May 12th, 2011

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A-list celebrities headline Worldwide Short Film Festival

TORONTO — Short films from directors Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, Neil Labute and actress Rachel Weisz are among the star-studded works set to unspool at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival.

Big-names appearing in the flicks include Colin Firth, Anthony Hopkins, Chloe Sevigny, Scott Thompson, Jeremy Irons, Max von Sydow, Steve Coogan, Keira Knightley and Montreal supergroup Arcade Fire.

Organizers says this year's showcase features a record number of A-list celebs who either perform, write and/or direct.

The lineup of 275 shorts comes from 36 countries and includes live action, documentary, animation and experimental films.

Organizers say there were a record-breaking 4,200 submissions.

The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, billed as North America's largest short film festival, runs May 31 to June 5.

"This year the WSFF has really come into its own," festival director Eileen Arandiga said Wednesday in a release.

"Short films have never been more popular. The record number of submissions received is clearly a testament to the growing popularity and importance of short film. This is a very exciting time for shorts, and we have never seen so many recognizable faces both in front of and behind the camera."

Fresh from his Oscar-winning performance as a stuttering monarch in "The King's Speech," Firth stars in the 16-minute "Steve" as an odd tenant who demands a cup of tea from the woman above him, played by Keira Knightley.

Jonze collaborates with Canadian uber-band Arcade Fire for the 29-minute "Scenes From The Suburbs," billed as a "slice o' suburban life in wartime."

terry richardson

Lohan "glad" to put necklace case behind her

It's easy to like a court ruling that ends with you likely avoiding jail. Just ask Lindsay Lohan.

Hours after her necklace-jacking case was resolved today when her lawyer entered a no contest plea to misdemeanor theft on her behalf, the starlet has released a statement approving Judge Stephanie Sautner's decision to let Lohan's current 120-day jail sentence stand and not tack on any additional punishment.

"I am glad to be able to put this past me and move on with my life and my career. I support the judge's decision and hold myself accountable for being in this situation," Lohan says.

The good news for Linds? Since it will be up to the L.A. Sheriff's Department—not the court—when it comes to the specifics of her detention, she will most likely wind up serving about two weeks of house arrest due to jail overcrowding.

Whatever it ends up being, Lindsay's accepting her fate head on.

"I have already started my community service at the Downtown Women's Center and thank everyone there for their warm welcome," she adds.

"I hope to be able to fulfill my obligation without any press attention. I think the media spotlight should be on issues such as homelessness and domestic violence instead of on me."

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Nas/Distant Relatives Megapost

 Nas confirms studio time with Frank Ocean. Collabo to appear on next Nas album?

Beyoncé isn’t the only one hitting the lab with Odd Future’s resident crooner Frank Ocean. The singer-songwriter recently put in studio time with Def Jam labelmate  Nas, revealing that he was cooking up some new material with the hip-hop veteran.


@frank_ocean: “Just played nas a song…on piano. in that moment i realized, im getting a lil better at piano. i gotta keep practicing though,” . Moments later he tweeted:  “yea. nas. like ‘top 5 dead or alive’ nas.”   (Even Frank knows who the legend be)

Though initally  unclear where the collaboration will end up, Nas confirmed the duo was creating music together. “In the studio with my little nigga @frank_ocean, he wrote. Word is now coming out that the collabo could be the first of the tracks laid down for Nas's upcoming  tenth studio album.


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harry potter at the NMAs

Harry Potter actors and engaged couple Bonnie Wright and Jamie Campbell Bower attended Wednesday evening's National Movie Awards, where both came out as winners. Bonnie, along with producers David Heyman and David Barron, accepted the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I award for best fantasy film, while Deathly Hallows: Part II received the must-see movie of the year recognition. Jamie won the 'One to Watch' NMA award.

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yeah james mcavoy.
King K

what's in Gwyneth's garden?

Gwyneth likes to grow her own salvia

Gwyn, an avid cook who shares tips on her lifestyle blog, says she keeps stocked. In her latest blog entry, Gwyneth lists the many herbs she's growing: mint, oregano, marjoram, chives, kale, thyme, basil, parsley, and four kinds of sage, including salvia.

When Miley Cyrus admitted to smoking salvia in a video that was making its way around YouTube late last year, it created a surge in interest in the legal hallucinogenic herb. Now it turns out Gwyneth Paltrow has been growing it in her garden, but just for cooking.

Of her seasonal gardening she wrote: "Spring is springing and it’s the perfect time to start planting herbs and veggies for the summer. I got a great how-to lesson from my friend José who is an expert in the garden. Below you will find tons of fun ideas on how to plant a spring garden of your own, even in a New York City apartment!"

Salvia divinorum is the strain known for its hallucinogenic properties while Salvia officinalis is known for its use in cooking.


what? you thought she was actually doing something interesting?

JoJo, future Queen of Pop and RnB, slays all in new single "The Other Chick"

After a snippet of the song leaked just days ago, the complete version of JoJo "The Other Chick" surfaced moments ago.

The lead single to be lifted from her upcoming "Jumping Trains" album, it is the first number to be released by the "Too Little Too Late" singer under her new label, Interscope.


flawless tbh. The last line of the bridge is pure gold, and she snatches all wigs with her vocals in the second half of the song. Real talent is making a comeback y'all, so support her.

Lady Gaga Would Love to Guest Star on 'Glee'

Lady GaGa is urging "Glee" bosses to give her a role in the hit musical series so she can show off her acting talents. Producers have used a number of the pop star's hits on the show, about a group of singing high school students, and even used her acceptance anthem "Born This Way" as the theme for a special tribute episode last month.

Now GaGa is dreaming of the day she is invited to film a cameo on "Glee". She says, "I would love to. We should just work it out. I know that they're doing some more music on the show soon - and they just did the amazing Born This Way episode. So I would love to."

GaGa wouldn't be the first singer to make a guest appearance on the show - Olivia Newton-John, Britney Spears and Josh Groban have all stepped on the Glee set.


Hopefully she'll save this show's shit storyline and be a recurring role!!!!! Praise her light! Bow down, putas basicas!

What would you like to see our Virgen de Gagalupe play, ONTD?
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Levi Johnston’s Book Cover Is Basically Perfect


Former Alaskan youth hockey player Levi Johnson, who knocked up Bristol Palin three years ago, was famous for two more years after that, and now is not very famous, has a hot new book comin' out. Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin's Crosshairs will hit stores September 27, and now the cover has been released. Look up and to the right — there it is! Oh, golly.


The Wolfpack graces the cover of Entertainment Weekly


Having delivered the craziest morning-after in cinematic history with 2009′s The Hangover, the team behind the Hangover Part II knew they needed to up the ante for the sequel. But how do you top the mayhem of a rampaging Mike Tyson, a live tiger, Tasers, roofies, and general Las Vegas debauchery? Apparently you go to Bangkok.

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Lawsuit: Rich, A-List Celeb Allegedly Spreads Herpes
A new lawsuit obtained by TMZ alleges "An A-list celebrity of substantial fame internationally" knowingly exposed a sex partner to the herpes virus. But here's the rub -- the suit doesn't name the celeb.

According to the suit, the plaintiff -- who also is not named -- met the celebrity in Las Vegas April 1. The suit claims the celeb -- a male who is worth in excess of $100 million -- "entered into a nefarious plot designed to lure Plaintiff into his luxurious hotel room to serve his prurient desires."

