May 19th, 2011

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Stereogum Lists Bon Iver's 10 Best Cover Songs

On “Calgary,” Justin Vernon’s vocals lay in a cloud of gloomy synths and anxious electric guitar tones, suggesting a sonic shift from the grainy For Emma formula. But not too much has changed — the ghostly falsetto remains Bon Iver’s calling card. JV’s voice has also been unmistakable on recent collaborations (GAYNGS, Volcano Choir, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) and an asset when he takes on someone else’s song. So I’m especially looking forward to the “Calgary” 12″ b-side, a combined cover of two Bonnie Raitt classics, “I Can’t Make You Love Me” > “Nick Of Time.” (Bon Iver once deejayed the latter at Hollywood Forever Cemetery.) While we wait to hear that (it’s out 7/4), let’s take a listen back at all the tunes by other folks Justin’s successfully made his own.

10. Why (Annie Lennox Cover) [w/ St. Vincent]

9. A Satisfied Mind (Mahalia Jackson Cover)

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You can dl them all at the source

Use this post to discuss how AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL the new Bon Iver album is or share your favorite cover songs, I don't currrr.
Ann Coulter LOL

Ben Cohen Quits Rugby to Fight Homophobia but Continues To Give Me Boners

FORMER Northampton Saints rugby player Ben Cohen has brought his career to a premature end in order to focus on an organisation he set up which aims to combat bullying and homophobia. The Northampton-born 32-year-old, who won the rugby World Cup with England in 2003, has been released by Sale Sharks but has turned down the chance to prolong his playing career and will instead devote his energies to setting up The Ben Cohen Stand Up Foundation. Mr Cohen, who played for the Saints from 1996-2007 and scored 31 tries in 57 tests for England, said he had offers from rival Aviva Premiership clubs, as well as the option of playing in France for another two years, but he felt the time was right for a new challenge. He said: “To be honest, I would never have imagined my career was going to move in this direction after my professional rugby career, but here we are, it’s happening. “It is incredibly exciting and we have so many plans in the pipeline to be able to make a difference. In my view, rugby is a very inclusive sport. “Everyone can get involved in one way or another, so I will be using it as a vehicle to drive my message of acceptance out to people from all walks of life, everywhere.” Mr Cohen is due to travel to the USA for his Acceptance Tour from May 19-29, during which he will visit gay-friendly rugby clubs in Atlanta, New York, Washington DC and Seattle. Collapse ) Sorry if it comes out looking weird, yall. LJ doesn't wanna cooperate tonight.
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Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams talk romance

Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams have finally confirmed one of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood – that they are indeed a couple. "Yeah, we are together," the actor told PEOPLE Tuesday at the Cinema Society & Thierry Mugler screening of their new movie Midnight in Paris in New York.

Linked since the fall, Sheen, 42, and McAdams, 32, hit the red carpet arm in arm in Cannes last week to promote the Woody Allen film. "I don't think it was planned one way or the other," McAdams said Tuesday of their going public with the romance.

So, what does Sheen find special about McAdams? "She's talented, intelligent, beautiful. She's warm and friendly. She's very supportive, and very kind, very funny. She makes me laugh a lot," he says. And do they have anything in common besides acting? "Hopefully, I have some of those qualities as well," quipped Sheen.

However coy they've been about their private life, the pair are effusive in discussing each other's talents. "He's a fantastic actor," McAdams said of Sheen. "One of the best." Of McAdams's onscreen appeal, Sheen added, "She has a real honesty and a real vulnerability about what she does. She has a real emotional presence."

Allen, meanwhile, said the couple's romance, which began after filming wrapped, came as a surprise to him. "No, I didn't see it coming," he told PEOPLE. "I could notice it a little with Penélope [Cruz] and Javier [Bardem] – who began dating during the filming of Allen's Vicky Cristina Barcelona. "They were kind of chummy. But I didn't see it coming here ... and they did not ask my permission."

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Stephen Fry and others join The Hobbit

Some more HOBBIT casting news today. As we near the end of our first shooting block (we have a break in less than three weeks to get some editing and visual effects work done, plus prepare for very big scenes coming up), we are looking at characters featuring in sequences that take place a little later in the story.
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Lady Gaga is gonna keep her baby monsters, oooooh ohhhhhhhh

Lady Gaga keeps 'giving birth to little monsters'.

The 'Born This Way' hitmaker - who has dubbed her fans her 'little monsters' - explained while she is looking forward to starting a family in the future, she is concentrating on keeping her followers happy at the moment.

She said: 'I think at some point, yeah, I'll have a family and babies and all those things, but not right now.

'Not for a while. Right now I have lots of fans. I'm giving birth to lots of little monsters, so I need to keep down the stretch marks.'

The 25-year-old singer - real name Stefani Germanotta - revealed she is also hoping to make her directorial debut behind the camera in the future.

She added to E! News: 'I think if anything I might do something directorial first. I'm really just a musician and a pop singer and I just want to keep making records. Right now I'm just really excited about the new tour.'

Lady Gaga also admitted the egg she hatched out of at this year's Grammy Awards has not been put away for good, and she might bring it out again during her upcoming tour.

Asked whether fans can expect to see the egg again, she said: 'I don't know. I talk about that a lot. Right now, it's just sort of an endless performance piece have to do with this idea of rebirth and death and the cycle of life.'


Colin Mochrie

Kirk Cameron on Stephen Hawking: ‘He Ain’t So Smart’

Kirk Cameron is a high school graduate who starred on a sitcom where his best friend’s name is Boner and then fell headfirst into evangelical Christianity where he makes money telling people the banana is all the proof we need that God exists. Stephen Hawking is a world-renowned physicist and one of the greatest minds of our generation who recently told The Guardian that heaven is a “fairy story for people afraid of the dark.” Guess who’s calling who an idiot. TMZ reports:

Super Christian Kirk Cameron says Stephen Hawking is WRONG about the non-existence of Heaven -- insisting Hawking is just as ignorant as ... (wait for it) ... John Lennon.

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Anna Paquin's All-Day Energy Secrets


You could envy Anna Paquin a lot of things. Starting with her rocking body, which is on full display one hot morning when the 28-year-old Academy Award–winning actress shows up for our chat at a cafe in Venice, California, absolutely killing it in cutoff jeans shorts and a paper-thin white T-shirt. Then there’s her red-hot career—her fourth season playing telepathic waitress Sookie on the HBO hit True Blood debuts this month. And what about her recent marriage to hunky co-star Stephen Moyer?

But after our day with Anna, we long most for her amazing energy. This is a girl who likes her workouts hard, her coffee "giant," and admits that she doesn’t like to sit still. After Stephen drops her off and takes their two dogs to the park, Anna dishes about everything from the pressure to stay thin in Hollywood to whether she sees True Blood kiddies in her future.

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Happy Endings

In the first season of a fledgling show, it's not uncommon for networks to tinker with the air order to try and put what they think are the more dynamic episodes in front of viewer's eyes first. In most cases, it's barely noticed. But when you throw in continuity issues, like on 'Happy Endings' (Wed., 10PM ET on ABC) this week, it can stick out like a sore thumb.

In this case, we clearly had an episode that was early in the season's run as the gang was still not sure how to handle their relationship with Dave and Alex. We've already seen Dave and Alex together and fine and over it in previous episodes, but now it's as if that wound of her leaving him at the altar was fresh all over again.

With the show already renewed, we can forgive it a little and just kind of think of this as a novelty flashback episode. Besides, it was fun watching them scrambling to have two breakfasts back-to-back so as to keep Dave and Alex separate without letting them know they were doing it.

In order or out of order, the key ingredient is still there on 'Happy Endings.' Funny characters in fun situations. We loved Max trying to 'Groundhog Day' Dave into thinking he hadn't just seen them all at breakfast mere minutes before.


i obviously am not the only one who noticed this. it was kind of frustrating, tbh. i love love love this show though!

