June 28th, 2011

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thez es a mega powst about may.

due to the sodden lack awf powsts ah get from yew lote ave desayded to make thes MEGUH powst!! hope ya enjoy et! follow mah stonnen face onduh the cuht. <3

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thaze rappehs aw looken for a scrap ah tell ya that!! sow desprat foh attenshone. WHERE MAW SOLJUHZ AT?

Selena Gomez Megapost

Preview of her E! Special (i cried when she talked about her mom tbh)

How do you compare your acting and singing skills?
For me my music is fun. I don’t really take my music that serious. I love inspiring people and I love making good music, but I don’t stress about it. I don’t think I’m ever going to win a Grammy, and I’m OK with that. Acting is something I work really, really hard on that I throw myself into a situation where I do work 18 hours a day. And I do hope to see longevity. And I hope to be rewarded with really great people and great actresses and people I get to work with, so I hope [that’s what happens].
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Janelle Monae and hipster boy bands increase album sales by over 1000%

Janelle Monae, Mumford and Sons and Coldplay have all seen their album sales jump by over 1000 per cent after their performances at Glastonbury this weekend.

According to figures from Amazon, many of those who played at Worthy Farm this year have seen their sales rocket.

Janelle Monae has enjoyed the biggest surge, with her sales up by 4928% after she played the West Holts Stage on Saturday night (June 25).

Mumford and Sons also saw sales of 'Sigh No More' boosted by 1400% after they played second headline to Primal Scream on the Other Stage on Friday night (June 24). The Scream also enjoyed a big sales jump, with sales of their LPs up by 920% after Glastonbury.

All the headliners saw their album sales surge as well, with Coldplay's sales up by 1290%, U2's up by 747% and Beyonce's closing show giving her a boost of 713%.

Jay-Z / FB

Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Sale of "Violent" Video Games to Children.

The Supreme Court on Monday struck down on First Amendment grounds a California law that banned the sale of violent video games to children. 

The 7-to-2 decision was the latest in a series of rulings protecting free speech, joining ones on funeral protests, videos showing cruelty to animals and political speech by corporations.
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Ann Coulter LOL

Ben Cohen Interview. He continues to rock

International rugby star Ben Cohen has only been retired six weeks but has already been working hard in his new role as chairman of the StandUp Foundation. He joined The Hour to speak about how a straight sports star ended up fronting a campaign to end homophobia.

Speaking to The Hour’s Michelle McManus and Colin Kelly, he said: “It’s an anti-bullying campaign, it’s called the StandUp Foundation, and it’s across the board but also we concentrate on the LGBT community and homophobia in sports and the bullying that goes on.

“It’s something I’ve been doing for about six years now while I was playing rugby and it’s got to the point now where actually I wanted to start a foundation and do something about it.”

Ben became involved with the gay community when his father was murdered at a nightclub while protecting someone else. He explained to The Hour how he found a release for his anger in the aggression that came with rugby training.

Cut because of Autoplay.

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GA-Guess who's on Tumblr?!

Lady Gaga would be the latest artist, behind the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Katy Perry and Odd Future's Frank Ocean, to join the microblogging social network that is Tumblr; and in culmination with being the Most Searched-For Female on the Internet and reigning as the self-proclaimed "Twitter Queen," with well over 11 million followers, it was certainly a long overdue but nonetheless Little Monsters across the Net rejoice in reblogs of the thousands alone slowing down servers with the singer having only posted six times within 24 hours!

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Caught in Gay Swarm, Shia LaBeouf Activates Heterosexuality Shield

Transformers actor Shia LaBeouf got caught in one of those terrifying Gay Pride 'swarms' over the weekend.

Gatecrasher reports:

Shia LaBeouf could have used some protection from Optimus Prime at the SoHo Grand on Sunday night. A source tells us that when the "Transformers" star asked the hotel's staff where he could find a "cool" soiree to attend, he was directed to the Pride Party at the Yard, an outdoor space that the Grand recently opened, where the Misshapes and Matt Kays were providing the entertainment.

Little did LaBeouf know, the celebration was chockablock with gay men who, our insider says, "swarmed" the actor when he arrived with his girlfriend. The source says the quick-thinking LaBeouf used his lady as a buffer and the two started "hard-core making out," just in case any of the boys were getting ideas.


How was your Pride weekend ONTD?

Mine was AMAZINGGGG! I was sexing all the boys and girls.
Got hella free shit up the ass. Got it up the ass. I was not myself that night. Not the same hoe same hoe etc.
Straight guy friends making out with dudes was interesting. People got shot, wigs were literally snatched, people were wasted and it took almost an hour to piss.

oh and I met Tegan from Tegan and Sara.

Ke$ha torch!

Ke$ha performs live for Conan Concert Series

Ke$ha took to the stage yesterday to kick off Conan O'Brien's summer concert series with a 3-song set at the end of the show!

The pop star treated the crowd with her hits "Blow", "We R Who We R" and, for the first time ever in full lenght on TV broadcast, "Animal".

To view the videos without about a quarter of them being cut on the right side, and also photos and a Behind The Scenes video from the set, go to the Source.

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At this point I should mention how much I appreciate it that Ke$ha finally got to perform "Animal" live and in full lenght on TV broadcast, it is one of her best songs without a doubt (if not her best for its lyrics alone, but that's just my opinion). Thank you, Conan. Thank you.

So if it's just tonight....

Tracy Morgan does it again

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

About halfway through a raucous standup set on Saturday night in which he dispensed much unsolicited romantic advice and hit on several women seated near the stage, Tracy Morgan told the crowd at Carolines, the Times Square comedy club, he knew what it wanted to hear.

“You’re all sitting here waiting for me say something about the controversy, right?” he said, to cheers and applause. Mr. Morgan continued: “I’m 42, man, and now all of a sudden I’m homophobic?”

In his first comedy performances since he was heavily condemned for his antigay remarks at a show he played in Nashville, Mr. Morgan suggested that he had been misunderstood.

“My father was the lead singer in the Village People,” he insisted through his own laughter. “I would sing the ‘Y.M.C.A.’ the loudest. I was sitting right there when he wrote the song, my daddy. The Indian was my godfather.”

Clearly Mr. Morgan, an unpredictable standup and co-star of the NBC comedy “30 Rock,” could still laugh about his plight, having spent the past weeks at the center of a storm largely of his own making.

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Mila Kunis sleepy during sex scenes

The movie stars appear in forthcoming romantic comedy Friends with Benefits, which focuses on two pals deciding to have an intimate relationship with each other but with no strings attached.

Complications arise when Justin's character begins to get jealous after his friend embarks on a relationship with someone else.

While the pair have chemistry on screen, the film's director Will Gluck revealed that shooting the sequences was far from steamy.

"One time Justin was on Mila, kissing her and she fell asleep. We called cut and he got off and she was sleeping. So that's how good in bed Justin Timberlake is,” Will joked to E! Online.

