December 13th, 2010




I am very intolerant to rubbish, and the Simon Cowell publicity machine, thinly disguised as the TV program X-Factor, really winds me up. Last year X-Factor was taken on by fans and friends of Rage Against The Machine and they won, this year the record they hope to get to number one at Christmas is Surfin Bird by The Trashmen.

So if you are an X-Factor hater, or believe they shouldn't hijack the Christmas number one record, you can help by clicking here for the Facebook page, and have a read.

If you are an X-Factor lover, I'm sure you will be happy to continue to give your money to make the millionaire Simon Cowell even richer, but don't worry, as you grow up you'll start to discover and appreciate real music, instead of listening to what the TV tells you to!

Happy Christmas, and may X-Factor fail again!

...and theres already an article about it


Hey ONTD, Ricky Gervais is happy with haters

Ricky Gervais is happy for people to hate him, because it inspires his comedy routines.

The British funnyman is renowned for making outrageous comments, which some people find offensive. Ricky accepts that not everyone will enjoy his brand of humour, but he enjoys listening to his detractors because it gives him new material when he is writing television scripts and stand-up comedy routines.

The star always knew that being famous wouldn't make him popular with everyone and he insists people have the right to dislike him.

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'Fast Five' Will Be The Most Heterosexual Movie in History EVER

USA Today has debuted the first official still from "Fast Five," the fifth installment of the "Fast and the Furious" film franchise. Series veterans Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Tyrese Gibson, and Jordana Brewster are joined by new-to-the-franchise Dwayne Johnson, playing a cop hot on the trail of Diesel's character Dom Toretto. Toretto and his crew were last seen escaping federal custody at the end of 2009's "Fast and Furious," which grossed over $150 million domestically. "Fast Five," directed by Justin Lin, opens in theatres on April 29, 2011. Look for the official trailer to hit the web this upcoming Tuesday.


That still looks like it could've come directly from a Raging Stallion flick or some other company that produces muscle bear pornos. They seriously look like they're about to make out. I guess they know they've already got the urban demographics on lock, so let's go for the gays now!

Salvia Sales Sky Rocket

Miley Cyrus is now the inadvertent celebrity endorser of salvia -- because ever since that video of her smoking a bong full of it came out ... we're told sales of the herbal drug are sky high. 

According to people who deal, legally, in salvia divinorum ... sales have increased since Friday -- in some cases up to 3 times the usual tally. 

TMZ spoke with several head shops in the Los Angeles area and we're told -- not only have sales jumped -- but many of the customers specifically asked for "the stuff Miley was smoking." No ... mentioning Miley did not get them a discount.

While Miley's experimentation is generating curiosity in the hallucinogen -- one smoke shop employee tells us, "Salvia is one of those things that you only try once because it is so intense." - very true

Another impact of the Miley video -- as we reported -- is renewed discussion about banning salvia in California. It is already illegal in 15 states.


they need to fcuk right off with trying to banning it again. it's already bs that Pot is illegal as it is. 

'Black Swan' Leads Critics' Choice With Record 12 Nominations

'The King's Speech,' 'True Grit' each score 11. 'Inception' and 'Social Network' also stand out.

Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan received an unprecedented 12 nominations to lead the pack at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards.

True Grit and The King’s Speech followed close behind with 11 nominations each, while Inception received 10 nominations and The Social Network garnered nine.

Swan received nominations for best picture, best actress (Natalie Portman), best supporting actress (Mila Kunis) and best director (Aronofsky), among others.

Pixar's Toy Story 3 was honored in the best picture and best animated feature categories.

Winter’s Bone also scored multiple nominations, including best picture. From that movie, 20-year-old Jennifer Lawrence earned nods in both the best actress and best young actor/actress categories.

Fourteen-year-old Hailee Steinfeld earned nods as both best supporting actress and best young actor/actress for True Grit. Thirteen-year-old Chloe Grace Moretz was nominated in the best young actor/actress category twice for Let Me In and Kick-Ass.

Nicole Kidman received her record seventh Critics' Choice acting nomination for best actress in Rabbit Hole. She won the first Critics’ Choice Award as best actress 15 years ago for To Die For.

The Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ceremony takes place Friday, Jan. 14 at the Hollywood Palladium and will be aired on VH1.

full nominations list at the source

GOOD MORNING, ONTD. I have two papers due in a few hours but after today, I'm on my way to college graduation (Even though the actual commencement is in May), WOOOOOO!!! Good luck to everyone who has finals!!

Questionable style post! Granny pants edition

It's been a while folks but I'm back to strike terror in your souls with more tasteless clothes and fashion fails!

No buffer this time I'm afraid, we're going to kick start the fug with this picture of Anne Widdecombe on the night the hateful Tory got booted off Strictly Come Dancing.

Don't her soulless eyes seem to follow you around the room?

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Kate Bosworth looking flawless at the Hollywood Style awards

Kate Bosworth walks the red carpet at the 2010 Hollywood Style Awards held at the Hammer Museum on Sunday (December 12) in Westwood, Calif.

The 27-year-old actress was joined by her co-star from the upcoming flick BFF & Baby, Krysten Ritter.

While promoting her recent film The Warrior’s Way, Kate said that she would be open to doing a Bollywood movie!

“If they have a good strong script for me then why not,” she said. “I don’t mind acting in an Indian movie. Just let me know how difficult is it to learn the language?”

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Kirsten Dunst renews interest in playing Blondie

KIRSTEN DUNST is hoping her role as BLONDIE might come to fruition soon.

The actress was first linked to a film about DEBBIE HARRY'S wild life three years ago. However the Spider-Man star renewed interest in a possible flick while being interviewed about her current film project, All The Good Things.

Kirsten said: "Debbie wanted to put it off for awhile. But in a year or two she might want to do it again. I'd love to play her."

Kirsten says it would be a dream to play an iconic singer.

She added: "Music is a passion of mine. If I weren't acting, maybe I'd have sung in a band or played an instrument."

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Goodbye Simon and Cheryl (and Dermot) </3

It has been another incredible year for The X Factor as millions tuned in to the glittering finale last night.

And while fans cheered the 2010 winner, they will be stunned to hear that music supremo Simon Cowell, judge Cheryl Cole and presenter Dermot O’Leary are likely to have made their final appearances.

It seems a case of out with the British X Factor and in with the US version as the three are in line to say farewell to the biggest UK TV show.

Next year’s programme is set to include comedian James Corden as favourite to replace O’Leary, 37, who hopes to host X Factor USA.

Cowell, who launched The X Factor in 2004, has already hinted he is unlikely to return to the British version as it will be too difficult to concentrate on both. The 51-year-old has also spoken about wanting a new challenge and is determined to make the US version bigger than American Idol – which he has been a part of for a decade.

Speaking about X Factor 2011, Cowell has refused to confirm whether he will return. During a press conference before yesterday’s final he said: “It (the show) will be back.” He added: “Something’s going to happen in the next three or four months that’s going to alter my decision next year.”

According to industry sources, Cole was last month offered a job as mentor for the US version by TV network Fox.

The 27-year-old, who also has a dream of launching a singing career in the US, is said to have a signed a deal worth £3million. An official announcement on the US judging panel is expected before the end of the year.


