May 21st, 2011

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Pop music is full of abuse and misogyny already. Tyler, the Creator's simply on trend

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We’ve always championed bands who rail against the establishment. From the Sex Pistols to the Manic Street Preachers, we’ve favoured those who snarled things we were too afraid to say. But now we fetishise an even more reactionary version of anger, and it’s enthralled by tales of abuse and misogyny.

The most downloaded track of 2010 was Eminem and Rihanna’s Love The Way You Lie, a song about recurring domestic abuse sung by a real-life perpetrator and a real-life victim. Its traumatic dual narrative made for an astonishing piece of songwriting. But its subtleties were undermined by a glossy video starring Megan Fox and arenas of fans singing that they “love the way it hurts.” Meanwhile, Rihanna’s abuser Chris Brown rides high in the charts with a string of hits that berate his “haters” for not supporting him after he was convicted of assault.

Now Tyler, the Creator, a 20-year-old rapper from LA, has become an object of perpetual fascination because of his violent slurs against women and gay people. In the last three months he’s appeared in scores of magazines, all proclaiming him to be the last of the great rule-breakers. His recent trip to London, as a member of collective Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, became a media frenzy as the band incited mayhem on the streets of Camden with gaggles of teenagers begging to have their photo taken with himCollapse )
lmao, they made it

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The Dark Knight Rises Set Shots (no actors)

Lots of The Dark Knight Rises updates today. The first bit of news comes from my friends at According to their source, security on the London set said something big will take place tomorrow (Wednesday) around 2pm. My own source told me that he was warned about gunfire, so perhaps there’s a big action scene being filmed tomorrow? We’ll have to wait and see.’s source also said that Diego Klattenhoff was spotted today wearing a blue Gotham Police Department uniform. You may remember the rumored that Klattenhoff was up for the role of a rookie cop. It seems like that rumor is now confirmed.

Next we have some more photos. reader Mike Ward sent in some great shots of Gotham SWAT vans and police cars, as well as photos of a motorcycle. Could Bruce Wayne be stopping by the Gotham Police department? Lastly, a member of the most popular The Dark Knight Rises Facebook Page shared a photo of Anne Hathaway walking around in London. Hathaway is still sporting her long brown hair, with some blonde highlights. [Update: The picture of Hathaway is not recent, it was taken in March.] Check out the new set photos after the break.

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Batman News
britney for the record sad

JC Chasez insists on breaking my heart

 JC Chasez: I feel like my singing days are behind me

J.C. Chasez has worn a lot of hats throughout his 15 year career -- pop superstar, actor, reality show judge, producer ... and that doesn't even begin to cover the terrible toppers J.C. literally donned during his N'Sync days. Now he's slipping the songwriter hat back on to help out with Matthew Morrison's debut CD.

Turns out the gig wasn't that hard to come by since J.C. and Matthew are good friends -- but what started out as casually advice evolved into J.C. taking on a much more official role as he co-wrote two of the disc's ten tracks.

In addition to that, J.C. also has the season finale of "America's Best Dance Crew" approaching -- an episode that promises to be the most competitive yet. Or at least that's the impression I got while chatting with the multi-hyphenate ... who plans to remove one of those professional hats from his career closet for good.

PopWrap: I know you and Matthew are good friends -- was that how you ended up collaborating on his debut CD?
JC Chasez: Yea, it was very nonchalant. The easy part is we were friends first, so every now and then he’d ask a few questions about entering music and starting up songwriting. Because essentially, when you first start writing you find out that everyone’s method is different. That just developed into the studio to see what came of it.

PW: How do you describe the song you wrote for his album, “Hey?”
JC: For me it’s fun and quirky. We were looking to do a song about the obvious but in a playful and kind of clever way. In the end, it came to us pretty easily.

PW: You're in very good company on this album -- Sting, Elton John, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kris Allen are all involved -- it seems like Matt spared no expense, huh?
JC: It wasn’t really about cost – it was about getting to work with the people Matt wanted to work with. He reached out to the people he found interesting or fun, he made the record he wanted to make, which is a very fortunate place for an artist to be in. He didn’t have to play ball – he could essentially make the kind of record he wanted to make.

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he needs to be making music for himself and not for mr. schue. the world better not end before I hear at least one more song from him
George pray

Tropes vs. Women: #4 The Evil Demon Seductress

This is the fourth of a six part series created for Bitch Magazine.
Tropes vs. Women explores the reoccurring stories, themes and representations of women in Hollywood films and TV shows.

