December 24th, 2010


Too small yet too big to fit under my tree

Behind the scenes with DanRad in The Woman in Black

Daniel Radcliffe has a smaller gathering. “The whole family—it’s only a small group of us, really—get together and that’s it,” said the actor. “I’m always at home for Christmas. My only holiday wish this time is that England goes to Australia and win The Ashes (a cricket series). I’ll be staying up late quite a lot more to hopefully watch them win.”

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zombie boy 2

Director Darren Aronofsky discusses his long dance with ‘Black Swan’

Director Darren Aronofsky spent years pirouetting around a story of psychological turmoil set in the competitive world of ballet: When he first thought of Natalie Portman, 29, for the role of Nina Sayers in “Black Swan,” the actress was still a teenager.

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But the director, now following up his acclaimed 2008 film “The Wrestler,” said the process of bringing “Black Swan” to the screen was far more difficult than choosing his lead.

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Ryan Reynolds Files For Divorce From Scarlett

Ryan Reynolds just officially filed for divorce from Scarlett Johansson, but all signs point to a more-than-amicable parting of ways.

Scarlett's response to Ryan's petition was filed at the same time -- a strong indication the two of them coordinated the court filings.

Neither party is asking for spousal support. Sources tell TMZ there is no prenup, and Ryan made more money than Scarlett during their 2-year marriage.

Ryan lists the date of separation as December 14, 2010. Scarlett agrees on the date.

Since everything they earned is community property, presumably it will be divided 50/50, though the petitions say property rights are yet to be determined.

Although the divorce is friendly, they aren't taking any chances. Ryan has hired disso-queen Laura Wasser, and Scarlett has retained Lynn Soodik.

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TMZ blocks visitors in UK

Earlier this evening, started showing this message to visitors from the United Kingdom:

Who else is seeing this? State your country and see if we can figure out if this is a temporary glitch or a perplexing new policy.

No idea what laws they are vaguely reffering to. No-one outside UK seems to be getting this message.

Update: Well it's true folks. TMZ got back to me and confirm the site is no longer available in the UK due to legal restrictions. No elaboration.

I understand this won't matter much to anyone outside the UK but we can all agree websites blocking countries isn't what the Internet promised us :(

DMX's Newest Mug Shot -- The Dirty Dozen!

TMZ has obtained DMX's newest mug shot -- taken in Arizona for a probation violation earlier this month ... which racks up his grand total of mug shots to ............ TWELVE!!!!!!!!

DMX Mugshot
As we previously reported, X -- aka Earl Simmons - was busted for failing to check in with his probation officer.

According to the Arizona Department of Corrections, DMX is currently housed in the mental health unit of a corrections facility in Phoenix.


Is that really Kate? UK royal coin raises eyebrows

The design for an official commemorative coin to mark the engagement of Britain's Prince William and Kate Middleton was unveiled on Thursday, but not everyone might recognize the bride-to-be.

The depiction, based on photographs of the couple at a sporting event, bears some resemblance to William but less so his fiancee.

Royal watchers said she appears much fuller in the face on the coin than she is in real life.

"This coin is of historical importance -- to get it so wrong seems ridiculous," Editor-in-Chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, was quoted on the Sky News website as saying.

The design was approved by the 28-year-old couple and by William's grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

The Royal Mint, which produced the collectors' item, said it had no intention of changing the design.

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Gordon Ramsay's dog gets randy with Emma Bunton

PITY the poor lady celebs suffering a dog’s life at Gordon Ramsay’s annual Christmas knees-up.
Crunching up the gravel path to the chef’s West London home, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton looked nervous as that familiar wrinkled face leered out at them.

And as Posh Spice, 36, stepped over the threshold, he bounded over, cocked a leg and proceeded to hump her thigh. A lot.

Yep Rumpole Ramsay, Gordon and wife Tana’s three-year-old bulldog, was the star of the show on Wednesday night, as David and Victoria, Emma and Jade Jones, and James Corden plus pregnant girlfriend, Jules Carey, enjoyed a festive feast.