UK critics laud 'Social Network'

David Fincher's "The Social Network" won film of the year and screenwriter honors for Aaron Sorkin at the fifth Richard Attenborough Film Awards, Blighty's regional critics' kudos, at a ceremony in London on Sunday.

Christopher Nolan nabbed filmmaker of the year for "Inception," while Colin Firth took best actor for his role in Tom Hooper's "The King's Speech."

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Lindsay pissed at CNN too!

Lindsay Lohan gets called a lot of not-so-pleasant things but the label that crosses the line is ... 'provocative' -- and sources say she's ticked at CNN for using the unspeakable word to describe her.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... LiLo was "beyond upset" to see her name on CNN's "Showbiz Tonight" as one of the most provocative celebs of 2010. Lindsay made the top five -- along with Miley Cyrus, Mel Gibson and Charlie Sheen -- but Lady Gaga took the top prize.

Either Lindsay doesn't know what provocative means ... or she's pissed she lost to Gaga.

Fun fact: Lindsay's also nominated for 'Best Mug Shot' of 2010.
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TSwizzle Turns 21.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

2010 has been a massive year for Taylor Swift, who took home a number of awards, appeared in the blockbuster romantic comedy "Valentine's Day," and scored a chart-topping album with Speak Now.

And Monday (December 13), the pop-country chanteuse will officially turn 21 years old. And while we don't know what boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal might be getting her, we do have some idea what she might be doing on the big day.

With her birthday so close to Christmas, Swift revealed to MTV News back in October that she had big plans for the milestone birthday. She explained, "The plans for the 21st birthday probably are going to be winter-themed. I love winter. I love Christmas."

Swift, who admits she's not much of a party girl, will make sure the party is focused more on the season than her.

"When I was a little kid and I was growing up, they'd always have a Santa Claus guy show up and take everybody's wishes or what they wanted for Christmas. I'm not gonna do that, but there'll definitely be lots of Christmas-themed things," she revealed.

So, will that include some spiked eggnog? "Well, you know, legally, I could," she teased.

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Paris Hilton Not Invited To Nicole Richie’s Wedding

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden tied the knot on Saturday night with 150 of their closest friends and family. But one person’s invitation just might’ve gotten “lost in the mail”.

Apparently, Nicole didn’t see any reason to invite her former BFF, Paris Hilton, for the festivities.

These two used to be as thick as thieves, but when the guest list popped up for their wedding, Paris’ name was omitted. According to “Pop Eater”, Nicole agonized for months over whether or not to invite Paris, but at the last minute, she decided to leave her name off of the list.

Pop Eater reports:

“Nicole is in a very different place in her life from when she was hanging out with Paris. She’s the mother of two and now a wife while Paris seems to be in exactly the same spot she was in five years ago. Still partying in Vegas and getting into trouble with the law,” a friend of Nicole’s tells me.

In other words, Nicole has matured, has a steady relationship and children, of which she has gained a lot of responsibilities, whereas Paris has remained the same party girl and hasn’t changed one bit.


Don't Worry DEXTER Fans.. Deb is putting it together!

Dexter Finale: Deb Finding Out Is "Inevitable"—and More Scoop From the Show's Big Boss
Still. Can't. Breathe.

If you saw tonight's Dexter season finale, it's possible you're still breathing into a paper sack because the thing that was this close to happening is perhaps the biggest game-changer we can imagine. But here's what you don't know: It might still be on the way.

So where does Showtime's gripping serial-killer series go from here? Here's what executive producer Sara Colleton spilled to me:
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What did you think of last night's Dexter finale?


I enjoyed the finale. I think it was a great way to wrap up a season focused on emotions & helping Dexter through what happened to Rita. I loved the ending, & I'm glad that next season will be completely unpredictable.


This is yet another Chris Colfer post :D


“Oooooh, how do I answer this one?” says Chris Colfer, the youngest star on FOX’s boundary-pushing, musical number-heavy cultural phenomenon, Glee. The question: If you could put together the playlist for an episode, which artists would you choose to include? “I’d love to do more Lady Gaga songs, and some Abba,” he says, following a considerable pause. “And, knowing me, I’d choose all kinds of theater.” Knowing his fans, that wouldn’t be a problem.

Colfer has garnered considerable praise for his portrayal of Kurt Hummel, an outwardly strong yet inwardly fragile gay teenager navigating the hornet’s nest that is the show’s William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. He received a 2010 Emmy nomination for his performance (“I’m still in shock,” he says) and was quickly elevated to bonafide role model-status by Glee’s devout followers. “I never thought I’d play a character who could inspire so many people,” he says. “It’s a good thing I’ve gone through so many of the same things Kurt is going through—I definitely approach his character from a personal place.”

Raised in Clovis, California, the 20-year-old actor has always had one eye on show business. “I grew up doing community theater,” he says. “I was very, very, very active in high school.” The series, Colfer’s first professional acting gig, came quickly. He graduated from high school in June 2008 and started filming that September, which he’s been doing—almost nonstop—ever since. “Glee is very time consuming,” he says. “We don’t get hiatuses like other shows because as soon as we wrap, we go on a music tour.” Although he cares deeply for the show, Colfer isn’t without other goals. “I would love to be the head of a studio one day,” he says, smiling. “But not an evil studio—a really nice one.”

Kurt/Chris stans, represent!

cudder drinking

Keri Fail,son mentions other rappers as an attempt to be relevant

Rap-Up TV caught up with Keri Hilson last week in Los Angeles to discuss her sophomore album No Boys Allowed, starting with the first track. The blonde singer, wearing a No Boy sweatshirt, shared why she enlisted J. Cole for the Polow Da Don-produced “Buyou.” “What I hear is a very smart person when I listen to J. Cole,” said Keri. “He’s very intellectual and I knew that he would bring that side out of the record.”

A version of the song with Lil’ Kim in place of the Roc Nation MC previously leaked, but did not make the album. “[Kim] was basically just trying out a verse for Polow Da Don,” she explained. “I happened to love it, [but] having all boy features kinda took precedent over that whole thing happening.”

However, the door is still open for a remix. “In a perfect world, it would be Kim and Nicki Minaj on the same track,” revealed Miss Keri, who also weighed in on the Lil’ Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef and Nicki’s rise to stardom. “I respect both of them,” she said of the rap rivals. “You can be inspired by so much in life and still carve out a lane for yourself, which I think Nicki has successfully done.”

video at the source but no1curr

i actually like some of her music (mostly the collabs) and i think she's really pretty but girlfriend needs to stop whatever she thinks she's doing right


'Watch What Happens' With NeNe & Anderson

NeNe Leakes

Anderson Cooper


Andy Cohen looked positively orgasmic at this first meeting between Anderson Cooper and Nene Leakes. Two years ago, during the first season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Cooper stated his favorite housewife was Nene Leakes, triggering a trend of Anderson announcing - whenever possible - how much he loved Nene.

Anyway, this was one of the more enjoyable of the Watch What Happens, Live! shows, a good lead in to a week of Andy’s show. We’ll see how it holds up.

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Laura Palmer

Nicole wears 3 Marchesa dresses at wedding. And rides an elephant?

Bridal bliss times three!

When Nicole Richie married Joel Madden on Saturday, the author and fashion designer wasn't content with just one bridal outfit. Instead, Richie, 29, donned three different looks, all by Marchesa, a source confirms exclusively to

The insider explains that Richie wore one gown during the ceremony (which was officiated by rapper-minister Rev. Run); for the dinner, she kept the same top and switched into a different dress; for the after-dinner party, she changed into another Marchesa frock.

