March 6th, 2011




Rapper Lil' Kim has opened up about her time in prison, after spending almost a year behind bars following a conviction for perjury and conspiracy.

Kim claimed that although there were some people who tried to make life difficult for her, most of those whom she encountered were supportive.

"I was greeted with open arms by a lot of wonderful, wonderful girls at FDC Philadelphia,"
Kim told MTV's RapFix Live, referring to the Federal Detention Center in Center City where she served her ten-month sentence.

Kim added that she used her time in prison to recharge after working nonstop in the months leading up to her conviction, and said that she is glad to have made a number of friends during her time there.

"I met a lot of good people in there who are still my friends to this day,"
Kim explained.

Lil' Kim is due to release her fifth studio album later this year.


Bieber kicks off his UK tour - Literally!

Bieber fever hit Birmingham last night as the teen idol kicked off his world tour. Canadian pop idol Justin Bieber, 17, performed to thousands of screaming fans - predominantly teenage girls - during the sell-out concert. And in what appeared to be a dream combination for tweens everywhere - his support act was latest pop sensation Willow Smith.

Accompanied by her actor parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith watching from the wings, the 10-year-old warmed up the crowd at the National Indoor Arena. In scenes reminiscent of Beatlemania, the fans screamed through the two-hour concert as Bieber performed some of his biggest hits including Baby and Somebody To Love. He broke hearts when he chose a girl from the audience to sing One Less Lonely Girl.

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Megan Fox V. Kim Kardashian, Super Skinny V. Cellulite — Who’s Sexier?

Hollywood stars seems to be falling into two very distinct camps these days — embracing their natural bodies and striving to be pin thin! From the emaciated frames of January Jones and Megan Fox to the fuller figured Holly Madison and Kim Kardashian, these women prove that ladies look great in many different sizes. But who do you think looks best?

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Madonna, Zac Efron approached for X Factor, Cee Lo Green declines

Simon Cowell sets his sights on bigger names after Cee Lo Green snubs 'X Factor' for rival show 'The Voice'

Madonna and Zac Efron have now joined the list of celebrities who have reportedly been approached to be judges on "The X Factor" U.S.

The show’s executive producer/judge Simon Cowell recently named several celebrities (including Mariah Carey, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and George Michael) as being among those who have been in discussions to be a judge on "The X Factor" U.S.

According to the Daily Mirror: "Cowell, 51, is now pinning his hopes on Zac Efron and is also talking to Madonna and Paula Abdul."

The Daily Mirror is also reporting that Cee Lo Green was in discussions to be a judge on "The X Factor" U.S., but instead he chose to be a coach on NBC’s rival singing contest "The Voice," which premieres April 26, 2011.

"The X Factor" U.S. premieres sometime in September 2011 on Fox. Auditions begin March 27, 2011, at the Los Angeles Sports Arena. Each winner of "The X Factor" U.S. gets a grand prize of $5 million and a record deal with Sony Music.

Cowell is the only "X Factor" U.S. judge officially announced so far. There are three other people who are supposed to be on the show’s judging panel. The "X Factor" judges act as mentors to contestants in the following four categories, with each judge getting a selected category: young female solo singers, young male solo singers, vocal groups and older singers.

With all these rumors floating around about which people will take those three remaining spots on the judging panel, here is a rundown of the possible contenders:

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LIVE STREAM: Charlie Sheen Broadcasts to the World


After a weeklong media blitz, Charlie Sheen has announced he will talk to the world directly in an Internet broadcast tonight and ET's streaming the event live!

Sheen gives an invitation to tune in to the show -- to be carried Saturday by online video provider USTREAM -- via his Twitter page: "WORLD.. live 7:00p pacific time..! Tune in, turn on... Its #TigerBlood tonight!!"

The "Two and a Half Men" star calls the show "Sheen's Korner" and appeared to address the reason for the broadcast in another tweet: "My lawyers asked that I stop talking with the press. so, if it's just me, how upset could they possibly be?"

Sheen just joined Twitter four days ago, but it already got him in the Guinness Book of World Records after his Twitter account reached 1 million followers in just 25 hours and 17 minutes.
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Britney's Sober Tour Plans

Touring with Britney Spears means giving up the drinks, the drugs and the parties.

Britney Spears' management team is taking no chances when it comes to keeping her on the straight and narrow on her world tour.
In addition to the usual bullet-proof confidentiality agreements, I hear all staff are being asked to sign a contract promising not to drink, do drugs or party.

A source in the Britney camp reveals: “They all have to be sober because Britney (left) doesn’t want to be around anyone who’s drinking alcohol, it’s just too tempting for her. People are lining up around the block to work with her on this tour – so everyone is agreeing to it.”

It is the former party girl’s first tour in two years and will feature material from her new album Femme Fatale. Enjoy the sobriety!