Hitting on every lady present, but most enamoured of Ms Bunton, 34, the horny hound had to be pulled off various limbs by an increasingly irate Gordon.

Indeed when Tana announced supper, Emma couldn’t move until the Michelin-starred cook administered a tap around the haunches, and pulled Rumpole off the molested Spice Girl.

My mole says: “Rumpole and the cat Theodora were real stars. Rumpole took a shine to Victoria and Emma which ensured Gordon made full use of his vocabulary of expletives.”
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HBIC Diva Throws Shade At The Others; Praises Bey & Nicki; Craves Cherry Jell-O

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Mariah Carey has admitted that she finds it hard to keep up with the constant stream of new pop stars.

The pregnant singer told Pride magazine, "I don't really follow every new act - they come out constantly.

"There are so many, it's often hard to keep track, and sometimes they're here today and gone tomorrow.

"I admire my friends, like Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj, people who seem destined to be doing this for a living with longevity."

When asked about Rihanna and Willow Smith making waves in the industry, she added, "I feel there's always enough room in the charts for everyone. The true stars will have staying power, and only history will show who those are."

Talking about her diva status, she added, "I'm a strong woman who works extremely hard to be able to have my life the way I want it. So, if that makes me a diva, then okay."



Watch How Johnny Depp Performed ‘Rango’ – Could This Be The Future of How Animated Movies Are Made?

Paramount Pictures has released a new behind the scenes featurette for Pirates of the Caribbean helmer Gore Verbinski’s computer animated feature film Rango. The new featurette, titled “Behind the Scenes: Natural Acting Experience”, takes a look at the techniques employed to (as Verbinski has explained) “capture and translate every aspect of Johnny Depp’s performance, using it to drive the computer-generated character in a way that has yet to be seen in an animated feature.” Imagine something like how they filmed Avatar, but without all the motion capture suits, balls, and green screen. The techniques are as interesting as the resulting animation.

I got a chance to preview 10 or 15 minutes of the film at Butt-num-a-thon, and was blown away. The film looks unlike any computer animated film I’ve ever seen — a blend of two polar opposites: realistic animal creatures and stylized animation and characterization. Most everyone I talked to at the screening was equally in love with what they had seen. I can’t wait for people to see more of the film as I don’t think the trailers evoke the same reaction.

Based on an original idea by Verbinski, Rango is scripted by The Aviator scribe John Logan. Johnny Depp stars as an Hawaiian-shirt-wearing “chameleon with an identity crisis.” Previous information has stated that Rango is ”a oddly charismatic household pet that goes on an adventure to discover its true self.” The movie co-stars Isla Fisher, Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, Bill Nighy, Harry Dean Stanton, Ray Winstone, and Timothy Olyphant as The Spirit of the West.

Rango it set to hit theaters on March 18th 2011.

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Budding Child Enterpreneur Rico Rodriguez starts a fashion line

Celeb siblings Raini and Rico Rodriguez aren’t just taking over the big and small screens — they’re also adding fashion designers to their resume.
Rico, 11, tweeted out the big news. He shared, “My sister Raini & I have started a new clothing line called RAR It Fitz Fashions! We have a website where you can go online and order. The website is!! We have been working on this for the past year and we are SO excited to finally have it launched!”
He continued, “This is something new to us and we have been learning everyday. We hope y’all enjoy the clothes and wear them loud and proud! :)”
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Who's ringing in the New Year in Las Vegas?

Gwyneth Paltrow is set to be joining her husband, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin, onstage at the record-breaking, $25 million New Year's Eve celebration at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas.

Coldplay and Jay-Z, who'll be there with wife Beyoncé, have each been paid up to $1 million to perform for 2,500 invited guests at the new hotel. Sources said the lavish opening party is a massive spend by Deutsche Bank, which bought the 2,995-room property in 2008 when it was in foreclosure and spent $3.9 billion to complete it.