Torchwood: Miracle Day preview screening at BFI

The first episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day will be screened at the British Film Institute at 6.20pm on Monday, 20 June 2011.

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with John, Eve Myles and Russell T Davies (subject to work commitments). Tickets can be booked via the BFI website or at the box office.

Book tickets for screening of Torchwood: Miracle Day at BFI


tom hardy bb

Scott Weiland on Rape, Heroin, and Courtney Love

In Scott Weiland's new memoir Not Dead & Not For Sale, the 43-year-old Stone Temple Pilots singer reveals some vivid details about his personal life and musical career, including the breakup of Velvet Revolver, shooting heroin with Courtney Love, and admitting that he was raped when he was 12 years old. Here are five revelations from the book:

On Being Raped:
When Weiland was 12 years old and living in Ohio, he says a "big muscular guy, a high school senior... [who] rode the bus with me every day to school... invited me to his house. The dude raped me. It was quick, not pleasant. I was too scared to tell anyone. 'Tell anyone,' he warned, 'and you'll never have another friend in this school. I'll ruin your fuckin' reputation.' Adds Weiland, "This is a memory I suppressed until only a few years ago when, in rehab, it came flooding back. Therapy will do that to you."

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Captain Marvel

another beard bites the dust

Cheryl Cole reportedly dumps Derek Hough

Cheryl Cole has reportedly dumped her boyfriend Derek Hough.

Cole ended her relationship with the Dancing With The Stars pro just days after landing her judging job on Simon Cowell's US version of the X Factor, according to Star magazine.

'Cheryl told Derek it was over,' an insider told Star.

'Breaking up with him was particularly cruel because he stood by her through her divorce last year and her nasty bout of malaria.'

The US magazine claims that Hough, 26, now feels “betrayed” by the Girls Aloud star.

'He can't help feeling that she used him to get publicity in Hollywood,' the source alleged.

'But Cheryl is incredibly ambitious – and gorgeous. I would not be surprised if she winds up with an A-lister, and soon.'

The 27-year-old Promise This singer turned to Hough after the collapse of her marriage to footballer Ashley Cole.


Gotta love Star magazine, but hey, the Queen is making it in other US publications besides OK! mag!

Snooki talks sex, wrestling, and who she thinks the gayest guy in the Jersey Shore house is

Snooki (looking gorgeous!) is part of Out magazine's 2011 Hot List (along with Jessie J and a bunch of other people with projects this summer). In the feature, she chats about being proud of her hook ups, the possibility of doing WWE wrestling full time, and who she thinks the gayest Jersey Shore guy is (Mike, obviously).

Here are some of the best bits but the whole thing is worth reading at THE SOURCE. There's also a video interview after the jump.

On people’s misconceptions about her:
“People think I’m just down to have a good time and party, but that’s definitely not it at all. The show is like a vacation for us. On the weekends I want to go out and have a good time, but it’s not like that every single night. If I had a choice to go out to a club on a Friday night or stay in and watch scary movies, I’m going to stay in and watch scary movies with a bottle of wine and just relax.”

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Shhh...Queen Naya is Speaking

AE: We all know that Santana is a girl who will do anything to get what she wants but it looks like she’s not going to get Brittany.
NR: Yes.

AE: How is she going to move on from that? Can she and Brittany still be friends?
NR: I feel like they still are friends and in the prom episode that just aired … that was right after she sang "Songbird" to her and continued to pour her heart out to Brittany and still didn’t get what she wanted. I think they’ll always be friends and I think that Santana values Brittany’s friendship above everything else, which is the softer side of [Santana]. I would like to see her find love outside of Brittany and I think that we had to deal with the hurt of being rejected to get to the softer side of this really hard and bitchy character.

AE: So you don’t want to see Santana play the field a little bit?
NR: I want to see her get in a relationship. I think that that’s something that hasn’t been explored. We’ve never seen her in a relationship with anybody and we’ve never really seen her give herself up and put someone else’s needs before her own and I think that would be a cool thing to explore.

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Queen: Days Of Our Lives "Major BBC Documentary"

Unseen footage and rare interviews to celebrate 40th Anniversary

Queen continue to celebrate their 40th anniversary in regal fashion with the broadcast of a major two part BBC Two TV documentary ‘Queen: Days of Our Lives’ which sees Roger Taylor and Brian May looking back at the band’s incredible career in candid detail for the first time.

Showing on BBC Two at 10pm on 29th and 30th May the two one hour shows explore the remarkable story of Brian, Roger, John Deacon and Freddie Mercury - looking into the early struggles, huge obstacles, success, arguments, breakups, triumph, tragedy and an enduring legacy – all against a backdrop of brilliant music and stunning live performances. With an extensive archive of unseen footage (the producers uncovered Queen's first ever TV performance, missing believed wiped, and shown here for the first time) plus remarkable archive interviews with Freddie Mercury, the documentary is the band’s story in their own words – a compelling journey told with intelligence, wit, plenty of humour and painful honesty.

The documentaries cover each of the band’s studio albums, their legendary world tours of the 70’s and 80’s as they conquered South and North America and Asia, Live Aid and their enduring success since the passing of Freddie leading up to the present day and a popularity that continues to grow yearly. The Sun annointed them ‘Britain’s Best Loved Band’ earlier this year.

‘Queen: Days of Our Lives’ is produced by Rhys Thomas (the comedian who famously broke the Mastermind all time record points score with a specialist subject of Queen) and Simon Lupton, and is directed by the renowned director Matt O’Casey.

Rhys Thomas comments, “We have set out to make the definitive Queen documentary. It's a funny, honest, inspiring and ultimately tragic account of ‘a certain band called Queen’, as told by the band themselves. We tell the story of four students who met in West London, slogged hard and conquered the world, ultimately changing rock music forever.” 

The band will be previewing the documentaries in a rare radio interview as they guest live on the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show on May 27th. Brian and Roger will also attend the 9th anniversary celebration performance of their hit musical We Will Rock You on the evening of Tuesday May 31 at The Dominion Theatre with Brian performing with the cast.

Queen's 40th Anniversary year has kicked off in spectacular style so far with their  first ever major exhibition 'Stormtroopers in Stilettos' in London’s East End which drew an incredible crowd of over 20,000 visitors in two weeks, and kicked off with a star studded launch party attended by the likes of Foo Fighters and Jessie J. Meanwhile the bands first five albums have been reissued to considerable acclaim. The Telegraph said of their early work, 'Queen's greatest music was extravagantly innovative, technically brilliant and created with a jeweller's care.’ The five albums covering the 77-82 period (News of the World’, ‘Jazz’, ’The Game’, ‘Flash Gordon’ and ‘Hot Space’) are also reissued on June 27th.


Needs documentary and QUEEN tags


Deena Almost Falls Off Bridge -- Plus More 'Jersey Shore' Sightings!

Florence, Italy is full of beautiful tourist destinations -- but yesterday, all cameras were focused on "Jersey Shore" cast member Deena Nicole Cortese when she almost fell off a bridge!

Deena dangled off a bridge in the Italian city yesterday while filming the show. And while it was probably just amped up for the reality show cameras, Cortese needed the help of Sammi Sweetheart to pull her back up.

They weren't the only ones spotted enjoying some downtime after work -- Jwoww, The Situation, Ronnie and Pauly D were seen shopping and doing laundry and the entire gang was later seen doing a group photo shoot together.

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Adult Swim Announces New Programming Line-Up for 2011-12 Season

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New Series and Additional Episodes Ordered for Returning Programs

Adult Swim “Owns the 9ight” with Star-Studded Upfront Event Featuring the Legendary Jay-Z

Adult Swim celebrated a new slate of programming for the 2011-12 season last night during their star-studded annual Upfront event in New York City. Coming off a stellar first quarter, in which the network added an hour of primetime to its schedule, Adult Swim ranked as cable television’s #1 network for total day delivery of adults 18-34 and adults 18-49. Adult Swim also has ranked #1 in total day delivery of adults 18-24 and men 18-24 every quarter since becoming its own individually ranked network in 2005 (23 consecutive quarters).

