November 15th, 2010

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a momentous brandy post



PLUS some new outtakes from an old photoshoot have surfaced!!

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“People call me a murderer, they taunt me and send pictures of cars that are basically annihilated. Every report has stated that I was not at fault. People still don’t care”
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Jenna Jameson Quit Porn For Her Twin Boys

Jenna Jameson poses with her twin sons for the Family Issue of W magazine.

"I really don't think I need to say, 'Mommy was a porn star,'" Jenna Jameson says of explaining her former profession to Jesse and Journey, her twin boys with Ultimate Fighting Championship star Tito Ortiz. "I feel like they're going to know me and think, Mommy loved us so much that she quit everything and made us her job. And that's what I did. The moment I decided to have children, I quit. I won't even do a Maxim cover."

She also talks about having her implants removed and being a "normal girl" - read more and see the rest of W's slide show here.

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Johnny Depp Thinks Angelina is a "Cool Broad"

Johnny Depp has revealed how he bonded with Angelina Jolie on their first ever meeting - by talking about their children.

Hollywood's most popular stars had never met before being called to discuss starring in an action thriller called The Tourist.

But as soon as Depp started talking about his two children and Jolie her brood of six they found they had much in common.

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Daily Mail

This post is really just an excuse for some filthy grobie talk.

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For the teal deers:
* Josh Groban has an album out today called
* He's been working w/ producer Rick Rubin who has recorded w/ such artists as JT, Rage, Beastie Boys and Red Hot Chili Peppers
* Josh has evolved in his sound for this album
* Has a dog named Sweeney after
Sweeny Todd and probably because of that, is single atm.

The secret sauce.
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Lea Michele and Cory Monteith look cute in Teen Vogue

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Perfect harmony is always pretty. But some of the best duets derive their power—and their charm—from the way that they blend two very different voices. Consider this summer's inescapable "California Gurls": The Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg collaboration layered a clear, lilting soprano over a somewhat rougher male vocal to memorable (and catchy) effect.

A similar dynamic is at work in the relationship between Lea Michele and Cory Monteith, the artfully mismatched pair at the center of FOX's musical smash hit Glee. The two actors have even less in common than their in-love alter egos, Rachel and Finn: Lea's an ambitious ex–New Yorker who made her Broadway debut at the age of eight—the part of a driven would-be star was written, series cocreator Ryan Murphy has said, with her in mind. And Cory's a Canadian-born former odd-jobber who was so unsure of his singing that he elected to "drum on Tupperware and wineglasses" with a pair of unsharpened pencils during his first audition for the show.

Yet at their recent Teen Vogue interview, conducted over lunch at a favorite Los Angeles café, the two stars demonstrated a winningly effervescent—and utterly un-fake-able—rapport.

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source via ontd_glee

Eliza Dushku and Rick Fox Talking Marriage

Wedding bells are getting louder for Rick Fox and Eliza Dushku.

The former Dancing With the Stars contestant and the 29-year-old actress have been dating for almost two years now, so we have to wonder if it isn't getting time to pop the question.

"You don't go 20 months...without talking about marriage," Fox told us at TV Guide magazine's Hot List party in Hollywood. "I've been married before, so we definitely talk about the truth of what marriage is about."

Fox, 41, was married to Vanessa Williams for almost five years before they divorced in 2004. Even so, he says, "I'm not gunshy about marriage, even though I failed. I failed at it the first time, so my next opportunity will be one where I'll be honestly more experienced and intelligent about it."

Fox and Dushku have been living together since August and he says that his other half couldn't be happier to have him home since his shocking DWTS elimination.

"[She] missed going on dates and having me home and doing different things together," he says. "We built a doghouse the day after I was eliminated. The doghouse has been sitting in the garage for months. So it's just one of those things where you get your life back."


Mel Gibson Tells His Side of the Story

He’s been under constant fire for his ridiculous phone calls to his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva as well as having allegedly hit her while she was holding their baby Lucia, but Mel Gibson says there’s more to the story than we think.

The “Lethal Weapon” actor gave a sworn declaration for the Los Angeles County Court in which he gave his version of what really happened on January 6th, 2010.
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Like a Hurricane: The Actresses Own 2010

A look at this year’s best actress race, with a quick look back at the Best Actress winners for the past 30 years

It’s been said before, but let it be said again, 2010 is marked by an uncharacteristic tsunami of women. Sure, there are still some male-driven films that have risen to the top of the pile, namely Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush in The King’s Speech, Jessie Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield/Justin Timberlake in The Social Network, the brilliant James Franco in 127 Hours, (though I haven’t yet seen it) Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale in The Fighter, and the upcoming True Grit with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and Josh Brolin. But let’s face it, this year it’s raining women.

The Oscar for lead actress is going to be competitive this year, which always makes for an exciting Oscar run. Even before I’d seen Black Swan, I felt like three women had a real shot at taking it: Natalie Portman, course, Annette Bening and Jennifer Lawrence.
Natalie Portman versus Annette Bening – this is a familiar dynamic. It feels a little like Marion Cotillard versus Julie Christie, or Halle Berry versus Sissy Spacek. One is a Category 5 hurricane, and one is a cool breeze on a lake. Both have their value, both are vital and necessary – it is just a matter of what the voters are looking for this time around. Unlike Spacek and Christie, though, I do feel Annette Bening gives a career-best performance with the Kids Are All Right. But, as thoughts of Black Swan continue to flood my consciousness, I can’t help but think Portman’s is the more difficult, the more affecting, and ultimately, the more sympathetic. It is also, I dare say, one of those moments in an actor’s career you don’t turn away from. If it is Robert De Niro in Raging Bull, or even Philip Seymour Hoffman in Capote – if it is on that level, if the actors agree with that assessment, Portman cannot lose.
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Awards Daily

Sexiest Man Alive: Who Could Be Next?

Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt – who could inherit the crown from these past PEOPLE cover stars?

Good looks may have jump-started the careers of both two-time SMA Johnny Depp and Robert Pattinson. But the 24-year-old Twilight heartthrob is wisely following in the Oscar-nominated actor's footsteps, balancing box-office success with quirkier movies, like the period drama Bel Ami. "He's so super organized and in charge of his career," Bel Ami's Christina Ricci said of her British costar.
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Do Online Viewers Watch Less TV?

Pay TV industry folks have heatedly debated this fall whether consumers are dropping their cable or other TV subscriptions to watch more TV content online.
A new study by Nielsen, commissioned by the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing, argues that most people who watch at least some content from the Web on their TV sets are "cord keepers" rather than "cord cutters."

