April 8th, 2011

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Hollywood's New Leading Ladies

See which young actresses are poised to take over Tinseltown.

Mia Wasikowska
Wasikowska followed up her roles in last year's hits The Kids Are All Right and Alice in Wonderland by taking on Charlotte Bronte's iconic heroine Jane Eyre. The Aussie actress, who's currently filming The Wettest County in the World with Shia LaBeouf, also has Gus Van Sant's Restless; Stainless Steel; Albert Nobbs and an adaptation of Arthur Miller's play, A View from the Bridge, lined up.

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Emma Stone

Beautiful Human Being: 'The Good Wife' writers are excellent at surprising me

Although she is often sidelined a little too much for my liking (mte), Diane Lockhart has had a stellar second season of CBS' equally excellent "The Good Wife." Whether she's fighting for her company, her seat at the table or her heart, Diane's journey is one many businesswomen relate with, according to actress Christine Baranski.

In fact, portraying such a positive working woman has been one of the greatest joys of this job for Christine, who took some time out of her hectic schedule to chat with PopWrap about season two, where things are headed and what she'd like to see next year!

PopWrap: What's your feeling about Diane's journey this year?
Christine Baranski: I’ve loved the second season! I think the writing has been great overall, but especially for my character. We’ve watched her fight for the firm and then suffer the paranoia that so many women of any age go through in business – which is, the guys are ganging up against me in this boys club. I love that she took the initiative and got very tough and decided that before they get me, I’m going to get them.
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"The Good Wife" airs Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS

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25 Most Beautiful 2011... at 25

PEOPLE made a list of the 25 Beauties (and Hottiest) of 2011. Check out:

The Red Riding Hood star may be the face of Clé de Peau Beauté cosmetics, but off-camera Seyfried's secret to looking her best is simple. "I don't dye my hair, and I can go without makeup," she tells InStyle. "Waxing my legs is pretty much the only thing I have to maintain."
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What do you think?

FBI releases 'secret' reports on hip-hop's Notorious murder case

Even at the time it seemed like a conspiracy theory of the highest order, but a trove of documents released by the FBI yesterday shows that the agency took seriously the suggested link between the 1990s murders of two of hip hop's biggest stars

Posted on an FBI website in response to a Freedom of Information request, the papers show that the agency was engaged at the outset of its investigation in searching for links between the death in the 1997 of Brooklyn's Notorious B.I.G, also known as Biggie Smalls, whose real name was Christopher Wallace, and the murder just a few months earlier in Las Vegas of another hip hop star, Tupac Shakur. Almost a decade and a half later neither the Los Angeles murder of Wallace or of Shakur has been solved and the twin mysteries of their violent deaths continue to grip the hip-hop scene.
The papers also confirm that the FBI received tip-offs from informants pointing to an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.
Even if the FBI long ago closed its investigation leaving the case cold, the new information will again shift the spotlight on the LAPD officer. Other passages in the documents, when cross-referenced with information already in the public domain, make clear he is David Mack, who soon after the Wallace slaying was convicted and sent to prison for a bank heist. He was unsuccessfully targeted in a wrongful death civil suit by the Wallace estate in 2007.
more at the source:
Ron/Hermione - CoS

The Potter gang at the Harry Potter Exhibition after party.

Various HP actors (non-trio) headed to the after party for the HP Exhibition/DH 1 DVD launch in NYC on Monday, including Bonnie Wright (Ginny), James and Oliver Phelps (Fred & George), Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid; whose lap was occupied with various people throughout the evening), Evanna Lynch (Luna), Mark Williams (Arthur), Natalia Tena (Tonks), David Thewlis (Lupin), Freddie Stroma (Cormac), Warwick Davis (Flitwick), and producer David Heyman. They also signed autographs for fans, too.

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Theatre sets off international uproar for offering role to killer of actress

Montreal's Theatre du Nouveau Monde created a drama that even it seems unable to direct when it invited convicted murderer and French musician Bertrand Cantat to perform in Montreal next summer

The voice-mail message of the theatre's marketing and communications director said Thursday that they had retreated into a period of reflection, after an explosive public debate that spread from the airwaves to the Quebec legislature to France over a decision to have actress Marie Trintignant's killer perform in Cycles de femmes.

Groups that work with victims of conjugal violence were especially incensed that Cantat, who served just four years of an eight-year sentence for punching Trintignant, a mother of four, to death in Lithuania in 2003, be allowed to enter Canada as if nothing had happened.
But chances are, Cantat wouldn't even be allowed into Canada, according to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.
"The Immigration and Refugee Act is explicit," spokeswoman Corinne Cadou wrote in an email. "Individuals who have been convicted of serious crimes that would constitute an offence in Canada like manslaughter would likely be inadmissible."

At the end of the day, the theatre announced a news conference for Friday afternoon to explain its position.

More at the source:

'V' star Elizabeth Mitchell 'hoping for renewal'

 Elizabeth Mitchell has revealed her hopes for a potential third season of V.

The actress told Assignment X that she would like her character Erica to permanently team up with resistance leader Lars Tremont (Marc Singer).

"I love the idea of the two of us getting to play off of each other," she said. "We had a great time together. I love the idea of us working as a team, but I also love the idea of strife. Maybe we don't get along? That would be awesome."

Mitchell added that she wants Erica to become a "nothing to lose, incredibly strong, incredibly intelligent character".

"I feel that maybe we can out think [the V's]," she suggested. "We are talking about the reptilian brain, which is mostly just instinct. I think that Erica is capable of it. I just want to see it happen.

"I want Marc [Singer]'s character to send her out to accomplish things. That would be wonderful. That would be very cool."

V showrunner Scott Rosenbaum recently revealed that he is currently planning for a third season, though admitted that there is still no official word on the show's future.


If they don't renew V, I will be pissed
ETA: Best Fan question ever?


Renner new star of 'Bourne' franchise?

The Hurt Locker star Jeremy Renner is set to step into Matt Damon's shoes as the new lead in the Bourne franchise, according to the latest internet reports.

Director Tony Gilroy has taken charge of the upcoming fourth installment, The Bourne Legacy, and has been searching for an actor to take over from Damon, who starred as secret agent Jason Bourne in the first three films.

A host of stars including Jake Gyllenhaal and Oscar nominee James Franco have been linked to the coveted role, but LatinoReview.com reports Renner has emerged as the favourite and has now been offered the part.

The Bourne Legacy is due for release in 2012.

'The Muppets': No nudity for Jason Segel. Kermit, on the other hand ...

Jason Segel made a promise about his new movie The Muppets: “I do not do any full frontal nudity,” vowed the writer-actor who famously endured a stark-naked break-up scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. “Kermit, on the other hand,” he joked, “is always full frontal.”

Segel isn’t known for kids entertainment, but he’s determined to bring back a critical piece of family entertainment from his own childhood. “The Muppets were my first comic influence as a kid, and I don’t know if you remember, but when you’re young, Kermit is Tom Hanks,” he said at the CinemaCon convention of theater owners.

“I realized there is a whole generation of children who haven’t gotten to have the same experience I had. The Muppets never make fun of anyone. It’s all about kindness and laughter and love and friendship. That’s been missing in a lot of movies, and to bring that back for a new generation is a real honor,” Segel said.

He and co-star Amy Adams revealed some details of the story, set to open Nov. 23. They play a long-dating couple whose relationship has stalled, partly because Segel’s character won’t commit. He shares an apartment with a new Muppet, Walter, who is sort of like the couple’s third wheel. “Or I’m the third wheel,” Adams says later backstage. The trio takes a trip to Los Angeles and her character’s hopes it will lead to a proposal from Segel.

When they get to L.A., they find that the Muppet studio is “decrepit and broke down,” Segel said. The Muppets haven’t done anything for a long time, but they find Kermit and attempt to create a reunion broadcast that will save their old studio “from an evil oil baron played by … Academy Award winner Chris Cooper,” Segel said, shaking his head in mock disbelief. “I somehow tricked Amy Adams and Chris Cooper into being in this movie”

Though they’ve done some television, the late Jim Henson’s showbiz-loving puppets haven’t made a feature film in 12 years (the last was 1999′s Muppets From Space,) so this movie imagines what might have happened to them in the downtime. “Fozzie Bear is doing a terrible lounge act in Reno, Nev., singing old Muppet songs,” Segel said. “It’s no Vegas. And I wrote a scene for Miss Piggy hoping we would shoot in Paris, but it turned out to be incredibly easy to fake on a green screen.”
Sorry, Kermit, but sometimes it’s TOO easy being green.

Wocka, wocka!

Nick Cannon Regrets Taking Nude Photos With Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon is having second thoughts about he and his wife Mariah Carey taking nude photos together.

Carey, who is due to give birth to twins very soon, posed for the artistic flicks with her hubby of nearly three years, to commemorate the pregnancy.

"My children are going to have to see these pictures," Cannon said on his radio show. "It's a little weird. It's a little nasty. I mean, have you ever seen your parents naked? When they get older and their friends come over they will see the pictures and say, 'Your daddy's butt naked.'"

Carey may not feel the same, seeing as how she's been very open about exposing her baby bump both on her Twitter page, and in the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. The photos feature the nude singer in various shots, covered only by her hair in one shot, and a strategically placed blanket in another.

