November 22nd, 2010

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Kanye Gets A Perfect 10.0 From Pitchfork (The First Since 2002)

Kanye West's 35-minute super-video, Runaway, peaks with a parade. Fireworks flash while red hoods march through a field. At the center of the spectacle is a huge, pale, cartoonish rendering of Michael Jackson's head. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy's gargantuan "All of the Lights" soundtracks the procession, with Kanye pleading, "Something wrong, I hold my head/ MJ gone, our nigga dead." The tribute marks another chapter in West's ongoing obsession with the King of Pop.

West's discography contains innumerable references and allusions to Jackson. His first hit as a producer, Jay-Z's "Izzo (H.O.V.A.)", sampled the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back". For many, his first memorable lines as a rapper came during 2003's "Slow Jamz": "She got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson/ Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson." And when West's recent interview with Matt Lauer on the "Today" show went awry, he took to Twitter, writing, "I wish Michael Jackson had twitter!!!!!! Maybe Mike could have explained how the media tried to set him up!!! It's all a fucking set up!!!!" Like most everything else, Kanye may exaggerate the kinship, but it's real. And it's never more apparent than on Twisted Fantasy, a blast of surreal pop excess that few artists are capable of creating, or even willing to attempt.

To be clear, Kanye West is not Michael Jackson. As he told MTV last month, "I do have a goal in this lifetime to be the greatest artist of all time, [but] that's very difficult being that I can't dance or sing." He ended the thought with a laugh, but you get the impression he's not kidding. Unlike Michael, he's not interested in scrubbing away bits of himself-- his blackness, his candidness-- to appease the masses. And while Jackson's own twisted fantasies of paranoia and betrayal eventually consumed him whole, West is still aware of his illusions, though that mindfulness becomes increasingly unmoored with each newspaper-splashing controversy. The balance is tenuous, but right now it's working to his advantage. On Twisted Fantasy, Kanye is crazy enough to truly believe he's the greatest out there. And, about a decade into his career, the hardworking perfectionist has gained the talent on the mic and in the control room to make a startlingly strong case for just that.

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If you go here you can see all the other perfect scores. This is the first album since Wilco's "Yankee Hotel Foxtrot" to do so.

Boardwalk Empire ep. 1.10 Review- “The Emerald City"

"Sometimes I forget what I look like. Then I pass a mirror, and I remember. I stare sometimes at my face, and can't recall how I was before." -Richard Farrow

As we barrel towards the end of season one, can any of these characters look at their reflections and remember the person they used to be? Or would they all be as startled by who they've become as Margaret is?

Forget Richard Harrow, whose pre-war face we get to glimpse in an opening dream sequence. Margaret is now both a mobster's kept woman and, thanks to the passage of women's sufferage, a sudden power player in the world of Atlantic City politics. Nucky is now a guy who stands in warehouses while his colleagues shoot or strangle his enemies to death, Jimmy one of the ones doing the shooting (and almost as a joke, at that).

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this was the best episode of the season so far! AMAZING

The Most Influential ShowYou MAY OR MAY NOT Have Seen

Evil aliens come to Earth claiming peace. A seemingly harmless doll comes to life and tries to commit murder. A woman haunted by ghosts comes to realize she's dead too. Adam Sandler learns how to control time using an innocuous household item. Sound familiar? By this point, they should all seem like cliches to you, tired old plotlines recycled by Hollywood time and again to feed the mindless masses. But these themes were all used at one point, creating a landmark show in television history, one that still reverberates within the pop culture lexicon, and holds influence over nearly everything that came after it to this very day.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone.

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January Jones is the new face of Versace

January Jones and Donatella Versace met last year, thanks to a shoot for ELLE.

The designer, a huge Mad Men fan, chose the star to model a few gowns in a particularly sexy, tousled editorial shot by Mariano Vivanco for our August 2009 issue. It was, apparently, the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Since then, Jones has sat front row at Versace’s runway shows, popped up at the house’s parties and even thrown charitable dinners alongside Donatella. Now she’s the face of the brand’s spring campaign. Last year, Jones told the designer, “I want to be in fashion. But I wouldn’t want to be the actress with a fashion line that other people design.”

So starring in someone else’s campaign, especially one as major as Versace, is the perfect way for the former model to kick start that transition. Late last week, word started to spread that January Jones is the face of Versace’s spring campaign, and was shot by Mario Testino. A Versace spokesman confirmed that Jones was in the campaign but wouldn’t comment further.


Comic-Con Tickets on Sale Today....Or Not!?

Comic Con 2011
Oh The Epic Fail has happened again! Geeks like me everywhere are pissed because Comic Con can't seem to get their ish together! The message below is what we are seeing when trying to order tickets!

Comic Con 2011

They recently tweeted this on their official twitter page saying.. things will be back to normal shortly! I'm thinking maybe another 2 weeks we will be able to try again!

Comic Con 2011

Source: My computer screen & Jivid

The Time Has Come

Body Talk 3 Released
First, go here to get a $3 coupon for Amazon.
Second, buy the album here for a grand total of .99 cents.

ETA: More Tour Dates Announced for 2011! An exclusive, limited Robyn fan pre-sale tickets will be available for most shows in the Robyn Ticket Store tomorrow at 9am EST.

1/26 Toronto, ON The Sound Academy
1/27 Montreal, QC Metropolis
1/28 Quebec City, QC Imperial Theatre
1/29 Portland, ME State Theater
1/31 South Burlington, VT Higher Ground
2/1 Baltimore, MD Ram’s Head Live
2/3 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory
2/4 Boston, MA House of Blues
2/5 New York, NY Radio City Music Hall
2/7 Cleveland, OH House of Blues
2/8 Columbus, OH The LC Pavilion
2/9 Detroit, MI Royal Oak Music Theatre
2/11 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre
2/12 Milwaukee, WI Rave Ballroom
2/13 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
2/17 Austin, TX ACL Live @ The Moody Theater
2/18 Dallas, TX South Side Music Hall

Oprah's Favorite Things 2010. Bah! Humbug!‎

For her final season, Oprah's doing everything bigger than ever, including her annual Favorite Things episode.

This year, for Oprah's Ultimate Favorite Things, the queen of daytime surprised her audience with a Black Eyed Peas performance, a 7-day cruise on Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas ship, a $2,475 Philip Stein watch, a 52-inch Sony Bravia 3-D TV and more.

Below, see what the lucky audience members received (not every photo below is the exact gift Oprah gave her audience):

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Spoilery Draco Malfoy/Deathly Hallows Discussion with Tom Felton

Full Mexico city press conference on youtube. GREAT videos. Tom talks about his life before and after Potter, auditioning for Harry and Ron, his music, why Draco needs to be more understood and less hated, being nervous while working with the legendary adult cast and a lot more.

Tom talks about Draco having the worst parents ever, who are to blame for his actions.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
~~Draco Malfoy Post~~. Use this post to talk about death eaters, the malfoys and Voldemort only!

Tom Felton: It's Been Totally Worth It to Lose a Little of My Childhood

Tom Felton won audiences over as Draco, the arrogant young bully of Slytherin who loved giving Harry Potter a hard time.

Now, he's facing an identity crisis in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2. Parade's Jeanne Wolf found out why Felton found the final films the most exciting, even if he's not exactly the hero.

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Kate rejects the race of men for being unworthy

One Kate who's still waiting: Twice-married Kate Winslet splits from new lover... now she 'wants to be alone'

Love on the rebound: Kate and Louis at a party in Spain

She has been hailed as the finest actress of her generation, but ­lasting love is proving elusive for Kate ­Winslet.

