December 10th, 2010


Taylor Swift’s CoverGirl Ad

Taylor Swift appears soft and sweet in her first ad for CoverGirl. She’s the face for the new line of CoverGirl NatureLuxe products, which launch January 2011.

About the new venture, Taylor said, “I’m really excited for people to discover the new NatureLuxe line from CoverGirl! The Silk Foundation and Gloss Balm are really light and fresh, they feel amazing on my skin.”
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Preview For Oliviallah Munn's New NBC Show "Perfect Couples"

The fact that NBC has titled a midseason replacement about three incredibly imperfect couples Perfect Couples shows that the network understands irony. So maybe irony was what the network was also going for when it cut together this completely unfunny preview devoid of any romance to promote what is being called a romantic comedy. On the plus side though, it does feature Olivia Munn, Kyle Bornheimer and four other attractive young actors in bed a lot.

“You’re going to feel like somebody took a page out of your diary,” Olivia Munn promises in this preview. And maybe that is true if your bed-hogging girlfriend literally kicks you onto the floor at night. And your house is haunted by a possum with nine lives. And you keep having to convince your girlfriend that no, she should not audition for American Idol. Then maybe you will feel like somebody took a page out of your diary. But even if that was the case, wouldn’t you want some television producer to at least enhance your material for comedic effect?

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Even if this sucks I'll probably have it on in the background to boost its ratings

Lavender Brown Gets A Twitter

Actress Jessie Cave, best known to fans as playing Lavender Brow in the Harry Potter film series, exclusively let SnitchSeeker know of her official Twitter account, called @pindippycave, to tie in with her website - to launch in January 2011 - called (the page is currently not live, obviously; we will update as soon as it is up). This is what Jessie had to say about her Twitter:

"I have joined Twitter because I am launching a website that I have designed called at the end of January, which will be primarily for comedy sketches that I am filming now, and illustrations/animations. So I will be updating as I go!"


call me if there's any change

Lea T., Transsexual Model, Talks About Her Impending Reassignment Surgery

The New York Times caught up with Givenchy's transsexual model Lea T. for its Thursday Styles article "Bold Crossings of the Gender Line." Lea told the Times:

"When you are a transsexual, you look for your future, and you can't see it," Ms. T. said. "I thought this would be a nice message for another tranny: 'Look, we can be the same as other girls and boys.' It's small, but it makes you feel like you have a little chance. Maybe a transsexual will open a magazine and think: 'That's cool. We can be whatever we want.' That's why I did the Givenchy campaign."

Since appearing in the campaign in May, Lea's modeling agency, Women, has gotten over 400 requests for interviews.

The Times also cleared up what the "T" in Lea T. stands for: Tisci, as in Givenchy's Creative Director Riccardo Tisci.

Lea said she's presently in Milan waiting for her sexual reassignment surgery. She explained, "I will always feel uncomfortable, but it will make my life a little easier, and I will look in the mirror and see something I like more."

matthew lewis

Catrina Smirnoff and Catnip Richards at Friskies "Cat Diaries" Event

Hollywood has some new stars in town and they're pretty cool cats – literally! Last night, Friskies® brand cat food premiered " Cat Diaries: The First Ever Movie Filmed by Cats" and gave viewers a look into their magical world. This short film features documentary style footage taken directly from cats, who donned video cameras on their collars to provide around-the-clock coverage of their daily lives. From apartments to homes, from New York to California, viewers are taken on a tour across the country to see life from a cat's perspective.

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This is an ONTD Pet Appreciation post. Post your furbabies.
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10 Best Episodes/TV Shows of 2010 (Time Magazine)

I know we just had a mod post about "lists", but they are Time Magazine lists, some would consider that important. Plus even though I know a lot will complain that there isn't a lot of mainstream shows on here, but I thought it was original, and at least would start conversations of our own! And here is Time's 10 best episodes and TV Shows of 2010!

10. Justified - "Fire In The Hole/Pilot" (FX)

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Kelly Osbourne is reportedly preparing to undergo foot surgery.

According to E! Online, the reality star has been suffering from foot problems since before she joined the cast of Dancing With The Stars.

However, Osbourne admitted that her stint on the ABC show "made it worse".

"It was going to happen but [Dancing With The Stars] kicked it up about ten years," she said about the injury.

Osbourne added: "They have to break bones in my feet and reset them. I've put it off because I've not been ready to not walk for a month."

Misha new hat

Fighting fit: Rebecca Ferguson looks immaculate after she works out at gym

She always been one of the more stylish X Factor finalists - but Rebecca Ferguson seemed just that little bit more polished when she made a chic exit from a gym last night.

Wearing the standard popstar uniform of sunglasses on a dark winter's evening, the glamorous Liverpudlian single mother didn't have a hair out of place.

While Matt Cardle was busy getting a fake tan and Cher was being embarrassed by Cheryl Cole on the dancefloor, Rebecca was snapped leaving the Nuffield Gym in Covent Garden after a workout.

