June 6th, 2011

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Bobby Brown 'passes out on plane after getting drunk'

That’s one way to beat jet-lag: Bobby Brown 'passes out on plane after getting drunk'


Bobby Brown definitely wasn’t complaining about the lack of in-flight entertainment or bad airline food when he flew from Aruba to Miami on Tuesday.


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Roni Sauce

-____-  Bobby maybe you need to check your ass into rehab right along with Whitney

Justin Bieber Feels 'So Blessed' After Movie Awards Win

Teen sensation made a surprise appearance to accept Best Jaw Dropping Moment prize.

Talk about a jaw-dropping moment. Justin Bieber, who was not scheduled to appear at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, dropped in unexpectedly to claim his Golden Popcorn in the Best Jaw Dropping Moment category for his 3-D concert spectacular "Never Say Never."

"It feels great. I'm so blessed," Bieber told MTV News backstage. "I'm so glad to be back here and to have so many great fans. It's a great night."

"Never Say Never" was a career-defining moment for Bieber and he's fully aware of that fact. "It was great. It was my first time performing at Madison Square Garden and just being there and having that experience, I'm glad that I got to just have that experience. It was great."

After opening the envelope to reveal Bieber had bested his fellow nominees (which included did-that-just-happen scenes from "127 Hours," "Black Swan," "Inception" and "Jackass 3D"), "30 Minutes or Less" co-stars Danny McBride, Nick Swardson and Aziz Ansari were about to be in for an even bigger surprise than the upset victory itself.

Ansari -- who dressed up as Jaden Smith from "The Karate Kid," only to discover Will Smith's son wouldn't be attending -- cried after revealing Bieber's name, "He's not here! He's not here!" The "Parks and Recreation" star then joked that the singing sensation wouldn't be able to accept his first MTV Movie Award because, "He's too busy burning a huge pile of cash in a private jet while he's Skyping with Jaden Smith and Selena Gomez!"

But apparently Bieber wasn't too busy, as the 17-year-old (whose girlfriend, Selena Gomez, was in the audience) suddenly appeared from offstage wearing a "Miami Vice"-like outfit that included a blue blazer, white pants and sunglasses, causing the audience to erupt in the kind of screams that seem to follow him everywhere. After greeting the presenters, Bieber, who stood in the swirling stage fog, took to the microphone and told the crowd, "Thank you so much," explaining that he showed up to the MTV Movie Awards because, "I couldn't let down my fans."

Bieber went on to thank "Never Say Never" director Jon Chu, as well as his manager Scooter Braun, his family and, once again, his ever-supportive fans. "I love you!" he yelled before making a peace sign, which he signed off with a kiss.
Jay-Z / FB

HBO Documentary: Bobby Fischer Against the World

 I could have told you a few things about Bobby Fischer even before watching Liz Garbus' excellent, sympathetic yet clear-eyed documentary "Bobby Fischer Against the World," which premieres Monday on HBO:
that Fischer was a world champion chess player; that he disappeared from view at the height of his fame; that he was in some sort of trouble with the government; that he was a fugitive; that he was crazy, or anyway said crazy things; that he died.

These things were in the air once; you just breathed them in.
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In defense of the genre...

Moby has said Britney Spears 'isn't music'. So what is? -In hypocritically describing pop as 'advertising for ringtones', Moby fails to grasp the genre's great emotional highs and lows.

In 2003, Moby co-wrote and produced a track for Britney Spears's fourth album, In the Zone. At the time, he was ridiculously popular following the success of his albums Play and 18, while Britney was still more famous for her pop songs than her personal life (well ... almost).

It seems, however, that their working relationship has soured somewhat. Earlier this month Moby, while trying to defend her to The Quietus, ended up calling her "a broken-down shell of a human being" and in a new interview with Spinner he claims her songs, and those of the majority of current chart pop, are "fun, but I don't think of it as music". He goes on: "It's manufactured. I appreciate it as a pop culture phenomenon and some of the songs I like if I hear them in a shopping mall or something, but it doesn't function as music for me."

For Moby, a song can only be classed as "music" if it has "integrity in a really interesting, direct way" and though he claims to not be criticising the likes of Rihanna, Britney and Ke$ha directly, he goes on to refer to their output as "hyper-produced corporate product" and, the old classic, "advertising for ringtones".

Setting aside his blatant hypocrisy – licensing your entire album to commercials, as Moby did with Play, makes you guilty of producing "advertising for Vauxhall Corsas", if not ringtones – it's an argument that seems to follow most pop music around these days. At the heart of it is the theory that all music needs to have been wrenched from the emotional core of a tortured soul, ideally recorded in a basement toilet and augmented only by the scratching of fingers on guitar strings and tears, ACTUAL TEARS. It forgets that music can be fun and instantaneous, or that great pop stars are often used as a front for great pop songs, often written by great songwriters (Max Martin, Cathy Dennis, Stargate). It also hints at another old adage: that pop is for children who lap it up without giving it a second thought.

Yes, Britney doesn't write that many of her songs, but would ... Baby One More Time or Toxic have worked as well if someone else had sung them? Or if it's genuine emotion you're after, have a listen to Cold Case Love from Rihanna's Rated R or Britney's own Everytime, performed in the aftermath of her break-up with Justin Timberlake. Or most of Christina Aguilera's work, P!nks Nobody Knows, Kelly Clarkson's Sober, gruhjgnefkr. Fuck you Moby.

Let's not get carried away – there is a lot of bad pop out there (Black Eyed Peas, Pitbull, Olly Murs, I'm looking at you). But to tar it all with this incredibly patronising brush doesn't do anyone any favours. If Moby's idea of "proper music" is somehow linked to longevity (his ringtone comment degrades it as something throwaway), it will be interesting to see whose music stands the test of time. Personally, I'd rather Umbrella was remembered over We Are All Made of Stars. [SOURCE]

Mods, while Moby's pop shaming was already posted, this is a counter argument article that's really interesting, and makes a good point, so I thought it was worth posting! :*

Lady Godga to Learn ASL to Communicate with Deaf Fans

The wacky singer - whose Born This Way album is No1 in Britain and across the globe - plans to take lessons with a private tutor.

She has been inspired to take up ASL - American Sign Language - after watching YouTube clips of her deaf devotees signing along to her songs.

A source said yesterday: "GaGa's already campaigned for gay rights in the States and has spoken out about political issues like immigration.

"Now she wants to make sure her deaf fans feel included too.
"Once she's mastered sign language she'll be able to respond to the videos that are online, and include signing in future live tours."

GaGa, 25 - who sings in Spanish and German on Born This Way - has previously played gigs with a sign language expert by her side to interpret her lyrics for her deaf followers.

At a Washington gig last year the New Yorker dedicated her song Speechless to her hearing-impaired fans. She told them: "I wish I spoke your language.

"That's really fucking beautiful. Everybody speaks the language of love and it's so beautiful that music brings everyone together."