After her split from second ­husband Sam Mendes, friends were delighted that she had taken up with model Louis Dowler.

But just four months later the romance is over and Kate has said she wants to be alone.

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More NKTOBSB tour dates announced

The first set of tour dates are now all on sale. The L.A. concert went on sale to the general public today.

WED 8-JUN (Previously Announced)
Toronto, ON
Air Canada Center

THU 9-JUN (Previously Announced)
Toronto, ON
Air Canada Center
SOLD OUT! Second show added to meet overwhelming demand!

SAT 11-JUN (Previously Announced)
Uniondale, NY
Nassau Coliseum

SUN 12-JUN (Previously Announced)
East Rutherford, NJ
Izod Center

FRI 17-JUN (Previously Announced)
Chicago, IL
United Center
SOLD OUT! Second show added to meet overwhelming demand!

FRI 1-JUL (Previously Announced)
Los Angeles, CA
Staples Center

At the same time additional tour dates
were announced. Details behind "the cut"

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May we have an NKOTB tag please, Mods?
Trio Trio

The Walking Dead teaches us that we still need manners when the zombies come

The Walking Dead teaches us that we still need manners when the zombies come

Last night's episode of The Walking Dead, "Vatos," taught us that appearances can be deceiving, always cauterize your wounds, and only say significant things when the zombies rise. You don't want your last words to be embarrassing.

PRO: "Vatos" opens with some nice character development with Amy and Andrea. They remember their deceased parents and fish in a gorgeous quarry. It's a poignant moment (they know they'll never see their parents again) and a welcome shift from Merle's hand antics last week — it's nice to see the zombie world won't be all cracked concrete and hillbillies with adjustment problems.

PRO: Jim is quietly losing his mind and digging graves for no discernable reason. Hooray, inevitable group tension!

PRO: Glenn's facial expression when Darryl salvages Merle's hand.

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NKOTBSB The Best At the AMA'S

Did NKOTBSB Have The Best Performance At The 2010 American Music Awards?

The 2010 American Music Awards featured a number of excellent, theatrical performances from some of the biggest names in music. Beginning with Rihanna (who opened the show with an intense read on the hit "What's My Name?" and the soon-to-be-massive "Love the Way You Lie (Part II)"), each subsequent performer kicked the evening up a notch in his or her own particular way. Justin Bieber filled the stage with a massive choir for the overwhelming wave that was "Pray," while the Black Eyed Peas pulled out another futuristic rave-up. Some performers went in the other direction, as Kid Rock shed his big rock sound for a simple acoustic tune and Taylor Swift settled for little more than a piano and some snowing-on-stage effects for her take on "Back to December." Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, Pink, Katy Perry and others all impressed as well, turning in intense performances, with the only real dud of the night being the collaboration between Santana and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, which never seemed to come together (it didn't help that they were covering a beloved T. Rex song).

If we are to go solely by audience reaction, then the best performance of the night belonged to the combined powers of New Kids on the Block and the Backstreet Boys (henceforth known as NKOTBSB). The nine-headed behemoth took the stage at the end of the night and blew through a mash-up of some of their biggest hits. They were in fine voice and still moved extremely well, and it set the tone for their hotly-anticipated tour next spring.

NKOTBSB were indeed the best performance of the night! They kicked everyone's ass and rocked that stage and had everyone singing and dancing. Also during that performance I was 10 again
Haters  go to the left cuz they saved that shitfest of a show last night and you know it

Moviefone's Unscripted for 'Burlesque' with Cher and Christina Aguilera

What do you get when two of the most famous music divas and co-stars of the new film 'Burlesque,' Cher and Christina Aguilera, interview each other? Not as much flying fur and attitude as you might think.

It turns out these two chanteuses get along famously, and these lovely ladies tell us everything from what attracted them to the movie to their most uncomfortable moment during filming.

For Aguilera, 'Burlesque' has additional importance as her feature film acting debut -- which she made alongside cinema heavyweights Cher and Stanley Tucci. She reveals she was at once both nervous and excited to undertake such a daunting project. But as Cher tells us, Aguilera wasn't the only one learning on set.

And no interview with Cher is complete without talking about THOSE clothes. Watch to hear Cher describe her favorite outfit -- which she wore to retaliate against the Academy when it didn't nominate her for Best Actress for 'Mask.'

Source: Moviefone
**Bonus clips at the source
Three Houses One True Pairing

Netflix Now Offering Streaming-Only, Raising My Plan $3 a Month

A new plan for watching instantly, plus price changes to existing unlimited plans

Hi, Jessie Becker here, VP Marketing, with an update about changes we are making today to our plans and prices.

First, we are now offering a new $7.99 a month plan which lets you instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies streamed to your computer or TV. This plan does not include any DVDs.
All the titles you can watch instantly on your current plan are also available on this new plan, and as a reminder, not all titles on DVD are available to watch instantly. This new plan is available immediately - if you’d like to switch to this new plan at any time, simply visit Your Account.

Second, we are increasing the prices on our unlimited plans that offer both watching instantly and DVDs by mail. On our two most popular unlimited plans – the 1 DVD out at a time and 2 DVDs out at a time – the price is increasing by $1 a month. We’ve also included below the changes on all the plans. To see how these changes impact your Netflix account, visit Membership Details.

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I dropped to a 2-out. No, you are not grandfathered in, check your membership details.

**Sorry mods, I forgot the tags on the other post***
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Not This Shit Again...

WAG Affair? Gerard Pique And Shakira Spotted Together Again!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
In August we published the rumour that Barcelona defender Gerard Pique and pop star Shakira had got jiggy during the 2010 World Cup.

It now seems there may be some hard truth at the soft centre of this rumour. Pique and Shakira have been spotted together this week, in the Spanish resort town of Blanes on the Costa Brava.

This would all be fine and dandy, but Shakira is currently engaged to lawyer Antonio de la Rua (the son of Fernando de la Rua, former president of Argentina). Waka Waka indeed.


Herp Derp Downgrade

Full time ass and part time porn star Kim Kardashian spends some quality time with queen bitch Halle Berry’s ex, model/douche canoe Gabriel Aubry, during a basketball game held at Staples Center on Sunday night (November 21) in Los Angeles.

Gabriel, 34, who will never do any better than Halle and Kim, 30, who will fuck anyone who will get her on the cover of Us Weekly, watched the Los Angeles Lakers (Losers) beat out the Golden State Warriors (who?), 117-89.

Back in April, Halle and Gabriel split after four years together when Halle realized that no mere mortal is good enough for her. They have a 2-year-old daughter, Princess Nahla of Fierce.

Here you can see Kim taking a giant shit. Gabriel is side-eyeing her, or possibly checking out Kobe's ass, idk.

Go to the source for more photos because I just can't be bothered to rightclicksave these basic bitches, the famewhoring is too much for my whittle <3 to handle.
patient it seems is not so well sleeping

Of course she does

Whoopi Goldberg Says TSA Pat-Downs Are Necessary

Whoopi Goldberg defended the TSA's controversial new screening procedures on Saturday's "Huckabee," saying they are needed to keep people safe.

Speaking to Mike Huckabee on his Fox News show, Goldberg praised the TSA, saying the agency is doing "a good job."

Huckabee said that the new procedures, which have sparked fury across the country, seemed to come from a police state. Goldberg said that "we are in a bit of a police state," but that such restrictions were needed to keep people safe.

"People keep seeming to get on planes with bombs...we are in treacherous times and, no, it's not comfortable, and it's not the way I would like to live, but if it's going to keep me from getting blown out of the sky, you can check anything you want and if you feel something you like and squeeze it, what am I going to do?"