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rocking scott

MTV's "The Inbetweeners" Remake Finds A cast and Director SMH

EXCLUSIVE: MTV has assembled the quartet of leads for its remake of the award-winning British series The Inbetweeners, which was greenlighted to pilot in September. Joey Pollari (Avalon High), Bubba Lewis (To Save a Life), The Virginity Hit star Zack Pearlman and Mark L. Young  (Big Love) are set to star in the high-school comedy described as Superbad meets Freeks and Geeks. It revolves around four high school boys (Pollari, Lewis, Pearlman, Young) who belong to the "inbetweeners" social class -- teens who are not the most cool and popular but not geeky enough to be branded uncool. Taika Waititi (The Flight of the Concords) is set to direct the pilot, which is slated to begin production on January 10 in Orlando. Brad Copeland wrote the adaptation and serves as the showrunner. He is executive producing with Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, creators of the original series, and Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment. This marks the fourth pilot for 18-month-old Kapital Entertainment.
This gif of the old gang invites you in to see the photos of the new cast

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Well that's that then, i'm resigned to it all, Skins will air in jan, The Inbetweeners will also air whenever...then Misfits will also be remade ...very soon. MTV Bumders & Briefcase wankers are working overtime on these remakes.

Jesse Eisenberg on Bill Murray, Walking Dead and why he became an actor

"What is 'The Walking Dead'?"

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Exclusive: Jesse Eisenberg's Next Project is Indie Comedy 'Free Samples'

"The Social Network" star Jesse Eisenberg has found his next project.

The future Oscar nominee will join Jess Weixler ("Teeth") in the indie dramedy "Free Samples," producer Joseph McKelheer has confirmed to TheWrap.

Jason Ritter, who previously shared the screen with Eisenberg in "The Education of Charlie Banks," will co-star along with Tippi Hedren, Hallie Pfeiffer, Keir O'Donnell, Jocelyn Donahue and Matt Walsh.

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Cameron Crowe Officially Loses His 'Heart'

There's no more music between rocker Nancy Wilson and director Cameron Crowe — the couple have finalized their divorce.

Court records in Los Angeles show a judge signed off on the couple's breakup Wednesday.

The Heart singer-guitarist and Academy Award-winning writer-director resolved their split without fanfare, using a retired judge as a mediator to end their 24-year marriage.

Wilson filed for divorce in September. The couple have twin 10-year-old sons.

Crowe, director of films such as "Jerry Maguire" and "Say Anything," won an Oscar for the screenplay for "Almost Famous." Wilson worked on the soundtracks of several of Crowe's film, and had a cameo in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High," which he wrote.

The couple have been separated since June 2008.


MissCarriedBaby Is "Getting Some D*ck Tonight"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I see Keri Hilson's going all in this time around. She brought her freaky deeky act (which we're still not buying) to the stage at Webster Hall in NYC last night. She was celebrating her 28th birthday. And before performing "Turnin' Me On", she asked the crowd a question about getting piped down.

Ms. Keri turned 28* side eye* last week and she's still celebrating. So at her birthday party last night, she hit the stage and asked the crowd, "Somebody's getting some d*ck tonight" Check the vid above below for yourselves.

While we have absolutely no issues with feeling like you need a your b-day, taking the stage to announce it maybe isn't the most female youth empowering thing to do. That is what Keri's been pushing this year right--empowering young ladies into being the best woman they can be?

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The Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2010

From Celebslam:

"Earlier this week, Mr. Skin released his list of the Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2010. And if you're at work, and you still want a job on Monday, now is where you stop reading. Unless your boss is a fan of spanking. In that case, he'll appreciate the #10 choice, Jessica Alba in The Killer Inside Me."

+All the uncensored pics (20) at the source

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2 New BBC Christmas Trailers

The BBC have today revealed 2 brilliant new trailers which will be airing on BBC One over the festive period!

Of course, even creatures as hateful as the Daleks prefer to spend Christmas in the comfort of their own homes, and in the idents we see one of them in an airport about to board a plane to Skaro! Matt Lucas and David Walliams feature as two of their characters from their new mock documentary comedy series, Come Fly With Me, which starts on BBC One on Christmas Day at 10pm.

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Community is streets ahead

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I t’s conventional wisdom that the antenna of a TV top ten—the selection that gets the fat print and the pretty illustration—should be a drama. It must be cinematic; it must be dark. It should almost certainly be on cable, probably with someone named David in the show-runner slot. So when I choose the network sitcom Community as No. 1, I’m not saying it doesn’t have serious competition: I couldn’t even fit Sons of Anarchy or Men of a Certain Age onto this list, each of which, were I in a different mood today, might rise right to the top. Cable still hosts the most ambitious television experiments, providing a place where oddball art can find a niche audience (and one that buys DVDs).

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Ke$ha many

2010: The Year That Went Pop

Imagine it's Jan. 1, 2010, and a psychic has laid out the following music predictions for the year:

--Ke$ha, the self-proclaimed "sick and sexified" singer of "TiK ToK," will not fade into obscurity. Instead, she'll release two albums and rack up three more Billboard Hot 100 top 10s before the year is up, the last of which will debut at No. 1

--Lady Gaga will wear a meat dress, flip the bird at Yankee Stadium and pull rosary beads out of her mouth, but none of this will be as entertaining or successful as her music.

--"Biebermania" will not only show no sign of letting up, it will also afflict the Recording Academy, which will nominate the teen phenom for a best new artist Grammy Award.

--The cast of Fox's hit musical series "Glee" will surpass the Beatles' record for most appearances by a non-solo act on the Hot 100.

--B.o.B, a rapper who sings and plays guitar, and Bruno Mars, a Hawaiian who specializes in modern-day doo-wop, will help each other become famous with a tenderhearted duet.

--A 12-year-old Oklahoma boy will sign with Lady Gaga's management after performing "Paparazzi" at his school's talent show. Meanwhile, a 10-year-old "America's Got Talent" finalist will take her operatic seasonal EP to No. 2 on the Billboard 200, and another 10-year-old will have grown women whipping their hair back and forth.

--A song about a mythical private jet will hit No. 1 and gift us with the year's best new party terminology: slizzard.

