December 9th, 2010

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Harry Potter and the OAPs of doom

Crucial Harry Potter Scenes To Be Re-Filmed

After there were problems with make-up...



Despite thinking they had finished filming Harry Potter after almost 10-years, Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint will soon find themselves back on set to re-shoot some crucial scenes in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2.

The final scenes of the film required the actors to be made up to look 19-years-older than their usual selves but make-up artists were overzealous, leaving the threesome looking like OAP’s rather than middle aged parents.

A source told the Sun: "The cast and crew had a private giggle that the film has become Harry Potter and the Costly Hallows.

“They had all said an emotional goodbye to the filming they loved, so it was good news for them as they heard they had to come back.

However, the re-shoots aren’t good news for all, especially the studio bosses. The source revealed: "Their bosses haven’t been laughing though. They had to recreate King’s Cross at Leavesden, which has been a huge expense.

“The professional term for the re-hoots is ‘pick-ups’ but everyone knows it’s a bit more serious than that. It will be extremely costly.”

What did you think of Part 1 of the Deathly Hallows?

Part 1...

I hope to GOD this is true and that the make-up really will be re-done. Those epilogue pictures were nigthmare-worthy. Since when does 37 equal fat and decrepit?

DanRad's fivehead thanks you for your time.


Ann Coulter LOL

He must need to make a rent check

LOS ANGELES (CN) - Michael "Shagg" Washington, a model and back-up singer with rap group "Cypress Hill," claims Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software used his life story to develop the video game "Grand Theft Auto," which has brought in $1 billion in sales. He demands 25 percent of the money, in Superior Court.
Washington claims a friend introduced him to developers of Grand Theft Auto in 2003, and they asked him about street life.

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LMFAO I can't even find a picture of this dude and CJ is completely editable to your liking so there's no pic of him for comparison! His EBT Card must have expired!
emma de caunes

Pete Doherty on His New Jewelry Designs: ‘It’s Just a Shame I Can’t Afford to Buy Them Myself’


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Until now, rocker Pete Doherty’s most memorable connection to the fashion world had been his tumultuous, two-year relationship with Kate Moss. But he is now forging his own path in the style world through a jewelry collection designed with London jeweler Hannah Martin.

The line, called Albion Trinketry, is made up of chunky oxidized silver chain necklaces and bracelets, silver medal-shape cuff links and bold rings made from rose gold and mammoth tusk. Doherty unveiled it last week at Joseph in London’s Westbourne Grove. “I’m like a magpie really in a lot of ways,” said Doherty, in between drags on a cigarette. “I’ve always collected [jewelry], unsuccessfully most of it — you treasure it and it gets lost.” Doherty said the jeweler was inspired by his collection of “trinkets. I’ve got ivory, cigarette tins, old cases, old glass,” he said.

Martin said she drew inspiration from Doherty’s collectibles, namely elephant figurines, military jackets and taxidermy. Prices range from 425 pounds, or $663 at current exchange, for a pair of silver cuff links, to 8,725 pounds, or $13,600, for a solid rose gold ring. “It’s just a shame I can’t afford to buy them myself,” Doherty said. “They cost a fortune.”

Pete is fierce, frugal, remains flawless, etc.

Andrew Lloyd Webber's company bribes its fans... [What else is new?]

The gauntlet has been thrown!

Those who are familiar with the Really Useful Group and their company are not surprised at Lloyd Webber’s latest attempt to sell his show.  Yes, the very show that is struggling to find an audience.  The show is Love Never Dies the continuing story of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s blockbuster hit, The Phantom of the Opera.

Sources have uncovered that Webber’s company have asked die-hard fans of the show (the small amount that are vocal) to take it upon themselves to post positive feedback to make it seem like the show is doing better than it really is. (Love Never Dies has struggled to find a die-hard audience, unlike its predecessor which has been running for more than twenty-five years).

What do they get in return for providing the company with their sou-- Er… word of mouth?

On December 12th, those who Webber’s PR team have contacted via twitter, shall receive a free ticket and drink to that show – all under the company’s title of a VIP.

Many older fans of the original show find this a bit ironic coming from Lloyd Webber’s company.  Phantom 10th Anniversary ring a bell?

Now, a word (or a paragraph) from Mr. Sheffield:

There is a word that comes to mind when reading the news that you're getting fans to take to twitter (of all places) with positive feedback.  The word is desperation.  It happens when you know that, as a successful playwright or a composer, your show has lost all hope in gaining an audience.  Therefore, you stoop to insane levels to get the public to see it.  But, the show has been around since March, my dear chap.  If it warranted any sort of success like your original show, you would see people scrambling for tickets, scalpers on the streets, Broadway: planned, booked, and ready for next year.  But I have seen none of that.  And believe me, if I did know of this, I would certainly be lamenting this.  But I have posted earlier that Broadway has fallen out.  So, tell me, are you finished already?  Because I think the world is over Love Never Dies.  I certainly am.


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Hacker Apologizes To Gaga (And No One Else)

A German teenager under criminal investigation for allegedly stealing pictures and unreleased songs from top pop stars has sent a letter of apology to Lady Gaga, a newspaper reported Wednesday.

"Dear Lady Gaga," begins the letter by the 18-year-old self-described hacker identified only as Deniz A which was published in the daily Bild .

"I am ashamed of what I have done. I did not think about the consequences."

Prosecutors in the western city of Duisburg have opened a probe against Deniz A. for allegedly trying to sell brand new music by stars including Justin Timberlake, Kesha, Kelly Clarkson as well as Lady Gaga on the Internet.

Deniz A., who reportedly called himself DJ Stolen, told Bild he was "unbelievably sorry".

"I realise that my ambition was a big mistake," he said. "I will apologise to everyone I caused problems for with my hacking."

Duisburg state prosecutor Rolf Haferkamp said the investigation was well underway.

"We are pulling together what we have learned," he told Bild. "They already fill two fat binders. If nothing else happens we could wrap up the probe soon."

Deniz A.'s lawyer Burkhard Benecken said the teenager had been intoxicated by the power of accessing celebrities' personal data.

"My client felt like he was in a movie," he said. "It is almost unbelievable that such a boy could hack into the accounts of superstars. He knows he made a mistake."

Prosecutors say Deniz A. and a 23-year-old accomplice used Trojan horse programmes to penetrate the computers of people close to the artists such as managers.

They also allegedly published an explicit private photo of Kesha on their website.

But Haverkamp has told the German press he thinks it is unlikely they managed to access data directly from the celebrities themselves.

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'Sing-Off' Premiere Performances

The second season of The Sing-Off, NBC's acapella vocal competition, debuted on Monday with an interesting mix of song selections. The ten competing groups were asked to perform a "signature song" that showcases their musical ability and personal style, and the choices ranged from tunes by artists such as Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, and Mika. Check out the performances below. (Note: a new episode aired earlier this evening, but I thought I'd post the performances from the premiere first in case people missed out. I'll do a post with tonight's performances later.)

On The Rocks - "Bad Romance" (Lady Gaga)

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Misha new hat

Top 10 Alternative Christmas Films

It’s that time of year again; it’s dark at 4pm, the air is crisp and often below freezing, lights twinkle from every crevice and you’re already sick of hearing Mariah Carey warble “All I Want for Christmas is You”… Yes, it’s Christmas time again and as the festive period draws ever closer, avoiding succumbing to the cheer and joy is a daily battle you’re sure to lose.

Now I’m not a Grinch – in fact I’m far from it, the lead up to the big day is one of my favourite times of the year (I think inside, I’m actually still about 6 and three quarters!) – but the gloss and exaggerated schmaltz of the period can certainly become tiresome very quickly.

