April 7th, 2011

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Chely Wright Gets Engaged to Girlfriend Lauren Blitzer

Country crooner Chely Wright and girlfriend Lauren Blitzer are getting hitched, a rep for the star confirms to UsMagazine.com.

The "Shut Up and Drive" singer, 40, met the GLBT Civil Rights activist doing volunteer work. Now the pair plan to wed in Connecticut in late summer. "You are the most beautiful women I have ever met," Blitzer tweeted to Wright Tuesday.

The engagement comes less than a year after Wright came out. For years she kept her sexuality a secret fearing rejection from the country music community.

When fellow country star John Rich confronted her about gay rumors in 2005, she lied. "John said, 'Hey, you've got to hit this gay thing head on, you're not gay are you? If you are, people won't have it. It's sick, it's deviant; it's unacceptable to country music fans'" she recalled on the Today show last year. "I lied, and I knew I had gone from not talking about it to, 'Now I'm a liar.'"

Of finally coming out last May, "it feels incredible," she said. "I feel as if it's my birthday." 

Saoirse - wink

Joe Wright “Waiting On” Saoirse Ronan & James McAvoy To Confirm For ‘Anna Karenina’

‘Hanna’ Director Says Benedict Cumberbatch & Kelly Macdonald Have Joined The Cast

While director Joe Wright has his teenage-assassin flick “Hanna” ready to kick some ass in theaters this weekend, he’s already got his eye on his next project, an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy‘s classic “Anna Karenina.” There has been plenty of movement in recent weeks on the project. He’s already got longtime collaborator Keira Knightley on board, and Aaron Johnson and Jude Law are also vying for roles. In addition, Saoirse Ronan was also rumored and we had been hearing about the possibility of James McAvoy as well. And it looks like they weren’t just idle whispers.

We caught up with the director this week to chat about “Hanna” and we couldn’t help but ask about “Anna Karenina” and the always forthwright helmer confirmed some of the names above, but tossed in a couple of new ones and revealed that he’s waiting to hear back from Ronan and McAvoy.

“Keira’s confirmed, Jude Law’s confirmed, Aaron Johnson’s confirmed, Kelly Macdonald‘s confirmed, Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed. I’m still waiting on Saorise and James,” Wright said to us.

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Shaun White Bags Industry Impact Award

The National Ski Areas Association announced that Shaun White will be given the Industry Impact Award on May 5 during the NSAA National Convention and Tradeshow in Carlsbad. The NSAA Industry Impact Award recognizes significant contributions to the ski and snowboard industry by an individual, business or other entity.

“For both his legendary athletic achievements and the tremendous exposure he has brought to the sport of snowboarding, Shaun’s impact on our industry can not be overstated,” said NSAA President Michael Berry. “And we are truly honored to present him with this very fitting award.”

Daniel Tosh makes surprise visit to UCF

Comedian and UCF alumnus Daniel Tosh was spotted strolling on campus with his dog on Tuesday, attracting a swirl of students around the Reflecting Pond.

Tosh updated his Twitter page around 5 p.m., saying, "Meet me at the reflecting pond. If that's still there,"

He is rumored to be giving a speech at the University of Florida tomorrow and seemed to be on a visit to his former school since he was in town.

He tweeted: "im here in orlando and all the memories are rushing back, most of them involve jnco jeans," and "time to see if my dog can get into UCF."

"Our friend posted a picture of him on Facebook" Daniella Suyos, an undeclared freshman, said.

"Yeah, we walked from all the way across campus to see him. We were next in line [for a picture]," Julie Trinh, a freshman industrial engineering major, said.

Tosh stood around the Reflecting Pond until he was escorted out by a friend.

If This Bitch Gets Sold Into White Slavery Again, I'm Done: Maggie Grace Returns for 'Taken 2'

Deadline is reporting that Maggie Grace has completed her deal and will return in the sequel to 2009's surprise U.S. box office hit "Taken." The original film, which followed an ex-CIA agent played by Liam Neeson as he journeyed to Europe to track down his kidnapped teenage daughter (Grace), was released in the states nearly a year after its worldwide debut and went on to gross almost $150 million domestically. No word on plot details yet, but Oliver Megaton ("Transporter 3") will direct from a script by the original's writers, Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen. The "Taken" sequel almost didn't come together, as producers had trouble getting Neeson to commit to a start date, but the film is now expected to begin production either near year's end or in early 2012. Grace, who was also a regular during the first two seasons of ABC's "Lost," will next be seen as the vampire Irina in "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn."


I hope she's going to be a CIA agent or something bad-ass and help her dad in this movie, because if she gets kidnapped again, it's going to be like
sword in the stone squirrel

Royal wedding dresses: style through the ages

Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, 1923

A traditional full-length gown with a court train was the order of the day for Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother's marriage to the Duke of York, later George VI. Designed by Madame Handley, the dress was on trend for the 1920s with its unshaped lace bodice - a style made popular by Coco Chanel.


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SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
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Jacob Lusk performs "Man in the Mirror" on American Idol, and apparently hates America

Jacob Lusk took to the "American Idol" Top 9 stage to perform Michael Jackson's hit "Man in the Mirror." He had some weird comments about America needing to make a change, because if he doesn't advance, it won't be his fault: "It'll be because everybody in America wasn't ready to look at themselves in the mirror."

Wait, what?  It's not like he's ever been in any danger.

But anyway, as a performance it was another solid outing by Jacob. He reined in the gospel sound in the beginning and then busted it out at the end, very nice build.

However, the greatly esteemed Arizona Republic thought otherwise, claiming Lusk lost the "undecided voter" with his critical comments about the country ("Jacob Lusk hates America!" was the dramatic title of their review). Top music critic Ed Mesley called the performance Lusk's "corniest yet," adding that Lusk

[worked] the stage like a big purple dinosaur while playing up the sappiness of the original with no trace of the vulnerability that made it work for Michael Jackson, whose man in the mirror never would have worn an outfit that unflattering.

Wow, someone's panties are all in a bunch! Let this be a warning to you, Lusk. Don't ever diss Amurrikah, the greatest, best country God has ever given man on the face of the earth, or you'll lose Ed Mesley's vote! It's very important!

Anyway. What do you think, "Idol" fans? How did Jacob do? Do you think America needs to look in the mirror and vote for Jacob?

Sources - 1, 2

(LOL I saw the AZCentral.com review in my Google news feed and had to have a go at it -- they were so butthurt!)
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OMG! Tina Fey is pregnant!!

Tina Fey has some big news to talk about!

During a taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show Wednesday, Fey revealed that she's expecting her second child.

The mom-to-be is five months along, a rep for the actress confirms to PEOPLE. Fey and her husband, composer Jeff Richmond, also have 5-year-old daughter Alice.

Fey, 40, shared the news during an appearance to promote her new book, Bossypants, and an upcoming Saturday Night Live reunion. Oprah's chat with Fey is scheduled to air April 12. – Julie Jordan

Film - The Old Guard

Oscar-deserving BAMF lands (second unit) directing job on "The Hobbit"

British actor Andy Serkis has been handed a huge honour on the set of the Lord Of The Rings prequel, The Hobbit, in New Zealand - moviemaker Peter Jackson has made him his second unit director.

The star, who shot to fame as Gollum in the Lord of The Rings trilogy and will reprise the role in The Hobbit, will oversee select location work on Jackson's two upcoming films.

Serkis tells The Hollywood Reporter that Jackson hired him because he understood the material and the director's vision.

Serkis says, "There was this email out of the blue. It was a fantastic surprise."

The new role is sure to give the actor's directing career a big boost - he hopes to take charge of his first feature film after wrapping work on The Hobbit films.

