March 3rd, 2011

Drag Queens (and other Gays) Revolt Against Lady Gaga

"Gaga's nothing but a Madonna wannabe."
"Gaga insults the Asian population. We're not Orientals!"
"Who does she think she is calling herself Mama Monster?"
"She’s lost her mind and she’s lost me as a fan!"
“Go back to hell with your fake horns bitch!”

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boyd smile

Joe Wright Says He Hopes To Shoot ‘Anna Karenina’ This Fall

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Makes A Pretty Strong Hint That Keira Knightley Will Take On The Lead Role. Tom Stoppard will pen the script.

With his ass-kicking “Hanna” getting ready to do its thing in theaters next month, director Joe Wright already has his eyes on this next project and it’s looking more and more likely it will be an adaptation of Leo Tolstoy‘s “Anna Karenina,” a project that was first revealed to be in development last fall.

At the time, Keira Knightley was attached in the lead role of the Tom Stoppard penned script—which was submitted just before Christmas—which to summarize the book at its simplest (it’s 900 pages long) concerns the tragic Moscow-set love story of the titular married Russian aristocrat who falls for an army officer. Speaking with About, Wright revealed that should it all come together he hopes to shoot the film this fall and while he won’t name her directly, it looks like Knightley is still his gal.

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Tom Stoppard's son Ed for Levin TBH

Comedic Goddess Anna Faris on 'Chelsea Lately'

Anna Faris stopped by "Chelsea Lately" last night to promote her new flick "Take Me Home Tonight." In the interview, she discusses with Chelsea her fascination with miniature crime scenes, how she sealed the deal with her "Home" co-star and now-husband Chris Pratt, her conservative parents, and her turn in a training video for the Red Robin burger franchise.


Love her, but I don't know if I'm feelin' that bob on her.
comedy | This chibi is now DIAMONDS.

Old Spice Scent Vacation: Behind-the-Scenes!

Old Spice takes you behind the scenes of "Scent Vacation" (the ad with the mountain-goat harp) in this video, which features cameos by Wieden + Kennedy creatives Eric Kallman and Craig Allen. But it's Isaiah Mustafa, of course, who gets top billing. "The writers, Eric and Craig, they're super guys," he says. "And I love saying their funny words."

SOURCE: / YouTube

Wow, I assumed there was more special FX to it than this. Never would have anticipated that the whole "magic" comes down to one of those rotating room props. The only thing that looks CGI'd is the harness that held Mustafa up -- and only to the extent of CGI'ing the harness OUT of the final cut!

Seamless, under two minutes, more marketable than your faves.


Zellweger to reprise role if she doesn't have to get fat


A third Bridget Jones film is on the way to cinemas after producers promised Renée Zellweger she would not have to pile on the pounds to play the hapless singleton.Zellweger is said to have been unhappy at the amount of weight she had to gain for previous instalments Bridget Jones's Diary, and Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, both of which also starred Hugh Grant and newly crowned best actor Oscar-winner Colin Firth. The new film would sidestep the issue by introducing a proud, svelte Bridget in the opening scenes.

A source told the tabloid: "Renée had no reservations about saying yes once she found out she wouldn't have to get fat. She hated having to do that in the last two films."

The newspaper reports that the plot for the third film could hinge on a pregnancy love triangle, with Bridget unaware which of her diametrically opposed rival suitors is the father.

Both Grant and Firth are said to be keen to reprise their roles. Firth told the BBC last month: "I don't really want to be part of a perpetual franchise but we're all getting so old! I think the idea of Mark and Daniel and Bridget in advanced stages of deterioration could be quite fun. We're making a comedy after all."

Loved the first film
OMG this is gonna be a DISASTUH! 

King K



Stephanie Pratt, Lauren Conrad's BFF on The Hills, says she's landed a deal with reality TV production company, Bunim-Murray, for what could be a possible reality show, type of format yet to be known.

Stephanie revealed this last night at a charity event during an online interview, Stephanie hopes her fans will be able to see her soon on TV again.

Stephanie Pratt has been doing her best to keep herself busy since The Hills ended last July, doing mostly red carpet movie appearances and online stuff. Stephanie also mentions nothing about her notorious brother, Spencer Pratt, or anything about her damaged goods, sister-in-law, Heidi Montag; neither Stephanie or Spencer speak to each other.

However, Stephanie Pratt does have high regard for her Hills BFF, Lauren Conrad, who still talk every now and then, and have no grudges against each other.


scott evans

Dianna Agron Flirting With Chris Evans?

Alex Pettyfer's scary tantrums got him banned from a pre-Oscar party on Feb. 26, but his ex-girlfriend Dianna Agron was free to party -- and flirt! -- the night away.

An insider tells that the single-again Glee actress, 24, hit the Weinstein/Montblanc pre-Oscar bash at L.A.'s Soho House with close pal Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl).

Around 1:00 a.m., Agron got into a long, intense chat with Chris Evans. "They were definitely flirting," the witness tells Us of Agron and the hunky Captain America star, 29.

(Also flirting with Agron and Szohr, with less success, according to the party witness: Gerard Butler and Dane Cook.)

About a half an hour into the heart-to-heart, "Chris grabbed Dianna's hand and kissed her knuckles," the reveler says. "It was sweet!"

When Agron and Szohr were ready to leave, Evans went "in for a close cheek kiss and hug with Dianna."

Is Agron ready to love again after her ugly breakup from Pettyfer, 20? "It seemed like Chris was more smitten than Dianna," the source says.


That photo of Chris is from a couple of years ago, BTW. I just wanted to use it because I love his arms in the picture and that super-butch facial expression.
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Yale Journalism Student Criticizes James Franco; Franco's Pissed


The reaction to James Franco's performance-art piece as co-host of the Academy Awards has been unanimously negative, something Franco would know if he had spent much time on the Internet after the show. (We do not blame him for not doing this.) Instead, he must have just read his local campus newspaper. He did not handle the criticism well.

Franco, who signed up for Twitter just a week or so before the Academy Awards and did plenty of Tweeting from backstage, sent out his first post-Oscars tweet yesterday, and it wasn't a pretty one: It said, simply, "F--- The Yale Daily News" in red photoshop ink over a picture of himself.

What was that about? Over the weekend, the Daily News wrote a story about Franco, who is pursuing a doctorate at Yale. (His need to be in classes during the week caused him to miss most Oscar rehearsals, which might have contributed to his poor Oscar performance). Yale student Cokey Cohen wrote that Franco's Twitter "sort of sucks," pointing out that Franco tends to just throw up silly pictures of himself rather than attacking the medium with the gusto of, say, Charlie Sheen. It was a relatively innocous piece; certainly, Franco could have read far, far worse.

Needless to say, Cohen was taken aback and a bit bewildered; we would have been too. Cohen responded yesterday on the Yale Daily News' site in as friendly a fashion as you could expect from someone who was just told to eff off by a internationally known movie star. "It's also possibly the pinnacle of my career as a writer," Cohen wrote. Cohen also argued that Franco's "whole life is a form of postmodern performance art." At this point, no one would dare argue with that.