Now I don’t want to belittle the sickly saccharine taste of holiday romantic comedies (Love Actually is a classic), the formulaic overcoming of family feuds at this special time of year (The Santa Clause is one of my childhood faves!), or the clichéd retellings of Dickens’s seminal holiday tale, A Christmas Carol… but, if like me it all gets a little too much, turn off the Christmas tree lights, grab a cuppa (or something stronger if needs be!), put your feet up and sink into one of these ten alternative Christmas film beauties…

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Ann Coulter LOL

It's That Time Again

Tom Hardy gets back to work on his upcoming comedy This Means War on Wednesday (December 8) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The 33-year-old British actor braved the rainy weather while arriving at the movie’s set.

Up next for Tom? Possibly working with Shia LaBeouf in the dramatic thriller The Wettest County in the World.

The flick centers around a family of bootleggers during Prohibition in Virginia and is expected to start production in the spring

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Natalie Portman post: Ballerinas review Black Swan, Allure interview, ELLE Canada interview, & more

Ballerina's reviews of Black Swan:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Natalie Portman is fantastic as Nina, a corps dancer struggling to rise to the challenge of dancing the principal role of the Swan Queen. The actress poured herself into serious ballet training to be able to embody the look of a professional dancer and she did a magnificent job of it. No real dancer I can imagine could have portrayed the depth of emotion this role required, it needed a great actress. But without the degree of devotion and discipline that she applied to the dance, Black Swan would never have achieved the heights that it does. - Wendy Whelan, a dancer for 20 years at The Daily Beast

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Source 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5

I'm seeing Black Swan at midnight! So exciteddd, omg!
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Yesterday, Simon Cowell insisted The X Factor is not rigged. So how does he explain THIS lot?

‘Trust me,’ said Simon Cowell yesterday. ‘The X Factor is not fixed.’

But when 20 million watch this weekend’s final, it will be the culmination of a series that has been beset by accusations of foul play, with hundreds of complaints to Ofcom.

From last-minute changes of the rules to the manipulation of the running order, Nicole lampert shows how, week by week, the people behind The X Factor influence viewers to ensure the result THEY want.

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Robert Pattinson Sells for a Record-Breaking $80,000

One lucky fan spent a whopping $80,000 Wednesday to meet Robert Pattinson on the set of 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.'

The winner will travel to Vancouver where they'll be hosted at the Four Seasons along with three companions. Then, they'll travel by limo to the 'Breaking Dawn' set, where they'll have a meet and greet with Rob, who portrays hunky vampire Edward Cullen in the hit series.

The prize was offered on to raise funds for the GO Campaign, a nonprofit group that supports grassroots projects for orphans and vulnerable children globally. The $80,000 bid is the highest bid ever for the GO Campaign.

There are several other high-dollar auctions running on CharityBuzz, including VIP tickets to see Paul McCartney and meet the Beatles legend backstage, which is currently at $85,000 and ends Thursday. Another notable auction is the first-ever Chevy Volt off the production line, which is currently going for $185,000 and ending on December 14. Two other auctions include a backstage tour from U2's The Edge, and the Ultimate Taylor Swift fan package.

The fourth book in the Twilight series, Breaking Dawn, will be split into two films to be released on November 18, 2011 and November 16, 2012 respectively.


At least something good is going to come out of this person's insanity..

Meet Teddy's New Love Interest.

For someone who’s not even out of the closet, 90210’s resident gay Teddy (Trevor Donovan) sure is seeing a lot of action.

On the heels of the wannabe McEnroe’s first man-on-man smooch with current love interest Ian (Kyle Riabko), the increasingly addictive CW soap has cast newcomer Freddie Smith to play Teddy’s super-athletic and friendly new beau Marco.

Although a 90210 rep declined to comment, a West Bev insider tells me that [spoiler alert!] Smith is being brought in to fill the void left by Riabko, who is leaving of his own accord. (I’m told Riabko wants to make himself available for the looming pilot season).

Smith is slated to debut in February.



Not as cute as ian tbh, i hope Pilot season screws him and he's forced to return for season 4.

A post about the greatest bromance of all time

Frost and Pegg's sunny holiday plan

Nick Frost has revealed he and friend Simon Pegg's plan to set their new film in America so they could enjoy the sunshine backfired.

The Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz star co-wrote and stars in new comedy Paul with Simon, about two British comic-book geeks who are travelling across American when they encounter an alien outside Area 51.

Nick revealed at the Sky 3D Women in Film and TV Awards: "We were shooting Shaun Of The Dead actually and it was pouring with rain in Crouch End and (film producer) Nira Park suggested we go somewhere where it never rains, so immediately you think of the desert and Nevada and Area 51 so it kind of came from that really.

He added: "It didn't work. They get a lot of rain in Santa Fe."

The film is due out on February 14, Valentine's Day next year, so Nick joked it was a rom-com.

He said: "With me and Simon there is always a romantic comedy."


Misha new hat

Top 10 Unnecessary Sequels

Trainspotting 2 looks like it might go ahead, based on Irvine Welsh's Porno, the sequel to the original book which follows the characters ten years after the events of the original.

With such an iconic film and so long after the last one, does it really need a sequel? It's far from being the only film to have an unnecessary sequel though. Here's 10 of the most unnecessary sequels to be committed to celluloid.

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Sources 1 and 2

Can a movie with 2 worldwide megastars bomb?

Enter, The Tourist

"What's wrong with this picture?

Sony's first release under a distribution pact with Graham King's GK Films unspools Friday, boasting two of the world's biggest movie stars in Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. Yet The Tourist
might struggle to open with even $20 million."

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Seriously, Johnny, when Sam freaking Worthington drops out of a film due to "creative differences"...stay away.

queen siggy

Viva Glam goes Gaga again

Gaga Goes Solo as Viva Glam Spokeswoman in 2011

MAC Cosmetics has signed Lady Gaga on for a second year as the spokeswoman for its Viva Glam campaign. Gaga teamed up with Cyndi Lauper for the 2010 campaign, which launched earlier this year. The company said the Gaga-Lauper campaign was the most successful ever for the MAC AIDS Fund, which has raised more than $190 million for the cause since its founding in 1994. For her solo turn in 2011, Gaga was shot by Nick Knight and styled by Nicola Formichetti.


Flawless, charitable, ethereal, airbrushed goddess. So excited to see the new color! Although, from the look of the photo, it could just be pink again idk
tom hardy bb

Jen Goes "Oh No You Didn't" to Chelsea Lately

Just hours after I clued you in on Jennifer Aniston's new best friend, Chelsea Handler, going on a particularly nasty and graphic rant about Angelina Jolie, calling the mother of six a "fucking bitchh" and a "cunt," Chelsea addressed the situation on her E! show, 'Chelsea Lately,' making it clear Jennifer had nothing to do with her pointed attack.

"I've been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made out with her brother," Chelsea laughed. "If I've learned nothing from this, it's to write some new jokes." Sources tell me Jennifer would agree, except she doesn't think this is a laughing matter and has told her feisty friend to give it a rest. Jen has gone out of her way to keep her private feelings about that woman who stole her husband private and has always asked her friends to do the same," an insider tells me. "She is furious with Chelsea for bringing the whole situation back to life again and landing her on the cover of a weekly magazine tomorrow with a Brad headline."

Sources tell me Jen hasn't felt this betrayed since John Mayer held a "press conference" to announce he was breaking up with her. Yeah, that was pretty bad. The notoriously private actress has kept her inner circle close. Two of the newer additions to that exclusive club -- John and Chelsea -- have both gone and blown it.

"Jen doesn't just let these sort of people in her life," a friend of the actress tells me. "She hates drama or unnecessary attention and certainly doesn't want to ever see her face on a tabloid again with a headline about Angie or Brad."

I'm told Jen wants badly to believe Chelsea didn't revive her Angelina-skewering jokes now that the two are good friends.

