December 8th, 2010


Sony extends contract of studio head Amy Pascal

Sony Pictures Entertainment, the media division of electronics maker Sony Corp., on Tuesday said it extended the contract of studio head Amy Pascal, keeping the powerful executive in her post for five more years.

Pascal is co-chairman of Sony Pictures, and with Michael Lynton, chairman and chief executive officer, the pair oversee the studio's business units, including movie and TV production and distribution, home entertainment and digital productions.

She has been with the studio for over two decades, and has partnered with Lynton in running it for roughly seven years.

This year, the movie studio's films have generated more than $2 billion in global box office with hits such as "The Karate Kid," "Salt," and Oscar-hopeful "The Social Network." In 2009, the studio enjoyed its best year ever at global box offices with nearly $3.6 billion in theatrical ticket sales.

Sony Pictures Television has developed and made some two dozen series for TV, including critical and audience hits "Breaking Bad," "Damages," and "Rescue Me."

On Tuesday, Pascal also made The Hollywood Reporter's list of 100 most powerful women in entertainment, reaching the No. 2 spot just behind Disney television executive Anne Sweeney.


Chelsea Handler Defends Her Comments About Angelina Jolie

(video won't embed, so click on Chelsea to check it out)

Taking jabs at Angelina Jolie is nothing new for Chelsea Handler – and she's not apologizing for her latest controversial cracks about the actress and her family.

"I've been making fun of Angelina Jolie since she made out with her brother," Handler said on Monday's episode of Chelsea Lately after several outlets connected the timing of her remarks to her recent vacation with close pal Jennifer Aniston.

During a comedy show in Newark over the weekend, Handler – who spent Thanksgiving with Brad Pitt's ex-wife – called Jolie a "home wrecker," among other names and made racially insensitive jokes about adopted children Maddox, Pax, and Zahara.

On Chelsea Lately, Handler said that Jolie has been a popular target of hers for five years, leading a guest on her show to suggest she needs some new material.

"If I've learned nothing from this, it's to write some new jokes," she said.

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Remember Alexander Skarsgård and Stephen Moyer's Battle Of The Fang?

Bill Compton narrowly beat out the Viking Eric Northman by only $829. Together, both teams competing in the Battle Of The Fang raised almost $70,000 for charity! As Bill Compton is the reining king, Stephen Moyer got to choose the t-shirts himself. As you can see, his chosen shirt reads, “I Like My Bitches Blonde” while Alex’s says simply, “Bill’s Bitch!” Both these dudes got a sense of humor, is all we’re sayin’.

Stephen Moyer and Alexander Skarsgård are amazed at the amount of contributions that their fans have donated. Alex, Stephen, Gulf Aid and SOS Children’s Villages all want to thank everyone who participated in The Battle Of The Fang. The Battle has surpassed all our expectations!

The success of The Battle Of The Fang has once again proven that True Blood fans, no matter which team they’re on, are the best! We’d also like to thank all of the fans who donated, Stephen Moyer and Alex Skarsgård for playing along and, our partner in the competition, for all their hard work.

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A look at the year's Oscar-contending movie songs

Oscar's best song category sometimes feels like the field that gets no respect. Two years ago, only three songs were nominated, and the prior year much of the music recognized by the academy came from one film, Disney's "Enchanted." And this year, a long-standing tradition was done away with, as the contenders for best song did not perform on the telecast.

But what feels like a lack of attention from the academy isn't reflected in the films themselves. The likes of Randy Newman, Christina Aguilera, Cher, Carrie Underwood and John Legend are among the many who have lent their vocals and musical talents to films this year. Below is a small sampling of some of this year's contenders.

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Helen Mirren 'cross' about focus on her appearance

Dame Helen Mirren thinks her looks are "bloody irrelevant".

The 65-year-old actress - who is often highlighted as one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses - is a "bit cross" so much is made of her looks because it means women feel pressured into always appearing their best.

Asked how it makes her feel to be a beauty role model in her 60s, she said: "A bit cross, actually. We have to let go of this c**p. It creates even more pressure on women, and I certainly don't want to be a part of that. I'm not beautiful; I clean up nice.

"Why don't we talk about the fact, for example, that I just did 'Arthur', and the cinematographer was a woman, the film operator was a woman, the whole camera team were women? That's where we should be putting our attention. The fact that I look good at the age I am is bloody irrelevant."

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HIV-Positive Porn Star Identifies Himself, Calls For Porn Film Reforms

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An adult film star who tested positive for the HIV-virus two months ago is now publicly identifying himself, and calling for mandatory condom use on porn sets, improved sex disease tests, and follow-up care for other porn actors.

Derrick Burts, who performed in both gay and straight adult films under the stage names "Derek Chambers" and "Cameron Reid" respectively, has come forward as Patient Zeta, the anonymous porn performer who made headlines after testing positive for the HIV-virus at Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation in Sherman Oaks on October 8.

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Teens Becoming Pregnant to Get on 'Teen Mom'?

Now that 'Teen Mom' cast members like Amber Portwood are in their twenties, MTV is looking for a new crop of teenage girls to keep its monster hits 'Teen Mom' and '16 and Pregnant' alive, and [surprise!] industry insiders tell me young ladies are so eager to be on reality TV that they are actually getting pregnant just to score an audition. OK, not much of a surprise. Simply take a spin around the various Internet forums filled with young girls inquiring about what's required to score a role.

"This is yet another example of the desperation of fame," Matt Titus, a relationship expert from, tells me. "The sad state of reality television has created a lowbrow vehicle for untainted train wreck personalities to display their private lives. Getting pregnant to be famous is like eating as many cockroaches as possible in a one minute period."

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Celine Dion introduces her twin sons!

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Celine Dion introduces her twin boys, Eddy and Nelson, on the cover of HELLO! Canada.

The singer, who also has a 9-year-old son, René-Charles, with hubby René Angélil, dishes to the magazine about, surprise surprise, motherhood, sleepless nights, being up to her eyeballs in dirty nappies…

“I don’t know how women do it,” Dion she tells HELLO! Canada editor-in-chief Alison Eastwood. “Every day René asks, ‘Did you sleep well?’ I’m like, ‘You must be kidding! There is no sleep! “‘

Dion and her twin boys feature in a 20-page pictorial spread, as well as gracing the mag’s cover in matching white pyjamas. Speaking of which, Dion says she’s rarely out of hers.

“‘I nurse both babies at the same time . . . I’m in my pyjamas until lunchtime and there’s no time to shower!’”

Love her.

Dion gave birth to the twins on Ocober 23.


Taylor Swift's new COVERGIRL ads!

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Swift will represent a new generation of luxury makeup, COVERGIRL NatureLuxe, launching in January 2011. The new line includes a Silk Foundation and a Gloss Balm, both delivering a perfectly polished look and a lightweight feel. Swift’s COVERGIRL ads for NatureLuxe will appear beginning in January. NatureLuxe Silk Foundation and Gloss Balm will be sold at drugstores nationwide.

Taylor’s naturally polished and beautiful look fits perfectly with the new luxury makeup line,” said Vince Hudson, General Manager, COVERGIRL Cosmetics. “We specifically designed this line for women who, just like Taylor, want high quality products that flatter her lifestyle and environment. NatureLuxe provides luxury that isn’t extravagant, but rather simple, modern elegance that is inspired by nature.”