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William H Macy is 'Shameless'


The star of the Showtime series talks about being 'Shameless'.

by Fred Topel
Mar 01, 2011


William H. Macy really loves describing his new show. The recently renewed Showtime series Shameless lets him do all the bad things you’re not supposed to do. When anyone asks him about it, he says, “It’s shameless!” After a panel for the Television Critics Association last month, I asked for a few more details about being shameless.


CraveOnline: Is shameless a good or admirable thing?


William H. Macy: Oh yeah. Shame is a terrible emotion. Shame and guilt, nothing good ever comes out of those.

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Trent Reznor to score and star in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Trent Reznor will reteam with Atticus Ross to orchestrate the score for Timur Bekmambetov and Tim Burton's Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The Oscar winning Reznor will himself be starring in the film: as the vampire that kills Abe's mom.

In theaters June 22, the story revolves around the president's quest to rid the world of vampires, presented as part of the conflict behind the Civil War.

Source 1
Source 2
Ani: Amazon Warrior

What sign-language interpreters make of the likes of Lady Gaga and Bon Jovi

The first question that interpreters get asked is, "But why would a deaf person go to a concert?" They think it's a silly question, but everyone asks it.

Going to a concert is partly about hearing the songs. It is equally about the costumes, the spectacle, the pulsing, the convulsing - the sticky, claustrophobic mass of humanity. When you consider this, it makes perfect sense that deaf people go to concerts.

But someone still needs to interpret the words.
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The Premiere of "Jersey Floor"

Have you ever wondered what happens at Late Night when the show is finished taping? Our brand new series, Jersey Floor, shows you exactly what happens: Jimmy and his pals hop on the elevator and go straight to the Jersey Floor! What happens on Jersey Floor? Gym, tanning, hot tubs, and mad partying, yo. Featuring: Jimmy "J Bro" Fallon, Josh "DJ Josh" Meyers, Rachel "Drootchie" Dratch, Abby "Lovebug" Elliott, A.D. "Miles" Miles, Bashir "B-Hole" Salahuddin, Steve "The Inflation" Higgins, and Random Girl. Also, CHECK OUT JERSEYFLOOR.COM for a deleted scene and behind-the-scenes photos!


Fringe fans post!

Joshua Jackson is spotted on the set of the Fox sci-fi series Fringe Tuesday in Vancouver, Canada (Mar. 1). Joshua’s co-star Anna Torv was caught on set a few weeks ago. You can see those pics here.

needs our help to save the series! He told Entertainment Weekly last month:

“I’m a positive person in general, but we really need our Fringe fans to tune in and watch us on Fridays [ed. note - the series moved from Thursday nights to Friday nights in January]. We did good when we first moved, but last week we did not have a good week, ratings wise. It is going to take the people that like the show to watch the show and start the campaign and show their support if they want to see us stick around for another season.”

+12 pics at the source

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Theon haters - Rhymes


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Are you ready for the biggest fantasy news since HBO decided to make a TV show called Game of Thrones?

The next book in George R.R. Martin’s bestselling A Song of Ice and Fire series has a publication date.

Yes, we swear, after waiting six long years since the release of the last novel in the saga, the fabled Book 5 A Dance With Dragons is close enough to being finished* for Martin’s publisher to set a release date. We have that date, exclusively, along a first look at the book’s cover art and an interview with the man himself.

A Dance With Dragons will be published on July 12. The manuscript is huge — the publisher estimates the hardcover edition will run more than 900 pages, putting it about the same length as the longest book in the series, A Storm of Swords. Schedule your summer vacation accordingly.

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Helping hand to keep Rihanna's fans at bay, guard grabs her breast at Beppi's restuarant

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As Rihanna got into the swing of her latest Sydney visit, her bodyguard got photographed with his hand in an awkward position.

Just a day after her first shopping trip - to buy lingerie, no less - the diva yesterday stepped out for a quiet bite at celebrity restaurant Beppi's. Well, quiet for a global superstar.

Yesterday, she and her entourage sampled pasta and veal during her second visit to the diner in 12 hours after a visit on Wednesday night.

And, as she fought her way through the crowd yesterday, her minder was on hand to support her. "It was wonderful to have her here and it was so nice to see her over two nights," our Beppi's source told us.

The East Sydney eatery is the place to visit if you are a celebrity. Previous guests have included Pink, Shirley Bassey, astronaut Neil Armstrong and Frank Sinatra.

Rihanna will perform at Acer Arena tonight and tomorrow.

george jetson

Can Christina Aguilera Regain Her Pop-Diva Crown?

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The pattern has, unfortunately, become fairly predictable at this point. A young star experiences stratospheric early success, lives a high-flying lifestyle and engages in over-the-top rebellious behavior and then begins to spin out of control after experiencing some personal and professional disappointments.

The latest victim is Grammy winner Christina Aguilera, whose annus horribilis reached its peak on Tuesday morning when she and her boyfriend both ended up behind bars. A year ago, Aguilera was on the cusp of a return to the spotlight after nearly three years away, during which she celebrated the birth of her son and recorded a new album, Bionic, which was tagged as her futuristic stab at retaking her pop-diva mantle.

"There's no other way of looking at the last year in her career other than to say it's been trying," said Keith Caulfield, the associate director of charts for Billboard magazine. "A lot of artists have tough times and go through all sorts of drama. Mariah Carey had her 'TRL' moment when 'Glitter' bombed and 'Loverboy' didn't do what she wanted, but she came back with 'We Belong Together,' and was better than ever. Everyone was writing [Aguilera] off because that's what we like to do — beat people while they're down."

Although authorities have said she won't be prosecuted, Aguilera was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of public intoxication on Tuesday morning after her boyfriend Matthew Rutler was pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence. It was the latest hiccup in a year of difficulties for Aguilera, which began with the flop of her 2010 Bionic album, which has sold only 250,000 copies in the U.S. to date.
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Carey 'embarrassed' over Gadhafi-linked concert

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Mariah Carey says she was unaware that she was booked to perform a concert linked to Gadhafi's clan — and she's embarrassed "to have participated in this mess."

Carey is among a handful of entertainers who were paid handsome fees to give exclusive private concerts. It was later revealed the people behind those concerts were the family of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, whose country is in an open revolt against him and who faces an investigation for possible war crimes.

This week, Nelly Furtado announced she is giving the $1 million fee she was paid in 2007 to charity; Beyonce said in a statement Wednesday that she donated her fees for a 2009 New Year's Eve performance in St. Bart's to Haiti earthquake relief once she discovered the Gadhafi link.

Carey performed in St. Bart's in 2008, but in a statement released to The Associated Press on Thursday, she said she didn't know she was performing for an infamous family.

"I was naive and unaware of who I was booked to perform for. I feel horrible and embarrassed to have participated in this mess," the 40-year-old singer said. "Going forward, this is a lesson for all artists to learn from. We need to be more aware and take more responsibility regardless of who books our shows. Ultimately, we as artists are to be held accountable."
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Bobbi Kristina Responds To Photos Of Her Alleged Cocaine Use

Yesterday, photos of Bobbi Kristina snorting (what looks to be) cocaine, circulated on the internet after being published in The National Enquirer. Now that Twitter has become the new press conference, Bobbi Kristina tweeted her official response to the accusations of drug use, and blamed it all on a relationship gone wrong:
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The pictures: a former very dear person to me did this. Set me up to make it look exactly what it looks like. God will smite them yes. But it’s really not what it looks like. People will do anything for money which is extremely sad, and I’m very hurt by this. Thing’s people do these days to hurt others is a shame. All I can do now, is keep my head up high, keep looking towards the lord. All the lord is telling me is be still. That’s all, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. #BeStill.