"Even so," the friend admits, "she's happy Chelsea made it clear her rant had nothing to do with her and wishes she'd just keep her big mouth shut in the future."


LOL this article, I can't. Oh, and hey, Chelsea. Celebrity bashing has been done before, and done better by a much more fierce woman. Her name's Kathy Griffin. See below to know what to do:

A Letter from Anonymous: Our Message, Intentions, and Potential Targets

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

"Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."
- Abraham Lincoln
"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither."
– Benjamin Franklin
Hello World. We are Anonymous. What you do or do not know about us is irrelevant. We have decided to write to you, the media, and all citizens of the free world at large to inform you of the message, our intentions, potential targets, and our ongoing peaceful campaign for freedom.
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I like Anon and find what they're doing interesting, but I can't believe they quoted Ron Paul. Also, we should totally get an Internet Drama tag.
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Ryan Gosling Talks Marriage Plans: 'I'm A Grown-Ass Man'

'Blue Valentine' star tells MTV News, 'It depends on the lady.' + Talks about "Hey Girl" meme

Over the span of his career, Ryan Gosling has become a certifiable Hollywood heartthrob. And in the process, he's been linked to some of Hollywood's rising female stars, most notably an on-again, offscreen romance with his "Notebook" co-star Rachel McAdams.

In his latest flick, the depressing love story "Blue Valentine," Gosling and Michelle Williams take a look at what it means to keep a marriage together, and Gosling admits that he is approaching that stage in his life where marriage is a consideration.

"I'm a grown-ass man," he joked to MTV News about hitting the big 3-0 and what that means for his love life.

The film — which the Motion Picture Association of America previously rated NC-17 (thanks to graphic sex scenes) before deeming it R after a studio appeal — takes a realistic look at love and the evolution and devolution of a marriage. So, has playing this role scared Gosling away from the idea of marriage?

"To me, that stuff's funny," he said. "Just the idea that you're just gonna get married. It depends on the lady. You have to meet somebody that you feel like you can go down that road with. I don't want to just do it arbitrarily to say that I did."

In January, Gosling spoke to MTV News about "Blue Valentine" at the Sundance Film Festival. "It's a lot of pressure to watch it with all those people," he explained. "Also, it's a racy movie, so it's hard to watch those scenes with so many people."

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Xtina: QT Glasses

Lisa Ling suffered a miscarriage 6 months ago, opens up about it on The View

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Former View co-host Lisa Ling has revealed she had a miscarriage six months ago, in an episode of The View set to air Friday, and says the experience left her feeling like "a complete failure."

"I felt more like a failure than I'd felt in a very long time," Ling, 37, says in the interview.

Already seven weeks pregnant, Ling, who is married to oncologist Paul Song, was told by doctors that her baby had no heartbeat.

Ling says that before the miscarriage she was "sort of cavalier" about the pregnancy.

"We actually [hadn't] been trying that long," she says. "I don't know that I took it as seriously as I should have because it happened so fast. But then when I heard the doctor say there was no heartbeat it was like bam, like a knife through the heart."

She says the fear of another miscarriage has left her "devastated" but she decided to share her experience to take the stigma out of talking about miscarriages.

She's also started a web site,, so that women can share their own personal stories.


I love Lisa, I hope she recovers from this well

Westboro Baptist Church says it will picket Elizabeth Edwards' funeral


(CNN) - Members of the Westboro Baptist Church announced Thursday plans to picket Saturday's funeral for Elizabeth Edwards in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The Kansas-based Church - monitored by anti-hate groups such as the Anti-Defamation league and the Southern Poverty Law Center - is known for its extremist opposition to homosexuals, Jews and other groups.

The church members also oppose the War in Iraq.

According to the church's website, members will hold a protest from 12:15 p.m. to 1 p.m.

Edwards, the estranged wife of presidential candidate John Edwards, died Tuesday after a six-year battle with breast cancer.


Can somebody run these fuckers over, please?

I hope the PATRIOTIC GUARD RIDERS will be there!

It's that time again: Most Beautiful Faces 2010

The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces has been published, in various formats, every year since 1990… and in recent years has been seen by millions of unique visitors from around the world. The lists have been featured on Digg and Stumble and have been accessed almost 10 million times since 2007.

This list is only about beautiful celebrity faces. Unlike the Maxim, FHM, Askmen & People lists, it is not based on the “sexiest”, “hottest” or “best body”. As this is an international list with input from all over the world, you may discover some relatively unfamiliar faces from the far corners of the earth. Despite fame being a prerequisite, it is certainly not based purely on public popularity. There will definitely be a few big name exclusions because of the specific criteria evaluated — Some who would make the “sexiest” lists may not be known for their facial aesthetic. Over 75 countries have been represented in the Top 100 over the years.

20. Rachel Weisz

15 years for Rachel. Time flies! She spent 9 of those years in the Top 10, peaking at number 2 in 2008.

Yearly Rankings: 30 – 23 – 22 – 18 – 10 – 8 – 7 – 5 – 7 – 7 – 6 – 6 – 2 – 19 – 20
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Obviously no one's going to agree on the order in these lists, but I appreciate the attempt at diversity of this one (better than ONTD's). Anyway, spam the post with your favorite beauties, ONTD!

21-100 at the source.
gina - messy

Snooki is Going to Drop From a Ball in Times Square

For those who want to watch Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi take a fall, she's happy to oblige.

The pint-sized Jersey Shore star, 23, has agreed to crawl into a ball that will drop in New York City's Times Square as the clock counts down to midnight on New Year's Eve, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Her castmates, including Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, will also have their chance to shine on MTV New Year's Bash, an hour-long program recapping the year in entertainment. They'll lead the crowd in a fist-pumping marathon as they attempt to break a Guinness world record.

The show will be hosted by comedian Whitney Cummings and feature a performance by Flo Rida.


no puns from me, no sir
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Officials: Wesley Snipes Is Finally in Prison

Officials: Wesley Snipes Is Finally in Prison

Wesley Snipes is finally in federal custody to begin his 3 year prison sentence for tax evasion ... this according to prison officials.

Traci Billingsley, Chief Public Information Officer for the Bureau of Prisons, tells TMZ, "Wesley Snipes has self surrendered to the minimum security Federal Prison Camp at the Federal Correctional Institution McKean, in Bradford, Pennsylvania."

Another spokesperson for the B.O.P., Ed Ross, confirms, "Wesley Snipes has arrived and is at the prison facility in PA."

To be cryogenically frozen then thawed by a malevolent, dystopian dictator at a later date ...

Film - The Old Guard

Interview with Nicole Kidman about "Rabbit Hole"

When 'Rabbit Hole' premiered at this year's Toronto International Film Festival, we fell hard for the quietly powerful film about a pair of spouses (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) trying to rebuild some sense of normalcy only a few months removed from the death of their young son. Lionsgate snatched it up a few weeks later, and the distributor has done an impressive job of building up some steam for not only Nicole Kidman's superb lead performance, but also for the very fine film as a whole.

As 'Rabbit Hole' prepares to arrive in theaters on December 17th, we were invited to share a brief chat with actor / producer Nicole Kidman on the dangers of making "sad" films, the delicacy of good storytelling, and the importance of fear in an actor's craft.

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I really want to see this; looks great. I kinda haven't loved her since The Hours/Moulin Rouge, though, so she has to win my heart back.
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TV Addict: Tonight's "NIKITA" Episode Is Must-See

Since the CW seems adverse to promoting any show that doesn’t feature a gaggle of really sexy vampires, we at have decided to take it upon ourselves to deliver 5 reasons why you should refrain from changing the channel following tonight's VAMPIRE DIARIES midseason finale.