She is so amazing. Your faves are too busy performing at 7-Eleven parking lots for EBT cards.

Haters teach Oralism and are related to Alexander Graham Bell etc.


Slaydy Gaga remains No.1 in UK Charts

Lady Gaga started a second week atop the U.K. album chart and Pitbull a third on the singles survey in new data published by the Official Charts Company yesterday (Sunday).

Gaga's "Born This Way" (Interscope/Universal) rules the album chart with second-week sales of 67,000, ahead of Adele's current and previous sets "21" and "19" (XL Recordings), which stayed at Nos. 2 and 3 with respective sales of 49,000 and 26,000. Lady Gaga is still in the singles top 40 with three declining titles, "Judas" (down 9-15), the title track (17-19) and "The Edge of Glory" (18-23). Adele, meanwhile, moved back 21-20 with "Someone Like You" and fell 26-31 with "Rolling In The Deep," as one of the singles from her first album, "Make You Feel My Love," rebounded yet again, re-entering the singles top 75 at No. 34.

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Seth Green and Michelle Trachtenberg on the set of "Sexy Evil Genius"

Seth Green
and Michelle Trachtenberg are spotted on the set of the dark comedy Sexy Evil Genius Saturday in Los Angeles (June 4). Seth tweeted the pic and wrote: "5am call + downtime between setups = @RealMichelleT catnapping on set"

also tweeted lots of other pictures from set, including some of his co-stars Harold Perrineau and Katee Sackhoff. Check ‘em out in the gallery.

The film was written by Scott Lew who actually has Lou Gehrig’s Disease and can only communicate via computer. Sobini Film’ Mark Amin told Movieweb that Sexy Evil Genius has all the components to be a great film: "I have been looking for a script that was original, had great characters, a seasoned director with a vision, and a compelling story. When Sexy Evil Genius attracted such a great cast, I knew we had found our film."

+24 pics at the source

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king gallagher whew else

Pop Icon, Miss Britney Spears Adds 9 UK and Ireland Tour Dates

Britney Spears has confirmed a full list of UK tour dates.

The 'Till The World Ends' singer will bring her 'Femme Fatale' tour to cities including London, Manchester and Birmingham.

The news follows the announcement that Spears will play at Dublin's O2 Arena on October 24 and at the Odyssey Arena in Belfast on October 25.

Spears launches the tour in North America with a date in the Californian city of Sacramento on June 16. She will be supported on the American dates by Nicki Minaj, who described the headliner as "an icon".

However, Minaj recently confirmed on Twitter that she "will not" join Spears on the UK dates.

Tickets for the UK dates, listed below, go on sale on June 10.

  • October 25 - Belfast, Odyssey arena
  • October 27 - London, O2 arena
  • October 28 - London, O2 arena
  • October 30 - Birmingham, LG arena
  • October 31 - Birmingham, LG arena
  • November 2 - London, O2 arena
  • November 3 - London, O2 arena
  • November 6 - Manchester, MEN arena

    Source + Listen to the CapitalFM announcement here.
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    Mila Kunis, Justin Timberlake Address Romance Rumors

    Looks like Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis are taking their roles in upcoming romantic comedy Friends With Benefits to heart.

    The costars addressed rumors they were hooking up off-camera at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday with a little friendly P.D.A. – and nothing was hands-off.

    So are they boyfriend and girlfriend? More like brother and sister, Kunis, 27, says.

    "Even though we're in the movie Friends With Benefits, Mila and I have never dated," Timberlake, 30, clarified, before the two presenters playfully showed how comfortable they were together – by jokingly groping each other.

    Friends With Benefits arrives in theaters July 22.

    BTS - agust d

    Moss from the IT Crowd made a movie that I want to see

    In person, Ayoade is a soft-spoken, unassuming man who has clearly contemplated SUBMARINE a great deal, especially since its premiere at last year's Toronto Film Festival. He's a lot of fun to talk to, and has a wicked, dry sense of humor. When I asked him for the correct pronunciation of his last name, he just shook his head and said, "I don't know." Later this same day, we did a post-screening Q&A, and he really came to life in front of the audience of folks clearly aware of his television work. Anyway, please enjoy my talk with Richard Ayoade.

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    This interview was long as hell, so it's heavily edited. But I would go to the source and read it all. The intro write up which I have not included here is fab. Did anyone get to see Submarine? I wanted to, but it's not playing anywhere even close to my zip code.
    Source - to read the very long interview in its entirety.

    Just a pre-emptive strike note to the mods - he's a comedian/actor on the IT Crowd, and his first feature film was released in America on Friday. He also directed a ton of music videos for Vampire Weekend, Kasabian, and Arctic Monkeys. This is an interview that was posted this morning.
    tyler oakley tyleroakley

    Lady Gaga, Eric Schmidt team up on Social Start-Up "Backplane"

    A new start-up called Backplane has raised over $1 million in venture funding, The New York Times is reporting. The company's investment is led by Tomorrow Ventures, the venture firm that Google Executive Chairman (and former CEO) Eric Schmidt founded. By investing in Backplane, an unlikely pairing has emerged in the online space: Eric Schmidt and Lady Gaga.

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    Jim Parsons guest starring on iCarly

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    On The Big Bang Theory, Jim Parsons plays someone who would like to believe that he’s ahead of his time. Now on iCarly, he’ll play someone who claims that he actually is. EW has learned that the Emmy-winning actor will guest star on Miranda Cosgrove’s hit Nickelodeon sitcom as Caleb, a psychiatric patient who thinks that he hails from the future. He winds up befriending Carly and Co. when they visit the ward.

    Parsons is filming his guest spot today; it will air later this year as part of the show’s fourth season.

    Random, but I approve.

    Gerry Butts & Mary Camden Are Dating...Please Set the ONTD Nickname Generator to Max

    Are Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel an item?

    Their reps say the two actors are "just friends," but they appeared to be pretty close friends while shooting Playing the Field in Shreveport, La., last month. And over the weekend, new photos surfaced of Biel enjoying a ride on the back of Butler's motorcycle down the PCH in Malibu.

    Before shooting began, Butler, 41, who has a reputation as a ladies' man, and Biel, 29, who had just broken up with Justin Timberlake, were the center of attention at a cast and crew dinner at Tokyo Japanese Restaurant. One source tells PEOPLE the two stars sat next to each other the entire evening, talking and laughing, with Butler eating off of Biel's plate.

    "He knows he looks good," the onlooker tells PEOPLE. "If I were her, I'd hook up with him. She looks good, too, and she knew she looked good, swinging her hips around." lol, what?

    The source adds: "They looked like a couple. They were having a good time."

    "Gerry has a large personality, and everyone, including Jessica, gets caught up in his world," one insider tells PEOPLE. "I think they enjoyed each other's company. It can be hard working on a movie, trying to establish a new routine, and it helps when you have someone with you to make you feel more normal."


    Happy is silently, albeit patriotically, judging you Gerard Butler.

    Shania Twain To Make HUGE Announcement Wednesday!