The Evil Demon Seductress is a supernatural creature usually a demon, alien, robot, vampire etc. who is most often disguised as a sexy human female. She uses her sexuality and sexual wiles to manipulate, seduce, kill and often eat poor, hapless men by luring them into her evil web.

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Professional Bowler Scott Norton Announces He Likes Handling Balls in His Personal Life As Well

Professional bowler Scott Norton publicly announced yesterday that he is gay via a post on the Professional Bowler's Association website. Norton, who was awarded the PBA Rookie of the Year Award, was inspired by the coming out of Phoenix Suns President & CEO Rick Welts earlier this week.

Read Norton's personal statement, posted on the PBA website, below:

On May 15, Phoenix Suns CEO and President Rick Welts announced publicly that he is gay. That announcement was important to me because he is someone who is actively involved in professional sports and has publicly acknowledged his sexuality. While many athletes wait until they retire to officially come out, the fact that Mr. Welts has the courage to do so while still actively involved with the NBA has encouraged me to also acknowledge that I am a gay athlete.

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Eliza Dushku's heart is giving, selfless, and pure

Eliza Dushku is a woman on a mission.

The Hollywood honey dropped by United South End Settlements yesterday to co-present a $61,000 check to the organization’s CEO, Kevin Hepner. The donation will benefit Camp Hale, the USES-owned New Hampshire summer camp for inner-city boys that both Eliza's father and brothers attended as children.

With her brother Aaron, and his children Sofia and Kyle in tow, Eliza told the children at the South End Settlements' after-school program her goal is to get girls admitted to the camp. “I want to make it so girls can go and have just as much fun as boys,” Eliza told the kids.

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Editor's note: Eliza Dushku was, in a word, AWESOME! Very normal, no snootiness about her. And despite the fact that she’s probably a kajillionaire, I did notice that she had a very simple Fossil handbag. Yeah, I looked it up, I’m that shallow. She wouldn’t answer any gossipy questions for me, unfortunately, like whether she would be starring in the Torchwood spinoffs (”I don’t know what Jane Espenson has said about that yet”) or why she was eating lunch at Tory Row the day before yesterday with Rick Fox and a SERVICE DOG. Are you secretly blind, Eliza? (Oooooh, Boston’s best kept secret: Eliza Dushku is blind!) Just kidding, halt your hate mail. I am well aware that service dogs also perform duties for a variety of impairments, so don’t get your panties in a bunch.
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Ghosbusters Firehouse closing its doors...

Taken from the article in the NewYorkMag:

" ... the house is set to be vacated due to budget cuts. It's one of 20 companies on a city shutdown list that is being protested by councilmen and councilwomen across the city. (Another is set to close in Lower Manhattan, as well as ones in outer boroughs and one on City Island.) If it does end up closing though, think of the real estate possibilities! A beautiful historic firehouse in the middle of one of the trendiest neighborhoods of Manhattan?"

ONTD:  I hate it when movie locations get swallowed up by time.  Is there some movie locations that you wish still existed?  Are there any that you have gone to?  STORY TIME!

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Lisa Lampanelli Pisses Off WBC, God clicks "Like"

Lisa Lampanelli has put the evil Westboro Baptist Church into one hell of a pickle -- they wanted to protest her show last night ... but for every hate-monger who showed up, she's gonna donate $1,000 to a pro-gay charity.

Lisa is performing in Topeka, Kansas -- home of the evil church -- and when she got word that members of the church were planning to protest her show -- because she is such an outspoken supporter of gay rights -- Lisa hatched a plan.

She's going to donate $1,000 for every protestor that shows up ... to the Gay Men's Health Crisis -- the nation's oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services provider.

Lisa tells TMZ, "It's gonna be hilarious to write out the checks to the GMHC and have them send thank you notes to the WBC for their 'generous contributions.'"

"I'd love to see their inbred faces when they open those thank you notes! Hopefully their jaws will drop so fast that their three remaining teeth and cro-magnon foreheads will plummet to the floor."


happy rapture everyone

Celebrities Respond To The Rapture

Some Christians are predicting that this Saturday, May 21, is set to be Judgment Day, also known as the Rapture, the End of Times, the Return of Christ, or Doomsday.