Andrew Fox, CEO of, which sells event tickets, told us: "To my knowledge, this is the biggest spend on New Year's Eve -- $25 million over the weekend for 4,000 guests." A Cosmopolitan rep said, "Gwyneth and Beyoncé are not confirmed for any kind of performance at this point. It would be incorrect to use the number $25 million." Paltrow's rep didn't get back to us.

Meanwhile, Fox said Miami's Fontainebleau looks set to be the biggest New Year's Eve earner, with DJ Tiesto, who's getting about $200,000, on his way to selling out 4,000 tickets. Rihanna has a $250,000 deal to host at Pure at Caesars in Vegas.

Hip-hop diva Nicki Minaj is getting $75,000 to perform at Miami's Mansion. Drake commanded a whopping $250,000 for his gig at Wall at the W Hotel South Beach. Their reps declined to comment.

Trey Songz was shopping himself at $75,000 to host on South Beach, but ended up taking half to host at Lux. Songz's rep didn't respond. On the cheaper side, "Jersey Shore" star Snooki is at Madame Tussauds on West 42nd Street for $10,000, and has sold 1,600 of 2,000 tickets.

Some boldfaces overpriced themselves. Sources tell us "Twilight" star Ashley Greene was asking $30,000, but got no deal. But her rep said, "Ashley turned down numerous offers for New Year's gigs so that she could spend the holiday not working and with her friends." (lol.. yeah right)

Fox noted, "The stars not looking to cash in will be in warm-weather destinations -- St. Barts, Mexico and Fiji. The real big names are going on Paul Allen's yacht."

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14 yr old "True Grit" actress asked Leah Michele for an autograph,was ignored,cried all the way home

Hailee Steinfeld is a star in her own right but that doesn’t mean she won’t get starstruck once in a while!

“When I was auditioning for True Grit, I was on the Paramount lot. I was wearing clothes from the 1800s that were big and uncomfortable,” the 14-year-old actress recalls to J-14.

When she saw Lea Michele there filming Glee, “I walked up to her and asked for her autograph, but she walked by and a guy came and said, ‘Sorry, now’s not a good time!’”

“So I had to walk all the way back to the car wearing what I was wearing. I was practically crying on the way home. I was so sad!” Hailee said.


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Earlier today, we posted a photo of Paul Wall who has lost a considerate amount of weight over the past year. According to an interview with the rapper in an upcoming issue of Ozone Magazine, he lost the weight through a procedure called Gastric Sleeve. Check out an excerpt from the interview below:

When did you decide to get serious about losing weight?
Honestly, when we were in Afghanistan and [reps for VH1's] Celebrity Fit Club were contacting [me] about coming on the show. That was a hell of a wake-up call. [Being fat] isn’t a secret. You can look in the mirror and try to hide it and cover it up, and it may work here or there, but there ain’t no shirt or hat you can put on or haircut you can get to hide the fact that you’re morbidly obese. That’s what the doctor said: I was “morbidly obese.” I decided not to do [the show] but it was still a wake-up call to have people calling you saying, “Hey, you’re really, really fat.”


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I hope rapper Paul Wall's story puts a christmas smile on all of your faces. hope everyone has a great christmas time inspite of all the various troubles you've faced in 2010 e.g weight issues,domestics (hey rebecca), restraining orders, money troubles, the banning of twitter/tumblrs in FFFA,etc. Have a better 2011.



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Woman disses celebrity on twitter,pressed celebrity tracks woman down and confronts her at the mall

Maino confronts a Twitter slanderer

Rapper Maino confronted a girl in Short Hills Mall recently after she sent out a few unruly tweets towards him. Ed Lover was there to film it all.

