January 22nd, 2011

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Half Sparkle Vampire, Half Lip-chewing Emo Human: First Image of Twilight's Renesmee

It's not a big secret that the final Twilight film ends with a bit of a surprise for both vampire Edward Cullen and Bella. So meet the fruit of their loins, who comes into this world by cracking Bella's ribs!

has the first image of Renesmee, played by Mackenzie Foy, frolicking in the infamous flower garden where her parents met.

The final conclusion to the Twilight films will end in two parts, Breaking Dawn (Part 1) will be released on November 18th, 2011 and Breaking Dawn Part 2 on November 16th, 2012.


And just because this gif never gets old . . .


More details about the HIAM video

Video production is scheduled for Tomorrow, Saturday, January 22nd at 8 AM at 5555 Melrose Ave.

Dancers involved in the video are Chase Benz, Cassidy Noblett, Billy Bell, Ben Susak, Adrien Galo, Chaz Buzan, Darrell Bullock, Gilbert Saldivar, Judson Emery, Nick Lanzisera and Alison Kyler.

Despite reports claiming Shane and Falguni Peacock are the costume designers, B Akerlund is, with Renie Padora as the Key Costume Designer.

Project Runway's Phillip Carreon is the hairstylist.

The notice tells everyone they "NEED TO WEAR BLACK."


Keith Olbermann -- Fired By MSNBC

In response to this post...
Keith Olbermann was fired by MSNBC sources tell us, and we're told it had everything to do with Comcast's acquisition of NBC.

Sources connected with the network tell us ... Comcast honchos did not like Keith's defiance and the way he played in the sandbox.

Our sources say Keith has around two years left on his contract, and he'll be paid his salary -- around $7 million a year.

We don't know if Comcast will let Keith make a deal with another network as part of an exit agreement, but it's a good bet he'll be benched for a minimum of 6 months, and probably longer.

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Kim Kardashian is introduced to Taylor Lautner look alike Michael Copon in this sneak peak of the first episode of the new reality TV show Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

January 22, 2011, (Sawf News) - Kim Kardashian is introduced to Taylor Lautner look alike Michael Copon in this sneak peak of the first episode of the new reality TV show Kourtney & Kim Take New York.

Copon featured as Felix Taggaro in the television series One Tree Hill and as Vin Keahi in the television series Beyond the Break.

Kourtney & Kim Take New York
debuts on Sunday, January 23, at 10pm on E!

If the video doesn't work, click the source!


Angelina Jolie is human after all. Most importantly, she’s a woman, and a very feminine one that is. At last Sunday’s Golden Globes she was caught re-applying her lip gloss on camera. We know you wonder what she put on, and we did a little search here and there and we found out that Angie put on Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss in LOVE shade.

Chantecaille Lip Gloss Angelina Jolies Lip Gloss At The Golden Globes: Detected!

Turns out, the Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss used by Angelina Jolie was picked by her make-up artist for her movie “The Tourist” and for the Golden Globes, Toni G. Toni also said that, “Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss maintains lip moisture and is fresh and sexy.”

If you want to copy Angelina Jolie’s sexy pout, get Chantecaille Brilliant Gloss at Nordstrom today. Word is the LOVE shade is selling out fast!



Everyone knows about Mary-Kate and Ashley, the twins who rose to stardom while they were still in diapers on the television show Full House. But now there is a third Olsen on the scene: Elizabeth. Although she is three years younger than her twin older sisters, she could easily pass for an identical triplet. This is especially apparent in the photographs that she took with Mark Abrahams for V Magazine. She’s got the same wide eyes and the same porcelain skin. It’s actually hard to imagine that these aren’t photographs of a slightly younger Ashley or Mark-Kate. While she has previously differentiated herself with brunette locks, these new photographs show her with much fairer hair.

While this young lady may have grown up in the shadow of her twin sisters’ uber-stardom, it seems that she may be making a name and a style image of her own. She was recently nominated as the “New Ingenue” by actor Chance Crawford and has movies that are scheduled to come out in 2011 and 2012. The young Ms. Olsen had some experience appearing in productions that featured her older sisters, but since then she has attended Moscow’s Art Theatre School and seems to be making her own way.

Ms. Olsen also seems to be making her own way in terms of her style. While Mary-Kate and Ashley have literally branded their own style, it seems that Ms. Olsen may be breaking a bit with the looks that her sisters have established. The older twins are known for on-trend, urban, irreverent looks. But it seems that the younger sister is drawn to looks that are less trend-oriented and more ethereal. It will be interesting to watch this new “ingenue” and to follow her personal style. One has to wonder if she will begin a new fashion empire of her own.

Donald Himes, who wrote theme song to 'Mr. Dressup,' dies at age 80

Donald Himes, the composer who penned the theme song to the beloved CBC-TV children's series "Mr. Dressup," has died. He was 80.

The musician played piano on the popular show for almost three decades.

Himes was also featured alongside "Mr. Dressup" star Ernie Coombs on the CBC children's show "Butternut Square" from 1964-65.

They then re-teamed on "Mr. Dressup," which ran from 1967-96.

Coombs died of a stroke in 2001.


Mr. Dressup CBC TV animated opening

King Firth Post

Actor reveals demands of Golden Globe-winning performance

In the end, the daily headache and numbness of his left arm while he was filming “The King’s Speech” were worth it. Colin Firth recently won the Golden Globe Best Actor-Drama award for his portrayal of King George VI and how he battled stuttering at a crucial time in World War II-era Britain.

