May 8th, 2011

Queen Cheryl Arrives in LA!

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Just a day after her appointment as a judge on X Factor USA was confirmed, Cheryl Cole has arrived in Los Angeles.
Looking stylish in a red leather coast, and jeans with bright lipstick, the 27-year-old looked focussed as she arrived at the airport terminal.
Her glamorous appearance was a little different to her more casual attire at Heathrow airport when she arrived to catch her flight more than 11 hours earlier.

Yesterday's announcement ends months of speculation over whether Cole's Newcastle accent would prove problematic for viewers across the pond.
Fox bosses have sung the Parachute singer's praises. Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company, said: 'She’s an incredibly talented artist and performer, as well as a style icon, and she has that special charisma that draws in fans around the world.
'Cheryl’s charm and chemistry with Simon have been a key part of the overwhelming success of ‘The X Factor’ in the UK, and we can’t wait to welcome her to the U.S. on our air.'
Executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz said: 'As a young artist whose talent show discovery led to almost immediate stardom, Cheryl’s career exemplifies the promise of The X Factor.

'Her empathy and passion for identifying and nurturing undiscovered talent has made her a huge hit with British audiences, and I have no doubt America will fall in love with her beauty, her accent and her incredible chemistry with Simon Cowell.'
However, some people have suggested Cheryl's strong Geordie accent will cause problems with U.S. viewers.
After hearing the news today, Piers Morgan offered his help, tweeting: 'Congrats to my friend Cheryl Cole on landing US X Factor judging gig. Am available for elocution lessons whenever you like.'
Cole has proved a skilled judge, winning the UK version of the show twice, first in 2008 with Alexandra Burke and in 2009 with Joe McElderry.
While many were worried about her lack of profile in the U.S. it has also been reported that her song Parachute will be featured on the hit musical show Glee - which has covered hit songs by Rihanna, Madonna and Britney Spears.

The confirmation about her X Factor role comes only days before auditions are held this Sunday, May 8, in specially-built high-definition recording studios in Honolulu, Phoenix, Nashville, Anchorage, Kansas City and Denver.
Auditions will continue in Dallas on May 26.
The U.S. version of The X Factor is set to be the biggest and best yet with the winner scooping a recording contract worth $5 million.



Kelly Osbourne & Anton Lombardi: Dating?

Kelly Osbourne holds hands with photographer Anton Lombardi as they leave their New York City hotel on Thursday (May 5).

Kelly and Anton have known each other for a long time, but their relationship became more serious a week ago,” a source close to the 26-year-old TV personality told the New York Post. “Things happened naturally. They became close in New York but have now headed to LA together.”

Kelly’s friends are really happy for them - he’s a really good, very talented guy,” the source added.

Last July, Kelly called off her year-and-a-half engagement to British model Luke Worrall.

FYI: Kelly is wearing Alternative Apparel’s True Black Burnout Deep V-Neck top.

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Could Movie Hopeful John Krasinski Be the Next George Clooney?


John Krasinski isn't the lead character of Something Borrowed, but you wouldn't know that from the recent barrage of TV ads, all of which lean heavily on his presence to sell a story with an eyebrow-raising plot: Ginnifer Goodwin's character sleeps with the fiancé of her best friend, played by Kate Hudson, but you're still supposed to root for her. Meanwhile, Krasinski is the platonic fourth lead who occasionally comments on the action, but it's a testament to his natural likability — and, perhaps, his big-screen potential — that the studio is putting its marketing campaign on his shoulders. As he continues to topline The Office after the departure of Steve Carell, it may even be a sign that he could follow in the footsteps of another refugee from NBC Thursday nights who made it big in the movies: George Clooney. To find out, we spoke to industry insiders to answer the question: If John Krasinski were a stock, would you buy, sell, or hold?


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Kanye West’s New Collection of Limited Edition Scarves


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Kanye West is synonyms with fashion, but it's been a minute since he put his imprint on anything new. However, just recently, the Chicago rapper collaborated with a French designer for a line of scarves.

In a partnership with M/M (Paris), 'Ye had released a line of silk scarves inspired by the artwork for his latest album, Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Artist George Condo's original work for the album cover, which featured a nude portrait of the artist with a female beast on top of him, was allegedly banned from stores last autumn for being too racy. So, Kanye decided to print them on these new fashion accessories.