“It’s twitter…It’s twitter… It’s Entertainment” – her response

Twitter is all fun and games til somebody gets hurt

Source: Maino Confronts A Twitter Slanderer | Necole

If every pressed celebrity who read negative shit about them on twitter, started tracking down the people behind the tweets so many of you would have gotten ONTD signs and there would be quite a number of "Guess who" posts.

obligitory cat icon, muh muh muh muh, Poker Face is now stuck in your head

Rumors Of Aaron Carter's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Twitter exploded on Thursday with tweets revolving around former teen dream Aaron Carter. And not for the reasons he'd want.

According to the masses on Twitter, Aaron died of a drug overdose. But we are happy to report that the stories about his death are totally false.

Aaron's manager, Johnny Wright, tells E! "Aaron Carter is alive and well at my compound in Orlando, rehearsing for a New Year's show."

And because Twitter was the birth of this rumor, it's only appropriate that Aaron himself would put it to rest by tweeting from his official account early Friday morning:

This is the real Aaron Carter I know there's a Hoax Going Around, But I'm Here, Alive & Well. At the compound Working on my mind & soul.

The rumor can be traced back to when a reported friend of Aaron's tweeted the news of his death, adding "I can't believe you're gone."

This of course sent fans into a downward spiral of tweeting insanity. And we all know how Twitter works. One person tweets, someone else retweets, and pretty soon #RIPaaroncarter is trending. We don't know what prompted the first tweet, be it wrong information or just a sick joke gone awry, but AC is alive and well.

Source is more than 140 characters

Although no articles have been posted yet, apparently it was a Bieber fan Twitter that started the whole mess. GDI Beliebers >B|!/search/carter%20bieber

Jack Black On Conan

Hello everyone!

Jack Black must be everyone's favorite. He has a unique craziness and acting style that just cracks you up in every movie-interview he is in. Now I cannot wait to see Gulliver's Travels a movie he promoted the "jack Black way" on you can see Chris O' Down there too ( see: Roy from the IT crowd)

The interview ends with a guitar battle between Jack and Conan with a surprise that will rock your world!


Fashion Bible, Vogue, Names Lady Gaga Best-Dressed of 2010

In a field of ten supremely best-dressed contenders that included a Gossip Girl and the First Lady, one Lady stood out, proving that risk-taking can win the popular vote. In a landslide, Lady Gaga received 42 percent of the final results to take Best Dressed of the Year (beating out closest runner-up Blake Lively by 24 percent). Lady Gaga dressed up—way, way up—in lipstick-red latex to shake hands with the Queen, and as a sequin-suspendered Larry King to be interviewed by, well, Larry King. She turned heads in towering headdresses; she wore a hat made of her own hair, a metal bikini at the beach, and, in a look that managed to be both rare and well-done, a dress made of raw meat. Her sense of style thwarted the predictable—it was theatrically avant-garde and wildly, irreverently witty, returning a much-needed sense of humor and unbridled imagination to fashion.

Stock; Starbucks

Dr. Drew: Brad, Angelina Headed for 'Nuclear' Breakup; Angie a Heroin Addict

Bad things are a-brewin' in the Jolie-Pitt household, predicts love/rehab/hot mess expert Dr. Drew Pinsky.
While shooting promos for his upcoming HLN talk show Dr. Drew, he spoke with the Huffington Post about the "nuclear eruption" that's looming for the pair. The first problem is Angelina. Says Pinsky, "There's no such thing as 'I was a heroin addict.' That doesn't exist in nature. Something is going on with [her] addiction. Or she's in recovery. And I don't see any evidence that's the case. So we've got one person who's a heroin addict."

And then she's paired with Brad and his "demeaning attitude towards other people's emotions"—Pinsky reminds us that the actor has said things like, "Well, Jennifer [Aniston] was into long-term relationships, that's just her way of looking at things." Put the two together, and you have "a really volatile situation. And they're constantly creating things to weld themselves together. There will be some sort of meltdown that will be phenomenal when it does happen."