    Shania's website was just updated with a countdown clock as she is expected to make a HUGE announcement during a press conference on Wednesday, June 8th from the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum at 2 PM CST.

    It was previously announced that Shania will be releasing a new song called "Today Is Your Day" on iTunes this Sunday after the season finale of her show on OWN, Why Not With Shania Twain?




    Brett Ratner isn’t going to be Matthew Vaughn‘s punching bag anymore. But first, quick history lesson of sorts. Vaughn was initially lined up to direct “X-Men: The Last Stand,” developing the story and working closely on the film, until he bailed on the job fearing that the production schedule Fox had given him was too tight (ironically, “X-Men: First Class” would be shot and delivered in an even shorter time frame). So in steps Brett Ratner, and the rest, as they say, is history. Vaughn hasn’t been shy about his distaste for ‘The Last Stand.” As early as 2007, he told the Telegraph his reasons for abandoning his shot at that X-Men film and pretty much threw Ratner under the bus in the process:

    “What happened with ‘X-Men’ was I didn’t have the time to make the movie that I wanted to make. I had a vision for how it should be, and I wanted to make sure I was making a film as good as ‘X-Men 2,’ and I knew there was no way it could be. I just suddenly knew it wasn’t the right thing for me to do. It was a tough decision because it was a hell of an opportunity. But I was trying to make a career as a director, and I didn’t want to be the guy accused of making a bad ‘X-Men’ movie,” Vaughn said. “As it happens, I could have made something a hundred times better than the film that was eventually made. It sounds arrogant, but I could have done something with far more emotion and heart. I’m probably going to be told off for saying that, but I genuinely believe it.”

    But Vaughn’s low regard for Ratner’s effort reared its head again more recently on press rounds for ‘First Class,’ when he continued to kick ‘The Last Stand’ saying, “I storyboarded the whole bloody film, did the script. My ‘X3’ would have been 40 minutes longer. They didn’t let the emotions and the drama play in that film. It became wall-to-wall noise and drama. I would have let it breathe and added far more dramatic elements to it.”
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    guti WEAH


    EX New York Giants Player Plaxico Burress released from prison

    ROME, N.Y. -- In his first precious moments as a free man again, Plaxico Burress embraced his wife and cradled his two young kids after being released from prison for serving nearly two years on a gun charge.

    In the kind of heartfelt emotion that can only come from being away from family for so long, Burress soaked up the reunion with his loved ones. He looked like a giddy kid, even finding a few touching minutes to play with his two dogs.

    Burress told reporters: "As far as football is concerned, if and when everything gets settled, when they get back on the field, I'll be ready."

    "I just want to thank God for bringing me through one of the most trying times in my life," said Burress, who wore an old-school Philadelphia Phillies cap, a black zip-up hoodie and shorts. "It's a beautiful day. It's a beautiful day to be reunited with my family. I want to go home and spend some quality time with them.
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    I still can't believe Mike Vick for 2 years for abusing dogs and Plaxico got 2 years as well got shooting HIMSELF.. lol justice system

    It's Official: Nicole Scherzinger Replacing Cheryl Cole on U.S. X Factor

    Here’s the official statement from Fox, Fremantle and SYCO:
    “Nicole Scherzinger will be replacing Cheryl Cole on the judging panel of The X Factor. Nicole will join Simon Cowell, L.A. Reid and Paula Abdul on their search across America to find the next global superstar or group to win the life-changing $5 million dollar recording deal. Nicole has previously joined Simon Cowell as a guest judge on The X Factor for the UK version of the show in 2010. Steve Jones will act as sole host of The X Factor.”
    Please attribute this statement to FOX, FREMANTLEMEDIA NORTH AMERICA and SYCO TV.


    Nicole Richie, Ellen Pompeo, and babies playing in the park

    Taking full advantage of the beautiful weather, Ellen Pompeo and Nicole Richie were spotted out at Griffith Park in Los Feliz on Saturday (June 4).

    The “Grey’s Anatomy” babe brought her daughter Stella and the “Simple Life” star had her son Sparrow and daughter Harlow in tow. Ellen and Nicole have been maternity mates for awhile now, as they shopped for baby clothes back in 2009 when they were both preggers. Later in the day, Ellen joined up with her husband Chris Ivery to pick up some to-go eats from The Grill in Beverly Hills.

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    "THE dress" to be on display at Buckingham Palace

    The Duchess of Cambridge's wedding dress is to go on display at Buckingham Palace but visitors will be expected to fork out £17.50 for a ticket.

    The Sarah Burton creation for Alexander McQueen will be on show during the summer opening of Buckingham Palace between July 23 and October 3, the Royal Collection said.

    The Duchess's veil, tiara and wedding shoes and the diamond earrings she wore on her wedding day will also form part of the display.

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    Katie Couric joins ABC; will launch new talk show next fall

    After stints at both NBC and CBS, Katie Couric will make ABC the home of her new syndicated talk show.

    The project has become one of the industry's worst-kept secrets, with much of the negotiating process played out in the media. Despite early talks with NBC, CBS and Time Warner, Couric's camp -- which includes veteran syndication executive Ed Wilson, CAA agent Alan Berger, attorney Craig Jacobson and publicist Matthew Hiltzik -- turned to ABC, which is set to launch her daytime show in September of 2012.

    “I’m very happy to be returning to the network where I began my career as a desk assistant in 1979," said Couric in a statement. "It is tremendously exciting to have the creative freedom to develop my own show with Anne Sweeney, the Disney/ABC TV Group and Jeff [Zucker], and to contribute to such a vibrant, innovative news division."

    For months many assumed CBS, run by Couric confidant Leslie Moonves, would be the obvious choice for Couric's next act. But while the company maintained it's right to match any Couric offer until the news personality's contract ended, CBS pulled its own offer early last month. One syndication executive said station owners were polled and many bristled at the idea of replacing CBS's Judge Judy --the top-rated show has been renewed through 2015-- for an untested Couric offering. Others suggest too much time and too many demands had gotten in the way.

    One source within Couric's camp noted the disorganization at NBC, while a network source suggests NBC brass ran the numbers and failed to see how such a series made financial sense. Warner Bros/CNN are said to have been dropped from contention because their parent company could not offer a broadcast network news outlet to keep Couric seen --and thus relevant-- during the year-plus leading up to the show's launch as well as serve as a marketing tool once the show is already on.
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    Fantasia Is Pregnant...According to MediaTakeOut...

    June 06, 2011. MediaTakeOut.com told you a few weeks back that R&B singer Fantasia may be PREGNANT. Well now we can OFFICIALLY CONFIRM that Fantasia is PREGNANT. And this is not a RUMOR . . . it is FACT!!!

    According to TWO separate sources, Fantasia is TWO AND A HALF MONTHS pregnant with Antwaun Cook's baby. You'll recall that Fanny met Antwaun when he was married. The two carried on an AFFAIR until Antwaun's wife finally LEFT HIM.

