December 4th, 2010


Regis Groped Nicki Minaj on Live TV

The "Live with Regis and Kelly" show got a little too friendly lately. Regis Philbin, age 79, glad handed the rear end of singer Nicki Minaj, age 25. Why would he show that kind of disrespect to a female guest on the show?

Nicki Minaj tweeted on Twitter that she was "in shock" after the groping by Regis, notes the Hollywood Reporter. This shows that she didn't find the incident humorous and that it had a physical and emotional impact on her.

Shame on Regis Philbin for making this music sensation feel uncomfortable. What 25-year-old wants to get felt up by a 79-year-old? Ewww. Regis needs to get some manners. Also, he should realize that if groping is part of the deal he's going to have a hard time to get young female guests on his show.

After the incident, while still on live TV, Kelly Ripa shrieked "Regis! What just happened? " notes the Hollywood Reporter. Good for her. Kelly must have known that Nicki was feeling uncomfortable. Any woman would likely speak out if she saw another woman being touched inappropriately during a work event.

Happens at 3:37

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Michelle Williams Talks Blue Valentine, Meek’s Cutoff, Playing Marilyn Monroe, Female Directors

Thompson on Hollywood, from, conducted a short interview with Indie Spirit nominee, Michelle Williams. She discusses 'Blue Valentine,' Kelly Reichardt (Director of 'Wendy and Me' and 'Meek’s Cutoff') and Sarah Polley (director of upcoming 'Take This Waltz'), and playing Marilyn Monroe.

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Trailer: Megashark Vs. Crocosaurus… Vs. Steve Urkel?

One day, God-willing, there will be an amazing DVD consisting entirely of previews for Boa vs. Python, the almighty Sharktopus and every other Megalodon/Mega-Python/Gateroid direct to video creature feature of the last five years. Hopefully with commentaries. But for now, we’ll take these trailers one at a time and give thanks when a new one brightens an otherwise drab week. That brings me to Megashark vs. Crocosaurus which features the two title characters battling it out as well as a grown up Jaleel White (that is, Steve Urkel from Family Matters) flexing some pretty hefty acting muscles.

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Any excuse for Karl Urban is a good excuse.

'Dredd' Footage To Debut At Mark Millar's 'Kapow! Comic Con'

We've already gotten our first look at the new grisly face of justice, and in a few months, there's going to be a whole lot more — for fans living in England, that is! Comic Book Resources reports that new footage from the forthcoming "Dredd" is headed to the inaugural Kapow! Comic Con, premiering next April in London, England. Producer Andrew Macdonald will be on hand to present the footage, which will doubtlessly showcase Karl Urban as the helmet-wearing Judge Dredd.

“It is fantastic to be involved with Kapow! and I’m really looking forward to talking to all the fans about our upcoming Dredd movie," Macdonald said in a press release. "I’ll be on the 2000AD panel with a little taster of what people can look forward to from our 2012 release."

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I'm still bitter that Karl lost under-appreciated entertainer of the year. I also think that ONTD needs more Karl. The world could always use more Karl.

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And The Oscar Goes To: NATALIE PORTMAN

Watch: Natalie Portman spills the secrets of her performance in 'Black Swan'


With "Black Swan," Natalie Portman had to learn to do something convincingly on camera that people train their whole lives to do, and even with the training she had in childhood, she still ended up pushing herself further than I think she bargained for, training for a full year for the film.  We discussed that and many other things when we sat down for this extended interview at the W Hotel in Hollywood a few weekends ago.

In person, Portman is stunning, which is to be expected, but before we rolled the cameras, I was struck by just how funny and sharp she was.  I'm excited to see her show up in the positively deranged "Your Highness" next year, and we talk about that a bit too in the interview.

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I just saw this, and it was AMAZINGG! It's a huge mind fuck, and Natalie DESERVES the oscar next year. She was flawless + the whole lesbian thing was HAWT.
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Demi Lovato's Attack Victim -- The pics

TMZ has obtained photos of the eye-swelling damage.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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These photos were taken days after Demi socked Alex Welch in the face -- leaving visible bruises on her left eye and cheek.