I love my family so much. My mom just comforted me to the max, and I’m so thankful for her. Thank you so much lord for blessing me with an Phenomenal family and incredibly phenomenal mother. Thank you for giving me the strength to move forward and put things in the past.

And the person that did this was a result of a horrible relationship that went sour. I was in love, he was in love with money. I’ve learned my lesson. I’m so much greater and blessed for it today, and I believe nothing less. That is the last I will speak of this, let’s praise god And be greatful and thankful for your family, and people that truly love you, strength, courage, and life lessons learned. GodblessUall «3

Film - The Old Guard

Amber Heard talks "Drive Angry" and "The Rum Diary"

For a Texan-born actress with a love for classic American muscle cars (she drives a '68 Mustang), starring opposite Nicolas Cage in a grindhouse-style thriller called Drive Angry would seem like the ideal role. It came as no surprise, then, to discover Amber Heard's enthusiasm for both the fast and scuzzy sensibility of the movie and her co-star's typically unusual performance, which includes -- in a move inspired, says Cage, by poet laureate Walt Whitman -- his character Milton drinking beer from the bloodied skull of a deceased foe. Heard plays tough Southern girl Piper, who, after catching out (and beating the crap out of) her no-good cheating boyfriend, finds herself on the run with Nicolas Cage's escapee from Hell. The part calls for plenty of lurid cussin', dirty fist fights, and blowing people away with large weaponry... while somehow managing to be sweet in the process.

We caught up with Heard for a chat ahead of the film's release, and asked her about her role alongside Johnny Depp in Bruce Robinson's adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's The Rum Diary.

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She is insanely hot, but Drive Angry looks like a hilarious hot mess. I thought it was a parody the first time I saw the trailer. Also, they need to give us a goddamn release date for The Rum Diary already.

Charlie Sheen's heroic stand against the tyrannical therapy police

Charlie Sheen is my hero. Not because he goes on five-day benders, takes binbags of drugs and cavorts with ladies of the night. That would be recklessly self-indulgent behaviour in anyone over the age of 21, never mind in a 45-year-old actor with a primetime TV job and a wife and children at home. No, he’s my hero because he refuses to allow his behaviour to be psychologised. He refuses to genuflect before the Oprahite altar of psychobabble and blame his antics on his “inner demons”. Instead he’s fighting like a terrier against experts’ attempts to brand him as “disordered” and in the process has made himself into a one-man army of resistance to the tyranny of therapy that has the twenty-first-century in its grip.
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[bbm] ennis - smoking

Spielberg 'planning WikiLeaks film'

Steven Spielberg is reportedly working on a movie about the WikiLeaks scandal after buying the rights to a book detailing the inside workings of the whistle-blowing website and its director Julian Assange.

The movie mogul's DreamWorks company has paid for the rights to new book WikiLeaks: Inside Julian Assange's War on Secrecy, according to The Guardian. The tome was published by Guardian Books last month.

The book details the life of Assange, the creation of the site in 2006 and the leaks of classified documents.

Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of Guardian News & Media, says, "It's Woodward and Bernstein meets Stieg Larsson meets Jason Bourne. Plus the odd moment of sheer farce and, in Julian Assange, a compelling character who goes beyond what any Hollywood scriptwriter would dare to invent."

Spielberg has not yet commented on the project.


Angelina Jolie Urges Safe Passage for African Refugees

Actress Angelina Jolie has appealed for the safe passage of refugees fleeing Libya and Cote d'Ivoire.

In a statement, the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador said, "We have to give people safe passage, evacuation if needed, and ensure they have asylum. We don't want to look back and find their deaths are on our hands". She goes on further to state, “As we witness these newest crises unfold in west and north Africa, it is critical that all parties respect the fundamental right of people in danger to flee to safety. All I’m asking is that civilians be protected, and not targeted or harmed.”

Jolie, who serves as UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador, has been in Kabul, Afghanistan for the past two days speaking with struggling refugees who are trying to return home after a decade of exile.

“We need to remember that if we don’t support these people in the long term to really get back on their feet, we will see a continued cycle of instability and new crises,” she said.

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crustine pickle

no more Aphrodite :(

from an interview with Perth Now:

"I felt a little let down with my releases

from Aphrodite."

...Another difficulty in 2011 is selling albums. Sales of singles from Aphrodite did not match their quality, punished with some of her lowest chart positions in the UK and Australia in years. There will be no more singles from the album.

"It's confusing," she says. "I felt a little let down with my releases from Aphrodite. I was caught out like a lot of artists were, with record companies figuring out how to do single releases these days.

"I remember doing a promo for one of the last singles and it just felt really old-fashioned. I'm pretty computer-savvy, something didn't feel right, but no one said anything to me.

"Then you get Britney (Spears) releasing Hold It Against Me and Gaga's Born This Way available on iTunes the day you hear it first. That's how it should be. And there's me waiting for a mid-week chart figure like it's 1989. I was a bit disappointed by that. I didn't know how to gauge the success of the singles. How do you measure it now?"

more of the interview about her tour and etc at the source.
:\ the duchess needs to find a new label tbh

Some Dude Offers To Buy Aaron Eckhart's Chin

Aaron Eckhart's Chintastic Chinterview. Watch more top selected videos about: Battle: Los Angeles, Chin

The always hilarious web celeb Alex Blagg posted an interview with Battle: Los Angeles star Aaron Eckhart that’s been making us laugh for the past 15 minutes. Forget the movie — Alex just wants to know about bone structure. Nice chins and even nicer puns — we suddenly feel very chintilatled.

mblaq: lee joon sunflower

Amy Poehler: Watching Comedies 'Not My Idea of Fun'

The delightful Amy Poehler stars in NBC's 'Parks and Recreation,' a mockumentary that pokes fun at local government, specifically the earnest folks of Pawnee, Ind. The brilliant comedian, an alum of 'Upright Citizens Brigade' and 'SNL,' is married to the equally brilliant Will Arnett and is the mother to Archie and Abel. She spoke to PopEater about the "chaos" in her boy-filled household, dealing with annoying paparazzi and what she and Will watch on TV -- she doesn't say '30 Rock.'

Your character on 'Parks and Rec' (Leslie Knope) really thinks her job is important, even though it's not.
What I like about her is how she has really big dreams and a very small amount of power. I think that's always really fun to play. At the end of the day the show is just a character comedy. She's really fun to play because she's a well intentioned lunatic. She's clueless but smart. She's ambitious, but she doesn't really know how to play the game to get ahead.

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Parks and Rec will be back on March 17th.

Ryan Reynolds Spotted With New Girl in South Africa

Ryan Reynolds looks like he's having a good time on location in South Africa! The actor is there filming his new movie Safe House, and he was spotted looking very cozy with a pretty blonde yesterday. She smiled big at the sexy star, kept her hand close to his hot backside, looked on as he shot his scenes, and left with him when he finished work. Ryan has been in Cape Town shooting for the past month and it seems like he's making himself right at home in the city.

