December 22nd, 2010


Harry Shum Jr/Mike Chang on Access Hollywood (plus Step Up 3D performance)

Harry Shum Jr. is proud of his standout role on FOX’s “Glee,” but check it out as some of Harry’s very talented co-stars from “Step Up 3D” perform a jaw-dropping routine on Access Hollywood Live’s set to “This Instant” by Sophia Fresh featuring T-Pain, from the new on DVD movie’s soundtrack.


Silent Night tops Christmas carol list

'Silent Night has topped the list of Britain's most recorded Christmas song of all time.

The 190-year-old Austrian carol beat more recent festive compositions such as Winter Wonderland to the top spot in a list of more than 170 recordings, according to music licensing company PPL.

"Silent Night is a beautiful carol which encapsulates the feeling of Christmas entirely," said Mike Dalby, lead reporting analyst at PPL.

"Everyone from punk band The Dickies right through to Sinead O'Connor has recorded it, which exemplifies just how much it resonates with all different types of artists."

PPL compiled the list using a database of about 1,800 Christmas themed recordings.

The original version of the carol, Stille Nacht, was written in 1816 in Austria by the priest Father Joseph Mohr.

O'Connor's 1991 recording was the most popular version of Silent Night in Britain, PPL added.

It was first performed on Christmas Eve in 1818.

A staple part of carol services across the globe, Stille Nacht has been translated into 44 different languages from the original German.'

What's your favourite christmas carol ONTD?

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and he was candy all over

Somewhere, grammaire is sharpening her knives

Anne Hathaway's 'sensitive' Judy Garland project

Anne Hathaway has explained delays in her Judy Garland film are because of the "sensitive" nature of the project.

She told BBC Radio Four's Front Row she hoped production would start in the next two years.

The Devil Wears Prada star was first in talks to play Garland in early 2009.

"It's a very sensitive project and there have been so many stories told about her life that we're really trying to get it right.

"So we've taking our time with it. I know it seems like it's sort of an endless process but it's very, very slow incremental steps.

"I had a meeting about it a couple of weeks ago and we're all very motivated."

Film producer Harvey Weinstein was quoted in 2009 as saying it would be a film and theatre project based on Gerald Clarke's 2001 book Get Happy: The Life of Judy Garland.

Hathaway said she will be singing in her role as the legendary star: "I certainly don't sing like Judy Garland but the talk is to have me do the singing.

"But I think people might cry murder if they don't get to hear Judy's beloved voice so the talk is for me to sing but I don't know if that's exactly what will happen."

Hathaway is nominated for a Golden Globe for her latest film Love and Other Drugs which opens in the UK on 29 December 2010.



Before Kate Middleton was the new darling of the press, the new princess to be, the bride to end all brides, she was an accessory buyer. As Ms. Middleton has been topping the best dressed charts for years now, it is no surprise that she spent her days working in the fashion industry. While she may have graced the tabloids from time to time in 2006 when she first started working for Jigsaw, a British retailer, she is now all over the news. As follows, people all over the globe are watching her every style move.

Jeweler Claudia Bradby is cashing in on the flurry of exposure. The UK-based retailer has reissued a necklace that was designed in collaboration with Ms. Middleton for Jigsaw Junior. Although the necklace was originally designed with children in mind, many people believe that the classic components make it appropriate for adult women to wear. Some even consider the style to be chic. In addition to reissuing the necklace in its original form, Claudia Bradbury is also selling it with an extended chain so that it is more fitting for women.In fact, it has been reported that Ms. Middleton was hoping to create a necklace that mothers and daughters could share when she was designing this piece.

The necklace is comprised of a silver snake chain that is adorned with three charms. One of the charms is a piece of rose quartz, a semi-precious stone. Another one of the charms is a pink pearl charm that, in contrast to the rose quartz looks to have a hue closer to the color of champagne than bubble gum. The center charm in the necklace is a silver component in the shape of a bean. In fact, the necklace, which is called “The Silver Bean Pendant”, is named after this component.
Mary-Kate: Smile

Coldplay and Gary Barlow perform secret gig

Coldplay and Take That's Gary Barlow have performed together in a secret gig in Liverpool to raise money for the homeless charity, Crisis.

They were joined on stage with the Choir With No Name, which includes homeless people among its members on Sunday, with a second concert in Newcastle on Monday.

So far £238,000 has been raised for the charity by the concerts.

Source 1

Coldplay perform their new single Christmas Lights with Gary Barlow

Coldplay performed their new single, Christmas Lights with a little help from Take That's Gary Barlow, live at the Liverpool Royal Court on 19th December 2010.

The show was a fundraiser for Crisis. Christmas Lights is out now and available for download from iTunes - Gary also joined the band for an amazing rendition of 'Back For Good', just before Christmas Lights.

It's the first time Christmas Lights has ever been performed on stage, and was the big finale of an amazing show which raised £250,000 for Crisis (to establish a new Crisis centre for the homeless in Liverpool).

Source 2



The fashion industry was utterly smitten when news first broke of timeless beauty Marion Cotillard becoming the newest face of Dior and the house’s elegant and classic styles. Everyone just knew the woman who single handedly brought modesty and class back to the red carpet would be the perfect fit for Dior’s dramatic ad campaigns. Before Dior personally chose the French actress from among many tough contenders for the coveted endorsement deal, she continually wowed in sleek, chic and tres magnifique looks both on and off the red carpet.

Since inking the deal, it’s almost as if Cotillard feels so loyal to the fashion brand, that she can’t be seen in any other label, which unfortunately has landed her on a lot of worst-dressed lists recently. Her biggest offence to date is undoubtedly the blue patterned monstrosity she debuted at the December 5 Opening Ceremony of the tenth annual Marrakech Film Festival in Morocco. Below, take a look at her over-the-top fashion choice – and sound off with what you think about the look.

The Christian Dior creation was over-patterned, over-feathered, and just plain over. Even worse, the floor-length frock made the otherwise svelte 35-year-old appear frumpy and uncomfortable. The feathered collar looked more like a bird’s nest than a chic accent, and the entire look didn’t do a thing for either Cotillard or the brand she’s supposed to be successfully representing.

It’s no secret that feathers are a huge trend right now – and there are appropriate ways to wear them right, without looking like you narrowly escaped the clutches of an ostrich’s beak. To make the trend work for you, try a tiny feather accent on an evening clutch bag or a piece of statement jewelry with a small feather detail. Peacock-style feather earrings and pendants are everywhere right now – from Forever 21 to Saks – and can work with everything from your favorite weekend jeans to a cocktail dress. Give the feather look a try in small doses, and avoid this Cotillard-esque fashion disaster.

Lohan 'Victim': Lindsay Was Violent, Drinking

The Betty Ford staffer who claims Lindsay Lohan assaulted her tells TMZ ... Lindsay had been drinking before the incident and hurt her so badly, she's now on workers' comp.