The study, called "Life is a Stream," surveyed 769 people 18-49, with its qualitative part using eight focus groups, to explore the viewing habits of consumers who watch at least some TV shows and movies from the Internet on their TV sets. That group makes up about 11% of the U.S. population, according to the study's authors.

One key finding of the survey, which will be unveiled this week: 84% of such viewers reported that they are watching the same amount, or more, regularly scheduled TV since they started streaming or downloading content to watch on their TV set. Importantly for TV distributors, 92% of these entertainment enthusiasts subscribe to a pay TV service, with only 3% reporting plans to give up their subscription.

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ONTD, do you watch your shows online or on your television?


Breaking Dawn Set Broken Into By Brazilian TV Crew


The Brazilian TV show Panico somehow managed to get by the the barriers set up at the Isle Esme location and film a bit of what went on inside the house at Ilse Esme, via hidden camera. According to Sérgio Sá Leitão, the president of Rio Filme, the group did not halt production. There was also a brief incident with a helicopter that buzzed the set that caused a slight delay due to the noise.

The video has been pulled down, though there are some still shots popping up around the Internet. Since the footage was obtained by trespassing we are not running the footage if it is reposted. It was taken down due to copyright claim via Summit. Footage obtained standing behind a barrier is one thing, but actually crashing a closed set with a hidden camera is another. It is not known at his time how the individual got on and if he/she had any insider help.


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Girl Talk Releases New Album

I logged onto my Facebook this morning and was greeted with the following status update from the one and only Girl Talk:

(What it says: I've been working on my new record for 2.5+ years! I'm really excited to put it out for free today!!! It's called All Day! Here you go................... Sorry, didn't realize it had cut a bit of it off)

You can download it HERE for free.

The new Girl Talk album All Day has just been released, and like its predecessor, Feed the Animals, it’s available as a free download. The record from Gregg Gillis (who essentially is Girl Talk) can be obtained by heading over to this link. There are two formats available to download—one that offers the entire record as a continuous track, and another that breaks it down into individual components.

Audiophiles will be happy to know that FLAC options are set to be added to the above page in 12-48 hours, and the following statement has been added underneath the download links: “All Day is intended to be listened to as a whole. It is broken up into individual tracks only for easier navigation.”

Gillis also says: ”Girl Talk thanks all artists sampled. A full list will be posted in the future.” It’s likely that the Internet hive-mind will beat him to that list but sample spotting is all just a part of the Girl Talk experience.

source for first part: my brilliant detective work.

GOD I love this shit so much. Thoughts on the new album?
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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Spotted Filming Isle Esme Scenes

Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart spotted filming Isle Esme scenes. According to, these are a few,new photos of Twilight Saga stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart filming the highly anticipated Isle Esme, “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” movie scenes.

They were both spotted in their light beach attire,while filming their scenes. Even though the security was very high down there,the very talented paparazzi were able to find a way to get in the right spots to capture some good set photos,so my hat’s off to them.

Anyone working on the Breaking Dawn crew were told they would be fired on the spot and possibly prosecuted if they were caught with any sort of recording device,so I imagine they were all on their best behavior.

Robert and Kristen will reportedly wrap up filming today and head back to Los Angeles, California before rejoining the rest of the “Twilight Saga” cast in Baton Rouge,Louisiana. The production team originally rented the expensive Isle Esme house for 22 days,but Kristen and Rob made it out of there in just a week.


Youtube Sensation "Messy Mya" shot dead/ Death photos circulate on web

</div></div>Collapse )</div> has some sad news. The gender-bending internet sensation known to the world as Messy Mya from New Orleans was SHOT and KILLED. Here's what we know. Messy Mya was attending his babys mother's baby shower when he was ambushed by a group ofmen.

They shot him in the neck andhe died almost immediately. What's a bit more disturbing is that people on the scene actually took a PHOTOGRAPH of Messy Mya as he lay on the ground dead.

We REFUSE to post the death photo on our servers, but Twitter is not as conscientious - they have the photo
I don't do well with death photos, so I haven't seen it. But it makes me sad that this type of thing is seen as "okay" to people...
Is there any way to regulate something like this?

I removed the link.Source
(I'm aware my formatting is out of whack. I can't find the random "</div>" 's tho. So they stay.)
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X Factor roundup: The Weasel Effect

X Factor's Aiden Dismisses 'Fix' Claims
Despite claiming of a leak on Twitter, Grimshaw has played down reports...

The X Factor's latest evictee Aiden Grimshaw has dismissed reports that his departure was fixed in order to save Katie Waissel, despite talking of a results leak on Twitter.
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'X Factor' Rebecca: 'I'm staying grounded'

The X Factor's Rebecca Ferguson has insisted that she is staying grounded despite receiving constant praise on the show.

Collapse )X Factor: Katie Waissel booed as Aiden Grimshaw gets the chop and she survives sing-off for fourth time

Controversial X Factor contestant Katie Waissel was booed and heckled as she clung on in a sing-off last night for the fourth time.

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X Factor's Matt Cardle 'Is No Sex Addict'
Sources close to the singer have dismissed his ex-girlfriend's claims...

Sources close to The X Factor favourite Matt Cardle have quashed reports made by his ex-girlfriend that he is a sex addict, claiming her stories about the singer were caused by 'sour grapes.'

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Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

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Mark Twain's Autobiography Released

Mark Twain changed the rules of American fiction when, in Huckleberry Finn, he let a redneck kid tell his story in his own dialect. But the brilliant satirist had a hard time figuring out what rules to break as he struggled for years to tell his own life story. Now, 100 years after his death, Mark Twain's autobiography is being published the way the author himself wished — from dictated stories collected by the University of California, Berkeley's Mark Twain Project. The first volume (of three) is out now, and the long-anticipated release is drawing attention from Twain-lovers around the world.

"You will never know how much enjoyment you've lost until you get to dictating your biography."

- Mark Twain

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Pink Puts on Her Bikini to Take a Swim and Show Off Her Rumored Bump

Pink threw on her black bikini yesterday to feel like a kid again and take a dip in LA. The singer, who's back with her husband, Carey Hart, is rumored to be pregnant with their first child. She and Carey have yet to confirm the speculation, but her stomach looked noticeably rounder than while she was on tour earlier this year. She covered up her rumored bump with a baggy pair of overalls, though, last week while out running errands solo.