Dr. Drew Apologizes: In a recent interview with The Huffington Post, Dr. Drew basically called Angelina Jolie a heroin addict. In fact his exact words were, “There’s no such thing as ‘I was a heroin addict.’ That doesn’t exist in nature. Something is going on with [her] addiction.” Turns out that was all taken entirely out of context and was never meant to be printed, according to the good doctor who in no way woke up with the severed head of a Vietnamese child in his bed this morning. Stop taking me out of context! RadarOnline reports: “Literally as though one was speculating, just going through an exercise of speculation and not some sort of analysis that was supposed to be factual or for public discourse… I could not be more upset and disturbed that these things were printed as though I was making some sort of categorical analysis of people I really don’t know. … “I wish them the best, I hope they do well, enjoy the holidays with their kids and have a nice time. I wish them no ill, believe me… I’m sorry these comments were taken out of context and made public,” he added. So, in other words, “Thanks for the publicity. Please don’t kill me for drug money.” Wisely played.

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Behind The Scenes Of AMC's New Series "The Killing"



About The Show (from and the press release)

From writer, executive producer and series showrunner Veena Sud (Cold Case), The Killing is based on the wildly successful Danish television series Forbrydelsen and tells the story of the murder of a young girl in Seattle and the subsequent police investigation. Season one will consist of thirteen one-hour episodes and is slated to premiere in March 2011.

As “Sarah,” Mireille Enos (Big Love) portrays the lead homicide detective that investigates the death of Rosie Larsen. Other previously announced castings include: Billy Campbell (Once and Again) as Darren Richmond, Seattle’s City Council President, running for Mayor; Michelle Forbes (True Blood) as Mitch Larsen, the victim’s mother; Joel Kinnaman (Snabba Cash) as Stephen Holder, an ex-narc cop who joins the homicide division in the investigation to find Rosie Larsen’s killer; and Brent Sexton (W., In the Valley of Elah) as Stan Larsen, the victim’s father. The series ties together three distinct stories around a single murder including the detectives assigned to the case, the victim’s grieving family and the suspects. The story also explores local politics as it follows politicians connected to the case. As it unfolds, it becomes clear that there are no accidents; everyone has a secret, and while the characters think they’ve moved on, their past isn’t done with them.

"The Killing marks the first foray into a crime mystery genre for AMC. We were drawn to the project immediately after viewing the original format. Veena's adaptation has everything we loved about the original and more -- it is compelling and addictive storytelling,” said Susie Fitzgerald, AMC’s SVP of scripted development and current programming. “We could also not be more impressed with the level of talent that we have working on it from our amazing cast and crew to our dedicated partners at FTVS and Fuse."

Demi Lovato Scores Christmas Pass


Demi Lovato just got one hell of a Xmas present from treatment center  -- TMZ has learned she will be allowed to enjoy a Christmas dinner with her family OUTSIDE the center tomorrow night.

Sources close to Demi tell us the singer will be meeting with her family at some point tomorrow to have dinner "outside the facility".  We're told she will return to the treatment center that night to continue with her program. 

As we previously reported -- Demi voluntarily checked herself in to a treatment facility last month after she punched a female backup dancer on a private jet.  We're told Demi "felt awful" about her behavior.

Some Being Human News to Enjoy for the Holidays


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This is old news (from October), but I thought it was interesting and it hasn't been posted yet. It sounds boring, but I'll probably watch it to make the wait between episodes more bearable.


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OMGGGGGG, YOU GUYS!! Michael Socha is Lauren Socha's (Kelly from Misfits) brother!! I need this show nowwwww. Also, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in general! :)

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HP; Ron Weasley

Top 10 Grossing Films of 2010

Watch the trailers for the top grossing films of 2010.

10. Clash of the Titans: Trailer
Warner Bros.’ remake of the cult classic did far better than expected, grossing $493.2 million worldwide. Warners’ decision to convert the film to 3D was a smart one, since it boosted overall grosses. Domestically, the movie grossed $163.2 million. Internationally, it earned $330 million.