'Superman' Casting Rumors: 'Watchmen's Matthew Goode New Frontrunner

Who will play the next Superman? Director Zack Snyder has indicated that his film will focus on the "early days" of Superman, though it's wide open for speculation as to what, exactly, that means. Is it Superboy? Clark Kent: Cub Reporter? Superman: Post-'Smallville' Stress Syndrome? Last week, Deadline claimed that a "wide net" was being cast to find an actor to play the title role, someone between the ages of 28-32, and that hundreds of actors would be considered. It was also asserted that the filmmakers were "open" to the idea of creating a star, either a complete unknown or a lesser-known TV star. Now we're hearing that Matthew Goode, co-star of Snyder's 'Watchmen,' is already the front-runner.

According to Movienewz, Goode, who stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, is the right height for the role, which they say is what's "most" important. (?!) Somehow, we don't think the selection hinges mostly on height, so this rumor could be rubbish. However, it does introduce another element of intrigue to the casting process, which could drag on for months; namely, could an English actor play a beloved American icon?

By and large, leading roles in comic book films have been played by American actors, though casting a British actor is not without precedent. In recent years, Ray Stevenson starred in 'Punisher: War Zone' and Aaron Johnson played 'Kick-Ass,' but neither were exactly "heroes" in the traditional sense.

Goode's dual role as Adrian Veidt / Ozymandias in 'Watchmen' was not terribly impressive, filled with "sleepy monotone pronouncements," in this writer's opinion. He was charming, if not much more, in the romantic comedies 'Leap Year,' opposite Amy Adams, and 'Chasing Liberty,' opposite Mandy Moore. He did very good work with an early star turn in the little-seen 'South From Grenada,' and had a nifty time in a supporting part in Woody Allen's 'Match Point.' He's 32, which puts him at the north end of the reported age range for the character.

Could, Goode, or any other British actor, convincingly play the Man of Steel and promote "Truth, Justice, and the American Way" with a straight face? We don't see why not.


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Kourtney Kardashian's Baby Hospitalized Briefly


Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick had a major scare over the weekend when their 11-month-old son Mason suffered an allergic reaction to peanut butter. reports that Mason and his mom were rushed to the hospital by ambulance on Friday night at around 10pm.

"Scott was terrified," says a witness of Mason's dad, who followed behind by car. "He was clearly pretty worried about whatever was going on, but Kourtney was far more in control of the situation."

According to TMZ the concerned parents called 911 when their son suffered an adverse reaction to peanut butter. Thankfully everything turned out okay - Mason is now "totally fine" and back home with mom and dad.

Should babies that young even be eating peanut butter? :\

New Trailer for Justin Bieber's 'Never Say Never' -- Cue the Crying.

Ever wanted to see Justin Bieber in 3-D?

No, haters are not going to get a chance to take a swing at the 16-year-old pop sensation, but fans will get to watch their beloved Biebs on the big screen. That's right; Justin is coming to a theater near you on Valentine's Day in a new concert film called 'Justin Bieber: Never Say Never' -- and we have the trailer exclusively right here.

The trailer includes shots of baby Bieber playing instruments (OMG! He was always so talented!) and voiceovers from fans saying why Bieber is their inspiration. The trailer makes 'Never Say Never' look like a documentary surrounded by a concert, rather than just a straightforward show.

Even Usher, Bieber's musical mentor, gets in on the praise and fans are shown crying as they are brought backstage and repeating "Never say never," a phrase Justin apparently always says. (At least the film acknowledges the devotion and insanity surrounding this kid.)

If you live with or near a tween "Belieber," get ready to hear some shrieks!

The film premieres this February, but advanced tickets go on sale Nov. 29.


So, did the trailer give you Bieber Fever? You're in luck, because the cure is coming early for some fans, in the form of special sneak peek screenings of the movie on February 9th in 3D theaters across the country. Tickets go on sale on Cyber Monday, November 29th. A ticket purchase also buys you a special Justin Bieber gift pack that includes limited edition purple 3D glasses, a VIP lanyard and a movie-branded glow stick and lanyard.

Source: Moviefone
victoria flower crown &lt;3
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Rihonorablehumanbeing Smashes Number 1 Hits Record, Remains Only Girl in the World while doing so

Pictured: Rihanna waving to her haters

Rihanna rewrites the mark for most No. 1s in the 18-year history of Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart, as "Only Girl (In the World)" rises 2-1.

The song is Rihanna's seventh Pop Songs leader, pushing the singer - and 2010 American Music Award winner - past Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga, each with six.

"Only Girl (In the World)" introduces Rihanna's fifth studio album, "Loud," which is expected to debut in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 to be refreshed, along with all charts, Thursday (Nov. 25) on The song has reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Follow-up "What's My Name?," featuring Drake, topped the Hot 100 two weeks ago.

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"X Factor" Lloyd promises GaGa-like album + Lloyd Naked

X Factor star Lloyd Daniels has compared his upcoming debut album to Lady GaGa and Beyoncé - because it is so eclectic.

Daniels, who finished fifth on last year's series of the ITV1 talent show, is currently "working really hard" on the record, which he insisted is "not at all" like his X Factor performances.

"We've gone for lots of completely different genres because we didn't want to keep it too much the same," he told Digital Spy at a recent photo shoot for Gay Times's Naked Issue. "I think you could compare it to people like Beyoncé and GaGa because they don't make albums where every track sounds the same."

When asked when fans could expect to hear his music, Daniels revealed that he is planning to release his debut single in February, although he was unable to confirm when the full album will be available.

Daniels also revealed that Cher Lloyd is his favorite contestant on this year's X Factor, describing the 17-year-old as "just brilliant", but predicted that One Direction are likely to win the contest.

"They've got great voices the five of them and they're good-looking boys. I think they've got a great fanbase so they're going to do very, very well," he explained.

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Digital Spy 1, Digital Spy 2

Gorgeous Chocolate Glee Godess - Haters Remain Hungry

On Glee, Amber Riley plays the sassy yet sweet Mercedes. In this YRB feature / photoshoot, she plays a glammed up diva ready to head out to a holiday party in style.

Being rejected by American Idol:
“With so many people in my family singing, it was kind of easy for me to go into clubs and sing background,” she said. “This was my first time out of my comfort zone auditioning. When I did that and they told me no, my world crumbled. I was thinking these people are in the industry and they are telling me no. I’m not good enough to do this. I definitely thought that for a minute.”

On auditioning for Glee:
“A friend of my friend was friends with a casting director and looking for a girl who could sing. I still don’t know who that friend was. She said they need a really great singer. They want a black girl. She has to really sing, really belt it out. I told her, ‘I’m not a belter. I know I have a strong voice, but I’m not a belter by nature.’ I just thought tomyself, ‘Forget it. I’ll just go on the audition.’”

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Oh, and you're welcome for giving you such a flawless post to marvel at.


It looks like the American Music Awards didn’t need an interruption from Kanye West to generate a scandal. It is being reported that both Chris Brown and Lady GaGa were snubbed at last evening’s event and not given their trophies because of their failure to attend the ceremony.

According to Neon Limelight, Brown’s award for ‘Best R&B/Soul Male’ was given to Usher instead, although his name was clearly written on the prompter as the winner. Furthermore, GaGa’s manager, reportedly Troy Carter, claimed that Justin Bieber was awarded her title of ‘Artist of the Year’.

Interestingly, during Usher’s peculiar acceptance speech after collecting trophy for ‘Best R&B/Soul Male’ he made sure to highlight that Brown was “home”.

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SMH at The Mcfly Haters

Emma Watson's security watching McFly?