In our interview, Colin revealed the physical challenges he endured to effectively portray the monarch with the debilitating speech impediment. Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter, both wonderful as an unorthodox speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and Queen Elizabeth, respectively, helped the king overcome stuttering so he could deliver crucial speeches, inspire his people and unite them in battle. Colin is eloquent in his wordless scenes that show his stammering character’s stress and anxiety before delivering speeches in the film directed by Tom Hooper.

“It’s a bizarre paradox of acting,” said Colin of the challenges of his role. “In order to portray a stammering character, you have to learn to stammer, then you have to be a man learning not to stammer. To play someone who’s sad, you have to learn to be sad, then you have to play someone trying not to be sad. You make the journey inwards. You have to make it back out again. All I was interested in showing was a man trying not to stammer. I didn’t want to show you a man trying or learning to stammer.”

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Spider-Man Won't Change My Life, says Andrew Garfield


Actor Andrew Garfield who is set to play Peter Parker in the forthcoming reboot of the 'Spider-Man' franchise said playing the superhero won't change his ordinary routine life.

The 27-year-old British actor says he is too boring in real life to attract any attention, even though he has landed a high-profile role.

"There's nothing interesting about my life. Like, I'm not stumbling out of clubs at four in the morning, you know? So there's absolutely no reason for that to happen," said Garfield.

The 'Social Network' star insists the biggest challenge he faced while essaying the role was to live up to his own ideas of the character, Contactmusic reported. "I feel the pressure of my own inner four year old and that's the biggest pressure I could ever come up against. I don't need anyone else to tell me what a big deal it is because I'm Spider-Man's biggest fan," he added.


Do You Like Andrew Garfield As “Spider-Man”?

We just finished watching “The Social Network” for a second time and the idea of Andrew Garfiled playing Spider-Man in the fourth franchise film is growing on us. What do you think of Andrew in the Spider-Man role?

In a recent interview with London’s Captial FM radio station, Andrew revealed the following about the “Spider-Man 4″ film set to release to theaters on July 3, 2012:

“I have to kind of not look at my face because it doesn’t make sense to me. I have to imagine that it’s a much better actor’s face in that suit. I won’t lie. I shed a tear when I first wore the spandex. I didn’t think that the spandex would make me so emotional, but it did.”


In Defense of the Christopher Nolan’s 'Bane'


Adam Serwer and Colorlines' Channing Kennedy are not pleased with Christopher Nolan's decision to cast actor Tom Hardy as the villain Bane in his next Batman film. Serwer thinks Bane is too dull to stand as a central villain (at least compared to Ras Al Ghul and the Joker), while Kennedy sees this as another instance of Hollywood's white-washing:

"In other words: Bane is Latino! And Bane’s been Latino, being voiced at different points in the animated series by Danny Trejo and Hector Elizondo. [...]

So why, in the franchise’s most critically-lauded manifestation, give the role to a white dude? It’s not as though Hollywood is so bristling with scripts featuring supergenius Latinos with complicated backstories that this one can get a pass.

Nobody doubts that Nolan and Hardy will do great things with the character; Nolan can do no wrong after The Dark Knight and Inception, and Hardy played a not-dissimilar role as real-life British prisoner Charles Bronson. But so what? Why not take advantage of this perfectly canonical opportunity to give audiences a Latino actor playing a complex Latino character (i.e. not a gardener) in a blockbuster film? It seems unlikely that Nolan couldn’t find a single Latino actor in a city that used to be inside Mexico."

I won't contest the argument that Bane is a boring character -- you can only do so much with a strongman in a silly mask -- but I will (gently) take issue with Kennedy's assertion that this is an unfortunate bit of white-washing, on par with Hollywood's adaptation of Avatar: The Last Airbender and Prince of Persia.

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Keyshia Cole Fires Manager in Wake of Declining Sales

In the wake of disappointing first-week sales for her latest album, "Calling All Hearts," singer and former reality show star Keyshia Cole announced she has fired her longtime manager, Manny Halley.

On the afternoon of Jan. 17, Cole, 29, wrote on Twitter: "Would like for u guys to know that Manny Halley is no longer my management." Half a day later, she followed up: "Someone said if the people around u won't change, change the people around you."

Cole's latest album, released Dec. 21 on Geffen/Interscope, debuted at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 and subsequently slips 23-26 this week. Entering at No. 5 on Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, "Hearts" moves 9-8 on the chart. Her two previous albums, 2007's "Just Like You" (which received a Grammy Award nod for best contemporary R&B album) and 2008's "A Different Me," both debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

In the four weeks since its release, "Calling All Hearts" has sold 194,000 copies, according to Nielsen SoundScan. By comparison, "A Different Me" sold 539,000 during its first four weeks.



'No Strings Attached' Reverses Recent Row Of Rom-Com Flop Openers: Possible $20M


Paramount was so worried about its No Strings Attached being a stinker that the studio didn't even bother to give me a pre-release briefing. ("You know I only like to write these notes after the film works. I'd rather you beat me up for no email than a flop!" an exec at the studio emailed me by way of explanation.") I don't necessarily blame them: any movie starring Ashton Kutcher is probably a bomb since his last one -- PG-13 Killers with Katherine Heigl -- opened to only $15.8M for Lionsgate. And rom-coms, especially sexy R-rated ones (Ed Zwick's Love And Other Drugs which opened to only $9.7M for Fox with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal) have been stillborn at the North American box office with this caliber of star. This $25 million-cost movie started out as a Black List script originally titled Fuckbuddies and written by Elizabeth Merriwether. Natalie Portman came on board as a producer and star for Ivan Reitman and Tom Pollock's The Montecito Picture Company, which co-financed in partnership with Coldspring and Paramount's usual partner Spyglass Entertainment.