The suit claims the celeb told the plaintiff he had "no venereal diseases." At that point, they watched porn and engaged in "mutual oral copulation, mutual self-gratification, rubbing and massaging each other, play-wrestling, licking and (unprotected) intercourse." And, it was all videotaped!

According to the lawsuit, filed by attorney Keith Davidson, it didn't end well, because the plaintiff contracted herpes. The suit claims the celeb knew all along he had herpes and lied to the plaintiff in order to satisfy his desires.

The plaintiff -- not identified as either a man or a woman -- is suing for more than $20 million.

Who do you think it is ONTD?

gk jamaica

Seth Rogen: Alzheimer's is 'brutal'

(CNN) - Seth Rogen may be known for starring in some raunchy comedies, but there's one issue he doesn't take lightly: Alzheimer's disease.

The condition hits close to home because of his future mother-in-law, who is only 59 and has already had it for several years. And now Rogen, who has no family history of the disease, has become passionate about supporting his fiancee's family and spreading awareness of Alzheimer's.

"I think until you see it firsthand, it's kind of hard to conceive of how brutal it is," Rogen told CNN. "Until I saw it, you just don't get kind of how heartbreaking it can be."

Rogen and his fiancee, Lauren Miller, previously spoke with Larry King for A Larry King Special, Unthinkable: The Alzheimer's Epidemic which aired last Sunday at 8 p.m. ET. Their story is just one example of the ripple effects of the emotional stress brought on from this disease. "I just try to be as around as possible, as emotionally available as possible," Rogen told CNN Tuesday.

About 5.4 million people in the United States suffer from Alzheimer's disease, according to the Alzheimer's Association. By the middle of the century, 16 million people are expected to have the disease.

Given the family history of Rogen's fiancee, the cause seemed obvious when Miller's mother started showing symptoms. Both of Miller's grandparents had Alzheimer's disease; her grandfather showed signs in his 50s. Miller's mother was 55 when the family found out she had Alzheimer's disease.

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Full article at the SOURCE.

"The things that make me angry are that, unfortunately, this disease gets very little attention - especially with people that are our age; they know very little about it. I think if we all come together than we can find a cure and there will be no need to be so angry about it." -Lauren Miller
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Rachel McAdams & Michael Sheen Attend "Sleeping Beauty" Premiere

Rachel and her boyfriend and “Midnight in Paris” co-star Michael Sheen attended the Cannes premiere for “Sleeping Beauty”.
Wearing a sparkly, nude bustier and high-waisted pants, the actress looked flawless arriving at the Sleeping Beauty premiere during the 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival.
The Midnight in Paris actress strolled down the red carpet with beau Michael Sheen. Although the couple have remained coy about their romance (and rumored engagement), the pair looked happier than ever.  Michael recently gushed about her to the press. “She is genuinely lovely lady as well as being stunningly beautiful and very talented,” Sheen told Entertainment Tonight Canada.

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Gaga - Hair Bow

Not sure if want

'Thanks For Sharing': Tim Robbins, Mark Ruffalo In New Sex Addict Film

Tim Robbins and Mark Ruffalo are about to get personal. Maybe a bit too personal.

The Oscar-winner and nominee have both signed on to star in "Thanks for Sharing," a new film about sex addicts participating in a 12-step recovery program. The film will be directed by a man Ruffalo knows well: Stuart Blumberg, the co-writer of Ruffalo's 2010 hit, "The Kids Are All Right." Both men earned Oscar nods for their work with the film.

It's yet another project in Ruffalo's career resurgence, a new chapter that Blumberg is actually partially responsible for starting. Briefly retired from the film business, Ruffalo was tempted back into movies by "Kids" co-star Julianne Moore, who showed him Blumberg's script as bait.

Like Blumberg, Ruffalo recently became a first time director, as he just premiered his indie drama "Sympathy for Delicious." He's now filming "The Avengers," playing the part of The Incredible Hulk.

Robbins will soon appear in his own superhero flick, playing Senator Hammond in this summer's "Green Lantern."


Not sure if want this casting but I agree with the commenter at the source, David Duchovny needs a cameo in this.



Oh, this is a marriage made in a dark, gritty little corner of heaven, folks.

TVLine has learned exclusively that FX’s Sons Of Anarchy has booked film vet Danny Trejo — whose myriad credits include, to name but a few, Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn and The Devil’s Rejects — for a multi-episode Season 4 arc.

Trejo will play Romero “Romeo” Parada, a charismatic and (duh) dangerous former commando for the Mexican military who becomes a new associate of the SONS.

Trejo popped up on the small screen just this past TV season, guesting on Fox’s Bones and ABC’s Modern Family (as a janitor with a crush on Claire).

Sons Of Anarchy‘s fourth cycle premieres in early September.



Whosay Lets Stars Gain Control of Online Images

When Tom Hanks posts a message to Twitter leading his 1.8 million followers to view a photo, perhaps of him in a candid moment on a movie set, they are sent to a special kind of site, one that gives him and other celebrities new control over their presence on social media.
While most people on Twitter use a service like TwitPic, Yfrog or Plixi to share photos with their friends and followers, for celebrities, these services can come with strings attached, as they gain ownership rights to uploaded photos and can sell ads alongside them. A company called WhoSay — a little-known start-up with a clientele that is anything but little known — offers similar services, but grants ownership of the images to the stars themselves.

Operating in “stealth mode” since last year, WhoSay runs from the Los Angeles office building of the Creative Artists Agency, which represents a Rolodex of household names, including Mr. Hanks. His WhoSay site includes “copyright Tom Hanks” branding and a stack of fine print at the bottom asserting his legal ownership of all content, placed against warnings of “fines and imprisonment” for improper use.
The company’s client list, by invitation only and not limited to Creative Artists, includes Kevin Spacey, Jim Carrey, John Cusack, Bill Maher, Johnny Knoxville, Chelsea Handler, Eva Longoria, Spike Lee, Enrique Iglesias, Katie Couric and more. In addition to photo and video hosting, the company’s services include automated copyright branding and a private mobile app that loops in publicists, allowing the celebrities’ Facebook and Twitter updates to be easily controlled by a staff member.
More details at the source:

Katy Perry Celebrates Year In Hot 100's Top 10

Katy Perry becomes the first artist in the Billboard Hot 100's more than five-decade history to spend 52 consecutive weeks - an entire year - in the top 10.

On the chart released today (May 12) on (dated May 21, 2011), "E.T.," featuring Kanye West, descends to No. 2 after five weeks at the summit, granting Perry an unprecedented full year lodged in the chart's top bracket.

Perry began her streak when "California Gurls," featuring Snoop Dogg, debuted at No. 2 on the May 29, 2010, Hot 100. The song would go on to spend six weeks at No. 1 beginning June 19, 2010.

As "Girls" logged its 12th frame in the top 10 on the Aug. 14, 2010, Hot 100, the follow-up and second single from Perry's second Capitol Records album "Teenage Dream" bounded 20-7. The song would become the set's second No. 1 on the Sept. 18 chart and reign for two weeks.

On the Nov. 20, 2010, Hot 100, "Firework" burst 29-10, just keeping Perry in the top 10, as "Dream" dropped out of the tier (12-8). "Firework" started a four-week command on the Jan. 8, 2011, survey.

When "E.T." bounded 28-8 on the March 12, 2011, Hot 100, the song joined "Firework" for the latter song's last two weeks in the top 10.

Prior to Perry, Ace of Base had held the Hot 100's uninterrupted top 10 longevity mark, linking 48 straight weeks in the top 10 with "All That She Wants," "The Sign" and "Don't Turn Around" (Oct. 16, 1993-Sept. 10, 1994). Santana ranks third with 42 consecutive frames in the upper region (1999-2000), followed by Mariah Carey (41 weeks in a row, 1995-96).

