March 10th, 2011

Mia Wasikowska & Michael Fassbender @ 'Jane Eyre' Premiere

Mia Wasikowska attends the premiere of her film Jane Eyre at the Tribeca Grand Hotel on Wednesday (March 9) in New York. The 21-year-old actress was joined on the red carpet by her costar Michael Fassbender, who has been in NYC the past few weeks filming his next movie Shame.

Jane Eyre
is a dark re-imagination of the classic story about a mousy governess who softens the heart of her employer and discovers that he’s hiding a terrible secret.

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Rumor: Anthony Hopkins Might Be Bad in ‘Bond 23’


UK’s “The Sun” isn’t the publication most known for its reliability and integrity, so this news should probably be taken with an entire shaker of salt, but they claim to have a source telling them that Sir  Anthony Hopkins is talking to Bond producers about starring opposite Daniel Craig as the next Bond Villain.

The shadowy source says, “The only stumbling block seems to be the number of films he is signing up for. There is a chance the character they want him to play could become a regular feature, like Blofeld back in the day.” That all sounds very interesting. A reoccurring villain might be just what this batch of Bond movies needs to get some of that serial storytelling excitement necessary for drawing an audience from film to film. And for Hopkins, an actor who seems increasingly content with taking showy roles and just having fun with them, being a mustache twirling bad guy in the Bond universe might just be the perfect fit.

We’ve heard rumors before
that Javier Bardem was also in talks to join Bond 23, most likely in the role of a villain, and this adds a little intrigue to that. With the possibility of Hopkins playing a reoccurring role, could this mean that Bardem is who they’re looking at to play his underling? Maybe Hopkins is the head of some evil organization and Bardem is his muscle? I’m not the biggest fan of this franchise in the world, but I like the direction they’ve taken the series in since Craig took over as Bond.

Start throwing actors like Javier Bardem and Anthony Hopkins into the mix and I might find myself really looking forward to a Bond film for the first time ever. Do you guys think he has what it takes to have Bond right where he wants him and them blow his whole plan before it comes to fruition? Or is this just empty gossip?

Source: The Sun

"Connor McManus" Joins A Soap Opera

How cool is this? Actor Sean Patrick Flanery, known for TV hits ranging from The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles to The Dead Zone and that forever fab flick Powder, is heading to the CBS soap The Young and the Restless. He hits the air mid-April.

In a nice switch-up, Flanery won't be playing yet another rich, Genoa City power-schemer but rather a salt o' the earth country veterinarian named Sam (no last name yet). He will be paired with longtime Y&R star Sharon Case (Sharon). Exec producer Maria Bell gave TV Guide Magazine all the juicy deets, so look for 'em in the March 21 issue, on sale next week!


So, are they killing off Adam?

Jonah Hill Drops 30 Pounds For '21 Jump Street'

Jonah Hill (Get Him to the Greek, Superbad) has made a name for himself by playing raunchy, foul-mouthed big guys. Last week at an event in LA, he was sporting a noticeably trimmer frame.

The slim-down comes ahead of Hill's new project, 21 Jump Street, a big-screen version of the 1980s television series starring Johnny Depp.

The actor, 27, wanted to drop a hefty 30 pounds before filming starts in April, a friend told

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Natalie Portman post: Syosset High memories, Black Swan Box Office update, Thor, Your Highness clips

From Duckling to Swan: Syosset's Own Natalie Portman

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Portman [was] the front runner in this year’s race for the Best Actress Oscar thanks to her haunting portrayal of Nina Sayers, an inhibited and increasingly off-balanced ballerina. After having swept wins throughout the awards season (Screen Actors Guild Award, Golden Globe Award and BAFTA, among others)...Syosset's class of 1999’s named “Most Likely to Win Jeopardy” [did] one better.
Syosset Patch reached out to her classmates, teachers, and co-stars for their favorite memories of the precocious teenager:

“She always came off as a well-adjusted, normal high-schooler. She was very smart and kind. I remember seeing her hanging in the cafeteria laughing loudly and hanging with her friends. All of her most positive traits have seemed to carry over to her career. She seems to always be pushing a profound message. I think she is a perfect representation of our home town.” - Chad Lerner, class of '99

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Ann Coulter LOL

Hot DILF with the Praline Peni- OH SHIT WHAT IS SHE DOING THERE?!!?


As Elliot Stabler on Law and Order: SVU (which airs tonight on NBC), Christopher Meloni is television’s consummate protector. In real life, the actor is a bit less reverential. In National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie (now on DVD), which Meloni co-directed for the first time, he plays Charlie LaRue, a producer with a ratty tattoo and casting couch. Just like his two Harold and Kumar roles (Freakshow and the KKK Grand Wizard) and Wet Hot American Summer's Gene, Charlie is the result of Meloni's desire to occasionally shake off the earnest intensity of Detective Stabler with some truly cartoonish silliness. We talked to Meloni about these two sides of his career, and what the key is to creating a true weirdo.

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We need more picture based posts of this Connoisseur of Cunt that is Chris Meloni.
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Susan Boyle Gives Up Sweets for Charity


Susan Boyle has announced that she will give up sweets for charity.

The singer will donate the money saved by refraining from sugary food to the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund's (SCIAF) Wee Box, Big Change project, reports the Daily Star.

"Susan has known about SCIAF's work helping people out of poverty overseas since she was a young girl," explained the organisation's spokesman Val Morgan.

"This year Susan will be supporting the campaign by giving up sweets and chocolate."

Boyle will forego eating sweets for the 40-day duration of Lent.


I failed miserably in giving up posting on ONTD but I've still given up pop and sugar. Have you given anything up, ONTD?

More Colin & Rihanna rumors

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Love-struck Colin Farrell is making the ultimate show of commitment to new girlfriend Rihanna - by introducing her to his children.

The 34-year-old has invited the SOS star, 23, to spend a weekend with his sons when she finishes her tour later this week.

The Irish Daily Mirror can reveal Rihanna will fly from her last gig in Australia to Los Angeles and hang out with Colin at his $5.5million Hollywood pad.

And she will play mum to James, seven, and 18-monthold Henry when Colin puts her parenting skills to the ultimate test.

Colin has told pals his relationship with Rihanna is moving so fast he is desperate to introduce her Henry and James - who suffers from the genetic disorder Angelman Syndrome.

One source said: "He's planning on spending a lot of time with Rihanna over the summer in LA so he wants his sons to be used to her and have a good relationship.

"Colin wants to break them in gently and Rihanna is dying to meet them. She thinks it's so sweet Colin is a great daddy."

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Katy Perry Lands Another Beauty Contract

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Her face is flawless thanks to Proactiv, she relies on the Schick Quattro to keep her legs short-shorts ready and now Katy Perry's hair is getting some major love courtesy of U.K.-based hairstyling and appliance brand ghd.

"Sassy, stylish and sexy, Katy is the perfect partner for ghd," the brand's CEO, Paul Stoneham, said today.

Within the next month, the singer, 26, will start appearing in print and television ads for ghd, shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle, and the brand will act as the international tour sponsor for Perry's "California Dreams 2011" tour that kicked off in Europe last month.

"I'm very excited to reveal the styles I did with legendary David LaChapelle in the upcoming ghd campaign. Keep your eyes peeled for it!" shares Perry in regards to the announcement.


'Glee' Star Lauren Potter on the 'R' Word: Enough is Enough

The third annual national awareness day to end the hateful use of the "R" word ("retard") took place last Wednesday, March 2, and ET's Mark Steines got one of the campaign's leading spokespersons, "Glee" star Lauren Potter, to dish on the event and her new boyfriend.

Since starting her role as Becky Jackson on "Glee," Potter has noticed a change in her social life, saying that people now ask for her autograph when she goes shopping or out to eat.

"Those people at stores and restaurants are like, 'Oh my gosh, it's Becky Jackson! Oh my gosh!'" Potter said.

Potter revealed that her fame sometimes embarrasses Sean, a man the actress recently began dating, who she says is "obsessed with Becky Jackson," dishing to Steines that "he pursued [her]."