New original series and specials:
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I'm so fucking excited for the Venture Brothers special. The premise sounds hilarious. And I'm so gonna check out the new Black Dynamite show. More people need to know about this flawless movie.
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Brad Pitt Loves the Chaos of (So Far) Six Kids

Brad Pitt knew from an early age that if he ever had his own family, it was going to a big one.

"I had a friend who had a big family when I was a kid. I just loved the chaos around the breakfast table and the fighting and the ribbing, and the mom making pancakes for everyone or the dad making pancakes," the actor, 47, and father of six tells the Associated Press in an interview at the Cannes Film Festival, where he premiered his new movie, The Tree of Life.

"And I just decided then if I was ever going to do it – this left some indelible mark on me – if I was ever going to do it, that's the way I was going to do it."

Pitt, who has three biological children and three adopted children with Angelina Jolie, says it's just his personality to go all in. "I know it seems extreme from the outside, but I've always kind of operated this way," he says. "When I know, I know, and why mess around?"

The actor has also said this week that his children inform his film choices, and that he wants his kids to admire him as "a pretty damn good actor."


JGroff Ain't Kung Fu Panda But He Will Beat Cory Monteith's Ass!

Jonathan Groff plays narcissistic, backstabbing, and heartbreaking former rival show-choir member Jesse St. James on Glee, and he does so with an insouciant and enviable conviction. He is also a gay, which, since this is the Gay Guide to Glee, makes our fandom all the more raging. Tonight, Groff returns to the show for his 10th episode, so to celebrate his tin anniversary, we gave him a call. Highlights:

Brett Berk: You’ve made your triumphant return to Glee in the past few weeks. Is it true that the new plot trajectory for your character, Jesse St. James—in his work as a show-choir adviser—is based on the role of Sparky Polastri in the canonical film Bring It On?
Jonathan Groff: Oh my God! I wish. That would have been amazing! I haven’t seen that movie in such a long time.

Brett Berk: What!?!
Jonathan Groff: I mean, I’ve seen it many times. I just haven’t watched it lately.

Brett Berk: Jonathan, write this down: You should watch Bring It On at least once every 9 to 12 months.
Jonathan Groff: I know. I totally should. But no, Jesse St. James is not based on that. He’s his own man and his own character. And he’s not as talented at coaching as the guy in Bring It On, as you’ll see in the episode this week. He’s just mean. I actually couldn’t believe it when I read the scripts for this season. I thought I was coming back to redeem myself, and apologize to Lea—which I did, and do. But then in this week’s episode, I can’t believe how mean I am.

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W Magazine - Woody Allen Reflects on Rachel McAdams - Provides Further Proof He Is A Perv

Quote: In this year’s Midnight in Paris, he tweaks Rachel McAdams’s good-girl image, reimagining her as a socially ambitious, fast-talking nag. “I wanted her to play the bad girl, the girl who’s sexy enough to be negative and still interesting,” Allen told me over the phone this spring. “But I’m crazy about Rachel. I have great adoration and lust and interest in all of the women in my films. It would thrill me to go out with all of them.”

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Rodney Jerkins Plots Ciara's Comeback


After the fall out with her label Jive Records, industry watchers are keeping close tabs on Ciara’s next move. Super-producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins recently met up with the singer to discuss her future and let us in on their talks.

“I had a meeting with her about what her future holds and I told her I was there if she ever needed my creative juices, so hopefully me and her get in the studio and work,” he told Rap-Up TV at the BMI Pop Music Awards.

While there are currently no plans to have her sign to his label, he did offer his advice. “We had a long talk. I think she just has to get back to where she started,” he explained. “She had a lane that was specifically hers—that ghetto urban lane with the 808s. No female was doing that and she had it. I think if she just gets back to that, goes back to the blueprint…”

Darkchild, who produced her 2007 collaboration with 50 Cent “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone,” told CiCi to remain true to herself. “I encouraged her when I met with her, just stick to the roots—stick to who you are. Don’t let nobody change you.”

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This season of 'One Tree Hill' will be the last

It wasn’t entirely unexpected, but CW topper Dawn Ostroff told advertisers today in New York that One Tree Hill will return to the network’s midseason lineup next year for its final 13 episodes. It will be the drama’s ninth (!!!) season.

Miraculously, the long-running series was given the greenlight for another year — a pretty remarkable feat, since the drama has set some sort of record for having been a bubble show every season for the past eight years.
zooey umm

Lars von Trier says he may be done with news conferences -- and that he doesn't deserve a Palme d'Or

On Wednesday, Lars von Trier set off a worldwide firestorm when, in his typically provocative way, he attempted to make a number of jokes about being a Nazi who sympathized with Hitler.

Less than 24 hours later, he added contrition to his repertoire, without letting up too much on the provocation.

In one of his first interviews since the controversy exploded Wednesday at a news conference for his Cannes film "Melancholia" -- and on the same day the festival declared him persona non grata -- Von Trier came off like a man who regretted the whole incident even as he seemed to take a small amount of playful enjoyment in the fact that, once again, he had gotten a lot of people worked up.

He began the conversation with an apology considerably more elaborate than the terse statement sent out on his behalf by his publicity team Wednesday afternoon.

"I'm really sincere when I say I don't really know what hit me. I can understand if you take things out of context. This was very sarcastic and very rude, but that's very Danish. I'm very sorry that it's being taken the wrong way," he said from beneath a straw hat as he sat in the garden of a hotel in Mougins, a town about six miles north of Cannes, where he stays during the festival. "I must say that I believe strongly that the Holocaust is the worst crime against humanity ever, and I do not sympathize with Hitler one second."

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LA Times
Taylor: unicorn earrings

The Secret Circle photos and synopsis

The Secret Circle is hoping to capitalize on the popularity of The Vampire Diaries. And why not?  The original book series it was adapted from was also written by author L.J. Smith.  The Secret Circle is also being produced by Vampire Diaries executive producer Kevin Williamson.  The CW is also pairing it with The Vampire Diaries on the schedule, and the show will be airing on Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. Britt Robertson (formerly of Life Unexpected) stars as Cassie Blake.  Cassie used to be a happy, normal teenager, until her mother Amelia dies in a fire.  Depressed about her mother's death, Cassie moves in with her grandmother, Jane, in the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington.  Her mother used to live there while growing up and Cassie is surprised to learn that some of the town residents seem to know more about Cassie than she knows about herself.

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Ann Coulter LOL

Interview with Homophobia Fighting DILF Ben Cohen. Prepare to HHHHNNNGGHHHH


It's likely the fantasy of many gay men. In a New York City hotel room, Ben Cohen, 32, is fresh from the shower. Sorry, gents, he is not in the buff.

''Oooh, look at you – 'StandUp' T-shirt.''

That's Jill Tipping, Cohen's right-hand woman, easily heard over the phone with her strong English accent giving her sassy assessment of Cohen's choice of attire as he sports the signature T-shirt of his new Ben Cohen StandUp Foundation. The straight rugby superstar recently retired from the sport to turn his attention to battling homophobia and bullying. He says challenging bullies is a trait that runs in the Cohen family. It's a trait that essentially cost his father his life in 2000, dying from wounds sustained as he tried to break up a fight at a nightclub managed at the time by Cohen's elder brother, Justin, according to Britain's The Independent newspaper.

And while it may have been curious when the young celebrity athlete embraced his gay fans, his foundation takes things to a whole new level.

''We're thrilled to be working with him,'' says Michael Cole-Schwartz, spokesperson for the Human Rights Campaign, which has been working with Cohen as he brings his Acceptance Tour to the U.S. ''Ben Cohen is emblematic of a turning tide in our culture that is starting to happen more and more in sports. Straight people are standing up for the LGBT community in ways we just haven't seen before.''

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So many MY BODY IS READY gifs. So Little Time. Could this man be any more perfect and awesome?