Sources close to Welch tell us ... the dancer was simply minding her own business on a private jet leaving Bogata, Colombia ... when Demi "walked up to Alex and with a closed fist, struck her on the left side of her face."

We're told Alex was knocked clean out of her seat -- and had to receive emergency medical attention.

Lovato was immediately removed from the plane and eventually returned home -- and then checked herself into a treatment center shortly after.

Alex -- who completed the remained dates on the Jonas Brothers tour -- has now lawyered up with high powered Beverly Hills attorney Donald Karpel and we're told she's "considering her legal options."


Big Ass/Sex Tape's ex squashes engagement rumors

The fans (you know, the two of you out there) of Kim Kardashian are aware that she broke up again this year, with her serious boyfriend, NFL player, Reggie Bush. They had reconciled, but ended their relationship once again. Kardashian is rumored to be dating Halle Berry's ex, Gabriel Aubry, but according to new reports Reggie Bush is the subject of engagement rumors. The NFL star has taken to his official Twitter account though in order to debunk those rumors and reports.

Reggie Bush wrote to his over 1 million fans on Twitter: "Me engaged? C'Mon Son!!!!! Even Rocky was like C'Mon Son!!!!"

According to the recent report by the Chicago Sun-Times, Mayra Veronica had been rumored to be engaged to Reggie Bush. A source alleged of Kardashian: "Kim is one of those people who can’t stand someone having something she wanted — even after she no longer wants it. It’s weird, but she’s obsessive that way. Go figure."

Despite the persistent engagement rumors, Bush has successfully debunked the reports, and it remains to be seen if Bush and Kardashian will ever reunite in the future, or if these two have definitely parted ways for good.

What do you think -- did Kardashian and Bush make a good couple?

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Dita Von Teese proud of burlesque


Dita Von Teese would rather be a "racy" burlesque dancer than star in her own sex tape.

The erotic star thinks it is unfair that she has a reputation as an overtly sexual person for stripping for a living and wonders if people would accept her more if she became the unwitting leadin an X-rated tape.

She said: "When they go to the movies, people want to see a little nudity. With burlesque, I show what I want to show. It's not related to my real sex life at all. It's like make-up, body make-up, spotlights, rhinestones, feathers. It's sensual, but nothing close to the real sex. And meanwhile, I'm considered racy. But I'm in control as a woman. Is it when you're out of control, and your sex tape comes out, and you're like 'Whoa, whoa, I didn't mean it, I'm apologizing' [that you're accepted]? I think maybe because I am giving it to people in a way, and I'm not apologizing, there's this whole thing."

The 38-year-old beauty - who was previously married to Marilyn Manson - finds it surprising that many people consider burlesque to be a "risque" form of entertainment.

Dita - whose most famous routine sees her strip inside a giant martini glass - thinks her profession is a "sophisticated" type of erotic entertainment, compared to some of the more graphic things available in the modern world.

She added in an interview with WWD: "When I think about my idols of burlesque and America in the 30s and 40s, when Gypsy Rose Lee was a household name as a stripper, it's kind of surprising to me that it's 2010, and I'm still considered risque. There's this whole big burlesque movement that's about to happen. I keep reading about all of these movies coming out and quotes from people saying, 'We don't take off our clothes - we're classy. It's like burlesque without the strip.' And I'm like what are you talking about? There is no burlesque without the strip. The trick is can you be classy, sophisticated, elegant and take off your clothes? That's my goal, to show it can be elegant and beautiful and sophisticated, rather than dumbing it down and commercializing it for the masses."

I can't explain it but I absolutely love her.

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Look at this douche

Before Josh Duhamel had a run-in with a flight attendant on a plane ... he had a run-in with a car on the streets of NYC.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

As TMZ first reported, Duhamel was escorted off of a flight from NY to KY after he refused to turn off his Blackberry.

The pics (above) were taken after Josh left FAO Schwarz with Fergie, but hours before he went to the airport. The slip was totally innocent -- Josh and Fergie were being following by paparazzi as they got in their car to leave the famous toy store.


Sry mods the last one I sent in didn't have a source. I pushed enter before I put it in.
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Will Joe Jonas Propose To Ashley Greene Over New Year’s?