According to Harold Camping, a controversial Christian radio broadcaster that has been the driving force behind the controversial news, "When the clock says about 6 p.m., there’s going to be this tremendous earthquake that’s going to make the last earthquake in Japan seem like nothing in comparison. And the whole world will be alerted that Judgment Day has begun. And then it will follow the sun around for 24 hours. As each area of the world gets to that point of 6 p.m. on May 21, then it will happen there, and until it happens, the rest of the world will be standing far off and witnessing the horrible thing that is happening."

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Pink Responds To Backlash After Dissing Selena Gomez

Pink has responded via Twitter to backlash from Selena Gomez fans over one of her Tweets. Pink Tweeted Wednesday:

"If there are any animal activists around Malibu-at Leo Cabrillo State beach, there are horses being painted for a stupid music video. Shame."

The horses were painted a pink (ironically) hue for the video. Unbeknownst to Pink, the music video was Selena Gomez's.Now that the news has hit the net, Gomez's fans are rallying against the singer, but Pink is not one to back down!
 On Thursday, the previously pink-haired singer responded:



Lindsay's in FL, has a schizophrenic stalker

Guarded by a team of security personnel, Lindsay Lohan was spotted arriving at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport in Ft Lauderdale, Florida earlier this morning. She is scheduled for an interview. (May 21). After pleading no contest on May 11 to misdemeanor theft, Lohan is due to report to jail on or before June 17.

In other LL news: She recently won a temporary restraining order Thursday against David Cocordan, a man who allegedly has peppered her with unwanted calls and texts since 2009 and believes he has a romantic relationship with the 24-year-old actress.

Cocordan, 38, has come to her home at least three times, leaving heart-shaped boxes of chocolates, according to court papers. He also has shown up at public appearances she’s made, the actress told the court.

Police believe Cocordan may be schizophrenic and off his medication, Lohan said in the court papers that also note that a May 5 text message made the actress fear that he intended to sexually assault her. (“F**king n sucking wit u kkk i need it more thn.”) A judge will decide June 8 if the restraining order should be made permanent.

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Keira Knightley finds failure romantic

Keira Knightley has revealed that she thinks uncertainty is necessary in her career.

The actress, who is currently appearing in The Children's Hour in London's West End, explained that the "possibility of failure" makes a project more appealing.

She told Flaunt: "I don't like the safe options. I like things that have a 50/50 chance of me falling on my face. I like the magic when it actually comes together and people enjoy it, but the magic is only there because of the distinct possibility of failure. I find that romantic in a funny kind of way."

Knightley’s asked if she can separate her performances from a film’s greater thrust. “I find it completely impossible,” she says, “You’re too close to it, really, to be able to see it. There are too many stories attached to it and your life’s attached to it. It’s difficult to disassociate myself from that, let alone disassociating my performance from whether the film works or not. So I don’t think that that’s a skill I’ve got. And actually, in a funny kind of way, it’s not a skill I need. Once I’ve given a performance, the piece isn’t mine anymore anyway. It’s there to be done with what people want to do with it. It’s always quite interesting when you go back and think ‘Does this fit? Does that work?’ But actually, I’m crap at telling."

The 26-year-old, who is reportedly dating Klaxons frontman Jamie Righton, also said that she believes it is important to develop a "thick skin" as an actress. She added: "I think you do have to try and get a thick skin. And sometimes, the skin goes incredibly thin and everything gets in, and everything hurts, and other times, you're able to turn around and laugh at it and go, 'You know what? It's all fine. It's all good. It's cool'.

"It sort of depends on what day of the week it is."
george jetson

Beyonce makes YouTube History with RTW

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The music video for “Run The World (Girls)” by Beyoncé is reportedly the first video by a female artist in Youtube’s History to hit 4,000,000 views in the first 24 hours of release. Eminem holds the record with “Love The Way You Lie” which hit 6,600,000 views in one day. The video already has over 5,250,000 views so far & in counting. Here are the Youtube worldwide statistics after one day:
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parks: no scissors

Another Parks and Recreation Post

A Sweet Message from Ben Schwartz (Jean-Ralphio)

I just wanted to say how honored I am to have anything to do with this amazing show. I’ve watched every episode in awe as a fan and feel so fortunate for the opportunity to play around with one of the nicest, most talented ensemble casts in the world. An enormous thank you to local hero Mike Schur, Amy Poehler, every cast member, writer, director, producer, crew member, editor, PA, intern and everyone else over at Parks and Rec.