--Only one rock band will reach the Hot 100 top 10 -- Train, with "Hey, Soul Sister."

In a year when some of the music industry's few remaining presumptions, such as "digital sales will keep growing" and "tours can withstand a weak economy," were subverted, no one can be blamed for not foreseeing all the ways in which pop music would take over the marketplace. But a takeover it was.

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I honestly love that America is embracing pop and I hope this never ends

'Desperate Housewives' Recreates Who Shot JR as JR Joins the Show

Dallas's Larry Hagman to Guest Star on Desperate Housewives

Larry Hagman returns to the land of primetime soaps with a guest role on ABC's Desperate Housewives, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The Dallas star will arrive on Wisteria Lane early next year as a love interest for Stella Wingfield, Lynette Scavo's (Felicity Huffman) mother, played by Polly Bergen.

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trap jesus

Dreamworks is going to do hand drawn animation!

Very intriguing announcement today. It definitely looks like Jeffrey Katzenberg is trying to get his company DreamWorks Animation on top of the animation world and will stop at nothing to achieve that elusive distinction. Variety reports the animation studio has slated a new project for March 2013 called Me and My Shadow. In a first for DreamWorks, they'll be seamlessly combining hand-drawn animation and CGI, reminiscent of 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but as they explain: "this does the same, but with CG and hand-drawn." Don't forget, they've made hand-drawn movies before like Prince of Egypt, Spirit and Sinbad.

Me and My Shadow, being directed by Mark Dindal (The Emperor's New Groove, Chicken Little), tells the story of Shadow Stan, an incredibly frustrated shadow that yearns for a more dynamic life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb, the world's most boring human. Eventually pushed to the brink, Shadow Stan breaks the singular rule of the Shadow World - "they lead, we follow" - and takes control of Stanley. This also sounds kind of inspired by the brilliance of Pixar's Day & Night, but with a slightly tweaked visual and story concept - I like it. DreamWorks has amassed an impressive team of people who have both 2D and 3D animation experience and claims "half the studio's animators have 2D experience." Let's hope that pays off!

Steve Bencich & Ron Friedman's original screenplay is being revised by Tom Astle & Matt Ember (Failure to Launch, Get Smart). The project combines "the time-honored tradition of hand-drawn animation with the magical sophistication of CG characters and worlds in ways that have never been experienced by audiences before," says DWA President of Production Bill Damaschke. So to clarify, the Shadow world is hand-drawn, and the human and his world will be CG. The film will alternate between the two worlds. "It will be super-challenging but very cool." I'm looking forward to this, bravo on cultivating an intriguing idea DreamWorks!


I think that the concept sounds absolutely absurd. ONTD what are your thoughts on the concept of this movie?

Colin Farrell attends 'The Way Back' premiere. Still the sexiest man to ever exist.

Colin Farrell: 'The Way Back' Premiere!


Colin Farrell hits the red carpet at the premiere of his new movie, The Way Back, on Wednesday (December 8) at the Curzon Mayfair Cinema in London.

Before arriving at the premiere, Colin and his co-stars attended a reception. Colin was spotted chatting with his sister and personal assistant, Claudine, as well as co-star Saoirse Ronan (in Miu Miu).

A bunch more under the cut. Plus Saoirse Ronan and Jim Sturgess.
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i don't understand how he can be so hot. i will never not love him!
haters and non-believers..

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Eliza Dushku to guest judge on RuPaul's Drag Race

The most fabulous show on television is about to get even better as former Dollhouse actress Eliza Dushku joins a long list of famous guest judges for season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

See Eliza on Drag Race Jan. 24th, and check out the full list of guest judges below:

Margaret Cho, Eliza Dushku, Carmen Electra, Susan Powter, Amber Rose, Rita Rudner, Sara Rue, Chloë Sevigny, Cheryl Tiegs, Lily Tomlin, Alessandra Torresani, Aisha Tyler, Jody Watley, and Vanessa Williams.


Omgggggggggg I love them both. :D

Classy Time Magazine's top 10 songs of 2010!

10. Sleigh Bells Rill Rill

"Rill Rill" is the most accessible song on Sleigh Bells' loud, abrasive and wonderfully distorted debut album Treats. But that doesn't mean it's not daring. The song begins in a jangly dreamlike haze, then morphs into a bold, bring-it-on mantra about high school life. ("Wonder what your boyfriend thinks about your braces?/ What about them?/ I'm all about them.") It's light and young and like nothing your parents — heck, even your older siblings — ever listened to. This song just sounds new.
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Anna Faris Accidentally Sexts Her Dad

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Wednesdays used to be extra special for Anna Faris: that was the designated day each week when she and her husband "would sexy text each other." That is until about a year ago, when her husband Chris Pratt didn't respond to one of her "sexts."

"One time I was sending him a text, and I accidentally sent it to my dad," the Yogi Bear actress, 34, says on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show scheduled to air Tuesday.

The message in question? "I can't wait to see you in bed tonight,"
she wrote.

"We used to have a spicy relationship," Faris says. "Now this is really going to embarrass my mom that I told you that story."

And although that may have been the only time her racy text message didn't make it to her husband, she says she had another near mishap.

"There was a close call with my husband's nephew, who's like 9 years old," she says. "I know. We've stopped now."

Kris Allen wants to do the Amazing Race with Adam Lambert

Kris Allen did an interview with's PopWrap yesterday:

-Talks about all the fun he's had touring over the past year, is glad it gives people a chance to hear his own music vs. the covers he did on Idol
-Is in the process of writing his second album, is really excited about recording it & spending more time on it.
-Re: American Idol changes, "hopefully it's still about the music."
-Would not do well on DWTS, but thinks him & Adam Lambert on the Amazing Race would be great TV.
-Talks about his new puppy, a French Bulldog named Zorro

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
His puppy thanks you for your time.