Natalie is hot after her Oscar-worthy transformative performance in Black Swan and now finds herself with two movies in this weekend's Top 6. And perhaps risking overexposure because of her new pics opening in January, February, April, and May. Anyway, the pic took advantage of being the only wide opening this weekend and may hang on for $20M. (Remember, it took Ron Howard's Dilemma starring Vince Vaughn and Kevin James 4 days to even make that over the MLK long holiday.) The film had been tracking strong with 20-year-old females whom Paramount pursued aggresively not with traditional newspaper ads but instead with a big Facebook push of a sexy Red Band trailer. Meanwhile, Sony's The Green Hornet 3D and Universal's aforementioned Dilemma look to drop less than -50% this weekend. Here's the Top 10:

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Any movies you plan on seeing this weekend, ONTD?


New book dishes on how celebs treat restaurant workers

Sorry, Gwyneth Paltrow, it takes more than a spot on "Glee" to melt your ice-princess image.

Abbe Diaz, who spent several years as a maitre d' at some of Manhattan's poshest restaurants, has the dish on stars' bad behavior - and the regal "Country Strong" star is among those she roasts on her PXThis blog and the books it has spawned.

So while Paltrow tries to recast herself as a relatable mom (see the new Good Housekeeping cover), Diaz maintains she's got some work to do.

After serving Paltrow about a half dozen times in her years as a maitre d' (from 2000 to 2004), Diaz says the actress has a "passive-aggressive comportment … meant to unnerve the plebeians."

"If you're not worthy, it's like you're not there," the author tells us, although she adds, Paltrow "likes boys" - servers, that is - "as long as they're cute and sweet."

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Fringe makes Friday nights their bitch, wins their timeslot AND goes up in the ratings

By some miracle of magic or science, Fox’s Fringe made its Friday night debut and did not go down in the ratings.

The episode — titled “The Firefly” (nicely ironic considering the show’s move to Fox’s infamous Death Slot) — actually improved upon its most recent Thursday performance.

Fringe delivered 4.9 million viewers and a 1.9 preliminary adults 18-49 rating last night. Remember, Fox’s Kevin Reilly said if the show maintains its Thursday numbers on Friday, he’d renew it, so let’s hope the show can keep this up.

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the man who cheated on, but did NOT beat Halle Berry, gets engaged!

While Halle Berry seems to be getting serious with Olivier Martinez, her ex-husband Eric Benet has done some settling down of his own.

The musician, 44, whose divorce from Berry was finalized six years ago, proposed to Manuela Testolini in November with an antique diamond ring he designed, Benet confirms to PEOPLE.

"During a romantic dinner I decided to finally let Manuela hear 'Never Want to Live Without You,' a song off my new album that I had written for her," Benet says. "I sang it to her, then got down on one knee and proposed."

Manuela, an entrepreneur and founder of the charity In A Perfect World, was formerly married to Prince. She has been dating Benet for three years.

The wedding is set for this summer.


I don't really care about this asshole but I do wonder what ever happened with his daughter? I know that his first wife/mother of the kid died and Halle Berry legally adopted her while they were married..does anyone know if they remained close?

ETA: I thought that Eric Benet also allegedly beat her..but I forgot that she was married to David Justice and he's the one who thought it was okay to beat women. My mistake. The title has been fixed.
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Katy Perry's trainer says she keeps fit by skipping

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Katy Perry keeps fit by skipping.

The 26-year-old singer enjoys five 25-minute workouts every week with personal trainer Harley Pasternak, who says her brief workouts are better for keeping her trim in the long term.

Harley said: "It's an intense workout that lasts 25 minutes. Working out more often for shorter periods is better than three times a week for longer.

"Katy loves jumping rope, so that's what we do for cardio. It's convenient, dance-like and expressive and efficient, time-wise."

Harley has also put Katy on a strict diet, where she eats five small meals a day, though once a week she can indulge in her favourite treats such as pizza and chocolate.

Harley explained: "She eats two meals and three snacks a day, consisting of healthy fats, lean protein, fibre and a non-sugar drink.

"Her favourite meal from recipes I've created is French toast – slices of bread dipped in egg white, skimmed milk and a little sugar, grilled and topped with low-fat ricotta cheese and berries."

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Christina Aguilera’s wild behavior scares friends

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Friends of Christina Aguilera are increasingly concerned about the singer and actress’ erratic behavior.

Her wild partying and heavy drinking have snared tons of headlines — and one longtime pro­fes­sional associate is concerned “how it’s beginning to take a toll on her looks. Youth can only carry you so far. Xtina is starting to look haggard!”

In addition, Aguilera’s temper flareups — like her alleged run-in with her “Burlesque” co-star Julianne Hough (which reportedly infuriated Hough’s boyfriend and Hollywood power broker Ryan Seacrest) also have folks worried. They attribute a lot to emotional turmoil stemming from the collapse of Aguilera’s marriage to Jordan Bratman. “But it’s got her acting too crazy,” said a pal Thursday.

While no one is saying Agui­lera’s problems require rehab, one recent episode — where she passed out in the master bedroom during a party at actor Jeremy Renner’s house — has Hollywood players saying Aguilera needs to calm down and get her act together.

“After all, she is the mother of a 3-year-old little boy [son Max]. She needs to act more responsibly,” said her friend.

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pink talks about unborn baby; remains awesome while doing so.