Despite this unusual incident, Will had no worries about a lack of chemistry between the pair on screen. He always knew that the stars, whose friendship has sparked rumours of real romance, would work well together.

"I had no fear. Next question," he quipped when asked if he had concerns about putting the two together.

Justin previously spoke about shooting the sex scenes in an interview with Playboy. He branded the sequences “awkward” to make due to the high number of crew surrounding the pair.

“I couldn't tell you the number of people in the crew watching me and my bare a*s, but it was a lot,” he explained.


How embarrassing for Timberdouche.

Mmmm...Sexy, Sexy, Veggie Farts...Kristen Wiig & Russell Brand Voted PETA's Sexiest Vegetarians.

They are more than just two of the funniest stars on the big screen.

Kristen Wiig and Russell Brand are also a pair of sexy folks who refrain from eating meat. As a result, the duo has been crowned PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrities of 2011!

Mr. Katy Perry has a simple philosophy for why he sticks to veggies, telling the organization: "You shouldn't eat animals, it's mean to them." aka Morrisey won't like me if I eat meat.

Wiig, meanwhile, appears to base her dietary selections on health. She told Women's Health this year that she maintains her lifestyle by running, doing yoga and "eating lots of tofu and soy." aka running, doing yoga and crystal meth.

She also may have watched her own movie, as some of the funniest Bridesmaids quotes emanate from a scene in which the ladies get food poisoning as the result of eating meat.


A Peta post!!! This should be interesting...

Since ONTD needs more Ezra Miller, even if he's blurry

Logan Lerman, Emma Watson, and Ezra Miller are spotted on the set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower in Pittsburgh on Saturday (June 25). Hmmm, Ezra looks like he might be flirting a bit with Emma. What do you think?

Don’t miss Caught on Set’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower page for more pics of Logan, Emma, and Ezra on set.

is definitely a rising star in Hollywood. In April, he was interviewed by Kate Bosworth for a feature in Interview magazine. Kate asked Ezra about his dream role and he revealed: “I always thought it would be really, really cool to play Edgar Allan Poe, because when I was a kid, he was one of the authors who really blew my mind open to all sorts of weird dark and twisted places. When I can grow a moustache, I want to play Edgar Allan Poe.”

Edgar Allen Poe? That’s not the answer you’d expect from an 18-year-old!

sauce link

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Labeouf Pulls a Valderama. Cops to Banging Foxy, Cheating on Isabel & HilDuff Being Worst Date Ever

Shia LaBeouf admits that he hooked up with Megan Fox while making the Transformers films -- and he's not sure whether or not his sexy costar was attached at the time to then-boyfriend Brian Austin Green, now her husband.

Nodding in the affirmative about a hookup with Fox, LaBeouf explains in a new Details mag interview, "Look, you're on the set for six months, with someone who's rooting to be attracted to you, and you're rooting to be attracted to them."

Without giving specific dates or details, the 25-year-old actor (now dating Hollywood stylist Karolyn Pho) continues of the fling: "I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen."

When Details asks him about Fox's status at the time with Green, he sputters. "I don't know, man. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know," he says, repeating "I don't know" eight more times. "It was what it was."

to include him alleging to have beat up Tom Hardy, saying men are jealous of him, that he has more money than he could spend in 25 lifetimes and why his life is so much harder than Clooneys...

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Having flashbacks to http://ohnotheydidnt.livejournal.com/6116016.html.
Silent Hill - Rose &amp; Sharon

This is a Silent Hill: Revelation post

Carrie Ann Moss as Claudia, the Nurses, a mysterious new character & Valtiel revealed!

Set pictures for upcoming 3D horror sequel Silent Hill: Revelation (taken by Canadian film producer Dan Carmody) have been revealed, courtesy of a snooper from IMDB.

Game of Thrones' Kit Harrington looking like an old lady invites you in:

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I'M DIGGING IT IMO. Fierce & ferosh Carrie Ann Moss will eat the fetuses of your faves!

Tori Spelling Guest Stars on Disney’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates


Tori Spelling pulls out all the stops when it comes to Liam and Stella McDermott‘s birthday parties, but the mom-to-be gave her kids the ultimate gift when she signed up for a recurring role on Disney Junior‘s hit animated series, Jake and the Never Land Pirates.
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The Walking Dead Casts Herschel Greene

This is big news for The Walking Dead fans. The critically acclaimed AMC series has just cast two hugely popular characters from the graphic novels on which the show is based.

Early into the new season, which returns in October just in time for Halloween, Rick Grimes and our brave band of survivors will encounter a farming family that has been ravaged by zombies. Scott Wilson (In Cold Blood, Monster, Junebug) will play Hershel Greene. "He is the patriarch of the family," says executive producer Gale Anne Hurd. "He's a veterinarian with a great sense of humanity and a very unique take on the Walkers." Expect Hershel to endure great heartache as "not everyone in his family survives." Scott was chosen, says Hurd, because of his "tremendous scope and gravitas."

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Jared Padalecki talks 'Gilmore Girls' movie - Plus, would he ever leave 'Supernatural'?

"Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki recently won NextMovie's poll about TV stars fans would like to see get big movie careers -- but don't worry, "Supernatural" fans. Even if a fantastic movie role comes his way, he's not interested in ditching Sam Winchester any time soon.

"I wouldn't. I'm a Texas guy, and the good and bad of that is that I'm always, first and foremost, loyal. If it weren't for 'Supernatural,' I wouldn't have a lot of the blessings that I have today, so I'm going to play it out," he tells the site. "I'm going to give it my all. I'll be with the cast and crew for the remainder, as long as the fans want us on the air and the network obliges. I'd love to have a movie career. I'm still pretty young. I'm not going to be 29 for another month. So if the show goes another year, I'm 30. If it goes for five years, I'm 34. I think I'm hopefully in the dawn of my career, not in the dusk, so I think I'd be happier sticking it out with 'Supernatural.'"

He still has a lot of love for his first TV gig, too, as the perpetually lovelorn Dean Forester on "Gilmore Girls." Padalecki says that if a "Gilmore Girls" movie gets made, he wouldn't hesitate for a moment in signing on.

"One hundred percent!" he says. "I would love to. I really would truly love to. It was so fun. I have nothing but fond memories of that show. I came to it straight out of high school, I grew up on the show, and I'd love to go revisit that character."

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not sure if want...

Party Down: The Movie definitely in the works


Last weekend, Austin, Texas’s Alamo Drafthouse hosted the cast and crew of the Starz show Party Down for a ten-hour marathon of the show, showcasing all of its episodes. It started and ended with, fittingly, a party. But aside from watching themselves on a big screen, the attendees hosted a question-and-answer session, wherein the show’s creator, Rob Thomas, announced that a Party Down movie was in the works and that talks surrounding the project are “heading in the right direction.”