One of "Glee"'s major themes has been bullying, which is a topic that makes Spread the Word to End the Word so important. 60 percent of students with disabilities have reported that they have suffered at the hands of bullies, as opposed to the general student population where 25 percent report being subjected to bullying.

"Enough is enough and you got to stop the "R" word," said Potter.

Thousands have already taken the pledge to eliminate the "R" word and you can join them at

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Cate's loser face - 2008 Oscars

Sir Ian McKellen has seen Bilbo in 3D

In Sir Ian McKellen's latest blog, the actor who plays Gandalf the Grey in Peter Jackson's "Hobbit" movies describes the first time he saw Martin Freeman's Bilbo Baggins in 3D. It is always a pleasure to read Ian McKellen's poetically vivid descriptions of such events.

Speaking from his official site he wrote:

I've seen Bilbo — in three dimensions.

I was visiting old friends in the Stone Street offices and heard Martin Freeman was just round the corner by the permanent greenscreen, done up as Bilbo, testing his costume in front of the 3D cameras. Indeed, there he was in the open air, mostly oblivious to the camera, though turning this way and that as required. Martin improvised a hobbity gait, padding back and forth, testing his big hairy Hobbit feet, pointy ears and little tum.

Beneath the shade of a tent, in a sun hat, Andrew Lesnie was remotely controlling the two lenses within the mighty camera which digitally records in 3D. His screen showed the familiar 2D image but next to it, above the director's chair, was a large colour screen in full magical three dimensions, much as it will appear in the cinema — courtesy of the spy-glasses that transform the blurred outlines onscreen to the high definition exactitude of the 3D effect.

Three Bilbos simultaneously, two performances on screen and the actor beyond: which was the real one? Martin Freeman was transmuting into a character whose reality will soon be as authentic as his own.

Ian McKellen, Wellington, March 2011

Sources: 1, 2.
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Domestic Violence Group Outraged by Chris Brown Describing Rihanna Beating As 'A Mishap'

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R & B singer Chris Brown says he is ready to stop apologizing for his violent attack on Rihanna two years ago and move on from the "mishap," but women's groups aren't ready to forgive and forget, and expressed their outrage to over his flippant comments.

The Forever singer told Page Six Magazine that he is done saying sorry for attacking Rihanna in February 2009: "I’m in a positive place. I consider myself a grown-a ** man. And at the end of the day, if I walk around apologizing to everybody, I’m gonna look like a damn fool.”

However, his lighthearted reaction has disgusted groups who devote their lives to protecting battered women such as Rihanna.

"To imply that it is something that can just be gotten over is just an insult against women across the country," Erin Matson, Acting Vice President of the National Organization of Women told in an exclusive interview. "It is very upsetting for Chris to think it is all about him.

"Whether we like it or not, celebrities get so much attention in our culture and with that attention comes responsibility. To see him backing away from his responsibility to speak out against intimate partner violence is horrifying,"
explains Matson.
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Amanda Seyfried: Date Night with Ryan Phillippe

Amanda Seyfried heads back to her car after having dinner with rumored boyfriend Ryan Phillippe at Craig’s Restaurant on Tuesday (March 8) in Los Angeles.

The next day, the 25-year-old actress grabbed lunch with a gal pal and her dog Finn at Chocoholics in the Larchmont Village.

Earlier this week, Amanda attended the premiere of her film Red Riding Hood, which opens in theaters this Friday!
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'The Bachelor's' Vienna Girardi Has Found New Love With Kasey Kahl (tattoo guy!)

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Jake Pavelka's #1 pick Vienna Girardi has stepped out with a new man! The lucky guy is none other than "guard and protect your heart" creepy Kasey Kahl from Ali Fedotowsky's season of 'The Bachelorette'.

The couple have been going public lately - with public shows of affection on Twitter.

From Vienna:

Received flowers today! I dnt want to brag.... but I have the most AMAZING boyfriend in the world.
When asked if Vienna would consider doing The Bachelorette, she answered "I already have wonderful man in my life!"

They also stepped out last night at BOA Steakhouse in Hollywood - see pics of them on their date HERE!


y u so sexy Sofia Vergara?

From Caught on Set: Sofia Vergara is seen in a sexy blue dress on the set of Modern Family Tuesday in Los Angeles (Mar. 8). WOW! Stunning as usual!

There were some rumors that Diet Pepsi “shrunk” Sofia’s chest via photoshop for their series of print ads for their new “Skinny Can” – not true says Sofia. She told the Boston Herald: “That is not true at all. I saw the pictures, and now with technology, they’re looking at it on the screen right after they take them. It was just a different way of dressing me.”

Check out the advertisement in question over at Celebuzz. What do you think?

+ 6 pics at the source

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Entertainment Weekly is still licking Lost's balls


You let go. Really, you did. When Lost ascended to the TV afterlife last May, you returned to your normal life, paying those overdue bills, mowing your overgrown lawn, even resuming communication with those who couldn’t understand why you wanted to own a jar of Dharma peanut butter. But perhaps somewhere in the recesses of your brain, as you saw an Elizabeth Mitchell or a Daniel Dae Kim pop up on your flatscreen, you started thinking about our dear castaways. Where are those Lost actors now? Do you they miss working on the show? And is it true that Josh Holloway cut his hair?

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TeenNick to start airing block of '90s shows

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If you’re a twentysomething who’s been jonesing for repeats of All That and Clarissa Explains it All, then this news is for you: EW has learned exclusively that starting this fall, TeenNick will dust off old faves like Rugrats, Kenan & Kel, Pete & Pete, The Amanda Bynes Show, All That and Clarissa and air them in a new midnight-to-2 a.m. programming block dubbed (appropriately enough) The ’90s Are All That. The tween cabler came up with the idea after seeing the huge interest in early Nickelodeon programming on social media sites. There are several Facebook pages — followed by millions of fans — that are devoted to Nickelodeon shows from the ’90s.

“At the time, we were completely devoted to that audience ages 9, 10, and 11,” Keith Dawkins, senior VP and general manager of TeenNick, tells EW. “It was ground-breaking and for the young viewers, a powerful and pivotal time in their lives. Those kids who are now 22, 23 and 24 want to bring that back.”

Over time, TeenNick hopes to use the retro block to showcase other ’90s programming and movies.

Way to do it when most people are asleep, but still yay! Will be using the DVR. And come on, let's have an all '90s Nick and/or Disney channel. Tons of viewers for that!
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Justin Bieber Trapped -- 'Possible Riot Situation'

Justin Bieber is currently holed up in his hotel in Liverpool, England -- with thousands of screaming girls outside ... and cops have warned Bieber that it could turn in to a "possible riot situation" and have even threatened to arrest him.

Sources connected to Bieber tell us the pop star and his entourage have been warned that if Bieb or his team go anywhere near the balcony ... they will be arrested immediately for inciting a riot.

We're told Team Bieber is following police orders.

TMZ obtained a photo from the scene (above) showing teams of uniformed officers attempting to control the crowd.
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Amanda Seyfried sings "L'il Red Riding Hood" - EW Exclusive

Can’t wait to see the atmospheric horror-fairy-tale Red Hiding Hood this weekend? Then whet your fangs on actress Amanda Seyfried’s eerie acoustic cover of Sam the Sham & The Pharoahs’ “L’il Red Riding Hood,” exclusively here at EW’s Music Mix: click here to listen to the song at the source.

Seyfried stars as Miss Riding Hood in the big-screen retelling of a story we all know from Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke. Much like that folk tale, this song is probably stored somewhere in the recesses of your mind. Just think, "Hey there Little Red Riding Hood, you sure are looking good," sung in the voice of the "Woolly Bully" guy. Yeah, that song.

What do you think? Remind anyone of Mia Farrow singing that creepy Rosemary's Baby song back in 1968?


TBH, I think it's a rather dull, soulless rendition and not at all eerie. :( I am disappoint. Love the original song.
you go ro coco

On this edition of Ask Ro!...


Rosie responded to this AskRo "question" as a way to show everyone just how scary fame can be.  Here is the link to the blog that this man posted. Rosie addressed this on her radio show and said that none of what this man has written holds any truth. But she has emailed him privately and asked him to seek help for himself and told him she loves him and wishes him the best.