Perry's year-long residence in the Hot 100's top 10 is the latest in a long line of honors that she's achieved with "Teenage Dream." The set is only the ninth to generate four No. 1s in the list's 52-year archives; it's one of only three albums to yield a quartet of toppers on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart; and, also this week, "E.T." rewrites its own mark, established last week, for the most weekly plays (12,361, according to Nielsen BDS) for a title in the Pop Songs' survey's history.

With sales of 1,451,000 since its August 2010 release, according to Nielsen SoundScan, "Dream" recently bested the sales of Perry's 2008 breakthrough album, "One of the Boys," which has sold 1,383,000.

Theon haters - Rhymes

This is an official House ONTD-sponsored post

Manga Game Of Thrones Book Covers Are Glorious To Behold

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire is finally getting a Japanese translation from Hayakawa Publishing. And the new Japanese covers, from artists Ken Sugawara, Yasushi Suzuki and Noriko Meguro, are amazingly vivid.


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Roundup For Thursday, May 12, 2011

linda granger

Psychoville: The Saga Continues!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Psychoville" continues tonight 10 PM on BBC Two in the UK with the second installment to its second series!

Last week, we found out just who did and didn't survive the explosion from series 1's finale.  Unfortunately, one surviving member didn't make it out of alive of last week's episode.

As per usual, be sure to check out the Psychoville Online Experience right after tonight's show (10:30 PM)!  Hopefully, you found clue #1 last week, and now have the first numeral/letter to the secret code!  Be sure to have your headphones handy to experience evil Nurse Kenchington's psychological experiment!

Two video previews from tonight's episode after the cut.  Spoiler Warning: last week's victim is revealed!

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Probation means Lindsay Lohan must behave to stay out of jail, legal experts say

Even though actress Lindsay Lohan may not end up serving jail time for her latest run-in with authorities, she's going to have to remain on her best behavior.

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner placed Lohan on three years' probation. Any violations could land her in jail.

Loyola law professor Stan Goldman said the probation term remains a real burden for the troubled actress.

"Three years' probation is a long time," Goldman said. "If she does something in New York, Chicago or wherever, they will hear about it."

Sautner sentenced Lohan to 120 days for violating probation for her 2007 drunk-driving conviction. The actress will probably serve only a fraction of that time.

Lohan has applied to be part of a home electronic monitoring program. That will be decided June 17, when she is scheduled to surrender to authorities.

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said a 120-day sentence effectively is reduced to 71 days for good behavior, and with overcrowding is cut to about 14 days. Electronic monitoring would be for the shorter period, Whitmore said.

george jetson

Real World's Dustin Zito: No Regrets About Gay Porn Past

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The Real World: Las Vegas' Dustin Zito is living life with no regrets.

In fact, even after news that he had shot sexually explicit videos with men rocked the MTV penthouse, Zito tells Us Weekly he'd do it do it all over again.

Opening up to Us two weeks after his roommates -- including girlfriend Heather Marter -- learned about his past, Zito says he never thought anyone would find out about his work on the website "[The site was] going to take care of me. And I was like 'This is a small website. It doesn't even end in dot-com,'" Zito, 25, tells Us.

"All my friends had gone to college, but I couldn't afford it, and I couldn't find a cool job," the Rayne, La., native, says. "Fratmen called me with this offer. I was paid, and they also paid for my flight, my meals, my clothes…I was like 'All you want me to do is get naked and be in this video? Jesus, this sounds too good to be true."

Going so far as to engage in "softcore" oral sex, Zito didn't think he was getting into hot water. "The site doesn't make you look sleazy. It's sort of classy," he says. "The videos are shot cinematically."

He quit in January 2010 and joined the MTV hit nine months later.

"I wanted them to get to know me first," Zito tells Us of his six Sin City roomies, including Marter. "I was going to tell Heather so we could deal with it together." Zito remained tight-lipped until Marter found out -- from her mother -- on the show's April 27 episode. "If I had come out with it like a man, it wouldn't have been what it is."

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Cast: NJ Housewives Is Less "Dark" Without Danielle Staub

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With Danielle Staub long gone from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jacqueline Laurita and her costars are no longer running scared.

When the Bravo show premieres its third season Monday, fans will still see their fair share of drama, but as Laurita tells Us Weekly, this time it'll be served up family style.

"It's not the same type of drama than when Danielle was on [the show]," Laurita tells Us of the group dynamic in the wake of villain Staub's September 2010 departure. "I think that was a little more dark, and now [we as a cast] have less of a fear of life. It's more like 'Oh my God, what's my family member going to say about me?' because your feuding with them. This drama went on before with Danielle but you couldn't see it because Danielle's drama overshadowed what was going on in our lives."

In the mix for season three are Teresa Giudice's cousin Kathy Wakile and sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, whose family gets in a massive blowout with the Giudices on Monday's premiere.

No tables are flipped at Gorga's son's christening, but Giudice tells Us that the fight was so epic she "blacked out" and has few memories of the day.

"It's still a whole blur to me," Giudice says. "I blacked out that day and it's still blurry to me. When I watch the episode I'll see what went on because I still don't [remember]. It was a crazy day."

As their families feud, Gorga says she's working to mend her relationship with Giudice. "We're family [and] we're always going to be in each other's lives. We have kids that are cousins," Gorga tells Us. "You can't chose your family."

Get more juicy premiere dish straight from the ladies ahead of The Real Housewives of New Jersey's first episode May 16 at 9 p.m. (EST) on Bravo.

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HBIC to host GLAAD Media Awards

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Naya Rivera, who plays bi-curious cheerleader Santana Lopez on Fox's "Glee," will host the 2011 GLAAD Media Awards.

The awards are slated to take place in San Francisco on May 14 and, according to the Hollywood Reporter, "Sex and the City" alumna Kim Cattrall will receive the Golden Gate Award -- presented annually to media professionals who have increased the visibility and understanding of the LGBT community.

"Kim Cattrall has not only grown acceptance of our community through storylines on shows like Sex and the City, but used her platform to speak out for equality," GLAAD president Jarrett Barrios says in a statement. "We are proud to honor such a talented and passionate advocate."

Previous winners include Brooke Shields, Stockard Channing, Jennifer Beals and Cybill Shepherd.


Why is GaGa covering the Asian issue of V?

As one of fashion’s most influential publications, V Magazine continuously pushes the content envelope. The ever audacious glossy never fails to generate buzz and a fair bit of controversy with its signature-themed issues. In taking the monthly mag format and turning it into an event, V has managed to tackle some of fashion’s most pertinent topics: age, size, race and relevance are just a few of the hot button subjects that V has covered with sleek style.

The magazine’s latest endeavor is their Asian issue, a tribute to fashion’s Asian inspirations and influences that finds an unlikely muse in pop sensation Lady Gaga. As always, the topic is timely, but for co-founder and creative director Stephen Gan, V71 is also deeply personal. MDC talks to the force behind V to find out the motivation behind the contradictory cover choice and what this special edition holds in store for readers.

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Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko have broken up!

Hayden Panettiere and her boxer boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko have announced they have ended their 18-month relationship.

Hayden Panettiere and her boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko have split up.

The actress and the heavyweight champion boxer have decided to call time on their 18-month romance because they couldn't cope with having a long-distance relationship.