Also, a HUGE thank you to everyone out there on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and…the Internet for making and passing around hilarious Jean-Ralphio GIFs, JPGs, videos and manifestos. Very awesome of all of you.

I can’t wait to see what happens in Season 4!

Parks and Rec Men Among GQ's 25 Most Stylish Men on TV

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Aziz Ansari at the Young Hollywood Awards

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Elisabeth Moss finalizes divorce from Fred Armisen in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - The divorce of "Mad Men" star Elisabeth Moss from her comedian husband Fred Armisen is final.
Los Angeles Superior Court records show Judge Hugh Bobys granted the couple a divorce May 13, roughly eight months after the actress moved to end her marriage to the "Saturday Night Live" star.

The pair were married in October 2009 but separated last June. They do not have any children.

No details of any financial settlement were filed with the court.

Moss portrays career-oriented Peggy Olson on AMC's Emmy Award-winning "Mad Men." Armisen has appeared on NBC's "Saturday Night Live" since 2002 and parodies President Barack Obama on the show.

The finalization of their divorce was first reported by celebrity website TMZ.


Beyonce to be saluted by Godga and the Flawless First Couple

Beyonce, prepare to be bowled over. A highlight at this weekend's Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas will undoubtedly be the tribute to honor the pop star with the Millennium Award. And the stage will be overflowing with famous friends saluting her talent.

Access Hollywood is reporting that none other than First Lady Michelle Obama will step into the spotlight take part in the tribute. Beyonce serenaded President Obama and his wife with 'At Last,' as they danced at an inauguration ball in early 2009.

Insiders say other luminaries eager to honor Beyonce include Lady Gaga (her collaborator on the hit single 'Telephone'), Bono, Stevie Wonder and Barbra Streisand.

Ken Jeong, star of 'Hangover 2' and 'Community,' will host the star-studded event, which will also include performances from Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, Keith Urban, Cee Lo Green and the Black Eyed Peas.

The roster of presenters includes Justin Timberlake (fresh off hosting 'SNL'), Selena Gomez and 'Glee' star Matthew Morrison. The Billboard Music Awards will air Sunday (8 p.m. ET) on ABC.

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Crystal the monkey upstages The Hangover 2's leading men at movie premiere

Her pink dress was complete with ruffles and carefully accessioned with a pearl necklace.

But it wasn't Crystal's outfit that stole the show at the premiere of The Hangover 2 last night. It was the fact she's a monkey.

The newest cast member of the hotly anticipated sequel to the The Hangover made quite an impact on her arrival in Hollywood.

Monkeying around: Ken Jeong poses with Crystal the monkey at the premiere of The Hangover Part II at Grauman's Chinese theatre in Hollywood

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Click here for more photos of Crystal at the premiere, and here for a video of her at the event.

Hailee Steinfeld speaks about Juliet role spoke with Hailee Steinfeld at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards about prepping for the epic role of Juliet in the upcoming classic, ‘Romeo & Juliet!’

There’s no doubt in our mind Hailee Steinfeld will wow us as Juliet in the upcoming film version of Romeo and Juliet, written by Julian Fellowes and directed by Carlo Carlei. As much as we loved Claire Danes and Olivia Hussey in the iconic role, we’re thrilled to see Hailee’s take on the classic, as she’s technically closer in age to the original Juliet than either of them. “I’m really excited. I have something to look forward to now, so I’m really excited about that,” the 14-year-old face of Miu Miu told at the 2011 Young Hollywood Awards presented by Bing.

When it comes to former film renditions of William Shakespeare’s most famous story, Hailee isn’t sure she wants to watch them as preparation.

“I was kind of thinking that maybe I could challenge myself by not seeing them, but I can only benefit from seeing them,” she explained. “I saw the Zeffirelli version a couple years ago, so maybe I’ll see it again. It was an amazing version.”

The Young Hollywood Awards will be on TV for the very first time! Tune in to see the show on ION Television on Thursday, May 26 at 9 pm ET/PT — check your local listings for channel and time.


Does Hailee really not have her own tag or am I blind?!

Lindsay's Miami photoshoot

Having touched down in the sunshine state earlier in the morning, Lindsay Lohan wasted no time in getting straight to work in Miami Beach on Saturday afternoon (May 21).

The "Mean Girls" starlet was the picture of beauty as she took to the rooftop of the Raleigh Hotel while striking a range of poses for a Plum magazine photo shoot session.