    And we got even more news. Fantasia's DUE DATE is in mid December. But don't expect Fanny to CONFIRM our EXCLUSIVE report just yet. An insider told us, "Fantasia wants to be 3 months before she makes any announcement."

    Oh . . . and BTW . . we got a BABY BUMP PIC. Taken this weekend.

    Members of the press (and blogs) are REQUIRED to credit MediaTakeOut.com for this EXCLUSIVE report. If you don't we will NEVER link to you again. And we will also NEVER credit you for ANY exclusive report that you break - EVER. We work hard to break entertainment news stories and we DESERVE the credit for breaking them.

    I doubt that she is pregnant. She gained weight to play Gospel legend Mahalia Jackson in a biopic. The filming start date was pushed back from May to July.

    Anyway, in other news, Fantasia's third single COLLARD GREENS and CORNBREAD is now #12 on Urban AC radio.

    Source: http://cdn.mediatakeout.com/49018/mto_exclusive_fantasias_pregnant____we_got_all_the_details____and_the_first_baby_bump_pics.html

    Get Your Louisiana Purchase Cards Ready - We Going to Wal-Mart!

    Say what you will about the Internet; it has definitely sped up the process of dropping jaws. No longer do you need to murder a few family members or a song on American Idol to become notorious overnight. Such is the case with NOLA bounce artist Mr. Ghetto, who uploaded a little guerilla video called “Walmart” on May 17. Within 48 hours, it had garnered 400,000 hits from a shocked YouTube audience, been removed for “content violation” (presumably user complaints, though the video doesn’t violate the site’s posting rules), been featured on the tosh.0 website, and inspired at least one reaction video. The fact that summer hadn’t started yet was a mere formality. Hits have now topped 2 million.


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    Sports Night: Bored and Waiting

    fucked up.


    Another 90210 resident is heading for the hills.

    Sources confirm to TVLine exclusively that Trevor Donovan — whose heretofore-closeted alter ego Teddy was at the center of a high profile coming out storyline last season — will not be returning to The CW soap as a series regular for Season 4.

    Fans, however, have not seen the last of Teddy.

    Although a spokesperson for the show declined to comment, a 90210 insider says Donovan will appear as a guest star in roughly five episodes this fall.

    “I look back on getting this real-life story line as a blessing,” Donovan told TVLine in a statement. “To be able to simultaneously take on a challenging role and bring awareness to a relevant social issue was a win-win for me. I’m looking forward to what opportunities and adventures lie ahead.”

    News of Donovan’s looming departure comes as 90210 undergoes a period of transition — both on screen and off. Season 4 will find much of the West Bev crew moving on to college — a rite of passage that triggered the exits of the show’s two remaining adult characters, Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Life Unexpected scribes Patti Carr and Lara Olsen have taken over as co-showrunners, replacing Rebecca Sinclair.


    this is so fucked up. he was the only interesting thing about this show.
    tyler oakley tyleroakley

    Human Centipede II Plot Revealed: Already Banned in the UK

    Even if you don't want to know, you know what The Human Centipede is. Say what you will about the actual movie, but you've got to tip your hat to Tom Six for creating a viral phenom out of a bad horror movie. I personally think his movie is full of abysmal acting and execution that isn't nearly as ballsy as its engineered-to-be-offensive plot thinks it is, and it turns out the BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) agrees with me. They found the first film to be "a relatively traditional and conventional horror film" and gave it an 18 rating, meaning it could be released uncut in the UK.

    The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence), however, is just too much for the Brit equivalent of the MPAA. They've refused to give the film a classification, which means distribution of it in the UK is illegal. And while that's probably music to the ears of anyone who actually enjoyed the first film, wait until you hear why it's been banned. Hey, at least Tom Six isn't holding back this time.

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    Interview with JAMES FRANCO + Pictures of his tribute to Brad Renfro

    The actor James Franco crouched over a table, his neck bowed in deep concentration. Franco had come to a tiny 400-square-foot storefront in the Mission district to commemorate the passing of a friend. But this was no funeral. It was the latest installment of The Thing, a quarterly publication that Franco was guest editing.

    “It represents what it’s like to be a performer,” said Franco, pointing to the objects that would be bundled into the issue — a lipstick-covered mirror and a photo of a switchblade carving the word “Brad,” as in the actor Brad Renfro, into Franco’s right arm. “You go into something with such high hopes, things happen, you get so terribly disappointed.”

    The Thing is a conceptual art object-based publication started by two Bay Area artists, Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, in 2007. As magazine, book, and music publishing continues to migrate onto iPads and MP3 players, projects like The Thing — which celebrate tactile pleasures — have grown in the Bay Area.

    Read the rest of the article here

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    wow that's a really tough place to carve yourself..
    his talents are endless imo!

    Music video: Alexandra Stan - Get Back (ASAP)

    Alexandra Stan - Get Back (ASAP) OFFICIAL HD MUSIC VIDEO

    Romanian pop goddess Alexandra Stan has just premiered the music video for "Get Back (ASAP)", the second single from her upcoming debut album, in stores this month. The video is a continuation of her last music video "Mr. Saxobeat".

    In "Mr. Saxobeat", we saw Alexandra as the bad girl getting arrested, then seducing a guard to let her out of prison, and finally dressed as a sexy police woman as she escapes the clutches of the law. "Get Back (ASAP)" continues this escape and follows Alexandra with the police on her trail. She hides in a bar full of rowdy Mexicans and tries to win them over with her music and charm.

    Will she get caught by police again, or manage to escape for good? You'll have to watch to find out!

    Alex currently has a #3 hit in the UK with "Mr. Saxobeat", and has conquered the most important European charts, so let's see if she can keep pace with "Get Back (ASAP)".


    taking out my freak tonight~

    Official "I Wanna Go" Single Artwork

    Check out the official artwork for Britney's new single, "I Wanna Go," off her platinum-selling Femme Fatale album! I adore this shot of Britney, she looks so damn happy. I Wanna Go and pinch her cute lil cheeks. It's bright, colorful, fun... just like the sure-to-be hit single. Click here for the HQ version. Photo by Roderick Trestrail II.

    Ruth 4

    Lauryn Hill Just Keeps Making Babies

    That thing, that thing, that thiiii-eeee-iiiiing Lauryn Hill keeps doing is called getting knocked the hell up. Lauryn Hill's uterus just checked in a sixth visitor and she announced it at her show in Detroit on Saturday. While most of Lauryn's fans want her to birth out a new album, she said that she's sliding away from music for a while so that she can devote all her time to training her own version of the Jackson 5 called the Marley 6.

    "I’m going to be taking time off to give birth. I keep having these children. I don't know if I'm the most fertile woman in America."

    Lauryn and her dude Rohan Marley have a 13-year-old son (Zion), a 12-year-old daughter (Selah), a 9-year-old son (Joshua(, a 7-year-old son (John) and a 2-year-old daughter (Sarah). Lauryn isn't hollerin' in a recording studio, because she's too busy hollerin' on a baby making bed. I'm not mad at Lauryn, but I wish I could say the same thing about her uterus. If you put your ear up to Lauryn's body, you'd probably hear her uterus singing out, "She's killing me softly with his cum...."