Yay, that's awesome. I love him so very, very much. Has anyone else seen Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll or Longford? Amazing shit.
conan white teeth
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Another Japan Earthquake

New quake hits northern Japan; tsunami warning issued

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck Japan on Thursday, the Japan Meteorological agency said. The epicenter was off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture.

Public broadcaster NHK reported a tsunami warning for Miyagi, saying people in the area should evacuate from the shore to a safe place.

NHK also reported a tsunami advisory for Iwate Prefecture, saying a tsunami is expected to arrive in coastal regions there as well.


I'll try to keep the post updated with incoming news.

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as of 12pm est

Jay-Z / FB

Life + Times = New Jay-Z Lifestyle Web Site.

Who better to create a "lifestyle" Web site than Mr. White Louis Boat Shoes, Jay-Z?

Dubbed Life+Times, the intriguing new site covers all the dinner-party topics: art, technology, music, sports, and even leisure. Shoot, Jigga even has his own section, the aptly-named "Jay’s," which currently displays a pic of an epic sunset with the title "Peace GOD" emblazoned above. It is strangely Zen. And over in the "About" section, Jay lays out his mission statement for the site: "I want to make the extraordinary, ordinary."

But it’s not all about Jay — far it, from actually. A YouTube clip of UConn’s Kemba Walker’s game-winning moment over Villanova and an article detailing the importance of the "floater" shot can be found in the "Sports" section. Meanwhile, "Art+Design" shows you how to shave like a baller, featuring kits ranging in prices from $800 to $1,600. And if you’ve been looking for the latest info on the new Rolls Royce Ghost, you’re covered: just click on "Technology," to learn more about it (for example, its starting price is a meager $245,000!)

Life + Times also features content like Q&As with French fashion bloggers, profiles on celebrity chefs, and features on Parisian beatmakers. And while the whole thing is very impressive, we can't help thinking that the site could be so much more. So, with all due respect to Jay, here are 10 certifiably HOV articles we'd like to see featured in the coming weeks.

» "Empire State of Mind: The 10 Hottest Spots in NYC"

» "Young Forever: Anti-Aging Secrets of the Stars!"

» "H.A.M.: How To Prepare a Sumptuous Hamsteak While Totally Losing Your S---."

» "Hard Knock Life: The Newest Spa Treatment Crazes"

» "Run This Town: Marathoning Made Easy."

» "Big Pimpin’: The Economics of the International Gentlemen of Leisure."

» "99 Problems: Jay's Advice Column"

» "Blue Magic: Why Pulling A Rabbit From Your Hat Isn't Just For Pedophiles Anymore!"

» "Encore: Where to Be After Last Call."

» "Dirt Off Your Shoulder: How To Actually Remove Dirt From Your Shoulders."


Jay-Z's Life & Times
Theon haters - Rhymes

Like you need any reasons to watch Game Of Thrones!!! but here are five anyway...

5 Reasons Why You Bloody Well Better Not Miss GAME OF THRONES

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As any nerd with half a brain knows, HBO is about to hit the dark fantasy stratosphere with its new epic television series GAME OF THRONES. If you didn’t know this, you’ve been stuffed under a rock somewhere. It also means this is your lucky day: ol’ Axe is gonna give you the 411, the skinny, the low-down on the down-low. Here, kiddies, is where I blow your brain sprockets.

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Come see what happens when realistic fantasy is done right. If the cliffhanger at the end of Game of Thrones‘ first episode doesn’t affect you in some way, you have no soul.

I think the pre-cut pic *~*says it all*~*

tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

FC Bieberlona

Justin Bieber packed the Palau Sant Jordi for his concert on Wednesday, despite it being on the same day as Barça v Shakhtar, and watched them train today after admitting that he is a fan of the team.

The 17 year old Canadian even donned the team’s second strip and appeared on the pitch at the Ciutat Esportiva, kicking the ball around and even joining in with a quick game with some of the players once it was over.

In that game, Justin Bieber, Thiago and Benja played against one of the singer’s friends, Bojan and Fontàs. All played into the same goal defended by Rubén Miño, and Bieber showed surprisingly decent skills with his left foot.

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Alec Baldwin corrects himself

 Alec Baldwin: 'I hope '30 Rock' goes on forever'

After sending Liz Lemon fans into a tizzy by inconveniently telling a reporter that “next year is our last year of [30 Rock]” — while Tina Fey is promoting her book, and while Fey is five months pregnant — Alec Baldwin took to the Huffington Post this morning to clear the air and toe the company line.

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Darren Criss Down for Warbler Spin-Off, Or Staying on Glee, Or Ya Know, Whatever, It's All Cool

Darren Criss has become a household name after making his TV debut as the Warblers member Blaine on "Glee". While he is happy enough being a part of the hit series, the 24-year-old actor admitted to Access Hollywood at the Spring 2011 Oxygen upfronts in New York that he is open to the idea of a Warblers spin-off.

Asked for his opinion, the singer-songwriter said, "Hey, I'm just happy to be invited to the party. A spin-off, whatever they want, I'm happy where I am." He added, "I think Blaine serves a really cool function in the grander scheme of 'Glee' so I don't think we need to focus particularly - you know, but if they want to do it, hey, I'm down! Whatever they want."

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Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions!

Via Celebslam: "For those of you keeping track at home, this is the third "Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions" post I've done (the other two are here and here) and all three have featured Paris Hilton as the headline pic. Coincidence? Of course not. Did you know that Paris only owns one pair of bra and panties and that they were actually given to her as a gift when she was 15? True story. I couldn't possibly make that up."

(20 NSFW pics @ source)

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LeBron James's Mother Arrested in Miami

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

LeBron James's mother, Gloria, was arrested early Thursday after an alleged altercation at the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.

"There was an incident involving Mrs. Gloria James and an employee of our valet parking provider while she was exiting the hotel early Thursday morning," a spokesperson for Fontainebleau Miami Beach, said in a statement. (Lebron, meanwhile, had a game that night.)

According to a source on the scene, Gloria and some girlfriends came to party at club LIV at the Fontainebleau, where she was being "sweet as pie" during the the night out. When it came time to leave around 5 a.m., a security guard escorted her to the valet area to collect her car. The escort was not because she was behaving badly, the source says, but because it's a Fontainebleau policy to provide their VIP guests with an escort.

"When Gloria went to get in her car, she said she couldn't find her keys which she was told were in the car," the source tells PEOPLE. "She got angry quickly and swung her bag at the valet person who brought the car."

But her aim was off, and Gloria missed the valet with her bag, the source says, so she slapped his face a minute later. That's when, the source says, the police were called, and Gloria was taken into custody early Thursday morning.

The Miami Beach Police Department processed James and charged her with simple battery and disorderly intoxication. The Miami Herald first reported that she would likely face a misdemeanor assault charge.

The Herald also says Gloria James has been in trouble with the law before, having faced a DUI charge in Ohio in 2006.

Gloria raised LeBron, 26, an NBA star, as a single mother. He sports a "Queen James" tattoo in her honor and has described her as a strong-willed woman who kept him humble in the wake of his super stardom.

"She doesn't hold her tongue," he told GQ last year. "If she sees something that she believes isn't right or is right, she's going to speak about it."


Lauren Conrad show intro blocked by Viacom

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lauren Conrad's intro to her cancelled reality show has now been blocked by MTV's parent company, Viacom, citing it was due to copyright grounds.

Lauren's stop-motion animated intro was just released two weeks ago with an overwhelming response from LC fans and curious viewers of what could've been.

Not only is it blocked on YouTube where it first surfaced, but it's also been removed from Angela + Ithyle's website, the company that created Lauren's intro.

It looks like Viacom is laying the hammer down on Lauren Conrad, or any cultural influence that Lauren left on MTV plus pop culture as well.

Viacom/MTV is trying desparately to get LC fans to move on by force-feeding MTV's current programming down people throats, along with preserving the potency of The Hills.