Ever since Ashley Greene mentioned the word marriage in a recent interview, Joe Jonas is taking that as a signal to propose. And an insider tells us he not only totally got the hint; he’s planning a romantic proposal for his Twilight love.

“Joe thought that he and Ashley would eventually get married, but not this soon. He didn’t think he would be proposing for at least another 6 months or so,” our source reveals. “He figured after a year of dating they could become engaged, but now that Ashley is talking marriage, Joe wants to pop the question!” And since the 21-year old Jo Bro is so smitten with Ashley, 23, he wants to proposal to be perfect.

“He’s like a little boy thinking up ways to propose and ways to hide the ring,” spills the source. “He’s been asking his mom about the type of ring he should get. He really doesn’t know anything about diamonds, settings or jewelry so he definitely needs help.” We suggest turning to big brother Kevin for help on picking out a ring. And make it quick, the holidays are upon us!

“He’s not sure if he will propose at Christmas. They are spending the holiday with Ashley’s family, and Joe wants to ask Ashley’s father for her hand in marriage before he pops the question. It could be how they will ring in the New Year, though.”

For any “Jashley” haters out there, our source insists that this hot Hollywood couple is for real. “Joe loves Ashley. He cherishes the ground she walks on. They’re really happy together. They know they are soul mates,” the insider tells

Recently, paparazzi ambushed Joe about getting engaged, but the evasive Jonas dodged the question completely. Guess we’ll just have to wait until we spot that sparkly rock on Ashley’s all-important finger!


Top 10 epic bromances of 2010

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Sometimes, TV romance is overrated. There are always breakups and angsty love triangles. Plus, once a couple finally gets together, they're never as fun as they were when they were pining for each other from across a crowded room or whatever.

You know what's not overrated? Bromance.

We've compiled our list of the Top 10 TV Bromances of 2010 from scripted shows (sorry, Simon and Seacrest... we'll miss you). From the guys who love to hate each other to the guys who should just spoon already -- we're looking at you, Dan and Nate -- they're all here.

Who's our No. 1? Click through to find out, bro -- along with a representative quote that sums up each beautiful relationship

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[Esquire Magazine] New Hairstyles for Tom Brady

Esquire Magazine took a break from their usual articles such as "How-To Have Sex in a Car", "How to Find Her G Spot", and "How to Sew a Button Easily" to grace us with...

Suggested Hairstyles For Tom Brady

"The Situation"
Hard-hold gel — good for rock-hard sculpting.

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A few more at the Source
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Will a Lawsuit Prove That 'Catfish' Was Staged?


Since the documentary Catfish debuted at Sundance in January, questions have been raised about the film's veracity. Though co-directors Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost have maintained that Catfish is a non-staged work of complete nonfiction, a new lawsuit contesting the fair use of a song by the singer Amy Kuney in the film is calling the true nature of the project in question. (Spoilers ahead!) In Catfish, Kuney's music was used by a middle-aged Michigan woman — who invents an entire network of imaginary people on Facebook (including a daughter, who she falsely claimed wrote the track) — in order to befriend Schulman's brother Nev. Catfish producers claimed the song is covered under fair use, since the movie is a documentary. But Kuney's label, Threshold Records, is hoping to collect license fees by getting them to admit that some scenes were staged. If Kuney and Threshold are correct, it would be sort of ironic if it were the same song that helped unravel the hoax in the film as well as the film itself.

Has anyone seen this? I was kind of curious about it.

harley quinn

Sexy Katy Perry at VH1 Divas Salute the Troops on 12/03 Photos!

Here are some new photos of Singers Katy Perry at VH1 Divas Salute the Troops" presented by the USO at the MCAS Miramar on December 3, 2010 in Miramar, California. "VH1 Divas Salute the Troops" concert event will be televised on Sunday, December 5 at 9:00 PM ET/PT on VH1.

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Charles Manson Is a Texting Fiend

Cell phones are a hot commodity in America's prisons these days. Even Charles Manson was caught with one under his mattress in California's Corcoran State Prison. He's been texting people and even sang a song on one friend's voicemail.