According to the UK's the Daily Mail, there is five limited-edition scarves, each of which will be limited to just 100 pieces.

There is the Power, Phoenix, Face, Priest, and Ballerina scarves.

The scarves are selling for $365 a piece are will be sold exclusively through French boutique Colette, Chicago's RSVP Gallery, and online on M/M (Paris)'s website at


Cowboys' RB Tashard Choice apologized for badly timed Twitter post

While not on the level of the inflammatory opinions expressed by Pittsburgh's Rashard Mendenhall , Dallas Cowboys running back Tashard Choice sent out a curious message Sunday night on his Twitter account.

It seemed Choice was unhappy that his planned television viewing for the evening had been disrupted.

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this is thinly veiled attempt to have a TCAP post. Also, how does flawless Chris Hansen not have his own tag?

Here's a pic of the player who tweeted this:


EDIT: Needs a source

Obviously Choice just wants to see his predators try to run away, too!

Seal and Heidi Klum renew their vows again

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Heidi Klum and Seal renewed their wedding vows Saturday night, is exclusively reporting. And they can thank Donald Trump for making it happen!

The couple, who have made a loving habit out of renewing their vows on their anniversary each year, was married May 10, 2005 at Seal's beachfront home in Mexico.

The Victoria's Secret model and reality TV star and her crooner husband intended to return to Mexico for this year's ceremony but the drug violence there made them change plans.

A week ago, Heidi contacted Donald Trump and asked if they could have the party of his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach," an insider tells exclusively.

He was happy to put out the welcome mat for them, even though he had another commitment that kept him from attending."

About 100 of the couple's closest friends, and their four children, are celebrating with them.

These two are really freaking adorable.
matthew lewis


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ONTD, How Was Your Weekend?!

(I know some of you are moms!)

Thanks to lexiesloan and twowaymirrrors for filling in for me.

Saw Thor last night, not nearly enough naked Thor. Was kinda meh over the whole thing, they should have either stuck to the mythology or stuck to earth, doing both left it a mess for me. Saw Fast 5 last weekend, my boyfriend has terrible taste in movies, tbh. Been super busy at work the last couple of weeks, so have been neglecting ONTD; so out of the loop.
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Betty White: Bea Hated Me!

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Actress, Betty White, did not lay to rest the decades old rumor about Bea Arthur hating her. Betty contends that she has no idea why Bea disliked like her. We can already hear Bea's response from beyond the grave: "She knows what she did! God'll get you for that White!" The feud rumor pre-dates the internet, although the internet did add some colorful incidents. This includes the infamous tale about Bea sneaking into Betty's dressing room, and defecating on the floor. Michael Musto, has reported for years about Bea referring to Betty as a "c--t". At any rate, Betty may have broken the illusion of "The Golden Girls". These women were simply actors. For geyhs, it's like learning that Joan Crawford was a hanger hater. Don't fret, Bea was indeed into you! She willed $300,000 to homeless gay youth. Betty, the oldest cast member, and the last one standing, probably feels emboldened to go public since all the bodies are buried now. Either that, or dementia is setting in. Who cares? We're just happy she's spilling!  Be sure to tell your mother about this as she's watching Hallmark Channel's 24-hour "Golden Girls" Mother's Day marathon!

Here's the video of Betty talking smack (click the image):
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Source: CNN, New York News, HLN
Xtina: QT Glasses

Justin Bieber is an immature brat

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The 17-year-old singer played a troubled teen in a multi-episode guest appearance on "CSI" this past winter and he must have been doing method acting -- because he was "a brat," reveals the CBS show's star Marg Helgenberger.

"I probably shouldn't say this, but he was kind of a brat," the actress said in an interview with French radio show Le Grand Direct des Medias on Friday.

Although Helgenberger said he was nice to her in the one scene they shared, he didn't have the same love for some of the crew.

"He locked one of the producers in a closet," she added. "And he put his fist through a cake that was on the craft services table."


Reviews of Network Pilots

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Last season, with no X Factor on the fall schedule, Fox picked up only two new dramas, Lone Star and The Chicago Code, in addition to Terra Nova, which was targeted for midseason. This year, the network has Terra Nova for fall after the series' premiere was pushed. With the Tim Kring/Kiefer Sutherland drama pilot TOUCH all but assured a series order, the network may pick up as few as one and possibly two new dramas. After solid testing, the Ethan Hawke-starring and Antoine Fuqua-directed thriller EXIT STRATEGY has emerged as a frontrunner. The House-esque medical drama WEEKENDS AT BELLEVUE also has buzz, possibly as a companion (and eventual successor) to House. After an encouraging reaction from fans of Bones and promising preliminary research following last week's airing of the Bones' spinoff episode, THE FINDER is also in contention.