Comedy icons, Tim & Eric, start production on their movie

Adult Swim stars Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have begun production on Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie, starring Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Robert Loggia, Jeff Goldblum, Will Forte and William Atherton, reports The Wrap.

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Apparently, the rumors that Harrison Ford will appear in the movie are false, the writer-directors said in an interview.

The movie is about the comedians' characters, Tim and Eric, who, Eric Wareheim said, "literally get a billion dollars to make a movie, and we make it, and things go awry, and Tim and I just decide to get out of Hollywood and become businessmen in an abandoned mall."

Tim Heidecker has high hopes for the movie:

"I just hope that the Academy is watching and they get on this boat early, because it's been a while since the Academy awarded the best picture Oscar to a comedy... It's long past due, but this film offers the Academy the perfect opportunity to award a best picture film to a comedy and maybe even preemptively. I don't know how that works, but we could be looking at a situation where the Oscar is awarded before the film is released."

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie comes to theaters in 2011 and stars Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim, Bob Odenkirk, Richard Dunn (RIP), John C. Reilly, David Hart, 'Weird Al' Yankovic, Zach Galifianakis. The film is directed by Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim.


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happythankyoumoreplease screening + after party

A bunch of random people that aren't in this movie, attend this event.

I only really care for the attractive men so I will start you off with Steven Strait and continue with a FEW more attractive men. Then you will see the other celebrities...

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I actually already saw this movie. I thought it was a good, just alright movie. Earlier in the year someone had compared it to Garden State since Josh Radnor is a guy on a tv show writing a movie blah blah, but Garden State>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Happythankyoumoreplease. Also I hate the title of the movie. I also don't like Malin Ackerman tbh. If you like Tony Hale (Buster Bluth) you may want to watch this because his character was really sweet/the best. Josh Radnor's storyline was the most boring of the three storylines in the movie.

Source 1

Source 2
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Adele: 'I'd be a teen mom without Brit school'


Adele has claimed that she would probably have become a teenage mother if she hadn't attended The Brit School.

The singer, who is currently number one on both sides of the Atlantic with her second album 21, admitted that she wouldn't be as ambitious if she had stayed at a regular secondary school.

She told the News of the World: "I hate to think where I'd have ended up if I hadn't gone to The Brit School. It's quite inspiring to be around 700 kids who want to be something - rather than 700 kids who just wanna get pregnant so they get their own flat.

"My first school was great but I'd have a kid by now if I hadn't left. And as much as I'd like to have a kid, I'm not ready for one now. I remember wanting to go to Sylvia Young Theatre School because Baby Spice went there but my mom couldn't afford it.

"I didn't have some rich daddy who built me a studio. But I loved The Brit School. It was a bit like Fame sometimes - you get people doing their ballet stretches and singers having sing-offs. I'd rather that than someone pulling out a knife!"

She added that fellow student Kate Nash was "always doing impressions" in class.

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The Real Sean Parker HATES 'The Social Network'


When Justin Timberlake was preparing to play Napster inventor and early Facebook investor Sean Parker in The Social Network, he asked for the real-life Parker's help and was famously rebuffed. Makes sense: Post-Social Network, Parker isn't happy at all with his newfound fame.

Parker, whose hard-partying antics have long entertained the technorati, sat down with the Financial Times for lunch. There, he dished about being immortalized as a scheming womanizer by Timberlake and Aaron Sorkin's Oscar-winning Social Network script.

Like Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Parker was quick to point out that both the story and his character were completely made up. But he also let slip that the portrayal still pissed him off:

The film did make him famous, I point out. Surely that has its uses? Parker contests that. "If you Google me, every five minutes someone will talk about me and they will say, ‘That guy is a jerk', or ‘He's an asshole' and then strangely every once in a while someone will say, ‘That guy's so awesome'. I'm, like, Uuuggh. I was perfectly capable of doing what I wanted in my life without this."

Later in the lunch, Parker frets over a recent gossip item about how he's a terrible tipper in the New York Post. (Which brings up the question: If he hates all the attention, why does he obsessively keep up with it?)

Zuckerberg has gamely laughed off the movie, which many have seen as ultimately boosting his image. Nobody's gong to say that about Sean Parker, who still hasn't settled down since Napster went bust. But he shouldn't feel too bad. While the Social Network got beaten out for the best picture Oscar, Parker's stake in Facebook is still worth $2 billion.


I still have yet to see this movie. I did see a clip though and Justin Timberlake annoyed the hell out of me.
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Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber Refuse to Accept New Haircut


It's been just over a week since teenage heartthrob Justin Bieber got the haircut that made headlines, but some fans are still in denial over the loss of his luscious, side-swept locks.

At least that's the sentiment sweeping the Bieber blog Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber, which posts photographs of women -- many of whom are lesbians -- who happen to resemble the 17-year-old teen sensation.

Now, for a blog that updates on a daily basis, you'd think there would already be several postings of female doppelgangers proudly copying Bieber's new 'do.