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CREEPY POST: Haunted Hollywood Home/Indian Burial Ground/Alien Landing Zone On Market for $15.6 mil

Rumour mill: 'Haunted', 'built on an ancient burial site', acting as an 'alien landing zone' - but will the legends surrounding 2450 Solar Drive in Los Angeles, mar its sale for $15.6m?

Standing, bold as brass in the Hollywood Hills, lies a butterscotch-coloured mansion some have nicknamed the 'wedding cake'.

Through an arched window, in one of its seven bathrooms, snow-capped mountains can be clearly seen. The Hollywood sign is the view from the kitchen and a glorious view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean stretches out from the master bedroom.

Yet 2450 Solar Drive, has been empty for 16 years and remains unfinished, having been dogged by endless building problems, divorce, gangs and drug-fuelled raves, a rumoured murder and some even more outlandish tales besides.

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Can the ONTD'er who talks to dead people please come forth...I would like to speak with the people I love and miss the most who have passed on...of course I am speaking of Rich Cronin and Jahunka. I just want to know if in heaven the beds clean themselves and if I can look forward to an eternity of getting felt up 8th grade style. Thank you.


AND a bonus clip - "Stick Them With the Pointy End"

and in case you missed it, this morning they announced the publication date of Dance With Dragons! NERDGASM COMMENCE

edit - in case anyone missed it, here's a bonus clip they released of jon and arya's "Stick them with the pointy end" earlier this week

David Gandy: Pucker

It's a David Gandy Post Again...

David Gandy is considering launching his debut menswear collection

"I've been thinking about it," he tells us. "People have asked me to do it and it is something I'm considering for the future. I designed my own suit for a party this week and I never got so many compliments on an outfit. But there is a big difference between designing one suit or an entire collection. I see how Dolce and Gabbana do it, they just produce season after season and they never get a break. I'm not ready yet to do that just yet, but never say never."Collapse )

National Enquirer outs Zac Efron

National Enquirer (March 14, 2011) claims Zac Efron has been spotted hand-holding with a dude at an NBA party at the W in L.A. on February 18:

"'I was shocked at how relaxed and open Zac was with this guy,' continued the fellow partygoer. 'He walked around talking to him, smiling and holding his hand right in front of everyone, including Vanessa. People were wondering if maybe it was a stunt to make Vanessa jealous. But truthfully, Zac really seemed into the guy.'"

The article claims that "Zanessa" are clearly not together, but are clearly still friendly.

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Mark Harmon cast as lead in USA original movie " Certain Prey"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Get ready to see a lot more of Mark Harmon on TV.

NCIS' leading man will star in a USA TV movie based on John Sandford's best-selling book series Prey, the network announced Thursday.

Certain Prey will be adapted from the 10th novel in the 20-book series, which finds Minneapolis Deputy Police Chief Lucas Davenport (Harmon) chasing a hit woman while being the target of a killer himself.

Production begins in May.

"Mark Harmon could read the phone book and we'd probably want to put it on the air!" Jeff Wachtel, USA's president of original programming, said in a statement. (USA also airs NCIS repeats.) "With Mark, Chris, Howard and Michael bringing to life the iconic character of Lucas Davenport — that really promises to be something special."

Though there are only plans for one adaptation now, should Certain Prey be a hit, it could morph into a TV movie franchise for Harmon, as USA has the rights to all 20 books.

Sounds kinda interesting. Not sure if I'd want to watch.

Meet Psycho Mike: The Tiger Blooded Future WINNER of DWTS

Who Is Mike Catherwood And Why Is He Dancing With The Stars?

                                    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

That’s what millions of Americans are asking themselves. The cast of Dancing with the Stars Season 12 was just announced during The Bachelor. Among the list of well-known celebrity castmembers is one not-so widely known “Psycho” Mike Catherwood.

Chances are, unless you’re a KROQ or Loveline fan, you have no clue who this Catherwood guy is.

So, who is he and why was he cast on one of America’s most beloved and highly ranked prime-time shows?
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Psycho Mike FTW!
p.s his Brow Down and Firecrotch songs are AMAZING!
Trio Trio

This Is A Twilight Post.

The Wolf Pack Out And About In Vancouver

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Twilight’s wolf pack actors Alex Meraz (aka Paul), Bronson Pelletier (aka Jared), Kiowa Gordon (aka Embry), Tyson Houseman (aka Quil) and Gil Birmingham (aka Billy Black) were spotted leaving the Sutton Place Hotel yesterday March 2nd in Vancouver, Canada. They posed with fans before heading out to check out the city.

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JBeebs - Judging You

Rihanna Plans Katy Perry Duet

wants to record a duet with her pop pal Katy Perry.

The Umbrella hitmaker says she is desperate to find a window in her busy schedule to get in the studio with the Teenage Dream popstar.

“We want to hopefully make something,” confirms Rihanna.

“We are talking about it right now but it’s hard because we are both so busy. It will be something fun. Something out of the box.”

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Madonna keeps evil away.

Madonna's and Demi Moore's Oscar party was no country for Lindsay Lohan.

Sources tells us the beleaguered beauty - who was recently charged with felony grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store - was turned away from the diva duo's soiree at talent manager Guy Oseary's Beverly Hills home Sunday night, and not even handsome hottie Josh Brolin could get her inside.

Lohan showed up uninvited to the party around 11 p.m. with her brother Michael and her security detail. According to one insider, she was confident she would get in because Oseary is an executive at the talent management firm Untitled Entertainment, which represents her as well as Moore and Madonna.

Alas, the connection proved useless. Lohan was told she could not join the party.

To make matters worse, we hear that as she was pleading her case, Brolin rolled up and was shot down in his gallant attempt to help.

After the "True Grit" actor greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, LiLo asked Brolin if he could get her in the door.

Brolin obliged, but another source familiar with the incident tells us the party's gatekeepers firmly held their ground.

We're told Brolin reacted by saying, "Don't you know who this is?"

The door people replied that yes, they did know who Lohan was - and she wasn't coming in.

Even Brolin's insistence that "She's with me" fell on deaf ears. Eventually he ambled inside without her, leaving the recently rehabbed actress to proclaim, "This is so humiliating."

Lohan eventually gave up on getting inside and headed to the post-Oscars party that James Franco was supposed to be hosting at Supperclub on Hollywood Blvd. The club adjoins the Writers Room, a bar in which Franco has said he's a partner.

As we reported Monday, Lohan had taken part in a Terry Richardson photo shoot with Franco over the weekend. Our first source says Lohan had told a number of people at Supperclub that the "127 Hours" star had personally invited her to come and hang with him.

But it's uncertain whether Franco ever planned to attend his party. Right after he finished his Oscar host duties, he hopped on a plane back to the East Coast, in part because he had a paper on Byron due at Yale.

Spokespersons for Lohan, Madonna, Moore and Brolin did not respond to our requests for comment by deadline.

David G. "smiling"

King Firth returns to London

He is the owner of a shiny new Oscar, but Colin Firth seems to have tucked the golden statue away for his long trip across the pond. The star of The King’s Speech was photographed with his wife Livia Firth at London Heathrow Airport on Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011.

We must stop right quick and compliment the dashing Mr. Firth on his striking new spectacles! Am I the only one who has a thing for guys in glasses?