'Misfits': Q&A with Antonia Thomas, Iwan Rheon


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It's the Philips British Academy Television Awards on Sunday (that's the BAFTAs, you know) and one show picked up more nominations than any other - Misfits. The E4 superhero smash has picked up nods in four categories, and as we're big fans here at Tube Talk, we can't argue with that! We spotted Antonia Thomas (Alisha) at the recent BAFTA Nominees Party, so we collared her by the canapés for a two-minute chat. And then we thought we'd give Iwan Rheon (Simon) a call for some more Misfits chatter. Read on to find out what they have to say, and check back for more Misfits and BAFTA goodness later this week...

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Cannes film festival bans Lars von Trier

 The Cannes film festival says it has banned Danish film-maker Lars von Trier for remarks at a press conference. A statement from Cannes organisers Thursday said Von Trier was deemed "persona non grata" at Cannes for his comments a day earlier.

It was an unprecedented move by the festival, which bestowed its highest honour, the Palme d'Or on the director's film Dancer in the Dark back in 2000. The statement did not specify whether that meant Von Trier's current Cannes film, Melancholia, had been booted from Cannes and was no longer eligible for prizes.

At the press conference Von Trier said in a rambling train of thought that he understood and sympathised with Hitler. He said afterwards he had been joking and later issued an apology.

Later that night  A Danish photographer who had been assigned to cover the afterparty for a Danish newsmagazine said the cast dinner had been canceled by the restaurant.

“A dinner for 40 people, and they canceled on them, because of what he said,” said the photographer, Martin Hoien, adding that he heard about the cancellation from the Danish company behind the movie. An American publicist for the film later confirmed that the beachfront afterparty was also canceled.

Mr. Hoien, who said he had photographed Mr. Von Trier many times over the years, including on Wednesday morning, said that, among Danes, the filmmaker has a reputation as a provocateur.

“It’s not a surprise that he said what he said,” Mr. Hoien said. Mr. Von Trier is uncomfortable doing press and seems to act out because of it, Mr. Hoien said, adding with an eye roll that his reaction to Mr. Von Trier’s comments was: “not again.”

Source 1, Source 2

The video is a must-watch, Kirsten Dunst's expressions are golden.
lana - we were born 2 die

Nicki Minaj Surprises Students as "Principal for the Day" at Collins Academy High School

Superstar Nicki Minaj surprised more than 400 students and acted as the "Principal for the Day" at Collins Academy High School. Minaj's visit is one of many rewards for the students and teachers who won the Get MotivatED Challenge – a six week competition to improve daily attendance rates nationwide. Twenty-five schools in eleven cities vied for the title in the Challenge that used pop culture, technology and media to engage youth on the importance of coming to school.

Minaj presented three exemplary students each with $10,000 college scholarships from Comcast, helped teach a freshman English class, and joined MTV's Sway Calloway in an all-school assembly to celebrate the students' and teachers' accomplishments. Students saw the performer's serious side as she took over the class and led a lesson in English. Minaj's own education, she's a graduate of LaGuardia High School in New York City, influenced not just her career path but also her commitment to giving back.

Nicki Minaj said, "I am a young, female mogul before I am an artist. As a business woman there isn't a single day where I don't use my education or acquire new knowledge to ensure my success. Regardless of where you are today, with education you can take yourself where you want to be. That's why I am working with the Get Schooled Foundation. They are finding innovative and exciting ways to bring that message to schools like the Collins Academy."
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omg im so jealous, nicki also spoke, ate lunch and talked with the students!!

Criminal Minds Finale: Will the BAU be split up?

It wasn't hard for the writers of Criminal Minds to find inspiration for the show's Season 6 finale.

It's been a year of surprising cast shakeups and general uncertainty for the show, and Wednesday's finale (9/8c, CBS) speaks to that. "The writers cleverly decided to let the cliff-hanger aspects of the BAU team mirror what's going on with [us]," star Joe Mantegna tells "The uncertainties and decisions and problems and solutions directly mirror what's happening in real life."

"It's about our team and the financial cost of crime-fighting," executive producer Erica Messer adds. "Bad guys seem to have endless funds but, as in real life, there are budget cuts in the government and the team is in jeopardy of being split up."

Budget cuts forced the show to write out series veteran A.J. Cook early in the season. Her character, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, returned for one episode when fellow cast member Paget Brewster filmed her character's swan song. However, Cook has now signed a deal to return full time next season, and will be reintroduced in the finale. (Brewster, who shot a pilot that NBC has passed on, has an option to return if she chooses.)

The actors' real emotions played out on-screen when Cook left the show, and Mantegna says the same is true of her return. "It was one of those things where none of us quite understood why it happened in the first place," he says. "If you don't own the ball park, you can't make the decisions as to what goes on inside it. But now, the bottom line is we're all thrilled. She was always an integral part of the show. ... Hopefully this will re-energize us in a lot of ways."

Indeed, Messer hopes to build a lot of story around JJ in the new season. "JJ has grown a lot since we last saw her in September," Messer says. "She's going to have a stronger voice than before and will have insights we don't have."

The actual case in the finale involves the investigation of a human trafficking ring. "I was inspired by a quote that I used in the episode," Messer says. "English novelist Thomas Hardy wrote, 'And yet for every bad there is a worse.' It's sad but true... [and] the case proves the thought. It's not just kidnapping, it's domestic trafficking. But it isn't just trafficking — when the victims are used up, they're killed for sport."

Unlike recent finales, the episode isn't necessarily focused on a certain member of the team, Mantegna says. "It's like the Beatles — some like George some like Ringo, but at the end of the day you want to listen to the music in the band," Mantegna says. "Our strength is in the ensemble, so it's fitting that the last episode of the season should be something that encompasses that. It's not a one-man band."

But will the team remain intact come September? Cast member Shemar Moore just re-upped his contract but Thomas Gibson remains in negotiations. Perhaps it's just another example of art imitating life.

"The cliff-hanger isn't someone blowing up in an SUV, but the drama of what's going to happen to our team," Messer says. "The goal was to show how much the world needs our heroes and how important it is that we keep the team together. Our characters are the human side of our show — the light to the darkness we're surrounded by. They deserve to be explored further."


mods: is there seriously no criminal minds tag? or did i miss it?

SPOILERISH: ugh, the first 5 minutes had me rolling my eyes. hotch telling them that they each have opportunities available if they want? what a copout way for cbs to continue writing off the valuable members of the show if they want. they saw what happened with JJ, i don't understand why they keep jerking everyone around.
marina † primadonna

Glee: Listen to songs from "New York", the season finale

I Love New York / New York, New York (New Directions):

For Good (Rachel/Kurt):

Yeah! (Competing All Girls' Show Choir):

Bella Notte (Puck/Artie/Sam/Mike):

As Long As You're There (Charice):

Pretending (Rachel/Finn):

Light Up The World (Brittany/Artie/Rachel/Finn with ND backing):

Still Got Tonight (Will):


'Parks and Recreation' co-creator Mike Schur gives 10 hints about tonight's season finale

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 Tonight, it’s time for a Swanson swan song. Even though Parks and Recreation re-entered our lives just a few months ago, we must already say goodbye as the NBC comedy ends its superb third season with a two-part, one-hour finale (10-11 p.m ET). What kind of surprises await these Pawnee government employees in the final hour? We asked series co-creator/exec producer Mike Schur to give 10 hints about tonight’s action, which involves romance, death, and a threat to Ron’s mustache. “These characters make huge, life-changing decisions in the last seven minutes of the hour,” says Schur. “There’s an out-of-nowhere curveball for Leslie in the last scene, so I urge everyone to stay tuned to the end. It’s like The Usual Suspects. You have to watch until the very end.” Herewith, 10 teases to prep you for the Parks season finale.