Blog founder –- and fellow lesbian Bieber look-alike –- Dannielle Owens-Reid told AOL News that despite announcing Bieber's major hair development in a post last week, she's gotten zero photo submissions of lesbians sporting Bieber's new, more mature haircut.

This leads her to believe that lesbians who resemble the youthful, attractive singer -- or at least those "Biebians" who regularly visit her blog -- simply aren't ready to accept the change in his hairstyle. Instead, they seem to be ignoring it.

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Charlie Sheen Wants to Marry Both Girlfriends


Charlie Sheen is reportedly planning to marry both of his live-in girlfriends.

The actor apparently wants a commitment marriage to porn star Rachel Oberlin and model Natalie Kenly. A commitment marriage is a non-legally binding ceremony popular with polygamous families in America.

A source told the Sunday Mirror: "Charlie has strong feelings for both Rachel and Natalie and thinks their ­relationship is much more healthy and loving than most marriages. He would love to make both of them his wives.

"He thinks they are going to be very happy ­together for a long time. Despite having two women living with him, life in Charlie's house is surprisingly normal."

Oberlin left Sheen's home yesterday and he wrote on Twitter: "Update: Sober Valley Lodge; Rachel has left the building..., We're sad.... Over it... Applications now being accepted! #winner." However, she is thought to have returned eight hours later.


Henry Rollins' 5 Favorite Bands

Henry Rollins will sing for you no more. After a three-decade career fronting the pioneering L.A. punk band Black Flag and his own group, Rollins Band, he has chosen to hang up his mic and focus on his spoken-word career; he's currently on a world tour that circles back to the U.S. on March 17. Rollins, 50, is also a columnist for L.A. Weekly and has created documentaries for National Geographic.

"I rang that bell very hard, very frequently, with a great deal of urgency," he says of quitting his music career. But it's not like Rollins has given up on discovering new bands. He still gets his kicks as a DJ for L.A.'s KCRW-FM and says he buys at least one new CD every day. Rollins' tastes are far-reaching, from French cold wave and Nigerian funk to obscure American noise and psychedelic rock: "I'm looking for more of the arcane, the little bit rougher, or eclectic, esoteric, way out there."

We asked Rollins for five of his favorite recent discoveries.


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With The Big C, Nurse Jackie and Weeds, US TV has given us women who are more than just Mistresses

A generation of American leads are getting comedy from cancer, chaotic nursing and drug-dealing. When will the UK catch up?

"I'm living the dream," whispers Cathy Jamison (Laura Linney) to her neighbour's basset hound. "I'm here all year, performing at Stage IV! It's kinda funny. It's … death comedy." She laughs. Then she cries. Then she laughs again. "Bwowff!" soothes her thickset confidante, jowls swinging approvingly at her choice of metaphor. Such exchanges are not uncommon in The Big C, the new US comedy-drama in which a repressed teacher decides to view her inoperable cancer as a sort of Chessington World of Melanomas: madcap self-reinvention by the sea lion enclosure; knock-about biopsies behind the eastern-themed log flume.

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Lykke Li: 'The slightest remark can get me crazy'

As her captivating new album shows, the Swedish singer is a lover and a fighter. But why is she so sensitive?

After the success of her first album, 2008's Youth Novels, Lykke Li went to Los Angeles to write the follow-up. She rented a small cabin in Echo Park and a big piano to put in it, along with an auto-harp and a guitar. "I didn't have a driver's licence so I was stuck on that hill," she says. "I could have gone on for ever, just hanging out, not going on tours."

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It's A Comic Book Post! Featuring the Birds of Prey

If you have been reading DC Comics' Birds of Prey series then you, like me, have been greatly anticipating the third installment of the four issue arc The Death of Oracle. We're all waiting to see what it could mean for the future of Barbara Gordon and the rest of the 'Birds.' As we slowly come closer to the finale of the arc, it's hard not to wonder what the meaning behind The Death of Oracle is. Does it imply the literal death of Barbara Gordon or does it mean that Barbara Gordon will no longer lead the Birds of Prey as Oracle? Will she will take on the identity of another character? Is it possible that Barbara Gordon will walk again?

Back in 2009, DC Comics released a three issue mini series entitled Oracle: The Cure, leading the majority of the reader base to believe that by the end of the series, Oracle could be out of the wheelchair she has relied on for the last 23 years. Obviously, that did not happen. The idea is not improbable as far as the scope of comics is concerned, but is it really a possible outcome? Thinking back to previous major events in comics, we have watched countless characters in the DC universe die and eventually return; just look at Brightest Day. The question is, do readers want to see Barbara out of a wheelchair again, and is it something that DC is ready to publish?