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Monday Oscar post, week 4

Oscar Futures: The Fighter Punches Back

Every week between now and January 25 when the nominations are announced, movies and stars will help themselves — or sometimes, hurt themselves — in the Oscar race.
For the fourth week (last week's post right here), we continue our coverage of Vulture's Oscar Futures to find out who's up, who's down, and who's currently leading the race for a coveted nomination – this week, some people gained/lost a bit of power, but there were virtually no changes, so this week, in honor of “The Fighter” and Christian Bale, I’ll add the documentary High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell to the post. The movie documents the life of boxer Dick Eklund (Bale’s character in The Fighter), along with two other addicts.

Best Picture

UP: The Fighter. Following its surprise premiere at AFI Fest this week, pundits are calling it a crowd-pleasing contender with a trio of nominatable performances.

Down:The Social Network. Stu Vanairsdale wonders — with King's Speech holding strong, and 127 Hours coming up fast — has it lost momentum?

CURRENT PREDIX: 127 Hours, Another Year, Black Swan, Inception, The Kids Are All Right, The King's Speech, The Social Network, Toy Story 3, True Grit, Winter’s Bone.

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Sources: NY Mag; Youtube

The Secret That Is Haunting Lindsay Loca In Rehab

Lindsay Lohan is making "remarkable progress at Betty Ford", but her treatment team is now turning their attention on an issue that has yet to be made public. (DUN DUN DUNNN)

While her substance abuse problems and history of family-related strife have often made headlines, has learned that the Mean Girls "star", 24, is also struggling with anxiety associated with the continued fallout from her infamous 2007 DUI arrest.

On the night of her arrest in Santa Monica, Lohan "allegedly" chased Michelle Peck - the mother of her former assistant - and Tracie Rice - Peck's passenger.

Lohan also had three male passengers in her car who, along with Rice, are suing the actress for assault and negligence among other claims.

There is a status conference for the case next month, and a source with knowledge of the situation told that while the "case will be likely going to trial next April," it is currently "causing Lindsay a great deal of anxiety".

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Keri Hilson ft. Lil Kim- "Buy You"

Keri Hilson bumbles with the Queen Bee on “Buy You,” set to be included on her sophomore album No Boys Allowed (Dec. 21). On the Polow Da Don-produced banger, the ladies wonder how they ended up with their gold-digging boyfriends. “I don’t need no broke, broke boy tryna holla/ So baby, shut it up ’til you show me the dollas,” sings Miss Keri Baby, while Lil’ Kim spits, “Can’t pay my rent with your compliments/ And I don’t need a man with no accomplishments.” Get your money up below.

Other source
Kurt and Sue
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Glee Stars Support "Concert Against Hate"

Glee stars Josh Sussman and Max Adler are in town to support an anti-bullying event.

The cast members are here to back the Anti-Defamation League concert at the Kennedy Center held on November 15.

The ‘Concert Against Hate’ will honor men and women who have performed extraordinary acts of courage and compassion when confronted by hatred and bigotry.

The Glee Stars joined us in the studio to talk about the ADL concert.

it&#39;s monday

Tom Brokaw helped get Keith Olbermann suspended

Olbermann and NBC in Civil War Over His Campaign Contributions
MSNBC’s president vowed to fire Keith Olbermann after he threatened to take his case to other networks.

Keith Olbermann was having dinner with his manager at an Upper East Side restaurant, chewing over their battle to lift his suspension at MSNBC, when Phil Griffin called.

Michael Price stepped out of the Atlantic Grill to talk to MSNBC’s president, leaving his client with a platter of 18 oysters. It was Sunday, Nov. 7, and Price informed Griffin that if they couldn’t resolve their differences quickly, Olbermann would take his complaints public by accepting invitations from Good Morning America, David Letterman, and Larry King.

"Why are you putting us in the position where you’re daring us to do this?” Price demanded, his voice rising.

“If you go on GMA, I will fire Keith,” Griffin shot back. Such a move was clearly grounds for dismissal.

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Lol @ ABC and CBS having tags but not NBC.
Film - The Old Guard

Antichrist and 5 Other Awful Movie Couples

The thought that anyone is dying to sit through Lars von Trier’s irritating art-wank Antichrist (now available from The Criterion Collection) for a second time, much less in Blu-Ray, frankly boggles the mind. But its portrait of a terribly dysfunctional couple — Willem Dafoe becomes therapist for wife Charlotte Gainsbourg after their infant crawls out the window and dies while mommy and daddy were boinking, leading to Gainsbourg’s eventual torture of Dafoe out in the woods — calls to mind other movies about the Worst. Couples. Ever. Ahead, five pairs that wouldn’t be welcome guests at a weekend dinner party.

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Short, kinda lame-o list, but I figured we could do better. How about A Perfect Murder? Or I guess The Astronaut's Wife is pretty bad...although that's mostly just the movie. What else?

Johnny Weir to judge Skating with the Stars; series premiere gets fitting timeslot

Dick Button, the man known as the "Voice" of figure skating, Johnny Weir, an Olympian who, at age 26, is the skating world's most unpredictable star, and Laurieann Gibson, the creative visionary behind Lady GaGa's choreography, will serve as the judges for ABC's highly anticipated new series, "Skating with the Stars," from BBC Worldwide Productions. Weir, Button and Gibson will make their debut as judges on the series' premiere, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 22 (9:11-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

On "Skating with the Stars," six famous faces -- Bethenny Frankel, Brandon Mychal Smith, Jonny Moseley, Rebecca Budig, Sean Young and Vince Neil -- will take to the ice with their world class skating partners for the first time in front of a live audience on premiere night, as couples perform high-paced ice dancing moves and dazzling figure skating routines. It's fast and it's graceful, with the added danger from traveling across the unforgiving ice on blades of steel. The couple with the lowest ranking following the judges' scores and votes from the public will be sent home the following week.
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The drama never ends for X Factor diva Katie Waissel.

After holding on to her place in the competition last night, at the expense of former crowd favourite Aiden Grimshaw, the singer woke up this morning to find herself at the centre of yet another scandal.

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David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Zac Posen Is Not Designing Bella Swan’s Wedding Dress After All

Posen with actress Anna Kendrick
As reported two weeks ago, rumors were a-flying that Zac Posen would be designing Bella Swan's wedding dress for the forthcoming Twilight: Breaking Dawn movie, and he wasn't denying them.

However, Posen tweeted this weekend that no such thing will come to pass: "Heard the bella/twilight rumor and it's just that. I design for real women like Kristen Stewart and Anna Kendrick." [Zac_Posen/Twitter]



Jessica Simpson's fiance had been planning on proposing "for awhile"

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

It is the ultimate race to the altar!