"I was feeling very vulnerable about taking pictures at all right now," she told the magazine. "But then I didn't want to miss this opportunity to document this once-in-a-lifetime experience."

The couple married in a secret ceremony in the Bahamas in 2008. They are scheduled to welcome a baby boy and baby girl sometime in the next few weeks.

Mariah Carey's revealing magazine spread, baby bump included, will hit stands on Friday (April 8).

Britney's Tour Not Postponed, Announcement Later Today

Earlier today, reports surfaced claiming Britney Spears was postponing her upcoming tour because "she's not feeling ready."

A source went on to claim that "Britney doesn't feel she has enough time to prepare and has asked management to pull all her dates and postpone everything until later on in the year.

"She's a perfectionist and wants everything to be better than ever before. She is having to compete with other huge female stars such as Rihanna and Lady Gaga now so wants to step the show up."

But a blogger just put a stop to the rumors -- he called up Brit's manager Larry Rudolph, and Larry said Britney's tour is a "100%" go for this summer, as planned. In addition, Britney is expected to make an announcement about who will be joining her on tour as early as tomorrow.


lol a 'perfectionist'?

new Beckham baby name markets

Many bets have been void ever since it was discovered that Victoria Beckham is definitely having the baby girl she had always longed for. Therefore it comes as no surprise to learn that William Hill have opened brand new markets surrounding the baby, starting with the name of what will understandably be a very lucky little girl.

It’s no secret that Posh was very keen on the name Coco, undoubtedly inspired by one of her favourite designers, Coco Chanel, but now that she has given one of her dogs the name, the odds for Mrs Beckham re-using the name for her child have been slashed from 100/1 to 33/1. Although Coco has already been given to the dog, William Hill spokesperson Joe Crilly said that Posh may still opt to use the name regardless as “her love for the name may force her into reconsidering”. Luna is another name which has dropped, and is now at 12/1 instead of the initial 100/1.

The hot favourites are Juliet, which is at 4/1, Jacqueline (6/1), Sandra (7/1), Jessica (8/1) and Emily at 10/1. In case they want to continue their streak of unusual and unconventional baby names, some more extreme names have been added to the list, including California, which is at 33/1, Leytonstone at 250/1 and Waynette, also at 250/1.
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Amanda Seyfried isn't a fan of parking tickets

Amanda Seyfried cowers through the crowd as she leaves the premiere of "Little Red Riding Hood" at the Empire Cinema. Upon returning to her car, Amanda's driver is issued a ticket. In response to this, Seyfried grabs the ticket of the window, and tosses it back at the Traffic Warden and is reported to have mocked, "Thank you, but no thank you.".

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Taylor Swift and Garrett Hedlund...for Real?

When Us Weekly broke that Taylor Swift and hot Country Strong dude Garrett Hedlund had a dinner date in Nashville last week, our first thought was, What a lucky, bitch!

Then we remembered, wait a minute—U.W. had also said Garrett's in Nashville recording an album. Uh, he's not, his rep confirmed. So is any of this lovey stuff with Taylor and Garrett actually true?

Reps to both stars would not comment, but their friends did:

The "date" did actually happen. But it was only dinner. And Garrett is on the road filming, not recording any future love songs to Taylor. "He's been asked," Taylor's rep said about a possible album, but that ain't gonna be in the works any time soon, we're told.

As to the onetime date itself, friends to Swift say she's a bit frustrated by the whole situation, which we found pretty shocking. I mean, after all, she's been out with John Mayer, Chord Overstreet, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal and now hottie Hedlund, too?

Girl must be ecstatic, right?

Wrong: Taylor pals fret that the young AMC Entertainer of the Year winner is sometimes "struggling" with the extreme scrutiny on her love life and that she feels often trapped into a no-win situation.

If she wants to go out with a guy—Hedlund, for example—and just see if she might like to date him, she can't even do that with everybody already thinking they're dating, these Taylor chums complain.

Taylor also feels it's a bit unfair, as she considers herself a musician first, not a reality starlet seeking fame for fame's sake.

Hey, doll, not sure we're with ya on that one! Don't write songs like "Dear John" after breaking up with John Mayer if you don't want people talkin' about ya, honey!

We also spoke with a woman who's very friendly with Hedlund. The pal actually asked Garrett about his recent date with Taylor.

We're told Garrett didn't say anything—he only laughed.

Hmmm. Is that good or a bad sign, Taylor?

We say great!

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Hailee Steinfeld Will Next Star In Romeo & Juliet

After coming thisclose to snagging the lead role in The Hunger Games, Hailee Steinfeld has finally picked her first post-Oscar role, and it might sound a little familiar. According to THR Steinfeld will star in Romeo and Juliet, an indie production going forward with Italian director Carlo Carlie and a script from Gosford Park's Julian Fellowes. It's budgeted around $15 million and is set to shoot in Italy later this spring, though there's not yet a Romeo on board.

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Ann Coulter LOL

Sweaty Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton... My Loins, yall..

Consider this a gift of sorts. Sometimes the stars align and guys like Tom Hardy (Bronson) and Joel Edgerton (The Square), two men of talent on the verge of major stardom, get paired up together in a film with a more than capable director (Gavin O’Connor) working in a genre he’s known to be great with (sports films, a la Miracle). The result is Warrior, the subject of the following trailer. It’s the first Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) film trailer I’ve seen that has me interested. Not for the men beating each other to a collective pulp, but for the story it appears to be telling. Two brothers, hell bent on beating each other senseless in front of millions of people. Now that’s a story I can get behind. See the trailer for yourself after the jump.

Synopsis: The youngest son (Hardy) of an alcoholic former boxer (Nick Nolte) returns home, where he’s trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament — a path that puts the fighter on a collision corner with his older brother (Edgerton).

Warrior will hit theaters September 9, 2011. Watch the trailer in high definition at Apple.com


No crazy commentary this time I'll just leave yall with this.


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Showtime Reveals Skeletons in the Catholic Church's Closet


In its new Sunday night series, The Borgias, Showtime has found the magic combination for ultimate crowd appeal in a scintillating soap opera about a bad-boy pope.

The Borgias follows the quasi-historic story of the Spanish noble family who, with the ascent of Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI in 1492, brought a nighttime-television-style era of debauchery to the papacy.

The Borgias were infamous for simony -- buying and selling church offices and sacraments. In their case, they bought the papacy through bribery and coercion.

But don't forget the sexual promiscuity, bribery, double-crossing, incest, blackmail, murder, poisoning and all manner of unabashedly sinful behavior.

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'The Dead Circus': James Marsden To Play Charles Manson

From Easter Bunny to cult leader and murderer -- it's quite a 180 turn for James Marsden.

The star, who took the lead in this weekend's family-friendly box office champion "Hop," has been cast as Charles Manson in the upcoming film "The Dead Circus." The film will take on the case of singer Bobby Fuller, whose death, though ruled a suicide, raised suspicion of foul play and potentially murder.

The story will focus on the allegations that Manson and his Manson Family were behind the murder.

Michael C. Hall will play one of Fuller's managers, while Melissa Leo takes on the role of a former Manson Family member. Hall, of course, is more than familiar with the serial killer genre as the star of Showtime's "Dexter." Leo won an Oscar for her role in "The Fighter" this year.

Marsden recently finished shooting "Nailed," a comedy co-starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by David O. Russell. He'll also film the thriller "Loft" later this year.


Ellie Goulding: US TV Debut + Concert Reviews

US TV debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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I saw her live in Chicago and I thought it was awesome. So for the TL;DR crowd, she was really sick, to the point I'm surprised she even went on with the show. She performed everything except 'Human' and had the crowd help her out. The Knocks were amazing live and need to do more performances. She promised she was going to come back to Chicago, so I'm hoping it's for her own show and not just going to Lollapalooza. Was anyone else at the shows? I have some crappy photos and videos at my blog, so check it out. A Night At Lincoln Hall.

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Stars' Pre-Wedding Diets

Katy Perry: 5-Factor Fitness

Singer Katy Perry may be famous for her voluptuous figure, but in advance of her wedding to Russell Brand last year, she went on a strict diet and exercise regimen to get into the best shape of her life. Perry followed the 5-Factor plan, developed by Harley Pasternak, fitness guru to Lady Gaga, Halle Berry, and Robert Pattinson, among many others. On 5-Factor, participants eat five times a day (two modest, well-balanced meals and three snacks), exercise 25 minutes a day for five days, and get one free day to eat as they please. And even though Perry reportedly dropped two dress sizes before her big day, Pasternak says that is not the goal of his program. “Women should look like women. They need natural curves.”Collapse )

Source: the daily beast. inc. some british person that nobody knows sry.
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'Priest': Plot confuse you? Bloody and gritty animated prologue explains

Sci-fi action-thrillers set in alternate realities often have baroque plots that don’t easily cram into three-minute trailers. In Priest (which opens May 13), Paul Bettany plays a discarded warrior who outlived his usefulness after the latest war against vampires ended. He returns to action, however, after the sustenance-seeking cretins kidnap his niece. This animated short breaks down the film’s mythology that sets up the plot line: “It’s a story about a dispossessed soldier,” Bettany tells EW. “Suddenly, he’s meaningful again.”  