Steven 3

Stalking is Hilarious on Parks & Recreation

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

One of many qualities I love about Parks and Recreation is its complete lack of rape jokes. It's a safe space from the kinds of quips about sexual assault that pepper other favorites of mine, 30 Rock and The Office. Though Aziz Ansari has been known to tell a rape joke or two in his solo act, Tom Haverford's sleaziness is mostly benign. Sex is not made into a big production, and consensuality is an assumed responsibility of all the characters.

But not all of performances of romance on Parks and Rec are consensual; a major second-season plotline showed Andy Dwyer intruding on Ann Perkins in deeply personal and problematic ways. Andy's stalking, harassment, and unwelcome attention directed at an ex are not taken seriously, as a thing that hurts people, particularly women. After Ann dumped him and kicked him out of her house for taking advantage of her, he did not find another place to live and respect her distance. No, he persisted in bugging and (by some definitions) stalking her: living outside her house in a pit, showing up naked at her house, and harassing her and her new boyfriend.

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I know we have a lot of Parks & Rec fans on here so I thought this would be an interesting post!
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Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Deport him tbh


The Geordie star (and national tresu, 35 - one half of Ant and Dec - was attacked while watching football with pals at his local in Chiswick, West London.

ant, dec and their mini-mes from Saturday night Takeaway.
Don't just watch the ads...

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This poor lad must have had an SMTV deprived childhood, and therefore lacks the necessary respect for the Geordie Princes' fab and illustrious telly careers. 
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Smelling like Bella comes at a high price

Bath & Body Works is suing the distributor of the “Twilight” films, hoping to get a declaratory judgment that its “Twilight Woods” line of lotions, shower gels and other products doesn’t infringe the trademark on the hit vampire franchise.

This might be the best toiletry-related lawsuit since Johnny Carson’s estate won a permanent injunction to stop “Here’s Johnny Portable Toilets” in December.

The retailer says it’s under threat from Summit Entertainment because its lotions and other bathroom products allegedly rip off the design and color palate of “Twilight” promo materials.

Confusion in the marketplace? Summit allegedly thinks so. Now Bath & Body Works has beat Summit to the courthouse to stake its claim in federal court in Manhattan.

The term ‘Twilight’ is used so as to evoke the idea of a particular time of day when the sun is just below the horizon, illuminating the landscape,” the lawsuit says. “Whereas defendant uses the term ‘Twilight’ to refer to defendant’s teen vampire saga.”

There was also previous legal action regarding the Bella’s jacket and the Twilight perfume that reused a bottle design from another company.

 source for the pics and where you can buy your very own Twilight Woods perfume

Julie Taymor out as "Spider-Man" director, opening delayed until summer

Julie Taymor, the Tony Award winning director of "The Lion King," will no longer direct Broadway's troubled "Spider-Man" musical as producers announced a new creative team and postponed the show's official opening to summer.

Taymor, who also co-wrote the book for "Spider Man: Turn Off the Dark," will remain a part of the new team, lead producers Michael Cohl and Jeremiah J. Harris said Wednesday, in announcing an unprecedented sixth delay for the musical.

"Julie Taymor is not leaving the creative team. Her vision has been at the heart of this production since its inception and will continue to be so," the producers said in a statement. "Julie's previous commitments mean that past March 15, she cannot work the 24/7 necessary to make the changes in the production in order to be ready for our opening."


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Julian Schnabel Upset With Censors Over 'R' Rating For MIRAL

Artist-turned-filmmaker Julian Schnabel has launched an attack on the U.S. censors who have given his new movie Miral an 'R' rating, insisting the film is too important for such a restrictive tag.

The Oscar-nominated director of The Diving Bell and the Butterfly has written an essay for blog site TheHuffingtonPost arguing officials at the Motion Picture Association of America have missed the point of his new film, which stars Indian actress Freida Pinto as a conflicted Palestinian girl growing up in Israel.

He writes, "The extraordinary revolution we've witnessed in places like Tunisia, Egypt and now Libya has awakened the optimist in all those who work for peace and freedom. This movement has happened, in large part, due to brave, educated young people taking control of their lives and embracing democracy in a deeply inspiring way. This is their moment in time. And their actions will lead to a positive transformation of a very volatile region.

"As a filmmaker, I wanted to open a dialogue with young people in the U.S. about one complicated and often misunderstood part of the region... Our film, based on Rula Jebreal's novel, tells the story of Miral, a young Palestinian girl... who grows up in East Jerusalem against the backdrop of war and occupation. From the age of five, Miral is raised at Dar El-Tifel, Hind Husseini's orphanage and school, where she is taught that education is the only way toward lasting peace. As she moves into young adulthood, Miral gradually awakens to her people's struggle and ultimately must choose between a path of violence or a path of peace.

"As a father of five, I made Miral for young people. The heart of this story is all about the lasting impact of education and the journey of a relatable main character, who tries on several different approaches to solve the problems in her life, including violence, but in the end, falls back on the ideals she learned as a child. This is, in my humble opinion, an exemplary message for our time, especially for young people - whether they live in Brooklyn, Jerusalem, or anywhere in between.

"This is why I was shocked and saddened when the Mpaa awarded Miral an 'R'... rating. As a filmmaker, I took great pains to tailor Miral to the intended audience and frame this material appropriately within the guidelines of a Pg-13 rating. I made very clear aesthetic choices so we feel the impact but never see anything that could be construed as problematic or gratuitous. It was the first time where I was conscious of the Mpaa during the filmmaking process, and steered clear of anything that might result in an 'R' rating."


NextMovie Exclusively Premieres 'Daydream Nation' Poster!


It looks like Kat Dennings is now the official gatekeeper to the summer 2011 movie season. The hot young actress of "Nick and Norah" fame is starring in not one but two movies releasing May 6, the Friday kicking off Hollywood's biggest season, with both a huge studio blockbuster ("Thor") and an indie film poised to be the sleeper hit of the season ("Daydream Nation").

No offense to the God of Thunder, but we're especially psyched for "Daydream Nation," a hip indie being compared to the weirdo (and super-cool) cinema of both David Lynch and "Donnie Darko."

The romantic drama, co-starring Josh Lucas and Andie MacDowell (yes! we've missed you Andie MacDowell!), features Denning as a teenager who's transplanted from the big city to a small town, where she gets involved in a love triangle with her teacher (Lucas) and fellow student (Reece Thompson).

Source: NextMovie (bigger image available at source)
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Jennifer Morrison joins the cast as the lead in ABC's Once Upon A Time


House alumna Jennifer Morrison has landed the lead in the ABC drama pilot Once Upon a Time.

The project centers on Anna (Morrison), a woman drawn into the small town of Storybrook where the magic and mystery of fairy tales may be real.

Previously, Ginnifer Goodwin (Big Love) and Lana Parilla (Swingtown) were cast as Snow White and the Evil Queen, respectively.

Following her co-starring role on House as Dr. Allison Cameron, Morrison has recurred on How I Met Your Mother.

Jennifer, Ginnifer Goodwin and Robert Carlyle, I think I'm in heaven, lol
cheryl glasses

Serena Williams discusses health scare

Serena Williams talks about her pulmonary embolism and blood clots

Serena Williams still has blood clots in her lung but hopes to return to tennis this summer after recovering from a pulmonary embolism, which she called the "scariest moment in my life."

The 13-time Grand Slam champion spoke on NBC's "Today" show Wednesday from Los Angeles, saying she hasn't left her house much since going to the hospital nearly three weeks ago.“

"I had a lot of swelling in my leg, which really is a telltale sign of an embolism, and I could not breathe," Williams said.

She said doctors couldn't find anything in her leg and then ordered a CT scan of her lungs.

"That's when they found several blood clots," Williams said. "They told me that they had to check me in immediately or else ... it wasn't going to be a good result."

Treating the blood clots required Williams to inject herself with a blood thinner, she said. Feeling a need to get out, she didn't let her condition deter her from attending several Oscar parties.

"I had been through so much in the past eight months," she said. "Just really kind of low on energy, but I was like, 'I've got to do something, kind of just to get my spirits up.'"