Dawn Holland, who works as a chemical dependency technician at the Betty Ford Clinic, tells us on Sunday, December 12, just after 1 AM, Lindsay and two roommates came home from a night on the town ... violating the curfew policy.

Holland says Lindsay and company jumped a wall, trying to get inside the place she was staying without being noticed. Holland says security stopped the three women, and that's when Lindsay became belligerent and started swearing up a storm.
Holland says she was called to do a breathalyzer on the 3 women, but Lindsay refused and then pushed her.  Holland says she went back in the house and Lindsay called 911 on the house phone. 

Holland says she picked up another house phone to speak with 911, and  Lindsay confronted her again and ripped the phone out of her hand, causing a severe sprain which caused Holland to go out on workers' comp.

Holland says she could smell alcohol on Lindsay's breath.

As for Lindsay's claim Holland touched her first, she says, "I did not touch the woman."

As TMZ first reported, Holland filed a police report and the cops are investigating Lindsay for criminal battery.


Aaron Eckhart Says He Argued With Nicole Kidman On Set Of 'Rabbit Hole'

The fighting on camera wasn't just fiction.

Aaron Eckhart spoke with E! about his on-set experience with Nicole Kidman, his co-star in the marriage drama 'Rabbit Hole,' and he said, contrary to popular belief, things weren't always so easy off screen, either.

"She was irritated with me and I was irritated with her but that's the way movie-making is," he said about the atmosphere while shooting a particularly difficult scene. "For one day, are we not allowed? For half a day even?... It's so surprising to me when people are surprised that movie making is sometimes tense and uncomfortable because inherently it's going to be."

Eckhart, who is unmarried and has no children, told Conan O'Brien last night that it was difficult for him to relate to his character, a married man with kids.

Luckily, the on-screen fighting wasn't severe enough for the friendship with Kidman to end -- she has been trying to set up the handsome star during public appearances to promote the film.

Lindsay Accuser Accused of Assaulting Her Husband

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Dawn Holland, who has filed a criminal battery complaint against Lindsay, was embroiled in a bitter divorce last year.  Holland's husband claims in legal docs obtained by TMZ, she accused him of cheating and one day, "She got out of bed.  She hit me."

In another incident in 2008, Dawn's husband claims she "lost control, broke up a lot of my personal property and attacked me, kicking me in the leg and causing a contusion."

For her part, Dawn claims her hubby viciously attacked her on several occasions.

Dawn -- who is now divorced -- has a restraining order against her ex-husband, but his petition for one was denied.


Get In Loser, You're Going to Jail (Again)... for 6 Months

After she was caught sneaking back into her sober living facility, Lindsay Lohan allegedly refused to take a breathalyzer test, and has learned exclusively that if that allegation is true, the decision could possibly land her in jail for six months.

"Judge Fox made it very clear to Lindsay: a dirty test, or a refusal to submit to a test, would be counted and considered as a dirty test," a source told exclusively.

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Gurl, yo life is such a mess. smh.

What advice would you give LiLo at this point, ONTD?


TV's Underrated Stars of 2010

Award winners? Spotlight hogs? Who needs 'em?

At Zap2it we love to champion those actors who pull together great performances but miss out on the glory. For our fifth annual Underrated list, we've gathered together some of our favorites who've had a particularly good year, but don't always get recognized.

A reminder of some ground rules: No leads on a show (with rare cable exceptions), no Emmys and no repeats, i.e. if we hailed you as Underrated previously, sorry, that recognition has negated your underrated quality.

Congrats to you. May this be a stepping stone to actual "rated" status.

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Agree with this list? Disagree? Are there actors so underrated, they didn't even make this list?




Damian Lewis Returns To American TV

Showtime's drama pilot Homeland has assembled a pretty solid cast. Former Life star Damian Lewis has been tapped to star opposite Claire Danes in the pilot from 24 executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. Lewis will play the male lead in the project, which centers on Marine Sergeant Scott Brody (Lewis), who returns home after spending eight years as a prisoner of war in Baghdad, and Carrie Anderson (Claire Danes), a driven CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America. Scott, who was discovered during a U.S. attack on an enemy base, was brought to the U.S. with much fanfare and is happy to be home with his family, wife Jessica (Laura Fraser), and two kids, but still carries with him the trauma of his imprisonment and torture. Lewis, a British screen and stage actor, is best known in the U.S. for his roles in the NBC quirky drama Life and HBO's Emmy-winning World War II mini-series Band of Brothers.

Also cast in Homeland is another British actor, David Harewood (Blood Diamond). He will play David Estes, the the youngest Deputy Director of Intelligence in CIA history, decisive, political, professional, but ultimately self-serving who is frequently exasperated by Carrie's obsessive determination to follow up any lead, no matter how small or politically inconvenient. Production on the pilot, whose cast also includes Mandy Patinkin, is slated to begin Jan. 10 in Charlotte, N.C.


I loved Life (the only crime produceral I ever loved), so yay!

Ali Larter gives birth

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Christmas arrived a bit early for Ali Larter!

The Heroes actress and actor Hayes MacArthur welcomed a healthy boy early Monday morning in Los Angeles, her rep tells exclusively. Mom and child are now resting comfortably.

First-time parents Larter, 34, and Perfect Couples actor MacArthur, 33, have named their son Theodore Hayes MacArthur.

"He's our perfect Christmas present," the new mom and dad gush to Us.

After seven years of dating, Larter and MacArthur wed in Kennebunkport, Maine in August 2009. She was eager to start a family way back in 2007, telling Cosmopolitan: "I told my boyfriend after three weeks that I wanted to marry him and that we could do it tomorrow...I look forward to that time when I'm home with babies."

Trio Trio

There will be three kinds of Vin Diesel in the next Riddick movie.

Vin Diesel just posted this update on what forms his character will take in the follow-up to Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick:


So the director of Riddick, my partner on COR since the beginning, DT... has a new challenge in store. He wants me to have 3 different body looks for this next chapter...

There is the DiNorscio type, the Dom type, and the lean Furyan type... but all in the same movie, haha...

When it comes to art, we all like a challenge.


For those not intimately familiar with Vin Diesel's oeuvre (and really, for shame), "DT" is writer-director David Twohy, and Dinorscio refers to his character in Find Me Guilty, eccentric mobster Giacomo "Jackie Dee" DiNorscio, who was significantly fatter and more out of shape than your usual Vin Diesel character. Dom is his more bulked out Fast and the Furious character, and Furyan refers to the somewhat leaner look he has used to play Riddick before. So, get ready for way more Vin Diesel than any of us can handle, I guess. And see below for a new piece of Riddick concept art.
Misha new hat

Being Human (Syfy) cast photos

Being Human synopsis: The series follows three paranormal, 20-something roommates living in Boston – vampire “Aidan” (Witwer), werewolf “Josh” (Huntington) and ghost “Sally” (Rath) – as they struggle to hide their dark secrets from the world, while helping each other navigate the complexities of living double lives and trying to be human. Mark Pellegrino plays Aidan’s charismatic but menacing vampire mentor “Bishop” (Pelligrino).