Emma Watson's security were not taking any chances with boy band McFly at the Harry Potter premiere.

Drummer Harry Judd has revealed that he was stopped by the magical star's security inside the cinema and banned from walking past her and Daniel Radcliffe.

Judd added: "I was like, look I know they're like massively famous but can I just walk past them? I'm not going to try and cast a spell on them!"

At the premiere, the band admired Emma's look with singer Tom Fletcher admitting that he would like to play Ron Weasley as Ron gets to go out with Watson's character Hermione.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is out in cinemas now.

how dare you hate on Harry

p.s. how the fuck is it possible that the shitfest THE WANTED will be on X Factor and not Mcfly?  BS!
guti WEAH

For the 3 People Who Watched Fake Top Gear Premiered Last Night...

What Did You Think About ‘Top Gear’?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The American version of “Top Gear” made its debut on the History cable channel last night. In reviewing the first three episodes — the only ones made available by the producers — Mike Hale of The New York Times wrote, “The result — for the person with a casual interest in cars, anyway — is a show that at this point lacks the character of the British original but is, particularly in its second and third episodes, reasonably entertaining by American reality-TV standards.”

John Krewson of, an enthusiast site, offered a similar point of view.

“There’s a bit of a touring-company feel to the whole thing, a vague sense of wedding-band cover-version, especially at first,” Mr. Krewson wrote. But the hosts gain better footing in the later episodes, he found, and “by the third episode you should have the snack tray full and an hour free, because this show has a damn good chance of being, if not lightning in a bottle, then white lightning in a jar. Rougher, at least at first. But no less fun.”

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imo the best thing of this show is Tanner Foust cuz everything else sucked but I think i'm saying this cuz I have a bias towards the UK one.
I will give it a shot and see how things go but the chemistry between the hosts was really lacking.

RH Atlanta on Ghosthunters Ep Is Here FINALLY

Preview: 'Ghost Hunters' And 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Crossover Episode Airs December 1st

Bravo's 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' join the 'Ghost Hunters' as 'Special Guest Investigators' Wednesday, December 1st at 9/8C on The Sy Fy channel.

Sheree Whitfield, NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak will be on the case at the historic Rhodes Hall in Atlanta, GA as they join Jason, Grant and the rest of the team for an unforgettable investigation.

Rhodes Hall was built as the home of furniture magnate Amos Giles Rhodes, proprietor of Atlanta-based Rhodes Furniture and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

gary proposes

Amburrrrr gets a new bf + tattoo.... and Gary has his drivers license suspended


"Amber Portwood, the troubled star of hit US show Teen Mom, stepped out with a new boyfriend today. The 20-year-old, notorious for her violent outburst, has started dating mixed martial arts cage fighter, Clinton Yunker.

The new couple were spotted in Clinton's home town of Anderson, Indiana, where  they embraced and kissed.

At one point he swept the reality TV star off the ground in a romantic clinch and the pair then headed to a tattoo parlour where Amber is said to have be!
en inked."


"There's more legal drama for Teen Mom star Gary Shirley.

The 24-year-old ex-fiance of Amber Portwood was pulled over by Indiana police recently who discovered that he had his license suspended, has exclusively learned

He had a ticket for a seatbelt violation and then he was pulled over and the police told him he had a suspended license," according to a source close to Shirley."


DNW! Meet the new writer of a "Buffy" film - Without Joss Whedon!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

During its seven-season run, the beloved ”Buffy the Vampire Slayer” series put some fang into high-school melodrama long before “Twilight” made the undead all sparkly, and one big reason was the ability of the show’s creator, Joss Whedon, to put himself in the head of his female fans. Now we’ll find out if that rapport works in the other direction as the 29-year-old Anderson works on the script for a Warner Bros. feature-film “Buffy” reboot that is moving forward without Whedon.

Anderson, with a chuckle, said she is ”fighting through” the script right now, but her concept has already engerized some key supporters. Charles Roven, one of the producers of “Batman Begins,” said his Atlas Entertainment signed on after he saw something special in Anderson’s tone and story.

“Generally, I wouldn’t have said ‘Let’s revive this,’ but Whit’s take is pretty compelling and a lot of fun, and it’s interesting to see all of this re-imagined. This is a completely new reboot. Tone is extremely important and you want the audience to realize what is at stake and the peril is real, but at the same time what’s going on should be fun and inviting and keep everyone engaged. It needs to be relevant to today, too, and that is what Whit has found a way to do.”

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Ani: Amazon Warrior

Chuck Episode 4.09 Promo Stills + Article About Episode

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The Nov. 22 episode is called "Chuck vs. Phase Three," and NBC's description of the episode says that when Chuck's (Zachary Levi) "secrets and sanity" are in danger, Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) goes on a rogue mission to Thailand. A shadowy figure called The Belgian (guest star Richard Chamberlain) and his pursuit of the Intersect are also involved.

So, apparently, is some sort of martial-arts tournament where Sarah has her hands wrapped in rope a la "Kickboxer" and "Ong Bak."

"We have some amazing Sarah Walker Muay Thai fighting happening," co-creator Chris Fedak tells Zap2it. "It was a lot of fun to shoot. We turned the woods here at Warner Bros. into the jungles of Thailand and created our own Mos Eisley cantina, filled with villains. ... Scum is more expensive than villainy, but we managed to get both."

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(SW) leia

this is a Colin Firth post. bow down to the sexy king

"I'm no English gent" -Colin Firth

Colin Firth has claimed the sterotypical English gentleman he is famous for playing does not exist in reality.

The 50-year-old British actor - who was born in Grayshott in Hampshire and lives in West London with his Italian wife Livia - also told The Hollywood Reporter that at times he had felt more American than English.

Colin, famous for starring as Mr Darcy in "Pride And Prejudice" and charmer Mark Darcy in the "Bridget Jones" films, said: "It's true, I'm very associated with this English stereotype, but I don't think that exists except in the roles I play."

The "Love Actually" star - who was nominated for an Oscar for playing a lonely gay professor in A Single Man last year and is tipped for another Oscar nod for his role as George VI in "The King's Speech" - said he sometimes felt closer to America than his own country.

Colin revealed: "I don't feel planted here. I feel very connected to America. My mother grew up there and I spent a year in high school in the US.

"Growing up, I felt almost American in lots of ways."

i will gladly help him ~feel even more~ American

Trio Trio

Joe & Ashley @ LAX .

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Making their return back to the West Coast, Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene were spotted at LAX International Airport yesterday (November 21).

Joined by Ms. Greene’s pooch Marlo, the happy twosome made their way through the terminal, trying to ignore the nearby shutterbugs.

Ashley and Joe were coming back from New York City where they spent some quality time together.

Mr. Jonas and Ms. Greene hit up a performance of “Elf” on Broadway, and Ashley also hosted “Inside the Mark Studio.”

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Karl Urban looking fine as ever as the new Judge Dredd remake

First Look At The New Judge Dredd


The original Judge Dredd film was almost so bad that it became good, but not quite. The new version stars Star Trek, Doom and Lord of the Rings star Karl Urban.

The updated version of comic-book classic Judge Dredd is tentatively titled Dredd and has been written by 28 Days Later writer Alex Garland so a darker take on the character is expected.

Above is the first image from the film which to fans delight, features a helmet design closer to the original design.

Dredd is set for a 2012 release.


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Hopefully it works this time, yeah?

terry richardson

Album of the Year to be Re-Released!

Christina Aguilera's latest album Bionic could be reissued, reports suggest.