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I wouldn't mind if Barbara could walk again (she was the original and best Batgirl), but I can see why she's a big influence on people with disabilities. Also, any favorite DC Comics' character?
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Penelope Cruz Does Not Approve of Eva Longoria


Eva Longoria is dating Penelope Cruz's labret-pierced Spanish pop star baby brother Eduardo Cruz, and apparently Penelope does not approve: "Penelope believes Eva is nothing more than a fame-hungry, bad B-list actress who is using Eduardo in an effort to further her career… Penelope doesn't understand why Eduardo is settling for a woman nearly 10 years older—especially one who failed so spectacularly at her last relationship. She thinks Eduardo can do much better than Eva." Whoa. I don't know if Penelope Cruz actually wants to destroy Eva Longoria (in which case my money's on Penny, she has the cold efficiency of a contract killer) but clearly somebody does, and that somebody has the National Enquirer's phone number.

celebs: dianna: angel

Gary Oldman says The Dark Knight Rises Story is "Fantastic"

Yesterday I got to speak with Gary Oldman for his new movie Red Riding Hood. While I'll have the full interview online very soon, I was able to get updates on Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises and director Tomas Alfredson's (Let The Right One In) Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.

For those hoping that The Dark Knight Rises will be as awesome as The Dark Knight, Oldman (who plays Commissioner Gordon) told me that he's spoken to Nolan about the story and calls it "fantastic." He then said, "You think you can't top The Dark Knight and I think he may have."

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Also a video at the source

Gary for all the awards next year.
JBeebs - Judging You

ONTD's punching bag poses nude for Cosmo

Jason Derulo was riding solo in the wardrobe department for his latest photoshoot.

Following in the footsteps of Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, the pop singer has posed nude for an upcoming issue of Cosmopolitan magazine, he announced on Twitter.

Like Levine, the “In My Head” singer stripped down to absolutely nada for a good cause. “I did a completely nude photo-shoot 2day with cosmo magazine to promote testicular cancer awareness,” he tweeted.

Levine’s nearly-NSFW shot included his model girlfriend covering up his naughty bits with her freshly manicured hands. No word on how Jason kept his modesty modest.

So, when can everyone take a peek at Jason’s charitable nakedness? “That’s coming in June Ladies,” Jason wrote.

Now that’s a reason to anticipate summer, ladies and gents.


At least it's for a good cause, right?

Reid Ewing Of ‘Modern Family’ Talks Music & More

Reid Ewing, known more prominently for his recurring role on ABC’s Modern Family, is a Jack of all trades, master at all. Appearing for the past two years on the Emmy winning comedy series Modern Family as Dylan, Hayley’s on-again off-again boyfriend, Ewing has been focusing on his music career as of late. In February he released his debut music video titled “Traffic Jam,” which at the time of this posting has garnered up over 14,000 views.

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Jourdan Dunn: the model interview

The 20-year-old model reveals a few of her favourite things from designers and handbags to her favourite place in the world.

Jourdan Dunn, 20, was scouted in Primark in Hammersmith, west London, by Storm Model Management at the age of 15 and was introduced to modelling through work experience at the agency. In 2008 she shot to fame on the Prada autumn/winter catwalk, becoming the first black model to walk for the fashion house in 13 years. That year she also made the cover of the historic 'black issue' of Italian Vogue, shot by Steven Meisel. She regularly appears in American and British Vogue, i-D and V, and has done campaigns for Yves Saint Laurent, Tommy Hilfiger and Burberry this season. Dunn took a break from modelling when she had her son, Riley, one. She has two homes, one in Manhattan and one in London, where her family lives. She hopes to buy a house in Chiswick by the end of this year. Here she reveals a few of her favourite things:
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Earlier last year a lot of us Merkins aka Merlin fans were saddened when it was reported that season four of the hit BBC series The Adventures Of Merlin would be cut down due to budget cuts and so forth, but now it appears that a new dawn has arrived and that word has leaked, from Sir Leon aka Rupert Young of all people, that season four of Merlin will be...wait for it.......13 FULL EPISODES !

Filming is due to start in early march but it is unknown when the rest of the cast will start filming as it apears a lot of the filming will be up in the air since Colin Morgan is in a play that has been extended and so it may hold up filming for a short while.


In other news.......

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logan prada

a twitter beef featuring two MTV nobodies and the WBC

Liz Lee from MTV's "My Life as Liz" called out Westboro Baptist Chuch member Megan Phelps on twitter. And later, Sofia Black-D'Elia (Tea from MTV's "Skins") joined in on the fun. Some LOLs ensued.

Liz vs Megan:

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basically its no1curr vs no1curr but it entertained me

ETA @ 3:45PM EST: apparently they're still arguing somewhat. the post is long enough so i'm not gonna include it but you can see on their twitters

SOURCE: 1 2 3

Real Housewives of Orange County Returns Tonight!

 The Brazen Barbies are back, and biatch-ier than ever! This Sunday, Bravo’s Season 6 premiere of the “Real Housewives of Orange County” (10/9c) goes to show that there’s no love lost between the ladies and that forgiveness…well, let’s just say that word might be exclusive to Alexis Bellino’s God-fearing vocab.

