March 5th, 2011


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Meet Lucky Luciano: Interview with Vincent Piazza

HBO Lucky gets some surprising news from Rothenstein about "Mrs. Darmody" in Episode 6... How does he feel about learning he's with Jimmy's mother, not his wife?

Vincent Piazza It's startling! We actually tried that take a lot of different ways because there are a lot of things going on. First off, he's there to do something very sinister, which is kill - wether it's a husband or a son. But it's definitely unsettling to realize he was with this man's mother. At the same time to counter that, there's a bravado.

HBO Lucky really confides to Gillian about his affliction - that's a lot of honesty for a gangster. What is it about Gillian that gets him going?

Vincent Piazza He's a 22-year-old young man who has no therapy, no one to talks about sexual dysfunction and this woman embodies the cure - this is arguably the first woman who has made him feel like he's old self again. And his old self is, what, a year prior?
But a year when you're 20 feels like a decade. So it's almost idolatry: She's blonde, she's a dancer; this is a woman that's out of his league. So he has this very intimate moment with a beautiful, exotic, sexy woman and she is seemingly returning very genuine affection to him. Also, he doesn't have a relationship with his own mother and he finds out this woman is a mother and he's opened up to her, it's almost a psychological epiphany - "Oh my God, I talked to a mother. There's a mother in my life" There's something very freudian tied into the whole thing.

HBO But later, with Nucky, he talks trash about Gillian.

Vincent Piazza It's a complex male psychological thing but when you have you manhood back, you're kind of sowing your oats. He feels he's got his groove back. He feels he can charm, he can bluster, he can just loud mouth off a bit to Nucky. Also, there's something very intimidating about Nucky, and Lucky has a real feeling of inferiority around him so he can't show he cares about anything. If you act like you don't care it's beacause you really care.
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"The Ides of March" set pics

George Clooney is currently directing a movie in the Cincinnati area in Ohio called The Ides of March. Today they were filming at Miami University in Oxford, OH (about an hour from me). The cast includes Paul Giamatti, Ryan Gosling, Evan Rachel Wood, Marisa Tomei and Philip Seymour Hoffman. My sister and I visited the set today.

We unfortunately did not see George, he slipped out the back entrance. We DID see Ryan Gosling, Paul Giamatti, and Philip Seymour Hoffman.

movie synopsis: An idealistic staffer for a newbie presidential candidate gets a crash course on dirty politics during his stint on the campaign trail. Based on the play by Beau Willimon.

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source: my sister's camera and my phone

Ke$ha -- I'm Putting My Face on Condoms

Ke$ha wants to make sure your junk is covered the next time you have sex ... and now she's putting her face on 10,000 condom wrappers to prove she means business ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the singer tell us Ke$ha banged out a deal with LifeStyles Condoms ... which agreed to provide 10,000 customized rubbers for the singer to fire off into crowds at her upcoming shows ... beginning on Monday.

Tik Tok, wrap your ...

Resident Evil 5 Coming Sept. 14, 2012

Critics love to crap all over Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil series, and no one in the audience really cares. Why is that? It’s a simple formula, really. Zombies are always awesome, especially when they are destroyed in great numbers. Star Milla Jovovich is similarly awesome, though for very different reasons. So Milla + zombies + zombie gore = a helluva good time. Math.

Since the series refuses to stop making money, despite the whimpering of angry, jaded critics, Sony keeps asking for more. And more is what we’re getting next year, as the studio has confirmed that Resident Evil 5 — presumably a working title — will be coming on Sept. 14, 2012. Usually a tough time of year for any release, coming as it does right between the summer blockbuster season and the awards season, but the last three RE movies got September releases and, as I said, they just keep making money.

Resident Evil: Afterlife, released last year, was the first in the series to make the jump to 3D. It was a welcome jump too; multiply the above equation by “3D” and you’re left the illusion of zombie gore being spattered onto your face by a sword-swinging Jovovich. There’s no confirmation that the fifth movie will be shot in the format, but Anderson himself is a huge fan of it and it worked so well in Afterlife. You can pretty much count on the 3D being back for movie five.
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Lady Gaga Flashes Fishnet Stockings in Toronto


Lady Gaga shows some skin in a pair of fishnet stockings while leaving her hotel on Friday (March 4) in Toronto, Canada.

The night before, the 24-year-old singer invited YouTube sensation Maria Aragon onstage at her concert to perform her hit song “Born This Way.”

Earlier this week, Gaga hit Paris Fashion Week, where she walked the runway at the Thierry Mugler show and also debuted her new track “Government Hooker”.