Nearly five years after Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey split – a mutual decision after three years of marriage – both stars are officially ready for round two.

Just a week after Lachey, 37, popped the question to longtime girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo, 30, whom he began dating in 2006, Simpson's beau, NFL player Eric Johnson, seemingly took a hint.

Johnson, 31, proposed to Simpson, 30, and now she has the ring to prove it.

Timing aside, however, a source tells PEOPLE that Johnson "had been planning the engagement for awhile and the date of the engagement was a special date for them."

I don't know. I have my suspicions on why he proposed. (Pregnancy, for one.)
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Dating Site CanDoBetter Lets Strangers Rate Your Date

I think I'm great at picking men, but if I had a penny for every time a friend met a guy I was dating and said, "You can do better," I'd have enough money to bail my ex-boyfriend out of jail. Kidding! No one keeps her pennies.

Anyway, my point is, sometimes we ladies don't choose too well when it comes to guys. True, it's hard to find someone with a comparable level of Awesome, but I mean, sometimes it's like we're not even trying, you know?

Well, relationship expert Dr. J.D. Block certainly knows, and he got so tired of hearing you bitch about "personality" and "good sense of humor" and other such nonsense, that he made a website to help you date. That's right, you don't even have to worry your pretty little head about it.

CanDoBetter is (allegedly) a "social networking site that fuses together traditional dating and a 'New Age' experience." And it does! As long as "New Age experience" means acting like a total freak and posting photos of your "possible dating partner" for complete strangers to judge. Their motto: "Let the World Decide!"

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Nadine Denies Meeting with Cheryl

(I know this is old but I didn't see it posted)

Nadine Coyle has quashed rumours that she met with Cheryl Cole 'in secret' to sort out their differences, claiming that she has not reunited with Chezza.

As we previously reported, sources had claimed that the Girls Aloud bandmates met up at Cheryl's home to discuss their feud, but now Nadz has denied that the meeting ever happened.

Speaking to the Daily Record about her supposed talk with Cole, the Insatiable singer revealed: "Everyone experiences rumours in life. Someone says she's done this or he did that."

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I'm starting to feel bad for Nadine. Her album is great and doesn't deserve this:

'Pink Friday Diaries' + 97 Seconds with Nicki Minaj

Pink Friday Diaries - Tracks 4-5 (previous entries here
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Pink Friday Diaries: Moment 4 Life : is about 2 kids that grew up on the same block. They shared their dreams of making it as rappers. They laughed together, they cried together. One day they realize that their dreams have come to fruition. Though they know all things come to an end, they celebrate. They wish that they could have this moment 4 LIFE. Moment 4 Life features Drake! I was really looking forward to our collaboration and it lived up to every one of my expectations. It feels like a marriage made in heaven ;)

Pink Friday Diaries: Blazin: On Blazin I worked with Music and Fashion Icon Kanye West. His verse is absolutely amazing. The song makes u feel like ur flying to another realm. It takes over your mind for 5 minutes and forces u to get lost in a melodic, whimsical world. It feels like I'm blazin.

97 Seconds with Nicki Minaj and Big Bink TheBeatDFW - 97.9 The Beat

Pink Friday will be released overseas on the 19th, so it'll be "leaked" but make sure you go out an buy it on the 22nd!!
David G. &quot;smiling&quot;

Karl Comes Home

After a globetrotting adventure that has taken him from the awesome heights of Machu Picchu in Peru to China's most talked about wall via a bout of Delhi belly in India, Karl finally reveals all about his travels.

Also, for all you Karl stans out there, 'An Idiot Abroad' will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on November 15.


ONTD, what was your favorite episode?
Fat Betty Draper

BREAKING: NBC is capable of making smart decisions

NBC Pulls the Trigger on Three-Hour Comedy Bloc, Puts Parks and Recreation Back on the Schedule

Our long national nightmare is over: Parks and Recreation finally has a return date — and the best news of all is that the show will be getting the time slot it's deserved all along. NBC today is announcing that Vulture poster child Parks will kick off its third season Thursday, January 20 at 9:30 p.m., immediately following The Office. Clearly Peacock schedulers read Vulture: We speculated last month that the network might bring Parks back as part of a supersize Thursday-night comedy lineup that spread the laughs into the 10 p.m. hour, and that's just what NBC is planning. And leading the comedy charge into the late time slot: 30 Rock, which will shift to 10 p.m. in January — and has also just gotten an early renewal for the 2011–12 season. The Thursday changes are part of a massive NBC mid-season schedule shift just announced; read on for full details.

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MCR announce North American tour dates for spring, officially one week until Danger Days!

My Chemical Romance will hit the road for a 24-date tour next April in support of their new album Dangerous Days (lol oh): The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (out next week). The trek — dubbed the World Contamination Tour — kicks off April 1 in Portland, OR and wraps on May 24 in Phoenix, AZ. Check out dates below.

When caught up with guitarist Ray Toro to preview the album, he offered an early peek at the production for the tour. Expect bold visuals and bright costumes — a stark contrast to their last Black Parade Tour.


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Katherine Heigl drops out of new movie (editorialized edition)

Katherine Heigl (star of Valentine and My Father, The Hero) this morning withdrew from Adaline, the Lakeshore/Kimmel Entertainment-produced film that was to begin production in March. Word has circulated that there was some acrimony involved (the producers probably couldn't stand her ass), but both Lakeshore and the actress' camp deny this (in public at least). Heigl just adopted a daughter, and wasn't ready to go back to work.

The role will be re-cast, immediately. (with someone more talented, hopefully)

"She has made two movies with us and we certainly support her decision," said Lakeshore partner Gary Lucchesi, a producer of the film. "We were scheduled to shoot mid-March and we hope to achieve that. We are great fans of hers and if this is what she has to do, we respect that." (that bitch)

Heigl starred in The Ugly Truth for Lakeshore and just completed One for the Money, an adaptation of the Janet Evanovich novel.

Andy Tennant is directing the film, in which Heigl was to play a woman who should have been killed in a car accident, but was resuscitated by a simultaneous lightning strike that physiologically locked her in her late 20s. Angela Lansbury just signed on to play her daughter (I would like whatever weed the casting director was smoking). J Mills Goodloe and Sal Paskowitz wrote a script that is getting revisions from Allison Burnett, and Summit is distributing.
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Chris Brown Feat. Keri Hilson - Deuces Dance Remix

Chris Brown releases the dance remix to ‘Deuces’ which features his ‘Pretty Girl Rock’ Keri Hilson. The new version of the song features a fresh techno’d beat and lots of new verses. The track was produced by 20-year-old MdL who’s worked with the likes of Cee Lo Green and Justin Beiber.