Plus, Lauren Conrad's cancelled show would've been a threat not only to the MTV agenda, but to the behemoths that are now the regressing culture of fashion, and that annoying Kim Kardashian. Not even Snooki could've done this much damage in a short amount of time.

Source: http://www.examiner.com/lauren-conrad-in-national/lauren-conrad-show-intro-blocked-by-viacom

Bethenny Frankel Scores 3rd NYT Best Seller

 'A Place of Yes' charts on New York Times chart for second straight week

Star of "Bethenny Ever After" Bethenny Frankel can now add another accolade to her name - Three-Time New York Times bestselling author!

Bethenny's 'A Place Of Yes' has debuted at number five on the Times How-To/Misc, and held the position for its first two weeks in stores.

Between selling her liquor brand, having another best seller and maybe getting a talk show.... Does she even need Bravo anymore?
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"JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN" Teaser Trailer Actually is Funny

Universal Pictures has released the International teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel "Johnny English Reborn," starring Rowan Atkinson, Gillian Anderson, Dominic West, Rosamund Pike, and Daniel Kaluuya.


Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of the accidental secret agent who doesn’t know fear or danger in the comedy spy-thriller Johnny English Reborn. In his latest adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty’s Secret Service must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos.

In the years since MI7’s top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in a remote region of Asia. But when his agency superiors learn of an attempt against the Chinese premier’s life, they must hunt down the highly unorthodox agent. Now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English is back in action.

With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI-7. With mere days until a heads of state conference, one man must use every trick in his playbook to protect us all. For Johnny English, disaster may be an option, but failure never is.

Source: http://www.latinoreview.com/news/teaser-trailer-for-johnny-english-reborn-13159
linda granger

‘Thelma & Louise’ stars to reunite in Toronto for 20th anniversary!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis will grace a Toronto stage to mark the 20th anniversary of the iconic feminist movie, Thelma & Louise.

Sarandon and Davis, both of whom were nominated for Oscars but lost, will appear on stage at Roy Thomson Hall on June 7.

Billed as Thelma & Louise: The 20th Anniversary Homecoming, the evening event will begin with both actresses reflecting on the film, and will feature scenes from the film, interviews with those who brought it to the screen, and clips of other films the two have starred in since.

Event sponsor MasterCard will provide a number of “best of house” to Women’s College Hospital to sell for fundraising purposes.

The hospital, which specializes in women’s health issues, is in the midst of a capital campaign to build a new state of the art building.

The Toronto Star is media sponsor of the event.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Work, Not to Talk

Last night at Don Hill's, we ran into Lindsay Lohan at The Peggy Siegal Company's after-party for Ceremony. Lohan's been in the news lately for trying to clean up her act and her career post-rehab; rumors have her attached to a Charles Manson biopic and even considering a name change. After having us booted from the VIP section, then apologizing for it, she consented to one question. We asked four.

What's the most frustrating misconception about you?
That I don't want to focus on my career, because that's all I want to do. I love working, and it's all I want to do. I just think people should stop being afraid to give me a chance, because I'm in a better space now. I can amount up to what they expect, and more.

Do you think people still think you're in "a bad space"?

Do you consider yourself a feminist?
... no?

Why not?
[Smiling.] I said one question.


i feel like she's really determined to make a comeback. we should all support Lindsay!


Broadway-Bound Robert Sean Leonard Declares: 'This Is My Last Season of House'

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Of course he's gonna leave, his role has turned to crap this season and he could be using his time so much more efficiently. :/ I STILL DON'T WANT WILSON TO GO!!

Ah well, I guess I should be glad that Fox has decided to fuck with House MD and Glee but not Fringe. Still can't believe Fringe got a 22 episode season 4! There must be like ONE smart Fox exec we have to thank for that!! :P

New 'Hangover 2' Trailer Is Too Hot For MPAA

Like many, we were a bit concerned about the first extended trailer for this summer's "The Hangover Part II," not because it didn't look funny, exactly, but because it looked so much like the original film that the mystery -- one of the best parts of the first film -- would be gone. Director Todd Phillips must have seen some of the reaction, because he made sure everyone knew that the trailer was too PG-13 to show what the movie was really about.
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Charlie Sheen Names Mila Kunis As His Ideal 'Goddess' Number Three; Reveals His Plans To Woo Her

It's Mila Kunis' lucky day! Or not...

In his Wednesday night performance of "My Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" live stage show at the Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio, Charlie Sheen revealed he'd like to add a brunette to his harem of goddesses - and not just any old brunette - Charlie wants none other than a certain "Black Swan" beauty.

"Mila Kunis. I mean, debate me, right?" he told the adoring crowd regarding which female he'd like to add to his existing goddess duo of Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly. "And here's the good news: My goddesses have already f***ing approved [Mila]... she's pre-approved."

"Two is the ideal number and now you're talking about potentially a third?" moderator Joey Scoleri, who also acts as manager/tour producer, asked Charlie.

"Come on, man. A warlock can, you know, manage so many goddesses," Charlie told the cheering crowd. "I tried three, I tried f***ing three - it doesn't work.

"I would have great tolerance for many items missing provided it involves Mila f***ing Kunis," he continued. "Who wouldn't? If Mila Kunis is stealing your sh*t because you can't pay attention to her, you're still f***ing winning. You're still winning at that moment."

And, as usual, the eccentric actor already has a plan for wooing his latest object of desire.

"I have tremendous faith in the young Mila Kunis -- I'm going to go on her Facebook page and discover her 'likes' and I'm going to buy them all," Charlie revealed. "And then she can come steal them! Super f***ing hot thief!

"Mila, please, we have a warehouse full of your favorite sh*t for you to come steal-- in Sherman Oaks," he added.

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, Charlie's live show got off to a rocky start in Detroit, Mich., on Saturday night as the disappointed crowd booed and heckled Charlie, and many audience members shouted "refund."

The former "Two and a Half Men" star continued his tour despite the dismal opening, and was far better received on the second night stop in Chicago, Ill.

By night three, Charlie seemed to be back on the "winning" track, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd in Cleveland, Ohio.


Ew. :(

Rupaul's Drag Race Season 2 winner Tyra going to WORK.

Rupaul's Drag Race Winner Tyra Sanchez working her lead act with features clips from several different films and songs. Tyra's performance was part of Absolut and Logo's "RuPaul's Drag Race" tour making its way across the US in the summer 2010.

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Source 1 & 2

Ow. I hated her on the show but the bitch can perform.

shirley goes into labour!

'Community' First Look: Ooh, child, Shirley goes into labor

Ooh, child is right. We already know NBC's "Community" is taking Shirley's pregnancy to its joyful or bitter (depending on who the father is) end. Shirley will be going into labor in the April 28 episode titled, "Applied Anthropology."

And Zap2it has the exclusive first look at Shirley (played by Yvette Nicole Brown) going into labor above.

That may be the last thing the crew needs that week as the school year winds down and their anthropology final looms. Shirley notices a slight pain, which quickly escalates into full-blown labor. Of course, the crew waste precious time arguing about how best to help and everyone is anxious to find out who the baby daddy is.

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A Hipster's Wet Dream: The Mountain Goats & Bright Eyes Tour Together

Indie heavyweight will collide this summer when The Mountain Goats join Bright Eyes for a few shows in the US.

Each band will be touring the US this spring/summer, supporting new albums and they will join forces a handful of times including a free show in New York.

See the dates for both Bright Eyes and The Mountain Goats below courtesy of Pitchfork.
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Ann Coulter LOL

DIIIIVVVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Raven Symone's new photoshoot

Last week, media maven Raven Symone gave fans behind the scenes access during a photo shoot at Keith Myan’s studio. “It took 3 hours to look like this… I dedicate this picture to Raven from DragU,” she tweeted to followers before posting the flick featured below.