Fresh from her divorce with Simon, Tamra Barney tries to makes amends for her venemous ways by inviting the rest of the “O.C.” gang—Alexis, BFF Vicki Gunvalson, and even frenemy, Gretchen Rossi—to a shopping party at her new man’s place. About that Gretchen invite—yeah, bad idea. We hope new gal, Peggy Tanous (who’s not seen in the premiere), will show up soon and bring some much-needed positive vibes to the toxic tribe, like el pronto.

Until then, check out some of the top quotes from the premiere:

“I’m dating this amazing guy that I’m totally in love with, and he’s hot, super hot! And he speaks Spanish, and it’s like: ‘Oh, my God.’ - Tamra about her new boy toy.

“If you say you have my back, then you got my back. It doesn’t mean that when I turn around you put a knife in it and then pour salt in it and then go: ‘I got your back!’ - Vicki about Tamra’s behavior last season.

“Knowing her, she’ll try to get me naked wasted again.” - Gretchen on Tamra inviting her to the shopping party.

“So were you calling me an evil b-tch, so is that what you’re saying?” - Tamra
“Yeah, I totally kinda was.” - Gretchen

“All I could think about is throwing my wine in her face, but I thought: ‘No, that b-tch isn’t worth a good glass of wine.’ - Tamra on Gretchen.


I am excited for the original series to be back. It's never had the drama of the other shows but it has its own cali-charm. 

The Flaming Lips Are Making Gummy Skulls Now

Upcoming USB release comes inside of an edible gummy brain (!) Also: Wayne Coyne talks about potential collaborations with James Murphy and Led Zep's Jimmy Page.

In January, Flaming Lips leader Wayne Coyne talked about his band's plan to release scattered songs in unorthodox ways across this year, rather than working on a full album. "The dilemma is whether we're going to release it on vinyl, cereal boxes, or some of it on toys that we make," he told Rolling Stone. Earlier this week, Coyne gave us some more details on the forthcoming releases, in between rehearsals for a Carnegie Hall performance as part of Philip Glass's annual Tibet House benefit show. And his plan is even more insane than you'd probably expect.

In about three weeks, the band will self-release an as-yet-untitled, four-song 12" featuring Neon Indian. Not too crazy. But then, in April, they'll start selling gummy skulls. We'll let Coyne explain this one: "It's a life-sized human skull completely made out of edible gummy bear stuff. It also has a gummy brain inside of it and, inside of that, there's a USB flash drive that has three new songs on it. It's pretty outrageous."

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who owns my heart

It's a Miley post - SNL edition!

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Plus, Miley gets great reviews!

Miley Cyrus has met her "Saturday Night Live" impression while lampooning a fellow teen pop star herself.

Cyrus hosted "SNL" on Saturday night, leading to an inevitable face-off between the 18-year-old singer and cast member Vanessa Bayer's parody. But Cyrus appeared on Bayer's "The Miley Cyrus Show" not as herself, but 17-year-old Justin Bieber.

Cyrus played Bieber as too hip to use Bayer's enthusiastic "pretty cool" catch phrase.

In other sketches, Cyrus also played Fergie and Lindsay Lohan. Her Lohan impression occurred during a sketch with cast members portraying Charlie Sheen as the host of a TV show called "Duh! Winning!" with Lohan, Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and fashion designer John Galliano as guests.

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Sources 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 [via anythingdiz ]
Film - The Old Guard

Top six "Rango" riffs on classic movies

In Rango, Johnny Depp voices a pet lizard who fancies himself an actor, only to find himself lost in the desert and drawing fire from the hardscrabble local critters with his tough-guy act. The comedy draws on Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns and Sam Peckinpah shoot-’em-ups for inspiration, but the film shout-outs don’t stop there.

Director Gore Verbinski, who worked with Depp on the previous three Pirates of the Caribbean movies says Rango is kind of a “film within a film,” packed full of movie references because Rango is such a storytelling buff and sees everything through that lens. For example, when he staggers into the town of Dirt, which is wasting away from a lack of water, suddenly the Chinatown references start popping up.

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I so love shit like this. That last one made me squeal out loud with delight in the theatre. Great movie, IMO; the details were so awesome and it proved once & for all that you really don't need 3D to have amazing visuals.
vanderpump slap

Matt Damon and Emily Blunt chat ADJUSTMENT BUREAU (And Remain Awesome While Doing So)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

What would you do if you found out your entire life was planned for you? And what if the plan wasn’t exactly what you wanted? In Gordon and the Whale Alanna Raben's case, she asked her good buddies Matt Damon and Emily Blunt for some assistance on the heavy subject matter.