Pink has been showing a softer side now that she's pregnant with her first child.

The singer accompanied the release of her new video for "F––––in' Perfect" with a personal note on her website, in which talks about the importance of supporting kids who feel helpless and accepting people for who they are, something she plans to do with her own child.

"I have a life inside of me, and I want her or him to know that I will accept him or her with open and loving and welcoming arms," Pink wrote in the post. "And though I will prepare this little munchkin for a sometimes cruel world, I will also equip this kid to see all the beauty in it as well."

The mom-to-be has been embracing her burgeoning baby bump and while she may not be a traditional soccer mom, she is eager to embrace motherhood.

"There are those that accept us with all of our flaws," Pink writes. "I do that with my fans/friends, and I will do that with my child, whoever they decide to be."


I pretty much think her and Carey are going to be the greatest parents ever. I can't wait to see what this kid looks like.

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Mickey Mouse Club 'Depressing' For Ryan Gosling

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Ryan Gosling remembers being in 'Mickey Mouse Club' as a "depressing" experience.

The 30-year-old actor found being in the Disney TV show hard because he thought he wasn't as talented as his fellow 'mouseketeers', including Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

He said: "I remember it being depressing because I realised very early, around the age of 12, that I wasn't some kind of child prodigy like the rest of them were."

While Ryan realised singing and dancing wasn't his destiny, he is thankful for his experience with the show, and says being around people who were fulfilling their dreams inspired him to build his acting career.

He continued: "That said, I was inspired by being around people that were fulfilling their destiny in some way. I didn't think it was my destiny, but it did encourage me to go and find out what that was. Which I think I have."

And although he says he'll always be a big fan of Disney, Ryan admits cartoon movies by the production company reduce him to tears "all the time".

He added: "Anything that's by Disney makes me cry. 'Dumbo' gets me every time. Don Bluth's 'All Dogs go to Heaven' is another. When the dog dies at the end it's like my brain just can't handle it. It's so sad."


'No Strings Attached' reviews are mixed: Shockingly Good or Predictable Rom-Com

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Very little happens in this film that couldn’t realistically happen in the lives of actual beautiful-but-brainy, non-obnoxiously moneyed and ambitious twentysomethings circa now, and at times, No Strings Attached feels almost shockingly attuned to the particular angst of its time and place. Emma’s third-act flight from Adam’s feelings would play as a predictable beat in a rom-com that only wanted to tear its lovers apart so it could bring them together again; it’s to Meriwether and Reitman’s credit that here it feels organic, a testament to the difficulty of accepting love at face value in a culture in which artificiality is the norm, sincere feelings are foreign enough to be frightening, and old-fashioned romance can seem like a suspicious affect.

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Vybz Kartel Responds To His Skin Bleaching Critics

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Jamaican Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel sent this response to Vibe.com after he came under fire for bleaching his skin earlier this week:

“I’m my own man, and as such I do my own thing. When black women stop straightening their hair and wearing wigs and weaves, when white women stop getting lip and butt injections and implants, when bald men stop getting hair transplants, and when people stop getting nose jobs and cosmetic surgery then I’ll stop using the ‘cakesoap’ and we’ll all live naturally ever after. Until then F**k you all.”

original post
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Minaj explains 'Raining Men's odd lyrics

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Rapper Nicki Minaj has revealed that she wrote her recent duet with Rihanna while at home in bed.

Minaj claimed that the limited amount of time that she had to complete 'Raining Men' resulted in her writing a lot of odd lyrics for the track.

"I just wanted to be crazy, I wrote that track in bed actually," Minaj told BBC Radio 1Xtra. "I had an off day, they sent me a record and said they needed it back in 24 hours and I wrote... saying craziness.

"On the last line of 'Raining Men' I say 'It's raining men, fat bitches',"
Minaj added. "I just said it and I couldn't take it back."

Minaj and Rihanna recently reunited for a second duet called 'Fly', this time from Minaj's album Pink Friday.

The two completed filming the music video for 'Fly' earlier this month.


Skip to 1:27 for Nicki's verse

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Henry Rollins Column: Optimism, Lemmy and 3,000 Downloads Just For You

[The one and only Henry Rollins contributes a weekly column and far-reaching reportage to the music section of the LA Weekly. Look for your weekly Henry Rollins fix right here on West Coast Sound every Monday and make sure to tune in to Henry's KCRW radio show every Saturday evening, or online, or as a podcast, or however else you decided to listen to the most eclectic DJ on LA's airwaves.

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matthew lewis


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ONTD, How was your Friday Night?

As I said in another post, No Strings Attached was much better than I expected, and I enjoyed it -- at the prescreening I went to, they even gave people free shots before the movie [theater has a bar]. I didn't have any, and still enjoyed it. And yes, I was inspired for the poster this week. :)
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Is The Hallyu Wave The New Beatlemania?


When The Beatles hit the United States in the early 1960s, they helped launch what would eventually become known as the British Invasion.

The Asian equivalent is hallyu - the Korean Wave of drama, film, music and culture that took Asia by storm beginning in the late 1990s. Beginning with television dramas and originally restricted to Asia, hallyu is now going through a second phase, with music groups leading the way into the coveted American market.

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NHL Star Accused of Punching Woman at an LA Nightclub

Toronto Maple Leafs all-star Mike Komisarek is on thin ice with the LAPD -- after the hockey player allegedly punched a woman in the face at an L.A. nightclub earlier this month ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 28-year-old defensive powerhouse was named in a police report filed by a woman who claims the whole thing went down after Komisarek decided to lift her up in the air at a Hollywood nightclub.