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Sauce 2

Sorry mods, I hit enter too soon on that last one while typing. Disregard it.

Eva Longoria Wants to Be a Mom


She's newly divorced, but Eva Longoria isn't letting that prevent her from planning a future – as a mom. In the next chapter of her life, Longoria, 36, says she wishes to raise a family.

"[I want to] have kids and be a mom," the Desperate Housewives star, who split from Tony Parker last year, says on Rachael Ray Show in an episode that airs Monday, April 11.  Longoria does not mention Eduardo Cruz, to whom she has been linked since February, but the actress confesses that she fears entering the dating scene.

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Babies for everyone tbh.
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Katy rushes to Russell's side after film is panned by critics

He may have been slated for his performance in his latest film Arthur, but there is no doubt that Russell Brand's wife Katy Perry is his biggest fan.
The pop star jetted into New York today from Glasgow where she was performing in her California Dreams tour, especially to be reunited with Russell.
The two were spotted walking into a Manhattan hotel after Russell picked his wife up from the airport.

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JYJ to tour America in May.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

 allkpop has just learned that K-Pop group JYJ will be holding another US Tour, this time managed properly by an established concert, events and promotions agency – Powerhouse Live.

Cities and venues have yet to be announced, however the tour will happen sometime in May. Previous reports indicate that the North American leg of the tour will hit four different cities. 

JYJ kicked off their world tour in Bangkok this week, where they played an arena show to 22,000 screaming fans.

Powerhouse Live are the same agency that held the Wonder Girls US tour, as well as the SM Town K-Pop concert last September that sold out the 20,000 capacity Staples Center in Los Angeles. 

JYJ used to be part of Asia's biggest boy band TVXQ until last year when they left the group over contract issues. Three members formed the new group JYJ, and the remaining two carried on as a duo version of TVXQ. "Mirotic" is their smash hit singles from 2008 back when they were still together and ruling the charts.

[source] [source 2] [source 3] [source 4]
guti WEAH

I AM SHAKIRA... But Not Really

Shakiro Steps into Shakira's Shoes --Give or Take a Size or Ten

Shakiro not only sounds like Shakira, he now looks like her too –give or take a size or ten.

Rodolfo Burgos, who rose to fame as one of Shakira’s best imitators on Megavisión television show, “Yo Soy,” unveiled his new blonde locks, silky smooth skin and new wardrobe on the show’s singing and imitating competition.

The transformation, sponsored by “Yo Soy” challenged Burgos to step into Shakira’s shoes.

To do so, he underwent intense dance and voice training and was also summoned for full body waxing, eye brow plucking and dying, even laser facial hair removing treatments all for the sake of resembling the hip trembling star. THE FUCK?

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this bitch is obsessed and it's scary as fuck. Shakira should get a restraining order
king gallagher whew else

''I'm going to dance like i've never danced before'' - Britney Spears

Britney talks about her new "edgier, grimier" album, Femme Fatale in her most recent interview with the Open House Radio. She also talks about her upcoming tour saying ''I'm going to dance like i've never danced before''. She also talks about her personal life, a little bit. + HANNAH MONTANA!

We needed some POSITIVENEY lately so here are the recently updated facts to slay your faves;
✔ The Youngest Artist In History to Have a #1 Album in Three Decades
✔ The Youngest Female Artist in History to Have Six #1 Albums
✔ One of the (only) very few artists to have the most #1 Albums
✔ The Only Female Artist Whose First Seven Albums Have Debuted in the Top 2 Slots on the Chart
✔ The Only Female Artist in History to Have Six Albums Debut at #1
✔ The Only Female Artist with Most #1 Albums This Millennium
❒ A LEGENDARY STATUS! (She's almost there....)

wig mer

Fight For Your Right

Here is the official trailer of "Fight For Your Right-Revisited" the 30 minute video coming soon with the long anticipated eighth album of the Beastie Boys, HOT SAUCE COMMITTEE PART TWO.

The trailer features many familiar faces such as: Will Farrell, Elijah Wood, Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, Jack Black, John C. Reilly, Susan Sarandon, Stanley Tucci, Will Arnett, Rainn Wilson, and Ted Danson. The video will also include: Rashida Jones, Adam Scott, Mike Mills, Steve Buscemi, Amy Poehler, Alicia Silverstone, Milo Ventimiglia, Jody Hill, Chloë Sevigny, Kirsten Dunst, Maya Rudolph, and all three of The Beastie Boys themselves.

Source: http://youtu.be/rBa5qp9sUOY

Real Housewives of NYC Is Back!

Season Four Finally Premieres Tonight At 10!

If you thought last season's Real Housewives all-girls getaway to St. John -- later dubbed "Scary Island" -- was must-see TV, get ready for more catty drama when The Real Housewives of New York City returns for a fourth season Thursday.

Among the highlights on the much-anticipated new episodes? A trip to Morocco, new men for LuAnn de Lesseps and Sonja Morgan, and lots and lots of drama.

"It's our best season yet," cast member Alex McCord tells UsMagazine.com.

Read on for more Housewives dish ahead of Thursday's premiere:

1. The identity of the woman on the receiving end of McCord's "thug in a cocktail dress" insult will finally be revealed. How does the suddenly more vocal McCord characterize season 4? "It's not about one epic fight that turns into a Greek tragedy," she says. "It's a series of things. Positive, negative, dramatic, fun. It's our best season yet."

2. New Housewife on the block Cindy Barshop fits right in with the New York City six. And as Barshop tells Us, she felt no pressure to fill the void left by Bethenny Frankel, who exited the series to headline her own spin-off. "I didn't feel like I was filling someone's spot," Barshop says. "I felt like I was joining an eclectic group of girls and I was going to see what happened. The biggest challenge was that there was no handbook for how to join these girls. Usually with relationships it takes a while, but in this situation I had to do it quickly."

3. In the wake of her "Scary Island" experience, look for Kelly Bensimon to sit back and play peacekeeper as her fellow 'wives go wild. "I don't like to take sides," Bensimon tells Us. "There isn't really one [dramatic] moment [this season]. It's real relationships with people clashing over real things. It's like 'You hurt me, I'm mad at you, now fix it.'"

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World Wrestling Entertainment gets a name change!

Vince McMahon wants to take the "wrestling" out of World Wrestling Entertainment.

No, this isn't an outrageous plot the colorful impresario has cooked up for his wrestlers to act out in front of thousands of screaming fans. McMahon, the chairman and chief executive of WWE, wants to give the company a makeover, starting with the name. From now on, WWE will no longer stand for World Wrestling Entertainment. It will just be WWE, plain and simple.

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Metro Announces Lady Gaga as Global Guest Editor-in-Chief

Metro, the world's largest global newspaper, today announced that international pop superstar Lady Gaga will be Global Guest Editor-in-Chief for all May 17 editions of Metro, ahead of her highly anticipated Born This Way worldwide album release May 23. In her role as Global Guest Editor-in-Chief, Lady Gaga will highlight issues surrounding equality and individuality, select stories and provide her comments on the breaking news of the day. Lady Gaga will edit Metro's editions in 20 countries from the London office of Metro World News, Metro's central news desk.

"We're thrilled to have Lady Gaga take the helm of our newspapers for the day! Together with Lady Gaga, Metro World News and our local teams will produce a one-of-a-kind newspaper on May 17," said Maggie Samways, Executive Vice President and Global Editor-in-Chief. "Lady Gaga is an extraordinary artistic force, so I'm confident that the edition will reflect her personality: creative, inspiring -- and surprising!"

As part of the Global Guest Editorship, Metro will also run a competition where one lucky reader will be chosen to serve as Lady Gaga's editorial assistant in London. The contest is open to all Metro readers and Gaga fans, and will challenge readers to share what makes them "Born This Way," and to identify what issues of equality affect them.