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'Jersey Shore' Star Vinny's Old Spice Spoof To Be Featured On MTV New Year's Special


New Year's Eve is about to get a lot funnier now that "Jersey Shore" star Vinny will be taking a comedic stab at one of 2010's most memorable commercials. MTV's New Year's Eve special will include a first look at Vinny's Old Spice spoof.

"MTV's New Year's Bash 2011 will provide a comedic look back at the past year," Shawn Witt, executive producer of MTV's "New Year's Bash 2011," explained, adding, "Vinny's Old Spice commercial parody is just one of the many satirical pieces we will feature throughout the show."

You know about the famous ball that drops on New Year's Eve, but MTV has something a little different lined up for its big New Year's celebration. "Jersey Shore" star Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi will climb into a ball that will be lowered into New York's Times Square to help ring in 2011 at the MTV New Year's Bash.

"MTV is looking to redefine the concept of the traditional New Year's Eve broadcast," Steve Tseckares, MTV's Senior Vice President of Special Programming and Production, said in a statement. "This year's show will push boundaries and provide fans with a diversified content experience that fuses comedy, music and pop culture."

Of course, the sassy "Shore" star won't be alone, as comedian Whitney Cummings will host the proceedings, rapper Flo Rida will perform and another "Jersey Shore" castmember, Pauly D, will serve as the night's DJ. It's all in the name of fun, as the special will take an irreverent look back at the year in music, television, Internet, relationships and more.

"I can't wait to host MTV's New Years Eve Bash!" Cummings said. "It's going to be so fun to party with the 'Jersey Shore' [cast] and rip on all things 2010. I'm gonna get some really good tweets."

Cummings and her crew will be joined by "Saturday Night Live" funnyman Bobby Moynihan, comedian Nick Kroll, Internet sensation Keenan Cahill and "Pretty Little Liars" castmembers Ashley Benson, Troian Bellisario and Shay Mitchell. The special will debut live on MTV and MTV2 from MTV's Times Square studio on December 31 at 10:30 p.m. ET (tape delay PT).

Of course, it wouldn't be a New Year's celebration without some serious fist-pumping, so the "Jersey Shore" castmembers will lead the crowd in a fist-pumping frenzy in an attempt to break a Guinness World Record.

While Cummings will be hosting the show live from MTV's Times Square studio, the hosts of "The Seven," Kevin Manno and Julie Alexandria, will be reporting on the festivities down at street level, and the "Shore" kids will make sure to keep the crowd hyped.

As if that weren't enough, the "Jersey Shore" gang will also unveil an exclusive sneak preview of the upcoming third season of the big show.

Source: MTV

Obama signs "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" repeal bill!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In 36 degree weather, hundreds stood in line for hours in front of the Interior Department well before the requested 7:00 AM invitation time to watch President Obama sign into law the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

After two House votes, three Senate votes, seventeen years of forced lies and witchhunts, over 13,000 discharges, twenty-three military studies — the most recent costing $4.5 million — untold hours and millions of dollars worth of of lobbying and debate, the declaration as unconstitutional by a federal judge, and 78% of Americans in agreement, President Obama spoke for 20 minutes, then at 9:35, with many pens, the President signed into law the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal bill.

President Obama spoke of many LGBT service members who were true patriots and devoted their lives to their country. Acknowledging this has been going on for over two centuries, Obama said, “You are not the first to have to endure this, but you are the last.”

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Drake Bell Announces London Gig in 2011!

Drake Bell has announced his very first show in London, England at Borderline on January 24th, 2011. This is his first trip "over the pond" and after watching his Twitter-spree yesterday, I'd say the boy is pretty damn excited. Tickets are limited and can be purchased at This will be his only show during this trip.

Drake is currently working on his 3rd studio album with songwriter-producer Bleu and Jonas Brothers-writing-god John Fields.

Source & Source

Nicki Minaj and Robert Gates named mtvU Man and Woman of The Year

Today mtvU announced its 2010 mtvU Man and Woman of the Year: Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and hip hop artist Nicki Minaj. As a Republican serving in a Democratic administration, Robert Gates tackled big issues – from fiscal responsibility to gender bias and most recently, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” – making bold, yet reasoned choices, leaving politics aside. Meanwhile, college students everywhere took notice of Nicki Minaj as she became the first solo female rapper to hit Number 1 on Billboard’s Rap Chart since 2003, changing the game in the male dominated hip hop space. Minaj also took a stand by speaking out against sexist double standards and bullying, and sparked a cultural dialogue about breaking down homophobic stereotypes within the industry.

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IT'S MILEY!!! and the ~face


Kelly Osbourne has denied rumours that Miley Cyrus has been a "bad influence" on her.

The National Enquirer previously reportedly that 18-year-old Cyrus's wild partying had Osbourne's family and friends worried that she would relapse into drug addiction after the two began spending time together on the set of So Undercover.

However, Osbourne insisted that there is no truth to the story, writing on her Twitter page: "Actually it's the other way around Miley has us all on a health kick. Gym/early nights (sic).

"Miley is one of the most hard working respectful women I have ever worked with I am learning a lot from her… Miley and I have become really close I'm sick of all the haters judging her she made one mistake and trust me she has learned her lesson!"

milagros 2

Brittany Murphy's Mother Pretends Death Didn't Happen

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brittany Murphy's mother sometimes "pretends" the actress is still alive - because she struggles to accept the tragic star's "strange" passing a year after her death.

The Clueless star died suddenly on 20 December, 2009 after suffering a cardiac arrest at her Hollywood Hills home and her widower, filmmaker Simon Monjack, passed away just five months later. Both husband and wife died of pneumonia combined with anaemia, and Sharon Murphy admits she's yet to come to terms with the double tragedy.

She has found it so difficult to cope on her own, every day is a battle to resume some sort of normalcy.

She tells In Touch Weekly, "Every day is difficult. It's still a challenge to get out of bed and put one foot in front of the other.

"It's (the two deaths are) beyond strange. Sometimes, just in order to function, I pretend it didn't happen."

Sharon finds comfort in reliving happier times in her life - and she insists on staying put at the Beverly Hills mansion her daughter died in because she feels closer to the late star.

She says, "I'm always remembering times with her. She would always say that we grew up together, and that's true. We were so close, and such great friends... I feel their presence here. It's comforting."