We're told the woman claims she demanded Komisarek put her down -- but he refused -- so she slapped him in the face.

The woman claims Komisarek immediately set her down ... and then punched her in the face, causing her to bleed.

The woman claims Komisarek left the club ... so she went to the cops. We're told investigators are hoping to speak with the NHL star as soon as they get the chance.

So far, no comment from Komisarek's camp.



Fox Rejects 'Jesus Hates Obama' Super Bowl Ad


There is a line Fox won't cross, and a proposed Super Bowl ad from jesushatesobama.com crosses that line. Fox has rejected the ad, the Huffington Post reports.

The 30-second ad—set to the tune of the Civil-War era "Battle Hymn of the Republic"—shows bobble-headed versions of Obama and Jesus, with a scornful look on Jesus' face.

The camera zooms in on Jesus, and just like that, Obama falls into a fishbowl waiting below. Jesus, suddenly sporting a "Jesus Hates Obama" T-Shirt, looks pleased.

The website admits that the company doesn't really believe Jesus hates Obama. "However, we do believe in freedom ... as in the freedom to make fun of the Obama administration with novelty T-shirts," the website reads. "Our products may be a joke but so are the policies of this administration."

Trio Trio

New "Abduction" Still!

He came to fame thanks to the “Twilight Saga” flicks, and now Taylor Lautner is branching out from his werewolf roots.

The “New Moon” stud is starring in a new movie called “Abduction,” and new still have just been released!

In “Abduction,” Taylor plays a youth who discovers the parents who raised him aren’t his real folks.

This revelation triggers a series of events that leave him running for his life. John Singleton serves as director, while Lily Collins also stars.

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Conan Gunn

Beastie Boys' Inspiration, "Paul's Boutique" Burns Down

Lower Manhattan's site of the Beasties' classic 1989 album burned to the ground on Thursday.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brooklyn, New York Hip Hop trio the Beastie Boys named their 1989 album, Paul's Boutique. The group's sophomore album, and first for Capitol Records, took its name from a Lower East Manhattan thrift store. This week, the site of Paul's Boutique, 99 Rivington Street, burned down.

CrawDaddy.com reported that the site, now a restaurant called Three Monkeys, burned on January 20.

The Beastie Boys have yet to comment. The album was digitally re-mastered and re-released by Capitol Records in 2008.


On the other hand, we'll always have this:

Mr. Tantrums and Tiaras & David Furnish present their son in US Weekly!

Elton says he feels 40, and the doctor says both men are healthy and fit.
Elton, David, and Zachary are all born on the 25th of a month.
They expect play dates with other gay couples and surrogate kids like Neil Patrick Harris!

BTW they claim they don't know which one of them is the "father." And if Zachary wants to know one day they will let him do a paternity test. They say this because they both donated sperm at once.

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Source: Us Magazine and my Scanner!

Colin Firth + Doctor Who = Perfection

Respected actor Colin Firth has his sights set on a part in Doctor Who.

Communicating with his fans over social networking site Twitter, the star explained he would be interested in playing a baddie in the show or its spin-off Torchwood, reports the Sun.

"I'd also love to play a villain like Moriarty in Sherlock Holmes," he added.

While Firth has made his name playing sympathetic characters, he said he has the ability to show a nasty side, something he showcased when he was cast in the role of Lord Wotton in 2009 film Dorian Gray.

Firth has been tipped for Oscar glory after recently picking up the best actor award at the Golden Globes for his performance in critically-acclaimed new movie The King's Speech.

The star used his acceptance speech to joke that winning such accolades was preventing him from having a midlife crisis.

"Sometimes all you need is a bit of gentle reassurance to keep you on track, but right now this is all that stands between me and a Harley Davidson," he said.


[By the way, Colin Firth doesn't have a Twitter - this is a Twitter interview]

I have no idea how true this is, but I'm happy to hope.

Regardless, Eleven approves.


Perception of Beauty: Does Eye Color Make a Difference?

Look at these pictures of Zooey Deschanel and Megan Fox both with brown eyes, and again with their natural lighter-colored eyes. Better, worse, or just different?


Which is better?

all I see is three filthy, dirty mudbloods tbqh

What does ONTD think?
Is our perception of beauty completely distorted? 
Should everyone start wearing blue contact lenses?
Should future generation genetically modify their babies? i.e. designer babies

& source


Joan Rivers Calls Michelle Obama 'Blackie O'

Comedienne Joan Rivers revealed she once ditched a joke about First Lady Michelle Obama from her stand-up routine - because she feared she'd be accused of racism

Recalling the wisecrack to shock Jock Howard Stern, the comedy legend said: "We used to have Jackie O now we have Blackie O!"

Rivers wrote the quip about President Barack Obama's wife in reference to her fashionable dress sense and comparing her to former First Lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

"I thought it was a funny complimentary joke when she first came (to the White House)," the 77-year-old comedienne told Stern.

"I think it's an adorable joke... I thought it was a compliment!"

In the interview, Stern and his sidekick Robyn Quivers laughed yet questioned whether Rivers' joke was racially-motivated.

"Where's the compliment in that? I'm looking and looking, I'm trying to find it," Quivers asked Joan.

"They said you can't say that," Joan admitted.

Rivers is starring in a new reality show Joan Knows Best on Tuesday on WE TV at 9pm.

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Wrigley Is Third Major Sponsor to Ditch MTV's 'Skins'


The Wrigley Company is the latest advertiser to pull out of MTV's Skins.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Taco Bell dropped its ads from the racy teen drama Thursday, saying the program was "not a fit" for the brand. GM followed suit Friday, placing the show on its "Do Not Buy" list.