    • kofo4

    The Star Market: Does Michael Fassbender Have the X Factor to Become a Superstar?

    Ask your mom who Michael Fassbender is and she might not be able to identify the 34-year-old up-and-comer by name, even if she happened to check out his last movie, Jane Eyre. Mention Fassbender to anyone working in Hollywood, though, and they'll all know exactly who he is, because they've either tried to get him in their next movie or their interns can't stop salivating over the man. Few actors come more buzzed about in town than Fassbender, even though his most high-profile role ever — a young Magneto in the prequel X-Men: First Class — only hits theaters today. Is this a case of industry hype getting too far ahead of itself, or is Fassbender on his way to the A-list? To find out, we asked industry insiders our simple question: If Michael Fassbender were a stock, would you buy, sell, or hold?
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    t&t: vomit

    Justin Vernon lookin' damn good for Vanity Fair

    Heart of Wisconsin

    The music of Justin Vernon offers exhilarating evidence that the rural really are different, and not in the pickup-drivin’, flag-fetishizin’ way that sells in Nashville. Five years ago, following the breakups of his band and his relationship, Vernon retreated from North Carolina to his native Wisconsin. Snowbound in a rustic cabin for the winter—or so the story goes—he produced a collection of quasi-religious hymns to the terrible beauty of heartbreak, which he self-recorded under the name Bon Iver, an intentional bastardization of the French phrase bon hiver (good winter). Self-released in July 2007 and picked up the following spring by the Jagjaguwar label, For Emma, Forever Ago slowly made its way into the MP3 libraries of every indie-music fan alive, including Kanye West—who invited Vernon to add his AutoTune–enhanced falsetto to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy—and whoever put together the soundtrack for The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Vernon, meanwhile, has approached the project of a follow-up album with country-bred patience and perseverance, building a studio near his hometown, Eau Claire, and laboring over the songs like a craftsman over his lathe, until they felt as timeless as old-growth oak. “It was a discovery,” he says, “so it took a long time for the songs to appear, and then once they appeared it took a really long time to make them what they are.” While Bon Iver, due out June 21, features a full band and numerous guest contributions, it remains true to Vernon’s vision of “one simple action that seemed pretty self-centered—making an album that was truly an honest statement.”

    Collapse )

    Sources: NY Times and Vanity Fair

    OK, I have always loved Bon Iver but why is it that I haven't found Justin sexy until recently? He used to look homeless and smelly and like he belonged on an episode of American Loggers. Anyway, there is a great article from the NY Times about Justin and his bromance with Kanye and a bunch of other shit but I didn't post it because it was pretty TL;DR. Go check it out here.

    • jamimo

    Emma Watson At The MTV Movie Awards After Party

    Taking advantage of the evening’s affairs, Emma Watson was seen attending the 2011 MTV Movie Awards After Party in West Hollywood last night (June 5).

    The “Harry Potter” hottie mingled with the likes of Cameron Diaz, Lily Collins, Taylor Lautner and Emma Stone at the Yoostar-sponsored fete at SoHo House.

    Collapse )

    Your Favorite Actress Gwynnie P. Loves Nothing More Than Getting Her Fingers Into Some Stinky Cheese

    When you think about statuesque film icon and my dear personal friend Gwyneth Paltrow what do you think? Academy Award winning actress? Gifted vocalist? Save the Children ambassador? Estée Lauder spokesmodel? Fitness and culinary guru? Part-time juggalette? Cross-stitching enthusiast? Amateur ghost hunter? Gwyneth is certainly all of these things but to those who know her best, Gwyneth is, first and foremost, a lover of cheese. Stinky, stinky cheese.

    The true definition of slim and sexxxy said that she finds it hard to stay on the straight and narrow when cheese is around, especially if it is smelly (allegedly, the smell reminds her of Blythe Banner's vagina. ALLEGEDLY). Whether it's Roquefort, Caciocavallo Podolico, Gorau Glas, Swedish Moose House, Kraft American singles, Chuck E. Cheese, toe cheese...Gwynnie loves it.

    Writing in her GOOP newsletter, she said, 'OK, it may not be the healthiest of indulgences, but cheese, really beautiful, well-made cheese, has to be one of the best things on the planet. Give me a slice of Camembert over chocolate cake any day.


    This reminds me of the time Gwynnie and I decided to take our girls out to the Cheesecake Factory. Full disclosure, typically neither Gwynnie or I partake in such calorie-laden, peasant food but due to my daughter Hortensia's severe allergic reaction to any food with actual nutrients we decided to rough it, after all, this was Hortenia's first time out of the house since her ill-fated bat mitzvah where the local children mistook her upper back protrusion for a pinata. Anyway, the young lady who was taking our order, whilst sporting some positively dangerous looking piercings as well as a slight mustache, gave us the most appalling of glances and audibly scoffed when we asked to order off-menu! After a brief but stern discussion with the entire staff about how to properly treat their patrons, Gwynnie, Apple and myself order some simple summer salads, while little Hortie ordered God knows what, since as you know, she speaks only in our housemaid Guadalupe's native tongue, a language I do not wish to learn despite purchasing the Rosetta Stone. When the salads were delivered there was a beautiful, yellow glaze atop the leafy greens. It was delicious and salty with a bit of a tangy aftertaste. I begged the chef for the recipe but he swore it was his own secret concoction. We simply couldn't believe we had judged the establishment so harshly. That is until we all found ourselves ass down on the toilet but an hour later but live and learn and never eat at chain restaurants...
    flopped for our sins
    • noahbb

    iOS 5 adds Wi-Fi syncing, iMessage and new notifications

    iOS 5 is alive, packing a raft of new features -- you no longer need to plug your iPhone or iPad into your computer to sync and update. Software updates will now be beamed to your phone automatically over the air, and you can sync your stuff to iTunes over Wi-Fi, so you may never need that white cable ever again.

    Apple revealed the next version of the software powering Apple's mobile devices at developer conference WWDC, showing off new features and new apps. Notifications are revamped, Mail has been overhauled and Twitter is now built-in. Wi-Fi syncing happens at night when your phone is charging and you're fast asleep.

    New apps on the block: iMessage, Notification Centre, News Stand

    iMessage is a new instant messager for sending messages to other iOS 5 users. It's similar to the massively popular BlackBerry Messenger that lets BlackBerry users send messages to each other for free. Messages, photos and videos are encrypted, go to iPhones and iPads, and work over both 3G and Wi-Fi.

    The new Notification Centre, sorry, Center, put all your notifications and reminders in one place, which you open by swiping from the top. Sound familiar? It will to users of Google's rival Android system. Reminders can be assigned to a location, so your phone can nag you when you arrive at a particular place.