As set workers catered to her every need, the troubled actress showed off her darling smile as gusts of wind lifted up her dress in a Marilyn Monroe inspired moment (lol).

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Will and Kate are back in Wales

Less than a month after the wedding of Prince William and Kate (now Catherine) Middleton, the newlyweds have returned home from their honeymoon -- thus ending ways for us to talk about their nuptials.

US Weekly reports the two are back in Wales after a 10-day stay in the island nation of Seychelles, a trip that reportedly set them back $720,000.

"The people of Seychelles are truly honored that Prince William and his wife chose to return to Seychelles for this special holiday," says Seychelles minister of foreign affairs Jean-Paul Adam in a statement. "We are proud to have been able to offer them a peaceful and private getaway."

The palace echoed the Seychelles sentiment, saying the duo "thoroughly enjoyed their time together, and they are grateful to the Seychelles government for their assistance in making the honeymoon such a memorable and special 10 days."

William and Catherine are due to visit Canada this summer on their first official tour as a married couple. From there, they will travel to California, royal officials have said.

The prince has never visited the United States in an official capacity, although he has come on a private trip. The July visit to California will be the duchess's first time in the United States, according to royal officials.

So what's next to satisfy our bottomless royal appetite? Let the baby-watch officially begin.


Plans for Thor 2

Thor 2 Being Planned And We May Know Who The Villains Are

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Though it got off to something of a slow start here in America, great word of mouth propelled Thor to a second week at number one here Stateside, and even if it hadn’t Marvel’s latest superhero venture has already made $225 million overseas. Some are even calling this the superhero studio’s best movie yet. So of course, that means sequel.

Thor is already slated to show up in the upcoming team-up movie The Avengers along with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America. But once that’s over with it’s believed that Marvel Studios will already have a Thor 2 in the works. In fact our sources tell us that they’ve already begun kicking around story ideas for the sequel with the hope that they’ll have it ready and in theaters in the same year as Iron Man 3, in 2013. That fits the pattern we’re seeing this summer, with both Thor and Captain America hitting theaters in the same year.

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David Gandy: Pucker

Prison Break actor is the new Transporter!

Australian actor Chris Vance – known to TV viewers as ‘Whistler’ from the final two seasons of “Prison Break”- will play Frank Martin, the role made famous by Jason Statham, in a TV series spin-off of “The Transporter”.

Deadline says Hungarian actress Andrea Osvart, who had a small role in the Julia Roberts-Clive Owen pic “Duplicity”, is the show’s female lead.

The site says “the series centers on professional transporter Frank Martin (Vance), a role played in the movies by Jason Statham. Operating in a seedy underworld of dangerous criminals and desperate players, Frank can always be counted on to get the job done — discreetly. Osvart, repped by Innovative and Mosaic, will play Frank’s handler Carla, an extremely crafty former CIA operative who organizes his missions, acts as his eyes and ears on the outside, and continually stokes the flames of their unrequited attraction.”

Luc Besson, who produced the “Transporter” movies, is also spearheading the 12-episode TV series.


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Just yesterday production began on what will be director Christopher Nolan’s final film in his Batman trilogy: The Dark Knight Rises. Today, the viral campaign for the film kicked off, giving us our first look at Tom Hardy as Bane, and now two more actors have been added to the cast. Variety reports that Matthew Modine and Tom Conti have signed on to the film. With the plot under lock and key, there’s no word on who the two actors will be playing. However, since this is Batman and every piece of news is greeted with fanfare, I wouldn’t be surprised if the two play fairly minor roles. Nolan similarly cast known actors in smaller parts for the last two Batman flicks (Anthony Michael Hall, Rutger Hauer, etc.).

The Dark Knight Rises also stars Christian Bale, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Morgan Freeman, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine.  It opens July 20, 2012.

[Update: Variety's story has been updated to say that 11-year-old Joey King (Ramona and Beezus) has joined the cast as well]


Bill Hunter gravely ill with cancer

Messages of support continue to pour in for veteran Australian actor Bill Hunter, who is gravely ill with cancer.

The 71-year-old actor was admitted to a Melbourne hospice in the suburb of Kew four days ago after refusing to go into hospital.

Actor Toni Collette, who got her big break alongside Hunter in the Aussie cult classic Muriel's Wedding, said she was lucky to have worked with him.

"Bill may come across as a gruff bloke, but he has poetry in his blood and a sweet heart," she said.