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Are Hollywood’s Single Moms Sending The Wrong Message?


Opting to go it alone is a trend in Hollywood, as stars like January Jones, Sandra Bullock, Minnie Driver, Sheryl Crow and Padma Lakshmi have decided to forego the first comes marriage adage and start families on their own. Hats off to these women for forging their singular futures and having the guts to take matters into their own hands without a Prince Charming in the picture.

But do these Hollywood moms, who have millions of dollars, a full staff and unlimited time off make single motherhood look altogether too easy? Could they influence fans to make a similar decision without the resources to back it up?

"Celebrity moms going the single route are glamorizing and glorifying single motherhood," says Editor-in-Chief Wendy Sachs. "Their lives are enviable. Their jobs have a built in flexibility. They can nurse babies between takes. They can afford armies of care around the clock and that just isn't the reality for most women. Even though more professional women are having children on their own. It's expensive and exhausting and without lots of support, it can be completely overwhelming."

And when regular moms can't live up to the celebrity standard they often beat themselves up, despite the fact that the celebrity ideal is entirely unrealistic.

"When you see a celeb mom on the cover of a magazine and they look fabulous and are back in their skinny jeans, they make other new moms who haven't showered in a week and are in their sweat pants feel badly about themselves," Sachs adds. "Ultimately, I think it can do more harm than good."

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Captain Marvel

as if we haven't already known this for a week.

Paula Abdul Joining X Factor as Judge: Report

Simon Cowell is relying on a familiar face for the launch of his new show, The X Factor.

The AP reports that American Idol alum Paula Abdul has signed on as its fourth judge, citing a source close to the negotiations. She'll join a judging panel with British singer Cheryl Cole, former Def Jam president L.A. Reid and Cowell when the talent competition premieres on Fox in the fall.

Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger and British TV personality Steve Jones will co-host the show.

Reps for Cowell and Fox did not immediately respond to requests for a comment.

Cowell had long been clear about his hope that his friend Abdul would join the show.

"She's very passionate and she cares," he told PEOPLE earlier this year. "And she has good taste in music, though you didn't always see that on TV."


This is a Kris Allen Megapost to Improve Your Sunday

First I will post this picture to get your attention:

Now here, have some words about Kris partnering with the Music Empowers Foundation, taking high school kids on a music tour around the country, and being an overall fantastic human being:

Kris Allen High School Gig Puts Spotlight On Music Education

On Monday, a group of lucky New York high school kids got their own personal Kris Allen concert in what may go down as the loudest, most rocking school assembly of 2011.

The 2009 "American Idol" champ has teamed up with the Music Empowers Foundation for a unique tour with the Berklee City Music All-Star Ensemble, a group of talented teenagers who have benefited from the Berklee College of Music's program for passionate high school musicians.

"They don't seem like high school kids," Allen said, praising his underage tourmates. "Obviously they're really great and musically talented and I can tell that they spend a lot of time on it. I did not spend as much time as they did [when I was their age]. They're rock stars and they know it. They just get up there and just own the stage."

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Finally, here he is being cute with kids and sounding flawless on a cover of Stand By Me.

Thank you for your time, happy Sunday and Mother's Day!

1; 2; 3; To donate to Music Empowers (they've raised almost $20k so far) and read a message from Kris, you can go here

Jeff Zucker's Kid Couldn't Get Kanye West for His Bar Mitzvah

Even former media honchos have their limits: Like Kanye West's $1 million asking price to play former NBC head Jeff Zucker's son's bar mitzvah. Zucker turned down West in favor of the much more affordable former Degrassi star Drake (also a Jew!) to play at last night's Four Season's bash. In all, Zucker's son Andrew and guests enjoyed "tremendous" food and fine wine, customized Converse sneaker gifts—and the vocal stylings of the guy who sings "Best I Ever Had," which is not awkward at all to listen to with your dad and 300 of his closest friends. Uh-uh. No way. SOURCE
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E-Market Research: The Most Liked and Disliked Celebrities in the USA

It is not a surprise that Betty White, Sandra Bullock and Will Smith are the “most appealing” celebrities in the U.S. But if you’re an advertiser looking for a star to front your next campaign, having this quantified — White, Bullock and Smith get survey scores of 55, 52 and 49, respectively, when the average celeb can only muster 19 on a scale of 1-100 — is pure gold (See all charts below).


