday, so it’s a special day for us, it always has been and always will be.”

David added,

“It’s a whole new different thing for us. To have so much pink in the house, lilac in the house, and dresses. All the clothes are ready, the room’s ready. We’re really excited.”

Victoria’s parents Jackie and Tony, sister Louise and brother Christian are flying out to join the couple this week.

Victoria has chosen to breastfeed this time around. She chose not to with her first three children. This time she wants everything to be natural.

“I’m doing everything differently this time. I want it all to be natural and perfect for my little girl,” she told a friend.


  • jamimo

Celebrity Sex Secrets

The stars spill on their sauciest moments! Prepare to be shocked...

Zac Efron
Zac Efron has no reason not to practice safe sex, as his mother buys him condoms. The unusual gift was purchased after Mrs Efron thought Zac and girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens were snapped in a sex shop. It turned out to be a fancy dress shop. “She wouldn’t have any of it,” the High School Musical star claims. “So my stocking was full of condoms this Christmas. She buys me the economy box.”
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Usher Pays Tribute To Michael Jackson At Essence Music Festival

Usher closed out the first day of the Essence Music Festival Friday (July 1), with a rousing two hour performance in which he paid homage to the late Michael Jackson.

Shocking the audience with his entrance, the Grammy winner emerged from a platform in the middle of the New Orleans Superdome high above the crowd, before breaking into his set. "Welcome to the first day of the Essence Music Festival," he said in between crowd cheers. "Are you guys having a good time?" From there he launched into a timeline of hits including 'You Make Me Wanna,' 'Bad Girl, 'Nice & Slow' and 'Lil Freak.'

Amidst four costume changes, and nearing the end of his show, Usher honored the two year anniversary of Jackson's death. "Six days ago marks the death of Michael Jackson," he said. "I'd like to pay tribute to him, is that all right with you guys?" He asked before breaking into a dance sequence to the King of Pop's hits 'Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough,' 'Rock With You' and 'Billy Jean,' while trying his hand at mimicking Jackson's moonwalk. Usher closed the show with one last costume change before his hit single 'OMG.'


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Nick Lachey's Wet & Wild Bachelor Party Weekend In Vegas

He's about to be tamed by married life, but Nick Lachey let lose for a crazy Las Vegas bachelor party weekend.

Complete with whiskey shots, champagne and even a mini wife-to-be stand-in for Vanessa Minnillo, the Sing Off host waved goodbye to the single life.

It was a boys only event, but his future bride made sure she wasn't forgotten.

When Nick partied Friday night away with VIP treatment at TAO nightclub, he was presented with a ball and chain cake inscribed with "Property Of Vanessa," a nod to Minnillo's own bachelorette party where she announced "I'm about to get a ball and chain."

And while soaking up the sun Saturday at TAO Beach a 'mini Vanessa' - organized by his fun loving fiancee - delivered a bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne to the star.

Minnillo was famously serenaded by a 'mini Nick' at her party a few weeks earlier.

Lachey - who was married to Jessica Simpson from 2002 to 2006 - was joined by 30 of his friends, including his brother Drew Lachey and Houston Texans quarterback Matt Leinart.

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Kingston Rossdale: Blue Mohawk!

Kingston Rossdale debuts a new blue mohawk as he spends the day out in West Hollywood with his family on Saturday (July 2).

Joining Kingston, 5, were his rocker parents, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, and Kingston’s 2-year-old brother, Zuma.

The family visited a crafts center, where they drew pictures together and picked up ice cream. Gwen and Gavin also went shoe shopping with the boys during the day.

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Steal this Book: "The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting."

Is shoplifting a disease, or a compulsion?
Is the "five-finger discount" a form of protest, or is it -- whether motivated by need or greed -- a crime?

These are some of the questions Rachel Shteir addresses in "The Steal: A Cultural History of Shoplifting," her attention-grabbing, extremely well-researched study of this dismayingly ubiquitous scourge of retailers.

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Girl (10) wraps legs around Prince Harry's neck, some of y'all go lime green

OSLO / LONDON (VG) Mia Kristine Armstrong Solli from Asker, Norway couldn't see much at the Black Eyed Peas concert. Luckily a genuine prince came to the rescue.

63.000 people were gathered in London's Hyde Park Friday, to see American darlings the Black Eyed Peas. Among them was Norwegian Mia Kristine Armstrong Solli, who had gone along with her younger siblings, mother and uncle to see the pop faves.

The concert at the Wireless festival turned out special for the ten year old. In the audience was Prince Harry, watching the show with a group of friends.

- Prince Harry came over and asked if I wanted to sit on his shoulders, Mia Kristine tells VG.

Although the Norwegian family had good tickets and were standing close to the stage, the view wasn't optimal for a ten year old who is shorter than your average Brit.

That's when the British prince, wearing brown, festival appropriate shoes, came trotting over and saved the show.

- Then he lifted me up on his shoulders. When I'd gotten up he said: «If you fall down it's not my fault. Are we cool?», laughs Mia Kristine, who held on tight and danced whilst seated on the prince's shoulders for the duration of two songs.

And so the ten year old got a better view and could enjoy the show, whilst the prince made small talk with her mother. The Asker girl has no doubt what the highlight of her London vacation was, and will tell her girlfriends back home all about it.

- Now I'll tell everyone I met Prince Harry. I won't wash those trousers. He was really nice and sweet, says Mia Kristine.

Mia's uncle, Tom Armstrong, got a good impression of the prince.

- I'd never met him before, but he seemed like a good guy with both feet on the ground, Armstrong tells VG.


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