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john angel

How to Hate the Beatles: It's Easy If You Try


So you've probably heard: The Beatles' catalogue is now available for legal download via Apple's iTunes store. This development has been extremely well marketed and gotten tons of press. And somewhere in there, you may have seen flashes of irritation — dismissiveness, eye-rolling, and complaint from those people who hate hearing about the Beatles, or maybe just hate the Beatles themselves, full stop.


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how do you like my little boat?

Sharpen your knives, ONTD

Gwyneth Paltrow: "I'm Freezing My Ass Off!"

Winter has arrived in New York, and Gwyneth is not too happy about it. She writes in her GOOP newsletter:

"I don't know how it is where all of you are, but I am freezing my ass off. I will be relying heavily on my cozy winter boots to get me through to spring, however far off it may seem. Here are some of my favorites.


Gwyneth goes on to recommend winter boots, such as mou's Antelope Cowboy boot, for $543.

"My kids and I all have pairs of their hand-stitched Eskimo boots and I'm loving their shaggier models, like this pair that I bought a few months ago," she writes.

Another pick: good friend Stella McCartney's over-the-knee faux-suede boot for $625, which Gwyneth wears over leggings or jeans.

For those on a budget, Gwyneth thoughtfully offers an alternative to her $1,095 Burberry Prorsum shearling booties. Topshop's knockoff can be yours for $190.


Idgaf, I love her. You go with your five-hundred-dollar-boot-wearing self, Gwyneth

He's making a list and checking it twice, gonna find out who's cheek he should slice!

M. C. Hall is coming to town!

MCH visits RXP 101.9 FM Rock Show!

DEXTER the lawyer? Well no but that’s the lie Michael C. Hall told nosey adults about his career ambitions as a child. That along with the complexities of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and NOT auditioning for his now infamous role, Michael shared with Matt and Leslie in The Rock Show’s Kill Room (yes we covered the room in plastic) Thursday morning. This Sunday the final season of DEXTER Premieres on Showtime at 7pm. Watch below to learn more insider information!

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He's looking super fine lately!
Just gonna leave this here..


Hugh Hefner must be desperate for cash

Hugh Hefner sold off a little part of the Playboy empire last night at an auction in New York. Why? Medical bills, I'm assuming. Dude is 84. From CBC News:

Tom Wesselmann's iconic pop art image of a smiling, lipsticked mouth fetched nearly $1.9 million US at an auction of artwork from the offices of Playboy magazine.

The Christie's auction — dubbed The Year of the Rabbit: The Playboy Collection — saw more than 100 artworks featured in the famed men's lifestyle periodical cross the block in New York on Wednesday.

Other lots included dozens of cartoons, contemporary works and approximately 80 photographs depicting stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Bo Derek, Elle MacPherson, Brigitte Bardot, Stephanie Seymour and Cindy Crawford. Almost all the lots have appeared in Playboy over the years.

+15 Uncensored Cindy Crawford Pics at the Source

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hetfield WELLITY

BroBible and Remington Present ‘Keep it Hairy?’ Music Video

Body hair. Should it stay and grow in all its magnificent holiness or should men hack it off so the ladies can see our smoothness as they stroke our vascular and heavily striated pectorals (among other things)? The debate rolls on. What is a man to do with all that sweet puberty? Embrace it or take a shaver to it?

In order to get to the bottom of this eternal debate, we teamed up with our friends at Remington to explore the pros and cons of being bountiful or bare. So we said, why not state both cases through a music video? Everyone loves those. So here it is: the premiere of BroBible and Remington's "Keep It Hairy?" music video, which was directed by Win Bates, written by Thomas Payton and Cornelius Lighthall, and features JR Reed and Kirk Ward as Hairy and Shaved.


What is your choice?

Team Shaved or Team Hairy?

Team Shaved
Team Hairy

I'm team hairy!

I thought considering how many people on ONTD are girls/gay men that this would be an interesting debate
Professor Chaos

Comedy Central's New Logo

Check it out, check it out: Comedy Central has a new logo. Goodbye globe-with-three-skyscrapers-dwarfed-by-huge-hilarious-words. Hello, simple hieroglyph that you’re sure you’ve seen before somewhere on your keyboard. Alas, it’s not there. It only seems like it should be, a distant cousin to @ and ©. But there’s much much more here, hiding behind their Christopher Nolan-inspired elegance. Clearly, Comedy Central intended to combine the logos of Carolco and Chanel, in an effort to trigger our subliminal craving for sweet-smelling killing machines from the future. Take a look at the new Comedy Central, if you dare!!!!

  • adlanth

Orlando Bloom to reprise Legolas in 'The Hobbit'? is reporting that Orlando Bloom is expected to reprise his role as Legolas Greenleaf in the upcoming ‘Hobbit’ films. You may ask, how can this be? Well, quite simply, the character of Legolas was very much alive during the timeframe of The Hobbit. In fact, he was probably several thousand years old at the time of The Lord of the Rings! Since Legolas is the son of Thranduil (The Elvenking), a major player in ‘The Hobbit,’ one can easily see Peter, Phillipa, and Fran writing him into the script.


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Prince Charles in Car Attack + Photo

Angry protesters in London have attacked a car containing Prince Charles, the heir to the British throne, and his wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
An Associated Press photographer saw demonstrators kick the car in Regent Street, in the heart of London's shopping district. The car then drove off.
The prince's office had no immediate comment.
Protesters angry at a huge tuition fee hike are fighting with police and smashing windows in London.
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Stevie J

TIME’s Top 10 Albums and Songs of 2010

Kanye West has TIME on his side. The magazine has crowned the rapper’s fifth project My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy the best album of 2010, saying, “He delivered the musical equivalent of a one-handed back handspring.” Yeezy’s “POWER” also makes the editors’ top 10 songs, along with hits from Drake, Janelle Monáe, and Eminem, while Cee Lo Green claims the No. 1 spot with his Grammy-nominated “F**k You.” Find out who else made the lists below.


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A-Rod Denies Tappin' Dark-Beauty Kelly Bensimon Alex Rodriguez is quite the player and that’s aside from baseball. Seems like he’s been getting so much action on and off the field that he has to do some damage control. Allegedly, Kelly Bensimon, of Real Housewives fame was seen on the arm of the famous bachelor at a party in Miami. Alex’s rep denies anything is going on between the two famous New Yorkers.

“The whole story about Kelly and A-Rod is absolute, unadulterated hogwash,” a rep tells Us Magazine.

Seems like A-Rod just wants to get the facts straight… Especially since he and Cameron Diaz have been heating things up again as of late.


Howard Stern Signs New Five-Year Contract With SIRIUS XM

NEW YORK, Dec. 9, 2010 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Howard Stern and SIRIUS XM Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI) today announced a new five-year agreement. The news was first reported by Howard during his show this morning.

(Logo: )

"On my first day in satellite radio SIRIUS had approximately 600,000 subscribers. Today, the two companies have 20 million; and, in my view, we have just scratched the surface of how many people will get on board," said Howard Stern. "I am especially excited that my show will now be heard through SIRIUS XM on mobile devices. Access to my show on mobile devices will open up additional opportunities for my fans to hear me wherever they are."

"Howard is a great talent and we are thrilled that he will continue to provoke, engage and entertain on SIRIUS XM. Our agreement is good news on all fronts — it is good for SIRIUS XM subscribers and good for SIRIUS XM stockholders. Howard forever changed radio and was instrumental in putting SIRIUS on the map when he first launched on satellite radio. He is one of the few 'one-name' entertainers in the country and our 20 million subscribers are lucky to have him," said Mel Karmazin, Chief Executive Officer, SIRIUS XM.