Now Wrigley, a subsidiary of Mars, Inc., has jumped ship, saying in a statement to THR, "Wrigley has decided to suspend any advertising during MTV's Skins as it was never our intent to endorse content that could offend consumers. Any ads that previously aired during the show were part of a broader advertising plan with the network."

Skins was targeted by the Parents Television Council as "the most dangerous television show for children that we have ever seen" and the group urged advertisers to drop the program. It has also called for a federal investigation of the show.

MTV responded to the criticism with the statement, "We review all of our shows and work with all of our producers on an ongoing basis to ensure our shows comply with laws and community standards. We are confident that the episodes of Skins will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements, but also with our responsibilities to our viewers. We also have taken numerous steps to alert viewers to the strong subject matter so that they can choose for themselves whether it is appropriate."

The New York Times reported that network execs were concerned that the show may violate child pornography laws, and have ordered producers to either make changes or tone down the most explicit content. Amidst its ad troubles, MTV has released a Skins trailer showing a teen lesbian kiss.


Liam Hensworth Interested in Playing Peeta in 'Hunger Games'

Not since the adaptations of the "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" sagas has there been as much buzz surrounding the casting of a beloved book headed for the big screen as there is right now for "The Hunger Games."

While most of the talk has been around who will play the story's heroine, Katniss (Hailee Steinfeld, Chloe Moretz and Elle Fanning are just a few of the actresses rumored to be vying for the part), many fans are wondering who will be cast as Katniss' Hunger Games partner (and possible love interest) Peeta.

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What do you guys think? Who do you want as Peeta?

Mexican singer accused of raping teen to testify

A Mexican singer who is accused of raping a teen is scheduled to testify Saturday, state media reported.

Pop star Kalimba will testify in a private hearing before a judge in the state of Quintana Roo, the state-run Notimex news agency reported.

Prosecutors allege he raped a 17-year-old girl in a hotel there in December.

His attorney, Rodrigo Cejudo, told Notimex that the singer is calm and confident because he is innocent.

On Thursday, the singer, whose full name is Kalimba Marichal Ibar, was deported from the United States to Mexico after an immigration violation in El Paso, Texas, U.S. Border Patrol spokesman Ramiro Cordero said.

The 28-year-old singer is a former member of the group OV7, and also was the voice of Simba in a Spanish version of Disney's "The Lion King."

He is in custody in a prison in Chetumal, Mexico, Notimex said.

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audrey, breakfast at tiffany&#39;s

Reese Witherspoon Is Richer Than You - Paris Shopping Spree Was for Designer Wedding Dress

Whether her wedding dress will be classical or avant-garde, Reese Witherspoon got down to some serious trousseau shopping in Paris. After saying ‘au revoir’ to her co-star Paul Rudd at a private dinner Thursday night at restaurant Cherche Midi, the How Do You Know star and a small group of friends hit a number of celebrated shops, visiting at least four famous fashion design houses on Friday, fueling speculation that the gown for her upcoming wedding to Jim Toth will bear a Parisian label.

Dressed in a black coat, Reese stepped out smartly in the cold in Louboutin heels, on her way to her 11 a.m. appointment at Louis Vuitton’s corporate offices along the Seine. The well-known luxury conglomerate controls a dozen designer labels including Givenchy and Marc Jacobs — but Reese, who came out after an hour carrying a large brown Louis Vuitton shopping bag was giving no secrets away as she moved her bridal express across Paris. She arrived promptly for a 1 pm appointment at the classic house of Lanvin on the Faubourg du St. Honoré. Could Lanvin’s designer Alber Elbaz be her choice? Or perhaps, her 3:30 pm appointment at Chanel’s flagship Rue Cambon boutique — and the shopping bags that came out with her — suggests she’s leaning towards a creation from the legendary Karl Lagerfeld? Possibly, but then again Reese and her crew had to cross the St. Honoré at least once more, a source tells PEOPLE. And at 5:30 pm, they arrived at the brand new month-old boutique of designer Giambattista Valli. All that’s certain is that Reese will make a très belle bride, whomever she choose for her dress!

I'm bored with my homework ONTD, so tell/show me what kind of dress you would pick for Reese. Or for yourself, if you had her money and designers at your disposal.

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zooey umm

British show that teaches teenagers about sex causes an outrage

A graphic Channel 4 show that teaches teenagers Kama Sutra positions has been branded as 'porn' by the UK's leading broadcasting watchdog.

Controversial new series The Joy Of Teen Sex aims to offer advice to youngsters concerned about their sex lives.

But the programme, which airs after the watershed, contains graphic scenes of lesbian sex as well as offering a 'guide to anal sex'.

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Daily Mail
bb dani bb8

More Photos from TR's Opening Ceremony Shoot + Bonus

Shot by Terry Richardson and Styled by Mel Ottenberg, here's a look at the upcoming Spring 2011 collection from Opening Ceremony. Numerous prints and materials are used throughout the menswear, which is in keeping with the brands signature shape and slim cuts. The footwear uses a number of matching prints… bringing something new to the table. You can see the other ones here

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This Is A Flawless Queen Post

Adele has said she is lucky she broke up with her ex-boyfriend as the split helped inspire her new album. Who is her ex bf? Find out under the cut.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The 22-year-old singer-songwriter's hit debut was about a heartbreak and her new record 21 is about her most recent upset.