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#1 New Show That Only 3 or 4 Million People Tops Will Watch Post

The CW has released their first look at "Ringer," the highly-anticipated new fall show starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. In the drama, Gellar plays Bridget, who is six months sober and starting to turn her life around when she is the sole witness to a professional hit. Despite the assurances of her FBI protector, Agent Victor Machado (Nestor Carbonell), Bridget knows her life is on the line. She flees to New York, telling no one, not even her Narcotics Anonymous sponsor, Malcolm. In New York, Bridget reunites with her estranged twin, Siobhan (also Gellar). Wealthy, pampered and married to the strikingly handsome Andrew Martin (Ioan Gruffudd), Siobhan lives what appears to be a fairy tale life — a life where no one knows that Bridget exists. The sisters seem to be mending their frayed relationship, until Siobhan disappears mysteriously, and Bridget makes the split decision to take on her sister’s identity. She discovers shocking secrets, not only about her sister and her marriage, but also about Siobhan’s best friend, Gemma (Tara Summers), and Gemma’s husband, Henry (Kristoffer Polaha). And when someone tries to kill Bridget in her sister’s penthouse, she realizes she is no safer as Siobhan than she is as herself.

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Ryan | lol

Ryan Godling graces Cannes with his presence

( okay this picture is from a party at Cannes and not really relevant to the
rest of this post but i figured i'd bless you all with it anyway

Ryan is currently at Cannes for the 64th Festival. But before his film Drive premieres on Friday the 20th, he attended ‘Cinema For Peace’ an event which is in support of Haiti honoring Sean Penn for his work towards the relief. He joined Harvey Weinstine and philanthropist Ella Krasner.

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could this man be any more perfect??? lbr

PS. if you happen to catch a glimpse of sorrow in his eyes, it's because he misses Carey Mulligan

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs talk about 2 Broke Girls + Pics from CBS Upfront event

Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs were on the CBS Early Show this morning and talked about their new tv show '2 Broke Girls'

Highlights: -The girls talk about where they were when they found out the news.
-The news hasn't sunk in for them.
-How Kat right away knew that Behrs was the right girl to be the other broke girl.
-They start shooting later this summer.

If video doesn't work it's also posted on Youtube but they disabled the embed option.

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In case you missed the '2 Broke Girls' preview I posted it RIGHT HERE for you guys.



Carla Bruni Pregnant With Girl

CARLA BRUNI is pregnant - so her father-in-law says. Nicholas Sarkozy's 83-year-old father, Pal, told a German newspaper the happy news, revealing he hopes it will be a girl.

"I am delighted at the arrival of my grandchild," he told Bild. "They do not want to know the sex of the baby in advance, but I'm sure it will be a girl and she will be as beautiful as Carla."

Rumours first surfaced earlier this month that Bruni may be expecting her second child, her first with her French President husband. The actress withdrew from the Cannes Film Festival, fuelling speculation she may be expecting twins, but the former model has thus far refused to comment.

the queen blessin ur eardrums

'The Voice' Judges Will Be Back for Season TWO

Before NBC's hit singing competition "The Voice" kicks off its finals phase and transitions to live broadcasts beginning June 7, Cee Lo Green tells that he and the other judges -- Christina Aguilera, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine -- are all likely returning for the show's second season later this year.

"We've already been secured for a second season, so prepare to see a lot more of myself, Christina, Blake and Adam, and a host of great artists doing their thing," says Green. When asked whether or not all four judges will definitely be back, the R&B singer says, "That would be the safe assumption. I haven't heard anything other than that. I'll be there, that's for sure."

In the meantime, fans of both Green and Aguilera can check out "Nasty," a new duet that leaked online this month.
Green says that he kicked the song around for years before recording a version with Aguilera for the soundtrack of her 2010 movie, "Burlesque."

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Schwarzenegger puts acting career on hold

Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has asked his talent agency to put all of his pending entertainment projects on hold as he focuses on his personal life.

Schwarzenegger Pictures, Images and Photos

A statement from Schwarzenegger's office Thursday says former "Terminator" star has asked Creative Artists Agency to put all of his motion picture projects currently under way or being negotiated on hold until further notice.

"Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines. This includes Cry Macho, The Terminator franchise and other projects under consideration. We will resume discussions when Governor Schwarzenegger decides." the statement says.


MTV's 'The Truth Below' Trailer


“the truth below” PREMIERING JUNE 16th at 10pm et/pt

MTV treats viewers to extreme suspense in its upcoming original TV movie “The Truth Below,” premiering Sunday, June 16th at 10pm ET/PT. The two-hour psychological thriller, starring Gilian Zinser (90210), Reid Ewing (Modern Family), Nick Thurston (Surviving Ophelia), and Ricky Mabe (Zack and Miri Make a Porno) is the sixth original movie from MTV since the network launched its new movie initiative in 2009.

“We were immediately drawn to the script for 'The Truth Below' which explores the complex and challenging themes of friendship, sex, death and betrayal through the perspective of characters the same age as the MTV audience,” said Chris Linn EVP Programming & Head of Production. “ ‘The Truth Below’ is an opportunity to expand our original movie brand beyond horror and comedy and work with an incredibly talented group of young actors. The twists and turns in the plot combined with exceptionally strong performances make this movie a true thriller.”

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Source: MTV

Beyoncé, Beats and Blackface: Who’s Really Running Her World? (Hint: It's the Illuminati)

J/k, this isn't an illuminati post. This is an ontd_feminism post. Although I don't think Clayton Perry, the author of this editorial, is a member!

On Thursday, April 21, 2011, Columbia Records officially released the lead single to Beyoncé's fourth studio album. Although dubbed as an ode to female empowerment, "Run the World (Girls)" is revealed to be a farce underneath the surface.

Let’s start with the title, which references a prepubescent state of womanhood. Yes, it may be true that "girls" is often utilized – in colloquial terms – as a friendly name for female companions; but when one examines Beyoncé's discography, which includes titles such as "Independent Women," "Single Ladies" and "Naughty Girl," it is safe to assume that she understands the power of word choice. (She is a songwriter, right? [lol, if stealing credit for songs counts as writing, then yes.]) With this particular song, however, there seems to a conflict between its embrace and usage of the word "girls" as a term of endearment as opposed to a belittling portrait of womanhood. But then again, who pays attention to semantics? Even so, did "girls" really need to be mentioned over 40 times?

Considering Beyoncé's love for grand displays of female camaraderie – like her all-female band – why didn't she hire a female director for her lavish video production? Sanaa Hamri, a Moroccan American, would have been an excellent choice – having directed for Nicki Minaj ("Fly"), Mariah Carey ("Can't Take That Away") and Yolanda Adams ("Open My Heart"), as well as feature lengths films with female stars, Something New (starring Sanna Lathan) and the Queen-Latifah-produced Just Wright [Gurl, I thought you were trying to make an argument in favor of this director... That movie was Just Wrong.].  Instead, she hired Francis Lawrence, who is known for his directorial work on Constantine (2005) and I Am Legend (2007), in addition to his artistic vision on the following risqué singles: Adina Howard's "(Freak) and U Know It" (1997), Lil' Kim's "How Many Licks?" (2000) and Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U" (2001). Lawrence even directed Jay-Z's 1999 video "Girl's Best Friend," the penultimate anthem dedicated to a woman's – er umm, girl's – desire. How ironic then that Sanaa Hamri directed Jay-Z's poignant video for "Song Cry" (2002)?

Eight years removed from the release of Dangerously in Love and the monster smash "Crazy in Love," Beyoncé is showing signs of the development of "artistic fatigue" – a condition in which an artist with universal name recognition and critical acclaim releases subpar material simply because it will sell off of the strength of his/her brand.  After fourteen years as a recording artist, Beyoncé has failed to deliver a masterpiece album akin to the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, and upon examination of the source material that inspired the backing track for “Run the World (Girls),” such an album seems to be far beyond her reach.

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 PS: Remember when she performed for Muammar Gaddafi's son?????


Lady Gaga wants to be on Desperate Housewives

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has said she would like to make an appearance in hit US TV show Desperate Housewives.