According to the LAT, Manson was caught with an LG flip phone after Inside Edition aired the following recording, which Manson left on a friend's voicemail: "I've seen the world spinning 'round on fire…I've danced and sang in the devils choir…"

Ani: Amazon Warrior

'Tangled' takes the lead with $5.1 mil on Friday

Tangled rid itself of any knots as it climbed to the top of the box office on Friday, grossing $5.1 million, according to early estimates. That’s a 74 percent drop from last Friday, which, mind you, was an enormous day for moviegoing. The PG animated musical should receive a decent bump on Saturday, as most family films do, and finish the weekend with about $21 million.

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1. Tangled — $5.1 mil
2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows — Part 1 — $4.8 mil
3. Burlesque — $2.0 mil
4. Love and Other Drugs — $2.0 mil
5. Unstoppable — $1.9 mil


Oh for fuck's sake

Pirates 5 and 6 in the works?

After the surprise success of "Pirates Of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl," Disney quickly put a plan in place to create two sequels back-to-back. Gore Verbinski directed both of the sequels, and I spent time with him during the editing of both pictures.

Towards the very end of post-production on "At World's End," we spoke at the ADR stages, and I've never seen someone who looked more tired. He was so exhausted that Disney wouldn't allow him to drive himself anywhere. And when he got those films across the finish line, it didn't surprise me at all that he just kind of dropped off the radar for a little while. It's an unreal amount of work to pull off something like that.

Without Verbinski directing the fourth film in the series, and without Dick Cook at Disney to help shepherd the film, the prospect of "Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" seemed daunting at first, but eventually, Disney hired Rob Marshall, and they've wrapped photography on the film now. My guess is that things went very, very well, better than Disney even expected.

How do I know?

Because HitFix can now exclusively report that Disney has begun quietly telling cast and crew to set aside a major block of time in the very near future so they can shoot "Pirates 5" and "Pirates 6." And, yes, once again, they will be shooting them back-to-back as one giant film, and then they'll release them as two films.

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December 9th Is International Gaga Day

Celebrating the launch of Lady Gaga's new figure, renowned wax museum, Madame Tussauds, has declared December 9 as 'Gaga Day'.

The celebration is in honor of the launch of eight figures of the pop world's most flamboyant and individual performer by Madame Tussauds. In fact, the arrival of the new figure is said to be one of the most ambitious project in the history of the museum.

"We're very excited about Lady Gaga's imminent arrival in Madame Tussauds London. As one of the biggest and most unique talents in the world, she is the perfect subject for the biggest figure launch in Madame Tussauds' history. All of the styles being worked on are classic Gaga and we're sure British fans will be delighted with her London look when we unveil it next month," Liz Edwards, PR Manager of Madame Tussauds, said in a recent statement.

All the eight figures are being worked on simultaneously by a huge creative team at Merlin Studios in West London in collaboration with the Lady Gaga's favorite designers to ensure that the looks are perfect.

The entire process will involve around 150,000 pounds per figure adding up to a total of 1.2 million pounds.

The different figures will be on display at the Madame Tussauds in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, New York, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Shanghai and Hong Kong on December 9th to mark the occasion.


NEW MUSIC POST: Those Dancing Days

The world's cutest band have discovered guitar riffs and naughty words. We applaud them.

Two years ago it would have been inconceivable for Swedish quintet Those Dancing Days to have released a single with a swear word in the title. Not that ladies don't swear of course – we've heard Nicki Minaj's album – but their 2008 debut, In Our Space Hero Suits, was so twee it made Belle and Sebastian sound like Slayer. Still, the band have just announced their second album, Daydreams and Nightmares, which has been produced by Robyn collaborator Patrik Berger. Fuckarias opens with big guitar riffs, pounding drums and a frenetic, blood-pumping-through-the-veins energy that was lacking from their debut.

Tabasco: Guardian
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there should be a african / european / aus-nz celebrities tag btw....
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Five Stars Who Dueled With The Media On Twitter (And Either Won Or Lost)

Twitter has changed how celebs interact with their fans. The microblogging service allows stars to quickly get in touch with their adoring public, whether it's hyping their latest project or just letting everybody know what they made for dinner. At the same time, Twitter has allowed celebs to hit back against the media. While celebrities and the media that covers them have always wrangled, Twitter also means that stars can take it public when they feel they've been wronged.