Rumors have been rampant about a third installment of the Bridget Jones films with both Renée Zellweger and Academy Award winner Colin Firth (sorry it just sounds so fantastic!) keen on reprising their roles. Helen Fielding, the creator and writer of the Bridget Jones books, is currently in the middle of writing an all new adventure.

Anyone else hoping for another Bridget story to hit the big screen? Do we want to see Bridge and Darcy tie the knot and have a baby? Too cheesy? We definitely need some Daniel Clever (nudge nudge Hugh Grant!) though to make a bit of trouble for the duo.

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JBeebs - Judging You

Could Justin Bieber’s ‘Never Say Never’ Get a Best Doc Oscar Nomination?

Justin Bieber
: Oscar contender? 

It may sound like a crazy notion, but Bieber fever has apparently grabbed hold of Hollywood’s upper crust. According to a source, The King’s Speech and The Fighter weren’t the only pictures being buzzed about at post-Oscar soirees like the Vanity Fair party. Never Say Never, the Biebs’ $63 million grossing documentary and 3D concert film, had impressed its share of Academy members also.
“You’d be surprised at the caliber of people who came up to Justin at the Vanity Fair party, most of whom had seen the movie [Never Say Never] and loved it,” says an insider. “There was even talk of putting it up for an Oscar next year in the documentary category. People appreciate that it’s not just a kids’ movie.” 
Indeed, when it comes to a future in film, Tom Hanks reportedly offered his own advice to Bieber, telling the 17-year-old pop phenom, “Don't become a jaded professional actor” (Justin Timberlake diss?) and “good luck to you.”
Bieber, director John Chu and Paramount Studios can rest easy for now. The deadline for submission to the Academy Awards is typically scheduled for early December, at least nine months away. On the other hand, some might say it's never too early for an Oscar campaign. 


So psyched to NSN in approximately two hours!
David Gandy: Pucker

Sam Worthington Mega-Post...

Sam Worthington - Hollywood titan who's muscling in on the big money

Surrey-born Sam Worthington found fame with mega hit Avatar. He tells Kaleem Aftab that he can't wait for the two sequels

The secret to earning the big bucks in the movie business is to be part of a successful franchise. Vanity Fair's annual list of Hollywood's highest-earning actors is filled with names of actors partaking in sequels and prequels. Top of the list of actors is Johnny Depp (Pirates of the Caribbean), the stars of Twilight, Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, all earned salaries to make football players green with envy and Iron Man's Robert Downey Jr earned a cool $31.5m. By all accounts, Sam Worthington is about to become a very rich man indeed.

Collapse )tyfyt...ngl, i really find his dumb look really attractive...

britney qt smile

Pretty Little Liars Spoilers

Interview with the executive producer, a spoiler tweet from EP that angers [info]dancedallnight , and press release for 1x21

What stood out in the book series that made you want to adapt it for television?
Rosewood was such a [great] town. I had never really read a book that was sort of a teen world but also this really fun mystery at the same time. And I kept using the word delicious, which we still use. There was this deliciousness to it. And I fell in love with the characters in the first book. Sara Shepard [the author of the book series] did such a great job of creating these well drawn characters. They’re liars and they make these mistakes; they’re cheaters and sisters boyfriend stealers but you still love them because you saw their pain, too. I also got through the first book and I had to know what “The Jenna Thing” was and I thought gosh, if I need to know what the Jenna thing is, and we can create this in a show, then it’s going to be a great formula. So I recognized this great formula that Sara had really put together for us, and we thought, if we can really capture that on television, this is going to be special.

When I read the books, I had the same thought. And can you talk a little bit about the casting. Was it harder because the characters had been described so vividly in the books?
I think Aria probably looks like Sara envisioned her. We cast Lucy [Hale] first. She had a relationship with all the people on the show. She was on a show called “Privileged,” which was also an Alloy book series show. And everybody loved Lucy, and she read the pilot script and loved it. So that very organically happened. But with the other characters, we decided we’re not going to stay true to exactly what they look like in the book, but instead we are going to go for the people that embody who these characters are. So we made that leap, and I think initially before people saw the pilot, they started to freak out. Book fans were a little upset that Spencer wasn’t a blond, and Hanna was and Emily was ethnic. But as soon as people saw the pilot, they let go of that and we realized that we made the right call. I can’t imagine another Spencer other than Troian Bellisario. Or another Hanna or Emily. And Sara met the girls before we shot the pilot, and once she met them and realized who they were at their core, she felt the same way. She was like “These girls are the Pretty Little Liars.”
Collapse )Sources 123
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Charlie Sheen Calls Twitter a 'Cash Cow'


Attracting more than one million followers in two days, he is hoping to Tweet out celeb endorsements soon.

Charlie Sheen
is no longer receiving his $1.2 million per episode salary on Two and a Half Men, but he thinks he's found another way to make some money.

Since launching his Twitter account two days ago, he has attracted more than 1 million followers and he tells he views the social networking and microblogging service as a “cash cow.”

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britney qt smile

Travis Barker's painful recovery, solo disc, new Blink-182 album

 Travis Barker has a full agenda for 2011, beginning with his debut solo album (out on March 15) and a tour with Lil Wayne, plus plans to finish the long-delayed Blink-182 reunion album for release later this year.
But it hasn't come easy for the drummer, who was barely two songs into the making of his new "Give the Drummer Some" album when he was seriously injured in a 2008 small plane crash. Barker and his friend DJ AM were the only survivors.
"Honestly, I never thought the album would be finished," Barker tells Rolling Stone. "For a while after my accident, I was just recovering. No one really thought I would be able to play drums after all the surgeries and everything. That was always on my mind. Once I was in the studio, it was like, 'I can walk now, I can play the drums still. I have to finish this.'"

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David Gandy: Pucker

Mrs. Cruise is the new face of Kamiseta

Katie Holmes for Kamiseta

By Cecile Van Straten
On The Radar, The Philippine Star
February 27, 2011

In progressive countries like Japan, it’s not uncommon to see Hollywood actors and international models endorsing homegrown labels.
In the Philippines, only one label stands out for consistently booking foreign celebrities for its ad campaigns.
Alicia Silverstone, Natalie Portman, Kate Hudson, Petra Nemcova, and Natalia Vodianova have all been Kamiseta Girls.
And each time they change their billboards, we all get excited, whether you wear Kamiseta or not.
This year, the new face of Kamiseta is none other than Katie Holmes Cruise, the 32-year-old actress who became known for her role as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, her highly publicized relationship with Tom Cruise, and as mother to four-year-old Suri.Collapse )
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Andrew Garfield's Naked Spider-Man Celebration


Andrew Garfield, the 27-year-old actor, who replaced Tobey Maguire as the web-slinging hero in the upcoming fourth instalment titled "The Amazing Spider-Man", couldn't believe it when he received the news that he had landed the part he coveted since he was four years old, reports contactmusic.

"I just blacked out and ran around naked for a while or something. Ha! I tried to climb walls and stuff and broke my wrist - no not really," he said.

"I never expected to get it because it's something that you dream about when you're four years old and how often does reality match up with a dream. Never, but I've been very, very lucky. You never think you're going to get a chance to portray a symbol that has meant so much to you since you were old enough to understand the concept of justice. It's just an incredible thing."