The Judas hitmaker could be set to make a move over to the acting world.

She told British newspaper the Daily Star: 'I'd play a real b***h, a megab***h with attitude. It would be hilarious.'

Speaking at Radio 1's Big Weekend she also admitted that she is a big fan of newlywed Kate Middleton's sister Pippa.

The 25-year-old added: 'Kate looked great at the wedding but I thought that the sister Pippa oozed style.'


future simon smirk gif
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'Bones' season finale clip

Last week’s episode of Bones had us wondering what Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) did under the covers in his bed. (He just held her after the loss of Mr. Nigel-Murray, right?) Tonight’s season finale (Fox, 9 p.m. ET) sends them undercover in a bowling alley, and we know what they’re doing: posing as a couple to solve a murder. Watch them in action in our exclusive clip below. Previewing the season finale for EW, Deschanel poked fun at her look: ”I’m kinda like the missing member of Quiet Riot or Twisted Sister,” she laughed. “That’s the crazy thing about Bones: It’s like, ‘We’re gonna go undercover!’ and we’re the most conspicuous people in the bowling alley.” Mullet jokes aside, she also gave us a serious piece of advice for the show’s ‘shippers: “People need to watch to the very end of the episode because things are revealed and something changes their relationship forever,” she teased.

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The fourth and newest clip is at the source.

I'm assuming people are going to post spoilers in the comments... I can't check because it hasn't aired here yet (MST), so I'm staying out of my own post.

SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
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Captain EO to become a permanent attraction at Tokyo Disneyland

Originally reopened as a limited engagement run last year, the Captain EO attraction at Tokyo Disneyland will now remain as a permanent attraction.

Earlier this month, the Oriental Land Company (OLC), who operates the Tokyo Disney Resort, indicated the scheduled end date for Captain EO has been eliminated. The attraction reopened July 1, 2010, after a 14 year hiatus, and was scheduled to run for only a year. The popularity of Captain EO and Michael Jackson have prompted OLC to keep this as a permanent attraction.

With this news, the old MicroAdventure! show will be closed permanently.

Captain EO first thrilled guests during its 1986-1994 run. It was a groundbreaking 3-D film starring Jackson at the peak of his entertainment career, singing and dancing his way through the galaxy as he and his motley cast of furry crewmates — cute and cuddly Fuzzball and bumbling Hooter among them — helped save a very alien planet from an evil queen.

In addition to Jackson, the film’s credits are equally star-studded: The queen was played by Academy Award-winning actress Anjelica Huston. The film’s executive producer was George Lucas and it was directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

After Jackson's death in 2009, the short film encountered a resurgence in popularity and reopened in various Disney theme parks around the globe.

Sources - 1, 2

I think Captain EO is closing at the U.S. Disneyland and Disney World soon . . . so check it out while you can! It's very cheesy and awesome, haha. XD

HBIC Sarah Michelle Gellar Interviews From the CW Upfronts

'Ringer's' Sarah Michelle Gellar keeps 'Buffy' fans in mind on her latest adventure
By Carina Adly MacKenzie


The show was initially developed for CBS, but has been passed on to The CW this season. Gellar is confident that it's a better fit -- and, she tells us, she wasn't sure that it was ever right for CBS. "I initially had said to them, 'Really? This doesn't really seem like a CBS show.' 'No, it doesn't, but we love the show and we believe in it.'" Les Moonves pitched the CW idea to her only a week ago.

Source and Article

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Bilson and More CW Stars Preview Their New Shows
By Jean Bentley

'Ringer,' the new CW-by-way-of-CBS mystery series starring Sarah Michelle Gellar in a dual role, is much more serious and suspenseful than any show the network's aired in the past. Just don't expect any 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'-style ass-kicking. "Let me tell you something -- I'm not 18 anymore," joked Gellar.

Source and Article

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Slaying your favs, Professional and gracious as always etc...

Ronald McDonald Is Not Retiring Anytime Soon

McDonald's CEO to food police: Hands off Ronald McDonald
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(CBS/AP) Should Ronald McDonald retire?

Healthy-eating activists say the 48-year-old "spokesclown" hooks kids on junk food and insist the time has come for the burger-pushing mascot to hang up his floppy shoes and clown nose.

Not so fast, says McDonald's CEO Jim Skinner. Speaking Thursday at the chain's annual meeting outside Chicago, he said recent newspapers ads calling for Ronald's ouster had prompted an outpouring of support to his office, with parents and customers asking Skinner "to defend their right to choose."

The ads - paid for by an activist group called Corporate Accountability International - appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, New York Metro and four other papers. They were signed by more than 550 health groups and professionals and carried the headline "Doctors' Orders: Stop Marketing Junk Food To Kids."

McDonald's says it is proud of the food it offers and that Ronald teaches children to be active. New commercials show him as an active, athletic clown who plays soccer, shoots hoops and encourages kids to visit McDonald's website. There's barely a mention of burgers and fries.

Ronald has also been the face of Ronald McDonald House Charities, which provides free or inexpensive housing for families who must travel to get medical treatment for a child. He still shows up as often as ever at camps for sick children and charity events.

Maybe so. But a 2010 study published in "Pediatrics" found that branding food products with cartoon characters clearly influences young children's taste preferences, easily luring them to eat junk food. And childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Almost one in three children is now overweight or obese.

Nick Guroff, a spokesman for Corporate Accountability International, said while that's a worthwhile charity, "to use that as their excuse for marketing junk food to kids is sort of having their burger and eating it too."

What do you think? Is Ronald McDonald a friend - or a healthy-eating foe?

I just want him to retire cuz he's scary as fuck
I don't think he's to blame for the obesity in America.
parks: haters

"Parks and Recreation" Post

A Jones for Rashida

Hot in The Social Network, funny on "Parks and Recreation," Rashida Jones swings both ways in her next role as a (yes) girl-on-girl-loving lawyer in Our Idiot Brother

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Source - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

What did you think of the season finale?

Kitty Purry's Tour Rider

MAY 19--As she prepares to embark next month on the U.S. leg of her 2011 world tour, Katy Perry will be carrying a 45-page concert rider that outlaws carnations, details very specific furniture requirements, and outlines a 23-point “principle driver policy” for chauffeurs in towns the 26-year-old singer visits.

According to Perry’s rider, excerpted here, the performer’s dressing room (which has to be draped in cream or soft pink) needs to be outfitted with two cream-colored egg chairs, one of which should have a footstool. It is unclear whether Perry requires original Arne Jacobsens or cheap knockoffs. A coffee table needs to be “perspex modern style.” A pair of floor lamps should be in “French ornate style.” And the singer’s refrigerator must come with a glass door.

As for the dressing room’s flower arrangement, Perry wants “White and purple hydrangeas, pink & white roses and peonies.” If those flowers are not available, Perry will settle for a “selection of seasonal white flowers to include white orchids.” However, promoters are advised, “ABSOLUTELY NO CARNATIONS.” That warning is, of course, underlined.

In a commendable effort to curb the environmental impact of plastic bottles, Perry’s rider notes that water dispensers must be provided in all dressing rooms and production offices, and that tour personnel will be supplied with “SIGG drinking bottles.”

When it comes to hotel provisions, Perry requires a “1 bedroom presidential suite” in a “5 star property.” And free Internet service and a complimentary breakfast must be provided to the performer and her touring party.

Chauffeurs, the rider notes, are not allowed to “start a conversation w/ the client.” Wheelmen are similarly barred from conversing with Perry’s guests or fans. They also are directed not to stare at the backseat through the rear view mirror. Drivers should also not “ask for autographs or pictures, and especially not while driving!” Finally, Perry’s ride should be outfitted with four water bottles (presumably in the event she forgets her Sigg).

The rider also alerts promoters that they may be required to hold back tickets for concerts so that Perry & Co. can provide the ducats to “resellers” for “distribution to the public” on the “secondary market.” In other words, Perry reserves the right to pocket some of the proceeds from the sale of tickets--not made available at face price to her fans--scalped at inflated prices by these brokers.