Here are five stars that took to Twitter to fight back against the media. Let's get ready to rumble!
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Do you agree with these calls ONTD? They left out a lot of stars as well.
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'Don't You Wanna Stay' official video

Yesterday, rumors reported that the videoclip of "Don't You Wanna Stay" , music of Jason Aldean with the participation of Kelly Clarkson, would be released today. And it was released, it was shown on television ... But I admit that was kind of disappointed, since it is only the known live performance of the CMA, with a different scene, Kelly up on stage.

just another reason to post this FLAWLESS performance.







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Tove Styrke: One of New York Post's 10 artists to know in 2011

Tove Styrke
She’s gorgeous, she’s pop perfection and she’s Swedish, so no doy I’m gonna love her like a fatty loves a Happy Meal. After placing in the top four of the Sweden’s “X Factor,” Sony music quickly snatched her up and dropped her first single “Million Pieces” on UK radio with the quickness.

Her latest monster single “White Light Moment” currently dominates every radio in Europe and will hopefully seep into our ether sometime early next year. Her music is straight up dance floor fabulousness, which could make her — dare I say it — the next Robyn. With tracks on her album from Patrik Berger (Robyn, Kylie Minogue, Hilary Duff) and Jan Kask (The Sounds, Mandy Moore), the proof is basically in the production pudding.

Her inspirations range from The Rolling Stones to Elvis to Johnny Cash, but the sound of her music is anything but. All 11-tracks on her self-titled debut album (out in the US sometime in 2011) are more reminiscent of 90’s mall Divas Tiffany and Debbie Gibson, but ya’know, good -- and more electric (less youth).

LISTEN: Tove Styrke - "White Light Moment"

She wasn't in the X Factor, she was in Idol, btw
Basic bitch/Fierce bitch
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Scott Allie talks about the big death in Buffy Season 8

Here we are at the turn of the tide. The penultimate issue of Buffy Season 8 has arrived and if you dare to read the interview below, you probably already know by now the events that have changed Whedonverse fiction forever. You may also be asking yourself "Well, how did I get here?" We're right there with ya, buddy.

So read on fellow Whedonite, as we take a journey with Season 8 editor and Joss' co-writer of the final arc - Scott Allie - and try to make some sense of our pain.

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'Life Unexpected': 'Complete Series' DVD Gets Release Date


This might be the final nail in the coffin, 'Life Unexpected' fans.

Although the CW show hasn't been officially canceled by the network -- a third season could be picked up in May, though the likelihood of that happening is slim -- another troubling piece of information has emerged.

According to the site, Warner Home Video just announced the April 5 DVD release of 'Life Unexpected: The Complete Series.' The six-disc set will reportedly include every episode from both seasons, two featurettes, deleted scenes and a gag reel.

Couple that with star Kristoffer Polaha's CBS talent-holding deal, and we've got bleak news for 'LUX''s future.

When we spoke with star Britt Robertson last month, she said the mood on set still remained optimistic despite the network declining to pick up the show's back nine episodes. "There are so many people who love the show and are having such a great time on it that it's just made us fight harder to show The CW what they're missing out on," she said.

Tell us: Will you be sad to see 'Life Unexpected' canceled?

nicki|| :*

"Asked & Answered | Nicki Minaj" in the NY Times.

Nicki Minaj is all things to all people — well, at least she is to herself. Since she burst on the scene as the mistress of the mix tape two years ago, the 26-year-old Trinidad-born rapper has assumed enough personalities to rival Sybil. Minaj has affected alter egos from Harajuku Barbie to Monica Lewinsky and her latest incarnation, Roman Zolanski. Now with a chart-topping debut album, “Pink Friday,” the Young Money princess is playing a new role: superstar.

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also,a backstage pic w/ snooki from vh1 diva's which comes on 9pm EST tomorrow
-via snooki's twitter:

Jeffree Star on being dubbed the next Lady Gaga

A few weeks ago, Akon called OC native Jeffree Star the next Lady Gaga. Akon had just signed the gay shock pop purveyor, and many critics called him delusional. Luckily, Star is used to haters.