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Dog picture

MTV Asks: Who Had The Top Song Of 2010?

The week-long countdown to the number one spot on the MTV News Top 25 Songs of 2010 countdown has come to a close, and when the dust cleared and the last vote was counted,
Usher's "OMG" ended up at the top of the heap.

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But forget MTV, what do YOU think, ONTD?

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'The Closer' to end run next summer

This is a shocker. TNT's flagship series The Closer is coming to an end with next year's seventh season as its last. This was not a result of contract negotiations gone bad. The contract of star Kyra Sedgwick is up at the end of Season 7 and, like The Office's Steve Carell, she decided to move on. And unlike The Office, TNT and The Closer producer Warner Bros. TV opted to end the series with their star leaving. But The Closer is much more of a single-lead show than The Office. "Kyra is The Closer, it's like continuing The Mentalist without Simon Baker," one insider noted. Here is TNT's release:
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Christopher Nolan discusses the state of HOLLYWOOD

Christopher Nolan (Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times)

Think of Christopher Nolan as a man trying to write a novel while the neighbors – in this case, the rest of the world’s population – won’t keep the noise down. The filmmaker doesn’t own a cellphone, has no e-mail account and, in recent weeks, he’s been hiding out at the Paradise Cove trailer park in Malibu to focus on a new script while growing a Hollywood hermit’s beard.

“I don’t really look at the Internet,” the 40-year-old said with an old-soul sigh, “because if I don’t, it gives me more time to think.”
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Highest-grossing Tours of 2010.


Concert attendance may have hit a low and tour cancelations may have been common this summer, but in 2010, many touring bands and soloists still made it work. Rock, pop, country, oldies, international -- artists of all genres hit the road and came back with full pockets to prove it. Watch videos from the year's top 25 tours, and relive your moment in the front row. (Artists are ranked by total gross earnings, according to Billboard Boxscore, from Nov. 22, 2009 through Nov. 20, 2010.)

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here's ya source girl ~*~*

Matt Damon In Talks To Join Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium'

EXCLUSIVE: Matt Damon is in early negotiations to star in Neill Blomkamp's scifi film Elysium for Media Rights Capital. Damon will join District 9's Sharlto Copley in a film that is shrouded in secrecy. While a Damon commitment--they're in the early stages of deal making right now--will make Elysium a more enticing piece of business, MRC won't take it out to distributors until next year. It will come to the market when it has its major cast.

This will be the second MRC project for Damon, who stars with Emily Blunt in the George Nolfi-directed The Adjustment Bureau. That film, which is based on a Philip K. Dick short story, will be released by Universal in March. Damon, who starred for Clint Eastwood in Hereafter for Warner Bros, next stars in the Coen Brothers drama True Grit. He's repped by WME.

Eh, I'm indifferent about this choice

BRAVO is about to show LOGO how it's really done.

The REAL Gay Housewives of NYC on its way, thanks to Andy Cohen

If you're gay, successful and not particularly attached to your privacy, Andy Cohen may have an opportunity for you. Multiple sources tell us the Bravo honcho is developing a reality series that's designed to outdo, not imitate, the Logo cable network's gay male equivalent of the "Real Housewives" series, "The A-List: New York."

One insider says the Bravo series will focus on a cast of New York gay men who are more successful than those on "The A-List."

Even the show's tentative title sounds like an act of one-upmanship:
"From the Bottom to the Top" - a blush-inducing double entendre that makes "The A-List" promotional tag line, "Housewives ... With Balls," seem prudish.

The same source says the Bravo show hasn't finalized its cast, but the cable network is now working with Factory PR founder Mark Silver, book publicist Kenneth Gillett, interior designer Jordan Carlyle, fashion showroom owner Joey Giuntoli and Penguin designer Kristopher Haigh, who's also the promoter of a popular gay night at The Park in Chelsea.

Another insider says Bravo has kept the show cloaked in CIA-like secrecy by warning "the boys" that "if they gossip," their continued involvement in the cast "could change." So, not surprisingly, none of the cast members returned our calls by deadline, save for Silver, who declined to comment. Bravo also had no comment.


Now it makes sense why they declined to take "A LIST" and let LOGO have it.
I watched A LIST, and it was entertaining, but its one of the trashiest shows I have ever watched.



Matt is the firm bookies' favourite, with William Hill giving him odds of 5/6 to win the ITV talent show.

But in a poll of nearly 7,500 readers, the outcome was projected to be much closer.

The former painter received 33% of the votes, but there was little in at as the talented Liverpudlian followed closely behind with 30%.

Both contestants left Simon Cowell's boyband One Direction in the shade with just under 22% of votes.

But it is Cher Lloyd that looks as though she'll be sent packing in the first elimination on Saturday as she bagged little more than 14% of votes.

Yesterday, at the X Factor final press conference, it was revealed that one of the four finalists will leave the show on Saturday night when voting lines are frozen.

Phone lines will then be re-opened to run through to Sunday's show when a further act will leave mid-way.

The winner will then be announced between the two remaining acts at the end of the two-hour special.

It seems Cher could be the first one out but this is something she has already conceded herself.

Matt and Rebecca have been the firm favourites since the start of the show both garnering a lot of celebrity backing.
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Meanwhile, an X Factor insider has told that while 27-year-old Matt may be the bookies' favourite to win, he doesn't top the results list every week
'Rebecca and One Direction have both been in the top two of the results since the beginning of the live shows,' our mole told us.


