April 24th, 2011


Why isn't this ONTD's favorite show yet? (a.k.a. a Gigalos post)

Gross? Maybe. But It Got Me on TV, Right?

It’s almost impossible to watch “Gigolos,” a bluntly pornographic Showtime reality series about male prostitutes who cater exclusively to women and not be distracted with illicit thoughts of ... release forms.

Who in the world are these seemingly ordinary people — nurses, teachers and I.T. workers — who consent to have cameras record their sexual and legal deviances? Even more than “Cathouse,” an HBO series that took an explicit look at real-life activity at a legal Nevada brothel, the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, “Gigolos” stretches credulity.

But when so many people prostitute themselves for fame, it’s only logical that a few will frequent prostitutes for it. “Gigolos” isn’t the most X-rated show on cable, but it may be one of the crudest reminders that there really is nothing some people won’t do to be on television.
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Jimmy's pained face (courtesy of a cock cage) invites you in:

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George pray

Tropes vs. Women: #3 The Smurfette Principle

This is the third of a six part series created for Bitch Magazine.
Tropes vs. Women explores the reoccurring stories, themes and representations of women in Hollywood films and TV shows.

The Smurfette Principle was named two decades ago by Katha Pollitt, when she noticed that there were a disproportionate amount of male characters in programming aimed at young people.
Even in adult programming, when women do appear in the primary cast of a television show or movie, they are usually alone in a group of men. Sadly, this trope has made its way into the 21st century.

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1d - liam - smile

Jim Carrey to Guest Star on The Office Season Finale

Dunder Mifflin just got a late entry into the job applicant pool.

It was announced on Thursday that Jim Carrey will appear in the season finale of "The Office," joining a deep roster of guest stars that will grace the screen during the 50-minute long special. The question is whether this more than just a one-off appearance.

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Idaho DNA expert claims Amanda Knox is innocent of murder (+ more stuff)

It's a criminal case that gained international attention.

Amanda Knox, the American student tried and convicted of killing her roommate while studying abroad in Perugia, Italy, back in 2007.

That case has ties in Idaho.

Dr. Greg Hampikian is a professor of biology at Boise State University and the director of the Idaho Innocence Project.

“We take cases primarily from Idaho, we're working on several cases right now in Idaho with people who claim to be innocent who are imprisoned,” said Hampikian.

By using DNA evidence, the Idaho Innocence Project has helped to exonerate seven people across the country.  Hampikian's research has taken him around the world.

Two years ago, by chance he became involved with one of the most high profile international murder cases.


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No Lapdances on Britney Tour for Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj announced that her nightly lapdance for special fans will end with her last Lil Wayne Show on April 29 and not continue on her shows with Britney Spears.  She told Power 106’s Yesi Ortiz and Felli Fel. “When I go [out] with Britney, no more lap dances.

Nicki has been giving short lapdances on stage to fans both male and female, plus a few celebrities along the way.


A few dances For Your Pleasure
Steve Nash


A lucky girl


A couple of soldiers

george jetson

Johnny Weir Unveils Little Black Dress Line

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It turns out figure skating champ Johnny Weir is more talented that we thought — even off the ice! The U.S. Olympian, known for his experimental taste in fashion, is launching a little black dress line for spring on edressme.com. Dresses from his inaugural capsule collection will be accented with ostrich feathers, sequins and other boisterous accessories and will be crafted from silk, antique matte satin and crepe stretch jersey fabrics. “With my name and legacy, people have learned to expect the unexpected, and this collection breaks the mold with its fresh and unique designs,” Weir said in a release. “The level of design is complemented by my understanding of a woman’s body, and my knack to refine the classic ‘Little Black Dress’ with fanciful embellishments like feathers and sparkles.” The collection will be priced from $198-$298 and will be available beginning April 30 on edressme.com.

Tell us: Would you wear Weir’s LBDs?


Michelle Williams + Spike Jonze - Rinko Kikuchi ?