In a recent phone interview, Jeffree Star clarified what Akon meant. "I think what he meant was when Gaga came out, there were a lot of doubters and a lot of people were like, 'what's with this chick looking all crazy?'"

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Miley Nude Pic - Blogger in Trouble

Not a day goes by that a Hollywood celebrity or wanna-be is exposed on the internet. Sex tapes, stolen nude pics, public nudity, magazine poses, the list goes on. Anything to satisfy the insatiable desires of starstruck fans ... and perverts.

The younger and popular they are, the more likely the rave. Unscrupulous rumor mongers are always preying on these stars with the purpose of popularizing their blogs. Nothing like nude photos of celebrities to attract visitors to one's website.

Recently, it was a fake semi-nude pic of Harry Potter actress Emma Watson. Now, Hannah Montana star and singer, Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus is alleged to have posed naked for a self-taken photo using her iPhone. The photos were supposedly taken from her mobile phone which was stolen recently.

The 18-year-old singer is used to dressing provocatively on stage and now sites are claiming that she also sends nude pics of herself to her friends. The nude photo in question shows a woman standing at a bathroom door, wearing nothing but an open plaid shirt, phone in hand used to take the photo.

Having seen a censored version of the pic, I must say its credibility is questionable, especially since her face is not visible. However, many sites are determined to "prove" that the pictures are real. 

Miley's representatives have denied the photos are real and legal action is being considered. Since the photos were alleged to have been taken in Madrid before her 18th birthday, she was underaged then, and posting the pics would be illegal. Whoever posted the pics may be in trouble soon and probably broke by the time Mileys lawyers get through with him.


It was obviously fake etc. Oh, and before the "why are they taking legal action if it's fake" comments, it's still defamation of character.
David Gandy: Pucker

Nicolas Cage says Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance has no links to first film


EVEN though it was met with less than glowing reviews, the 2007 comic book adaptation Ghost Rider brought in $237million at the global box office and then a further $103million in DVD sales in the US alone, according to figures on The Numbers film data site.

Not a staggering total by normal blockbuster standards but by no means a flop either.


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that means Matt Long wouldn't be involved in this film... sad...


Vampire Weekend;  Ezra as Lucille Bluth

Your Vampire Weekend/Chromeo update

Tod Brody, The Vampire Weekend Contra Photographer, Is Now Being Subpoenaed Via Email

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lest you forget, the Vampire Weekend lawsuit, wherein former model Ann Kirsten Kennis was quite surprised to find her face plastered on both the cover of Contra and various walls, is rolling onward, albeit slowly and in increasingly unorthodox fashion, given that no one can hunt down the guy who took the picture and sold it to VW in the first place. That'd be the elusive Tod Brody, who is hereby advised to check his email.

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Gosselin Kids Ruin Christmas For Classmates, Telling Them There Is No Santa


The little Gosselettes are a bunch of Grinches! The Gosselin kids have reportedly been getting into trouble at school because they’ve been telling their classmates that there’s no Santa Claus. With kids as young as 6 getting the bad news about Kris Kringle, RadarOnline reports that daddy Jon Gosselin, 33, has been getting a barrage of angry phone calls from furious parents.

“The kids don’t believe in Santa Claus, and they’re telling other kids at school that there is no Santa Claus,” a close friend of the family tells RadarOnline, who adds that Jon “has received many phone calls from parents because the kids actually told others that ‘your parents are lying to you’ causing them to get upset.”

This is the latest in a long line of trouble that the Gosselin kids have been getting into at school. Kate Gosselin, 35, has denied that two of her children — sextuplets Colin and Alexis — were expelled from school, but did finally admit on The Today Show that the 6-year-olds “were having anger issues,” and that the pair have been removed from school by “mutual agreement” and are now working with private tutors.

No one is revealing which of the Gosselin kids spilled the beans on Santa, but after a family conference, the kids apparently agreed to keep a lid on the myth-busting. For now. “The kids are too smart at this point,” a family confidante told RadarOnline, “but they are sweet about it and go along with it… and the Easter Bunny too.”

Even though they don’t believe in Santa, the kids will be having a happy holiday celebration with their parents. Jon gets to spend Christmas Even with his eight kids, while Kate gets them on Christmas Day. And they have a wish list for what they’re hoping to find under the tree, according to the insider: “one wants a scooter, the other wants a bike. They also want trucks and dolls and games.”