"Let's see how fans would define what 'Born This Way' is for them," says Lady Gaga. "I say I was born to be brave. That's part of my mission in life. I was born to follow my artistic visions. Look into yourself. Are you born to be brave?"

"A collaboration between the world's biggest pop star today and the largest newspaper is a dynamic way to together engage shared group of young monsters -- sorry, readers -- on important issues," said Christian Quarles, Vice President and Global Marketing Director. "This cooperation is unparalleled, and to be sure our readers are aware and engaged, Metro will roll out a promotional advertising campaign that will reach over 37 million readers around the globe."


Born To Slay coming May 23rd bitches!
to catch a thief

Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief is being remade. I can't.

The more I learn about Hollywood studio execs, the less I would like to know. Nothing is sacred anymore. Hollywood has already remade a few of Alfred Hitchock classics and now comes word they are going ahead with a remake of the Cary Grant/Grace Kelly classic To Catch a Thief. And it’s being re-tooled by the screenwriter of Good Luck Chuck no less! Are those the muffled sounds of screams I hear?!

Way back in 2004, Paramount was hot on the trail of remaking the 1955 release that starred Cary Grant as an American expat on the French Riviera who falls for a wealthy American, played by Grace Kelly, as a rash of jewel thefts breaks out. At that time, the studio wanted Todd Komarnicki (Perfect Stranger) to rewrite the project that would leave most of the original story intact - a reformed jewel thief scrambles to clear his reputation while being framed for a series of elaborate robberies from the super-rich- but change the setting to Miami, a former hot spot location for movie shoots.

Thank God for small miracles that the project stalled and sat on the shelf. That is until someone decided to dust off the idea again. Speaking with Moviehole, screenwriter Josh Stolberg (who also wrote Piranha 3D) updated the status of this remake:

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SPIRITED AWAY ; sky high
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Defense Lawyer Claims Michael Jackson Killed Himself Over Financial Stress

The defense lawyer for Conrad Murray, the physician accused of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, has claimed that the King of Pop accidentally killed himself out of despair brought on by his considerable financial problems. Edward Chernoff presented this theory yesterday during a pretrial hearing in Los Angeles, carefully avoiding the word "suicide" but implying that his fatal overdose of sedatives was self-inflicted.

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Sources - 1, 2

SMH, these bitches . . .

Justin Bieber insulted by Spanish media, fans get pranked.

Some bits of the article translated:

The young star arrived to the press conference an hour later than expected. After his arrival, he refused to pose during the photocall; and once inside the press conference, he refused to answer on two occasions.
Before leaving the room, some insults could be heard from the media attending the event.

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Sources: I, II, III
tom hardy bb

Odd Future’s Manager, Christian Clancy, Speaks

Tyler the Creator and Odd Future have a massive industry buzz at the moment. What’s intriguing about it is how quickly this independent hip hop group seemed to go from almost underground obscurity to rippin’ sell out shows and gracing magazine covers.

Christian Clancy, now Odd Future’s manager, ran the marketing department at Interscope back in the day. Christian has been labeled as the scientific “man behind the curtain” responsible for building on the foundation this group established and putting it in overdrive. The first project he’d ever worked on, back at Interscope, was The Marshall Mathers LP. So he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Check out this video clip to get some info about his background and his connection with this fascinating indie hip hop group.

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Not gonna lie, I'm semi surprised OFWGKTA is a white man, tbqh. LOVE that these guys are making it big, they're truly exciting to listen to / watch. Their live show is like nothing I've seen before.
bb dani bb8

Does your favorite baseball team have a reality show? Didn't think so

 Showtime offers glimpse of new show featuring World Series-winning Giants

Ever since word came out that the San Francisco Giants would have their own reality show, one burning question has been left unanswered: will it provide viewers footage of a gorgeous shirtless Andres Torres throwing cinder blocks in the air?

The answer to that question has finally been provided: Yes, yes it will.

Showtime has released a preview of its reality baseball show -- "The Franchise" -- starring our boys in black and orange, the World Series winning San Francisco Giants.

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shaking and crying rn. haterz r bitter and most likely red sox fans. embarrassing tbh phillies fans can sux a diq too

'America's Best Dance Crew' Returns Tonight

There are a whole lot of dance shows on TV, but only one has the explosive entertainment value of MTV's America's Best Dance Crew, which returns tonight at 10pm for season 6. The show always brings innovative, hip-hop dance crews together and which makes for some of the most entertaining television. It's basically like a full hour of the Tabitha and Napoleon routines from So You Think You Can Dance without any of that boring Viennese Waltz stuff in between.

Season 6 of America's Best Dance Crew also has something else in common with SYTYCD: Dominic Sandoval. The hip-hop specialist, SYTYCD All-Star (you may remember him as the one who couldn't stop flirting with Cat Deeley) and former ABDC champion in season 3 with Quest Crew, is taking over for Omarion as a judge. He joins other judges Lil Mama and J.C. Chasez, plus host Mario Lopez.

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crustine pickle

so the Sophie Ellis-Bextor album is finally coming out

in Russia at least

Cyrillic release date: April 18, 2011
01. Revolution
02. Bittersweet
03. Off & On
04. Heartbreak
05. Not Giving Up On Love
06. Can’t Fight This Feeling
07. Starlight
08. Undertouch
09. Make A Scene
10. Magic
11. Dial My Number
12. Homewrecker
13. Synchronised
14. Cut Straight To The Heart

in soviet russia sources link you
happy xmas jarv

Gwyneth Paltrow is an asshole: COOKBOOK EDITION!!

Eater pulled the very "best" lines from Gwyneth's new cookbook My Father's Daughter, wherein Gwynnie states loud and proud:

[Image via sexy, sexy Gabe at Videogum]

1) "One year I was given a birthday present I'll never forget — a cooking lesson from Jamie Oliver."
2) "Through this process my father and daughter had unwittingly taught me the importance of balance. Could I use some butter and cheese and eggs in my cooking without going down some kind of hippie shame spiral? Yes. Of course I could."
3) "The stove is really the epicenter of my house — I am never far away from it and most of the time there is something atop it, simmering away for my family."
4) "When I was twenty-one, a friend gave me a book called Diet for a New America by John Robbins, which exposed the brutal practices of American factory farms. That, coupled with a lecture from Leonardo DiCaprio (when he was nineteen and I was twenty-one) about how such animals are kept and processed, made me lose my desire for factory farm pork and beef right there."
5) On Vegenaise: "My most often-used and beloved ingredient. It can be found at most grocery stores and all health food stores—unfortunately not yet in London. Regular mayo is fine and works, but Vegenaise is a healthier alternative.
6) "I grew up going to the island of Nantucket (off the coast of Massachusetts) at the end of every summer."
7) "I'm not sure how healthy bacon is in general, but I know it's incredibly delicious."
8) "I basically love anything that comes in a hot dog bun... except hot dogs (sorry, Dad)."
9) "One cold wintry day in London, I was dreaming about salad niçoise—one of my favorites."
10) "I love corn so much I tried to grow it one summer in the garden. The raccoons loved it even more."
11) "I had my first bowl of gazpacho when I was fifteen in Spain, and the impression it made was a lasting one."
12) "During the strict macrobiotic chapter of my life, I ate miso soup every day for breakfast and sometimes with dinner as well."
13) "One evening when I had my wood-burning stove going I realized I hadn't thought of dessert."
14) "I first had a version of this at a Japanese monastery during a silent retreat—don't ask, it's a long story."
15) "We've got a wood-burning pizza oven in the garden—a luxury, I know, but it's one of the best investments I've ever made."
"When I pass a flowering zucchini plant in a garden, my heart skips a beat."