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Tyler Blackburn: Troix March 2011 Cover #3

Tyler Blackburn submerges himself in a pool for the third and final March 2011 cover of Troix mag.

The 24-year-old new addition to Pretty Little Liars was styled by Gabriel Perez for the cover shoot, which was shot at the English Estate 90210.

Tyler plays Caleb on the hit ABC Family series, Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) new love interest. Do you like Caleb with Hanna?

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The Hollywood baby boom continues... Jeremy Davidson and Mary Stuart Masterson expecting twins

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Double the congratulations to Some Kind of Wonderful actress Mary Stuart Masterson and hubby, actor Jeremy Davidson!

The Army Wives hunk told E! that they are expecting twins in August. "My family life at home in Brooklyn is becoming [more involved]—we're actually pregnant with twins," Davidson said. "We are four months along. So balancing career and family is becoming increasingly challenging for me…and in five months we are going to have three kids under the age of two. We are in happy shock about it."

The couple are already parents to a 1-year-old son.

Army Wives returns tomorrow and I'm so excited!
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Just How Much Money Does Charlie Sheen Have?


Charlie Sheen's decision to purchase a $7.5 million dollar Beverly Hills home and a lavish spending details from a new GQ profile has raised the question of how much money the troubled actor has.

The article points to instances of Sheen renting out the Houston Astrodome so that a few friends can take batting practice.

Other spending moments cited in the piece include:

-- While Sheen was involved in personal rehab at his home, he spent more than $1 million on cars during his first substance-free week, adding to a large collection.

-- Promised a $5,000 payment by Sheen, porn star Kacey Jordan (Not the Bradys XXX) headed to his Beverly Hills home to party in January.

-- During the evening, Sheen allegedly purchased five snowball-sized lumps of cocaine worth $20,000 saying "I'll take them all."

-- Fifteen hours after arriving, Sheen wrote Jordan a check for $30,000.

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I hate posting another Charlie Sheen article but I was actually curious about this myself.
first rule in this world

Rubina Ali's house burns down

Indian child actress Rubina Ali, who acted in Slumdog Millionaire, says she has lost precious souvenirs of the 2008 Oscar-winning film in a fire.

The blaze late on Friday ravaged her home and scores of others in the Garib Nagar slum, near Mumbai's Bandra Railway Station.

Nobody was killed in the fire but 21 people were injured and more than 2,000 were left homeless, police say.

Rubina's father said he and his family had had to run from their home.

They had been watching television when they heard shouts of a fire and ran out of their tin-roofed shanty, he told the Associated Press news agency by telephone.

"We just grabbed what we could and dashed out," Rafiq Ali said.

"The fire spread so fast we couldn't get back in."

Rubina said she had lost all her awards and her collection of newspaper clippings and photographs from the success of the 2008 film.

"It's all gone, even my best clothes, everything," she told AP.

She added that the family had yet to move into a new apartment paid for by a trust set up by the film's director, Danny Boyle.

Rubina was eight when she played the role of the young Latika in Boyle's film, and her journey from the slum to the Oscar stage made international headlines.


So sad and I can't believe they haven't moved into those apartments. :(

The New Lady Gaga Video a Direct Rip Off of Marc Brambilla

By now you've probably watched Lady Gaga's "Born This Way," video once if not several times. She's been accused of copying other artists before, and this time is no different. Countless people have compared the song to Madonna's "Express Yourself," but the video looks shocking similar to NYC-based artist Marco Brambilla's work.

Kanye fans will recognize Brambilla's work on "Power," and those who frequent the Standard Hotel have seen his permanent video installation called "Civilization" that runs on the screens in the elevators.

Lady Gaga's video is full of references from Michelangelo to Hinduism to the Illuminati to Michael Jackson. But when does inspiration become theft? While it's not outright plagiarism like the case of Rihanna and David LaChapelle, there are enough similarities between "Born This Way," and Brambilla to be acknowledged.

Perhaps an all caps rage Tweet from Kanye West will get a simple nod of appreciation from pop star to artist?

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Lindsay Lohan -- I Won't Take Plea Deal with Jail Time

Lindsay Lohan doesn't care what her lawyer is negotiating ... she's not going to cop a plea to anything if it involves jail time ... sources connected to LiLo tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ...Shawn Holley is trying to broker a plea deal that will almost certainly involve jail time. Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers are going to see Judge Keith Schwartz next week, and Holley wants to take the judge's temperature on how much jail time he'll give her if she pleads guilty. The judge made it clear at the last hearing -Lindsay WILL do time - probably 3-6 months.