Two more Taylor CoverGirl ads at the source

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden are getting married this weekend

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As Nicole Richie and Joel Madden prepare to tie the knot, has exclusive details about what the fashionista is planning for her big day and we've confirmed it will be this weekend.

Nicole is going for a vintage and romantic vibe," a source told exclusively.

The stylish 29-year-old is going for a feel that mirrors her own personal taste. "The wedding will be true to Nicole's style," the source added.

Nicole and Joel aren't planning a huge, star-studded Hollywood bash and instead have opted for a more intimate gathering.

"Nicole cut down the guest list because she didn't want a huge wedding."

This hasn't gone over too well, despite it being the bride's wishes. "She didn't invite a bunch of her celeb friends," the source revealed. "This has apparently upset a bunch of people."

As reported exclusively on Tuesday, party preparations are underway at her father Lionel Richie's house. A dance floor is being constructed over the pool, we learned, as workers were at the house all day.




X FACTOR hopeful Cher Lloyd was shattered last night, after her homecoming gig flopped.

The singer, 17, played a free show at the Three Counties Showground near her home town of Malvern, Worcs – but hundreds stayed away devastating the fragile star.

The gig was meant to be the highlight of a trip home, during which the rapper visited her former primary school.

But forced to endure a long wait in the cold, fans booed until Cheryl Cole introduced her act, saying: “Please welcome my little protege, Cher Lloyd, she’s going to turn her swag on.” (lol cheryl)

The show was in dramatic contrast to scenes in Liverpool on Monday, when fans fought over a place to watch Rebecca Ferguson.

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Kevin Bacon On Playing His Own Biggest Fan

In the annals of celebrity ad appearances, Kevin Bacon’s recent spot for the Logitech Revue with Google TV — which has been lighting up the Internet for the better part of a week now — easily ranks as one of the strangest, and most endearing, in recent memory. As Ivan, the world’s biggest Kevin Bacon fan, the actor sports a paunch, thinning hair, and the most impressive collection of Kevin Bacon tchotchkes — posters, props, painted portraits, you name it — ever assembled inside a single ranch-style home. How did the actor dream up the character? Who came up with all that Bacon-phrenalia? And what does this mean for the famed Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game? The actor gamely phoned up EW to answer all these questions, and more.

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Five Favorite Films with Amy Adams

Much like her wayward Disney princess in Enchanted, it's pretty damn impossible not to like Amy Adams immediately upon meeting her. But in David O. Russell's heavy-hitting drama The Fighter, Adams has to play hard and more than a little rough as Charlene, boxer Mickey Ward's (Mark Wahlberg) girlfriend and scorn of his pugilistic clan -- including his volatile older brother, Dicky Edlund (Christian Bale).

"I have so much affection for David [O. Russell]," Adams says of her sometimes-notorious director, who sought her for the role. "I'm so appreciative that he met me and he was able to see Charlene. So many times in the past a director's been like, "Can you play tough?", and I can't really answer that, because if I answer politely then they're gonna think I'm not tough, and if I answer like, "Hell yeah I can play tough!", it doesn't really work. David got it."

Playing tough meant Adams was well-matched against her co-stars, who're being touted as Oscar contenders this awards season. "What's great about this is that, in playing Charlene, I was as tough as they were; so I was able to come to set and really feel like I was toe-to-toe, just because she's so ballsy. I'm definitely the scrappiest," she laughs.

More intimidating? Picking your all-time five favorite films. "It's so hard to break it down to five," Adams says. "For different reasons, I love all of the movies I'm about to mention."

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Jessica Simpson's Xmas Album Flopped No Duh!

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Jessica Simpson’s pop career continues to slide further into oblivion as her holiday LP Happy Christmas tanks on the charts. Despite a heavy promotional schedule, which included a PBS TV special, the disc debuted at #123 with sales of just 10,000 on last week’s Billboard chart. Compare that to Susan Boyle’s reign at the top with The Gift and Mariah Carey’s top five debut for Merry Christmas II You, and you get the picture.

Jessica’s recording career may be in the dumps and her last reality show The Price of Beauty may have bombed in the ratings, but that’s OK, because the Simpson sister is about to become a billion dollar baby when her clothing line makes history by becoming the first ever celebrity fashion line to reach annual sales of $US1 billion. Yup, you read that right — ONE BILLION DOLLARS. That’s what fashion industry bible Women’s Wear Daily are predicting that The Jessica Simpson Collection will make in annual sales within the next two years after netting an astonishing $750 million this year alone, driving Simpson’s net worth up to $100 million. The line, which produces everything from clothing, perfume, cosmetics, luggage, handbags and shoes, will be expanding next year by launching a sportswear line, which WWD estimate will rake in between $150-200 million over the next two years.

So as you can see, Jessica Simpson can have all the flops she wants because with a billion dollar business behind her she can afford to make mistakes. That next mistake will most likely be her next “pop album”, which she’s hoping to have produced by The-Dream & Tricky after being impressed by their work on her Happy Christmas LP.

Who would’ve ever thought that Jessica Simpson’s little clothing empire would be making more than celebrity lines from the likes of Britney Spears, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez?


Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia also getting married this weekend

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Going, going … gone!

New York Yankees star Nick Swisher and actress Joanna Garcia are off to Florida to get married this weekend after a six-month engagement, the New York Post reports.

Swisher, 30, and Garcia, 31, who stars in the ABC sitcom Better with You, will tie the knot Saturday at the Breakers Hotel & Resort in Palm Beach in front of guests including Cameron Diaz, Jamie-Lynn Sigler and Lance Bass, the paper says.

Love her on Reba and Better With You. Can't wait for tonight's episode of Better With You!

Katy Perry Changes Her Name to Katy Brand...Becomes a Name Stealin, Swagger Jockin Ho in the Process

Katy Perry is getting Branded (a ho)!

The pop singer/tacky pair of tits reveals Wednesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that she's in the process of taking new husband/crack whore Russell Brand's last name. But in fact, she's been going by Katy Brand informally since the Oct. 23 wedding. Which is like, totally, weird, like, who even takes their husband's last name???

People call her Mrs. Brand to "try to get my attention," she says. "Like if I'm at an event or something like that, and they want special attention, they go, 'Mrs. Brand!' And I go shwoosh [looks back]." HAHAHAHAHAHA, that is sooooooo funny Katy! It's so annoying when I am leaving a restaurant and people are like Mrs. DirtyWata, Mrs. Dirtywata, you forgot to pay your bill. Like, omg, leave me alone, you guys, I'm a human just like you!

Perry, 26, also weighs in on the mutual admiration that Brand, 35, and ageless goddess Helen Mirren have expressed for each other. The British comedian has spoken of his Tempest costar's sexiness, while the Oscar winner, also appearing Wednesday on Ellen, graciously lies and says, "I'm just very jealous of Katy being married to him."

"She needs to step off my man," Perry jokes – but then quickly reconsiders recognizing what a stupid bitch she sounds like. "Actually, I kind of don't mind that someone else takes some of the responsibility, because it's a lot of work [being married to Brand]. … There's never a dull moment, except when he is out doing crack or cheating on me."

"He's a lot of different things," DeGeneres says. "Namely, a drug addict, a sex addict, a serial cheater, a filterless try-hard and the missing link of the evolutionary chart."

Perry replies: "Yes, he's a smorgasbord of things. A sense of humor is really important in our household, even though I, myself, don't possess one. That's how we de-stress, and we like to have a laugh...and by a laugh, I mean a line of coke."