Then she wound up back in the hospital on Feb. 28 because of a large hematoma on her stomach. The gathering of blood under the skin grew from a "golf ball" to the size of "a grapefruit."

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scary stuff, but glad she's doing better. putting on my ontd_doctors coat and telling you that march is DVT awareness month. stay healthy ontd and look out for you and your loved ones
zac donut

Jay Sean 'wants to collaborate' with Taylor Swift

R&B star Jay Sean has admitted he'd love to write a song with US country star Taylor Swift.

The 29-year-old star hasn't had as much success at home compared to the States but was the first UK urban artist to go to number one in America in 2009.

He said: "Imagine if I did a song with Taylor Swift. How would I be able be pull off a song with Taylor Swift but at the same time do a song with Jay-Z?

"That's what I'm interested in. That's a song writing challenge for me."

The British singer is signed to Cash Money Records along with Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

Jay Sean said a collaboration with Taylor Swift could definitely be on the cards

"I talk to her," he said. "I know she's a fan of my music which is lovely.

"We were at the same concert and she was standing at the side of the stage dancing, while I was singing. I'm a fan of hers."

"It's just very difficult to get in the same studio but I hope we get the chance to write together if she's up for it."

Taylor Swift singing "Down" on the red carpet at the 2010 Grammy Awards


Dave Franco

The Real World: Las Vegas 2 Premiere Recap

'The Real World Las Vegas' Season 25 Premiere Recap

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I think I might actually keep up with this season. It looks interesting. My early favourites are Michael and Dustin. Ngl, I like Adam too even though I realize he is a huge asshole. But for entertainment purposes, I like him. And lastly, Nany- GUUUUUUUUURRRRRLLL. Its clear she isn't gonna stay in a relationship with the way she's acting within the first couple of days lol

US firm launches new Tiger Blood energy drink inspired by Charlie Sheen

From the website:
We have decided to do a limited edition of one of our products, converting it into Bi-Winning Tiger Blood.

It's made from 100% passion specifically to make your brain fire in a way that's not from this particular terrestrial realm. Tiger Blood allows you to use household items, you're welcome to take more drugs than anyone can survive. Be different, have a different brain, and a different heart. When you feel Tiger Blood in your veins, you'll realize dying's for fools and that can't is the cancer of happen. Period. The end.

Note: This product does not do any of the above, and we don't know what banging 7 gram rocks means. It is, however, a delicious fruit punch flavored energy shot packing 80mg of caffeine. WINNING.

Also: Don't do drugs. Seriously. Don't. Do. Drugs.
The energy drink will cost $4 for a single pouch (For price comparison popular energy drinks like Monster or Redbull usually costs between $2-$3).
george jetson

The Redemption of Chris Brown

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
In the lower level of a Soho art gallery, R&B singer Chris Brown is trying to sit still.

"I have the shortest attention span known to man," he says, taking a bite of a chicken wing, his knees tapping against a chair. His BlackBerry pings and he scans the message and replies while continuing to explain his jumpiness. "I always have to be doing something—playing basketball, hanging out, going to the movies. I don't think it's ADD. I'm just hyper. I always wanna be active." He takes a swig from his Coke can and checks his phone again before bending down to retie the laces of his red leather high-tops. "That's what's kept me creative."

There's no arguing that the multiplatinum artist is prolific. At just 21, Chris is one of the most talked-about names in music. His new album, F.A.M.E., drops March 22. He's released three other albums and a slew of hit singles, including "No Air," with Jordin Sparks, and "Forever," which became a YouTube sensation after a couple grooved down the aisle to it, later parodied on TV's The Office. His smooth dancing moves have invited comparisons to Michael Jackson and Usher. And he currently has four singles on the charts, including the kiss-off anthem "Deuces," which was number one on Billboard's R&B chart for ten weeks.

Chris's nervous demeanor and lack of eye contact also suggest that he'd probably rather be anywhere but here, being interviewed about his life.
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Taylor: unicorn earrings

Katerina Graham Dishes On Bonnie and Jeremy


Let's face it, relationships don't exactly come easy on "The Vampire Diaries" From Elena and Stefan, to Caroline and Matt, it feels like just when two people are on the right track something (for example, "Surprise, I'm a vampire!") throws them off.

Things haven't been much different for Mystic Falls' newest pairing, Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). The two have been through so much this season that they haven't even had the chance to have the eagerly anticipated couples talk! So, are they or aren't they? We needed to get the official word, so we went straight to the source, a.k.a. Kat Graham.


"Are Bonnie and Jeremy boyfriend and girlfriend? Probably." Katerina told us from the set of her latest music video. "I don’t know, I think they are."

Kat said that Jeremy has become a big part of Bonnie's life.

"I don’t think they’ve got eyes for anyone else right now. I will say that."

Hey, we'll take it! Although, now that these two have found their happy place, we can't help but wonder what challenges lie ahead for them. After all, this is Mystic Falls remember? It's only a matter of time before Jeremy and/or Bonnie reveals themselves as a vampire (Kidding. Sort of.). Until then, we're resolving to enjoy this ride.



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Pixar releases logo for Brave

In rugged and mythic Scotland, the impetuous, tangle-haired Mérida (Reese Witherspoon), though a daughter of royalty, would rather make her mark as an archer. A clash of wills with her mother compels Mérida to make a reckless choice, which unleashes unintended peril on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Mérida struggles with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and a dark ancient curse.


NBA Rookie Sensation Blake Griffin Pulls a Spike Lee

Blake Griffin puts Jordan Cameron at the top of his draft board
By Doug Farrar

USC tight end Jordan Cameron put on quite a show at the 2011 scouting combine, putting up great times as one of several of the new breed of super-athletic "big receivers" who are just as apt to split out to the slot than to stay inline and block. Most draft experts give Cameron a third- to fourth-round grade, but NBA slam-dunk champion Blake Griffin begs to differ — he believes that the 6-foot-5, 254-pound Cameron, who ran a 4.53 40-yard dash and managed a 37 ½-inch vertical jump at the combine, is the "safest bet" in this draft class.

And just to be clear — according to Griffin, it isn't the haircut, or the 4.5 40, or the fact that his hands are made of glue. Nor is it his creativity, or his unbelievable hops (seriously — Cameron can throw some Phi Slamma Jamma his own self, as you'll see in the video).

What is it? The answer lies below…

NFL.COM link if above doesn't play

LOVE IT!!! :)

Source 1, 2, 3

Tony Danza files for divorce

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Tony Danza has filed for divorce from his wife of 24 years ... TMZ has learned.

Danza cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

Tony and Tracy Danza have two daughters, Katherine, 23, and Emily, 17.

The couple has been separated since 2006.

Sad. Also, I wish they'd release the rest of Who's The Boss? on DVD. I'm tired of only having the first season.
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Keira Knightley Joins Syfy's Neverland


Keira Knightley will voice Tinker Bell in the upcoming Syfy miniseries Neverland, Deadline reports.

In her first American TV role, she joins Rhys Ifans, Anna Friel, and Charlie Rowe in the four-hour special.

A prequel to J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan, the live-action project follows Peter (Rowe) and his friends who are led by Jimmy Hook (Ifans) to steal a magical orb that transports them to another world called Neverland — which is filled with tree spirits led by Tinker Bell. There's also the power-hungry Elizabeth Bonny (Friel) who is searching for eternal youth.

Knightley and Rowe both appeared in the 2010 film Never Let Me Go.

Neverland, written and directed by Nick Willing, will air on Syfy in December.

I basically love EVERYTHING that has to do with Peter Pan. I had the story on tape when I was a kid and after having listened to it almost everyday, I knew it by heart and could re-tell it from start to finish if I wanted. Excited

JSimpson and her version of K-Fed in Paris

After riding the Eurostar from London to Paris, Jessica Simpson and fiance Eric Johnson are now riding high on the wings of love.

Yesterday, Jess and Eric dined al fresco at L'Avenue. After filling up on food, they topped off their romance tanks with an arm-in-arm stroll down the Champs-Elysee in the city of love.