According to Thomas, the show’s presence on the premium movie channel Starz allowed it to explore a different approach to the traditional sitcom. And, since the show wasn’t expected to have huge ratings, they were able to take more chances.

“More successful shows tend to be shows about people winning,” Thomas said, “and this is a show largely about people not winning."

Hopefully the movie will be produced sometime in the very-near future, because let’s face it – that show was cancelled way too soon. Adam Scott, who played Henry on the show, said, “One of the reasons we get along so well is that when we started it, and even in the second season when Megan [Mullally] came on, none of us five was ever given a big deal – we were just doing it because it was fun.”

One can only guess that they’d have even more fun filming a full-length motion picture, no?

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Nicole Kidman, Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret at the airport


Nicole Kidman is all smiles as she leaves the Sydney Airport with her adorable daughters Sunday and Faith on Tuesday (June 28) in Sydney, Australia.

Last week, the 44-year-old Aussie actress celebrated the release of her husband Keith Urban’s music video for his song “Without You” at the Cabana restaurant in Nashville, Tenn.

Nicole is in talks to take a role in the upcoming film The Paperboy after Sofia Vergara had to drop out of the flick due to her Modern Family schedule.

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So adorable! Nicole looks so pretty!
Jean | FoD Gun

Get to Know: Oh Land

Oh Land: Slipped Disc to Compact Disc
by Michael Cragg

When Nanna Øland Fabricius, aka Oh Land, was 16 years old, she told her parents she was leaving the family home just outside Copenhagen to move to New York, alone, to study ballet. When they told her she couldn't, she compromised, telling them she would enrol instead at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm and there was nothing they could do to stop her. Three years later, after years of over-training, Fabricius suffered a slipped disc and a fractured spine, ending her dancing career in an instant. For months she lay prone on her bedroom floor, staring at the ceiling and composing songs in her head. Singing had always been something she'd done in secret when she needed to escape from the pressures of being a dancer. Suddenly she had nothing to escape from.

"When you're 19, you don't think serious things like that can happen," she says, backstage at XOYO in London before a headline show. "A slipped disc is something adults get or old people. I felt I was immortal." There's a song on her self-titled second album that explicitly deals with the moment her doctor broke the news. The lyrics run: "He said: 'Sorry but you're never going to dance again,' but my feet just keep me moving … and I feel like running and I feel no pain." It's clearly a moment that haunts her. "It was devastating. When you dedicate so much of your time and life to one thing and you lose that, it's very easy to feel like you've got no identity. I always thought that if everything else went wrong I'd always have dance, like if I didn't have any luck in love I'd always be a good dancer. It was the only thing I knew for sure that I was good at, so when that disappeared, I had to start from scratch."

That song's called "Break the Chain", my favorite off the album.

Once the shock had ebbed away, however, Fabricius began to see the accident as an opportunity.
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king gallagher whew else

Evanescence say new song will "smack you right in the face"

Evanescence vocalist Amy Lee has revealed that the band's upcoming new album is "the heaviest record we've ever done".

Speaking to MTV, the vocalist opened up about the follow-up to 2006's The Open Door, which is due for release in October.

"We're having a great time making it," said Amy. "It's totally fun. We're just going for it."

Chatting about the band's first new single - which is as yet un-named - Amy explained:"It's really different for us. It doesn't sound like any Evanescence track you've heard before. It's heavy, but the melodies and stuff, I feel like I just did what I wanted.

"I just literally sang what I wanted to sing, because it was fun and it kind of made me smile, and that ended up being the really fun, cool, catchy thing that got everybody hooked on it," she says. "It also just smacks you right in the face and it's heavy and it's great!"

Source | by some of their 'old' tracks, i hope they mean the depressing shit although my immortal was fucking amazing. and by the 'fun' stuff, i hope they don't mean heavy metal :L nonetheless, i cannot wait :D

Michelle Yeoh deported from Myanmar

Michelle Yeoh deported from Myanmar for portrayal of pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Ky

YANGON, Myanmar -- The military-backed government of Myanmar has deported Hollywood actress Michelle Yeoh, who stars as pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi in an upcoming movie, officials said Tuesday.

The Malaysian actress arrived in the country's main city, Yangon, on June 22 and was deported the same day because she was on a blacklist, a government official said.

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Newsweek cover imagines Princess Diana at 50, walking with Kate Middleton

Had she lived, Princess Diana would have celebrated her 50th birthday this coming Friday. Ever ponder how things might have turned out for the people's princess had that fatal 1997 car crash never happened? Newsweek's Tina Brown has ever-so-kindly tried her hand at taking some of the guesswork out of that equation.

The rather jarring cover features an imaginary present-day Diana strolling with the daughter-in-law she never knew: An age-projected photo illustration of Di is digitally superimposed at the side of the former Kate Middleton, the commoner who married Prince William, emerging from Westminster Abbey in April as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

While many fans were imagining the high glamour and higher emotion Diana's presence would've brought to the royal wedding, the cover and accompanying story takes it bigger, imagining one version of where she would be today.

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1, 2

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This seems REALLY tacky.

I hope her sons don't see this on the newstands. :(

ETA: Newsweek has also created a fake Facebook page for Diana (thanks vag_breath):

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MTV's Buzzworthy Tests Out Justin Bieber’s New Fragrance on Streets of NYC

Because we have a few connections here at MTV, we were able to get our hands on Justin Bieber's new fragrance, Someday. And yes, we may have hoarded 11 bottles for personal use (which is none of your business!), but we did manage to save one for the office.

We thought we'd spread (spray?) the love, so Buzzworthy's Senior Editor Tamar Anitai bravely took to the streets of Times Square to ask random passersby what they thought about Justin Bieber's perfume, and we caught all of the reactions on video.

Oh, but here's the catch: The folks we asked to smell Someday didn't know it was Justin Bieber's scent they were sniffin'. We conducted a blind smell test so as not to sway the opinions of our lovely participants in one direction or another. That's right, folks -- hard-hitting journalism right here.

The responses after smelling Someday ranged as much as our participants did -- we heard everything from "summery" to "easy to wear" to "Can I keep smelling it?" And when it came time to guess who's brainchild the fragrance was...well, it took a couple hints. Brownie points to the little girl who guessed "George Washington Carver." It's an easy mistake.

+ Watch Buzzworthy's Tamar test out Justin Bieber's new fragrance Someday on the streets of NYC!


Source: MTV

"The Voice" recruits Stevie Nicks, Ryan Tedder, and Pat Monahan to perform with finalists tomorrow

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif. – June 28, 2011 — NBC’s “The Voice” will add rock legend Stevie Nicks, Pat Monahan (lead singer of Train) and Ryan Tedder (lead singer of OneRepublic) to its star-studded live results show and season finale on Wednesday, June 29 (8-9 p.m. ET).