"I am so lucky to have worked with him in the early days of my career. I am sending love, hope and peace to Bill and his family."

Actor Guy Pearce, who worked with Hunter in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, said it was "distressing to know Bill is unwell".

"I only hope he isn't suffering too much," he said.

"My thoughts and strength are with you my friend."

Pearce said it was an honour to have shared the screen with Hunter.

"A man of his experience and talent is nothing but pure inspiration, and to share the Priscilla experience with him was one I'll never forget," he said.

"What a wonderful time we had."

Actor Bryan Brown, who acted alongside Hunter in the 1985 film Rebel, said: "A great Australian actor all the way down to his ornery bootstraps".

Their words of support join other messages this week from Strictly Ballroom director Baz Luhrmann, Red Dog director Kriv Stenders, and Gallipoli screenwriter David Williamson.

Hunter's manager Mark Morrissey said he had many visitors on Friday.

"A lot of friends were with him today and they were able to let a little bit of sunshine into the room, but no change of condition at this stage," he said.

Earlier on Friday, Mr Morrissey said friends and family were "standing by".

Hunter's acting career has spanned more than 50 years and 100 film and television productions, with roles in iconic Australian films including Strictly Ballroom and Gallipoli.


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Joss Whedon Directed the Post-Credits Sequence in THOR

It appears that we have unknowingly gotten our first glimpse at director Joss Whedon’s take on The Avengers. Stellan Skarsgard, who starred in Thor and is set to reprise his character in Marvel’s mega-superhero flick The Avengers, has revealed that the post-credits sequence for Thor wasn’t directed by Kenneth Branagh but was actually helmed by Whedon himself. In lieu of spoiling the sequence for people that have yet to see the film, hit the jump for more.

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Darren Aronofsky Wanted for MALEFICENT and MOSES?

Since dropping out of Fox’s The Wolverine, director Darren Aronofsky has been linked to a number of projects. Everyone wants to know what he’ll choose as his follow up to the smashing success that was Black Swan. Earlier this month, it was reported that he was eyeing the sci-fi flick Human Nature with George Clooney attached to star. Now, Badass Digest reports that the director is being courted for two other high-profile projects: Disney wants him to helm Maleficent and Warner Bros. is courting the director for Moses.

Maleficent just recently lost its director, as Tim Burton bowed out a few days ago, but David Yates has been mentioned as a possible replacement. The film is set to start Angelina Jolie as the notorious Sleeping Beauty villain. Moses is one of two dueling projects centered on the biblical figure. Warner Bros’ version focuses on the Exodus, while the Fox version is said to be more in the vein of 300 (because violence and sex is exactly what the Old Testament is lacking). While neither of these sounds particularly up Aronofsky’s alley, neither did a sequel to Wolverine. Personally, I’d much rather see him take on that other biblical project: his long-talked-about Noah.


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First Teaser for Pixar’s BRAVE Will Be Attached to CARS 2

One thing I love about the way Pixar markets their original films is that the trailers show very little footage from the actual movie itself. You’re able to go in almost completely fresh, without feeling like you’ve already seen 2/3’s of the movie. The next original film to be released from Pixar will be Brave next summer, and now The Pixar Blog confirms that the first teaser trailer for the film will be attached to Pixar’s Cars 2 when it hits theaters next month.

The studio’s first fairy tale (and their first film with a female protagonist), Brave centers on Princess Merida, a skilled archer who accidentally sets evil upon the Scottish highlands when she is granted an ill-fated wish. The phenomenal voice cast includes Kelly Macdonald, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, Robbie Coltrane, and Julie Walters. Judging by the gorgeous concept art that Pixar released in March, we’re in for quite a treat. Brave is slated for a June 22nd, 2012 release, while Cars 2 hits theaters June 24th.


Ann Coulter LOL

Alex O'Loughlin and Scott Caan are the reason your vagina needs chapstick

And dicks. Oh. Daniel Dae Kim is there too

Alex O’Loughlin, Daniel Dae Kim and Scott Caan attended the CBS upfront after-party yesterday at The Tent at the Lincoln Center! All three look relaxed and happy and Daniel tweeted:

Thanks to Les, Nina and CBS for greenlighting #H50 season two. Good to be back with the boys at the #CBSUpfront. Aloha NYC!