Disclaimer: Some text has been altered slightly.

God, this bitch. You change you name from Katy Hudson to Katy Perry to avoid confusion but then swagger jock Katy Brand like a year later? Hell naw, bitch, hell fucking naw. Firework is still my jam though...ngl...rock that shit out in the shower like whoa.

The REAL Katy Brand's unofficial statement...

Ian Somerhalder Talks Nina Dobrev, Bromance & 'The Vampire Diaries' Fall Finale to TV Squad

Today is Ian Somerhalder's birthday, and I have a present for all of his loyal fans: a sit-down with Damon Salvatore himself to talk all about this week's big 'Vampire Diaries' fall finale (Thurs., Dec. 9, 8PM ET on The CW).

Ian opens up about bromance and being jealous of Alaric's new love, his own show romances and the power of his lovely co-star Nina Dobrev. He also dishes about Damon taking advantage of alone time with Elena while Stephen is stuck in the cave with Katherine. And if you saw this week's preview, you know there was plenty of seducing and smooching in the cave -- was it clever editing, or will things really get that steamy?

And you won't want to miss his tease of Original vampire Klaus' arrival, and what has to happen to survive. Plus, he previews the fall finale's big cliffhangers -- this is 'TVD,' people; there are always cliffhangers -- including a new possible foe in the form of Tyler Lockwood's werewolf self. If that doesn't make you howl at the moon in celebration, I don't know what will.

For his birthday, Ian is asking his fans to donate to a worthy cause:
His Ian Somerhalder Foundation is aiming to educate and empower
a new generation to focus on the conservation of our planet and its creatures.
Learn more and donate here

Source: TV Squad
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Ryan Gosling and Blake Lively together again

Ryan Gosling premiered his fab new flick, Blue Valentine, in New York last night, and we know what you're thinking... It seems like there have been a hundred "premieres" for this movie, but there was one thing—or rather person—last night had that the others did not. That would be Blake Lively by Ryan's side all night! As Marc Malkin told you guys yesterday, Blake is starring in a new ad campaign for Chanel (what doesn't this girl get?) and the hottie with a bangin' body flew back from a shoot in Paris in time for last night's screening. Blake skipped press and the red carpet, but was snapped all smiles as she attempted to go in through a side door at the Museum of Modern Art, where the screening was taking place. Lively and Gosling were later spotted at the afterparty at the Standard Hotel and apparently weren't too far apart—ever.

"They weren't obviously all over each other, but it seemed like they were together," dishes a fellow celebrating source. "There were times when they would be sitting down and he would kind of lay his hand on her knee. They were smiling, laughing, they looked happy!" lol ok E

This whole thing sounds awfully cozy for two good-lookin' babes who are just friends, no? Blake and Ryan were first spotted undercover in October at Disneyland, and while Lively's rep denied they were there on a date, it was announced Blake split with longtime BF Penn Badgley two weeks later. One guy very much in the NYC scene (who has a hilarious recap of last night, you must read) believes B and R to be dating. But dating is so often such a meaningless term these days, is it not? Our spy adds that Blake and Ryan didn't leave together. We've put in calls to Lively and Gosling's reps but have yet to hear back.


Neflix to add new ABC content

Netflix, Inc. (Nasdaq: NFLX) and Disney-ABC Television Group today announced a new licensing agreement between the two companies that will allow Netflix to stream hundreds of episodes from the ABC Television Network, Disney Channel and – for the first time – ABC Family over the Internet.

The agreement, brokered by Disney-ABC Domestic Television, will add significantly to the growing selection of movies and TV episodes that can be streamed from Netflix. Once made available to Netflix from Disney-ABC – which, for relevant programming, will be no earlier than 15 days after initial telecast – episodes can be streamed instantly with Netflix memberships starting at $7.99 a month.

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keira knightley worries about splurging $$ on clothes

Keira Knightley still worries about spending too much money on clothes. The stunning actress says she does enjoy splashing out on designer items but admits she sometimes feels guilty about spending that amount of money, even though she can afford it.

"Oh, I do like shopping, but only sometimes," she said. "The other day I wanted to buy a Burberry coat. I went into the shop, tried it on, looked at the price, nearly died, and then bought it! It was so much fun, but I still have to tell myself it's Ok to do that - isn't that mad?"

While she enjoys the occasional spot of retail therapy, Keira does a lot of her shopping online, saying "It makes my life so much easier."

Although she worries about spending too much on designer clothes, Keira isn't as concerned about her appearance and says she's happy for stylists to do whatever they want to her.

what about you guys? it's not that i feel bad spending $..i just really can't even afford to shop at places like urban outfitters or american apparel anymore since they sell cheaper and similar stuff elsewhere.


The WGA announces nominees for the best writing on TV and radio

The Writers Guild of America, West and the Writers Guild of America, East have announced nominations for outstanding achievement in television, news, radio, promotional writing, and graphic animation during the 2010 season to be honored at the 2011 Writers Guild Awards on February 5, 2011, in Los Angeles and New York.

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Aretha Franklin Reported to Have Pancreatic Cancer

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, was reported to be suffering from pancreatic cancer, the Detroit News has said. A Fox television staion in Detroit, also sites a close relative a the source.

Franklin, 68, underwent a mysterious surgery last Thursday at a Detroit hospital for an undisclosed condition.

Publicists for the singer, who has canceled all her appearances through May 2011, could not immediately be reached for comment.

Prayer circle forming, now!

Source: ABC News

Katy Perry's 'Firework' Shines Over Hot 100

Katy Perry becomes the first female artist in 11 years to take three straight radio singles from an album to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, as "Firework" lifts 2-1. She first topped the chart in June for six weeks with "California Gurls," featuring Snoop Dogg. That was followed by a two-week stay at the top in September with "Teenage Dream," the title track from her former No. 1 Billboard 200 set, which was recently bestowed a Grammy nomination for album of the year.

Monica was the last female to scale the Hot 100 with three consecutive radio cuts from one album, when title cut "The Boy Is Mine," featuring Brandy, "The First Night" and "Angel of Mine" all hit No. 1 between June 1998 and February 1999.

"Firework" is Perry's fourth overall Hot 100 No. 1, as she also led the list for seven weeks in the summer of 2008 with "I Kissed a Girl," her first chart entry.

"Firework's" ascension to No. 1 means that six different songs in the past six weeks have claimed the top Hot 100 ranking, extending a turnover ratio not seen in more than 20 years.

"Firework" sizzles at the top of Digital Songs for a second week with 212,000 downloads (down 9%), according to Nielsen SoundScan, while ranking as the week's top Airplay Gainer with a 12-8 lift on Radio Songs, up 25% to 83.3 million listener impressions, according to Nielsen BDS.
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Ryan Gosling Only Has Eyes For Michelle — and Blake Lively? — at Blue Valentine in NYC

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, wearing an Azzaro minidress, gazed into each other's eyes and greeted the crowd at a special Museum of Modern Art screening of Blue Valentine in NYC last night. The adorable twosome were joined by their onscreen daughter Faith Wladyka, who got to get glammed up with Ryan and Michelle in Cannes earlier this year, as well as their director Derek Cianfrance. The evening wasn't only for the cast, however, since Blake Lively was spotted quietly sneaking in to check out the film. The Gossip Girl star is no stranger to the city's red carpets, though this appearance will likely bring back up the rumors of a romance between her and Ryan. The two were spied on a Disneyland ice cream date earlier in the Fall, but at that point her rep said they were just friends. Since then, Blake split with Penn Badgley, while Gosling is still swinging single. He's been logging lots of time posing with Michelle Williams to promote their unexpectedly controversial love story, and his eloquence about the NC-17 rating is one of the things that makes him so sexy.