Luckily, the duo just so happen to be starring in writer-director George Nolfi’s romance/thriller THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, which addresses the above questions directly. Based on the short story Adjustment Team by Philip K. Dick, the film centers on the seemingly forbidden relationship between politician David Norris (Matt Damon) and dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt). As the narrative continues, the two are kept apart by a mysterious team of adjusters (otherwise known as the adjustment bureau) who claim it’s in everyone’s best interest if they go their separate ways.

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HBO Making A Male “Sex And The City”?


When “Entourage” first came out, many labeled it a male “Sex and the City.” But now, HBO is working on a series that sounds even more like “SATC For Dudes.” The show, called “40,” is about four male friends in New York who are doing great in their careers and all of the sudden struggle for the first time in a recession. The backdrop of the show is the 2008 economic meltdown, but it won’t be the focus of the show. Nope, the heart of the show will be the four guys “dealing with marriage and friendships.” Sound familiar?

The series comes from Doug Ellin, the creator of “Entourage.” “It’s something I’ve lived with my friends,” he said. “People were thinking that 40 is the new 20 and their life is all set—and all of a sudden they woke up one day and had no money.”

Adorable Ed Burns will be the Carrie Bradshaw star of the series, though the rest of the cast has yet to be announced. Kind of feels right, since he is the quintessential New York guy.

What do you think—does this show sound promising?


James Franco actually drops a project; Cate Blanchett pulls out too

James Franco has dropped out of the upcoming film "While We’re Young", has exclusively learned.

The 32-year-old actor was set to star in the Noah Baumbach-directed drama about an uptight documentary filmmaker and his wife who loosen up a bit after befriending a free-spirited younger couple.

Sources tell Just Jared filming was set to begin in mid-June in NYC but James had a schedule conflict with his other film, Oz: The Great and Powerful, in which he plays the title character.

Cate Blanchett has also pulled out from "While We’re Young" after James‘ departure, though Ben Stiller is still attached to the project.

With two of the most celebrated actors leaving, will Focus Features continue with the film?

w/e i'd rather see him in Oz anyway
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John Legend, Anthony Mackie, Chanel Iman & Jourdan Dunn In March's Vogue

Grammy-award winning singer John Legend and acclaimed actor Anthony Mackie are featured in the March 2011 issue of Vogue Magazine in a spread titled “The Life Rhapsodic – A bohemian cast of artist and models welcome the season in an exuberant riot of color and print.”

The Norman Jean Roy-shot also features supermodels Chanel Iman, Jourdan Dunn, Ajak Deng, Arlenis Sosa, Anais Mali and Joan Smalls. The shoot also features Savion Glover, Antonio Douthit and Colson Whitehead.

View images from the spread below:

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More pictures are at the SOURCE
am i dead?

First image of Korra from The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra

Next year, Nickelodeon will unveil the “The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra,” the channel’s highly-anticipated follow-up to its animated show “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

Here’s an exclusive first look at Korra, the heroine of the new series.


Girl, you are looking fierce. Can't wait for this series!

Isla Fisher Started Writing Scripts Due to Lack of Female Comedic Roles

Isla Fisher was so frustrated at the lack of comedy material for actresses that she wrote her own script.

The ‘Wedding Crashers' actress - who is married to ‘Borat' creator Sacha Baron Cohen – felt the only way she could get a good role was to pen the in-development ‘Groupies', which she will co-star in with Amy Poehler.

When asked how her script is developing, Isla replied: "Oh you mean ‘Groupies'? After ‘Wedding Crashers' I was just surprised as to the lack of comedic female material there is. So I had to start working and getting stuff out there for myself."

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The Holy Spirit of Vaginas, ONTD's Forever Ever Boyfran, Better Than Tron Chris Pine and Olivia Wilde walk around the set of their upcoming movie, Welcome to People, on Friday (March 4) in Los Angeles. (Wait wait wait so that's her wardrobe? In the movie??? ....oh I see you Manic Pixie Dreamgirl foil to C.Fine's uptight repressed businessman. I see you.)

The drama, expected to hit theaters sometime in 2012, centers around a man who has to deliver $150,000 of his deceased father’s fortune to a sister he’s never met.

Olivia, who has reportedly been spending time with Ryan Gosling, recently shared an embarrassing story about a phone call with President Obama (blah blah blah Ryan Gosling and Obama my vagina is jealous can we move on plz)

“He was calling to thank me for traveling to Iowa in October 2007 to volunteer for the campaign. I was very professional the whole time we spoke, then I hung up the phone - or so I thought - (PLOT TWIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!) and started squealing for about 15 seconds,” she told the April issue of Cosmopolitan.

“I later found out from a friend (OMG WAS IT KUTNER) who was with him that he listened to the shrieking,” she added, “and laughed the entire time.” (what a fascinatingly relatable story for the modern woman IS SHE DONE I HAVE CHEAP AND VULGAR COMMENTS ABOUT CHRIS PINE TO MAKE)

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source often wonders if there's anything more to life than being really really ridiculously good looking

German Idol contestant "inspires" sweet buns

The resemblance is uncanny!