But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't care what kind of deal Holley gets -- if there is ANY jail time involved, she wants no part of it. We're told Lindsay wants to go to trial and believes the surveillance tape will clear her name.

Note to Lindsay -- it's a bad gamble.

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Fantasia Performed at the NABOB Awards Dinner in Washington, D.C. on March 4

Congratulations to Fantasia also for winning a NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Song, "Bittersweet", on March 4, 2011.

hit the stage at the 27th Annual National Association Of Black Owned Broadcasters Communication Awards Dinner last evening. Her performance received a standing ovation from the crowd, which included US Attorney General Eric Holder.

CNN's Soledad O'Brien tweeted, "Now Fantasia (@TasiasWord) is doing Purple Rain. Wow. Everyone Standing. She's off the stage in the crowd.

White House Correspondent April D. Ryan tweeted, "
Fantasia is tearing it up she sang old school to include purple rain and just sang bitter sweet. att general Eric Holder is in the house."

Political analyst, publisher and professor Bryan Monroe tweeted,
"Now Fantasia is on stage, told band to stop, she wants to take it "old school," breakin' out with "Rock Steady (What It Is)." scared of her!
Dayum! She done kicked her shoes off and is now doing Prince's "Purple Rain"! Fantasia's throwin' down!"


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matthew lewis


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ONTD, What Did You Do Last Night?

Please no spoilers on opening weekend. font color=white followed /font will prevent spoilers. If you want to know spoilers, go to wikipedia or themoviespoiler.

Went to see The Adjustment Bureau. I liked it but it wasn't BRURRRRR Inception great, y'know. There was something lacking, and I can't explain why I left unfulfilled.
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Kanye West Applies for Fashion Degree


Kanye West has reportedly applied to study a Masters degree in fashion at a London university.

The rapper apparently flew to the UK on Wednesday to meet with Professor Louise Wilson, the head of the course at Central Saint Martins College, to be interviewed for a place.

"Kanye spends a lot of time with fashion students and often hooks up with Central's arty pupils when he is in London," a source told The Sun. "The rapper already has work experience with Fendi and Louis Vuitton on his CV. Now that he has been interviewed the school's board will have to decide whether to allow him to start the MA fashion course later this year."

Rumors regarding the status of his application are reportedly circling among current students. "They are saying he has been turned down for a place because his portfolio wasn't up to standard," the source added.

Past students at the institution include Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and M.I.A..


Kim Kardashian introduces little sister Kylie, 13, to Las Vegas and parties with Mel B

She might only be 13, but Kim Kardashian decided it was time to introduce her little sister Kylie to Las Vegas last night.

The duo headed to Nevada for the grand opening of Sugar Factory American Brasserie at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, where they bumped into Mel B.

Kylie Jenner is well under the drinking age but that didn’t seem to deter the aspiring model to join her 30-year-old half-sister on the trip.

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brand new hero.

Lee Pace Talks 'Ceremony'

Actor Lee Pace has certainly forged a diverse career in Hollywood, on both the big and small screen. He starred as Ned in the beloved but short-lived ABC series Pushing Daisies and has been featured in movies such as The Fall, The Good Shepherd, and last year's Best Picture nominee A Single Man.

His next movie is the wonderful dramatic-comedy Ceremony, which is available on video-on-demand formats today, March 4, ahead of its theatrical release on April 8. Lee Pace stars as Whit, a documentary filmmaker who is about to marry Zoe (Uma Thurman), although a young writer named Sam (Michael Angarano), who Zoe once had a fling with, crashes the festivities to win her back. I had the chance to [speak] with Lee Pace over the phone, and here's what he had to say.

I recently saw the movie and the first thing that came to mind was it felt like an indie version of Wedding Crashers.

Lee Pace: Totally, totally.

It was kind of like Wedding Crashers meets Aaron Sorkin, almost. Was that the kind of vibe you got when you first read the script?

Lee Pace: I hadn't read anything like this before. I just thought it was cool and interesting. The story changes in such an interesting way, from beginning to end, and I just loved the character. I thought the character was a lot of fun and would be fun to play. There's a lot of creative life you can build around a character like that.

What was great about your performance is that people who might not know your work, they wouldn't know that you're not British. It was a very convincing British accent you had here.

Lee Pace: Oh, good. I pitched (writer-director) Max (Winkler) that maybe he's from New Jersey and he just puts on this accent because that's who he is. He has created this persona. I just imagined this idea of this guy, who, when he's 13 years old, sails around the world and has had this incredible life, this incredible fun life that he wants to share with everyone.