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

After Spike Jonze invites Michelle Williams to an LCD Soundsystem show, is it safe to say this ex-couple is dating?
Michelle Williams' Blue Valentine may be blushing rose pink again, but Spike Jonze should be wary -- he may well encounter a few thorns. The Daily Mail reports that after a year and a half of being sent to his room without his supper, the Where the Wild Things Are and Being John Malkovich director invited Williams to see the band LCD Soundsystem in New York earlier this month.

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this is all very speculative but yay it's my first post! i just rewatched wtwa and it tugged at my heartstrings and my flatmate kicked me out of my bed at 4am so im a bit disorientated, sorry if this isnt right mods.

Misha new hat

Tommy Wiseau: filmmaker

In 2003, first-time filmmaker Tommy Wiseau released his sole feature, The Room, a film often heralded as the worst movie of all time. Written by, starring, executive produced and directed by Mr. Wiseau, The Room has gone on to become a cult classic. In 2004, he released a documentary called Homeless In America, and is now working on several projects including a vampire movie and a TV sitcom called The Neighbors, as well as a Broadway show, novel, Blu-ray and 3-D version of The Room.

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Several more people in Hollywood are knocked up

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Mary McCormack is adding to her troop.

The actress, who stars as a WITSEC Marshall in USA Networks' In Plain Sight, is expecting her third child with producer Michael Morris, her rep confirms to PEOPLE exclusively.

McCormack's pregnancy is being written into the show's storyline. "The upside of being knocked up along with my character – no need for stunt boobs," McCormack says.

McCormack, 42, and Morris were married in 2003. Their new baby will join daughters, Margaret, 6½, and Rose, 3½, at home in Albuquerque, N.M., where the series shoots.

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Daniel Radcliffe's Director Wish-List

Daniel Radcliffe is at a point in his life where, in our opinion, he can do just about anything he wants.

Fortunately, as the "Harry Potter" star already told us when he stopped by to chat about his new musical "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying," he's already pushing himself to try as many new and exciting things as he can without falling into any sort of "child star" trap. We definitely recognize and respect that motivation, and we're sure that's a sentiment echoed by many people in Hollywood.

So when DanRad started listing off his dream group of film directors and actors that he would love to work with, we didn't think those hopes actually coming to life was as unrealistic as he seemed to. After the jump, we go through the people Radcliffe said he'd love to work on a project with and then offer our suggestions as to some potential team-ups.

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Glee shooting in NYC tomorrow @ 50th and 9th

We’ve known for a while that Glee would be filming the Nationals in New York City (they normally shoot in Los Angeles). We also knew that filming would be taking place next week, and now it looks like we may have their first filming location too!

Signs have been spotted around 47th and 6th/Broadway as well as 51st and 8th/9th Ave for an “Untitled 20th Century Fox TV Project” for Monday, April 25. The signs match recent casting calls for stand-ins for 4/25 through 4/29 that were also posted for an “Untitled 20th Century Fox Project” and all of the descriptions for those stand-ins match the descriptions of the main cast of Glee!


GaGa postpones 'Judas' video?

Although Lady GaGa rarely buckles to public pressure to censor herself, the singer's plan to release the religious-themed 'Judas' music video, today, on Easter Sunday, drew the wrath of religious groups from day one. Now, a new rumor has it that these criticisms might have led the singer to postpone the premiere.

NYPost.com's PopWrap, which also broke the news of the singer's return to 'SNL' for the season finale, Tweeted, "Lady GaGa fans, I'm hearing her 'Judas' music video will NO LONGER premiere today, Easter Sunday. Look for it first wk of May."

The move, if true, should slightly decrease the religious backlash that feels like a foregone conclusion at this point even though none of the most vocal opponents have actually seen the video.


argh, I just want it already!!!!!
Selena: Savior

Selena wants to focus on acting

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Selena Gomez the young star from Disney’s television Wizards of Waverly Place hopes that she will be able to give up her singing career one day to focus on her acting career.

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Currently she is working on her third studio album and thinks that in the future she may give up her singing career to focus on her acting.

This post is brought to you Selena's 2 month old song that is currently slaying your faves on itunes with no promotion!!!
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McDonald's Attack Victim Speaks Out


A transgender woman beaten at a Baltimore County McDonald's spoke out on Saturday, saying that the attack was "definitely a hate crime" and that she's been afraid to go out in public ever since.