    There's a new home for digital magazines and newspapers too, called Newsstand. It looks like iBooks for news, automatically downloading new issues of your favourite reads like Project or The Daily.

    Twitter is built-in to many apps, so you can tweet a picture directly from the camera app, or tweet your location from Maps.

    You can also take a picture with the volume button or onscreen when your phone is locked, so there's no missing a photo because you're waiting for the Camera app to open. We'd guess the volume button doubling as a shutter button is a temporary fix, and the next phone will have a proper shutter button.

    Pictures can be rotated, cropped and edited right there on your phone.


    Finally! Red Hot Chili Peppers: First new album in half-decade out in August

    The Red Hot Chili Peppers will release their upcoming tenth studio album, "I'm With You," on Aug. 30
    ."I'm With You" was produced by Rick Rubin, who has produced the band's previous five albums, 2006's "Stadium Arcadium," 2002's "By The Way," 1999's "Californication," 1995's "One Hot Minute," and 1991's "Blood Sugar Sex Magik."

    "I'm With You" is the band's first new album since the two-set "Stadium Arcadium," which debuted at No. 1 in 28 countries around the world and spawned three No. 1 Modern Rock hits: "Dani California" (which spent 14 weeks at No. 1 and is one of three songs in the history of Billboard's Alternative Chart to debut at No. 1), "Tell Me Baby," and "Snow (Hey Oh)."

    Red Hot Chili Peppers is now singer Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, and guitarist Josh Klinghoffer.

    The first single "The Adventures of Raindance Maggie" will be released on July 18th!

    i've missed them so much! Favorite Chili Peppers songs everyone? I would have to say "The Zephyr Song" is my fav!
    Jean | FoD Gun

    "Cougar Town" Ladies Talk Chemistry, Drinking, and Snubbing

    Finding two actors with the magic of perfect chemistry is hard. And finding three? Near impossible. But in the underrated, unfortunately titled banter-fest that is Cougar Town, ABC has exactly that. The rapport among Courteney Cox, Christa Miller and Busy Philipps can’t be forced, faked or, yes, bottled. What makes their on-screen partnership work so well? The secret may lie in their easy off-screen camaraderie, evident even when the conversation is about career challenges and Emmy chances. It doesn’t really come from vino. We think. During this interview, they drank iced tea… (We’re pretty sure…)

    Collapse )
    • sannao

    Mad Men, Fringe, Good Wife, Modern Family, Community, Justified Lead Critics Choice Kudos


    In what hopefully will turn out to be a harbinger of the 2011 Emmys, the nominations for the inaugural Critics’ Choice Television Awards were announced this morning, and a handful of acclaimed yet heretofore kudos-deprived series were at last singled out. ABC’s red-hot Modern Family received the most nods of any program (six), followed by fellow awards magnet Mad Men. But about those breakthrough shows…

    Collapse )

    The Hottest 'X-Men' Movie Mutant Hook-Ups

    The 'X-Men' comics are known for excessive steamy hookups; pretty much every mutant has gotten down with every other mutant. They're very incestuous.

    And in the new film, 'X-Men: First Class,' those frisky mutants are no different.Collapse )

    The past movies in the franchise ('X2,' 'Wolverine,' 'X-Men: The Last Stand') have also had some notable sexy scenes. For mutants, they sure have basic human hormones.

    We've listed some of our top 'X-Men' movie hook ups, romances and flirting below. (More like the "seX-Men," am I right? Ergh. Nevermind.)

    Collapse )

    source Missing Wolverine/Rogue, this list is invalid.
    tyler oakley tyleroakley

    Jessie J Joins Katy Perry's California Dreams Tour

    Before she kicks things off in Atlanta Tuesday night, Katy Perry has announced five additional dates and one new opening act for the North American leg of her California Dreams tour. British singer Jessie J will perform alongside Perry beginning in November, at major venues like New York’s Madison Square Garden, L.A.’s Staples Center and Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

    Collapse )

    Bunny Swan At the CFDA Awards

    She’s practically as famous for her style as she is for her music, and earlier tonight (June 6) Lady Gaga was spotted arriving at the 2011 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards.

    The “Just Dance” diva looked spectacular as she strolled up to Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City.

    Tonight, Gaga will receive the Fashion Icon Award for being a fashion revolutionary impacting style today.

    Collapse )

    She looks so flawless. Your fave's can't even glue their lace wigs right.

    shawn corey

    Could Michael Jackson have created twitter?

    Creativity researchers define creativity as something that is novel and useful. By this definition, Michael Jackson is the epitome of creativity. Jackson's works were certainly novel. He created an entirely new music experience. His glove, jacket, dance and acting all bore the unique stamp that was Michael. And his works were without a doubt useful. He inspired other entertainers and connected with many people (including me, throughout much of my early childhood) through his heartfelt, dynamic, exciting music.

    Collapse )


    Michael could do whatever the hell he wanted to do tbh :)

    dr. jacobi

    JT and Lara Stone being sexy in Vanity Fair

    Musicians and models just go together: Iman and David Bowie, Paulina Porizkova and Ric Ocasek, Lara Stone and Justin Timberlake?! Alright, the dynamic duo of Lara and JT might not be a couple, but the pair does share some very romantic shots in the latest Vanity Fair. The charming story by Norman Jean Roy casts the duo as a couple with a love of mid-century modern decor and ping-pong: a super cute combo designed to delight.

    Collapse )

    And anotha' one
    terry richardson

    iTunes launching complete music pirate amnesty for $24.95/year

    I’m still absorbing the Steve Jobs keynote from the annual WWDC, so it’ll take an hour or so to shake the unicorn dust from my ears and scrape the reality distortion effect off the bottom of my shoes.

    Even so, I’m a bit baffled. Did Steve Jobs just announce complete music piracy amnesty? I think he might have.

    At the very end of his keynote, in his “just one more thing” bit, he announced iTunes Match. Basically, the idea is that iTunes Match will scan your existing music library of ripped MP3s, and match them against their library of 18 million or so authorized music tracks.

    Those ripped (which could have been pirated) MP3s of yours, if they match, will be replaced in the iCloud with official, licensed 256Kbps AAC — without DRM.

    So, the idea is that you pay Apple $24.95 a year, they scan your old music collection, upgrade all your pirated/ripped tracks, and give you back legitimate music.

    Of course, what they do with that scan data is anyone’s guess. But that’s probably why they’ve spent all this time negotiating with the music companies. There are privacy issues galore with iCloud, but we’ll need to explore all of those in the fullness of time.

    It’s a curious, interesting, and — dare I say it? — elegant solution to the pirated music problem. It’ll be interesting to see if it sucks or not.

    What do you think? Will you pay $24.95 for pirated music amnesty?


    Possible Delay for Star Trek 2?