The world-renowned Stern is credited with revolutionizing the talk radio format. Known for his large and extremely loyal fan base and for his unequalled ability to migrate fans to other media, Stern has embarked on numerous highly successful ventures over the years. Stern has written two best-selling books — Private Parts, which was Simon & Schuster's fastest-selling book ever, and Miss America, the fastest-selling book in publishing history. He later starred in the highly successful motion picture adaptation of Private Parts, orchestrated one of the fastest-selling soundtracks in motion picture history and has starred in one of the most watched entertainment pay-per-view special of all time.

Howard's new contract will run through December 31, 2015. Under the terms of the new contract, SIRIUS XM will now have the right to transmit Howard's exclusive programming to mobile devices. Additional terms of the contract will not be disclosed.

Ruki The GazettE Fast

Glee Fans Want a Romantic Rendezvous Underneath Mistletoe with Darren Criss

 As the holiday season swept its way through McKinley High on the December 7 episode of Glee, asked readers which Glee star they would most like to find themselves standing next to underneath some mistletoe.

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Poll #1655135 Who Would You Rather Kiss?

Who Would You Rather Kiss?

Darren Criss
Matthew Morrison
Mark Salling
Cory Monteith
Chord Overstreet
Kevin McHale
Chris Colfer
Harry Shum Jr.
Thanks in advance for the tag!
Ann Coulter LOL

Real Steal Teaser Trailer Released featuring The Immortal DILF

Briefly: If you ever dreamed of a live action, big budget Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots movie, director Shawn Levy and star Hugh Jackman are happy to oblige. Check out the awesome first trailer for Real Steel, opening October 7, 2011 in regular format and IMAX theaters, after the jump.
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Looks okay. Not horrible. Not good. It'll be on FX in no time.
gina - messy


Starts 5pm EST, 10 pm UTC
stream 2
these keep cutting out for some reason
"Nathan’s been violently killed… again. This time he suspects Jessica, a butter-wouldn’t-melt charity worker from the community centre. Plus Jessica seems to have targeted Simon as her next victim. When she invites everyone to a charity fancy dress party, the others are convinced she is going to make her move.

Elsewhere, Kelly’s love life seems to be taking a turn for the better. She meets Bruno. He is on the run from the police (naturally), but he thinks Kelly’s beautiful. Has Kelly finally found her perfect man? "

Sources: My brain, e4, and Simon's twitter

Best Music 2010: Adam Lambert Picks His Favorite Song And Album Of The Year

As a special holiday treat, Idolator has picked a special class of singers, musicians and groups — artists we consider among the most creative emerging stars in pop — to participate in our special year-end feature, exclusively sharing with us their reflections on the albums, songs and performers that made their year really… pop.  And in many cases, their answers were surprising.

Kicking off our series is the dazzling Adam Lambert, who selected an album and song from the same magnetic singer-songwriter… one who can confidently say that 2010 was one of the biggest years of her career. Jump below to find whose music had the biggest impact on Glambert the last twelve months.

Though we’re very aware the high-energy Lambert has a softer side — he is Grammy-nominated for his gorgeous performance of the pleading pop rock ballad, “Whataya Want From Me” — we assumed his favorite tune of 2010 would be something to make you strut on the dancefloor.

But it was the heartfelt singer-songwriter Sia who nabbed the double honor of creating Adam’s favorite album. 

But we’ll let Adam explain in his own words why Sia’s music moved him the most in 2010.


Adam Lambert:

"I have always been a big fan of Sia’s songwriting and voice and I think this year’s release of We Are Born showcases some of her best work yet.  Her songwriting resonates with me and as a listener; I begin to really believe she is letting me into her music, her words and her thoughts.

Her lyrics are so genuine, truthful and exposed and I really respect that in any artist.

Not only are her lyrics exposed for us to feel but so is her voice. It too, is so revealed, raw and cuts right to my heart. One thing that is so special is you can hear every texture of her voice, every breath, which then again, helps support that she really makes me not only believe, but also FEEL what she is singing. This can get lost when recording an album, but she does such a good job letting that come through in her recordings.

More specifically to Sia’s album, is that in the song, “Be Good To Me”. Here in this song, she really lets us in. The riff she sings after the first phrase of the vocal is divine. Her voice really sails into a timber full of sympathetic vibration and rich overtones. These are one of her magical moments that give you goose bumps. No matter whom “he” is that she refers to in the first line, she leaves up to you to decide. I personally took it from a love relationship perspective and felt what she had to say.

In the lyric, “There is sweetness after hurt….” really shows that anytime anyone goes through a breakup, or a loss, or just plain hurt, it may take time, but you always seem to find the sweetness after all of it is done and the healing has passed. This lyric is one that a lot of people need to take the time to learn about and as it took me awhile to figure that out, it is always good to remind myself of this when I am hurting. It helps me get through any healing process.

Another lyric she states, “My heart is filled, revealed…” shows exactly what I love about her work. She puts her heart out there for all to hear, see and judge. She is saying this not only to “he” but also to her listeners, that she is exposing herself to us in such an intimate way. She is really speaking to anyone who wants to listen.

Sia’s work is by far some of the best. I will always be a fan and really look forward to any future work she shares with the world."


conan white teeth
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HI ONTD! Well the year is quickly coming to an end, the decade too! And you know what that means!!

A buttload of lists from every single website, each basically saying the exact same thing, or trying very hard to be UNIQUE and DIFFERENT.

I know ONTD loves/hates lists, they're easy to read but they're all the same. So I think we would all appreciate it if you try to be picky about which lists you post. If MTV puts out a list, that would be good to post. If your local retirement home puts out a list...well actually that would be so unique and weird, I'd support it, but you know, some small town obscure publication does not need to be posted. (BRENDEN SAID I NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU UNDERSTAND NOT TO POST FROM SOME LAME NO NAME BLOG) And please do not take it personally if your post is rejected. We don't reject things because we hate YOU, we reject it because we hate what you POSTED. (This goes for all things, if something is rejected just let it go, don't resubmit it 20 times.)

Oh, and to be totally hypocritical about hating small time lists, guess which website is going to have its own "Best Of" list! THAT'S RIGHT! US!! We'll be having a Best Of 2010 post later on. Hopefully it will have the best posts of the year, best...this and that, I don't know, we're still figuring it out.

Anyway, just remember to be cool, don't hotlink, don't forget sources, CHECK to see if your article has been posted before by checking the tags or googling it and "ohnotheydidnt."

I guess you all can goof around in here, but don't fight or make giant gif pic posts or like misbehave in general because i am a GRUMPY MESS

TV - The Pacific

Qs&As with Noah Emmerich and Jon Bernthal from TWD (SPOILERS for the finale)

"The Walking Dead" actor reveals what his character Dr. Jenner might have whispered into Rick's ear and why he's personally so at ease when it comes to talking about brain synapses.

Collapse )

"The Walking Dead" actor describes shooting the boss's daughter for the season finale and explains why he considers himself the cast member best prepared to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Collapse )

I like them both. Well, the actors. Not 100% thrilled with the finale--hello, where's Merle?!--but I still can't wait for moar.
source 1, source 2
bb dani bb8

I see a white wall and I want to paint it black... TR megapost!!!

Lily Donaldson Rocks January Cover of Harper's Bazaar

(NEW YORK) Bravissima, Glenda. Once again, a model is gracing the cover of an American fashion magazine: in this case, Lily Donaldson, who is looking as gorgeous as possible (and that's mighty impressive) on the January cover of Harper's Bazaar. She was photographed in a Dolce & Gabbana dress (with furry friend to match) by Terry Richardson. Collapse )

Tom Ford Enjoys Kissing Terry Richardson and Watching Straight Porn

Tom Ford has always enjoyed talking about sex and naked people. Lately every article about him in fashion magazines seems to have the same formula: him talking about how he refuses to bend over for the Internet and release images from his fashion show right after it walks; him talking about the celebrities in the show and how gorgeous and real they are; and maybe him talking about nudity or sex. Now it's Harper's Bazaar's turn to do the Tom Ford story, and their interview includes more sex stuff than some of the other recent stories, starting with what he thinks is sexy:
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Christian Bale To Eminem On Extreme Weight Loss: 'Don't Do It!'