ETA from another source: Their eclectic audience included everyone from Lance Bass (not together) to Lord and Lady Astor, Parker Posey, Jonathan Ames (he writes the “Bored to Death” series on HBO), “Half Nelson” co director Ryan Fleck, the movie’s producer Jamie Patricof, and “Gossip Girl” star Blake Lively, who is dating Gosling. (...)
PS Listen–we’re all tired. At dinner at the Standard Grill, I asked the blonde sitting with Gosling and another couple what she did for a living. Everyone started throwing things at me. “That’s Blake Lively,” they all yelled in unison. They were so right, and I was so amiss. For the record, Blake was excellent in “The Town.” I will write it 100 times on a blackboard!

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Source 1; Source 2
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Don't worry, Swiftenhoolahay aren't moving in together

CLAIM: Jake Gyllenhaal Asked Taylor Swift to Move In with Him

“They’ve only been dating for eight weeks, but Jake Gyllenhaal has already asked Taylor Swift to move in!” exclaims In Touch.


The tab reports that Gyllenhaal has asked Swift to “help him hunt for a home the couple can share in LA.”

A so-called “pal” is quoted as saying, “Jake is planning for a future with Taylor, so he’d like to buy a house that suites her tastes as well as his… He’s pretty sure that she’s the one.”


Yes, truly awful… A source close to Gyllenhaal assures Gossip Cop that the In Touch story is total “BS.” The actor has NOT asked Swift to move in with him.


Sarah Palin the TV Star Exposes Sarah Palin the Fake Hunter

Palin champions will hold up last night's "Sarah Palin's America" episode as proof of the candidate putting her money where her moose is. That is to say, after years of talking about being a hunter, Palin actually went out and shot something.

While much of the debate around the episode is an ethical one about a millionaire shooting a defenseless animal so as not to have to pay for meat, the real conversation should be about how the episode absolutely exposes Palin as a charade.

In this most recent episode, a woman who has blindly championed the NRA and legitimized her frontier-woman status by claiming to be a "lifelong hunter" comes across as anything but.

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Jesse Eisenberg has phone sex with his grandmother...or something

Part Three of the Movieline interview:

Jesse Eisenberg on AOL Chat Rooms and Why He Hates Watching The Social Network

In part three of our bar-side chat with Jesse Eisenberg, the conversation — after drifting towards the positives and negatives of social media — steered right back into what became the welcome theme of the conversation: Jesse Eisenberg himself. You see, Eisenberg has admitted before that he doesn’t enjoy watching the films that he acts in, for an assortment of reasons (which he thoroughly explains here). That all changed with the release of Zombieland, a film that he watched and enjoyed multiple times. Perhaps this self-viewing breakthrough extended to his work on the critically acclaimed The Social Network?

Those pictures from your soon-to-be project, those are the kind that someone would immediately put on their Facebook page. From your research, are social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook bad for people?
I have a unique position because people write about me on the Internet. I have such a great fear of seeing something about myself on the Internet. I read The Onion everyday. And last night I went on The Onion and there’s a little picture of me — it was a joke about the movie and there was a picture of me on the homepage. It’s so shocking to me. I’m mortified about reading anything on the Internet. So the only thing I’ve seen in the last several years has been this thing on The Onion. So I have maybe a greater aversion than if I was not acting in movies because what I do is so public. So I have a great aversion to media that’s easily accessible. If I didn’t have that, and when I didn’t — when I wasn’t in movies — when America Online came out, I was online every day on AOL chatting. I did that every day, it was so cool. I’m sure I would do that again today, it’s just that I have a strange personal situation. I don’t think it’s bad. My mother found a great friend of hers that has since moved to Australia on Facebook, and they reconnected. It’s like the telephone, it can be great. You can call your grandmother and make her feel great or you can call phone sex all day long — that might be your grandmother picking up.
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Isabella Rossellini chats about gay animal sex and why she didn't like Madonna's Sex book

Daughter of Ingrid Bergman, actress (Blue Velvet, The Saddest Song in the World), model, and filmmaker Isabella Rossellini  stopped by the Out magazine video studio to chat about the new season of her Sundance Channel series Green Porno: Seduce Me in which she stars, writes, and directs ridiculously amazing and hilarious (as well as scientifically accurate) short films about animal sex.
Here she chats about where she got the inspiration for the series, gay animal sex, growing older and how it's changed her thoughts on sexuality, and why -- almost 20 years after being shot for Madonna's Sex -- she admits she really didn't like the book:

Green Porno: Seduce me airs tonight at 8 on the Sundance Channel and you can also see it here.


Teaser trailer for ARTHUR CHRISTMAS

The 3D, CG-animated family comedy Arthur Christmas, an Aardman production for Sony Pictures Animation, at last reveals the incredible, never-before seen answer to every child's question: 'So how does Santa deliver all those presents in one night?' The answer: Santa's exhilarating, ultra-high-tech operation hidden beneath the North Pole. But at the heart of the film is a story with the ingredients of a Christmas classic - a family in a state of comic dysfunction and an unlikely hero, Arthur, with an urgent mission that must be completed before Christmas morning dawns.

Voice cast uncludes Jim Broadbent, Bill Nighy, James McAvoy, Imelda Staunton, Ashley Jensen, and Hugh Laurie.


JK! But you totally know that's coming next

Justin Bieber's Trading Cards: Inside The Packs!

There are plenty of pieces of merchandise that already carry Justin Bieber's name and face, from headphones to nail polish to good old-fashioned "Runaway Love" booty shorts. There is now a new item (or rather, set of items) for Bieber fanatics to collect, as the 16-year-old Canadian pop sensation has lent his face to a series of trading cards.

There are a total of 150 cards and 30 stickers, and there are also a handful of bonus items (including a series of puzzle cards that make up mini posters). Each foil pack will cost $1.99 and will contain five cards plus a sticker. "I always dreamed of being a hockey player and having my own trading card," Bieber said in a statement about the release of the card series. "I remember collecting hockey cards, so the idea that kids are going to enjoy my cards like I enjoyed my hockey cards is amazing!"

We scored a look at some of the cards, and they feature images of Bieber from throughout his career. There are live shots, press photos and behind-the-scenes images that show Bieber in a number of different arenas and contexts. Each one also contains a piece of Bieber-related trivia, from the mundane to the sublime.

The packs will be available in a number of different retailers, so be on the look out for this display box at any number of stores in your area.
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Nick Cave in speed camera crash on Hove seafront

Singer Nick Cave has driven his Jaguar into a speed camera and roadside barrier on Hove seafront.

The crash happened on Tuesday evening as the 53-year-old Australian musician drove his twin 10-year-old sons along Kingsway.

Cave, who lives in the area, and his sons walked away unharmed and no other vehicles were involved. Sussex Police said he was not arrested.

The crash happened at 1900 GMT on the eastbound carriageway of Kingsway.

Sussex Police said in a statement: "The camera belongs to the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, not the police, and the railings belong to the local highway authority.