What did Richie, Madden, 31, and their 150 guests (including Khloe Kardashian and Samantha Ronson) chow down on at the fete, held at her dad Lionel's Beverly Hills estate?

TMZ unearthed the menu from the winter-themed affair: The gourmet goodies included red greens salad, homemade butternut squash ravioli in brown butter sage sauce, an entree choice of filet mignon or seared ahi tuna and a dessert buffet.

A guest tells Us the bash -- also featuring an elephant! -- was "awesome."


No images have been released yet. :(

Ianto who?

"Torchwood" Casting One Night Stand for Captain Jack

Michael Ausiello is reporting that casting for a one night stand for Captain Jack (John Barrowman) on Torchwood is underway. What do we know so far? Jack is going to hook up with Brad, who is a bartender in Washington D.C. Brad's in his late 20s and potential actors need to be comfortable with "intimate scenes between two men."

Well, it's certainly nice to have it have it confirmed that Jack will still be interested in guys once the show has made the jump to the States. But who should play Brad? My first choice would be Darren Criss, but he's got the Glee gig, so I guess that won't happen.

Who would you like to see play Jack's one night stand?


Let the wank begin. Butthurt haters just have to deal with it.

[glee] kurt sweet prince.

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr Walking Post

Miranda Kerr and her husband Orlando Bloom leave Hugo’s after having lunch on Saturday (December 11) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Along the way, Orlando, 33, lovingly touched his wife’s pregnant tummy as they headed back to their car.

The couple looked very much in love while Miranda, 27, was beaming with that pregnant ‘glow’. The couple is expecting their first baby together next month.

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guti WEAH

Deck The Halls With Balls Of Oil...

Top ten Christmas songs of All Time

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
As Buddy the Elf once said, "The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear." Well what better way to spread Christmas cheer then to celebrate the top ten songs about the holiday season.
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11 Days until Christmas and I still haven't done my Christmas shopping. How about you ONTD?
cudder drinking

Beautiful of pop (Riallah if you live under a rock) breaks up with bf, drake gets blamed

Wow, I guess a promise ring doesn’t get you far nowadays. Despite our previously telling you that Matt Kemp bought Rihanna a ring to show his commitment to their relationship, reports emerged over the weekend that the couple has split. Reportedly, the “Rude Boy” singer’s ongoing flirtation with Young Money emcee Drake was a sore spot for Matt (as we told you back in October, the hip-hop star is on a mission to rekindle the flame with Rih-Rih), but the baseball player’s own alleged cheating ways didn’t help things. According to Terez Owens:

“My sources tell me Kemp left a Hollywood club last week with two girls in tow and brought them home…My eyewitness who was there tells me the two girls both crashed in Matt’s room the entire night..I doubt he was reading them bedtime stories..”

So much for Matt making Rih-Rih feel like she’s the only girl in the world. I’m just saying.


on to the next for fierce bitch! go get em dix and eat some fries bb

Hundreds Of Fake Mons†er Ball Tickets!

Madrid - Hundreds of Lady Gaga fans bought false tickets over the internet for the pop diva's concert in Spain, the consumers' association CECU said Monday.

The buyers paid up to 200 euros (260 dollars) - twice the real price for the Madrid concert, which was attended by about 18,000 people on Sunday.
The swindlers had made hundreds of copies of eight authentic tickets, police said. The copies were so well made that the buyers, many of whom made the purchase months in advance, did not notice the difference.

The fraud was only revealed when large numbers of Lady Gaga fans were barred entry into the concert hall on Sunday. Some burst into tears while others tried to force their way in, requiring police to intervene.

CECU said it was studying ways for the fraud victims to get their money back.

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Jonah Hill Lands Epic Fail in ‘Cyrus’ Deleted Scene


Have you ever gone to a party, spotted the girl of your dreams and… had absolutely no idea what to do?

Here’s a hint for next time: Do the opposite of Jonah Hill as the titular character in the comedy “Cyrus,” and you’ll be fine.

Check out this [
NextMovie] exclusive deleted scene from the DVD and Blu-ray of “Cyrus,” starring Hill as a socially inept mama’s boy trying to prevent the always incompetent John C. Reilly from getting too close to his mother (Marisa Tomei).

And hey, if you need more tips on what not to do in social situations, we highly recommending adding “Cyrus” to your rental queue. There’s plenty of material.

Source: NextMovie


The folks over at VIBE Magazine have kindly put out chart this year of all the celebs the infamous groupie Kat Stacks (@IHateKatStacks) has fucked. You may remember Kat Stacks from ass beatings such as: Bow Wow's friends, Young Money associates, and Chris Brown on Twitter. If not, please refresh your memory:

Now, let's get down to actual chart!

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And btw if you stan for someone or have links to someone who is on this list... you might wanna get tested. JUST SAYING. Still waitin on that book deal girly, jsyk.

Doctor Fwee Cat

Catherine Tate Post

 Catherine Tate surprised by Daleks and loving the stage

Award winning writer and comedian, Catherine Tate, is winning rave reviews for her performance in Alan Ayckbourn's Seasons Greetings at The National Theatre.

The actress, who is also famous for saving the Universe as Doctor Who's assistant, told Andrew Marr she would "love" to do more stage work.

She also shared that she once had a "fright" from the Daleks on the set of Doctor Who.Collapse )

tom hardy bb

2010: The Year in Bad Fashion

Jennifer Lopez

The Nay of All Flesh: One day, when Jennifer Lopez is sitting in her rocking chair, debating whether to wash down her Geritol with chamomile tea or Metamucil, she'll suddenly remember this gender-neutralizing nude bodysuit and cry out, "Why didn't anyone tell me I looked like a Bedazzled Ken doll?" But fame, and the desire to hold onto fame, can sometimes make people do funny things, like strut around in molasses-thick fabric that morphs a phenomenal figure into a shape not unlike a star-bellied Sneetch crossed with a crystal-encrusted Butterball. Come to think of it, this outfit is best summed up by the immortal words J.Lo uttered in that cinematic classic "Gigli": "Gobble, gobble, it's turkey time!"

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try again

Japan takes it back to 1950s American Censorship

Tokyo’s ban on anime, manga and games featuring “virtual crimes” or which are “likely to interfere with the healthy development of youth” has passed after the DPJ agreed to support it.
The Democratic Part of Japan has allowed a bill to pass in Tokyo that will ban any anime/manga/games that depict anything dubbed harmful to youth.

The DPJ’s only addition to the critical portion of the law was a short rider which requests “prudent application of the law in light of any artistic, social, scientific or satirical merits the work might express” – it does not however add any legal obligation to consider these, or establish any clear or indepdently enforced criteria for judging whether a work can be declared “harmful” or not.
The only thing the DPJ added to the law was a comment that said they would consider the artistic, social, scientific, or satirical point of the works that are being reviewed. It does not however add any actual criteria which defines what the law is considering to be harmful.