Taylor Momsen: "I'm a promoter of masturbation"

At just 17 years old, she's already sworn like a sailor in interviews, talked openly about her penchant for watching sex tapes and exposed her breasts (nipples covered) during a concert.

But the "Gossip Girl" star is surprisingly thoughtful in a new interview with The Guardian, even if she is still talking about X-rated subject matter.

"I'm a promoter of masturbation," she told the British paper. "Don't sleep around – learn yourself first! Guys do, but girls don't. And that's why girls have so many bad experiences."

While not quite advocating abstinence, Momsen - who has in the past called her vibrator her best friend - pointed out that "you can know your body, know yourself, know what feels good. You don't have to give yourself away just to have sexual relevance. Because I don't think sex is something people should be afraid of. It's part of human nature, so I don't think it should be so shameful – particularly for girls and young girls."
She is such a feminist!!

Ah, the 60s. A time of social revolution, groundbreaking music and…sexism?

NBC Developing 1960s Playboy Bunny Drama

NBC is developing a 1960s-set drama that delves into the world of Playboy clubs, according to Variety.

Playboy, which will center on a group of women working as bunnies in a New York club, will be written and executive produced by Tru Calling's Chad Hodge. The show will also explore the country's shifting morals and the beginning of the sexual revolution.

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Source here & here.
tom hardy bb

Bea Arthur Was A Truck-Driving Marine

While she strangely denied serving in the armed forces, military records show that the actress Bea Arthur spent 30 months in the Marine Corps, where she was one of the first members of the Women’s Reserve and spent time as a typist and a truck driver.

The "Maude" and "The Golden Girls" star, who died last year at age 86, enlisted in early-1943 when she was 21 (and known as Bernice Frankel). In a February 1943 letter included in her Marine personnel file, Arthur gave military officials a brief account of her prior employment as a food analyst at a Maryland packing plant, a hospital lab technician, and an office worker at a New York loan company.

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I miss this fierce bitch so much, tbqh. But why would she have denied this? Makes no sense to me :/ Bea Arthur appreciation post?

Top 25 Tweets of 2010

This past February, Twitter reached an average of 50 million Tweets per day. Like most of you, we can easily waste hours poring over celebrity ramblings (especially those that clock in at 140 characters or less)—and it's truly hard to keep up. So we did some of the dirty work for you. It wasn't easy, but we've narrowed it down 25 of our 2010 favorite tweets from comedians, actors, and artists we couldn't help but follow. Here goes:

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What were your faves, ONTD? I do appreciate the Justin Beiber one.

ETA: Sorry it's a list and IDK how they chose these, just post your personal faves if you want to discuss them, okay?

  • dedebee

Sidney Prescott and The Old Spice Guy?? WTF???

First 'Scream' star Neve Campbell looked at her ex-husband, John Light, then she looked at the Old Spice Guy, then looked back at Light and sadly realized he didn't ride horses backwards. In short, she got a craving for something spicier.

That's right, Campbell is allegedly dating Isaiah Mustafa, AKA the guy from the Old Spice commercials.

According to Us Weekly (via Hollywood Life), Campbell has been spotted with Mustafa on several occasions. Campbell divorced her husband of three years in June.

"They're dating," a source told Us Weekly. "Neve is really happy."

Mustafa, a former NFL player, is slated to make his next big screen appearances in 'Horrible Bosses' and Tyler Perry's 'Madea's Big Happy Family' next year. He signed a talent deal with NBC in June. Campbell's long-awaited 'Scream 4' comes out on April 15.


What a random-ass couple, but I will always love Neve for being Sidney. Get it, girl.

Billy Ray Cyrus: “So Sad” After Watching Miley Bong Video


Billy Ray Cyrus watched the video of his daughter Miley Cyrus smoking a bong at a party in Los Angeles shortly after her 18th birthday, and he’s not happy.

The “Achy Breaky Heart” singer tweeted, “Sorry guys. I had no idea. Just saw this stuff for the first time myself. Im so sad. There is much beyond my control right now.”

As Gossip Cop reported, Miley Cyrus can be seen in the video taking a hit of the substance salvia, which is a natural herb psychedelic, yet legal in California and most other states.

Glee cast gets sick, production delayed

Production on the Fox hit Glee has hit a snag or, more appropriately, a virus. EW has learned that due to several members of the cast coming down with herpes tonsillitis, production on the series has been canceled for today. The cast and crew are currently in the midst of shooting their big post-Super Bowl episode and were set to film one of the biggest musical numbers this evening on location. But don’t you worry, Gleeks: Production will resume on Monday and the scenes planned for tonight will be rescheduled for January.
I wonder who gave it to them...


Natalie Portman Pirouettes into Dior’s Spotlight & more Black Swan promo stills

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With Oscar buzz swirling for her star turn in “Black Swan,” a Dior beauty contract under her belt and a film production company poised to release two films this spring, this is Natalie Portman’s moment.

The gamine actress couldn’t be happier with audience reaction to her role in the Darren Aronofsky film. “Your biggest dream, when you make a film, is that people respond to it, and once they see it have these crazy reactions to it and different interpretations and bring their own thing to it,” Portman said during an interview with WWD at the end of long day of promoting her new role as a face for Dior’s Miss Dior Cherie, the first project of what is expected to be a lengthy relationship with the fashion house.