"Both agencies were informed. Nobody has been arrested but police inquiries are continuing."

A spokeswoman for Cave refused to comment.

The singer is best-known as the frontman of rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and his 1995 Where the Wild Roses Grow duet with Kylie Minogue.

Dex shave

Christina Aguilera: My Private Sexy Pics Were Hacked

The nearly nude photos of Christina Aguilera that are circulating the Internet today were "illegally obtained by a hacker" who jacked them from Xtina's stylist ... this according to the singer's rep.

Christina Aguilera

The rep tells TMZ the pictures -- which show Aguilera wearing nothing but pasties and a few strands of fabric -- were "taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera's home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist."

The rep continues, "We find the actions of the hackers and the press who purchased and/or obtained these photos to be irresponsible and actionable."

According to the rep, they are now "attempting to determine the identity of the hackers and will pursue them aggressively."


New U.S. Skins Extended Trailer!


MTV's adaptation of the Vulture-approved British teen drama Skins makes its debut January 17, and while diehards may be apprehensive about how their beloved will be handled in American hands, we can't wait to see how the transformation plays out. That's why we're pumped to premiere Skins's brand-new trailer, equipped with all manners of pills, parties, promiscuity, and general teen angst. Check it out!

Source: Vulture

New Trailer for 'Rio'

Summary: When Blu, a domesticated macaw from small-town Minnesota, meets the fiercely independent Jewel, he takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro with this bird of his dreams.

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Anne Hathaway, Jamie Foxx,, Tracy Morgan, George Lopez, Jane Lynch, Wanda Sykes, Leslie Mann, Jemaine Clement, Rodrigo Santoro


50 and WHO?! (SHOCK)


We're really not committing to believing this story just yet, but we feel we have to report it - X Factor judge Cheryl Cole is allegedly secretly dating hip-hop superstar 50 Cent!

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has most of us believing that she's dating dancer Derek Hough, what with the amount of time they spend together, but sources say that he is merely a cover for who she's really dating - rapper 50 Cent!

Cheryl has been no stranger to LA this year, and the source said that she met Fiddy when she was out there and has kept in contact ever since.

The source said: “When Cheryl jets to LA later this month, she will be reunited with a man she’s been secretly involved with since her split from Ashley in March.

Collapse )SOURCE

a lot of people are confirming it! omg. two flops together.



MPAA Appeals Overturns NC-17 On 'Blue Valentine'


EXCLUSIVE: The MPAA has overturned the NC-17 rating on the Derek Cianfrance-directed Blue Valentine. The film will be given an R rating after Harvey Weinstein personally argued his position in today's hearing. That clears up all kinds of potential problems that awaited the film had it been released with that rating or unrated. The rating was given for a sex scene between a married couple played by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams as their relationship disintegrates. I'm told the appeal board's decision was unanimous.
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Chasen Murder -- 'Robbery Gone Bad'

The Beverly Hills PD now says it believes Ronni Chasen's murder was a random act of violence -- a robbery gone bad -- committed by a man on a bicycle.

According to the police the gun that Harold Smith used to kill himself last week was the very same gun used to murder Chasen.

Police say they believe Smith acted alone and it was in no way connected with road rage -- an operating theory last week.

Police say they are 60 to 70 % done with the investigation, but they have to complete additional interviews.

The big break in the case was a tip through "America's Most Wanted" -- after Smith began bragging to neighbors that he shot Chasen and got $10,000 for it.

Law enforcement sources tell us they do not believe Smith was working on behalf of anyone nor do they believe he was paid. We're told he did collect money, but it was from a lawsuit.

The "AMW" tipster -- who wants to remain anonymous -- stands to collect a $125,000 reward.

Source + video

Ronni Chasen case update

Ronni Chasen slaying: Gun recovered from man who committed suicide appears to match one that killed publicist

The gun recovered from a man who commited suicide at a Hollywood apartment appears to be the same one that killed veteran Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, according to a law enforcement source.

The Beverly Hills Police Department has called 3 p.m. news conference to discuss the case, though no details were provided.

Harold Smith took his own life last week when Beverly Hills police came to his hotel to talk to him about the Chasen slaying. Police had been tipped by the television show "America's Most Wanted."

Officials have said they are not sure if Smith was involved in the killing and had asked Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Scientific Services Bureau/Firearms Section to do a ballistics comparison.

The source spoke on the condition that he not be named because it was an ongoing investigation.

Chasen was shot to death last month while driving her Mercedes-Benz near the intersection of Whittier Drive and Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills. She was on her way home from a movie premiere after-party.

She is believed to have left the event about midnight, traveling west on Sunset. Friends believe she had planned to head south to her condominium on Wilshire Boulevard near the grounds of the Los Angeles Country Club.

Several residents dialed 911 at the time of the attack. The first call, from a person who lives near Sunset and Benedict Canyon Drive, reported a gunshot.

Moments later, more 911 calls came in reporting shots heard several blocks to the west, near Whittier and Sunset. Another resident called 911 to report hearing the car crash into the light pole.

Residents who heard the crash found Chasen slumped over the steering wheel, bleeding.


ETA: I'm not going to make a new post because technically there is no article, but...

Film - The Old Guard

I have a reason to live after all: Adam Sandler and Kevin James reteam for 'Valet Guys'

The last movie to feature Adam Sandler and Kevin James was 'Grown Ups,' a critically reviled, audience insulting comedy that felt like an excuse for all of the stars to hang out and collect a paycheck. It grossed $162 million. Thanks, America.

In any case, it was further proof that Sandler's and James' stars are still burning bright, so the news (via Deadline) that they're teaming up for another comedy feels inevitable. Sony has purchased the pitch for 'Valet Guys,' the not-derivative-in-any-way story of two parking valets who witness a murder and go on the run -- surely getting involved in all sorts wacky and/or zany hijinks.

Collapse )

I'm just disturbed that I knew that Nick Bakay was the voice of Salem off the top of my head. Anyway, as for the movie--


riri, robbie, and xtina for x factor duets?

Rihanna, Robbie Williams, and Christina Aguilera have all been lined up for duet performances on the X Factor final.

The four special guests will be partnered up with the finalists on the Saturday night showpiece. Yesterday it was reported that Matt Cardle would team up with Christina Aguilera, but that remains unconfirmed.

Black Eyed Peas star is expected to team up with Cher Lloyd, who he helped mentor at the Boot Camp stage of the competition.

The X Factor final kicks off on Saturday at 7pm on ITV1.


who do you think will duet with who, ontd?

i think possibly, cher - will.i,am, rebecca - robbie, matt - xtina and one direction - rihanna
Stevie J

ONTD's Department of Children and Family Services Was Right...

10-year old R&B singer Willow smith has her eyes set on the prize. The “Whip My Hair” singer wants to be as big as pop star Lady Gaga…maybe even bigger.

"I would like to be a very well known artist.” She tells NME Mag. “I would like to be as big as Lady Gaga. I would like to be bigger. I'd like to be a big rock star."

The daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith might just get her wish. Her single “Whip My Hair” has garnered phenomenal responses from both young and old fans. Plus the track is on its way to the No. 1 spot on the UK singles chart, outselling artist like the Black Eye Peas.

While Willow, who is just ten years old, describes her fledgling career as "awesome" she added the responsibility of being a singer sometimes means she has to make sacrifices in her social life.