Hayden, 21, lives in the US, while 35-year-old Wladimir - who was raised in the Ukraine - is based in Hamburg, Germany.

A statement from Hayden said: "While we decided to split, we feel great sympathy and respect for each other and will surely stay close friends."

Wladimir added: "We had a great time together. But more and more we realised how difficult it is to maintain a relationship when living on two continents . I cherish Hayden as a person and woman. I'm sure we will stay friends."

Wladimir - whose brother Vitali Klitschko is also a world champion boxer - is currently in training for his heavyweight title unification bout with British fighter David Haye which takes place at the Imtech Arena in Hamburg, Germany, on July 2.


NOOOOOOO!! :-( :-(   NGL, this made me very sad
widening eyes

Kelendria Rowlegend Reveals Her Album Title: ‘Here I Am’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With her current single “Motivation” climbing the chart (this week it’s at #31 on the Hot 100), Kelly Rowland decided the time was right to reveal that the title of her upcoming third solo album is Here I Am. Last month the onetime Destiny’s Child singer mentioned on 106 & Park that the LP would be out in late summer, but it’s apparently now slated for a fall release (probably to allow enough time between her release and Beyonce’s 4). Find out how she came up with the title below.

Miss Kelly explained the meaning behind Here I Am to Billboard:

“I was talking to my product manager. “I said I wanted people to know that this is the record, the sound I’ve been working toward... that here I am. And she said, that’s the title. It just connected with my heart and the music as well. It stands for everything I’ve gone through and thought about for this record as a woman. It’s very strong.”

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It's a better title than 4, imo.
Film - Star Wars

Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken And Mickey Rourke Among "Seven Psychopaths"

Dream. Team.

Colin Farrell will be reuniting with his In Bruges writer-director Martin McDonagh on Seven Psychopaths. He plays a screenwriter who runs into a block and ends up getting involved in his friends’ dog-kidnapping scheme. The friends? Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken, who we’re stunned haven’t worked together onscreen before, though they have logged time with McDonagh’s prose: both thesps were featured in the Broadway run of McDonagh’s most recent play, A Behanding In Spokane.

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AAAAUGH AWESOME. But WTF, "lukewarm reaction"?! ABiS was awesome! I loved it! And OK, ONTD, who should play the other three? I vote Ralph Fiennes, Anthony Mackie and Gary Oldman. Thoughts?

Bill Hader channeling his inner Andy Warhol

Bill Hader is spotted on the set of Men in Black III in New York on Tuesday (May 10). Hader is playing art legend Andy Warhol in the film. A bunch of extras were seen in their grooviest outfits to film a party scene for the film. According to the New York Post, producers for the film paid a premium to rent a hip loft:

“The Men in Black III movie is turning a Greene Street loft into a back-to-the-sixties party palace. The upcoming flick has rented the 9,000 square-foot second floor of 38 Greene St., where it intends to film a crucial scene. The space has 20 wrap-around windows on Greene and Grand streets. MIB 3 is paying “quadruple” the normal rent, which [building owner David] Zar is splitting with another film industry tenant that is now waiting to move into the loft once filming is over.”

+10 pics at the source

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Behind the ‘Pop! Pop!’: Meet Luke Youngblood, the Actor Who Plays Magnitude on NBC’s ‘Community’

The excitement surrounding our recent exhaustive oral history of the bit “Community” character Magnitude validated what we’ve been saying for months: that the Greendale student is the first sitcom denizen who deserves cult status simply for uttering the phrase “Pop! Pop!” in a highly quotable way.


We have to believe that this widespread Magnitude love also extends to Luke Youngblood, the actor who plays him on “Community.” And so, in honor of the character's triumphant return to the NBC show in Thursday’s paintball-themed season finale, we asked the 21-year-old to pony up tidbits about the man behind the catchphrase.

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Why Buy the Music When You Can Download it for Free?

Sorry, naysayers. The Beatles on iTunes was a big deal -- so big, in fact, that the band carried music sales to a rare year-over-year increase.

Music sales in the United States were up 1.6 percent through May 8, according to Nielsen Soundscan. More than half of those sales went to digital retailers, as physical album sales continued to plummet.

Although Nielsen doesn't have specific sales figures for digital Beatles tracks, the patterns are pretty obvious. Sales of catalog music -- old stuff, that is -- shot up immediately in November, when The Beatles hit iTunes, and has continued to see year-over-year growth in every month since.

The Beatles' catalog landed on iTunes November 16, after years of rumors, speculation and drama. The deal between Apple, Apple Corps (The Beatles' publisher) and record label EMI is reportedly exclusive through some time this year.

When Apple announced the news, skeptics wondered whether there were any Beatles fans left in the world who hadn't already purchased physical albums or resorted to piracy. This is silly. There are plenty of people who don't want to go the illegal route, either for reasons of morality or convenience, and the fact that these people could suddenly buy their favorite Beatles tracks from a smattering of albums was a huge development.

It just goes to show that if you give people what they want and make it easy to buy, they will hand over their money. That's something for other digital music holdouts -- AC/DC, Garth Brooks and Bob Seger among them -- to consider.

[nikita] blink

Nikita Finale Scoop and Plans for "Badass" Season Two

Tonight's the night, Nikita fans! The past couple of episodes have been full of crazy twists and shocking plot developments, which is all well and good...except we have tons of questions! But if we can only ask one, it's definitely: What the crap is gonna happen next?!

Thankfully, Lyndsy Fonseca is here to help us out in that regard. Well, she can't tell us everything that happens, but she can tell us enough to get us really excited for the season one finale. Plus, Lyndsy reveals her plans for Alex if (hopefully) Nikita gets a season two...

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parks: ya herd with perd

Tempers Flare in an Exclusive 'Parks and Recreation' Clip

As we reported a few weeks ago, the folks at 'Parks and Recreation' are creating longer versions of some season 3 episodes and posting these Producers' Cuts online.

'The Fight,' one of the two excellent 'Parks and Rec' episodes that air Thursday, is getting the same treatment, and we have an exclusive clip from the extended version of that episode below.

Things get heated in 'The Fight,' which finds the staff of the Parks and Recreation department at odds over broken equipment. For more on what transpires in Pawnee Thursday, read on below the clip.

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It's an embed, so you'll probably have to watch at the source

keira in soho

Keira Knightley has taken some grand turns in her young career — epic romances “Pride & Prejudice” and “Atonement” and three high-profile action films of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” series.

But she’s hit pause on the big and sweeping to do some smaller, more intimate roles. The British actress isn’t in “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides,” which opens next week, but instead can currently be seen in theaters in the romantic drama “Last Night.” The film, which was shot several years ago, comes out after Knightley’s 2010 release “Never Let Me Go” also took a nuanced, at times dark view of humanity in exploring romance and sacrifice.

“Indies aren’t the only places to go,” she said Monday, speaking in the New York offices of Tribeca Film, which is releasing “Last Night.” “I guess I just happen to have found quite a few recently that I like.” Incidentally, she says she doesn’t miss “Pirates.” “I loved doing it. But I did it from when I was 17 to when I was 22, which was quite a long period of time.”
---la times

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Real Housewives of NYC Preview


A new episode of the Real Housewives of New York City coming our way tonight!

On the 6th episode this season titled “A Mask For Two Faces,” the ladies bask at a mask bash when Sonja hosts a masquerade ball. In addition, Cindy goes to the dentist with Jill in tow, but Jill adds some bite by offering way too much input. And Ramona throws a wine party, but gossip spills over.