The singer's label is said to be considering re-releasing the record, which has sold less than half-a-million copies worldwide, to coincide with promoting her debut movie role in Burlesque.

Discussing Aguilera's cancelled summer tour, RCA Vice President Scott Seviour told Billboard: "It's not like the music industry, where the talent comes out two weeks before the album. They started at the end of July.

"Burlesque ideally gives us the opportunity to remarket Bionic. "

Aguilera added: "I knew going into Burlesque that it would intertwine with Bionic, but I also knew that I'd get to a point where regardless of what was happening with my record I'd have to turn my attention to the movie."

"I've basically put everything in my life on hold for the movie."

The singer performed the film's title track at last night's American Music Awards.

David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Great lost songs later see the light

As Bruce Springsteen's "Promise" reminds us, great tunes don't always make it onto an album.

Those who follow music have their own candidates of great songs inexplicably left off of albums at the time they were recorded. Last week's release of Bruce Springsteen's "The Promise" highlights the accidental genre, collecting outtakes and didn't-make-its from the recording sessions for his landmark 1978 album, "Darkness on the Edge of Town."

Now, digital music makes it easy to put out anything and everything recorded. But for a long time, one of the pleasures of being a music fan was pursuing that one great song available only on a bootleg or the back side of an Australian single. Here are some such tunes:

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The Purple One invites seduces you in..

Reality TV , social networking and why vapid celebrities are taking over the world

Over the past decade, "celebrity" has undergone a massive transformation: The rise of reality television, the Internet and social networking have meant that more people are becoming famous, for shorter periods of time, for doing less than ever before. Two decades ago, it would have been unthinkable that a woman like Snooki -- a woman of no discernible talent or taste -- could become a household name. And yet, there she is, waving for the camera and launching her own personalized slipper line.

As Elizabeth Currid-Halkett explains in her fascinating, well-researched new book, "Starstruck: The Business of Celebrity," recent developments in the celebrity industry can tell us a great deal about our changing global culture. In an era in which more and more people are feeling alienated from their peers, stars give us a common language and allow a greater degree of social cohesion. They also fuel enormous industries -- celebrity-driven occupations generate $1.5 billion in salary in Los Angeles alone. Elsewhere in the book, Currid-Halkett, the author of "The Warhol Economy" and an assistant professor at the University of Southern California, uses party photographs and Google to draw fascinating conclusions about the geography and social stratification of the celebrity world (Note to Angelina Jolie: Getting photographed in Las Vegas might actually hurt your fame).

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fergie - t-t-t-tasty

Nicki Minaj Takes Over

Nicki Minaj's highly-anticipated "Pink Friday" album hits stores today (Nov. 22). On the eve of her debut set's release (Nov. 22), the Harajuku Barbie stopped by Billboard's New York headquarters for an up-close-and-personal look into her fun-house.

"Of course they were always a part of Onika. I would get on everybody's nerves in the house singing 'The Star-Spanled Banner' for hours at a time and singing in weird voices," Nicki told The Juice about her multiple characters and their origins. "I remember going to High School and I decided I only wanted to put a 'B' in front of people's names. I didn't care what your name was, I thought you should have a 'B' in front of your name."

That was just a juicy bit of what Nicki shared with the Billboard staff during her visit. Check out the videos below in which she talks in more detail about her "Pink Friday" set, as well as breaking down of her top ten most outrageous outfits. Also, listen to "Pink Friday" below and feel free to share your thoughts.

Let Minaj Monday begin! PINK FRIDAY IS OUT NOW! BUY IT!!
Film - The Old Guard

Half of your favorite non-coitus-having non-couple talks about the show

Thrilled that her temporary gig turned into a regular job, Mayim Bialik admits that working on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory has been “the most challenging sitcom I have ever worked on.” Well, things are about to get a lot more difficult for her character Amy and her kinda-boyfriend, Sheldon (Jim Parsons). “We have an episode coming up called the “Helium Parasite Hypothesis,” it will be on in a couple of weeks,” Bialik teases to EW while attending a red carpet event over the weekend. “Amy starts to feel sexually aroused by someone. She doesn’t know what those feelings are. And Sheldon, we’re not sure if he is feeling jealousy, because he doesn’t know what those feelings are.”

So are Amy and Sheldon finally going to form an official love connection, or what? “I don’t know that I could say things are going to get more serious. I think things are going to get more concentrated,” Bialik admits. “They’re going to explore different aspects of the relationship. I can pretty much guarantee you’re going to see Sheldon in the same way you have always seen him. My character probably is going to stay the same. It’s more like, what does this relationship look like with these polarities?

“I’m assuming that my character is going to stay as creepy and weird as she is,” Bialik continued. “And Sheldon is going to still be Sheldon. But there is a lot of really wacky stuff that they can do with the female character with this personality that they don’t do with Sheldon. The female socialization is different. Once we see this character trying to socialize, she tries harder than Sheldon does. I think that is how females interact. It’s a different kind of socialization.”

OMG, they should totally make it official and have lots of sex!! ...Bazinga.

Skating With ONTD's Fav Housewife Bethenny Starts Tonight!

Skating With The Stars As Good As DWTS? ABC May Be Skating on Thin Ice

Skating With The Stars premieres tonight at 9:11 pm ET on ABC, immediately following finals night of Dancing With The Stars. And while the latter show has enjoyed tremendous popularity and record-setting viewership for  the past eleven seasons (DWTS began in 2005), ABC may want to think twice if they're banking on Skating With The Stars to segue into the same successful fashion and bring in the bucks.

Granted, both shows seem to have the delightful characteristics that draw mass attention: stars, professional dancers/skaters, beautiful costumes, great music, and the thrill of competition. Yet when Fox tried to replicate the same 'Dancing' success in 2006 with their version of 'Skating With Celebrities' the ice shattered and the show was not continued for another season.

Of course, only time will tell about the fate of Skating With The Stars. ABC is smart to have it follow the finals of DWTS as likely most of Dancing's viewers and fans will stay tuned to see the similar show that takes place on ice instead of hardwood.

In Skating, six celebrities will be paired with a professional ice skating partner and all will compete live in front of a panel of judges. Those judges, in turn, will rate the performances and then viewers are asked to call in or text votes for their favorite pair. Season One will run for six episodes.

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This show is going to be a disaster, but I'll be watching for Bethenny. She is going to win, since shes the only famous one.

The Flawless Diva Known as Beyoncé Appeared on The View This Morning

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Beyoncé and her mother Tina Knowles grabbed a seat next to the ladies of “The View” this morning for some friendly girl chat. Rocking a dress her mom designed, B spoke on how it took four months of rehearsals to whip her body into shape for her “I Am… World Tour,” wearing four pairs of stockings on stage, her hubbie Jay-Z popping up during her show, and regretting some Destiny’s Child wardrobe choices.

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madge frozen

Get out of my face... F**k you. Did you hear what I said? F**k you.

Cheryl Cole launches into four-letter rant at Julien McDonald

The singer was allegedly left humiliated after the designer insulted her style, calling her a ‘chav’.

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LISTEN CHERYL BB... it sounds very rude of him to say that at a party etc especially since he has designer for her a lot... but u are a chav at heart. ILY.
veronique 2

Monday Oscar Post, week 5

Oscar Futures: Congratulations in Advance, Natalie Portman!

Every week between now and January 25 when the nominations are announced, movies and stars will help themselves — or sometimes, hurt themselves — in the Oscar race.
For the fifth week (last week's post right here), we continue our coverage of Vulture's Oscar Futures to find out who's up, who's down, and who's currently leading the race for a coveted nomination – only significant change is “Another Year” falling off the radar with “The Fighter” claiming its spot back, and Natalie Portman stronger than ever.
This week, I’ll start adding more categories for predictions – we’ll begin with Foreign Film, and everyone can say if they saw any interesting foreign movies this year. For next week, which would you rather see first, predictions for Documentary or Screenplay?