The recording stars will sing with the four remaining finalists for each team. Nicks will pair with contestant Javier Colon, while Monahan sings with Vicci Martinez and Tedder will form a duet with Beverly McClellan. They will join previously announced Grammy Award-winning star Miranda Lambert (who is married to Blake Shelton, one of the series’ musician coaches) who will sing with the fourth finalist, Dia Frampton.

The announcements were made by Paul Telegdy, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming, NBC and Universal Media Studios.
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This will be the one episode of this show I will watch. So will the contestants be singing songs by those artists, then? 

Pam Anderson Getting Countersued By Ex-BF For $22 Million!!!



Back in February, Pamela Anderson sued her ex-boyfriend/real estate tycoon Laurence Hallier for $1 million after reportedly failing to comply with his part of the deal in the construction of a condo back in 2006.

Now, Pam's ex-bf is countersuing her, because HE claims that she was supposed to promote sales of his Vegas condominiums through personal appearances in return for the free condo that Pam believes she's owed…but she flaked out.

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Jay-Z / FB

Abercrombie & Fitch "Look Policy" Looks Down on Hijab.

A young Muslim woman is accusing preppy retailer Abercrombie & Fitch of firing her for wearing her headscarf on the job, according to court papers.

The woman's suit is certainly not the first employment discrimination charge against a company known for it's so-called "look policy," which critics say usually means white, young and athletic-looking.

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Shania Twain, Sidney Crosby voted 'Best Legs' in Canada


Proving 'she's not just a pretty face', Shania Twain has ranked first in the Skintimate® Signature Scents™ Best Canadian Legs poll. With Shania stepping back into the limelight in 2011, she now walks away with the top honour after being voted best legs in the nation by three-in-ten Canadians.

The top honours in the Skintimate® Signature Scents™ Best Canadian Legs poll go to:

Shania Twain (30% of the national vote, 37% in Alberta)
Rachel McAdams (12% of the national vote, 16% in Alberta and Ontario)
Celine Dion (10% of the national vote, 16% in Quebec)
Joannie Rochette (9% of the national vote, 17% in Quebec)

He shoots, he scores

As for the best male legs in Canada, hockey superstar Sidney Crosby, has yet another award to add to his collection; taking top honours with a national vote of 27% (33% in Alberta and 26% in Ontario and BC gave Crosby a top score). Crosby skates circles around the competition with his hockey-toned legs, after defeating runner-up celebrity heartthrob Ryan Reynolds at 18% and basketball hero Steve Nash at 10%.


What a coincidence, I'd bang them both as well. Although Sid's legs aren't the first thing I notice about him... 
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World Premiere of "Retreat" with Cillian Murphy will happen in Montreal

The film also stars my bb Jamie Bell and the utterly flawless Thandie Newton

Fantasia International Film Festival 2011 (July 14th to August 7th) has released some of its lineup

Montreal, June 27, 2011 - While less than two weeks away from announcing the full line-up of its 15th edition, Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival has revealed a first wave of titles and happenings. The full 130-feature array of titles will be announced at our press conference on July 7.


RETREAT - UK - Dir: Carl Tibbets
Cillian Murphy and Thandie Newton star as a couple who journey to an island retreat in order to heal recently-opened wounds. They are completely isolated from the world. Alone. That is, until a blood-spattered man (Jamie Bell) washes ashore with terrible news of an airborne plague sweeping across Europe. A brilliantly-staged slow-burn thriller that builds to absolutely ferocious horror, RETREAT is one of this year's strongest discoveries.
World Premiere hosted by Director Carl Tibbetts.

Fantasia festival site - will go live on July 7th.

Anne Hathaway Confronts Franco

Anne Hathaway confronted her 2011 Oscars co-presenter James Franco after he compared her high-energy performance onstage to a Tasmanian devil.

The duo was heavily criticized after hosting the Academy Awards in February, with Franco subsequently blaming the actress' animated delivery for making him look "stoned" in comparison.
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Chicago&#39;s Finest

chelsea ~kane~ & stePHEN from laguna beach in Cabo

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
She may have lost Dancing with the Stars to Hines Ward but that won’t keep Chelsea Kane from enjoying a fun-filled beach vacation with boyfriend Stephen Colletti.

The adorable couple were spotted cuddling and smooching in the warm sands of Cabo San Lucas in Mexico during a recent weekend vacation. The Disney starlet showed off her toned frame in a white string bikini while Laguna Beach beau stayed true to his SoCal roots in black and white boardshorts.

Chelsea and Stephen were down in Mexico for a weekend getaway with a group of friends, including singer Kristy Frank. When they weren’t making out on the beach, the group flew kites and relaxed near their luxury resort, Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort and Spa. Must be nice!
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I pray Stephen doesn't catch Chelsea dancing on a bar. KEEP DANCING ON THE BAR SLUT    
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Jeff Bridges In 'The Giver': Oscar Winner To Adapt Classic Lois Lowry Novel

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Experiencing a renaissance in a career that never really faded, Jeff Bridges is flexing his producing muscles to bring to the big screen a classic young adult novel.

Bridges, who won an Oscar in 2010 for his turn in "Crazy Heart" and was nominated for another lead gold statue for last year's "True Grit," has optioned for film the 1993 Lois Lowry novel, "The Giver," a moralist sci-fi story that won the Newberry Medal, the top honor in young adult fiction.
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Chris Carter to join Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny for charity event on July 30th

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Actors David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are reuniting for IBG’s summer charity event on July 30 in Los Angeles to benefit SA-YES, a South African charity focusing on the empowerment of marginalized youth in the country.

As a special treat, the man who created the two characters that Entertainment Weekly named among the 100 greatest characters in pop culture, will be joining in the fun. Chris Carter will take the stage with Duchovny and Anderson during the latter portion of the audience Q&A to field questions from fans and, perhaps, pose a couple of his own to the duo. In addition, Carter will be joining Anderson for the photo/autograph signing following the Q&A.

VIP tickets are available through the IBG website. Act fast! General seating tickets for the event have already sold out. Fans do not want to miss this truly unique, live event.

X-Files 3 announcement? COME ON ALREADY.
SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
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More Rare Footage of Michael Jackson in the Studio

More studio footage from the 2002 Barry Gibb / Michael Jackson collaboration, "All In Your Name," has now been made available to download at www.barrygibb.com/shop.

You can view the first two previews of this exclusive behind-the-scenes footage HERE and HERE.


This is pretty cool, to see them at work. :) Fav part is the end, when MJ finally realizes he's being filmed, lol.
History - Diane

Our King in the North made a great start yesterday night!

Sirens debuts with 1.6m
MONDAY: Sirens, Channel 4’s new comedy drama about a team of paramedics, made a strong start in the 10pm slot.