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They Came Together

Worst Celebrity Singers: 12 People Who Shouldn't Quit Their Day Jobs

Ok, sure, who among us hasn't belted out a karaoke hit even though we didn't have the pipes for it? But restraint and common decency dictates that just because we made it through an awful rendition of "More Than A Feeling" we're not going to start thinking we should cut a demo.

Unfortunately, the pixie dust in the air in Hollywood seems to make some people think that because they excel at one thing, they can probably do just as well at something else entirely. For instance, Paris Hilton is terrific at having bangs. Seriously. There's not a bang look -- heavy, wispy, windswept -- that she can't rock. But that achievement, impressive as it is, doesn't mean anyone wants to hear her autotuned within an inch of her life on "Stars Are Blind."

So with that in mind, we present to you the following list of people we wish would stick to the thing they're actually good at. In the case of a few, we respectfully suggest they keep looking for whatever that is.

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nate serena coat room

Serena and Nate Update: Blake in New York Times and 10 things you didn't know about Chace

Blake Lively talks fashion + the industry says tons of nice things about her, and things you may not know about Chace Crawford

LAST Wednesday evening, Blake Lively, the star of “Gossip Girl,” arrived at Le Grenouille in Midtown, where Chanel had organized a dinner to introduce her as the new face of the French fashion house’s Mademoiselle handbag ad campaign. Wearing a white Chanel minidress that contained — at least, to a degree — her famously curvaceous torso while still showing off her long, perpetually tanned legs, the 23-year-old Ms. Lively seemed, at times, to have trouble believing that she was the focal point of the room.

After greeting the designer Tory Burch and Vogue’s event director, Sylvana Soto-Ward, and hopping up and down in wobbly heels upon seeing John Galantic, the president of Chanel, Ms. Lively eventually made her way to a table. “I was just having a conversation and I looked down and saw ‘Chanel: Dinner in Honor of Blake Lively’ ” she said, pointing to her menu. “It’s crazy.”
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sources 1 and 2
Bring IT

This shouldn't even be a question, Saturday afternoon wrasslin post

The Rock vs. John Cena: Who is winning the Wrestlemania war of words?

Wrestlemania is only a four weeks away, with a flurry of story lines with the superstars of WWE running at full gear heading into the biggest show of the year. CM Punk and the Nexus are pursuing Randy Orton, Triple H has laid down the challenge for the Undertaker’s ‘Streak’, and World Champion Edge is going to defend his 10 lbs of gold against Alberto Del Rio. All these stories have interest, but one angle is the top talking point of Wrestlemania 27: John Cena vs. The Rock....or rather The Miz vs. John Cena with the Rock mocking both WWE Championship match.

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and this Saturday afternoon wrasslin post is brought to you by the GQMF of WWF (fuck the E) getting ready to kick some ass

I' m here to serve the people who enjoy these posts btw happy saturday you guys <3
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DJ White Shadow Talk About "Government Hooker"

Earlier this week, fans got a taste of the new Born This Way track "Government Hooker," which made its debut during a Mugler fashion show in Paris. The song's producer, DJ White Shadow, called "Hooker" a thumping, sexy track.

"To me, that song is my favorite song, and it's just a beast," he told MTV News. "I don't even know how to explain it. [Born This Way] is not a pop album; it's a pop masterpiece of music. If there was no category of pop music, you wouldn't call it pop music."

Shadow recalled how the song came together — and let's just say what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there. "We were in this studio in Vegas, and I was playing some hip-hop stuff [for Gaga's label boss Vince Herbert], and I ran across this [old beat I had made], and we were talking about faster songs, so I sped it up and I played it for Vince."

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im pretty sure this means that the Mugler preview is the real song. 

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'Transformers 2' Director Michael Bay Says Film 'Was Crap'


Director Michael Bay has slammed his own movie, calling Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen "crap" and blaming its shortcomings on the writers' strike.

In an interview with Empire magazine, Bay admits that they "made some mistakes" while filming the critically panned sequel.

"The real fault with [Transformers 2] is that it ran into a mystical world," he explains. "When I look back at it, that was crap. The writers' strike was coming hard and fast. It was just terrible to do a movie where you've got to have a story in three weeks."

He adds, "I was prepping a movie for months where I only had 14 pages of some idea of what the movie was. It's a BS way to make a movie, do you know what I'm saying?"