Extra points to Simpson for taking a leisurely stroll in such seriously high boots! What a trooper!

back muscles *_*

Joseph Gordon Levitt has a porn audition tape

From this interview with John Cameron Mitchell back when Shortbus was coming out, comes this travesty of fact:

"Mitchell dubbed this ambitious undertaking the 'Sex Film Project' and, in early 2003, he, producer Howard Gertler and casting director Susan Shopmaker held an 'open call' via the Internet and trade ads, soliciting audition videos from thespians and would-be actors willing to have real sex onscreen.

Nearly 500 tapes arrived.

Mitchell says that few full-time or professional actors submitted tapes—most maintained other artistic endeavors or careers. 'Sook-Yin is a journalist and musician and filmmaker,' he notes. 'PJ is a musician. Paul is a writer.' Yet there was one well-known exception: Joseph Gordon-Levitt ( who since has starred in Mysterious Skin). 'It makes sense that the best-known actor who auditioned was a former child star,' Mitchell observes, 'because they're the ones caught in a very mainstream box and they're desperate to break out. Joseph was fantastic. He had a very provocative videotape. I was seriously considering him but there was no perfect consort and I wanted [ believable ] couples and it didn't work out with some of the other actors for compatibility. But I think he enjoyed pushing the envelope and I really admire him.'"

orly joe?

sources 1 , 2
kitty gwen

Blind Items

1. If you write something about this very famous actress that she thinks makes her look bad, she’ll just skip her publicist and phone you directly. If you don’t pick up the phone, she’ll start drunk-dialing everyone at your company until she finds someone at whom she can yell. Then she’ll tell you exactly what your replacement story should be (e.g., “Instead of ‘Actress and Celebrity Break Up’, you’d better do a story titled ‘Actress and Celebrity…Totally In Love!’ “). If you don’t do what she says, she will scream, cry, and swear until you do. She may be all cute and giggly on screen, but she’s a controlling psycho in real life.
Blind Gossip
My Guess: Cameron Diaz

2. This C List television actress supports the Girl Scouts in her area by buying boxes of their delicious cookies every year. This year, after her breakup, she spent the weekend binging and purging on them until she was too tired to do anything else but sleep. Friends found her the next morning surrounded by empty boxes of thin mints and empty vodka bottles.
Buzz Foto
My Guess: sounds like my average Friday night tbqh..... I keed I keed but srsly Jennifer Love Hewitt?

3. This aging actress who was B list in television in her time, has been going into a medical clinic to be treated for several STD’s. She tells friends she’s volunteering at a local Women’s shelter but it’s only to explain her weekly appointments.
Buzz Foto
My Guess: maybe Pam Anderson? Courtney Cox is a popular guess but she was definitely A-List during Friends...

it needs to stop raining in NYC or I am going to lose my shit

Sarah Connor's Thomas Dekker joins CW's The Secret Circle pilot

Thomas Dekker Joins Kevin Williamson's Secret Circle

Sarah Connor Chronicles survivor Thomas Dekker has landed the male lead in the Kevin Williamson-produced CW drama pilot Secret Circle.

Based on the book series from Vampire Diaries author L.J. Smith, Secret Circle revolves around a young woman named Cassie (Life Unexpected‘s Britt Robertson) who discovers that not only is she a witch and part of a top-secret coven, but she’s also the key that will unlock a centuries-old battle between good and evil.

Dekker plays Adam, the oldest member of the aforementioned coven and a love interest for Cassie.


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zooey umm

Popjustice Reviews "Femme Fatale"

'Femme Fatale' is basically brilliant

So the recent history of Britney is a bit like this: recorded by a detached superstar at the height of some rather desperate lows, 'Blackout' quickly established itself as Britney's surprise masterpiece. Britney's next studio album was 'Circus'. Despite an amazing lead single 'Circus' sounded like the work of a popstar who was involved too much and too little at the same time, the victim of the sort of absent-minded hands-on approach that does more damage than good. 'Circus' was not the sort of album Britney Spears should have been making. It was, quite simply, not very good.

Well we had a listen to 'Femme Fatale' earlier. And here's the good news: 'Circus' feels like the work of a different artist. Here's the even better news: 'Femme Fatale' is another 'Blackout'. It's bursting with all that album's best bits - the slightly deranged production, the hard and dark spirit, the massive beats and the big tunes. And while it might be less of a surprise, as Britney is obviously pretty much back on top of things now, on first listen it might just be as much of a masterpiece. It's also a relief, because if 'Femme Fatale' had been a bit of a dog's dinner Britney-as-a-recording-artist would have been over.

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Elysium gets a villain and release date + Sharlto Copley back from the dead!

The world is finally taking shape, but it'll still take some time before we get to visit "Elysium."

"District 9" director Neill Blomkamp's latest science fiction endeavor has snagged a new lead actor and an official release date: Brazilian actor Wagner Moura is joining the cast, according to Latino Review, while The Hollywood Reporter informs us that "Elysium" is arriving in theaters on March 8, 2013.

Moura isn't exactly a household name for American audiences, but the actor has quite the following in Brazil (and amongst foreign film enthusiasts) for his work in the "Elite Squad" series as special ops commander Roberto Nascimento.

He'll take on a decidedly different role with "Elysium," however, as THR notes that he's playing "the film's powerful villain, described as having a crazy sense of humor." Sounds like an energetic bad guy, a nice change of pace from the dark and brooding villains that have typically dominated theaters in recent years.

There's also an interesting update on some of the plot elements of "Elysium." We've long known that the film would take place in the future in a faraway world while addressing relevant cultural and political concerns in the same manner as "District 9." Now, THR tells us that social class will factor into the film, with leading man Matt Damon set to play an ex-con. That's a lot more detail than we'd heard previously, though still only enough to whet our appetites.

Damon and Moura are joined in the cast by "District 9" alum Sharlto Copley and "Contact" actress Jodie Foster.

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I don't think I have the patience to wait 2 years  and Y U NO TELL US SECRET PROJECT SHARLTO? ;(
Sauce 1 2
(SW) leia


If you've got to sell something, just let Mad Men do all the talking.

In a video from Funny or Die, Vincent Kartheiser and Rich Sommer reprise their roles as Pete Campbell and Harry Crane, bouncing back ideas on how to sell Obama's hotly-debated issue on high-speed rail. I mean, Harry did say parking was murder.

Obama recently gave his high-speed rail initiative an extra push last month, and despite criticism from naysayers, that hasn't stopped its supporters.

NewsFeed thinks Don Draper would be all on-board, just as long as there are attractive attendants to serve him strong cocktails.

Can we turn this into a Mad Men party post plz???? I miss those.

Hey Arnold; Arnold & Helga

Castle: A Nod to the Late Stephen J. Cannell Is In the Cards

Castle — and Castle — soon will pay regard to Stephen J. Cannell, the late novelist, prolific TV producer and sometime guest star, TVLine has learned.
In the April 13 episode of the ABC series, Castle and his poker pals — Michael Connelly and first-timer Dennis Lehane — will make reference to Cannell’s passing as they gather for a game.
The man who brought us such series as The A-Team, 21 Jump Street and Wiseguy, Cannell died from complications associated with melanoma in September 2010, at age 69. He made his third and what would be final cameo on Castle last May.
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Is Kate Middleton Getting Too Skinny?


How thin is too thin? Not even Kate Middleton has escaped the thorny debate.

The willowy princess-to-be's appearance and reported comments during a visit to Northern Ireland sparked some concerns Wednesday about whether she's losing too much weight ahead of the April 29 royal wedding. The subject even became a topic on Twitter.

In front-page newspaper photographs, Middleton appears to be in good health if slightly slimmer than usual, but reporters heard many in the Belfast crowd of well-wishers on Tuesday making comments that she looked a bit gaunt.

One woman, Heather Lindsay, told Middleton "not to lose any more weight," and said Middleton remarked that it was all part of the wedding plan.

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ew this film

Bill Hader Drops More Casting On ‘The Hand Job’ Starring Aubrey Plaza
SNL Funnyman Says Andy Samberg, Alia Shawkat, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Donald Glover & More Will Star In Film Written By His Wife

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used Alia as the main pic cuz fuck if i'm gonna look @ aubrey/donald/andy pics for longer than a second. mae and alia are flawless tho. 
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HBO "Wire" Star Snoop Arrested in Drugs Raid


Felicia 'Snoop' Pearson was reportedly arrested this morning during a drugs raid in Baltimore.