That quantification is done by E-Poll Research, a market research agency dedicated to ranking celebrities and brand icons so that, er, you know who’s winning and who’s losing. E-Poll continuously asks thousands of consumers to rank stars and icons on a seemingly endless list of attributes and then slices and dices that info based on the demographics of the respondents.

The “least-appealing” celebrity list is somewhat surprising: Spencer Pratt comes out on top, beating killer and convicted robber O.J. Simpson.

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Natalie Portman has suggested that she will retire from acting to raise her children.

The Oscar-winning star of Thor, who is expecting her first child with fiancé Benjamin Millepied this summer, spoke of her desire to emulate screen icon Audrey Hepburn and step away from an illustrious career to start a family.

She argued to The Sun's Buzz Magazine: "Audrey made some good choices in life... More and more I realise how unimportant it is to be in the history books or anything like that. Putting time and energy into your children - that's valuable."

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Christina Aguilera looks unrecognisable without trademark hair and make-up on night out in New York

We are used to Christina Aguilera's signature style - bright red lipstick, preened blonde hair and a glamorous, usually tight fitting outfit.
But it seems the singer decided to try out a new look - the natural look.
The Burlesque star joined boyfriend, Matt Rutler, for a night out in New York - but she was hardly recognisable with her trademark make-up.

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troy abed dance

It's almost sweeps! Spoilers galore!

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Olivia Wilde Says People Treat Her Better as a Brunette


House star Olivia Wilde has said that people treat her much better as a brunette than they ever did when she had blond hair.

The actress, who is naturally blonde, claimed she was always stereotyped as a 'typical blonde' in her early acting days.

"I'm a natural blonde, but I feel like a brunette," Wilde told Bang! Showbiz recently. "I feel people treat me now how I should be treated."

"People used to be shocked when I was a blonde that I wasn't stupid," Wilde explained.

The actress recently filed for divorce from Tao Ruspoli, her husband of over eight years, citing "irreconcilable differences".

Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski recently suggested that he hoped to bring back Wilde's character Quorra if Disney commits to a third film.

conan white teeth
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Nobody Party!!!

(Of course Larry Birkhead and Dannielynn Birkhead are there!!)

Various Kentucky Derby events

Kate Gosselin, Ian Somerhalder, Jordin Sparks, Chilli, Christopher Meloni, Miranda Lambert, Vanessa Minnillo, Nick Lachey, Aubrey O'Day, Larry Birkhead & Dannielynn Birkhead, Joey Fatone, Wayne Brady,

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Rebecca Ferguson, 24, says she is 'so in love' with One Direction's Zayn Malik, 18

They've kept their relationship under wraps for as long as possible amid rumours that X Factor bosses thought it would jeopardise their careers.
But X Factor runner-up Rebecca Ferguson, 24, has finally come clean about her relationship with teen One Direction star Zayn Malik.
The mother-of-two admits: 'We're really in love... I want people to know that I'm happy, he's happy and we're in a loving, caring relationship.'

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Eva Longoria throws Victoria Beckham a Baby Shower!

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She is famous for her posh pout.
But Victoria Beckham appeared to really let her guard down and have a laugh at her baby shower in Los Angeles today.
The pregnant star posted a photo of herself wrapped up in toilet paper fashioned into a dress at the party, thrown by her close friends Eva Longoria and Ken Paves.
The game of creating gowns out of loo roll is usually reserved for hen's parties and pre-wedding kitchen teas, but that didn't stop the designer throwing herself into the task with gusto.

The 37-year-old posed for a hilarious snap with friends in which she attempts to maintain her usual cool demeanour while wrapped head to toe in the toilet paper, complete with head piece.
A pile of enormous pink gift-wrapped presents were laid out on a table while around 30 guests, including Demi Moore, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Richie and fellow mother-to-be Selma Blair.
Victoria's close friend Tana Ramsay was also at the party, which was hosted by Eva Longoria and A-list hair stylist Ken Paves.