    Director J.J. Abrams' latest film, "Super 8," comes out this Friday, but what about the highly-anticipated sequel to his 2009 take on "Star Trek"? Will it still be released next summer, as planned? "I'm not so sure, but I know that we're trying," Abrams told CNN on Sunday at the press junket for "Super 8." "We're working on the script and story and doing everything we can to make it well. I would just so much rather make a movie that's worth people's time than make a movie that's on time." The sequel is currently set for a June 29, 2012 release. Abrams has plenty on his plate, including the upcoming TV shows "Person of Interest" and "Alcatraz," and he reiterated that he wants the next "Star Trek" to be a worthy sequel. "I'm not inclined to push it. I'm inclined to make a movie that's good and if it works out in that timetable then we'll all be thrilled," he said. "If it doesn't, when the movie comes out it'll be worth the wait." One can only assume that there will be no appearances by Captain Kirk's arch-enemy Khan in this "Star Trek 2."



    Everyone loves a real estate post!

    Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling could be heading Down Under after buying a AUD $10million (£6.54m) historical house in rural Tasmania, it has been claimed.

    Reports in Australia say the billionaire author has bought Symmons Plains, a Georgian mansion complete with 856 hectare farm.

    The house was built in 1839 by James Youl using convict labour, and has been owned by the Youl family for several generations.

    Collapse )


    Howie Dorough releases new music video

    Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough released the video for his first single, "100" from his upcoming CD, "Back To Me". Both single and CD will be initially released in Japan later this year. "100" is already getting airplay there. Within the next week or so, the video will play before the start of upcoming NKOTBSB concerts.

    Collapse )

    Ann Coulter LOL

    Gerard Butler is Ruining my Life


    Gerard Butler goes shirtless in Maui, Hawaii on Monday (June 6).

    The 41-year-old Scottish stud took a break from work in Los Angeles to relax on the beach, where he showed off his six pack!

    Earlier in the spring, Gerry spent time in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he shot his latest movie, Playing The Field, with Dennis Quaid and Jessica Biel.

    Next up for Gerry is work on the animated sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, which will hit the big screen in 2013!

    The first Dragon film grossed nearly $500 million worldwide.

    Collapse )




    Simon Cowell breaks his silence on why she has been axed from US X Factor


    Simon Cowell last night broke his silence to explain why he killed off Cheryl Cole’s American dream.

    The 51-year-old claimed he thought she would be happy to move back to the UK version of The X Factor but admitted he bottled out of telling her.

    Instead, he sent X Factor’s executive producer Richard Holloway to deliver the bad news.

    Cowell said: “The hardest thing to accept is that everyone has painted me as a monster because I embarassed her, but the truth was I was protecting her. I just want people to be in the best place at the right time.”
    Collapse )
    yes, another cheryl cole/x factor drama post. If you are sick of them, just scroll down.
    Hair: Puffs

    28 Days Later Star Set to Become Next Bond Girl

    Following in the footsteps of Halle Berry and Eva Green, thirty-four year old British actress Naomie Harris is set to become the latest Bond girl in what will be the twenty-third installment of the long-running franchise. Harris’ breakthrough came in 2002 with the role of ruthless survivor Selena in Danny Boyle’s post-apocalyptic horror “28 Days Later“, which led to being cast as Tia Dalma in “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” and alongside Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in Michael Mann’s big screen adaptation of “Miami Vice”.

    EW’s Inside Movies report; “A spokesperson for Eon Productions, Bond’s home, tells EW that Harris has indeed met with the filmmakers, although no deals have yet been struck. Beyond that, all we know about the film is that Sam Mendes will direct, Daniel Craig will return as Bond for the third time, and Judi Dench will be back as M. Although EW has not confirmed it, the British tabs have also reported that offers to play the villain have gone out to Javier Bardem and Ralph Fiennes”.


    Yay or Nay?

    Some band condones violence against womyn (Jessie J)

    According to http://www.wikipedia.com The Black Lips are a self-proclaimed "flower-punk" band from Atlanta, Georgia.

    It seems they find UK popstar Jessie J disgusting after watching her music video for "Do It Like A Dude" and would like someone else (typical man) to bring her decapitated head to them. Here is the offending video:

    source 1

    source 2

    Posh's request for 'dressing on the side' is refused, Gordon Ramsay gets mad

    Gordon Ramsay is notorious for his temper when it comes to cooks and restaurants so it was no surprise that he wasn’t happy when a chef refused his friend's request.

    Ramsay was dining with good friend Victoria Beckham in a trendy Los Angeles restaurant when he reportedly became angered over them refusing her ‘salad dressing on the side’ order.

    Gordon Ramsay says he was less than impressed at the treatment given to pregnant Victoria Beckham and let it be known.

    Collapse )
    slow news day etc
    Stevie J

    A little Kat Graham to brighten your day

    Kat Graham discusses future for TVD's Bonnie

    Thanks to a certain twist that happened at the very end of "The Vampire Diaries" this season, the situation for Kat Graham's Bonnie is going to be more than a little bit complicated. Thanks to some help from her ancestors, she was able to save her boyfriend Jeremy -- in the process, though, she managed to cause Jeremy to see the ghosts of his ex-girlfriends Vicki and Anna (who were killed during season one).

    For Graham, she explained in a new interview that this was going to be a difficult season for her character:

    Collapse )
    Collapse )
    Trio Trio

    Kristen Stewart's LAX Liftoff

    Finished up with her brief stay on the west coast, Kristen Stewart was spotted arriving at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon (June 6).

    The Bella Swan actress kept covered up with the help of a security staffer as she readied for the outbound flight following an appearance at the MTV Movie Awards the previous night.

    During her awards show evening, Miss Stewart was doted the award for Best Female Performance by presenters Ashton Kutcher and Nicki Minaj - the latter of whom spoke with MTV about how she and Kristen formed a bond.

    Minaj dished, "[Kristen] had shoes on that didn't hurt her feet. And she didn't care that they looked really kind of crusty. But I did too! I had my Uggs on backstage."

    Nicki continued, "So that made me bond with her. She's cute."

    Collapse )


    crustine pickle

    Team Ginge Assemble!!!

    Girls Aloud's Nicola Roberts: Will 'Beat

    Of My Drum' Spawn Stateside Breakout?

    Going solo is never easy. Unless you have the larger than life personality of a Justin Timberlake or a Beyonce, an artist takes a huge risk when they depart from the group that made them famous in the first place.

    While Girls Aloud, the reality TV-spawned girl group that has topped the U.K. charts no less than 20 times, is currently on hiatus, its members are venturing off into various projects. Cheryl Cole has released two solo albums in Europe, as well as snagged a possible judging spot on Simon Cowell's U.S. take on "The X Factor." Meanwhile, fellow member Nadine Coyle released her debut album in late 2010 with announced plans to release in America this summer.