The prologue was created by animator Genndy Tartakovsky, who also worked on Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory and Samurai Jack. It explains how Bettany’s character (known simply as “Priest”) served in an elite combat squadron that fought the vamps, but has since folded. “After the war, there’s no need for them. They’re sort of shunned,” Bettany says. Priest finds himself in “smelting work, in a foundry shoveling coal.”

Bettany adds, “In this world, there is no separation of church and state.” The animation mentions that the de jure head of church and government (Christopher Plummer) forbids his former soldier from rescuing the kidnapped girl. “He is my boss. It is a religious society,” Bettany says. Check out the prologue below: 

[penguindrum] god bless

Craig Silverstein's already planning for season 2 & 3 of Nikita

Nikita showrunner Craig Silverstein has revealed that he has planned for two more seasons.

Silverstein told IGN: "I have this season mapped out, [plus] the second season and the bones of a third season. And then I'm not sure past that."

He added: "By then, I think that things will happen that I didn't predict that we'll be feeding off of."

The producer confirmed that the future of Nikita is still undecided, but added that he is "optimistic" about a possible renewal.

"I haven't heard anything official at all," he insisted. "We are creatively planning for [a second season]. It's hard for me to imagine a world in which it's not going to happen."

Silverstein previously revealed that the events of Nikita's first season finale will "carry into season two", and added that he is "feeling good" about the show's chances of renewal.

You can read the rest of the article here.


last night's episode was perfection. i'm glad that craig is so confident we'll get a s2, and is already planning for a third! means the show has a vision and i like that. finger's crossed!


Trailer for Roland Emmerich's ANONYMOUS

Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a trailer for Anonymous, the latest film by Roland Emmerich and a departure from his usual blowing-up-the-world thing. Here, it airs the long-rumored suspicion that William Shakespeare's plays were actually penned by Edward De Vere, the Earl of Oxford. The film bows Sept. 30.


The film stars Rhys Ifans, Joley Richardson, David Thewlis, and Xavier Samuel.
rocking scott

LeAnn Rimes to fan; "You don't know me so why should you have any opinion on my weight?"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Shortly after pictures of LeAnn Rimes looking like she just landed the title role in a Goddess Bunny biopic made the rounds, she immediately started spewing out her diet journal on Twitter. LeAnn was sick of hos saying that she starves herself and works out too much, so made a Tweet list of all the things she puts into her mouth hole. LeAnn eats cookies! LeAnn eats fried chicken! LeAnn eats the dreams of children (with two spoon fulls of turkey gravy on top, thankyouverymuch)! LeAnn eats Eddie Cibrian's peen (slathered in Fluff and cookie crumbs, thankyouverymuchagain)! LeAnn basically eats everything.

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gemma cra

Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins answer some questions.

Team 'Hunger Games' talks: Author Suzanne Collins and director Gary Ross on their allegiance to each other, and their actors -- EXCLUSIVE

The Hunger Games best-selling author Suzanne Collins and director Gary Ross always figured they’d respect each other well enough. Ross was a passionate fan of her best-selling trilogy; Collins really dug his past films (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville). What they didn’t anticipate was how much they’d instantly trust each other’s vision, to the point where the two were soon meeting for long-past-midnight script writing sessions. In this exclusive conversation with EW, they describe the joy of becoming unexpectedly fierce collaborators throughout every aspect of production — and that includes casting. For all those fans out there who’ve howled with rage and dismay over recent casting announcements, Ross and Collins insist they’ve found the perfect people to bring Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence), Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), and Gale (Liam Hemsworth) fully to life. They’ve got their actors’ backs, just as they have each other’s. (Note: SPOILER WARNING — major plot details are discussed below!)

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Billy Zane is a dad!?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Billy Zane and a mystery woman secure a newborn baby in to a car seat after shopping at 'American Rag' in Los Angeles, California. Zane seemed to be happy playing the doting father as he and the brunette tended to the child.

So when did Billy boy become a dad? Could be he's an uncle - but she looks like his type, methinks that's his girlfriend.


People's Top Ten Celeb Quotes of the Week!

"It's not like I was playing with it."

– Jennifer Garner, who got up close and personal with Russell Brand's anatomy while filming Arthur, on The Late Show with David Letterman

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Madonna For Sunset Boulevard Remake?


Andrew Lloyd Webber thinks Madonna would be a ''great Norma Desmond'' in a remake of 'Sunset Boulevard'.

Madonna is being pursued for a role in a remake of 'Sunset Boulevard'.

The 52-year-old star - who will soon release her directorial debut 'W.E.', a two-tier tale about the relationship between Britain's King Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, and a modern day woman called Wally - is wanted by maestro Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber for a reimagining of the classic 1950 movie in the role of Norma Desmond, played by Gloria Swanson.

He told Piers Morgan: "I bet you this never, ever, happens, but you know who would make a great Norma Desmond on screen? Madonna.

"She's the right age. I've not got through to her. She hasn't taken my call this time."

Andrew previously worked with Madonna as the composer and songwriter on 'Evita' - about the life of B-list Argentinean actress Eva Duarte - for which he won an Oscar for Best Music and Madonna picked up a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress.

The original 'Sunset Boulevard' tells the tale of a screenwriter who scripts a story for a faded silent-movie star.

It won three Oscars at the 1951 Academy Awards, including Best Music.

Someone sounds pressed and wants attention by throwing shade around.


The Most Expensive Bottle of Champagne Sold in London for £80,000

The most expensive bottle of Champagne ever sold in London fetched £80,000 at a new members' club last Thursday.

New Park Lane's OneForOne Park Lane opened its doors to a host of celebrity guests, including Amber Le Bon, Alice Dellal, Sadie Frost, Jasmine Guinness, Jade Parfitt, Goga Ashkenazi, Lisa B, Suki Waterhouse and Tali Lennox. However, in a sign that London still has its fair share of affluent individuals, a record was broken with the most expensive bottle of Champagne ever purchased in London, being bought by an unknown European businessman.

The bottle in questions was an £80,000 bottle of Armand de Brignac (Ace of Spades) Champagne, called a "Nebuchadnezzer", there are only two of these bottles in the world. Each one takes six months to make, being hand crafted by eight expert glass artisans.

OneForOne only took delivery of the bottle the afternoon before it was sold and needed two staff members to carry the bottle and three staff members to pour every time someone wanted a drink. Club Director Vladimir Gelev said, "I couldn’t comment on who purchased the bottle, but we only received delivery of it yesterday; now I have to put another order in. Maybe we should buy a case of them!"

OneForOne is a boutique nightclub created and designed for those who want the best in service. Guests enjoy private rooms, an individual host for each table and details such as lockable under table drawers.

For information about OneForOne visit 141parklane.com.

Blur's Dave Rowntree offers apologies (again) to reporter he bullied 8 years ago

As endearing as Nardwuar the Human Serviette is to most, some people just don’t gel with the local journo. Blur’s Dave Rowntree was one such dude, famously bullying the interviewer in 2003 on MuchMusic’s Going Coastal. The clip showed the drummer pushing Nardwuar around and stealing his hat, glasses, and interview notes before bailing on the chat. It was despicable. Eight years later, the British musician agrees. Citing the incident in a recent blog as a low point possibly influenced by a former drug problem, Rowntree admits that what he did was uncalled-for. Now a Labour candidate for London and Westminster, Rowntree adds that he keeps the clip on his phone to remind him to stay clean.

“This is definitely one of the things I’m ashamed of,” he wrote. “To be clear, Nardwuar didn’t do anything to provoke me. I sent an apology to him the next day, but I didn’t hear anything back from him, so I assume he didn’t accept it.”

Nardwuar doesn’t remember receiving an apology, but he’s thrilled to get one now. “I was honoured,” Nardwuar told the Straight. “It’s so nice of him. I also love the fact that he said that he keeps it on his cell phone. I love the fact that someone is using my interview for motivational purposes.”

Now if only we could get Sebastian Bach to return Nardwuar’s toque.
Source: http://www.straight.com/article-385243/vancouver/blurs-rowntree-offers-apologies
tom hardy bb

Producer Says Fugees Will Reunite

Rumors of a possible Fugees reunion have been swirling around for years, and according to Grammy-winning producer Jerry "Wonda" Duplessis, they may be getting back together sometime soon.

Duplessis, who produced many of the tracks on their diamond-selling sophomore release 'The Score,' claims that a reconciliation is imminent.

"I believe there will be a day when the Fugees get together, but everyone in the group's gotta' be ready," Duplessis told Rap-Up.com. "The Fugees are definitely going to get back together. The time will come. You've gotta wait, man."

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Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita embodying your relational phantasms

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his boyfriend, Justin Mikita, get silly and share a kiss while waiting for the train at NYC’s 28th Street stop on Wednesday (April 6).

The 35-year-old Modern Family actor and his entrepreneur beau spotted photographers across the platforms and hammed it up for photos.

Jesse has been checking out NYC’s Broadway scene - “I lost my mind for ‘Catch Me If You Can’. So. Much. Fun! Such a great season this year on Broadway! @CatchMeMusical,  he tweeted on Wednesday.