The quantity and location of tickets earmarked for these secondary markets will be determined by Perry’s “Personal Manager,” according to the rider, which was provided to TSG by our pal Jester. (6 pages)

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She's adorable. All deserved, tbqh

all mine gives an interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPicOn Braxton Family Values, the WE reality show starring R&B singer Toni and her four opinionated sisters, it can be hard to get a word in edgewise, what with all the discussion of concerts, legal issues, and husband drama — unless you are Tamar Braxton. Tamar, the baby of the bunch, sings backup for Toni and hopes to launch a solo singing career of her own, but it's her signature web-inflected slang — "stop playing dot com" and "hot mess dot org," for example — plus her unusual taste in baby names that have made her the show's breakout star. Vulture caught up with Tamar to discuss the show, which has just been picked up for a second season, her URL maxims, and Monroe and Moroccan Scott Cannon.

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'Titanic' 3D Gets Release Date

James Cameron's movie, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, will be rereleased worldwide April 6, 2012.

is sailing back into theaters around the world April 6, 2012.

James Cameron's
movie is getting rereleased in 3D via Paramount Pictures, 20th Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment.

The date was chosen to coincide with the 100th anniversary of the ship setting sail (April 10).

The 3D conversion is being overseen by Cameron -- who wrote, directed and produced the movie -- and his Lightstorm producing partner Jon Landau, who also produced.

"There's a whole generation that's never seen Titanic as it was meant to be seen, on the big screen," Cameron said. "And this will be Titanic as you've never seen it before, digitally remastered at 4K and painstakingly converted to 3D. With the emotional power intact and the images more powerful than ever, this will be an epic experience for fans and newcomers alike."

Paramount chairman/CEO Brad Grey noted that the rerelease coincides with the 100th anniversary of the studio, while Fox Filmed Entertainment chairmen/CEOs Jim Gianopulos and Tom Rothman added that Titanic is "one of the greatest sources of pride" in studio history.  

-- which stars Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio -- is the second-highest-grossing movie of all time, behind Cameron's Avatar.

The movie, which was nominated for a record 11 Oscars, was first released in 1997.

King Firth - Mamma Mia!

Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz filming 'Gambit' at Heathrow

Filming for the Coen Brothers' latest film truly got off to a flying start as its two stars shot scenes at Heathrow Airport.

Passengers tried to get a good view at Terminal 5 as Diaz strutted around in a pair of tiny shorts alongside her co-star Firth as they filmed the remake of 1960s crime caper Gambit.

Oscar winner Firth will take on the role originally played by fellow Brit Michael Caine - a thief who plans to steal a piece of expensive art from the world's richest man, to be played by Harry Potter's Alan Rickman.

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Flawless canadian judge impersonates Madonna, Rihanna and Gaga

Canadian judge of X-Factor France Véronic Dicaire gave a stunning performance last night!

I had no clue she was a judge!!! Who would of thought that a young singer from a small town in Ontario would get this far?!

Offcial X-Factor France website

Next Week's Billboard Hot 100

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Xtina: QT Glasses

Kelendria Rowlegend is set to sign her X-Factor contract!!!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Simon Cowell is hoping that Kelly Rowland will give the X Factor some `street cred' if she joins the judging panel.

The music mogul hopes that the former Destiny Child singer will encourage hip-hop and R 'n B fans to tune in.

The American star is believed to be signing her mega-bucks deal later this week.

She told the Daily Star: "The X Factor is an amazing show. I love Simon because he's so honest.

"Everything he says I agree with. I don't know what kind of judge I'll be."

If Kelly joins the panel she will be the third new judge for the series. Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole have both quit the show to work on the US version.

It'll give her so much exposure in Europe where her smash-hit Commander was loved by all!
Get that paycheck Kween Kelly!!!!!!

SMH @ people that that thought she was gonna flop last year


Mod Note: Mod that rejected this post with 'Who?'....uhm Kween Kelly Rowlegend is currently burning up the charts? Are you new here!?
And for the 2nd rejection: Kelendria is Kelly Rowland's real first name and Rowlegend her deity name....

CREEPY POST: The 6 Creepiest Gifts Ever Given

Most of us are pretty bad at giving gifts. It's hard to know what people want, and making them tell you feels heartless and perfunctory. But below us there is another tier of people who are really bad at giving gifts. They give the kind of gifts that make people wake up screaming in the night...

#1. For Your Birthday, I Made You Shit Your Pants

Gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson, is the real-life guy that some of you only know from Johnny Depp's portrayal in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. His drug-induced exploits are legendary, but when he wasn't swatting bats with a fly swatter or being chased by some monster after tripping on a shit load of acid, he was pulling pranks on his celebrity friends. And by pranks, we mean terrifying events that gave them PTSD. Which brings us to the "gift" he got Jack Nicholson for his birthday.

On the special day, Thompson sneaked into the shrubbery around Nicholson's home, pulled out a gun and started firing. Not right into the window or anything, he wasn't trying to kill him. He was just trying to make him think he was going to die. That led to Part Two of his plan, which was to leave behind a device that broadcast a recording of "terrible dying-animal cries." Part Three involved dropping a bloody animal heart at the front door.

Hey, did we mention that Nicholson was dealing with a stalker at the time? And was already fearing for his safety? Fearing a Manson Family-style home invasion that would slaughter everyone inside the house, Jack called the cops and hid with his terrified family in the basement for the rest of a sleepless night. Happy Birthday!

Looking back on the event, Thompson was regretful of the whole "thinking you were going to die" prank. But this flash of reason was the exception rather than the rule in Thompson's life. Later, for a Christmas present, Thompson sent Jack's nine-year-old daughter an incredibly detailed and graphic sculpture of a rat's bloodied body stuck in a trap. Included in the present was a note which read: "Dear Lorraine. This will teach you a lesson about trusting men which will be valuable later in life. You're welcome, Uncle Hunter." Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Guess which 16 & pregnant star is pregnant with baby no.2?

16 & Pregnant Season 3 star Jordan Ward is pregnant again!

Jordan and her husband, Brian, are expecting a little girl in November, Jordan’s sister (and fan favorite) Jessica Ward has confirmed.

In fact, she was pregnant back in March when she taped the 16 & Pregnant Reunion Special. However, MTV asked Dr. Drew not to discuss it and they didn’t. There will be no mention of it at the reunion.

Eminem and Royce on RapFix

-talks about acting
-talk about shady 2.0
-says he enjoys being competitive
-has issues with his hands lol
-sway says Em actually smiles and is a happy person off screen
-Em and Royce will be on the cover of RESPECT (cover is shown in the interview).

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I just put the scenes with Eminem and Royce in it. If you want to watch the whole thing (including Sway and Elliot talking about Eminem) go to this link:


Jake G Claims Defamation By Photoshop Over Underwear Photo

(photo from this post:

Jake Gyllenhaal's lawyers are scouring the Internet, attempting to eradicate a picture of the actor that shows him stretching in his tighty-whitey underwear.

The letter was sent to a few websites, including and Gyllenhaal's lawyers at LA's Bloom Hergott firm claim that "as anybody could tell from a cursory examination, this is a fake picture, in which our client's head has been pasted on the body of another person."

Gyllenhaal's pose in the photo is said to resemble an album cover pose of singer Grace Jones. The photo might be a nuissance to Gyllenhaal, but the legal campaign seems to have backfired. "We’re keeping the photo up, since it hasn’t been proven fake and because their letter bumped it from 'funny and cute' to 'actually newsworthy,'" reports

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Lady Gaga And The Power Of The Feminine Brand

On the “poker” face of it, Lady Gaga’s fame and fortune caused her seemingly meteoric rise to the top of Forbes Top Celebrity 100 power list. The self-proclaimed “Mother Monster” raked in upwards of 90 million over the past year notwithstanding frequent controversial moments, (i.e.,wearing a dress of raw meat) her personal brand has made a mark as a feminine brand.