Even more bizarrely, the final draft actually removed a passage that imposed “a duty not to possess [photographic] child pornography” on Tokyo residents, whilst leaving the section banning erotic manga and anime (and explicitly excluding photographic materials) all but unchanged – that the bill is intended exclusively as an “anti-otaku” law seems to be beyond doubt.
The draft of the bill that was passed removed a section that included child porn as a illegal, but kept in the part that banned erotic anime or manga. So people know that this law is aimed at people who are obsessed with anime and manga.

It is very difficult to objectively assess the scope of the law – along with vague and subjective terms like “interfere with the healthy development of youth,” the law also includes “etc.” on the end of most of its examples, leaving it quite unclear, for example, whether the “improper glorification of illegal sexual activity, etc.” applies to only virtual sex crimes, or all crimes in general – presumably the interpretation adopted will be whichever is convenient to censors. (The MPAA is going international!)
It's hard to talk about how far this law stretches, because all of hte language in the bill is vague or subjective. You can't tell if they mean that only illegal sexual acts can't be depicted, or if any illegal act can't be depicted. We can only assume the choice is up to individual censors.

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Japan is deeming any comics that promotes 'abnormal behaviour to kids' as an adult work, this includes anything with gay characters at all. What is defined as abnormal is up to the censors at hand, though.

The Governor of Tokyo who is behind this bill is famously quoted as calling African immigrants 'unintelligent', deny the Rape of Nanking, commenting that older women who can't have children are useless, and that gay people are abnormal. He is also trying to extend the ban to other forms of entertainment
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Gwyneth Paltrow Confirms 'Glee' Return

For leaving an impressive mark on her November 16 episode, Gwyneth has been invited back to the FOX series.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There was no telling whether Holly Holiday would be back on McKinley High but now it is confirmed. Gwyneth Paltrow who slipped into the character earlier this season would reprise the "Glee" role although she did not share when and for how many episodes.

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James Franco Reflects on Watching Male Prostitute Have Sex

In 2010, James Franco has been the gift that keeps on giving, and this time it comes in form of male prostitution. In a televised interview with James Lipton for 'Inside the Actors Studio,' Franco reflects on the time when, researching a role, he ended up watching a gigolo have sex with a man.

"I found this guy that was kind of a perfect model," Franco said. "He claimed to service both males and females. He took me on one of his jobs."

At the time, Franco was studying for his role in 'Sonny,' where he played a male prostitute. To get a grasp for the part, Franco shadowed a gigolo in the back of a strip club, but things went a little further than he anticipated.

He says, ‘Oh, you’re playing a male prostitute? You wanna do some real research? Come with me right now.’ And I said, ‘Well I’m not gonna do anything…’ and he said, ‘Aw, this guy’s so coked out of his mind, he won’t even know you’re there. Just sit in the chair in the corner and take your shirt off and it’ll be fine.’

"It went down. Everything went down, as you see in the movies and hear about. The eerie thing is, it was like a movie, but it wasn't a movie -- it was the real thing, happening in front of me."

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2010 ain't over yet -- Music Video of the Year


Watch the Scissor Sisters’ Disturbing New Video, ‘Invisible Light’ In which rude things happen to: women, children, dogs, rabbits, meat products, and mattresses. But we stopped keeping track after the stigmata.NSFW

cudder drinking

America being racist once again , Ja Rule set to serve 2 years


Rapper Ja Rule is going to see some prison time for carrying a gun.

Ja reached a plea deal with prosecutors Monday after pleading guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, MTV News reports. The charge stems from Ja Rule's 2007 arrest following a NYC concert performance with Lil Wayne.

After the concert, both rappers were separately pulled over by NYPD. While cops discovered a loaded semi-automatic in Ja Rule's vehicle, they also found the same in Lil Wayne's car, along with illegal substances.
Per the agreement, Ja Rule will likely serve 16 months in prison, followed by a year and a half of post-prison supervision. "Minor setback for a major comeback," Ja tweeted after reaching the deal.

Last year, Lil Wayne also settled his plea deal, and in March of this year, he turned himself in to begin his one-year sentence. He has since been released and is currently on probation for an unrelated incident in Arizona. 




Fox Pulls 'Running Wilde' Originals from Schedule

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Futon Critic reports that Fox has pulled the remaining original episodes of Running Wilde from the schedule with plans to burn them off down the road.

Fox had originally planned to air a new episode of Running Wilde last night at 7pm, but replaced it with repeats. A Cleveland Show repeat will air instead next Sunday, and a Simpsons repeat on 12/26. The original slated for Tuesday, December 28 will be replaced by Glee.

The repeats of Running Wilde airing on Saturdays at midnight will continue through January 1.


Zac and Vanessa Split

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens are over.

The two, who started dating when they were just teenagers costarring in the hit High School Musical franchise, recently called it quits.

"It's nothing dramatic," one source said. "There's no third party involved."

Says another source, "They were together for so long. It just ran its course."

Sources insist they remain friends.

Efron, 23, is currently filming The Lucky One in New Orleans. Hudgens, who turns 22 tomorrow, wraps Journey 2: The Mysterious Island later this week in Hawaii.


Adam is back in LA!

Adam Lambert Wears Alexander McQueen's Skull

Adam Lambert arrives at LAX airport on a flight from Miami on Sunday (December 12) in Los Angeles.

The 28-year-old singer wore an Alexander McQueen shirt featuring a skull made up of tinier skulls.

The night before, Adam performed at Y100’s Jingle Ball and caught up with backstage!

Earlier in the weekend, Adam caught a performance of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark in NYC and met up with the stars of the show afterward.

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Gemma Gif Chanel

Princess Carey & King Colin in Dubai

Actress Carey Mulligan presents actor Colin Firth with his Variety "International Star of the Year" Award during day two of the 7th Annual Dubai International Film Festival held at the Madinat Jumeriah Complex on December 13, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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Actress Carey Mulligan during a portrait session at the 7th Annual Dubai International Film Festival held at the Madinat Jumeriah Complex on December 13, 2010 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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5 Details about the Richie-Madden Wedding

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Nicole Richie tied the knot with longtime love (and the father of her two children) Joel Madden Saturday evening at her dad Lionel Richie's Beverly Hills estate, and it was anything but your standard wedding-in-a-chapel ceremony.

• There was nothing ordinary about Nicole's dress: Ever the style maven, Nicole reportedly shied away from a typical princess gown and opted for bridal duds that were reminiscent of her own funky chic aethestic instead. "She wore a turtleneck lace dress, '80s style" a source told E! News. Reportedly, that gown was a custom-made Marchesa gown that was designed for her in New York.

The elephant-at-the-wedding rumors are true: When E! News cameras caught a glimpse of a giant elephant stomping its way towards Lionel Richie's estate, we weren't sure what to make of it. While we doubt Nicole rode the big guy in the ceremony, a source tells E! News that Nicole really likes elephants and Lionel wanted to make sure he had one ready for her big day. "Nicole has always been obsessed with elephants. Lionel wanted to surprise her," the source said. We're betting he did.

• Nicole is the ultimate daddy's girl: Not only did the fashion-forward socialite walk down the aisle to her father's 1986 hit song "Ballerina Girl" (which he famously wrote for her back in the day), but the famed music superstar sang the hit "You Are" to the newlyweds at the reception.

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reserving judgements about the dress until i see it...i love marchesa, but a turtleneck sounds iffy. can't wait to see pictures!
source & source
john angel

Sean Lennon Fears Fame and the Boogeyman


JOHN LENNON's son SEAN has developed a fear of fame since his rock star dad was killed by an obsessed BEATLES fan 30 years ago.