"They said, 'That's a dude, that's a dude and she's in the female bathroom,' " said Chrissy Lee Polis, 22, who said she stopped at the Rosedale restaurant to use the restroom. "They spit in my face."

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Source/Petition/Original Video
It's sad that the only one person came to her aid during the attack, while others laughed.
george jetson

Marlon Brando’s Grandson Tuki Brando in Striking Campaign for TechnoMarine Watches

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Marlon Brando’s grandson, the son of his daughter Cheyenne Jackson, is showing off an artistic new side of himself in an ad for watch brand TechnoMarine. Tuki Brando, who is no stranger to the modeling world with former experience working it for Versace and others, wears a sleek watch over one eye like a patch in the striking campaign, which was created to resemble a gallery of portraits. A release from the company explains his appeal, “He has inherited his looks from his grandfather Marlon, but decided not to follow in his footsteps. He is creating his own trail and pursues a medical career.” He joins other stars including Taiwanese model Chin Hsi, Harry Potter baddie Arben Bajraktaraj and Slovakian model Ivana Vancov, who all sport the watch the same way. The campaign will launch in May with new faces being added every year.

Tell us: What do you think of Technomarine’s new ad campaign?


Lady Gaga: Medical experts call ‘fake’ on concertgoer’s five-minute death

It certainly is a tough time to be Lady Gaga. She is being called out on plagiarizing Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” being accused of intolerance from Latinos, and her song “Judas” isn’t performing as well as expected. In Chicago papers yesterday, a peculiar story suddenly appeared on how a fan died at a Lady Gaga concert with no heartbeat for five minutes. Then, suddenly, she came back to life after hearing Lady Gaga sing her favorite song. But medical experts and Internet users are calling this story a publicity stunt.

Chicago UCI Medical expert Byron Sinja says that Lady Gaga’s p.r. team has pulled one on gullible readers. “Nobody can come back to life after having their heart stop beating for five minutes. If they came back to life after three minutes with no heartbeat, they would be a vegetable.”

On medical message boards, several have questioned the validity of this story. Even though Lady Gaga is the self-proclaimed Queen of Gays, several people on gay message boards have criticized this story. A comment on Towleroad.com by a user named “Pauly” sums up a lot of feelings on this story:

“So, a fan dies at a Lady Gaga concert with a heartbeat that stops for five minutes. Then, she is miraculously brought back to life by Gaga Christ? It amazes me that other gay people fall for this woman. She is no gay rights advocate. She is a fame monster.”

Do you think this story is a publicity stunt? Are people being too hard on Lady Gaga?


lolol they are so pressed.... i can't.

Chris Evans and Samuel L. Jackson filming in NYC

Chris Evans films scenes on Saturday (April 23) in New York City’s Times Square.

The 29-year-old actor worked with Samuel L. Jackson, who plays Nick Fury in several Marvel films!

It’s not clear whether Chris and Sam were filming a post-credits scene for Captain America: The First Avenger or already working on The Avengers.

Captain America: The First Avenger will hit the big screen in 3D on July 22.

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Lil B's 'I'm Gay' Album Title Results In Death Threats

Rapper Lil B is coming out as a straight, gay man, and it's costing him many of his hard-earned fans. Not that it bothers him.

The rising hip-hop MC and former member of The Pack announced earlier in April that he planned to name his upcoming album "I'm Gay," despite not being a homosexual. For him, it's a re-appropriation of the word, as well as a statement in support of the gay community.

"I'm very gay, but I love women. I'm not attracted to men in any way. I've never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes I am gay, I'm so happy. I'm a gay, heterosexual male,"
he told MTV. "I got major love for the gay and lesbian community, and I just want to push less separation and that's why I'm doing it."

Even so, the album title has spawned a nasty backlash against him, as he said he's "many of my supporters have turned on me," and he gets messages from some saying "I'm gonna bash your head in," "you fa**ot," and 'I'm gonna kill you."

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Trunks getting in

Sonic Generations gets official trailer

Sonic Generations gets an official trailer

It’s official! In Sonic Generations, Sonic teams up with Captain James T. Kirk to punch Malcolm McDow — Oh, wait a minute.