Bale dropped more than 60 pounds for 2004's "The Machinist," and it's that physical makeover that attracted the attention of Eminem. Last year, the hip-hop star said in an interview that he attempted to mirror's Bale's "Machinist" look for his "3 A.M." music video.

"I was thinking they could make my spine look real crazy like in that movie," Em told Complex. "I started getting real skinny so my veins would pop out and I was trying to get that look, but it just didn't work. My body won't really let me get that low."

That's probably a good thing, because according to Bale, losing so much weight is nothing short of insane.

"Holy crap, that guy needs help in that case!" the actor laughed when we told him about Eminem's quest. " 'Don't do it, don't do it,' I'd tell him."
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oh Em!
dear lj [me]

This is the end, Jim Morrison Is Pardoned in Indecent Exposure Case

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — Jim Morrison, the charismatic front man of the Doors who died nearly 40 years ago, was granted a posthumous pardon by Florida on Thursday.

Gov. Charlie Crist, one of four members of the state clemency board, led the effort to clear Morrison of his conviction for indecent exposure and profanity stemming from a notorious concert at a Miami auditorium in 1969.

Morrison, who was born in Melbourne, Fla., briefly attended Florida State University in Tallahassee, Mr. Crist’s alma mater.

The board’s action did not come without objections. Angel Lago, a retired Miami police officer, opposed the pardon, calling Morrison a “drug addict” who did not deserve it. Mr. Lago, who was a friend of one of the arresting officers, also contended that the pardon suggested that police officers had lied about what they saw at the concert. “This is the wrong message to send the youth of this country,” Mr. Lago said. “I think it’s absolutely wrong.”

Mr. Crist – who took the unusual step of speaking on Morrison’s behalf during the hearing – said there remained doubts as to whether the singer exposed himself. Another member of the clemency board, Alex Sink, the state’s chief financial officer, said it was not the job of the clemency board to “retry” his case. She said the decision to grant a pardon was recognition of Morrison’s artistic legacy and that his accomplishments had endured since his death. “We don’t know what did or did not happen,” she said.

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who knows, maybe 40 years too late...

No Ben Whishaw For HBO: New Alan Ball Pilot Not Picked Up

HBO has opted not to go forward with All Signs of Death, its dark comedic drama pilot based on Charlie Huston’s 2009 crime noir novel The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Signs of Death.

The project, which was picked up to pilot in July, was written by Huston, with Ball directing and executive producing.

Word is HBO brass ultimately couldn't find a spot for the show. All Signs, which experimented with smaller, portable cameras for a cinema verite style, centers on an inveterate twenty-something slacker (Ben Whishaw) who stumbles into a career as a crime scene cleaner, only to find himself entangled with a murder mystery, a femme fatale and the loose ends of his own past.

All Signs joins another 2010 HBO pilot, Miraculous Year, which didn't go to series.

Of the rest of the pay cable network's 2010 crop of pilots, Michael Mann/David Milch collaboration Luck has already been ordered to series. The Diane Keaton starrer Tilda is still awaiting word while backup scripts are being written and reshoots on the pilot are being done. The Justin Theroux/Steve Coogan comedy Documental and the Lena Dunham/Judd Apatow comedy Girls are in post-production, while the Armando Iannucci's comedy Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, is now casting for an early 2011 start.


Kind of disappointing. This sounded more interesting than True Blood. First The Wonderful Maladys, then Miraculous Year and now All Signs Of Death, HBO always rejects the projects that I am the most interested in.
On the bright side one can still read the book if one is interested in it.

A Grim Reaper Returns To Showtime

Guess who is coming back to series television? Mandy Patinkin, who made headlines in 2007 with his abrupt departure from the CBS drama Criminal Minds, is set to co-star opposite Claire Danes in the Showtime drama pilot Homeland. That marks his first major series gig since Criminal Minds and a return to Showtime where he co-starred on the Bryan Fuller dramedy Dead Like Me.

Homeland, from 24 executive producers Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa, centers on American POW Scott Brody, who returns home 10 years after going missing in Iraq, and Carrie Anderson (Danes), a driven CIA officer who suspects he might be plotting an attack on America. Patinkin will play the smart and politically savvy CIA Division Chief emeritus Saul Berenson who is Carrie's main champion in the intelligence upper echelon and her sounding board.

Patinkin, a Tony Award-winning stage actor who has appeared in such movies as Yentl, Dick Tracy and The Princess Bride, won an Emmy in 1995 for his role on the CBS medical drama Chicago Hope, which he left in its second season. His only appearance since leaving Criminal Minds was in an episode of CBS' medical drama Three Rivers last season.


Dead Like Me Appreciation post, yes?

Fashion designer Sylvie Cachay identified as woman found dead in Soho House bathtub

BY James Gordon Meek In Mclean, Va., and Alison Gendar and Rich Schapiro

Designer Sylvie Cachay (center) walks the runway at Syla by Sylvie Cachay 2009 collection fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

The 33-year-old woman found dead in a bathtub at the swanky Soho House hotel Thursday has been identified as a gorgeous Manhattan fashion designer, a source said.
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Ashley Williams takes over Eliza Dushku's role on "Bird Dog"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Ashley Williams has been tapped to star in TNT's Bird Dog, replacing Eliza Dushku as the lead, has confirmed.

Williams, 32, will play Gail McGrath, a cop who is forced to partner with her estranged father, also a policeman, who will be portrayed by Gerald McRaney (Undercovers, Major Dad). Mike Robe (Nora Roberts' Northern Lights) wrote the script and will direct the pilot.

Williams has appeared in such TV series as How I Met Your Mother, Saving Grace, and American Dreams.

Love her! And yay for Gerald. Loved him on Jericho. And wow, she and Kimberly look more alike than I thought.

Fun fact: You could make 'District 9' four times to equal the budget for one 'How Do You Know'

The budget for this cheap looking movie will make you shake your haircape

Oscar-winning filmmaker James L. Brooks doesn’t work often, and he doesn’t work fast. And when he does work, he commands a budget as jaw-dropping as his history of brilliant work (Terms of Endearment, Broadcast News). When many studios are shying away from star-driven adult dramedies, Sony lavished a budget on Brooks’ How Do You Know that even has talent reps with clients in the movie marveling.

THR has learned that the film, which centers on a love triangle, cost $120 million to make, though the studio drove that down to about $100 million thanks to tax rebates from Pennsylvania and D.C. One reason for the price tag is old-fashioned salaries for the pic’s talent: Reese Witherspoon ($15 million), Jack Nicholson ($12 million), Owen Wilson ($10 million) and Paul Rudd ($3 million) received their quotes, and Brooks will earn about $10 million plus backend for writing, producing and directing. That’s about $50 million for the major talent alone.

The cost also was high because of the time Brooks devoted to production and postproduction and his decision to reshoot the beginning and end of the movie. “He’s slow and meticulous,” a person familiar with the production says.

Another challenge: How Do You Know opens Dec. 17 against Tron: Legacy, Gulliver’s Travels and Yogi Bear. “That’s a big weekend,” sighs a talent rep with a star in the film, which could have the slow-but-steady adult space to itself. Brooks’ 1997 holiday release As Good as It Gets rode Oscar buzz to $314.2 million worldwide, but his most recent December effort, 2004’s Spanglish, fizzled. “They thought it would do a couple hundred million worldwide,” a source says. “It did $55 million all-in.”