"The Social Network" star is trying not to think about the new role too much because it will "freak" him out.

He said: "I've been very lucky and if I analyse it too much it freaks me out. I'm an actor and I love being an actor and it's very difficult to be a working actor, whether it's work that you're proud of or not."

Scott Pilgrim;  Kim at the beach

Macklovi post: Chromeo Talk Business Casual & Crazy Fans, A-Trak and Kid Sister announce tour

Our favorite Canadian funksters, Chromeo sat down to tell us about their latest album Business Casual, as well as the spooky video for 'Don't Turn The Lights On' and some crazy fan experiences!

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So excited to finally get to see Kid Sister, she's so much fun!
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WINNING new promo pics of Scream 4!


More teaser pics have been released of "Scream 4," the upcoming continuation of the popular late '90s/early '00s horror movie franchise. We are particularly intrigued by the one below of Rory Culkin and Erik Knudsen in front of a movie screen. Is it a screening of "Stab 4," the latest installment of the movie-within-a-movie "Stab" franchise?

The newest "Scream" movie boasts an even bigger all-star cast than practically the first three movies put together. Are you getting excited to watch your favorite Hollywood actors and actresses bite the dust on the big screen?

Watch the official "Scream 4" trailer here and (if you want, but spoiler alert) watch as star Emma Roberts sort-of leaks some info about her character. "Scream 4" slashes its way into theaters April 15. We can't wait!

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gaga arrives in toronto

Finished up with her runway duties, Lady Gaga made her way back to North America as she jetted from Paris to Toronto on Thursday (March 3).

Upon deboarding her private plane as she landed in the Canadian locale, the "Alejandro" singer posed for pictures in front of her bus for photographer Terry Richardson while gearing up for a Monster Ball concert at the Air Canada Centre.

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and he was candy all over

Kate Winslet curses out Melissa Leo

Kate Winslet fires off joke rant at Leo

Kate Winslet has fired off a hilarious and foul-mouthed rant aimed at pal Melissa Leo after the actress blamed the Brit for her expletive-laced Oscars acceptance speech on Sunday.

Leo made Academy Awards history when she became the first star to utter the 'F' word onstage at the Oscars, and has since blamed Winslet for the slip-up.

Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres' chat show in America on Tuesday, The Fighter star said, "We did (TV movie) Mildred Pierce... She's delightful and curses like a sailor all the time. She was in my mind. It's Kate's fault."

And the Titanic star has picked up the joke.

In an interview with, she says, "Everyone dumps all this s*** on me, all the f****** time. She (Leo) is right, though. She is absolutely right. I have got to hand it to her, and she did curse on the stage of the Academy Awards. That's my kind of cool.

"I sent her a text message (that read): 'Is that f****** you, Melissa? You motherf****** cow,' and the bitch hasn't called me back!"

Leo has publicly apologised for her Oscar night expletive, stating, "It just slipped out. I was a little excited."

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Bradley Cooper Gets Emotional While Watching Movies


Bradley Cooper has admitted that he weeps while watching movies.

The A-Team star said that he is moved by emotional screen performances from men in films, according to reports.

"I was watching Robert De Niro in Everybody's Fine with my mother and I was crying like a baby," Cooper said.

He added: "Watching men be vulnerable in movies just guts me. I very rarely cry from a woman's performance in a movie."

Cooper will next be seen starring alongside De Niro in the action thriller Limitless, which opens in US cinemas on March 18.


ONTD, which movies make you emotional? The strangest movies can make me cry.
J-line 💞

DAIRing~ questions answered; more spoilers for GOSSIP GIRL

After weeks of “Will they or won’t they?” suspense, Gossip Girl‘s Dan and Blair finally took their flirtation beyond flirtation with a big kiss in last night’s pre-spring finale. What’s more, the eventful hour also saw the departure of a major recurring character (Ben), the return of Serena’s pa (William Baldwin), and… did I mention a certain seismic smooch? To help us make sense of the madness, and tide us over during the seven-week hiatus, here’s exec producer Josh Safran with an exclusive post-mortem-slash-sneak peek.

TVLINE | After last night’s kiss, can we now say that Dan and Blair are moving in the direction of a romance?
I don’t want to say that or not say that. We made a very conscious choice to take Dan and Blair slowly. We’re well aware that we can put couples together and break them up much faster than other shows can. And we really wanted to build what we felt has been there since season 1 in “Bad News Blair,” when Dan and Blair had their little moment in the hallway where they talked about their problems with their parents. So we just sort of realized that they had this long brewing friendship-slash-whatever it was. So I think what you can hope for is that Dan and Blair will continue to be connected and that story will continue to grow. Collapse )


DAIR party!

Julianne Hough Joins ROCK OF AGES

Julianne Hough will play Sherrie, the lead role, in New Line's "Rock of Ages," director Adam Shankman told TheWrap Thursday afternoon.

"She's the lead -- she's the girl who comes to Los Angeles looking for the dream," he said. "We have Tom (Cruise) playing Stacee Jaxx, the biggest rock star in the world and we have Mary J. Blige playing Justice."
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Rawr Rob

Rob Pattinson on Ryan Seacrest this morning

Which Costar Does Robert Pattinson Say Is "Intimidating"?

Feels like it's been forever since we've seen our favorite sparkly vampire on the big screen, but in just another couple of months he'll be back with Water for Elephants!

And to discuss this new non-vampire endeavor, Robert Pattinson called into Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show via satellite phone from the Breaking Dawn set. Not that we know where that is as he describes it as "somewhere in the middle of nowhere in the middle of Canada. I have absolutely no idea where I am."

But you can never let a thing like that get in the way of movie-promoting. And Rob was happy to share the deets about his upcoming projects, including a certain someone he finds to be most intimidating costar yet!

Part 1

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UNF...HOT BITCH ALERT! except for that bloke to the far left :\

Daniel Radcliffe has shed his Harry Potter skin and evolved into a super Broadway song-and-dance man. Who knew he would be a wizard on his feet?

In one bit of comic nonsense in the musical How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, he jumps up and down on a sofa with the agility of a champion gymnast, in a nod to the meltdown moment of a certain box office superstar.

‘We had an intelligent audience in tonight,’ Daniel quipped, when I visited him backstage at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre. ‘They got the Tom Cruise reference.’

They certainly did. Daniel was referring to the infamous television incident when Cruise jumped up and down on Oprah Winfrey’s couch.

Collapse )

He mentioned in passing that there has been talk between him and producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron about doing a big-screen version of How To Succeed. But if that were to happen the book (by Abe Burrows, Jack Weinstock and Willie Gilbert) would have to be overhauled. It works fine on stage, but for the screen someone would have to give it more zing.

smoking goals

english darling post

in honour of my irl english darling diordenimflow

Carey Mulligan steps out for a screening of Happythankyoumoreplease held at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City on Wednesday (March 2).

The 25-year-old actress chatted with the film’s writer/director, Josh Radnor, at the event sponsored by The Cinema Society and Tommy Hilfiger.

At the after party, held on the Standard Hotel’s 18th floor, Carey had a great time, dancing with Gabourey Sidibe and chatting with pals!

“I’m best friends with [Happythankyoumoreplease actress] Zoe Kazan, so I had to come out to support her,” Carey told exclusively.