Apparently Alex was asked the question why he had gotten a buzz cut, and his response was

“I wanted to show what McGarrett would look like with a shaved head if he came out of prison, per my suggestion.”

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National Geographic's Adult Baby defrauding the government?

You guys might remember this guy:

Who went on National Geographic's Taboo to showcase his lifestyle as an adult baby, and also discussed his business making adult-sized baby furniture, like cribs and high chairs. Now that TV appearance could cost him his income, since he might no longer qualify for social security/disability

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Mods should approve this post, cause this is the type of pseudo-celebrity ONTD loves to argue over imo
Jean | FoD Gun

Treme Post

Wendell Pierce Will Play Bluesman B.B. King In “B.B. King And I”

”I am set to play BB King in the movie “BB King and I”. Just got my Lucille. Production dates aren’t set yet.”

Those words were tweeted by Wendell Pierce about an hour ago.

News to me; it’s not even listed on his IMDB page. So, naturally, I did some digging to see what I could find out about this B. B. King And I project, and here are the details:

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Video Sources: 1 2 3

Totally had to post something about that ridiculous video, literally had my mouth open the whole time I was watching it. Wonder if Wally World is gonna sue? Anyways, how'd everyone like last week's episode? Fuck yeah for Janette throwing the Sazerac!

Mods, last time this got rejected because of the tags. Was it b/c of the Top Chef tag? If so, I put that because Tom Colicchio is going to be in the next episode (as seen in the preview). I'll leave it off just in case. Also I had put the viral tag on for the 2nd article with the videos. Sorry if it didn't apply.

Galifianakis: 'I'd hate a January Jones sex scene'

Zach Galifianakis has stated that he would "hate" to perform a sex scene with January Jones.

The 41-year-old, who will next be seen in comedy sequel The Hangover: Part II, described passionate movie moments as "embarrassing" and revealed that he has dreaded the few intimate scenes he has been set throughout his career.

When asked by Shortlist if he would be happy to film a sex scene with Jones, who has admitted to admiring the actor's comedic talent, Galifianakis replied: "I wouldn't want to. I'd hate it. I've only had to do a few of those things where you have to kiss and stuff. It's so embarrassing."

As well as snubbing the chance to get close to the Mad Men actress, Galifianakis also revealed that the pair didn't exactly see eye-to-eye when they first met.

He recalled: "If I remember correctly, she and I were very rude to each other. It was crazy. I was at a party - I'd never met her - and she was like, 'Come sit down'. So I sit at her table, and [we] talk for ten minutes, and she goes, 'I think it's time for you to leave now'.

"So I say, 'January, you are an actress in a show and everybody's going to forget about you in a few years, so f**king be nice', and I got up and left. And she thinks that's funny?"

The Due Date actor recently claimed that he hates being liked and stated that "popularity is poison".

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Wiz Khalifa Aiming for Nicki Minaj Collaboration


Ever wondered how Wiz Khalifa and Nicki Minaj would sound on a track together? If Wiz has his way, this could soon be a reality.

In an exclusive interview with MTV UK during a break in performances across the pond, the Pittsburgh rhyme slinger has made it clear that he’s a fan of Young Money starlet Nicki Minaj, saying he “absolutely” hopes to work alongside the diva on a collaborative effort in the near feature. The “Black and Yellow” star also heaped high amounts of praise upon the Queens rapper.

“She’s awesome. She’s a hard worker, she makes really good music and she’s really diverse which is important – not only in hip-hop but just in music in general,” gushed Wiz. He continued with, “You gotta be able to switch it up and you gotta be able to still be you and that’s what she’s able to do. I really respect that about her.” When asked by MTV UK what type of tunes would the pair tackle, Wiz gave an, ahem, hazy answer but stayed true to his typically cool image.
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Blondie Release New Single/Video "Mother"

Blondie have released a new video for "Mother," the lead single from their upcoming album. The video is a tribute to the New York City night club of the same name.

The band will issue its new album in September. Called Panic of Girls, it marks the group's first studio effort in eight years. A special edition will be released through the band's website starting June 1, including a 132-page booklet that chronicles Blondie's past as well as the recording of the new LP.

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Kelly Ripa shows off her petite frame and tiny waist as she's mobbed by fans

At only 5ft 2in, it would be fairly easy for Kelly Rip to get lost in a crowd.

Yet the petite TV host was lucky not to get swept away by fans waiting for her last night as she arrived for her appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York.