This isn't the first time Bay has blamed the writers' strike for the blockbuster's faults. In July 2010, he told USA Today, "I'll take some of the criticism. It was very hard to put [the sequel] together that quickly after the writers' strike."

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Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Comic Relief's 24 hour People Panel

Miranda Hart, Stephen Fry and Barbara Windsor are among the celebrities who will take part in David Williams's 24 Hour Panel People in aid of Comic Relief.

As previously
revealed, the event will see the comic take on the roles of host, team captain and panellist alongside the rotating special guests, while paying tribute to a range of popular panel shows.
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1650 - 1745 Generation Game
Vernon Kay, David and Mum, Miranda Hart and Patricia Hodge and David Walliams.

1750 - 1835 Through The Keyhole
Sir David Frost, David Tennant, Patricia Hodge and David Walliams.

1850 - 2000 Blankety Blank
Paul O'Grady, Barbara Windsor, David Tennant, George Lamb, Keith Harris and Orville, Stacey Solomon, Lee Ryan, Duncan James and David Walliams.

2010 - 2110 Mock The Week
Dara O'Briain, Andrew Maxwell, Andy Parsons, Daniel Sloss, Doc Brown, Seann Walsh and David Walliams.

2120 - 2230 Celebrity Juice
Leigh Francis, Lauren Laverne, Prof Germaine Greer, Jedward, Rufus Hound and David Walliams.

2230 - 2340 Argumental
Dara O'Briain, Germaine Greer, Jo Brand, Marcus Brigstocke, Rufus Hound and David Walliams.

0020 - 0130 QI
Stephen Fry, Russell Tovey, Sean Lock, Sue Perkins and David Walliams.

0135 - 0225 They Think It's All Over
Nick Hancock, Dave Berry, Gabby Logan, Lee Hurst, Phil Tufnell, Richard Bacon and David Walliams.

0235 - 0335 Room 101
Nick Hancock and David Walliams.

0530 - 0615 Give Us A Clue
Sara Cox, Christopher Biggins, Lionel Blair, Una Stubbs, Holly Walsh, Jenni Falconer and David Walliams.

0620 - 0710 What's My Line
Stephen K. Amos, Christopher Biggins, Holly Walsh and David Walliams.

0720- 0800 Mastermind
Griff Rhys Jones, Adam Woodyatt and David Walliams.

0810- 0915 Have I Got News For You
Patrick Kielty, Jason Manford, Lembit Opik, Paul Merton and David Walliams.

0925 - 1040 Whose Line Is It Anyway
Clive Anderson, Humphrey Ker, Josie Lawrence, Neil Mullarkey, Tony Slattery and David Walliams.

1030 - 1220 Never Mind The Buzzcocks
Alexa Chung, Chris O'Dowd, Dappy, Robert Webb, Neil Tennant, Nick Grimshaw and David Walliams.

ty cre8tive_license for bringing this
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I apologise for the fail of an LJ cut :(

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Donald Trump Doesn't Believe In Gay Marriage, Etc

Donald Trump expressed his belief that gay couples should not be allowed to legally marry.

The mogul has previously claimed that he is considering a bid for the US presidency in 2012 as a member of the Republican party.

After indicating to the Des Moines Register that he will compete in next year's Iowa caucus should he decide to seek office, Trump was questioned on his stance concerning same sex marriages.

"They should not be able to marry," the Celebrity Apprentice star asserted.

Trump also admitted that he hasn't developed a "fully formed" opinion on extending medical and civil benefits to gay couples, but he added: "As of this moment, I would say no and no."

The TV personality has suggested that he will announce his final decision on whether to launch a presidential bid in the coming months.

One potential rival for the Republican nomination might be former US Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich, who announced this week that he is forming presidential exploratory committee.

The Celebrity Apprentice premieres March 6 on NBC.

Digital Spy

Natalie Mejia news roundup!

Here is Natalie Mejia at the premiere of the new reality show I Love Jenni, which airs Saturdays on MUN2. In June, Natalie will be making another mark in reality TV on the same channel! Details to be posted as they come.

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Here are a couple of new Natalie photo shoots! In the second one, she is wearing exclusive Crooks & Castles pieces that will not be available in stores. Lucky girl!

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Gorgeous new Twitter pictures and some with Chrystina Sayers!

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Plus the big news... Natalie has just been signed with MSA Talent Agency, the global leader in dance and choreography representation. Congratulations Natalie! She really is such an incredible dancer.
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Is Angelina Jolie Planning To Get Plastic Surgery?