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Ok so the male lead is kind of annoying, and I might be super biased because when you have Richard being naked and cute and kissing another man, you can't really see the flaws in the show... But except for a few bad jokes (always from main male lead :/ ) I really enjoyed that episode! Hoping next week will see the ratings stay that way or even better!

stock: コーヒー

Capcom tries to kill used video game sales with the one-save game

Buying used video games is great for gamers who don't want to pay full price for the latest hits. You know who doesn't like used video games? Game publishers. In a very sad twist, Capcom's fighting back against the second-hand game market with a game that can only support one save file — for life.

It's been confirmed that Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D for the Nintendo 3DS is a game that once finished, cannot be reset for complete replay. According to both the U.S. and U.K. game's instruction manual "saved data on this software cannot be reset."

Basically what Capcom has done is make Mercenaries 3D a one-time play affair. Once you've unlocked all the goodies and played the entire game, you will not be able to erase the game's save data and start fresh as if it were a new copy. Consider this: lending Mercenaries 3D to a friend, a little brother or sister will be worthless because they'll only be able to continue playing the game with your saved settings and create their own.

We get that game publishers don't make any money off sales from used video games, but killing off the ability to hit the reset button is just taking things too far. It's like saying Upperdeck is entitled to a cut in my autographed Michael Jordan basketball card I sold at a garage sale for $10,000 some 25 years after I bought it.

While it can be argued that used video game sales are actually more damaging than piracy, it's still a lowball move for Capcom to make, especially with a franchise as large and significant as the Resident Evil series. Will other publishers follow in Capcom's footsteps to take a stand against the lucrative market of used video games? We really hope this isn't a sign of things to come.


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Ezra Miller of “Perks of Being a Wallflower” caught with marijuana

Actor Ezra Miller, who is currently filming “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” in the Peters Township area, is now facing marijuana possession charges. He was stopped by a police officer on Washington Road last Wednesday because of an ineffective break light, when the officer detected the substance, searched the car and found 20 grams of marijuana.

Miller is playing Patrick in the film, the step-brother of Sam (Emma Watson). The lead character, Charlie (Logan Lerman), befriends the siblings. “Perks” has been filming at Peters Township High School for the past few weeks, even filming a football stadium scene last Friday night.

Any Peters Township local can tell you that police tend to populate around Route 19 just around 11 p.m., when many high school students and junior drivers are attempting to get home before their 11 o’clock curfew. The car Miller was a passenger in was stopped at approximately 11:18 p.m. Miller complied with the police, admitting to smoking the drug when it was seen in his lap, leading to the search of the car.

The young actor has previously been in the Showtime series “Californication,” and will soon be starring in the drama “We Need to Talk About Kevin.”
idk if i believe this. but if it is good for him for taking responsibility for it and not trying to pass it off as not his own

Tia Mowry & Cory Hardrict Welcome Baby Boy


Tia Mowry and her husband, Cory Hardrict, are the proud parents of a baby boy, confirmed by JustJared.com.

The 32-year-old actress, best known for her starring role opposite twin sis Tamera in Sister, Sister, will have her pregnancy documented in a new show airing later this year on the Style Network.

JustJared.com exclusively broke the news that the couple was expecting a boy back in February.

“Just thinking about my child coming here brings a tear to my eyes and I will try to be the best father in the universe!” Cory said back in the winter.

Us Weekly was the first to report the happy news. Congratulations to Tia and Cory!!

music | sleigh anne.

'Titanic' miniseries begins filming

Filming has started on Julian Fellowes' new miniseries Titanic.

The drama, which will air on ITV in the UK and ABC in the US, features a cast including Linus Roache, Geraldine Somerville and Timothy West. Fellowes, who most recently created ITV1 drama Downton Abbey, has penned the drama which is being produced as a 2x90 minute and 4x60 minute mini series.

It is expected to focus on the lives of the passengers and crew on the famous ship and will feature stories of romance and mystery. Both fictional and historical characters will be included in the drama.

"Each point of view will culminate in a cliff hanger as the ship begins to founder, building to an explosive conclusion which draws together each of the stories," a synopsis teased. "Viewers will be taken on a heart wrenching journey through Titanic's last hours, as the drama reveals which of the characters they have come to know so well will survive… and who does not."

The show is being filmed in Budapest on a two-tier set which includes a promenade deck, boat deck, four working lifeboats, two collapsible lifeboats, the ship's bridge, corridors and several rooms.

The team behind the drama has also built the biggest indoor tank in mainland Europe for the scenes set in water.

The project's director Jon Jones said: "It's an incredible, evocative playing space. We have built a huge section of the ship that is jam-packed with a warren of rooms arranged to allow us a sense that we have the run of the ship. Once you enter the studio, it is like boarding the ship - you get a real sense of the space. We want to get to grips with how it really was to be confined in a tiny cabin in steerage - or effortlessly ensconced in a First Class stateroom."

Titanic will air in April 2012 to mark the centenary of the ship's sinking.


cue the cameron version remake shit, blah blah blah. i'm really excited for this, especially because it's apparently supposed to focus more on the historical passengers and less on the made up characters. there's plenty of on-ship drama they can use for good storylines (mistresses! card sharks! paternal kidnapping!)

Lady Gaga Responds To Japan Bracelet Lawsuit

While Lady Gaga plays panda in Japan, the pop star’s publicist Holly Shakoor has issued a statement regarding the lawsuit claiming she profited from the sale of her “We Pray For Japan” bracelets. Read the full statement below.

Michigan-based law firm 1-800-LAW-FIRM filed a lawsuit earlier this week alleging that Gaga had overcharged fans on shipping costs of her bracelet and had made money over the sale of a product whose proceeds she promised would go to the Japanese earthquake relief efforts.

The singer’s rep released a response (via E! Online):

“This misguided lawsuit is without merit and unfortunately takes attention away from the kind deeds of the fans around the world who are supporting the people of Japan. The entire $5 donation made with the purchase of each bracelet is going to support the disaster relief. No profit is being made on shipping costs. Sales tax charges were made in accordance with local legal requirements. Lady Gaga has personally pledged her own funds to this cause and continues to support the victims of the disaster.”

Your move, 1-800-LAW-FIRM.

Greg Peck is smokin

These 10 films wave a subtle, star-spangled banner

We’ll see lots of flags waved over the Fourth of July weekend. Red, white and blue patriotism will be on full display.

But sometimes the best way to get a point across is in a roundabout way. That’s what’s so good about the following films — they don’t tackle patriotism head-on. They’re sneakily patriotic.

This is not to say that there aren’t some really good films that are overt in their patriotism — “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” “Sergeant York,” that kind of thing. They’re stirring in their own right. But there’s something satisfying about embedding your message and leaving it there for audiences to discover. One way or another, these movies do that.



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This list is kind of bleh and the lack of "Independence Day" kills me...but I cannot stop watching "To Kill A Mockingbird" tbh

GoT looking for extras (yes, another GoT post)

Game of Thrones are searching for thousands of extras from Northern Ireland, it has been announced.