Source: Eater
Stevie J

Does Rihanna Really Need to Work This Hard?

Rihanna always seems to be putting out new music; she just wrapped one tour and is about to embark on another. Why does she need to work so much?

Most pop tarts are much more ruthless than their candy-colored weaves would allow you to believe. They want to work until every last tween has been assimilated; hence the thriving practice of shooting up the talent with B-12 shots to prevent sudden collapse. However, there's a reason why specific singers like Rihanna may be avoiding a vacation...

...brutal competition. In the pop music business, it's standard for a new talent to work for at least three years straight before taking any kind of break--just to fend off all the other pop tartlets who want that same crown. In fact, three years is considered the standard for any emerging pop diva. (Between her first solo release and her ascension to film stardom in Dreamgirls, Beyonc worked nearly nonstop for almost exactly three years. And there's a reason why relative newcomer Lady Gaga nearly collapsed during a New Zealand performance last year; she's been working like an animal since her debut studio album came out--less than three years ago.) 



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Showtime Bares All on New Show 'Gigolos'

It often seems that there are no topics reality TV won't cover.

Bisexual twin sisters looking for love? Check. Little people making chocolate? Yup. Blonde girls faking internships and getting drunk? You betcha.

And now, Showtime has come forward with their piece de resistance, a show about straight male gigolos.

The aptly-titled 'Gigolos' premiered last night and included requisite amounts of drinking, dancing and doing the deed, but these men aren't just trying to get down and get out. They're principled.

In an incredibly depressing yet heartfelt confession, lady-pleaser Stephen said, "I'm just looking for a love like everyone else."

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Jim Parrack promises shocking 'True Blood'


Jim Parrack has promised that the fourth season of True Blood is the "most shocking" yet.

Parrack, who plays Hoyt, admitted that he cannot give away too many details about what is coming up in the show.

"[Executive producer] Alan [Ball] just debriefed us last week and said, 'Be very, very careful'," he told New York Magazine. "So there's not much I can say about what actually happens."

However, he added: "This is the most shocking season yet. The things that happen with the relationships between people and creatures are so unpredictable and severe. It's wild."

Parrack also joked that he has not had to film any nude scenes yet.

"There are certain people with a certain quality of physique," he said. "Why not get those people naked instead? And so they do."

True Blood will return for its fourth season on June 26 at 9pm on HBO in the US. In the UK, FX will air the show's first three seasons from April 18 at 11pm.


I only made this post to show off my newly made BEEL-gif 
garrett: ear

Robert Pattinson Elle interview

How to explain the phenomenon of Rob Pattinson? One could focus on his looks (Byronic, smoldering, perfect), zeroing in on the cheekbones (razor-sharp, perfect), blue eyes (mysterious, a whole Facebook page dedicated to them, perfect), and that hair (tousled, lustrous, finger lickin’).

Another route is to try to make sense of his Twilight superfans, the squealing girls who camp out for up to a week in hopes of merely getting an autograph, or who ask for a bite on their already-scabby, bloodied necks. Some Twilighters even wonder if he’s really a vampire, as they obsess about his offscreen relationship with Kristen Stewart. (Here’s a thought: Being human, they may have slept together a few times but probably really are just good friends.)

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Hugh Jackman offered role in "Snow White and the Huntsman"

: Sensing a possible opening with Hugh Jackman because The Wolverine lost its director and a plan to shoot in Japan turned precarious, Universal Pictures has offered Jackman the huntsman role in Snow White and the Huntsman. The Rupert Sanders-directed film has Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron ready to star. Also, I've heard Universal is in talks with Hossein Amini to come aboard and do some script work on a project slated to begin production mid-September.

Whether Jackman accepts is unclear. Jackman would obviously have to be paid a premium to pump up the star power of a film that will  reach theaters after its rival, Relativity Media's The Brothers Grimm: Snow White. That film has Julia Roberts playing the evil queen, but unproven thesps Armie Hammer and Lily Collins in the leads. Clearly, Jackman's priority is his signature  razor-clawed X-Men mutant hero. He has been very hands on developing The Wolverine with screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie, and he himself drafted Darren Aronofsky, who exited earlier this month. Jackman and the studio are just getting started on finding a replacement. I've heard names like Duncan Jones, director of the well-reviewed Source Code, and David Slade, the Twilight Saga: Eclipse helmer who was in the mix before Aronofsky got hired.


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No Viggo. Don't curr.


God H8s Everyjuan

Here is a campaign that is most likely to piss off a bunch of people! Fred Phelps and his merry band of assholes from the Westboro Baptist Church have decided upon themselves to mimic the NoH8 Campaign that was spearheaded by Adam Bouska to spread the word against Prop8 in California. The WBC is known for their hateful messages against gays, and promotes God's "vengeance" through wars. In this parody, they are forming the GodH8's campaign. These venomous assholes take their message to new heights. While they were only known to picket funerals or events, they've moved to pop culture by parodying major pop hits (like their take on Lady Gaga's Pokerface), and now are hitting the internet.

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Mark Hoppus Says Blink-182 Are 'Working Very Hard' On New Album

Backing up drummer Travis Barker's recent claims, the bassist maintains that Blink's long-awaited new album will hit stores this summer.

Back in February, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker told MTV News that his band's long-in-the-works album would finally be finished in "June or July," an announcement that was greeted with much joy — and skepticism — from fans who have seemingly been waiting forever to hear new music from the trio.

Because, truth be told, they've heard talk like this before ... in fact, at this point, the project carries with it a timeline that stretches all the way back to February 2009 — when Blink-182 announced that they were not only reuniting, but "in the studio writing and recording a new album" — and has included supposed release dates in 2010 and 2011.

But now, it really, truly seems like the still-untitled album is entering the home stretch. Not only did Mark Hoppus post a brand-new studio clip on his Facebook page late Tuesday, but when MTV News spoke to the bassist last week — back when Blink-182 were still in the hunt for the Musical March Madness championship — he backed up Barker's claims of a summer release. For real.

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'The Borgias' premiere: Praying Cesare has more time for sex (and not with his sister)

Was I the only one hoping for more sex in The Borgias‘ two hour premiere? Yes, the new Showtime drama centers on Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons), a cardinal who bribes his way to the papacy in 1492, and the pope must be seen to be chaste. But even though he’s no longer sharing the bed of his longtime mistress Vanozza (Joanne Whalley), with whom he has four children, he now has a tunnel leading from the Vatican to his new mistress, Giulia Farnese (Lotte Verbeek). Let’s see him use it more than once for a horizontal variation on the upside down Spider-Man kiss.

Rodrigo’s son Juan (David Oakes), now head of the papal armies, apparently has a thing for brothels, which is promising. But his faux bravado just isn’t sexy. We want the real thing, and so it falls to Cesare (François Arnaud), a reluctant man of the cloth who’s already proven he will kill to protect his father and family and who made his entrance underneath a naked beauty. My fear is that Cesare will become so engrossed in all the delicious, deadly scheming required of him that he won’t have time to partake in the sins of the flesh. And SPOILER ALERT: I’ve fast-forwarded through next week’s episode, and he does not have sex once. He just invades the personal space of his sister Lucrezia (Holliday Grainger) again in a way that makes me feel both uncomfortable and guilty (because if it’s a choice between nothing or that odd sexual tension with 14-year-old Lucrezia, well … ewww). A happier SPOILER ALERT: Fortunately, in the April 17 episode, Cesare meets a woman at Lucrezia’s wedding who wants to be “liberated” from her marriage. They only share a dance, but I suspect we’ll be seeing more of her.