Ramona Singer tweeted earlier today, “2nite Jill gets caught lying to me on RHONYC. Tries to get the whole thing bleeped out! Happens @serafinagroup 4 my #RamonaPinotGrigio party.” Should be an interesting episode!

Watch What Happens Live - The guests tonight are Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop. Plus a live performance by Simon van Kempen for his new single I Am Real!
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Katherine Heigl, Amanda Seyfried, Robert De Niro, and Diane Keaton to star in Gently Down the Stream

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Katherine Heigl and Amanda Seyfried are set to star in the indie comedy "Gently Down the Stream."

Justin Zackham ("The Bucket List") will write and direct the pic, which is a co-production between the filmmaker's Two Ton Films banner and Millennium Films.

De Niro and Keaton play a long-divorced couple who, for the sake of their adopted son's wedding and his biological mother, pretend they are still married. They quickly learn that acting the part isn't easy, especially when their past, present and future unravel for all to see.

"I'm excited to be able to continue what we started with on The Bucket List - iconic actors in a funny, adult, character-driven story, albeit with a little more sex and bad behavior on everyone's part," said Zackham. "Nu Image/Millennium has been a great partner and I'm honored to have such an amazing cast."

"Working with Diane and De Niro again will be great," said Lerner. "Katherine and Amanda are young talented actors. It is good casting. Justin's script is well written and he is the right choice to direct. It is going to be warm-hearted funny film."

King K

salma hayek: women over 50 shouldn't wear a g string. the world agrees.

The Mexican actress made the comment while promoting The Cat's Meow with Antonio Banderas in Cannes. In an interview with US TV host Meredith Vieira the Today Show presenter asked: 'You've been speaking a lot of Spanish I can't understand, what have you been saying?'

Salma, 44, replied: 'There was a lady wearing a g-string on the beach and I think after 50 you should not wear a g-string on the beach.'

The Frida actress later retracted her statement and said: 'By the way I'm sure there are some women over 50, like Madonna for example, she would be hot on that beach, but not this particular one. I take my word back, maybe if you are 60 you can still wear a g-string on the beach. If you can work it, do it.'

film: p3d

Adam Scott Tells 13 Odd Stories From 13 Shoots

From his first fleeting TV guest spot on the forgotten MTV series Dead at 21 through his current stint as Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation, Adam Scott has had a lot of roles, some of which he's been proud of, some less so. With a résumé as varied as his (Hellraiser: Bloodline, Party of Five, Step Brothers … ) we thought it was time to call him up for an anecdote speed round: We threw out entries in his filmography and demanded his funniest, oddest, most awkward, or enlightening moments from the set. (Fortunately, he leaned more toward the awkward, which always make for the best stories.) So read on for an Adam Scott Babylon filled with tales of bad acting choices, Boy Meets World co-star feuds, prosthetic penises, and — to keep it classy — master classes from Martin Scorsese.

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p: diamond


Alex Pettyfer To Play Channing Tatum In Steven Soderbergh's Stripper Movie

EXCLUSIVE: This is going to gobsmack almost everyone in Hollywood. Not only did Oscar-winning director Steven Soderbergh just choose 21-year-old newcomer Alex Pettyfer for this juicy role in Magic Mike, but also the film has such an interesting storyline because the plot revolves around Channing Tatum's real-life stripper sojourn. Pettyfer recently starred in I Am Number Four and Beastly, and will appear this fall opposite Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried for New Regency in a film that was called Now, and just changed its name today to In Time.

Soderbergh is directing Channing Tatum in Magic Mike, a story of friendship set in the world of male strippers. Tatum plays the title character, who schools a young dancer (Pettyfer) in how to hustle on and off the stage. It's a wild summer of dancing, partying, and women. The inspiration was Channing's own experiences as a stripper when he was 19. With Tatum, Nick Wechsler is producing with Gregory Jacobs and Reid Carolin who is writing the script. Soderbergh has called the film "sexy, funny and shocking" using Saturday Night Fever as a model.

SOURCE: Deadline.

First person to post Channing's stripper video wins a cookie of their choosing.
nicki super bass

Nicki Minaj Aiming To Make Her Features 'Count'

Nicki Minaj has claimed that her latest tracks 'Super Bass' and 'Where Them Girls At' are great because they mark her prescence on the dance scene and she has insisted that she's picking her features very carefully so that they "count".

The 'Super Bass' star is wary of overkill and has claimed that while she's enjoying the success of the songs, she is conscious of working with other people.

In an interview with, Minaj said: "I'm just trying to make the features really, really count. I don't want to spread them out too much."

But Minaj is certainly riding high on the success of her latest tracks. She said: "It feels dope! They're actually two of my favourite songs that I've ever done because they just feel good. And it's time, just time for me to be in the club.

"You know, my voice needs to be in the club and people need to be getting tipsy, and wasted and crazy and all those other things to a Nicki Minaj song in the club right now! I'm actually excited about both."

Who would you like to see Nicki Minaj work with next?

Professor Chaos

10 Movies & Franchises Haters Should Stop Complaining About

Kevin Smith hit the nail on the head in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back when he wrote that the Internet is a tool for sharing porn and bitching about movies. And Kevin should know. People bitch about his movies all the time. But how long should we continue to gripe? How long can we continue to beat the same dead horse over and over?

It’s perfectly fine to hate on films. Every minute of every day there is someone online complaining about something. Which is fine, but it just seems like a variation on the same complaint over and over again. Sometimes we have to be mature and tell ourselves that we know something just sucks, accept it, and move on to the next piece of crap we’re gonna complain about. Here are ten films and/or movie franchises we shouldn’t be allowed to gripe about anymore.

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Cassandra Clare might cameo in City of Bones movie

Would Author Cassie Clare Make A Cameo In The 'Mortal Instruments' Movie?

It's become something of a cheeky custom in Hollywood for authors of books getting the big-screen treatment to make a cameo in the resulting film. Stephenie Meyer did it in "Twilight," munching on a veggie plate at the same diner as Bella and dad Charlie. And if you saw "Something Borrowed" last weekend, you may have noticed author Emily Giffin reading her "Something Blue" on a park bench beside Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin) and Marcus (Steve Howey). So when "Mortal Instruments" author Cassie Clare stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently, we asked if she'd consider a cameo in the upcoming "City of Bones" adaptation.

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Tifa Lockhart

Trailer for The Silent House

The plot is based on a true story that happened in the late 40's in a small village in Uruguay. The film focuses on Laura, who, second by second, intends to leave a house which hides an obscure secret, unharmed. Laura and her father Wilson settle down in a cottage they have to renew since its owner will soon put the house up for sale. They will spend the night there and repair the following morning. Everything seems to go smoothly until Laura hears a sound that comes from outside and gets louder and louder on the upper floor of the house. Wilson goes up to see what is going on while she remains downstairs on her own, waiting for her father to come down.

This film was apparently filmed in one continuous shot! Looks creepy as fuck.

  • oh7

Lupe Fiasco andTrey Songz To Perform At 2011 MTV Movie Awards

We just can't get Lupe Fiasco's songs out of our head, so the Chicago rapper has been tapped to perform alongside Trey Songz at the 2011 MTV Movies Awards. On the live June 5 show, Lu will rock two songs from his Lasers album which debuted at #1 on the Billboard albums chart when it was released earlier this year.

First Fiasco will take the stage with Trigga Trey to do their collabo song "Out of My Head" for the first time together on television, then Lupe will perform his platinum Kane Beatz-produced single "The Show Goes On."