Best Picture

UP: Toy Story 3. "We have the biggest and best reviewed film of the year. If not this year, and not this movie, when?" wonders Disney chairman Rich Ross. It's not completely out of the question, says Tom O'Neil. (umm, okay then. That will happen.)

Down:Another Year. Dave Karger downgrades it to long-shot status. Nice new trailer, though.

CURRENT PREDIX: 127 Hours, Another Year, Black Swan, The Fighter, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King's Speech, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Winter’s Bone.

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Oprah's Favorite Things 2010: Day 2. I'm sobbing. Sobbing out of jealousy.

For the first time ever, Oprah has done a two-part "Favorite Things" giveaway. Last Friday's audience got an astonishing array of products, including a week-long cruise, a fancy camera and jewelry. On Monday, Oprah shocked her audience by giving them all iPads and —you guessed it— A NEW CAR! This episode was so special that the car (a 2012 VW Beetle) won't even be released until May of next year. But there were many more products where those came from. Below, see all of the gifts that Oprah gave away on Monday's show, and tell us which ones you're coveting the most. (Note: not every photo below is the exact gift Oprah gave her audience.)

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i want gifs of the hysterical people. please and thank you.


Leo DiCaprio's plane makes emergency landing

Leonardo DiCaprio was among the 193 passengers and 11 crew members on a Delta Air Lines 767 bound for Russia that safely made an emergency landing Sunday at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.
"He wishes to commend the actions of the pilot and flight crew in bringing the plane to a safe landing," his reps said in a statement.

"Leo signed autographs for all the crew members when they landed," a source told DiCaprio, whose "Great Gatsby" costar Carey Mulligan was just cast in that film, was heading for a four-day meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the prevention of the extinction of tigers. The meeting began Sunday.

The plane had engine trouble shortly after takeoff, and returned to JFK after dumping and burning off fuel over the Atlantic Ocean. It landed without incident a little over an hour after its 6 p.m. departure. Though a possible fire was initially reported by an air-traffic controller, the incident was most likely a compressor stall, an FAA spokeswoman said.

Passengers were put onto a flight departing for Moscow later Sunday night.

Coincidentally, reported last week that DiCaprio would be starring in a film related to the assassination of President Kennedy, which happened 47 years ago Monday.


What does it look like to create a MASTERPIECE??

When it was time for Kanye West to record, he thought of everyone he wanted to work with...and invited them all to paradise. Complex got an exclusive invite to watch history being made.

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for real, buy this album. NO DL LINKS IN THIS POST!
its one of the few albums of the past year that you can play straight through - NO SKIP-ABLE TRACKS!

Yoko Ono's Egg and John Lennon's Sperm to Tour this January


After a busy fall reviving the Plastic Ono Band, Sean Lennon's main musical venture, Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, is set to head out on the road this January. Comprised of just Lennon and his girlfriend, model Charlotte Kemp-Muhl, the duo has been writing and recording under this moniker for a few years now and just released its first album, 'Acoustic Sessions,' which features the single 'Jardin du Luxembourg.' The January tour will bring the new tracks to small venues in many familiar cities, so if you've always wanted to get up close and personal with a Lennon, now's your chance.


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britney → stages (underworld)


Gerard, Frank, Mikey and Ray discuss the "creation process" of their new album Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys, and how being from Jersey gives them a bit of an edge.

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source | 2 | 3 | 4


brighton rock trailer arrives & is awesome as promised

Watch the Brighton Rock trailer - world exclusive

Don't call Rowan Joffe's Brighton Rock a remake. Rather than taking his cue from the 1947 classic he returned directly to Graham Greene's novel, and, re-setting the story in the 60s, formed a towering study of female suffering, with brilliant performances by Sam Riley, Helen Mirren and Andrea Riseborough. The film opens in the UK on 4 February

since I can't embed it, find the trailer here


as a brightonian myself, i'm shaking
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The Simpsons diss Fox News: "Not Racist, but #1 with Racists"

“The Simpsons” are at it again.

On Sunday’s episode, the Fox cartoon took another swing at its corporate sibling -- Fox News -- inserting a new tagline for the number-one rated cable news network on the side of a news chopper:

"Not Racist, But #1 With Racists"

This isn’t the first time “The Simpsons” creators have taken aim at their News Corp. parent. Last month, the show’s opening credits included an extended scene -- written by the street artist Banksy -- depicting an underground sweatshop filled with Chinese factory workers enslaved to produce “Simpsons” products below the family’s iconic couch.

Source +clip

Florence + the Machine's Performances on SNL

New York City got the love this weekend as Florence fired up her Machine (and her two very capable lungs), inviting the Saturday Night Live audience to spend a “Dog Day” evening with her. The fiery chanteuse performed the jubilant smash that put her on the map, as well as the Q Award-winning “You’ve Got the Love.” Anyone who thinks the performances were less than stellar clearly hasn’t been paying attention to Florence + the Machine’s ascent in the music scene lately. See for yourself after the jump.

Flo took the stage looking particularly leggy in a short black dress and some very high heels, delivering another stirring rendition of “Dog Days Are Over” (but no, it didn’t match her exhilarating performance at the VMA’s this year). Clearly, the woman knows how to belt — and effortlessly captures our attention with her stage presence, even when she’s barely moving.

Following that, the unique beauty returned in a longer (but still black) gown to perform “You’ve Got the Love.” Not surprisingly, her singing was perfectly lovely, though the song lacks the verve and distinct spark of moody passion that “Dog Days” and most other cuts from Lungs possess.

It’s only natural that Flo would perform her two most mainstream hits on such a widely-viewed television program, but we’re getting antsy to see live versions of the darker, heavier material from the album, too.


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Dear members, lurkers, and friends of ONTD,

Good afternoon and good evening. As some may well know, tonight at 8pm EST is the finale of ABC's Dancing with the Stars. The three finalists are Jennifer Grey, Kyle Massey and Bristol Palin.

Though many of you may not care about the show or the dancing, one thing is certain and it's that ONTD loves to hate Bristol Palin. This is an appeal to all of ONTD to take back pop culture from this talentless coattail rider and the teabaggery nonsense.

However, we cannot just vote for anybody but Bristol Palin, as that will only spread the votes thinly between Jennifer Grey and Kyle Massey and Bristol could still win. So let's be realistic: Kyle Massey is cute and charismatic, but Jennifer Grey is without a doubt the better dancer. After all, Dancing with the Stars is meant to be a dancing competition.

Here's how we'd ideally like the results to pan out:

Winner: Jennifer Grey, Runner-Up: Kyle Massey, Washed-Up and Bigoted Loser: Bristol Palin 

So even if you know in your heart of hearts that DWTS is rigged, even if you've never watched an episode of DWTS, or even if you don't live in the states, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE vote for Jennifer Grey (or Kyle Massey if you really want to let everyone down, but do whatever you feel is best). VOTING STARTS AT 8PM EST!

Voting by phone, text (AT&T only) and online starts right when the show airs on the east coast at 8pm EST/5pm PST, so even if it hasn't aired in your area yet, you can still vote. Phone and text voting closes 30 minutes after the end tonight's show, and online voting closes at 11am EST tomorrow.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE ONLINE, ABC won't spam you, I promise.