"The hardest part is wanting to hang out with your friends when you have to work,” she says. "My friends will come over and you're recording and you're like, 'Pleeease let me go with my friends. I don't wanna stay here!' but people are relying on you."

Sorry about the image before mod.



SHOW bosses are trying to fix it for Cher Lloyd to perform with Eminem during this weekend’s final.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Simon Cowell wants to give the 17-year-old babe a fighting chance of winning The X Factor. The music mogul knows it would be a huge coup to get the controversial rapper on his show. And he is convinced a duet with the teenager would be TV gold for the ITV1 series.

While negotiations are still ongoing, Black Eyed Peas frontman is being lined up as a fall-back plan in case Eminem, 38, says no. Will, 35, who performed on the show last weekend, helped his pal Cheryl Cole, 27, pick Cher during the judges’ homes stage of the competition.

He has made no secret that he is determined to work with her on her debut album. The US star has even said he will sign Cher to his record label if Simon does not give her a deal himself.

A show insider said: “There has been a lot of talk about Eminem. That would really give us an amazing moment on the show, like when Beyoncé sang with Alex Burke." “Eminem would be a massive coup. for us. And he’s not out of our reach. “It would be one of those moments we will still be talking about in years to come.”

Christina Augilera, 29, will also duet with either Rebecca Ferguson, 27, Matt Cardle, 27 or boyband One Direction. Robbie Williams, 36, and Rihanna, 22, will also return to the show.



    Earlier this week we voted Kanye West's album 'My Beautiful, Dark, Twisted Fantasy' into the top ten of our Albums of 2010 poll and his song 'Monster' into our Top Songs of 2010 so it's safe to say we're pretty excited about this new video.

Yes, 'Monster': the wildest and most action packed song on Kanye's masterpiece is set for release and the trio of Kanye. Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj have been hard at work creating a video for the track.

We'll have to wait a little while to see the full thing but a preview of the video, which sees Kanye getting up close and personal with waif-like models and Nicki Minaj crawling around on all-fours looks set to maintain Yeezy's current run of arthouse insanity.


Ronni Chasen Gives Away Millions in Her Will...And Leaves Her Niece Ten Bucks

TMZ has just obtained a copy of murdered publicist Ronni Chasen's will and other documents -- which estimate the value of her estate at $6.1 million ... and she intentionally stiffed one of her relatives.

In the document, dated June 10, 1994, Ronni left her playbill collection and other memorabilia to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, provided when it's publicly exhibited she gets credit -- "from the collection of Ronni Chasen."

Chasen was charitable, leaving $20,000 to Hole in the Wall Gang Fund, Inc., $10,000 to the Make-A-Wish Foundation International, $5,000 to Women's Cancer Research Foundation, $5,000 to the American Film Institute, $2,500 to the Gilda Radner Cancer Program and $5,000 to the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

According to supporting documents, another will was prepared for Chasen in 2006, but it has not yet been located. Lawrence Cohen, Chasen's brother who is applying to be the special administrator, says he believes the will may be in a safe deposit box.

In the 1994 will, Chasen left 3/4 of her estate to her mother, but her mom since died. Given her mom's death, her niece, Melissa Cohen, gets a huge chunk of money and the charities listed above get a substantial amount of money as well.

And small amounts of money go to Big Sister Volunteers of Los Angeles, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Apparently Chasen did not like one of her nieces much -- she gives $10 to Jill Gatsby, stating, "I have intentionally and with full knowledge of the consequences omitted to provide for my niece, Jill Cohen, also known as Jill Gatsby, except for the gift of $10."

Collapse )

Sources: 1, 2

Not even gonna lie, I laughed when I read she left her niece ten bucks.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Trio Trio

7 scenes from The Walking Dead comic that should have been in the show

The first season of The Walking Dead is over, but we can't help feeling a bit... disappointed. While we loved the series, it still felt like something was missing. Here are some scenes from the comic we wanted to see.

Spoilers for the first season of The Walking Dead, plus the comic book, below.

Let me state this outright, I do not think that Walking Dead is a bad show. In fact, I stand by my past praise for this series and continue to lob compliments at showrunner Frank Darabont. But when all was said and done, we still ended the first season feeling like it needed something else. The "it factor" that kept me up for two straight nights poring over the pages of Robert Kirkman's comic book was almost completely absent from the second half of the first season. So I cracked open Kirkman's seminal work one more time, to try and find what was missing from the show - and this is what I came up with.

More Dale

A big character breaking point in the TV series was when Dale finds Shane contemplating shooting Rick. The knowing look on actor Jeffrey DeMunn's face says it all. Dale isn't just the "old man" of the group, he's a character bullshit bloodhound. His age has given him wisdom and the patience to observe rather than react. His character spends a lot of time in the comic trying to protect different characters from themselves. In fact he's the first survivor to warn Rick about the Bermuda love triangle he's about to enter:

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'Burlesque' Has Become a Box Office Surprise

It’s not particularly shocking to see “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1” and Disney’s “Tangled” slugging it out for the dominant position atop the box office rankings.
But what’s in the No. 3 position is something of a surprise: It’s “Burlesque,” the Cher and Christina Aguilera musical that has been scalded by most critics and embraced by many audiences, taking in $30 million in its first two weeks.

That’s more than some industry sages were expecting “Burlesque” to make in its entire run. Consider that Cher hasn’t graced a movie since 2003 and Aguilera, once a sure thing on the pop charts, has gotten more publicity for her divorce than she has for her recent “Bionic” CD. Plus, even in the best of times, musicals have a spotty track record at the cineplex: Even such Broadway blockbusters as “Rent” and “The Producers” proved to be high-profile non-starters on the big screen.

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Doctor in Michael Jackson death keeps Nevada license

The physician criminally charged in the death of pop superstar Michael Jackson is keeping his Nevada medical license.

Deputy Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners chief Edward Cousineau told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Dr. Conrad Murray admitted to making inaccurate and incomplete statements to the board about being current on child support.

Murray received a reprimand and agreed to pay at least $3,700 in investigation costs. The board approved the agreement Friday.

Murray spokeswoman Miranda Sevcik says Murray believed he complied with reporting rules because he was negotiating payments with the mother of his son in California.

A Clark County prosecutor, Gerard Costantian, says the child support case in Nevada is now closed.
Murray has pleaded not guilty in Los Angeles to involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death.

stupid overpriced shirt
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Shia LaBeouf to swim in lake Tommy Hardy

The hot young acting pair will team up to make "The Wettest County in the World," a Prohibition-era dramatic thriller from director John Hillcoat ("The Road"), according to two people familiar with the film.

LaBeouf, who had previously been mentioned in conjunction with the project, and Hardy, who hadn't, will both be taking a turn to period pieces. LaBeouf did star in the golf movie "The Greatest Game in the World" but is of course best known for action movies and thrillers.

Hardy, meanwhile, was in adaptations such as "Wuthering Heights" and "Black Hawk Down" but is best known for his role as the agent Eames in "Inception" this summer, and he has an as yet unrevealed part in "The Dark Knight Rises." (He's also currently shooting the Reese Witherspoon romantic comedy "This Means War.")

Nick Cave wrote the screenplay for "County" (speaking of teen pinups, albeit from another era). The film is based on a novel from Matt Bondurant about a family of Prohibition-era bootleggers, and crimes committed by and against them. The movie, an independently financed project that's being produced by the producers of "Jarhead" and "Girl, Interrupted," aims to begin shooting in the spring.