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Charlie Sheen's Goddesses Talk About Sharing Him

From left: Charlie Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Charlie Sheen

Say what you will about Charlie Sheen's unconventional home life with his two girlfriends, but his "Goddesses," as he calls them, wouldn't have it any other way.

"I've always felt that a man should be able to be with as many women as he likes," says Rachel Oberlin, 24, one of Sheen's two live-in girlfriends. "I've never had the opportunity to share that with any man before because, honestly, I don't think I've ever been with a man who was even deserving of that."

"Charlie," she continues, "is a great man and he can provide the lifestyle to accommodate a relationship such as what the three of us have. He has totally taken me aback by what a wonderful person he is, how open and honest he is."
Collapse )

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Charlie Sheen's Obituary in the Works in Major Network Newsrooms

You can't prepare enough when dealing with a guy like Charlie Sheen. Following months of epic parties, hospitalizations and unabashed drug use where he was "bangin' 7-gram rocks and finishing them," major news organizations including the actor's home at CBS have begun preparing obituaries for the unraveling-before-our-eyes star, sources tell me.

"No one is wishing the worst but as a news organization for us not to be prepared for one of the biggest stories in a long time would be unprofessional," a CBS insider tells me.

Preparing obits for celebs in meltdown mode is nothing new, of course, and the Associated Press reportedly got things ready in 2008 in case Britney Spears died.

Charlie called my friend Marianne Garvey and E! News this week and said his "Sober Valley Lodge" is filled with "babes and victories and children. Here, nobody panics and nobody dies."

But it's not just his words that are scaring those close to him. Charlie's thin, pale and generally exhausted appearance has friends and family worried.

"All his friends and family are terrified," a friend tells me. "No one knows what to do. Everyone tried an intervention and Charlie thinks we are all wrong and trying to hurt him and only he is right. It's really out of control but no one at this point can save him from himself."

As for drugs, Sheen told E! "It's there if I decide to go back to it. What's not to like? I see things in a different way. Sometimes life is boring and I've got to make it exciting."

Lets all hope and pray the news orgs won't have to run what they are working on for a long, long time.


Television's Top Couple of 2011 (Per Online Voting By E!)

After six rounds, 64 couples and hundreds of thousands of votes, the fans have spoken. Which romantic pairing prevailed as your favorite couple, and what did that show's executive producer just reveal to us exclusively about the twosome's future? Get the results and the scoop:
Collapse )


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Ginnifer Goodwin to Star in ABC's 'Once Upon a Time'


Ginnifer Goodwin has joined ABC's Once Upon a Time.

The Big Love actress will play Snow White/Sister Mary Margaret Blanchard in the one-hour drama pilot from ABC Studios.

Once Upon a Time
revolves around a young boy who purports to be her son shows up on her doorstep, Anna Swan is drawn into a town where the magic and mystery of fairytales may be real and hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of her troubled past.

Edward Kitsis
and Adam Horowitz penned the pilot and will serve as executive producers with Steve Pearlman. Mark Mylod will direct the episode.

Can't wait for this to start, it sounds winning!


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Mike Huckabee Thinks Natalie Portman Is Ruining The Moral Values Of America

Because I know you've been waiting to read what possible presidential candidate Mike Huckabee thinks of Natalie Portman accepting the Oscar with a womb full of baby and an empty wedding ring finger, here's what he said on The Michael Medved Show on Monday:

"People see a Natalie Portman who boasts, 'We're not married but we're having these children and they're doing just fine.' I think it gives a distorted image. It's unfortunate that we glorify and glamorize the idea of out-of- wedlock children. Most single moms are very poor, uneducated, can't get a job, and if it weren't for government assistance, their kids would be starving to death and never have health care," he said. "And that's the story that we're not seeing."

Mike shook his head when Natalie thanked her fiance Benjamin Millipedeorwhatever for giving her the most wonderful gift ever. But wait, back in 2007, Mike slow clapped for Jamie Lynn Spears, because she chose to have her baby.

"Apparently, she's going to have the child, and I think that is the right decision, a good decision, and I respect that and appreciate it. I hope it is not an encouragement to other 16-year-olds who think that is the best course of action. But at the same time I'm not going to condemn her. It's a tragedy when a 16-year-old who is not really prepared for all the responsibilities of adult life is going to be now faced with all the responsibilities of honest-to-goodness adult life."

So, 16-year-old having a baby = OK! But, grown ass woman with a fiance having a baby = MORAL KILLER! Okay, I will update my files.

The only thing this tells us is that Mike Huckabee's favorite show is Teen Mom and he secretly hates Natalie Portman. Why? Because he wanted "the lesbian" to win!

Leo wins

Queen of Mexico's beauty seeds got fertilized!

Just in: Music mogul Tommy Mottola, 61, and his wife, Latin superstar Thalía, 39, have announced they are adding to their family.

Thalia's pregnant with the couple's second child, due later this year. Mottola, former CEO of Sony Music Entertainment, is credited with nurturing the careers of top stars including Celine Dion, Destiny's Child, Mariah Carey (to whom he was married for five years), Ricky Martin, Shakira, Gloria Estefan, the Dixie Chicks, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, among others. Mottola is now a consultant.
Latin superstar Thalía is an actress, singer and author. She is one of Mexico's most famous telenovela actresses and has sold more than 40 million albums worldwide.

Mottola and Thalía married in December 2000. They welcomed their first child, daughter Sabrina Sakaë, in 2007. Mottola has two children from a previous marriage.

This post is dedicated to Sexidance.

How many 2011 celebrity babies announced so far?

the salsa
garrett: ear

New Water For Elephants trailer

During the Great Depression, Jacob, a penniless and recently-orphaned veterinary school student, parlays his expertise with animals into a job with a second-rate traveling circus. He falls in love with Marlena, one of the show's star performers, but their romance is complicated by Marlena's husband, the charismatic but unbalanced circus boss.


American Idol Season 7 Winner David Cook Takes On 'Don't You Forget About Me'

Season 7 "American Idol" winner David Cook has just released a cover of the Simple Minds 80s classic "Don't You Forget About Me," which will serve as this season's "Idol" exit song. Check it out below:


It's a pretty by-the-numbers cover. I'm kinda disappointed, TBH. Anyway, "American Idol" discussion post, anyone?

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John Galliano Could Face Up To 6 Months In Prison

Not only has John Galliano lost his job with Dior because of the anti-Semitic remarks he was caught making on video, he is also now charged in France with “injure raciale”—“racial injury”—stemming from the same remarks. At trial later this year, he’ll face a maximum penalty of six months’ imprisonment and a fine of twenty-two thousand five hundred euros.

Collapse )


He dun goofed big time. Smh.

Miranda Kerr Returns to the Runway as Orlando Bloom Beams On

Less than two months after Victoria's Secret poser Miranda Kerr gave birth to baby Flynn—without pain meds, no less!—the model was already back in fine form, strutting down the Balenciaga runway at Paris Fashion Week this morning.

With hubby Orlando Bloom front row and his parents in town, Kerr had all the support she needed for her runway return. She tweeted: "Hey guys, in Paris..... Love Paris. It's late and we're all off to bed. Orlando's parents here - loving Flynn so much. love Miranda xxx."

Collapse )

1 & 2 & 3
[Dark Knight] Two Face

Aaron Eckhart mega post!