As she set foot out of her car a surge of waiting fans and autograph hunters were ready and waiting to surround the tiny star who appeared a little flustered at all the attention.

After escaping the crush the 40-year-old star managed to compose herself and posed for a few pictures before dashing inside the theatre.

Kelly showed off her tiny figure in a chic black satin backless cocktail dress which highlighted her toned arms.

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Kelly Ripa leaving her NYC home:

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Britney is close to being confirmed to perform at the Billboard Music Awards

Yesterday, semi-gossip rag US Weekly reported that Britney would be appearing at the Billboard Awards tomorrow night to perform not once, but twice: Once with Rihanna, and once with Nicki Minaj.

From the article:
The 29-year-old pop star will take the stage two times.

Spears will do one performance — potentially the opening number — with Rihanna, 23. The duo will perform Rihanna’s hit song “S&M.”

Spears will also be performing for the first time ever with Nicki Minaj, 26. Spears and Minaj will partner up for a remix of Spears’ hit “Till The World Ends.”

Um, “S&M” and the “Till The World Ends” remix? Sounds too good to be true, right?

Later today, some faithful Spearleaders noticed
a rather suspect mention in a news update regarding the 2011 Billboard Awards on the official website of MSA (McDonald/Selznick Associates), a choreography/dancer management agency:

Stefanie Roos is the Artistic Director for Rihanna’s performance. Tiffany Olson is the Creative Director for Britney Spears’ performance, overseeing for Tour Director Jamie King.

Okay, so now it’s a little bit more believable, right?

Then, the Billboard Twitter account started
tweeting some awfully suspect things, including this:

and btw, @keshasuxx blew it UP today at rehearsals. as did @NICKIMINAJ. as did… #BBMA sun 8PM ABC

Okay, so now I’m starting to tremor a little, right?

Finally, on top of everything else, Britney herself just tweeted the following:

So glad the world didn’t end. I was looking forward to watching the Billboard Awards tomorrow. -Britney

So what does all that mean? Well, it's leaning towards being true, PLEASE BE TRUE. Time will only tell though.

HONESTLY: I'm still under the impression that It'll be just another publicity stunt for ratings. Not keeping my hopes up.
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JTimbs hosts SNL.

I am posting this early because there is a big storm headed my way (Lawrence, Kansas) and the power might go out. I also won't be updating the post for the same reason. I'm sure it'll be fine, but I want to make sure it is up. Enjoy the show darlings!



Gaga Takes Care of Little Monsters

Lady Gaga kept her "Little Monsters" well-fed and cared for as they lined up for two days at 30 Rock for tickets for her performance on tonight's "Saturday Night Live." An NBC source told us, "Some Gaga fans have been here since Thursday, and she sent everyone in line, around 25 people, boxes of Dunkin' Donuts and Famiglia Pizza. She signed autographs and took pictures with them. Then on Friday she sent everyone coffee."

Tonight's host, Justin Timberlake, came out and, "He talked to the group but wouldn't do autographs or pictures. He told them how wonderful Gaga is," the source said.


excited for tonight's show!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Hunter Passes Away :-(

Following from my POST several hours ago...

One of Australia's most beloved actors, Bill Hunter, has died at the age of 71.

Hunter was admitted to a hospice in the Melbourne suburb of Kew earlier this week. The acting legend had inoperable cancer.

In a storied career which spanned 50 years, Hunter worked with most of Australia's most notable directors and actors.

Hunter's list of work reads like a history of Australian film and television, with appearances in more than 100 big and small screen productions.

He worked alongside Mel Gibson in Peter Weir's Gallipoli (1981), played the meddling ballroom federation president Barry Fife in Baz Luhrmann's Strictly Ballroom (1992) and starred as then-newcomer Toni Collette's father in Muriel's Wedding (1994).

At the same time as filming Muriel's Wedding, he worked on PJ Hogan's The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (1994), starring alongside Terence Stamp, Guy Pearce and Hugo Weaving.

More recently, Hunter worked on Red Dog, TV miniseries The Pacific, Finding Nemo, Crackerjack and Luhrmann's Australia.

In 1978 he won an AFI award for Best Actor in a Leading Role for his part as Len Maguire in the movie Newsfront, which won eight AFIs that year, including Best Film.

Hunter, born in Ballarat, Victoria, started his career in television in the 1960s and worked on many Australian shows including Homicide, Prisoner, Matlock Police, SeaChange and Police Rescue.