The firming up of LaBeouf and Hardy for "County" does put a pin, at least for the moment, in "College Republicans," in which LaBeouf was to play a young Lee Atwater and, sources say, Paul Dano a young Karl Rove, in the "Social Network"-esque story about the two conservative kingmakers in college.

That would have been juicy. But to see LaBeouf and Hardy as bootleggers may be worth the wait.


Badly written article is badly written. Sidenote: finally opened, everybody!

Drea de Matteo pregnant with second child

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Make room on the tour bus – Drea de Matteo and Shooter Jennings are expecting their second child.

The actress, 38, is five months pregnant and due in the spring, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

De Matteo, who recently wrapped a run on Desperate Housewives and Hierophant frontman Jennings, 31, are already parents to daughter Alabama Gypsyrose, 3.

The couple, who have been together nine years, were engaged on stage in New York in June 2009.

Congratulations to them! I miss her on DH.
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Iconic Doll Controversy Over Naked Calendar


The Matchbox Barbie calendar is the work of students Breno Cosa and Guilherme Souza of the Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires. Their calendar depicts two unclothed Barbies posing on the beach, creating scenes which have stirred up quite a controversy.

The creative students claim that the Matchbox Barbie calendar was created in cooperation with Matchbox cars –- a toy that, like Barbie, is owned by Mattel. Reportedly, the claim is not true and at least one Mattel representative has indicated that the company plans to take legal action against the creators.

Artists Costa and Souza claim the calender is a comment on how sex is used to sell everything in society. But Matell's European spokeswoman Dr Stephanie Wegener said: "We have nothing to do with these pictures. "We don't want Barbie portrayed in this way, especially with our logo. We will be taking legal action against the creators."

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More pictures at the source


Redline, Haruhi, Ping Pong Films in San Francisco

The San Francisco-based Viz Cinema theater announced that the anime film Redline is returning for encore screenings at 5:00 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. every day until Thursday. The film had opened in this theater in the same weekend that it opened in Japan in October. Redline follows JP, a daredevil driver with his customized vehicle named "Trans Am." He enters an interplanetary tournament, held once every five years, where the deadliest racers compete and many people on and off the course play the game for their own ends. The film is produced by the studio MADHOUSE, directed by Takeshi Koike (The Animatrix's "World Record"), and written by Katsuhito Ishii (Piroppo, Trava). Manga Entertainment is distributing Redline in North America.

Viz Cinema is also bringing back Tatsuya Ishihara's The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya anime film on December 17 and Fumihiko Sori's manga-based live-action Ping Pong film on December 22.

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If I was in San Francisco I would forgo being at my school doing work and definitley go see Redline. Trailer is under the cut.


Dedicating this post to the former #1 place to find Anime and Action Cartoons.(And I want to show off this new gif!)


This year’s X Factor final celebrity duets have been revealed, according to reports. Despite earlier reports today, the celebrities singing with the contestants in this week’s final will be Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera. Contrary to earlier reports too, Christina Aguilera will not be singing with favourite Matt Cardle.


Instead, Aguilera will be pairing up with Rebecca Ferguson as they are due to perform ‘Beautiful’ on this Saturday’s X Factor 2010 grand final. Earlier in the week Metro reported that Dannii Minogue was looking at bagging the ‘Bionic’ singer for Matt Cardle, but it appears as though Cheryl has got their first!

Meanwhile One Direction will team up with Justin Bieber on the show, a collaboration sure to get their young fanbases screaming. The 16-year-old Canadian singer previously performed during the results show earlier this year, but attracted criticism for his poor miming.

Matt Cardle, perhaps surprisingly, will be performing a track with Rihanna who previously had to pull out of a duet with JLS on the show in 2008, let’s hope she makes it this time!

Finally, Cher will be singing with US artist Avril Lavigne after the 17-year-old covered Avril’s ‘Girlfriend’ track on the show. According to sources Cher was originally meant to be dueting with US popstar Katie Perry however the American singer pulled out of talks with show bosses earlier this week.



Last month, Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn said that he'd been making a new Gorillaz album on his iPad, which he hoped to release "before Christmas." Well, he wasn't messing with us. In fact, it looks like the new Gorillaz album just might be released on Christmas. For free. Your move, Radiohead!

Consequence of Sound points out that Albarn and Gorillaz co-founder Jamie Hewlett recently did an interview with Australia's Perth Now in which they laid out the plans for the still-untitled album. In that interview, Hewlett says, "At the moment, we've got an Advent calendar on our website, and there is a daily door that opens to reveal a gift. On Christmas Eve, a video for one of the new songs from the iPad album will be released. Then, on Christmas Day, fans get the whole album downloaded to their computer for free as a gift."

Albarn continues, "I wanted to make sure that it came out at the end of the tour because I don't want anyone to think I'd tampered with it. I literally made it on the road in America over a month. I didn't write it before; I didn't prepare it. I just did it day by day as a kind of diary of my experience in America. If I left it until the New Year to release it, then the cynics out there would say, 'Oh well, it's been tampered with.' But if I put it out now, they'd know that I haven't done anything because I've been on tour ever since."

That's a lot of effort just to prove to the world that you recorded your album while on the road, but we'll take it! So now we know to carve out a few minutes away from our loved ones on Christmas to download this new Gorillaz album.

and that's that source
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Elle Invite Only: Glee's Darren Criss sang 'Baby One More Time' at his audition

If you don’t know the name Darren Criss by now, you’re at least familiar with his work. Maybe you saw him perform Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” with a prep school posse on Glee, where he plays the comfortable-in-his-skin gay teen Blaine who befriends the ever-struggling Kurt. Maybe you’ve stumbled on his online videos, where he sings acoustic covers of Disney songs. Or maybe you’ve heard the excited screams of a gaggle of teen girls from off in the distance. That’d be Criss’ doing too. (That’s right, boys. He’s straight. Sorry.) Just upgraded from a guest star to a series regular, Criss stopped by to tell ELLE about his musical roots, his acting inspiration, and the power of Glee.

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Lethal Weapon Blackface

New TV Trend: Lethal Weapon Blackface

Earlier this season, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” aired an episode in which the gang makes Lethal Weapon 5, with Mac (Rob McElhenny) playing Murtaugh in blackface. And now the feat has been replicated on the BBC 3′s “How Not to Live Your Life.” The video is below, and I have to say, it’s pretty good. True to typical differences in British and American humor, the “Sunny” version is crazier and more off-the-wall, while “Life’s” is drier and more deadpan.

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queen sansa

Helen Mirren criticises Hollywood's male obsession with the penis

The Oscar-winning actress said there were not enough roles for women and “very brilliant” female colleagues were struggling to survive while mediocre actors climbed to the top of the profession.

The 65-year-old, who won international plaudits for her performance as The Queen, also dismissed claims that she had endured because she was attractive, saying her looks were “bloody irrelevant”. Accepting an award for leadership at the annual Women in Entertainment awards in Los Angeles, Dame Helen asked the audience: “Aren’t you sick of being told what you can and can’t do?”
“I’ve seen too many of my brilliant colleagues, who work non-stop in their 20s, their 30s, and their 40s, only to find a complete desert in their 50s,” she said, “and no work means no income”.
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stunning, better than your faves, fierce as hell, etc

Joseph Gordon Levitt featured in GQ mag as Rising Star + tweets pics his dad + book project

Ryan Gosling and Joseph Gordon-Levitt were among those named GQ Men of the Year for 2010.