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First set pics from Men in Black III

Will Smith is spotted on the set of Men in Black III in Queens, New York yesterday (April 7). Wow, Will looks exactly like he did in the original film.

So excited to see the franchise back! Men in Black II was released in 2002 and the new one is scheduled to be released exactly 10 years later on May 25, 2012. Of course Tommy Lee Jones will be back. New stars in the film include Josh Brolin as Agent K and Nicole Scherzinger as the villain Lilly.

Not many plot details are known about the film, but it’s believed Agent J (Smith) and Agent K (Jones) will travel back to the 1960s to visit Agent K. The film’s main villain Boris (Jemaine Clement) also travels back to kill Agent K in an attempt to set off a world-ending chain reaction.

+24 pics@CaughtonSet

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ib → landa

Peyton Manning and Wife Welcome Twins

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Peyton Manning and his wife of nine years, Ashley Manning, have expanded their team by two, RadarOnline.com reports.

The football star and his wife welcomed daughter Mosley Thompson Manning and son Marshall Williams Manning in Indianapolis on March 31st.

A source close to the couple confirmed the good news, telling Radar, "It is true, it is happy news for them."

Mosely and Marshall are in good company: Manning's brother, Eli, who quarterbacks for the New York Giants, became a father to Ava Frances just 10 days prior to the twins' birth.

The twins are the first children for Peyton and Ashley Manning.

alice red

EMI artists Coldplay, Katy Perry, Daft Punk + more auctioning off cool stuff for Japan

Artists and songwriters from across the EMI family have been supporting the Red Cross to raise funds for victims of last month's earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Over the next three weeks, incredible auction items (clothes, concert tickets, and other fan must-haves) from some of the world’s biggest stars will be available to bid on to help this important cause.

April 5 – 21, 2011

EMI will match all funds raised from the auction up to a maximum of ONE MILLION EUROS.

Supporting artists: Coldplay, The Beatles, Daft Punk, Corinne Bailey-Rae, Duffy, Keith Urban, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Beastie Boys, Michael Franti, The Chemical Brothers, Tiziano Ferro, Juan Luis Guerra, Herbert Gronemeyer, Raphael, Norah Jones, Katy Perry, Iron Maiden, Jane Birkin, David Gilmour, Gorillaz, the Beach Boys, Depeche Mode, Good Charlotte, Jeff Bridges, Tinie Tempah, Deadmau5, Kylie Minogue, The Kooks, David Guetta, Angela Gheorghiu, Lady Antebellum, Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, and Arcade Fire.

Sources: 1 + 2

Pop act Röyksopp headed for court


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Norwegian pop duo Röyksopp is caught in a legal conflict with former associate Rune Lindbæk, who demands credits and a share of the income from Röyksopp’s bestselling debut album, Melody AM. A deadline set by Lindbaek’s lawyer came and went on Monday this week without any settlement, increasing the likelihood that the lengthy conflict between former friends will move on to Bergen city court.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


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george jetson

Ashley Judd doesn't like hip hop

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ashley Judd wont be turning up in a Snoop Dogg or P Diddy video anytime soon.

The Kiss The Girls actress ripped into the two performers, as well as the world of hip hop "with it's rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho's'" in her shocking new memoir All That Is Bitter And Sweet - and RadarOnline.com can bring you all her no holds barred comments.

Talking about her work in AIDS awareness, Judd makes her opinion crystal clear when it comes to the activist organization YouthAIDS choice in spokespeople for a past campaign, singling out Snoop and Diddy.

"YouthAIDS created hip public service announcements for TV and radio using popular local and international celebrities and athletes and was participating in the MTV World AIDS Day 'Staying Alive' concerts," she writes.

"Along with other performers, YouthAIDS was supported by rap and hip-hop artists like Snoop Dogg and P. Diddy to spread the message...um, who? Those names were a red flag.

"As far as I'm concerned, most rap and hip-hop music -- with it's rape culture and insanely abusive lyrics and depictions of girls and women as 'ho's' -- is the contemporary soundtrack of misogyny.
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Jennifer Lopez Tells American Idol's Pia Toscano to 'Have Faith'

Jennifer Lopez disagreed with America's choice on Thursday's American Idol, and says she's still miffed that Pia Toscano was sent home so soon.

"She was one of the most talented singers we had," Lopez said, calling into Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show Friday morning. "I'm still shocked."

Why does Lopez think Toscano was eliminated?

"Honestly, I don't know what happened," she said. "[Maybe] people thought she was safe, as I did ... Maybe there was something that wasn't connecting [with the audience] that we didn't see."

Lopez, who likened the ousted singer to a prized student, said she and her fellow judges – Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler – pushed Toscano every week because they had high standards for her and saw her talent. "Honestly, I always had the best intentions," Lopez said. "I just wanted to see the growth every week. I wanted her to shine."

After the show, Lopez, who cried at the decision, came up on stage and had a heart-to-heart with Toscano.

"I told her to stay pure in her heart, to have faith and to know that if this wasn't the path for her that there was something bigger for her," Lopez said, recalling their conversation. "That there is something bigger for her. And I believe that."

i'm still in shock, tbqh.  this is like when tamyra gray left, or even j hud.  even idol alums were in disbelief over this elimnation.  part of me thinks that it was rigged so a label can snatch her up and start her album before the tour. #iwannaseethereceipts.  whateves.  i'm team scotty now.  everyone else can gtfo.
Bono - shades

U2 snatching wigs, slaying ur faves since 1976

When the doors open Sunday night for U2's second show at Morumbi Stadium in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the band's 360 tour will become the highest grossing tour in history.

In Sao Paulo, U2 360 will pass the $558 million gross mark set by the Rolling Stones for their A Bigger Bang tour of 2005-2007. U2 will go on to shatter the record at about $700 million by the time it wraps in North America July 30 at Magnetic Hill in Moncton, N.B., and when all the numbers come in be recorded in Billboard Boxscore as the biggest trek ever. The tour returns to North America May 21 in Denver.

360 will also have moved more than 7 million tickets to 110 shows, enough to capture the "highest attended tour ever" mantle, as well. The Stones are also the band to vacate that title, as their Voodoo Lounge tour of 1994-1995 had held the attendance record at 6.4 million tickets, according to Boxscore.
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Ben Affleck Eyeing Role in Baz Luhrmann's 'Great Gatsby'

The actor is in talks to join Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and Carey Mulligan in the adaptation but first has to work out a scheduling conflict with his movie "Argo."

Ben Affleck is in talks to join Baz Luhrmann's all-star adaptation of The Great Gatsby, which the Australian director is making for Warner Bros.

Leonardo DiCaprio is pegged to play the wealthy and mysterious Jay Gatsby, while Tobey Maguire is playing Nick Carraway, who in the novel is the narrator. Carey Mulligan is playing Gatsby's love, Daisy Buchanan, who is married to a wealthy chap named Tom Buchanan.
Affleck is interested in tackling the role of Buchanan except there's a hitch: scheduling.

Affleck, repped by WME, has set his sights as his next directorial effort the political thriller Argo, which would shoot in September. Gatsby, which Luhrmann is filming in 3D, is readying for principal photography to begin in August.
Both sides are trying to see if the dates can be worked out.


So Who Wants to See Mr. Big's Balls?

Chris Noth Flashes His Balls On The Runway – Pics

You thought the title was a clever play on words, right? Yeah… no. It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Mr. Big – and naturally Chris Noth wanted to make sure we’d remember it when we saw him. And boy, will we remember. In that searing, burning sort of way. Ladies, we know we have a lot of nipple shots on INF Daily. And while this is the best tit for tat (or tat for tit, as the case may be) that we can come up with, we realize it’s not a fair approximation. Nor is it a pleasant one.

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Stevie J

All Eyes On Kat Graham


It's hard to put a label on this singer-actor-activist but one thing's for sure: Kat Graham is positively bewitching. By now, you've caught her on the CW's The Vampire Diaries or listened to her channel Janet Jackson. The rising star spoke about her adventures in Hollywood and being self-sufficient. But first, she reveals a few of her favorite things.

FAVORITE TYPES OF MOVIES: "Anything with Thandie Newton and Zoe Saldana. I'm also a huge Tyler Perry fan--I have all of his plays on DVD. I enjoy mind-altering films like The Matrix too."

THE NEXT CITY I MUST VISIT: "I love Paris. I even designed my Atlanta townhome in a Parisian theme.
TUNES YOU’LL FIND ON MY IPOD: "French pop music, songs by Trey Songz, The Queen, Billy Joel (I’m trying to learn to play Piano Man on the piano), and Kanye West’s latest album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."

ONE DAY I’D LIKE TO SING WITH: "Cee-lo, and write with Bruno Mars"

THE SPECIAL GUY IN MY LIFE: "I won't say his name but I’ve been with the same guy since a skateboard was my only mode of transportation. He’s an actor too."