Adele laughed as she told the Daily Telegraph: "I'm lucky - before I met my ex, I was panicking, thinking what was I going to write my second album about: hotel rooms and air miles? No one can relate to that.

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flawless gorgeous perfect woman.

Your New Thinspiration ONTD

A US woman has gone on television to reveal her secret addiction to eating couch cushion.

Adele said she started eating couch cushion after she tried her first bite at the age of 10 and his since eaten a total of seven couches and two chairs. Appearing on The Learning Channel show My Strange Addiction, Adele (last name not given) said she loved the taste of cushion ever since her cousin dared her to try it when they were children.

"I do only eat cushion in private, I'll go in the bathroom, go in my room or something and just eat it," Adele said. Adele said she would eat a piece of cushion 20cm-by-30cm on a daily basis. "I'll just take little bite size pieces and snack on it all day," she said. "Sometimes I just go on like a binge where I'll just keep going for like 20, 25 minutes straight of just eating cushion."
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crustine pickle

Real/Alterna-Grammy News!!

Justin Bieber To Perform At Grammy Awards
Justin Bieber has been confirmed as a performer at the upcoming Grammy Awards ceremony. The teen sensation was already expected to attend the ceremony, as he is up for two Grammys - Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album for his EP My World 2.0. Bieber released an acoustic version of the album (which featured acoustic renditions of songs from his previous albums as well as a new song entitled "Pray") back in November.

Bieber will be joining previously-announced performers Arcade Fire, Cee Lo Green, Eminem, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, as well as previously-rumored and newly-confirmed performers Muse, Miranda Lambert and others. The 2011 Grammy Awards will be held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 13 and broadcast on CBS at 8 P.M. ET/PT.

- - - - - - -

Another Alterna-Grammy update!
Heeyyy ONTD, we've gotten way more unique nomination submissions since the last post, so thanks a lot!! However, there are some rules I want to remind and re-inforce when it comes to nominating.
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I think that's it for now. Since the nominations will be announced a week from today, I'll probably post reminders twice more this week, just to squeeze out all the possible nominations we can. Thanks again for cooperating!

extra things:
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Pictures of DanRad and Anderson Cooper together exist, I can die happy

Pics of Anderson Cooper in the recording studio as the voice of the narrator in "How to Succeed in Business"

CNN host Anderson Cooper will provide the voice of the narrator via audio recordings in the upcoming Broadway revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. Anderson follows in the footsteps of the late Walter Cronkite, who voiced the narrator for the musical's 1995 Broadway revival. Directed by Rob Ashford and starring Daniel Radcliffe, the production will begin performances February 26, with opening night set for March 27 at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre.

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Seriously two of my favorite people on the planet.


crustine pickle

US tracklisting and cover for Ellie Goulding's "Lights"

The US version of Ellie Goulding's Lights will be released on March 8, via Cherrytree Records.

1. Lights (Single Version)
2. Guns & Horses
3. Starry Eyed
4. This Love (Will Be Your Downfall)
5. Under The Sheets
6. The Writer
7. Animal
8. Every Time You Go
9. Your Biggest Mistake
10. Salt Skin
11. Your Song

here and here
did not know we have an Ellie tag hmm and I have some issues with this tracklisting but will still buy as to support her etc

Childhood Nightmare Fuel

In movies, TV shows and books aimed at kids, the creators will often times throw in something a little scary in order to keep the kids on their feet. However, sometimes they really underestimate just how creepy and terrifying these creations are, and end up crafting a scene that permanently scars the fragile young psyches. Often well intentioned, these 21 offerings have all permanently fucked up kids for years.
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Stock; Coffee

The Bieber Haircut cost $750


It's the haircut sought by thousands of young boys, but only one hairstylist can claim to have originated the Justin Bieber shag: Vanessa Price, who created the Biebs' signature 'do in 2009.

These days, "I usually cut his hair every couple of weeks when he's on tour," she tells Life & Style. But great hair doesn't come cheap: Vanessa, who makes house calls only, charges roughly $750 per cut! Plenty of other people are trying to profit off the teen's locks too. "I've heard adults joke they were going to take his hair after I cut it," Vanessa says. "I tell them they're really creepy." She says that she and Justin don't really get what all the fuss is about: "We both were shocked people cared that much about someone's hair!"

Fortunately parent's don't have to shell out hundreds of bucks for the trendy cut. "It's the most popular boys' cut across the country," Melanie Ash, senior artistic director for Supercuts, tells Life & Style about the Bieber haircut. "Prices start at $14."


Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox attend "Three’s Company The Drama" screening

Lovebirds Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox, and Eliza's brother Nate Dushku, attended James Franco's "Three’s Company The Drama" screening at Sundance last night.

As you may recall, Eliza is producing a Robert Mapplethorpe biopic through her company Boston Diva Productions, and rumor has it James is tapped to play her Mapplethorpe. Directing the biopic is Ondi Timoner, who has directed such award-winning documentaries as "DiG!", and "We Live in Public". Ondi was also present at the screening.

Check out more pics of the gang below (Eliza looks radiant, glowy, and fresh-faced as always), and a couple of videos too!

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Source 1, 2, 3

Britney Rumor Round Up - Grammys & Tour Edition


I know you haven’t had enough of rumors today but the latest I’ve been told is that two things are happening. Britney will tour and Britney will attend the Grammys.

Both are separate sources and I tend to believe the rumor of the tour more because it came from an entertainment lawyer. The Grammy rumor is I’d say still 50/50 just because I have no verified source yet. The source said the tour will probably be announced after the album release in March as they are doing promo’s in stages. Whether it’s a U.S. only tour or world, I dont know.