Numbers don’t lie, but it’s the incalculable combined value of her personal brand, passion and purpose that allows her to sustain her popularity. A successful brand can feed on it’s own self generated public relations and marketing to a degree. But more importantly, the response from consumers, clients and the media will create the longevity needed to keep a brand booming.

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Film - The Old Guard

50 Cent joins "Odd Thomas," cast to play blind DJ

For those of you who can’t get enough Fiddy on the big screen here is some good news, the rapper/actor has just signed on to star in Odd Thomas – a film based on the Dean Koontz novel.

According to Variety, 50 will play the role of a blind deejay named Shamus Cocobolo. The movie will be based around Odd Thomas, portrayed by Anton Yelchin , a 20-year old short order cook who can communicate with dead people. 50′s character will help him uncover a Satanic plot. Other cast members include, Addison Timlin, Willem Dafoe, Patton Oswalt, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Nico Tortorella.

...This sounds odd. We're still going with the idea of him as an actor? Well, OK. Kinda makes me think of Vanishing Point. Could be campy fun. (Dudes, I'm not LJ-cutting that; it's tiny.)
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The Borgias brings new meaning to the term crime family

With the announcement last month that Showtime sensation The Borgias has been picked up for a second season (production slated to begin this summer, with new episodes airing in 2012), anticipation is amping up for the season finale this Sunday.

If you’re one of the unlucky few who haven’t caught an episode yet, hoo boy, are you missing out. Sex, violence, sex, intrigue, sex, and politics. And oh yeah, did I mention sex? I think religion has something to do with it too. Somewhere.

Joking aside, it’s a pretty darn good historical soap opera. And although it does play a little fast and loose with history (mainly manipulating ages and time frames), it certainly remains faithful to the tone and attitude of the Italian Renaissance.

Setting and costuming are authentic and eye-catching, even if you do wonder when and if the costumers considered the sumptuary laws. The dialogue is both mercifully free of modernisms and a genuine pleasure to listen to. What characters say and how they say it are well suited to how they are presented as people living in a particular time period and as known historical entities.

Speaking of which, the casting of the whole series is masterful. In particular, Jeremy Irons (the Pope) perfectly captures the greed and the conflicts of someone who is equally a man of the cloth and the world, while Holliday Grainger (Lucrezia Borgia) brings new light, innocence, and depth to a character traditionally viewed as rather corrupt and machinating.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and accuracy of the swordplay and warfare. These aspects, which can be neglected and ill-researched in many historical dramas, are here inspired by the techniques of Italian fencing masters Salvator Fabris, Ridolfo Capo Ferro, and Achille Marozzo, as well as existing historic documents.

All in all, The Borgias was and is a thoroughly enjoyable viewing experience, and I, for one, look forward to whatever the season finale and the second season bring.

Although this season of The Borgias is almost over, you can still catch the season finale this Sunday (May 22) at 7 pm on Bravo.

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Catherine Tate To Replace Steve Carell On The Office?

Catherine Tate could be Steve Carell’s replacement on ‘The Office’: Are you pro or con?
By Jen Chaney

Catherine Tate, one of several comedy all-stars that have been drafted for tonight’s season finale of “The Office,” is reportedly the front-runner for the job of replacing Steve Carell.

The Hollywood Reporter says the producers of the comedy consider her their top choice for manager of Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch, but it’s unclear whether Tate can commit to the role because she has already signed on to star in a London production of “Much Ado About Nothing.”
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I love Catherine sfm but i dunno about this since the show is such crap now but still OMG at the thought of Catherine being on my tv

And Another Horror Remake Coming Our Way

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MGM and Screen Gems are moving forward with a new version of Stephen King's Carrie. Deadline has word that Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa has been brought aboard to draft the screenplay.

Release in 1974, Carrie was King's first published novel and tell the story of a high school girl who, through telekinetic powers, takes revenge on peers that have mocked her.

Most famously adapted for the screen by Brian De Palma in 1976, Carrie received a sequel in 1999 and a made-for-TV adaptation in 2002. The story was also the basis for a famously-troubled Broadway adaptation in 1988 which has some coincidental ties to Aguirre-Sacasa's most recent gig, rewriting the Broadway show "Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark".

The new version of Carrie is said to be less a remake of the De Palma film and more a re-adaptation of the original text.


Do you think it's one of those films where a remake wouldn't hurt or another HELL NO, STAY AWAY FROM THE CLASSICS?

Glee Adds Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark Writer

Glee goes to Broadway in its season finale, and it looks like the show is bringing someone back with it. Deadline reports that writer Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa -- who most recently rewrote Julie Taymor's book for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark -- will join Glee's writing staff next season, a notable development since the show has this far generated two years' worth of scripts from only three staff writers: Ryan Murphy, Ian Brennan, and Brad Falchuk. In the meantime, Aguirre-Sacasa has also been signed to script the remake of Carrie, which hopefully won't culminate with a prom performance of Rebecca Black's "Friday" (though that might be equally frightening). SOURCE

No female writers? Interesting.

Look Ma! No Hands!

Have you ever wondered what it would look like for two men to play piano with their penises and, specifically, what that might sound like? Well this clip from one of those random foreign talent shows shows two men doing just that and, obviously, it’s beautiful music.

The worldwide search for talent is over. Greece wins.


This is a Bones post!

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‘Bones’ cliffhanger proves Emily Deschanel deserves an Emmy

When Bones creator Hart Hanson tweeted last night, I was conflicted. He was imploring Canadians not to spoil the cliffhanger ending to last night’s season finale. See, Global pre-aired the episode in Canada, meaning millions of Americans are still in the dark about what happens tonight when Fox broadcasts it.

I will not spoil the ending for American, or lagging Canadian, viewers. Instead, I’ll outline why Emily Deschanel deserves at least a damned Emmy nomination, if not an outright win.

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Hey, fellow five or six remaining Bones fans!!  DISCUSS.  (Especially the whole Finder thing... dnw.)  I flipped out.  Did you?

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Three thumbs up to this ep, tbh.

Kitty and Russell are selling their house!

Los Angeles Times

Pop singer Katy Perry and her husband, comedian and actor Russell Brand, are listing their Los Feliz home at $3,395,000.

The gated property includes a stately 1922 Mediterranean-style main house and a swimming pool. The 4,600-square-foot home, with a classic exterior that belies its white contemporary interiors, has four bedrooms and 4 1/2 bathrooms.

Adding a touch of whimsy is Perry's vintage pink refrigerator, which she brought from a previous residence. It is not included in the sale.

The pair added more trees and landscaping during the year and a half that they owned the house to increase privacy. A 25-foot-tall teepee that Brand bought for Perry stands in the yard.

Perry converted the three-car garage into a wardrobe styling room. "It's 60 feet of costumes," said Ernie Carswell of Teles Properties, Beverly Hills, who has the listing.

Perry, 26, started out as a gospel singer before releasing studio albums including "One of the Boys" (2008) and "Teenage Dream" (2010). Brand, 35, starred in the remake of "Arthur," released in April, as well as "Get Him to the Greek" (2010) and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" (2008).

Given Brand's time on movie sets and Perry's world tour, they have decided to make the New York pied-a-terre they bought last year their central residence and forgo maintaining the compound in Los Angeles.

Public records show the couple bought the Los Feliz house in 2009 for $3.25 million.

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You guys are so welcome for all the FUN Katy posts today. I will keep it up as your new katy correspondent.


Parks and Recreation's "Traumatic" Finale: Star Nick Offerman Teases "Four Huge Cliffhangers"

Put on a bib, pour yourself a Scotch, and pile that bacon on your steak, because tonight's the season finale of Parks and Recreation.

We had the pleasure and privilege of chatting with the great Ron Swanson himself, Nick Offerman, who dished on the quadruple-cliffhanger, "devastating" two-part finale, working with Amy Poehler's "comedy museum"...and how the mustachioed meat lover came to be.

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