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Sucker Punch and the Fetishized Image

Sucker Punch has received widespread dismissal from film critics, many of whom have used their reviews as opportunities to crack jokes about teenage boys, masturbation, or masturbating teenage boys—or to make puns about the film's title. A.O. Scott at The New York Times slammed the film's "pretense that this fantasia of misogyny is really a feminist fable of empowerment," while Sady Doyle at The Atlantic declared that director "Zack Snyder's gooey mix of fetish gear, rape fantasies, and girls-with-guns action sequences represents the nadir of a long, slow, steady decline in action films starring women."

This critical paroxysm against Sucker Punch is quite possibly the most colossal collective misreading of satire since Paul Verhoeven was accused of being a fascist for Starship Troopers. With this film, critics are making the same mistake of confusing depiction for endorsement, but more importantly, they seem continually befuddled by Snyder's manipulation of one of the most powerful cornerstones of mainstream cinema—the fetishized image.

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Even if you don't agree with it, I thought this defense of the movie was well written.

Film - The Old Guard

Natalie Portman finally comments on the whole dance-double controversy--sorta

When ballerina Sarah Lane claimed last month that she had done 95 percent of the dancing in Natalie Portman’s Oscar-winning Black Swan performance, Portman’s supporters — including co-star Mila Kunis and director Darren Aronofsky – were quick to defend their star. But Portman herself has stayed mum on the topic — until now. “I know what went on,” Portman told E! News’ Ashlan Gorse during a press junket for the new comedy Your Highness. “I’m really proud of everyone’s work on the movie and of my experience. And I’ll have that forever. So it’s nice for me to always know about that no matter what kind of nastiness or gossip is going around.” Portman didn’t directly refute any of the accusations made by Lane, nor did she address the claims that Lane was told to keep quiet during Oscar season and that Black Swan‘s face-replacement effects were edited out of the film’s promotional FX reel.

O...kay. That explains a lot. But if they were seriously trying to claim Natalie did everything, it's weird they would have released that video showing all the alterations? IDK. It really just kinda sounds like that chick is bitter, although it wouldn't have killed them to give her proper credit.

John Stamos is a greek god of perfection

One Ontario woman had her dream come true on Thursday when she met John Stamos after the actor and musician responded to her on Twitter and invited her to a concert in Niagara Falls.

Natalie Léger, a second-year student at Ryerson University, received backstage passes to a Beach Boys concert in Niagara Falls, which featured the former "Full House" star playing drums with the 1980s rock band.

"I was in shock. He walked through the door and I almost fell over," Léger told CTV's Canada AM on Friday, on first meeting the star. "He is so nice, so down to earth, so generous and just a normal person."

Léger's journey into the arms of her childhood crush began last week, when she took to Twitter to express her disappointment for missing out on tickets to the Beach Boys concert.

"Freaking out because @JohnStamos comes to Niagara Falls on Thursday and I still don't have tickets for The Beach Boys!!!! HELP!" she wrote.

Stamos, an active user of the social media site, responded moments later with: "BE MY GUEST-2tix at will call."

"My mouth just dropped open and I had to cover my mouth to stop from saying anything," she recalls about receiving the message while sitting in a university lecture. "I had to read it quite a few times to make sure I was reading the right thing."

The Courtice, Ont., native received confirmation later that day that two backstage passes would be left at the concert's will call office; she decided to take her grandmother to the concert.

To cap the night off, Stamos invited Léger onto the stage to help sing the Beach Boys' hit "Barbara Ann."

"I was just the cherry on top of just the perfect day. That was like my dream," she said.


lucky bitch. brb while i tweet him to try and get tickets into his bed pants
  • oh7

Monica Twitpics from the set of NBC's new show "The Voice"

Looks like NBC read my mind… what better way to have a show called “The Voice” and have what we consider “The Voice” on the show?! Cee-Lo called in good friend Monica to help out his team on the new reality show set to premiere on April 26th! More info about the show is below. Stay tuned for the air date!

Series Premiere! – Tuesday, April 26th 9/8c

“The Voice” is a vocal competition series modeled after Holland’s top-rated vocal talent discovery show, “The Voice of Holland.” Hosted by Carson Daly, the show features four musician coaches: Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, who will coach only the most talented vocalists.

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press release
Monica's Twitter
King K

x factor us might get a boost of flawlessness

JULIANNE Hough has auditioned for a role on the US X Factor.

The former Dancing With The Stars professional dancer and country music star — who is dating American Idol host Ryan Seacrest — held meetings with Fox executives earlier this week although she could face competition from singer-songwriter Jesse McCartney, who has also met with show bosses.

Both candidates have links to the show as Simon Cowell is an admirer of Jesse, who co-wrote his protege Leona Lewis’ single Bleeding Love, while rumored judge Cheryl Cole is close to Julianne through her relationship with the dancer’s brother Derek Hough.

“Simon believes Jesse has the right look for the show, and would appeal to both grandmothers and young girls,” a source said. “While Julianne looks fantastic on camera and has quite a high profile in the states.

Cheryl would love Julianne to be involved as they’ve met through Derek. She would like a friendly face on board.

Simon has recently revealed choosing the final judging panel is giving him sleepless nights because he and his production team keep changing their minds about who to have alongside himself and music producer LA Reid.

“But this happens on all of our shows. I’ve been on shows where the day before we’re due to film, we haven’t decided who’s going to be on the show.”


A Jessica Stam Post!

Cover girl Jessica Stam tries on the spring collections for size with Russh’s latest issue titled, Fan for Life. Indeed Ms. Stam seems to have a lot of fans, and this dynamic shoot lensed by Will Davidson proves why with her electric personality and one of a kind looks. Outfitted by Stevie Dance in a mix of casual and elegant wares, Jessica dons the designs of Isabel Marant, Cerruti, Missoni and more.

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  • upood

In News Sure To Crush Your Heart

Teenyboppers around the world are all asking the same question: Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez over?
justin bieber and selena gomez Pictures, Images and Photos
According to the National Enquirer, they are. The magazine said that the Bieb was sending not-so-innocent text messages to Jasmine Villegas, and Gomez found out and was not having it.

Selena was heartbroken. She confronted Justin, and at first he denied it but then came clean. She told him their romance was over, but she was willing to stay friends,” an “insider” told the magazine.

But wait! According to Gossip Cop, the two are still very much together, but haven’t been seen with each other in a while because Bieber is on tour in Europe and Gomez is in the U.S. preparing for her own shows.


way to give little girls a glimmer of hope Enquirer and then crush their souls



ere’s another UTB exclusive just for you guys! Nicki Minaj has just confirmed that she is indeed in talks with Britney about supporting her for an upcoming tour this summer, revealing that she would ‘love to’ but as of yet no decision has been made. Here’s what Nicki had to say to our reporter:

“We’re talking. I would love to, but I don’t know yet. I can neither confirm or deny the rumours!”

Looks like we’re just gonna have to sit tight and keep our fingers crossed, but for now it’s looking very likely!!
She can do the rap verse of Beautiful Drop Dead!!!
hebergeur d'image

DWTS Controversy: From Toupees to Playboy

This week in the National Enquirer, sources revealed that one of the “Dancing with the Stars” cast members is baring all in the May issue of Playboy.

Plus, “Karate Kid” Ralph Macchio is all grown up and has good hair — or does he?

Find out who is getting naked and if Ralph’s hair is the real deal!

Source: fuckyeahwendywilliams.tumblr.com

  • sannao

Will Hayden Panettiere go from hero to victim?


Coming in as a new cast-member in the fourth instalment of a horror franchise, an actress can’t feel too great about her chances of seeing the end credits. But Hayden Panettiere insists that in Scream 4, no one is safe. She sat down with Metro to tell us what little she could about the movie — and share some real-life horror stories of her own.

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Maria Nod

An SF Q&A with Henry Rollins

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Q&A with Henry Rollins

Brian DeAngelis, SFGate.com

With more than a half-dozen occupations under his name, Henry Rollins has plenty of stories to tell. The former Black Flag vocalist and spoken word artist begins the second leg of his tour, titled "50," on March 17, and will finish up on April 9 at The Independent in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to speak with Rollins about his current tour, his work with National Geographic and recent trips to Asia and Africa.
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See that link, there is no embeding, it features Henry's ass, you know you want to click.
So fucking excited for the show tomorrow!
SF Gate Article
STOCK ; rainbow bright
  • leitao

Murray on MJ Kids: 'That's My Children, I Love Them'

File this one under The Feeling Is Probably Not Mutual -- while out at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday, a photog asked Dr. Conrad Murray about Michael Jackson's kids and he responded, "That's my children, I love them. I love them."

In related news, Murray is begging the judge to ban Michael Jackson's autopsy photos from being shown in court during his manslaughter trial. Murray's legal team argues the photos "will only unnecessarily and unfairly prejudice the jury against Dr. Murray."

They also claim the photos will not help the jury determine the cause of Michael's death.

On the juicier side ... Murray's attorneys also filed a motion to exclude testimony or evidence dealing with the doc's visits to strip clubs, the women he met there, and the amount of money he spent in those clubs.

They also want Murray's extramarital affairs left out of the proceedings.