The 30-year-old actress/rapper was one of over 30 people from the city and surrounding counties arrested before dawn by officers in relation to a major marijuana and heroin operation, The Baltimore Sun reports.

Officials confirmed that Pearson, who played Snoop on hit HBO show The Wire, had been taken into custody on a state warrant.

The newspaper adds that the arrests are part of a five-month investigation from Drug Enforcement Administration, the Baltimore police and other law enforcement groups at both state and federal level.


Any Wire fans on ONTD?
zombie boy 2

Life goes on for Fearlesstina after arrest

christina aguilera happy Pictures, Images and Photos

Christina Aguilera wasn't afraid to return to the scene of the crime.

The new Us Weekly reports that on March 4, three days after a wine-drenched feast at Osteria Mozza led to her public intoxication bust, the singer, 30, and her beau Matthew Rutler returned to the L.A. eatery.

On their menu that night? Two bottles of wine -- and absolutely no regrets.

"She acted as if the arrest never happened," a Mozza source tells Us. "When their server offered them dessert, they asked for more wine."

When it was time to leave, "She seemed tipsy," the observer notes. (Thankfully, the "You Lost Me" singer and her set assistant beau stayed safe this time, and went home via chauffeured limo.)

Still, an Aguilera insider notes that the star hasn't changed her hard-drinking habits since her brief, "welfare-related" arrest. "She should see the arrest as a wake-up call, but she doesn't. She doesn't think knows things are that bad."


break-down my ass, gurl just does what she damn well pleases cause she is a DIVA in control. Not My Cell Tonight '11 is a thing of the past - she is over it!


A stalk of the newfound fungus species Ophiocordyceps camponoti-balzani, grows out of a "zombie" ant's head in a Brazilian rain forest.

Originally thought to be a single species, called Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, the fungus is actually four distinct species—all of which can "mind control" ants—scientists announced Wednesday.

The fungus species can infect an ant, take over its brain (practically walking dead people), and then kill the insect once it moves to a location ideal for the fungi to grow and spread their spores.  sucks :/, gives new meaning to using somebody for their bod
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Justin Bieber -- Police Clearance to Wave at Fans


Liverpool police finally allowed Justin Bieber to go on his balcony and wave at the hundreds of screaming girls surrounding his hotel in England -- but not everything went according to plan.

Sources close to Justin tell us ... once police in Liverpool believed they could finally manage the crazy situation at the hotel ... they encouraged Bieber to step out on his balcony and wave to his fans in the hopes that the screaming girls would finally go home.

But the plan did not work ... and the crowd remains.

As TMZ first reported, cops initially threatened to arrest Bieber if he went on his balcony, because they were afraid he might inadvertently incite a riot.

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Photos from Chris Brown's Page Six interview

Chris Brown loves street art, and he isn’t afraid to show it.

The “Look at Me Now” singer, who is pictured on his F.A.M.E. album cover in an airbrushed collage, expresses his passion for graffiti and high art in photos from his Page Six Magazine shoot, posing in front of works by contemporary pop artists Ron English and Mr. Brainwash at New York City’s Opera Gallery.

The art aficionado even reveals that he has plans to bomb his new West Hollywood abode with special artwork. “We’re gonna tag my whole house up. I want to get pictures of me and paint over them,” he explains. “A lot of people just think it’s about spraying paint, but it’s about air pressure, what kind of nozzles you use, which way to hold it so you can make the perfect line.”

Check out more pics of Breezy bearing his artistic side under the cut.

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Jamie Bell videos roundup

He's on the BBC, on AlloCiné and on This Morning

Link to AlloCiné video where he talks about Tintin (English with French subtitles and article)

Link to BBC interview with Jamie and director Kevin MacDonald about The Eagle

Jamie Bell and Tahar Rahim on This Morning

Source | II | III
Sorry mods.
He was looking a bit thin at the London premiere though. Eat and get your sleep, Jamie.

Baths: Interview

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Baths’ album, Cerulean, was less a debut than the next incarnation of Will Wiesenfeld. He has been making music for seventeen of his 21 years, released four albums and three EPs under his previous moniker, [Post-foetus]. These recordings brought him attention, not always favorable, but Wiesenfeld was on Anticon’s radar when he made the metamorphosis into Baths. Cerulean, his debut album,was mentioned in year-end lists by both Pitchfork and the AV Club, and Baths is starting the year on his first headlining tour. As he prepared to embark on his East Coast swing, Baths took some time to discuss how he’s coping with the sudden success.

Video: On Set of Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Bass’

Nicki Minaj goes boom in the sneak peek for her video “Super Bass,” a single off the deluxe edition of her platinum debut Pink Friday. The blonde Barbie rides a translucent motorycle while rocking a pink giraffe-printed bodysuit in the Sanaa Hamri-directed clip. MTV’s “The Seven” was on set and got a first look.

“It’s a sexy world, it’s a playful world. Of course I have lots of eye candy for my girls and my boys,” said Nicki. “I’m going to be doing some things that people have never seen me do.”

She also shared what her Barbs can expect from her upcoming tour with Lil Wayne and her next endeavor. “I can’t confirm or deny if there’s another album in the works,” teased the rap diva. “All I can say is that what is in the works will be epic. It will quench everyone’s thirst ’cause all these bitches is my sons.”

jen mockingjay cry



Isla's name game!

After Isla Fisher, 35, and hubby Sacha Baron Cohen, 39, welcomed their second daughter last August, the pair kept her name top secret. The Rango star wouldn't even reveal the moniker when grilled on Live! with Regis and Kelly March 2.


Now sources exclusively reveal the six-month-old tot's identity to the new issue of Us Weekly (on stands now): Elula Lottie Miriam Cohen. Eula, the Hebrew name for August, joins big sister Olive, 3.


The reason for the secrecy? "Motherhood is my favorite topic but I never talk about it publicly," Fisher has said.


She adds: "As much as I love what I am doing, and I am so fortunate to have the opportunities that I have had, my responsibility is to my family."


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The war is on, Charlie Sheen sues for 100 million dollar

 TMZ has learned ... Charlie Sheen has just filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre, and he's not only demanding he get paid for the 8 scrapped "Two and a Half Men" episodes, he's also suing on behalf of the cast and crew ... and the suit is for $100,000,000 plus punitive damages.

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Reasons why this is legit and why he has a chance of winning (thanks to goddess09807)

2)Sheen's drug use has never affected his job performance. He's never missed a taping, only practices - which you can't be terminated for. He was ready to work and the scripts weren't ready.

2a) Warner Bros are in a breach of contract for summarily cutting back the episode order well into the season. Whatever happens with this suit they will have to pay for the difference between the 8 originally scheduled episodes and the 4 they later agreed to.

2b) Given that Charlie's drug use never affected tapings - and thus job performance one can only assume they are firing him based on either his public behavior or attacks on Chuck Lore, there are a couple of problems with that.

2bi) If his public behavior is the reason it would need to be expressly stated in his contract otherwise they can't fire him.

2bii) If it is in his contract his lawyers can argue precedence and show that his public image has always been in turmoil and Warner never made either a disciplinary action or warning, so inconsistency with the application of that clause.

2biii) If his comments about Chuck Lorre are the cause it's more defensible, but then you have the cutting down of the episode orders and the lack of scripts before hand to contend with.

also: the syndication rights for these last remaining 8 episodes are worth around 24 million, 3 mil/episode (and the show prob will go on syndication)

In news that will make you (and Jennifer Aniston) feel really old...

Friends is coming to Nick at Nite
Nickelodeon's Nick at Nite line-up of modern comedies expands to include the complete libraries of beloved series Friends and Yes, Dearno1curr. The 236-episode catalogue of Friends, one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, will join Nick at Nite this September. Yes, Dear, the 122-episode family comedy that follows two couples with dramatically different parenting styles, stars Mike O'Malley (Glee, GUTS) and bows in 2012.