Also happening today was @Britneysbabies tweet that she saw a picture of Britney Spears & Brett Miller on set this afternoon for the HIAM video shoot.

I am really hoping that the Grammy appearance happens as we haven’t been able to see Britney walk a carpet or attend an awards show in quite some time. I’m pretty anxious to see her talk, even briefly about her single’s success.

Also, Chase Benz & Brian Friedman were at the Abbey last night in L.A. & said hello to a friend of mine.

That’s it for now! Dont Hold it Against Me


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gina - messy

Kelly Preston Explains Her Totally Not Creepy 'Silent Birth'

Fast forward to 4:00

Actress Kelly Preston just gave birth to the spawn of actor John Travolta. In complete silence. But it's not weird at all! As Preston explained on the Today show, it's all part of Scientology's very scientific theories about, uh, something.

Says Preston:
"L. Ron Hubbard found that the single source of aberration, of psychosomatic illnesses, stress, fears, worry, things like that, have to do with the reactive mind, and in that part of the mind is different words and commands that can come back to affect you later in your life."

That sounds totally real and scientific and normal! And not at all bizarre and creepy. Nope, nothing creepy about a woman giving birth in a completely silent operating room. Especially not if John Travolta is hanging out in there, in scrubs.


Ugh, this just scares me.
David Gandy: Bed

Marvel hires writer for Black Panther movie

MARVEL'S filmic future beyond 2012 ensemble The Avengers - a gathering of its current on-screen heroes, plus new addition Hawkeye - is taking shape.

A third Iron Man will be released in 2013 and a new crop of heroes are on the way.

In June last year, we learned that Conan scribes Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer had been hired to pen a Doctor Strange film, and in August it was announced that Rich Wilkes was to write an Iron Fist script.

Joining them will be Black Panther, with Mark Bailey now signed to pen the screenplay, according to HeatVision.

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James McAvoy Talks X-Men: No Bald Xavier, No Wolverine And Re-Shoot Details

This week has been jam packed with news about one of this summer's biggest blockbusters, the Matthew Vaughn-directed X-Men: First Class. Since Tuesday we've heard about the film undergoing re-shoots; Kevin Bacon's take on his character, Sebastian Shaw; seen the first stills arrive as well as a banner showing off the characters as well as two more stills directly from Vaughn; and the film's first teaser poster. Lucky for me, the timing couldn't have worked out better, as today I had the opportunity to sit down with Professor Xavier himself, James McAvoy. Speaking with the actor at the junket for his newest film, Gnomeo and Juliet (stay tuned in a few weeks for the entire interview), I took the opportunity to ask him a few questions about the superhero film and he was happy to oblige.Collapse )

Matthew Vaughn Reveals Details About X-Men: First Class


The X-Men are heading back to the ’60s, which, considering that the first X-Men comic hit stands in 1963, is maybe where they truly belong. X-Men: First Class (out June 3) explores the initial friendship and eventual schism between Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lensherr (Inglourious Basterds‘ Michael Fassbender, pictured right), two young mutants who later became known as the feuding Professor X and Magneto. But first they’ll have to thwart a bent-on-world-domination secret society, the Hellfire Club.

EW recently checked in with Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn (pictured above, inset), who talked about how his version of Magneto will resemble a certain silver-screen icon from the movie’s time period, why he’s not worried about die-hard X-Men fans, and how he returned to the X-Men universe after famously stepping away from X-Men: The Last Stand.


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(Still no Fassy tag? Lame.)
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New Images from RED RIDING HOOD


A couple of days ago we brought you the new trailer for Red Riding Hood, and today we’ve got some new images from director Catherine Hardwicke’s (Twilight) loose adaptation of the classic fairy tale. The film stars Amanda Seyfried as the titular girl in red (with a hood, no less), with Gary Oldman, Virginia Madsen, Julie Christie, Lukas Haas, Max Irons (Dorian Gray) and Shiloh Fernandez (United States of Tara) rounding out the cast. The film is set to hit theaters on March 11th. Hit the jump to check out the images.

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James McAvoy Exclusive Interview Talks X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and GNOMEO AND JULIET


The animated comedy adventure Gnomeo & Juliet tells William Shakespeare’s much-beloved and revered tale, but with gnomes from competing gardens at its center. Gnomeo (voiced by James McAvoy) of the Blue garden, falls for the delicate and sheltered Juliet (voiced by Emily Blunt), without knowing that she comes from the rival Red garden. Their chance meeting instantly changes their lives forever, and the two quickly form a bond that leads them to question the life-long rivalry between the Blues and the Reds.

While at the film’s press day, actor James McAvoy talked to Collider about finding his inner gnome, how freeing it can be to do voice work, the opportunity to expose kids to a version of the Romeo & Juliet story, and the fun of getting to be a part of an animated feature that will be watched for generations to come. He also talked about his role as Professor X in the upcoming X-Men: First Class (due in theaters on June 3rd), what it’s like to make such a big film in such a short amount of time, having freedom with their characterizations, how much he really loves working with the cast, and how he wishes he had a more visual superpower. Check out what he had to say after the jump:

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Glee's valentines day songs revealed!

Our hearts are filled with Glee in anticipation of the high school musical’s Valentine’s Day episode, titled “Silly Love Songs,” which promises to charm us with numerous romantic ditties featuring the show’s many, many will-they-or-won’t-they, on-again-off-again couples. On the set list? Everyone from Queen to Katy Perry. Check out the lineup after the jump.

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