The HBO series filmed a chunk of the first season in Belfast, and it will return to the city's Paint Hall studios and other locations from July 25.

There will be an open casting in the city on July 4, reports Digital Spy.

Producers of the show are said to be looking for men with beards and long hair, archers, blacksmiths, swordfighters, farmhands and anyone with military or combat experience.

The first series of the medieval fantasy series starred Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Emilia Clarke and Alfie Allen.

It was recently announced that The Tudors star Natalie Dormer would play the role of Margaery Tyrell in the second season of the show.


Any Irish ONTDers going to get up on this?
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I love Alan Ball

Fairies lobbing bombs. Dead parrots coming back to life. A doll-decapitating baby. Judging by all the strange things happening in the Season Four premiere of HBO’s “True Blood,” life is back to perfectly (ab)normal in Bon Temps, Louisiana. Where it appears there really is no such thing as a good day for anyone. “Everyone gets an episode to be happy,” jokes executive producer Alan Ball, “but then you have to mess it up because otherwise, it gets boring.”

That’s one word that can’t be used to describe the premiere episode, which brought up plenty of burning questions for fans of the series. XfinityTV asked Ball to deal with some of the more perplexing queries based on what we’ve seen of Season Four so far. Here’s what he had to say.

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Beyonce, 29: "I Always Said I Would Have a Baby at 30"

Beyonce's baby clock is ticking!

"I always said I would have a baby at 30," the singer, who turns 30 in September, said on Monday's Piers Morgan Tonight.

"But," she teased, "I also said I was going to retire at 30." (The star, whose new album 4 drops Tuesday, added that she has no intention of retiring anytime soon.)

Although the timing of her family plans remain up in the air, one thing is certain: She and hubby of three years Jay-Z are solid as a rock.

The rapper-mogul, 41, is a "good man," gushed the notoriously private singer. "He is amazing," she added, explaining that they made a "marriage pact" to keep certain things private.

"Jay and I have kind of made a decision that we want to be known for our music and not our relationships or scandals."

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Fantasia "Caught" Vacationing in Barbados with Antwaun Cook...Pregnant?

So much for leaving the married Antwaun Cook alone.  Fantasia tried to kill herself over this dude almost a year ago when she "found out" he was married with kids after they started a relationship together.  The twosome--along with Fanny's daughter Zion-- were on the island since Fantasia performed a concert there over the weekend.  And she's raising our eyebrows in this purple one-piece swimsuit as she, her fam, and Antwaun had some fun snorkeling and chillin' on a boat. Fantasia signed on to play Mahalia Jackson in an upcoming film, and reportedly is packing on pounds to do so.  So is this belly a result of her movie role weight gain--or is another baby on the way?  Hmmm....Is this a preggers swimsuit body SEE THE PICS BELOW:

Source: http://theybf.com/2011/06/28/oh-snap-fantasia-antwuan-cook-vacay-in-barbadosand-fannys-got-an-extra-round-belly

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Joke thief jokes about being joke thief on Australia's Got Talent 2011, bombs miserably

On the other side of the globe, Australia's Got Talent garnered quite a bit of attention earlier this season when Jordan Paris, "a singer and actor" as his website describes him, introduced himself to Australia's TV viewing audience as a 22-year-old stand-up comedian.

He made it through to the semifinals. Only problem was, all of the material he used in his audition he had ripped off of other comedians; namely, Lee Mack and Geoff Keith. And people familiar with both of those comedians were quick to point this out.

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Courtney Love Is No Lady

Courtney Love has been dumped by boyfriend Henry Allsopp.

The 46-year-old star has moved out of the luxurious London home she shared with the aristocratic art dealer — who is the godson of Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall – after his family became “alarmed” at how close the couple had quickly become.

“She had moved in within a month of meeting Henry last November and made herself quite at home,” a source said.

“Most of the family were rather alarmed by how besotted he was and feared she had delusions of landing herself a title – she used to joke about becoming Lady Love.”


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The Quentin Tarantino Toe-Sucking Sex Email That Will Haunt Your Dreams

A young woman who works in show business emailed 15 friends last week with a tale about meeting director Quentin Tarantino at a party. She made out with him, took sexy pictures in a photo booth, and watched him whip out his "short," "fat," "nub-like" penis. She then had foot fetish quasi-sex with him, she claims.

The email—which included an attached photo of Miss Sexy Toes' photo booth pics (right)—went viral, and has been forwarded to us multiple times after "circulating the entertainment industry." But is it true? Erotic fiction? Some kind of strange viral campaign? (Say, promoting the film script strategically placed underneath the photo booth pics? We blacked out Miss Sexy Toes' face in our version.) We reached out to the the emailer, who seems to be a real person. She has yet to respond. Quentin Tarantino's representative also did not respond.

In the meantime, here is the glorious unverified story. Names and identifying details have been redacted. Not that there's any shame in getting your toes sucked! Raunchy lady entertainment is all the rage right now, so this email will get turned into a syndicated sitcom in, like, 5 minutes, anyway.

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Ruth 4

Charlene Wittstock Not a Runaway Bride, Says Palace

Forget the story that just days before her wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco this weekend, bride-to-be Charlene Wittstock attempted to escape the impending nuptials, as French news sources have been claiming.

According to the website of the news magazine L'Express, last week Albert's fiancée sought to return home to South Africa "only hours after learning that Albert had not been leading the exemplary life she thought."
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Tom Petty to Bachmann: Stop Using My Song

ABC News' Russell Goldman (@GoldmanRussell) reports:

Michele Bachmann might be the Republican Party’s latest “American Girl,” but according to the Los Angeles Times Tom Petty reportedly told the stalwart conservative and presidential contender he doesn’t want her playing that song any more at campaign events.

Bachmann, R-Minn., played the 1977 hit at the end of two speeches she delivered this week in Waterloo, Iowa, where she formally kicked off her campaign at a rally Monday morning.

It’s not the first time the song has been used by a candidate. Hillary Clinton also played the tune at events when she sought the Democratic nomination in 2008. Petty didn’t object to her use. It has also been featured in several movies and television shows.

Nor is this the first time, Tom Petty has put the kibosh on a Republican candidate playing his music at campaign events. He reportedly shot down President Bush’s request to use “I Won’t Back Down.”

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Laughing hysterically Pictures, Images and Photos

Source: http://blogs.abcnews.com/thenote/2011/06/tom-petty-to-bachmann-stop-using-my-song.html

Snooki and Jionni LaValle: Back Together?

Snooki and Jionni LaValle recently broke up.

Yet here they are back in Seaside, a few short weeks after he peaced out of Florence, looking happy as can be with JWoww and beau Roger Williams.

The cast returned to Jersey this week after spending the spring abroad. It didn't take long for Snooki and Jionni to reunite for a Garden State stroll:


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BTS - agust d

Katy Perry is better than your faves, etc.