"Adding two great comedies like Friends and Yes, Dear to Nick at Nite fortifies our proven roster of current and relevant programming," said Pete Danielsen, Executive Vice President, Programming, Nickelodeon and MTVN Kids and Family Group. "Friends brings us one of the most celebrated and iconic sitcoms in TV history while Yes, Dear is the quintessential modern-day sitcom that offers something for every member of the family."

Friends, an ensemble comedy that made Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, David Schwimmer, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow household names, follows six friends as they navigate their way through life in New York City and adulthood as they inch toward their thirties. Often hilarious and frequently moving, the series, which ran for 10 seasons on NBC (from 1994 to 2004), addresses universal themes like falling in – or out of – love, launching a career and dealing with (as well as becoming) parents. The critically acclaimed series was created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman and received six Primetime Emmy Awards.

Lupe Fiasco Visits Tavis Smiley to Discuss Upcoming Album and Personal Struggles

Watch the full episode. See more Tavis Smiley.

In this very personal interview, Lupe discusses LASERS and the "label chicanery" that slowed its release. He says that he "handled it poorly" and "allowed himself to get depressed."

Fiasco also discloses that he was contemplating suicide during the dark period that resulted from personal loss and professional struggles.

He presumably says other, less sad things but it's long and I haven't finished watching the whole thing yet so that may or may not be true.

Other note-worthy topics:
-LASERS stands for Love Always Shines Every time Remember to Smile
-Still struggles with darkness/depression but he aims to endure those emotions now
-Breaks down album cover with losers/lasers
-Says he "caved in a little" to get the album out/talks about pressure from the label
-Admits he gave up on his album for a while but the fans coming out and pushing for a release pulled him back into it - which he calls "humbling" and "exhilarating"
-Talks about the Obama administration (he's not a big fan) and underlying political problems, mentions that he doesn't vote

the incomparable pbs
CB Hearts

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Planning to Adopt a Filipino Child? (Represent!)

 The hottest Hollywood celebrity couple hits the Philippine entertainment headlines as the Mr. and Mrs. Smith stars are rumored to be planning to adopt another child. But this time, a Filipino child.

Several local entertainment sites report that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie allegedly inquired at the Hospicio De San Jose in Manila on the process on how to adopt a child.

This information was first shared by Harold Geronimo, a columnist at Manila Standard Today. Geronimo said on his tweet: 

"It was just an inquiry of adoption process, etc. according to sources (at) Hospicio. No concrete final details yet."

More at the sources.

Harold Geronimo's Twitter



so happy I could die

Sounds like The Fighter with less crack, (hopefully) more homoerotica.

Jennifer Morrison posted the first poster for Warrior on her Facebook:

In the film, two brothers face the fight of a lifetime - and the wreckage of their broken family - within the brutal, high-stakes world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting in Lionsgate's action/drama, Warrior.

An ex-Marine haunted by a tragic past, Tommy Riordan returns to his hometown of Pittsburgh and enlists his father, a recovered alcoholic and his former coach, to train him for an MMA tournament awarding the biggest purse in the history of the sport. As Tommy blazes a violent path towards the title prize, his brother, Brendan, a former MMA fighter unable to make ends meet as a public school teacher, returns to the amateur ring to provide for his family. Even though years have passed, recriminations and past betrayals keep Brendan bitterly estranged from both Tommy and his father.

But when Brendan's unlikely rise as an underdog sets him on a collision course with Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront the forces that tore them apart, all the while waging the most intense, winner-takes-all battle of their lives.

Warrior comes to theaters in 2011 and stars Jennifer Morrison, Tom Hardy, Nick Nolte, Bryan Callen, Joel Edgerton, Kevin Dunn, Jake McLaughlin, Liam Ferguson. The film is directed by Gavin O'Connor.

Sources: MovieWeb and Jennifer Morrison's Facebook.

Six more months!

*Subject line fixed as I clearly wasn't paying attention during The Fighter.

Mexican Man Has 82 Tattoos of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts fanatic, Miljenko Parserisas Bukovic, has tattooed his body with 82 different images of her face.
Parserisas, a 56-year-old newspaper seller from Mexico, revealed his inked artwork in a photo shoot in Valparaiso city.

He has so far spent a million Mexican pesos (just over £51,000) for the 82 tattoos. The newspaper vendor's obsession with tattoos of Roberts started after he watched her in Erin Brockovich.

In the film Roberts plays a legal assistant who brings down a US energy company single handedly.

The American actress is tattooed all over Mr Parserisas' body in artwork inspired by a number of scenes from the film.

The Roberts fanatic has said that he has plans to get more faces inked on his chest, back and arms.

As long as he has the space on his body and the money, his tattoo tribute will continue.
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Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn share an intimate dinner in L.A.


Sean Penn and Scarlett Johansson have reunited, this time for a late, cozy dinner at Hollywood's celebrated Chateau Marmont.

The two, who jetted off to Mexico for a day together last week, greeted each other at the hotel restaurant with a hug. They were all smiles and chatted quietly for several minutes before moving from one table to a more private setting in the back corner.

Both dressed casually, Penn, 50, and Johansson, 26, appeared at ease with one another as they talked, smiled and remained focused on each other.

The rumored couple kept the PDA to a minimum, but occasionally held hands on the table for brief moments at a time, according to an observer. Over glasses of red wine and dinner – salad for her and a burger for him – they chatted quietly.

"They looked genuinely happy together," added the observer.

After 11 p.m., when their meal wrapped up, Penn and Johansson slowly wandered into the hotel lobby, with Penn putting his arm around her lower back as they made their way inside and eventually downstairs to the valet.

Johansson is currently working in L.A. on the film We Bought a Zoo, with Matt Damon. Penn is reportedly planning a trip to Haiti, where he's been spending time helping in relief efforts since the devastating earthquake there.,,20472594,00.html

  • sannao

Pilot Scoop: LUX Hunk Kristoffer Polaha to Play Sarah Michelle Gellar's Ringer Lover


Kristoffer Polaha is bouncing back from Life Unexpected‘s (still unofficial) cancellation with a plum role opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar in CBS’ drama pilot Ringer.

The premise of Ringer (and Polaha’s part in it) is somewhat complex, so pay close attention: Gellar plays a troubled young woman named Bridget who, while on the run from the mob, hides out by inhabiting the life of her rich wealthy twin sister, Siobhan. The twist? There’s a bounty on her sis’ head, too!

Polaha plays the out-of-work husband of Siobhan’s best friend (Tara Summers) who also happens to be having an affair with Siobhan. Unaware that Bridget has taken over Siobhan’s identity, he’s hurt and confused by her lukewarm behavior and demands that she choose between him and her husband Andrew (Fantastic Four’s Ioan Gruffudd).

Got all that?


Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel break up

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel are no longer a couple.

The two decided to end their relationship recently and "there are no hard feelings," a source tells PEOPLE exclusively. "It was completely mutual and they both decided it was time to move on."

The source adds that Biel is keeping her house in L.A. and she and Timberlake, who started dating in 2007, will remain friends.

David Gandy: Pucker

Only a square wouldn’t be excited about Cube 3D!

Lionsgate is presently fielding pitches for Cube 3D, a source tells us.

That's right, it's either a direct sequel, a reboot or a redo of the 1997 sci-fi/horror thriller which actually preceded the Lionsgate's fixation on a certain franchise that also heavily utilized enclosed spaces, strangers and traps (Saw).

The original Cube put director Vincenzo Natali (Splice) on the genre map and concerned a group of strangers who were confined to a series of rooms, each one containing (or not) a lethal device.

Cube spawned a 2002 sequel, Cube 2: Hypercube, directed by Andrzej Sekula, the cinematographer known for his work on Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction. Later, Lionsgate released the prequel Cube: Zero.

It's too early in the game to know what approach Lionsgate is taking with Cube 3D, but we'll update you as more information comes in. Following Cube 2, they can only go up (that sequel was rather tepid). I'm curious to see what ideas, traps and renewed paranoia they can bring to the table.

linda granger

Jennifer Saunders make Downton Abbey spoof for Comic Relief

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It's Abbey Fab, Jen

DOWNTON Abbey isn't known for being a bundle of laughs but JENNIFER SAUNDERS is going to work her magic on the show for a comedy spoof.