The rumor is that Angelina Jolie is so afraid of losing her looks that she's going under the knife for a major facial makeover.

According to the not always credible National Enquirer, Angelina is "freaked out" and convinced her career will start to slide as she ages. Her answer? A drastic facial makeover.

The tabloid reports the surgeries will include a mini facelift, upper eye surgery, and a nose job. It's reported that her partner Brad Pitt doesn't want her to do it. We agree. She's perfect just the way she is. What do you think?


Plastic surgery - would you do it, ONTD?
Doctor Who - 11 Amy &amp; Rory 1

David Thewlis was said to be 'less than happy' that Anna Friel & Rhys Ifans are an item says source

Rhys Ifans and Anna Friel have confirmed that they're an item. The actress said: 'I'm with Rhys and I'm very happy about it'

Anna Friel's relationship with Rhys Ifans caused headaches for the producers of his film Anonymous.

Her ex David Thewlis is also in the film and was said to be less than happy that Anna and Rhys are an item. Thewlis is the father of Anna’s daughter Gracie.

‘Although Anna has admitted that she’s been secretly seeing Rhys for two months, behind the scenes a really sticky love triangle has been played out,’ says a source.

Rhys recently flew his parents out to Anna’s LA home. ‘He’s fallen for Anna’s down-to-earth, family-centric warmth,’ a source adds.

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JBeebs - Judging You

Simon Cowell Rules Out P Diddy, Christina Aguilera As X Factor Judges

Simon Cowell says P Diddy and Christina Aguilera won't be given jobs as judges on the American X Factor.

Simon was talking about the upcoming first season of his latest TV contest during an interview with Jay Leno this week, when he ruled-out hiring Diddy as the rapper is "too expensive".

When asked about Burlesque star Christina, Cowell told the talk show host, "Absolutely not". (Rude.)

Another name mentioned by Leno is R&B singer Usher, to which he replied: "Maybe. Yeah I like Usher. He's good," before mentioning Paula Abdul and joking about hiring actor Charlie Sheen.

And despite Simon saying he'd already spoken with Shania Twain and Jessica Simpson about becoming judges, he's still unsure who to hire for the job.

"I can't make up my mind. I've been meeting all these people every day and I like them and at the moment I could end up with about 23 judges on this panel. One contestant, 23 judges!"


Christina Looking Great leaving Mozza Restaurant

Last night Christina Aguilera and Matthew Rutler returned to the restaurant they dined at just hours before Matthew's arrest for a DUI early Tuesday morning.

The couple were all smiles as they left their favorite restaurant, Osteria Mozza, where just four days earlier witnesses said they were drinking bottles of wine over a late-night dinner.

Aguilera and her beau drove to the restaurant, but wisely took a limo home when they left at 1am. Her bodyguard followed with Rutler's Mustang as they drove back to Aguilera's house.

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True love conquers all! Charlie Sheen and One 'Goddess' Split – and Reunite



Was three a crowd?

Rachel Oberlin, one of Charlie Sheen's two "goddesses," has "left the building," his writes on his Twitter page in an "Update: Sober Valley Ranch."

"We're sad … Over it. … Applications now being accepted!" he says.

Then just hours later, Sheen told PEOPLE, "She's back!"

Oberlin, 24, a porn actress also known as Bree Olsen, has been sharing Sheen's affections with Natalie Kenly during the actor's surreal battle with his boss at Two and a Half Men and custody dispute with estranged wife Brooke Mueller.

Oberlin's mother had been worried about her, but Oberlin told PEOPLE last week she was comfortable in the arrangement: "I've always felt that a man should be able to be with as many women as he likes.",,20471483,00.html

Mods, this was NOT posted earlier. That post was about about her leaving. This is about her coming back.

David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Tracklist & Sample From The Chemical Brothers’ Soundtrack For ‘Hanna’ Revealed

Soundtrack Hits Early; March 15th Via iTunes

It seems we’re at the the tipping point of a full-blown trend of beat-makers taking on the soundtracks for films, and not only that, with Trent Reznor taking home an Oscar last weekend it’s gained legitimacy. Daft Punk already turned heads with their work on “Tron: Legacy” and Basement Jaxx will have their turn later this summer with “Attack the Block,” but just around the corner is “Hanna” and the The Chemical Brothers will be providing the pulsating score.