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Details on Britwick's trip to Long Island

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Britney Spears visited boyfriend Jason Trawick's family on Long Island and did some last-minute shopping before hopping on a plane yesterday afternoon. She and Trawick popped into Milk & Honey in Huntington and bought a coat, a few dresses, sunglasses and jewelry -- a bracelet and a couple of necklaces. "She was quiet but friendly and asked to wear one of the dresses she picked out of the store," said a source. Trawick paid with his credit card. The pair were later spotted with shopping bags at JFK, destination unknown.

Source  More Info: WOW, we just had a very special guest visit Milk & Honey in Huntington! I'd like to thank Britney Spears for making a special shopping trip to our Huntington location today;) She was with her boyfriend Jason Trawick, (who purchased a Amongst Friends navy canvas peacoat for himself), and bodyguard who kept careful watch over her. Britney picked up quite a few things herself which included our Melie Bianco floral clutch, Knitted Dove silky pink tunic, Ornamental Things locket necklace, Scrapbook lace/rose printed tunic (which she asked if she could wear out of the store), and much more! Spears browsed, played dress up ad stayed for about a half hour before heading to the airport. It was a pleasure to helping her;) Maybe she will visit again soon!

Ryan & Scarlett make better friends than spouses with divorce officially filed

Divorcee-to-be Scarlett Johansson is living by a new motto these days: "Keep your friends close, and your exes closer."

The curvy actress and her abs-fab hubby of two years, Ryan Reynolds, officially ended their marriage of two years Thursday when Reynolds filed for divorce in Los Angele Superior Court.

But a source close to the actress tells us the circumstances surrounding the filing are evidence that Reynolds and Scar-Jo are on great terms.

The source explains that although Johansson initially pulled the plug on the marriage earlier this month, the couple decided Ryan would make the initial filing to ensure Scar-Jo would no longer look like "the bad guy" in the breakup.

The couple also decided Reynolds would file during the holidays, when press coverage is lighter, and Scarlett’s response to the divorce petition was filed at the same time.

Oddly enough, our source says Scar-Jo and her future ex-husband communicate more now than they did before their split.

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before all the hating comments, Scarlett has always kept close with her exes, even with her highschool love jack antonoff, the only exception here seems to be josh hartnett

{magnolia} but it did happen

Jason Mraz is engaged

Jason Mraz is a "Lucky" Man...He's Engaged!

Jason Mraz can now officially tell his girlfriend, "I'm yours."

The 33-year-old singer/songwriter is engaged to girlfriend Tristan Prettyman, 28. The happy couple tweeted the news late Thursday night.

Jason, who is usually known for his way with words and lyrics, simply had this to say on his Twitter:

@jason_mraz: SHE SAID YES.

Tristan, who's also a singer/songwriter, was at a loss for words, too. But she did manage to tweet more than her hubby-to-be:

@tprettyman: For Once. I Am Speechless.....i did good! holy crap! man of my dreams!!! for the rest of my life!!!

In 2009, E! talked to Jason at the Outside Lands Music Fest about marriage, and he told us, "I'm not married yet, but I think I may have found the one."

David Gandy: Pucker

'Tron Legacy' Star Olivia Wilde Talks Sequel Plans

Actress who plays Quorra hints Cillian Murphy's character will return.

We've long known that Disney has been positioning "Tron Legacy" as the first installment in a revamped take on the dude-gets-sucked-into-a-computer concept the studio pioneered in the early 1980s. Back in April, eight months before the new film was set to hit theaters, news broke that a script for another film already was in the works.Collapse )
David Gandy: Pucker

‘The Dark Tower’: Ron Howard’s plans (and passion) for Stephen King epic

The bookshelf creations of Stephen King have been keeping people up at night for decades but Ron Howard has been losing sleep lately for a different reason — the Oscar-winning filmmaker is becoming a bit obsessive about his plan to bring King’s most epic creation, ”The Dark Tower,” to the movie screen.

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