The Fab Four legend was gunned down outside his New York City apartment on 8 December, 1980, and his 35-year-old son admits the tragedy had a profound effect on him - making him shy away from the spotlight that was cast on his father.

He says, "I have a fear of fame, as my therapist would tell you. But I'm a musician first and foremost.

"I look like my dad. I remember someone saying I was trying to look like my dad because I was wearing glasses. Can you believe that? I'm blind without them. People look at me and they see my dad. They think I'm trying to be famous or something, which is completely misguided."

But the singer is adamant he isn't ashamed of the Lennon legacy.

He adds, "Ultimately people seem to think that being John Lennon's son is a huge weight around my neck but they don't consider for a second how inspiring that might be and how proud I am to have this name."



zooey umm

Olivia Munn (and Armie Hammer) at the Golden Globes Party + Interview for Perfect Couples

Olivia Munn steps out in Tibi for the Miss Golden Globes Party hosted by InStyle and the Hollywood Foreign Press Association at Cecconi’s Restaurant on Thursday (December 9) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old actress posed for shots with The Social Network’s Armie Hammer, who she interviewed back in September for a special MySpace screening of the film.

Olivia is gearing up for the premiere of her new NBC comedy, Perfect Couples, on January 20!

“Just finished my last day on the first season of my new NBC comedy Perfect Couples,” Olivia wrote recently. “Thank you to all of the fans for all of your support and love. I wouldn’t have had this amazing opportunity if it wasn’t for all of you. So thank you so so so much.”

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More pictures at the source
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Leighton Meester Is Leaving 'Gossip Girl'

...In two years.

Leighton Meester will leave Gossip Girl in two years, she says.

Why not go now? "Because we're under contract," Meester told E! Online while promoting Country Strong (in theaters Jan. 7) over the weekend.

She says she "obviously enjoys working on the show and living in New York," but wants to explore other projects. Producers have been understanding, she says.

"It allows you to be ready for when the show's over," adds Meester.

As for when the CW show, which premiered in 2007, will go off the air, she says, "I don't know," but hints it could be sooner rather than later: "I think there's that old saying about wanting to go out on top."

In August, show creator and executive producer Josh Schwartz shot down rumors that Blake Lively, who starred in The Town and will appear in Green Lantern, will leave the show.

"Have to respond. No truth to rumors that BL (Blake Lively) requested to have Serena killed. All is well," he wrote.
dushku titties

Eric Mabius joins 'Bird Dog' pilot

Eric Mabius has joined the cast of forthcoming TNT drama pilot Bird Dog.

It was previously reported that Ashley Williams had replaced Eliza Dushku in the lead role of police officer Gail McGrath, after Eliza parted ways with the project due to creative differences.

Deadline now reports that former Ugly Betty star Mabius will play Tim Burke, a County Sheriff who harbours a secret crush on Gail.

The actor recently completed filming on upcoming BBC sci-fi drama Outcasts and has also played recurring roles on The OC and The L Word.

Undercovers actor Gerald McRaney will play Gail's father in the Bird Dog pilot, while Wynn Everett, William Ragsdale and Suzy Nakamura will also star.


Eliza is too cute for him anyway. She needs to play opposite a man like Tahmoh.


NBC to bring about a new rival for 'Idol'; too bad it came six and a half years too late

NBC has partnered with a reality supergroup -- Mark Burnett, John de Mol and Warner Horizon TV -- to launch a new singing competition this spring.

"The Voice of America," which NBC is racing to launch in spring 2011, enters an already crowded field of talent-based reality shows. That includes the still-dominant spring player "American Idol," as well as the Peacock's own "America's Got Talent" and next fall's "The X Factor."

But The Voice of America," which is based on a Dutch format from de Mol's Talpa Media, comes with a twist: The show will center on four celebrity artists who form teams of singers -- based on blind auditions, in which the star singers can only hear the contestants' voices.

Once they choose their team, those stars will coach and mentor their teams -- but performers on each team will be pitted against each other and eliminated until each celebrity artist has just two finalists a piece.

Viewers will then be asked to pick one winner from each team. Those four finalists will then face off to compete in the finale -- with one winner being named "The Voice of America." Winner gets a recording contract.

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Miley Cyrus -- Working Girl

Miley Cyrus was hard at work today in New Orleans on the set of her movie, "So Undercover."

It's destined to be a big hit.

Miley Cyrus 'Bong' Video -- The Failed Cover-Up

TMZ has learned ... Miley Cyrus' people knew weeks before the "bong" video surfaced that it existed, and tried to bury it.

Sources tell TMZ ... a college student who came into possession of the video contacted one of Miley's reps shortly after Thanksgiving, asking if the rep wanted his copy. We're told money was discussed, in exchange for turning over the video.

Sources say Miley's camp sent a man in his 40s to the student's college campus in the San Luis Obispo area. The student gave the man his MacBook Pro which contained the "bong" video ... in return the man gave the student a new MacBook Pro. We're told no money changed hands, though we don't know why.

And we've learned ... Miley's camp did the same computer swap with another student who also had a copy of the video.

In the end, Miley's people couldn't scoop up all of the copies.
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'Black Swan' Star Mila Kunis Joining Seth MacFarlane's 'Ted'

Mila Kunis and Adam Scott are in negotiations to join the cast of Ted, Universal’s comedy written by and being directed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.

The movie centers on a man who as young boy made a Christmas wish that his Teddy Bear would come to life and be his best friend forever. Twenty-five years later, the bear is still at his side, but has now evolved into a cursing, smoking, delinquent (voiced by MacFarlane) that is preventing the man from maturing.

The studio is in final negotiations with Mark Wahlberg to star as the grown man.

Kunis will be Wahlberg’s girlfriend, who wants their relationship to move to the next level and finally has enough of him living with his best friend Ted. She turns to her cad of a boss, to be played by Scott, for comfort.

Universal’s senior executive vp of production Peter Cramer and creative exec Sara Scott will oversee Ted for the studio.

Kunis, repped by CAA and Curtis Talent Management, is currently riding high on the acclaim generated from Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan.

Scott, repped by CAA and Untitled, starred in the short-lived by critically-acclaimed Starz series Party Down and has a recurring role on NBC's Parks & Recreation. He recently wrapped a comedy with Paul Rudd and Elizabeth Banks titled My Idiot Brother.

X Factor: Matt Cardle confirms Harry Styles' "pussy" remark

Matt Cardle has confirmed that Harry Styles made a "cheeky" comment to him after winning The X Factor last night.

YouTube clips have circulated around the internet today featuring Styles whispering something to Cardle moments after he was named the champion.

It is believed that the One Direction boyband star told Cardle: "Think of how much pussy you're going to get."

Commenting on the incident during an interview on This Morning, the Essex singer said: "He's a cheeky boy, he's young. He was being cheeky."

Miss Jackson (if ya nasty) to kick off largest tour in February

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Look out, world: Janet Jackson is coming to a city near you. The legendary pop star has announced her largest-ever world tour to celebrate her 35 chart-topping hits in 35 different cities across the world. Hong Kong has been voted by fans as the kick-off city, where she will perform tracks exclusively from her greatest hits collection Number Ones.