A baker in the North Rhine-Westphalian hometown of Sebastian Wurth, a contestant on the current season of "Deutschland sucht den Superstar", the German version of American Idol/Pop Idol, is trying to cash in on the boy's newfound popularity by selling sweet buns "modelled" and named after him. The baker family (whose son attends the same school as Wurth) told a regional paper that there's a high demand for the "Wurthis", and that they "taste as good as they look".

They plan to produce the buns as long as Wurth stays in the show.

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Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Chromeo talk Hall & Oates, make tiny album

In part two of Atlantic's exclusive interview with Chromeo, the guys tell us all about working with Daryl Hall of Hall And Oates and how much they were influenced by their music.

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I'm not really sure what the point of the smallest album thing is, but it's pretty funny. It's like Crash and the Boys from Scott Pilgrim.

US Trailer + Poster For Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

SUMMARY: In the movie Dylan Dog (Brandon Routh) is forced back into his nightmare investigations after he is approached by a woman who claims to have seen her father brutally murdered by a mysterious creature. With his street smarts, his gun, and a set of paranormal weapons, Dylan attempts to restore order both above and below ground.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar at LAX with baby Charlotte

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Filming for her new TV series, Ringer, starts soon. The pilot is shooting in NYC, but will be shot in LA if it goes to series.

More on Ringer from

A casting call just went up for the show (if anyone's an actor and has a twin, also an actor):


Lauren Conrad joins That 70’s Show

When Katie Holmes started hiding her cankles under flares a couple of years ago I thought nothing of it since she’s always trying to make new looks happen. Lately other celebs have been turning up rocking flares in greater frequency. Now that LC is wearing them I’m starting to get worried this shit is catching on and I might have to get a pair.

Katie Holmes, LC, January Jones rocking the bells.

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LC ditching her beloved skinnies raises several questions.Is the death of skinny jeans near? Is this shit for real? More importantly, what can women with big booties and/or thighs do to protect themselves?

Continue the backwards journey in time by watching young Lauren show off her parents' phat ocean-view Crib on MTV.

Stock; Starbucks

Sarah Palin Slams '50-year-old bully' Kathy Griffin


Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin has spoken out against her longtime critic Kathy Griffin, describing the popular comedienne as a "has-been".

Palin made the comments during an interview on Fox News, after being asked how she feels about Griffin's regular mocking of Palin and her family.

"You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me because you know, she's a 50-year-old adult bully is what she really is," Palin said, when asked her opinion of the comic.

"She's kind of a has-been comedienne and she can do those things to me, I would just ask for the respect of my children," the politician continued..

Palin then criticised a previous comment from Griffin in which she purportedly claimed that her New Year's resolution was to destroy Palin's daughter Bristol.

"Kathy, pick on me, come up to Alaska and pick on me, but leave my kids alone," Palin added.

Towards the end of last year, Palin admitted that she was currently considering running in the 2012 US Presidential Elections.


Katie and Suri in Vancouver

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Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri Cruise stop at Vera’s Hamburgers for a bite to eat on Sunday (March 6) in Vancouver, Canada.

After filling up on hamburgers, the mother-daughter duo headed over to the set of Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol to visit Tom Cruise.

The day before, Katie and Suri, 4, had a fun-filled day together, complete with stops at a toy store, a cupcake shop, and Starbucks!

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eta Suri turns 5 next month

Dave Grohl interview/Foo Performance

Dave Grohl does an interview in Skavlan, Sweden after the release of the Foo Fighters' single "Rope". The interviewer talks in Norweigan at the beginning, and then they discuss Dave's drumming days in Nirvana, where they ask some questions he's obviously had to answer before. Then they discuss the making of Foo Fighters and what they're doing now. Then the Foo Fighters perform the song, etc. Oh, and the girl sitting with them gives obvious signals to Dave...


brit yeah ya did

Brit's Family Fun Day

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Not letting their failed marriage get in the way of supporting their children, Britney Spears and Kevin Federline both were on-hand for a Little League game in Calabasas CA on Sunday (March 6).

The "Hold It Against Me" singer was joined by current beau Jason Trawick and son Jayden James in cheering on Sean Preston during the kiddie baseball matchup.

Meanwhile, Kevin also partook in the Little League festivities as one of the coaches of Sean Preston's team while joined for the weekend ending ballgame by girlfriend Victoria Prince.

During the course of the day at the ballpark, Miss Prince ended up bringing her and Kevin's newborn over to Britney and Jason - with the pair cooing over the precious bundle of joy.

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ETA: Does K-Fed have a newborn baby?? JustJared also posted the same story here
~~ This can't be possible. People will write anything!!
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King K

chanel iman thinks it's hard to gain weight

The Victoria's Secret siren is carrying an extra 13 pounds on her 5-foot-9 frame.

"I eat to gain," she told while promoting The Incredible by Victoria's Secret bra in NYC Tuesday. "I'm a big believer in having hips, butt and thighs!"