Sources - 1, 2

Keep talkin', I got yo number, hussy~

  • kofo4

Who’ll be happiest being Miserables? Robert Downey Jnr and Sean Penn lined up for roles

Difficult though it may be, try to imagine Robert Downey Jr and Sean Penn practising their scales as they warm up their voices to sing for roles in the movie version of Les Miserables. Sean Penn and Robert Downey Jnr, have been mooted as possible leads for a new film version of Les Miserables. They’re just two of the names being studied by film executives involved in pre-production for the movie version of mega-musical Les Miserables. 
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Katherine Heigl to produce and star in HBO movie

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Katherine Heigl is returning to television -- with an HBO telefilm.

The former Grey's Anatomy actress-turned-big screen leading lady will produce and star in Craig Wright's adaptation of The Knitting Circle, HBO Films confirmed Friday.

Based on the best-seller from Ann Hood, Knitting Circle revolves around a married woman (Heigl) struggling to overcome the death of her young daughter who finds solace in a knitting circle.

Heigl will produce the telepic with her mother and producing partner, Nancy Heigl, via their Abishag banner along with Pine Street Pictures. Her recent credits include the feature Life As We Know It, which she starred in and executive produced. She'll next be seen in New Line's ensemble New Year's Eve, due Dec. 9.

Sounds really interesting! 
Ani: Amazon Warrior

Yvonne Strahovski Talks "The 3rd Birthday" and Chuck

- How her character is vulnerable
- How her character grows throughout the game and gains confidence
- Job was fun and challenging, with a lot of pressure to get it right
- Game is story and character driven
- Talks about experiences at Comicon
- Doesn't have time for workouts - likes to go hiking and do fight scenes in Chuck

george jetson

John Legend Does Not Approve of Donald Trump Right Now

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
"He needs to stop saying that racist bullshit birther shit," John Legend told us at the Jazz at Lincoln Center 2011 Annual Gala last night, referring to a certain conspiracy-minded real-estate tycoon/reality-TV star. "Quote me please," he added (done!). "He should be ashamed of himself. It’s awful, really."

donald trump and the birther issue

Rihanna Strips Down for FHM Australia‎

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rihanna is stripping down and sharing even more of herself, this time in the Australian version of FHM magazine.

Scantily clad in a dominatrix-esque outfit complete with black fishnet tights, the 23-year-old seductively poses on the cover of the men's magazine under the bold headline 'Better than Gaga, hotter than Perry ... Rihanna Crazy. Sexy. Cool.'

Inside, the Bajan beauty revealed that of her many tattoos the one that reads "Never a failure, always a lesson," means the most. The ink, which was inscribed across her collar bone, is written backwards so that she can read it in the mirror.

RiRi also described what it was like working on her debut film 'Battleship,' which is scheduled to hit theaters next summer. In the film, she plays a weapons officer by the name of Raikes. The 'Loud' creator explained how hard it was to train for the part with a not-so-nice drill sergeant.

"It was so scary. It was horrible. I just wanted to scream right back at him, but I couldn't,"
Rihanna admitted.

1, 2

even though the cover photo is recycled from gq's december issue

Bruno Mars to Debut ‘Lazy Song’ Video

Bruno Mars is gearing up for a lazy week. The R&B crooner will premiere the video for “The Lazy Song,” the third single off his breakthrough Doo-Wops & Hooligans on Thursday, April 14, at 12 p.m. EST on MTV.com and VH1.com, while its television debut comes later that evening at 7:56 p.m. on MTV.

The 25-year-old Grammy winner, who is following his smash singles “Just the Way You Are” and “Grenade,” will also hit the road with Janelle Monáe on their North American “Hooligans in Wondaland” tour. The trek, which kicks off on May 4 at NYC’s Roseland Ballroom, will make stops in Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, and more through June.

omg, i can't wait!  love him sfm.

David Kross - Interview and videos

The parrot Blu falls in love with a prickly female [Kross dubbed the title role in "Rio"]. Has something similar ever happened to you?
Not as extreme as in Blu's case, but I know this well, I tend to fall in love with my opposite as well.

And what is that exactly?
I'm anything but a show-off (laughs), even though actors are often thought of that way.

Do you like to conquer or do you prefer to let a girl do the conquering?
In order to get together, both have to conquer each other a bit.

May one ask if you are in a relationship right now?
I have a girlfriend as of recently. We're very happy together and everything's fine. But I don't want to say more about it.

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SOURCE 1 (translation by me)
Film - The Old Guard

Allen Iverson to police: "Do you know who I am?"

Former NBA star Allen Iverson launched an expletive-ridden tirade against police when a car belonging to him was pulled over for a traffic violation last week, at one point telling the officer, "Take the vehicle, I have 10 more," according to a police report.

Iverson, 35, was a passenger in a grey Lamborghini, spied by an Atlanta officer changing lanes without signaling about 6 p.m. on March 30, according to the police report obtained by CNN.

The driver, identified in the report as Antwuan Clisby, couldn't produce any documentation for the vehicle, the report said. He then told the officer his passenger needed to leave the vehicle to eat dinner, and the officer said no one was leaving until the investigation was complete.

With that, Iverson became "irate," according to the police report, saying, "I'm the (expletive) passenger." The officer radioed for backup, and a second unit arrived, according to the report. Clisby and Iverson were asked to exit the vehicle, while Iverson continued to curse at the officer, the report said.

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(Mods, I wasn't sure which tag to use--he wasn't actually arrested, but there's no tag for general police shenanigans. Although "show me the receipts" feels appropriate.)

Real Housewives of NYC S4 Ep 1 Photo Recap

 The Finest Cast of the Real Housewives came back in top form!

Check out the Photo Recap under the cut
PS. The Discussion Post at ONTD_discussion was a success, make sure you are there for next weeks!

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I am so happy that the premiere did not disappoint, this is going to be a good season! And WWHL was just as good, Jill and Ramona clearly are not fine with each other anymore, its going to be a good reunion!

TV priest Mike Manning on leave after acknowledging affair

Father Mike Manning, a popular TV minister and technology pioneer who developed sermon applications for smart phones, will step down “to take some time to reflect on what he’s gone through and why it happened and to look at that in the context of his priesthood to get himself oriented so he can go forward positively,” said John Andrews, director of communications for the Diocese of San Bernardino. “Whenever a situation of sin with a priest happens that’s often what is recommended or decided.”

The decision to take a leave was reached mutually by Manning and local church leadership, Andrews said. Manning belongs to an order within the church called the Society of the Divine Word, which has ultimate responsibility for his pastoral assignments.

Manning has acknowledged a sexual relationship with Nancy Kotowski, the Monterey County superintendent of schools, which is an elected position. Kotowski is described on Manning’s Wordnet Production’s website as “Father Mike’s own cousin” and the author of a currently sold-out tract called “Dealing with Teenagers.” Published reports have clarified that Kotowski is a second cousin.

more at the source:

MTV Movie Awards Contest

MOMENT OF TRUTH ONTD! Leighton Meester or Minka Kelly? Let's face it, there aren't too many differences? Let's just combine the 2 greats to create Minka Meester or Leighton Kelly? In any case, they are both up for the role of "Best Female Breakout Star," but only one hottie may have the chance to take home the golden popcorn!  For fans of both stars or Hollywood in general, here's a chance for you to meet them in person. The 2011 MTV Movie Awards are in LA are on June 5th, 2011 and XFINITY4COLLEGE wants to hook you and 3 friends with free passes to the show, press events, celeb parties, movie screenings, and other really cool VIP swag that will make you like a million bucks!  Sounds good to me!

Grand prize includes hotel accommodations, round-trip airfare, movie awards gift bag, an HD FlipCam, and digital camera. Secondary prizing includes nominated DVDS, Blu-ray dvd player, and more. I'm SOLD! Where can u sign up? Click the source below for details on how to enter. It would definitely be cool to live VIP even if it's just for a weekend! ;)

King K

katie waissel doesn't get why you hate her

X Factor star Katie Waissel was a controversial contestant on the show and reportedly received death threats during her time on the programme.

Waissel said she wanted to know what people really thought of her so she could "protect" herself from it. She told the Daily Mirror: "I just couldn't understand why so many people seemed to hate me that much.

"I know you can't please everyone, but what went on, with proper hatred and death threats, that was weird. It was scary. But I just couldn't understand why. Usually to get that reaction someone needs to commit a really awful crime or say something totally outrageous. I still don't know what people thought I was like - clearly something not me to get that reaction! I just think, 'Wow, what the hell do you all think?'."

Looking back at one incident in London, the 24-year-old said: "Someone even threw a banana skin at me in Covent Garden one day.

"Why would you do that, to a total stranger? What if they'd decided to throw a rock and it had hit someone else instead of me? Oh my God, it's horrible."

"There was a message on some forum that said, 'I saw Katie Waissel today. Wish I'd smacked her around the face with an umbrella'. Really? Thanks. But what if this person had actually done that? Actually smacked me around the face?


everyone should buy katie's album!!! you can even buy it on the US itunes! it currently has 5 stars based on 6 ratings!!!
  • sannao

Tina Fey's Pregnancy Won't Be Part of 30 Rock Storyline

Those 30 Rock fans who want to see Tina Fey's Liz Lemon character become a mom will have to keep waiting.