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Source 1, 2, & 3

I finally saw Black Swan and it was as awesome as I hoped it would be! :D

Jurassic Park's Sam Neill joins "Alcatraz"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sam Neill (Jurassic Park) has been named by Deadline as one of the stars of the upcoming J.J. Abrams television pilot, "Alcatraz."

Neill will join Sarah Jones, Jorge Garcia, Jonny Coyne and Jason Butler Harner in the series, which is said to focus on a group of escapees from the world's most famous prison who disappear from captivity in the past and reappear in present day.

Filming is scheduled to begin in January in San Francisco and Vancouver.

Love him! Just marathoned all three Jurassic Park movies last weekend. And this show sounds really interesting and I can't wait to see it!!

Carrie Fisher Tells John Travolta It's OK to Be Gay

Actress Carrie Fisher was asked about her old friend John Travolta in a recent interview. The former Princess Leia tells the Advocate that she thinks the male spa frequenter can come out of the closet now, because no one cares.

The gay mag asked Fisher what she thinks about the recent stories about Travolta's less-than-straight sex life. Her response:

Wow! I mean, my feeling about John has always been that we know [he's gay] and we don't care. Look, I'm sorry that he's uncomfortable with it, and that's all I can say. It only draws more attention to it when you make that kind of legal fuss.

There you have it, John. May the fierce—I mean force be with you.

Kardashian Fashion Sense Trashed by NYTimes

While the Kardashian sisters may be the talk of the town, sometimes it’s not always a good thing. In a recent review of their boutique Dash’s new location in NYC, the fashion critic at the New York Times panned the Kardashian’s taste and referred to the location as a “fashion desert.”

Columnist Jon Caramanica, gave the NYC location of Dash a royal thrashing, saying, “You could wear this look, in the same way you could hire an enthusiastic five-year-old as your stylist.” Ouch! While it may be a little hard for the New York crowd to embrace the Kardashian’s SoCal sensibilities, the damage has been done. Now, the Kardashian’s relationship with fashion label, Bebe, may be at risk due to the sisters’ lowered fashion profile.

“The sisters do still have relevance,” said Bebe president Emilia Fabricant. “But at Bebe we need to move with fashion and we want to be first in the fashion world with everybody else and not fall behind. We are definitely assessing the situation.” The Improper reports.


Michelle Williams Interview for Blue Valentine Press Day in NYC

Michelle Williams was during press day last week in New York by The Angelika Film Center. Pictures of Ryan, Director Derek Cianfrance and the video interview (can't find the embeddable video) at the source

Director Derek Cianfrance said about Michelle and Ryan:  “They really had a lot to say about characters, about dialogue, about feelings, about scenes. About the story, Ryan and Michelle are also children of divorce, like me, and we all wanted to make our generation’s love story. This film isn’t about our parents; it’s about us trying to deal with our own relationships basically.

The film overturned it's NC-17 rating, any of you see it yet???


GREEK's The Beaver starring in new ABC Family College themed cooking show

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Aaron Hill is the charismatic host of COLLEGE CHEF: an irreverent, college-themed
cooking series from the people who brought you GREEK. Aaron demonstrates recipes that are cheap, fast and, most importantly,relevant to the college experience.

The Latest Episode "Date Night"

Watch Aaron woo his date with delicious, gourmet english muffin pizzas.
Watch more episodes at &

They also have a Facebook page so you can stay updated when new eps come out.

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I love the BEAVER!!! Maybe soon he'll qualify for the "cooking show star" tag!

zooey umm

Disney Channel Developing a Pint-Sized Entourage

Disney Channel has given a pilot order to "Austin and Ally," which the cabler describes as a pint-sized "Entourage."
Kevin Kopelow and Heath Siefert are writing and exec producing the comedy through It's a Laugh Prods.

Casting is underway for "Austin and Ally," which centers on 15-year-old Ally Dawson, an aspiring singer with a terrible case of stage fright. Another wannabe singer, Austin Ray, takes one of Ally's songs and posts a YouTube video of himself singing it. As fast as you can say "Justin Bieber," the song goes viral and Austin and Ally join forces to figure out what to do next.

"Austin and Ally" would in some ways fill the void left at Disney Channel by the retirement of another teen-turned-superstar sitcom, "Hannah Montana."

Pickup also comes as Disney Channel and sister cabler Disney XD continue to ramp up live-action production under entertainment boss Gary Marsh and programming senior VP Adam Bonnett. Disney told reporters last month that it hopes to boost its episodic orders by 30% in 2011.

Most recently, the channel's new series "Shake It Up" wound up No. 1 among kids 6-11 and tweens 9-14 in November.

Kopelow's and Siefert's credits include the feature "Good Burger" as well as Disney Channel's "Jonas" and Nickelodeon's "All That" and "Kenan and Kel."


Chrystina Sayers from Girlicious covers "Billionaire" and "Love the Way You Lie"

When Chrystina Sayers is not performing with her pop group Girlicious, she sometimes likes to do stripped back and raw acoustic shows. Here's a couple of videos of her performing "Billionaire" by Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars, and singing Rihanna's part in "Love the Way You Lie".

Chrystina Sayers Billionaire Cover

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She's so cute and personable in the first video and really exudes the warmth and positivity that her fans love her for so much. And of course her amazing voice. Chrystina you're my dream girl!!! <3
Stock; Starbucks

Fifteen Celebs Caught (Supposedly) Doing Drugs

Oh, Miley. In a video—shot a few days after her 18th birthday—Miley Cyrus takes a hit from a bong. Apparently, it wasn’t filled with pot—Miley and her friends were smoking salvia, an herb that’s legal in California but has psychedelic properties. Still, the video is still highly embarrassing. “I’m having a little bit of a bad trip,” says Miley. “Hold on—is that a f**king Liam lookalike? Is that me tripping? He doesn’t look like Liam at all?” She then starts making strange noises and chanting something about Anna Nicole Smith. Then she falls over. Definitely a video to show the grandkids.