In New York Moves!

Collapse )

"Heart-throb happy to fall in film love"

Mention the name Aaron Eckhart and women go a little weak at the knees. The 42-year-old actor is at once a matinee idol and the kind of guy a girl would gladly take home to meet her mum. And her mum would go weak at the knees as well.

There's a timeless quality to Eckhart's appeal that makes him perfect for screen romance or to play the kind of guy who backs up his beautiful partner.
From Nicole Kidman in Rabbit Hole to Catherine Zeta-Jones in No Reservations, to Gwyneth Paltrow in Possession, to Julia Roberts in his breakthrough role in Erin Brockovich, Eckhart is also the kind of actor who doesn't mind playing second fiddle. Besides, he loves women.

Collapse )

2011 Film Independent Spirit Awards (02/26)

Collapse )

"Battle: Los Angeles" Press Conference

Collapse )

In Malibu!

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Israeli Model Gets Boob Bitten By a Snake!

Orit Fox was sent by a radio show to bestow a snake with a kiss and the reptile clearly wasn't having any of that so it planted our dear Orit with a kiss of its own.

The snake later died from silicone poisoning.

"Who..?", you ask?

Orit Fox is an Israeli "model" and "actress" who got famous in the Israeli media for her grotesque chest size.

Collapse )

This is gonna be such a bomb

Elizabeth Hurley says she has joined David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot for NBC.

“Thrilled to be doing the NBC pilot Wonder Woman,” she Tweeted. “I’ll be playing the evil villain. Can’t wait.”

NBC declined to confirm the casting, but a source said there is a deal contingent on Hurley, who is British, obtaining a visa. The role will be as a guest star in the pilot.

Former Friday Night Lights star Adrianne Palicki has been cast as the new Wonder Woman.

The project, from David E. Kelley Prods. and Warner Bros. TV, is a retelling of the DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman (Palicki), a.k.a. Diana Prince, tries to balance her life as a vigilante crime fighter, a successful corporate executive and a modern woman.

George Clooney Says His Life Wasn't Led 'In The Right Way For Politics'

George Clooney says he's no saint when it comes to running for office, but he knows he can parlay his star power to advocate for a good cause.

"I didn't live my life in the right way for politics, you know," he told Newsweek while stationed in Sudan, where he's sublimating his celebrity status to help people fight for their rights. He said he slept with "too many chicks and did too many drugs, and that's the truth."

Collapse )


I actually read the whole article about him in Newsweek he's truly an amazing man.
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Brooke Mueller wants Charlie's ang....goddesses to take a drug test

Charlie Sheen's ex Brooke Mueller is not satisfied with one set of drug tests results alone -- she's looking to make sure everyone surrounding the CBS star (and her twin boys Bob and Max) is both clean and sober.

With this in mind, a source tells Radar Online that Brooke -- who is soon to star in an Oxygen reality show alongside Paris Hilton -- is looking to try and get Charlie's "goddesses" Bree Olson and Natalie Kenly to be forced into drug testing:

"Brooke doesn't want the girlfriends around her sons. One is a porn star, and the other is a marijuana magazine cover model. Brooke is seeking to control who is around the boys when Charlie has custodial time with them.

"Brooke believes that just because Charlie is clean, for now, doesn't mean that his house is drug free. She is very, very concerned about the people that are in Charlie's life."

Brooke has struggled mightily with addiction in the past, but sources surrounding her also assert that she is clean. She recently won the rights to have custody of the children for the time being on the grounds that she was "threatened" by the actor, and that his home (where the two "goddesses" help with the kids) was ultimately an unsafe environment.

Do you think Brooke is entitled to making sure these ladies are clean?

Chris Pratt and Rhys Ifans join “Five Year Engagement”

Jason Segal and Emily Blunt comedy “Five Year Engagement” is firming up its supporting cast fast, with “Community” star Alison Brie signing on just yesterday to play Blunt’s younger sister. Today two more join the trio, as Variety reports “Parks and Recreation” star Chris Pratt and “The Amazing Spider-Man” villain Rhys Ifans have jumped on board in unspecified roles as well.

Production is expected to be underway by the end of March for the film that charts the highs and lows of a couple’s (Segal and Blunt) long-gestating engagement. Judd Apatow, Rodney Rothman and director Nicholas Stoller are producing the project. Stoller also co-wrote with Segel, having previously collaborated on “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “Get Him to the Greek.”


Teen Mom's Jenelle: Handing Over Son Was Right Thing to Do

After a bitter custody war with her mother, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans now knows handing over her 19-month-old son, Jace, was the right move.

"When he is older, I will tell him I was really young and I couldn't put a roof over my own head, let alone his," the 19-year-old tells the new issue of Us Weekly eight months after voluntarily signing over custody to her mother, Barbara Evans. These days, the mother and daughter pair -- known for their violent screaming matches -- are working together to raise little Jace. While Jenelle takes few film-studies classes at a local community college, Barbara, 57, cares for the boy after working her full-time job at a department store.

And as fiercely as Jenelle wants Jace back from her relentlessly critical mom, she realizes she's just not there yet.

"Once I get a job, save money and have my own place for three months, then I'll bring my mom to court," Jenelle says of her plans.

For now, Barbara is content with the pair's custody arrangement.

"Jace wasn't asked to be born," Barbara reasons to Us. "Somebody has to take care of him, and it's going to be me. I don't resent it. I love him to death."


Doctors: Zsa Zsa needs to have leg amputated

LOS ANGELES — Doctors say Zsa Zsa Gabor needs to have her remaining leg amputated, but the 94-year-old actress is declining the surgery.

Publicist John Blanchette says Gabor will be released from the hospital Friday. She was admitted Wednesday after blood flow to her left leg suddenly stopped.

Most of Gabor's right leg was amputated in January because of gangrene.

Gabor's husband, Frederic Prinz von Anhalt, says the actress is taking medication and has "a 50-50 chance" of surviving for another year without surgery.

Gabor has been hospitalized repeatedly since July, when she broke her hip falling from bed.

She appeared in films ranging from "Moulin Rouge" in 1952 to "Queen of Outer Space" in 1958. She also appeared on TV specials, game shows, and guest-starred on various TV series, often playing herself.


This poor, poor woman. :(
blake scarf head down

Blake Lively explains why she'll miss the Chanel show

A well-dressed and starry crowd gathered at a small and elegant venue in NYC last night to celebrate Blake Lively’s new role as Chanel ambassador. The random guests we saw milling around included Justin Long (who we overheard telling someone that he’s thinking of moving to Austin), Dr. Pat Wexler, and Curtis Stone. A card for “Mr. Zac Efron” sat on the table unclaimed.

But of course the biggest agenda of the evening was to talk to Blake about the recent rumors we heard about her not attending the upcoming Fall 2011 Chanel show because it’s “tacky” to do so as a celeb.

A miffed member of Blake’s team confirmed that indeed Blake wouldn’t be attending the Chanel show this coming Tuesday. But she also wanted to assure me that it is “killing” Blake that she can’t attend. I was then hustled up to talk to Blake about it firsthand.

Blake pronounced us “mean” for publishing the initial story, but smiled and was really quite sweet and disarming about it all. Here’s what she had to say about th