What did you think of The Borgias? Has the tale of the original crime family, which is said to have inspired Machiavelli’s The Prince and Mario Puzo’s The Godfather, lured you in? Do you agree that Cesare must be a lover and a fighter? How sad are you that his taste-testing monkey has already died? And did you find yourself wondering if badass Micheletto (Sean Harris) is what Charlie Sheen imagines when he refers to himself as a Vatican assassin?



Gwen Stefani: Japanese Food with the Fam!

Gwen Stefani enjoys some quality time with her family at Robata Jinya Japanese restaurant on Monday (April 4) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old singer and fashion designer can be seen on the cover of the May issue of Elle magazine. The issue is dedicated to women in the music industry!

Gwen and Gavin were seen out to dinner with Zuma, 2, and Kingston, 4, just last week!

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Gaga to Portray Mary Magdalene in Judas Music Video

Lady Gaga is ready to tell her version of the Bible in her "Judas" video, which recently wrapped production in L.A. MTV News caught up with the video's co-director and Gaga's creative director, Laurieann Gibson, to talk about the clip as well as her new E! show "The Dance Scene," debuting Sunday.

"I will tell you now, first off, I'm Christian, and my career is evidence of God in my life, and I think that most people are already thinking that Gaga and the blasphemy and they're premeditating the approach and I think they'll be very shocked to find out how huge and really groundbreaking the message is and how freeing the message is for all the right reasons," she said. "And it's really going to shock the world."

The cast includes some big-name cameos as well, including Norman Reedus as Judas. "He was so prolific," she declared of his performance, adding that the video is "badass" and that Gaga will play Mary Magdalene.

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they interviewed LAURIEANN not GAGA. these quotes aren't gaga's. some of you seem confused about that

Meet Judas.

Laurieann Gibson, Lady GaGa’s creative director, spoke to MTV News about the creative direction of the upcoming video for Lady GaGa’s second single “Judas” from her new album “Born This Way”. She spoke about how people might be surprised by the story of the video, and the song. She also commented on how they worked together to create it, both directing the video.
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lana - we were born 2 die

Cher Lloyd's interview for 'Wonderland' Magazine

Cher on her music:

"She calls her sound 'swag pop', but that doesn't even come close to describing the furious energy of what she's been working on. Yes, she's still rapping, faster and more aggressively, and she's fed in a lot of urban influences: some tracks have a southern stride, some take cues from UK hip hop, one even has a huge squelchy Dubstep bassline. But it's all got kind of ingenious, princessy pop edge - think of soaring chorus, petulant spoken asides and single refrains that hark back to the rhythm and melodies of nursery rhymes.
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now im even more excited!!! ahh

Paris Hilton tries to be relevant again by pulling a LiLo

Will Paris Hilton ever learn? The latest on the "socialite"? She refuses to return around $60,000 in jewelry she borrowed from Damiani jewelry. The stash of jewels was stolen from Hilton's mansion two years ago, but recovered in 2009. But since then, Hilton's failed to return the jewelry — and now Damiani is suing her in order to get them returned. The suit alleges she "failed to return the jewelry or return any telephone calls or email messages." A spokesperson for Hilton had no comment. Sounds about right.

Maria Nod

Henry Rollins and his guilty music pleasures

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Henry Rollins: The Column! "Yes, I Bought a Duran Duran Single!": Embracing Your Guilty Music Pleasures
By Gustavo Turner, Thu., Apr. 7 2011

Shameless: Guilty Pleasure Listening

It wasn't until I started listening to punk rock that it ever occurred to me that I couldn't listen to other kinds of music without having to defend my choices or having to have to conceal them without fear of judgment.

The day after I first saw the Clash, Feb. 18, 1979, many of the records I had played incessantly while growing up seemed suddenly inessential and somehow the enemy. I didn't think twice about saying goodbye to many of these records. Things had changed and I was moving on.
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His love of Madonna makes me happy, along with just having an eclectic taste in general. That is something I hate with punk rock and metal groups, is how judgmental they can all be. Turn this into a guilty music pleasures post, mine, no one I know RL knows I like fall Out Boy.
LA Weekly

Official 'Hesher' Trailer Finally Out

SYNOPSIS: In the wake of his mother's recent death, 13-year-old TJ (Devin Brochu) finds the bumpy road to emotional recovery made a bit easier to travel thanks to his friendship with Hesher (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a greasy-haired anarchist who lives in a van, sports homemade tattoos, and has a soft spot for explosions. Rainn Wilson and Natalie Portman co-star in a film written and directed by first-time feature filmmaker Spencer Susser.

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The new season of "Burn Notice" filming in Miami

From Caught on Set:

Coby Bell
and Gabrielle Anwar are spotted on the set of their hit USA show Burn Notice in Miami Beach on Tuesday (April 5). The two were filming the episode “Company Man” which will be the 5th season’s debut episode this Summer.

Burn Notice is definitely one of my faves. Something about all shows on USA that just draw me in – picking between Burn Notice, Psych, Royal Pains, and White Collar would be liking picking between kids! Coby has definitely been a welcome addition to the White Collar cast as burned agent Jesse Porter. He admitted last year to DigitalAirwaves that he knew it would be hard to initially win over fans:

“The fans have had … their Burn Notice the way they like their Burn Notice for the last three years and why mess with it? I knew I was jumping on to a moving train and I was going to have to learn quick and figure out what was going on.”

Can’t wait for the new season!


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terry richardson

Lindsay Lohan dating wealthy hotelier?

Lindsay Lohan was spotted cozying up to wealthy hotelier Vikram Chatwal.

According to the spies, the starlet was spotted with the soon-to-be bachelor at Top of the Standard, reports the New York Post.

Chatwal - who is divorcing his actress wife, Priya Sachdev - flew the Machete star into the city on his private jet and has been putting her up in the penthouse of his Chatwal Hotel on West 44th Street.

The pair has repeatedly been seen together all over town. Sources close to Chatwal confirmed he's separated from Sachdev, that he recently broke up with model Esther Canadas and has been spending time with Lohan.

Lohan and Chatwal turned up at Don Hill's for the after-party for Uma Thurman's movie Ceremony, where the pair kept it low-key with owner Nur Khan.

But a source close to Lohan insisted, "They have a friendship and a business relationship, and that is it."

britney qt smile

Pretty Little Liars update

Casting News + Lucy Hale talks Scream 4 and gives a hint about what to expect in season 2 of PLL + the possible return of a Rosewood hottie?

The therapist is in on "Pretty Little Liars."

PopWrap broke the news that "Mystic Pizza" and "Shag" (What up, Pudge?!) star Annabeth Gish will be joining ABC Family's hit show when it returns for its second season in June. Gish will be playing Anne Sullivan, a therapist assigned to speak with each PLL due to all the Ian-related drama in the finale.

When we spoke with "PLL's" executive producer Marlene King post-finale, she teased the therapist storyline and Anne's role in the girls' lives: "Their parents get together and force them to see a therapist to deal with their issues about Alison and this unhealthy obsession with Ian. The therapist is going to play a large role in the summer season and the therapist is going to be someone they think about being honest about 'A' with."

Knowing "PLL," we're pretty sure Anne Sullivan will end up having some secrets of her own, so we're thinking it's not the smartest move for the girls to tell her about "A." Silly little liars.

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sources 1 2 3 
zuck | hey!

Tour the Justified Set with Stars Timothy Olyphant and Natalie Zea

Wondering where all the magic happens on Justified? Besides, of course, within star Timothy Olyphant. You're in luck, because both Tim and the lovely Natalie Zea (Raylan's ladylove Winona) were kind enough to escort us around the Marshals Office for an insider's look at the set.

Just because Tim is a joker and Natalie often giggles along with him doesn't mean they didn't take this tour responsibility seriously. There's plenty of name dropping, and a shared love for Patricia Clarkson. Confused? So were we. Just check it out for yourself and be warned, you might never be able to look at the Marshals Office the same way again

cut for autoplay
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source (if the video doesn't embed)
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Danny McBride to Be a Dad

Kenny Powers has hit another homer.