This Week In 'X Factor Rejects': *XF Voiceover* RACHEL ADEDEJI

7ff3fdf99db9c0c7 Rachel Adedeji

For those who don't remember Rachel Adedeji: She was a contestant on the UK X Factor in 2009 in Dannii Minogues category. She came in 9th place overall when she was in the bottom two against Lloyd Daniels in week 4 and the judges vote resulted in Deadlock ultimately sending her home (even though Lloyds voice was cracking all over the place like Cheryl Cole singing without autotune whilst being bitch-slapped by Nadine!). But past injustices aside, this week Rachel has released her first single called 'Follow The DJ'.  Have a listen:

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Leeloo (T)

Shocking French print ad for the Discovery UK Michael Jackson mock autopsy

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SOURCE: me and this

I mentioned this in a post before, I'm all for science and would enjoy watching a program like this if it didn't have his (or anyone's) name attached to it. Even as a science student, I cannot be cool with something like this and just find it extremely disrespectful. I did consider the fact that I may be biased as a fan so I asked some friends at my uni (also physics/chem students) and not one person liked the idea. Not that it matters anyway but dearest media, it's really time to let that man rest in peace. At least to some fucking extent. 

Trailer for Supermodel Liya Kebebe's "Desert Flower"

Somali nomad Waris Dirie runs away from an arranged marriage at the age of 13 and ends up on the fashion runways of London, Paris, and New York. She also becomes a UN special ambassador, speaking out about female circumcision and the traditions that harm women worldwide.

Starring: Liya Kebebde, Craig Parkinson, Sally Hawkins, and Timothy Spall.

US release date: March 18, 2011

youtube and imdb
eHarmony guy
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Reese Witherspoon on 'Chelsea Lately'

Reese Witherspoon stopped by "Chelsea Lately" last night to promote her current flick "How Do You Know." In the interview, the two new BFFs talk about why Reese's character in "How Do You Know" isn't a lesbian, filming their upcoming movie "This Means War" together, getting drunk on a plane with the director McG, and Reese's many farm animals and their bizarre names. Check out the interview below.


I was hoping that Reese would go on Chelsea's show now that they know each other. It's so cute that they seem to get along really well!
Stevie J

DJ Cipha Sounds: "I'm HIV negative...because I don't mess with Haitian girls"

 Last week DJ Cipha Sounds on-air comment "The reason I'm H-I-V negative is because I don't mess with Haitian girls" has people P.O.ed.

A group of activists, protestors and local leaders in New York city are asking that a local radio DJ be fired after outrageous comments made on the air last week at HOT 97. 

Last week DJ Cipha Sounds said on-air "The reason I'm H-I-V negative is because I don't mess with Haitian girls" and this has angered Haitians Americans and others across the city.

He immediately issued an on-air apology and posted the apology on Youtube.
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But an apology won't be enough to keep HOT 97 DJ Cipha Sounds on the air following the remarks.
The station says Cipha, whose real name is Luis Diaz, will be off the air indefinitely.
HOT 97 also says it will work with community leaders to increase awareness of programs to address the HIV epidemic. 

SOURCE 1, 2, 3 
audrey, breakfast at tiffany&#39;s

Amanda Seyfried: Christmas Shopping with Ryan Phillippe!

Amanda Seyfried sits in her car with Ryan Phillippe in the shotgun seat as they spend time together on Tuesday (December 21) in Los Angeles.

The 25-year-old actress and Ryan, 36, took care of some Christmas shopping at the Fred Segal boutique in Hollywood.

Amanda and Ryan have been friends for some time now - back in October, they left Kate Hudson’s Halloween party together.


I do not know how to feel about this pairing

and the wheels keep on turnin'

Lindsay Lohan is finding Dawn Holland's claim she was drinking hard to swallow -- sources close to LiLo say the only thing she was downing the night in question were Shirley Temples.

We're told Linday met up with a friend at the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs, CA on December 11 to have her hair done. While there, our sources say Lindsay knocked back the non-alcoholic mixed drink ... along with an order of equally non-toxic french fries.

Our sources say Lindsay eventually headed back to her sober house -- completely sober -- at around 1 AM ... and that's when all hell broke loose.

Holland claims she smelled alcohol on Lindsay's breath, but LiLo refused to take a breathalyzer.

Xtina: QT Glasses

Canada's Most Beloved Possession: A Motherfuckin Princess Post

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The singer's fourth studio album includes 13 songs - although Alice from this year's Alice in Wonderland soundtrack appears as a hidden bonus song at the end of the CD.

Goodbye Lullaby will be released March 8, 2011 and includes the lead single What The Hell - which will get its premiere in the US on Dick Clark's New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Goodbye Lullaby Tracklisting:

1. Black Star
2. What The Hell
3. Push
4. Wish You Were Here
5. Smile
6. Stop Standing There
7. I Love You
8. Everybody Hurts
9. Not Enough
10. 4 Real
11. Darlin
12. Remember When
13. Goodbye
14. Alice (Hidden Track)

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Glee's Jane Lynch to Guest Star on The Simpsons

Glee's Jane Lynch has confirmed that she will be voicing a character on the Simpsons, set to air next fall. The episode, titled "Replaceable You" will see Lynch play the character of Roz, a seemingly nice, charming assistant to Homer who is eventually revealed to be undermining him in an attempt to take his job.

Sounds like fun, but whatevs- kinda getting over the simpsons now. Talk about flogging a dead horse.

What do you think ONTD?

P.S: Need me some more GLEE!!!!!!!

P.P.S: Sorry for forgetting tags the first time mods. DON'T HATE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me love you long time.


Preview page of new Dollhouse "Epitaphs" comic

Dollhouse: Epitaphs
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics

(W) Jed Whedon, Maurissa Tancharoen
(A) Cliff Richards
(C) Michelle Madsen
(Cover) Phil Noto
(Variant Cover) Steve Morris

Having penned the show's final, post-apocalyptic episode, show writers Maurissa Tancharoen and Jed Whedon continue the tale of three survivors in a world overcome by a devastating technological virus. The wealthy and powerful could buy any kind of companionship at the Dollhouses, where the Rossum Corporation paid young people to have their minds wiped clean and be imprinted with computer-enhanced personalities and skills—all according to a buyer's request. Now the technology has gone viral, wiping the minds of everyone it reached, turning them into mindless butchers. Those who've avoided the call must try to survive their friends and families if they hope to destroy Rossum and save the world.

tom hardy bb

Looks Like We've Got A Foot Fetish, Huh?

The New York Jets are on the verge of making the playoffs, but the focus once again is off the field as coach Rex Ryan is being asked whether his wife, Michelle, posted foot-fetish videos on the Internet.

In a conference call with Chicago reporters and at his news conference later Wednesday leading up to Sunday's big game with the Bears, Ryan didn't deny a report that shows a number of videos of a woman who looks very much like his wife showing off her feet while a cameraman -- who sounds like Ryan -- talks to the woman.