But Sony hopes How Do You Know will perform like It’s Complicated, an $85 million-budgeted Universal pic from Nancy Meyers.That film pulled in nearly $220 million worldwide last winter.


Oh and Tom Hardy's there, idk who invited him, maybe the This Is A Really Bad Idea Why Are You Getting Another One Tom Hardy Look At Your Choices Tattoo Shop closed early that night (Y'ALL STARTED IT HARDY STANS. THAT SENTENCE IS YOUR FAULT.)

Tom Hardy and The Vagina Whisperer Chris Pine shoot more scenes for their upcoming comedy, (Why Are You Fighting Over Reese Witherspoon: The Movie This Means War, on Wednesday night (December 8) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The two co-stars were spotted filming at the Penthouse Nightclub (coughTITTYBARcough )and laughing in between breaks.

Earlier in the day, a casually dressed Tom arrived on the movie’s set. (I have nothing to add, I just love that it's a sentence. I bet the rest of the paragraph was like Later, Tom Hardy in a bathrobe was seen eating a pastry. After that, Tom Hardy in jeans said "This tea is a bit hot." Then, Tom Hardy in a jacket walked somewhere. AND IT WAS RIVETING.)

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No jocks no jerks, just fun with girls! Having fun Guy One? "The most fun in the world!"

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Kim Kardashian to become PETA's pet project


America's highest-paid reality star better watch her fur-clad back: PETA has issued a warning that she's about to become their next target.

A spokesperson for the animal rights group told In Touch, "Kim Kardashian is a woman who has everything — except, it seems, an ounce of sympathy for the animals who have the fur ripped off their backs so that she can buy or sell yet another gaudy jacket. We wish she would take a cue from her fur-free sister Khloé — but evidently, kindness and generosity don’t run in the family."

A friend of Kardashian's told the magazine that she was sent some "hard-line literature" on the topic, and despite loving fur, she "might rethink her position."


Bieber & Selena Gomez -- The Pancake Date

 Here's a breakfast combo for ya -- Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez leaving the International House of Pancakes yesterday ... ARM-IN-FRICKIN-ARM!!!

The two international pop stars sat down for breakfast yesterday in Philadelphia .... hours before they were scheduled to perform at the Q102 Jingle Ball.

According to the good folks at IHOP ... Biebs, 16, and Gomez, 18, HELD HANDS inside the restaurant ... and looked "cuddly" while sitting on the same side of a booth.

Nothing says "romance" like a Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity.


What's with the lack of Christmas movies this year?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This year audiences won't see any heartwarming holiday movies in the theater. Is Hollywood being naughty, or do Yuletide films no longer make nice profits?

Holiday-themed movies are traditionally as much a part of the season as holly and high credit card bills. But not this year. For some reason, says Steven Zeitchik in the Los Angeles Times, "there isn't a single Christmas movie on studios' calendar this December." Not even a dark, anti-Christmas comedy, like another Bad Santa or Christmas with the Kranks. What's going on? Is Hollywood waging a "war on Christmas"? Here, a brief guide:

Are there really no Christmas movies hitting theaters this year?
Well, there was Nutcracker 3-D with Elle Fanning, but that came out in late November, not December. Plus, "it wasn't released by a studio and is a holiday turkey," says Zeitchik in the Los Angeles Times. "About seven people have seen it since it came out two weeks ago." Last year there was the huge, heavily marketed 3D version of A Christmas Carol, starring Jim Carrey. The year before there was Four Christmases, starring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, and the year before that was a huge wave of holiday fare. Even when these films are "cringe-worthy," says Chris Hanna in The Concordian, they're a welcome sign of "the official start of the holiday season."

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TV's 100 Sexiest Men of 2010

Yes Mods, this is a list, but it's a great one.


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Sirius - Ho Ho Ho

Bradley Cooper hawks a pill that will let you access 100% of your brain/kill you

How did we miss this amazing film? Watch the viral for Limitless, a movie about a copywriter who discovers a top-secret drug which bestows him with super human abilities. But with a few small side effects - like death.

This is the first real look at Limitless, which is being directed by Neil Burger (The Illusionist). It stars Bradley Cooper, Anna Friel, Abbie Cornish and Robert De Niro. The premise is fairly simple, a man finds and mines a wonder drug. But the side effects are pretty intense, as you can see from this commercial.

Either way this is the first we've heard of this and we're already very interested. Look for it in theaters March 18, 2011.

the NZT/Clear Pill website
gina - messy

'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal Blocked By Senate

The Senate has failed to get past a roadblock on a bill that would repeal the policy banning gay men and lesbians from serving openly in the military.

The procedural vote failed, 57-40, and was mostly along party lines. Sixty votes were needed to move forward.

The future of repeal is murky, since the lame-duck Congress is only in session for a few more weeks.

President Obama said today's vote is "disappointing" and urged senators to keep pressing. "It must not be the end of our efforts," he said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., forced today's vote because he said he was tired of Republicans playing games. "Discrimination has never served America well," he said, adding the policy known as "don't ask, don't tell" hurts morale.

The ban on gays in the military has been in place since 1993.

Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen both support repeal and have urged Congress to act before the federal courts do. Congressional action would essentially give the Pentagon more time to implement a new policy.

Repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" is tied up in a larger bill to authorize Pentagon programs and give U.S. troops a pay raise. The 1.4% pay raise in the Senate measure would be the lowest for the military since 1962.

Sen. John McCain, the top Republican on the Armed Services Committee, has been blocking the repeal because of concerns about the impact on military readiness. He mounted a filibuster this summer and Democrats could not get the 60 votes needed to get past McCain and proceed with a debate.

The Pentagon issued a long-awaited report earlier this month saying overturning the ban on "don't ask, don't tell" might be disruptive at first but not create long-term problems.

While Gates supports repeal of the policy, there has been resistance from the top generals in the Army and the Marines. Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey said he would not go forward with repeal during wartime because it could be divisive.

Maine Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican, has been working with Reid to overcome objections from McCain and others in her party. She supports repeal, but sided with McCain in September because the Pentagon report had not yet come out and lawmakers wanted to add amendments to the bill.

Collins had won a key concession from Reid to allow 15 amendments on the Pentagon measure, but appeared to be taken by surprise when Reid called today's vote.

One challenge is that 42 Republicans have signed a letter saying they will not vote on legislation until work is done on tax cuts and other economic measures.

Yes, politics, but I'm sure most of us care about this.

milagros 2

Surprise! Nicole Kidman Raises Alpacas

Nicole Kidman may be a glamorous movie star, but she lives a decidedly more rustic life on her farm in Nashville. Life there is slow and easy for Kidman and her family, which includes country star Keith Urban and their daughter, Sunday Rose — as well as a few furrier members.

It turns out that the farm is also home to some alpacas, fluffy camelids that are found mostly in South America — but also on the Kidman-Urban property in Tennessee. During an appearance Tuesday on Conan O'Brien's late-night talk show, the actress talked about her interest in the animals.

"Why [alpacas]? Because they're pretty," she said in response to an incredulous O’Brien. "They have the long lashes. Have you seen them?"

Kidman and Sunday often take strolls with their gentle pets. "You can walk them around on a leash," Kidman said. "We have a two-year-old who loves them."

Kidman also told O'Brien that she has always wanted "a mix of weird animals," though alpacas are as odd as they get ... so far. The creatures are apparently just a stepping stone for Kidman's interest in exotic animals; she eventually hopes to get some snakes as well.

Collapse )
summer roberts

'SNL' exclusive promo photo: Paul Rudd and Paul McCartney start a bromance

Not one, but two Pauls will grace the stage of Saturday Night Live this weekend. Paul Rudd stars in the upcoming film How Do You Know, with Reese Witherspoon and Owen Wilson, while Sir Paul was in a little band called The Beatles and knows the Queen of England. From the photo above, Paul 1 and Paul 2 seem to be getting along swimmingly — those matching outfits, those longing gazes! Forget about Jason Segel (but not really), Paul Rudd will have a new best friend come Monday morning. Will Sir Paul let Paul Rudd slappa da bass?