I can’t say I blame Chris for milking out this one song. It’s a hit so why not? The remix is cool for what it is, but I won’t be tripping over myself to listen to it again. The 21-year-old is gearing up to release his new ‘In My Zone 2′ mixtape which will be available on Black Friday (November 26th).

Source: 1, 2

Kirsten Dunst goes out to dinner with her mom

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Kirsten Dunst goes out to dinner on Sunday (November 14) in Pasadena, Calif.

The 28-year-old actress went out to eat with her mama, Inez, and another female friend!

Over the weekend, Kirsten stepped out in a gorgeous Chanel gown for the star studded MOCA gala in Los Angeles!

FYI: Kirsten’s next film with Ryan Gosling, All Good Things, will hit theaters in limited release on December 3!
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Bella Thorne Doesn't Think She Is The New Miley

Bella Thorne has lots to smile about. She is the star of a new Disney Channel television show. Better yet, that Disney show just premiered to huge numbers (6.2 million viewers!) and she’s being dubbed “the next Miley Cyrus.” However, the 13-year-old budding starlet is not exactly comfortable with the comparisons to the reigning Disney queen.

When we spoke to Bella at the premiere of Tangled Nov. 14, she told reporters that the idea that she’s the next Miley just isn’t correct, even going as far to call it unfair.

“It’s a very unfair comparison,” the Disney darling said. “She’s such a big teen idol and I could only strive to be [as big as her].”

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Hollywood Life

TV's 30 Worst-Treated Women

Gail Simone coined the phrase about pop culture women tragically "stuffed in refrigerators".
Throw in some ladies fighting mountain lions and set on fire and you have TV's contribution to epic misogyny.

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Casting Call For X-M: First Class

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"X-Men: First Class," following the classic Marvel mythology, charts the epic beginning of the X-Men saga. Before Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr took the names Professor X and Magneto, they were two young men discovering their powers for the first time. Before they were archenemies, they were closest of friends, working together, with other Mutants (some familiar, some new), to stop the greatest threat the world has ever known. In the process, a rift between them opened, which began the eternal war between Magneto's Brotherhood and Professor X's X-Men.

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ITV Denies X Factor Twitter Leak Claims

ITV has denied allegations the X Factor results were leaked on Twitter following comments made by axed singer Aiden Grimshaw.

The 18-year-old got the boot after he proved less popular than controversial contestant Katie Waissel.

The result went to deadlock after the judges' votes were tied 50/50.

But it was early favourite Grimshaw who received the least amount of public votes.

Viewers of the ITV1 show have expressed their shock at the result but Grimshaw said he was not surprised.

After learning his fate he told host Dermot O'Leary: "My friend texted me about half an hour before and said there was a leak on Twitter and I was third from bottom, so I was preparing myself."

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"Best UK & Ireland Act" Still With No ONTD Tag Does Her Part In Helping Raise 500 000€ For Charity

Marina & The Diamonds (Marina Diamandis)

Marina (who was voted 'Best UK & Ireland Act' at the EMA's a couple of weeks ago) made an appearance at Esprit's in London on Saturday afternoon as part of their Big Bang Performance in order to raise 500 000 euros for an Indian Village.

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Cher Still Interested In Johnny Knoxville Comedy 'The Drop Out'.

Nearly two years ago, in January of 2009, it was reported that Cher, who hadn't acted in six years up to that point, was interested in doing a film called The Drop Out with Johnny Knoxville. Set to be written and directed by Ricky Blitt (The Ringer), the film would have featured Knoxville as a 30-something slacker who gets kicked out of his parents house and decides to shack up with the cougar next door, to be played by Cher. Fast forward to now, the film still hasn't been made, but that doesn't mean that the actress isn't still interested.

In the time since, Cher has decided to make her comeback with the film Burlesque, starring Christina Aguilera in her first film role, and while promoting the film today, she mentioned that she's still holding a torch for the project. Sitting in on a roundtable interview with the Oscar winner, she briefly mentioned the film when asked asked why she hasn't been in a film for so long. According to the actress, in the years since her last film, the Farrelly brothers' Stuck On You, she has only been offered two roles that she was really interested in, the first being Mamma Mia (which she couldn't take due to her tour schedule) and the above mentioned. When speaking about The Drop Out, however, she sounded as though the project could still be alive, saying "It’s very dumb, very fourteen-year-old boy humor. I love it."

Much like Cher may very well have with Burlesque, Knoxville could be in for a career boost thanks to the incredible success of Jackass 3D. But as the saying goes, "where there's a will, there's a way" and if the talent involved really want to make the film, it will find its way into production.

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Billboard Declares Jazmine Sullivan 'A Rising Star' & She Debuts New Video

Billboard Declares Jazmine Sullivan A Rising

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Jaz Premieres Her Latest Video

Jazmine Sullivan has premiered a black and white music video for her song called
“10 Seconds” where she plays a scorned woman who decides to take her revenge on
her cheating boyfriend by tying him up on a chair and strapping a bomb around
his waist.

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Is MTV the mastermind behind plan to set up Teen Mom Amber?

MTV, Inc. has just handed over "unedited" footage of Amber Portwood to authorities!

The Anderson, Ind., police department served a subpoena to MTV last week for extended footage of the reality series "Teen Mom," which allegedly depicts a woman abusing her ex-fiancé.

MTV turned over unedited footage of one of the reality show's teen moms, Amber Portwood, 20. Portwood is shown in one clip repeatedly slapping, punching and kicking her ex-fiancé Gary Shirley, 23, in front of their daughter.

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This looks very suspect to me.
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TLC Renews 'Freaky Eaters'

More interventions for food obsessives: TLC has renewed Freaky Eaters for season two.

The show has averaged 1.2 million viewers per episode since debuting in early September, and is planned to return sometime next summer.

(Casting is underway, btw, if you'd care to confess your food obsession to the nation).

Each episode tells the story of one "freaky eater" who overloads on a particular food item.

Such as this guy:


Would You Watch A "Batman" TV Show?