But Miley is far from the first celebrity to supposedly be caught doing an illicit drug. Here are fourteen others.


OK, I kind of have to give it up for the headline “Harry Pothead.” A 2009 cover of London’s Daily Mail featured a big old photo of Daniel Radcliffe, his face painted, puffing on what they claim is a joint. The shot was taken at a party held at his sometime-girlfriend’s apartment, and a fellow party-goer totally narc-ed on him. “Daniel was laughing and seemed to find it funny,” she said. “But he didn’t really look like he knew what was going on.” Daniel’s camp is, of course, rushing to his defense. “We categorically deny the allegations regarding Daniel Radcliffe published in today’s Daily Mirror,” his publicist said. “Daniel does smoke the occasional roll-up cigarette, but he was not doing anything more than this.”

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Tifa Lockhart

Another Nikita Post!

  As I'm sure most of you know, the mid-season finale was last night and turned out to be quite the shocker; leaving many (including myself) wanting more. Nikita has been ordered a full season of episodes, so when it returns on Janurary 27th, expect to see at least 10 new episodes. Want some more good news? Collapse )
Where are my Nikita fans/stans at? Favorite moments of last night's ep?


Nikki Finke and Roger Friedman Aren't Buying the Ronni Chasen "Botched Robbery" Conclusion

The Beverly Hills Police have come up with their theory about how Ronni Chasen was murdered. It’s a doozy.

According to the BHPD, Harold Smith–the man who committed suicide last week–was riding a bike ten miles from his hotel in the middle of Beverly Hills at 12:30am. The police figure Smith, riding the bike, attempted to rob Chasen by somehow approaching her while she driving a big Mercedes. He then, from his bike, or on foot, I guess, standing in the middle of Sunset Boulevard, in a suburban, non commercial area, shot her five times in the chest.

If other reports are to be believed, he did this with hollow bullets, then cleaned up the shell casings before he left. I supposed he biked back to Hollywood, where he’d been staying at a run down hotel.

According to Google Maps, this would be at least a 45 minute bike ride for Smith.

Maybe the police are right. But if you were going to rob someone, wouldn’t you go into a more urban area, where people are walking (at least to and from cars)? The spot where Ronni was shot on Sunset has no pedestrian traffic at that hour (or any hour). And if you were driving and saw someone on a bike coming toward you, you’d get away from them fast. Five clean shots? Harold Smith must have been quite the marksman.

That simple? Or a rush to find a solution? We may never know the answer. And if that area is so vulnerable to such crimes, then there’s a really big problem in Beverly Hills.


Hollywood journalist Allison Hope Weiner has an update on the Ronni Chasen murder case and emails Deadline the following details:

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Sources: 1, 2
  • _sammie

Kissing Leonardo Dicaprio: "Something I Always Hoped For," Says Armie Hammer

Armie Hammer just made our holidays a lot happier.

Not only did the Social Network hottie confirm he's this close to playing Leonardo DiCaprio's love interest the biopic J. Edgar...

Hammer told us the rumor that he and the Inception star will be lip-locking in the flick is...true!

"Yeah, jealous?" Hammer said last night at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and In Style Miss Golden Globes Party in West Hollywood.

In the Clint Eastwood-directed film, Hammer is set to play Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover's protégé and rumored lover.

So did the 24-year-old actor ever think he'd get the chance to smooch a star like Leo?

"No, but I always hoped!" he laughed. "Somewhere, deep down inside it was something I always hoped for."

Hammer tells us wife Elizabeth Chambers isn't the least bit jealous of their onscreen smoochin'. "She's just happy I'm not kissing another woman!" he said.

Joking aside, Hammer says he's beyond excited for the project. "It's a chance to work with one of the best in the business and someone whose career I could not respect or want to emulate more," he said of Eastwood. "And especially working with Leo right off of Inception! It's just incredible."

Who doesn't dream of kissing Leonardo Dicaprio
Leeloo (T)

Michael Jackson - News Round-up

 MJ Estate challenges Michael's mom (SMH @ everyone tbh)

The Michael Jackson estate has laid down the gauntlet by demanding that Katherine Jackson's business partner immediately stop exploiting MJ's image -- or else!

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Re: Discovery Channel....alright so they'll use a fake/synthetic body and I assume they'll go by whatever information was released etc etc but this is still sickening. I thought if there's one channel that won't exploit this man's fame/image/humanity, it'd be DC. D:
David Gandy: Pucker

Ben McKenzie: Southland Season 3 Promos!

Ben McKenzie
holds up a shotgun with fellow costar Michael Cudlitz in these promo pics for the new season of Southland.

The 32-year-old actor returns for a third season of the Los Angeles police drama which will premiere on January 4 on TNT.

In the first episode of the season, looks like Ben will find himself in a compromising situation as he pulls over an attractive woman during a traffic stop.

15+ pictures inside of Ben McKenzie wielding a shotgun for Southland

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tv | kosem sultan sends her regards.

Nadal to be the new face of Armani underwear

Tennis world number one Rafael Nadal is following in the footsteps of soccer players David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo to model men’s underwear for Italian designer Giorgio Armani.

The fashion house announced on Friday that the 24 year-old will be the global testimonial for Emporio Armani Underwear and Armani Jeans for the spring/summer 2011 collections.