The NBC show has already wrapped its current season and Fey's pregnancy won't factor into the storyline or postpone production for next season, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Having time off from work is just one source of relief for the actress. The mother of 5-year-old daughter Alice also won't have to worry anymore about being asked if she's having a second child.

"I wish I had a better joke response," Fey, 40, told PEOPLE before she revealed she was pregnant. "[I'd] usually just go, 'I don't know, I'm pretty old. Down to the wire! I need a good joke.' "


Catholic League strikes out against Lady Gaga, “Judas”

Lady Gaga is apparently already upsetting a few people with her upcoming music video for “Judas” where she will portray Mary Magdalene.

Bill Donohue, president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, is reportedly very against the whole thing, states HollywoodLife. “People have real talent, and then there is Lady Gaga,” Donohue says, calling the whole thing “a stunt.”

The president of the group reportedly believes that Gaga is just using Christian idolatry to further her career.

“I find Gaga to be increasingly irrelevant,” Donohue says about her music and performances, “Is this the only way to jet up her performance? This isn’t random, we are getting closer to Holy Week and Easter.”

Do you agree or disagree?

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Wow rude. They should know, the Catholic League are a bunch of stunt queens. Can we get a 'pressed' tag plz?

Gennadi Yanin on the recent Bolshoi sex scandal, "I don't need anybody's sympathy"

Anatoly Iksanov, the director of the Bolshoi Theatre, has confirmed that a never-ending reconstruction of the Bolshoi’s historic building is finally coming to an end; he promised that a gala concert in October will cap a tough period in the life of this Russian symbol you can see on the face of a 100 ruble bill.
Iksanov’s announcement last month, however, came like a drink designed to take away the aftertaste of the theater’srecent scandal, in which several dozen pictures of explicit homosexual sex were displayed on a short-lived website closely resembling the Bolshoi’s official one.
The impostor site contained the biography of the ballet company’s longtime manager and popular character dancer, Gennadi Yanin, who appeared in the pictures. The photographs and links to the website were sent to hundreds of people associated with ballet across the world. Before this, Yanin had reportedly been viewed as the likeliest person to lead the ballet company. The Bolshoi’s previous ballet chief, Yuri Burlaka, quit last month after his contract was not renewed.
Yanin has quit his post as manager but remains in the company as a dancer.
My spirits are not low, and I don’t need anybody’s sympathy. I’d rather people would come and enjoy the Bolshoi’s productions.”
Iksanov said the scandal was most likely the result of intrigues within the theatre.
There are some people in the theater who would like to take the job of artistic director, and they must have played a role in this mean intrigue,” he said.
Yanin's departure has opened the floodgates of Bolshoi gossip. Anastasia Volochkova, the former Bolshoi ballerina who was fired in 2003 over her weight, describes a theatre transformed into a quasi-escort agency for wealthy donors. Several other sources backed up her claims.

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Meet Francois Arnaud: sinfully good bad boy of 'The Borgias'

As Showtime's original series "The Borgias" proves, boys will be boys -- even in Renaissance-era Vatican City. 

One particular face on the new show caught the Ministry's eye: Francois Arnaud, who plays  the "violent, dashing and cavalier" son of Jeremy Irons' Pope Alexander VI. While the 25-year-old Montreal native is a new face stateside, he occupies quite a bit of small-screen real estate as Cesare Borgia. 

The essentials on Arnaud include ...
Cesare, I am your father:
The actor counts legendary Irons as a major scene partner, which he calls "intimidating" at the very least. One source of comfort in building their necessary bond: Irons is almost identical to Arnaud's own dad. "I thought, 'He looks exactly like my father.' Uncanny. But [Jeremy] was very generous." 

Survived worse than a cushy "Twilight" boot camp:
While his same-age counterparts might be vampires and werewolves on soaring wires, Arnaud has some less-sophisticated period stunts to pull off. Prior to "Borgias," he'd never even been on a horse. "It was a pretty grueling shoot. When I wasn't filming, I usually was doing stuff like horse training. Thanks to editing, it looks pretty good, but the bloopers are all basically me falling off a horse."  

In lieu of cryptic scrolls, Facebook him:
The heavy robes and sword fights of Rome were a privilege, but Arnaud is now dying to do something modern. "The one thing I saw in the past year that I'd die to be a part of was 'The Social Network.' The Aaron Sorkin dialogue is just incredible, and I love all of those actors."

Is he single?
"I'm not married." (Well played.)

About that voice:
Arnaud is French Canadian, pulls off a smoky Italian look and manages along with the rest of the cast to speak with an upper-class British tilt in "Borgias." What's the deal?
"English in 'The Borgias' is code. If you've seen HBO's 'Rome' series, the accents are arranged by class, and we didn't want to do that. I was always trying to bring the sound to pure English." Arnaud keeps talking Sundays on Showtime.


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Parks and Recreation - Fancy Party - Press Release & Promotional Photos

04/14/2011 (09:30PM - 10:00PM) (Thursday) : EP 3007 (airs 4/14) FANCY PARTY--ANDY AND APRIL HOST A DINNER PARTY—Andy (Chris Pratt) and April (Aubrey Plaza) host a dinner party for all their friends. Ben (Adam Scott) asks Leslie (Amy Poehler) for some career advice, while Ann (Rashida Jones) tries her luck at a singles party. Nick Offerman, Aziz Ansari, Jim O’Heir, Retta and Rob Lowe also star.

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Tobey Maguire Cast In 'Life Of Pi'

Tobey Maguire has been cast in Ang Lee's novel adaptation Life of Pi, the Fox movie that is shooting in India ahead of a December 2012 bow. Yann Martel's bestseller centers on an Indian boy who escapes a shipwreck but is stranded on a life raft with a zebra, an orangutan, a hyena and a tiger. Maguire will play a writer who interviews the boy as an adult. Maguire, who will play Nick Carraway in Baz Luhrmann's 3D The Great Gatsby for Warner Bros, also appeared in the Lee-directed movies The Ice Storm and Ride With The Devil.

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Bullying? No, here's what really happened when I was at boarding school with Kate Middleton

The previous post incase you missed it

Kate Middleton has asked her wedding guests and well-wishers to donate money to Beatbullying, a British anti-bullying charity.

This announcement has led to some stories in the Press about how badly she was bullied when she was a pupil at Downe House, a girls’ boarding school in Berkshire.

She was tormented, it’s said, because she was ‘too perfect’, so she left after two terms for Marlborough College, where girls mind perfection less.

Too perfect? Kate Middleton decided to choose an anti-bullying charity after she was a victim. Taffeta Gray, right, tells what really happened at the school
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Stevie J

Mariah Carey Opens Up About Being Pregnant And Her "Babymoon"

In her last weeks of pregnancy, Mariah Carey reveals to Life & Style that she took a babymoon for a few days of luxurious rest and relaxation before her twins’ arrival! “A friend told me that before she had her son, she took a babymoon, which is something I’d never heard of before,” Mariah tells Life & Style. “Basically, it's an excuse to do something decadent before thebabies arrive!”
And after being in her LA home exclusively for the past five months, the pregnant star needed time away! “I'm pretty sure most moms-to-be out there understand what I mean when I say that after a while of being pregnant, you start climbing the walls and just want to get out of the house,” Mariah says. “So I went to an amazing spa on the ocean with a couple of friends and, of course, Cha Cha and the puppies.”

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Love her, but these poses are all wrong.

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On the Eve of Federal Government Shutdown, Robert Redford Calls Congress "A War Zone."

Although Robert Redford has been a regular crusader for progressive causes and candidates, he's pessimistic about how things operate on Capitol Hill nowadays.

“I just think it is really fruitless,” he tells Capitol File in its May/June issue, which hits newsstands April 19.

“A Congress that should involve cooperation on behalf of the public interest is actually a war zone." 

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Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy head to Brazil

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Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy get around!

Even though the pregnant star is in her second trimester, she and her boyfriend were spotted in Buenos Aires today, getting ready to board a Brazil-bound flight.

The cool and casual couple both sported some black shades and Bellamy was carrying a golf club — ah, to live a life of leisure and travel! Must be nice.

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Crackhead Charlie Winning Love Doll

Now that Pipedream has irritated Miley Cyrus by releasing a sex doll in her likeness, they’re now going after Charlie Sheen!

The company has just released their Crackhead Charlie love doll, which shows the “Warlock” wearing something that he would wear for his role as Charlie Harper in Two And A Half Men.

From the box’s description:
“You don’t have to be a slutty porn goddess to party with this radical rockstar from Mars! Just add air and this neurotic nutjob will show you his two and half personalities, warlock, fangs, fire-breathing fists and Adonis DNA. Don’t be a foolish little troll, experience the bitchin’ drug they call Charlie and let him rock your world!”

Since he’s bent on trademarking every catchphrase that has come out of his piehole, I can only imagine that it’ll be a matter of time before a lawsuit ensues!


Diplo stanning for K-Pop again.

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 Flawless A-list producer for M.I.A. and Beyonce DIPLO talks about stanning for K-Pop in a new interview with the Miami Times. 

"I love KPop! I just did a KPop record ... Produced this single called "Knock Out" for this Korean rap group called TOP and GD. It's a wicked song. The video's crazy. I love Korean rap right now. So yeah, I do KPop ... In fact, I'll do KHall."