The Rhythm Nation leader will launch the tour at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on February 14, with subsequent dates to be announced soon. “The fans really reached out and voted for Hong Kong to be the Valentine’s Day city of our Number Ones tour. I am thrilled to receive your votes and I will be performing in Hong Kong Feb 14, 2011!” wrote Janet on her website.

Ahead of the tour’s start, Janet will be celebrating the release of her upcoming book True You, hitting stores February 8. The singer’s first book will take readers into her lifelong struggle with weight and exercise, meant to inspire those who need to improve their self-esteem.

Super excited! I hope she comes to Toronto!
Stevie J

Usher: "I Feel Under Pressure To Be The New Michael"

Usher has revealed that he feels under pressure to become the new Michael Jackson.

The 'OMG' star, who signed his first record deal aged 13, said that despite being "emotionally" torn apart he enjoys being compared to the late singer.

"You know, we lost Michael Jackson. A lot of pressure is on me and I don't mind taking it," he told the Daily Star.

"I wanted to make sure that you get that type of experience that leaves you saying, 'OMG'. The impression that I would like to leave is that this guy is really stepping it up to a level where people can hopefully compare me to people like Michael Jackson.

"I basically tear myself apart emotionally, energetically, connecting with you and making sure that you enjoy this moment."

The R&B superstar recently confessed that he cried over protégé Justin Bieber's American Music Award wins.


Stock; Starbucks

7 Facts About Salvia Divinorum, The Drug Miley Cyrus Might Have Ruined For Everyone


Leave it up to Miley Cyrus to ruin a perfectly good legal drug and make it a national issue, pushing state governments to consider bans on the stuff. I actually bought salvia on eBay when I was 18 years old because I wasn’t cool enough to do real drugs and, hell, it was really inexpensive and legal and I was curious. At the time, it was sold as “incense” but now they sell it pretty freely on the internet. Anyway, because I’m a huge nerd, I also wrote a paper about it in college and I’ve got the facts in case you’re as curious as I was!

Salvia divinorum is a plant from the mint family. It’s a species of sage and is grown in the Mazatec region of the Sierra Madre mountains in Oaxaca, Mexico. It contains a substance called salvinorin-A, which is the most potent naturally occurring vision inducer.

• Salvia has been used for centuries by the Mazatec people of Oaxaca in spiritual rituals. They called it the “leaf of prophecy,” Diviner’s Sage, or Yerba de Maria because they believed it was the incarnation of the Virgin Mary. The Mazatec people treat the plant with respect, praying to it before cutting it. American kids pretend it’s a party drug even though it doesn’t have the recreational effects of other drugs or alcohol. It’s best used for meditative states, spiritual purposes and exploring consciousness. Not for “partying.”

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MJ Fans Protest Discovery Channel Documentary

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Michael Jackson supporters are hoping to build enough public outrage to cancel a controversial documentary on the King of Pop's death.

The documentary, 'Michael Jackson's Autopsy: What Really Killed Michael Jackson,' is scheduled to run on the Discovery Channel next month in the UK. It claims to offer new insight into the how and why of Jackson's death in June 2009. Details on the upcoming documentary are scarce, though it's clear that it won't include Jackson's actual body. According to TMZ and other sources, it will feature an "anatomically correct synthetic cadaver."

The show does plan, however, to show a doctor dissecting Jackson's "body" in every revealing step, based on information from the autopsy report and interviews with a series of people close to the pop singer.

Supporters created an online petition they hope will draw 50,000 names, though as of Monday they had reached just under 3,500. "Like any other human being on this earth, Michael Jackson is entitled to a minimum of decency and respect," the petition reads. "Over the months, media accumulate abuse and act as low as before."

veronique 2

Monday Oscar Post, week 7 – Golden Globes Edition

Oscar Futures: Is The Fighter a Best Picture Spoiler?

Every week between now and January 25 when the nominations are announced, movies and stars will help themselves — or sometimes, hurt themselves — in the Oscar race.
For the seventh week (last week's post right here), we continue our coverage of Vulture's Oscar Futures to find out who's up, who's down, and who's currently leading the race for a coveted nomination – now also featuring Foreign Film, Animated Feature and Screenplay predictions.

Best Picture

UP: The Fighter. Could this crowd-pleasing underdog upset The Social Network and King's Speech? Scott Feinberg, Pete Hammond, and Jeffrey Wells think so.

Down: The King's Speech. Bad news for guardianless young film fans hoping to see King George VI drop some F-bombs: Speech lost its appeal to the MPAA this week and will keep its R rating.

CURRENT PREDIX: 127 Hours, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King's Speech, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Winter’s Bone.

Collapse )

Golden Globes Predictions

Collapse )
Source: Ny Mag
Additional sources: 1, 2, 3

Katt Williams Ordered to Pay $577k in Dog Attack Case

Comedian Katt Williams has been ordered to fork over $577,929 to an Atlanta record producer -- after Katt allegedly sicked his attack dog on the other man's pet canine ... nearly killing the animal.

The producer, Merion Joseph Powers, had sued Katt in Atlanta -- claiming the comic racked up a $28k bill in his studio, but refused to pay the debt ... and when he pressed Williams for the dough, Katt paid him a visit with his attack dog in tow.

Powers alleged Katt -- in an effort to intimidate him into backing off the debt -- showed up to his studio with an attack dog and gave it a "verbal attack signal" to go after Merion's dog ... which suffered "substantial and nearly life-threatening injuries."

But when Merion had his day in court -- the judge ruled in his favor ... and ordered Katt to pay the man a whopping $577k.

Anna Friel & David Thewlis's relationship is over according to the Daily Mail

It's over, admit Anna Friel and her older man, David Thewlis

After repeatedly denying that their nine-year romance was on the rocks, Anna Friel and David Thewlis have finally called time on their relationship.

The Daily Mail has learned that the couple, together for nine years, have parted months after 34-year-old Miss Friel moved a handsome young actor into their home.

She and Thewlis, 47, who have a five-year-old daughter, Gracie, have been forced apart by acting commitments for the past six months.

Collapse )


Matt: 'Rihanna duet was hot'

Matt Cardle has described his duet with Rihanna on the X Factor final as "really hot".

The duo performed the US popstar's hit 'Unfaithful' together and also danced raunchily onstage during the routine.

Speaking afterwards, Cardle said: "Rihanna... I know... what the hell! It was really, really hot!

"There was fire on there. I want to thank her so much for doing that with me. One of the best moments in my life, definitely."

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Winona Ryder: 'I Don't Use The Internet'

Winona Ryder isn't likely to be reading this.

"I don't use the Internet," the star told Elle (which noted she "sound[ed] genuinely bewildered"), "but apparently you can find out everything on it."

According to Winona's interview with Elle, she has an iPad--a gift from actor/director/producer Ron Howard--but has yet to put it to use. Her gadget of choice is a BlackBerry.