An interesting rumor about a new live-action 'Batman' series has cropped up over at According to their source, Warner Bros. is already planning to create a new television series to take up the caped crusader's mantle after Christopher Nolan is (presumably) done with him with 2012's 'The Dark Knight Rises.' There's little doubt that if Nolan were inclined to make a fourth Batman movie with Christian Bale, the studio would bend over backwards to make that happen, but if there is truth to this rumor, it sounds like they're not going to let Nolan's tenuous involvement determine whether or not they stay in the Batman business.

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(This show will only work if it's on basic cable, and gritty.
And, lol, they'll never get Karl Urban; or, any known actor in this project.)

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November 15-Britney from starbucks to the studio

A fresh faced Britney Spears heads to the recording studio on Monday (November 15) in Hollywood.

The 28-year-old pop princess made a stop at Starbucks beforehand and carried a chilled drink with her on her way to record.

Over the weekend, Brit took her boys, Jayden and Sean, to Menchie’s for some frozen yogurt in nearby Calabasas.

On Friday, Brit recorded what she called a “monster track”. Can’t wait to hear it!!
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Senor Bale gets angry and weird about his career

Ever since tapes leaked from Christian Bale's raging rant on the set of 'Terminator Salvation,' the public learned that the real-life Batman is a very, very angry fellow. In a Q&A for Esquire's December issue, Bale is the gift that keeps on giving, as he rips into acting and expresses how he loves it when people criticize him.

Bale says he's got a huge ego, yet seems to hate himself, then comes off like Mr. Family Man. And oh yeah, he's a big Chris Farley fan. Go figure.

On his acting career: "Well, it's also just I'm bored s***less with myself."

On being famous: "Well, it's embarrassing to be a star. Most people look at you like, 'That's not a f---ing job, is it?' And then on top of that, you learn very quickly that you're just a tool -- other people are manipulating everything you do, you're at the mercy of editors, and there's nothing you can do. But I learned that there's a certain character that can be built from embarrassing yourself endlessly. If you can sit happy with embarrassment, there's not much else that can really get to ya.

On his critics: "I do love people ripping the s--t out of me. I don't know what that's about, but I love it. The more crap you give me, the happier I get."

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Teaser For MTV's Remake Of 'Teen Wolf'

MTV released the first ever teaser trailer for their forthcoming "Teen Wolf" TV series that's a series redo of the 1980's coming-of-age horror flick starring Michael J. Fox. It features horrid exposition (" mean you! You did this to me!"), a complete destruction of the original film's mythology (the lead isn't born a werewolf, hence removing the "coming-of-age" under-plot of the feature that made it so compelling), a gross Twilight-esque production value, while the lead plays lacrosse (WTF lame) instead of Basketball. The only thing it has going for it is that the effects appear to be practical and vaguely reminiscent of Ginger Snaps (it looks Canadian?).

If this show becomes popular, I can't wait for the gay-porn version!

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Beatles + Itunes = Sweet, Sweet Music

Steve Jobs is nearing the end of his long and winding pursuit of the Beatles catalog.  Apple Inc. is preparing to announce that its iTunes Store will soon start carrying music by the Beatles, according to people familiar with the situation, a move that would fill in a glaring gap in the collection of the world's largest music retailer.

The deal resulted from talks that were taking place as recently as last week among executives of Apple, representatives of the Beatles and their record label, EMI Group Ltd., according to these people, who also warned that there is still a chance that Apple could change plans at the last minute.

Spokesmen for Apple, EMI and Paul McCartney declined to comment.

The agreement represents a watershed in a fraught, decades-long relationship between two of the biggest icons in their respective fields. The two sides have traded lawsuits since 1978, when the Beatles alleged that the computer maker, then known as Apple Computer, infringed on the band's trademark. That's because the Beatles in 1968 created a wholly owned entity called Apple Corps Ltd., that acted as an arts-promotion company and owned Apple Records. Though EMI retained ownership of the Beatles recordings, the Apple logo was printed on their albums.  Terms of the deal that brought the Beatles music to iTunes could not be learned.

Christian Bale

Ke$ha’s 9th Grade Yearbook Picture

She wasn't always so wild and crazy...

We might be more used to seeing Ke$ha in her trademark crazy outfits complete with glitter, fluorescent colours and 'wild' attitude but she wasn't always so outrageous as this early picture shows.

Taken from when Ke$ha (or Kesha Rose Sebert as she was probably known then) was in the 9th Grade, the picture shows the then fifteen year old in an LA Lakers t-shirt, supporting her local basketball team.

We're sure Ke$ha will be a bit embarrassed about this picture surfacing but then we all know there are far worse pictures of the 'Cannibal' star online...


This definately hasn't been posted before
[Mariah] Idc

Nadine Coyle 'lucky to be alive' after FOUR month carbon monoxide gas leak in mansion

Nadine Coyle has revealed she and her family were almost killed by a poisonous gas leak in her former Californian mansion.

The Girls Aloud singer told how deadly carbon monoxide was leaking out of a cracked central heating boiler for four months.

It was only when the 25-year-old singer's mother Lillian called out a gas worker that the problem was spotted.

Nadine said the leak left her family feeling as 'sick as dogs' adding that they were lucky to be alive.

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She's a carbon monoxide poisoning survivor. So inspirational. :')

Ask 'Tron: Legacy' Stars a Question for Moviefone's Unscripted!

We're only a month away from the release of 'TRON: Legacy' -- the futuristic 3-D sequel that has been brewing for 28 years. But you only have to wait a few days to talk to two of the film's stars: Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde.

Bridges returns to the role of Flynn, the brilliant video game designer who first appeared in the original 1982 Disney classic. As Flynn's son (Garrett Hedlund) enters the digital world of TRON, to locate his missing father, he is aided by the mysterious warrior Quorra (Olivia Wilde), and the two embark on an adrenaline-filled adventure through a hi-tech, visual-effects wonderland.

In anticipation for the 'Legacy's' Dec. 17 release, Jeff Bridges and Olivia Wilde will sit down in the Unscripted studio for a grilling round of questions, supplied by you, the fans. The two stars will take turns interviewing each other using questions you have submitted -- so if you need to know if the Dude still abides, now is your chance.

Submit your question in the Ask! box [on the original Moviefone post here], including your name and location, by 12PM EST on Fri., Nov. 19. Once your question pops up on the screen, other users can vote on it. Simple, right? You can also vote on questions submitted by others.

To submit a question go here (or click on the pic above)

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King Firth and Natalie Portman to be honored at Palm Springs IFF

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Colin Firth and Natalie Portman will be honored at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, according to a report in Variety. The festival runs January 6-17, 2011. Mary Hart will emcee the event.