How does she do it? "I'm eating everything from steak to mashed potatoes; people hate me!" Iman, 20, laughed.

As decadent as her diet sounds, keeping the pounds on is no easy feat for the model. "It's very difficult for me because I'm naturally skinny," she said. "I have to put on a lot of weight and work out to gain muscle. I love curves and being sexy."


her life is just so hard. I do not envy her.
Megan Fox- Jennifer's Body

Teen Mom 2 Star & Chelsea's BFF- Megan Nelson Announces the Sex of her Baby

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Megan Nelson, BFF of Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska
, recently announced to fans on her fanpage that she was expecting a baby with her boyfriend of four months and kept fans wondering what the sex was going to be. After going to her 5 month doctors appointment the 20 year old soon to be mom announced the sex on her fanpage. After the cutCollapse )
ETA: Guys-She is NOT naming her child 'Huckleberry'. She just gave him that name right now as a NICKNAME.
Ann Coulter LOL

One Of My Many Hairy Chested British Husbands Being Sexy with JUSTAFRIEND

Jude Law stands shirtless on his hotel balcony on Sunday (March 6) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The 38-year-old actor was joined outside by his longtime BFF and assistant, Ben Jackson.

Also in Brazil to celebrate Carnival is Gisele Bundchen and her husband, Tom Brady!

Pamela Anderson and are also expected to fly south and attend Brazil’s biggest bash of the year, which kicked off this weekend.

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matthew lewis

Another one set to be ripe for the placenta harvest this fall

Guy Ritchie's girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley is is expecting the couple's first child.

The 29-year-old model is due to give birth in September, providing a half brother or sister to the children Ritchie had with Madonna. The baby will be his second biological child after son Rocco, 10, with Madonna. He is also father to their adopted son from Malawi, David, six.

A source revealed, 'Jacqui was crying with joy when she found out. They went on holiday because Guy is desperate for her to take it easy. He won't let her do anything more strenuous than argue over baby names.'

In January Miss Ainsley said, 'I've known since I was very little that I want to be a mummy.'

According to the News Of The World, Jacqui will sell her Southend, Essex, flat and move into the film maker's £6 million Marylebone mansion when renovations on the property are complete


sorry mods, I put the link, but didn't close it. d'oh.
David G. "smiling"

David Beckham Takes His Adorable Boys Out For Dessert

David Beckham took his three boys, including birthday boy Brooklyn, out for frozen yogurt over the weekend. David and his three sons enjoyed some over-priced fro-yo from Pinkberry, on a beautiful sunny day in Beverly Hills.

Brooklyn, the oldest of the Beckham children who turned 12 on March 4, rocked a casual sporty look with jersey shorts and a t-shirt, a look shared by Romeo. The soon-to-be big brother, Cruz, looked like a mini-David in jeans paired with a t-shirt. Overall, the boys look to be enjoying the daddy-son time. As much as I love to see David out with his sons, I look forward to the possibility of some daddy-daughter time with Beckham child number 4 on the way.

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Blair Witch, Cloverfield, Apollo 18... Are they real? Does it matter?

Are audiences sick of being lied to?


Meredith Woerner — A few days ago mega-producer and Dimension Films head Bob Weinstein claimed that the much-buzzed-about lunar "found footage" movie Apollo 18 film was 100% real. Is he crazy? Or does he just think we'll believe anything?

Either way, we're tired of being lied to by Hollywood.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly Weinstein was discussing the success of the newly released trailer for Apollo 18, a film that claims to be made of found footage from a lost lunar mission. Then he came out with this whopper about the movie's authenticity:

People intrinsically know there are secrets being held from us. Look at WikiLeaks: There are secrets that are really true to the world. It's not bogus. We didn't shoot anything, we found it. Found baby!

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I've been watching Marble Hornets with my sister the past few days and we wondered if it was real the whole time, consciously deciding not to google it to keep the mystery alive.  SCARIEST SHIT EVER!  Believing its real is part of the fun, tbh.

Plus, I love my creepypasta.  Especially this close to midnight.
King Firth - Mr. Darcy (pond)

Hollywood seeks to make bank robbers cool again

... maybe even with Andrew Garfield?

Bank-robbery films are a staple of great cinema. Unfortunately, unless you count “The Town” or “Inside Man,” the best of the lot -- “Bonnie & Clyde," “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," etc. -- were made about 50 years ago. But two new films gaining heat in Hollywood seek to revitalize the genre.

"The Robber," a remake of a well-regarded German movie about a marathon runner who robs banks for sport, has a degree of development momentum at studio Sony. "The Amazing Spider-Man" star Andrew Garfield has watched the original and expressed interest in playing the lead part, said a person familiar with the project who was not authorized to speak about it publicly. ("The Amazing Spider-Man" producer Laura Ziskin is also producing the "Robber" remake.)

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