"I have my e-mail on my BlackBerry, and that's about it. I've never read a blog, ever," she explained to Elle. "I feel like it's taking away that great anticipation of seeing a movie. It used to be you'd hear, like, Al Pacino was making a movie, and you wouldn't know anything about it. And nowadays, you know it all, like how much [the actors] are being paid. I would hate to see a picture of me and the caption reads, 'Is she worth it?' "


Jimmy Kimmel signs up for 2 more years of JK Live

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy Kimmel has signed a new two-year extension with ABC to continue as the host/executive producer of the network's late-night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which will continue to air at 12:05 AM for the time being. The new deal will take the show into its 10th season. Kimmel's current pact was up next month. During this past November sweep, Jimmy Kimmel Live posted year-to-year increases in both total viewers and adults 18-49, growing its audience for the 4th time in the past 5 years. In total viewers Kimmel (1.86 million) outdelivered Jimmy Fallon (1.79 million) or CBS’ Craig Ferguson (1.79 million). The best news about the renewal - Kimmel can continue to be a fixture at ABC's May upfront presentation in New York.


Since LOST ended, he's only good for his bromance with Ben Affleck

Whitney Port in Maxim

Hi lovies,
Over the past few days I have received so many nice tweets and comments about my Maxim spread. Today I can finally share my experience with all of you!

This was something TOTALLY new for me. I was really nervous at first because I had never done a photo shoot for such a large publication with so few clothes but after the first few shots I was completely at ease! We shot at a house in Beverly Hills that was very old Hollywood -- wood walls and fur rugs! My mom and sisters came to support and even my dad stopped by. Some people may think this is weird but I just saw it as me posing in a bikini! It is always extremely important to me that everyone in my family supports what I do.

I definitely let my sexy side come out. Maybe I will do more photo shoots like this now! Thank you Maxim for giving me the opportunity to try something new. I had so much fun with your crew, they made me feel so comfortable! Click through the gallery to take a look at my spread in the January issue -- I've also included a few behind-the-scenes pics and will be posting a big gallery tomorrow.


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I'd take her body ANY day. I hope everyone is staying warm out there. Feels like -5˚ here in Chicago!

Light up with Gwyneth Paltrow!

Joined by Country Strong co-star Tim McGraw, director Shana Feste, and Faith Hill, Gwyneth Paltrow received the 2,427th star on the Walk of Fame on Monday in Hollywood.

In Country Strong, Paltrow plays down-on-her-luck country singer Kelly Canter, while McGraw plays her husband/manager.

During the ceremony, McGraw told the crowd that Paltrow "sings beautifully" and that she "Inspires goodness and that's the best kind of friend to have."

After being asked about how she would celebrate if Country Strong was nominated for a Golden Globe, Paltrow joked, "With a joint, hanging out with my girlfriends, I don't know, I don't expect anything from that."

Paltrow recently announced her return to Fox's Glee, reprising her role as substitute teacher Holly Holiday. She also displayed her singing ability with a cover of Cee-Lo Green's hit, "F--k You."

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Feste in November at our annual Next Gen event, where she revealed why she chose Paltrow for the film.

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Black List showcases the best overlooked screenplays

Some writers are rookies, some are veterans, but Franklin Leonard's compilation puts them on Hollywood's radar.

Aaron Sorkin, who was on the Black List last year, offers this advice to current listees: "Some 300-odd executives have just said that your script is one of the best in town right now. If you don't have an agent, use the list to get one."

The Black List has been released, Franklin Leonard’s annual compilation of the “best liked” unproduced screenplays in Hollywood. The 2010 list is flavored with politics, including a comedy about a young Karl Rove and a drama about Jackie Kennedy’s days of mourning following the JFK assassination. According to the Los Angeles Times, six of the top-10 scripts have already been picked up by studios, with one, Margin Call, already slated to premiere at Sundance in January.

1. College Republicans by Wes Jones. Aspiring politician Karl Rove runs a dirty campaign for College Republican chairman under the guidance of Lee Atwater, his campaign manager.

2. Jackie by Noah Oppenheim. Jackie Kennedy fights to define her husband’s legacy in the seven days immediately following his assassination.

3. All You Need Is Kill by Dante Harper. A new army recruit in a war against aliens finds himself caught in a time loop where he wakes up one day in the past after having been killed on the battlefield.

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David Gandy: Pucker

Robert Pattinson Once Dreamed of Being a Rapper

Robert Pattinson once dreamed of being a rapper.

The British actor, who is best known for portraying vampire Edward Cullen in ‘The Twilight Saga,’ was “obsessed” with Eminem as a teenager and made recordings of himself performing his own composition.

He said, “You want a secret? OK, how about this – I’ve got a whole collection of tapes of me rapping from when I was 13! I wanted to be a rapper so there are hundreds and hundreds of tapes. They’re very amusing!

“I was obsessed with Eminem when I was younger. When he first came out I was about 12 and fanatical about his ‘Slim Shady’ CD. I think he’s a genius.”

The 24-year-old star even had his own “crew” but admits his lyrics were less-than-authentic.

He explained to Top of the Pops magazine, “Most of my rhymes were stolen off other people anyway. They were all like, ‘I was raised on these streets..’, which was a complete farce because I was actually raised in quite a nice area of London called Barnes. Not very ghetto at all!

“I was obsessed with it all, though. I even had my own little crew – we called ourselves Big Tub and the Tappy Cats.”

Robert has previously recorded tracks for the ‘Twilight’ soundtracks but insists he has no plans to move into music full time.

He said, “I’m a bit of an attention seeker – I love being on stage. But the thought of performing music on stage terrifies me. I’m not scared of acting though.”

However, if the chance came to perform with rapper Eminem, Robert would jump at the chance.

He said, “I’d love to rap with Eminem! That would be really amazing.”


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'The Craigslist Killer' Lifetime Movie: Too Soon?

Lifetime released a 30-second trailer for its new ripped-from-the-headlines movie, 'The Craigslist Killer,' and it looks nothing short of harrowing.

The trailer features basically every component necessary for a fantastic Lifetime movie -- out-of-focus footage, an 'Inception'-like soundtrack, a serious closeup of the killer's face and, most importantly, a typewriter font (so you know it's based on news!).

The only problem: This a true story about a med student who brutally murdered a woman he met online, then killed himself while in jail awaiting his trial for first-degree murder and armed robbery. He died in August, and the movie is slated to premiere on Jan. 3. Isn't it a little too soon?

Then again, it's common practice to make TV movies out of current events, especially on Lifetime.
Maybe it only feels too soon because the movie looks pretty good, and it's strange to look forward to a film based on such tragic true events. Either way, Jake McDorman ('Greek') looks appropriately creeptastic as the eponymous killer. Watch the trailer below. Do you think it's too soon for a movie based on this story? Will you watch?


Jessie J will pen Britney Spears' record

The Essex-born Brit School graduate has revealed to The Sun, that the new Britney single will have a distinctly British flavour.

She said: “It’s more British than you would expect but with the Britney swag. People will be surprised. It could be the most amazing thing I’ve done.”

The “Do it Like a Dude” singer admitted that she was shocked to see a request from the iconic US singer despite the fact that she was responsible for writing Miley Cyrus’ number one smash “Party in the USA.”

Jesse J who was an impressive musical resumé has written songs for the likes of Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Willow Smith and Chris Brown. JT was so impressed by her talent that he later heralded her “the best singer in the world.”

She said: “It’s a great feeling knowing that what I’m writing might be heard by people from all over the world.”

But then later added that writing material for such a huge star still caries huge pressure.

I'm so excited! Oh my Gooooooooooooooood!


TV Spoilers Galore!

Spoiler Chat: Dexter Boss Tackles Your Q's, Plus Vampire Diaries, Glee, Gossip Girl and More!