Firth starred in the film version of Mamma Mia! and is best known for such movies as Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones' Diary. He stars as King George VI in the new film, The King's Speech, to be released later this month.

Portman has starred on Broadway in The Diary of Anne Frank and in the Shakespeare in the Park production of The Seagull. She will be seen next in Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan, which will be released in December.


omg i can't wait for The King's Speech
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MIA: 'People forgot what it's like to be punk'

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Frank Zappa once said that most rock journalism involves "people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read". I think I begin to see what he meant after spending an entertaining hour with MIA. The singer is perfectly beguiling, but quite baffling, and I leave wondering what on earth she has been talking about, how on earth I am going to write it up, and whether any reader will ever manage to make sense of it.

To give you an example, here she is talking about her Sri Lankan identity: "Well in the beginning no one knew where the fuck it was, so I never really talked about it. And especially to explain: 'Well, yeah, and there's the Sinhalese and the Tamils and the war. You know, by the time you got to England you were just brown. So it was like going through the sort of filtration process. And to take it back to such a minutiae thing of going, 'And then there was like this and da da da da da' – so once you're just operating on being a Paki, you know, then it wasn't about that, it was just, 'Oh well, that's obviously wrong and you're not going to go deep into that thing', and for me life was just about, you know, connecting with people through music."

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Ani: Amazon Warrior

Summer Glau Talks Up Chuck’s Firefly Reunion, ‘Cape’ Crusade

I feel a geekgasm coming on, because not only is fanboy fave Summer Glau guest-starring on this Monday’s ‘Chuck‘ (8/7c, NBC) as the latest CIA agent codenamed “Greta,” but her visit paves the way for a reunion between her and fellow ‘Firefly‘ alum Adam Baldwin.

But wait, there’s more: Come January, NBC’s ‘The Cape‘ will make its debut, starring Glau as Orwell, an intrepid blogger who helps presumed-dead lawman Vince Faraday (‘ER’s David Lyons) stealthily fight evil as a well-accessorized crusader.

Glau gave us the goods on her imminent and upcoming awesome adventures.

What kind of “Greta” are you on ‘Chuck’?
I’m the dangerous, icy kind. It was really fun because ‘Chuck’ is a really special show in that it has dramatic moments but it’s very funny. So I felt free to just go for it. Greta is dangerous, but those [Buy More] boys… they exasperate her!

In one clip I saw, it looks like she has her hands full with Morgan, Jeff and Lester.
Yes. They were incredible! I kept ruining takes because they kept making me laugh. Josh [Gomez, Morgan] is so incredibly talented; I loved all of my scenes with him.

It looks like you enjoys some action, too – there are pictures of you wielding a knife.
Well, you know how much I love a switchblade, so I played with that as much as possible! But I don’t actually harm anyone. [Laughs]

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Leonardo Dicaprio's and Joseph Gordon Levitt's Sitcom Past!

Welcome to a special Inception edition of PopSugar Flashback with double the actors, double the vintage video fun!

Leonardo DiCaprio
and Joseph Gordon-Levitt may star in today's big movie release, but they had something else in common way back when: they were both child actors on two of TV's biggest sitcoms.

First up, DiCaprio played Luke, a homeless kid who gets taken in by the Seavers, on Growing Pains. Here's a clip from one of his final episodes as he says his goodbyes, complete with the obligatory montage and an excess of man hugs (get a hold of yourself, Mike).
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Joel McHale Plays "The Larry King Game" on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show

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For those not familiar with Pollak's genius, or the game: it's basically a party game where Pollak has a celebrity guest imitate Larry King's slouched look, while breaking during an interview and saying something odd/personal, and then taking a call from a strange sounding town.

Basically brilliance.

More of the game at the source.

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Girl Talk Apologizes for Breaking The Internet With 'All Day'

Gregg Gillis went to sleep at around 7 a.m. Monday (November 15) and awoke several hours later to discover he had broken the Internet.

"I was up all night helping to get everything ready for the album, and eventually, I had to turn my phone off and ignore it so I could actually go to sleep," he laughed. "And when I woke up at 3 p.m., it was, like, complete chaos. It was kind of like the Internet had erupted Girl Talk everywhere."

Gillis — who you know as Girl Talk, the mastermind behind no-samples-cleared party starters like 2006's Night Ripper and '08's Feed the Animals — is, of course, talking about All Day, the brand-new GT album he released out of nowhere (and for free) on Monday. You know, the one you've probably spent most of the day attempting (unsuccessfully) to download.

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If you haven't grabbed it already, go track it down. It's free, and where else will you find Nicki Minaj mashed with Blue Oyster Cult?

South Park sued for using “What What (In the Butt)”

The producers of South Park, along with Comedy Central and parent company Viacom, are being sued for stealing from the viral video sensation “What What (In the Butt).” The suit alleges that in the April 2, 2008 episode “Canada on Strike,” the character of Butters “and his incorrigible cohorts” created a music video that is “a nearly frame-by-frame recreation of the heart of…’What What (In the Butt)’.” The video’s creators, Brownmark Films, are seeking an injunction from the re-broadcast or continued streaming of the South Park episode, and “maximum statutory damages.” Since it was posted in February 2007, the music video in question has been viewed over 33 million times on YouTube.

In a statement to EW, Comedy Central says that “courts have consistently recognized that parody enjoys broad protections under the First Amendment and the Copyright Act.” The network contends the “What What (In the Butt)” parody “is fully protected against any copyright infringement claims under the fair-use doctrine and the First Amendment and we plan to vigorously defend those rights.”


The Jersey Shore's Angelina bitten by spider

Angelina from "Jersey Shore" blew up before her big contract-signing this afternoon -- girl claims she was the victim of an eyeball-biting spider ... and TMZ has obtained the swollen-eyed photos.

Angelina tells TMZ ... the chomping occurred sometime this morning ... and she's currently on her way to the hospital to get the rapidly-ballooning bite looked at.

As we previously reported, Angelina bailed on her contract-signing in Times Square today because of the injury -- after she and her music producer Andy Stein had finally hammered out an agreement to release the "Jersey" star's rap song in the next few days.

We're told she plans to sign the contract ASAP.

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Homer Simpson's Bare Butt: Long-Banned by Fox


Fox might have renewed The Simpsons for a 23rd season, but one thing we're not going to see in it? Homer's bare bottom.

Longtime Simpsons show-runner Al Jean tells New York Magazine that the network which broadcasts The Simpsons has become increasingly prude over the years about cartoon obscenity.