Directed by Joe Wright and starring Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams and Jason Flemyng, the story centers on a 16-year-old (Ronan) who was raised by her father (Bana) to be a coldhearted killing machine and then connects with a French family who look to help ease her into a more conventional life. The music we’ve heard so far in snatches in the trailers and clips from the film sound great, but we hope that it’s woven well into the fabric of the film and doesn’t sit awkwardly apart from it. However, it seems like this has the possibility of being an easier disc to thrown on than “Tron: Legacy,” which was a bit more cinematically grounded (ie. not exactly danceable). You can check out “Container Park” below which in its under four-minute running time runs between hard beats and some gentle lulls. Nicely done. There are also some supposed leaks floating around which you can listen to here but to our ears they sound incomplete at best or demo versions. They could be entirely fake, too.

The soundtrack will hit early on March 15th through iTunes with the movie landing on April 8th. Check out the full tracklist and song after the cut.

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Taylor: unicorn earrings

Ian Somerhalder Wants to Stop Animal Cruelty

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

When actor Ian Somerhalder, star of the TV series The Vampire Diaries, learned of the brutal culling of 100 sled dogs in British Columbia, he was outraged. "As a people, we can't accept this type of senseless killing ... These animals were brutally murdered and the individuals responsible should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Period."
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He's amazing.
Those poor dogs. :(

Follow him on twitter!

Season 5 - Betty sends Sally to fat camp.

Juice diet turns Betty Draper into a size six: January Jones slims down from hourglass figure

As a slender size ten, she had to wear a girdle to match the hourglass curves of her Mad Men co-stars.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

But actress January Jones may need even more help fitting into Betty Draper’s clothes in the next series – after dropping two dress sizes on a strict juice diet.
The 33-year-old has shrunk to a tiny size six to take on the role of Emma Frost in the upcoming X-Men film.

She said her revealing costume for the movie was a ‘challenge’, adding: ‘In the comic it’s pretty much painted on and she has quite an unrealistic body.’

According to claims, the star lost weight on a restrictive regime of fresh juices and raw vegetables. Her slimmer figure attracted attention in January this year when she attended the Golden Globe Awards.

But it seems Jones is still happy to show off her shrinking physique, recently posing for a Versace advertising campaign wearing nothing but high heels and a strategically-placed handbag.

Designer Donatella Versace described her as ‘a perfect Versace woman for the 21st century’, adding: ‘She is chic and elegant but deeply sensual too.’


UK sizes, people ... also, i do think she looked so much healthier in season one :/
David Gandy: Pucker

Pierce Brosnan will collaborate with Oscar winner Susanne Bier

It's been a while since we've seen Pierce Brosnan in a romantic comedy -- nearly three years, in fact, since he vied for Meryl Streep's attentions in the romantic musical comedy "Mamma Mia!" In the time since. Brosnan has dabbled in a lot of other genres: political thriller ("The Ghost Writer"), widower drama ("The Greatest"), religion-themed thriller (the upcoming "Salvation Boulevard.")Collapse )
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Walking Dead Season Two Scoop: "It's Going to Get Sexier and More Violent"


The Walking Dead returns!

While AMC's hit zombie series' second season won't air until fall(!), its cast, producers and fans celebrated their show's phenomenal success by kicking off PaleyFest 2011 Friday.

The writers room just opened its doors this week, but cast and producers did hint at what we can expect when the full 13-episode second season returns this fall...

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New Poster and Banner for THOR


Marvel has released two new posters for Kenneth Branagh’s Thor.  Taking a turn away from the previous posters of “Tall bearded man holds mallet”, these new posters give audiences what they really want: words over the actors’ faces.  Yes, whether you’re white, old, female, or black, the word “Thor” makes the perfect addition to your gigantic mug.

Hit the jump to check out the posters.

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G.I joe dumps Sienna Miller


Home-wrecking hottie Sienna Miller won’t be reprising her role as The Baronness in “G.I Joe 2″ – which, er, kinda makes sense considering the character bit the bullet in the 2010 film. 

Rachel Nichols, who played ‘Scarlett’ in “G.I Joe : Rise of the Cobra”, said on Twitter that “the only characters to return in the JON CHU directed sequel will be SNAKE EYES, STORM SHADOW, and DUKE…”

In other words, Nichols also won’t be back. Ray Park was Snake Eyes, Byung-hun Lee was Storm Shadow, and Channing Tatum was Duke in the original.

Paramount has also announced a release date for the sequel : August 10, 2012



KING MARCEL VIGNERON is a master with liquid nitrogen

Later this month, Syfy will premiere their new cooking show, Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen. Check out this teaser, which will give you a glimpse of host Marcel Vigneron as he demonstrates his appreciation for liquid nitrogen in the kitchen.