    The third member of the pack to take a stab at solo stardom, Nicola Roberts, is perhaps the most intriguing. Already finding a big fan in Perez Hilton, the orange-haired hipster premiered her first single, "Beat Of My Drum," on British radio Friday (June 3). The song's music video also premiered, highlighting Roberts, her dancers, a drumline, and a teenage cheerleading troupe showing off some impressive footwork and hip-bumping in the stomping, electro-pop track. Watch below.
    Collapse )

    Roberts' solo album, "Cinderella's Eyes," will see a U.K. release on Oct. 3

    • turi

    Dance Central 2 Details


    Dance Central Returns with Two Player Dance Battles

    Harmonix took the stage during Microsoft's 2011 E3 press conference today to lift the curtain on Dance Central 2, detailing some of the new features coming in the follow-up to the popular Kinect-powered body mover. It's time for a dance off!

    Dance Central is a lovely game, but it was obviously pushed out in rather bare bones form in order to be a Kinect launch title. Harmonix comes back for round two with a game that sounds like what the original release should have been.

    For instance, the sequel adds two player simultaneous dancing to the series, something that seems rather silly to have left out in the first place. It also adds a campaign mode, so we're not just randomly picking a series of songs with no context. Harmonix also promises a much improved Break-It-Down experience, though I'll miss the random flailing.

    How about music? Here are the first few on-disc tracks that have been revealed:

    Rihanna – "Rude Boy"
    Nicki Minaj – "Massive Attack"
    Montell Jordan – "This Is How We Do It"
    La Roux – "Bulletproof"
    Far East Movement – "Like a G6"
    B.o.B featuring Bruno Mars – "Nothin' on You"
    Bananarama – "Venus"
    Usher – "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love"

    Not a bad selection, if you like that sort of thing. I'd miss the original batch of songs if Harmonix hadn't also announced that all songs from the first game will be importable into the second. That's more than 100 songs available at launch, making it the most musical dance title available on the Kinect when it drops later this year.

    Also, you can import songs from Dance Central 1!!!

    Collapse )

    src 1, 2, 3

    What's your DC jam, ontd?
    I hope Dare is dead.
    {magnolia} but it did happen

    More on Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald's ~romance

    Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald: Inside Their Whirlwind Romance

    Just a few months ago, Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald were strangers.

    Now the couple, who met in March at the premiere of Red Riding Hood, are engaged and looking for a home together.

    "I've never met anyone like him," the Twilight actress, 23, told PEOPLE in May of the American Idol contestant, 26. "I've never met anyone who has such a good solid heart and comes from such a good solid family and is just a genuine person."

    After confirming the two were "officially dating," the singer told PEOPLE that Reed was supportive of his Idol elimination in April – very supportive. "She is actually pumped," he said. "She said, 'Dude, you finally get to do your thing and be yourself and be the artist you are.' "

    He continued: "She is happy about the whole situation. She has been nothing but cool to me." Collapse )

    Gwen Stefani's son Zuma broke his arm.

    It ranks among the scariest things you can experience as a parent — you turn around for a second and something happens.

    That was Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale‘s reality late Thursday after their 2½-year-old son Zuma accidentally took a tumble from a countertop in their home, reportedly breaking his right arm.

    “It was one of the worst nights of our lives,” the Bush frontman, 45, told PEOPLE Saturday before performing at Palazzo Las Vegas‘s Summer Soiree party.

    “It was one of those freak events — he fell. A freak accident.”

    After rushing him to the hospital, Zuma is doing well, Rossdale shares, but admits the event was “horrific.”

    “He’s fine now,” says the rocker, who will appear as a villain on Burn Notice later this summer. “It’s almost worse for us [as parents] … The kids are never alone and you turn your back — it takes a split second.”

    Stevie J

    Michael Jackson's Thriller jacket up for auction

    The legendary red jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his Thriller video is going under the hammer – and could fetch a staggering $400,000.


    The iconic piece of clothing, which Jacko autographed for his former costume designers Dennis Tompkins and Michael Bush, is among a selection of music memorabilia being auctioned off in Beverly Hills, California.

    Also up for grabs is a custom-made black glove that the King of Pop wore to the 1984 American Music Awards, which is expected to sell for up to $30,000, and the wig he wore when he announced his ill-fated This Is It concert series in London, which could fetch up to $6,000.


    Other items in the Music Icons auction include a song score handwritten by Jimi Hendrix, thought to be worth up to $30,000, a cape worn by ex-Beatle Ringo Starr in the 1965 movie Help!, which is expected to fetch up to $8,000, and a 1986 Jaguar car owned by Frank Sinatra, estimated to fetch between $10,000 and $20,000.



    Collapse )


    DJ with progeria, the disease that makes you look like a tiny old person, dies

    Die Antwoord collaborator Leon Botha dies, age 26

    South African artist and DJ Leon Botha died on June 5 2011, a day after his 26th birthday.

    Botha was born with progeria, a rare degenerative genetic disorder that accelerates the aging process.

    He was the oldest documented person living with the disease, which usually has a life expectancy in the teens.

    Botha was thrown into the spotlight as the DJ who opened for Die Antwoord during their concerts, going on to feature in one of the music videos that shot them to international stardom, Enter the Ninja.

    Tributes poured in for Botha on his Facebook page, hailing his optimism and describing him as an “inspiration, with a zest for life”.

    In 2009, Botha collaborated with Gordon Clark on a photo series called Who Am I? Transgression, depicting him in theatrical projections of how society might see him.


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    "The Voice" Coaches Will Open Tuesday's Show w/Medley Of Queen Songs!


    The Voice's Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton will open their first live show Tuesday with a medley of Queen Songs.

    The four coaches will perform "Bohemian Rhapsody," "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions."
    Their last collaboration came on the breakout show's premiere episode, when they performed "Crazy."

    "Kicking off the debut of the live episode of The Voice with these high energy renditions of classic Queen hits will set the tone for our live shows," said NBC and Universal Media Studios executive vice president of alternative programming Paul Telegdy.

    Maintaining the music competition's momentum and ratings is key for NBC, which has already given the series the coveted post-Super Bowl slot.

    linda granger

    Roseanne Barr now takes pride in her hometown!

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    One of Utah’s biggest stars has come home to be grand marshal of what’s being billed as Utah’s biggest-ever Pride Festival.

    "The gay community holds a special place in my heart," Barr said. "Most of you probably know that my sister and my brother are both gay, and it was not so easy for them to grow up here.

    "I’m very thrilled to be here," said Roseanne Barr, the star of the 1988-1997 sitcom "Roseanne." "To come home and see Salt Lake City the way I always hoped it would be."

    The entire article after the cut, and Roseanne's confirmed to be in Chelsea Handler's new sitcom, Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea!

    Collapse )
    SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
    • leitao

    Update on Walt Disney World's Fantasyland Expansion

    During a recent press event, held in tandem with the re-opening of Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Eric Jacobson, senior vice president of creative development for Walt Disney Imagineering, took the opportunity to show off some the latest progress within the Fantasyland expansion, and to discuss further details regarding how the new area is coming together.

    Here is an update to how the major elements of the refurbishment are progressing:

    Collapse )


    OMG @ Beast's Castle. And the Seven Dwarfs rollercoaster! I am in heaven, tbqh.