For example, it was decreed a few years back that The Simpsons could no longer show Homer's posterior.

"There was a period where we could show Homer's a--," said Jean. Then that changed: "They said we couldn't."

There was a problem with the changed policy. Jean noted that repeats of the show on Fox stations still had the forbidden body part.

"I then went back to them and noted that the repeats where we had showed it are airing in syndication at 6 p.m.," said Jean.

The logic didn't work. Homer’s butt was: “Banned. Completely."

This enforcement will get a true test in the Thanksgiving night broadcast premiere of The Simpsons Movie. There are three major gags which would need addressing under the new policy -- Homer giving a mob the middle finger, Bart exposing his privates and Marge using the Lord's name in vain.


Cher Disses Hybrid Cars, Warming to 'Curly Bulbs'

Don’t count on seeing superstar Cher, nor her “Burlesque” co-star Stanley Tucci, cruisin’ around in a Prius anytime soon. Unlike many of their Hollywood counterparts, these two aren’t buying into the hybrid-car hoopla.

“I researched all the hybrid stuff and its pretty much all bulls**t,” Cher said when asked about her vehicle preferences. “I was going to get a Mercedes diesel thing, but then thank God I found out there was no diesel places near us, so if there was a fire, I would not be able to get out. There have been 10 fires since I lived in my house in Malibu, and we’ve had to evacuate. It wasn’t safe and if there was a fire, we wouldn’t be able to get out.”

And while the 64-year-old legend does make an effort to play a small role in protecting the environment, she believes those in political power are the ones who need to improve their game.

“I think people would do a lot more if the government put out a list, saying ‘this could do this’ etc. The government isn’t very helpful. People are willing to do all they could if they just knew what to do,” she said. “I turn off the lights, we don’t use plastic bags. We’re probably not doing enough, but we started changing the bulbs to those curly bulbs.”

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Underground hit? Brad Pitt bids millions for 'Los 33' – the movie

Brad Pitt, left and miner Mario Sepulveda (AKA Super Mario), celebrating after his release

The drama of their captivity, rescue and love lives captivated TV audiences around the world. Now the film rights to the Chilean miners' dusky fight for survival are being sought by Brad Pitt.

The actor's production company, Plan B Entertainment, is understood to have made a multi-million pound offer for the chance to dramatise the events which unfolded at the San Jose copper-gold mine in August, where 33 men were trapped for 69 days.

A local Chilean lawyer, Edgardo Reinoso, who represents the men, has confirmed Pitt's approach, and said that some of the miners were set to have acting roles in the movie. It is unclear whether Pitt himself is keen to appear. Mr Reinoso also reportedly claimed that the miners are trying to set up a holding company to ensure that all proceeds from the sale of their harrowing ordeal are distributed fairly among their number.

Survival stories are currently proving a hit with cinema audiences. Danny Boyle's 127 Hours, which tells the tale of hiker Aron Ralston's entrapment beneath a boulder in an isolated canyon, has garnered almost completely positive reviews across the board since its release in the US ear-lier this month.

Reinoso told the newspaper El Mercurio that he had been inundated with offers since the miners' dramatic rescue on 13 October. He has claimed to be fielding 10 offers a day from companies proposing books, television series and films about the miners' plight.

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summer roberts

Yesterday we went back to 2001. Now it's time for 2002.

In anticipation of the Nov. 19 release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I, EW continues its look back at the making of the franchise. Today’s focus: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, director Chris Columbus’ return to Hogwarts. Coming off of his slavishly faithful adaptation of Sorcerer’s Stone, which grossed nearly $1 billion worldwide, Columbus had his critics. He also had his response to them: ”I’ve always felt that if you find a piece of material you love, you really shouldn’t change it,” Columbus told EW in 2002. ”People seem to think I had J.K. Rowling standing over my head with a sledgehammer, which was not the case. She left us alone — and she’s done it again on this picture.” With the Harry Potter merchandising machine in full effect — Tom Felton, then 14, spoke to EW about the surreal experience of torturing a Draco doll that looked like him — Columbus was still irked by accusations that he had delivered a first film that was nothing more than an excuse for action figures. ”I was very frustrated. Because we could have totally sold out,” he told EW. “I remember reading a review that said, ‘How can I judge it as a movie? It’s a corporate machine.’ And I thought to myself, you are so full of it. That is not what we did!’ Had I turned this thing into all the other horrific ideas that were going around — whether I took it to Hollywood and set it in a high school, put American kids into the production, whatever — I would have been drawn and quartered. I didn’t go in there with some kind of corporate mentality, saying that if we do it this way we’ll make such and such amount of money…. I think we made a classic film.”

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oooooo midnight premiere anyone? I am!


Patricia Arquette: Medium is Canceled

"We got canceled," the 42-year-old told Entertainment Weekly. The star's comment arrives a month after CBS announced it had cut the supernatural drama's original 22-episode order back to 13 episodes.

Although the network has yet to confirm Medium's fate, Arquette said she's excited to see what is planned for the series finale.

CBS cuts Medium order; is series end imminent?

"I was trying to get information from the writers about the last episode," Arquette told the magazine. "I don't know what it's going to be, but they're really excited about it. They're like, 'We're just going to burn the whole thing down!'"

Arquette, who won an Emmy for her performance on the show in 2005, says she's not looking forward to saying goodbye. "It's been a great time. I love that time in my life," she said.

Now in its seventh season, Medium premiered on NBC in 2005 before moving to CBS last year. The series has been averaging 7.1 million viewers on Fridays at 8/7c.

breaking and the making of the soul

And we will look up and cry, "Save us!" and she'll look down and whisper, "No."

Rachel Maddow Nixes Talk Of Senate Run During Harvard Appearance

Rachel Maddow threw cold water --yet again-- on a potential run for the Senate in Massachusetts during an appearance at Harvard University on Sunday.

Maddow, who lives in Western Massachusetts when not in New York filming her cable news show, was giving a speech at the Kennedy School of Government, and was asked whether she would consider running against Republican Scott Brown at the 2012 elections.

"There's a reason people in opinion-driven news flirt with running for office," she said, according to the Boston Herald. "It gets a ratings spike." To press the point further, Maddow stressed that she will "never" be a politician.

It's not the first time the notion of Maddow running for political office has come up. In March, Brown sent out a fundraising pitch claiming that the Massachusetts Democratic Party was trying to recruit her to challenge him. In response, Maddow took out a full page ad in the Boston Globe, vehemently denying she was running.