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Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen will premiere Tuesday, March 22nd at 10/9c only on Syfy.


god in human form, tbh

p.s. mods, don't know what to tag this, sorry :(

Ryan Reynolds spotted getting cosy with 25-year-old German model

Ryan Reynolds, who filed for divorce in December from wife Scarlett Johansson, appears to be moving on with another pretty blonde.

The Proposal actor, 34, was snapped getting close to German model Agnes Fischer in Cape Town, South Africa, earlier this week.

In a photo taken near the set of Ryan's upcoming movie Safe House, which co-stars Oscar winner Denzel Washington, Ryan was seen walking side-by-side with the 25-year-old blonde.

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[Mando] Din Djarin

Vampires are overrated but I'd watch everything Colin Firth is in okay

The King's Speech star Colin Firth is set to become a creepy vampire called Stoker for his next movie, it has emerged.

The 50-year-old Oscar winner is to join Nicole Kidman, 43, and Alice In Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska, 21, in the film, which is inspired by Bram Stoker's classic horror novel Dracula.

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Niche Post

Take Me Out shocker as Lucy Evans bags a man at long last

TAKE Me Out star Lucy Evans FINALLY got a date the 45th attempt.

The 19-year-old from Porthcawl had endured misery on hit ITV show Take Me Out for 12 weeks running.

But despite being endlessly rejected she finally landed a fella this evening when gym manager Dave from Essex chose her.

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Mods please accept it. From the viewpoint of a UK ONTD-er, this is BIG NEWS. It was top trending topic on Twitter AND WITH GOOD REASON.

For everyone outside the US, Take Me Out (wikipedia) is the best thing to happen to TV since The Wire. 30 single girls, 1 single fella, let the sausage see the roll etc.

Hollywood Actresses Who Get Better With Age

Earlier this week, Celebuzz shared their picks for Hollywood hottest fellas who have been treated kindly by years gone by, and now it’s the ladies turn.

With so many female stars turning to Botox and plastic surgery to help themselves have that youthful glow, (most) of these ladies have passed on the nip/tuck and look even more fabulous than those who have.

Stars who turn to surgery can take a page from these showbiz elite (such as Jennifer Aniston and Sharon Stone) when it comes to aging gracefully and beautifully.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey is the definition of getting beautiful with age!

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The female counterpart to this post.
Kourtney OK

Ultimate GQMF talks style, drinking and getting booed

Scott Disick made his first talk show appearance this week, sitting down for a chat on Lopez Tonight. He talks about:

* Getting booed in the street,
* His style (yes, they make the American Psycho comparison),
* What he actually does for a living,
* Being in love with Kim,
* Carefully avoids giving his opinion on Kim's new song,
* Whether him and Kourtney are engaged,
* Charlie Sheen (because no one can be interviewed atm without being asked about it).


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I'm so glad people are finally starting to see how brilliant and hilarious he is. I swear, his whole act up until now has just been to troll Kris Jenner anyway.
David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Marcus Mumford on Backing Dylan, Naked Songwriting and Why Arcade Fire Rule His World

A week before the Grammys, Mumford & Sons had no idea they'd be sharing a stage with Bob Dylan

A week before the Grammys, Mumford & Sons had no idea they'd be sharing a stage with Bob Dylan. "It was surreal," says the folk-rock quartet's singer, Marcus Mumford, 24. "I was staying with my friend in California, and every night, we'd stay up until three listening to Dylan. Then I get a call: 'You're playing the Grammys with Bob Dylan.'" The British crew — whose breakout debut disc, Sigh No More, just went platinum — ended up stealing the show with a passionate rendition of their tune "The Cave," driving their album back up to Number Two. Mumford, taking a cigarette break from a writing session for the band's second album, checks in from London.

Were you excited to back Dylan on "Maggie's Farm"?
The initial idea was that we'd play the Grammys with the Avett Brothers — one of our favorite bands in the world — and "a legend of music." When our manager said, "It's Bob Dylan," I got out of bed and ran outside and jumped around like a madman! You can imagine the reaction of someone who probably wouldn't be playing music at all if it wasn't for Dylan.

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Jennifer Love Hewitt steps out in unflattering frumpy dress ...

She’s renowned for her yo-yo dieting and questionable fashion tastes but Jennifer Love Hewitt has really outdone herself this time.

The 32-year-old actress was spotted shopping in Beverly Hills in a frumpy dress that looked like maternity-wear gone wrong.

The unflattering dress did nothing to compliment her figure, which she constantly battles with.

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