The sketch, called Downton Parody, is planned as one of the biggest TV moments of Comic Relief night next week.

The Absolutely Fabulous star has roped in a hefty number of her funny pals (and DALE WINTON) for the programme.


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David Gandy: Pucker

A Bidding War Breaks Out to Finally Make a Big-Budget Voltron


Attention, robot nostalgists: Your dreams of a big-screen adaptation of the 1984 animated series Voltron: Defender of the Universe are one step closer to becoming CGI reality! Vulture hears that a bidding war has broken out to finance a Transformers-size blockbuster retelling of the legend of the iconic robotic lions and their human pilots; Ryan Kavanaugh's deep-pocketed Relativity Media is one of the very interested parties trying to sell itself to World Events Productions, the St. Louis–based company behind the original show.

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[Dark Knight] Two Face

Your daily Eckhart post

Aaron Eckhart For ‘Battle Los Angeles’

How is it that Aaron Eckhart hasn’t been in EVERY single war film for the paste decade? I mean look at that face, THAT CHIN! His looks just scream war hero and though they haven’t been pounding down his door for those kinds of roles, he was not only happy but ready to put in the work once given opportunity. He didn’t wait for Battle: Los Angeles to get funded, he worked on a short film with the director to prove that he and this film were worth making. He wasn’t about to just wear the Marine fatigues, he was going to become as close as he could to actually being an actual Marine.

It was clear when sitting down with him and his co-stars that not only is Aaron a serious actor, he’s serious about everything he takes on. From breaking his arm and running around the set like a bad-ass to being able to deliver some pretty awesomely cheesy action-hero lines, Eckhart delivers on this performance and he’s how…

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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart


The Today Show


X-Men First Class: More info about Havok, ~Emma Grace Frost~, cast

The lead-up to X-Men: First Class is getting red-hot.

Easily the most eagerly-anticipated blockbusters of the year, producers have given yet another official sneak peek of the comic book prequel by releasing a new still on the film's official Facebook page.

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Article includes background info on my bb Emma and Havok for ~those who don't read comics~ and also has more info on the cast/crew.

<---- me leaving my house when this movie comes out tbh (cop car optional)

Neil Gaiman Scripting 3D Chinese Film ‘Journey to the West,’ James Cameron Acting as Tech Advisor

BEIJING -- Top Chinese TV producer Zhang Jizhong has signed up best-selling author Neil Gaiman to write a script for a $300 million adaptation of the ancient Chinese folk tale "Journey to the West."

Getting Gaiman ("Coraline") on board adds real heft to Zhang's bid to make what he hopes will be the first true crossover Sino-Western epic.

The "Stardust" and "The Graveyard" novelist and his "Sandman" series won many awards. He is the first author to win both the Newbery and the Carnegie awards for the same work.

James Cameron will advise on script matters and technology issues, such as 3D, Zhang said at a briefing in Beijing, and among the helmers they are considering is Guillermo del Toro, who is a close friend of Gaiman.

"He has shown a lot of interest but he wants to see the treatment first. Obviously the more celebrated the director, the busier they are," Zhang said.

Since he started working on the project, Zhang has been keen to make it an epic on a Hollywood scale. The plan is three films initially, each with a budget of at least $100 million.

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50 Cent's Dramatic Weight-Loss In "Things Fall Apart"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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He famously launched onto the music scene with his 2003 multi-million-selling album Get Rich Or Die Tryin' - and 50 Cent has shown his dogged commitment to success in his latest film role.

The 35-year-old rapstar - real name Curtis Jackson - underwent drastic weightloss to play an American football player stricken with cancer to the extent he almost looked on the brink of death in real life.

The star went on a strict liquid diet and spent three hours every day in the gym to lose four stone in two months to drop [54 pounds] for his starring role in Things Fall Apart.

And in another sacrifice to his craft, Fiddy also had his tattoos removed on his arms after getting fed up of the time spent in make-up getting the covered up before going in front of the cameras.

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Hugh on SNL

Hugh Laurie's You Don't My Mind Trailer & Album Release Update

As a Hugh Laurie album nears its release date, the record company offers juicy tidbits about what listeners can expect, like a plate of delectable hors'dourves set on the table before the succulent entree arrives. Such is the case with his highly anticipated blues album, Let Them Talk. Not only do we now know its complete song list including bonus tracks, we have also been told there will be an European tour and TV documentary to look forward to.

According to the latest Warner Music Group news, the release date for the album has been confirmed for both sides of the Atlantic: May 17th in the U.K. and September 17th in the U.S. The reason for the four-month gap may have something to do with Laurie’s availability to tour and promote the CD. Filming on House will probably wrap in April. So it’s no coincidence the press release tells us he will be playing dates in London, Paris and Berlin around the time the album hits the U.K. stores (online and otherwise).

The album’s U.S. date will most likely coincide with the premiere of the eighth season of House. No mention of tour dates yet in the States but I’m sure appearances in a few major cities will not be beyond the realm of possibility.

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Already shaking and crying over what will be one of the best albums of 2011! Also, I'm not waiting until September to hear this, I'm ordering the CD from Amazon UK of course!
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~*The *1st* ISAIAH MUSTAFA Mega-Post of 2011*~

Been a LONG time and it's well over-due! 5 items altogether:

Item #1: "Isaiah Mustafa Loves Kathy Griffin, But Not Like That"

Congratulations, ladies: There's still a chance to date the Old Spice guy. "I am single," Isaiah Mustafa tells PEOPLE. "I like hanging out with people."

As a result of being so outgoing, Mustafa, 37, said Monday at Cosmopolitan's Fun Fearless Male of 2011 party in New York (where he was honored along with Russell Brand and Penn Badgley), "Anytime I have been hanging out with people in any capacity, it's always taken as something more."

There are also the rumors – and even more than just rumors. Comedian Kathy Griffin, for instance, spilled to Howard Stern on Monday that she and Mustafa are an item. Mustafa's response: "I actually met her backstage at her show because I'm a big fan of hers. ... She's given me good business advice."

Did Griffin, 50, possibly suggest he reenact his body wash commercials and disrobe?

"Everybody asks me to take off my shirt," he admits. "I just smile, but depending on the circumstances, if I can do it, I'll do it."

+ A video, straight from the backwards-riding-man-on-horse's mouth (@ 1:50):

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Isaiah TYFYT with Fijian, guitar-smuggled puppies.

Jennifer Lawrence Has Allegedly Received an Offer for Katniss - DEBUNKED


We have new information from a source stating that Jennifer Lawrence has received an offer to play Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Games film.

This is a reliable source we are receiving the information from, however until Lionsgate or Lawrence's reps confirm, (which is unlikely to occur unless the deal is accepted), we should still treat this as a rumor.

Hold tight everyone, the casting roller coaster may be reaching the top of the last big hill!


Story developing...

also: lol @ this barbie playing Katniss

ETA: debunked
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Green band trailer for 'Bad Teacher'


When the first red band trailer for Bad Teacher showed up online last month, it was hard to deny that 90% of the humor came from its extreme vulgarity. The film seems to be set up like Bad Santa, only instead of a mall and winter time it's an elementary school - and there's nothing wrong with that. Red band trailers are the perfect way to advertise a movie like Bad Teacher. It does, however, put a lot of pressure on the green band trailer. Luckily it seems as though this movie will survive.

Yahoo! has premiered the first PG-13 look at the Jake Kasdan film. In the film, Cameron Diaz stars as a gold-digging teacher who really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids. But when a new substitute comes to town, played by Justin Timberlake, she sees her ticket out.

What I like about this trailer is that while it does cut out all of the "naughty" words, it's still crafted in a way that you can put the puzzle pieces together and still get the joke. Sure, you can't hear Diaz say that she wants to sit on Timberlake's face, but by cutting off the one word at the end you don't completely kill the joke. Also, this trailer delivers an extra scene with Jason Segel that the red band didn't have, and I'm not going to start complaining about that.
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NGL this looks hilarious even if it features real life benjamin button.. I hope the film lives up to the greatness of the trailer