I'm excited.
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Taylor Lautner Sent to Prison


Supernatural pig god Taylor Lautner has been cast in a yet another movie that's based on a young adult novel. This one isn't about Washington State sex monsters, though.

This one is called Incarceron (good name), and it is about a planet or something that is made of prisons. Taylor Lautner lives there as a prisoner and doesn't know what to do with himself until he finds a magic key that allows him to communicate with the warden's daughter (she's 36 and fat and complains about everything and her farts smell like paprika, ha ha ha no of course she's pretty and his age), who is being kept in an imaginary 17th century world of her father's making. So they decide, obvs magovs, to break out together and go to the neighboring planet, Freedomia (I'm guessing). It's a documentary, is what I'm saying.

  • ectypes

Miley buys a house

How many homes did you have at 18-years-old? Probably not as many as rebel pop queen Miley Cyrus.

TMZ reports that in addition to her lavish Los Angeles family estate, Cyrus secretly bought a $1.8 million Florida beach house last year.

The outlet reports that the waterfront home has four bedrooms, a fitness room, a cinema room, and plenty of outdoor space for having fun in the sun.

Cyrus has reportedly said she will live with her dad, country superstar Billy Ray, in their L.A. digs until she is at least 20 years old.

According to Seventeen magazine, the $6.2 million L.A. home is a Mediterranean-style estate with five-bedrooms, lots of closet space, and of course entertaining space for the whole family.


Jillian Michaels Quitting 'Biggest Loser' to Start a Family

Fitness celebrity Jillian Michaels is moving on to other gyms, she announced this week.

Michaels has appeared as a team leader on the NBC weight loss reality series, "The Biggest Loser," since it debuted in 2004 and remained for all but one of the show's eleven seasons. But as reported by Today, the upcoming season, which premieres Jan. 4, will be her last. "Season 11 of Biggest Loser will be my last :) have to finish out my contract," she tweeted on Dec. 7.

Michaels went on to tweet to her followers that she will "focus on becoming a mommy and doing more charity work." She also noted that her work on her other NBC reality series -- "Losing It," which ran this summer and which focused on her helping entire families lose weight -- helped her to realize that she wants a family. "Last 2 years...Shooting 'Losing It' also had big impact on me. Living with kids I saw firsthand what I was missing," she tweeted.

NBC had no comment on Michaels's departure.

maria d head

Carey Mulligan: 'I don't want to be too thin'

Carey Mulligan has insisted that she does not diet.

In an interview with Elle magazine, the actress revealed that she does not like the way her body looks when she is too thin and recalled her experience with eating too little in the past.

"Weetabix for breakfast, soup for lunch and salad for dinner. 'No, I will not have that glass of wine! Put that pizza away!'" she remembered.

"It was not fun. I look back and it's really, really not worth depriving yourself."

She added that she feels responsible for setting a good example for young fans, explaining: "I was very thin at the beginning of An Education and I remember the scene where I'm dancing and you can see my spine. Yuck.

"I would never want to be so thin that someone would think it was a good idea to be thin, and make themselves miserable. I know this sounds wanky, but I would never want to set a bad example, basically."
Warm tone butterfly (by fruitpunch_it)

Soap post: Corrie's 50 anniversary live episode to air tonight

ITV1 soap Coronation Street is to mark its 50th anniversary with an hour-long live episode, set in the aftermath of the tram crash that devastated the street this week.


Two characters are expected to meet their ends during the programme, which will begin at 2000 GMT. RIGHT NOW.

It will be the first live edition for a decade and features a cast of 65.


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"I think the days are over when television drama can sit back and leave it to your imagination. We have to compete against those great big juggernauts."

Do you agree, ONTD? Have a favourite crazy soap plot?
Mine was the Richard Hillman shenanigans from a few years ago. Poor Gail and her man ~troubles~ . She  truly is the Jen Aniston of Manchester.

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Stock; Starbucks

'The Hasselhoffs' Pulled After Two Episodes


"The Hoff" is off the air.

A&E has pulled the David Hasselhoff reality series, The Hasselhoffs, from its schedule after only two episodes, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

The Hasselhoffs premiered Sunday to 718,000 viewers, with the audience shrinking considerably for the second half-hour episode with 505,000 viewers.

The show centered on the former Baywatch star as he helped guide his daughters Taylor Ann and Hayley pursue careers in entertainment.

There are currently eight unaired episodes of the show.



WikiLeaks cables: Jihad? Sorry, I don't want to miss Desperate Housewives

Satellite broadcasts of the US TV shows Desperate Housewives and Late Show With David Letterman are doing more to persuade Saudi youth to reject violent jihad than hundreds of millions of dollars of US government propaganda, informants have told the American embassy in Jeddah.

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... 3 French Hens, 2 Black Swans, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree

Watch The 30 Rock Christmas Montage Featuring Two Cross-Dressing “Black Swans”
by Colby Hall

It is nearly impossible to set-up the following clip from 30 Rock for the unitiated, but long story short, the NBC single-camera comedy show ended with the strangest Christmas montage of all time, with Oh Holy Night being sung by a cross-dressed Will Forte appearing as Natalie Portman from the movie Black Swan, and Jane Krakowski dressed as NFL Football legend Lynn Swann — complete with black face (!) Yes, two cross-dressing “black swans!”

Click on the source for video

comments? questions?
sword in the stone squirrel

Yo, yo, yo - it's an NDubz post!

N-Dubz Tulisa: 'I'm not gay'

Tulisa Contostavlos has brushed off claims that she is gay.

The N-Dubz singer, who is seen kissing a women in the music video for their new single 'Girls', said that she is not a lesbian but "wanted to wind everyone up."

"I do hate men but I'm not gay. I'm not looking for a girlfriend," she told RWD Magazine.

"That tune was just fun and the video was spontaneous when I kissed NY. We were sat in the dressing room and I was trying to work out how to get her in the video. I was joking that we should have some 'lezza' action but I thought, let's make her the card dealer then at the end you'll find out she's my chick.

"You don't see on the video fully but we actually kisssssed."

The star recently claimed that all men are animals.



The X Factor finalists have confirmed which stars they will be performing with this weekend.

Speaking at today's press conference, One Direction explained that they will be singing with Robbie Williams and Rebecca Ferguson revealed that she will duet with Christina Aguilera.

Cher Lloyd confirmed that she will be paired with and Matt Cardle admitted that he is "excited" about performing with Rihanna.

Click 'play' below to watch the acts confirm their duets:

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mulholland drive

Misfits Episode 6 Series 2 (Two Sneak Peeks!)

I don't know why the videos aren't showing up properly, I know the videos were going going really slow at e4 site (maybe thats why?), I added a Behind the Scenes of tonight ep. in case the videos DO show up

The video's aren't embedding so if they don't come back definitely check out the SOURCE for sure.

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Source 2 (for Behind The Scenes)
veronique 2

Ryan Gosling devours women around town, plans a “Hey Girl” movie – a news roundup

With the press for Blue Valentine picking up, there’s been all kinds of interviews and news items with Ryan – let’s recap the best so far:

First, and most important, Ryan addresses a certain internet meme:

Next, as a follow-up to yesterday’s stories – this just in, today we have approximately 1001 reports about Ryan and Blake, spotted in tree. Eyewitnesses report K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

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Ryan knows a lot of you are disappointed in him, for whatever reason, and he wants to be cute again by telling a story about Hanson

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And finally, a new interview for popeater:

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