The first campaign featuring Nadal will launch in February.

Both Ronaldo and Beckham have previously stripped down to their underwear for Emporio Armani, with Beckham even posing for billboards with his wife Victoria, of Spice Girls fame.

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source + pix

Tom Cruise Will Not Be Taken Down - 'Knight And Day' Is Fox's 2010 Top Grosser

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Even though the 20th Century Fox film Knight and Day's soft domestic opening left the town and the media second-guessing everything from the pictures title and marketing campaign to the viability of its stars Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, the film has slowly established itself to become Fox's biggest 2010 release with $262.3 million worldwide gross.

The film's $76.4 million domestic gross was considered soft for a summer Cruise vehicle, but rallied overseas with 185.9 million in foreign grosses. While Date Night and The A Team did more domestic business, Knight and Day's overseas gross placed it in front of those films and demonstrates the value stars still have overseas. Of course, the studio's biggest movie revenue source for 2010 was Avatar, but that film was released in 2009 as was Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel.

The offshore gross of Knight and Day did not help the film's perception because most of its overseas business came late in the summer and during the fall. That's because studios bypassed the World Cup, when nobody outside the US seems interested in going to the movies.

That bolsters the case for Cruise, who is once again in demand on his next vehicle after Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol. Among the films he's being courted for are New Line's Rock of Ages musical, and At the Mountains of Madness, the HP Lovecraft adaptation that will be directed by Guillermo del Toro and produced by James Cameron. That 3D project is based at Universal, but the studio has yet to sign off on the budget.


IDGAF, I love his crazy ass. He's probably one of the last true movie stars and his movies are entertaining.

Michael Bay Admits Failure on 'Transformers 2'; still remains braindead unoriginal misogynist prick

If yesterday's trailer gave you 'Transformers' fans out there hope for the potential of 'Transformers: Dark of the Moon,' Michael Bay's latest discussion with the blogging community should help even more. Collider recorded an epically long lunch chat in which Bay apologized for the second film, talked about his attempts to make up for it with film number three and how the addition of 3D changed his cinematic process.

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emma de caunes

Baptiste Giabiconi (aka Karl Lagerfeld's rent boy/muse) Releases Music Video

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Karl Lagerfeld's boy-toy Baptiste Giabiconi's first dance single — yes, he has a dance single — sounds a little like Ke$ha, if Ke$ha had DJ Pauly D hair and sang to really, exceptionally trashy house music. His video is amazing.

Even the weird domestic-violence, women-as-chattel subplot is too hammy to quite knock "Showtime" down from its little claim on the sublime. My favorite part? Oh my God, there are so many! Maybe the part where the guy shoves him and Baptiste stops singing to say, "Eh! What'z wong witz you, man?" Or maybe the part where he destroys the car with his mind? Or when he rhymes "I feel like breaking rules" with "I won't be no-one's fool." (Baptiste, I want to break rules with you!) Or, wait, I know. It's the part where he sings "Watch me take a bo-o-ow," and then it cuts to him dancing alone in the desert in his dancing-alone-in-the-desert outfit, and right on cue he takes a bow. That ability to follow simple directions is really breathtaking.

Stevie J

Rihanna & Matt Kemp Call It Quits?

If you haven’t seen Matt Kemp and Rihanna coupled up lately, I think I know why…Rumor has it the relationship is over. Apparently there’s been a lot of cheating on both sides and the couple have called it quits. With Kemp partying in his off-season, and Rihanna traveling the globe promoting her music, the two slowly drifted apart..Kemp’s penchant for clubbing was also partly to blame for the demise of their relationship. Word on the street is Matt left a Hollywood club last week with two girls in tow and brought them home.


Britta pussy hat

Big 'ol WTF

Dane Cook set to play Danno's brother in Hawaii Five-0

A comedian is about to hang ten with the cast of Hawaii Five-0. EW has learned exclusively that Dane Cook has been cast to play the brother of Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan). For now, he’s set to appear in one episode that’ll air in February.

Cook was last seen in the flicks My Best Friend’s Girl and Dan in Real Life. His TV appearances has been mostly devoted to his comedy act; he’s done a bunch of specials for HBO and Comedy Central. His early scripted TV work included Good Girls Don’t and Suddenly Susan.


Ugh after the fuck up in Mary's casting I don't know why I'm surprised.
marina † primadonna

Will Heather Morris Be the New Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

In every generation, there is a Chosen One. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer. And she may very well be plucked from the ranks of “Glee.”

As Buffy fans know, Warner Bros. has made a very controversial decision to remake “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” for the big screen. According to Movieweb, the new film will be a hybrid between the popular Joss Whedon television show, and the 1992 film that originated the character. The new Buffy will be both a butt-kicker like Sarah Michelle Gellar and a shopaholic cheerleader like Kristy Swanson.

And the girl who will inherit the pom-pons and slayer stake? It may be Heather Morris, best known as the dim cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce on “Glee.” Morris has shown some incredible comedic chops on the show (many of her lines are improvised), and become such a favorite that the character went from a backup player to a series regular.

Morris’ bubbly comedy, her athletic skills (she was a professional dancer before joining “Glee”) and her looks make her a perfect fit for Buffy. She’s popular enough with critics and fans that she may even be able to reconcile Buffy devotees to a new incarnation of the character. But will Morris want to play yet another onscreen cheerleader?

We will watch this rumor closely and see what develops. But you have to admit, it would be nice to see Morris as a heroine who not only saves us from darkness but knows her right from her left!

Next Movie (also reported by zap2it and Movie Web)