This is the 15th year for this prestigious special issue of the glossy magazine, on newstands today.
And these actors were on the list along with other top names such as Stephen Colbert (Patriot of the Year) and Jeff Bridges (Icon of the Year). One woman made the cut (Scarlett Johannson as Babe of the Year) as did one Jersey Shore cast member (The Situation as Sensation of the Year).

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Florence & the Machine Live On Letterman

Florence & the Machine
will keep busy on their trip to NYC this month. In addition to the previously announced 12/14 RXP Irving Plaza show, they'll play a (private?) SPIN party at Don Hill's with Surfer Blood on 12/15, and a "Live on Letterman" webcast at Ed Sullvan Theater on 12/16 (8:00 PM, ET/5:00 PM, PT). The "Live on Letterman" show will take place right after Florence tapes a regular appearance on Letterman which will broadcast that night. You'll be able to watch it online, OR....

Want to go to the Live On Letterman show to watch it in person? I have 25 pairs of tickets to give away to the show. Details on how to win are below.

In Florence release news, you can now buy her "Live From SoHo" session recorded at the SoHo Apple Store, and the vinyl of a session she recorded in 2009 for KCRW.

Contest details below...

TO WIN FLORENCE & THE MACHINE LIVE ON LETTERMAN TICKETS: email BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM (subject: Florence). Include your first and last name in the email. 25 winners will be chosen randomly, awarded 2 tickets each, and contacted with instructions. good luck.


Chelsea Handler Tells Katie Couric, “Well, I Don’t Make Jokes About Children”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

KATIE COURIC: Cioccoloco1 wants to know, “Is there any topic that makes you uncomfortable? Are there any subjects that are over the line for you? Do you even have a line?”

CHELSEA HANDLER: I think talking about children and their looks is not nice. Like, unattractive children. I don’t do that. And I don’t talk about people who are dying. I think that’s inappropriate.

Read More
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Black Eyed Peas Album A FLOP At No. 6 on Chart

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - Weeks ago -- on paper, at least -- the new Black Eyed Peas album seemed a safe bet for a No. 1 debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

But no, the funk group could manage only a No. 6 start for "The Beginning," which sold just 119,000 copies during the week ended December 5, according to Nielsen SoundScan data issued Wednesday. That's a sharp drop from the launch of its previous album, "The E.N.D.," which debuted at No. 1 in June 2009 after selling 304,000 copies in its first week.

Chalk up some of "The Beginning's" soft start to the good-but-not-great response to its lead single "The Time (Dirty Bit)," which has so-far peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100. Last year when "The E.N.D." came out, the Peas were basking in the glow of "Boom Boom Pow," which was spending its 11th week at No. 1 on the Hot 100.

Meanwhile Susan Boyle returned to No. 1 with "The Gift," which sold 272,000 copies. Last week's champ, Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," slid to No. 7 with 108,000 copies, a hefty drop of 78%.

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even bionic did better
David Gandy: Pucker

Colin Firth wins BIFA and Washington DC Film Critics Best Actor for The Kings Speech

While the National Board of Review awarded Best Actor to Jesse Eisenberg, The Washington DC Film Critics chose Colin Firth. Firth also took home the Best Actor award, not surprisingly, last night at the British Independent Film Awards in London. It’s undeniable that he’s the favourite, which is a great position to be in, but also a sucky one. Because, well, you could say it’s his to lose. And so he’s managing the expectations, insisting that for his little movie The King’s Speech, to have had this kind of attention is reward enough. And he does have a point. The King’s Speech played at one theatre in Vancouver this weekend. On one day. And at one time. The Park, Sunday, 10am. It’s a small movie.

Meanwhile, Jackass 3D and RED are still showing at multiple cinemas on several days and several times. I don’t understand this science.

Anyway, as you can see, Colin was joined on the carpet last night by his gorgeous wife Livia who, once again, as she did last year, will be going green at every event during the season and blogging about it for UK Vogue. Click here to see her page. Collapse )

Salma Hayek: “I was an illegal immigrant in the United States”

Here is the completely sketchy cover of a very alien-looking Salma Hayek on the January issue of V Magazine Spain. The shot was done by Karl Lagerfeld, and Salma is wearing McQueen. Some excerpts have just come out from the interview - Salma talking about being an illegal immigrant in the United States when she first started out in Hollywood, and how she was the victim of “the worst” racial discrimination:

Salma Hayek talks about her humble beginnings, her former undocumented immigrant status and her charity projects in the new issue of V Magazine Spain, where the Mexican actress seductively poses for the cover titled “A Woman’s Weapons.”

Hayek’s involvement with women’s issues has distinguished her in Hollywood. Her advocacy includes promoting awareness programs about violence against women and on the rising discrimination against undocumented workers.

“I was an illegal immigrant in the United States,” Hayek said during the interview. “It was for a small period of time, but I still did it.”

Today, Hayek is one of the most prominent Latina figures in Hollywood. She is an acclaimed actress, director and producer and one of a few Latinas to be nominated in the “Best Actress” category of the Academy Awards.

“I had to endure the worst time of all in terms of racial discrimination in Hollywood when I first started out,” Hayek said in the interview. “It was inconceivable to American directors and producers that a Mexican woman could have a lead role.”

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"Batman: Arkham City" teaser trailer!

The teaser is a sort of lead-in to this weekend's Spike TV Video Game Awards, where new footage of Batman: Arkham City is expected to air. The game was first revealed during last year's show.

Source: Kotaku

I'm pretty excited to be playing Batman again. This will also, apparently, be the last time Mark Hamill plans on voicing his iconic performance of the Joker. Look out for it in Q3 of 2011. Also, here's the video from youtube, in case you can't see it: here you are.

Hey mods, hope I fixed the second video? I decided to just link to the youtube video, because I find that I seem to always cock up LJ cuts when it comes to youtube vids. :)
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James Franco is turned on by rabbits, reveals his favorite curse word, etc

Last night James Franco's edition of "Inside The Actors Studio" aired on Bravo and it was a surprisingly engaging interview that covered his childhood, early roles and latest accolades. But of course, like the children we are, the biggest reason we tuned in was to watch The Franco subject himself to James Lipton's Bernard Pivot questionnaire.

Here are his answers:

1. What is your favorite word?
The only word that comes to mind just because I like the way it sounds is 'scotch.'

2. What is your least favorite word?
When I'm reading, I don't like unnecessary things like, 'I thought' or 'he said.'

3. What turns you on?
Sometimes rabbits, like, turn me on. I don't know why.

4. What turns you off?
I don't really get turned on when I'm embarrassed. It turns me off.

5. What sound or noise do you love?
Motown. I don't know.

6. What sound or noise do you hate?
There are a few people's voices that yeah, it's just like -- I probably shouldn't say their names, but people I've been forced into tight quarters with.

7. What is your favorite curse word?
One of the swear words I, for whatever reason, tend to use when I'm alone is 's***burger.' I don't know why, but when I do something stupid, I say, 'Aww ... s***burger.' I don't know where it comes from.

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
Well, I've been writing and directing and so yeah those are things I'm doing.

9. What profession would you not like to do?
If you had to design weapons, you'd probably feel pretty bad about yourself I would think.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
That you lived to the fullest and yeah, that you helped some people.

i'm turned on by James Franco hitting on James Franco