Wrong Generations.

Actually, in celebration of the blue hedgehog’s 20th anniversary, Sonic Generations teams up modern green-eyed Sonic with the chubbier, stubbier Sonic from the ’90s as they run, dash and bash their way through classic stages throughout Sonic’s history since 1991, recreated in HD graphics for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Classic Sonic’s levels are multi-tiered side-scrollers, while Modern Sonic’s are the behind-the-back race courses of recent games, though both Sonics will be able to run through each others’ stages. As well as stages, enemies and remixed music from all three eras (classic, Dreamcast, modern) will return.

According to a press release, the story involves “time holes” which pull Sonic and his friends back through time, where he meets Classic Sonic, Sonic as he was originally on the Sega Genesis. Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic must then save their friends and find out who is really behind the time-traveling antics.

My hope: The culprits are the various Robotniks from the 90s cartoons and Archie Comics, teamed up with the more modern Eggman, with Metal Sonic from Sonic CD (a game which isn’t represented nearly enough as it deserves) in a Darth Maul sort of role.

Call me, SEGA! I’m available for script polishing.

Sonic Generations should see release this holiday season.



Justin Bieber: Charlie Sheen is 2011's Most Influential Person

For our special TIME 100 issue, TIME asked tween sensation Justin Bieber who he thought was the most influential person of the year, his answer was just as silly as one would expect from a teenager. The Biebs chose Charlie Sheen.

"He got a million followers on Twitter in one day," he said. "Plus, he's got tiger blood, and he's always winning." NewsFeed can't argue with that kind of logic.

Hot Cinnamon Buns

Elizabeth Taylor wills more than $800K to her last husband, Larry Fortensky

Elizabeth Taylor  left her seventh and final husband more than $800,000 in her will and had given him an allowance for years, but he insists he was never a gold digger.

Construction worker Larry Fortensky, who Taylor met in rehab and divorced in 1996, says he kept working during their five-year marriage and never asked for a penny.

"I am a proud man and I like to work. I didn't want her money," he told London's The Mail on Sunday. "I always worked for a living and I carried on when I was with her."

Fortenksy, 59, is now in poor health following a serious fall and lives as a recluse in a two-bedroom bungalow outside of Los Angeles after a series of "bad investments."

He walked way from the marriage with a $1 million settlement. In 1999, he suffered a serious head injury from a drunken fall that left him in a coma for six weeks.

Ani: Amazon Warrior

USA Today's Results on "Save Our Shows" Poll - Chuck Wins (plus also discussion of other shows)

Fans don't want NBC to buck Chuck. The action dramedy, perennially hovering "on the bubble" between renewal and cancellation, won the most support in USA TODAY's 14th annual Save Our Shows poll.

Forty-five percent of voters opted to keep the show around for a fifth season, despite a paltry 4.2 million viewers for this week's episode, which tied a series low.  The networks, weighing struggling incumbents against new pilots, will announce which make the cut in mid-May.

Adrienne Polis of Laramie, Wyo., calls Chuck "delightful" and says "the actors ... are perfect and the scripts are fun. The chemistry and banter reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayerand the old I Spy."

In all, about 47,000 viewers voted this year, heavily supporting Fox's Human Target (39% want it back) and CBS' CSI: NY (38%).

But a newer CBS spinoff, Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior, isn't feeling the love: Only 21% are supporters, and 32% want it sliced off the schedule. "I am really disappointed," says Ryan Cohen of Waukesha, Wis., who says the original was unique, but the spinoff fits "the mold of every other crime fighting show ... with no clever or unique aspect."

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WHEN FANDOMS COLLIDE! (People who have guest starred on Doctor Who)

It’s business as usual when the TARDIS is traveling through the space-time continuum, but over the last five seasons the Doctor has also come dangerously close to going to another dimension — breaking the barrier between some iconic nerd worlds via some pretty great guest appearances. Celebrating the new season of Doctor Who, launching tonight, here are five Doctor Who guest appearances that put the Doctor one degree removed from Spider-Man, Harry Potter and more.

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ONTD, what are your favorite instances on fandom crossovers? Favorite guest appearance, etc?

"Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!"

Hugh Grant has a new girlfriend... and is she carrying his baby?

He’s a renowned commitment phobic ladies’ man, but Hugh Grant seems to have been keeping a secret girlfriend, who may finally tie down the star.

The 50-year-old actor has been snapped with 31-year-old Tinglan Hong, who has reportedly been sporting a mystery bump.

The Chinese beauty has now sparked rumours that she might be pregnant with Grant’s child, according to the News Of The World.

Hugh and Ting were photographed together last week and have allegedly been dating since January, after meeting each other last year.

Ting was seen visiting the About A Boy actor at his £3 million home in West London on Thursday

She then jumped in his £140,000 Ferrari and the couple drove off into the night, according to the tabloid.

They were said to have visited a Vietnamese cocktail bar during their date and onlookers saw them deep in serious conversation.

lana - we were born 2 die

Busta Rhymes to Join Cher Lloyd

CHER LLOYD is getting some serious help from a hip-hop heavyweight on her debut album, legend BUSTA RHYMES will rap on one track.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The veteran, responsible for 1996 banger Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check, has been tapped up by label Syco to feature on the disc, out later this year.

Hitmakers for RIHANNA, BRITNEY SPEARS and LADY GAGA have been invited to contribute as well. A label spokesman said: "We are exploring exciting collaborations."


Lauren and Bethany are the only reality stars today whose books sell.

So quit yur bitchin’ and stop rolling your eyes thinking every reality star who signs a book deal is raking in dough. Mmkay?

When it was announced in the same week that Bethenny Frankel's A Place of Yes had debuted at No. 5 on the New York Times best-seller list and that Lauren Conrad had signed a new three-book deal with HarperCollins, their place as the two stars of the reality-TV book club was confirmed.
Frankel entered bookstores in March 2009 with Naturally Thin: Unleash Your Skinny
Girl and Free Yourself from a Lifetime of Dieting and followed it eight months later with The Skinnygirl Dish: Easy Recipes for Your Naturally Thin Life. She received an advance in the $250,000 to $500,000 range for both books. According to Simon & Schuster, the books have sold a combined 480,000 copies to date.

Conrad is a reality publishing juggernaut. Publishers Weekly puts the total 2010 sales of her young adult trilogy L.A. Candy (the wink-wink fictional tale of an ordinary girl who becomes the star of a reality show) at just over 1 million copies. In October, Conrad released Lauren Conrad Style, a hardcover fashion guide, which sold 173,000 by the end of 2010.

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A ranking of the sales in descending order

Lauren Conrad ( LA Candy Series) 1 million total
Kate Gosselin (Multiple Blessings from 2009)- 500,000
Bethany Frankel (Naturally Thin and The Skinny Girl Dish)- 480,000 total
Lauren Conrad (Style)- 174,000 as of 2010
Nicole Richie (The Truth About diamonds from 2005)– 125,000

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--When I got one of Lauren’s LA Candy books from Amazon last year it was the only Young Adult book in the top 10 that wasn’t about Vampires, witches, angels..etc. WTF?

--I just finished the last Hunger Games Book –Mockingjay—and want to slit my wrists now. Any recommendations for a follow-up series?

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Source 2
Stock; Starbucks

Olivia Munn Encourages One-Night Stands


Olivia Munn has reportedly asked clubgoers whether they were willing to have a "random hookup".

According to Hollywood Life, the Perfect Couples actress encouraged one-night sexual encounters when she took the stage at Pure in Las Vegas.

"Who is going to have a random hookup tonight?" Munn asked the crowd.

The New York Daily News reports that the star also had a verbal altercation with a group in the club, cuminating in her telling them to "go f**k yourselves".

The 30-year-old then allegedly added that her "career will go on", but that the members of the group were "going to have to kiss people's asses for the rest of [their] lives".

Munn has previously stated that sex is a priority for her in a relationship.

The actress recently revealed that Perfect Couples has not been canceled, despite the news that co-stars Kyle Bornheimer and David Walton have signed onto new pilots.