" 'Out of My Head' is such a dope song and easily one of my favorite collaborations to date," Trey Songz said in a statement. "When Lupe first played the track for me I knew it was going to be a smash, and I'm happy it's been received so well. The MTV Movie Awards are such a special event, and Lupe is a great performer, so I am excited to be able to do the show with him."

"I'm excited to be performing on this year's MTV Movie Awards," said Lupe Fiasco. "I'm looking forward to putting together another special performance for my fans."

The 2011 MTV Movie Awards will be hosted by actor/comedian Jason Sudeikis and will be broadcast live from the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City, California, on Sunday, June 5, at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Ryan Reynolds, Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, Jason Segel, Aziz Ansari and Steve Carell are presenting at the show, and more appearances will be announced soon.


Yay for Trey.
David Gandy: Bed


Fox Searchlight has released a bunch of new images from Terrence Malick’s highly-anticipated The Tree of Life.  After years of waiting, audiences will finally get a look at the film when it premieres at the Cannes Film Festival.  However, for all of the Americans who are angry that they’re not attending Cannes (myself included), we won’t have to wait long.  The film is set to open in the U.S. on May 31st.


I’d like to tell you what the film is about, but even after reading the synopsis, I have no idea.  Something to do with faith and family and existence.  The film stars Brad Pitt, Jessica Chastain, and Sean Penn.  Hit the jump to check out the images along with the inscrutable synopsis.

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King K

why is Jade not on ANTM all-stars?

Fourteen girls have signed up, from cycle one's Shannon—who famously refused to do a nude shoot—to cycle nine's Bianca, who got into an airport brawl with Nikki Blonksy from Hairspray. We were expecting a girl from every season, but it seems no one from three, six, seven and eight decided it was worth their time.

Or, perhaps, they weren't drama-filled enough. All the girls who made the cut did well in their season, but were also quite dramatic. Jade, from cycle six, has some not-so-nice things to say about the show. She tweeted:

"I declined #ANTM cycle 17 immensely because my contract was completely Bogus and one sided!...To be Honest #ANTM is all about making "their money" and they do not care about us period!...These girls are all idiots for signing the most ri·dic·u·lous and one sided contract ever!!...These girl's just signed there Rights and Life away! Best of Luck to them cause they sure are going to need it!

David Gandy: Bed

New Set Photo from ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER plus Hi-Res Version of Previously Released Image

Filming on Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is underway. Fox has released a hi-res version of the image released earlier this week.  There’s also a set photo that shows Bekmambetov directing star Benjamin Walker as Abraham Lincoln sans beard and sans vampire hunting.

Hit the jump to check out both images.  The film also stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Anthony Mackie, Dominic Cooper, Alan Tudyk, Jimmi Simpson, and Rufus Sewell.  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter opens in 3D on June 22, 2012.

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parks: hugs

A Night Out with Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman

What's better than breakfast meat and smoother than the jazz stylings of Duke Silver? That'd be Nick Offerman, the Parks and Recreation star who so brilliantly embodies Ron Swanson — director of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department and proud libertarian. As the sitcom winds down Season 3, we plied the deadpan actor with cocktails for a peek behind the moustache.

TV Guide Magazine: You were 38 when you got your big break. What took the suits so long?
Offerman: For years, I was testing for shows and the networks would be like, "Eh... He talks too slow, he's too intense, and he's kind of weird." Finally, I found these writers at Parks and Rec that can capitalize on exactly those attributes. Now the network says, "This guy talks too slow, he's really intense, and he's really weird. We love him!"

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What did you think of tonight's episodes? I want Snake Juice. Leslie/Ben better than your faves, etc. Did anyone meet Nick at the NBC Experience Store today? Also, Maya Rudolph, Nick Offerman, and Lauryn Hill will be on Jimmy Fallon tonight.


-___- ...A Classic is Ruined

Omarion Covers Aaliyah's "One In A Million"

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

What to do when your musical efforts have been shunned on mass? Why, of course, you cover an R&B classic. One by Aaliyah at that.

This, unfortunately, was the rationale of former B2K star Omarion, who today released his own rendition of the late diva’s ‘One In A Million’.

Ironically, his version was just that – yet for all the wrong reasons. Listen, at your risk, below. And yes, it’s as shocking as you think…

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Exclusive: Leo & Bar split

Leonardo DiCaprio and model Bar Refaeli have officially called it quits, Page Six has exclusively learned. The pair broke up late last week after going through a rough patch. "It was amicable, they're still friends and they are still talking," said a source close to the couple. "They just grew apart and went their separate ways," the source said, adding that there was no one else involved in the breakup -- and Refaeli was spotted looking happy and relaxed with her agent in Berlin this week.

She and the Hollywood star dated for four years before taking a six-month break back in 2009 and then rekindling their romance last year. The source added: "Neither were ready to settle down, and both have busy careers that have been taking them in different directions." Rumors of an impending split began when DiCaprio had a boys' weekend with Bradley Cooper and Ryan Kavanaugh in Mexico last month. DiCaprio and Refaeli were then seen going in opposite directions at separate events around New York the night of Anna Wintour's Met Ball on May 2 -- he hit the Standard Hotel and she partied at the Crown. A rep for DiCaprio had no comment.

omg why?? they were perfect together.

george jetson

Bethenny Frankel: 'I'm Not Going to Be Bullied'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Bethenny Frankel may have been looking forward to laying low after an emotional, intense season on Bethenny Ever After, but the drama continues.

After reportedly selling her Skinnygirl cocktail brand for $120 million, the reality star was sued this week by her ex-managers for a share of the deal, plus $100 million in punitive damages, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

"Life is good for me with all the things that are most important, namely family," Frankel told PEOPLE Thursday. "But let's be clear, I am a strong woman, and I am not afraid and won't back down when I'm bullied by something with zero merit. Success is earned by hard work, not taking advantage of others."

In another statement released Thursday, Frankel said, "Unfortunately, one of the signs of success is being the subject of frivolous lawsuits, like this one."

According to the complaint filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, Raw Talent's co-president Doug Wald alleges he signed Frankel as a client in 2008, introduced her to the liquor industry exec who helped her sell her brand, and was fired days before she signed her deal to sell Skinnygirl.

"This is simply someone with his hand out, who did nothing to earn it, and I am not going to be bullied," Frankel added in her statement. "We are exploring all of our options, including filing counterclaims against these people."

george jetson

See Nick Cannon’s First Mother’s Day Gift for Mariah Carey

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
New mom Mariah Carey didn’t have to wait long to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. Just days after welcoming twins Monroe and Moroccan on April 30, the singer toasted her new life as a mom with a very special present from Nick Cannon: a 4-carat diamond and sapphire necklace from Jason of Beverly Hills. “Nick was really excited about the babies’ names and wanted to do a piece with them for Mariah’s first Mother’s Day,” jeweler Jason Arasheben explains. “Pink sapphires are bright and bold and diamonds are always so classic.” The sparkling piece, which also incorporates 14-karat white and rose gold, is valued at $12,000. Cannon, a longtime customer of Jason, was excited about his big surprise. “Nick came in and met with Jason on the Friday after his twins were born,” a source tells PEOPLE. “He was bleary eyed, looking so tired but so happy — all smiles, saying he wanted to design something special for Mariah’s first Mother’s day. He couldn’t want to surprise her on Sunday.” The bauble wraps up a sparkling week for stars; Rachel Zoe recently flashed her 10-carat push present, while Tori Spelling Tweeted about her fifth-anniversary pearl ring.