"To be honest, and I get it, I know you need to ask and all that stuff," Ryan told reporters when asked if the situation could snowball into a distraction. "But it's a personal matter and I'm really not going to discuss it, OK?"

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Eh, I'm a Giants fan. This shit's just hilarious.
dig my grave with a silver spade

cuz smokin 'n' trippin is all that you do

Ozzy Osbourne: "I'm Getting Sick of Lady Gaga!"

The Ozzman always cometh right when you need him. Just before the holidays hit, I knew it would be the perfect gift to grab some phone time with my bud Ozzy Osbourne, 62, and ask him how he plans to spend the holidays, as well as grab his thoughts on the current crop of charttoppers (watch out, Gaga!).

The rock legend and Rolling Stone advice columnist dialed me up last week from the set of a new claymation commercial for Brisk Iced Tea he was filming and here's the hilarious update.

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David Schwimmer's going to be a dad!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

David Schwimmer wants everybody to know: he's going to be a dad!

The actor and wife Zoe Buckman, who secretly wed in June, will be first-time parents, his rep confirms to PEOPLE, who adds that the two "couldn't be more thrilled."

Yay! I was wondering about this the other day, if they were going to have kids, so this is a little weird.
Dex shave

Landon Donovan Files For Divorce

Landon Donovan -- U.S. soccer superstar and World Cup hero -- has filed for divorce from his wife Bianca Kajlich.

In documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court -- and obtained by TMZ -- Donovan cited irreconcilable differences. According to the docs, the two had separated back in 2009.

Here's the shocking part -- according to the docs, Donovan is seeking spousal support from Bianca ... and he also wants her to pay for his attorney's fees.

FYI -- Bianca is an actress on the show, "Rules of Engagement."

The couple married back in 2006 -- they have no kids together.

Landon famously blew a kiss to Bianca after he scored the heroic game winning goal in the 2010 World Cup match against Algeria.

UPDATE:  We just got a joint statement from Landon and Bianca:  "We remain the closest of friends and will always be important parts of each other's lives."

Ps. I love all this rain we are getting in LA, but unearthed caskets? Too creepy.


MTVU's Woman of the Year : Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj put a great big fabulous pink wig on 2010. She broke boundaries, molds and records. From moving 400,000 copies of her debut album Pink Friday its first week to topping Billboard’s Rap Chart to besting Jay-Z, Kanye and Rick Ross on “Monster,” she was a force to be reckoned with. Nicki also spoke out against sexist double standards, reassured her gay fans that “It Gets Better,” called for an end to homophobia in hip-hop and fought to end breast cancer. mtvU is proud to crown Nicki Minaj Woman of the Year.


Bill Maher's Christmas Message For Oprah

Bill Maher has a special Christmas message this year, but it's not as jolly as you might be expecting. While he does wish you a merry Christmas, he also takes time to talk about what really drives many of us to celebrate at this time of year, America's "real religion": greed.

While his message isn't exactly merry, Maher is just tired of seeing people who win cash on reality shows look like Pentecostals in church. And who else has the power to make people speak in tongues because they won an iPad other than Oprah?

Maher's message is really directed at the queen of talk, whose generosity has shown to the world just how happy material goods can an audience of people. It can almost be described as "scary happy." According to Maher, this is why everything in America "gets sucked down a hole." He ended with a request for Oprah:

"What people really value is acquiring crap. Oprah's show purports to be a lot about spirituality. If it was, then wouldn't she tell her worshiping flock to sit down and stop losing your sh*t over material stuff? As for me, I don't really know what spirituality means, but I know if you're weeping over a sweater then you don't either."

video source and article source

Nicole Kidman Misses Her Kids with Tom Cruise

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nicole Kidman has the mommy blues.

As the actress raises 2-year-old daughter Sunday Rose with husband Keith Urban in Nashville, her children Isabella and Connor spend most of their time in L.A. with ex Tom Cruise.

"They live with Tom, which was their choice,"
the 43-year-old "Rabbit Hole" star admits to Hello! magazine.

Though she hasn't been photographed with Isabella, 18, or Connor, 15, since shooting "Australia" in 2007, Kidman hasn't given up hope that they'll one day spend more time together.

"I'd love them to live with us, but what can you do?"
Kidman says.

Despite the distance between them, Kidman says she's extremely proud of how Cruise, 48, has raised Isabella and Connor in her absence.

"They are healthy and sane and together and are great, great people," she recently told the Associated Press. "So I'm not one of those people that needs to be reminded of what I have."


I don't know, could this be a Scientology thing? :/
Misha new hat

Three clips from Syfy's upcoming epic Mega Python Vs. Gatoroid

Premiering Saturday, January 29 at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), MEGA PYTHON VS. GATOROID was directed by PET SEMATARY’s Mary Lambert and takes place in the Florida Everglades, where invasive Burmese pythons are threatening the indigenous alligator population. Gibson portrays a fanatical animal-rights advocate who spends her evenings grabbing illegally imported exotic snakes from pet stores and setting them free in the Everglades, where the pythons grow and thrive. Tiffany plays an overzealous park ranger who’s worried about the growing ecological damage. In a desperate move to save her beloved gators, she overdoses them with steroids so they grow to colossal size, setting off a war between the species—and putting her on a collision course with Gibson!

Collapse )

Sources 1, 2, 3, 4

This looks awesome! Almost Sharktopus awesome. All it's missing is a trailer with a catchy tune.
Stevie J

5 Reasons Kanye West Is The Greatest Hip-Hop Artist Of The Decade

What's left to do when you’ve just released the album of your life? Since its November 22 release, Kanye West's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has been universally celebrated as 2010’s most grandiose statement; a project that's managed to capture the imagination of bloggers, rock critics, intellectuals and mainstream media talking heads. This, from an artist who just a year ago was branded public enemy No. 1 post-Taylor Swift "incident."

Collapse )


Black Swan Post!

Oscars Disqualify Clint Mansell's Score for 'Black Swan' & Others

While it does seem like quite an injustice, the ruling isn't all that surprising. Award Central is reporting that several motion picture scores have been disqualified from being considered for the Oscar for Best Original Score. In all cases, it's not a lack of quality, but rather an abundance of unoriginal music. The four films that will not be getting an Oscar love include Clint Mansell's haunting yet beautiful score for Black Swan, Carter Burwell's compositions for True Grit and the less prominent scores for both The Fighter and The Kids Are All Right. For details on why these scores have been disqualified from awards contention, keep reading below.

Collapse )

I just want an excuse to talk about the movie. What did you think ONTD? I thought it was a beautiful film, and the acting all around impressed me
  • _sammie

John Prayer & Others Perform at Children's Hospital

What tops rockin' around the Christmas tree? Try rockin' around the hospital.

Hundreds of patients, their families and medical staff of Blythedale Children's Hospital jammed Tuesday to live performances by John Mayer, Rob Thomas of Matchbox Twenty and John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls.