Is Gossip Girl really ending? What's up with Kristin Chenoweth returning to Glee? And is it possible that Quinn and Deb might (gasp!) already know Dexter's big secret?

Dig on in for the latest exclusive TV scoop, courtesy of your crazy-cool questions…

Collapse )


Not gonna lie, I flailed when I read the Fringe bit. And Cheno getting her own pilot? YESSS!! :D
DW: 10: the doctor up

Mekhi Phifer to be in Torchwood

Mekhi Phifer is set to star opposite John Barrowman and Gwen Cooper in the upcoming fourth season of sci-fi drama Torchwood, which Starz is co-producing with the BBC for a run on both networks. Phifer joins original Torchwood stars Barrowman, who plays time agent/con man Captain Jack Harkness, and Myles, who plays ex-police officer Gwen Cooper. The Lie to Me alum will play the third lead, Rex Matheson, a CIA agent, a fast-tracked high-flyer with a lethal sense of humor who starts to feel his mortality when his life is put in danger. In addition to his co-starring turn on Fox's Lie to Me last season, Phifer, repped by WME and Brookside, was a regular on NBC's ER. He also recently signed on for the Lifetime action film Close Quarters. Torchwood recently cast Crash actress Arlene Tur in a recurring role.

Conan Gunn

Bassist in crappy band exhibits crappy judgment

Hinder launches tattoo contest on Facebook

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hinder's new album All American Nightmare was released last week, and since the album made it's debut in iTunes' Top Five, the band has launched a crazy contest on Facebook. They're putting out a call to fans to design a Hinder tattoo, and the winning design will be tatted for real onto the body of bassist Mike Rodden.

1, 2

I suggest DUMBASS in backwards letters, right on his forehead.

Are people getting fed up with Cheryl Cole? Halo slipping from 'nation's sweetheart'

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She's had a rotten year with her divorce from Ashley Cole and bout of malaria – but it seems the British public are losing sympathy with X Factor judge Cheryl Cole.

There's a wave of criticism of the Girls Aloud star on the internet today after her charge Rebecca Ferguson lost the grand final last night to Matt Cardle, with many viewers saying she'd ignored Rebecca for weeks in favour of Katie Waissel and Cher.

Collapse )
Will Cole rise from the ashes?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Tangled. &quot;Cast Iron&quot;

Darren Criss sings Christmas music, sells out Roxy, will be performing Grammy Week.

Grammy press release:


Barbra Streisand Will Perform At 21st Anniversary Tribute In Her Honor That Will Benefit  MusiCares' Emergency Financial Assistance And Addiction Recovery Programs


Performances by multi-GRAMMY-winning artists Tony Bennett, Donna Summer, and Stevie Wonder; multi-GRAMMY-winning artist and current GRAMMY nominee Herbie Hancock, two-time GRAMMY winner Diana Krall; GRAMMY-winner and current GRAMMY nominee Barry Manilow; artist and member of the GRAMMY-nominated Promises, Promises cast album Kristin Chenoweth; artists and members of the GRAMMY-nominated Glee cast Lea Michele, Matthew Morrison and Darren Criss, and artist Nikki Yanofsky. Ms. Streisand, a multi-GRAMMYwinning artist and current GRAMMY nominee, will close the evening with her own special performance. Additional performers will be announced shortly.

Summing up: day time show at Roxy pretty much almost sold out. Darren Criss singing Christmas music is amazing. He's also going to be singing at this Grammy's thing that honors Barbara. Oh yeah, and a bunch of other people too. 

Boy is going places.

Source 1 2 3 (3 is a Grammy press release PDF)


Marvel Studios Head Drops Answers About Upcoming Films

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige recently sat down for a chat Q&A with LA Times' Hero Complex. Answering a barrage of questions submitted by rabid fans which spit-balled several subjects related to the plethora of Marvel movie properties both within and outside the studio, Marvel's head movie honcho was actually quite candid on some of the Internet community's most pressing questions. What's the status of Deadpool? What's going on with those rumored ten-minute short films? Will Iron Man be sporting new armor in 2012's The Avengers? The result of questions just like that, was an overwhelming flow of information, which, thanks to a recap from Collider, have been reduced to clear bullet points. There's just SO much stuff to cover here, but we're going to take a quick look at some of the revelations we were able to take away and what they mean.

Avengers-Related News: (Recapped from Collider)

* Iron Man will have new armor in The Avengers
* Says the next 3 years he’s working on Iron Man 3, The Runaways, Ant-Man and The Avengers
* Don Blake is somehow referenced in Thor
* Edgar Wright is still working on the screenplay for Ant-Man
* We should be seeing the Captain America trailer early next year
* Wants to bring female heroes to the big screen
* Claims Natalie and Chris have amazing chemistry in Thor
* Nick Fury will stay in the modern era
* No Invaders in Captain America but there will be Howling Commandoes

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Film - The Old Guard

Costuming HBIC talks about "The Tourist"

For contemporary set spy thriller The Tourist starring Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp, Oscar winning costume designer Colleen Atwood took a break from historical and fantasy to create a modern yet playfully retro collection of gorgeous gowns and impeccable suits. We asked her a few questions about the film’s lavish look and how it evolves throughout.

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OK, fine, it wasn't very good, but I was a good stand and saw it anyway. It still looks fabulous (and sound fabulous, 'cuz it's James Newton Howard) and these two fine bitches are still hotter than you.

(I just really wanted to use this .gif I made)


The Sweet&Sexy Leighton Meester on Allure January 2011

Leighton Meester poses in lingerie and a Louis Vuitton raincoat in this shot from Allure magazine’s January 2011 issue, where she graces the cover!

Here’s what the 24-year-old Country Strong actress had to share:

On the Chuck and Blair love affair: “I can really relate to it - not necessarily because it’s this dramatic, tumultuous relationship, but because the way they love each other is very real, and not for the sake of being dramatic. It’s actual love. There’s nobody for each other but them.”

On her former life as a partier: “We had craaaazy parties, we had DJ’s, bands, an ice luge, a fire twirler. One of my roommates burned off her bangs on the stove trying to light a cigarette. I mean, drinking is one thing - overdrinking is another. And drugs are something that I do not tolerate at all. You’d be surprised how many people do it. If you go out and you’re living the nightlife scene, that’s what people do.”

On the supposed rivalry with costar Blake Lively: “It’s unfortunate when women are pitted against each other, like with Sex and the City. People say, ‘They’re jealous of each other.’ Come on! They’re all rich, successful, great actresses.”

On her love life: “It’s wonderful to be in love. And it’s definitely wonderful to cuddle and have sex and get to experience life with somebody. But it’s OK if you don’t find him and you’re 24. You can find it someday.”

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A wonderful interview about Country Strong♥

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Liz Hurley responds to claims of affair with Australian cricket star Shane Warne

Speaking out: Liz posted this message on Twitter this afternoon, but didn't say exactly when she split from Arun despite sharing flirty tweets with Warne since the summer

A source is quoted in the paper today as saying: 'They were so passionate they looked like honeymooners. It was electric.'
  •  Pictures in Sunday tabloid show her kissing and embracing Warne after apparently staying overnight at his hotel
  • Pair have been exchanging flirty tweets since the summer
  • Hurley takes to Twitter to defend herself in wake of claims
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