KATY Perry is set to rival a record held by Michael Jackson for a quarter of a century.
If her latest single, Last Friday Night (TGIF), reaches the top spot in the US charts, she will have had five No1s from the same album. The King Of Pop was the last star to achieve that feat - with 1987 album Bad.

And the 26-year-old singer will be the first female to hit the mark in the 52-year history of The Billboard Hot 100. Latest collection Teenage Dream has already seen her shooting to the top with California Gurls, Firework, E.T. and the title track.

Her fifth single is currently at No4, but is gaining sales and is expected to climb again next week.
And she is already top of the digital sales charts after downloads were boosted by the star-studded video, featuring Hanson, Corey Feldman, Kenny G and Debbie Gibson, which received more than 26million hits on YouTube.
Michael, who died in June 2009, scored five hits from his eighties album with I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror and Dirty Diana.


Brought to you by the best meme on tumblr:

I kinda love her. idgaf. This is the first time I've genuinely wanted to see a ~pop star in concert. Plus, my sister got married, and Firework brought just about every single person to the dance floor.

Josh Duhamel Thinks He's Jinxed...Remains Hot While Doing So


Josh Duhamel suffered double trouble on the set of Transformers 3.

The actor — who’s married to Black Eyed Peas star Fergie – ended up with not one but two injured ankles in two separate accidents in one day.

“I don’t do things by halves,” says Josh. “On this particular day I sprained one ankle before lunch then came right back and sprained the other one after lunch so I had the matching pair! I must be jinxed.”

Josh recently revealed he and Fergie “want to start a family soon.”

“We’re hoping to start a family soon, so you also have to think about who’s going to have your wife’s back, and who’s going to be good with the kids,” he said.

“These sorts of things come into play. I think as you get older, you start to appreciate what real friendship is and how rare it can be.”


Alice Cooper May Cameo In Tim Burton’s ‘Dark Shadows’

A couple of things we didn’t know about Alice Cooper: he still has a pretty big fanbase even though he hasn’t released anything musically relevant in decades (nor has he been culturally relevant in that same span of time) and he’s sponsored by Mac cosmetics. Huh. Anyway, the musician and born again Christian may make a ghoulish appearance in Tim Burton‘s upcoming “Dark Shadows.”
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Lenny Kravitz talks new album, 'Hunger Games'

Two years ago, Lenny Kravitz was working on his latest album with a completely different premise in mind.

Originally intended to be a funk album called "Negrophilia," named after a book he'd read about the dubious obsession with black culture in Paris in the 1920s, Kravitz wound up inverting the message halfway through to create the highly optimistic and all-inclusive "Black and White America (out August 30).

His first album in three years, "Black and White America" delivers the signature big Kravitz rock and funk riffs, plus some more stripped down numbers and a collaboration with Jay-Z. Kravitz will kick off a tour in support of the album this fall.

CNN recently spoke to Kravitz about the hidden inspirations on the album, his new foray into comedy and what he's most looking forward to about playing Cinna in the highly-anticipated film adaptation of Suzanne Collins' young adult trilogy, "The Hunger Games."

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Can't wait to see him as Cinna tbh!! Lenny and Jen are flawless!! 

Detective Kimmy Cakes on the Casey Anthony Murder Trial: 'I Believe She is Guilty'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kim Kardashian took a break from shopping and photoshoots to weigh in with her opinion on the Casey Anthony murder trial which is currently gripping America.

The socialite and reality TV star, 30, took to her Twitter on Tuesday during an afternoon of testimony in the high-profile case.

Orlando woman Casey Anthony is accused of killing her toddler daughter Caylee Anthony in 2008 and the lengthy murder trial is being streamed live on US TV.

Seemingly incredulous at the day's events, Kim asked her fans: 'Who is into this Casey Anthony case? So many theories & stories!

'This is a mess! Who do u believe? Who is lying here?Collapse )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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The Voice will influence Christina's album

In the final part of Rolling Stone's series of interviews with the coaches of The Voice, Christina Aguilera reveals that her experience as a mentor on the hit show has had an impact on her own creativity. "I thought it would be an amazing thing to be part of someone else's journey while going through the next chapter of my life and recording my next album," she says. "At the end of the day, it's going to surface in my own music and on my own albums because I'm getting inspired every day working with everybody – this cast, this show, the other coaches, both on and off screen." 

Aguilera isn't the only one gushing with enthusiasm about working on The Voice. Though all of the show's coaches told Rolling Stone that they were skeptical about getting involved at first, they were all grateful that they did get on board. "I get sick at when I think what if I had passed on this and moved on and they hadn't waited on me," says country star Blake Shelton, who initially held out when approached to join the show. Cee Lo Green, who signed on in part to reveal aspects of his personality that don't always come across in his stage persona, says that The Voice defied his expectations by being "completely genuine" about music. And Maroon 5 singer Adam Levine, who admits he is not a fan of reality television, said that being on the show "has been one of the coolest experiences of my life, and I've had a lot of cool experiences."

es: book slave

New Series American Gods Won't Be Like Game of Thrones

The upcoming HBO series, headed up by author Neil Gaiman, is also an adaptation, this time of Gaiman's novel of the same title. But Gaiman, speaking with MTV News, stated that he hopes to throw in some "interesting divergences" from the plot of his original novel.

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lol at the gratuitous Game of Thrones mention

This series will be flaw-free. Ugh, cannot wait for 2013.


Jeff Probst Getting His Own Talk Show

You can go ahead and scratch Jeff Probst’s name off the short list of possible Regis Philbin replacements — the Survivor host is getting his own talk show.

Probst has inked a deal with CBS Distribution to headline a syndicated daytime gabfest beginning in fall 2012, but that doesn’t necessarily mean his Survivor days are numbered. The Emmy winner will likely shoot the reality juggernaut during his talk show’s summer hiatus.

“I’m fascinated with human nature and thrilled that this show will allow me the opportunity to connect with real people and explore their stories on a personal level,” Probst says. “As I continue with Survivor, I am excited to extend my relationship with CBS with this new adventure in the world of daytime.”

The news comes less than a month after former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric announced plans to front her own daytime talk show for ABC beginning in fall 2012.


i kind of don't want him to ever leave survivor, even though it's really sucked the past few seasons. he'll make a great talk show host though. and yes, survivor is still on and people still watch it.

A&E to Give Away $100,000 in Sweepstakes to Promote New Season of "Storage Wars"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

A&E Network is awarding one lucky winner with a $100,000 grand prize in the $100K Unit Sweepstakes. To enter consumers will be prompted to collect any or all of three secret codes and enter them on the sweepstakes entry page at www.100Kunit.com. The first secret code will appear in the July 8-15 issue of Entertainment Weekly® magazine (on sale beginning July 1), the remaining two will appear during one of the new episodes of “Storage Wars,” starting at 10/9C on July 20 and July 27. A&E will randomly select three finalists who will win a trip to New York City where “Storage Wars” auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson will host the final reveal during which one finalist will win the 100K grand prize, and the two others will receive a $1,000 first prize.