For the children, many of whom use wheelchairs and some who are severely ill, it is an exciting event that is talked about for weeks. With pizza, ice cream, photos and autographs from famous musicians, it's hard not to be excited.

"It's so fun and uplifting for them. A lot of them don't get to go home for Christmas, so this is really their celebration," said Linti Paul, a nurse in the adolescent unit who attended the show after her overnight shift ended.

Collapse )

sweet, generous, talented, misunderstood, etc <333
joe elliott

Miley Cyrus Gets a New Tattoo

Freshly legal Miley Cyrus seems to be making the best out of her adulthood. First it was the bong controversy and now it is yet another tattoo. According to E!,’ Cyrus took a break from filming ‘So Undercover‘ in New Orleans on Saturday to do some shopping at Saks Fifth Avenue—and to drop by a tattoo parlor with the movie’s makeup artist, Denika Bedrossian.

At the event, Cyrus was overheard telling people she had just come from getting matching tattoos with Bedrossian. According to a source, both were sporting small bandages on the top of their hands near their middle fingers.

Collapse )


Zac Efron gets people to shave their heads and eats his feelings at Subway

Collapse )

Zac is back in LA after finishing The Lucky One yesterday. A week before wrapping he challenged crew members to shave their hair off like he had to for the combat scenes. In return he'd donate cash to a local non-profit... from The Times-Picayune:

In addition to visiting the gym regularly to bulk up for the role [of Logan Thibault] and growing a dashing chin of stubble, Efron had his hair trimmed in a military-style buzzcut.

That got him thinking: Why should he be the only one making tonsorial sacrifices for the film?

So he made a deal with the crew last week: For every crew member who also shaved his or her head, Efron would donate cash to Kingsley House.

By the time the shears had stopped, some 30 crew members had put themselves on the chopping block, including two women whose lengthy castoffs were donated to Locks of Love, the national organization that makes wigs for sick children. [I heard 4 donations to Locks of Love were made in total so +2 guys I guess].

So what does Zac's own buzzcut look like under that beanie?

Collapse )

Collapse )

1, 2, 3, 4

Ryan Reynolds secret dates with Sandra Bullock? (not really)

It had to happen – a tabloid claims Ryan Reynolds has been secretly dating friend and former co-star Sandra Bullock.

Reynolds and his wife Scarlett Johansson have decided to divorce, so Star is seizing the moment to spread a rumor about Reynolds and Bullock.

“Ryan turned more and more to his close friend Sandra” as his marriage collapsed, reports the mag. “There were phone calls, date nights and even a secret getaway!”

Ooh… go on!

On the set of The Proposal in 2008, the two “totally hit it off from the start,” says a “source” for Star. Reynolds and Bullock supposedly joked around with each other and had late-night chats at their hotel.

When things with Johansson got worse this past summer, alleges the mag, Reynolds “turned to Sandra,” even meeting up with her at her sister’s bakery in Austin on September 26 while wearing “a dark hat and sunglasses.”

Yeah, about that clandestine Texas “getaway”… Reynolds was only even in Austin because he was presenting at the Fantastic Fest film festival there.

Also, Bullock brought baby Louis and her bodyguard to the get-together. Because it wasn’t romantic. It was friendly.

Collapse )

OK, so many here would love to see them together but i don't think Sandra would come between a couple after what happened to her and they seem to be just good friends. also, obligatory:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Kelly LeBrock

What Celebs Get Paid For Plastering Their Names On Clothing Lines

Zooey Deschanel's breach-of-contract lawsuit against Steve Madden — who agreed, and then reneged, on a deal to produce a line tentatively called "Zooey's Shoes And Accessories" — reveals some details of how the celebrity-clothing-line sausage gets made. And paid for.

Women's Wear Daily, which has seen Deschanel's full complaint, has the money quote:

[T]he court documents allege that Madden approved a $2 million up-front payment to Deschanel in order to use her name and likeness, plus a 5 percent domestic royalty fee and a 4.5 percent international royalty fee.

Celebrity clothing and accessory lines have proliferated in recent years. Lauren Conrad has her Kohl's line. The Olsens sell a line at J.C. Penney. Nicole Richie is in jewelry, accessories, and apparel. Lindsay Lohan, despite her legal troubles, is diversifying into handbags for spring. Sarah Jessica Parker says she takes her role at Halston very seriously. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony just announced a deal with Kohl's. Alexa Chung did a collection for J.Crew's brand Madewell. Miley Cyrus has her Wal-Mart line; Selena Gomez has her "Dream Out Loud" line for K-Mart. Madonna is killing it with her Macy's tween line, which is planned to be only the first of her many apparel licenses under an agreement with Iconix. And while you may believe the Kardashians are already a Beverly Hills cottage industry of licensing, a full Kardashian "lifestyle" line, including everything from swimwear to denim, is planned for 2011.

Collapse )
Rawr Rob - Top 10 movies of the year


Top Ten Movies of 2010 - Laremy Legel Edition

From Scott Pilgrim to Inception -- the the top films of the year.

Over the next ten days, as we attempt to put 2010 in perspective, will be presenting a myriad of top tens for your reading enjoyment. Then our writers and distinguished contributors will have their ballots tabulated, and the "Film of the Year" will be awarded on January 1.

In the meantime, a few accolades for the films that didn't make my top ten.

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Kelly LeBrock

Chloe Sevigny: I'm Into a Little Hair Pulling

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

In a candid interview in the January issue of Playboy, 'Big Love' star Chloe Sevigny opens up about dating, on-screen sex scenes and her penchant for a little hair pulling.

"I want a guy who is masculine, good with his hands and able to build stuff and who has survival skills. Facial hair is a big turn-on. Most of the kids I hang out with in New York are hipster arty types, but I like a stronger, more physically imposing man--like a lumberjack.

"I'm also into a little hair pulling. I like boys to be aggressive and allow me to be a little aggressive back,"
the indie darling confessed to the men's magazine.

On future on-screen sex scenes:
"I've done many explicit sex scenes, but I'm not that interested in doing any more. I'm more self-aware now and wouldn't be able to be as free, so why even do it?"

Collapse )

Another Day, Another Flawless AI (BEST VOICE IN ASIA) Performance

Worldwide superstar AI has released another live performance from her TENTH ANNIVERSARY FLAWLESS LIVE TOUR The Final A.I. And its another song with Chaka Chaka Kahn!!!!!

She's set to go on tour with the remaining Jacksons NEXT OCTOBER!!! starting in Tokyo. 


In other news, Charice is packing her bags, and writing up her letter of resignation as we type.

Any old heads know if this is a song they've heard before? I'm not sure if this is a cover or if its something that's a known song. Nothing came up when I googled the lyrics.