What's that?

"Korean Dancehall. We just created a new musical genre here. Shit, why not?"

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Tyra Banks Trying For A Baby?

TV supermodel Tyra Banks has hinted she is trying for a baby with her boyfriend.

The catwalk beauty, who was last rumoured to be romancing businessman John Utendahl, has confirmed she is in a relationship and the 37 year old has suggested she is planning to start a family very soon, telling TV presenter Piers Morgan, "I definitely want babies."

When the British host asked whether it will happen soon, she replied, "Yeah" and Morgan then pressed her on the subject, asking, "Are you trying to have a baby?" with Banks responding, "Yeah, maybe."

The America's Next Top Model star also dismissed a suggestion she would get married before having children, adding, "I don't think it's necessarily necessary."


Eva Longoria Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction on ‘The Late Show"

Longoria, who is currently promoting her new cookbook Eva’s Kitchen, was too busy giggling to realize that one of the buttons on her jacket had popped. Had she been wearing a blouse beneath, it would have been no big deal. But guess who decided to go commando up top?

Once Eva realized she was revealing a little too much on national television, she exclaimed, “Oh, my button!” You can see it at 3:27


"Bloodworth" Trailer!!

Here is the official trailer for the film "Bloodworth" starring Kris Kristofferson, Dwight Yoakam, Val Kilmer, Reece Thompson, W. Earl Brown, and Hilary Duff! The music is produced by T Bone Burnett!

It is in theaters this May. I'm sure it will be limited release but it looks like it has the chance of becoming a huge movie this year tbh!

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Tyrese: “It’s Expected of Men To Cheat”

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Earlier today Tyrese stopped by Wendy Williams to promote his new book “How To Get Out Of Your Own Way” In the brief interview, Wendy asked him the burning question, “Why Do Men Cheat”. Tyrese responded:

“I don’t have all the answers, but I can say that most mothers raised their daughters to believe that if you cook, clean, thoroughly take care of your man and go all out for your man, that should keep him home. Unfortunately that’s not the truth, but I will say to my daughter when she gets old and starts dating is, if you end up being cheated on, don’t own the cheat. Don’t make the cheat yours. It’s something in that skirt and those legs and whatever the case may be, and [he] decided to dip off. Does he see the value in his woman at home? Yes, but if he ends up dipping off, that spaghetti couldn’t keep him at home.”

Wendy then asked him, “well, what if you get cheated on by your next wife. Does she get a pass?”.
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Brought to you by this nugget of wisdom
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lana - we were born 2 die

Cher to Perform on US X FACTOR?

CHER Lloyd takes a break from the X Factor tour - as it emerged she is being lined up to sing on America's X Factor. It comes after hundreds of US fans told bosses watching her performances online had inspired them to audition. Producers now want Cher to sing tracks from her first album on the show - which could see her storm the Stateside charts.
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Tracks from Cher Lloyd's debut album have been described as "ingenious". Yes, she's still rapping - faster and more aggressively - and she's fed in a lot of urban influences: some tracks have a southern stride, some take cues from UK hip-hop - one even has a huge, squelchy dubstep bassline," the magazine reports.

"But it's all got kind of ingenious, princessy pop edge - think of soaring chorus, petulant spoken asides and single refrains that hark back to the rhythm and melodies of nursery rhymes."

Performing on the US X Factor could see her become Britain's biggest export since Leona Lewis. An insider told TV Biz: "The team are talking about bringing Cher into the show after hearing feedback from wannabes about her.

"Leona Lewis is the X Factor sweetheart in America but Cher is the flip side - talented but edgy. Everyone agrees she will show the US finalists and the American public that you don't just have to be bubblegum pop to be a success."
i always thought that Simon would have her perform on US x factor lol
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True Blood's Sam Trammell Reveals Twins' Gender

It's all about the boys in True Blood star Sam Trammell's household.

The actor and his girlfriend of eight years, Missy Yager, confirmed to UsMagazine.com that they are expecting twin boys during Kiehl's Earth Day Campaign in Santa Monica, Calif. on Thursday.

"It's very nerve racking, but we're excited," Trammell, 40, told Us of becoming a first-time father. "I'm most excited about just the lifestyle change, believe it or not, even though it's going to take away all our freedom."

Added Yager, "It's going to be very different."

Fortunately, the couple still has plenty of time to prepare before Yager gives birth later this year -- starting with building an nursery.
"We're not prepared," Trammell laughed.

"We started on a kitchen," Yager shrugged. "Go figure."

In the meantime, Trammell has been busy shooting scenes for True Blood's highly-anticipated fourth season, premiering June 26 on HBO.

"We're midway through the season, so it's going to be good," he told Us. "They're keeping our lips sealed, but it's going to be an awesome year."

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Bethenny on 'Ever After': 'I Had a Mild Breakdown'

"Extra's" AJ Calloway caught up with former NYC "Housewife" star Bethenny Frankel, who now has her own show in its second season called, "Bethenny Ever After" on Bravo.
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Frankel, who is a new mother and just turned 40, talked about her birthday breakdown on the show. "It's a low grade breakdown. A mild, mild breakdown," Bethenny confessed. "It wasn't that I was turning 40, I just didn't want to have a big party to celebrate. It's not like I am one of those people that are like 'yeah it's your birthday.' It's not exactly me, so I reluctantly had a party and then broke down in the bathroom."

The reality star admits she hasn't been doing much in her downtime and said, "I don't like to leave the house and I don't like to leave the baby."

Frankel also revealed she watches other "Housewife" shows and says "Atlanta" is her absolute favorite. "I could watch Kim all day long. I find it hilarious!"

video at the source
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Kelly Clarkson, Rihanna Set To Perform On ‘American Idol’

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Kelly Clarkson is coming home!

KC is returning to American Idol next Thursday (April 14) to perform on the results show, FOX announced. The inaugural Idol champ will perform “Don’t You Wanna Stay,” her duet with country crooner Jason Aldean, who will also make an appearance on the show.

Pop goddess Rihanna will also be on hand to perform at next week’s results show, though FOX did not confirm what she’d be performing. It wouldn’t be a stretch to assume she could perform her ballad “California King Bed”; she recently debuted the track as a duet with Sugarland‘s Jennifer Nettles to positive feedback at the Academy of Country Music Awards last Sunday.

Kelly and Rihanna will be there to see the top 8 contestants cut down to the lucky 7.

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Taylor Swift’s Secret Talent: Cutting Hair!

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It seems the singing thing is working out for country star Taylor Swift, but just in case she ever fades out of the spotlight, she has a fallback plan: hair styling. During an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Tuesday, Swift explained that her backup singer approached her while they were on the road, saying she wanted to do something “drastically different.” When Swift suggested a haircut, her singer said sure — and asked the 21-year-old to do the honors. “We’re just kind of delirious from the road,” Swift explained. “I get scissors, I’m like … I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m the last person you should suggest to cut your hair. But I cut her hair.” Thankfully, the finished product, which included blunt bangs, was satisfactory. “She looked awesome,” Swift boasted. “So I started cutting all the people on the road’s hair!”

Tell us: Would you let a friend cut your hair?

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Michael Angarano is classier than you

Exclusive Q&A: 'Ceremony' Star Michael Angarano Insists Tights Are Masculine

Photobucket Robert Pattinson hasn't always been Kristen Stewart's leading man.

Long before she even considered moving to the small town of Forks, she was supported from a messy trauma by Michael Angarano in "Speak." The two young stars eventually dated and, well, you know at least half of that story.

As for the other half, Angarano appears to be doing just as fine. He stars in "Ceremony," out this weekend, as well as "Red State," "Homework" and "Haywire" later this year. Upon meeting him backstage at MTV's "The Seven," he comes off excited, inspired and even a little goofy.

And we absolutely understand what K.Stew saw in him.
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Hopefully that cut works, mods
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Odd Future Megapost

Jay-Z and Diddy in bidding war for Odd Future?


Rap moguls Jay-Z and Diddy are reportedly looking to sign rap newcomers Odd Future as their hip-hop profile continues to make waves throughout the entertainment industry.

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That Odd Future bidding war is like Jay Electronica last year all over again. Why these dudes fronting like they even gonna give them a push when they got Jay Electronicas, J Coles still on deck? Might check out that Camden show, especially with Giggs and P Money being there too
shet up
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Jada Pinkett Said Jaden Isn’t Feelin’ Her And Will Getting All Frisky In Front Of Him

Lil’ Jaden Smith ain’t trying to see how babies are made! But his freaky a*s parents don’t give a damn.

In a recent interview Jada revealed how she and Will can get a little extra in front of the kids, much to Jaden’s chagrin:

“At home, we get a bit raunchy kissing and cuddling and he’ll tell us to stop it.

“Willow thinks it’s nice, she’s glad we’re loving each other. Jaden gets embarrassed, but I tell him, ‘Well, you are in our space, this is what we do.’ ”

We are not surprised — the Smiths are such renowned freaks (swinging rumors anyone?) and Jada ain’t shy about sharing how she enjoys sexting Will and getting it in at her trailer when he visits her on set.

Forget about THEIR space — those freaks get in everywhere!

We have the pictu