' waterproof chic????? Or stylish in any way????' She added.
The party's host, Eva Longoria immediately replied cheekily 'Haha!' but neither women have revealed yet what constituted the need for waterproof clothing.
Eva is one of a number of friendships Victoria has formed since moving to Los Angeles, while celebrity hair dresser Ken Paves is often seen with Victoria cheering her husband David on at LA Galaxy games.
Victoria is expecting her fourth child, a baby girl, in July and is understood to have indulged in a mammoth shopping spree for baby clothes in Harrod's during her recent visit to London for the Royal Wedding.

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lol that baby shower sounds amaze :P
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Tara Reid is Officially Hardcore


I know you were all just dying to know what your girl Tara Reid‘s been up to, and I can say with conviction, that it’s way better than any crazy thing you could think of. What could possibly top the (NSFW) Frankenboob incident? A lame tooth. Literally, a lame tooth.

According to In Touch Weekly:

It seems nothing — and we mean nothing — can ruin a good time for party girl extraordinaire Tara Reid. According to an eyewitness at the Oasis Beach Club in India, Alkif., on April 14, Tara, 35, was having a ball when one of her front teeth popped out. Instead of calling it a night, “Tara got on her hands and knees and searched the floor,” says the witness, “and when she found it, she pulled out some glue, glued it back in and just continued partying!”

That, my friends? Is what you call hardcore. I mean, I was pretty hardcore back in the day with my partying, and I might have lost a contact or something, found it on the floor and popped it in my mouth to clean it off before putting it back in my eye, but a TOOTH? Jeez. That’s some serious shit right there, you guys.


Apparently, this happened in April but it's just now being reported.

Demi Lovato Blasts Cyber Bullies

Demi Lovato has hit out at cyber-bullies who pick on people suffering from a mental illness.

The Camp Rock star recently confessed to having suffered from an eating disorder and bi-polar - and has slammed Twitter users who hide behind their computer screens to make fun of the issues.

"I wish there wasn't so much pressure on society to be thin. It makes recovery so much harder," Demi Tweeted this weekend.

"My heart goes out to any and all women who deal with this daily battle. I can't stand it when people make fun of the diseases so many people struggle from."

She added: "Along with making fun of illnesses or diseases, doing it over the internet only makes you more of a coward. Not to mention you've performed the act of cyber-bullying, something that is equally wrong and unacceptable."

However, despite the cruel comments made by some, Demi obviously has more fans than haters - within little time the topic StayStrongDemiLovato was trending on the website!

malaika firth

Twitter account 'unmasks' celebrities who have taken out superinjunctions

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The account @InjunctionSuper sprung up this morning and already has over 15,000 followers. An anonymous source has tweeted the names of (British) celebrities who have taken out superinjunctions and the story that the British press is forbidden from reporting on. The tweets along with speculation are behind the cut.

EDIT: Updates!
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hugh jackman


Hugh Jackman Sings on Stage in
San Francisco

Sashay, chonte'. You've gotta werrrrrrk!

Hugh Jackman opened a 10-day run at the Curran Theatre on Wednesday night, singing, dancing and charming up a storm. Highly polished though it was, the evening's best parts may have been what didn't work.

"Hugh Jackman in Performance" is almost an understated description of his two-hour romp with a full onstage orchestra and a pair of mostly unnecessary backup singers that samples not only a whole lot of Peter Allen (in homage to Jackman's turn in the musical "The Boy From Oz") but songs from movies and other Broadway shows as well.

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Source:SF Chronicle
Anyone want to donate to the send dnfrommn to San Francisco fund?
tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Classy pix of William and Harry's cousins

The girls at the royal wedding: Amelia, Eliza and Kitty

Three blonde heads, all tinted a perfect sunny platinum, with three Philip Treacy fascinators perched on top. Three beautiful faces, disconcertingly similar — with wide blue eyes and a delicately feminine jawline.

Has there ever been a more photogenic triple-dose of society dynamite than Lady Kitty, Amelia and Eliza Spencer? The girls, daughters of Princess Diana’s brother Earl Spencer, were lined up in a row in Westminster Abbey at the Royal Wedding.

Some commentators felt that, with their shrimp-pink lipstick, obvious cleavage and heavy black kohl, the ‘look’ was more Baywatch than Burke’s Peerage.

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