There's been a major win for singer Fantasia, with a North Carolina court finding the married man who impregnated her was actually separated from his wife at the time of their love affair. has learned a judge ruled in favor of Antwaun Cook in his divorce proceeding against ex-wife Paula.

The court found the pair’s separation date was September 14, 2009 -- not June, 2010, as Paula had claimed.

As first reported, Fantasia took the witness stand in the case last month, where she admitted to having an abortion with Antwaun’s child.

“Did you tell Mr. Cook you aborted his child?" the singer was asked on November 22.

"I did, yeah,” Fantasia responded.

The former American Idol winner was then asked when she aborted the baby, to which she admitted: “It hasn't been too long ago.”

Paula had claimed Fantasia knew Antwaun was married and went ahead with their relationship anyway – thus the court hearings to uncover the truth.

There’s no word yet on what effect the court decision will have on Paula’s plan to sue the singer under North Carolina’s unique Alienation of Affection law.
David Gandy: Pucker

Photographer Mariano Vivanco publishes a volume of beautiful men wearing Dolce & Gabbana underwear

He photographed football players in the locker room in their underwear, and Italy's champion swimmers by the pool in their swimming trunks. Before that, he got the massive rugby players from French championship teams to pose for him in the Les Dieux du Stade fetish-calendar in 2007. Now, fashion photographer Mariano Vivanco is printing Uomini (Rizzoli): a refined volume dedicated once again to the statuary beauty of the male body. This time, fifty or so of the world's best-known models pose before his lens. Such as David Gandy (the subject of an entire calendar in the past), Noah Mills, Antonio Navas, Miguel Iglesias and Tony Ward, his subject in the last section of the book. Different kinds of male beauty, with a lowest common denominator: Dolce & Gabbana underwear. The brand and the volume close the celebrations of the twenty-year anniversary of men's fashion in the best possible way. We put a few questions to the photographer, originally from Lima (Peru) and now disputed by magazines such as Dazed & Confused, Vogue Nippon, Vogue Homme Nippon, Numéro, Another Magazine, GQ Italy, L'Uomo Vogue, 10 and 10 Man.Collapse )

mods, please accept my post...

Cheryl's New Year Resolution

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This time of year everyone’s thinking about what they’d like to change in the New Year, and celebrities are no different.

Cheryl Cole has revealed what she’s like to achieve in 2011, and her hopes for the New Year probably aren’t quite what you’d expect. Does she want to find love with a new man? No. Focus on making a name for herself in the US? No. Get Girls Aloud back together? We wish.

No, instead Chezza’s resolutions are all about her hair and make-up. Says Cheryl, “You know when you’ve had a big night and you wake up your pillow is covered in make-up, I’ve fallen asleep in my make-up a few times and I don’t like it. I don’t like how it makes me feel. My new year’s resolution is to make sure I take it off before bed.”

The L’Oreal model’s New Year’s wishes don’t end there. Proving that she’s a low maintenance girl at heart, Cheryl would like genie to grant her wish so that her hair was always perfect. “I’d ask for permanently blow-dried hair if a genie offered me a wish on New Year’s Eve. I’d wake up in the morning and wouldn’t even need to wash it. And I could blink and change it to whatever style I wanted.”


ONTD, what’s your New Year’s resolution?

Taylor Momsen: John Galliano Parlez-Moi d'Amour Ad!

Check out Taylor Momsen in a video for John Galliano’s Parlez-Moi d’Amour fragrance ad campaign! The 17-year-old Pretty Reckless singer and Gossip Girl star sings her own song “You” in the video directed by Ellen von Unwerth.

In addition to being the face of Parlez-Moi d’Amour, Taylor is also the spokesperson for Material Girl, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes fashion line.

Kelly LeBrock

Michelle Williams Opens Up About Heath Ledger's Death

Over two years after his tragic death, Michelle Williams is finally opening up about losing ex-fiancee Heath Ledger.

The 'Blue Valentine' star appeared in an interview on Nightline Tuesday night to promote her film, but also talked about how she reacted immediately after the death, and in the years following. Turns out, in some ways, it was easier then.

"In a strange way, I miss that year, because all those possibilities that existed then are gone," she said. "It didn't seem unlikely to me that he could walk through a door or could appear behind a bush. It was a year of very magical thinking, and in some ways I'm sad to be moving further and further away from it."

Kelly LeBrock

Jane Lynch Disappointed In Obama's Gay Rights Agenda

President Obama has received backlash from his political base for dashing the expectations of some of his most ardent followers, and his Hollywood champions, so vocal for him in 2008, have been some of the harshest critics. Count Jane Lynch among those disappointed.

The openly gay 'Glee' star - married on this past Memorial Day to psychologist Lara Embry - spoke with Dan Savage, founder of the 'It Gets Better' campaign, about the state of gay America. And she was not pleased with the President's progress.

"We thought the great hope of Obama was going to magically change all that, and it doesn't seem to have... He's just nicely walking the middle," she says.

Collapse )
Kelly LeBrock

Natalie Portman's Ass Intended for Mature Audiences Only

Now you see Natalie Portman's butt...and now you don't!

Wanting to avoid the sort of controversy that can arise when people find fault with a theatrical trailer, Universal Pictures has digitally replaced a sexy thong with a fuller bikini bottom in the PG trailer for the medieval comedy Your Highness.

Bum-ba-bum-bum-bum. first reported the CGI switcheroo, which is obvious if you pay close attention—and who wouldn't!— to the "let me wash off in this stream" scene in the green-band trailer and the far saltier, butt-baring red-band version.


Please don't spoil Black Swan in this post for those who haven't seen it.
David Gandy: Pucker

Noyce not directing Salt 2

In an interview conducted earlier today, “Salt” director Phillip Noyce told us he won’t be (despite rumours he’s already onboard) directing the sequel to the Angelina Jolie starring hit.

Though Sony has yet to officially announce a sequel (it’s expected they likely will, considering the success of the original) Noyce tells Moviehole he has moved on.

“Those 3 [alternate] Blu-ray cuts [of the film] represent just about everything I have to offer on Everlyn Salt”, says the filmmaker. “If there ever is a sequel, better its directed by someone with a completely fresh take on what I believe could be a totally entertaining and complex series of stories.”

Meantime, Noyce is working on a couple of new projects.

”Christopher Hampton, of Atonement fame, is currently in negotiations to rework the Dirt Music script, with Russell Crowe confirmed to play singer/song writer Luther Fox.Its a film about the transporting power of love and music.

“I’m also working with Salt producer Sunil Perkash and writer Bill Kelly (Enchanted) on another romantic drama called “Timeless”, being financed by Relativity.”

You can read the full interview with Mr. Noyce here.


David Gandy: Pucker

this has fail written all over it...

Filmmaker Harold Zwart, who helped Sony turn a little profit on the “Karate Kid” reboot released earlier this year, will direct Universal’s “Bakugan”, based on the game and anime series ”Bakugan Battle Brawlers”, says The Wrap.