"I got married last October. I wasted zero time – three months later I knocked my wife up," Eastbound and Down star Danny McBride told Conan O'Brien on Wednesday evening's show.

"I had never impregnated anyone before, so I didn't really realize what they teach you in health class is actually true – that's all it takes," McBride, 34, joked. "It's amazing."

The Your Highness star and wife Gia Ruiz are expecting a son – and a well-endowed one at that, according to the actor.

"We've been told it's either a three-legged girl or a very well-hung boy," McBride said with a laugh. "We either have a marathon runner or a porn star."

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Tina Fey Agonized over Having Second Child


In those restless hours she couldn't sleep, Tina Fey debated in her mind whether she should have a second child, the question soon tormenting her in the daytime, until she couldn't take it anymore.

During a visit to her gynecologist, she broke down.

"I went for my annual checkup and, tired of carrying this anxiety around, burst into tears the moment she said hello," the Emmy winner, 40, writes in her new memoir Bossypants. "I laid it all out for her, and the main thing I took away from our conversation was the kind of simple observation that only an impartial third party can provide: 'Either way, everything will be fine.' "

The 30 Rock star revealed during Wednesday's taping of The Oprah Winfrey Show what her decision ultimately was: She is now five months' pregnant.


Vogue UK’s Bridal Tribute

With the Kate Middleton’s wedding day 23 days away, Vogue UK are joining in the bridal bliss with a special collector’s edition Wedding issue.

Natalia Vodianova, Freja Beha Erichsen and Lara Stone make up a trio of blushing brides on the cover wearing Vivienne Westwood, Oscar de la Renta and Bruce Oldfield respectively.

Mario Testino (who also shot the royal couple’s official engagement photos), captured the supermodels in looking romantic with chic updos for their covers.

Collapse )Whether you are looking for tips for your upcoming nuptials or wanting to join in the excitement of Kate’s big day, this issue will surely be a collectors’ item.

whose cover is the best

Natalia Vodianova
Freja Beha Erichsen
Lara Stone


Rapper Wiz Khalifa Surges to Fame With New Album

With a blond streak running up his uncombed Afro, rapper Wiz Khalifa leans back in his chair seemingly without a care in the world, as the aroma of marijuana rises from his gray sweater.

This is a snapshot of rap's newest sensation.

"Weed is just my thing," says the 23-year-old, whose latest album, "Rolling Papers," debuted this week at No. 2 on the album charts with more than 198,000 copies sold, putting him right behind Britney Spears.

"I smoke because that's where my mind belongs. It's better for me. I hear music clearer and differently. It makes my writing much more enjoyable. At the end of the day, I don't depend on it. I'm just one of those people who like to be high all the time."

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The 20 Most Exciting Pilots of the Upcoming TV Season


 Pilot season is upon us, with upwards of 80 new series being filmed for the five major networks. Not nearly all of them will make it to air next fall; some because they're just no good, many others because they don't fit the networks needs, tone, or audience. We've taken a close look at all the pilots in production, talked to insiders, and read the scripts to suss out the twenty most exciting and intriguing ones, and then handicapped their chances of success. On the list you'll find much to look forward to, including hipster chicks, stewardesses, Lost alums, gospel choirs, magical cops, NYPD, Playboy bunnies, and, of course, James van der Beek. And since no honest survey of any pilot season would be complete without some skepticism, we've also included the five pilots we're most excited about for all the wrong reasons. (Poe, the detective! Don Johnson, the aging hairdresser! Bosom Buddies, the sequel!) Take a look.

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i'd watch quite a few of these tbh
Stevie J

Homophobic Backlash After Toronto Raptors' Leandro Barbosa and Reggie Evans Hold Hands

The Toronto Raptors snapped a six-game losing streak with a 102-98 win over the Orlando Magic on Sunday. Guard Leandro Barbosa had some 14 points ... should be reason to celebrate, right?

In a light-hearted moment, Barbosa took the hand of teammate Reggie Evans enroute to the locker room. The innoucous image has caused a "no homo" gay panic backlash across the 'net.

Hundreds of gay-baiting comments were left on YouTube and other sites. YouTube commenting is now disabled but  OutSports captured some of the flavor: "How romantic…ha, faggs." "Reggie Evans is GAY" "Not only does [head coach] jay triano have to deal with barnani and calderon but these fags has well! its a miracle they even won 21 games!"

The backlash against the ballers is reminiscent of the January 2008 University of Louisville incident. The image of two Louisvile players embracing produced hundreds of gay panic comments.  source 1, 2

Stock; Starbucks

'The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide': See Bella in Her Wedding Dress


Bella’s getting married! Twilight‘s human-turned-vampire Bella Swan walks down the aisle in Breaking Dawn, and in Stephanie Meyer’s new book, The Twilight Saga: The Official Illustrated Guide, we get a sneak peek at what the bride-to-be might look like on her wedding day. EW.com has two exclusive images from the tome, on shelves April 12, which offers fans new material like character profiles, genealogical charts, maps and more to supplement the four volumes in the savory series. The guide features images by several illustrators, but this particular drawing was done by Young Kim, who also did sketches for the first Twilight graphic novel. Breaking Dawn Part 1 is due out in theaters on Nov. 18, and we recently spotted the movie’s stars filming wedding scenes on location in Canada. Perhaps Kristen Stewart will find herself sporting a “beautiful” dress similar to this ethereal creation? Or will she go the high-fashion route?

Tell us: What do you think of the wedding dress sketch?

  • sannao

Showtime Greenlights 'House of Lies,' 'Homeland'

Showtime has given series orders for its two pilots.

House of Lies
, starring Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell, and Homeland, toplined by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis, have been given 12-episode orders by new Showtime entertainment president David Nevins.

“On the heels of successfully launching our four freshman series in the last 8 months, we’re excited to introduce the next wave of Showtime shows,” said Nevins. “Homeland and House of Lies are audacious in both their concept and their casting. They build upon the network’s successful pedigree and expand the definition of what a Showtime series can be.”

, a half-hour comedy created by Matthew Carnahan, revolves around a successful and cutthroat consultant (Cheadle) who is never above using any means (or anyone) necessary to get his way with and for his clients.

, a psychological thriller from Howard Gordon, Alex Gansa and Gideon Raff, tells the story of a CIA officer (Danes) battling her own demons and who becomes convinced that the intelligence that led to the rescue of a U.S. soldier (Lewis) was a setup.

Both series will begin production this summer.

Showtime recently launched historical drama The Borgias last weekend and is coming off successful runs of freshmen series Shameless and Episodes, both of which have been renewed for second seasons. The pay cabler debuts its U.S. run of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and new docu-series Gigolos on Thursday.



Lionsgate is Pissed; Sends Cease & Desist Letter to Blog that Reviewed "The Hunger Games" Script

Keen-eyed readers of this website (which had better be all of you) may remember reading a post yesterday that contained our take on what we believed to be the official Hunger Games movie script. You may have even commented! For that we thank you, as ever, with imaginary champ cans and cupcakes.

We took the post down today.

Last night, a person claiming to represent Lionsgate Films, Inc, the movie studio which is producing the Hunger Games films, left a comment on that post asking us to cease and desist. They were quickly shamed and mocked, because honestly, who leaves a Cease and Desist letter as a comment on a blog? Are law schools not teaching an Internet 101 class? They really should, if for no other reason than to direct copyright lawyers to photos of lolcats. Even the toughest lawyer needs pictures of cats and cheeseburgers to brighten his or her day.

But I digress. That person, Liat Cohen, then got with the 2000s and emailed us a Cease and Desist letter instead. Let’s all learn about the law together, shall we?

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