No one actually told me "the truth" about Santa. I just kind of grew out of it, tbh. What about you, ONTD?

"Wetten Dass!?" broadcast interrupted after accident.

German live TV show "Wetten Dass!?" (one of Europe's most watched TV shows) has been interrupted after an accident. A 23-year-old contestant's bet went terribly wrong, leaving the audience, stars and host in shock. After immediately zooming out of the scene TV channel ZDF started showing past music performances. The contestant's condition was stabilized by paramedics and doctors and afterwards rushed to a hospital. His condition is serious and the TV station has decided to stop the live broadcast of the show.

Tonights guests would've included Justin Bieber, Take That, Cameron Diaz, Cher, Phil Collins, Christoph Waltz, Seth Rogen, Otto Waalkes, Sara Nuru, Hardy Krüger and Alexandra Maria Lara.

The TV channel is going to inform the audiences at home during it's news broadcast at 10.45 pm about the contestant's condition.


What happend?
The contestant bet he could jump over 5 cars (obviously one at a time) going at a speed of 25 km/h with "Power-Jumpers". After his fourth attempt where he tried jump over an Audi driven by his father he landed on his face instead of landing on his "Power-Jumpers". Realizing the 23-year-old-contestant wasn't moving anymore, hosts Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker rushed towards the young man, immediately asking for a doctor.

I FOUND AN ENGLISH ARTICLE: "Updated: Serious accident during Europe's biggest TV Live Show - "Wetten Dass" just aborted!"

- ZDF (no English source (yet), sorry!)
- GettyImages
- TheDailyHerold
- Bild

I hope he's going to be ok. :(


Video of the accident:

Collapse )

Sorry about the info coming slowly... I've got to translate everything from German to English... ;)

ZDF just announced that Samuel K....
1) ... is at Universitätskrankenhaus Düsseldorf (= university hospital Düsseldorf).
2) ... his parents are with him.
3) ... he's able to talk. ... he's in a state close to consciousness
4) ... according to Bild he's currently undergoing surgery. (12.20 AM - German time)

They don't want to announce anything else, because they still don't know if he'll be able to recover completely from the accident., because they have to wait for the results of a tomography to know what kinds of injuries he suffered from and if he's going to recover from them.


Damon Albarn thinks America is "in tune" with Gorillaz. The singer - who is behind the cartoon group with artist Jamie Hewlett - said he is overwhelmed by the success of their recent US dates, and thinks it is because the country is in the right place to embrace their eclecticism, particularly of their live incarnation.

He said: "It just seems to be in tune with where America is at the moment. America is in a period of transition and sort of the idea of a very mixed crowd, an eclectic crowd is something they are embracing at the moment. So the fact that we have such a mad generational sort of mixture and Arab-American musicians, it's good and the crowds are just so mixed it's amazing."

Damon also said he's pleased to have finally made it in America, one of the few places in the world where his other band, Blur, never achieved mainstream success.

He added to website "I can't believe it really, and it's a heartfelt sort of wonder cause I didn't really put a lot of time into America with Blur, and although we had a very cool, underground following it was really difficult stepping off the plane from having played to really, you know, ecstatic, empathic audiences in Europe and in the UK and also in Australia and New Zealand and then going to America always felt like it was a bit of a step down and a bit like hard work, and no-one ever got it and it was too English."

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Is Black Swan the Art-House Version of Showgirls?

This season, some pundits were so ready to crown Burlesque as the heir to the Showgirls camp crown that they may have missed the real contender: Darren Aronofsky's Oscar-friendly but thrillingly over-the-top art-house film Black Swan. Sure, all the breasts have been whittled down to bone and concealed in binding ballet outfits, but under its high-minded surface, Black Swan owes a feather-tip to Paul Verhoeven's exploitation classic more than Aronofsky might be willing to admit. Fortunately, we mean all of this in a good way: Oscar season is often so dreary, and this juicy slice of straight-man camp should liven up the awards derby quite a bit. Here are eight things that Black Swan and Showgirls have in common.
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-- NY Mag.

Black Swan wishes.