Chandler and Monica

Matthew Perry returning to rehab to help with recovery

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Matthew Perry, who has struggled with prescription pills and alcohol in the past, is going back to a treatment facility as part of his ongoing recovery.

The Friends star, 41, confirms the move in a statement that ends with a Chandler Bing-style dry quip.

"I'm making plans to go away for a month to focus on my sobriety and to continue my life in recovery," he says. "Please enjoy making fun of me on the World Wide Web.”

Perry, who most recently appeared in Mr. Sunshine on ABC, was in rehab twice in 2001 and 1997.

A source tells PEOPLE, "There was no relapse," and that the actor plans to enter the facility shortly.

Aww, Matthew. I hope he gets the help he needs! 
george jetson

OC Housewife Vicki Gunvalson’s New Boyfriend Revealed!

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Out with the old and in with the new - boyfriend! The Real Housewives of Orange County star Vicki Gunvalson was shopping at Faith Connexion Melrose in LA on May 11 with her new boyfriend, In Touch can exclusively reveal!

Vicki and her new man, Brooks Ayers, were shopping, and according to an eyewitness at the store, they looked "very happy and cute together."

The last episode of Real Housewives shows a tearful Vicki talking to co-star and friend Tamra Barney about how her 16-year marriage with Donn was not working out. Fans of the Bravo hit series know Vicki actually filed for divorce from Donn last October when the show was taping episodes for Season 6. Vicki hasn't been secretive about her divorce and trouble managing her marriage and owning a successful insurance company throughout the show. "It takes two people to get married and two people to get divorced and I'm a firm believer in that," she has said.

When asked about the sighting, Vicki told In Touch, "I am having fun right now in my life. Brooks and I were shopping and, I am single and taking things slow after everything that has happened."


From Real Housewife to Jewish Mother

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
It was a full house Tuesday at Temple B'nai Jeshurun's annual spring luncheon – and with good reason. One of New York City's "Real Housewives" Jill Zarin and her sister, radio talk show host Lisa Wexler, were the featured guest speakers.

However, Zarin, whose notoriety on Bravo television's hit show "Real Housewives of New York City" has turned her into a pop icon of sorts, was not there as a housewife but as a mother. A Jewish mother, to be exact.

She and her sister, along with their mother Gloria Kamen, wrote the book "Secrets of a Jewish Mother" and have been on tour promoting it. Wexler, an award winning radio talk show host, is also the creator and executive producer of "The Lisa Wexler Show" and a regular guest on Fox Strategy Room’s Cops and Cases show and has been a practicing attorney for 25 years.
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Megan Fox- Jennifer's Body

Bristol and Mother Sarah Palin Disagree Over Gay Marriage

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It appears that Bristol Palin is diverging on the political views of her mother, former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, as she is in favor of gay marriage. Her mother is an outspoken critic and there are even some rumors that she is no longer allowed in the house.

According to a source at the National Enquirer, Sarah tried to prevent Bristol from going public with her views but Bristol decided that she was a grown woman and wouldn’t be controlled by her mother anymore. Sounds like a conventional mother/daughter spat which has obvious political consequences in this case.

There are even rumors that Bristol’s time on Dancing with the Stars changed her views on the matter, although this is obviously unconfirmed. Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you more information soon, especially if Bristol decides to go public with her views.

zombie boy 2

Kylie Minogue: "I forget where I am"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kylie Minogue has admitted that she finds it hard to keep track of which country she is in because she travels so much.

The 42-year-old Pop Princess, who hails from Australia, said that she has to ask her aides where she is because she can't remember.

She told the Daily Star, 'God, I don't know if it was last week, but in the past couple of weeks, I was in Paris, New York, London and Ibiza.

'If it's not written down I forget where I am.'

it's okay kevin we still love you

FC Barcelona player accused of racial slur

UEFA has launched a disciplinary case against Barcelona midfielder Sergio Busquets over alleged racism in the Champions League semi-final with Real Madrid.

Real Madrid posted a video on their website before the second leg showing Busquets allegedly calling Real Madrid full-back Marcelo a monkey in the first leg.

The case will be heard on Sunday with a decision due the next day.

The incident was one of several in a heated tie between the Spanish rivals, which Barca won 3-1 on aggregate.

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Lets discuss the Vampire Diaries finale! Daniel Gillies interview

When EW first talked to Daniel Gillies last January, he explained that as an actor, he had to make certain guesses about Elijah’s motivations in order to play The Vampire Diaries‘ new villain. As we approach tonight’s season finale (The CW, 8 p.m. ET), it’s a good time to ask: How close was he? “You know, I suspected the ties of family between Klaus and Elijah, and I’m grateful that I went in that direction. I also suspected a deeper relationship and history with Katherine, and interestingly enough, that played out also,” he says. Executive producer Julie Plec did end up revealing that Elijah and Klaus were half-brothers before Gillies had to read it in a script. “She trusted me,” he says. “She didn’t even ask me to keep it under my hat, but I did anyway because I didn’t want to ruin it for the other cast members or in case anything got leaked.’”
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yeah well he could still be the doctor

This lady was in Veronica Mars, had pretend sex with Tom Hardy, kissed Brad Pitt on the mouth.

Imagine kissing Brad Pitt. How about shooting sex scenes with Tom Hardy? Jessica Chastain doesn't have to imagine. She's lived it. And she's telling us all about it. Read on for the hunky-filled details…

She smiled when asked about what it's like locking lips with Pitt but isn't sure what audiences will see. "I haven't seen the latest cut, but we do play husband and wife," she said at the Glamour and Louis Vuitton event in Beverly Hills, before quickly warning, "We didn't have a sex scene. There was no sex scene."

That's probably a good thing. "To be honest, when I first found out it was Brad Pitt [in the role], I was like, ‘I don't know how I'm going to do this movie and not just giggle the whole time,'" Chastain admitted.

She, obviously, got through it. "There's nothing about him that wants to be on a pedestal," Chastain said. "He's just one of the guys, which makes him even cooler. Brad Pitt is very annoying because he's...perfect!"

Things got a bit steamier between Chastain and Hardy in the recently wrapped Prohibition-era drama The Wettest County in the Country. "I play this gun moll from Chicago who meets these three brothers and has a romance with Tom's character," she explained.

Yup, there are sex scenes. "The thing about Tom Hardy is he more brilliant than he is hot," she said. "It's crazy. He's actually a better actor than he is hot — and he is hot!"

Next up for Chastain is the release of the movie adaptation of the bestselling novel The Help (more on that later), plus her first trip to this year's Cannes Film Festival (which kicks off today) with Tree of Life and Take Shelter with Boardwalk Empire star Michael Shannon.

"I have a fitting tomorrow," she said about picking out dresses for the film fest. "I don't have to choose just one dress, because I'm going with two films! I get to wear more than one!"


I hate E!'s writers but they seem to be obsessed with Tom so whatevs. Boom.
anna & josh

Will Breaking In Steal Back Its Spot On Fox?

Those slippery snakes on Fox’s freshly canceled Breaking In just might elude termination after all.

Though Fox gave the midseason comedy — as well as Lie To Me, Human Target, The Chicago Code and Traffic Light — the hook earlier this week, TVLine sister site Deadline is hearing that the network is in talks with production studio Sony Pictures TV about ways to keep the workplace sitcom around come fall.

Were the Christian Slater-fronted series to dodge this latest bullet, it’d mark the second time it has cheated death, seeing as Fox originally passed on the pilot a year ago.