Jennifer Grey & Derek Hough

Kyle Massey & Lacey Schwimmer



Source: Myself and ABC
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Jay-Z speaks out about shooting his brother at age 12


Jay-Z is revealing one of his deepest secrets - he shot his brother when he was 12.

The 40-year-old superstar rapper opened up about the ordeal that has haunted him since childhood, growing up in Brooklyn's Marcy projects.

The millionaire founder of Roc-A-Fella Records recalled to the Guardian of London how he blasted his drug-addicted sibling over a stolen ring.

"I thought my life was over. I thought I'd go to jail forever," he said of the shooting.

Jay-Z's memoir "Decoded," set to hit bookstores next week, reveals details of his rags-to-rap-royalty ride, but this is the first time he's publicly addressed his darkest moment.

"It was terrible. I was a boy, a child. I was terrified," he told the newspaper's Weekend magazine.

His brother survived the shooting, refused to press charges and apologized for his addiction when Jay-Z went to visit him in the hospital, he said.

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David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Boiling Point: The Problem With Potter

With $127 million in ticket receipts for one weekend, an IMDb rating of 8.3, a Box Office Mojo user rating of A-, and a Rotten Tomato score of 79% fresh (with a 90% audience like rating), Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 definitively has the longest title of the weekend and is a massive, giant success.

Following the lines of the book, the franchise has taken a darker turn (several movies ago) and things here are quite often nightmarish, dreary, and devoid of the fantastic element that initially captured the imagination. This is all well and good, in fact it’s probably the smartest turn the story could have taken, as more and more adults enjoy the franchise and the initial audience who enjoyed the books as children have grown up with it. A ten year old watching the first film would be nineteen years old today – clearly someone who has grown, experienced more, and is now capable of seeing R-Rated movies by themselves if they wanted.

All of that prelude is just to bring it around to the fact that, from the ratings to the critics to the fans, all signs point to The Deathly Hallows Part 1 being one of, if not the most, well received films in the franchise. People love it. People call it the best of the franchise and slap A+ stamps on it. While what we see on screen was good and technically proficient, calling it the best film of the franchise is probably going a bit too far – because it’s not really a film.

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Bieber Bust: AMAs Hit All-Time Ratings Low


ABC's telecast of the American Music Awards dropped in the ratings Sunday night as NBC's football coverage surged.

The AMAs drew 11.6 million viewers and a 4.3 preliminary adults 18-49 rating, down 22% from 2009. Moreover, the telecast stands as the lowest-rated AMAs yet.

Teen sensation Justin Bieber swept the awards, taking home four statues including Artist of the Year.
He overthrew Eminem, who had garnered the most nominations.

ABC pointed out the show was up 12% in teens and 19% among kids 2-11, if only that was the network's target audience.

Competition was heavy from NBC's Sunday Night Football, which had its fourth strongest game ever, drawing a 15.9 overnight household rating, up 31% from last year's game. For those counting, that marks four NBC games this season ranking among the top five NBC primetime football games ever.

CBS's ratings are approximate due to football overrun: Amazing Race (10.8 million, 3.1), Undercover Boss (12.3 million, 3.1) and CSI: Miami (10.3 million, 2.2).

Fox took some heavy hits, with Simpsons (6.6 million, 2.9) and Cleveland (5 million, 2.4) each down more than 20%, while Family Guy (6.6 million, 3.3) was practically steady and American Dad (4.8 million, 2.3) slipped 8%.

ONTD, what did you watch last night?


Why the "Buffy" reboot is a bad idea

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

There are so many reasons why this reboot is a horrible, wrong, bad (insert every word for awful here) idea, but we managed to cut the very long list down to the Top 5:

1. No Joss Whedon: The creator of the Buffy, slayer of the vampires, is not involved at all in the reboot, which makes our souls hurt. Last year, Whedon told EW, "I hope it's cool." Passive agressive retort for the win.

2. No Sarah Michelle Gellar: We're sorry, but SMG is Buffy Summers (Kristy Swanson, who?). Buffy Summers is SMG. We'd like to see any actress try and beat her in "The Body."

3. No Scoobies: Since Warner Bros. optioned the rights from movie creators Fran and Kaz Kuzui, fans can say goodbye to beloved characters like Xander, Willow, Giles, Angel, Spike, etc. There is no Buffy without her Scoobies and her maker, Joss. Period.

4. No need for a reboot: Who thought this was a good idea? Just because vampires have essentially taken over Hollywood? It doesn't make it okay to take an iconic TV series, which was flawless, and have the audacity to reboot it. That's like us deciding, "Hey, you know what the public really needs? A reboot of 'Star Wars.'" No, just no.

5: No pedigree: If you are going to reboot a beloved TV series with a rabid fanbase, don't further insult them by hiring a no-name to write the film. It's a slap in the face. Cue rage blackout in 3...2...1...

Stephen Colbert


Let's cast the 'Harry Potter' reboot

Reboots used to be strictly for shows and films from the '80s ("The A-Team," "The Karate Kid," "TRON"), but with new "Spider-Man" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" films on the way, even the last decade is apparently fair game. With "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1" in theaters now and the saga's final installment coming to the screen next year, it's not too soon for Warner Bros. to start thinking about doing the films again in a decade. In fact, a "Harry Potter"-free 2012 sounds too horrible to bear -- why not get a head start on an "HP" reboot right now? We've already done the casting for them free of charge:

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ONTD -- who would you cast in the iconic roles? Or are they getting too far ahead of themselves?

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Bishop: Prince, Kate Will Last 7 Years


A royal donnybrook has erupted in England after a bishop (who has since apologized) scoffed that the planned marriage between Prince William and his Kate won't last more than 7 years. The Bishop of Willesden denounced the “nauseating tosh” surrounding the engagement announcement, and compared the famous couple to “shallow celebrities" who are bound to repeat the royal tradition of "broken marriages" and philandering. Rev. Pete Broadbent also blasted the expense of the pending nuptials, saying on his Facebook page that they will cost an "arm and a leg," reports the Telegraph.

His comments are being blasted by politicians and church leaders, including one who called them"deeply disappointing and disrespectful." Following the uproar, Rev. Broadbent says he conveyed his "sincere regrets" to the happy couple for his "deeply offensive" comments, the Telegraph reports. There's little doubt Kate will be in for some big changes after her high-profile marriage. She's already undergoing protocol lessons and counseling to stave off depression that sometimes accompanies the pressure-cooker of public life, a source tells the Daily Mail.


Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato on GLEE?

Michael Bublé, with girlfriend Luisana Lopilato, attended the 2010 American Music Awards after-party hosted by Rolling Stones.
Where Luisana meet "Glee" creator Ryan Murphy, a show which Michael and Lu are big fans. The Argentine girl asked him if there is any possibility for her and her boyfriend to guest-star on the show, even suggesting that she could play a foreign student from her home country, Argentina, and sing a song in spanish. Luisana is a well-known singer there, with a number of huge-hits songs. Murphy said he would love to have the happy couple in the show and an appearance is definitely a possibility in the future. And Michael's role? A judge in Nationals maybe?

jesse williams: the chew knife my god sa

Jessica Simpson is NOT Pregnant

The timing of their engagement was suspect from the start. And they have only been going out for about six months (what's the rush, guys?).

Then there's the matter of those airport shots, which no one would ever accuse of being particularly flattering to Jessica Simpson's otherwise lovely (and perfectly normal-sized) lady lumps. Not to mention the fact that she bailed on performing on CBS' Early Show this morning because she was feeling slightly under the weather.

Yep: she was sick. In the morning. One might even go so far as to call it morning sickness. Which is exactly what a slew of bloggers have done. But is Jess really pregnant with fiancé Eric Johnson's baby? Hold onto your ever-mounting evidence. This rumor is…

So false! For now.