Sweepstakes begins on June 29 at 10pm ET and ends July 29 at 9:59pm ET. A&E will select finalists on or around August 6. Final reveal will take place August 26.

A new season of “Storage Wars” begins Wednesday, July 20 at 10pm ET/PT on A&E.


Smurfette Strikes A Pose In Marc Jacobs and Lanvin For Latest Harper's Bazaar

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Miss Piggy appeared on the cover of Time Magazine, and Marge Simpson famously posed on the cover of Playboy. Now Smurfette has followed in their footsteps by modelling for Harper's Bazaar.

The blue-skinned beauty, who is voiced by Katy Perry in the upcoming Smurfs movie, shows the supermodels how its don as she strikes a pose in the season's hottest new accessories.

Each photograph sees her model a different designer's autumn/winter look.

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The August issue of Harper's Bazaar is on sale from July 12. The Smurfs opens on July 29. For more images of Smurfette's shoot, visit harpersbazaar.com/smurfette

Source with more
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Janney gets ‘Struck by Lightning’, thesp to star in laffer opposite Chris Colfer of ‘Glee’

Allison Janney will topline opposite Chris Colfer of “Glee” in the indie coming-of-age comedy “Struck by Lightning,” directed by Brian Dannelly (“Saved”) from a script that was penned by Colfer.

The story, which opens with Colfer’s character being struck and killed by a bolt of lightning, is told in flashback, and chronicles his exploits as he blackmails his fellow senior classmates into contributing to a literary magazine he’s publishing. “Lightning” will be Colfer’s bigscreen debut (Variety, Dec. 7) and shot during Colfer’s summer hiatus from “Glee,” starting July 11 in Los Angeles.

David Permut is producing alongside Rob Aguire and Mia Chang. Colfer and his manager Glenn Rigberg will executive produce with Jason Michael Berman. Co-producing will be Permut Presentations’ Steve Longi, Camellia Entertainment’s Monica Aguirre Diez Barroso and Mark Moran. Permut is currently producing the Sam Kinison biopic at HBO Films with Tom Shadyac, who is also attached to direct, and a feature film based on the life of John De Lorean, written by Adam Mazer.

ICM with Doug Stone of Stone, Meyer, Genow, Smelkinson & Binder secured financing for the project through their client Camellia Entertainment. ICM will co-rep worldwide sales with Traction Media.

Colfer recently penned a pilot for the Disney Channel called “The Little Leftover Witch,” based on the children’s book of the same name, and will also publish two books with Little, Brown Books for Young Readers that will be released in the summer of 2012.

Janney will be seen next in the DreamWorks feature “The Help” and has also completed production on the indie features “The Oranges” and “Liberal Arts.”

Colfer is repped by Coast to Coast, Inphenate, and Derek Kroeger at Felker, Toczek, Gellman, Suddleson. Janney is represented by WME and Thruline.


Tracy Morgan Apologizes to Gays, Offends Mentally Disabled...No One is Surprised


'You can't teach an old dog new tricks' -- so the saying goes -- and Tracy Morgan appears to be one roughed up pup. The comedian and actor, who recently went on an apology spree after a barrage of hateful homophobic comments he made during a Nashville stand-up show, has done it again -- this time slamming the mentally and physically disabled.

"Don't ever mess with women who have retarded kids," he said at a recent stand-up show in New York, according to the New York Times. "Them young retarded males is strong. They're strong like chimps," he quipped before continuing with a joke about a 'crippled' teen girl he was allegedly once romantic with.


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Scarjo cast in musical

Hollywood actress Scarlett Johansson has signed up to star in a new film by John Carney, the Irish writer-director responsible for the hit 2006 indie musical film Once. The low-budget film made international names out of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova and was awarded an Oscar for best original song, which the couple performed at the Academy Awards ceremony.

The new film – called Can a Song Save Your Life? – will be executive produced by Judd Apatow, who was behind films such as Get Him to the Greek and Knocked Up. Although the male lead has not yet been cast, Mark Ruffalo and Jim Carrey have been rumoured as possible leads.

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I didn't bold anything cause it's q a boring article imo but all u need 2 know is that u will all be gifted with Scarlett's gorge singing voice coming soon(ish) to a theatre near u!

steve jones

More Actors Join 'G.I. Joe' Sequel; I Remain The Only Person in the World Mildly Excited About It

The sequel to 2009's "G.I. Joe" is quickly adding to its cast. D.J. Cotrona ("Detroit 1-8-7") and Wu-Tang Clan member RZA are the latest to join the ensemble, while French actress Elodie Yung has closed her deal to co-star.

Cotrona will play Flint, a Joe soldier best known in the toyline and 1980s comics for his shotgun and beret, while RZA will play a martial arts master named the Blind Master who in the past trained Joe commandoes Snake-Eyes (Ray Park) and Jinx (Yung).

Aside from Park's Snake Eyes, returning to the franchise is Channing Tatum (who Cotrona co-starred alongside in "Dear John") as Duke. Dwayne Johnson has also joined the cast as Roadblock. The "G.I. Joe" sequel is expected to hit theatres sometime next year.


Excited for D.J. Cotrona. I've had a crush on him ever since he was in that flop show "Skin" with Olivia Wilde. This movie is already looking better than the first one, but I still wish they would bring back Scarlett and the Baroness so there would at least be more than one female character.

Google's Next Step in Online Domination: Google+

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Google Inc is making its boldest move to take on Facebook in the fast-growing social networking market and to maintain its dominance on the Web.

Google, which has been frustrated by a string of failed attempts to crack the social networking market, introduced a full-fledged social network on Tuesday dubbed Google+. It is the company's biggest foray into social networking since co-founder Larry Page took over as chief executive in April.

Page has made social networking a top priority at the world's No. 1 Internet search engine, whose position as the main gateway to online information could be at risk as people spend more time on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

"They had the luxury of making mistakes in the past with their social initiatives. They don't really have that luxury now," said Ray Valdes, an analyst at research firm Gartner, referring to Google.

"Companies that are successful with the social web will get the page views, they'll get the engagement and they'll eventually get the advertising dollars that are so important to Google," he said.

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Would you use it, ONTD?

Romanian "sound" takes over dance music scene

Like dancing and looking for new club music? Move over London and Ibiza, it's time to check out ... Romania.

Artists from this eastern European state have inched their way onto the international scene to beat out Lady Gaga for a big US dance song award, score millions of views on YouTube and sell hundreds of thousands of singles.

Among the best known are Edward Maya and Inna , now worldwide dance floor stars - and the pride and joy of this former communist country stuck in an economic crisis and still fighting a reputation abroad as corrupt and poor.

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Check out some Romanian dance music!

Play & Win - Ya BB (Official Video)

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