A List Of TV's Shadowy Organizations From TVGuide


Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Conspiracy theorists aren't paranoid, they're just misunderstood. Need proof? Here's a look at those secret groups on TV that wield the real power from Nikita's Division black ops group to Lost's mysterious Dharma Initiative. We may not know they're there, but that won't stop their agendas — diabolical or otherwise.
(Warning: spoilers for many cult/fan favorite television shows)


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British Electronic Rapping Sensation EXAMPLE Debuts New Music Video

"Changed The Way You Kiss Me" Music Video Debut

Alright you lot calm down at the back, we know you've been enjoying your long Easter weekend but it is time to get SERIOUS and in order to get SERIOUS we need to watch a black and white pop video.

The video in question is for 'Changed The Way You Kiss Me', the new single by Example.


it's very different from his previous music videos such as "Kickstarts" but i love how intense it is and i especially love how committed he is to his new Bieber-inspired haircut.

this post is dedicated to my fellow Example stans,novilized & cult_logic - you're the currents running through my veins <3

Steven Tyler steps out in quirky (fug) outfit

It seems Steven Tyler's colourful language is not the only thing that needs censoring.

Seemingly taking inspiration from his 1987 song, the Dude Looks Like A Lady singer stepped out in a rather loud ensemble of flares and an effeminate top yesterday.

But the Aerosmith star and American Idol judge, who dropped the F-bomb during this week's show, didn't end his androgynous style there.

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zooey umm

Simon Cowell Confirms the Final Two "X-Factor" Judges

I'll have more from my exclusive interview with Simon Cowell later tonight. But, for now, I can report that Cowell has told me all about how he's been assembling his judge's panel for his U.S. version of The X Factor which debuts this fall on Fox. "First of all, it's like casting a dinner party. You’ve got to have people on the panel you get on well with." But in my opinion this is sounding like the most boring dinner party ever and I wouldn't bother staying tuned through dessert. Though recently he admitted that the process has shown publicly "complete and utter indecisiveness", he made it clear to me he has finally decided on his judging panel.

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White Rabbit House

The Lion King & Beauty and the Beast To Be Re-Released In 3D Blu-ray

As some of you may already know, the Lion King is up for re-release sometime later this year. There is no official release date yet, but you can already pre-order it on Amazon. And as a first (as far as I'm aware), in addition to a Blu-ray/DVD combo, Disney is also going to be selling a 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD combo for the Lion King AND Beauty and the Beast. So for any of you sadistic bitches who want to see Scar sending Mufasa to his death all up in your faces in 3D glory, you'll be able to have that option. As for myself, I'm just going to stick with the Blu-ray/DVD combo and hope 3D dies in a fiery blaze eventually.

Disney is also going to be releasing the three Lion King movies (originals + sequels) as a box-set trilogy.

Amazon Pre-order Links:
Lion King 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digigtal Combo
Lion King Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Lion King 8-Disc Trilogy Set 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo
Lion King DVD
Beauty and the Beast 3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo

Source: Amazon + the email Amazon sent to me

Meet Neal Bledsoe, the New Old Spice Guy (Internationally, At Least)

There's a new Old Spice Guy in town--though he's technically abroad.

The company has hired Canadian-born Neal Bledsoe to shill its decidedly less romantic "Danger Zone" line of products. And though he's not easy to recognize under that 'stache, we remember Bledsoe from his recurring role as Judith Light's illegitimate son Tyler during the final season of "Ugly Betty."

He's also appeared in episodes of "Gossip Girl" (smooching Chuck Bass)
, "Blue Bloods," "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" and "Body of Proof." This latest gig finds him heroically, and disgustingly, being mauled by animals and impaled by a tree branch, leaving him as some sort of zombie pitchman by the end of the 30-second spot. (It's not exactly "tickets to that thing you love," but whatever works.)

Fans of the original Old Spice guy, Isaiah Mustafa, might be distressed by the new ad, but fear not. Old Spice tells Blame it on the Voices this campaign is strictly for international markets.

We'd ask why Mustafa isn't good enough for an international run, but we're just thankful we don't have to see him eaten alive by piranhas...

Article Source
Video Source

I loved him so much on "Ugly Betty." His fine ass needs to be in more shows/movies.