"She is not pregnant," a source close to the 30-year-old told E! News.

But it's no secret that she wants to be.

Just last week, a Simpson insider told E! News that Jess is itching to graduate from her auntie duties.

"She wants to have a baby," the source said. "Like, really, really wants a baby. She's been giddy with her friends and that's the extent of the planning, but she's thinking baby."

Consider her on bump watch, then. Not that she's ever off it, really.

yeah, okay.
Garden State music

Two awesome hobbits dazzle LA

"Lord of the Rings" stars Elijah Wood and Dominic Monaghan reunite as they stroll down Abbot Kinney in Venice after having lunch at Axe restaurant. Wood recently participated in the 10th annual benefit "24 Hour Plays on Broadway" which tasks actors, writers, and directors to come up with original short plays over the course of 24 hours. Monaghan is appearing in an upcoming episode of the American version of the popular TV show "Top Gear".

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<3 <3 <3

Leeloo (T)

Michael Jackson Alive - hiding from the illuminati, bears shit in the woods, Pope is catholic etc

Insane Producer Swears: Michael Jackson is ALIVE!!!

Music producer Teddy Riley has serious issues ... with the fact that people just ASSUME Michael Jackson is dead. Come on, people, it's a conspiracy!

Riley, who worked with MJ all the way to the end - or WAS it the end?! - has reignited a conspiracy theory after Tweeting that he believes he's alive.

Where is he? How would he possibly live in secret even if he did fake his own death successfully? Why would he abandon his kids? Not explained.
Wherever Michael Jackson is, Teddy Riley wishes him the best.
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Seriously? For real man? I don't know if he's just delusional or wanting attention. But dearest Teddy, shut the fuck up. Kind regards, firecrackerrrr.
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Kate Gosselin Tells Her Kids They Won’t Go To Heaven


Kate Gosselin might need a reality check! The reality star and mom-of-eight is furious that two of her 6-year-old sextuplets, Alexis and Collin were expelled from their private school for misbehaving, but should she really threaten them? Kate, who currently stars on TLC’s Kate Plus 8, reportedly told her kids “they wouldn’t get into heaven and Jesus doesn’t love bad people,” a source tells Us Weekly.

We told you before that Kate threatened the kids that they would be sent away like Shoka and Nala, their dogs that were returned to their breeder — although Shoka has since returned to the family.
Don’t you think Kate is being too intense? Will threats help her children overcome their emotional issues?

Kate has an upcoming Kate Plus 8 special set to air Nov. 28 at 9 PM and in a commercial she talks about post-divorce anger — we wonder how much of her ranting will be exposed!


Scarjo now linked to 'Pride & Prejudice and Zombies'

Scarlett Johansson is set to tackle zombies in a new adaptation of Jane Austen classic Pride And Prejudice after Natalie Portman dropped out of the movie, according to a U.K. report.

Portman originally landed the lead role of Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, a new film based on Seth Grahame-Smith's book which adds flesh-eating monsters to Austin's period novel.

But the actress has quit the film - and Johansson is in talks to take over as Bennet, who continues her quest for love amid a deadly battle with bloodthirsty zombies, according to Britain's Sunday Express.

A source tells the publication, "Natalie Portman was going to be playing the part but has left the project and now Scarlett is in talks."

Austen's classic novel was previously revived in a 2005 version starring Keira Knightley, who won an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of the leading lady. »

:-*** hope this turns out to be true

Christian Bale Doesnt believe the Dark Knight Rises is the real title of the next Batman film


The title for Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film was met with mixed reactions when he revealed it to Hero Complex last month. At a press event for Christian Bale’s new movie The Fighter, Screen Junkies asked what he thought of the title, The Dark Knight Rises.

“I don’t even know if that’s true,” Bale said when I asked him what he thought of the title. Nolan told The LA Times’ Hero Complex the new title, but hasn’t spoken to his actors yet. “Until Chris tells me, I don’t know,” Bale said.


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Seven Celebs Who Don’t Think They’re Relationship Material

No matter how much you want to date “Glee”‘s hot teacher Matthew Morrison, he insists that he’s not cut out for the job. “I’m not a good friend right now. I’m not a good boyfriend,” Morrison told Details, “It’s not that I’m selfish. I’m just focused.” Presumably, the 15-hour days make it difficult to date but Morrison assured the mag that he used to have lots of luck with the ladies back in his Broadway days.


I’m not sure I believe someone that charming when they say they’re not dating material, but we’ve found a few other celebs who’ve put themselves on the dating bench.

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SPN: Sanity is relative

Scorsese's Fran Lebowitz doc, 'Public Speaking'

Fran Lebowitz has been writing for decades, ever since Andy Warhol gave her a job at Interview magazine in the '70s. Tonight, she finally receives some of the credit she is due with Public Speaking, a documentary directed by Martin Scorsese.

"I'm not really interested in changing your life; I'm interested in changing your mind," she says in the film, which is similar to My Dinner with Andre in that it largely consists of a casual conversation with the New York author and humorist.

Lebowitz touches upon subjects like race (with Toni Morrison, in another chat), politics, gender issues and gay rights, along with some lighter fare.

"There are too many books," she tells one audience of college students. "The books are terrible, and this is because you have been taught to have self-esteem." To paraphrase Morrison, she speaks a lot, but she's almost always right.

Public Speaking airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.


I have loved her work since I was 15 years old.

Fantasia Takes The Stand in Antwaun Cook Trial, Admits She Aborted His Baby

The American Idol winner made the sensational confession in a North Carolina court on Monday during Cook’s divorce proceeding with his ex-wife Paula.
Fantasia Barrino has admitted she got pregnant by her married lover Antwaun Cook and had an abortion around the time of her failed suicide attempt, has exclusively learned.

Facing questions before a Mecklenburg County Court judge, the famous singer, 26, was pressed on whether she knew Cook was living with Paula when they embarked on their illicit affair.

The Idol season three winner has acknowledged she dated Cook “off and on for about 11 months” but said she believed he had separated from his wife.
In court, lawyers for the scorned wife pressed Fantasia about a hotel rendezvous that took place just a few days after meeting one another.
Paula’s lawyer is arguing that they got the room because she knew he was still married,” one onlooker – who was inside the court – told

There were no reporters in the courtroom and witnesses were asked to leave as Fantasia took the stand.

But multiple sources, including a Cook family source, confirmed Fantasia's explosive testimony to


Pink Friday & My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy battle for #1

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 KANYE AND NICKI BATTLE: Kanye West’s critically acclaimed Roc-A-Fella/IDJ album My Dark Twisted Fantasy and touted newcomer Nicki Minaj’s long-awaited Cash Money/Universal Motown debut, Pink Friday, both hit the street today and should duke it out for #1 on the HITS chart a week from tomorrow, with totals that could have a “4” in front of it. Stay tuned as these two R&B giants go for the roses



Recovery or Speak Now for best selling album of 2010?
Will this year’s top–selling album be Eminem’s Recovery, which has led pretty much since its release earlier year, or Taylor Swift’s Speak Up, now in its fourth week, coming up strong like Zenyatta in the home stretch? Recovery is poised to go over 3 million this week, selling between 30-35k per week, while Swift’s total will approach 1.7 million with another 155k over the past seven days. With six chart weeks left, Swift will have to make up 1.3 million to catch the rapper, meaning she will have to outsell Eminem by an average of 225k per week through the rest of the year, which means it should be a real race to the wire. (11/22p)


Nicki haters you mad? All those who doubted her can quietly sit down :)
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