Fall Preview: TVLine’s Guide to What’s New

With its most recent outing, Breaking In brought in a few more viewers (totaling 7.65 million) but dipped a bit in the demo (to a 2.4). Its season finale is set to air next Wednesday.

No official decision on Breaking In‘s fate is expected until Fox holds its 2011 upfronts event on Monday.


I really enjoyed yesterday's ep, I would be SO HAPPY if they brought it back, even as a possible midseason replacement or whatever. :)

Although Her Friends Would Never Dare Drink In Excess, Gwynnie Has Hangover Cure For the Less Classy

Gwyneth taking a really good goop.

With the weekend right around the corner, you are bound to be gearing up for a several black tie soirees, organic wine tastings, farmer's markets, charity golf tournaments, celebrity pool parties and at least three ffmmm orgies. And with any luck, you'll spend the entirety of your peregrination around the Upper West Side on the verge of blacking out. You may even worry that come Monday, when you're due back on set, or for you less fortunate, the office park or Walgreen's where your herpes medication is being refilled, you will be greeted with hangover the size of Victoria Beckham's ass (someone needs to tell her to lay off the frozen peas, she looks like a...size 4. So not posh).

Anyway, fret not, because Hollywood icon and my dear, personal friend Gwyneth Paltrow has the cure for what ails you! Gwynnie, as you know, is a huge fan of Irish libation Guinness, often knocking back at least four before Bikram Mommy and Me Pilates. So when the brown gets her down, Gwynnie turns to her (patent-pending) hangover cure.

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This reminds me of the time that Gwynnie, myself, BBC Berlin correspondent Tristana Moore, Baroness Nuala Patricia O'Loan and America's Next Top Model judge Miss Jay were all embarking on a Master Cleanse retreat in Seychelles. The night before we got positively knackered on delightful fizzy drinks made of gin, tonic, acai berry and snake venom. We were all so hungover the next morning we missed our yacht to our private island and had to charter a helicopter! While we waited, Gwynnie brewed us some organic, free-trade green tea she purchased from a native. Anywho, after she accidentally poured the brew all over my St. John tartan pants, we find out the "green tea" is actually marijuana!!! Oh, did we laugh. After drinking another 6 cups each, we tracked down the islander to give him a piece of our mind. When we found him, we asked him if he was properly ashamed of himself and if he had any cocaine, when he informed us he was not and did not and we were a bunch of old, racist bitches, we had our security guard beat him savagely and leave him to rot in his own feces. Oh, what a lovely trip it twas. (I lost 3 pounds!!!)

The Many Ways To Say Bridesmaids Won’t Cut Off Your Balls

Everyone who cares about showcasing funny women knows there's a lot riding on the success of Bridesmaids, opening this weekend. Director Paul Feig has said, "I kept thinking, ‘If I blow this, I'm going to ruin it for these women for years and years.'"

There are even impromptu campaigns by women in the industry exhorting people to give Bridesmaids a good box office showing. But judging from the press and marketing for the movie, the belief is that women can't do it alone. Dudes have to like it too.

Getting them to see the movie means butting up against the widespread Hollywood belief that, in the words of The New Yorker's Tad Friend, "male moviegoers would rather prep for a colonoscopy that experience a woman's point of view, particularly if that woman drinks or swears or has a great job or an orgasm." By contrast, it's believed that women will go with men to movies that singlehandedly target guys.

Short of winning that battle, here are some of the ways the folks behind Bridesmaids have had to bend over backwards to assure men that viewing a funny movie that happens to star women won't involve castration.

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Five Reasons to watch the season finale of Nikita!

Nikita was my favorite new CW pilot last summer, and I have to say that the show has not disappointed me all season.  In fact, it's been full of twists and turns that other shows would draw out for several seasons, nevermind only 12 or so episodes. {SO EFFING TRUE!!!}

Tonight, the first season of Nikita comes to an end with an episode entitled "Pandora".  According to The CW's episode synopsis: "In an explosive season finale, Percy makes a move to take over the CIA, Alex goes rogue, and Michael gets trapped inside Division making him unable to help Nikita, who may have to pay with her life for helping Alex".

That doesn't even begin to describe the season finale of Nikita.  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a screener and want to share more about the episode with you, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I'm not going to tell you how it ends (seriously, I'm not, no matter how many times you ask), but here's five reasons you shouldn't miss the finale tonight.

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This is a Disney post


Thinking about booking a last-minute vacation on Disney's much-ballyhooed new cruise ship, the Disney Dream? Good luck. Disney executives say the line's first new vessel in more than a decade is pretty much sold out through the fall. "I would venture to say if you ... get a stateroom between now and end of the fiscal year, you'll have more better contacts than I do," Disney CFO Jay Rasulo told Wall Street analysts Tuesday during a conference call to discuss second quarter earnings.

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Has anyone been on a Disney cruise?  Has anyone on ONTD worked for Disney?  I want to be a Haunted Mansion butler tbh.


Blind Item Staple & Bonus Olsen Are Very Good Girls

Two of the brightest young stars are aligning, as Deadline reports from Cannes that Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen are teaming up for “Very Good Girls”, and will be supported by a cast of veteran actors including Peter Sarsgaard, Dustin Hoffman and Sissy Spacek.

To be written and directed by Naomi Foner, Fanning and Olsen will play two teenage girls spending a summer in New York City. After graduating from high school, each girl becomes determined to lose her virginity and complications ensue when they both set their sights on the same charismatic street artist. No word on who might play the street artist though memory of Sarsgaard’s corruption of young Carey Mulligan in 2009′s “An Education” seems to make him an equally fitting charming/repulsive figure here as well.

Olsen is in Cannes promoting her recent Sundance breakout hit “Martha Marcy May Marlene” and recently wrapped Rodrigo Cortes’ sci-fi drama “Red Lights”. She will next co-star opposite Josh Radnor in his “happythankyoumoreplease” follow-up “Liberal Arts”. Fanning took a brief hiatus for the sake of her education but is now back in full force, recently completing the final installment of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” and currently filming “The Motel Life” opposite Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff. She’ll next head to the deep South for “Mississippi Wild”, a jewelry robbery actioner starring Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitaker.


Alright, alright, calm down you smug, little bitch.

Young Adult Books Get Same Director for Film Versions

Jonathan Levine Tapped to Direct CBS Films' 'Legend'
The studio is adapting the futuristic young adult book series by Marie Lu, for the big screen.

CBS Films has tapped Jonathan Levine to direct Legend, the company’s bid into young adult franchise territory by adapting a futuristic book series by Marie Lu.

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for all you ontd writers out there, don't despair. read this post and get back to writing!

'Road Trip' Actress Mia Amber Davis, 36, Dies From Mysterious Causes

Mia Amber Davis went to a Los Angeles clinic this week for surgery on her knee to ease pain from an old basketball injury exacerbated by wearing high heels and playing tennis.

But after what was supposed to be a routine procedure on Monday, she complained of dizziness and had to be transported to Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center. At about 9 a.m. on Tuesday she was pronounced dead.

"She seemed fine leading up to the procedure," says Craig Harvey, chief investigator for the L.A. County Coroner. "She had no prior complaints and no significant prior medical history."

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They're Back Bitches

Cast Pics Of The Season 3 "Basketball Wives"...Including The NEW WIFE.

And here we go!  All you "Basketball Wives" fans can get ready for another season of catfights, man stealing, and pimp slaps, and chicks who aren't married being called "wives."  The new promo pics of the new cast have been released.  Including the new chick--who's actually married--and who will indeed set off some fights with Evelyn and Jennifer.


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Show kicks off May 30th. Will you be watching?