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Casey Affleck Starring in 'Kind One'

Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone) is starring in the period noir drama The Kind One, which is based on Tom Epperson's novel of the same name. The story is about an amnesiac (Affleck) in 1930s Los Angeles who starts working for a violent mobster, ironically nicknamed ''the Kind One,'' and subsequently falls in love with his boss's girlfriend. Epperson will write the screenplay from his novel when the writers' strike is over. The project will reunite Affleck with Gone Baby Gone producer Sean Bailey, who is producing. Affleck is up for a Supporting Actor Oscar this year of his role in The Assassination of Jesse James.

Never heard of the book, but he impressed the hell out of me in both his movies this year, so I'd see it. His kid has the best extended family EVER, btw.

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