Having never seen the show, nor played the game, I refer to Wikipedia for the following rundown : “The story centers on the lives of creatures called Bakugan and the battle brawlers who possess them. Though initially a failure in Japan, the series became popular in the United States and Canada, prompting the creation of a second season, New Vestroia, which aired in other countries before Japan. The third season, Gundalian Invaders, is currently broadcasting in the Canadian and US markets.”

Not a huge fan of Zwart’s stuff – though “The Karate Kid” did turn out better than I expected it would, and there’s moments in “One Night at McCools” that I enjoy.

Next year’s “Last Airbender” or something a little more tolerable?


David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Q&A: Hailee Steinfeld Talks True Grit

Hailee Steinfeld is about as precocious as they come: at 14, she is the star of the Coen brothers’ True Grit, and plays Mattie Ross, a whip-smart, fast-talking pre-teen out to avenge the death of her father. Steinfeld, 14, talks with West Coast editor Krista Smith about learning how to roll cigarettes, auditioning for the Coens, and what she thinks about the Twilight movies.

Collapse )

New Grit
Krista Smith and Sam Jones spotlight Hailee Steinfeld, star of the Coen brothers’ True Grit remake.

Waiting on a Paramount lot dressed in Salvation Army clothes and a skirt her mother had made, Los Angeles native Hailee Steinfeld was in full character as Mattie Ross, the determined young heroine of the classic 1969 Western True Grit, which is getting a re-do from Joel and Ethan Coen (Fargo, No Country for Old Men). Steinfeld, a child model, beat out nearly 15,000 girls for her first major role, opposite Jeff Bridges as the reluctant hero Rooster Cogburn (the part that won John Wayne his only Oscar), Matt Damon as his rival, and Josh Brolin as the heavy. “Just watching them taught me a lot,” says Steinfeld, who turns 14 this month. “I learned more from their actions than from their words.” Her on-set education was not entirely age-appropriate, however—she learned not only how to fire a gun but also how to hand-roll a cigarette. “Jeff gave me this little tip on how to make it easier, and I would go home and just constantly roll cigarettes all night.” How did being in a major movie affect the routines of teenage life for Steinfeld? For one thing, it meant no texting. “We were in a very remote location and I never got service,” she says. “It was kind of a bummer, but it made me focus more on school.” What is it like seeing herself on-screen? “I ask other actors that question, and they always say, ‘I'm not watching myself; I'm watching someone else.’ So I try to watch myself like that, but it's weird. I think it's something I have to get used to.”

Sources: 1, 2.

GRΣΣK Sneak Peak!

It's nearly graduation day on Greek.

When this ABC Family drama premieres its fourth season on January 3, some regular characters will leave college for the real world. As this sneak peek proves, that's not always a good thing.

Before Casey and company can take that step, of course, they must actually graduate. With that in mind, check out the following clip from the episode "Defending Your Honor."

Clip 1 (embedding disabled)
Clip 2 (embedding disabled)



Can't wait. Where are my Greek fans at?
  • fenel16

Q&A with Lidia Bastianich


Chef and public television cooking show host Lidia Bastianich has made two recent Morris County appearances … Nov. 30 at Gary's Wine & Marketplace in Madison and Dec. 8 at Mendham Books in Mendham. She spoke with the Daily Record before her Mendham Books visit, during which she signed copies of her new children's book, "Nonna Tell Me a Story: Lidia's Christmas Kitchen.''

Bastianich, perhaps most recognizably known as the host of the PBS cooking show "Lidia's Italy,'' has opened six restaurants in the United States, authored several Italian cookbooks and is part-owner of New York's Italian megastore, Eataly, at 200 5th Ave.

Q: When you started out in the food business, did you imagine you'd have such an expansive multimedia career?

A: I never did. It was not in the plans. But I guess it was in the stores (laughs). I did not project that or have the vision. I just wanted to do what I felt I was good at. I was getting satisfaction from it. And it made economical sense for my family. That's how I felt when I opened my first restaurant in 1971.

Q: You've been on television long enough to have exposed viewers to many aspects of Italian food and culture. Is there anywhere you haven't taken your viewers and readers that you'd like to?

A: It took me four years to go through all of Italy, in 116 half-hour episodes ("Lidia's Italy''). And Italy has 20 regions, so I did 10 regions the first two years and 10 regions the third and fourth year.

I am already working on the next project, which will be "Lidia's Italy in America.'' I will be taping 52 episodes and traveling throughout America. I'll be following the Italian culinary culture, the Italian immigration story, the Italian contribution to American society and the evolution of different businesses due to the Italian lifestyle.

Collapse )

Lidia and Bruce tyfyt



 Keri Hilson has suggested that the general public has begun to forgive her 'One Night Stand' collaborator Chris Brown.

Speaking to MTV News, the R&B singer contended that Brown has shown sufficient regret for his alleged domestic dispute of former girlfriend Rihanna.

"People are already putting [Brown] back in their good graces 'cause they see his remorse," she said.

Hilson further asserted that the 'Forever' musician has matured and developed into a responsible man in the last few years.

She noted: "And I know people are saying, 'Is he really a man? You have him on your album'. I mean, yeah. To me, a man is someone - you don't go backwards in life.

"You learn from your mistakes, and you don't do it again. You show remorse, and you move on. You move forward onto bigger and better things. That's a man trait."

Earlier this week, it was reported that Brown has completed a domestic abuse course.

eHarmony guy
  • dedebee

Hollywood Is Ruining Your Childhood Post


Columbia Pictures has provided with this new image from "The Smurfs," opening in theaters on August 3, 2011.

Audiences everywhere are in for a Smurfy good time as the Smurfs make their first 3D trip to the big screen. When the evil wizard Gargamel chases the tiny blue Smurfs out of their village, they tumble from their magical world and into ours – in fact, smack dab in the middle of Central Park. Just three apples high and stuck in the Big Apple, the Smurfs must find a way to get back to their village before Gargamel tracks them down.

Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays, Sofia Vergara, and Hank Azaria star on camera opposite an all-star voice cast. Anton Yelchin will play Clumsy Smurf; comedy legend Jonathan Winters, who voiced roles in the "Smurfs" television series, will voice Papa Smurf; Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Katy Perry will play Smurfette; Alan Cumming will play Gutsy Smurf; "SNL's" Fred Armisen will voice Brainy Smurf; and George Lopez will play Grouchy Smurf.

In the live-action roles, Azaria will play the Smurfs' nemesis, the evil wizard Gargamel. Harris and Mays star as an expectant couple whose lives are turned upside down when the Smurfs cross over from their magical village to New York City. Vergara plays Odile, Harris's boss, a cosmetics executive.


Whatever, I think they're fucking adorable. This one picture alone already makes it look better than the entirety of "Yogi Bear."